Jason Bourne (2016) Movie Script

On the Greek-Albanian border.
Vasily, you're up first.
10 on the Serbian!
20 on the Serb!
10 on the Russian!
Christian Dassault made a reservation.
Use SQL to corrupt their databases...
LANGLEY, Virginia
Loss of confidence in the CIA.
Hello, Nate?
Ma'am we have your device. Issued
to a stay-behind team in Nova Scotia
assigned to their first project in 1993.
Marked on our inventory as destroyed.
It's knocking on our front door.
It's knocking on our front door.
folder to: USB Drive.
- What's the status?
- Whoever it is, is just sitting there, idle.
- They found a back-door.
- We need a reverse shell [???]
- I'm going to locate the source.
Okay, people, we have a major breach
of our classified main-frame.
Drop everything you're doing
and get on it, right now.
- Ma'am, I'm sending you the shell.
- Got it.
- Sakov's hacking camp [??]
- Kill the power to the building.
- Get into that power grid, now.
- Yes, sir.
Kickass Torrents (KAT.cr)
currently off-line. /s
- I've got the power to the building.
- Stand by.
- Shut it down.
- Copy that. Shutting it down.
You still online?
McLEAN, Virginia
- Dewey.
(CIA Director Robert Dewey)
We've just been hacked.
- How badly?
- Could be worse than Snowden.
- Is there any attribution?
- We're working on it.
Police say it must be someone with
a deep knowledge of our systems.
This could affect Deep Dream
and Iron Hand.
I want a briefing.
In my conference room.
In one hour.
- According to the reports
- Yes.
- Did you get confirmation?
- Yeah, it was a hack.
- So are we exposed?
- We don't know yet. We're checking.
George, are we ready for the launch?
Helen, you know the Dir of National Intelligence.
( Director NI Edwin Russell )
Heather Lee, Cyber Ops, sir.
Have you got a name for us?
Our hacker was a former Agency operative.
Believed to be working with
Christian Dassault, and ...
previously linked to ... Jason Bourne.
- Jesus Christ.
- What did they get?
Black ops files, from TreadStone,
all the way to IronHand.
That's not even operational yet,
for Christ's sakes.
Where is Nicky Parsons right now?
On the move.
She left Ryakviv traveling through Bucharest
Feels like a meet to me.
How are you going to handle it?
We cut the head off this thing.
Sir. I'd like to be point
on this operation.
- You're not indoctrinated for this material.
- I'm already into it.
I embedded malware into Parsons' download.
When those files are opened, I can trace them.
I'd be in.
I'll deliver Parsons, the files,
And if he's out there,
I'll give you Bourne, too.
I appreciate you enthusiasm.
Do not push your personal agenda,
to the DNI again. - Understood.
Alright, I think you can help me.
I'm going to give you full
operational control on this.
And I'll assure that you have
acces to any relevant teams
and resources. And I want to
know every move you make.
Yes, sir.
Thank you very much sir.
- Yeah.
- I need your help now.
I'm not finished here.
Jason Bourne is in play.
- Where?
- Athens, closer to Carmen [??], Rome.
1 hour.
We got a hit from a CC TV feed ,
Parsons boarded a bus half-hour ago.
headed west across Athens.
I got two local teams en route.
- Any sign of Bourne?
- Not so far.
He's involved in this somehow,
I can feel it.
- Upload all Athens data on feeds.
- Activate real-time processing.
Copy that.
Where are we?
Carson's assett has just
arrived at Syntayma Square.
There's a demonstration in front
of the Greek parliament building.
I think she will use it as cover.
Deploy Alpha and Bravo to the square,
We come in for Parsons, pair up at Parliament,
and any possible run-in with Bourne.
Copy that, sir.
Sir, the asset has landed.
- Alpha Team arriving now.
- Copy that.
- I have the Alpha Team feed.
- Pull them up.
Athens police is reporting tactical
teams moving on the demonstrators.
- Isolate all social media posts from the Square.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Rewind Alpha One's feed.
