Janie Jones (2010) Movie Script

I think we're almost there, folks.
I just talked to the venue.
The entries are exhausted!
Left something to eat?
Gonna be awesome, man.
Cheer up!
- My landlord is calling me.
- Really?
I can not wait any longer.
I need to borrow money.
- I can not give you more money.
- I do not want to give me.
- You lend me and then I'll pay.
- Okay. I'll fix it.
Have pity, mother.
Need to do it right here?
Where else can I go?
Janie, get $ 10 in my purse.
Pay Fuel.
You have to dress like a prostitute
just to introduce me to someone?
Do not dress like a prostitute.
I do not see Ethan long.
I want to be beautiful for him.
's It.
There are girls in the room
time Ladies are inside my blouse
Hello, Little Rock!
Okay. What?
- What is happening?
- A girl wants to talk to Ethan.
Do you know anyone who can speak
with the band before the show.
- Not a fan.
- How so? Spit.
- What is happening?
- We have to talk in private.
No. I do not.
Every time I say it...
Is bad news.
I want to share this with the boys.
And with Iris.
- Talk!
- Give me two minutes.
Bad news is going to be about me or about the
banda, whatever.
- We are a family.
- It was cool what he said.
- Taking Billy.
- How beautiful.
One, two, three.
Okay. But the record
I tried.
Someone is in a bad mood today.
Hi - Hi
Who is she?
What can I do for you, girl?
Ethan, I am. Mary Ann.
My God!
I do not believe you do not remember me!
I think it's been a long time.
It's been 13 years!
I am Mary Ann Jones! My God!
- Remember we went out together?
- How wonderful.
I do not...
- I do not even remember you.
- Can I talk to you...
- For five minutes in particular?
- Remember what I said, man.
Shut up. No! Sorry.
You can talk right here.
We are a family.
We are a family and this is my girlfriend.
The show starts in five minutes.
What do you want?
You better talk privately.
No. I think not.
- Go ahead.
- Right.
I do not know how to start.
So I'll just say.
Ethan, you have a daughter.
She is 13 years old.
Her name is Jane.
But many call her Janie.
Her name is Janie Jones.
- Like the song by The Clash.
- Shut up, man.
Okay. I think not.
- What's your name again?
- Mary Ann.
Mary Ann...
What do you want?
Do not be fooled because the bus.
I have nothing.
Do not want your money.
I need help.
I have to get rid of the drugs and need...
I need someone to take care of her, because I can not
Do you believe it?
My God in Heaven!
Girl, I know that all this is very difficult...
But I think
is wanting me to come here to explore...
To say I have a daughter.
What was I thinking?
Okay, guys. Five minutes.
Do you believe her?
I do not have a daughter!
I've never seen this woman!
The jury is still deliberating.
- Okay, honey?
- Everything.
- Want more soda?
- No thanks.
- You talked to him? And there?
- I spoke.
- Are eager to meet you!
- Really?
Mom, want to go ahead?
I can not see from here.
I'm staying right here.
But can go there.
- Are you sure?
- Sure! Sure!
- I saw your daughter in front of the stage.
- She has his eyes.
Shut up.
She's not my daughter.
- I have no daughter.
- What did I say?
Do not need to talk like that.
Thanks, man.
Technically, she could be his daughter.
Technically, it can be
daughter either.
- But looks like you.
- What?
- What?
- What?
- What?
- Say what?
- Nothing. Say something?
- I do not.
This is funny.
Are having fun.
It's very funny.
Do not start.
It is one of
black jacket with guitar in hand?
- Yes
- Right.
Which of you is Ethan?
- I am.
- Can we talk in private?
I do not remember this woman.
I have to believe it...
Is my daughter?
- Do not fall for it.
- If you ask me, she resembles you.
You knew her mother?
This is true, incidentally.
I think she accompanied our tour once.
A long time ago, man.
Hardly knew her.
