Janasheen (2003) Movie Script

Who's that...?
He's messing up our take
every now and then
I think that's Tony Periera, sir
He's such a nice musician.
I wonder what's wrong with him today
Tony, this is what
you've got to play
And what you're playing is...
No mistakes now, please
You're not supposed to drink
in the Recording Room
Everyone makes a mistake, sir.
Are you going to hang me for that?
I'm not going to hang you, Tony.
But you'll never work for me again
Like hell you'll throw me out!
I'm leaving on my own!
Maybe you're a very big man.
The audio king!
But I'm an artist too!
I'll find employment elsewhere!
I spit at your work!
you won't find work
anywhere in the city!
Maybe he's Jackie Chan.
But I'm Johny Chan!
If he's Hong Kong,
I'm Hindustan!
If he doesn't allow me a side,
it's suicide for him!
If he escapes my left,
there's always the right!
So many of them are dead...
they're all scared of Johny Chan!
Maybe he's Jackie Chan.
But I'm Johny Chan!
If he's Hong Kong,
I'm Hindustan!
If he doesn't allow me a side,
it's suicide for him!
If he escapes my left,
there's always the right!
So many of them are dead...
they're all scared of Johny Chan!
Stop it, Lucky!
You're a novice!
I'm a daredevil!
So you think I'm into rubbish?
What are you
teaching me today, master?
I'm going to teach you
a lesson today!
Why? No fight today?
The lesson first...
and then the fight!
The left... and the right!
You're not hurt, are you?
Don't ever act smart
with your teacher...
or you're going to get hurt badly
It's a terrible pain, teacher
In Karate and in life...
pain makes a man out of you
Will you remember that?
I will remember it, teacher
Johny, what are you
teaching my son today?
I'm making a man out of him, Virendra!
Johny Chang! Greater than Jackie Chan!
Lesson number 5: Showing your back
is asking for trouble
Your own lesson, teacher
I must have, son... but never
hit a man where you hit me
You'll know when you grow up.
Go on, it's time-out for you
All set to leave, son?
Yes, dad...
Lucky! A bee has stung me!
Good. That's your punishment
for laughing at me
Are you going away, Lucky?
Yes, to Australia
But why must you care? If you come
after me, you'll drown in the sea
Please take me to Australia, Lucky!
Everything all right, Johny?
This is nothing.
I keep getting hit here
Who's that girl?
Which girl...?
Oh her...? Remember Tony Periera?
The musician
She's his daughter.
She's madly in love with him
Take me to Australia, Lucky!
He hates her as much
as she loves him. See
That girl who was chasing you...
I think you like her very much
She's a monkey!
And what less a monkey are you?
You'll make a nice couple
I'm Johny Chang!
I'm Lucky Chang!
If he's Hong Kong!
I'm Hindustan!
Don't give me side...
It's suicide!
Escape my left...
And there's my right!
So many of them...
Are dead!
They're all scared
of the two of us!
But you gotta be scared now.
Papa's calling you
Did you send for me, dad?
Yes, my son
I've got something to tell you
You've grown up so much.
Soon, I'll start wearing your shoes!
But whether I remain
one day or not...
you're going to shoulder
all these responsibilities
You'll always be there, dad.
For me
Nothing is forever, son
Not relations, nor loved ones.
Not joy, nor sorrow
You know why're you're going
to Australia with your mother?
Oh yes, to spend the vacations
with Aunt Martha
Johny has promised to show me
motorbike racing and fights in Sydney
But why aren't you
coming with us, dad?
I'm coming too, son.
But not today
I'll finish some pressing work
and join you in a few days
But you are my brave son,
aren't you?
So I've got something to tell you.
I'm tough, dad. Tell me!
Your mother's suffering from cancer.
I'm sending her to Australia because
I want the opinion of doctors abroad
But your mother doesn't
know about it
Mom isn't dying, I hope?
God willing, nothing will
happen to her
But this secret must remain
between us two men, okay?
What secret are the father
and son discussing?
That's a secret between
dad and me, Mom
How's your headache now?
It's absolutely all right
It'll be so nice to meet
my sister Martha after all these days
Don't take too long
to join us, Virendra
If I could help it,
I wouldn't let you go at all
Lucky, what's wrong?
Why're you crying?
I've brought a rose for you
because you're leaving
Rose in hand, thorns in the mouth...?
Drop that girl home immediately!
Lucky, it's time for the flight.
How about getting up?
Johny, who's that girl?
The one you saw this morning
But our boy's in control. Relax
Wanna eat the rose...?
Get up
Stop playing the guitar, Max!
And get me a bottle of rum!
You shouldn't have got into
a fight with Virendra Kapoor
He won't let you work anywhere.
As if he rules the city!
And you, because
you share my bed...
it doesn't mean you will
interfere in my business, okay?
Where's Jessica?
She's asleep, dad
You also go to bed
And what are you staring at?
Here's a drink
Didn't I tell you not to
meet my enemy's son?
Why did you go to meet him then?
Lucky's going away to Australia
you can go away with him!
Go! Go to Australia!
Shameless wretch!
Monica, get me the rum!
Max, my eyes hurt...
Don't rub your eyes, Jessica
If it's a piece of glass,
you'll lose your eye-sight
Let me take you to the hospital
God! He's dead!
Gangaram! Call the police!
Call the police!
In view of the circumstances
leading to the murder...
and the tender age of the accused...
this court decides to send Max Periera
to the Remand Home for 10 years
His sister Jessica, who went
through a traumatic experience...
shall be sent to St Joseph's convent
for upbringing
Hey stop there...
where are you going?
Don't be afraid, Jessica!
God will take care of us
Don't leave me, Max!
Please! There's no room...
Stop here
Go back... please
Call me a bitch again,
and you're a dead man, you bastard!
There's no place in the disco inside
We'll let you in the moment
there's room enough
This man is a gentleman.
He called me lady
In any case, we're peace-Ioving folks.
