Japan (2023) Movie Script

- Mom, it's raining.
- Ask Dad to cover the ditch!
So, you're sitting out here.
Bloody woman. Come home!
Damn it! You should leave.
Don't make me curse you!
- Let's go!
- Hey!
You don't deserve a child or a family.
I say, come over here.
Give me back my gold.
How dare you beat a man?
To hell with your gold!
I can get gold in one strike!
I will shower my child with gold.
The baby is crying!
If I stay with you, my child's life
will become a stinking mess!
Where are you taking the child?
Please hear me out, dear.
- Give me the child.
- My dear...
Why are you fighting?
Kanni, please don't go.
I'll make him understand.
Even if I'm about to die,
I'd never return to you.
Get lost! I'll bring you your Gold
and take back my child.
I will take back my child!
Beat four to Control Room, sir.
Sir, I came down to Raja Street
to sign the night register.
I found a dead body outside
Royal Jewellers.
They have murdered the security guard.
Open the shop. Come on, open it!
Okay, sir.
Open it!
- Mohan!
- Sir?
Switch on the lights.
Get out of here!
Don't gather here. Please go!
Please hear me out.
Everyone, leave.
Sir! Sir!
- Bring me a corporation worker.
- Okay, sir.
Did you notice, madam?
I came here to make a living...
but I'm about to die.
Please save me, sir.
Please, please!
Oh, God!
Two hundred crores were stolen.
- Two hundred crores, you say?
- Yes, sir.
We supply other branches from here.
The two floors were decked with gold,
diamond, and platinum.
They wiped it all at once!
Why keep 200 crores worth of stock
in one store?
This is the parent store.
As a sentiment,
this store supplies stock to other stores.
The shop that was blessed
with the Goddess of Wealth
has been ruined by stray dogs.
I lost 200 crores.
If I don't recover it...
my whole family will commit suicide.
Please, sir. Be patient.
Oh! Can you remain patient?
Why wouldn't you?
You went with your family to attend
A. R. Rahman's concert
and then had a free meal at Annapurna.
After which you must've slept peacefully.
Why wouldn't you speak?
Right in the heart of the city, that too
on my property, someone dug a hole
and stole items worth 200 crores.
But the law and order
didn't do squat about it!
Listen carefully.
If you don't recover it today,
I will turn all your lives at
the department into hell.
- Understood?
- Yes, sir.
I hope you're aware that Mitesh
is not the sole owner of this branch.
I'm aware, sir. Home Minister's
brother-in-law Pazhaniswamy...
and Abrar are silent partners.
The Minister's money is inside the shop.
They stole from the people.
But now, someone else stole from them.
- Make sure the entire staff is present.
- Sure, sir.
- Until I say, everyone should remain here.
- Sure, sir.
- Go ahead.
- Okay, sir.
I hope everyone's here.
Sir, the Commissioner has
summoned Karuppasamy.
Why him?
We are doomed!
Did you gather any evidence?
Nothing yet, sir.
Sir, we found a token.
They fogged all the CCTV cameras
inside the shop.
Also, they broke the cameras
on the street.
Also damaged the cameras
of the surrounding shops.
This footage is from
a small shoe shop in the corner.
Even the sniffer dogs point
to the drainage out front.
Who is he?
He is a gold disposal ditch siever.
- Which area?
- Sir, behind Ukkadam Lake.
You see, sir,
there are small workshops that
are associated with the jewelry shops.
When they are making ornaments,
the leftovers flow down the drain.
We gather the slush
from the drain, sieve it,
and we get bits of gold pieces.
When we gather all of it and give it
to the jewelry shops,
a family gets approximately paid
anywhere from 300-400 rupees.
The thirty families that reside here
make their living off it.
We work for daily wages, sir.
Where are you people from?
Sir, over the generations, we belong
to a community from Andhra.
But we hail from Senthamangalam
in Namakkal.
To make a living we have camped here.
Police allow our vehicles into the city
only after 11:00 p.m.
I'm a progressive person.
I do not discriminate as a police officer.
I hope that you people will get
an education and prosper in life.
I'm asking you people nicely...
it's best you all confess.
Where have you stashed the loot
from Royal Jewellers?
If you confess, I'll save you people.
Sir, we did watch the news on the phone.
Our people don't indulge in such acts.
Oh, is it?
Oh, God!
Our nation is destroyed
because of sympathy creation.
Bloody crooks!
Don't pretend to be saints.
I have evidence of your crimes.
Last night, who was in that area?
You tell me!
Tell me!
Sir! There are five lanes
near the big store.
A lane for each family.
Last night, Radha went to that lane.
Where is he?
Sir, we don't know where he went.
It says switched off when we call him.
Take a look, sir.
He did not unload the goods.
- Where does he live?
- He lives nearby.
Take me there.
Do not stand here.
Move to the other side.
Move your vehicle.
Get going.
What happened?
Bloody crooks!
Someone looted the jewelry shop.
Hey, step back. I said, step back.
Come on, step back.
- Gautham!
- Sir!
Take a picture of all the gawkers.
- Okay, sir.
- Note down their addresses.
- Sure, sir.
- Check if the maroon shirt guy
- has an Aadhar card.
- Right away, sir.
Catch the man in the maroon shirt.
Don't spare anyone.
Catch them all.
Don't spare anyone.
I'm surprised you're here.
I was told you were in Bihar.
You are right. I watched the news.
As I was anxious, I booked a flight
with my money and flew down.
Do you have a problem?
I don't have a problem, sir.
But the department was saying otherwise...
The Commissioner summoned me.
- Who is the IO?
- Inspector Sridhar.
Inspector Sridhar!
Sir, this is Radha's mother.
Where is your son?
Sir, I don't know where he is.
Last night he got into a fight
with his wife.
And my daughter-in-law took off
with the child.
We traced his phone, and the location
was the Marudhamalai tower area.
Immediately call Vadavalli Police Station...
- and send men to the location.
- Okay, sir.
- Arrest two from this area.
- Sure, sir.
Fast! Fast!
Boss is entering!
Light it up!
Brother, I need to tell you something.
Sir, please give me alms.
Sir! Thank you, sir!
Who are you, sir?
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
Tommy Gun, say what you have to say.
There's an issue with the shop
that we planned to loot.
Let's not execute the heist.
What happened?
Boss, to inaugurate the shop...
world-famous football player
La Pulga Messi is arriving.
The area is filled with cops.
Let's change the location.
Hey, idiot!
We will execute the heist as planned.
I don't loot for the money.
If money interests me,
politics is the way.
One who steals for money
and fame is a wolf.
It will make it to history
only if Japan inaugurates the shop
instead of Messi.
Japan! Made in India!
Along with Messi, the CMO and
the Central Minister will arrive, and...
Boss, the wall is smooth as butter.
We won't be able to enter.
The police have surrounded it.
Hey, Baldy!
I'm a hurricane that'll blaze through.
Look to your right.
Be alert! Understood?
Hey, stop! Stop the vehicle.
- Stop!
- Hey...
Who are you?
And where are you headed?
Next street. ATM.
- Money loading, sir.
- Move!
- Money loading, brother.
- Go ahead.
Baldy, today's match is on!
Boss! Boss!
Red alert, boss!
Boss, the police have surrounded us.
Sorry, sir. Sorry, sir.
Sorry, sir!
Japan. Made in India.
Hey, I'm Strong Veer Mahaveer!
Made in Tamil Nadu.
Police Academy, Manancheri,
Chennai 600127.
I'm out of bullets!
Tommy Gun!
Don't die!
I will kill you!
Let me crack one last joke.
Please laugh.
Tommy Gun...
did not fire!
My friend...
Gaja Bhai!
Gaja Bhai!
Sir, you should somehow...
Mahaveer sir!
Smoking is injurious to health.
Rest in peace, Japan!
Piece-piece, Mahaveer!
Hey, open the door.
Naa Raja.
Japan loves cinema.
Japan made this film
with the stolen money.
The film has been running for more
than 1,000 days with no audience.
- Mahesh, summon the owner.
- Sir!
- Call the owner!
- Right from the cut-out...
to all the expenses involved
are borne by Japan.
Rumor is that he bought this theater.
At present, Sanju is a big star.
It's he who introduced
the actress, Sanju.
He is crazy about her.
Greetings, sir.
Japan and I have no ties, sir.
I own this theater.
There's a theater in Mumbai
called Maratha Mandir.
Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge has been
playing at that theater for 27 years.
To beat its record...
Japan has been running this film
for the past three years.
I was planning to turn this theater
into a marriage hall.
My business is thriving
thanks to Japan's generosity.
- Fine, you may leave.
- As you say, sir.
Whatever we witnessed on screen
was originally executed by Japan.
We could not arrest him because
we had no proof or evidence.
The heist was not the problem.
But composing the same as a scene
in the film...
Our department is to be blamed
for Japan's arrogance.
He has many minions working for him
from our department.
Get to the point.
I was making a point.
Across India, there are 182 cases
registered against Japan.
Japan uses handmade weapons made by him.
He created a unique method
and executed many heists across India,
making himself an expert.
He injects "digman" chemical
into the wall
and completes a heist in just six hours.
The same technique was used
in Royal Jewellers theft.
The messages he leaves
on the site of occurrence
are famously called "Japan Quotes"
in our department.
Then follows his team.
He has assistants across India.
Gangadhar is one of his important men.
He is a notorious gangster from Andhra.
At the Kerala border...
he has created an area specific
to criminals called Ramji Nagar...
that is under his control.
You must've noticed him in Japan's film.