- Yes, ma'am. Twenty seconds.
- What's wrong?
- I hacked the Agency.
For Christian Dassault.
I hacked all the black ops files,
we're putting them online.
We need to move.
Two seconds forward. Long hair.
Find her.
- I told you, Dassault is going to get you killed.
- We don't have a choice, Jason.
They started again, a new program,
Iron Hand. It's even worse than before.
- What's that got to do with me?
- Because it matters. It matters.
To me, it doesn't.
All that matters is staying alive.
You get off the grid, survive.
I don't believe that,
and neither do you.
Look at yourself.
Look at what you're doing.
You can't live like
this for much longer.
Jason, I came here
because I found something.
I found you father's name
in the Treadstone files.
He was an analyst.
He wasn't in operations.
- He wasn't near any of that stuff.
- I'm telling you what I saw.
It looks like he was involved directly.
- And there's more. More about you.
- What do you mean?
Before you joined the program,
they were watching you.
Watching me?
You've tortured yourself
for a long time now, Jason.
But you don't know the truth
about what they did to you.
You need to read those files.
Move. They tracked you.
Alpha One has eyes on two targets.
One female, one male.
- Identify the male.
- Copy that, sir.
- Identify the male.
- Copy that, sir.
You gotta get out of here before the
police cut off this part of the city.
Head north.
Meet me at the statue of Athena.
- I'll take them with me.
- Hey, stop!
That's him.
Stay with Bourne ..
- Cleared to engage the target.
- Copy.
Sir, Alpha Team's comms are down.
Lost them, sir. He's taken them out.
Find Parsons.
He'll come back to get her.
Sir, rioting is spreading. The Greek
government's declaring State of Emergency.
We got her.
Spread the team put her in a box.
Suspect fitting Bourne's description
stole a police motorcycle.
- Where the hell is the asset?
- Two minutes out, sir.
- Parsons is at the statue of Athena.
- Copy that.
- Bravo Team is down.
- Sir, the asset is arriving on scene.
Pull up the gosh cam, give
me direct comm to the Asset.
Engaging targets.
- I need eyes overhead.
- Bring up the satellite's feed.
Sir, they're actually [??].
Twelve satellites available.
- 27:20.320 [ ???].
- Yes, sir.
Satellite video-feed is online.
- barrier. [ ???] 27:38.40
- The target will be forced to turn left.
Another barricade at 200 meters.
Target turning left.
Bourne is heading for the alley.
Left at top of the hill.
Here, up the hill.
Heading east, where is he going?
Found a way out. 200 meters
to your left. 19 Salomon.
Get to the roof. Bourne
will pass by your line-of-sight.
I see soldiers coming.
- 29:12.000 [??? ]
satellite to these coordinates.
- [??? ] bring in in line with.
- Copy that.
Approaching the targets
at Harmonien and 50th.
- They're going west.
- Delong Boulevard [ ???]. 2947040
Coming at you in 55 seconds.
Copy that.
- 30:18.960 [???] .
Targets with you within 15 seconds.
5 seconds.
- Contact.
- Stay low!
Find a shot.
Hold on.
Where's Bourne?
Police on the copper have spotted three
bodies on the roof that the asset attacked.
Team's on it's way.
Don't move.
The tactical team has entered the building.
- Asset, you need to get out of there.
- Negative
We don't even know
if Bourne is still alive.
So [???] is gone.
This is Director Dewey, 27 is gone.
Hold on, Nicky.
I'm going to get you to cover.
No, don't ..
I'm coming..
Location was from this office, sir.
If he was working with Nikky Parsons,
he will lead us to Jason Bourne.
And let me know if you
get a hit on that malware.
Sir, can I clarify one thing.
- Yeah.
- Does the asset know Bourne?
- Now, why would you ask me that?
His behavior on the roof-top.
It suggested a connection.
The last time Bourne came back he
exposed the Black Briar program.
It compromised active operations.
The asset was in Syria, under cover.
He was captured, tortured. And
took two damn years to get him out.