We'll wait all right
That's Elvis' ghost!
Why're you getting jealous...?
I'm not looking at anyone else!
You're the one I love...
I love you!
Champakali! Relax!
Whenever I look at a girl,
this one flies off the handle!
I know you love me!
I don't want to break your heart
God! She wants to marry me!
No doubts at all!
If you and I are married...
what's going to happen?
What children will we have?
Men or apes...?
The one I'm chasing is having
a ball with Elvis!
Damn you!
It's ages since Elvis died!
So why're you after him?
Guys and gals...
she's about to appear
before you...
in whose violin the silence
of the world breaks into a song!
My darling sister and
your favourite Pop singer...
the one and only...
Jessica Periera!
Craving for love...
this poor heart of mine...
in my heart
rages the fire of love
So come to me, my love...
you're the one
my heart calls out to
So come to me, my love,
come now...
for my heart calls out to you
Lost to the eye
are those in love
A fire they start
out of nowhere... those in love
So come to me, my love...
for my heart calls out to you
For you are the one
my heart calls out to
This is no joke.
Love drives you crazy
Quietly, it fills your heart
with a fire
So come to me, my love...
for my heart calls out to you
For you are the one
my heart calls out to
Mr Kapoor, here I am again
I hope you will not
disappoint me this time
I've told you so often that I'm not
selling Angaara, Mr Jaichand
That's not how business is done
It's not good to be
so stubborn in business
If you insist on hiking up
the price...
I have good news for you
A client of mine, Saba Karim Shah
in Sydney...
is prepared to pay double
the market price for Angaara
I've got him to agree
to 300 million
And you already know...
Angaara isn't worth more than
150 million in the market
I will not sell Angaara
at any cost
Please try to understand.
Angaara is necessary for us
And it's the symbol
of my lineage, Mr Jaichand
It flows in my veins...
and only my dear son is
entitled to it after my death
But I'm told you and your dear son
don't get along
Because of which
he lives abroad
Because he lives abroad, my flesh and
blood does not become a stranger to me
Why don't you understand,
Mr Kapoor?
My client Mr Saba Karim Shah has
invested 3 billion in this complex!
But without Angaara, the complex
can never be completed
Because it happens to be at
the centre of the main entrance!
Angaara is an obstacle in the
realisation of Mr Shah's dreams
You ought to have thought of that
before you started any work
Saba Karim Shah is not in
the habit of being turned down
And he even knows how to
get people to toe his line
Are you threatening me?
No threats. 300 million
And that too, with due
respect and decency
Thanks for the respect you
have accorded me, Mr Jaichand
You may leave now
All right. I'll go away
But before I leave,
I must remind you...
that you're the one who
stands to gain in this deal
Especially your son
For you are the one
my heart calls out to
What are you doing here...?
It's the Men's Room!
Go back to your Elvis!
My fly's got stuck!
Zip up the fly quickly, Johny!
A fire has broken out there!
Some things can cause you a loss
in haste... like this fly!
Because... this zip is meant
for protection... get it?
And where's the fire, where...?
Not just a fire, Johny...
there's mayhem out there!
A fight, Johny! A fight!
Where's the fight?
Shut up! I'll fix them first
and then break your hands and legs!
You won't be able to hold
a guitar all your life!
Take that and stop dancing around!
I'm not sparing anyone!
Where's your friend, Virendra Kapoor?
Yes, Inspector? What's the matter?
Mr Kapoor, this place is becoming a
threat to the calm and peace around
There are fights and brawls here
almost every day
People from outside are
responsible for the fights
Whoever it is,
I'm not concerned
But if you give me cause
for complaint again...
I'll have your licence cancelled
You guys come with me to the police
station to record your statements
You too
And this is the last warning
Go and change.
I'll drop you home
You're a very brave girl, Jessica
And I'm sorry,
they misbehaved with you
But who were they, Uncle?
The mafia. They want to
snatch away Angaara from me
How I wish Lucky was with me today
You never told me why Lucky
lives in Australia, Uncle
Why isn't he here with you?
It's a very complicated
story, my child
The day I muster the courage
to bear the shame...
I'll tell you
Right from your childhood, I've seen
love in your eyes for Lucky
And I know, you still
love him very much
Isn't it?
He didn't love me then.
Why would he love me now?
Especially a girl whose eye-sight
is impaired?
How are you to blame for that?
Lucky wasn't to blame either
It was my father.
Forget what has happened
We're going to Australia next week
You'll meet Lucky there.
And I'm sure he'll go crazy about you
That's because you are
indeed so beautiful
Beautiful? Me?
You must be kidding
I'm not kidding, my dear.
I'm speaking the truth
You have taken such
good care of me, Uncle
It was my father's duty...
and you're one fulfilling it
How will I ever repay this debt...?
There's no favour
between father and daughter
Should I hang around
till Max arrives...?
Max will be coming any moment
And I'm sure he'll
go crazy about you
Should you arrive,
it'll bring two hearts together
My destiny shall bring you
to me some day
That moment...
that moment of love, I wonder...
when will it arrive?
So come to me, my love...
my heart calls out to you
For you are the one
my heart calls out to
This boy challenges both,
the heights of the skies...
and the lure of the earth
By God, this boy is a stranger
But I feel as if
he were my own
Abdullah Khan, glad to see you.
Welcome, Saba Karim
Please come in.
Thank you
God is kind.
There is peace in Afghanistan
Flights from there
have been resumed
I'm returning to the
motherland tomorrow
It's over 20 years since you
left your nation, Saba
Don't you ever miss your country?
It wasn't Saba who forsook
his country, my God
It wasn't the motherland
that expelled Saba either
At times, it causes me pain...
at times, it acts like a balm
When are you returning
to the nation?
God willing, Abdullah...
I shall behold the Moon of Idd
this year, in my own motherland
May God protect you
May God protect you too
Would you be my beloved?