After Gangadhar moved
to the Andhra border,
at present, Eesu is his assistant
and his main man.
But Perinbam has been with him
from the beginning.
He knows everything about Japan.
Despite many cases filed against him...
as there's no evidence,
he's been roaming scot-free
making films and playing celebrity.
As I mentioned, the minions
in our department are to be blamed.
He has many police officers
as his shareholders.
The answer lies in my next film.
Come on, friends! Let's go!
The last theft by him
was at the judge's house.
That was not an ordinary case.
Scandal videos of the 26 officials
from our department
were at the judge's house.
Japan made a hole in the wall
and stole the videos.
He did it for a few black sheep in
our department, and it's an open secret.
Japan never did anything
after that heist...
until now,
that is the Royal Jewellers case.
This time, Japan should not escape.
The pressure is mounting!
The Minister is holding me by the throat!
Initiate the search immediately.
Coordinate with Sridhar
and the DC as a special team.
Sir, I'll report to you.
I don't know what you will do.
Immediately catch him.
We need to recover the items in
two days with evidence.
Ask me for anything you need
to accomplish it.
Karuppasamy, I'll cancel your memo
and put you up for promotion.
Sir, it's enough if they reimburse
the petrol allowance.
- Tell me, Sridhar.
- I have arrested Radha.
- Where did you find him?
- In Marudhamalai, sir.
He tonsured his head and was trying
to escape from Marudhamalai.
We surrounded and arrested him.
Hey, who are you people?
Let go of me.
I did not do anything.
Why are you arresting me?
Hey, why are you arresting me?
We retrieved substantial
evidence from him.
It belongs to Japan.
It's Japan's?
- Please check.
- I'll check right away.
We brought him to our old Ranger Office.
I'll finish the investigation
and update you.
- And Mahesh...
- Sir!
- Take Alex and go to Chennai.
- Yes, sir.
- Do you know the actress Sanju?
- Yes, sir.
Do a recon of her area and update me.
- Okay.
- Velan, you go with him.
Go to Thoothukudi and do a recon
of Japan's native.
Local Inspector Azhagu
will co-ordinate with you.
- Okay, sir.
- Jafar, you handle the local stuff.
Check the place
- in the North and update me.
- Okay, sir.
- Santha!
- Sir!
This team will work with us.
You get acquainted.
- Come on, let's go!
- Okay, sir.
- Hey, confess before the officer arrives.
- I did not do anything wrong.
- Sir!
- Sir!
- Did he confess?
- He's not cooperating.
Sir, why did you bring me here?
I can't recognize him.
Are you Radha?
Your new look is awesome.
It's an orison to Lord Muruga
for the well-being of my family.
So, you offer 200 crores worth
of gold as charity?
Even the richest in India
won't offer that much.
- Where's the evidence?
- Here you go.
This belongs to your boss, Japan.
What is this?
Sir, it's my wife's savings.
It belongs to Kanniga!
Your wife's savings?
Isn't your wife missing?
Where did she go?
The whole family is involved, right?!
Sir! Sir!
Sir, it's hurting!
Sir, please don't hurt me!
It's hurting!
Sir, please spare me!
Please don't hurt me!
- Sir!
- How did you execute it?
Sir, it's hurting.
- Sir! Sir!
- What is your business with Japan?
Items worth 200 crores!
Sir, please don't do it.
Do you work for Japan?
Sir, sir...
Sir, I don't know
what you're talking about.
Sir, don't! It's hurting, sir.
If you don't confess you'll die.
we should crack this case
before Karuppasamy does.
- Understood?
- Yes, sir!
Try talking to him.
If not tonight,
we'll give him the rod treatment.
Right, sir.
- Give it to me.
- Japan...
I wonder why he's asking him about
the whereabouts of Japan.
It's a shame he's our superior.
I've seen Japan once.
Japan is a mighty persona!
Even the richest in our country
can't compete with him.
Girls, gold, and money surround him,
and he lives a grand life.
After committing a grand heist,
we have no idea where he's partying
or which island he's on.
The doctor has summoned you.
Sir, over there.
I have never contacted you all.
This is my first time.
Please consider my prayers.
Greetings. Please take a seat.
Please close the door.
Japan, as natural as sex is,
this is real as well.
- Sometimes in life...
- Get to the point!
As per your blood sample report...
it has been confirmed
that you're HIV positive.
Why don't we do another test?
Japan, you can afford to build
a multi-specialty hospital.
You have invested your trust in me.
Why would I lie to you?
As you requested, we sent the samples
to three different labs.
And this is the result.
I prayed to three different Gods.
Not even one answered my prayers.
I'm discussing a political film
with Director Shankar.
After completing that film,
I want to form a political party
and then upload a couple of videos
by Prashanth Kishore.
I aspire to become a CM
and build a statute at Marina Beach.
But you're preparing my obituary posters!
Calm... calm down.
Calm down, Japan.
Sir, you have misunderstood me.
Don't stress yourself out.
The treatment for this is called
antiretroviral therapy.
I have prescribed a few medicines.
It's available at all the ART centers.
If you follow diligently,
you can keep up for a lifetime.
Moreover, there's awareness
in the society.
Rest assured, there is absolutely
no discrimination.
Oh, you sound very positive!
Shall I hug and kiss you?
Don't preach what you can't follow.
- Sir, sir!
- Hurry up!
Aren't you Golden Star Japan?
Sir, I'm a huge fan!
I've watched your film Naa Raja
on YouTube over 50 times.
The scene,
where you tear your heart
and take out a picture
of the heroine and say...
"You're always in my heart",
gave me goosebumps!
Sir, can I please take a selfie with you?
Sir, please smile.
- Sir, say cheers!
- Cheese!
I'll break your jaw. Get lost!
Glee, glee... endless glee
You are my poem of love
Love, love... unending love
You are the poetry in my life
- Hey, Eesu!
- Yes, brother?
Do you know what karma means?
The mosquitoes you swatted
during your lifetime
will transform into dinosaurs
and return to daunt you.
That is karma!
I'm going to confide in you, Eesu.
Do you know why I went to the hospital?
I concur you went to collect
your blood test report.
It's confirmed now.
I am HIV positive.
Thank goodness. It's not negative.
Given your excellent nature,
everything is bound to be positive.
Bloody moron!
Positive means I have AIDS.
Brother, stop kidding.
Hey, I have a printed report!
- What are you saying?
- Are you afraid?
I'm not afraid!
You're invincible!
Hey, I'm well aware!
Japan is invincible against any bomb.
I am built to withstand any force.
I'm a Masterpiece.
Brother, I'll go and get some water
for mixing.
- Where's the balm?
- It's inside the drawer.
In the Kingdom of the Lord,
let everyone be well.
Wellness is at its peak!
I've tested positive!
- What happened?
- I'm hungry.
No matter where you are,
get me parathas from Andavar's hotel
and come to Mullakkadu.
- Mullakkadu?
- We have work to do.
We need to shift everything overnight.
Brother... here's your water.
- So, you were not getting me water.
- You misunderstood.
During this ailment,
one's immune system is weak.
What if you catch a cold from me?
I'm wearing a mask to avoid it.
- I ought to!
- Brother...
You want me to believe
that you love me so much?
How could you doubt my love for you?
Had you not picked me up
from the streets...
I would've remained homeless
and died eventually.
I owe you my life.
- Hey, get lost!
- How could you?
Mr. Bedha Nagaraj.
- Welcome, sir.
- Get up.
Are you here regarding
the Royal Jewellers case?
When was the last time
you met Japan?
It's been years since I met him.
He's not the same.
He's dealing beyond borders
and he has changed his nature.
The last time he called was
six months ago, high on liquor.
He called for an opinion
on which IPL team to buy.
What did you suggest?
I suggested he take up
Preity Zinta's team.
How else do you expect me
to answer this?
He will do anything
when he has money in his hand.
- This belongs to Japan, right?
- Yes, sir.
He makes these coins and distributes
them during his birthday as publicity.
This is your design, right?
I agree.
I melted the stolen gold for Japan.
That was once upon a time.
Now, he is an "industry" himself.
I heard he has a big hub in North India.
He does not come to me anymore.
In all the crimes committed
by Japan to date,
innocent people got tangled and sentenced.
What is the name of the suspect
you arrested?
How come a ditch cleaner
has evidence on Japan?
I don't understand either.
Perhaps, a helping hand.
Look, in addition to the heist...
for the first time, there has been
a murder during Japan's appearance.
A North Indian security guard died.
Get the suspect's statement
on a recorded video...
saying that he witnessed Japan
murdering the guard.
Using that as evidence,
we can lock Japan and end it all.
Understood, sir.
Radha, you want to go home, right?
No one will beat you anymore.
I will request them to wrap up the case
and safely drop you home.
I know you're not acting on your own.
It's Japan who lured you
and took you on his team.
Confess that Japan executed the heist
and committed a murder,
thus becoming our witness.
I will personally speak to
the Commissioner and get you off the hook.
How can I lie, sir?
An honest man, I see.
I will gouge your eyes
like popping ice apples.
You better confess!
Sir! Sir!
Your wife hasn't returned home yet.
Even if she comes back,
I'll ensure that I turn you blind.
Become our witness
before we start interrogating her.
I didn't do anything, sir.
Hey! Just do as the officer says
and confess.
At least you will be let off the hook.
I didn't do it, sir.
I swore to my child
that I wouldn't commit any crime.
How can I lie, sir?
How did you even get caught?
What exactly is this?
You see...
this is the gold I sieved and saved
back in my village.
