Jatt Brothers (2022) Movie Script

Do you smoke?
No, we were burning hay yesterday
so I still had this in my pocket, Jaggi.
How do you know my name?
Well, you are famous in
school for all this behaviour.
Younger brother, it is not easy be famous.
Run now.
Come on! Run!
Watch out! Cover your face.
Parminder, I know.
It's one of them.
Tell me right now.
You will be forgiven.
You are a decent boy.
Sir, I didn't see anything.
Think about it.
Sir, he has said it so many times.
Believe him. He must not have seen.
It's you then.
Both of you are suspended
from school for five days.
Don't show your face around here. Out!
Go back to your classes now.
Brother, how will I explain this at home?
You silly boy,
you don't tell such things at home.
Look, you can't come to school but
you must come to school from home.
We will have fun.
And don't call me brother after today.
Call me Jaggi.
"The numbers are from Boss,
the cars are Range Rovers."
"All the women in this world are cheats."
All of them are not like that.
"There is life in this
world with friends."
Do you know I beat up a guy for you?
Do you ever let me forget that?
You got me beaten so many times
after saying you beat up one guy for me.
By the way, what's going on?
I was just checking
if my brother even remembers it or not.
Take a right from here.
"The black thread is stuck in the hook."
"The younger brother-in-law
had a fight with his sister-in-law."
"The black thread is stuck in the hook."
Hey, stop here.
Just a minute.
There is a wedding going on in this house.
I have stopped crashing weddings.
Uncle has cooked chicken at home.
We will eat that with roti.
Come. Sit.
Brother, this is Tina's house.
Tina's house?
Did you home here to apply henna?
Come on, Let's go.
Not henna, brother.
I came here to take revenge.
Pamma, there is a wedding here. There
must be so many relatives gathered there.
-Sit, my brother.
-Wait, brother.
She broke my heart.
I will break the window of her house.
Hey, Pamma...
-Pamma, don't do it!
-I will apply henna on her hands.
Oh, don't! You are drunk. Don't do it.
Don't throw that, fool. Oh, my God!
Oh, my God. My eye!
What kind of neighbours do you have?
The music has stopped too. Sit.
Otherwise they will start beating us.
-You know,
Chandigarh's sectors are so clean.
-Pamma, come on.
-What are you doing standing here?
Go and find a rock from somewhere.
Pamma, I am sober.
I will run away then don't blame me later
that I left you to be beaten.
Come, sit now.
There was no sound of any glass breaking.
It's not like there was an explosion
when your heart exploded.
Come on, I request you, brother. Let's go.
-Come on.
-Be quiet. Keep your foot on the kick.
Keep your foot ready.
I found one.
Pamma, let's go.
Why are you getting us in trouble?
-Pamma, come.
Even if each one of them slaps us once
we will be slapped two hundred times.
Come on. Let's go!
Here go your sons-in-law!
-Come and get us.
-Let's see who it is.
-It looks like they are the ones.
-They ran away.
-Come on. Hurry!
-What happened?
-I think we have run out of fuel.
I think they ran out of fuel.
-Come on. Let's catch them.
-Come on, brother.
-Come along.
Are you happy now?
They will teach us a lesson now.
-Don't touch my hair.
Pamma, save your face.
What are you looking at?
-It is ours. We didn't steal it.
-Brother, did I say anything?
Then go ahead and fill the fuel.
Is there a meter here?
Jaggi, I was drunk.
You could have convinced me.
Yes, brother. You must have convinced me.
I was the one who was drunk.
Pamma, your son-in-law
jibe got us beaten more.
I won't go with you again.
You are breaking up our
friendship over two slaps?
Hey, not over two slaps.
You got me beaten a lot more than that.
Jaggi, why are you getting angry?
And do you know?
When I was a kid I always wanted
that I should have a brother
who would do everything for me.
But though God didn't give me a brother...
Yes, if you had a brother,
he wouldn't have been like a friend.
That is why God gave you a friend
who is even closer to you than a brother.
You should try saying
something different some time.
You have been saying the
same dialogue for eight years.
Take your stand.
And there's no need to talk to me.
Don't even dare to call me.
Listen to me, brother.
-Let's go.
-Brother Jaggi!
-Come here.
-I am coming, Sir.
You keep cleaning dad's jeep all day long.
Do you want a genie to come out of it?
You should try and
clean my bike some time too.
Take this off. I will clean it with this.
Did you fight with someone again today?
You better not spy on me.
Get two bricks from Uncle's house
and put it on the stand.
He's talking nonsense.
No, no! I will not cross that wall.
Is this the border of Mexico
that you can't cross it?
And the kind of wall that it is
if a calf gets lose someday,
he will break it and scatter it all over.
By the way, Pamma, where did the stand go?
I was trying to take a stand
and then my stand broke.
Look. What's this?
Pamma, you should try
to take care a little...
What is Pamma?
-Park this by the wall.
-Right away.
And what's for dinner?
Downstairs, daal has been cooked
and you can go check upstairs yourself.
Sema, come, let me make you
taste expensive imported alcohol.
-Pinda has sent it from abroad.
-Show off.
No, brother.
There is nothing like country alcohol.
That too the one which is made
with almonds and cashews.
You may even put walnuts.
It won't become scotch like this one.
It will still remain country alcohol.
His whole life he drank country alcohol
and now he has found imported alcohol.
Sarb, bring some salad for me.
I have started my drinks.
No, no. Why a salad?
Have this organic snack.
It has come from abroad.
Sister, did you get new reading glasses?
No, sister. Why would I get glasses?
My son has sent them from abroad.
Sister-in-law, you are supposed to wear
them in the day time not at night.
Yes, of course I know that.
They have come from abroad.
And it is still day there.
Listen, they are trying to
put us down with such talk.
Get your gun and fire a few shots.
Bring them down.
That's it. This is the only reason
we feel inferior to them.
Shinda, why do you keep
scrolling on your phone?
Get a gun license arranged.
How are you, Uncle?
Uncle is fine.
I don't think you are alright.
Look, how he his t-shirt is torn.
-It seems he got beaten.
-Just be quiet.
Pamma, what happened?
Who hit my son?
Oh, mom. Can any one touch
the grandson of Malikpuri Sidhus?
Is that possible?
My bike slipped over a brick and that
is why I got hurt a little.
Son, tell me which kiln
that brick was from.
I will burn down that brick kiln.
Oh, dad. A kiln already has a lot of fire.
And I broke that brick into pieces.
Just have your drink.
Son, my wish is still unfulfilled.
That your father should be in prison
and I should take fruits
for him and go to meet him
and give him strength.
Don't worry. I will mortgage all
my jewellery and get you released.
Manjit Kaur, why do you need
to mortgage your jewellery?
We will sit at home and eat fruit.
No, dad.
Uncle was telling me.
It is so much fun in there.
I suggest you go once.
There is an entire barrack
booked for Malikpuris.
Yes, that's right. Anyway,
I will change and come.
And don't let them intimidate you.
Even if you have to
fire a few extra shots.
-Shakuntala was complaining.
She said that your
lipsticks finish really fast.
She puts half the lipstick
on her teeth while applying.
It is bound to finish.
Should Uncle become lipstick now?
He won't behave.
What are you doing?
You have wet the whole dress.
It's a good thing.
She got a bath coincidentally.
It's been a month since I've been
watching her stand in the same dress.
This man has irritated me so much.
He is always doing stupid things.
Jaggi, make your uncle understand.
At least he should spare her.
-This man is so annoying.
-Let it be, Uncle.
It is not good to be so lustful.
Now even the statues are wearing veils.