I love you, love you...
my beloved
Give me your love, my beloved
Make me yours, my beloved
This one's my beloved,
not yours
Old English hags
calling me old...?
Who do these white buffaloes
think they are...?
Maasi (maternal aunt)...
Stop maasi-ing me!
Call me aunty!
It sounds young and smart!
I've told you too, to stop travelling
in buses. To buy yourself a small car
Buy a car indeed!
I've mortgaged the house!
Who's going to have that retrieved?
Don't you worry about that.
I'm winning tomorrow's race
Lucky, you'll ride slowly at
the races tomorrow. Okay?
How will I win if
I ride slowly?
I've never been able to
figure out this system
Drive fast on the roads,
and the cops haul you up
Drive fast in the races
and you win a prize!
Stop laughing...
and don't speed!
Show him in
Namaskar, Mr Saba.
Namaskar... Waliekom Salaam
Sit down.
Saba desperately needs to
hear the good news
And I'm sure, you bring
good news for me from Hindustan
You gave Saba Karim your word
Saba Karim has invested not
just 3 billion in that land...
he has invested his
entire peace of mind in it
Without Angaara, Saba Karim
will never have his peace
It's proving to be very difficult
to take Virendra Kapoor apart
I have done everything I could...
but I don't know what
stuff he's made of
He's no fortress.
He's a mere human being, Jaichand
But he seems to be stronger
than a fortress, Mr Saba
You can pick holes even
in a fortress, Jaichand
Find out who's dearest to him
He has a son,
who's the dearest to him
So find that dearest one
As you wish, Mr Saba.
Namaskar, Jaichand.
Waliekom Salaam
My Dad called from Canada. He said,
if you win today's race...
he'll surely sponsor you
on the professional circuit
This race is going
to be our jackpot, Lee
I'm betting a huge amount on you
This race is going to
belong to me
Just watch out for Lucky.
If he gets anywhere close to you...
he'll get bumped off
Chang offers you his
salutations, Mr Saba
Waliekom Salaam.
Yes, Chang?
I want to have a bet with you
You know it very well...
Saba never turns
his hobbies into bets
Think it over. I'm betting
half a million on rider number 26
You haven't answered me, Mr Saba.
Are you scared?
Chang, if the bet was
for a million dollars...
I might think about it
In which case, your rider's
got to be one in a million too
There's no doubt about that, Chang.
Rider number 100
Is that a bet, Chang?
It's a deal. Salaam, Mr Saba.
Waliekom Salaam
My Great India
Congratulations, Mr Saba.
You've won the race
If you could come over
to my yacht tomorrow evening...
I could give you the money of
the bet...
as well as discuss
some business with you
God willing,
I'll be there
Thank you, Mr Saba
If Lucky takes part
n the next race...
I won't leave you in any state
to even crawl on earth!
In love, I'm bathed...
I'm drenched,
in body and soul
An intoxication consumes me...
dawn itself is
immersed in a high
The high, my love...
leads to mischief
The high, my love...
leads to mischief
That our gaze has met,
it leads to mischief
In the depths of your heart...
I realise what
this ecstasy is
Our love, my love...
is all about the ecstasy
Our love, my love,
is all about the ecstasy
There's a pining in my breath...
come, be part of it
Come into my arms, my love...
help yourself to my charms
Let it...
Let it...
let our desire
find its shore
Our love, my love...
is all about the ecstasy
Our love, my love,
is all about the ecstasy
The high, my love...
leads to mischief
That our gaze has met,
it leads to mischief
This is the moment
to live it up...
let's not see it pass us by
Let the sacred joy of love
bring us together in soul
Fortunate are those
who find true love
Our love, my love...
is all about the ecstasy
Our love, my love,
is all about the ecstasy
The high, my love...
leads to mischief
That our gaze has met,
it leads to mischief
In the depths of your heart...
I realise what
this ecstasy is
Love... and ecstasy
By God, Saba Karim and wine
have never known each other
This bag contains
700,000 Dollars
I'll pay the rest of
300,000 dollars in a week
Chang, Saba knows a woman
for her beauty...
and a man for his word
You promised me a million dollars.
You gave me your word
Saba Karim is a man of principles.
You know that
I know that, but right now
it's not your principles...
but your flexibility that
will save your life
So what is dispensable,
Mr Saba Karim?
Your principles?
Or your life?
It's my life without doubt
Looks like you're fond of dying
It's up Him
Life and death are in
God's hands, Chang
What I regret is that you have
chosen a very expensive deal
For just 300,000 Dollars, you have
broken your friendship with Saba Karim
By God, Chang...
when you invited Saba Karim to
your yacht after losing the bet...
I had a feeling that you would
betray your friendship with me
And thus, I bought over
all your men
Forgive me... I've made a mistake!
Forgive me
It's He who forgives, Chang
You have never seen
the depths of the sea
A small fish...
never challenges
the bigger fish
Forgive me...
Saba lives.
And all's well with the world
Good bye
Francis, you always give me a scare!
Your groceries, Martha
Why do you run around so much
at this old age? You...
Why do you work so hard?
You'll get a heart-attack!
Couldn't you have sent your son?
I could
But what if the sight of you
made him fall in love with you?
But what would happen of me
if he fell in love with you?
What would happen of you?
I'm madly in love with you
Martha, this is
Virendra Kapoor here
May I speak to Lucky?
You look so sweet...
even when you're asleep!
My laddoo!
You've drenched me
so early in the morning!
Bathed you, not drenched you.
It's ten already...
everyone else has gone to work.
And you're fast asleep!
Okay, okay. But why do you
need to wet my bed for that?
As a child, you used to wet your bed
and still be comfortably asleep
Nothing mattered then! I spray a bit
of water and you find it difficult!
How often have I told you that
it's bad for your health!
But you still smoke!
Drink milk, if you must...
and give me the cheque of 100,000
you won at the super bike-race
You've hidden it here...?