I made sure to keep it from my father
and brought it here.
- Do you know what it is for?
- For what?
To ensure our child's enrollment
in an English school.
- What is this, Kanni?
- What happened?
Won't I do it for our child?
These small savings would take forever.
We need to hit a home run!
- Show it to me.
- Hey, don't touch!
This is for our baby.
I won't give this to anyone.
Hey, do you know how to speak in English?
If the parents aim to secure admission
to an English school,
they should learn English as well.
So, I'm learning.
Listen, we must save four of these
within two years of our child's birth.
Only then can we get an admission
for our child.
For that to happen...
we need to...
have a child.
The look that spins me like a stone
She works on the grindstone
My heart swings like a dragonfly
Swirls and swirls
Like an elephant made of straw
You pounce into my heart
Like the fly on the sugar
You are drooling all over
You are skinning the rice well
You are turning the poison into honey
When it becomes hot
You cool me down
You are the cold beverage in summer
You are the temple lamp
In the dark
You are the food I eat
You are the feet of the Goddess
You are the cloud
That quenches my thirst
I was the burnt sand
Who turned into flawless gold
Welcome, my golden child!
Tomorrow's bumper prize
is more than just a few lakhs.
The winning amount is ten crores!
Although illegal, I run this business
with a watch store as a front.
Five-three-two, brother!
- Three.
- Four sets!
Are you drunk?
I toiled myself to save this gold.
But you wasted it on liquor
and the lottery.
Do you wish to spend your life
in this gutter and die?
One strike and we will build
a house with electricity.
Decorate and celebrate our life.
- You can live like a queen.
- Damn it!
Why do you think I wanted our child
to go to an English school?
We may live in the gutter,
but I want our child to succeed.
If you pick a shortcut,
neither our family will prosper
nor our dreams will come true!
Our dreams will come true.
I will make it happen.
Please eat the biryani.
- To hell with your biryani!
- Kanni!
You're unaware of the crime
you got arrested for.
But the accused Japan
is a notorious criminal.
History says that people like you have
become a victim and lost their lives.
I'm doing my best to help you.
If you are spared,
it'll add to my good deeds.
- Brother!
- What is it?
How did you stash it inside
your mother's grave so quickly?
You see, the ghosts are the best guards.
A mother's ghost...
is the Chief Security!
Keep digging.
Bloody hell!
I told you to eat after having liquor.
But you never listen.
Health is important.
- Step out!
- Okay.
Eesu, give me the gun.
Hey, give me the gun!
Hand me the gun!
Give it to me!
So, you're the rat!
Eesu, this is what
people call backstabbing.
You will die soon.
You lived your life to the fullest.
You should hand over the wealth
to a successor before you die.
Take it all, my dear.
- After me, it's all yours!
- After you?
I know you very well.
You don't even tell me
where you stash the gold.
And you claim to pass on your wealth.
I can't see you wither, break,
and die of this ailment.
You're a Lion!
Die as a Lion!
What's happening?
One, two, three, four...
Sorry, Japan!
Andavar was closed. I brought
you dinner from Famous Hotel.
I thought you ordered for three people.
Our order was the last one at the hotel.
Inbam, even this is our last order!
Hey, step aside.
- Eesu?
- Do you want to die? Do you?
Get behind him.
Inbam, he's trying to make
a deal with me.
Please go to a corner and sit down.
Eesu, I did not understand
you well for all these years.
Neither did you understand me.
Have you ever witnessed me telling
the entire truth to anyone?
If there's half on the top,
the rest is below.
Likewise, it works the other way, as well.
Only half of the jewelry
is buried under.
The rest is inside the pots.
Don't try to distract me.
You're done!
Don't try anything stupid.
Hey, I swear on my mother.
It's my dying statement.
The jewels are inside the pots.
Why don't you shoot it?
You have a good aim.
- Shoot!
- Eesu, shoot. What if he's right?
Hey, shut up! You don't know him.
- He has a dangerous mind.
- He's alone and inside a pit.
Why are you afraid of him?
He was telling the truth!
Bro! Bro!
Come, take a kick
Who is first in the queue?
This is a brutal story
Flesh will be torn up
Come, take a kick
Who is first in the queue?
This is a brutal story
Flesh will be torn up
Do not get caught in the fire
If you have any plans of going home
Sage, do not stand here
The speed with which I kick
Your blood veins will get cut off
You will weaken and sweat
Dear Lord, I pray they get beaten up.
Come, come, come
Get whacked!
If someone betrays you
Get up and walk
To be victorious
Poison the betrayer's heart
No one can stop you
The enemy should fear
There's a bat and a ball
Who is there to play with?
It seems if caught
The Cheetah will destroy
The area is under my control
I cannot guarantee your safety
- Will build a floor over floor...
- Hey, kill him!
Will make a ready-made hearse
And drop you in the pit
The palm tree will burn slowly
The riot will cause an earthquake
Situation is dire
Dare you to glare! You'll be dead!
There's a bat and ball
Who is there to play with?
It seems if caught
The Cheetah will destroy
Normalize his rage!
Don't come close
You're gonna explode
Don't mistake landmine for stone
And step on it
You're doomed
Don't waste time on banter
It's the final match
Take your last breath
Who spoke, tore, and finished?
Did you ask his name?
Did you notice bones shattering
In Japan style?
Thrash the betrayal to pieces.
The volcano will not blast now
Lava splashes everywhere
Come, come, come
A pack of foxes is threatened
Struggling to attack
Come, come, come
He is always victorious
In the battlefield
He's cold-stone like stunner
Come to the point
Get ready to fight
Betrayal, I do not like
His punches are like AK-47
He kicks hard
The opposer will die
Even during the storm
Thrash the betrayal to pieces
He is not the one who pretends
He is the eagle
That flies above the clouds
Dear Lord, let peace prevail.
Brother, please spare me. Brother!
Brother! Brother...
I made a mistake, Brother.
Brother, please spare me.
I will disappear, brother!
Brother, please spare me.
Please forgive me.
Brother, please forgive me.
Hey, bro...
- Do you want to wear a mask?
- Please, brother.
- I won't ever wear a mask!
- I am to be blamed.
- Even now, I'm not angry at you.
- Sorry.
- Please spare me.
- Inbam, you shoot.
Brother, please make him understand.
I was with you all the time.
Had he betrayed you,
you would've shot him.
Do you expect me to die?
- I am the king.
- Please spare me.
- I will live my life king-size.
- No, sir!
- I'll miss you, dear brother.
- You rescued me...
Please forgive this sinner!
Come on! Go ahead!
My dear mother!
Sharp-tongued woman!
Whatever you said has come true.
But you see...
the person who wanted me dead
is dead right now.
You cursed me a dreadful death,
but you're dead as well.
What kind of world do we live in?
Your name... Alangarathammal.
But I've never seen you groom yourself.
I didn't do anything for you
while you were alive.
You... You never gave me an opportunity!
You were stubborn in holding on
to your principles.
Here you go. Wear it.
Here you go. It's all for you.
What will you do now?
my mother looks like a queen.
please talk to me.
Please tell me what I should do
so that you'll talk to me.
Tell me what I should do
so that you'll talk to me.
Tell me what I should do
so that you'll talk to me.
A man may become a God
When this passes
Anything may happen
A man may become a God
When this passes
Anything may happen
When the path changes a little
He may become a devotee
When intoxicated
He may become a philanthropist
The distance may keep increasing
As we travel
Tomorrow, your footsteps may also
Become archaic hymns
You may search for your mother
When you are in tears
Someone may reach out to you
In the form of a mother
You may wait, believing
Changes would happen
The polluted heart
May make you lose
The truth is, there cannot be light
Without darkness
What to do?
There cannot be cleanliness without dirt
A man may become a God
When this passes
Anything may happen
When the path changes a little
He may become a devotee
When intoxicated
He may become a philanthropist
The distance may keep increasing
As we travel
Tomorrow, your footsteps may also
Become archaic hymns
Hey, where are the jewels?
Come on, tell me!
I concur you don't remember anything
from last night.
You called me "Muni" in front of everyone.
I remember that vividly!
You don't fail to remember that.
- You're being petty.
- Are you trying to cheat me?
Hey, Eesu!
- I will shoot you!
- Go ahead!
If you kill me,
who'd listen to your stories?
Last night, you gave away the jewels
to all the homeless people
like it was food and clothing.
But a homeless person cursed you, saying,
"Had you offered two idlis,
it would've helped my hunger".
Overnight, your generosity
was dancing at its peak.
To hell with Eesu!
It's been twenty years
since I peed in peace.
Another traitor!
Oh, Muni!
Dear Lord, end his childishness.
Or at least help me stop my pee.
- I'll handle you later.
- Hey, Muni!
The plan was to head north.
But you're dragging it out.
Let it go!
Muni, don't create a scene again.
The mobile you're calling
is currently switched...
Has everyone arrived?
I will do a 360-degree check.
Spin it!
- Hello, who is it?
- Hey, Boomer!
Listen, bring the extras in the field.
It's Japan...
- from India.
- Japan sir!
I'm surprised to hear your voice
over the phone.
Hey, enough with the act.
Where is she?
Sir, just because I'm loyal to you...
she ditched me as well.
Right now, she's dating a young blood.
She does not answer my calls anymore.
Don't worry about it.
I need to meet her.
Name your price.
Sir, don't embarrass me with money.
You will always be my boss!
I will step into the field
and find her whereabouts.
I will keep you posted, boss.
Okay, boss. I'm hanging up.