Do not complicate things vai, vai?
- What madness!
- According to the certificate...
You are the parent.
She has to stay with you.
We're on tour.
This is no life for a girl.
I agree.
But the thing is:
I called the rehab center,
not find her mother.
We called home and cell.
The two are off.
I pulled her file and saw that
was arrested recently for possession of drugs.
Possession of methamphetamine.
The court has a warrant for her.
She may appear one way and give
in all this.
Please God yes.
But none of this is good for this girl
She must have other relatives.
She said she did not know anyone, but we will investigate
Hi Is everything okay?
Was telling his friend...
I'm sorry, girl. What's it called?
- Iris.
- Iris.
- Beautiful name.
- Thank you.
Iris, I said to his friend Ethan
that we have a problem.
- What is it?
- Look.
- I think she is not my daughter.
- If you do not stick with it...
Have to call the social worker
and it will go to the orphanage...
And then to a foster home.
But what about you? Your name
is on the birth certificate.
- You have a daughter?
- No, no.
- I have a daughter.
- If I call the court now...
Can not go anywhere.
They will have to stay here until the hearing.
And if the court order recognizing
fatherhood, and they ask...
And you are the parent, you're in trouble.
And it will.
A living hell for you.
- I do not think you have a daughter.
- I know it's a shock.
- This is not happening.
- Thinking about not stick with it?
I'm thinking about what is best for Girl
- I think I can not do that.
- Right. You can choose.
Do not need to go with it.
I call the social worker...
But I think I will not like.
Come say "Hi, Dad."
And if you change your mind, I'm there.
- Everything.
- Right.
Take a minute for them.
Jane Jones, this is Ethan.
Ethan, this is Jane.
Hi - Hi
Your mother abandoned you?
Damn! Sorry.
I do not mean it.
Did not mean to.
- You know how to play?
- I know.
- Long time?
- I do not know. Some two years.
I know it's weird,
but why not stay with us...
Until his mother call or show up?
've Walked into a tour bus?
This is garbage.
- Hi, I'm Iris.
- Hi
Want to meet the bus?
No, I'm right here. Thank you.
Guys, has a child on the bus.
Sorry, but what could I do?
- Do not get stoned?
- Dude, do not put it here.
That sucks!
You can not take a child on tour.
It's bad luck. It is the same as
take a woman on a ship.
- She is not a woman. Is a child.
- Iris is a woman.
- So what?
- This is not a ship.
Okay. So good luck.
- Open the window.
- It's stuck.
I hide my porn magazine.
Does anyone here want to know the rest of the band.
- This is Chuck, our drummer.
- Janie Jones. I like your name.
- Hi, Chuck.
- This is Dave, bassist.
- Hi All right?
- This is Billy, guitarist.
- He played with Ashlee Simpson.
- Hi
- Okay. Come forward a bit.
- That. It.
Why is filling my bag?
Is only for a few days.
This is not what I'm talking about.
I'm not the villain here.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I am the villain of the story.
I'm just trying to do the right thing.
- What bullshit!
- Whatever. It was long ago.
She must be a slut drugged.
- Damn!
- What?
- What is it?
- I think she heard.
- Sorry. I should not have said that.
- Said what?
That hour.
Do not want to make you sad.
Do not know what you're talking about.
I never heard this song.
You wrote it?
- I think so.
- Is good.
Thank you.
Let's spend the sound later.
Come with us.
- Really?
- Yes a little skirt.
- Okay. Sure.
- Beauty.
- Think you're playing right?
- What?
- Think you're playing right?
- What are you talking about?
You are totally out of rhythm.
Take it easy.
I'm out of rhythm?
Take it easy you jumpy.
- Sorry.
- Okay.
- Let's play.
- Please.
- Why are they fighting?
- For nothing, honey.
They are very dramatic.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Sure. Go ahead.
He knew his mother would do that?
She told me she had a plan.
What had already spoken with him, but...