Give it to me
I have a condition, Aunt Martha
Out of this 100,000, 80,000 will go
towards the mortgage of the house...
and the rest will go in
buying me a new superbike
You had a narrow escape yesterday.
And you're talking about a bike?
20,000 Dollars are for my old age.
Old age...?
Your old age is long gone.
Throw that cigarette away!
Go on!
I didn't even get married!
To bring you up...
I sacrificed my youth!
And you call me old?
I was only joking.
Why're you getting so serious?
You will see what a grand way I have
you married to Francis, the grocer!
Francis? The vegetable vendor?!
That overweight mango?
You think I'm marrying him...?
Stop there!
Are all the men in the world...
Relax... calm down
God... my sari will tear!
I wear it once a year anyway
Tell me something...
throw that cigarette away first!
Throw it!
Who's Reema? She has called four times
since this morning already
I'll give you a whack!
So... who's she?
Tell me
You're having an affair with her?
There's just one girl in my life.
Just one
Aunt Martha
By the way, where are you going
all dressed up in a sari?
Sari...? What date is it today?
March 6
I forgot! I'll get dressed
in 2 minutes
Hurry up. Hurry
Do you want me to bathe
in your presence?
So what new thing
am I going to see?
Till you were 12, I was the one
who gave you a bath every day
I can still give you a bath...
want me to?
Your father called this morning
As usual, I disconnected
Get some red roses for me
from the flower shop
Till then, I'll arrange for a car
Want me to go with you?
No, Uncle. I'll manage
The one with the
beautiful eyes...
Iove is the need
of every young heart
So fall in love
Come, fall in love...
fall in love
Reminds you of something?
Should it remind me of something?
I didn't know you were racing away
on the bike to buy flowers for me
The flowers aren't for you, Reema.
So who are they for?
Hey, listen...
Who was she?
I don't have to tell you everything.
And I've got to go right now
You can't buy yourself forgiveness
with these flowers, dad
Can't we forget what
has happened, my son?
Isn't it enough punishment for me
that I've lost my wife?
I don't want to lose you, my son
But I can't either forget that Mother
waited for you till her last breath
But I loved your mother, son!
We fell in love and got married
Yes, I agree. I wasn't with her
when she breathed her last
There were problems that...
What problems?
Your lust for wealth?
Or was it other women?
The moment Jenny got cancer,
you started seeing other women
Martha! You are crossing
your limits!
If I weren't in love with Jenny...
why would I come to offer flowers
at her grave every year?
You don't come to offer flowers
at Jenny's grave
You come to take Lucky back with you
Because you now need a loved one
to take care of your wealth
Lucky is my son!
He's my flesh and blood
And I have every right
to take him back with me
I was the one the court entrusted
the responsibility of bringing him up
Because you were not fit enough
to bring him up!
That's only because Lucky
was a child then
But I'm not a child anymore
I don't want your love,
your business or your wealth
I'm happy where I am
and in whatever state I am
Let's go home, Aunt Martha
I've brought a girl from India who has
loved you ever since she was a child
She wants to meet you, Lucky!
You were the one who said...
let's forget what has happened
I've forgotten my childhood, dad
My child, this was the embarrassing
story you've heard...
and also seen
Have patience, Uncle
I have a feeling that Lucky will
indeed return to India some day
Come, my child.
Let's go back
Enough of your exercise
Stop that and eat something
Without food, you won't
get any muscles
How would you like this one...?
Want me to cut it for you?
Tell me
What's the matter?
Maybe you've been rather
too bitter with Papa
So blood speaks up at last
Who am I anyway,
between father and son?
Although I took care of you
for 12 years...
I can't call you my
flesh and blood, can I?
You are Virendra Kapoor's
beloved son...
you will always be dear to him.
What has Martha to offer you anyway?
Don't misunderstand me, please
You mean more than a mother to me.
I'm not leaving you and going away
I can read people's eyes.
So what do you read?
I think she loves you
She came here this morning
I wear kohl in my eyes,
because I wait for you...
and I forever shall
I'm returning to India
Eyes, eyes...
beautiful eyes...
Your eyes...
they speak
Eyes, beautiful eyes...
your eyes,
they speak
They look up sometime,
at times they're lowered...
the things they do to me
How can I ever kill you?
I've been looking for you.
Where have you been?
In India.
But you're right here.
Before me!
Man is where the heart is
Okay, okay, skip the poetry.
I came to give you some good news
Dad has sponsored you for the
professional superbike championship!
Let me see how the bastard
gets away alive today!
Are you all right?
But I'm no killer...
I'm a sportsman
Don't ever cross my path
Be it the battlefield
or the playground...
I hate cowards who
stab you in the back
Lopez, take him to the hospital
Saba... the name is Saba Karim Shah
May I call this a coincidence
or my good luck...?
That you were here
to save my life?
I was also present
at the race you won
May I know the reason for such great
favours to a stranger, Mr Saba?
The heart knows no reason, Lucky
I felt like keeping an eye on you.
So I did
But I never got to know that
someone was keeping an eye on me
He keeps an eye on all of us...
but we can't see Him either, son
It's years since someone
has called me son
Anyway, you have saved my life
Some feelings become commonplace
when you express them
Look after yourself
May Allah protect you
Are you okay?
Who was he?
Yes, Jaichand
Mr Saba, there's still no news
of Virendra Kapoor's son
Kapoor is still being stubborn
and is refusing to sell Angaara
Our project worth 3 billion
could be in danger
As you command, Mr Saba
Tina, tomorrow night will be the
last night of Virendra Kapoor's life
Like birds flying
in the skies...
let's fly away somewhere,
O dear one
Let's make an abode
at a place...
where we have no one to fear
O beloved,
I know it deep in my heart...
we shall find our goal
some day
I'm madly in love with you.
I'm crazy...
I say one thing
and do yet another...
I'm crazy, crazy
I'm madly in love with you.
I'm crazy...
I say one thing
and do yet another...