You will always take Billo's side.
Never your Uncle's.
-How are you, Uncle?
-I am fine, Pamma.
Will you keep selling
these accessories to people
all your life or will you
bring some home too?
You imbecile, will I use these
accessories for tying them on my bed?
Find an Aunt for that.
Stay strong, Uncle. And it's not
your are old.
-You are still young.
-Alright, Uncle.
I am staying strong.
My strength is what's keeping me going.
"I am waiting for you, my love.
Come and meet me at the earliest."
"Don't disappoint me, my love.
My eyes long to see you."
Isn't that Silky from home science?
I don't know.
I have just sworn last night that
I will not pay any attention to girls.
Now all my attention is towards music.
And I will not let any
girl come into my life.
You are absolutely right.
Girls leave you and go and
then I have to look after you.
Alright. Very good. Next.
-Thank you, Sir.
-Come on.
Pamma, I will start. You follow my lead.
We have to start from the
first note and go to the third one.
No, you... Okay, keep
a high note at the end.
Tell me where will we pick
up that garari note from?
Start from the third.
I'll take care of the rest...
I suggest you decide
and come back tomorrow.
"The boy will go to
college on his bullet."
"His pockets are full of money.
He is living the high life."
"The boy will go to
college on his bullet."
"His pockets are full of money.
He is living the high life."
"When he sees a girl
coming on activa or Honda."
"When he sees a girl
coming on activa or Honda."
"When he makes a strategy to win
her over. Then a young man's heart"
"Tries to fly off."
"Tries to fly off."
"Then a young man's
heart tries to fly off."
"Tries to fly off."
Wow, Pamma. You sang really well.
You sang well too, brother.
That note was awesome.
-I didn't tell you about the last note.
-Which note?
That note?
I practice a lot that's why.
-Oh, you should keep practising then.
-Son, listen to us too.
This time we also need a girl in the
singing competetion of the youth festival.
Sir, why do you need a girl?
Just last night we swore that
no girl will come into our lives.
Yes, Sir. And he hasn't
missed that many lectures
in three years as
many girls have left him.
Sir, girls come into the
lives of boys to leave them.
Son, this is a co-education college.
You can exist here like
brothers and sisters too.
And yes, sisters never
leave their brothers and go.
-Just a minute.
If we don't find a girl,
they will throw us out.
-They will find many boys.
But we won't find five
percent grace marks.
Anyway, we will stay professional
with girls this time.
You may get them to tie a rakhi.
No, no. We will stay professional.
Your item is not even this long.
As much time you are
spending deciding about it.
No, no, Sir.
It's done. The girl will come.
Botanic tape.
Missed call.
This time no one in our group should
scoreless that eighty percent marks.
-Do you understand?
-Eighty percent.
Make it sixty.
Sixty is enough too, isn't it?
Yes, Jyot. I suggest we don't
pressurise Monica for eighty percent.
We have to get her sixty
percent by cheating.
We can get her eighty percent too.
What's the big deal about it?
These arts people. They have no work.
They are always interested
in unnecessary things.
-Let's put one there.
Excuse me, guys.
An important announcement.
There is a requirement!
Jaggi and Pamma need a
melodious girl for the youth festival.
And the girl with that
quality in her voice
is welcome to audition.
And five percent grace
marks are a hundred percent
guaranteed after
winning the youth festival.
And as you all know,
I am your beloved and dear Jaggi.
You can take my number
from the notice board.
And this is your brother, Pamma.
And the doors are open
to everyone for the auditions.
Everyone means everyone. Everyone.
Let's go.
They are all useless. Watch.
They will go running for the
audition for five percent grace marks.
I want to audition as well.
No, Monica. We will help you cheat.
You can take all my notes.
But you won't audition for
the arts boys for five percent.
Come on, Pulkit. I like to sing too.
Monica, you must give the audition.
You be quiet.
Since when have to wanted to sing?
Actually, I have wanted
to do it since my childhood.
And you just remembered that?
She was small in her childhood, right?
So she must have forgotten.
You all know these arts boys
are the scoundrels of our college.
Don't worry.
I will fix them.
Pulkit, we will accompany
her for her audition too.
"I am in love with the shape of you."
"I am in love with your body."
-"Oh Yeah!"
-Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Don't mess up our culture.
This festival is taking place
in Landran not in London.
"My love, don't get angry at me."
"If I say something from my heart."
-"My love, don't get angry..."
-Oh, hello.
We are very angry.
Come on. Go now. Come back next year.
I feel all of them are here
for the tea and snacks.
Jaggi, isn't this that topper
from the science department?
The one who keeps sneezing and
supplying bacteria to the entire college.
Her phone is not reachable too.
Some of them have an interest in singing.
I have heard that she is
very arrogant with boys.
Why won't she be?
She is the SHO's daughter.
Watch now how I fix her attitude.
Oh, hello. The auditions are
happening on the stage. Come up here.
Oh, hello. I did not come
here to audition or anything.
Then you won't get tea and snacks
free without giving an audition.
Hey, I don't need grace marks like you.
I am anyway very intelligent.
Hey, we are not sitting here
for grace marks.
We love arts.
-Right, Pamma?
-Just don't let her get the best of you.
I know everything
about your love for arts.
In the second year, you got thirty seven
percent and he got thirty five percent
that too after adding
five precent grace marks.
And I came here for
my friend not for myself.
May I start the audition?
Yes, yes. Go ahead.
-All the best.
-Thank you.
I find this girl beautiful and wise.
I suggest that we select her.
Let her sing first.
Do you want her to marry your cousin?
And girls like her forget
to sing on the stage
and start crying.
Go ahead and start.
I am feeling a little nervous.
Oh, no. You don't have to feel nervous.
We are all like your family.
-And I am here. Please, start.
-Show off.
-"Distribute handfuls."
-"Oh, yes."
-"Distribute handfuls."
-"Oh, yes."
"Your complexion won't stay fair forever.
Distribute handfuls of it."
-"Have snacks sold by the shopkeepers."
-Oh, yes."
-"Have snacks sold by the shopkeepers."
-"Oh, yes."
"Don't say anything bad to my lover.
Have snacks sold by the shopkeepers."
You sang really well!
I think you practice daily.
No, it's just a gift of God.
-You are selected.
-Thank you.
What happened?
I am feeling scared.
Why are you scared? She sang so well.
-And she is beautiful too.
-That is the fear.
The girl is pretty.
What if I fall in love again?
Pamma, you have sworn.
You won't look at girls again.
What if I make the same mistake
that I did with Tina?
You know I fall in love very quickly.
Pamma, I am here.
I won't let you fall in love with her.
Hello? Should we stay or leave?
Come for the rehearsal tomorrow.
And you come alone tomorrow.
Why alone?
Jyot, they are calling her alone.
-We will accompany her for the rehearsals.
Alright then.
-Okay, Monica, bye.
Let's go.
Come on, fatso. You go too.
"The boy wants to leave
London because of you."
"The boy wants to leave London"
Sing at a lower note.
"The boy wants to leave
London because of you."
"The boy wants to leave
London because of you."
-"The boy wants to..."
-Oh, my God, Pamma.
You play the guitar so well.
-I just...
-Pamma, how are you playing?
You are completely off tune.
I taught you just yesterday.
Pay attention.
-Wow. You caught such small details.
I didn't even realize it.
Now you are in Jaggi's company.
You will learn a lot now.
Jyot, I think they are calling
our company bad.
-Should we pick up from this note?
-Hello. Don't act too smart.
Just focus on the rehearsal.
As much as you sneeze
you won't let us focus on the practice.
Hello, don't you have the manners
to talk to ladies?
