Jasper Jones (2017) Movie Script

Careful. You're
dripping juice on Spider-Man.
The thing
about Spider-Man
is that he'd be useless
in a place like Corrigan.
How do you mean?
There's nothing for him
to swing in between here.
He needs an urban environment.
That's why Superman is
the greatest superhero.
He's all-terrain.
He's the worst superhero.
Excuse me?
Superman is boring.
He's invulnerable.
That's why they invented kryptonite,
so he has some kind of weakness.
Batman, he's the best superhero,
because, well,
he's just a guy like me or you.
He doesn't have any superpowers.
He's not superhuman.
He has a cape and a mask
and arch-enemies.
He's a superhero, no question.
You're not listening, Chuck.
Batman does not
possess superpowers.
Therefore he's not super.
You've lost your mind.
Batman is a master of martial arts.
He's a detective,
he's an inventor.
And given that 'super' only
means 'greater than normal',
by that definition, Batman can
only be described as a superhero.
You still here, Jeffrey?
Go home, or your parents
will think we've stolen you.
I was about to leave in disgust.
You have a very irritating son,
Mrs Bucktin.
Why, thank you, Jeffrey.
He's been spitting pips
all over your tablecloth.
Oh, you little bugger!
Oh, Charlie!
"Courage is resistance to fear,"
"mastery of fear,
not absence of fear."
Merry Christmas.
It's Jasper.
- Who?
- Jasper Jones.
What are you doing here?
I need your help.
Me? Why me?
Come with me. I'll show you.
Hurry up, Charlie.
We've got to go.
I'm right. Didn't hurt.
- Come on. Follow me.
Why would
Jasper Jones ask for my help?
He's never even
spoken to me before.
Where are we going?
People in town say
he's dangerous.
But I've always wondered
what he's really like.
I don't know where
he's taking me.
Or why I followed him.
And I don't know how I'm gonna
find my way back home.
I can trust you.
- Right, Charlie?
- Trust me with what?
Shh! Shh! Shh!
I didn't do it!
I swear I didn't do it.
I found her.
I found her here tonight.
Charlie, I need your help.
Help me.
Who is it?
It's Laura.
Eliza's sister?
I shouldn't be here.
We have to tell the police.
No. No, we can't.
Why not?
Because they'll see that
she's been knocked around.
That this is my place.
That that's my rope!
They're gonna say it's me.
Jasper, they're the police.
They won't.
Won't they?
Who'd you blame first?
Who did you blame first?!
I can't tell them the truth.
This is Corrigan.
Nobody will believe me.
But I thought you might.
'Cause you're an
outsider like me.
And you're smart.
Please, Charlie.
Help me.
I think I know who did it.
Mad Jack Lionel.
What, you think?
Been walking past his
place for years.
Sometimes I hear him calling out
my name. Waving like a lunatic.
He's seen me with Laura too.
What are you doing?
We have to hide her.
Jasper, we're not detectives.
We can't just solve this on our own.
We don't have a choice.
You think I want this?
Nobody can know.
Not until we find
out who did this.
Help me.
She's still warm.
Please, Charlie.
Grab the rock.
- I'm up! I'm awake!
- Get up, or the bin gets your breakfast!
As the Apollo
12 astronauts
head back to earth
from the moon...
You alright, Charlie?
You feeling a bit crook?
I'm fine.
What happened to your face?
I cut myself.
- Looks like a shaving cut.
- Don't be ridiculous.
Is that what happened?
Leave him.
He's embarrassed.
I'll teach you how to do that
properly later, mate.
The boy's growing up, Ruthie.
Well, if you're not eating,
I suggest you head over to Jeffrey's.
He's been around three times
already this morning.
You know what I
don't understand?
- Chuck!
- What?!
Mermaids. Why are they
considered so sexy?
What are you talking about?
It's because of their... their...
Their boobies?
Sure, but they're half a fish.
You can deep-fry the
lower part of their body
and that would be delicious.
OK, hypothetical time.
