Jana Gana Mana (2022) Movie Script

Satyameva Jayate.
Truth alone triumphs!
These three words have been engraved
in the hearts
of 1.3 billion people in this country.
After a long trial of several months,
in this controversial case,
Ramanagara Sessions Court
is about to announce its verdict.
It's the faith of those people.
It is their hope!
Their prayer!
Truth alone shall triumph!
The verdict in one of the most
sensational and most polarized cases
is sure to send shock waves
across the nation.
But there will be a day...
A day when the truth they believed in
will testify against them.
A day when they'll fail
in front of those who believed in them.
Has the truth prevailed?
Long live our leader!
A day when even the last door of hope,
will shut in front of them!
But whichever fort you may lock it in,
how ever hard you try
to keep it in the dark, truth...
will triumph ultimately!
Yes, Mr. Sundar! Tell me.
I just left from the office.
How many times should I explain?
The client has to sign
on all the three pages.
No! No!
On all the three pages!
Only then can the insurance be claimed.
Dear Sundar, shall I explain in Malayalam?
Get Dr. Mukundan to sign
on pages 3, 4 and 5.
Okay, right? Is it clear?
Did you understand?
We're at the hospital. He is busy.
You can't talk to him now.
It's been four days,
yet the temperature hasn't come down.
I think it's the second phase
of pneumonia.
Sir, we'll have to take a CT scan.
Okay, Doctor.
- Shift her to the lab, please.
- Okay.
- Ritu, dear...
- Yes, Dad.
Be with the child and take care.
- Come, let's go.
- Mom!
Don't worry, dear. You will be fine.
- Can't talk to him now.
- Hey!
Don't call me for such silly matters.
Don't you know?
Take that file.
Sir, I think there is a problem.
Hey! Try to understand!
The front page is not ready yet.
Sir, is this the headline?
Kiran, what is this? It's 1:30 a.m.
Get it done fast!
Do this... take an Uber
and go to the airport.
This news came in just now.
Sir, please explain the situation.
Sir, please let us in.
What's happening?
The forensic team is at the scene now.
- What about the postmortem?
- They're preparing for it, sir.
The body is fully burnt,
so there's nothing useful
for identification.
All we have are some remnants
of the person's belongings.
Also, I've asked for the details
of recent missing cases.
Sir, the DIG is on the line.
Hey! Cover that body fully!
- Disperse the crowd.
- Sir, I am at the crime spot.
Yes, sir.
It's near Vidyaranyapuram gas station.
600 meters ahead of it, on the left.
Sir, as per the brief
from the forensic team,
it's a lady around 5.6 feet height,
in the age group of mid 30's.
No, sir.
The formalities have all been completed.
No, sir.
We have blocked the media.
Hey! What is this?
Sorry, sir. We've made all arrangements
for the postmortem.
Move! Move! Move!
Please come, madam. Careful.
- Mom...
- This way. Let them through.
Come, madam.
Hey! Move aside!
All of you, move aside. Make way!
Move aside!
Come on.
- Sir, why are we here?
- Nothing to worry about, madam.
- What is it?
- Please come.
Right here.
Come here.
Madam, it's just for a confirmation.
Just don't be stressed.
Okay? Please come.
- Hey! Clear everything!
- Sir?
They have come to identify.
Clear the block!
My child...
Wait and watch, bro!
Mumbai Indians will win the cup this time!
Dhoni has stopped playing only for India.
So, Chennai will win again.
Yeah, right!
Mr. Srini is calling you.
- Sir?
- Yes.
Mathew, come.
Did you hear about the burnt body
that was found on Bangarpet Highway?
- Yes, sir. I heard about it at the kiosk.
- Yes.
That news made headlines
on The Indian Daily today.
So, Mathew... You take up the story.
Sir, I was asked to cover
the IPL play-offs by Mr. Ranjan.
Hey! It was a lady who was murdered!
And from what little we know,
she was raped and burnt to death.
So, we need to telecast this news
on prime time.
- I'll talk to Ranjan. You gear up!
- Okay, sir.
So, the IPL slipped out of my hands.
She was one of the most
dedicated faculty
of this institution.
We've lost one of the most
important members of our family.
Not just for us...
Saba is an irreparable loss
to this entire campus.
We are all deeply saddened.
As our respected Mr. Gopal Reddy
spoke earlier,
only our honorable Vice Chancellor
can speak about Saba veritably.
And as our honorable Vice Chancellor
Dr. Pawan Shetty said...
we are proud to associate
with the Michigan University
and hope for further
co-operations in the future.
Thank you, everyone. Thank you, sir.
So, ladies and gentlemen,
welcome once again.
It's going to be an exciting week
for you at the university. Feel at home!
'Cause we believe...
Atithi Devo Bhava
which translates
to "guests are equal to God."
Thank you!
- Thank you.
- Sir...
They are all waiting for you
at the condolence meeting
of Professor Saba.
On behalf of the university,
I offer condolence on the death of...
What's her name?
Yes. Professor Saba.
I join with you to share the sadness.
I heard the professor saying
that the campus has suffered a great loss.
One person can be replaced
by a hundred others.
- What's he saying?
- But it's a loss...
A loss for the reputation of our campus.
That can't be recovered, right?
- What...
- What is he saying?
Yes, she was brutally raped
and burnt to death.
We all know that.
But I still don't understand
why she was here until
10:30 p.m. that night.
Professor Saba is not
the placement officer for this campus.
Please note that.
Nor is she the student coordinator.
Well, she wasn't even a faculty member
of that corresponding department.
Then why was she here?
And some people are trying to create
a ruckus on social media out of this.
Let me show you something.
This is today's newspaper.
See this!
Their intentions can be determined
by their attire, right?
And, of course...
Saba was also one among them, right?
Yes. She will be remembered.
Saba will always be remembered.
Not as an example, but as a warning!
A very clear warning.
So, the chapter called Saba...
We're closing it right here, right now.
What is this, dude?
Once again,
my condolences.
What did he just say?
Hey! Someone, just...
What he said is true.
She was not the placement officer.
She was not the students coordinator.
She was not even in that department.
Yet, she was with us, until late night.
It's because her name was Saba.
Saba Mariam.
She's gone!
Thousands may come as a substitute.
But none of them can replace Ms. Saba.
Because Saba was not one among them.
She was one of us.
If anyone thinks that Saba
is a closed chapter,
let me make it clear.
You are yet to know who Saba Mariam was,
to each one of us.
And like what was spoken here,
if we can be identified by our attire,
identify us now.
Fear... did not hold them back,
they had a dream to conquer.
Each one of them joined that movement,
one by one.
Hey! Come on! Come on!
Come on!
Come to Gandhi Square.
But they did not know
that they had infiltrators.
Tell me, sir.
I'll go there myself, sir. Okay, sir.
There were traitors amongst them.
But they didn't know...
that traitors who would
betray their movement and protest,
had infiltrated them.
The pointed guns
and the army of the Empire
did not let them down, because...
that dream was more precious to them
than their own lives.
Never feeling the pain
Never withering away.
We have miles to go.
Never falling down.
Let's rise together with vigor.
A singular dream that they preserved
for the coming generations.
Let's spread as fire, rapidly.
And it was then
that they coined the term...
Long live the revolution!
Long live the revolution!
Long live the revolution!
Long live the revolution!
As the lashes continue
In the minds of all people.
Flames will spread all around
In the minds of all people.
As blood is spilled
In the minds of all people.
There shall be salvation.
Police and goons did not just beat up
students who were protesting peacefully,
but the police entered
the premises without any warning,
and turned the premises
into a battlefield.
These anti-national students, these
urban naxals... They are creating chaos!
They are damaging public properties.
They're blocking public roads!
They're beating the policemen
who are...
This has gained a nation wide attention.
Don't hurt us!
Move away!
He is that student.
- Do you speak Tamil?
- No. Malayalam.
- His name is Omprakash.
- Omprakash.
To recapture this campus
back from these traitors
who are asking questions,
we need youngsters like you.
They should be scared!
They should be so scared
that they would never dare
to point fingers at us again.
Sister, please get a plaster
- to bed No. 2.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Yes?
- What happened, sir?
The injury is on the head.
We got a CT scan done.
The CT scan didn't show any issues.
She's fine. Nothing to worry.
Let her be under observation for 48 hours.
- Nothing to worry!
- Doctor!
- Coming!
- Hello, Das!
Kishore, what about the food?
Reshmi, I've kept it there. Just ask them.
- Hello, she is fine.
- What did he say?
How is Gauri?
- What did the doctor say?
- She's okay.
How are you now?
I am alright. Gauri is okay, right?
Hello, brother.
Wait there. I'll come there.
I'm fine, Mom.
What you heard is true.
I'll call you back.
Hey! Hey! Leave. Go! Just go!
Hi... Myself, Gauri.
Union president of Central University.
See... the people!
We have been brutally
beaten up by the police.
It's been four days since our professor
was burnt to death by someone.
We were protesting peacefully.
And a battalion of police officers
barged into our campus
and attacked us brutally! See this!
Students are stranded in fear.
They don't know where to go,
what to do.
Day after?
I don't think that would work.
- We must collect funds for arts day.
- I know!
I have only one thing to say...
If the police have dared to...
Ah! You keep watching the video!
Don't try to get involved
in union matters.
- Got it?
- Hey! He is here.
He is here.
All of you are here today, huh?
Back in the days, politics classes
would be completely empty.
We are good students, sir!
That's it!
Is that a new approach from our professor?
There was Mr. Sanu who taught me
while I was pursuing Master's.