Ethan told me that knows how to play guitar.
- Yeah, a little.
- He did not say "a little".
Said that you are very talented.
And for him to say it...
- Is a sign that you are very good indeed.
- Really?
When you have some songs ready, a demo, send them to me.
- Want to hear my songs?
- If you are good, for sure.
Do you know that girl?
The Miley Cyrus?
'll Be a billionaire before 18.
So you're in the right age group.
When you're 20 years old, everything is over.
Take. Send them to me.
This is my card.
- Okay.
- Right?
I did not know was there.
What beautiful people!
You are gorgeous!
I love you!
I'll play for you.
Smile, bastards!
Pretend it's Christmas!
One, two, three, four!
- Stop! Stop!
- Damn!
- What are you doing?
- Drumming, asshole.
- What are you doing?
- You are ruining music.
- Damn it!
- Might stop fighting?
- Are on his side now?
- No. Can we play?
Let's play, man!
We, your troublemakers.
Come on.
City university.
Levante. Come on.
The Universal
said something about disclosure?
But I know we will earn enough money
- E view a shirt.
- T? Are you kidding?
- Hi
- Jesus.
They are excited
of the show tonight?
- Yes We're pretty excited.
- Is everything okay?
Come on.
Ethan! Ethan! Ethan!
Today is a very special night.
The banda is doing six years.
I spend a lot time on the road,
spend much time playing...
Long high.
For the love of that girl.
You can imagine my surprise...
When I discovered today...
That my friend Billy...
's Fucking my girlfriend.
- Is true.
- I'm outta here.
- Where are you going, buddy?
- Fuck you!
- I'm talking to you, Brutus.
- What?
I'm talking to you!
You steal my girlfriend...
But lacks the courage to deal with the consequences
- Damn!
- Stop! Stop!
- Chuck, help me out here.
- Might kill himself. I do not care.
- Unbelievable! Stand up.
- You're fired.
I'm fired? That's funny.
Good luck with the tour.
- Leave that for later.
- Wake up, asshole.
I will not leave anything for later.
I will solve it right now.
- Wake up.
- What?
What are they doing?
- Where we are.
- Arrived in "Trouxolndia."
- You go down here.
- Seriously. Where are we?
Philosophically speaking,
we are at a crossroads.
- The label dropped the band.
- They canceled the tour, man.
- What are you talking about? Why?
- Why? Want to reply, Dave?
No, I answer. Why
canceled the tour?
Let me see if I can understand why they did it
. I think it was...
Because of a video on You Tube that appears in
fighting on stage...
And abandons the two thousand fans that remained.
So think...
"Wait a minute.
This guy is ridiculous!
And there is no profit in this business
and the idiots do not sell more records!
That backpack may have played with Radiohead...
but you can not spend money on this former
E was shameful!
All in favor of canceling the contract with the
Ethan Brand Experiment... "
This bus
vai back to New York tonight.
We can hitch a ride or continue the tour on our own.
What do you think?
- Where is Iris?
- Are you kidding?
She returned to Los Angeles.
Go back to sleep.
No problem.
Do you need anything?
- Are you comfortable?
- Yes
I have to talk with Sloan
about some things.
- Go for a walk.
- Yes
- Watch TV.
- Right.
I'll be back.
Let me talk to them, right?
Know who lost part of banda...
And have the video on You Tube too.
Only complicated the situation further.
- Replace.
- What?
- Put shortly.
- No way!
- You will freak out.
- I will not.
- Vai, yes.
- I will not. I swear.
Okay. And do not yell.
I will not cry, man.
... But does not have the courage to deal with the consequences
Stop! Stop!
Chuck, help me out here.
- Had agreed not?
- I look like an idiot.
Just tell me not canceled
South by Southwest.
- We need that tip.
- Yeah. We need it.
Okay. Right.
What do we do with it?
She has to go, dude!
You have to go back to the mother.
I can not be responsible for it.