Would you rather have a magnetic
head or fart out of your mouth?
Try this one.
Would you rather have
a hat made of spiders
or have penises for fingers?
So you're choosing
the penis fingers, then?
I'm avoiding
the question entirely.
It's too stupid even
by your standards.
- I've got the bat, man.
- Nice line there, son.
don't take the new ball.
No worries, Chuck.
Yeah, good line.
Just need to work on the length.
Pitch it up.
Pitch it up to him.
Watch the footwork there!
Eye on the ball!
- Oh, fuck off, Cong!
- Oh, shit.
Give it here.
Yeah, cheers, Cong.
I'll have that.
Actually, no, you can have it.
No, Cong, just take it.
Cong, I'm giving it to you.
Actually, you know what?
You can have my shit ball.
Good on you!
- Yeah, Warwick!
- God, he's hopeless.
Why does he always show up here?
Why are we at Mad Jack Lionel's?
Well, you
think it's true?
That he murdered someone?
Of course it is.
Everybody knows.
Knows what?
He came back from
the war deranged.
He got addicted to killing.
And that's why he worked
at the abattoir.
That's where it all happened.
What happened?
They reckon that he shot a woman
and dragged her back there.
They said that he hung her up
and bled her out.
- Hung her up?
- That's what they say.
How... how do I not know this?
'Cause you're an idiot.
Come on!
Ward Austin!
Jackie Weaver...
You will find out
on Personality Squares!
Find out what you can.
And don't say
anything to anyone.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
Oh, hello, Maureen.
Yeah, yeah, we are,
but it's fine.
No, I haven't.
Oh, my goodness. Really?
That's awful.
Well, I mean...
Gwen must be beside herself.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
No. No, I appreciate the call.
Yeah, thank you, Maureen.
Yes, I will.
OK. Bye.
- Could you knock?
- If you go to Jeffrey's tomorrow,
I want you to stay on the street
so I can see you.
- Why?
Because I said so.
Has something happened?
Not anything that's
a concern of yours.
But something has happened?
Not anything that's
a concern of yours.
Is someone in trouble?
Yes. You, if you don't stop
giving me the third degree.
Now, please, just do
as I ask tomorrow.
Thank you.
And clean up this room.
Just joking.
It's... pretty neat.
Eliza Wishart.
- Your book has come in.
- Thank you.
just under... here.
Here it is.
Thank you.
Charlie, wait.
I'll be out in a second.
Sign there.
"Breakfast at Tiffany's."
Have you read it?
Me neither.
I've seen the film three times, but
Mum won't let me buy the book.
So I got Mr Daglish
to order it for me.
I told Mr Daglish "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
is a book about a girl
who's famous for
making omelettes.
I don't think he's read a book
written this century.
Have you seen the film?
Audrey Hepburn is perfect.
She's so pretty and dignified.
I wish I was Holly Golightly in
my own apartment in Manhattan.
I would love that too.
Well, you could be Paul.
He lives next door. He's a writer.
- That's what I want to be.
- Really?
Well, that's perfect.
We can go to the New
York Public Library together
and sign a copy of your book.
There's so many
policemen in town.
You haven't heard?
Heard what?
It's because of my sister.
What happened?
She's gone missing.
I didn't know.
Do they know where
she might have gone?
They don't know anything.
I need you to take this.
Promise you won't read it
before me, OK?
- OK.
- Just keep it safe.
Stupid, stupid little girl!
Where have you been?
I was meeting Charlie at the library.
I told Dad before I left.
Don't tell me lies!
Come with me, now!
I told you to stay
in the street!
Calm down.
Don't you tell me to calm down,
Charles Bucktin!
Where were you?
- At Jeffrey's.
- Don't...
Don't lie to me!
I was just at the library.
This is 'your' fault.
This obsession with books.
What did I say to you last night?
I said stay in the street
where I can see you.
- Ruth, come on, love...
- No!
Don't undermine me.
This is important.
There is a girl missing!