He used to say that these chairs
you are sitting on, have a history!
That's not the history of those
who sat on it...
but of those who rose up from it.
It's the history of people who took
to the streets to protest and fight!
And that's called "Revolution".
Today, a student called Gauri...
A students' union president...
was cornered and beaten
up brutally by the police.
Was it because she was
in the "Kiss of Love" protest?
No! Then?
It was because she protested.
Because she fought!
For a spineless generation...
if the strong words she spoke
while shedding blood for a cause,
can't inspire you guys
to rise up from these chairs,
as a teacher, I have...
only one thing to tell you.
Politics is not all about theory,
it has practicals too.
Get up!
Get up, I said!
Come on!
One thing everyone should remember
is that it all started with a...
rape and murder of a lady professor.
Protests are spreading
across the nation like wildfire.
We can see that student
groups from different states
are taking part in this protest,
and the attention of people...
We're at the Central University
of Ramanagara where the riots happened.
We're students of law but we don't
know what the hell is happening.
The students' movement has
spread all over the country...
Students from various IIT's, IIM's,
many other top universities,
took to the streets today,
to mark their protest...
against the police atrocities
that took place in Ramanagara.
But I have only one thing to say
to the people...
If the police have dared
to enter this campus...
for this brutal man-hunt
in broad daylight,
whoever you are,
wherever you are,
these mad dogs will come for you!
- Stop!
- Because...
your silence is their license.
They have lost their own teacher!
Everyone watching this
should stand by those students.
As per the latest reports, the Government
has intervened in this issue.
The Chief Secretary has called
and expressed his displeasure
at the Ramanagara police's actions.
I have informed the DGP
of the concerned state
about the situation.
The safety of our students
is our responsibility.
- Any change in the investigation team?
- The state has to make a decision.
We've expressed our concern to them.
That's all! No more questions.
See! These revenue recovery cases...
have no connection
with the Home department.
You should go
and meet the revenue secretary.
I know, sir. But...
as the Home Minister,
if you make a recommendation...
Vasanthan, I've spoken a lot already.
Personal relationships don't matter
when it comes to this.
Please! You go and meet
the revenue secretary.
- Okay?
- Okay, sir.
Sir, this is the list prepared by the Home
Secretary to lead the investigation team.
- This one?
- Yes, sir.
Give me a pen.
Sajjan Kumar, Assistant Commissioner,
- Okay.
- Thank you, sir.
You don't need to worry about him, sir.
He has scored low marks only in languages.
But that's okay.
He'll make up in the next exam. Okay?
Okay, ma'am.
Good boy!
Ever since my wife left,
I haven't been able to focus on him.
- Oh! Sreedev!
- Ma'am!
Next time you've to score 90% marks, okay?
Sure, ma'am. I will try my best.
It's okay, sir. You attend the call.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Hello, sir.
Sreedev, did you hear what he said?
Yes, sir.
Police go back!
Police go back!
This is a protest against the brutality
unleashed by the police
towards the students.
According to the sources,
a new team has taken charge.
The rest of the force is on the way.
Let's see what's their take on that.
Police, go back!
Police, go back!
Hey! Move aside.
- Say it out loud! We want justice!
- Move!
- Sir...
- We want justice!
We want justice! Police go back!
Sir, I am Denzel.
We've been assigned to assist you, sir.
Sir, the situation is serious.
They are not letting us in.
And sir, we've requested
for reinforcements.
- And they are on the way.
- Why?
But sir... The students?
They are students.
Not the Taliban, right?
Police go back! We want justice!
Police go back!
We want justice!
Hey, Kishore!
Police, go back!
I haven't come here
for my son's admission.
The department has sent me.
I've not faced any kind of loss here.
It's you guys!
Whether I investigate this case or not,
I'll get my salary.
But some people wear the Khaki,
not just for the salary.
It is to enforce the law.
These are all wounds gifted
by your men in Khaki, sir.
What do you say? Will you enforce the law?
That's why the department
has assigned us here.
But for that, we need your support.
I believe...
it's a yes.
Sir! Just a minute, sir.
Our Vice Chancellor has instructed
us not to allow you inside.
Wasn't the police here yesterday?
This is the governor's order.
Permission to enter the college campus.
A letter from the Vice Chancellor's Dad!
Read it!
Get the details of everyone
who came to this library.
The ID cards and stuff.
Get the full details, quickly.
That's why we are so sure, sir.
Madam, were the CCTV cameras
in the library working?
Yes, sir.
We'll need the footage.
Yes, sir.
Also, we've all the proof
that says the police did this.
It was to kill us, sir.
They entered the campus to kill us!
We had trusted, sir...
that the police would be with us,
come what may.
The trust we had upon this uniform.
But now...
Now, when we hear of the police,
we are scared, sir.
Sir, we are not anti-nationals.
Not criminals.
We are just students.
Sir, if their intention
was not to kill us,
why did they use tear gas shells that
had expired four years back, on that day?
Hey! Don't talk too much!
Just answer the questions!
While someone is talking, don't...
- Murthy!
- Sir!
Record every word of hers
in the statement.
Okay, sir.
- You should give a detailed statement.
- Okay, sir.
- Alright.
- Sir!
Write whatever she says as the statement.
She went to college that morning,
as usual.
And then... she called me
around 10:00 p.m. at night.
This wasn't the first time
that she got home late.
She had secured a post-doc scholarship
at a foreign university.
All of us had compelled her.
But she...
Some opportunities don't knock twice.
It's in the U.K.
Think about it and decide.
Mom, it's in U.K., right?
We have only one life.
Why not live that here, happily?
She loved teaching, sir.
She loved her students.
She loved her campus.
This isn't what you think, Mom.
She can't leave her students.
Ms. Saba, it seems!
As if no one else teaches students!
Right, Mom?
Get lost!
Wait and watch!
My students will be my signature.
And what happened, sir?
It's just our loss ultimately, right?
She failed, sir.
She failed, son!
I am a retired headmistress
who has educated several students.
But today...
There's no one to express our woes to.
Can I get some water?
Thirty days.
I'll bring the culprits before you,
within thirty days.
Is the raging fire dying down quickly?
Are we just standing by, in anguish?
Is the raging fire
dying down quickly?
Are we just standing by, in anguish?
There are no more hands to wipe our tears.
The sand beneath my feet has disappeared.
Is the burning heart in pain?
Is it yearning for justice?
We're all like puppets.
In this world.
Is the raging fire dying down quickly?
Are we standing by, in anguish?
Sir, what's the current update
about the Ramanagara case?
See, the investigation is progressing.
The primary evidence collection is over.
As soon as we get the forensic report,
- I think we can lock the culprits.
- Thank you, sir.
So, this is the latest update
about the Ramanagara case. Thank you.
Without protests, we can never claim.
Our rights on this land.
Joining hands is the only option.
We have in this world.
The mother's cries remain the same.
Isn't there an end to this?
Don't give up already.
Let's stop wandering through
The streets on our own.
Let's join, without knowing
Each other's names.
Is the burning heart in pain?
Is it yearning for justice?
We are all like.
Puppets in this world.
What's happening, bro?
I'm doing good.
How about you?
I'm good too, bro.
- Okay.
- Alright.
Yes, sir...
How's your daughter, Mr. Murthy?
Sir, she has secured a place
in the engineering rank-list.
Why didn't you tell me then?
Well, sir...
With her rank, she got admission
at the Central University.
But as I'm seeing all these issues,
how can I send her there, sir?
And I don't have the means
to send her to a private institution.
Don't worry about that.
- Let her make a choice.
- Okay, sir.
- Murthy...
- Sir...
Remind me to call Sreedev in the evening.
I've promised to meet him.
- Yes, sir.
- Sir...
The team is ready.
Sir, among the active suspects
in the criminals on the list,
on the day of the crime,
that is 09-08-2019,
these are the ones who were seen
around Ramanagara jurisdiction.
- Put them on the screen.
- Okay.
Denzel, what about the CCTV footage?
Sir, the Vidyaranyapuram gas station
is 600 meters east of the crime spot.
And... the Bangarpet toll gate
is 2 km ahead.
So, the distance between this gas station
and the toll gate is around 3 km.
In between, there are no by-roads,
no residential areas,
no shops and no U-turns.
But sir, what's interesting is...
normally, to cover these three kilometers,
four minutes are enough, at the max.
After the crime, in an hour,
96 vehicles have crossed point A.
But only 94 vehicles left,
crossing point B.
Which means, two vehicles were missing.
One is a Splendor bike.
KA 20 F 5786.
Another one is a black car.
Sir! I think we have a lead.
After meeting the client,
I was coming back from KR Puram.
The time was... past 12:30 a.m.
There was a truck in front of me, sir.
When it braked suddenly,
my bike skidded
and hit a sign board.
I was injured.
I fell on the side of the highway.
At that side,
near the ledge,
I saw it.
There were four people, sir.
They took the body out of a car...
and burned it with petrol. I saw it, sir.
Can you identify them
if you see them again?
Victor, it's very important.
Do you remember seeing any one
among those four people, anywhere?
No, sir. I haven't seen them.
Vehicle number?
I don't remember, sir.
But it was a...
I think it was a black car.
One of the missing vehicles
was a black car.
Tell Sabeer to pass the information.
This is the one.
- Are you sure?
- Sir...
Play it.
Zoom it.
Sir, it is pixelated.
Is it?
Yeah, yeah. I'll do it.
One of the fingerprints sent
by the forensic team,
is matching with our criminal list, sir.
They have sent it to us.
Check it.
Sir, I think...
I'm sure, sir. This is the guy, sir.