I can not hear.
Where you going?
- I need air.
- Do not let me drink alone.
Good night.
Why is stirring in old folk songs?
- How so?
- This song has a 100 years.
There should hear
Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus?
- My grandfather was a fan.
- He had good taste.
- Let me see.
- Sure.
- Where is everybody?
- Said they were shopping...
But I think that bar there are
picking "talent" local.
He is a little worn out, but I liked it.
Has personality.
You're finished.
Thank you.
You are sincere. I like that.
- Let?
- Where?
- When market.
- I'll save Io, then.
No. You can bring.
I composed this song
when I was about 18.
- Really?
- Is one of the first.
Ethan, we're in trouble.
- No.
- No?
How so?
Not know what I mean.
I do not care.
I'm tired of just fuck me.
Okay. So no wonder that the
Chuck and Dave...
Are loading the van to go back to New York.
- Here comes bonzo.
- Stay calm. I'll talk to him.
Calm, controlled, surgical.
Come on, that's it.
What is this?
Lam hidden away, you cowards?
Lam girl and I leave here...
- In the middle of nowhere?
- That's funny.
This is very funny.
Leave You?
We are fed up
their tantrums...
A rich kid and narcissistic,
asshole! Fuck you!
Fuck you, your backpack!
- I think I gave him the message.
- Sorry.
Let's settle this like adults.
Eth, we're leaving.
It's time.
You have to solve their problems
and do not want to be part of it.
Stop it, guys.
This is crazy.
We've been together a long time
to end well.
Yeah. Exactly.
- Stop. Stop.
- Damn!
Damn! Damn!
Damn! I did not want...
Sorry, dude.
I do not want to do that.
I love you.
I love you as a brother.
That's why we're leaving.
If not, I'll kill you.
- Okay. C'mon.
- We're going.
I do not coped well with the situation
Do not call me, man.
Are you okay?
- Ethan?
- What?
- Are you okay?
- Yes
- I'm fine.
- Are you sure?
I have.
This car smells like stinky feet.
He just needs to get some air.
This is not a good idea.
I think we should go back to Chicago with me.
- It's too much to handle alone.
- You think I'm 16?
Need these shows.
If I play alone in
South by Southwest.
You can leave me.
Can I borrow some money?
That's all I got, man.
hard. Keep it.
- Right?
- I'll give you back every penny.
I promise.
Do not worry about me.
I'll be fine.
- Call me.
- Okay.
- Right?
- Take.
You gave me your card.
's Heart.
Do not know what to say...
But thanks.
- Call me when you get to Omaha.
- Can leave.
Nurture one another.
- Police Dickerson?
- He is.
's Ethan Brand. We met
last week because of the little girl.
I wonder if
already met her mother.
- Sorry. Not yet.
- I do not understand.
She said she was going to a rehab
This is what addicts say.
Is she okay?
- I'm not the best for that.
- At the moment, the only one.
I got to go.
I'll call you later.
- Who was that?
- A fool of a record label.
We have to hit the road.
We need to get there until 20h ace.
And we need a place to sleep.
Thank you.
- The shower is not so bad.
- I will not risk it.
- Stay at will.
- Good.. So...
- When did the first tattoo?
- Age 17.
- Really? What?
- This one.
- Who is?
- I took a book.
An oriental cat. I only did it to
my mother crazy.
What did she do?
- Snapped.
- It was grounded?
- No.
- What? No punishment?
Unless call
years of resentment and retribution therapy.
She got so sick of me that was
to Italy with her boyfriend the other day.
Looks like my mother.
But instead of Italy...
Any one pub.
Come on.
- Are you having fun?
- Absolutely!
Is that...
- Looks like I'm interrupting you.
- No, man. You are good.
I really am? Thank you.
How about stop screaming until I finish...
And then
can make any strange noise they want.
Why not take care of your life?
It's exactly what I'm doing, you asshole.