Do you understand?
Laura Wishart, Gwen's girl.
No-one's seen her since Christmas Day.
Anything could have happened to her.
And that is why I asked you
to stay close by!
- I didn't know.
- Yeah, of course you didn't know!
Because as much as you would like to
think of yourself as Errol Flynn,
you're still a boy!
The snow
upon the sleigh is falling
Christmas in the air
Santa's here
Hear the sleighbells ring
as we ride...
ring loud and clear
Hear them ring from
the depths of the valley...
Hi, Jude.
Chuck, pick a card.
Pick a card.
Just put them away.
Everyone's attention,
please. Quieten down.
Thank you.
Firstly, I'd like to thank you
all for turning out this evening
in response to what are some
very concerning circumstances.
As many of you are aware,
Laura Wishart, the daughter
of our shire president,
Pete, and his wife, Gwen,
has not been seen
since Christmas Day.
So, tomorrow,
with the assistance of
the West Australian Police Force,
we will be conducting
a district-wide search,
and we are asking that any of
you who can spare the time
to please volunteer.
Now, the muster point
will be here at 5:30 am.
Spotter planes will
be in operation
and dive teams
will be combing the river.
Furthermore, all residents
who are under the age of 18
must remain in their
homes after sunset.
At this point,
I'd like to hand over to
Pete Wishart to say a few words.
It has to be magic.
I told you.
Good evening.
It means a great
deal to us to...
see so many of you here tonight.
It's particularly
humbling to see
Brian and Sue Findlay
in attendance,
having tragically lost their boy
Danny in Vietnam overnight.
Now, I think I can speak
for the whole town when I say
that our thoughts and our
prayers are with you both.
At this time of year,
we're all reminded of
the importance of family
and the value of
community, but...
it's never been more clear
to me than it is right now,
and I just want to thank
each and every one of you
for all your words
of compassion and support.
Now, if any of you
have any information
that might assist us
in finding Laura,
please, just come forward.
- I'm not hungry.
- Here you go. I am.
Your boy
doing alright, eh?
Stuffing his face like a pig!
Is your boy alright?
'Cause mine isn't.
Mine's dead.
My boy's dead!
No, no, no.
No more, please.
Your mother's staying here
to help pack up the hall.
Nobody helped Mrs Lu.
They just watched.
Thanks, Susan.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I know.
Let's get home.
Even the police saw what happened and
Miss Findlay can just walk away?
Yes, I know. Just keep it down.
- Mrs Lu didn't hurt anyone.
- I know.
Let's talk about this
when we get home, alright?
- Goodnight, Peter.
- Wesley.
Come on, Charlie.
What do you think happened?
before tonight,
I would have thought
the most logical likelihood
is that she's run away.
I've taught Laura
for a few years now and...
she's a bit remote.
Wouldn't surprise me
if she'd skipped town for the city,
and I hope I'm right.
I shouldn't be
telling you this...
but when they
searched her room,
the window was wide open
and everything was a mess.
And there was blood on the floor
and on her bed.
So, I don't know.
It's very concerning.
Which is why there's
such a serious response.
Do they have any suspects?
No, not really.
Although, I have heard talk
that they're looking
for Jasper Jones.
Because they blame that poor kid
for everything.
What are you working
on in there?
In here?
Well, I'm learning the bassoon.
Yeah, that's right.
Do you want to hear me play?
Sounds like more of a trumpet.
Yeah, well, like I said,
I'm just learning.
Goodnight, mate.
Jasper, where have you been?
- What happened at the town hall?
- They're looking for you.
I know.
They've been staking out my old man's
place for the past two days.
Can you come out?
But there's a curfew on.
Wait a second.
Come on.
The lights are on.
He might be home.
Jasper, there's no way
I'm going in there.
We're not going in.
Just watching.
It's... not my brand.
Come on.
What is it?
Um... it's Pelham's.
I think it's Irish.
Nicked it from my old man.
He goes through it so fast,
doesn't notice
when it's missing.