Jaggi, just ask this drum
to get out of this seat
-and make him sit on the drum.
-Let him be.
This is Monica's first youth festival.
-Teach her the entry.
-Why not? Monica, come here.
First of all, we will go on the stage
and say Sat Sri Akal to everyone.
-Then we will...
-Just a minute.
Let's make a change this time.
Hello, guys.
We are from SK Bansal college.
And this is my friend Pamma.
Pamma, give me your hand.
And hug me.
Now sit down.
And this is our partner Monica.
Monica, give me your hand.
-Now hug me.
Jyot, he is trying to hug Monica.
Let go off her hand!
Oh, this is swag.
This function is in Landran not in London.
And I know your swag.
The hair accessories that
stop being manufactured
twenty years ago are still
sold now at your shop.
He is talking about swag.
Just say Sat Sri Akal.
Sat Sri Akal is fine then.
And, Monica, Pulkit will
drop you home. Okay?
Where are you going?
I told you. My Aunt had a grandchild.
-I am just going to meet her.
-Oh, yes.
-She will teach her how to sneeze.
Pulkit, now it's your responsibility.
Make sure Monica reaches home safely.
-Do you understand?
-It's alright, Jyot. You don't worry.
Pulkit, have you seen my skin?
I have been standing in the sun
for the past half an hour.
I don't know how it deceived me today.
My dad has completed his
bachelors on this scooter too.
Hurry up.
-Start now.
-Pamma, Monica is standing there.
Then let her stand.
It will start now.
And you better
don't get too frank with her.
But she is our artist.
What is she gets a bad throat
because of standing in the sun?
Think about the five
percent not about yourself.
But you have to do me a favour.
You will have to drop her off.
You know that I have taken
an oath to stay away from girls.
That's alright. What's another
favour for friendship? Come along.
Let's go.
You are standing in the sun.
What if you get tanned?
I know. Pulkit's scooter is not starting.
It will start in two minutes.
-If you want then I can drop you.
It is my responsibility
to drop Monica home.
You can fulfil your
responsibility some other day.
No... It is about to start.
-Yes. Bye, Pulkit.
Just start...
Monica, keep a distance while sitting.
Monica, be careful. Monica!
By the way, I catch a cold
if I drink something cold.
You get a cold because of
that sneezy friend of yours.
No, Jaggi. My friend Jyot is very sweet.
Do you know how many time
she has helped me cheat and pass?
Then she is bound to be sweet.
Well, studious friends are useful.
But it has never happened for me.
Make two glasses with mint.
I am thinking I should
stay updated on Insta too.
Of course. You and Pamma are so smart.
Do you know how
many girls will follow you?
-By the way, Monica.
Don't take any stress
about the youth festival.
Whenever your voice breaks,
I will pick it up from there.
Exactly. When you and Pamma
are with me then why should I stress?
This Pamma is always everywhere.
Since we are best friend now,
-I wanted to tell you something.
-Go ahead.
Pamma my friend, my brother,
was badly in love with Tina from commerce.
Even more than Mirza.
That Tina decieved him.
-More than Sahiba.
-Poor Pamma.
-So sad.
-Oh, no.
The sad thing is that
the poor guy lost it after that.
Now whenever a girl comes near him
he either pulls her hair or he slaps her.
Promise me one thing.
You won't go near Pamma.
-We have grown up so much
and you still don't know how to promise?
Sit properly. Don't fidget so much.
What have I done?
Monica, I left you with Pulkit
yesterday and you left with Jaggi.
Pulkit's scooter broke down
so Jaggi dropped me.
By the way, the boy is not bad.
And I even brought
a chocolate to thank him.
You brought a chocolate? For Jaggi?
Get down. Get down right now.
What is it?
Give me my bag.
Why are you over-reacting so much?
He dropped me so this is alright.
Then it should be given to Pamma too
who gave him his bike to drop you.
Then Pulkit deserves it too who
dropped Pamma home, isn't it?
If you are saying then it must be true.
Do you know Pamma is insane?
Insane? What do you mean?
Nothing. I promised
Jaggi so I can't tell you.
You promised him? Tell me what it is.
It was a handshake promise.
I asked you to stay away from him
and you are making handshakes?
Tell me what it is.
So you can copy exams
from Jaggi now. Okay?
Pamma has lost it
since that Tina left him.
-Tina from Commerce?
Pamma has lost it over her?
She had an affair with
almost half the college.
Poor Pamma.
I think if we tell Pamma about this,
he can get better.
Now, you tell me, your mom's beloved son,
first, you came in Pamma's omelette.
On top of that, you are gloating.
Don't you value your life?
Alright then. Get ready
to visit the gutters of hell.
That Tina and you are both scoundrels.
You have destroyed my life.
I think the poor guy is writing Tina's
name with ketchup and lashing out.
Yes. Jaggi said that
sometimes he pulls girl's hair in anger.
I have braided my hair. Don't worry.
Just follow me.
Hi, Pamma. How are you?
Tell me what do you want?
I am telling you let's leave.
Who knows this insane guy
might start seeing Tina in us?
-Come. Let's leave.
-Wait a minute.
Pamma, I found out about you and Tina.
Don't get so serious about her.
She was having affairs
with half the college.
She didn't deserve you.
So what? I loved her deeply.
She used to try on Pulkit as well.
What? Then she really didn't deserve me.
Yes. Who knows God might have
destined another girl for you?
Hold on.
This is for you.
And thanks. You lent your
bike yesterday for dropping me.
Pamma, remember one thing,
you are not alone in this college.
You have two other friends as well.
Okay. Bye.
Come on.
If it was just the cockroach,
I would have eaten it.
Take it away now.
And all the Indians are
very proud of Chanakya.
Before I tell you anything
about Chanakya's policies,
-let me...
-Good morning, Sir.
Pamma, Jaggi is here for you. Go.
No, no, Sir. There is no rehearsal today.
Carry on.
Before I tell you about
Chanakya's policies...
Where were you?
Uncle's hair accessories made me get late.
Where did you get such
a big chocolate from?
Monica gave it to me.
He was patient.
-Did she come alone?
-No. Jyot was with her too.
I thought so already. Jyot likes you.
Don't talk nonsense.
I think it must be Jyot's idea
to give you this chocolate.
No. Monica gave this to me.
Pamma, that's what happens.
Usually girls rely
upon their beautiful
friend to talk to boys.
Like you took me to
Tina's house to throw rocks.
The same way, she must have
brought Monica along.
Come on. That sneeze factory?
Come on. What's wrong with that?
You need a girl like that.
Look, she will complete your notes.
Right? And she will look
after your mom and dad too.
You silly boy, the biggest thing is
she will never deceive you.
Yes. Because no one
is going to look at her.
You must listen to your wise friend.
-You won't find a girl like her.
-Stop it now. Look there.
What? The police took Uncle?
Which police station?
We'll be right there.
Let's go, Pamma. Sir.
Go on, son. What can be a closer
relation than that of an Uncle?
Carry on, Sir.
Oh, wow, Jaggi. Today will be fun.
So we have finally
visited the police station.
I have sort of become proud of your Uncle.
I will go and tell mom today.
Jatts don't just belong to Malikpur,
Jatts are also from... Where are you from?
Jatts from Jandbadi
are also quite powerful.
And, Jaggi, we will speak with courage.
Uncle was telling me
that the more intimidated
you feel by these cops,
they will intimidate a person even more.
-Do you understand?
-Don't you worry.
-We won't be intimidated.
-Wear your sunglasses now.
We will intimidate them when we go inside.
My lions are here!
Excuse me, Sir.