I'm crazy, crazy
O beloved,
I know it deep in my heart...
we shall find our goal
some day
Do not be afraid...
come into my arms...
and listen to what
my heart says
I'm madly in love with you.
I'm crazy...
I say one thing
and do yet another...
I'm crazy, crazy
O beloved,
I know it deep in my heart...
we shall find our goal
some day
I'm madly in love with you.
I'm crazy...
I say one thing
and do yet another...
I'm crazy, crazy
Get down there... down!
But who are they, Uncle?
Whoever they are, their intentions
don't seem right to me
I'll go and see
Get down there, Jessica!
What kind of a joke is this, Jaichand?
Why have you blocked the path?
Your welfare lies in sitting
quietly in the car, Mr Kapoor
Is what we're doing right, Tina?
You want to do right...
or do you want me?
So do it!
So you're Mr Saba Karim Shah
When my need becomes
my obsession...
I care neither for money,
nor for the consequences
So here I am in person, Mr Kapoor.
To extend a hand in friendship
I don't like to be friends
with people like you
If not friends, we can at least
discuss business?
I have raised my offer
by 100 million
I'll pay you 400 million
for Angaara
I'll give you the same answer
I gave Jaichand
I will not sell Angaara
at any cost
When Saba sets out to make a deal,
he never returns empty-handed
But you will have to return
empty-handed today, Mr Saba
Even if you kill me for it
I've seen a lot of
bloodshed, Mr Kapoor
By God, I hate
the colour of blood
But what can I do?
The bloody thing runs in my veins
It's time for me to
meet my Creator
And perhaps, time for you too
God protect you
I have terrible news
about your dad
He met with an accident
on the railway tracks
Mr Saba
Namaskar, Waliekom Salaam.
Don't be afraid, Jaichand
I'm here. He won't do
anything to you. Sit down
Thank you
So what news do you
bring from India?
I have good news for you, Mr Saba
We have found Virendra
Kapoor's dearest one
The young man is called Lucky
Yes, Lucky Kapoor
Are you sure Lucky is
Virendra Kapoor's son?
Undoubtedly, Mr Saba
God! What blunder have I committed?
But he used to hate his father
Jaichand, prepare to leave
for India immediately
As you say, Mr Saba.
Namaskar, Waliekom Salaam
How have you been, Sheru?
What do you want?
Lopez, arrange for his meal.
The poor beast is hungry. Go on
But whether I remain
one day or not...
you're going to shoulder
all these responsibilities
You'll always be there, dad.
For me
Nothing is forever, son
Not relations, nor loved ones.
Not joy, nor sorrow
If he's Jackie Chan,
I'm Lucky Chan
If he's Hong Kong,
I'm Hindustan
If he's Jackie Chan.
I'm Johny Chan!
If he's Hong Kong,
I'm Hindustan!
If he doesn't allow me a side,
it's suicide for him!
Stop it, teacher!
You're a novice!
I'm a daredevil!
Never mind!
Teacher... peace first.
Then the fight
Hats off to you, teacher
However big a pupil grows,
he's never bigger than his teacher
This teacher missed
his pupil very much
You sure have built
a great physique
To guard against the enemies.
And thanks to my friends
You're now the size of a beer.
So how about it?
Why not
How did dad's car collide
with the train?
Even I can't figure out
how all this happened
Dad wasn't too drunk
that night, was he?
I don't know why...
but he had started drinking too much
on his return from Australia
You met him too, didn't you?
Yes, I did
And maybe I was far
too insensitive with him
Whatever has happened
is in the past
He loved you very much
Tell me something, Johny
Who was that girl at the funeral?
I saw her in Australia too
So you didn't recognise her?
She's the one who always used to
chase you around as a child
The one with the rose in her hands,
thorns on her face... the sweetie pie!
Please take me to Australia, Lucky!
What tender...? Are you filing
for a contract?
If I break into a song, you won't
be able to buy yourself a meal!
You know what a song is?
So you can also sing, Johny?
I love you so dearly...
as dearly as a dying man
loves his life
I'd be so happy if you were in Maria's
place and Maria were in your shoes
Spend a few days more with me,
and I'll get diabetic!
I know
We met at the florists'
in Australia, right?
You were quite busy that day
And you were in a hurry too
Isn't she beautiful?
You're absolutely right for
the first time in your life
First time, last time
or middle time...
whatever teacher says
is true!
Johny, Max might get
a bit late today
Will you please drop me home?
See, Lucky?
Pretty girls still ask me
to drop them home
C'mon, teacher.
It'll break Champakali's heart
And you must give your disciple
a chance too
Why not?
I'll drop her home
Hang on Champa...
keep your eye on the road,
not on the girl!
Relax, Champakali
I said the road... you want to
take me into the jungle?
Stop hitting me!
Where do you live?
Near the post office?
So you still remember?
This is where I've
spent my childhood
Is there more you remember?
So much has changed over
the years. Hasn't it?
With time, people also change
I believe you're the one who saw
Papa alive for the last time
What sort of mood was he in then?
Was he upset?
No, he was absolutely normal
...that day
He dropped me home
and went back
And I got to know about
his accident the next day
I'm destined to have a monkey...
here's a Pepsi for you!
But won't you tell me
about your girl?
Remember how irritated you used
to get with her as a child?
I? I was never irritated
Of course, you were in love with her!
But won't you tell your teacher
what happened yesterday?
You won't tell me
about yesterday!
Good morning, Mr Lucky.
Good morning, Mr Tiwari
Are the property papers ready?
In just two weeks, all the property
will be transferred in your name
Before Mr Kapoor's death, someone
offered 300 million for this place
I could negotiate with him,
if you wish
Get it over with
as soon as possible
I want to return to Australia
at the earliest
Very well. As you wish
Your turn, teacher
What happened, teacher?
Why're you quiet?
Okay, I get it
And don't worry. All of you will
have a share in the property
Share...? Property...?
Does money mean everything?