Are you worried he'll tell
the police where you are?
He wouldn't have a clue.
After my mum died...
he just went to shit.
Well, when did she die?
When I was real young.
Car crash.
I don't remember her at all.
I haven't even
seen a photograph.
But I know she's where
I get my colour from.
Her people aren't
from round here.
Did you love her? Laura?
We were planning
to leave together.
As soon as we could.
That's why I've been gone
these past couple of months.
Been out Donnybrook way
picking stone fruit.
Didn't get a chance
to tell Laura.
Well, why not?
There wasn't time.
I couldn't go near her house
during the day.
Think of that.
I could only ever see her
when it was dark.
It's like she was a dream
or something.
I came back Christmas night...
with enough money
to get us out.
Went straight to her window...
and she was gone.
And then you came here.
I heard her screaming.
And then I found her.
I never should have left.
I should have stayed here.
It's not your fault.
Enough people blame you already.
Someone else did this.
I let her down.
Is that why you wrote that?
On the tree.
What does it say?
- You wrote it, didn't you?
- What does it say?!
It says "sorry".
- You mean you didn't write it?
- No.
Then who did?
It had to be... it
had to be Mad Jack.
He's been back here. Last night.
What if he's here, Jasper?!
Jasper, he could be right now!
He could be here.
We have to go.
- No, Charlie. Wait.
- I'm leaving!
Charlie, wait!
Wait. I want to go with you.
Close that door.
You stay right where you are.
- But why? I want to help.
- You can help by staying home and safe.
You listen to your mother.
Alright, come on.
Come here. Come here.
Get inside.
Come here. Come here.
I'm going to Jeffrey's.
Come on, boy!
Come on, then!
Come here, you
little mongrel!
Uh, h-hi.
I just came to renew
the loan on my book.
My bag.
Actually, uh... that's
not true at all.
I've been waiting around here
the past couple of days
hoping I might see you.
Charlie, are you alright?
I'm fine. Completely fine.
Nothing. It's...
Is that a knife?
I mean... I mean, yes, it is,
but it's not.
Did you maybe want to
walk me home again?
I can't.
I'm sorry, I have to go.
Speaking of good times,
here come the Easybeats.
Everybody shake
Everybody groove
Oh, mama
Yeah, Mary, Mary,
you're on my mind
The folks are gone
and the place will be mine...
Mary, Mary, wanna
be with you...
And this is what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna put a call...
What happened?
Did they find anything?
Not even a trace.
Jesus Christ, that poor girl.
Jesus, Jasper, what happened?
The sarge.
The prick kicked me in the ear.
It's still ringing.
I didn't think they'd
ever let you go.
They didn't.
So, how did you get out?
one of the city coppers.
Told him I had to take a shit,
went straight out the window.
- That's amazing.
- Yeah.
They'll be looking for me
harder than ever now.
I have to
show you something.
Look, it's the same as the tree.
It says "sorry".
What are you doing?!
Mmm. Yeah.
Nah, it's OK.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
My bag!
- What?
- He's got my bag!
Eliza's book.
It was a bug!
Who's there?
Who's there?!
- Hey!
- Jasper!
Get out of here,
you little bastards!
I know you did it!
I know you did it!
We have to go back.
He did it.
He killed her.
I know, but you
can't even stand.
We have to go back.
We have to.
Not now.
What about New Year's Eve?
When everyone's at the
fireworks, we can go back then.
I promise.
Stay here.
Charlie Bucktin.
What are you doing here?
Get in the car.
Come on.
We didn't do anything wrong.
- Hmm?
- I didn't do anything.
Oh! Thank goodness!
I thought I'd lost you!
Are you alright?
Oh, God!
Get inside.
- Come on, inside.
- Jesus, Chuck.
- Inside.
- Are you alright?
Well, where were you?!
We were worried about you!
Now... Hey!
You said, "We didn't
do anything wrong."
Now, who's "we"?
Do you think I'm playing
with you, son? Hmm?