Did you arrest our Uncle?
All kinds of Uncles get caught here.
Tell me the name not
your relationship with him.
Harjinder Singh, Lakme Store, Old Kharar.
So you are his nephews?
-I think he has committed a big crime.
Sit down, Jatt.
By the way, Sir, our
relationship with police is very old.
It's just that I have come here
for the first time today.
And, Sir, you know how the Jatt blood is.
It boils every now and then.
And this business of
liquor shops, police stations, courts
-is only running because of us Jatts.
-Of course.
By the way, what has our Uncle done?
Oh, my God!
Listen, Jinder is winking at me.
Stand up and now ask before you sit.
Come on.
-May we sit, Sir?
-No. Absolutely not.
Sir, the belt is ready.
Tell me who should I start with?
Both of them are in a rush
to get their Uncle released.
Start with them first.
No, no, Sir. We are not in any rush.
Jaggi! Save me!
Do something!
Hey, that sneeze factory.
-Her father is an SHO too. Tell him.
-Oh, yes.
Sir, we know the SHO.
Is that so? Make me talk to him.
One minute. We'll get it done.
She is here to save us. Come on.
-What happened? Are you alright, Pamma?
-I am fine.
-What did Jaggi do?
-Do I look like a criminal to you?
Then why did you call me here?
Tell her, Pamma.
I suggest that you tell her.
-Just tell her.
-You tell her.
-Tell her.
-Will you tell me or should I leave?
Pamma will tell you.
Come on, tell her.
Actually, his Uncle was
drying the clothes on his roof.
And the woman from his
neighbourhood was drying hers too.
And then... Jaggi will tell you the rest.
Then what? Then the
sun-rays hit Uncle's eyes
and one of his eyes got shut.
And the neighbour thought
that Uncle winked at her.
That's all that happened.
In the meantime the cops came
and brought him to the police station.
Even though it was not such a big deal.
-Poor Uncle...
-Our police so cruel, isn't it?
-Be quiet.
-Whose Uncle was he?
He was his Uncle?
Then he must have definitely winked.
Come on, Monica.
Just a minute, Jyot ji.
Jyot ji?
Where did your attitude go?
Jyot, please help him.
They are our friends.
Alright. I will tell dad.
-Just hurry up a little.
That butcher sergeant Harjit
-will beat our Uncle to a pulp otherwise.
Guys, he is Jyot's dad.
-Your dad is a sergeant?
-Not an SHO?
You have scared the entire college
by telling them that your dad is an SHO.
It seems that you don't know
a sergeant is scarier than an SHO.
He is the one who
beats people with a belt.
If you don't believe me then wait
for a few minutes. You'll find out.
No, no, Jyot ji.
Please, ask Uncle
to release my Uncle soon.
Otherwise he will beat him to a pulp.
Alright. But it will cost you money.
She is definitely a cop's daughter.
-What did you say?
-Let it be then.
-No, no.
Tell me how much will it cost us?
Look, we usually charge other
people more than twenty eight hundred.
But you are our friends and
including the student's discount,
you can pay me twenty six hundred. Okay?
Jyot, they are our friends.
Give them a discount
of another fifty rupees.
No, you can charge us twenty six hundred.
So, kids, your studies
are going well, right?
Here is the tea.
Take it.
What is this, Uncle? You made us
spend twenty six hundred unnecessarily.
Son, I didn't know the matter
would escalate so much.
Uncle, you have embarrassed us
in front of these college girls.
Well, it's not like they used
to run after your bike earlier.
Look at these studs.
Jaggi, may I go and open the shop?
We can't trust these scoundrels.
They might still beat me
with a belt even after charging
twenty six hundred rupees.
Alright. I should take your leave then.
Listen to me.
Next time I shouldn't get any
complaints from your neighbours.
You won't, Sir.
The department can
raid your house anytime.
-Do you understand?
-Go now.
-Okay, Uncle. Go now.
And I will bring the clothes
from the roof.
-Alright. Okay, Sir.
-Look at him.
Okay, Uncle, thank you.
Keep your Uncle in chains.
I don't have the time
to keep doing this.
Say thank you now. I need to leave.
Go on then. Why should I thank you?
I have paid you money.
Also wash my handkerchief
and return it to me.
Pamma, wear your sunglasses.
-Bye, Monica.
What bye?
Why does he have so much attitude?
Wow, Pulkit. A new bike?
We are no less that the arts boys.
I just took a stand.
-Help me with the parking.
-Come on then.
Pulkit, we were saying
that there are just a
few girls in medical.
And there was only one of them
who was beautiful and stylish.
Pamma and Jaggi will take her too?
Don't worry, bro. I will talk to Jyot.
They are just together till
the youth festival. Okay?
-Hi, Pulkit.
-Hi, Jyot.
Jyot, we wanted to talk to
you about something important.
Tell me.
Look, singing is fine.
But if Monica will roam around
with Pamma and Jaggi unnecessarily
then it will affect her studies.
And people will gossip in college.
How will we shut everyone up?
Look, even I am worried
about Monica's studies.
But if anyone gossips about her,
I will break their faces.
I suggest we break
Pamma and Jaggi's faces.
Pamma is poor.
That poor guy has lost it.
Then shall we break Jaggi's face?
Yes. He is the one who tries
to get too close to Monica.
-And he talks to me rudely as well.
It's alright. I will talk to him.
But, Pulkit, listen to me.
The youth festival is near so you
won't break their arms and legs.
Yes, you may slap them.
And his hair that he loves
to run his fingers through,
you must definitely ruin that.
Here comes Jaggi.
Get the wires tightened properly.
Yes, brother. I was just
going to get that done.
Alright then.
Yes, brother Pulkit?
He is calling you brother
after seeing just a few guys.
Wait. He will call me
his elder brother soon.
-Just a minute.
Hello. Yes, Uncle? What?
He is not taking back the
box of broken bangles?
Uncle, if I come to the market,
I will make him wear
the same bangles and beat him.
We have become shopkeeper
after coming from the village.
We came from the village because we used
to get cases filed against us every day.
We used to be charged with IPC 26
before a maggi could be cooked.
Uncle, talk to him properly
or else tell me. I am coming.
Okay, fine.
What happened? Did something go wrong?
No, this is nothing.
Things used to happen
when we were in the village.
It used to be fun breaking skulls there.
That is why my family sent me here
to live me with my Uncle.
What did you want to talk about?
Please, come this side for one minute.
-Tell me.
-I wanted to say
that you sing very well.
It seems that you have worked very hard.
And my best wishes are with you! With you!
You must win the youth festival!
And also...
your hair looks amazing.
-Come on, boys.
Our job is done.
What happened to him today?
What was he doing to my hair today?
I think they must have inhaled some
strange gas in their chemistry class.
What do you want?
"Your face is like an angel.
I don't like being without you now."
"Your face is like an angel.
I don't like being without you now."
"Tell me which soap do you use?
You have done such wonders."
"The boy wants to leave London..."
"The boy wants to leave London
because of you, my love."
"The boy wants to leave London
because of you, my love."
"The boy wants to leave London
because of you, my love."
"The angels copy me."
"You won't get anything from me, boy."
"The angels copy me."
"You won't get anything from me, boy."
"When I wear black sunglasses,
thunder strikes, my love."
"A lot of boys from Canada
keep following me, my love."
"A lot of boys from Canada
keep following me, my love."
"A lot of boys from Canada
keep following me, my love."
"If you say yes to me,
I will show you the world."
"If you say yes to me,
I will show you the world."
"Your fair complexion takes
me across the stars, my love."
"The boy wants to leave London..."