So you think that's why Bourne wants
the files. To go public again?
I have no idea why he came back.
But whatever he's doing,
he wants to destroy us.
We can't let that happen.
So please give me a call,
soon as you hear anything.
Yes, sir.
- Treadstone IronHand
- Richard Webb Involved. JB Under surveillance.
And now the founder and chairman
of DEEP DREAM .. Aaron Kalloor.
Ahh, you all know why you're here.
We will be unveiling a new platform.
We think it is a bold new step, to
allow us to serve our community better.
We're a community right now that's
trascending national boundaries, and
I think we're at 1.5 Billion users.
You know we have an ecosystem of hundreds
of thousands of apps at this point.
And what this new platform
will do is to integrate
User's data and preferences,
And use that information,
to enrich and tailor-make
Each unique user experience,
in a way that is frankly
Now, I can see some journalists' pens
twitching, ready to ask about privacy.
This is a concern of many
people, and so it should be.
This is something that matters
to us, and let me just say
I understand, nobody wants to feel
like they're being watched
So let just tell you, when you come to
DEEP DREAM, when you use our service.
No-one will be watching you.
- Enjoy your meal?
- Thank you.
I hear you stock-holders were very
happy with the new platform.
And I heard you got hacked.
We're dealing with it.
This changes everything.
There's too much risk.
- I'm out.
- Hey,
You are an extra-ordinarily gifted
and perceptive young man.
And you agreed to help us it's because
you understood the very grave threats,
Do you have idea the shit-storm on our
hands if this arrangement goes public?
I already took a hit with Snowden,
and you want more ..
Our enemies have become
much more sophisticated.
Gathering meta-data is
no longer adequate.
We need a back-door into
your new platform, and a way
- Past the encryptions.
- When that's not enough, you want something new.
You .. you don't get it, do you?
Privacy is,, is, freedom.
I believe that's something you
should think about defending.
You little prick, you didn't believe
in privacy or freedom when
When we funded your start up
and turned you into a billionaire.
I have paid you back many,
many, many times over.
And I was never comfortable
with any of this. I'm out.
- I'm done selling out our customers.
- Yet you would sell out your country.
The truth is, we wouldn't be having
this conversation if you didn't feel
Personally at risk.
You talk about a free internet, you tell
yourself you're saving the world,
All you're doing is making it a much more
dangerous place. And you sure as hell
Making this country much
more difficult to defend.
And you're sure as
hell accountable for that.
Oi, everything on the table.
Open it.
Bourne's surfaced.
- In Berlin.
Get the Berlin team out.
- Where is she?
- She is dead.
She knew the risks. I warned her.
She made a choice.
You exploited her.
- Blue Team is mobile.
- What do we have on the location?
- It's an address linked to Christian Dassault.
- Anything on Bourne?
Nothing yet. I'm accessing CC TV now.
Sir, I've been thinking,
Maybe we got this wrong?
What if he's not coming for us?
What if it's something else?
You don't have any idea
of who you're dealing with.
We should work together more.
We both want the same thing right?
You exposed the Black Briar program.
We both want to take down the corrupt
institutions that control society.
I'm not on your side.
CC TV feed is online.
- He's on a computer.
- We have to stop this.
He puts those files online,
Operations will be compromised,
and people will die.
Yes, sir.
At least when you're done
leave me the files.
These programs have to be exposed.
People have a right to know.
A proposal by Richard Web
We need that computer.
There's a phone in the room.
I can use it to delete the files.
- Where's that team?
- Five minutes out, sir.
Listen to me David, I've done something.
That came with a cost.
One day, you'll understand why.
I got to get back to Washington.
I love you, son.
They're fighting, sir.
One more firewall.
Files deleted, sir.
Call in.
Bourne, my name is Heather Lee.
I'm not in charge here.
I wasn't here when you went missing.
I can see you're going through
the old Treadstone files.
Were you tracing you history?
I know you're looking for something.
Let me help you find it.
Give me that phone.
Yes, sir.
Jason, this is Robert Dewey.