- Sure?
- Yes.
Ahmed, Vineet Kumar,
Dashawat, Gopal Sharma.
These four guys
are from four different places.
They're suspects in 12 cases
at the Shivrajpet local station.
Their main job is robbery, snatching...
They are also the main guys who supply
drugs and paan to local schools.
After doing all this, they were
sent to jail only for 14 days.
But with this incident,
it's time to lock them.
Sir, catching them from that area...
It's a very notorious area.
They have done many atrocities
for political parties,
whatever they do,
they are under protection.
That is their confidence, sir.
Sajjan, I'm going to leave from my office.
Any leads so far?
- No, sir.
- Hmm.
- No updates, sir.
- Okay.
Any updates...
you should report to me first.
Sure, sir. We will report to you, sir.
What is this?
- Give it.
- What?
That's all we have here. Give it back!
- Get lost!
- Give it back!
- Go away!
- Give it back! Give it!
Give it back!
Give it back to me! Hey! Wait!
Give it back and go!
- Get lost!
- Hey!
Don't come back then!
- Hey, Ahmed!
- What a timing, bro!
- Come, let's go.
- Point 1, crossed.
You leave. I'll talk to them.
Hey, sister! Meet me tomorrow, okay?
Why did you call me?
We didn't call you.
Point 2... He's gone
to the road from here.
Stop there, you!
Hey! Stop there, you!
Come on, guys!
Don't run!
Listen to us! Stop!
Stop, I say!
Catch him!
Get in the vehicle.
Come on!
Come on, get down.
Get down.
Let us go, sir.
What are you doing, sir?
Let us go!
Sir, the news has leaked.
And we've been getting many calls
from the media, also the public...
Let go of my hand!
Let us go, sir.
Go inside!
- Come.
- Watch them.
- Keep your phones on the table.
- Sir?
Who was it?
Who was the traitor?
Not even a superior officer
knew about this. How could it get leaked?
See! It's the DIG's call.
What should I tell him?
Are you even serious about this case?
Murthy, we need more forces.
Inform the headquarters.
- Okay.
- And be alert.
From what we know,
all the four culprits have been
captured by the investigation team
from near Shivrajpet colony.
Twenty four days after
the crime happened,
the police team headed
by ACP Sajjan Kumar
has finally managed
to arrest the criminals.
Shaheen, you were here?
Why didn't you come there?
I was just watching the game.
...have been successful
in capturing the culprits.
Shaheen, those rascals
have been captured!
Have they been caught?
Rahul, come quickly. We have to go!
Hey, Omprakash! Look at this!
They have caught Dashawat.
Hey! Pass the ball!
You idiot!
Four culprits have been arrested...
- Isn't he our guy?
- Yeah, dude.
This is nothing. He's more dangerous.
He works for the party, right?
He'll be released anyway.
Hello, sir.
Give one to him too.
For what the four of you have done,
I have all the evidence.
Why did you do it?
Do you have the evidence, sir?
If you have it, finish us off!
Why are you delaying it?
What do you say, sir?
To commit such a heinous crime,
did you have any grudge towards her?
I don't know, sir.
I don't know anything, sir.
I didn't do anything, sir.
If you tell the truth,
I can save you.
You can ask me anything, sir.
I won't tell you the truth.
Malayalam, sir?
Tamil, Kannada, Tulu, Malayalam...
I know everything, sir.
Just a minute. I'll get him.
Give it to me. Yes.
Students are creating
a huge ruckus here, sir.
You'll be in jail,
14 years for this crime.
Are you ready?
Fourteen years?
It'll take 14 years
for the judgment to be passed.
Please wait. I'll get him on line.
Send extra forces, sir.
Do you think you can escape
from this trap?
Yes. I will escape, sir.
I've come out singing songs,
for several similar cases earlier.
This case is similar too.
Students are creating a ruckus outside.
Do you hear it?
Those are calls for your death!
I know, sir.
We are famous now, right?
People gather to see famous people.
They'll make noise!
But it's not just us...
You too are famous now.
Aren't you?
Can I have a cigarette, sir?
We want justice! We want justice!
We want justice! We want justice!
They're really aggressive.
You don't have to respond, sir.
Let me see.
We want justice! We want justice!
All of you, move aside.
Hey! Silence! Media, please.
Move aside, all of you.
Please move.
Silence! Silence!
Silence, please!
Silence! Silence!
- We want justice!
- Silence!
He has come to talk to you.
Please support us!
Listen to him.
Please listen to me.
Only if you cooperate can we go forward.
- Ask those students alone to come inside.
- Okay, sir.
Open it.
- Just you guys.
- Come on!
Please come.
It's been 48 hours
since you arrested them, sir.
If you say that you still need
to get evidence, we'll not buy that.
- What I'm saying is that..
- You needn't talk too much.
Only their dead bodies
will cross this gate!
See, you are all students.
Understand the seriousness of the case.
Unless we submit the evidence,
no case will stand in court.
Oh! Is that so?
So, you've not found any evidence?
- How much did you take?
- Hey!
How much did you take, to twist this case?
- Sir, no!
- Hey, Kishore!
Let him go!
- No!
- Sir, please!
The students are all here, sir.
Sir! They are students!
Close the barricades.
- Don't, sir!
- Please go, sir.
We want justice!
We want justice!
Sir, please leave. We'll handle it.
- Please go.
- Clear them.
- Okay, sir.
- We want justice! We want justice...
Through the words.
Of the moonlit rain.
Here's a story.
Of the constantly caressing mercy.
During this endless raging fire of agony.
As you see,
the police are treating them badly.
And this is happening
right in front of the office.
We want justice! We want justice!
Never burning down.
Never trembling to death.
Never disappearing.
Come on!
We were on the same path so far.
And now we've parted ways
To the left and to the right.
We shall always lend
Hands of hope.
Through the words.
Of the moonlit rain.
Here's a story.
Of the constantly caressing mercy.
The march has turned violent.
Students and the police
are clashing in various places.
As per reports, extra police force
is on the way from the headquarters...
Sir, one minute. What's your take
on the State Police's investigation?
If they cannot handle such a case,
let a central agency take over.
Give it to a central agency if they can't.
The police are doing the right thing
and people should have some patience
in these situations.
I am a retired DGP,
and I know that...
ACP Sajjan Kumar and his team
are doing a wonderful job
with the investigation,
and they are right on track.
When I demand justice
for my daughter,
they are protecting the accused,
citing the law.
There's nothing much
a lone ACP can do here, right?
The DGP had called me personally.
You could have informed me
before the operation.
Especially, such a sensational case.
Sir, we have all the evidence
against the accused.
Unless we take them to the scene
and collect the evidence,
the FIR won't stand in court.
That's not what I asked you.
Right now, their safety is questionable
in the police station.
Crime scene, he says.
The Home Department Intelligence suspects
an attack against you and your family.
What family?
All I have is my son.
It's not that.
In this situation, if required,
you can take a leave from this now.
I'm saying this because I care for you.
The DGP has given the word.
This is not the first time, sir.
Ask those who are trying
to shift me from this case,
to give me some more time
to investigate this case.
It's my request.
We wear the Khaki
not to cover our modesty,
but to enforce the law, right?
As long as this uniform
is on my body,
I will enforce the law!
Come quickly.
Son, come here.
Murthy, where are you?
We must take them
to the crime scene today.
I'm going to meet the DGP.
Everything should be ready
when I return.
Dad, my school!
Oh, no!
Turn the car around.
Sorry, my dear.
What do I tell my teacher now?
That's alright. I'll talk to her.
Go quickly.
You've not called my teacher, Dad.
- I'll call her.
- Okay, Dad.
- Dad!
- Yes?
Why so serious?
I actually miss your mom now.
Dad! All your stress will be over.
You will be fine.
Love you, Dad!
- Bye!
- Sreedev!
- Come fast!
- Coming!
- I'll talk to you later.
- Sir...
- Sir.
- What's the status, Murthy?
Sir, well...
- What happened?
- Everything is ready, sir.
But there's a small problem.
That's why...
What's the problem?
- Should everyone sign?
- Yes.
- Okay.
- Yeah, I am at the station.
I'll speak to him myself. Tell him.
- Kumar, give me a cigarette.
- Hey!
Shut up! This is a police station!
What police station, Kumar?
The police has the evidence, sir.
- Sir, how do we...
- You rascal!
Keep quiet. They are talking, right?
Don't make this a big issue.
Maximum three years.
We'll get you released by then.
- Fine?
- Hey!
We are with you, right? Don't worry.
Come, sir. Let's go.
Rascal, we had told you, right?
- Why are you talking?
- I didn't.
What's the point, man?
Ultimately, we're all their...
- Sir?
- Sajjan...
- There is a bad news.
- Sir?
For the safety of the accused,
they'll be shifted to SL Puram station.
Sir, how's that possible?
We've arranged
to take them to the crime scene
and collect the evidence, sir.
If you say this at the last moment...
This is absurd!
The SP from SL Puram
will be in charge now.
There's an order to relieve you
from this investigation.
But, sir... I...
I am sorry, Sajjan.
I don't know whether this
is the right time to say this.
I am not as educated as you.
But I have an experience of 31 years
in this service, sir.
That's why I am saying this.
You shouldn't take any case personally.
I have seen at least
a few people like you, sir.
People who chose this service
to enforce the law.
But... in most cases,
that's not what happens, sir.
Obeying our superior officers...
That's our duty.
That alone is our duty.
Make arrangements to shift them.
Hey! They are being shifted from here.
Who, sir?
Who? Hey!
Those four guys!
Get the vehicle ready quickly!