My dear, uncorrupted soul.
Have I ever told you where I met Sanju
for the first time?
You are going to tell anyway.
Go ahead.
In Kochi, she was in a school uniform.
Her mother called her "sweetie pie"
as she walked down the street.
Her debut was a double role in the film
where she was paired against the thief
and the police.
A rare opportunity!
But I gave her the opportunity.
A role in the film.
Heera Lal Diamond Collection endorsement.
A settlement for the entire family.
After that...
I fell in pure love.
I was the first person to offer her
everything she needed in her life.
She forgot about me.
Just because she's successful, she doesn't
even remember my number.
We keep changing numbers every week.
But she changes her member.
No sex. No adulteration.
For the first time,
I offered my pure love only to her.
She forgot!
First time!
No, this is the last time.
I'm going to break the pure love...
and get intimate with her.
I mean,
that's a form of expressing love as well.
Jesus, give me the strength
to bear anything that comes my way.
Sure, he will. Go and start the vehicle.
- Tell me, Mahesh.
- Sir, you were right.
Sanju changed her phone number
five times in six months.
While we traced the old numbers,
she consistently received calls
from one number.
We looked up the number.
It belonged to Glamour Chellappa.
Wasn't he the manager of the film
that Japan produced?
Yes, sir. Later, he became
Sanju's manager and moved on.
Okay, you do one thing.
Record his complete call history.
Trace his calls.
And keep me posted.
Get it done. I'm getting a call.
I'll call you back.
Sir, this is Azhagu from Thoothukudi.
Go ahead, Azhagu.
What's the update?
Sir, there has been a murder.
I'm at the spot.
I concur you're investigating
the Coimbatore Royal Jewellery case.
I have a hunch that this murder
is connected to it.
They murdered Japan's right hand
in Mullakkadu's graveyard.
- You mean, Eesu?
- You're right!
They gunned him down.
Six bullets!
They shot him at close range
with utmost rage.
Perhaps they cross-fired
while splitting the loot.
It could be, sir.
The job is a classic signature of Japan.
We gathered pieces of a sack.
Also, we recovered a few jewels.
Sir, I'll keep you posted about
the postmortem report.
You get to the SP office.
I'll ask Madan to be there.
Send Japan's picture to the Thoothukudi
toll gates and the Kerala border stations.
- Okay, sir.
- Full alert! Understood?
Sure, sir.
Okay. Team, we got the location.
It's Thoothukudi.
Come on, turn around!
Eesu aka Eeswaran,
a suspect in many cases in Tamil Nadu,
was brutally murdered in Mullakkadu
stirring up a sensation among the people.
The deceased has
been identified as an associate
of a notorious criminal, Japan.
A day before a murder that took place
at Royal Jewellery, Coimbatore...
He's very dangerous!
We can't expect to recover
the jewels from him.
A heist in the morning...
and a murder in the night.
And tomorrow?
Will he launch a missile?
Your mother is on the phone.
Talk to her.
- Mom...
- My dear son. Where are you?
What happened to you?
Kanni... Where's Kanni?
Give the phone to her.
She left home after your fight.
She hasn't returned home since.
Where will I go and look for her?
What about her father's house?
She did not go over there.
He's here at our house looking for her.
Oh, no!
What are you saying?
Where did Kanni and the child go?
She left with the child
and has not returned.
Hey, give me the phone.
- I don't know where Kanni and the child...
- Sit down!
- I said sit down.
- I need to go, sir.
The officer is coming. Sit down.
Karuppasamy and his team
are nearing Japan's hideout.
If they succeed in arresting him,
you may be set free.
Love, love... unending love
You are the poetry in my life
The magic you create
Without uttering a word
Is an island soaked in honey
With you, my violet, I smell
The godly fragrance
Glee, glee... endless Glee
You are my poem of love
While we were shooting this song
in Kashmir,
Sanju asked me a question.
Do you know what she asked me?
I remember it well.
We had ordered Mutton biryani
for everyone.
You relish eating goat's meat.
Won't it bring down the population
of the goats?
Her question was as innocent as a child.
Is she a vegetarian, Muni?
She worries about
the goat's population going down.
But she failed to consider
the feelings of a man.
THE HEARNot everyone has a good heart, Muni.
Hey, this is pure love!
I saved the costume I wore to dance
with her for the first time.
Today, I want to see her in this dress.
out of it.
Hey, Perinbam!
- Call the Boomer!
- Sure.
Yes, Mahesh!
We hit the jackpot by recording
the manager's calls.
I have sent you the recordings.
Please check.
I'll check.
Hello, Inbam,
I have some important news for you.
I found her!
Tomorrow, Sanju is going
to Muthanga forest for a shoot.
I will share the exact location.
Inform the same to the Boss.
- Inbam, I've become a producer.
- I caught you!
The boss should consider funding...
Hello, sir. It's Azhagu.
Azhagu, clear the toll gates.
If we clear the toll gates,
he'll easily escape.
It's okay, let him come.
A trap is ready at the location.
We'll execute a perfect plan
and arrest him.
Okay, sir.
Dear Lord Annamalai.
Brother, a strong cup of tea.
- Okay.
- Order six more teas.
Here for a shooting?
Which unit do you belong to?
Sir, this area comes
under Karnataka limit.
Shall we inform the local station?
Mr. Genius, we're at the confluence border
of three states.
The local Police should not know
about our arrival.
If they know they'll beat us to it.
Hey! Until we arrest Japan...
you are our B-Team.
Lord Annamalai!
- Hey, B-Team.
- Yes, sir.
- If you switch to Plan B...
- I'm always loyal to the government, sir.
Listen, stay connected.
Do only what I ask of you.
- Sure, sir!
- Ready!
Play music!
- Sorry!
- Sound cut!
Hey, Boomer!
- Come over here.
- You started drinking early.
- Greetings, Boss.
- Did you rat me out to the heroine?
I wouldn't, Boss!
Rabid dogs are sniffing me for clues.
And I have a python
wrapped around my head.
But I'm always your loyal servant,
my Boss.
You now have an opportunity to prove it.
- Boss!
- Listen to it.
Is your heart racing like a "Godzilla?"
You're right, Boss.
Your boss is here with a broken heart.
A traitor is half-loyal...
but the one who bridges the bond
is completely loyal.
Oh, no, Boss!
I'm half-loyal, already...
now I will be completely loyal.
With your blessings, Boss!
Sir, they look high as hell.
Let's arrest them!
Let's wait until he meets Sanju.
We must capture him
when he's in a romantic mood.
Golden star!
You've kept me close to your heart.
Are you acting opposite to Sanju madam?
I'm just doing a small cameo.
A wedding and a wedding night.
That's it!
Play music!
- Master!
- Madam?
- I've got a headache. Let's pack up.
- Madam?
Let's go!
What happened, sir?
Greetings, Sanju madam!
Japan, sir. Greetings, sir.
Oh, no! Seems like you'll soon
become a CM.
What the hell? Do as I say.
Sorry, madam!
What's this, master?
It's your responsibility
to keep the future CM cool.
Master, shall we begin?
No, no! Not now.
Sir, I'll meet you later
at the hotel.
I'll share the location. Okay?
My baby, my love,
Sanju old, Sanju new,
Sanju torture,
how many numbers do you hold?
No matter which number I call,
a woman picks up the call...
"This number is not reachable
at the moment."
- Master, you continue with the shooting.
- Sir?
Director, don't worry. I'm here.
Come on, sweetie-pie.
Pity the Producer.
The public is looking. Smile!
Hey, lock the rope!
- Hold on!
- Hey, hold on!
- Mahendran, hold it!
- Hey!
- Now, who are they?
- The Karnataka team!
Hey, out! Out! Everybody out!
Everyone get out. Lock the rope!
- Who are you?
- Police!
I can't believe that "RCB" and "CSK"
have come together.
Japan, surrender yourself.
Sir, it's Sanju.
Stop drooling!
- Hey, Japan! Surrender!
- Surrender!
We are the Tamil Nadu Police!
We tracked him down first.
We need him right away.
What do you mean?
They're saying,
they're Tamil Nadu Police.
And they tracked me down.
They need to arrest me right away.
It's very urgent!
It does not matter.
It's your mistake to claim Japan
under our jurisdiction.
There are 32 cases registered
against Japan.
Rightfully, we need to arrest him.
- What?!
- Karuppa.
You look blank like a Northern Politician.
Do I have to translate it for you?
It's wrong to claim me
under their jurisdiction.
In this State, there are 32 cases
registered against me.
To be precise, 36 cases...
Fine, we'll go with 32 cases.
He's determined to arrest me.
Japan, don't act smart with me.
It's your "end game!"
- Karuppa...
- Shut up!
Hey, our commissioner will talk
to your commissioner.
It's a huge case.
- Leave him to us.
- Not possible!
- I will arrest him.
- Rightfully, you should claim me.
But the strangers
are fighting to claim me.
Aren't you hurt, my dear?
But I'm hurt!
My dear folks!
You don't have the right to decide
who I should go with.
Only I should decide who comes with me.
I won't let you fall.
Safe landing!
Japan, don't do anything stupid.
Hey! Hey!
Let her go!
- as it is, no one visits the theaters.
- There's my caravan.
People watch the eating challenge
on YouTube.
And Malayalam films on OTT.
-If you shoot
the only glamorous heroine...
who will save Tamil Cinema, then?
Don't you dare come near me?
Get inside. Go!
Boomer, start the vehicle.
What's this?
Ex returns!
- Don't hurt him.
- Get out!
It's been a long time.