Do you remember me?
Jason, your Dad was a patriot.
He could see the threats
America's facing, and like you
He chose to serve his country out of
a profound sense of duty.
He would not want to
see you harm the Agency.
You have to stop this.
And you have to stop it now.
We lost him, sir.
Malcom Smith, contract-only,
based out of London
Ran all of Tradestone's surveillance in
the late 90's, when Bourne was recruited.
- Is he still active?
- He's private security now.
Contact the asset and tell him I want
him on the ground and loaded in 6 hours.
I think.. that could be a mistake, sir.
A mitake, why?
There's an argument for catching
Bourne, instead of killing him.
Alright, let's hear it.
Bourne's been off the
grid for a long time.
He's been hiding in the shadows.
He's seen things.
He knows things that could help us.
Bringing him back in, is the smart move.
And how are we going to do that?
Albert Herchtz did an evaluation
on Bourne when he left the program.
He concluded Bourne is
still a patriot at heart.
And that leaving the program
could come back to haunt him.
- And what're you suggesting?
- I watched Bourne with those files.
Desperately, looking
into his past and ..
I think he's had a [???].
If I can get face to face with him.
I think I can bring him back in.
One attempt. And if it fails ..
You do what you have to ..
Well, it makes sense to me.
What do you think, Bob?
Let's give it a shot.
Alright, do it.
Bring Bourne in,
Or tie it off.
- This ends now.
- Thank you, sir.
- Sir, I'm sorry.
- No, no, don't.
Better get some sleep, kid.
You have a long 24-hours
ahead of you.
Yes, sir.
It's taking too long, it still shouldn't
be this buggy this close to launch.
Would be so buggy if
James hadn't taken out [???].
- It's the parameters, we're going to have to go,
- Okay, then we'll have to change it back.
- Note order to Kyle?
- Absolutely.
I just don't think we
want the entire release ..
Mr. Kalloor,
Mr. Kalloor, I'm from
the Dept of Justice.
- I'm hereby serving you with the enclosed complaint,
- Really, you have to do this in public?
And the Deep Dream Corporation,
for violation of the Sherman Act.
This complaint requires you to preserve all
personal and corporate financial records.
Pending anti-trust motions
to be filed in Federal Court.
Good day.
- This is Dewey.
- Aaron, it's a message.
And maybe we should think about what
we're doing before it gets any worse.
So, you think if we give him
what he wants, it will end there.
I'm just saying that
maybe we should listen.
I want you to pull up all the records
of all the meetings I've had with Dewey.
All the records?
- Even the off-the-books discussions?
- Especially, those.
I'm going to Vegas,
I need an insurance policy.
- Yeah.
- You in London? - Yes.
Why are you sending her?
She serves a purpose.
- I work alone.
- Not this time.
Don't make this personal.
Bourne betrayed us.
It's always been personal.
You better make sure you're ready.
- Yeah?
- There's something you should know..
But I need an assurance,
that I have your support.
You got it, what do you have?
is planning something,
for Vegas.
- Yes?
- This is Jason Bourne.
- I need to talk.
- What about?
- I don't work for the Agency anymore.
- Aubrey Plaza [???], 15 minutes.
Bourne just called Smith.
They're meeting at Aubrey Plaza,
15 minutes.
We'll tail Smith the whole way.
As soon as we get eyes on Bourne,
I'll approach him.
Whatever you say, contain him.
I don't want the Brits falling
all over this asking questions.
Tracking device.
You'll hold on the south
side of the bridge.
I'll contact you if I need you.
You're the boss, right?
Subject is on the move.
Heading toward the Canal.
Alpha Team take [???].
Bravo Team, follow the subject from
behind. You keep your eyes open for Bourne.
Bravo Team, tailing subject.
- Let's go. At 200 meters, make a right.
- Copy that.
Comms check, second channel.
Do you copy?
- I have you. Where are you now?
- Heading towards Smith.
No sign of Bourne.
- Subject is turning east.
- Into an alley.