Where are these people taking us
in this rain?
Relax, man!
This is great.
Go ahead! Smoke!
Come on, walk!
He didn't give me one when I asked.
Hey! Look at these cops!
Check out how they look!
If we get him dressed up,
he'll look like an old man aged 18!
Thirty days.
I'll bring the culprits before you,
within thirty days!
We want justice!
A trust that the police will be with us.
She has failed, son!
How much did you take
to twist this case, sir?
Tell me!
Now, when we hear of the police,
we are scared, sir.
What's the point, man?
Ultimately, we're all their...
There's an order to relieve you
from this investigation.
I am sorry, Sajjan.
There's nothing much
a lone ACP can do here, right?
Obeying our superior officers...
That's our duty!
No! No! No!
I swear, bro!
Sundar, straight to SL Puram station.
We'll come there.
Copy, sir.
Head straight to SL Puram station.
Look, dude!
The other cop is overtaking us.
Turn left.
- What, sir?
- Turn left.
Turn off the beacon.
What is this... What is going on?
Our escort is great, right?
This is the job of the police now!
Dude, seems like we've reached the place.
Come on, get down.
He is calling us.
Come on, quick!
All of you, get down.
What is this, sir?
- In a mood to relax, huh?
- Shut up.
I'm sorry, sir.
The mood of the nation is clear.
From Bollywood celebrities to cricketers,
from bureaucrats to normal people.
The social media is flooded
with response
in support of the Ramanagara encounter.
Which to no surprise,
is trending nationwide!
Sister, we're not police.
You're wearing Khaki.
So, you're also like a cop to us.
The four culprits of the Ramanagara rape
and murder case,
were shot dead by the police at midnight,
near Vidyaranyapuram.
ACP Sajjan Kumar has answered
all the criticisms that were raised.
Today is truly the happiest day
for all of us.
Exactly! Absolutely!
Just wanted to add
a point to what Shwetha said.
Today is history!
- Absolutely.
- Mark my words!
Today is the day when every woman
can truly...
Sister, the news has come
on national media.
Everyone is lighting fire works!
Sweets being distributed on the streets.
Fire works being burst
on encounter killings.
There are still questions
being raised by several people,
on the legality of the encounter.
On behalf of all of us, convey our wishes
and congrats to your father.
Sure, ma'am. I'll convey the same.
Teacher, can we get half a day's leave?
Silence! Silence!
We're at the Ramanagara...
ACP Sajjan Kumar, who became
a national hero overnight...
The nation is waiting to hear
from the police, from what we know...
ACP Sajjan Kumar
will address the media shortly.
The press is ready.
As you are all aware,
the ACP of Ramanagara
was appointed
as the investigating officer,
in the Ramanagara rape and murder case.
The team collected a lot of...
human intelligence.
Following the investigation based
on the solid proof and evidence,
we arrested the four accused
on 5th September.
On the 8th September,
all the four accused were taken
to the crime scene at 1:00 a.m.,
for recreating the scene,
in between which the culprits...
snatched and captured
the guns of the police officers,
and opened up firearms,
and tried to escape.
It was then that the police
had to retaliate...
and open bullets at them,
in which the four accused
in the case has been killed.
I repeat, all the four accused
have been killed
in our encounter.
Sir! Sir! Sir!
One question, sir.
Sir, one question!
Please! One by one.
May I know the current condition
of the injured officers? How are they now?
He is under observation.
Until now, everything is alright.
National Human Rights Commission has
issued a statement condemning this.
Does the police have the right
to break the law? Mr. ACP?
Justice is greater than law.
My daughter has got justice.
Maybe even if a single person sets out,
many things can change here.
For the four persons who were killed
and their families,
what will be the answer
from the police and the Government?
I don't want to speak anything about him.
I don't want to see his dead body either.
Because he is not my son!
So, what are you trying to say?
Please answer.
There are 14 procedures that the police
should follow during an encounter.
The rules of law are clear.
Without following any of these,
how can the police kill them?
Madam! Even us police officers
have loved ones and families.
When your life is in danger,
you can't be counting 14 principles.
But we can only take a decision
that comes from the truth in our heart.
So, kindly understand our situation too.
But, sir...
What if it was a policeman
who had lost his life?
His family might get
an amount from the Government.
Mostly they'll be offered a job.
There's nothing else.
- The criminals were killed here.
- Okay. I'll inform him.
When you speak for them,
kindly keep that in consideration.
Sir, the call was from the school.
Your son has met with an accident.
As the tune of a lullaby.
Weeps in the heart.
As I lose my senses, all alone.
When you are not with me.
Be the daylight.
In my eye, my treasure.
Don't leave me Even for a moment.
Why did mom leave us?
- Do you want to see your mom?
- No.
Whenever I miss mom, she comes to me,
without me asking her.
Wait and watch.
Ending up as an endless pain.
All alone.
The clouds have gathered.
Is it a storm?
This is not the right time
to discuss such things.
Our colleague's son
is in a serious medical situation.
Kindly understand
and respect the seriousness of the matter.
The Human Rights Commission
has filed a case against the ACP.
What's your reaction to that?
That's later, right?
As of now, the entire
department stands with the ACP.
- Sir, one minute.
- Okay. Thank you.
This world has us in a tight grasp...
Don't be worried.
God will reward you
for whatever you have done.
Sir, after school he crossed the road,
and was about to get into the car.
- That's when a van came and hit him.
- Oh!
- Excuse me.
- Okay.
Sir, we've traced the vehicle
number from the CCTV footage.
But... that number is fake.
The National Human Rights Commission
has been involved.
Their appeal has been filed.
You must appear in court next week.
They will come at you hard.
Very hard!
You have to be prepared!
Ending up as an endless pain,
All alone.
The clouds have gathered.
Is it a storm?
The news that Advocate Raghurama Iyer
might appear for this case,
has multiplied the curiosity
around this case.
Did she have any problem
in professional life?
She hasn't told me
about any issue in the college.
I don't know, sir.
Sorry for creating a ruckus
at the station, sir.
This is a total let-down of the morale
of the entire police department.
I strongly condemn this act...
by the Commission.
The matter's now getting to the court,
the tensions are high here
at the court premises.
With the public sentiments
behind the ACP and the team,
we're all waiting
to hear from the judiciary.
We are really sorry, sir.
- Sir, we are really sorry.
- We support you, sir.
Sorry, sir.
Please, sir.
We are standing
in front of Ramanagara District Court.
The court procedures
will begin in a few minutes.
Madam... What's your opinion on the human
rights case against ACP Sajjan Kumar?
The human rights
that my daughter never got...
How are they going to offer it
to the culprits?
And, if the judgment is against the ACP,
I will challenge the verdict
in the honorable court.
We will also implead in this case.
Please, madam!
Do you expect...
- Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning.
Come, let's go.
Jeena, you must be online.
- Okay.
- Send me the live updates.
Yes, yes!
- When will you be there?
- I'm off to smoke.
Okay. Come fast.
Sir! No, sir.
The session will begin in some time.
No, sir. It will begin in ten minutes.
Who will bother to appear
as the opposite counsel? No...
It's Raghurama Iyer appearing
for the State. It won't take long.
Yeah. I'll be there soon.
Sorry, sir. I was on a call.
Thank you.
We're trying
for the computer science course.
Yes, sir. Just one seat.
It's for my sister's daughter.
It'd be great if she gets admission
at St. Joseph's College.
Oh! Is that so? Thank you so much.
See you soon.
Sir, case number 24/2019.
I'll be there.
Anything wrong, sir?
SC 24/2019.
Oh. Mr. Iyer is the prosecutor, huh?
Your Honor, I am a special prosecutor
for the State.
Please proceed.
Before coming to the case,
I'd like to narrate a short story.
Many years ago...
To be precise,
in 1989,
when I was practicing
as Advocate Seetharamayyan's junior.
Your Honor, he had taken up a case then.
The biggest financier in Gundalpet
at that point of time was Devendra Gowda.
His only son, Vinayakan...
stalked and troubled
the 21-year-old daughter
of Ramappan, the peon
at the electricity board of that place.
Once, when that girl
was traveling by bus,
Vinayakan laid his right hand on her
while everyone else was watching,
an 18-year-old boy broke his right hand.
But when the case came to court,
the boy who broke his arm
was charged under 307. Attempt to murder.
Your Honor, when Mr. Seetharamayyan
fought and won that case
for that 18-year-old boy,
all of us juniors had goosebumps
on listening to his ending note.
That the dignity of a nation
is the dignity that it gives its women.
The dignity of a nation
is the dignity that it gives its women.
But, the defendants of that case
tried to eliminate that boy
by trapping him in the labyrinths of law!
Along with that,
they were protecting the actual culprits.
Your Honor, there's a reason
why I narrated this particular case today.
Because history is repeating itself.
Back then, that financier's son
had tried to molest that girl.
And today, in this case, SC 24/2019,
the victim was raped,
and burnt to death.
Back then, it was questioned
by an ordinary 18-year-old boy.
And today, it has been done
by police officers who have the right
to enforce the law, Your Honor.
Back then, the honorable court
sentenced the culprit, Vinayakan,
to three years in prison.
And here, for those four criminals
who committed this murder,
this honorable court would
have ordered a death sentence!
Because, they had committed
a heinous crime
that shocked the entire nation!
Your Honor, when this case
comes under the court's consideration,
another extremely
important question arises.
Who are the culprits? Those four guys
or these police officers?
the petitioner who's seeking justice,
is a woman!
She is a mother.
It is this society!
The society is the petitioner.
It's true.
