Janamaithri (2019) Movie Script

- Vijay Babu Chetta! This is Midhun.
Tell me.
- Where are you?
At the office.
What are you up to?
Nothing. The post production
of 'June' is going on.
Okay. I've called to tell you something.
- Tell me.
There's a friend of mine. John Manthrickal.
Have you met him?
The one who wrote 'Annmaria'?
- Yes.
He was with me to write 'Annmaria'.
He has a story with him.
Will you listen to it?
What's the genre?
It's humour.
Like our 'Aadu'.
Like 'Aadu'?
But it's not on such a huge canvas.
It's a small movie.
Ask him to call me. I'll listen to it.
- So I'll give him your number.
He'll call you.
- Okay.
Doing great right?
- Of course.
Hello Chetta.
This is John Manthrickal.
Yes. Midhun told me.
Tell me John.
When can we meet Chetta?
Where are you now?
- I'm at Kadavanthra.
Can you come to my office at 5 PM?
- Yes.
See you then. Bye.
Chetta I'm John.
- Please come John.
Sit down.
Tell me.
What's the subject?
This is a humour subject.
It's not a hero-heroine
oriented subject.
There are 5-8 characters in the story.
They drive the story forward.
The story begins in Kochi
and ends in Kannur.
Shall we read it?
- Okay.
It's good!
But will everyone connect to it?
It's an experiment Chetta.
Who will do Samyukthan's character?
Saiju Kurup was the one who came
to my mind while writing it.
I've narrated the story to him.
Why don't you ask him?
Saiju can do it.
It's correct for Saiju.
What about that policeman?
I didn't write the policeman
with anyone in mind.
You can think about
it and decide.
Shall I tell you a casting for it then?
- Tell me Chetta.
What if Sabumon does it?
He has great comic timing.
I had given him a commitment
during the Bigg Boss finals too.
When I heard the script
I thought he could do it well.
I've also felt that he has good timing.
We can think about it right?
- Of course.
That SI's character is really important.
Who's in your mind for that?
How will Indrans Chettan be?
That would be a variety.
Indrans Chettan will be awesome.
- Okay.
Chetta, one more thing.
The other casting?
The corporate?
- Yes.
You should do it.
Stop it man! - It will work only if
someone who has an executive look does it.
No! It won't work if I do it.
- No. It will work. That's fixed.
Let's try it out right?
- Definitely.
So the main technicians
are all from 'Aadu'?
So, you can decide everthing else with Vinu.
Vinu handles everything in production.
So, your first film would be under
Friday Film House Experiments.
Well, you didn't tell me the title.
Chetta, the title is 'Janamaithri'.
(Public Friendly)
Shall we start then?
Father, this is our presentation.
I'll show you in detail.
I've seen enough.
What is this man?
Father, this is a demo of how a CCTV
network will function in a college.
What I saw now?
You can stream these visuals
24X7 on your mobile Father.
What did you think?
The students here are
wayward or what?
This college runs on
discipline and obedience.
- No?
Not that Father.
I mean...
This is a demo video selected
specially by our marketing team
for the college campuses now.
If you're not interested, we can avoid cameras
in the area where couples usually sit.
Area where couples sit?
Exactly Father.
- There's no such area here.
This is not such a college.
Father, you don't know!
These couples sit across the cafe
outside the college.
If you agree...
If I agree?
We can capture all of it.
What happened sir?
If you make me stand outside for
every meeting, how will I learn?
When you're standing idle here...
did you check how many CCTV
cameras can be installed here
and where all they
can be installed?
- No.
This is why I always
make you stand outside.
Understood now?
First, learn to execute
what I told you correctly.
Sorry sir.
How many papers are you
printing Samyukthan?
Don't you know that Sunoj sir will scold
us if you waste paper & ink unnecessarily?
- Sir.
Did you sell our CCTV to a customer called
John Joseph saying that its HD quality?
Oops sir.
Not HD.
High Quality!
You will get our company shut down!
- Never sir.
Do one thing.
Call all the staff members.
It's a sales review meeting right?
So, isn't it better if only
the both of us are here?
Samyukthan, this is a
sales review meeting.
And it's not dating for just
the both of us to be here.
That's why...
Go and call them!
Do you know what this is?
Egyptian Pyramid.
Tell me Abhimanyu.
It's correct.
Say it.
Is it a roof sir?
I will show you.
Such an unlucky name!
What's going from the
bottom to the top
is the sales performance
in the last month
of our company's North Kerala
sales manager Jack Daniels.
What's coming down from
the top to bottom
is that of Central Kerala
sales manager Samyukthan's.
Samyukthan, can you
please explain this?
Sir, the line that goes
up for Jack Daniels
is supported by the line
at the bottom right?
That's why it's pointing upwards right?
Then sir...
Global economy...
Global economy?
Global Eco...
Samyukthan, we have brand value!
We have market penetration!
But sales are not
happening here alone!
The circumstances in this country
now are really favourable for us.
Robberies are increasing
day by day Samyukthan!
Crime rate is going up!
When I used to be a sales manager,
this wasn't the situation.
Still I covered the target.
See, the clarity of our CCTV camera
during the night is one of the best!
Then why Samyukthan?
Then why?
Hey Sunoj!
You rascal!
Can't you see cameras from China being
sold in the market for half the price?
After drawing the roof of a house,
you're messing with me?
If Jack Daniels is getting
business, what should I do?
Samyukthan won't do any shady job
to get business!
I'm not interested in that either.
You and your damn
college presentation!
Fire me from here if you dare!
Then I'll show you who
this Samyukthan is!
Bloody Chunoj!
Giving me scary looks you loser?
Well done Samyukthan.
Well done!
This is what you need!
Now you feel relieved right?
- That's it.
Such a channelization
of frustration
is what I intend to do through
this occupational therapy.
Sit down please.
Our self-confidence.
We have to create it ourselves!
For example, your ringtone.
That's the ringtone of a person
with very low self-confidence.
Listen to my ringtone!
How's it?
Rocking right?
Why don't you use this
ringtone for a while?
Each time you receive a call, you can
feel the confidence rising like this!
This is the equipment
I told you about.
You should use it
daily if you can.
The best time is between
6 - 7 PM in the evening.
I mean the peak time!
You'll get a great yield!
With maximum yield,
you would get maximum relaxation!
But one thing!
No one else should see you
while you use it okay?
Okay sir.
- Okay.
When you do this exercise,
you need great concentration!
Don't forget the time.
Between 6-7 PM.
How come you're in a
good mood today sir?
From today...
I've decided to take a fresh
approach to everything.
We should turn this entire
colony into a CCTV village.
That would be great sir.
[Paramedu Kannur District]
Hold it lower man.
- That's the maximum.
Or we should dig a grave here.
That's the job you're best for.
- Stop looking down & measure up there.
Trying to teach me?
As per the sticker's position,
someone who is 6 feet 3
inches tall has stuck it.
Right Pushpa?
- Yes sir.
No chance that it would
be lesser than that.
I was going to say that to you!
Didn't you see the sticker first?
- Yes sir.
When was it?
Some time back sir.
Have you seen anyone who's taller than
usual in recent times in this area?
No sir.
- Sir...
This is the 4th incident.
Everywhere the sticker
is at the same height.
So, it must be the same person who
stuck all of them. - Definitely.
Sir, why don't we take all the
fingerprints on this wall then?
That's not necessary sir.
- No?
- Sir.
We suspect that it's a group that
sticks stickers in the morning
and then attacks in the night.
That's also a possibility.
If that's the case,
he will come tonight.
Right Lawrence?
Of course.
He will definitely come.
If sir says it will happen.
Have you all seen the
movie 'Theeran'?
Hey! That movie!
People who barge in at night, hit
people on their heads and rob stuff...
It might be as simple as that.
No need to worry.
Chances are that it must
be a group like that.
All of you should stay alert.
Sir, the people are all scared.
Is it?
Then don't open the doors in the night
no matter who knocks.
Especially people who
are taller than 6 feet.
You should arrange night
patrolling on this route too sir.
Yes sir.
Lawrence, note it down.
- Note it. - Okay sir.
Pushpa, you should have an
eye on everything here.
Not enough!
This item is good!
Is this a product on sale?
Well sir, since we are in sales...
Leave that.
Is there any point in all this?
No point!
Since mom and dad are
from different religions
none of the alliances
are working out.
I used to go meet prospective
brides all over Kerala.
Now, I've become selective.
Don't bother about that.
You woo the girl sir.
When I give you the gap to insert a
needle, don't squeeze a shovel in!
Get lost!
Woo her?
What's this?
Hello Mahesh?
What's the status?
Dude Thursday?
It's a working day right?
Shall we try Sunday?
Sunday won't work?
Is it?
Dude, I have some trouble
in getting a leave.
Sales are really bad.
If I get leave, I'll start in my
car during the night itself.
That will be easier.
In that case, I can come back
immediately after our programme.
And yeah... Don't tell
anyone about this.
What is it sir?
- It was DYSP Ashok Kumar sir.
He has called a meeting tomorrow.
To discuss about how to increase
the image of the police.
He said something about
'Janamaithri' (Public-Friendly).
That's necessary sir.
These days no one is
scared of the police.
We should get back that fear.
Didn't you hear those
people yesterday?
That they are really
scared of the thieves!
They can be scared of thieves
but not the police!
I didn't like some of their questions!
I knew it when I saw
you being all serious!
Would they have understood it?
- Definitely.
Everyone understood that
you're really serious.
How come you're very happy Suku?
Sir, we got a call from the area where
the sticker was found yesterday.
They said that a really tall Bengali was
doing the rounds there selling blankets.
Then it must be him!
If it was blanket yesterday, today it
would be flower pots or cotton candy.
- Lawrence!
Pass the information to those
who've gone on beat duty.
Sir, he could be selling
mosquito nets too.
Yes. Pass that too!
Sir, not just that. Flood relief bed sheet
sellers and installment sellers too!
Then why don't we target those
who sell guava, pineapple...
apples, grapes, oranges,
rambutan etc on the road too?
Yes sir. Rambutan!
- Get lost man!
Get lost!
You pass the message.
Blankets, cotton candy,
flower pots and mosquito nets.
Blankets, cotton candy,
flower pots and mosquito nets.
If you see any tall migrant
worker selling these items...
those who are on beat duty,
should report immediately.