"The boy wants to leave London
because of you, my love."
"The boy wants to leave London
because of you, my love."
"The boy wants to leave London
because of you, my love."
Tell that loser, I will not
settle for less than fifty lacs.
And it has been seven years since
the divorce case has been going on.
Now get it over with.
Mom, we won!
I am so proud of you, my darling.
Aunt, actually, we were planning a
party to celebrate Monica's victory.
Yes, you should definitely do it.
-But I have a few instructions.
Number one, only decent
kids should come to the party.
-And, number two.
-I will write this down, Aunt.
I will remember it.
Yes, Aunt, number two?
No ketchup should be spilled on the couch.
And number three, make less noise.
The neighbours shouldn't get disturbed.
Mom, that is why we are
planning to party outside.
Oh, that's great!
But, Monica, I am going
to Mrs. Mehra's kitty party.
It's alright, Aunt. What will you
do at the kid's party anyway?
I mean you should come.
Even if you come late.
Aunt, I should go.
I have to order samosas, sandwiches,
burgers and momos for the party.
And drinks?
Jal-jeera, lemon soda and cold-drinks.
-And remember, no hard drinks.
What's this? You are adding
country alcohol to black label bottles?
It seems your trouble with
your relatives has increased.
Yes, my Uncle drinks imported alcohol.
And my dad pours country
alcohol in scotch bottles.
You know how my mom is. She says we
will not get intimidated by our relatives.
Pamma, we will feel intimidated
the day they recognize the bottles.
We have picked them up from their garbage.
Just do your job.
Monica is throwing a party.
What do you want to do?
-Should we go?
Why do you want to go there?
And you just got your heart broken.
Will it be appropriate for
you to dance at parties?
Yes, you are right.
We'll do one thing,
we will ask DC to get
one kg meat from home.
And we will party right here.
Oh, no. Not one kg.
Just ask him to get half a kg.
I think I will go to the party for
a few minutes before I go home.
The girls shouldn't
feel bad unnecessarily.
That's right too.
And you should focus on your studies.
You got two percent less marks than me.
-Monica is calling.
-No. Don't answer it.
Monica. She doesn't give up.
-Hello, Monica.
Where is Pamma?
-Pamma is with me.
-Put him on the phone.
-Here, talk to her.
Yes, Pamma. You are
coming to the party today, right?
No, Jyot. I was studying.
Pamma, you know
that we won the youth festival
because of you and Monica.
But it's okay if you want to study...
then we will cancel the party.
No, Jyot. Don't cancel the party.
It's not like he will score
the merit after studying.
He just scored two percent less than me.
I can score less next time.
We are coming.
Alright. You can miss
it if you want. Fool.
Pamma, if you are going
to throw rocks at someone,
I suggest that you have a
few drinks before you go.
You won't realize if they thrash you.
I will thrash you now.
And what is this Pamma?
Call me Pamma Sardar ji.
Pamma, he is right though.
Shouldn't we have a couple of drinks?
I suggest that we take
the whole bottle along.
They have invited a lot of people.
It seems all the
accountants are on this side.
Come, let's go to the Jatts' side.
Yes, Sir?
Which imported alcohol are you serving?
Sir, cold-drink and jal-jeera.
Do one thing. Mix this in the cold drinks.
Look, they are drinking cold-drinks
like they are drinking alcohol.
Such peasants!
-Hi, Pamma.
By the way, you and Monica
performed really well today.
When I am around, hard-work always pays.
What are you drinking?
This is a cold-drink.
Did you mix something in this?
Yes, we have mixed Kava in this.
Cloves, cardamoms
and the bark of an acacia.
Neem and dry ginger powder.
We have mixed a lot of things in it.
Drink it. You'll feel great.
This is really good.
Don't you feel the music is a little low?
-Make another one for ma'am.
-Okay, Sir.
We will get the music loud. Come.
This is home-made country alcohol.
What if it kills her?
It won't. And watch the fireworks now.
"That girl who came in a Lamborghini
is asking for my heart."
"That girl who came in a Lamborghini."
"That girl who came in a Lamborghini."
"That girl who came in a Lamborghini
is asking for my heart."
"She is so beautiful.
Tell me why city is she from?"
"Tell me which city is she from? Where is
she going and where did she come from?"
"The Kohl in her eyes."
"The way she walks."
"And it is killing us."
"And it is killing us."
"The Prada that
she is wearing on her eyes."
"That girl who came in a Lamborghini
is asking for my heart."
"That girl who came in a Lamborghini
is asking for my heart."
"Everyone is in a bad
condition, beautiful."
"Your tantrums have done wonders."
"Your tantrums have done wonders."
"Everyone is in a bad
condition, beautiful."
"Your tantrums have done wonders."
"Anyone who sees you wishes."
"That should be with you."
"This boy doesn't go near any girl."
"This boy doesn't go near any girl."
"He just felt shy because of you."
"That girl who came in a Lamborghini
is asking for my heart."
"That girl who came in a Lamborghini
is asking for my heart."
"I think you are hotter
than all the girls."
"She seems like a shot of tequila."
"I think you are hotter
than all the girls."
"She seems like a shot of tequila."
"She seem like the last thought."
"That came out of my heart."
"She has Manik in her heart."
"She has Manik in her heart."
"But she feels shy in saying it."
"That girl who came in a Lamborghini
is asking for my heart."
"That girl who came in a Lamborghini
is asking for my heart."
Monica danced really well today.
Mix it in this.
What is your problem?
The minute you see a beautiful girl,
you start following her.
Beautiful girl?
Where is this beautiful girl? And you
are the one wearing glasses not me.
Stop talking nonsense.
The way you were dancing on your toes
today was because of me.
I asked Pulkit not to break your legs
because of the youth festival.
You can tell him now.
You have my permission today.
Boys, my hands are heavy.
I don't want to kill him.
Go ahead and thrash him.
Don't be scared. I am right behind you.
-Come on.
-Go on. Bravo.
Wow, that was a Jackie Chan kick.
-Are you mad?
Are you on our side or their side?
You have done well, brother Jaggi.
Keep them like this.
-Oh, no.
-Pamma, cake.
-Now it's a challenge.
You, scoundrels!
-Take this.
-Come on, boys.
-Who was it?
Pack mine, bro.
This is your face pack.
Stop it!
Pizzas are less in number.
Please fight with pastries.
Boys, there are five of you
and two of them. Thrash them!
-Guys, no!
-Break his legs!
-Be careful!
-My arms!
-My arms!
-You will get hurt!
Jyot, stop them.
Sir, the wall has got maggots in it.
And I suggest you buy some urea and
sprinkle it. The wall will become taller.
Just do your job.
He is talking about urea.
-How are you, dad?
-Come on, son.
You are having a party downstairs tonight.
-You are here.
-It is a Jatt's entertainment.
What entertainment?
The boy got hurt again today.
How many times have I told you
to get him new tyres?
Ask him first. Maybe he got beaten up.
I am your old servant.
I can make such jokes.
I don't see Uncle and
his family around today.
Where are they?
Their imported alcohol
must have finished.
Why, Sewa Singh?
The imported doesn't finish.
This time I will bathe the entire
village in imported alcohol.
Why, Uncle?
Are you going to be a Sarpanch?
Oh, no, son.
I have fixed Shinda's wedding
in an influential family.
They have power all over Punjab.
Why just Sarpanch?
I can be an MLA.
Sister, there are lots of scams
going on these days.
Be vigilant.
The girl shouldn't have a disability.
No, sister. The girl is very beautiful.
She was even Ms DAV from Sunam.
They have a huge business.