When the criminals are taken for evidence
collection, if they try to escape,
the police are supposed to shoot
below their knees.
I agree!
people like them
should not be shot below their knees.
They should be shot right here.
Or, over here.
Because, they are criminals.
To those bloody criminals,
those murderers...
If anyone in this courtroom can say
what the police did to them was wrong,
with a hand on their heart,
I will challenge them!
May I?
Your Honor,
I think he has a point.
Like, instant tea, or instant coffee...
Instant justice!
He has a point.
And to prove that point,
please give me an opportunity
to present someone before this court.
Where do you stay here?
KR Pettai Colony.
Are you married?
How many children?
- Just one child.
- What's your child's name?
One daughter, Your Honor.
Her name is Shivani.
14 years old, good in studies.
To support the family
abandoned by her father,
she works as a housemaid at KR Puram,
after school.
But, for the past two years,
she hasn't been going to school.
She hasn't been working
as a housemaid either. Because today,
she is no more.
She is no more.
That house owner,
that 67-year-old man...
brutally raped her.
She had only one uncle to help her.
And he was framed for giving a statement
to the police
against that 67-year-old man.
He is in prison now.
But... she didn't admit defeat even then.
When she was going to the Magistrate
to give her statement,
they hit her with a truck
without a number plate,
and eliminated that 14-year-old girl.
So, my question is, Your Honor...
If the law is the same for everyone,
just like how these four were killed,
shouldn't the 67-year-old man
be killed too?
Instant tea, instant coffee,
instant justice!
A humble submission, Your Honor!
Since the opposite counsel is new here,
he doesn't seem to have
much experience with the law.
Thousands of such cases
are pending at several courts.
The case discussed here,
that is SC 24/2019,
has no connection with this incident.
Absolutely no connection at all!
And if some old man fell in love
with some girl and raped her..
What if he's not some random old man?
You may not know this woman standing here.
You may not know her daughter too.
But you know that 67-year-old man
for sure.
Even if no one else knows him,
the one who appeared
for him at the High Court,
the highly experienced Mr. Iyer
will definitely know him!
Mr. Kuldir Yadav, three times legislator,
Malwa constituency, Jamnagar.
Does that name sound familiar, Mr. Iyer?
A mother who doesn't even know
how to write her own name
has been begging
for the past two and a half years.
She is pleading before the law...
and nobody bothered.
Not the public, not the media,
not even the court.
It was as if she never existed.
And the best part is,
the same legislator...
won the election from the same
constituency, with a record margin.
I'm borrowing the words
of Mr. Iyer's senior.
"The dignity of a nation...
is the dignity that it gives its women."
Here is a woman.
Here is a mother.
Here is a petitioner.
So, my question is, Your Honor,
if the law is the same for everyone,
just like how those four persons
were killed,
- shouldn't that legislator be killed too..
- Hey!
What's your name? Aravind Swaminathan.
What are you trying to say?
Are you saying that they should
take law into their own hands?
Your Honor, the lawyer should be
booked for trying to incite violence.
And the legislator's case...
It's under the consideration
of the honorable High Court.
What exists against him right now,
are just allegations.
Just allegations!
And no one is proved guilty
unless convicted by the court.
Those four men were not even
produced in court, Mr. Prosecutor!
Even Ajmal Kasab was hanged to death,
only after he was produced in court!
Forget the trial, forget the judgment.
Those four men
were not even produced in court.
Before that...
They were killed!
And hence, the question...
What was the hurry?
Mrs. Shwetha Gupta, Chairperson,
- National Women's Rights Commission.
- Yes, that is correct.
"Justice delivered!"
The day those men were killed
by the police,
this was your social media post.
- Do you still stand by that statement?
- Yes, of course.
By what percentage?
- Cent percent, of course!
- So...
you firmly believe
that the police have delivered justice?
Yes, absolutely!
That means, you believe that the court
cannot deliver justice, cent percent.
- Let's make this clear.
- No...
Women's Rights Commission Chairperson
says before the honorable court,
that the court
is not going to deliver justice!
The day the news
of Saba's death broke out,
that is, on 10th August,
your social media post was...
Hashtag Shocked.
Why were you shocked?
What do you mean by that?
I was shocked like everyone else,
because she was raped.
Do you check your BP regularly?
- What?
- BP! Blood pressure.
Because I'm sure it must be
dangerously high!
Because, if you're shocked
every time you hear of a rape case,
you must be shocked every fifteen minutes.
According to the Crime Records Bureau,
a rape takes place in this country
every fifteen minutes.
That means, you must be
shocked four times in an hour.
You must be shocked,
96 times in a day.
After reaching here, in this courtroom,
you must have been shocked at least twice.
And to be so shocked,
Saba's wasn't the only rape case
that happened
in the last ten years, right?
Just two days before
that incident occurred,
a three-year-old girl
was raped and killed just a few kilometers
away from your Commission office,
at Bommasandra.
But, on that day,
your social media post was...
"Happy Birthday SRK!"
Hashtag my college crush.
So, my question is,
why were you shocked
only at Saba's death?
Since my leg is injured,
I can't keep standing.
I'd appreciate a quick reply.
- No... Your Honor!
- That's not...
He's generalizing things here.
Saba was burnt to death, Your Honor.
She was not just raped,
but burnt to death.
In a way that her loved ones
couldn't even see her body,
those criminals had destroyed it.
And, when it is such a sensational case,
public outrage is normal.
Mr. Iyer,
but who died that day?
Indira Gandhi?
Or, Mother Teresa?
For the case to be so sensational?
But... that was the national headline,
I'm sorry?
Your Honor,
she is right, actually.
That was the national headline.
Can you please read the main headline?
Burnt to death.
Now, please go to page number seven.
Please read this. Here.
Body found in Jayanagar lake.
The body of a 36-year-old lady
was found
near Jayanagar lake, last day.
The body has been identified
by the local police as that of a lady
who ran away with her lover one week ago.
That's enough...
The body of a 36-year-old woman
who eloped with her lover...
was found in a lake.
It's a single column news on page no. 7
of the same newspaper, that he read out.
So, my question to you, editor,
is out of these two,
why was Saba's case the headline?
Well, it's obvious!
Saba wasn't a woman
who eloped with her lover.
She was a teacher.
And... she hadn't gone
to a park or a beach.
She was returning from work.
She was a working woman!
She gets a headline for having a job?
Will she be on the front page,
if she's a teacher?
Not that!
The fact that she was raped!
The postmortem report came out
at 2:30 p.m. on the 10th.
So, on this newspaper
that came out on the 10th,
that is, on this newspaper
that was printed on 9th night,
how could you print with conviction
that she was raped?
Some random girl!
Her charred body
was found near the highway.
A news that should have been
on the last page of an evening newspaper!
That's the only news value this case has!
For that, an emergency hearing
at the court,
public outrage, social media campaign...
All for a lady, who's an absolute nobody!
Even the postmortem report suggests
only a possibility of rape!
A possibility of rape!
What if she had committed suicide?
- Is it?
- What if she had burnt herself?
Leave all that aside.
Who is this Saba?
She is my daughter!
- Hey! Hey!
- What is this?
Look here. Sit down!
Sit down, Mom.
- I'm her mother!
- Please!
Maintain silence, please.
Please sit down!
- Sit down!
- They killed my daughter!
- Please tell her.
- Be quiet.
They killed my daughter!
Even if you haven't had enough
after killing her,
kill us both!
- Kill us!
- Control yourself!
Sit down!
Kill us!
The court will take a short break.
Ask the lady to see me in the chamber.
Your Honor,
what everyone saw here earlier,
was not just the pain
of a mother who lost her daughter.
It's the voice of every person
in this society, and their tears.
If a person is punished by the court
after a long trial of many years,
he is well-nourished in the prison,
with biryani and eggs,
and finally,
under the epithet of "Good conduct",
they are allowed to go Scot free.
It's their protest against that.
But what surprises me
is what we just heard
from the defense lawyer.
It was pure victim-shaming!
And I strongly recommend
that the honorable court intervenes
to stop this from being repeated.
Your submission
is taken into consideration.
Much obliged, Your Honor.
Mr. Aravind...
No need to give special consideration
for the victim's mother.
She's a retired headmistress, who had won
an award for the best teacher.
Don't consider that too.
But she is a human being, after all!
A minimum human dignity
is expected in this forum.
I want to question Saba's mother.
Mom... What the...
What do you do?
I'm a retired headmistress.
Just one question.
What happened to your daughter?
Tell us in detail
what happened to your daughter.
She was raped.
I'm sorry?
- She was raped.
- Louder, please!
She was raped!
She was raped and killed!
Those four people killed her!
All of them killed my daughter, together.
Did you see that?
Did you see them raping her?
You saw them killing her?
Your younger daughter saw it?
Then, even before the court
accepted this case file,
did God himself tell you
that it was those four people who did it?
Tell us... how did you know?
Because... because it was in the media!
Everybody knows in this court!
Everyone knows it. You know it too!
Then... why are you doing this to me?
Hey! Please help her.
Please! Please take her to the seat.
Mr. Aravind Swaminathan,
what are you trying to do?
- I just don't understand.
- Your Honor! I told you.
He's trying to play mind games here.
He is trying to confuse her,
by twisting the questions.
- This will not take us anywhere.
- Aravind Swaminathan!
This is it! What are you up to?
What's your intent?
Just one thing, Your Honor.
When I asked how she knew that it was
those four people who killed the victim,
her mother said, it was in the media!
It was in the media!
So, my doubt is...
does the media exist to tell the truth
or is it that
whatever the media tells is true?