What is it Samyukthan?
You've been sitting
here for a while now.
Did you get any new order?
Sir, an order from Jawahar Nagar
colony would come any moment.
And sir I've cast a net for
some large scale orders too.
Very good.
I wanted a day off on Thursday.
Well, only if you
give me permission.
Is it enough if you keep taking
days off very often Samyukthan?
When you're a manager,
you should be doing some work too right?
Sir, my father has to be
taken for a checking.
- No. I mean check-up.
Anyway, let me think about it.
Did you finish thinking sir?
Let me think Samyukthan!
We found a guy sir.
- Whom?
The culprit of the sticker case?
The tall guy? We got him!
He's a blanket seller.
He landed right in front
of our beat duty officers.
And where is he now?
They are somewhere near Paramedu market
waiting for us to go with the jeep.
Then let's go there.
You little devil!
We have to go there to meet
important people. - Yes.
Is this a sign?
I thought you were scribbling.
Isn't the meeting with DYSP today?
Who will go there?
Just to sit idle there right? We'll send
someone who doesn't have much work here.
We can send Ashraf sir.
All of you listen!
We're going to arrest the
culprit of an important case.
Once we bring him here, Shibu sir will
have a special interrogation session.
The culprit may try to escape.
So, all of us should be alert okay?
To talk about such things, we have sir here
and I'm also here. You do your job!
Get into the vehicle.
- I was giving them a warning.
Should I come?
- Come Pushpa.
Sir, shall I start?
- Yes.
What sticker?
I didn't do anything sir.
- Who is it?
The height is correct sir.
We needn't suspect anyone else. It's him!
Put him into the vehicle.
Get in I say!
You & your blanket sales!
What are you guys watching?
I'll put an end to your smiles.
- I don't know anything sir.
[Speaking in Bangla]
Him & his Hindi.
I'll make you a Malayali with one punch!
This damn thing is not even turning!
- Where are you taking me sir?
I've called all of you here to
discuss an important matter.
As per the instructions received
from the Central Government...
as part of increasing the co-operation
between the police and the public,
we have decided to celebrate one
day as 'Janamaithri' (Public friendly) day.
The main objective of this day is to
increase the positive image of the police.
We need a scheme that can attract the
public that can be implemented by us
and would increase
our positive image.
All of you think about it
and create a good action plan.
Come on, think!
Sir, what about a
blood donation drive?
Anyone can do blood
donation drives right?
Think about ideas that are
more innovative, popular
and can have participation
from the public.
You'll get it if you think.
Go ahead think!
That's good!
Shall we do some
charitable works?
We're already doing
charitable works right?
Something more accessible!
Something that can create
a positive image for us.
Something that would make
the people fond of us...
How do I make you understand?
Keep thinking.
You'll get it!
Yes, tell me.
Sir, shall we conduct a group
marathon under your leadership?
Sir if you need a popular programme,
group marathon is perfect.
In that way, the public can
also run along right?
Why? A group marathon isn't
public friendly? Isn't it sir?
Yes. It's public friendly.
But the public would be
running along with booing at us.
Which station are you coming from?
From Paramedu station sir.
Sir, he's the constable there.
He's from the batch which won medals & got
the job through Kerala mini marathon.
That's why he's so fond of running.
- Where is your Sub Inspector?
Well Shibu sir has gone to collect
evidence with the sticker case culprit.
You needn't sit for this meeting. We'll
inform the station what the decision is.
Get out!
Marathon, blood donation and charitable work.
All are equally bad ideas!
Isn't there anyone with some
common sense in our force?
Look at this Marathon runner!
[Speaking in broken Hindi]
Put the sticker up!
Stick it up there.
- [Speaking in Bangla]
What? Sir, this is not Hindi.
This is some jungle language.
He doesn't even know
Hindi properly.
Yes sir.
Then ask him where
he bought it from.
Where did you bring
the sticker from?
Where? Did you bring
it from North India?
Yes! Yes!
Sir, he brought it
from North India.
Ask him where else
has he stuck it.
Where else have you
stuck the stickers?
There he goes!
- Catch him!
I don't think we can manage
with Suku's Hindi sir.
I was about to say that.
- Is it?
This blanket is 600 Rupees.
I can give it to you for 300.
Sir, he was talking about
the stickers on blankets.
Ask him why he's selling
blankets in this summer.
I haven't learned
that much Hindi sir.
If it was a Malayali who did this,
it would have been so easy for us.
Then imagine the condition of
policemen who question Malayalis
who steal in the land
of North Indians?
Almost all Malayalis can at least
speak in broken Hindi now.
We study Hindi from 5th
grade onwards right?
Isn't it from 4th grade?
- No sir. From 5th grade.
Isn't it from 4th grade?
- Sir, shall I start the vehicle?
Yes go ahead.
- 4th grade & Hindi it seems.
One life for one tea!
The name of the scheme
itself is very popular.
We will start distributing
tea from tomorrow 2 AM
on every important road.
Shouldn't we arrange coffee for
those who don't drink tea?
Of course we should.
And all of you should
keep some lemons too.
We can cut it, squeeze it & give
it to those who need lemon tea.
We should make the drivers who drive
during the night understand clearly
that we're giving them tea and talking
to them to kill their sleep.
They should never feel that
we are troubling them.
We might be able to save one life
with just a black tea.
That's 'One life for one tea' scheme.
Tea should be distributed under the
leadership of SI's of all stations.
To provide a safe and homely
feel for lady passengers.
At least one lady constable should
be part of the team compulsorily.
Shoot a video of distributing tea
on your mobile and send it to me.
If this succeeds...
I have no doubt that the police will
have a positive image. Isn't it?
Bhaiya, where is this Brahmin's factory?
Where in India?
Brahmin? I'm not Brahmin.
I'm a Thakur.
Can't you realize that he's not Brahmin
from his looks? Ask him properly!
Tell me where this factory is!
Bengal, Bhutan, Sikkim...
Aren't these the names
of lottery companies?
If you don't know Hindi, admit it.
We can call some Bengali.
Where are you going
hiding from me?
Mom, I have to go outside.
One life for one tea'!
Can't you take someone along instead
of going alone in the night?
That's not necessary mom.
Mahesh is there right?
Okay then.
Bye dad.
Call mom once you reach there.
Drive carefully.
He would reach early in the morning right?
- Yes.
Dude, is there any problem
with the chicken?
There's some foul taste.
Haven't you finished washing
the glasses Ashraf?
Done sir.
There are only 15 glasses.
Make it fast.
Sir, should we give tea
to the driver alone?
If other passengers in the vehicle
ask for tea and we don't give them...
our image will go for a toss!
We need to think about that.
If a tourist bus comes this way and
all the passengers ask for tea,
we will be in trouble Ashraf.
Of course!
We will be in trouble!
If it's a tourist bus,
let's not stop them.
Otherwise 'one tea for
one driver' scheme.
That would be okay.
We need to think about that too.
I was about to say that.
- Is it?
That's such foolishness sir.
If the driver of that
bus goes off to sleep
so many lives would
be in danger!
That's true right?
Sir, you shouldn't have worn it.
When you wear it, you
look like a road worker.
No car has come this
way in all this while.
Anyway, we've brought all this here right?
Shall we have one tea each?
- Yes. One each.
Let's give the first tea to our
driver who's feeling sleepy.
Give me one first.
I'm feeling sleepy.
Our first prey is coming.
The first prey.
- No. Not a prey. A life!
It's a life that's coming.
Then let's get ready quickly.
Suku, get up and come!
Who is giving the first tea?
- I will give it sir.
No need.
It's our first offering right?
- Let Lawrence sir give it.
Then let Lawrence sir give it.
- Yes.
Sir, I have all the papers.
Let it be there.
- The license is also okay sir.
No need sir.
- I have the PUC certificate too.
Listen to sir man!
Be soft!
Let the documents remain there.
You are the first passenger of our
'One life for one tea' scheme
which we are conducting
in this circle.
Please come drink a black
tea and co-operate with us.
Well sir, I don't need the black tea.
If not black tea,
we have other options.
There's lemon tea, ginger
tea, clove tea and milk tea!
Or tell us a flavour
that you like sir.
Sir, flavour is not my problem.
- Where are you coming from sir?
I started from Kochi last night.
I saw him yawning!
You must drink a glass of tea!
Let it kill your sleep.
You came all the way here right?
The intention of 'One
life for one tea' scheme
is to kill the sleep of those who
are feeling sleepy. Right sir?
Please come.
- Please.
Park the car.
- Come out sir.
Now, we must make everyone drink it.
- Yes.
Or we'll have to drink all of it.
No. Sir will drink it.
Sir, this is Janamaithri Day.
It's a scheme by the Central Government.
This is a programme we're conducting
in this circle to celebrate that.
Sir, I can reach my friend's house
if I drive for one hour more.
I'm not feeling sleepy sir.
Drink this I say!
- Hey!
Please hold it.
- Drink! Drink!
Drink it sir. Let your sleep go away.
- Shoot a video.
Just a minute.
- Go ahead drink it.
Shoot it fast.
Shoot it.
- Stand closer.
Please drink it.
Ashraf, move in.
- Ashraf, you're not in the video.
Where are you standing? Move away!
Stand at the back!
At the back!
- Please drink it.
Please smile sir.
Sir 'V'... Show a 'V'. - Seems like
sir didn't like the cardamom's taste.
It's not that.
It's because it was just a tea.
Pushpa, give him something to munch on.
- Give me that biscuit.
You're holding it there?
Give it!
Eat it sir.
Go ahead sir.
Eat it.
Please chew it.
Sir, chew it.
Chew it.
Drink it!
Did you get it?
- Awesome.
Here comes the next life.
Hold this.
Stop! Stop!
Drink it sir.
Blow on it and drink.
It might be strong!
Dip the biscuit in it and eat it.
Eat it.
Eat it!
We'll give you another
flavour after drinking this.
So, we should drink the
tea that you give us.
Yes. When you drink it,
you'll lose your sleep.
That's 'One life for
one tea' scheme.
Then we'll drink it sir.
What's in the truck?
- Some clothes from Madurai sir.
- Do you have Churidar pieces?
Yes sir.
Dip it, eat it and drink the tea
in one gulp. Get it done with.
Go ahead.
Drink it.