Where's Japan?
Japan left!
What's this, dear Sanju?
Did I scare you?
You've used me too many times.
For a change, I used you for a little bit.
That's it!
I'm here to give you a gift.
A gift I saved for a very long time.
Come to me, dear.
Shall we begin?
Why are you giving me this look?
Did you miss me, dear?
Karuppasamy tracked your calls.
But I only tracked Karuppasamy's calls.
How dare you?
You're fighting with me?
- Japan, please hear me out!
- Hey!
Japan, Japan!
I'm here to save you.
You're pointing a gun to my head
and yet you claim to save me.
Killing me won't erase
the CCTV short films.
Did you forget about my IT wing?
- You all will be doomed!
- Japan, you've misunderstood me.
I swear, I'm here to save you.
The issue has become more significant.
You dug a hole inside
the Home Minister's property like a fool.
How could they spare you?
Home Minister?
Just because you can't
lay a hand on me,
you're using the back door to get me!
Drop the act, Japan!
They're planning to put you down
in an encounter.
You stole 200 crores worth of jewels
from the Home Minister.
And here you're playing a buffoon!
Bloody hell!
They're conspiring against me just because
I intend to enter the realm of politics.
- I'm telling the truth, Japan!
- Hey!
For the past two days,
I have been in a different world.
But you've been spreading
wrong breaking news!
The Minister has given us an ultimatum
to recover it in two days.
The Commissioner granted full authority
to arrest you, whether dead or alive.
You're stuck in a game of death, Japan!
On the night of the heist,
approximately around the same time,
we recovered CCTV footage
from the next street.
It's peculiar.
- I have shared it on WhatsApp, sir.
- Okay, I'll check.
Hear me out.
I'm here as a friend.
Give me the evidence I need.
Just return jewels worth 50 crores.
I will present them as recovery.
I have a scapegoat.
I'll use him to wrap up the case
and save you.
Save me, you say?
When the Lion is sick...
bandicoots itch to rule.
I have my set of rules
when it comes to splitting a booty.
And you demand recovery
for a crime I never committed.
I did not do it!
I swear on my mother I did not.
If not, then who replicated
your technique?
I concur in the guise of a Lion...
a Fox is on the loose!
Dear, I'm always loyal to you.
Even now I'm trying my best
to save you from Japan...
I have come so far.
I struggled a lot to make you successful.
They precisely used your MO
to execute the heist.
I think you had a difference
during splitting the share...
and killed Eesu
in the Mullakkadu graveyard.
- Hey!
- Don't lie to me, Japan.
Hey, Police! Eesu backstabbed me.
So, I killed and buried him.
That's a traitors list.
I made a film out of a heist
I executed it in real life.
I will not lie out of fear!
Listen, Police...
the last hole I dug...
is the one I dug for you
at the Judge's residence.
Japan I'm waiting on the street
behind Judge's residence.
Where are you?
Did you steal the evidence?
Are you still at the spot?
I've come far, my dear.
Did you steal it?
Where's the hard disk?
It's with me!
Japan, don't mess with the Police.
I will slit your throat.
This is the reason...
This is the reason
the evidence should remain with me.
All the sleazy videos in this hard disk...
will be safe and sound with my IT wing.
If you try to double-cross me...
then, the family will be
in great danger, partner.
- Bye, dear.
- Japan! Japan!
Sir, what happened?
If the evidence leaks,
I won't be a police star but a porn star.
God, help me!
Then tell me, who did it, Japan?
Even I'm going crazy thinking about it.
Look, you have my evidence.
We can settle our scores
at your convenience.
But the department is holding
your evidence.
If you get caught,
they will put you down in an encounter.
They're holding a suspect, Radha...
a gold drain siever who works for you.
The Police have a video statement
of him against you.
Is he the scapegoat?
This is life-threatening for you.
Hand me my evidence
and 50% of the jewelry for recovery...
You do as I say!
Using my name someone stole
at the Minister's residence.
I'm sure he's a professional thief.
I'm on a different path.
I need to find the rascal
who is trying to be a hindrance.
Until I find him, you keep me posted
with these case details.
If you follow,
I'll hand over what you need.
Japan, please hear me out...
Come! Come!
Hey, Japan!
- Lord Annamalai!
- Muni, come on!
Despite many warnings,
do you know why Karuppasamy
is chasing me?
As I'm in love with you...
he knows I won't harm you.
Step on it!
It's a shame
that he knows me better than you.
How do you know
that I don't know you better?
You want to do everything in public.
You never change, do you?
I'm not your phone number
to keep changing.
I agree that I'm not a good girl.
Do you know what women do
when they don't have an answer?
They cry!
You take it as you please.
Before making their loved ones
every woman dies trying.
Oh, no, don't begin a sitcom.
- Sir, we tracked down Japan!
- Didn't I ask you to wait?
If we wait for a day
he'll cross the border.
If he escapes to North India, then
it'll become challenging to catch him.
- Don't use your gun.
- No, I won't, sir.
Listen, no harm should befall
the heroine, Sanju.
- Nothing will happen to Sanju.
- I'll become a huge problem.
Japan won't harm Sanju.
I'll speak to the Minister
and get back to you.
Does Sanju the star...
remember my sweetie pie?
Hey, once again, the Karnataka team!
Oh, God!
- Jesus!
- Hey, idiot!
Don't shoot. He's holding a weapon.
- The actress is inside.
- Let's go!
- Please don't shoot.
- Faster!
Look, my dear...
In some situations where we have
no control over things...
we should have fun!
Single darling
Hey, Touching, touching
Let's mingle
Hey, Touching, touching
Endearing words
Hey, Touching, touching
Pleasantly talking
Hey, Touching, touching
When you are close to me
And I smile out of shyness
The burning desire wages a war
Touching, touching, touching, touching
The impression created by you
On my cheek
It has caught fire
My thoughts become honey-like
Touching, touching, touching, touching
Happy moment
No more comment
Body demands
Touching, touching, touching, touching
Japan, my love
Has made me dance
And I am the partner
Touching, touching, touching, touching
Only with you,
I withheld my intimate desires.
I'm done being a gentleman, my dear.
Shall I make you mine?
I owe you my life.
You have the right to...
take it away anytime.
It's only in the cinema that you
don't know how to perform.
Get closer to Japan's vehicle.
It rains in my heart
They might enter the Karnataka limit.
Only we should arrest Japan.
Come on, hurry up!
Coming close to you now?
Touching, touching, touching, touching
Before anything happens...
shall I make a confession?
I have AIDS.
I'm not kidding!
I swear on you.
I already mentioned it.
I owe you my life.
Take it, my dear!
You may die, my dear, Sanju.
Death is inevitable, my dear.
Gold does not mean anything.
But you do!
Come to me, dear
Come to me
Come to me, dear
Faster! Don't let them escape!
She spoke through her eyes
She has intoxicated me
I am trembling
Touching, touching, touching, touching
You threw your net for me
And I got caught in it
But it feels so nice
Touching, touching, touching, touching
My King
I, the rose is here
Sprinkle a little rose water on me
When my desire breaks boundaries
I will celebrate it completely
Touching, touching, touching, touching
Happy moment
No more comment
Body demands
Touching, touching, touching, touching
Sir, it's Sanju!
Hey, where's Japan?
But he's gone now!
What happened?
Has he confessed or not?
We even tried bug treatment.
He is not breaking.
He's only been chanting his wife
and child's names.
He will confess! Make him confess.
Japan is playing games with us.
If we make him confess on video...
I will end Japan's game.
- Show me that rascal.
- I'll take you to him.
Sir, please spare me. Spare me!
Please spare me!
Hey, confess!
If you confess, you'll stay alive.
I don't know anything.
I didn't do it, sir.
- I don't know who Japan is.
- Hey,
- he won't speak.
- Yes, sir.
- Prep the cradle.
- Okay, sir.
- I'll be there soon.
- Okay, sir.
Damn it!
Oh, God!
We need to go and check
if his wife has returned home.
It's a small space
Dance in the corner
What can equal the help rendered
Won't my life change
If your hands carry me?
The house that united us
The nest of the cuckoo
Won't it carry love equivalent
To a mother who feeds
Silver and diamond are nothing
When you smile
The bitten food that you give me
Turns sweet
When you laugh like a pearl
The stars dance
I'm leaving now.
Let's go and get clothes for the baby.
Please come home soon.
Greetings, brother!
It's my child's first birthday today.
Would you loan me 10,000 rupees?
I can't give you a loan.
I can offer you alcohol.
You can have a drink.
That's all I can afford to offer.
That's right, Bro.
Ten, ten...
What is that?
Hey, do you think I am penniless?
Look at the Gold.
Take out the ten-crore lottery.
- Brother, one minute.
- One strike!
It's my child's birthday!
I will cut a cake at a 5-star hotel.
I'm going to invite everyone.
Rascal, all this while you had this.
- And you kept lying to me.
- It belongs to my wife.
Brother, please return it.
-Repay the interest
- and take back the Gold from me.
- Brother! It's mine, please return it.
Hey! Hey!
You don't deserve to have a family.
I'm an egoistic man.
As I was broke and high,
I yelled at Kanni
and went to ditch sieving.
Only after I was sober
did I realize that I had abandoned
my wife and child in the pouring rain.
You say it belongs to your wife.
Then why did you use it to gamble?
Get out of my house!
Only if I take it back
can I see my wife and my child.
- Listen!
- What's it?
Brother! Brother!
I swear, I'll return your money soon.
Please return my Gold.
- Give it back to him.