Even you can answer it, Mr. Iyer.
What the media shows, is the truth right?
It should be, right?
Because, in 1994,
the media had told another truth!
Note, they had told a truth!
"ISRO secrets are being leaked!"
"Indian scientists are traitors!"
The case reached the court.
The media's verdict was canceled.
After realizing the truth,
he was acquitted,
and after a long 25 years,
the country honored him
with a Padma Bhushan award.
But when a man who deserved
to be hailed by the world
along with APJ Abdul Kalam,
was suffering third degree torture
from Kerala police...
Reading what the newspapers wrote,
when this country
and its people branded him as a traitor...
Day after day after day...
even when these same newspapers
created circulation records,
the media had only spoken the truth,
even then.
Isn't that so, Mr. Iyer?
And that raises my question,
Your Honor!
If there's media to announce verdicts,
and the police to enforce punishment,
what's the use of so many clowns,
wearing black coats and gowns?
Wow! What a comparison!
What a wonderful comparison, Your Honor!
I had goosebumps hearing those lines
by the defense counsel.
If I keep hearing this,
he might compare those four people
with Mahatma Gandhi.
Those criminals are in the accused list
of 14 cases, at Ramanagara police station.
And he is defending them shamelessly.
Even otherwise,
whom are you trying to whitewash?
They've committed robbery.
They've been charged with smuggling.
They are drug peddlers!
They are bloody murderers!
No, they are not!
Nobody is guilty
unless convicted by the court.
They have committed A,
they have committed B,
they may have committed C, but...
that does not imply...
that they will commit D.
Aravind... what's your point?
All evidences are against them.
Look at their history!
Look at their background!
Look at them, for the fact...
Also, we can guess it
when we see them, right?
Come again, Your Honor?
What I was about to say...
Can't we guess it when we see them, huh?
What makes you guess it?
Their color?
Their clothes?
Or their names?
Stop this nonsense!
You think you have the audacity
to challenge me in this court?
Yes, I do and I will!
This is a pure case
of contempt of court...
and you should interfere now.
However hard you try,
you cannot erase the truth.
Because there is an occurrence witness
in this case.
A witness who has given a statement.
An eyewitness who firmly stands
by the statement he has given.
May I be allowed to produce
him before the court, Your Honor?
Yeah, sure. Certainly!
But just hold on. Just a minute.
Aravind Swaminathan!
You will not repeat this behavior
in this court.
I am warning you!
Is that clear?
Did you get it?
- Say yes or no!
- Yes!
- Yes!
- Good.
You may please proceed.
On the night of the incident,
what did you see?
Sir, I was going back home from my office.
On pages three, four and five...
You actually saw all this.
Do you still stand by
the statement you've given?
Yes, sir.
A truthful witness
is much more valuable...
than many long hours of trial.
That's all, Your Honor.
Mr. Victor!
It's not time to go yet.
Let me ask you.
Those four guys...
took that body out from the car
and burned it. You saw it.
- Right?
- Yes.
Which vehicle was it?
It was a black car.
- Do you remember the vehicle number?
- No.
After answering
this last question of mine,
you can leave, Victor.
Among those four people,
who was the one driving the car?
The car... The car was driven by...
I don't know. I haven't seen that.
Your Honor,
what difference does it make?
The car may have been
driven by A, B, C or D...
But here's a witness who saw
all of them burning that body together.
And if you are saying that
this witness is fabricated,
- then prove it!
- Mr. Iyer, please!
Please! Hold on!
Just hold on for a second.
Let me repeat my question.
Among those four people,
who drove that car?
What the...
The car was not driven by A, B, C, or D!
Because those four guys
do not know how to drive.
None of them know how to ride
a two wheeler also, Your Honor.
So, those four guys drove a car together,
took the body to that place and burned it.
My question is to the prosecution
who presented this statement.
If not those four people, then who...
drove that car?
Come on, sir. I repeat!
What difference does it make?
It can be anyone who drove that car...
Mr. Iyer... CW6's statement.
Do you stand by that or not?
Sir, what is this?
Yes or no?
Yes, I do.
In which case,
his question is pretty valid.
Who drove the vehicle?
Maybe they hired a fifth person!
A fifth person!
Someone who isn't in the police records,
a fifth person who was never seen
by the eyewitness.
It was just four people who were killed.
One person is still alive.
He is amongst us.
The one who knows everything!
The fifth person.
Sir, please say something.
Sir, what is it?
What are you saying?
How many times did I tell you?
I can't help you, sir.
There are people waiting to get admission.
- I'm talking about my daughter.
- Can't you understand, sir?
- Sir...
- Please leave, sir.
You're wasting my time! Who's next?
Which department?
- Ma'am!
- Yeah!
- Please, 8:30 a.m. tomorrow?
- Nothing doing. 7:30 a.m.
- Okay?
- Sure, ma'am.
- Good night.
- Okay, ma'am.
I need some information.
Whoever I ask, they threaten me,
asking me to get out. Can you tell me?
Yes, sir.
I had seen you in the morning.
It's about admission, right?
Since it's the arts' day...
No, ma'am.
I'm not here for admission, madam.
I haven't come for admission.
Why are you crying, sir?
My daughter is gone, madam!
My daughter is dead.
I'm here to take
my little daughter's dead body
back to my village.
You don't have to worry.
This is an agency that has handled
such cases easily.
Wherever it is in south India,
your daughter's body
will reach your house.
You don't have any kind of complaints.
Sign there.
Sir, I've come here to file a complaint.
Complaint? For what?
Your daughter hanged herself.
What's there for the police to inquire?
If you want us to do
any further inquiry,
it will start with you.
Shall I write an FIR
and put you behind bars? Sign it, man!
Vidya... Research scholar,
Central University, Ramanagara.
A daughter who left a tiny village,
with plenty of dreams.
A father who came to receive
that daughter's corpse.
Oh, no! My dear child!
Saba had set out to help a father
who lost his daughter,
until that moment, but...
from that moment onwards,
she was walking towards her death,
though she never knew it.
Because, on the day
Vidya committed suicide,
that is on the night of 8th July,
just hours before she died, or
maybe even minutes before she died,
someone had seen her for the last time.
That was Saba.
Hey... Why are you crying?
Nothing, ma'am.
What's your name?
What happened, Vidya?
It's nothing, ma'am.
Hey! Tell me!
It's okay. You can tell me.
Come on, Vidya.
Listen! Don't cry!
I want to go back to my village.
I can't study here.
Vidya! Vidya!
Don't cry! Relax!
See! Your father is calling.
Did you see that?
- Dad!
- Come on, Vidya!
Be strong! Come on!
Do one thing.
Be a good girl, wipe your tears,
and call your father back.
Here you go.
Call him.
- Hello!
- Vidya!
- Dad!
- What's happening?
- How are you?
- I'm doing good, Dad.
From a school where there were
no benches to sit on,
from a village where they were banned
from using a public tap,
she worked hard, studied
and reached so far,
to go back one day, Your Honor.
But that didn't happen.
We don't have anyone.
But in just one moment,
if she has abandoned all her dreams,
there must be a reason for it.
There must be a person behind it.
Your Honor, there might be
several such isolated incidents.
How some girl who hanged herself
in a college..
Fifty two students!
Fifty two students committed
suicide in the very same campus
in the last ten years, Your Honor.
Fifty two isolated incidents, Mr. Iyer!
There are more lives lost
in the universities
of our country every year,
compared to our soldiers at the border.
They are eliminated.
Those who blow trumpets
about "Make in India",
after sending their children
to Cambridge and Oxford,
may not understand it.
But if there was anyone who wanted
to bring out the actual reason
behind Vidya's death,
it was Saba!
This is her phone.
While shifting from the room,
this ended up with me.
And... for the past one year,
she had been quite depressed, ma'am.
But I really don't know why she did this.
So, the proposal to increase...
staff allowance by 25%...
has been unanimously approved
by the university council.
- I'll call back.
- And that's all for the day, everyone.
Is that all, sir?
- I think we've missed out on something.
- No, I think we have discussed everything.
We've discussed everything
that was part of our agenda, Saba.
Sir, a girl who dreamt of leaving
this campus with a gold medal
was taken away, covered in whites,
crossing the gates of this campus
in an ambulance.
She deserves a better send-off.
She deserves justice!
- Saba, right?
- Yes, sir.
Miss Saba, this is one
of the finest institutions in the country.
While studying here,
you have to best among the best.
If someone has done something
out of the pressure of failure,
it is their fault. Their fate!
After all, it's survival of the fittest.
If you are unfit, you quit!
And I believe she was unfit.
Unfit? Seriously, sir?
Nine hundred annual hours
at the university library.
The most done by any student ever,
in this institution.
Over six hundred books referred,
and over fifty articles published,
and you say that she was unfit?
She was a PhD scholar with a vision.
People here, who'd point at the botany lab
when asked for the university library,
completed PhD somehow over
three or three and a half years. Why...
hasn't she...
why hasn't she gotten it, even
after seven and a half years? No!
Why wasn't she given it?
She gave a precise answer to that,
before leaving this world.
So, Vidya, I've noted down
all the corrections. And...
Is this the framework we discussed?
Sir, I've followed the framework
suggested by the external examiner,
during the last doctoral meeting.
And sir, we all agreed
to this framework, right?
I found it to be sensible too.
- That's why..
- Sensible?
So, you mean that the framework
I suggested is senseless?
- Not at all, sir.
- Very nice.
Sir... if I don't submit this
at least by the end of this month,
I'll lose another year, sir.
Please, sir.
Wait, sir.