Who were you with?
Tell the truth.
Uh... Eliza.
- Wishart?
- Yes.
Because I was worried about her.
I... I just wanted to make sure
she was alright.
We're... we're fond
of each other.
"Fond of each other"?
Did you ever
stop to consider
that maybe the last thing the
Wishart family needs right now
is a young man
prowling around their home?
- Hmm?
- No, sir. I'm sorry.
So am I.
We're done.
'Night, Romeo.
We appreciate
you bringing him home.
Now, Charlie, I think you need
to get to bed and stay there.
What, that's it?
No wonder he thinks he can cavort
around town whenever he feels like it!
Ruth, he's growing up.
You were slipping out to go
dancing with the G.I.'s at his age.
That is completely irrelevant!
He could have died, Wesley!
We don't know who's out there!
I agree.
But screaming at him
isn't gonna reinforce the point.
What's your solution?
Do nothing?
Just disappear in there and
write a bloody story about it?
Wes Bucktin,
the disappearing man!
You know, some of us can't just shut
the door and avoid living here!
Oh, Jesus Christ! Are you two
ever gonna listen to me?!
I am fed up!
Fed up!
Now, I love you, Charles Bucktin,
and I am glad you're alive,
but tomorrow,
you're gonna wish you weren't!
Now, get out of my sight!
Because I said so!
- How deep?
- I'll tell you when to stop.
Chop chop!
I didn't say you could stop.
What is this even for?
I don't understand why I'm doing this.
Well, I don't understand you
at all, Charlie Bucktin.
One minute you're avoiding me
like I'm contagious,
the next you're telling people we're
sneaking out at night together
because we're
romantically attached.
You know, it's polite
to ask a girl first.
- I can explain.
- Um, no.
Excuse me. This is not on.
I just came
to get something back.
Well, it can wait.
Charlie's working
very hard at the moment.
Let him finish up, thank you.
Go on.
Does your mother know you're
traipsing around town on your own?
I think you should be at home
right now, don't you?
You can stop.
Oh, no, you don't.
I want you to fill it in.
- What?
- Fill it in.
I don't want some dirty great
big hole in my backyard.
If you didn't want a hole,
then why did you ask for it?
There you are,
you've learnt your lesson.
Now, I'm heading out,
and I want this filled in
by the time I get back,
or you'll be doing it all again
tomorrow, young man.
- What's this?
- I bought myself a car!
Isn't she a beauty?!
I don't understand, Ruth.
You want to s...
do you want to sell the Holden?
'Cause I'll need to get Ernie Banks
to replace the crankshaft.
It's stuffed!
No, I don't want you
to sell the Holden, Wesley.
So... who wants to come
for a spin? Charlie.
Charlie, you'll need to get cleaned up.
Have you filled the hole in?
I'll go by myself.
Here you are, mate.
You get inside.
Go on.
Jesus, Dad!
How are you doing?
I'm tickety-boo.
Had a great day.
Why would she make me do it?
I should have buried
her in there.
Mate, you scared her last night.
You're a smart kid, but what
you did was colossally stupid.
Today was...
just her way of
telling you all that.
And I don't blame her.
So, whenever she gets back,
I... think you should offer her
a sincere apology.
You want me to apologise?!
You should consider yourself
lucky that you've got a mother
that cares about
you so very much.
A lot of people never get that.
So, do you want me
to make us some dinner?
Haven't I been punished enough?
You're just like
her, your mother.
You're peas in a pod, you two.
Go, Corrigan!
Good turnout today.
It's a beautiful day.
Where have you been?
The game's almost over.
We're getting thumped!
- Why are you padded up?
- I'm in next.
- What?!
- I'm in next.
I'm playing, officially.
Jeffrey Lu on debut.
David Doe rolled his ankle,
so I'm in the 11. Yes!
- So you're actually gonna bat?
- Sure am.
We need 60 runs in a hurry.
Jesus, Jeffrey. Are you nervous?
No. But you should be.