They have hotels in Delhi,
palaces in Jaipur and resorts in Gujarat.
Wine shops in Punjab.
Pamma gets a lot of proposals like this.
-But I have made it clear
that I will marry Pamma in a
family that has malls in Dubai.
-In Shahrukh Khan's neighbourhood.
Aunt, the way Pamma
gets wounded every day,
you need someone with
dispensaries not malls.
And she will bandage Pamma's wounds
when he comes home.
Don't say that about your younger brother.
Here, sister. Have some sweets.
Many congratulations to you as well.
Jinder, are you home?
Yes, I am at home.
Sir, why did you take
the trouble of coming here?
You could have told me.
I would have come myself.
It would have cost you to come.
-So tell me.
Your eyes don't twitch now, do they?
Sir, I swear, since I have come from the
police station, you have opened my eyes.
Now I even sleep with my eyes open.
It is good if your eyes remain open.
Listen, what is this?
Sir, it is country alcohol.
Have a small drink.
Sir, what will such a small one
do for you? Pour some more.
-It is for you.
The department will spend
the night with this.
And you shouldn't drink too much.
Then you trouble your neighbours
and your neighbours
will trouble me, isn't it?
What did you cook?
Sir, my nephew went for a party.
I had bought some carrots.
I said forget it.
So I didn't cook anything.
You didn't cook anything
but I won't do that.
I will take this home and cook it.
-Sir, is there anything else?
No, no.
Make a country chicken some day.
"That girl who came in a
Lamborghini is asking for my heart."
Sat Sri Akal, Uncle.
Son, instead of acting rowdy,
focus on your studies.
Yes, yes.
Look, my daughter
studies at your college too.
And even now she has gone to
her friend Monica's house to study.
These are the signs of intelligent kids.
-Do you understand or not?
-Yes, Uncle.
Movie aside now.
Intelligent kids were all schooled today.
Uncle, how are you?
Did you get thrashed
by someone again today?
I told you that I am going to
Monica's house for a party.
Which party serves thrashings to you?
I fought with some boys there.
Then couldn't you manage to do anything?
Manage to?
Uncle, I beat so many
of them in front of Monica.
-I flew and kicked them in their chests.
Uncle, it was as if I was
possessed by Rajnikanth.
I wish you had been
possessed by Guggu Gill then
they would have sent the
girl happily with you.
Uncle, don't worry.
The way Monica is impressed with me,
I will marry her and bring her home.
Bravo, my son!
Now don't take too long.
Pamma better not snatch
this bite out of your mouth.
Uncle, why do you bring
Pamma into everything?
And I will hook Pamma up
with the sergeant's daughter.
I want to propose to a girl.
And I want to propose
to her in a grand way.
I told you, didn't I?
Do one thing,
sneeze twice and propose to her.
And she will sneeze thrice and say yes.
I am not talking about Jyot.
Then who are you talking about?
About Monica.
Jaggi... Brother Jaggi!
I swear by our friendship,
I didn't deceive my friend.
Don't shoot, Jaggi! I really didn't know
that you love Monica.
Don't shoot, Jaggi! I beg you.
Listen to the whole thing.
You have already started
thinking about wedding clothes.
Tell me how should I propose?
You are very naive.
Pamma, love is not a game, my friend.
You have barely gotten over
the shock that Tina gave you.
My brother, don't rush into anything.
Give some rest to your brain.
And the decisions made in
a hurry often break relationships.
Jaggi, the relationship
is just getting started.
Look, Tina leaving my life
was God's will.
Tina had to leave
so that Monica could come.
And I appreciate you, God.
You know, I used to feel
that love is gone from my life.
But this game that you have played
is so much fun, I swear.
And you know that
I love you, God. And Monica too...
Pamma, you shouldn't text her
romantic things.
And you won't be able to
say anything to her in person.
I will talk to her
for my friend.
Oh, Jaggi. You will be right next
to me when I become a groom.
-Jyot, juice or tea?
-Look, Monica is here.
Juice is fine.
-Two juices.
-Two juices.
-Hi, girls.
-Hi, girls.
-What hi, girls?
You took your bike and left from
there in the middle of the night.
Do you know the club people
made us clean the whole club?
-That is why you look a little worn out.
-You stay quiet.
It was all your fault.
How was it my fault?
Stop it, guys.
And, Jaggi, say what you had to...
You said had to say something.
Pamma, she has sneezed. It won't work now.
What did you want to talk about?
Jyot, not with you. He
wants to talk to Monica.
But I need to know what
you are going to talk about.
You can ask Monica later.
Oh, what's wrong?
Jyot, we are friends.
-Jaggi, we will sit here and talk.
-Please, come there.
Come, Jyot, let's sit here.
Yes. What do you want to say?
Monica... I think Pamma's
condition is deteriorating.
But I think he is better than before.
That's the thing.
The poor guy is pretending to be better.
But he is still lost in
Tina's memories even now.
No, no. Yesterday, he danced with me.
If you hadn't started
that pizza thing then...
I am talking about Pamma here.
You are bringing the
forty rupees pizza into this.
And just because he danced with
you doesn't mean that he is fine.
Jaggi, what are you doing?
Convince her, my friend.
I am afraid of losing my friend.
Jaggi, you care so much about your friend.
Now don't worry.
We will help him recover together.
Oh, no. I will help him heal myself.
You just focus on your studies.
And who can understand
Pamma better than me?
I know.
He needs to be with someone.
She is going on about all this.
Monica, you don't need
to understand anything.
Jyot can understand Pamma too.
Look how happy they look together.
Jyot is only sitting here because of me.
Otherwise, she doesn't even talk to boys.
She doesn't even add them on Facebook.
If a snot-ball like Jyot...
Oh, sorry.
If a girl like Jyot doesn't add any boy
then who will add poor Pamma?
Why? Why can't they do it?
When you don't know how a
person would react to something,
it is risky to stay with such a person.
Which girl will love
Pamma and take such a risk?
Who will take care of him
by taking such a big risk?
Which girl would risk her life like this?
I will take this risk.
Either I don't know how to
explain or this girl crazy.
-Pamma, I like you too.
But you have to propose to me.
Monica, will you come into my life?
Jyot, may I go?
Look, Pamma, you are about to
become a member of our group.
Leave everything and focus and studies.
Don't focus on show-offs unnecessarily.
-Yes, Uncle?
Don't cry, son.
They have only confessed their love.
They are not married yet.
And saying I love you is normal
for boys and girls nowadays.
Come, my lion.
Let's put all this in the water.
Monica and Pamma will break up
after we do this, right?
Of course, they will.
If they don't break up then I will
definitely break the astrologer's leg.
Don't lose hope, my lion.
Get up, my son.
Come on. Get up. Come.
Jaggi, close your eyes.
Throw these lentils
like the brides throw
the rice when they leave
after getting married.
-Come on.
Take this.
I can see Monica throwing rice
with Pamma. Hurry up.
What about when I was saying hurry up?
Did you listen to any wise man then?
Come on.
Give me the coconut, Uncle.
-No, son, not this.
I got this for myself, son.
Someone should bring a bride home.
Okay, Mother Goddess,
send me a bride soon.
Pamma, you are cuter
than the entire college.
Mom, stop it.
Pamma, I dream about you every night.
Oh, really?
Yes, Jyot, I did dream about him once.
-And after this...
-Mom, please. Don't read further.
Let her read. What's left to read anyway?
Pamma, I like your company more
than my best friend Jyot's company.
-Mom, stop it.
I was just edging him on.
Now cheat during your exams
from Pamma too.
You can get angry later.
By the way, who is Pamma?