Alpha Team, that alley leads to a
foot-bridge, which will bring him to you.
Copy that.
Bravo Team is down.
Sending you updated route now.
Copy that, Smith?
Bravo Team, why aren't you
moving? What's going on?
Bravo Team, do you copy?
What's happening, where is Bravo?
The comms down for Bravo.
Alpha Team do you have
eyes on the subject?
Alpha Team, sitprep? [SITUATION REPORT]
- Alpha Team report.
- What's happening Heather?
- Alpha Team isn't responding.
- Bravo?
Still nothing.
You lost both teams? Get a grip on
this operation, Heather. That's Bourne.
Bring out the asset.
- Sir, I need more time.
- We have no time.
- Are you going to give that order or not?
- Sir, please.
If you're too naive to see the trees,
there's no bringing in Bourne.
He has to be put down.
And you obviously cannot do what has to
be done. I'm taking operational control.
Asset you have a green light.
- [???], you have green light on Bourne.
- Copy that. I'm on my way.
Asset are you on the move?
Asset, your tracking device
says you're stationary.
Are you moving?
Heather stay off this channel,
let him do his job.
Left here. Get up to
Aubrey Plaza, fast. - Copy that.
In position.
Locked in.
- What's going on?
- What's that noise?
- Multiple fire alarms.
- That's Bourne.
- What do I do?.
- I can't stay here, you can't protect me.
- I need you to stay where you are, Smith.
You still have line-of-sight?
I'm on him.
You're going to shoot him? In the crowd?
Stay where you are, Smith.
You know why he's here.
He wants answers.
We've lost this thing.
I got to get out of here.
- What the hell's going on?
- Bourne's got Smith.
Go after them.
I'll come around and cut them off.
Smith, I know you're with Bourne.
Find a way to let us know where you are.
- Why are you taking me in here?
- They got to be near the Plaza.
- Take it easy.
- Richard Webb ..
- Station Chief, Beirut.
He was my father,
he started Treadstone.
He hired you to put me under survellaince.
Why?, Why did he hire you?
Don't say anything, Smith.
- What do you want us to do?
- Work you way down to Canal.
I'll circle around and meet you there.
You followed my to Beirut.
The last time I saw my father.
Why would he have you follow me?
It doesn't make any sense, why?
Don't give him a goddamn thing.
Jesus Christ, Boure.
I'm falling, I'm falling..
I can hear them.
Beirut. I went there to tell you
that Treadstone had approached me.
But if it was [???],
why didn't he say anything to me?
I've done something.
something ..
that came at a cost.
That was the day he was killed.
They said he was killed by terrorists.
He wasn't killed by terrorists, was he?
Think about your family's safety, Smith.
and keep your mouth shut.
The nest bullet is in your head.
Why was he killed?
Jesus, just because of you.
Your father,
he wasn't in operations.
He didn't know he'd chosen you,
but when he found out
He threatened to expose the program.
He didn't want you turned into a killer.
Who killed him?
- Who killed him?
- Don't do it.
Where is he?
He's almost there.
We're going to stop this now.
He went off the roof.
Five floors.
He recognized me.
I'm going to make sure it's finished.
Step aside please, step aside.
- He's gone. - Oh, shit.
- I'm going after him.
I'll work my way down the Canal.
No. You're done in London.
- What're you talking about?
- There's another plate to be [???].
Now he knows [???].
- 1:13:23.240 [???],
Opportunity for something else.
- This isn't about revenge.
- Yes, it is.
And it won't be done
till one of us is dead.
Get to the airport.
We have a problem with IronHand.
Copy that.
- Give me a sitrep. [ situation report ]
- We've got nothing.
Keep looking.
It wasn't supposed to go like this, I wanted to talk.
- Where's Dewey going?
He's going to Vegas to speak with
Aaron Kalloor at the cyber convention.
The Agency recruits there every year.
What's Iron Hand?
Dewey's new black ops program.
Full-sprectrum surveillance.
Watching everyone, all the time.
Dewey needs Kalloor's
co-operation to bring it online.