Do I mean nothing to you?
My friend, Virendra,
your father...
he died waiting for you.
Does that mean nothing to you?
All this means nothing to you?
That girl loved you ever since
she was a child...
and waited for you to return.
That means nothing to you?
It does!
But there's Aunt Martha who
brought me up like a mother
And there's my dream to become
the superbike champion
Yes, you must become the champion.
You have my best wishes
let's go
Namaskar, Mr Saba
Namaskar, Jaichand.
Waliekom Salaam
So what news do you have for me
from India?
Congratulations, Mr Saba
Lucky is ready to sell Angaara
By God, you have made Saba
a happy man!
All the formalities ought to be
completed within two weeks
Jaichand, I will return to India soon.
Do wait for me
As you wish, Mr Saba.
Didn't I tell you?
Saba Karim has found
his dearest one today
Why don't you speak?
Who are you?
You could call me a
freelance photographer...
who has some beautiful pictures
of you and your friends
What pictures?
If this is a joke, it isn't
going to be very good for you
This isn't a joke, Jaichand.
Neither was what...
you did to Virendra Kapoor.
You bound his hands...
shoved his head in a plastic bag,
and strangulated him
It wasn't a joke when you drove his
car on the middle of the railway track
What do you want?
Ten million
Ten million?
Have you gone mad?
Think it over, Jaichand.
If these pictures get to Lucky...
your project worth 3 billion
could be scrapped
And you will even be sent
to the gallows
The choice is yours.
10 million against 3 billion
is nothing
What proof do you have?
You will have the proof
Who was it?
I happened to be passing by...
when your music drew me here
Are you thinking of someone?
He's just a dream
And dreams come true sometimes
Waiting for some?
Yeah, Max must be here any moment
May I ask you something, Jessica?
Would you like it, if I
refused to sell Angaara?
Your dad would have
liked that very much
And you?
I was leaving anyway
I'm told you're selling off Angaara
You owe me an answer, Jessica
God, have mercy
I want to talk to Mr Saba
Call from Jaichand
Yes, Jaichand?
What news from India?
We have a serious problem, Mr Saba
Looks like someone was present there
at the site of the murder...
who has taken our pictures and
is now trying to blackmail us
You don't sail in a ship and
be scared of storms, Jaichand
I'm coming to India.
As you say, Mr Saba
Where are you going?
Lucky has invited me over
for lunch
You forget what
his love did to you?
You know, I've loved him
ever since our childhood
But does he love you too?
He will, some day
He was telling me the other day
that he's not being able to decide...
whether he must sell Angaara
or not
Jessica, you know very well what
will happen if Lucky decides...
against selling Angaara!
I had to lie because of you, Max!
He must get to know the truth too!
The day he gets to know, he'll be
a dead man. They'll bump him off
And you too!
I spent ten years in the Remand Home.
It was for you, wasn't it?
I killed our father!
But Max...
Just tell him...
to sell Angaara and go back
If your love is true...
he'll come back to you some day
But only if he's alive
How do I look, Max?
Beautiful, as usual
You liked the pictures?
What happened of the ten million?
I need time to raise
so much of money
As they say, Jaichand.
Neither for love nor for friendship...
time waits for none.
I'll call again in 24 hours.
One last time
I didn't know there was
such a beautiful place here
This is my favourite place.
I come here very often...
to hear the waves speaking
And then, it's the waves of
this very lake...
that flow from my violin as music.
Not the waves...
I have seen the pain flowing
Whose pain?
The one I used to find terribly
irritating ten years ago
Because of me, your world...
Has begun to fade away?
In love, people even
choose to go blind
Lucky Kapoor was blind for 10 years.
But his eyes are wide open today
Till today, I have only
taken from you, Jessica
Roses, your eye-sight et al
But there's something
I wish to give you today
My heart. And my love
Your face is so adorable...
I can't do
unless I look at it
Indeed, the manner in which
God has crafted you...
if you could look at yourself
through my eyes, my love
This crazy heart,
the crazy heart...
this crazy heart
is beginning to pine...
I'm beginning
to lose my senses...
my friends tell me...
that I'm falling in love
I'm falling in love
This crazy heart
is beginning to pine...
I'm beginning
to lose my senses...
so let me tell you, my love...
that I'm falling in love
I'm falling in love
Ever since I have
seen you, my love...
every moment, you are
the one I wait for
Ever since I have
begun dreaming about you...
you are the one I see a hundred
times, without even looking at you
The spell is being cast
again and again...
my heart is beginning to pine...
so let me tell you, my love...
that I'm falling in love
I'm falling in love
My craziness
yet warns me...
that your love might drown me
Love is the messiah,
love is God...
we shall never separate...
that is all I pray for
I'm beginning
to believe in you...
my heart is beginning to pine...
my friends tell me...
that I'm falling in love
I'm falling in love
that I'm falling in love
This crazy heart
is beginning to pine...
I'm beginning
to lose my senses...
so let me tell you, my love...
that I'm falling in love
I'm falling in love
What happened...?
So why're you so startled?
Let's get out of here! Please!
Of course, we will
Let the train pass first
Beautiful eyes...
You, Mr Saba...?
By God, son...
I missed you very, very much
But what brings you here
so suddenly?
There was some business
to conclude in India...
and you and I had to
get together too
But I got the terrible news
on my way, son
That your father met
with an accident
May God bless his soul
I was terribly upset, son
If there is anything I can do,
I'm here at your service
How did you get to know
about dad's accident?
I met a friend of yours on the plane.
A beautiful girl
We're meeting after days!
And you won't even say hello?
But of course! But why didn't
you tell me you were coming?
I wanted to give you a surprise
Please come in, Mr Saba
As they say, when the beauty
meets her beloved...
they forget the rest of the world.
I'm in a bit of a hurry today...
and the two of you don't have time
for anyone else either
How long are you staying?
I'd really like to meet you
Certainly, son. I'm staying close by.