I think they haven't understood
what our scheme is properly.
Didn't I say everything correctly?
You didn't say that there would be
accidents if they sleep while driving.
Rest, everything is okay.
Sir, there's a problem.
- What problem?
Sir, Samyukthan badly needs to take a shit.
- Which Samyukthan?
Sir, the first life we saved?
He said his name when his stomach
gave him trouble. Samyukthan!
Then I need to see that!
What? Him shitting?
- Sheesh! Lawrence!
We should remember to ask everyone's
name first. That's basic decency.
He looks so decent but he wants to
shit as soon as he had a glass of tea!
Why? Decent people don't shit?
I drink so much tea!
- Who said you're decent?
- Sir.
What is it Samyukthan?
What happened?
Well sir, he's saying that he
wants to use a toilet.
He drank a hot tea right?
If you want to use a toilet,
shouldn't you go ahead?
Didn't you say that your
friend's house was nearby?
I don't think I can reach till there.
Why are you so particular
in taking it till there?
You should do something sir.
You compelled me to drink tea right?
Why are you saying so Samyukthan?
Anyway, you lost your sleep right?
Otherwise would we know this now?
Don't hold it tight.
Go to the field and do it there!
Ashraf, go behind him
with a mug of water.
Sir, from the way he's standing
I don't think one mug would be enough.
Is it? - Sir, I'm not comfortable
doing it in the field.
Yes sir.
I had told him to go to the ground.
But he's saying that he needs a hygeienic
toilet for it to happen.
Sir, it's not just that.
If I sit on a field, the grass
would tickle from the bottom.
That's correct sir.
There's a special kind of grass.
It's really ticklish.
If there's nettle grass,
it might start itching too.
Shucks! This is a big problem!
Will we have to change it to
'One toilet for one tea'?
We didn't get tea.
Sorry. I forgot.
I'll bring it. You wait here.
Take Samyukthan to some toilet.
How will I take him to
a toilet at midnight sir?
I washed all the glasses here,
bought sugar & tea powder...
I did all the work here.
Let Suku sir go.
- Sir, I'll tell you one thing openly.
I don't have the talent to
make someone shit at midnight!
You don't need talent for that!
He's the one who's shitting!
You just have to go along!
It's not a tour to go along.
He's going to shit right?
Why don't you go then?
You tell him strictly sir!
Understand that you're playing around with
a man who has swallowed a ball of fire!
Ashraf, carry on!
Sir, I'm also a policeman.
Don't undermine me like this.
I got into this job through sports quota
to serve the country!
And not to make people shit!
Serving the country is serving the people.
This is also a service Ashraf!
Sir, give him an order.
As part of Central
Government's Janamaithri Day
and as the in-charge of 'One
tea for one life' scheme
conducted at Paramedu station limits...
Ashraf should find a clean
toilet in some house
and help Samyukthan take a shit
and report its progress to me
minute by minute.
This is my order!
That's what!
Go fast!
I don't think I can drive.
Will you be able to shit?
- Yes.
Give me the key.
Don't make him lift
anything heavy.
Don't drive through gutters too.
Okay sir.
I'll take him to a toilet.
You have a license right sir?
Get going!
Phew! Who's going to come next?
Do you want a biscuit?
- No.
How about you?
Have one!
Sir, don't be angry.
I'm not doing this on purpose.
I told you many times
that I don't want it.
But you all compelled me and....
Anyone would be angry!
I went as an escort to the
home minister last week.
And now I'm going to make you shit!
Sir, I had Parotta chicken and intestine
curry from a street food shop on the way.
So it might be because of that...
Did you eat from a shop you know?
- No sir.
You shouldn't eat non-veg
from shops you don't know.
Especially when you're travelling,
avoid food as much as you can!
Or else eat only
vegetarian food.
In case,
if you're so particular...
ask them to add extra ginger
garlic and vinegar while making it.
If that's done, we can eat even a
chicken that was bitten by a fox.
Sir, I can't see any house here!
Don't give over-expectations
to your body Samyukthan!
Kerala Police will find a pristine
toilet for you Samyukthan!
Over there!
- That house?
Sir, please stop.
Sir, look!
That house will be okay.
I think they would definitely
have a good toilet. - Yes.
Get out carefully.
Oh my God!
Stomach pain!
That's okay. That pain will go
once you're done with this.
Haven't you heard of
'Shubhasya Sheekhram'?
That means things will
end well very fast.
That's how it is.
Can't hear anything!
At this hour,
you won't be hearing much.
Samyukthan, here they are.
Hey! It's the police.
- Police?
Sir, ask them to open the door.
Wait Samyukthan.
- What is it sir?
Sister, he wants to use the
toilet here very urgently.
He got stuck in a programme
we conducted at the junction.
Sister, just give me 10 minutes.
It's really urgent.
He wants to shit!
When dad's not here,
how can we...
They will open it.
Sir, my husband is not here.
Where did he go?
He was supposed
to reach earlier.
The train got late by 12 hours.
That's why.
He could've taken a bus right?
He's getting late because he took the
Central Government's train right?
There's Kerala Government's KSRTC
service that will bring him right on time.
Now they've started lightning
fast services too.
Their timing is very sharp.
They will bring him right on time!
Ask your husband to consider KSRTC
from next time onwards. - Sir...
Didn't she say that there
are only women here?
Only if I tell them about
lightning services
her husband can reach
right on time hereafter.
Sir, let's go.
- Is that so?
Then... Shall we leave?
Sir, it's because my husband isn't here.
Please don't mind.
It's okay sister.
He will manage.
He is really brave!
Don't worry about this Samyukthan!
I will find you a toilet where
the husband is at home!
Can you see a house there?
Shall we go there?
- Yes.
Come. Get into the car.
- Sir.
I can't sit in the car
squeezing my tummy again.
Let's walk.
Will you be able to take it till there?
The option of the
field is still open!
Sir, let's go.
- Okay.
Well, I didn't mean to mock you.
Don't be upset about it.
If anyone comes, don't run away.
Wait for my command okay?
No. I'll be outside.
You go inside.
Lift me!
Climb you idiot!
All clear.
Don't go in front.
Follow me.
Get up!
- I'm trying!
Get up! You can do it!
Didn't I tell you that I will stick it?
- Stop! Stop!
- Did it touch the ground?
Are you done?
My dear Samyukthan, if you
keep choking like this..
you'll go up
before the shit comes down.
Even if something goes down,
I won't tell anyone.
Sir, the gate is locked.
Gates are constructed
to be locked right?
- What do we do now?
Let's jump.
Damn it! Cops!
- Sir I can't! Sorry.
Climb up man!
- No sir. It will be a problem!
Place your hand here and
jump using your left leg. Understood?
Come on!
Damn it!
- Climb! Come on!
Keep your hand here.
Keep your leg here slowly.
Bring your body here.
Slowly! Slowly!
It'll go loose now!
Nothing is gone right Samyukthan?
Sir, I can't even take
one step forward.
Samyukthan, you should face such
instances in life with composure.
Come Samyukthan.
You can do this easily.
In this journey forward called life,
we will have to overcome
many such instances.
We should hold on
until we reach our destination.
We shouldn't fall prey
to such tender emotions.
I myself reached this position by
overcoming several such instanes!
It's the mind that controls the body.
You can definitely control
it with your mind.
Stand here.
You can do it now.
Can you see a door there?
Let me go see if it's a toilet.
And yeah...
Mind is the mirror of
the body Samyukthan.
Poor guy.
Damn it.
Shall I make him sit here?
No! It won't work.
Poor guy.
The light is on!
This is why!
No responsibility at all!
Sir, what happened?
That's not a toilet man!
They have stored cement
and bricks there.
If it's a house, they need to
have a toilet outside right?
If that was there,
it'd have helped Kerala Police.
If they don't open this, will you be able to
take this load to the next house? - Sir!!
Don't worry.
I was just asking.
It's the police.
- Police? - Yes.
What's the matter?
- I didn't ask. You also come.
Who knows if it's
the actual police!
What is it sir?
Brother, my name is Ashraf.
I'm a policeman from
Paramedu police station.
Please give him a chance
to use the toilet here.
Why sir?
Is there any problem with
the toilet at the station?
The toilet at the station is fine.
He got stuck in Central Government's
Janamithri day scheme.
Please co-operate
with Kerala Police.
It's only a matter of 10 minutes.
No! No!
Just 5 minutes are enough.
Yes. Just 5 minutes.
It's only a matter of 5 minutes. Please.
What's the guarantee that
he's from the police?
Sir, don't mind me asking.
What's the guarantee
that you're a policeman?
These are times when thieves
disguise themselves as policemen.
That's why I asked.
Well, please understand his situation.
Well sir, if 2 strangers
come to a house at midnight
and say that they want to shit...
anyone would get scared. Right sir?
If you ask me so...
I'll ask you a question
for a confirmation.
If you give the right answer,
I'll open the door immediately.
Ask him who's the Police chief of Kerala.
Then ask it quickly my dear brother.
Who's the police chief of Kerala?
Good question.
Come on say it.
Sheesh! I knew it.
- Say it sir.
Say it!
Who is it?
Shaji! Shaji!
- Shaji?
That Shaji... Pashanam Shaji (actor).
- No sir.
The guy who looks
like Pashanam Shaji.
Behra! Behra!
- Behra?
Say it man!
It's Behra.
Ram Prakash Behra.
Isn't that the correct answer brother?
- Of course.
You're being disrespectful huh?
Go inside.
Don't drop it on the way.
Go confidently!
I'll be waiting outside.
Which toilet do we give him?
The one in the guest room?
It's been 2-3 days
since we cleaned it.
Then let's send him to the bedroom.
Go that way.
- That way?
What is this?
Ask our daughter not to
step outside her room.
Seems like too much
cow dung was used.
Where is this guy?
Is he staying there permanently?
Your name?
Here you are!
What happened Samyukthan?
Were you sitting
inside the commode?
Let's not talk about it sir.
What happened?
Didn't he say that we'll
not talk about it.
And yeah that third Bougainvillea's
leaves are all withered.
Pour water on it
from time to time.
Let the sun rise sir.
You've become all smart
after shitting huh?
It's been so long since I
saw a smile on his face.
Then why don't you
both take a leave?
And yeah...
That car's boot was open.
So the light was also on.