- You stay out of it.
I said give it back to him.
- Brother, please give it back.
- Do as you please!
- Let's go.
- Here you go.
No matter how much we fought,
Kanni never left home.
I used the gold she saved for our
child's education, which irked her.
I can't live without her.
I went to Marudhamalai...
I swore to my child that I wouldn't
drink or commit any crime anymore.
When I was leaving
after tonsuring my head...
that is when the police caught me.
Sir, when will you let me go?
Japan escaped!
I know that he escaped before you.
Tell me what did your
special team achieve?
Sir, I will figure it out soon.
You can't do anything.
People from all over here to Delhi
are waiting to pull me down.
Meanwhile, a thief dug a hole in my house.
It's not a joke.
Two hundred crores is a big amount...
that'll be used for the expenses
of ten constituencies.
Listen, Commissioner.
I don't know what you'll have to do
to arrest Japan.
But by tomorrow I want this case closed.
They have framed me in a huge case.
Someone is playing games with us, Inbam.
I must find the culprit
and hack his head.
Let's head to Ramji Nagar.
Let's not go to Ramji Nagar.
It must be under the cops' radar.
I have a safer hideout.
Oh, my God!
Come in! Come in!
Come in!
What's this?
Why didn't you call before?
Do I have to make an appointment?
Hey, wake up! Wake up!
- Sleeping like a pig. Wake up!
- What is it?
- Wake up!
- Oh, Lord Narayana!
- Karuppasamy.
- Vishwabharam.
If he came through the mountains
I'm sure he's in the city.
Alert all the toll gates.
If you cooperate, we can arrest Japan.
Like you were eager to arrest him.
Your Commissioner has spoken to ours.
Let's work together.
- Good morning, ma'am.
- What is it?
They've staged a protest in Chandra Nagar.
We may have to deploy more force.
Wait for me. I'll come.
Japan, due to the heist, all the stations
at the border have been alerted.
The Minister is involved in the case.
The judiciary is speaking
about you, as well.
The heist has created a stir
at the Assembly.
As the Minister is involved
in this case...
they're going to the extent
of executing an encounter.
That's why we're hiding
in Police quarters.
I agree!
As the accused is still on large...
the department has not
informed about it to the media.
It's best to surrender yourself.
Because bigwigs are involved in the case.
First, I must find out who framed me.
The rest will follow accordingly.
I'm going to get my hands dirty.
But I require a few weapons.
- You will get it.
- See!
For lunch, bring us hot parathas
and spicy curry.
As you wish.
- Victory to...
- Our leader!
We're at
Minister Bala Vinayagam's residence
in Sivananda Colony, Kovai.
As we speak, a raid is being conducted.
Tamil Nadu Home Minister
Bala Vinayagam is being audited
by the Enforcement Directorate officers.
You're watching the live telecast.
Higher officials will call you.
Please co-operate.
Thank you.
Karuppasamy's team confirmed
activity in Kerala.
Let me do one thing.
I will speak to Kerala's CM...
and arrange a nice Ayurvedic massage
for Japan.
Sir, this time we won't miss it.
You should not miss it!
How did we miss noticing it?
What if the department did it?
They can't do it without the help
of a professional.
A perfectly skilled professional
has done it.
We have state-wise enemies.
Our list of enemies is long.
They executed a huge heist.
And have framed me for it.
Novice thieves don't have
the guts to do it.
Who did we double-cross the last time?
Kadarpur Samraj.
How many times should I warn you
to avoid messing in North India?
It's our territory.
The nation's motto is,
"One Nation. One Ration."
Why would you separate North and South?
India is the biggest democratic country.
If you're skilled then you have
the right to dig a hole.
Okay, then let me put a hole
in your body.
Go ahead.
Let me have one last roti.
- Lower your guns!
- Lower it!
Lower it!
Lower it!
One day, I'll come down South...
and I will make you run for your money.
Damn it! Call Narayana!
Narayana, do me a favor.
In the past two days in Tamil Nadu,
Kerala and Andhra...
I need a list of the accused
who surrendered under petty cases.
Inbam, we're leaving tonight.
If Gangadhar is at the hood...
ask him to arrange a nameless vehicle
and some cash.
Also a gun.
Aren't you "Golden Star Japan?"
In the film "Naa Raja,"
you speak an emotional dialogue...
Please say it for me.
- Please, Japan for me.
- Speak, my son!
Ten months inside her womb!
Ten lifetimes in her heart.
That's my mom!
Is this why you were peeping
for no reason?
- Inbam, did you connect with Gangadhar?
- He's not answering my calls.
Here you go.
The surrender list you asked for.
Kadarpur Samraj.
For a petty case,
he surrendered in court
in Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu.
One minute.
R.S. Puram Prakash is on the phone.
Oh, him?
Tell me, police.
You are usually sharp
and don't leave any evidence behind.
But in Coimbatore's case, you got sloppy.
I've shared an evidence video.
Take a look.
Narayana, step outside.
Do you have Eesu's phone with you?
Switch on the phone.
Last call...
God father, Gangadhar.
He has no idea.
He's still high.
Eesu, are the reports in?
Not yet.
He has just entered the hospital.
I'll keep you posted.
It's positive, Brother.
I'll call you back.
It's confirmed!
Touching, touching, touching
Change of plans, Eesu.
Kill him tonight at Mullakkadu.
Pondy Jeeva Group is waiting at the lodge.
I'm afraid.
Bear this in mind, Eesu.
Without blood on your hands,
you can't progress.
And when it's your Guru's blood,
the success is spectacular.
It matters who's next in line to lead
the jungle when the Lion is sick.
Hereafter, we are going to rule!
Come to me, Eesu.
We'll grow together.
Tamil Nadu is yours!
Rajahmundry warehouse.
Kochi Hub.
Take it all.
What about, Sanju?
I know you have an eye on her.
You're already planning to succeed me.
You can have her.
In my childhood,
my Mom used to give me advice.
Only when you fall sick, do you learn
the true nature of people.
These guys made me ponder
on the old hag's advice.
How dare he cross us?
Let's go to Ramji Nagar
and take out the traitor.
It's not the right time to
ruffle the snakes in the pit.
If we bait them they'll crawl outside.
But he's not answering my phone.
He will answer.
I will make it happen.
Narayana, get inside the car.
Narayana, I'm getting a headache.
I need some hot black tea.
Make two cups of strong black tea.
Inbam, pick up the lawyer's phone.
The unlock pattern is "S."
- Jesus!
- Open WhatsApp.
You will find a lawyer's group.
Type as I say.
Japan is dead.
- Japan?
- Go ahead.
Japan's corpse has been secretly
kept under police custody.
Message sent.
The lawyer is returning.
Delete the message and keep it back.
It's only a minute
since I sent the message.
A hundred people must've
seen the message.
And they would've forwarded it
to 1000 people.
People love to spread rumors.
I deleted it.
Hello, what is it?
Japan is dead?
Who told you?
A source from the SP office.
Wait, let me check with the Chamber
and call you back.
Looks like you were up to some mischief.
Lawyer, step inside the car.
Yes, the IS source confirmed the same.
I don't know which rascal leaked
the information.
Hold on. I'm getting another call
from the Magistrate.
I'm calling Gangadhar.
Watch now. He'll answer the phone.
Tell him exactly what I told you.
Sir, 100% it's a rumor.
If I'm right,
Japan must've spread the rumor.
He's deciding our next move.
At this border his only link is...
Ramji Nagar, Gangadhar.
Yes, sir. If we track him
we'll get a lead on Japan.
Sir, I'm at Kalpetta Police Station.
I need the support of the local team.
Please put a word to Wayanad SP.
I'll update them, sir. Thank you.
Oh, no! Did you say, Ramji Nagar?
That's a dangerous area.
We need at least five days to plan
and execute it.
If we ask them to go for an inquiry...
the officers tend to apply
for sick leave.
Gangadhar has formed
a dangerous accused team.
After your Commissioner speaks to our SP.
I will process it tomorrow.
We are not going to Ramji Nagar.
You arrange the force.
I'll tell you where we have to go.
I lost my God!
I lost my God
I lost my King to this soil
I lost him! I lost him
Your God is right here
Right here
He's waiting to avenge, Gangadhar
How could you let my Guru die?
Just tell me who killed him.
I'll slit his throat.
The Lord never gives up
on his loyal devotees.
did you bring your weapons?
Here you go!
I need to evade the police...
and go to North India
as soon as possible.
Is there a gun in the bag?
Careful! Go!
Go ahead! Wait!
- My Guru...
- Your Guru is dead.
But if you call him,
he will return.
He loved you the most.
Call him, Gangadhar.
If you call him, he will return.
Call him!
Come, come, come
Get whacked!
If someone betrays you
Get up and walk
- Sir, it's Japan.
- Hey!
It seems if caught
The Cheetah will destroy
The area is under my control
I cannot guarantee your safety
Guru, what's with the prank?
Idiotic moron!
Do you guys still believe the rumors
that circulate on WhatsApp?
I knew you were alive.
What is this, brother?
I told you that my Guru is immortal.
Come on, Guru.
Let's go to our hood.
My mother named me Japan Muni.
Muni is the name of a deity.
I asked,
"Why did you name me Japan?"
To which she replied...
During World War II, that country
was bombed and destroyed.
The country that the world thought
got destroyed
came back stronger.
She advised me to lead such a life.
No Eesu or Gangadhar can destroy Japan.
Hey, culprit!
Why did you guys frame me?
Guru, how could you suspect me?
Someone has given you
the wrong information.