Come over whenever you want to
Salaam aliekom.
Waliekom Salaam
You won't mind if I wish to stay
at your place, would you?
Why would I mind?
Would you be happy?
This is my last phone call
Just a few moments to go
before 24 hours, Jaichand
Have you raised the money.
Yes, the money is ready.
Where have I to send it?
There's a cluster of
banyan trees at China Creek
That's where I'll meet you.
Exactly at 11
Don't act smart. Or else...
Tina, what are you doing here?
This wasn't part of our plan!
Plan or no plan...
Tina gets to the place
she ought to
Jaichand can get here
with his men at any moment
He'll get suspicious if
he sees all of you here
And we won't get the money then
Tina and money...
can't stay away from each other
If I tell you that I've
brought the money...
what then?
This is no time for jokes, darling
Tina does not joke
The money's lying
in that bag
Where are the negatives
of the pictures?
Here you are
Ten million!
You made a great plan, Tina!
I love you!
We'll split the money tomorrow.
tomorrow's very far away
All we have today
is this moment
Before you leave, live life
through my lips, my love
All is fair in love
Why're you laughing,
you bastard?
This is Inspector Rathod
A drug-peddler has been
killed in an encounter
It's me
May I take it?
Is this Lucky's number?
Who's calling?
It's some Jessica.
Should I ask her to call later?
No, I'll talk to her
Looks like I have disturbed you.
I'll call you later
No, not at all.
What is it?
My brother Max hasn't returned home
since last night
He hasn't called either.
I can come over, if you wish
No, it's okay.
Your farmhouse is very far away
That's all right.
I can still come over
In that case, I'll come
to you tomorrow morning
I'm sure, Max will have
come back by then
God-damn it!
These negatives are
blank, Jaichand!
There's no picture in them!
But you saw the pictures
for yourself, Mr Saba
So where is the original
negative, Jaichand?
I don't know
what did Jaichand say to you?
Jaichand only asked me to collect the
negative from Max and finish him
I did as I was told Mr Saba.
But the police got there...
and I had to escape, leaving the bag
containing the cash there
Someone tried to blackmail us
because of your neglect...
and the bastard was
even present there!
who else lives with Max?
His sister. Jessica
What happened to you, Max...?
Take her away
Please let my brother go!
Bitch! My life is now in danger
Max, your brother,
double-crossed me
You're going to pay for it now
If you don't do as I say...
I'll kill your brother Max...
and Lucky too
Get that?
Sorry... I scared you
Are you all right?
Any news of Max?
He telephoned from Pune
He has finalised my wedding
Is this a joke?
It's not a joke
He has gone to discuss things
with my future in-laws
I'm very serious
Don't you know how much
I love you?
It isn't love! It's sympathy!
It's nothing but love!
And if you're upset about Reema,
let me tell you. She's just a friend
You don't need to give me
any clarifications!
I have never loved you!
You're lying!
You have loved me all your life
What's gotten into you, Jessica?
What is it...?
There's surely something
that is bothering you
Tell me. I'm here to help!
I don't want your help!
You are only harassing me...
just sell Angaara
and go away!
Listen to me, Jessica...
hear me out, please!
Will sitting in a dimly lit room
and wallowing in self-pity...
solve your problem?
I love you, Jessica!
Tell me! What is the matter?
I don't want your love...
I don't want it!
Go away! Please!
All right. I'll go away
But whenever you need me...
Hello, Mr Lucky.
Hello, Mr Tiwari
Good news for you. I have completed
all the legal formalities
You will be happy to know that
Jaichand was just a middleman
The man really interested in Angaara
is Australia's famous businessman...
Saba Karim Shah!
Saba Karim?
Oh yes. He says he knows you very well
and wants to meet you too
Oh yes, that's good news, Mr Tiwari.
Fix a meeting for me with Mr Saba
Where did you go away so early?
Dad had called
You've been selected for the
Australian International Championship
We've got to return immediately
You're right, Reema.
We'll leave at the earliest
I want to see your
dreams being fulfilled
You like the car, son?
It's yours from today
No, Mr Saba.
You're very generous
But I didn't know you were
interested in antique cars
Saba is interested in
everything precious, son
And he appreciates it too.
I know that
I don't know why,
but every time I see you...
I feel as if I've sighted
the Moon of the Idd
By God, meeting you
is a balm for my wounds
Wounds? Yours?
It's wounds that make
a true man, son
Saba Karim is human.
He's no angel
You came as an angel one day
and saved my life
You remember?
I remember
And I did myself a favour by
saving your life, not you
Because you are dear to me.
Like my flesh and blood...
like my son
I'm glad my father's property is going
to you, instead of someone else
Lucky, you don't regret
selling Angaara... do you?
Why would I regret it?
By God, I don't want
to lose you, Lucky
Our relationship doesn't depend
on this deal, I swear
Mr Saba, we're the ones
who make relationships
Of our own volition and happiness
But when relationships break,
they do leave a wound
You could say I was in need
of some wounds too
Bravo, young man!
I see a child growing up
to be a man today
By the way, Lucky...
man can't have everything
he wants
What do you lack, Mr Saba?
You have everything
Lucky, the richest of men
is sometimes so poor...
that he has nothing in
his possession except money
I've brought the property papers
By God, my son.
You have made me very happy!
As discussed with your lawyer...
here's a cheque of 100 million
as advance
You will be happy to know...
that I've made you an equal partner
in the enterprise
My son, I want to make you
my dearest one
There's nothing here for me anymore.
I'm returning tonight
I've been selected for
the Australian Championship
God willing...
you will meet with success, my son
And Saba Karim will be with you
to celebrate your success!
As for the partnership...
it shall always be there
for you in India
My best wishes shall
always be with you
Go on
Lopsang, escort Lucky to the car
May God protect you, son.
May God protect you
That was beautiful, Tina.
Congratulations, Mr Saba
I'm happy to be part
of your success
By God, Tina...
you aren't forgetting something
in your happiness, are you?