Mom, he is a Jatt.
You mean a farmer?
The people who are covered in mud?
No, Aunt, they are not those Jatts.
They are the Jatts with huge
bungalows, expensive cars
and imported weapons.
Oh. By the way, Jyot,
you are a Jatt too, right?
You are very simple.
Aunt, because our land
didn't hold much value.
It is a little far from the road.
And Pamma's land is on the road?
-On the road? It is on the GT road.
-Oh, really?
-Yes, mom.
-They are super rich.
Well, Monica...
you know parents are
supposed to scold you a little.
Otherwise, children get spoilt.
And you have grown up now.
I think you should make
your own decisions now.
I love you, mom! Thank you so much!
Jyot, mom has agreed.
But I haven't agreed.
I will convince you.
Get us two beers.
Monica has agreed.
-But there is a problem.
-What problem?
Her mom won't agree.
Jaggi, you care so much about me.
-Her mom has agreed.
-She has agreed?
And did your family agree?
You have to convince them now.
You know my mom and Dad's nature.
Really? Let's go then.
Let's sort this today.
Beer is cancelled. Bring us sodas.
The boys aren't going to put that
alcohol in their ears.
-Pour them some more.
-Let it be.
Why do you want to damage their livers?
They sit at home and drink.
It's not like they drink outside.
You are right, Aunt.
You shouldn't add soda.
It makes your hands tremble.
He is not going to thread needles.
He has to put bangles on women's wrists.
Yes, Uncle.
We are not Jatts with swords.
We are Jatts with shops.
Bravo! He is exactly
like his maternal family.
His younger Uncle too
drinks his alcohol like this.
The elder one drinks
directly from the bottle.
Jaggi, start talking quickly.
If the discussion shifts from Uncles
to grandads then it will take very long.
The courtyard is empty today.
The other Uncle doesn't seem to be around.
They are flying high these days.
-Why what?
A blind man found a bird under his feet.
Since their boy got engaged
into an influential family,
they have completely changed. Never mind.
I will get Pamma married into an
ever more influential family than theirs.
I should just find a suitable girl.
Aunt, don't worry about finding the girl.
-We have found a girl.
Is that so? Which family is the girl from?
Do they have enough land?
Is he going to plough the land?
Tell me how many of
their relatives are in prison?
How many cases does the
family has against them?
-Cases? Her mom has a case against her.
307 or 751?
For now it is just a divorce case.
And, Aunt, they may live in a rented house
but the girl's mom has three
FDs of one and a half lac each.
We can get an Alto for dowry very easily.
I will use my influence with them to
get Uncle a gold ring of seven grams.
Wow. A divorce case?
Three FDs of one and a half lac each.
-An Alto in dowry.
A gold ring of seven grams!
I won't even let my DC
marry into such a family.
I think you are drunk, son.
Go and eat at home.
Why are you pinching me?
Let me finish first.
Aunt, what would be
the big deal if you let your
relatives dominate you for
the sake of Pamma's love?
Whether you agree or not,
I am going to get Pamma married to her.
-Is it loaded?
-Go right ahead.
-Mom! Jaggi, run!
She will shoot you!
You think you are so clever!
You shouldn't have any friends like him.
DC! Shut the door! He is running!
Don't let him run! Lock the door!
-Stop right here.
-Let me go.
-I said move.
What are you waiting for?
Give it to me. I'll shoot.
-DC, move aside.
-Pamma, let go of the rifle.
-Move aside.
-I won't let you go.
Kuljeet, shoot him!
Shoot him!
I will shoot you!
The bullet is far and this brick is near.
I will hit you really hard with this.
I said move!
Move aside!
I will shoot him in his chest!
Who does he think he is?
Bringing proposals!
-Let it go, mom!
Poor Pamma.
I love you, Monica.
Why won't his family agree?
I love Pamma.
Don't be a kid.
You can get married legally if you wish.
And he is from a Jatt family.
They just need to fall in love.
Mom he loves me a lot.
It's his family who is against us.
If he loves you then you should
both elope and get married.
Then you'll see how they don't agree.
-They will come running.
If it was a mother from a village,
she would have beaten her with a broom.
Look, Jaggi.
Monica was about to
slip out of your hands.
The things that we put into
the canal have saved us.
And this stuff will bring
Monica into your hands.
Uncle, just let the job be done.
I will give the mediator's ring
to the astrologer.
That is right.
He touched his face and said
that with the first ray of the sun
tomorrow morning at six thirty,
the lentils and rice will be in the canal
and Jaggi will be in Monica's heart.
Watch how I dance at your wedding.
Where did he come from?
Pamma, you? At this hour?
He must have been bored alone.
Sit here, son. Come.
He is your friend.
He must be feeling lonely.
Look, Pamma, you are
as dear to me as Jaggi.
So what if your family didn't agree?
But we won't go against them.
Is there a dearth of girls for my son?
Uncle, so what if the family didn't agree?
We haven't given up either.
We will run away and get married.
Pamma, think about Monica's mom
if not your own family.
That poor woman's whole world
will be destroyed, son.
Uncle, her mom is the one
who gave me this advice.
Is that so?
Jaggi, tomorrow morning at six thirty,
with the first ray of the sun,
we will run away to Shimla.
You stay ready.
No, what will I do there?
You scoundrel,
it is your friend's wedding.
A friend needs to be there to dance.
And you are the one who has to
make all the preparations for my wedding.
Okay, Uncle. I should go.
I have to get my jeep modified
too before I get there.
Just cook these lentils
and rice here at home.
And tell your astrologer not
to come out of his house now.
Jaggi, I have realized today
why I couldn't get married.
Your Uncle is not bad from any angle.
It is my astrologer who is terrible.
"Our son has become spolit
after studying in Chandigarh city."
"Parents say he has
become spolit because of you."
"He has a spark in his eye."
"His jeep is always around your city."
"He gathers all his friend."
"He shouts off the rooftops."
"Our son has become spolit
after studying in Chandigarh city."
Wow. This is so beautiful.
-Thank you, Pamma.
-It's okay, Monica.
Hello? What's going on?
I drove all the way here.
Your mom booked the hotel
so why are you thanking him?
Jaggi, I will drive when we go back.
-Forget it. Let's get a selfie.
-Yes. Come, Jyot.
Jaggi, you didn't smile.
-It's okay. Add a smiley later.
-Let's go.
Monica, I am there, aren't I?
-Let's go.
You could have picked that.
Why? Am I your servant?
He picked one too.
He has to do it his entire life.
It is a strolley. Use the tyres.
Sir! Ma'am!
Ma'am, Pamma has done a blunder!
Bluder? Did he crush someone's skull?
It is a matter of pride.
The Jatt has made an offence
under IPC 26 in his graduation.
Go and tell our relatives.
Ma'am, it is not something
you can tell your relatives.
Pamma left in the modified jeep.
Should he have take the
Innova when he went to fight?
The modified jeep looks apporopriate.
Just tell us this much
-did he take an axe or a sword?
He just had a bag with him.
I think that, Sir and Ma'am,
Pamma has run away from home.
He even left a letter like
they do in the Hindi movies.
Hey, give it to me.
Oh, no! Such terrible handwriting!
That is why he never
scored well in his exams.
Read it.
The enemies of my love, my parents,
I am running away from
home to get married.
I apologize to mom.
Because I couldn't fulfil her dream to
welcome her daughter-in-law home.
Your son who is lost in love...
I wanted to make him Jeona Mod.
Which turn has he taken?
Rum in cold weather and friends in
time of need turn out to be very useful.
Pour small ones.
This drink is from the canteen.