Because this is my life: Singing drugs
So why do you and your group of caves...
And not sit silent...
- And let me do my job?
- Why not come down here...
To tell it to my face,
your beautiful pussy?
That's it!
I knew.
- You can not do anything?
- Come on!
"You can not do anything?"
Touch soon.
Come on.
Go ahead and apologize
to Mary Alice.
- Hurry up.
- Younger?
Can release my father?
Come on. Please.
Drop it.
- Release him, man.
- Thank you.
- I can play a song for you?
- Sure!
- It's your daughter?
- Hey.
You're good, kid.
What is it called?
- Janie. Janie Jones.
- Can come to my office?
- The guy took me by the stage pants.
- Forget it.
I want to talk about a show.
- Jane can get my things?
- Wait. What kind of show?
I advertise as a show of father and daughter.
- Wow! Seriously? It will be amazing!
- Janie, please go get...
- Would love to do the show.
- Janie, go get my stuff!
Just do not let your pants fall.
- Your daughter is amazing, Ethan.
- Forget it.
I'm not going to show her.
I already have enough problems.
I can not leave my career aside.
This is the "middle" show today.
Be holy patience!
Was those guys who started it all. You know that.
That is personal
keeping my bar.
I like you, Ethan.
I like your music.
The audience Saturday night
'll like to see you and your daughter play.
$ 400 in cash plus 20% of the box office. The Iota bar.
A show of 50 minutes.
Over the encore.
Okay. A show of 50 minutes.
- Hi So?
- Hi
I like your music.
- Thank you.
- She's 13, her weird.
Get out.
Let's go.
- Until more.
- No later
Come on.
Why not
meddles with someone your own age?
- Why he decided to give a father?
- Because we're partners now.
- What? Do not believe it! Seriously?
- Yes, really.
- Is it just a show.
- Thank you!
- Are you hungry?
- I'm starving.
Let's stop to eat somewhere.
It is pity and sun, right?
But the chorus is so.
And then a G sharp.
- I do not have to do it, is not it?
- No. You only play the pity and the sun.
There is a transition in C minor.
But I must not use
do not worry.
- Okay.
- Right.
So this is how.
C again.
C again.
Now is C minor.
Now is the reverse.
- Finished?
- That's it.
- There are other verses.
- Sure.
The show it's great.
There seems to Beyonce?
Hi - Hi, Janie.
Girls, this is Janie Jones.
- Hi, Janie.
- Hi
There is too young to be here?
It's not too old to be
dressed in white?
She is sharp. I like it.
The Janie is very talented. She'll play a few songs
me today.
Backing vocals not find your age?
Do not do backing vocals.
He is my father.
Go there to check on things.
I'm gone.
She is not my real daughter.
This is my cell.
Call me after the show.
Nice to meet you.
Good night.
I hope you enjoy the show.
- Thanks.
- I do not know why you drink so much...
- Before the show.
- Thanks for cutting my budget.
- You are speaking of tiazonas?
- There were tiazonas.
They were, yes.
Five minutes.
- Five minutes.
- Right.
Thank you. Thank you.
Why tune the guitar backstage
when you can tune-Io onstage?
That smell of stinky feet!
I want to introduce you to a girl.
She is very talented and will sing a few songs with me.
Her name is Janie Jones.
It does not seem that girl who you went out with
- Molly.
- That.
Damn, man.
She's cute, no?
Are you okay?
Lower your head, sir.
Call Sloan.
He'll fix it.
My God! I can.
I can. I can.
- Can I make a phone call?
- Have you phoned.
Fell to voicemail.
No account.
Hi My friend was arrested today
and wanted to pay the bail.
Turn here.
Take off your clothes.
Dude, I can not be
with my clothes?
Face? You have no education?
- You do not have education?
- I.
Take off your clothes.
Sloan is the Janie Jones.
I really need your help.
Ethan was arrested and have to pay the bail.
I need you to call me because I do not know what to do.