Me...? What can I forget, Mr Saba?
Tina, Saba knows a woman
for her beauty...
and a man for his word
Your beauty can drive men crazy,
but it cannot deceive Saba
When have you put me
to a test at all?
Saba puts you to a test...
but he takes his own time
The Inspector you tried to buy out
with half a million rupees...
has been on my payroll
for the last ten years
But remember...
ten million is enough weight
to drown you
God protect you
My love, you are the one
my heart beats for...
you are the one who lives
in every pore of my being
My heart, I had already
given away to you...
but my life too,
I shall lay down for you
When you come to meet me
this Full Moon night...
When you come to meet me
this Full Moon night...
I have decided what we will do
I will lay my heart
at your feet...
with my eyes,
I shall offer you a worship
When you come to meet me
this Full Moon night...
I know you are a killer...
but you are the one
who gives succour to my heart
You are a river
in which flows poison...
but you are still precious to me
Those that lack courage,
cannot stand by you
Come to me as my life...
I shall spend it with you
When you come to meet me
this Full Moon night...
When you come to meet me
this Full Moon night...
I found my love and
lost it too, Mother
I hope you and Papa will be one
in death, if not in life
And happy too.
My son...
You, Mr Saba?
I returned from India
and was looking for you
And today, I get to see your wounds
Know what, son? When you bare your
wounds to someone who's himself hurt...
they start healing
Maybe our wounds will
heal each other's today
You spoke about your wounds
the other day too
But you didn't tell me
anything about yourself
It was a raging fire...
that consumed our nation
It was the auspicious day
of Idd
Father! The enemy tanks have arrived!
Do not worry
Ask the tribesmen to be ready.
Very well
My son...
Iook after yourself
Take care of yourself, Hams
Look after yourself.
May God protect you
The bodies of my wife
and my son...
lay in a pool of blood,
in front of my eyes
My son Hams...
Iooked just like you
You can think you've
found your son
I look upto you as my father too
My son!
You don't realise what a deep wound
you have healed for me
Even if God gave me death today,
I would not regret it
Why must you seek death on
an occasion like this?
Man sometimes makes mistakes
he regrets all his life
before I go away to Afghanistan
this year...
I want to celebrate Idd with you.
Will you come?
I will surely come
May you live long, son.
God protect you
My son...
I am sure, you will have your love
In love, I have lived
and I shall continue to live
It's the others
who die in love
Would you be my beloved?
I love you, love you...
my beloved
Give me your love, my beloved
Make me yours, my beloved
My beloved...
Love, on my lips...
Iove, in my heart
in every gathering
of the world
Beauty is tender...
and the lover is crazy
The beauty's eyes
are sheer wine
In the beauty's arms,
sways the crazy lover...
Happy Idd, Mr Saba.
Happy Idd, Lopsang
Quickly go and bring Lucky here.
Before I leave for Afghanistan...
I want to wish my son on Idd.
Go on
This sacred day of Idd...
is a day of love
This is the day we
embrace even the enemy...
and become friends
Lucky, Jessica's here from India
Didn't you say...
I must think of you
when I needed you?
So here I am
Had you said that it was my love
that drew you here...
it would have made me happier
I closed that path for myself
So what is it now? You've come
to invite me to your wedding?
That was a lie, Lucky!
So what is the truth, Jessica...?
What is the truth?
The truth is that your father
didn't meet with an accident
He was murdered
What did you say?
How do you know?
I was hiding in his car then
My good fortune, I escaped
Are you trying to tell me that you
knew that my father was murdered?
And yet you lied to me
that it was an accident?
They threatened to kill you, Lucky!
So you enacted this drama
to save my life...?
I now suspect whether it was
your greed for money...
that made you and your brother
kill my father!
Lucky, please listen to me!
Those people who wanted to buy Angaara
even killed my brother!
And maybe it was they
who killed your father too!
The biggest proof of your lies is
that the man who has bought Angaara...
is the one who saved my life!
And he's like a father to me!
Where was the need for him
to have my father murdered?
Tell me!
You have always lied to me!
You're a liar!
Although I love you,
I just can't convince you!
Lucky, my son... truth sometimes
comes in the garb of a falsehood
I have seen so much of love
for Jessica in your eyes
And I have a feeling that
she's speaking the truth
Maybe she's not lying...
maybe she's not
Bitch! You tried to instigate Lucky,
but he didn't believe you!
You're of no use to Lucky now...
nor to anyone else
It's best for you to die
I'm going to kill you
the way I killed your father!
Come to your senses!
Wake up!
Nothing's happening to you!
Get up, Jessica!
Forgive me... forgive me, please
I refused to believe you...
please forgive me
Where are you, Lopsang? Why haven't
you come with Lucky yet?
Mr Saba, Jessica has told Lucky
the whole truth
And he's headed for you
And maybe he's carrying
my pistol too
I've come to not only
wish you on Idd...
I've come to collect my reward
on the festival too, Mr Saba
Lord, You have heard my prayers.
You have sent my son to me
Go ahead and ask, my son.
I'll give you whatever you want today
I want my father, Mr Saba
I'm glad you've got to know
the truth, my son
I hate lies too
Why did you do it...?
I told you. Man sometimes
makes mistakes...
he regrets all his life
By God, I didn't know then
that Virendra Kapoor is your father
You killed not just
Virendra Kapoor...
you've also killed the Saba Karim...
I gave the status
of my father!
Of my volition and happiness!
No, my son. Give me any
punishment you wish to...
you may even take my life.
do not snatch from me the
right to being your father
Come to me, my son...
let's embrace this Idd
My son...
in you, I have always
seen my Hams
If possible...
do keep me alive
in your memories
This crazy heart,
the crazy heart...
this crazy heart
is beginning to pine...
I'm beginning
to lose my senses...
my friends tell me...
that I'm falling in love
I'm falling in love
Love is the messiah,
love is God...