Hey, Kadarpur Samraj is on the phone.
Japan, you have misunderstood me.
I don't backstab!
I am very upset.
I am sorry!
I'm at a get-together. I'll call you back.
I did not do it, Guru.
Hey, do you peg me for a fool?
Dear Lord, let there be peace.
Come to the point
Get ready to fight
Betrayal, I do not like
- Hey!
- Japan...
Come, take a kick
Who is first in the queue?
This is a brutal story
Flesh will be torn up
If someone betrays you
Get up and walk
To be victorious
Poison the betrayer's heart
There's a bat and ball
Who is there to play with?
Mr. Sherlock Holmes!
Instead of arresting me
for the crimes I committed...
you're chasing me
for the crime I did not commit.
I should've left you to die.
Despite having a warrant, you waited
for me to finish my mother's final rites.
As a thank you,
I wanted to take you to the hospital.
But you're pointing a knife at me!
I did not do it.
I know who did it.
Japan, don't lie.
I have proper evidence that you did it.
Do you mean this evidence?
Sanju, dear, is pure love.
I'm not so desperate to kiss the poster.
Hey, isn't that your girlfriend?
Mr. Honest Police Officer.
You noticed Sanju on the right.
Did you notice Pawan Kalyan on the left?
Wait, I'll show you something special.
A viral content from Andhra-Telangana.
Do you see the moron kissing
the "power star?"
He's the culprit!
- Hail the "power star!"
- Are you trying to distract me?
Aren't you partners?
Some partners!
He's a henchman I trained.
Had you not intervened...
I would've killed him at the liquor shop.
Listen, he won't live to see the daylight.
I'm going to admit you to the hospital.
I'm sparing you.
Don't try anything smart.
I will push you off the running vehicle.
Focus on the patient.
Don't gaze at my meal.
Doctor, two painkillers
will put his honesty to rest.
- Send him home at dawn.
- Sure!
Are you heading to Ramji Nagar
to kill Gangadhar?
Please take me as well.
Only you and I know that
Gangadhar executed the heist.
According to the department,
you're the prime suspect.
Just because you went to meet her,
they nabbed your girlfriend
for investigation.
If you wish to relieve Sanju
from this issue...
I need Gangadhar alive
to make that happen.
Please understand what I'm trying to say.
The local police...
need four days to enter Ramji Nagar.
But I know you can take me inside.
So, I'm asking you.
In the end, this system made you
crack a deal with me.
But I like this deal.
You'll get a case.
I'll get my revenge.
Japan will arrive at any moment now.
Guru! Guru!
No more licking his feet.
It's high time I stepped
on his corpse and ruled.
All the accused are present in the area.
You're playing it cool
and brushing your teeth.
Japan, what is your plan?
Have patience, Karuppa.
I'm hungry.
Ice apples are on the way.
Ice apple?
Here I come!
Welcome, friend.
Brett Lee.
Welcome, Brett Lee!
Sorry, I am late. Are you hungry?
Who is this?
Is he your new partner?
That makes him your old partner.
How is your business?
Business is amazing in North India.
It's quite okay in South India.
Specifically, it's very dull
in Tamil Nadu.
It's a peaceful land!
By your grace, I'm thriving.
- Who is this?
- Hey, it's the drone operator.
- Sir, I thought it was a wedding.
- Sir will tell you the plan.
Stay right there.
We'll start the rituals once
the inauspicious time is over.
Japan, what is happening?
Dear, as usual, shall I begin?
Here I come!
What the hell?
Sorry, dear. It backfired.
Give me another chance.
Bloody pothead. Give it to me.
I warned you, Gangadhar.
Japan is here.
The rituals have begun.
Fly the drone and give the monitor
to the officer.
- No, Brother!
- Give it to him!
Karuppa, you stand guard.
I'm going in.
The war has begun.
- Forward, forward.
- Sir, too many rowdies.
- Are you afraid?
- No. I'm having fun!
Bro, it's ice an apple.
Everyone step back. Step back!
- Step back!
- Oh, no!
Fly it a little lower.
A little lower.
A bit higher.
Japan, nine o'clock,
people are coming with guns.
You're dead!
Japan, can you hear me?
Hey, fly a little lower.
Ice apples! Ice apples!
It reduces body heat.
And quenches your thirst.
Come, come, come
Get whacked!
You've changed the geography
of this area.
Golden era of Ramji Nagar!
What is this?
Japan. Made in China?
Hey, kill him!
Hey, what's happening?
Japan, don't harm him!
Forgive me, Guru.
Traitors WhatsApp group...
Are you its admin?
I thought you'd die in Eesu's plan.
And if I framed you
in Royal Jewellery Heist...
I would be safe.
I made a mistake, Guru.
I allotted Andhra to you...
and gave you an opportunity
to act in the cinema.
- I ought to...
- Guru, please spare me.
It was my idea to use your technique
to frame you.
It was not my project but someone else's.
It's a commission project.
The material is in his warehouse.
- Who is it? Tell me!
- Wayanad...
Owner of Gupta Clothing Wholesale.
Japan, where's Gangadhar?
Japan, we had an agreement.
I told you that I needed him
to wrap up the case.
Hey, police, I can't work for
the sake of your promotion.
I can only work for my emotions.
I'm sure you heard us.
The original accused is someone else.
Let's go!
I took you to the hospital,
got you fixed...
and now I'm helping you
to solve the case.
What are you going to do
in return?
- Thanks!
- Is that all?
- Girl, where's your Boss?
- He's inside, sir.
- Who are you?
- Gangadhar sent me.
I'm here to collect my royalty.
This is not his shop.
It must be elsewhere.
Go outside and look for it.
- I ought to...
- Have you gone mad?
What's your business here?
You pulled off a massive heist
in your old age
and now you're calmly sitting over here
and having dessert.
Gangadhar confessed everything to me.
- I'm going to call the police.
- Hey, shut up!
- Manager!
- Japan, give me your gun.
Come at once and throw him out.
Call the police!
- The gun is out of bullets.
- I'll manage!
Hey, go!
I'm running a business here,
and you're bullying me.
Why are you agitated?
Come here!
- Tell me the truth.
- I did not do it.
It's my nephew, Mitesh...
- Mitesh got me webbed.
- Mitesh?
Yes, Mitesh.
Mitesh is the culprit.
- Awesome twist!
- Where are you taking me?
- The culprit is not the fox.
- I don't know anything.
But the crocodile!
Please spare me!
Karuppa, your case is resolved.
Not just one,
but 95 cases have been resolved.
My friend and my student betrayed me...
so I made my enemy my friend.
You too, Karuppa?
Let's go!
Mitesh, you say?
Why would he steal from his shop?
I don't believe it.
In the nineties,
since a big riot in the city,
Mitesh has been funding a political party
for election expenses.
That has been the reason
behind expanding his gold business.
he formed a strong partnership with
the Home Minister's brother-in-law,
Minority Abrar,
to be safe locally.
For the past couple of years...
he bought many properties and invested
in businesses, incurring heavy losses.
Now he's broke!
The elections are around the corner.
He needs to give funds
to the political party.
If he fails to deliver the funds
Mitesh's central alliance of power
would be in danger.
So, keeping his partners
in the dark,
he planned to execute a heist
in his shop.
Mitesh is one of the influential members
of the Central Political party...
Until we lock him
with substantial evidence,
- keep it under wraps.
- Yes, sir.
For now, Japan is the culprit
according to the department.
Once we take Mitesh in our custody...
we must come clean to the Media.
We need to resolve the case
without any compromise.
You take care of your leg.
I've spoken to the Dean.
I will handle the case.
- You proceed with your treatment.
- Thank you, sir.
I won't let him stay in this city.
I'm going to hack him into pieces
and courier it to Gujarat.
Track down Mitesh right away.
Okay, sir.
Why don't we speak
to the High Command in Delhi
and put the case on hold?
The case must be resolved right away.
That will be safe for us!
The Minister must be aware of it.
Next to the small line we drew...
we need to draw a bigger line
for the Minister.
I'm on a conference call with the CM.
I'll call you later.
something isn't right about this case.
Tiger is in. Goat is out!
I know that you don't trust anyone, Japan.
This is to gain your trust.
Here you go!
Listen, you speak to the concerned people
in Delhi and get me out of the raid issue.
You took care of my problems.
I will surely have your back.
Are you asking me,
"Why don't you freaking fix it?"
That's not possible!
We'll take you to the hospital
and then we'll drop you home.
Sounds good, sir.
I don't trust this.
But I trust the CCTV.
Oh, God!
My problem is only worth 200 crores.
But your problem is worth 2000 crores.
Mine's a political problem.
But yours is a theft.
- Both are the same, sir.
- Good Lord, he got smarter!
That's why High Command
is inviting you to join our party.
This system allows the officers
who don't differentiate
between right and wrong.
A dirty system!
Radha, your wife has returned home.
They have kept her at the local station.
Where did she go?
- I want to see her.
- Hold on. Be patient.
Not just this case...
I will relieve you of all the cases.
It's my responsibility.
But we can't fix a deal over here.
To resolve this case,
the department has fixed a location.
Ask your man to bring the evidence
to that location.
Fix an appointment
with the High Command.
How do you plan
to close my Jewelry case?
Welcome, Mr. Scapegoat.
- Festive Wishes.
- Go ahead!
- Yes, sir?
- Hey, kill Japan.
Along with the Minister,
many others are waiting.
Before dawn, he should be dead
and the case should be closed.
However, the Minister is not aware
of the case details.