Have you seen your girlfriend up there?
So, go read her some poetry.
I need to focus.
This town needs a hero.
Go on, go!
Sassy time!
- Shot!
- Very nice.
I was hoping you might be here.
May I sit?
What are you reading?
Alice's Adventures
in Wonderland.
Is it good?
You know,
Alice really has an awful time.
She's so lost and
nobody helps her.
They're all so mean and selfish.
Sounds like "Charlie's
Adventures in Corrigan."
Eliza's too.
You know, the annoying thing is
I still kind of wish
you had come over.
Our house is so... empty.
I'm sorry.
I'm not a good person, Charlie.
Don't say that.
You're wonderful.
I'm not. I'm really not.
I might have already
used it, but...
Would you rather have a hat made
of spiders or penises for fingers?
Are the spiders alive?
Yes, and they're
poisonous and angry.
I'm gonna have to go with
the penis fingers.
Wise choice.
You too?
So, where were you
really that night?
That's out.
That's Jeffrey!
He's actually gonna bat!
They never pick him.
This is it.
This is his chance.
Hey, look at that. Oh!
You don't belong on
this field, mate.
We're going home.
There's no point.
Oh, let's go home. Hopeless.
See you, Marge.
Look at them.
They're leaving already.
You don't
belong here, Cong.
- Come on.
- Come on, Will.
He shouldn't even be here.
That's hilarious!
Come on, Jeffrey.
Go on, Will.
Come on, Jeffrey.
- Four runs.
- Beautiful!
Four runs.
We can win this.
How many points do we need?
- Runs.
- How many runs do we need?
A lot.
He's seeding them
like a watermelon!
- You little ripper!
- Well done! Well done!
There's two balls left.
We need four to win.
OK. Here's what we do...
No worries.
He's going to do it.
He's gonna beat them.
Just take your time, son.
Oh, that's got to be a wide!
- Come on, ump!
- Oh, come on, ump!
It's the last ball.
He has to, he just has to.
Win to Corrigan!
- What a champion!
- Go, Jeffrey!
Yeah, Jeffrey!
Charlie, would you really
sneak out to meet me?
I would.
Then how about tomorrow night?
At the New Year's Eve fair?
During the fireworks?
And bring my book.
It's really important.
- It's your turn. Come on.
- Anytime this week, Charles.
I know.
Hurry up.
- Already?
- Again?
I'll add 'em up, Boys.
It's like shooting fish in a barrel.
I never understood that whole
shooting fish in a barrel.
Just why not drain them out?
Why bring guns into it?
Oh, never underestimate a man's
dumb desire to shoot at something, love.
Do you think Mad Jack Lionel
shot someone?
Why would you ask that?
I don't know. I ju...
Do you think he has
something to do
with Laura Wishart's
What's that?
Get out here!
- Get out here, you rat!
- Come on!
Stay here.
Stay inside.
I'll call Sarge.
You don't want to fight
this war on our turf, do you mate?
Stay here, Charlie.
You coward!
Yellow-skinned bastard!
- Hey, you two!
What are you doing?
Hey, stop it!
Get out of my yard,
you bastards!
What'd you call me? You...
Leave him alone!
- No, no, Jeffrey!
- Let me go!
- Want some more, eh?!
- That is enough!
- Fuck off, Bucktin!
- Stop it!
That's enough.
Stop it!
- Stop it, please!
- Weak as piss!
You know there's a
fucking war on?!
Pull your heads in! You should
be ashamed of yourselves!
You fucking red rats!
Clear out of here!
Go on!
Charlie! Charlie,
watch yourself!
- Are you alright, An?
- I'm OK. Thank you so much.
Charlie, I told you
to stay inside!
Come in, son.
This is what I've
been working on.
This is my novel.
I'm almost finished.
And I want you to be the first.
The first to read it.
Would you do that for me, son?
I'd be proud to.
- You're a good man.
Now, go back to bed.
Ooh. Made a mess
of the agapanthus...