The battery would drain out completely
and it won't start in the morning.
Didn't you close the boot
after taking the bananas out?
I forgot.
These are times when
thieves are in plenty!
Don't come to the station complaining
that you lost bananas mind it.
Get me the key.
Let me open the gate for them.
- Come Samyukthan.
Many thanks from Kerala Police
for opening your toilet for us.
That's all right.
Aren't you locking it brother?
It's already dawn sir.
Why should I lock now?
Anyway, whatever has to come
will jump over the gate and come.
Or I'll put this chain around it.
- Okay then.
How did you get this
name 'Samyukthan'?
Sir, my dad & mom are from
2 different religions.
So since I'm the 'Samyuktha' (joint) son,
they named me Samyukthan.
So that's how you got this name?
I wanted to ask this..
But when you badly wanted to shit...
Oh no! Snake!
What is it?
- Nothing sir.
Stop there!
- Sir, my key!
Sir, give my key and go!
Catch him first.
There he goes!
Sir, catch him!
- Catch him!
Sir, climb up!
Climb! Or move.
Samyukthan, you climb.
- Okay.
Come sir.
It's simple. Come!
Sir wait.
I'm also coming.
I sent you both for
engineering at Pollachi
so that you'll be of some
use to the family!
Neither did you learn the
functioning of machines...
Nor do you understand the difference
between a nut & a bolt you donkeys!
If we had two engineers at home
there would've been so many benefits for
the technical side of our family business.
Didn't I tell you that there's no change
in the price I quoted? No bargaining!
Don't disturb.
I'm at work.
It's because they teach the functioning
of machines in English over there...
That is the problem brother.
Leave all that.
At least now, stay with me
and learn our business & its techniques.
You should ask doubts.
Doubts are meant to be asked.
Remember one thing.
In any business, the flaw in planning
is the root cause of failure.
Especially in our family business.
Bro, I have a doubt.
- Ask me.
Is that what's called
family planning?
I don't care that it's the road.
I'll push you down!
This is the only
mistake our dad made.
Family planning it seems.
- It was a doubt.
Okay. Forget the past.
Think about the future.
You must learn quickly.
You should become independent
within one year.
You need to open
branches on your own.
Bro, I have another doubt.
It should be decent.
- Yes of course.
We're going for work now right?
Then why have we dressed up like we're
going for an interview? - Good question.
Every job has its own dignity.
To do that, you need to
have some aesthetics.
It's said that we should be dressed up
even while lying dead.
So are you taking us
to get us killed?
- What tics? - You told us to ask doubts!
Aesthetics means beauty of art.
We need that in the way we work
and in our appearance.
Understood? - Yes.
- Wait.
Listen carefully.
For what we're going to do next...
what you need the most
is courage.
Even if the circumstances
are extremely difficult,
we shouldn't lose courage.
The only asset our ancestors
have given is... courage.
Panjimoottil Mathayi's sons shouldn't
destroy the name & fame they earned!
Don't give up courage
under any circumstance.
That's our only capital.
Let's pray.
O' God Almighty
Jesus the all powerful...
Please let our mission
today be successful.
On the path of my little brothers,
who are beginning a new life today...
save them from stones,
thorns and wolves in hiding.
Bless us like you have
blessed our ancestors.
- Amen.
Whatever happens,
we'll be together!
Come! Come!
Chew softly man!
No dogs.
- Good!
We're lucky.
The gate is not locked.
That much work is done.
Shall we open it?
Don't hurry.
Why are you pouring that?
- To kill ants.
Shut up.
Pour it over there.
Don't pour the whole thing.
We need to fry fish for lunch.
So, it's fish fry today!
I'll pour it.
- I'll pour it.
- Tell me before going.
Nothing happened.
- Keep quiet.
First, we need to
touch it and see.
Feel the vehicle.
Then we've to put it in and see.
- What?
Shut up!
- No.
Then we should pray to
the Father & the Son....
Awesome right?
- Awesome.
- Okay bro.
- Push it.
Was it so heavy?
- I'm pushing hard.
Shut up!
Slowly! Slowly!
Stop! Stop!
Bus and cinema tickets?
Why do you need these tickets?
Act now. Ask later.
- I haven't taken that.
Where's the chilli powder?
How much are you chewing?
Samyukthan, don't give up.
Bro, one selfie.
I'll put it in the group.
Which is that flower?
Where is it from?
It's pretty right?
I took it from that house.
This is so bad!
If we go to take something,
take that alone.
That sister who planted that would be
so sad when it's missing in the morning!
It won't be as much as the sadness when
they realize that their car is missing.
And this flower? It will grow again.
- Bro...
Shall we steal this car as well?
- Red car.
We shouldn't be greedy.
If we have taken something,
focus on that alone.
You and your gospel!
You won't understand what
I'm saying right now.
You'll understand it when you're my age.
So for me to understood, what
you said it should be 2026.
You will understand
at least in 2026.
For me it would be 2028.
Oh my God!
Make them understand what I'm
saying at some point of time!
When did I even...
Hey! Give me my bike & go!
Stop there!
I need to distribute newspapers!
You scoundrel!
Return my bike!
Sir, a masked rascal
stole my bike.
Sir, our running went wasted.
Why did you park the
bike on the road-side?
Should I park it on the middle
of the road instead sir?
I am not blaming you
but you should have been careful.
Sir, I was going to
distribute newspapers...
So you're from the press?
- Yes sir.
What's your name?
- Sunny.
Sunny from the press.
Sir, he ran so fast.
- Leave that.
I slipped at a couple of places.
Otherwise you'd have seen...!!
He has left with my
daily bread sir.
Didn't you say that it had newspapers?
- Not that sir.
Oh! I understood.
Do one thing.
Come with us to the police station.
- Okay sir.
Give us a written complaint.
Sir, shouldn't we get my car?
Oops! That's also right.
Paramedu junction is close by right?
His car is over there.
Let's go there.
So, you were running
without any idea?
We can't go there through this way.
We need to take the main road.
There are some short-cuts.
We'll take them. Sir, my bike?
Why do you distribute newspapers
so early in the morning?
I need to tap rubber
after that sir.
Mr. Sunny, you should be doing
it the other way round.
You should tap rubber at dawn.
If you do so, the rubber milk
will just flow seamlessly!
Is it profitable to distribute
newspapers on the bike? - How sir?
Since we're filling petrol, Government
will get some money to build toilets.
Today, there were supplements too.
- Come on walk.
Let's go get the car
and catch the thief.
Sheesh! There's no Bluetooth
connectivity in this car.
Then turn on the FM.
Hey! There would be an AUX cable
in the dash board. Check!
There's nothing in here.
This guy is a miser bro.
We can't get everything together!
I had told you that we'll
take a BMW or an Audi.
But you needed only a Tata.
This is not for us to drive forever.
We need to scrap this &
sell it today or tomorrow.
But we could have driven it proudly
as long as we had it with us.
When it's a theft,
especially a vehicle theft...
you need to be careful
about two things.
We need to steal cars
that can be sold easily.
Audi, BMW, Mercedes...
Those who use these cars,
would be quite influential.
They will catch us at any cost.
But when it's ordinary folks...
by the time they do the
rounds at police stations
we can crush this to pieces & send
it to the destination. Understood?
- And yeah...
Your attitude that this is our
car as long as we're using it.
I like that. Keep it up.
- Thank you.
Bro, what if the police identifies us?
For every plan A ,
there will be a plan B.
I'll teach that to you
when the situation arises.
Turn off that light.
It's the police.
- Over there.
Sir, they have stopped the car there.
- Yes.
Shall we take the tea there?
- Why?
What's the need for that?
No need?
- Sheesh.
Don't bring shame to the police.
You want to take the tea there?
Bro, what do we do?
We're trapped.
Shall we leave the car & run?
Or shall we turn the car
and take a different route?
If we run, they will run
behind us & catch us.
If we turn the car, they
will chase & catch us.
They have the wireless machine.
We don't have it.
We need to use our intelligence now.
Do we have that bro?
If I had that, would I bring
you for this job? Bloody fool!
Panjimoottil Mathayi's sons
shouldn't earn the bad name...
of being chased and
caught by the police.
Start the car.
Let's deal with it.
Okay bro.
- Go ahead.
Suku, ask them to pull over.
Panjimoottil Mathayi's children
shouldn't earn the bad name
of being chased and
caught by the police.
Start the car.
Let's deal with it.
Okay bro.
- Go ahead.
Suku, check whether they are 'without'.
True. There are many people who
drive without clothes during night.
You are the limit.
I was talking about sugar.
Stop there.
Sir, shall we make tea?
- Yes. Come.
Sir, he's talking in English!
No. I know Malayalam sir.
Move this thing away.
They've stopped right?
What did Suku say sir?
About clothes?
Clothes... Oh!
He says all those dumb things
and you're curious about them?
Pour the tea.
Today is a special day.
- Oh! Is it?
For us too.
There's a small programme
by Kerala Police.
Is it? We were going
to a place urgently...
Yes. You can go quickly.
Suku, bring it here.
He'll bring it now.
What is the scheme?
- 'One life for one tea' scheme.
That's the name of the scheme.
So nice!
One tea?
So is it okay if just one person comes out?
- No. All of you should come out.
Come out.
- Okay.
Please come out.
I am Paramedu SI Shibu.
- Namaste.
For the safety of the
drivers who feel sleepy
while driving through
Kannur district.
This is not my driver.
They are my younger brothers.
Is it? - They never sleep at night.
They sleep during the day.
Very nice to meet you.
It's a scheme we have planned for
drivers who feel sleepy while driving
by giving them a black
tea to kill their sleep.
That is 'One life for one tea' scheme.
- Very nice.
It's a scheme that's really beneficial
for ordinary citizens like us.
Shall we drink some tea then?
- Why not?
Pushpa, give it.
Here sir!
- Drink it.
Take it!
They don't accept anything from strangers.
They are really shy.
Is it?
Don't think of us as strangers.
Suku, take it.
- What sir?
- Crap?
Take a video man!
Well why did you stop your
car there for a while?
When we saw your fluorescent clothes,
we thought road work was going on.
We were checking if there
were other routes to go.
Ashraf had told us about this!
Now see!
Where are you going?
I'm taking these guys to make
them write the PSC exam.
Highly educated!
What exam is it?