Let me out.
I can help you get there.
Why would you do that?
You and I have different reasons,
but we both want Dewey gone.
Here, take this.
I'll see you in Vegas.
We're pinning Kalloor's hit on a
fictional Jhahadi shooter [???]
A 20-year old Iraqui national.
We created bank accounts, travel
documents, emails, phone records.
- It'll look like a lone wolf.
- Any physical evidence?
The asset leaves the gun, it'll
have the Iraqui's fingerprints on it.
Russell doesn't need to know about this.
(Director NI Edwin Russell)
I understand sir.
Any news on Bourne.
He was always going to come for me.
Well, if it happens
we'll deal with it.
Toothpaste and
little shampoos Police.
What was the purpose of your
visit to London, Mr. Michaels.
- Welcome home, sir.
- Thank you,
Sir, we have a secure room
for you, right upstairs.
- Enjoy your stay.
- Thank you.
Hi, welcome to the EXOCON Expo.
- I have arranged [???] check-in.
- Okay.
We have you in a lovely sky-suite,
No 2016.
- Enjoy your stay.
- Thank you.
- Find Lee, tell her I want to see
her before we go onstage. - Yes, sir.
I want men posted backstage
as well as the auditorium.
- You all set?
- Checking departure route now.
- You won't have much time.
- They won't know where it came from.
I'll have enough time.
After you take care of Kalloor,
I'll be standing left-hand beside,
You put a bullet in him, it's better,
if I'm a target too. [???]
Copy that.
Lee, the Director wants a
word before you go onstage..
Of course.
Heather, my protege,
My strongest supporter,
After what happened in London, what to do
with you. I suppose I could just, ah,
Write it off to your .. learning curve.
I appreciate that.
I least you can now see
that you never had a chance.
When Bourne turns up again,
I'll deal with him, do you understand?
Of course.
I agree completely.
When we get onstage, I'll handle all
the policy questions. Technical to you.
- I'll be ready, sir.
- Okay, let's do this.
- Aaron.
- Robert.
You know Heather Lee.
Yeah, we.. we went to Stanford together.
- How are you enjoying life at the Agency?
- Challenging, but fulfilling.
Tough to [?] all your principles over there?
My principles are just fine, thanks.
Gentlemen, we're ready for you.
Follow me, please.
- I'm going to enjoy this.
- So am I.
Oh, hi. How's everyone doing tonight?
Welcome to tonight's EXOCON Symposium.
We are so lucky to have four
fantastic guests this evening.
CIA Director, Robert Dewey is here.
Dear friend of mine,
and old friend of EXOCON,
CEO social media giant DEEP
DREAM, Aaron Kalloor is here.
Tonight: "Policing a Free Internet".
Personal Rights vs Public safety.
This is the great question of our time.
And the choices we make about
this will determine our future.
So let's just dive right in, okay?
Come on out here guys!
Sir, you have an incoming message.
- High priority.
Alright guys, I'm going
to have to take this.
- I'll catch up with you later.
- Go ahead.
It appears Director Dewey is
held up momentarily, and I'm
being told that it shouldn't
be too much longer,
But we have a ton of stuff to get
into tonight, so we start anyway.
Craig, can I say a few words?
- Excuse me?
- Can I get normal? [?]
Oh, sure man. By all means.
Ladies and gentlemen, Aaron Kalloor.
Thank you, thanks a lot.
Before the Director comes
out to join us, I just
just wanted to share a
few words with you guys.
A long time ago, I,
I had this idea.
Copy that.
Facial recognition got a hit.
Bourne on a flight from Vegas.[???]
He was [???] in Vegas like two hours ago.
How the hell did he
get through immigration?
Someone issued him an Agency
security clearance on his passport.
... people from around the world
started using our service,
When I come onstage, take care
of Kalloor, and the girl.
What I mean to say is, you know,
All this success has come at a cost,
There's a cancer at the heart
A guilty secret,
and now, ah, now I have to share it
with all of you guys, so
Just have to take a [???]. Take
out Kalloor and the girl right now.