Hey, he's a cunning fox.
He knows that Mitesh is behind all of it.
It's best to kill Japan.
At least we can hold a press meet
for killing a notorious criminal.
Sir, he's holding evidence that was
stolen from the Judge's residence.
The department's reputation
will be tarnished.
Not just me,
but 26 others will be in plight.
We're in deep trouble!
We are webbed due to the evidence.
But he has nothing on you.
Listen, we can't agree to your terms.
- I'll discuss and call you back.
- Okay, sir.
Sir, on our way, let's offer our prayers
to Goddess Amman.
Sure. Okay.
Do you know where they are
taking you, Baldy?
Officers, what did you tell him?
Please be quiet.
They will take me to the hospital,
get me treated,
and then drop me home.
Mr. Common Man, you're so naive!
Souls like you are excess baggage
on this earth.
They will display you as a rare species
in the museum.
Or they will make you a scapegoat
and sacrifice you to their needs.
- Hey, what's happening?
- Nothing, Sridhar sir.
A short film through the CCTV camera.
The fans are demanding for a preview show.
If you make a hole in the system...
I will make a hole in your body.
Sir, that's amazing!
Sir, continue to act in mass action films.
No. The next movie is a sentimental drama.
I impressed the youth.
I must impress the family audience.
In my town,
I will build a temple for my mother.
And conduct rituals
to start my next movie.
I have written the story.
Based on true events.
Lately, there have been no family dramas.
All we get to watch is violence on screen.
At least you'll bring a change.
Fine, listen!
Opening scene...
A camera flies over the sea.
It arrives near the shore
at a lonely house.
Inside the house are a widowed mother...
and a young boy.
The young boy loves his mother dearly.
In this world, after his mother,
fish is his second favorite.
Even his mother calls him
"small fish" with love.
So, in every shot where the boy appears,
we show a fish as well.
Any specific reason, sir?
C-Center audience like you
won't get it.
But the YouTube audience
will perceive it as Easter eggs.
The mother fish wanted to educate
the small fish
and make him successful.
So, she pawned her wedding chain.
- Hey, Two-K!
- Sir?
- Does it sound cringe?
- No, sir.
Do you know what a wedding chain is?
That does not pertain
to the multiplex audience.
If we go beyond suburbs,
this subject will make women cry.
Do you think the shark and
other big fishes will remain silent...
when the mother fish and small fish
are alone in the house?
On that day, it was raining heavily.
Pawn shop shark came with a mouth
wide open to bite the mother fish.
There began the small fish's hunt.
Black screen, and we add a "Dham-Dham"
sound in the background.
Cut to... a big hole is dug in the wall
of the pawn shop.
The small fish enters the pawnshop
and retrieves his mother's wedding chain.
Something's not right.
He's a small kid.
I don't see the logic of how a small kid
can make a hole in the wall.
You appear to be overthinking
as if you vote with logic.
But you look for logic in the story.
- Too quick to roast my story.
- Sorry!
The small fish hands over
the wedding chain to the mother fish.
Honestly, the mother fish should've
been happy and hugged him.
She slapped him hard.
Since when did you start stealing?
She said,
"I won't talk to you anymore."
She took the blame and went to prison.
To bring his mother out of prison...
the small fish went to meet
a lawyer crab.
There lies the twist.
The crab lawyer said,
"I will bail out your mother.
I don't want you to pay me fees.
But you must dig a hole for me."
A hole for the crab,
then a hole for a scorpion.
Followed by a hole for the crocodile.
It was never-ending.
The small fish transformed into a whale.
He became the talk of the town.
But the mother fish...
as she said...
never spoke to her son.
At this point...
We are going to hire Ani
and compose a song devoted to Mother.
It's been 20 years since she spoke
to her son and is on death bed.
The whale arrived to see the mother.
"Hey, old hag!
At least now talk to me."
The mother fish,
before she took her last breath...
spoke one last word to her son.
Do you know what she said?
- Samdhadam, hurry up.
- Okay, sir.
Hey, I got the permission.
Retrieve the evidence and let go of Japan.
And close the case with the ditch siever.
In this situation,
aren't you supposed to pray to God?
But the police are praying to the God.
In India, everything is topsy-turvy.
At least in the next life,
don't be a scapegoat,
pray to God to be reborn as a boss
to order people around.
You were narrating a story...
In that story, did the mother
speak to her son or not?
Oh! The story has impressed
the C-Center.
- That makes the film a hit.
- I mean...
My wife, too, stopped talking to me
and took away our child.
- After a week, she returned home today.
- Hey, Radha!
An interrogation video of your wife.
I had this forwarded on WhatsApp.
Please uncover your face.
Where were you all this while?
I went by foot to Velankanni Church
to offer my prayers.
I made an offering and prayed...
that my husband should be
blessed with a sound mind
But I returned home to unanswered prayers.
I was determined not to speak
to a drunkard.
But I returned to find him
labeled a thief.
He has burdened the child
with his bad reputation.
I will take you to your husband.
Can you ask him why
and who he works for?
I have nothing to ask him.
We don't want him around us,
not even his shadow.
As you say.
Your husband joined hands with Japan
and executed the heist.
Do you know who Japan is?
I don't know.
I'm sure he's not from a decent family.
He's one of them who destroys families
for mere addiction.
He must not be a good person.
Men like him will have a dreadful death.
He will die a dreadful death!
Hey, what is this cringe sentiment?
Police, I'm going to kill him!
- Japan, calm down.
- Sir, my wife is not speaking to me.
- Police, ask him not to speak.
- Sir, they might harm my child.
To hell with the sentiment!
Sir, what will I do now?
It does not matter.
You're going to die, anyway.
- Please, sir.
- Sir, I did not do it.
Police, ask him to shut up.
- Sir, my wife isn't speaking to me.
- Shut up!
- Please, Japan.
- Sir, I did not do it.
- Shut up!
- Sir, help me.
Shut the hell up!
Sir, sir!
Who is he?
He was chewing my ears off like a baby.
Thank goodness you came.
- If not, I would've killed him.
- Japan!
I considered your plight and helped you.
But you made me sit next
to a petty fellow.
Come on! Step out.
Sir, you promised to take me
to the hospital.
- Hey, get lost!
- Sir! Sir!
- Sir!
- Keep moving!
Please spare me. I did not do it.
Sir, why would you do this to me?
My wife and kid...
- Please spare me.
- Where is your man?
Once I get the evidence
you're free to go.
The Home Minister
and the others are waiting.
I must sacrifice the scapegoat
and close the case in half an hour.
Give me the phone.
Muni, as you instructed
I'm at Goddess Amman temple.
There are two Police officers here.
Shall I execute it?
Stay right there.
As instructed, stick to the plan.
Sir, we ceased it from him.
What do we do with it?
Sir! Sir!
Sir, my wife saved it
for our child's education.
Please give it back to me.
This is the reason my wife is not
talking to me.
This belongs to your wife?
Let go of him.
It belongs to your wife, right?
Go and take it.
Go ahead!
You won't go?
Please don't do it, sir.
If we shoot from the back...
"He tried to escape."
If we shoot in the chest...
"He attacked us."
That's the theory.
Sir! Don't do it, sir.
Come here.
- Is this your first assignment?
- Yes, sir.
Sir! Sir!
The accused passed out due to chest pain.
When you went closer...
he spat pieces of the blade on your face
and tried to escape.
In self-defense, you used your pistol.
Is the evidence here?
Do you have liquor?
The evidence will be here shortly.
Get me liquor from the vehicle.
Stop kidding, Japan.
It'll take twenty minutes
for the evidence to arrive.
Until then, do you expect me
to guard the dead body?
After I leave, you can proceed
with your dirty work.
Bring me liquor.
Hey, Two-K!
- I haven't told you the climax, right?
- No, sir.
Someone else was interested
in listening to the climax.
Hey, scapegoat, was that you?
Listen to the climax before you die.
His mother is on her deathbed
at the hospital.
And he's there to visit her.
At present, he's a King!
He never lost to anyone.
The only person he lost to...
was the stubborn old hag,
All he was thinking...
is how to make that old hag
talk to him.
Come on, Sridhar!
Japan, we must wrap up soon.
This is the important knot.
You listen, as well.
Finally, she spoke.
Do you know what she said?
You will die a dreadful death!
Baldy, exact words as spoken
by your wife.
In an old dirty sack next to her bed...
were 12,819 rupees saved up
for her final rites.
It outraged the son.
He would have killed her for this.
But eventually, she died.
Cut to...
The same seashore
and the same isolated house.
A house he had not stepped foot in
for twenty-five years.
Inside the house, they have
his mother's mortal remains.
He looks at her face.
He looks very pissed!
When he looked up...
What the hell, Japan!
- Let him go.
- Why?
I said let him go!
If I let him go,
then what about the case?
Do you realize whose case it is?
If I let him go,
they will destroy the entire area.
I'm aware. You need a corpse
for the body count.
Let him go.
Kill me instead.
Mr. Goody Two-shoes!
Go and take care of your family.
Come on. Get up.
- Come on, run. Run!
- Sridhar, let him go.
Didn't I tell you
to drop the evidence and leave?
Your evidence is inside
Amman Temple's charity box.
Take it!
Hey, old hag, what did you say?
Aren't you embarrassed?
will you speak to me now?
It all begins with the mother
Love is where it ends
The heart that cries at birth
Will attain peace after it is gone
The burden she bears in her womb
This is the time for relief
Good and bad will pass
What remains in the burning world?
Aren't a mother's feet
Superior to everything else?