To become engineers.
Very good.
Why have you left so early?
We're used to leaving early sir.
- That's how they have been raised.
Very nice habit.
What time did you leave?
As soon as dinner was done.
- Yes.
So you left that early.
Then you must be really hungry.
One boy is chewing on his own.
- Poor guy must be hungry.
Pushpa! - What sir?
- Give them biscuits.
Where is your house?
At Iritty!
Iritty is not there.
It's over here.
Yes. Iritty is over here.
How come you have a
flower with you?
To keep it in front of Christ
and pray before the exam.
Why would Christ need
a flower now right?
You can keep it sir.
The one who saves lives is the real God.
Right bro?
What all are you saying?
They won't like all that.
It's evidence.
- We like it.
It's coming from his heart.
Let him say it.
He's saying it honestly right?
Give it to me.
Can you take it back?
- Super.
- Thanks.
I'll hold it sir.
Shall we leave then sir?
- Okay.
The boys have to
study some more.
If we stay any longer, we'll
get late for the exam.
One more tea?
- No sir. We're really happy!
Thank you so much!
Really happy.
- We're leaving.
Get in.
You have to study a lot. Make it fast.
- Yes.
Go! Go! Go!
- Okay! All the best! Bye!
Go fast.
Go slowly.
If we go fast, they will feel doubtful.
Such nice brothers right?
Of course! They're going to write
the exam in the morning itself!
It was Raghavan Nair.
Who? - Yes. Meledathu Raghavan
Nair from the movie 'Valsalyam'.
Was it him?
- Didn't you see?
The innocent elder brother who
loves his younger brothers.
Will we reach anytime soon?
Sir, if we go straight and
take two more turns...
These two turns would be around..?
- 3.5 kms away...
3.5 kms?
We ran just for 3 kms to reach there
and now you've made us walk 6.5 kms!
Sir, we realized we took a wrong
short-cut only when we took it right?
Now we've taken a different route.
So is this a short cut?
- This is another short cut.
I'm so furious sir.
I should have jumped on top of
the bike from that gate.
Never do that.
They might have fatal weapons with them.
Did you notice a stone tied to the end of
a rope with the guy who ran away now?
It's a fatal weapon used
for Kung Fu in China.
Sir, I've seen it somewhere.
Yes. There was its competition
in the last Olympics.
As you said, China won gold in it.
- See!
Hey! Sunny from the press!
In such situations,
we should act maturely.
They have nothing to lose right?
Sir as a member of the press, can
I stay away from my duty? Tell me!
Sunny, didn't you say that
you distribute newspapers?
No! I write the obituary
columns as well.
There's someone like this at my house too.
My sister's son.
He keeps talking non-stop.
He won't let anyone
speak a word.
He says that he wants
to be a journalist.
Yes sir.
Send him for that job.
But one thing.
Teach him to ride a bike.
- Shouldn't he distribute newspapers?
That's correct.
You and your damn flower!
You handed over the
evidence to the police!
Sorry bro! Shall we
go and get it back?
To go back there?
We had a narrow escape from them somehow.
And you want to go back?
Leave it.
How was it in general?
The tea was good but if we got 2
biscuits too, it'd have been great.
Not that! Did you understand
how to deal with policemen?
Yes understood.
Bro, when I drank the tea
I swallowed the bubble gum by mistake.
How can something in your mouth
go in without your knowledge?
I swallowed it in between all
that commotion. Is it a problem?
It will be a problem.
Didn't you blow the bubble
gum and burst it earlier?
Like that when you breathe out, it will
become big burst & stick to your intestine!
How do we know if it would reach the
intestine? What if it gets stuck on the lungs?
This would be on the intestine.
Then like a balloon at
the edge of a balloon
it will get blown into a huge bubble and
then explode & stick on to the intestine!
Lil' bro...
Don't take deep breathes.
Take it slow.
If he doesn't breathe,
he'll die without oxygen.
If he breathes, it will burst,
stick on the intestine & he'd die.
Anyway he'll die.
You don't worry.
Stop! Stop!
Seems like a newspaper guy.
Give him tea Lawrence.
Why sir? The newspaper guy
would be from this town.
He would have had
tea before leaving.
Moreover, that moron
hasn't worn a helmet.
Still it's a life!
Then we'll give him.
Pushpa, one tea.
Yes sir.
- Why are you wearing a mask boy?
Where is your helmet kiddo?
Sir, I left in a hurry.
So I forgot to take it.
Sir, don't charge a petty case.
Set me free somehow.
Oops. I can't set you free.
It's sir who has that power.
Sir, he has asked me
to set him free somehow.
Is your hand infected or what?
Can't you set him free?
Why do you wear things that you
can't bear on your neck son?
There's a stone thread
rope and what not!
What is this for?
To chase dogs away sir.
If they see this, any dog would
come after you. - Is it?
Are you a newspaper guy?
- No sir.
Then why are you carrying all this?
To make paper planes?
Actually I'm a newspaper guy sir.
I forgot that because I'm sleepy.
Are you feeling sleepy?
- Yes.
Will you drink tea?
- I shall.
Pushpa, give him tea.
- I'm bringing it sir.
Here's your tea.
- Tea...?
Drink it.
Drink it.
Drink it.
- Come on!
Suku, check if the news of us catching the
culprit of the sticker case has come out.
There might be a photo too.
They had taken it.
Sir, they have printed
an awesome photo.
Is it?
Let me see.
Not yours.
The culprit's.
I shouldn't have given it.
I need to go distribute
the newspapers.
But I shall tell you something!
You can't go around without a helmet
because you're from the press.
Or else ride a cycle to go
and distribute newspapers.
I'll buy a cycle sir.
Doesn't that mean that he won't
wear a helmet even then?
Oh no! Not like that sir.
I'll wear a helmet even if
I'm on a cycle hereafter.
Go fast.
Leave a children's magazine at the station.
- The fortnightly too.
We need it daily.
- Okay.
Will the fortnightly come daily?
- Of course.
If he's a good guy, he'll bring
a monthly magazine also daily.
Oh no! My tummy is enlarging bro!
I said that just to scare you.
It's nothing. It will go away.
No! If I die, you both want to eat
up our father's wealth right?
Take me to a hospital!
What's he saying?
Stop the car.
Let me see what's in his throat!
Won't even let me lie down.
Listen to me. If you eat 2
bananas, it will go out smoothly.
Do something bro.
Get me the first aid box. Let me see
if I can take it out from his throat.
I told you when I saw you chewing
like a cow that this might happen!
From now on, if you put anything
into your mouth without telling me...
I'll stitch up your mouth.
Mind it!
Can't find anything
when we need it!
I've told you both that we need everything
required for an emergency surgery in this.
- Sorry.
Oh no! My tummy will blow up like a
bubble gum and burst any moment!
Bro, at least give
me some water.
There's no water either.
- Is there an empty bottle?
Yes. - If so, there's a tap after the 4th
mile turning. We'll fill it from there.
Then go fast.
Oh no! Do something quickly!
You won't die.
- Is it?
It's almost time for sunrise.
I told them I'd deliver this at 9 AM.
And we haven't left Paramedu yet.
We're lucky sir.
If it's raining,
we cannot take this route.
Yeah right! We walked 9.5 kms
at dawn since we're very lucky!
Don't fall from the rocks sir.
If you fall, you won't be
able to get up from your bed.
No point saying that you're a
policeman then. - Hey sir! - Slowly.
You should jump carefully.
What happened Samyukthan?
- I have a pulled muscle sir.
Must be because you're running &
walking so much for the first time.
Usually policemen don't get
pulled muscles right sir?
Don't you get training?
Sheesh! I'm not a policeman.
I'm the central Kerala sales manager
of the famous company Spyers.
Of what?
Sir, Spyers.
Security cameras.
Haven't you heard? It's famous.
- No.
I think I've heard about it sir.
The clean glasses are over.
What do we do now?
We should give tea if
someone comes right?
How will I wash
the glasses sir?
These are times of
the 'Woman Wall'.
Oh no! Then no need. I'll make
Suku wash it. - Good idea.
Suku, come here.
Wash 10 glasses.
- Ask Pushpa to do it sir.
When I told her, she's talking
about the 'Woman Wall'.
Then don't say anything.
Washing glasses reminds me....
Where is our Ashraf?
It's been 2 hours since
he took him to shit.
That's true.
I was about to say that.
- Look at him giving me the flower.
Suku has captured it very well.
He could have shot it a little better.
But nice flower right?
It's been 2 hours since Ashraf
took that guy to make him shit.
They haven't come back.
That's true!
Would some wild elephant
have trampled them to death?
Is it paining here?
- Over here.
Is it here?
- Yes.
This is the kidney's area.
When you peed today, did any
stone drop along with it?
Then it must be a pulled muscle.
Raise your hand like this.
Can't do it?
- No.
Turn around.
Now stretch your hand like this.
After that, lock it like this...
No! No! No!
Samyukthan, are you the one
with a pulled muscle or me?
- Right?
I held the opposite way.
That's why. Move this side.
Sir, no need of such
big techniques.
Can't we rest here for 5 minutes & go?
- That's enough.
I've received so much training to
save lives from Kerala Police.
This pull will be eased
with a slight twist!
Is it necessary? What if some
other place gets twisted?
I have twisted so many wrong places!
Turn around!
Hey! Place your body here.
Bring your hand here.
Oh no! Sir my ribs would shatter!
Leave me.
- Sir...
Ashraf, it's been 2 hours
since you took him to shit.
Why haven't you reported yet?
Sir, I was in a chase.
- Chase?
Why do you have to
chase to take a shit?
Not to shit.
It was an original chase sir.
But you didn't report that too!
Sir, the chase just got over.
Whatever it is
tell me clearly.
Yes sir. The one who
lost the bike is with me.
- Then come fast.
- Yes sir. I'll come to the station.
Should I send the jeep?
- No sir.
We have Samyukthan's AC car.
Let that be. Did he shit?
- Yes sir.
Samyukthan defecated.
We're coming there after his defecation.
- Defecation?
What is it sir?
Ashraf was chasing a thief.
That thief toppled a newspaper
guy and escaped with his bike.
Was it the newspaper guy
whom we gave tea to?
My God!
- It won't be him sir.
Our newspaper guy
went a different way.
Then which newspaper guy?