Sir, when Mr. Hamid was my guide
three years back,
everything was almost ready
for my final report submission.
Sir... After Mr. Hamid's death,
you came in place of him.
And I reworked everything
as you said, sir!
The situation at home is really bad, sir.
Sir? Please, sir.
I've reached so far
by struggling so much.
How far?
- How far have you reached?
- Sir?
Have you seen Muthulakshmi?
Even her mother used to do
the same job here, long back.
And in the future,
her daughter will do the same job as her.
If we have some leftover food
during our lunch time,
we give it to Muthulakshmi.
She happily accepts it.
Sometimes, she might take it home.
not even once...
has she complained
that she didn't get any food.
Because, she knows...
that our magnanimity is not her right!
See, Vidya...
Research is about quality.
How would you know? There's no point
in talking about the quality
to people who work in farms
and garbage dumps?
For the past three years,
the international publications
published in your name,
and the sanctioned project
worth Rs. 2.5 crores that you mentioned,
I completed all these
with this garbage quality, sir.
Oh! You are questioning me?
What you are meant to do,
is to just obey us!
Just to obey!
The people who give admissions over here
for lowlifes who clean toilets,
citing different reasons,
should be blamed first.
Do you want to complain to the dean?
Go ahead!
You can't do squat here!
And mind you. Not seven...
Even after ten years,
if you have to finish your course
and leave this campus,
you need my signature! Okay?
If you still haven't understood
what I said,
go and have a look at yourself
in the mirror.
It was not a suicide.
It was institutional murder.
A student, her dreams,
her identity and even herself
were eliminated inch by inch.
You push them to a point
where they have no other option.
They said she quit.
No, she did not quit.
She was forced to quit.
And this is a report about
all the students who quit their lives
and their careers in this campus.
And this one is a copy of the complaint
that Vidya submitted
to the grievance committee.
And not so surprisingly,
absolutely no action
was taken by the committee.
For the death of Vidya,
all of us present here are answerable!
I demand that the person whose name
is in this complaint filed by Vidya,
gets suspended with immediate effect
and an inquiry commission gets set up
on the death of all 52 students.
Saba, this committee
is totally democratic.
So, the decisions should be made
by each one of you.
So, who all agrees to the demand
put forward by Professor Saba?
So, the meeting is over.
Even the girl's father hasn't complained.
Who are you to her,
to bark for her like this?
I am her teacher!
A teacher who has the authority
over a student, more than anyone else.
DYSP Brijesh Kallappa
does not know Professor Saba Mariam.
Well, sir...
So many people come to us
with complaints, right?
So, I forgot about it, sir.
I know whom to submit this complaint to.
But before that, I need to add
one more person's name to this complaint.
Saba, who wrote this complaint
was unable to send it to the Governor.
Before that,
she died.
She was killed.
Before this complaint reached
where it was supposed to,
you... passed this information
to the concerned people.
Hello? Central University?
Saba... Hey!
Relax... Actually,
I want to show you something.
That complaint...
Don't forward it.
No one will raise any complaint.
Everything will be taken care of.
That includes your promotion too.
Saba, I can talk to the VC. Yes!
You don't have to do anything, Saba.
You'll get your price, for your silence.
What say you, Saba?
You... Who do you think you are?
If I walk 200 meters past this university,
it's the village council's nursery school.
I'd rather be a teacher over there
than staying silent here out of fear.
There won't be another Vidya here.
For that,
there shouldn't be
another Vydharshan here.
A murder that was committed
out of vengeance,
due to purely personal reasons...
A mere hit and run case that happened
due to absolutely personal reasons
became the national headline
of the very next day.
It was made to be!
This news became trending on channels,
newspapers and online media
for several weeks.
It was made to be trending. For what?
This became the only point
of conversation
in this country
with a population of 1.3 billion.
It was made to be so.
For whom?
For what?
For whom?
Three questions...
and one answer!
I think it's the second phase
of pneumonia.
We'll have to take a CT scan.
Okay, Doctor.
- Shall we go?
- Be with the child, dear.
- Take that file.
- Sir.
Sir, these are the IB reports.
In the upcoming assembly elections,
your party will lose its power.
- Hello.
- Sir, at Ramanagara bypass,
we've found a body of a lady
professor from Central University.
Is it an accident?
- Yes. It's a hit and run, sir.
- Oh!
Sir! I think there is a problem.
The body of a lady professor
from Central University
has been found near the highway,
in outskirts.
A hit and run case.
Hit and run! Hit and run, huh?
Mining scam, helicopter scam,
petrol case...
All these will fall upon my head!
- Sorry, sir.
- You loser!
If I win these elections,
I will be the next Chief Minister!
Hey! What are you all looking at?
Why are you all so blank?
You all got your share, right?
Say something!
Hit and run, huh?
- Hello?
- We're discussing an important matter...
- Idiots!
- Can you hear me?
Look at all your faces!
Hello? Hello?
- Send the body for postmortem..
- Wait! Wait!
Don't send the body for postmortem.
Should we just number that body,
and let it freeze in the mortuary?
She is your headline.
She is your trump card.
- Prakash...
- Yes, sir.
Don't shift the body now.
- Okay.
- Do as I say.
- Just wait for my call. I'll be in touch.
- Alright, sir.
The 8 crore population of this state,
you can decide
when they should throw stones at you
and when they should applaud you.
The helicopter and mining scams
will be forgotten with that.
So... shall we...
I need four people
from the local crime list
dispatching that body
and further proceedings.
No negotiations. Give them
the money they ask for in advance.
Roopesh! You handle the media and PR.
- Okay, sir.
- Okay.
- Should I call after finishing the job?
- No. I will come with you.
Five of us are going to do it.
Share this among yourselves.
- Okay, brother.
- Be alert.
- Sir, he had told you, right?
- Take it away, man!
Hey! Careful, man!
Get his signature
on pages 3,4 and 5. Clear?
- Slowly.
- No one's around, right?
No! There's no one.
- Okay.
- What's happening?
It's over.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
ACP Sajjan Kumar!
Ready to take charge?
It's time for the hero's entry.
- Right?
- Long live the revolution!
Long live the revolution!
Hello? Tell me, sir.
Beat up those students
and chase them away.
Okay, sir. Okay.
Hey, stop! Stop there!
Guys, we are on!
Break the news in all news channels,
national and regional!
Sir, the news has been leaked.
Who was it? Who is the traitor?
See! It's the DIG's call.
Sir! We are really sorry, sir.
Thirty days!
I'll bring the culprits
before you within thirty days.
Silence, please!
We won't spare you!
Control! Control the crowd!
- You bloody...
- Ask them to sit down.
Ask everyone to sit down.
- Move aside!
- Stop them!
- Maintain the decorum, please.
- You traitor!
The architect of the plan...
and the master brain
behind its execution.
ACP Sajjan Kumar.
Objection, Your Honor.
These are just fabricated stories.
Just stories fabricated
by the defense counsel.
Baseless allegations made
without any evidence.
What if there's evidence?
Everything was his plan.
Everything, except the encounter.
That... was an order from the top.
An order from the top.
Whose order from the top?
If you say so
at this last moment, this is absurd!
I am sorry, Sajjan.
- Make arrangements to shift them.
- Sir!
Hey! They are being shifted from here.
Who, sir?
Who? Those four guys!
Get the vehicle ready quickly!
Sir, our police van has gone for service.
Is it safe to take them in our jeep?
Okay. I'll ask him and get back to you.
- Sajjan!
- Yes.
Sir... DIG had called me.
He asked me to step down
from the case. Now...
It was me who asked
the Home Secretary to call the DIG.
He doesn't know anything
that's going to happen after this.
Finish them off.
Sorry, sir?
I said, finish them off!
Sir, you've already got
the media coverage
and public support you wanted, sir.
All we need is a verdict from the court.
We'll get that too, sir. I promise!
This is politics!
I'll play any dirty game to win here.
We can ban notes here
and if required, we will ban votes too.
No one is going to question it.
But I will always be there for you.
This party too!
This is the upcoming CM's promise, ACP!
But still, sir...
To kill them in an encounter...
The greatest weapon of a politician...
Do you know what that is?
The emotions of the public.
It is madness!
Their thoughts, intelligence,
and decisions...
are toppled over by this madness!
Once they are affected by that madness,
they won't be just party workers.
They will become devotees!
We're going to set
those emotions ablaze!
When they forget everything else
due to that emotion,
we will capture...
the reign!
Finish them!
Okay, sir.
Sir, encounter?
It's an order from the top.
Get the car.
Yes, sir.
Where are these people taking us
in this rain?
Sir! Cigarette?
Go ahead! Smoke!
Come on, walk!
He didn't give me one when I asked.
Sundar, head straight to SL Puram station.
We'll see you there.
Copy, sir.
Head straight to SL Puram station.
- Turn left.
- What, sir?
- Turn left and turn off the beacon.
- Sir!
Bro! You were after a girl, right?
What's up with that?
Forget all that, man!
Why have they stopped here?
Does he want to pee?
Is that why he's drinking so much water?
Please stay silent.
Hey! Stop it, dude!
Murthy, bring them out.
Dude, just stay quiet.
Come on!
- He is calling us.
- Get down quickly. Quick!
- In a mood to relax?
- Keep quiet.
What a beautiful place!
Stay at one place.
Sir... What are we doing here?
Ask them to keep their mouths shut.
The new station we're about to go
will be better.
Shut up.
You and I, locked up in a room...
Listen to me.
Sir, please don't!
Move away.
- Move away!
- Sir!
Please, sir.
Why are you doing this, sir?