I'm at the hotel now.
The phone is 508-555-0755.
Room 20. Please call me.
Thanks. Goodbye.
Sorry. Sorry. No.
Five hundred dollars?
There's no problem.
Ace 9am? Alright.
'll Be there. Goodbye.
- May I help you, young lady?
- I spoke with someone yesterday called Gil.
My friend Ethan Brand was arrested
come and bail.
Sit down a bit.
I will prepare the paperwork.
Will it take long?
He spent the night here.
- I get Io soon.
- Depends on how fast you write.
I was so afraid that someone hurt you.
I'm fine.
I called Sloan,
but he did not answer.
- I know.
- Then pawned the guitars.
- What?
- Do not be mad at me.
I'm 13 years old.
I could not do much.
- I know. I know. Sorry.
- You owe me about $ 100...
- And 60 stay at the hotel.
- I know.
You're awesome!
Let's get out of here.
- How did you come here? Took a cab?
- What? No. I came driving.
- Came driving?
- Vim've got practice.
- At first, I was scared.
- I appreciate your initiative...
And everything you did for me,
but will not drive anymore.
- No. I'm driving very well.
- Give me the car keys.
- Gee.
- Key!
- No agreement.
- Okay.
know what to do to get me out of there?
I learned from my mother, because if
put in a lot of trouble with the police...
- And with Duane "Dog" Chapman.
- Who is this?
Never heard of him?
It's a reality show on "A & E".
- It's pretty cool! Do not know?
- Okay.
Let's talk about bad things.
How much to get the guitars?
I tried to negotiate,
but the guy was so...
How much is the damage?
- Thousand dollars to get back Ios.
- Damn!
Okay. The
is not your fault.
I'm the drunken lout.
I'll fix it.
- What will you do?
- I'll call Sloan.
- Where's my phone?
- I do not know.
How do not you?
Was next with my stuff there at the bar.
There was not.
I took everything that was there
- looked in my purse? And in the cases?
- Yes Multiple times.
Know with whom you resemble?
How was the name of the band?
Wait a minute.
I have to take this call.
I accept the collect call.
Just a minute.
Hi, Ethan. It's all?
What? How so?
What message?
I have not received any message.
I was arrested, Sloan. In jail.
Along with thieves and murderers.
Do you know who paid my bail?
It was not my manager.
Not even my friend who attends
the phone when I call.
Do you know who paid?
The Janie, Sloan. The Janie Jones.
She pawned the guitars to get me out of there.
Yeah! Whoa!
I am now without the guitars
and almost no money, so...
- Need to get me some money.
- I can not do that, man.
- It's only two thousand dollars.
- I can not because I'm not.
- Of course it has.
- I have not.
Okay. Thousand dollars then.
- Seriously. I'm not.
- It seems that there's a thousand dollars!
And even if he had, you can not get
giving you money as well!
- Right? Sorry. I'm tough.
- Whatever. Do not worry.
Chicago? What madness!
I always wanted to go there!
Do not get carried away.
We will stay there for some time.
to win some cash to get the guitars back.
Then we have four days to arrive at South by Southwest.
This is crazy!
Can not talk with anyone who will give us money...
To transfer him?
- I can not.
- Why not?
It's complicated.
- Wait here. I'll be back.
- Okay.
Lily, I need to talk to you.
Need your help.
I'm dead.
My God.
Already adult, Ethan.
I can not help you forever.
I would not be here if it were not serious.
I need a small loan.
- That's it.
- Only?
- Now I'm playing cards.
- I just need two thousand dollars.
- This is not for you.
- What would...
If he could not appeal to me?
Would that fix
a job, is not it?
It's funny
someone who never worked in the life to come tell me that.
The conversation ended, Ethan.
I will not have my character assassinated
inside my own house.
Not for me.
It's for my daughter.
Is a low blow, even for you.
Lying about a child...
- To extort his mother?