Don't worry sir.
If not anything else, he has a
stone with a rope tied to it.
He can't be toppled so easily.
The condition of people working
at odd hours is quite sad.
Samyukthan, you've become smart after the
pulled muscle got healed. Come on walk.
Did you see Shibu sir's involvement?
- Yes sir.
He is very professional.
- Yes.
Shibu sir got the 'Vadakkedathamma'
award for the best SI last year.
'One flower for one tea'?
That's nice.
Let me call Shibu.
Sir, such night duties are quite difficult.
Isn't all this a service?
- What service!
It's Ashokan sir.
He must have seen the video we sent him.
Shibu, I saw the video.
It's very good.
The public should give
us flowers like this.
- Thank you sir.
And yeah I'm going to post
this video on Facebook.
I need a good caption for this
handing over of the flower.
'Flower offering'
- Flower offering?
'A flower offering for the Police'
How's it sir?
A flower offering for the Police'!
I'll write something.
You spent so many hours right?
You can stop it now.
If we're lucky, the official page
of Kerala Police will share this.
I'm pulling strings for that.
- Okay.
Okay! Okay!
Well done!
'Orchid flowers'.
I hope I get 10K likes and 1K shares
by the time I come back after jogging.
I turned into a butterfly in
my early morning dream today'.
Hey! Make a black tea.
I'll go get the newspaper.
I'm making it.
Who left the gate open like this?
The newspaper hasn't come yet?
Oh no! My car!
Hey! Come here!
There's the pork that you ate one
week back in your mouth even now.
The chewing gum is missing.
I can't see it.
- Open it further.
I can't open it any further.
I can't see anything.
I think it has gone inside.
Do you feel relieved?
I do.
Something like a jack fruit fell down.
Get out and see!
It's some rubber tapper who
fell from the top. Bro!
What happened?
Why did you go on top to tap rubber?
The good milk is at the bottom right?
I think he fell from the helicopter
that sprays fertilizers.
Did you see it?
- No. - Give me water.
Who are you?
What do you want?
- Newspaper? - In the helicopter?
Bro, I think he's a scrap dealer.
There are old newspapers with him.
No! I'm a newspaper guy.
Are you a press officer?
Get up.
Did something happen?
- What happened to you?
I crashed the bike.
So you crashed the bike!
The bike crashed.
It's a car we earned
with our hard work.
Bro, all this is crushed.
The bumper is gone!
You'll have to pay quite a bit.
I'll get it repaired now itself.
Let's go to a workshop.
Shall we go then?
Will workshops open so early?
They won't!
That's okay.
These are small mistakes
caused due to carelessness.
It can happen to anyone right?
- Yes.
Don't try to claim insurance for this.
That will be a huge hassle!. - No way!
Are Panjimoottil Mathayi's sons that cheap?
- Never.
Then tell me an amount.
Let's settle it right now.
The boot is fine right?
Leave it.
Nothing happened to us right?
- You have to distribute newspapers right?
Let's go quickly.
Help him. Pick up all the papers.
Lift that bike too.
Lift it.
Come. Let's talk.
Bro, I think its handle is jammed.
It's not moving.
That's trouble!
Was the handle jammed before falling?
- No.
No? - Or do one thing.
Drop me at the next junction.
I'll bring some mechanic from there & get
it repaired. All of us can leave quickly.
Is that enough? You're okay right?
- Yes.
Hey! How are you?
I feel relieved now bro.
How are you?
I was already fine bro.
That's true.
Shall we go then?
Let's go.
- Come on!
What is this stone chain?
Did you wear it to go to
some temple or church?
No! This is to throw at dogs!
Phew! I got really confused!
All are today's newspapers.
Shall I take one?
Of course.
Take one more!
Take two more. Let's make
up for the broken bumper.
We don't have time to read one
and you want two?
Please get in.
You get in first bro.
- Phew.
Learn from him. - He's so simple.
- Start the car!
After me then.
What happened on
your forehead sir?
That happened while chasing
the guy who took your gruel!
Not gruel sir.
Bread it is then.
What is this man?
What road is this? - Sir, it's the
road once we get down this slope.
People will be going to the church now.
We can ask them for a lift.
Where we come from short cuts,
take us faster to the destination.
This is my town sir.
I'll get you a lift.
What's the point in me
working for the press then?
Sir, I think a car is coming.
- Oh my God!
Sir... catch!
Oh no bro!
Police again!
Stop! Stop!
Pull over.
- Please stop.
Namaste! I...
Well it's my brother who takes
all the decisions. - Is it?
I am Ashraf PC from Paramedu
police station. - Is it?
We participated in Paramedu station's
'One life for one tea' scheme...
got SI Shibu sir's blessings
and now I'm taking my boys
to write the PSC test.
Is it?
- I swear.
He's the one who inaugurated it.
Is it?
- Yes.
Glad to meet you.
Hello sir.
- Glad.
On our way back from there,
we got stuck in a small problem.
Once we solved that problem, somehow
another problem came up.
We were also stuck in a
small problem similarly...
Why should we hurt them by
telling them about our problems?
So we were coming from there.
Well, his car is parked at the next
junction. Can you please drop us there?
We have such rotten luck today!
Don't insult us sir.
Shouldn't we do at least that
much for the tea we drank?
Please get in.
- Thanks a lot.
The facilities are quite less.
All of you should adjust please.
You've sweat quite a lot sir!
One bugger turned my
blood into water!
He made us chase him since dawn.
If I lay my hands on him....
Are you okay sir?
- Yes.
I'll smash him to pulp!
You should sir.
If you get him.
Let's go!
It's a little tight right?
- It's close by. We'll reach now.
If it's difficult for you to travel,
I can get down and walk.
Son, Panjimoottil Mathayi's sons don't
forget the path they came through.
We don't ditch anyone
on the way as well.
Are we troubling you?
- No way.
No sir.
Oh no!
- What happened sir?
Something pricked me!
Don't worry sir. Whatever it is,
we have the tools to take it out.
I myself perform some
surgeries on my boys.
Don't worry sir.
Don't be scared.
Hey! Stop the car for a minute.
- Okay.
Pull over.
- It's bleeding.
Something is over there.
Try to take it out yourself sir.
Try! Try! It will come out.
You'll get it.
Take it out slowly.
Take it out yourself.
What is it?
Is this what pricked you?
It must have pained a lot.
That's a stone chain used by
this boy to chase dogs away.
Forgive him sir.
What is it sir?
What is it brother?
Sir, it's him!
It's him!
Trying to fool us by lifting
your mask you loser?
How did this bike thief
get into your car?
He stole it? He crashed
the bike behind our car
and we were going to drop
him at the next junction.
Where is my bread?
I haven't taken any bread.
The bike is lying safely where it crashed.
That's my bread!
You're quite healthy!
Can't you work to earn a living?
If you're jobless, can't you
write PSC tests like us?
Son, take the car to the station.
- Oh no sir.
We're already late for their PSC test.
And we came back a long way too.
Sir, that's true.
Why should we take such
decent people to the station?
We can go in my car right?
Sir, my car is nearby.
Just drop us there.
Really glad!
Sir, if we go a little forward
there's a short-cut on the right.
We can walk that way.
You shut up!
You made us travel 5-6 kms saying
that they are short cuts.
Let us go with a guess.
Son, let's ask around and go.
- You could catch the thief because of me!
All policemen are like this only!
Once their job is done,
they don't care about us.
Dude, please adjust.
- Hey! Let's go.
If we had time, we'd only be happy
to come to the police station.
When people like you come to the station,
we'll also be happy.
Yes sir.
It's in Paramedu station limit only.
The car number is KL 13 K 4896.
Yes sir. I'll come to the
station & file a complaint.
There's a small function in
my house in the morning.
I'll come as soon as it's over.
Yes sir.
It got stuck on to
Chackochayan's foot.
The police was at the
junction all this while.
They just left sometime back.
Chackochayan, this is a
part of a bubble gum. See!
From this, we can be sure that
the thieves spit it out.
It's sure. I really doubt the policeman
and the guy who came to shit.
What do I do now?
There is one way.
From the spit particles in the
bubble gum, you'll get his DNA.
Then we can catch the
thief using Aadhaar.
Get lost Vasuetta.
As if Aadhaar is linked with spit!
What about the bus ticket,
chilli powder and movie tickets.
These are evidences that have
existed for a long time.
But spit and bubble gum
are not like that.
Isn't that true?
Do one thing Chackochayan.
Don't let the spit on the bubble gum
dry up being exposed to the wind.
We'll give this to the police
when they come. What say?
Keep it with you.
The yam I had brought from my
brother's house was in the boot.
I couldn't even cook a dish with it.
And that orchid I bought
from the nursery?
The thieves plucked its flower too.
There were bananas, yam,
jack fruits and what not!
So you didn't see the
thieves yesterday?
No Chechi. Mom didn't let
me come out when they came.
What do I say!
I had seen that man.
But he doesn't look like a thief.
He came because he
badly wanted to shit.
The entire town is here.
- True.
What happened Chackochetta?
Say it without hesitation
My dear Michael, when I went to get the
newspaper from the gate I didn't find it.
When I turned around, the car
was also missing from the shed.
How will you get the newspaper?
Sunny's bike was stolen by the thief...
newspapers included.
I have to go and report
that after this.
Chackochetta, it must be them
who took your car as well.
Give it.
Chetta, didn't you see it?
- Yes.
Haven't you been
following the news?
The video of your car being taken
away is up on Kerala Police's page.
Look! It's our car.
- I saw it.
There's some foul play in this.
You ran because you saw a snake.
But why were you sitting in that
jungle at dawn wearing a mask?
Sir, he must have gone
there to see the snake.
Him & his over humility!
I told even my boys to
learn from him sir.
- We'd have gone wayward.
What are you looking at with those round eyes
for? Answer his questions you thief!
A gentleman like you shouldn't
intervene in such shady cases.
Policemen have their own techniques.
Let them do it.
He needn't say it.
Let us reach the station.
Shibu sir has some techniques!
With that, he'll confess all
the crimes he has done so far
and the ones he's planning
to do in the future too!
Don't mind us sitting here. You can start
the interrogation from here itself.
Gentlemen can't leave
anything safely now.
That's true sir.
Sir, we went there to stick a sticker.
Who's the other guy?