Forgive me, Mother!
Please spare him at least, sir.
I'm sorry, sir.
Sir! Mr. Murthy!
Aren't you clapping?
Don't you want to burst fire works?
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...
Aren't you posting on any of these?
There's no need of any evidence.
They will do it.
No need for any reason.
They should be punished!
There's no need for any court or law!
They have to be killed!
When those four people were killed,
each one of you celebrated it
not because of your damn social concern
to see justice being delivered!
It's because you wanted them killed!
Otherwise, there are many people
who have committed such heinous
mass murders, amongst us!
No one will touch them!
No one will dare to touch them!
But these four men can be killed
without any reason!
The reason for that... is their identity!
Without their knowledge or yours,
the identity that is imposed upon you!
your identity is their vote!
Their politics!
In the text book
of a second grade student,
by segregating people as fair and ugly,
the politics of color is injected
into the mind of a six-year-old.
The politics of discrimination!
The politics of hate!
Why, even the court said that
it can be guessed from their looks!
And what made you say that?
The politics of caste!
Four people are stripped
and beaten up on the street.
That's in Bihar, right?
A mob beats a man to death
for transporting meat.
That happened in UP, right?
Two people are killed in custody,
due to police brutality.
That's in Thoothukudi, right?
For stealing some food to satiate
his hunger... For stealing food!
A tribal youth is beaten to death
by a mob.
That is in Kerala, right? No!
All these incidents happened in India!
In India!
Even before a charge sheet was filed,
if this entire country has passed
its verdict against those four people,
there's only one reason for that!
The final words written
by Vidya on her death note.
"My birth... was my mistake!"
In this country,
their only mistake was being born
into this system, Your Honor.
Their birth was indeed...
their mistake!
And finally, after all this,
what was it for?
What was all this for?
And the answer, Your Honor...
is this report submitted
by the Intelligence Bureau,
just two months ago
to the Government, which says...
that in the upcoming elections,
the ruling party will lose its power.
To maintain that power...
To regain that power...
those four people were
just tools used by them!
To select those four people,
to purchase those four people,
and to kill the same four people,
where did they get that confidence?
Where there are people to protest
when a dog is killed,
not even a dog is going to react
when a human being is killed!
Where did this belief come from?
That confidence... is the politics
of this country, Your Honor!
The politics that silences people
who ask questions!
The politics that handcuffs people
who point fingers!
But however hard you try to silence them,
whichever prison you may throw them in,
questions will be asked!
And they must be answered!
Because, this country
is nobody's father's private property!
This is our country!
This court appreciates
the human rights perspective
brought in by the defense counsel...
and takes due cognizance
of the allegations
made by the defense counsel,
that there have been serious violations
of rules of law,
in the encounter killings
of the four accused.
Therefore, this court recommends
to the Government
to relieve the concerned
police official...
from all official duties
with immediate effect.
There are certain decisions
made by anyone who chooses
to join the police service.
In this trapeze game, in which
we've to move forward
overcoming politics and power,
those decisions will be eliminated,
one by one.
I said, finish them off!
But, one day...
even we, who were clapping
as viewers in the gallery,
will fall into that well of death.
They'll push you into it.
Sir, we've traced the vehicle number
found from the CCTV footage. But...
that number is fake.
I think... there is someone behind this...
Sajjan, I heard about it only now.
Face everything bravely.
Nothing will happen to your son.
You take care.
This is politics.
I'll play any dirty game to win here.
Because what we need
to regain here is power!
The tragedy of a hero
always gives more mileage.
Our hero should become a raging sensation!
When applause turns into brickbats,
and while you become alone in a crowd,
there are certain faces
that get engraved in your mind.
You... How dare you!
How could you do this to my daughter?
Some words too.
I don't know how to console you.
Don't worry.
For whatever you have done,
God will reward you.
You will reap what you sow...
Should we just number that body
and let it freeze in the mortuary?
She is your headline.
She is your trump card.
- Sir, please.
- Forgive me, Mother!
He is suffering...
because of my actions!
I'm unable to sleep!
I need my son.
Even if you have to...
sacrifice your career...
or your life.
I'm ready to sacrifice it
to get my son back!
Then began a journey.
Through the paths I've crossed.
Through the faces I've seen.
A journey in search of the truth.
During that journey,
many other truths came to light.
- Murthy!
- Sir!
- File all these and keep them safe.
- Okay.
Strictly confidential.
A body of a lady professor
from the Central University
has been found near the highway,
at the outskirts.
A hit and run case.
- Sita...
- Yes, sir.
About the hit and run case
at the ring road,
Yes, sir.
- Which jurisdiction was it?
- I think it's St. Thomas Mount, sir.
Sir! Sir, this is a list
from the traffic department.
The list of vehicles detected
on the speed radar,
in one hour proximity
around the time you mentioned, sir.
And I found a name... from those truths.
This file has all the truths!
You should take it to the court.
- You should testify against me.
- Sir?
If this comes out, you...
I know!
I need to sleep peacefully
at least for one night.
That professor has been arrested.
Sir, please! No!
Sreedev is back in school now.
Sir... How are you, sir?
I feel peaceful.
Hey! It's time!
I'm leaving, sir.
- Murthy.
- Sir?
The lawyer you hired was very good.
But there's a past
that you're not aware of
between us.
Sir... But he wasn't
fighting your case alone, sir.
He was concluding his own case too!
Before he adorned the lawyer's uniform,
he had another uniform.
A uniform he chose, to enforce the law.
One final question, Mr. Aravind.
You are a gold medalist in law,
from Delhi University.
Then, why Civil Service?
Because I believe the law is not
just meant to be practiced, sir.
Sometimes, the law...
will have to be enforced.
it was the same uniform
that punished him.
It was the people who were close to him
who betrayed him.
The law he believed in...
handcuffed him.
The threshold of pain
a man can endure...
in his whole life...
He has experienced much beyond that.
I have seen that pain.
This is ridiculous.
I must see Aravind!
I don't understand this!
When I think about that lady...
The Supreme Court...
has rejected your bail.
- It's time! All of you, leave!
- But... Aravind...
We will fight, okay?
I will fight for you.
But this case landing
in those handcuffed hands
was not a decision made by us, sir.
It was destiny!
I'm not worthy
of even standing before you.
But still...
Using the law that defeated you,
you should take revenge, sir.
Though he is in the midst
of many allegations,
the current Minister
and CM candidate, Nageshwara Rao,
is under the spotlight now!
With that, the opposition candidate...
- Please move.
- Namaste.
We'll finish the nomination procedure
in ten minutes. Call Govindan.
- And ask him if the people are ready.
- Okay, sir.
Greetings to all of you!
He's filing the nomination.
I'll call you back. Definitely!
Sir, he has called three times.
I think it's a serious matter.
- Hello?
- Hey!
- Are all our workers here?
- Yes, sir.
Some have gone with Rao
to file the nomination.
- Is that so?
- Yes, sir.
The elections are coming up.
There shouldn't be anyone
other than our party workers here.
Beat all of them up!
Ask them about Omprakash.
He comes for all party meetings.
Keep quiet, man.
We'll talk about it later.
Okay, bro.
Ma'am! Ma'am!
Ma'am, this is ridiculous!
Is this why this union was elected?
Students are protesting
for not getting their stipend,
a statue worth Rs. 3.5 crores, it seems!
Did we elect them to build a statue?
They rewrote the syllabus
and history with blatant lies.
Now, they'll arrest the people
who ask questions,
labeling them as traitors... ma'am!
- Something has to be..
- Gauri!
Anyone can pass comments
sitting in the gallery.
Do you have the courage
to get down to action on the ground?
Go, file your nomination!
Are these college students from our party?
Doesn't look like
they are students from our party.
Useless fellow!
- Students are putting up a candidate...
- Let them come!
Let new kids come!
Would that be the X-factor
in the coming elections, sir?
Sir, please!
Please comment on it, sir.
You were betraying us, right?
Killing those people who trusted you...
Tell us!
Who among us do you want to kill next?
Kill me!
How dare you speak like that?
How dare you!
Yes. Yes, you can talk to him. He's here.
Sir... The person who called
in the morning.
Home Minister speaking.
You thought I had forgotten everything.
Hello? Hello?
Have you experienced
the pleasure of isolation?
Have you experienced the pain of loss?
You've been assigned as the team leader
to lead the Ramanagara riots case.
The DCP is questioning our party
workers about the riots case.
Do you realize
the repercussions of the statement
that you gave just now?
I don't care, sir.
But, the 136 people who died
in those riots...
They deserve justice!
- If we don't do something to him soon..
- Hey!
DCP or whatever!
We'll see, man!
He's a cop after all, right?
Is everything okay, sir?
- Sir, you slapped our leader?
- 136 people!
Twenty four children!
I'll make you answer
for each one of these lost lives!
It is from now on...
that you're going to cry for real!
Get lost!
Don't worry, brother.
This is just the beginning.
What happened now?
Truth has triumphed, right?
I am right behind you!
there won't be any court or law...
He told the truth, right?
Why are you beating him up then?
How dare you question us?
Come on!
I'll be declaring the verdict
and executing the punishment,
by myself from now on!
Don't worry!
This is not the end.
This is the beginning!
Never feeling the pain
Never withering away.
We have miles to go.
Blowing on the embers.
Let's spread as wildfire, rapidly.
Long live the revolution!
Long live the revolution!
Long live the revolution!
As the lashes continue.
Flames will spread all around.
As blood is spilled.
There shall be salvation.
As the lashes continue.
Flames will spread all around.
As blood is spilled.
There shall be salvation