I, took money to ah, start my company
and made a bargain with
the guy in the dark suit.
And now, he's come back to take my soul.
Sir, we got to go.
Get the cars ready.
Get the cars ready, right now!
No. Take me to the suite.
Sir, we got to get you out of
here. Bourne is on the loose.
- You heard me.
Take me to the suite. - Yes, sir.
Take to the suite. Take him upstairs.
Get him upstairs. Right now, right now.
Up to the suite.
Vasquez, sitrep. [SITUATION REPORT].
Vasquez. Vasquez, come in.
Okay, we got him, sir.
We've ID'd the sniper.
- Shit!
- We're circulating his photo now.
- What about Bourne?
- Hang on.
Okay, Bourne is just leaving the west
service corridor heading for the lobby.
Copy that. Stay on Bourne.
- Horton.
- We're still looking for Bourne.
and they've ID'd the asset.
Go back to the first floor, and wait for
further instructions. - Yes, sir, copy that.
Stop right there.
Everybody get down.
Move, move, move.
[???] to the northeast elevator,
I'll meet up there.
Bourne is on his way up to you.
You took a long time
to get here, Jason.
I know about Beirut.
I know what you did.
It all ends tonight.
It'll be a lot easier if
you do it right away.
You didn't come here for revenge.
You came because it's time to come in.
Your father created the program. Didn't
have what it takes to make it work.
And you did.
You always did.
- That's why you volunteered. - I volunteered
because I thought our enemies killed [?]
- I volunteered because of a lie.
- No. You volunteered because of who you are.
You volunteered because
you are Jason Bourne.
And, not, David Webb.
32 kills, Jason.
Everyone of them made a difference.
People all across this country,
Are safer because of what you did.
- 1:34:53.80 [???].
Trying to find another way.
And how's that working out for you?
You're never going to find any peace.
Not till you admit to
yourself, who you really are.
It's sudden death here, Jason.
It's time to come in.
- So?
- I can't.
Not for you.
You were never here.
You don't have to go off.
This can stop now.
You have a choice.
Suspect in unmarked Black Dodge Charger
stolen from in front of the Aria [???]
This is Air One, be advised,
suspects vehicles have crashed
Into the southeast entrance of the Riviera.
We have an armed suspect heading into
the storm-drain, south of the Riviera.
You're a traitor.
You've always been a traitor.
It's in your blood.
But I look forward to working with the
authorities, to find out who's responsible.
And to get back to Deep Dream, where
we can continue our important work.
Thank you.
I wanted to say I'm sorry, sir.
About Vegas.
Director's Dewey's tactics
were .. unwise.
We're still trying to come up with a
narrative to explain what happened.
That son-of-a-bitch put
a spotlight on our heads.
All of us.
Kalloor hasn't gone public yet.
I know Aaron,
There's still moves we
can make with him.
Tell me.
Dewey's problem was that
he belonged to the past.
People like Kalloor are
shaping the future.
These are my people.
I know how to deal with them.
And what do you want?
When you appoint a
new Agency Director
You're going to want someone
working for your interests
Someone ...
By you.
- 1:49:28.05- [???].
What about Bourne?
You still think you can bring him in?
I have his trust.
After what we went through.
I'll bring him in.
I'm certain of it.
And if you can't?
Then ..
He'll have to be put down.
That's an interesting proposal.
You can pull over here.
Of course if you decide
you don't need me,
That's not a problem.
There are many other agencies
that would want what I know.
I brought you something.
It's a cast from you father's star,
on the Memorial Wall at Langley.
I'm sorry for what happened to you.
How you were treated.
The people who did that, are gone.
Things are changing at the Agency.
What is it you want?
I know you've always been a patriot.
And what happens to this
country, matters to you.
We need you to help protect us.
Come back in.
And we'll work together.
Let me think about it.
How will I find you?
You still think you can bring him in?
I have his trust.
After all we went through.
I'll bring him in.
I'm certain of it.
And if you can't?
He'll have to be put down.