Me and Thakkudu.
- Thakkudu?
Yes. Thakkudu.
I don't remember his original name.
You don't have to remember.
When you reach the station,
Shibu sir will rip you apart.
Sir was looking for a healthy prey!
Shibu sir is calling.
He'll have a long life.
Ashraf, we've left from there
after the tea distribution.
And yeah a car has been stolen
from some house over there.
From what I heard, it must be the
house where you went to defecate.
Oh no!
Sir, they were quite irresponsible.
Their car's boot was open.
I closed it myself.
It was full of yam and bananas.
What will happen to all of that?
Let that be.
You're in that area anyway right?
Just go and check.
Note down the car's number.
Okay sir.
Do you have a pen?
- Pen?
Here's a blue pen.
I'll say a number.
Write it down.
Say it sir.
Yes... KL...
K for Kallan (thief).
Forty eight...
Ninety six.
Tata Manza.
Tata Manza.
Okay sir.
The house that you went to shit in?
Someone stole their car.
Oh no! They were
such nice people!
Who would have stolen their car sir?
It must be him only.
Me? - He has all the
looks of a car thief.
Look at his crooked face!
It's not me.
- That's true.
And he doesn't have dignity as well.
No aesthetics too.
Where's all that?
Sir, I haven't taken all
those things they said.
I don't even know what they are.
I forgot to tell Shibu sir that we
caught him in between all this.
Go fast.
- Okay.
Speed up!
I'm speeding.
- Hey! Mahesh!
I was running around.
That's why I couldn't call.
I'm not late right?
I will call you.
Shall I pick up this phone?
- Sure sir.
Yes. Got the item!
We're on our way.
We got a little late.
We'll reach now.
By evening!
It's my business partner.
Is it?
What's your business sir?
Automobile spare parts.
It's a family business.
Oh okay! Sir, it's good to install
a CCTV camera in your office.
We can install a couple of them.
I asked for only one flower,
you gave me a spring season'.
You reached?
Your phone rang so many times.
It will ring. I went running
after triggering it!
Haven't the kids woken up?
They woke up in the morning and
are watching the kids' channel.
Let them watch the kids' channel.
They are our angels right?
You also watch it for some
time if you want to. Okay?
Get me a strong tea.
Make it a black tea.
I don't need milk today.
O guardian angels'...
Don't wink'!
Oh my God!
So many missed calls?
I think 'One life for one tea'
scheme has hit the bumper!
We might have to celebrate
100 days of it.
4 missed calls from SP sir?
I'll call him first then.
What the hell have you done?
'One life for one tea' scheme.
Your scheme is to treat thieves,
giving them tea?
I don't understand anything.
Aren't you living in this world?
Sir, I had gone running!
Bloody runner!
The news is running
on every channel!
Take immediate action.
You have time till
I reach my desk.
Your damn 'One life for one tea' scheme
and a 'Flower offering for the police'!
What happened now?
These are times when people who made
black tea have reached great positions.
Enough of your kids' channel.
Take these little devils away!
- Mommy!
The thieves stole PT Chacko's car
with the number Kl 13 K 4896.
The thieves who were
escaping with the car
were given a grand farewell
by treating them with tea
under the leadership of
the local SI Shibu KT.
The thieves who stole the extremely
rare species of Orchid flower,
which is facing extinction
grown in Chacko's house...
handed it over to SI Shibu
and that's clear in the video.
This points fingers to the fact that the
policemen already knew the thieves
and had a pre-planned
agreement with them.
The appearance of the video of serving the
thieves on Kerala Police's official page
increases the impact of the disgrace.
Meanwhile, the black sticker appearing
on the wall of the same house
strengthens the doubts that this
is organized and collaborative.
With Cholappuzha custody death,
SP's daughter's attack
against the constable
and other police brutalities.
Kerala Police and the home ministry
who are already disgraced
and this incident is the latest
chapter of their misdeeds.
This family is still in the shock
of losing their dearest car.
From Paramedu for Unlimited Vision
with camera man, Michael sir.
Ashwathy Ramachandran.
Will my cap stay here anymore?
I have decided one thing.
I'll never drink black
tea at dawn again.
Don't take such harsh
decisions Samyukthan.
Kerala Police was able to catch this thief
because you felt like defecating right?
That's right.
- Everything happens for a reason!
We might even catch more thieves sir.
The car thieves are still out there!
That's true.
We have to catch them too.
That's my car.
- Oh! That's the one?
Hey! Stop near that car.
Hey! Turn the car around so that it
would be easier for them to get out.
Even though we travelled only for a
short while, we became really close.
Hey! Turn to the right!
Sunny from the press hold,
him as soon as we step out.
He might try to escape.
True sir. Look at him sitting!
Stop on the left.
Okay sir.
So, we've reached
our destination.
Sir, Spyers security camera.
Don't forget.
It's our necessity right?
Sunny, hold him tight.
- So glad to have met you.
He's a great runner.
- Don't forget my name. Ashraf Khan.
We'd like to come along & help
you catch the car thieves.
But it's their PSC exam.
- Sir.
Write only what you
know during the exam.
Don't take wild guesses.
- No.
They won't even write what they know.
That's how we've raised them.
The way you came...
- Sir.
4896! 4896!
Catch them!
Sir, it's the car Shibu sir told you about.
Catch them!
Catch them!
You crook!
- Bro, let go!
Let go of his hand!
[Indistinct arguments]
Let's go! Let's go!
- Stop the car!
Start your car!
Start the car Samyukthan!
Get in fast!
Turn it around!
Hold tight!
- Chase them!
Make it fast sir.
- Stop going round & go fast!
Since you told us to give
everyone a homely feel
we didn't ask much sir.
Why did you receive that
flower with your hand?
Don't you know that policemen are
not supposed to accept gifts?
I accepted it when they gave
it with so much love sir.
What about a bubble gum that someone
spit out which the reporter said?
Our station's PC, Ashraf
has gone there sir.
And then?
- I'm not able to get through to him.
- I think his phone is switched off.
Stop blabbering and
go there personally.
If we don't catch them before
the SP reaches his office...
all of us will be suspended.
Can you ask the SP to reach
the office late then?
If my calculation is right,
they would have crossed
Karnataka border now sir.
From there, straight to HD Kote
and then Antharasanthe.
What Santhe?
- Antharasanthe.
That's where they break cars into pieces.
Shall I go there sir?
First, you go to the house where
the car was stolen from.
Let me deploy maximum forces.
Update me
on everything that happens.
Go fast!
- I'm going fast!
This road is not wide at all.
Why do you need width?
Only one car has to go right? Go fast!
They are right behind!
Put the left indicator & turn right!
Yes! Put the left indicator & turn right!
Not the light!
Will the public be furious Lawrence?
- No.
They are stronger in number.
That's what we don't have.
Anyway, it won't be as much as
we got from the DYSP. - Is it?
Of course.
Ask them sir.
Who is Chacko among you?
Sir, I am Chacko.
- I didn't ask you.
Sir, he is Chacko.
We saw him on TV right?
It's him!
- This is him!
Come here.
I had seen you.
You came on TV right?
Are you happy?
- Yes.
What happened?
Sir when I went to the gate to get
the newspaper, I didn't see it there.
When I looked back at the shed,
the car was also missing.
That's what happened.
I had seen everything on TV.
Bring it.
Bring it.
Give it.
That's our flower.
Did you see?
That's right.
Since we put it in water,
it won't decay for 2 days.
Unlike what you said on TV,
we have nothing to do with them.
Hold it.
- Take it.
Keep it inside brother.
Sir, it was all Michael & that girl's
doing. I didn't know anything.
Everyone is trying to attack
me deliberately sir.
Poor fellow.
There are stickers
on my wall as well.
- Yes.
Black stickers?
Yes sir.
Sir, help me somehow.
According to all the circumstantial
evidence we've got so far...
the culprits began their journey on a
KSRTC bus from Pathanapuram in July 2017
and have watched the movie 'Captain'
from Kunnamkulam in February 2018.
How can they see it sir?
- Buying tickets! These tickets are proof!
If so, would they have started from Pathanapuram
6 months back to watch this movie?
Lawrence, don't keep
interrupting my intelligence.
Even though they are culprits, they are
Indian citizens with the freedom to travel.
They are still continuing the
crimes they started from there.
These stickers are proof to that.
Did you notice this packet
of chilli powder? - Yes.
What do you feel seeing this
packet without a name or address?
This was made from a cottage industry.
If that's the case,
the culprit might be
working in the movies
or a bus employee
or he could even be part of a
cottage industry. - Bubble gum!
Hey! I forgot to give the
bubble gum to sir. Bring it.
I'll bring it now.
I had forgotten.
Oh! Is that there?
Then bring it.
Give it to sir.
The rule is that I shouldn't
accept any gifts. Thank you.
Do you want half Lawrence?
- No sir. Thank you.
Sir, don't eat it.
The thief chewed
and spit it out.
Samyukthan, keep the
car right behind them.
Or they'll stop it and run away!
Speed up sir. No problem
even if you crash on to him!
You'll be thrashed soon.
You wait.
Bro, we have a plan B if the
police catches us right?
First, try not to get caught. There's
still a lot of time to learn plan B.
Sir, they are going so fast.
They know how to drive!
You know to how run right? Why
don't you run & catch them?
Speed up!
Chilanka travels will try to chase
us today as well. Don't let them.
Let's see.
Oh! You're leaving?
There are 2 more minutes.
What 2 minutes?
Who's going to come now? Get in man!
Hope we reach first.
Oh no! They've got a lead.
Samyukthan, stomp
the accelerator!
Sir, let's see how
far they would go!
I started with full tank
petrol from Ernakulam.
You didn't push it after filling it up.
You drove it right?
Sir, check the metre gauge.
It's got great mileage.
How much do you get sir?
Around 20-21.
If mileage is high, power will be low.
That's why we can't catch them.
Sir, stop reviewing
the car and speed up!
They've crossed that turning.
I'll catch them now!
Why did you slow down?
Bro, I can't see them now.
Speed up you fool.
Are you driving to show others?
This is a chase!
O Mother Mary!
If you save us from
this death trap
I'll bring both of them to
Velankanni & shave off their heads.
So you won't shave?
I did it when you fell
sick during childhood.
Speed up man!
- Okay.
Fly it!