Excuse me, An.
It's very, very nice of you.
Thank you.
- Sorry about last night.
- We are OK.
They are helping, you know,
to fix the fence.
What are you doing?
See, while you're out
smooching girls,
some of us are honing our skills
to keep...
the streets safe.
Are you coming to
the fireworks tonight?
Just going to stay here.
Well, besides...
the two biggest fireworks in
town are right here anyway.
I am one of the true
masters, Chuck.
- I was thinking about it,
and I know why Batman
is the greatest superhero.
- He's not.
But why?
- What?
You see, Superman doesn't need courage
to stand in front of a bullet
because it can't
possibly harm him.
But Batman, on the other hand,
he has more to lose.
He has to overcome his fears
to save people.
Give me the
right to your heart
May we never part...
- OK, now, don't go too far.
- OK, Mum.
Just give me your love...
You ready?
Jasper, wait.
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna talk to the man.
He has a gun, Jasper.
This is crazy!
- Jasper!
- Jack Lionel!
Jasper, is that you?
Yeah, it's me.
Can we have a word?
Yeah, come on up.
G'day. Who's this, then?
Sit down.
What are you doing?
Sit down!
Alright, mate. Alright, alright.
Now, just... just... just
be careful.
I know what you did.
So, you admit it?
You admit you killed her?!
I wanted to...
come and see you, but...
your dad would
have never allowed.
What's my old man got
to do with this?!
Well, he's... he's never
forgiven me and he never will.
Forgive you for what?
For Laura?!
Laura? No, your mum's
name was Rosie.
You mention my mother again
and I'll put one in your head!
Jasper, don't!
What about the woman
at the abattoir?
What woman at the abattoir?
After the war, when
you worked there.
You hung her up like Laura.
No, son, I'm not...
I'm not following you at all.
When you... when you wrote "sorry"
on the car out there, you...
You have no idea
who I am, do you?
Yeah, I do.
You killed Laura Wishart!
Mate, I don't even
know who she is.
Sit down!
Son, maybe you can help us.
You... go and grab that
picture up there.
Show it to Jasper.
Take a look. You take a look.
See, that there's Rosie.
She's your mum.
Yeah? She's holding 'you', mate.
You recognise your dad?
See, he's my son.
Jasper, he's your grandfather.
Liar! You fucking liar!
- No, Jasper, don't.
- Step back!
Jasper, you can do as you wish
with that firearm, but...
will you listen to me
first, please?
There's something you need to know.
Something I'm ashamed of.
But I've got to tell you.
Mate, I disowned your dad
when he married your mum.
That's why he took her name,
you see? Jones.
That's why he's never been
back here, not even once.
But after your grandmother
passed away, ' my wife'
after she died, Rosie
started driving around here
to look after me and
to cook for me.
That's when I realised
how wrong I'd been about her.
I'd been so wrong about her.
Yeah, we used to sit together
for hours sometimes.
I adored her.
But then one day, mate,
she, um...
she was suddenly
in a lot of pain
and she was grabbing at her
sides and she was gasping.
She collapsed.
I had to pick her up.
I got her up and I got
her into the car.
And she was screaming.
And I panicked.
And, uh...
I drove too fast, mate.
I just drove much too fast.
We hit a patch of gravel.
And she died. I killed her.
I always wanted to say
how sorry I... am.
I'm just so sorry.
Jasper, I...
Just go!
- What are you doing?!
- Charlie!
- You don't say a thing, you understand?
- Shut up!
What are you doing here?!
You shouldn't be here.
No, you shouldn't be here!
No, no, no. It's not
what you think...
Do not touch me!
We are going home!
You do not get to
tell me what to do!
And you, you should
be doing your job!
Oh, shit!
Eliza, I'm sorry.
Everything is a mess.
Where were you?!
Why can't you ever answer me?
Why can't you just
tell me the truth?
Just go home, Charlie.
Eliza, wait.
You've got to come with me.
There are some things
I need to tell you.