- I'm not lying.
- It's out there.
- Really?
There is no education.
Ask her to join.
I know I will love my granddaughter.
Can meet you the other day.
- Bye, Ethan.
- Okay.
Okay. Right.
'll Be interesting.
Lily, this is Janie.
She is his granddaughter.
Hello, Janie.
have to stop with this charade.
You should be ashamed.
- How old are you, young lady?
- I am 13 years old.
- Thirteen?
- Yes
- And he is your father?
- Yes
where you found this child? On the street?
One thing is you waste your life chasing
But come here asking for money while
corrupted this innocent child...
Stop! Stop!
Please stop!
Okay? E...
And he's not lying.
He is...
I'm her father.
I'm her father.
- Let's go.
- Wait, please.
Close the door, please.
Stay where you are. I'll be back.
I should not have brought you here.
This is your mother.
And my thought was difficult.
- Yes
- Wow!
Sorry, honey.
I wish I could say
I forgot to take the medicine...
But no excuses for my behavior.
She has her father's eyes.
Where are you going?
We have to go back to the road.
Can not stay a while?
No. Do we have to go.
- Where are they going?
- To Texas.
- Ethan?
- Tell.
- Can I ask you a question?
- May.
Okay. But you have to promise me that
will tell the truth.
- Seriously. Really.
- Right. Alright.
My mother was a groupie
with whom did you leave?
No. No way.
I went behind his mother.
She was...
She was cool.
- Okay.
- Was the same. It's serious.
What happened to your father?
You never mentioned him.
- If you do not want to talk...
- No, no. Alright.
I do not know.
I think not think much of him.
He was a composer.
He composed modern classical music.
Was a very talented guy.
But he killed himself when I was nine.
It took a lot of painkillers
with half a bottle of whiskey...
And left me alone.
Sorry. I should not have
touched this subject
- As your mother gave you?
- Plenty.
- Over five thousand.
- Caramba!
Who has this money will be available?
The millionaires, criminals...
No. I looked at the cases.
- I swear it looked.
- Did you look?
I looked, yes.
But was not there.
How ridiculous.
I was not there. I swear.
No, she's fine.
Was he? What good.
We were waiting to hear from you.
Good to know. Glad.
The Janie okay.
We're having fun.
We are in Des Moines.
Yes I can take it for you.
It's your mother.
It seems she is much better.
could not be with me on the road forever.
You have to go back to school.
I know.
Here is on the right.
Mary Ann and I are
clean for a month.
- I am very proud of her.
- Thank you, darling.
- I think I owe you an apology.
- I'll get another beer.
- Want a, friend?
- No thanks.
No need to apologize.
Who has to ask
excuses here, I am.
No. I apologize.
What I said in Little Rock was not cool.
Janie is an amazing girl.
It is.
Is talented, intelligent.
Do not know what I would have done
without her in Itimos days.
What I am trying to say is thank you
Thanks for having it brought to my life
You're welcome.
Well, you'll have to travel quite
, then...
I think I better go.
Can stay a little longer, if you want
I have to go.
But thanks.
Was great to see you.
- Take care.
- Bye.
Do not need to worry about me.
I'll be fine.
- I come to visit you, right?
- Sure. Right.
- I promise.
- Okay.
- Okay. Goodbye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
This is my house and you will have to work.
What are you doing here?
I was thinking...
- I think you should come with me.
- Really?
- I think you should not be here.
- No need to do that.
- No thanks.
- Thanks for getting me out of that.
- Get your things.
- What are you talking about?
What if my mother
call the police?
She will not care.
Go get your stuff.
- We call her.
- Okay.
- You have to work.
- Fuck you!
- Wait.
- What?
- You know you have to go back.
- I know.
Okay. Come on.
Thank you.
I'll play one more song.
I am very honored to
have someone so special...
Singing with me.
Ladies and gentlemen...
My daughter, the incomparable
Janie Jones.