- Is this a kite?
I had told you! If this was an Audi, we'd
have reached our destination by now.
isn't this chase enough?
Audi it seems!
Go on! Go! Go! You drive quite fast
while playing that game right?
Oh crap! Bro, there's a bus in front of us.
It's not letting us go. - Oh no! KSRTC!
- Switch on the light!
They'll make way thinking it's
a hospital case. Keep honking!
If this was an Audi...
- If it was an Audi?
Shut up!
I'll stuff something in your mouth!
Someone who couldn't get in
is following us in a car.
Oh no!
Is this how you brake?
Bro, they've stopped the bus in the
middle of the road. What do we do now?
Hey! Someone like our brother!
Sorry sir.
We left 2 minutes early.
We thought no one would come.
- That's okay.
I'm used to running.
- Where to?
Where to?
- Where to?
This bus goes to Kottarakkara.
- That's fine. Give me a ticket.
They have reached here.
Stop sir! Stop!
Stop! Stop!
- I'm also coming.
Catch him! Catch him!
Don't catch me.
- Sir, the guy got on the bus.
Run & catch him!
Bro, come to the station with a lawyer.
When we take them to the station,
there will be 2 cases right?
Move away.
You're a traitor lil' bro.
So you don't have a problem
with our bro taking the bus?
He must have gone
to call a lawyer.
Keep on waiting!
- Hey! Hey!
Shut up!
Enough of your family talks!
You heard me?
- That's what!
They made me a thief because I
just took a bike to escape.
Get lost.
Samyukthan, tell them whatever
you want to say. - No sir.
Hit them if you want to.
You can do it only now.
No need sir.
They would come out some day right?
They would.
We can't do anything about it.
That's what.
- Wait & watch Samyukthan.
Why did you get late?
Set it up quickly.
Come fast.
Michael, these are the thieves.
Focus on them properly.
Sir, the journalists have come.
To take our bytes.
You also cover your face.
They will be shooting you also.
Oh no sir! Don't put me
along with these thieves.
No! I'll salute you!
One slap I'll give you!
You're the one who
made us run first.
You're lucky that I'm
not in the police.
The police have captured the
culprits of the car theft case
who have been troubling
Kerala Police since morning.
Police constable Ashraf, who led
the operation is joining us now.
Sir, can you elaborate about
the incident for our viewers?
I am Paramedu police
station constable Ashraf.
This is Samyukthan.
It was the both of us
who risked our lives
to capture this international
car theft mafia.
We've cast nets across Kerala to
the culprits who have escaped.
We've invited more members from the force
and senior police officers here.
Sir, it's Shibu sir.
Sir, he's blowing his trumpet in
front of the media. Beware of him!
Sir, are you the SI or him?
- What do you think?
By the way he's talking...
I also felt so.
- I was about to say that.
Then why didn't you say it?
- Suku!
Look at Shibu sir's stylish entry.
Must be to congratulate us.
Namaste sir.
Are you relieved now?
- Yes.
That smile says everything!
What are you doing here
giving these culprits to the people?
Sir, I was explaining to the media.
That's not necessary.
They will twist it.
You gave that news in
the morning right?
That's not right okay?
Lift your cloth!
Lift your mask!
It was you?
- Yes.
You will steal from my station limits?
No sir. I...
After drinking tea from me,
you bit me back huh?
You could write the PSC exam
since you left early right?
We couldn't write it sir.
We were caught before that.
So what? Now you can write all the
alphabets with your noses on the ground!
Lawrence, bring them to
the station immediately.
The car that the thieves brought.
Is it in driving condition?
Ashraf, can we drive it?
- Yes sir.
They drove it all the way here.
Then it's fine sir.
- Mr. Samyukthan...
You will also have to
come to the station.
Oh no sir! I have an
urgent appointment.
Does he have only
appointments and defecation?
We'll leave you in 10 minutes.
Is there any information about the
thief who escaped on the bus?
Sir, I've cast a net to catch him!
Who are you to cast a net?
A fisherman?
Well someone has gone
behind him to catch him.
Very good. Before DYSP Ashok
Kumar sir reaches the station
we should take them there.
Rest at the station!
Oh no! My purse is missing.
It was in my bag!
My purse!
Please look for it.
We will search. Wait.
- Please brother.
Mahesh, no one has alighted the bus.
Take the bus to the station.
Who knows whether they are
part of a smuggling mafia!
Didn't you search the car?
I searched a little bit sir.
- What are you doing? Go search!
Move your butt!
Ashraf continue.
Sir, we were chasing them...
Oh no!
Nothing has happened to
the bananas and the yam.
Take him out.
- Should I tell you specially?
Get out I say!
Get out.
- I'll get out myself.
Take off your mask!
Hi officers. How are you?
- Hi. Fine.
All of you are here?
It's so hot right?
What a pleasant surprise!
Jack Daniels?
You? Here?
- How's the business going there?
Sir, this is Thakkudu.
- Is this Thakkudu?
Yes. Thakkudu.
Do you know him?
- Sir, he is Jack Daniels.
He is Spyers company's
employee of the month.
Yes officer.
Employee of the month!
Why is the bus coming here?
Did they mistake it for the bus station?
Isn't this that bus?
- Mahesh stop!
Sir, there's a thief in the bus.
He stole a lady's purse.
We're coming straight to the station.
I haven't allowed anyone to get out.
- Shibu go & check.
Ashraf go & check. Ask only the thief
to come. Let the others stay inside.
My Aadhaar card,
my voter's ID...
Calm down sister.
We've reached the station right?
I had parked the car near the bus stop.
We got it.
And I didn't steal that purse.
Don't let him go. Catch him.
- Come.
Is Shibu sir here?
- Yes. Everyone is here.
You can have one more tea.
- Sir, he hasn't paid for the ticket.
Sir when Ashraf sir & I were coming
in the car, they asked for a lift.
Both of you?
- Yes Ashraf sir too.
So they asked for a lift and Ashraf sir
went to them as soon as we stopped.
Shall we start?
If you say everything without missing any
detail it would be good for both of us.
Start. - It's all their plan sir.
I don't know anything.
- Don't say so!
I'll say it sir.
I am an elder brother with
a lot of problems sir.
These poor brothers of mine
who have flunked around 50 exams...
When they stay up
during the night to study...
for a slight entertainment.
I had planned to buy a home
theatre & a playstation sir.
So you guys have done
a lot of planning?
That's how our father
has raised us sir.
This is the first incident in our lives.
Getting caught by the police.
With this we'll lose all the goodwill
that our father had earned sir.
What was his job?
He was a very popular Robin
Hood in our town sir.
That means?
- Like Kayamkulam Kochunni
he steals from the rich
& gives it to the poor.
What was your father's name?
Panjimoottil Mathayi sir.
Will you get the money to buy a home
theatre if you sell a Tata Manza?
We had planned to start with this.
It's said that many drops
make an ocean right?
So this was the beginning
of a series of robberies?
Nothing like that.
- What's your name?
- Rafael?
So your name must be Bofors right?
Remand them.
- Okay.
Where are those sticker guys?
- They are outside.
Call them.
- Lawrence, bring them in.
Come in.
- Hey man! - Man?
- Hi officer. How are you?
What's your name?
- I'm Jack.
Jack Daniels.
Jack Daniels?
- Yes.
For your antics only, a shady
rum's name would suit you.
What about you?
- Sahachari. (Companion)
I understood that you're his companion.
Tell me your name.
That's my name sir.
Sujith Sahachari.
Were you the ones who stuck it everywhere?
- Yes officer.
We stuck everywhere that
came on the papers.
There are some more places
yet to come on the papers.
Sir, I haven't
stuck it anywhere.
I only lifted Thakkudu.
I can stick it only if
someone lifts me right?
So actually we are partners in crime.
Right officer?
So you know everything.
- Of course.
Since they have confessed the crime,
before the media comes...
give some money & send that
blanket guy back to his home town.
Okay sir.
- I'll give you the required amount.
Thank you sir.
I have given my statement.
If there's any emergency,
just let me know.
Sir, I have an appointment.
Shall I?
- Why not? You may leave Samyukthan.
Thank you sir.
There's one more small job left.
Can you please wait outside?
Okay sir.
- Samyukthan!
This Central Kerala is a market
with a lot of potential.
We'll sit & discuss.
Let it be the right time.
So carry on. We'll meet at the next
review meeting in Kochi. Go ahead!
Okay Jack.
- Okay.
The group that scared people by
sticking stickers has been caught.
The group that stuck stickers on walls &
windows of house in Kannur & Kozhikode
and made people panic,
has been arrested by the police.
Jack Daniels & Sahachari who hail
from Kozhikode were arrested.
They spread panic by sticking stickers
on walls of different houses
to sell camera's to people for overcoming
that panic. That was their technique.
To establish that someone
taller than them did the crime
both of them used stones and ropes
and stuck stickers at the
same height from the floor.
Hey! We are late.
It's said that 'First impression
is the best impression'.
Will we be in trouble?
You & your first impression.
It doesn't matter when you reach!
Don't say that.
- Then what?
I'm fed up of coming with you.
Look for some other guy.
To other news...
The thieves who troubled the police since
dawn at Kannur Koothuparamba were caught.
Mom! Here's the news
of our missing car.
How come they haven't reached yet?
Is it them?
Is this the house?
- Dude this won't work.
What's wrong with this house?
You create such troubles
whenever you see any house.
It's not that.
- Not what? Drive forward.
Take it inside.
Kerala Police has nabbed a criminal
group which might have inter-state ties.
Within hours of the theft, the culprits
were caught with the stolen items in hand.
These men on my left and right.
One is constable Ashraf.
And then Samyukthan.
It was their brave actions
that helped us in
catching these criminals.
Samyukthan is not a policeman.
Kerala Police needs such brave
young men like Samyukthan today.
It's them.
That's Mahesh.
We're not late right?
- No! No! Please come inside.
Come on man.
- Samyukthan.
Please sit down.
Please come.
Sit down.
- Slowly! Slowly!
Is this the groom you told us about?
- Yes it's him.
I had shown you an old photo that day.
Back then he had a dignified look.
He is a great guy.
He works in sales right?
With all the mist & the rain, he lost
all his glamour. He's a sweet guy.
Then shall we?
Brother, it's the same guy.
Devaki, call our daughter.