About Laura.
I know where she is.
Please come out.
I-I can make it right.
I'll show you.
Come on.
It's through here.
Charlie, how do you know?
I'll explain everything.
I have to show you.
I have to tell you something
about Laura.
She's dead.
She died right here.
I know.
It's my fault.
What's she doing here?!
- You know him?
- That's what I wanted to say.
Why'd you bring her here?!
I've been here before.
Jasper, she knows.
- You told her?
- No!
I know everything.
Except why you left my sister.
How could you?
She loved you.
- I didn't leave her!
- Yes, you did.
Charlie, did you bring my book?
Right here.
It's for you.
"Jasper Jones,"
"You came to my window"
"and you were gentle
and you were kind."
"But then you didn't
come anymore."
"You came to my window
and you saved me,"
"because the nights you didn't,
my father came to my door..."
"and he wasn't gentle,
he wasn't kind."
"He betrayed me again and again."
"And now that betrayal lives..."
"and now that betrayal
lives and grows inside me."
"I can't forgive him"
"and I can't forgive you."
"You promised we would
leave together."
"Now I have to leave on my own."
- On that night,
my father pushed his way in.
She was yelling and
he kept telling her to be quiet,
but she wouldn't.
And then he hit her.
And she kept screaming
and screaming, and...
and then he was yelling too,
and then everything went silent.
Later, I heard her sneaking out.
I followed her...
all the way here.
I saw her climb up...
and sit on that branch
for a long time.
And she just...
seemed really calm.
I should have stopped her.
Then she just dropped.
I ran to her,
but I was too late.
Then I heard someone coming.
So I picked up the letter
and ran back home.
I came back the next night,
but she was gone.
Where is she?
What have you done with her?
- Jasper!
- What is he doing?
Jasper, stop!
Laura. Laura...
you wrote "sorry"?
- Yes.
I should have helped her.
- Well, we have to tell someone.
We can't trust Sarge.
But there has to be someone.
Has he ever...?
She can't do that!
Charlie, you have to go.
Charlie, you have to go now.
Eliza, wait.
I'll see you soon.
What do you want?
What are you doing
here, Charlie?
I need to talk to you.
It's about Eliza.
I'm worried about her. I just...
The Wishart place is on fire.
It's gonna have to wait.
Charlie, wait.
Please. Come on.
Where have you been?
And you're leaving?
I had a long talk
with your dad, and...
we decided it's
best if, um...
if I just stay up in the city
for a while.
I just need to explain...
I am so sorry.
What I've done is just...
it's disgraceful
and you should never
have had to...
Oh, God.
You're growing up so fast.
What happened to my little boy?
You've got your whole life
ahead of you, all you kids.
You're so free.
You know, when I first heard
that Laura Wishart
might have run away...
I was jealous.
That's an awful thing to say,
but I just...
it's how I feel.
I love you... so much.
And I love your father.
I just can't be in
this place anymore.
I know.
It's gonna be alright?
And I don't know
the meaning of
All your words,
but I know love
And it seems
pretty clear to me
It's not waiting
With my collar up,
I face the dawn
And I know you'll miss me
when I'm gone
But it seems
pretty clear to me
This life's not waiting
So as you leave it all behind
So as you leave it all behind
Just keep your
head up and follow
The atlas in your eye
I was young in a tiny town
And my whole life,
I wanted out
But where I've been
won't hold me down
And I wouldn't change it
But I was never made to toil
Trapped inside some city walls
I'm wild inside,
and when I hear the call
I'm gonna chase it
So as you leave it all behind
So as you leave it all behind
So as you leave it all behind
Just keep your
head up and follow
The atlas in your eye
Yeah, keep your
head up and follow
Yeah, keep your
head up and follow
Yeah, keep your
head up and follow
Atlas in your eye
Yeah, keep your
head up and follow
Atlas in your eye
Now, keep your head up
Yeah, keep your head up
Oh, keep your
head up and follow
Oh, the atlas in your eye.
The End