I suggest we ask the girls too.
They must be feeling cold too.
Jaggi, she is your sister-in-law.
When did I say she is my Aunt?
Will you offer
drinks to your sister-in-law now?
Girls usually drink beer
and vodka nowadays.
Your mom drinks too.
Is it necessary that the daughter-in-law
should follow in her
mother-in-law's footsteps?
And she is not that kind of a girl.
Come on, Jaggi. You have not
been able to understand Monica.
Okay. Sorry.
And don't apologize to me for things.
-Hey, guys.
-Hi. Come in.
How are you?
Oh, you guys are drinking?
Oh, no. We were just taking
it as a medicine for the cold.
Is that so? We are feeling cold too.
We will drink too.
No. Put it back where
you picked it up from.
-Put it back.
-Monica, you won't cry now.
-You won't cry at all.
-Not even a little.
-For my sake.
-Mine too.
She is not going to cry. But you
will make her cry by saying all this.
Monica, Monica, no.
Monica, be quiet.
It's okay, Monica.
-Her drama has started.
-Jaggi, apologize to her.
Forget it, Monica. He won't apologize.
-Let's go.
-Take my apology.
-Keep it with yourself.
-What's this, Jaggi?
You got her upset.
I will have to pacify her now.
Monica! Come and have a drink!
Did I come here to get Pamma
married or to apologize?
Take this. I will defeat you today.
How is that?
There are still so many cards left.
Don't cheat.
We are sitting inside the room
since we have come here.
Shall we go out tomorrow?
Who will shop for the wedding?
How will I do it alone?
-I won't.
-Why alone?
Jaggi will go with you.
Forget it. It's better I go alone.
Then what will Jaggi do with us?
Please take him with you.
-Okay, fine. I'll go.
And here you go, Pamma,
you have become the sister-in-law.
-Pamma has become the sister-in-law.
-Pamma has become the sister-in-law.
-Pamma has become the sister-in-law.
-Pamma has become the sister-in-law.
Pamma has become the sister-in-law.
I don't understand did
he come here to make
her my sister-in-law
or become a sister-in-law?
The way he is behaving
like a henpecked man...
he is exactly like his father.
Right? Yes.
Jaggi, brother Jaggi.
Jaggi, are you asleep?
Your sister-in-law wants to
go out somewhere tomorrow.
Then go. Have I chained you?
But we had to shop for the wedding too.
Send that snot-ball. She is free.
What else did she come here to do?
Will she go alone?
Go with her.
Have you lost your mind?
I won't go.
And a person should
shop for their own wedding.
Okay, brother.
Though when I was small,
Jaggi, I always wanted
that I should have an elder brother.
-Who could...
-Stop it! I will go.
Let me sleep now.
"The leave the house every morning."
"They fight with people
and retun home at night."
"The leave the house every morning."
"They fight with people
and retun home at night."
"The girls are crazy about the Jatt."
"The enemies are upset because of him."
What happened?
Nothing. It is sunny that
is why I am wearing them.
I hope you don't feel that
I am doing it to impress you.
Hello. No one becomes
good-looking by wearing these.
And hurry up. We have to go to the salon,
we have to meet the priest,
buy a wedding dress.
We will get late because
of your show off.
Oh, Ms snot-ball,
Jaggi is not your driver. Okay?
And talk to me properly.
"He does what he wants.
He says he will never live in any fear."
"Our son has become spolit
after studying in Chandigarh city."
"Parents say he has become spolit."
Is your family coming?
They are not coming.
They are very egoistic.
But I am more egoistic than them.
I have left them.
You left your family for me?
So sweet.
Tell me something.
They have both gone for shopping
together. They won't fight, will they?
You know that Jyot has a short-temper.
It's alright. He is the Jatt with shops.
He will apologize.
No problem.
Don't you feel ashamed?
A girl is with you and
you are buying alcohol.
Alright. So you feel ashamed
standing at the liquor shop?
You didn't feel ashamed
asking for it last night.
It was cold last night.
And it's not like you gave it to us.
It's alright. You can drink it tonight.
"The boy has passed in friendhship
but failed in his exams."
"The boy has been to prison
during his college days."
"The boy has been to prison
during his college days."
"The boy has passed in friendhship
but failed in his exams."
"The boy has been to prison
during his college days."
"The cases against us are strong."
"Small-time lawyers can't get us bail."
Stop the jeep for a minute.
-Stop the jeep.
Okay. I will.
"Our son has become spolit
after studying in Chandigarh city."
"Parents say he has
become spolit because of you."
"Our son has become spolit
after studying in Chandigarh city."
I'll click it.
Can we take off the cap?
Spread your arms.
Your camera is quite good.
It is also about who clicks the picture.
My face is not bad either.
Should I click yours?
New people like coming to the
hill stations and clicking pictures.
We keep coming here.
Now you are trying to show off.
Send me the pictures.
This is great.
Here, Sir. Just check this.
I will check it.
Is it good?
Jinder, you have cooked
the chicken very well.
If you had a wife,
she would have been very happy with you.
Sir, just think
that I wasn't in anyone's destiny.
Where can we find good matches these days?
Now look at me.
My daughter is in college
and I am already
worried about her marriage.
Sir, don't worry too much about kids.
Nowadays, they go out for a vacation
and come directly to seek blessings.
No. My daughter is not one of those kids.
She is studying with her
friend Monica even as we speak.
-Is that so?
Sir, by the way,
even my nephew is very decent.
Yes. The boy is alright.
He will help you with
your shop after college.
But he shouldn't have taken arts.
Arts students don't get good matches.
Sir, pour yourself a drink.
I'll take this call and come.
Yes, go ahead.
-Yes, Uncle?
I sent you the pictures.
How did you like the girl?
The girl is beautiful.
Don't take too long this time.
Nothing should go wrong this time.
No, Uncle. This time Pamma
won't come into the picture.
Pamma is getting married.
It's not just Pamma,
I feel even Jyot's father won't agree.
He is sitting in the back.
He is talking about Jyot's marriage.
I suggest now that you have gone,
come back only after you are married.
Uncle, let me start dating her first.
Jinder, serve me some liver!
Jaggi, I will talk to you later.
First, let me cool his liver
by feeding him liver.
Did it go off on it's own?
It's the one in the back that fired today.
So? How do you like the shot?
It is licensed.
Shinda's in-laws got my license made.
Rich people, influential things.
They have a lot of influence
in the government.
Let me know if you have some work.
I will get it done.
And, Uncle, my sixer will be here soon.
Then I won't let Pamma get beaten.
Why are you making jokes?
Their son already
ran away from home,
they are just worried about
what they will tell people.
And you are going on about all this.
Who told them that Pamma ran away?
I don't know.
No, no. It was not my fault.
I even made their servant swear.
And, Sir, you know,
elders say that...
a buffalo that enters a brick-kiln
and the news about boys running away
doesn't stay hidden, does it?
I will fix the mosquito net
for the animals and come.
Make your bed next to the
animals too from today onwards.
I am going to do exactly that.
Sewa Singh, did your rifle get rusty?
What are you saying? Who knows
their bullets might have finished?
We have them.
Make another drink.
No, Manjit. I will finish this one slowly.
Pour me a drink.
Let it be, Manjit.
Last time you had a drink,
a wall was built in the house.
Okay. So should I keep
listening to their jibes?
Pour me a drink.
Make it a large one.
Oh, right. You won't add water.
Your son didn't take the
bullets with him, did he?
Jatti has given birth to Mirza.
And Mirza doesn't see cars and
bungalows when he wants to get married.
He marries whom he chooses.
Or he takes the girl away.
Pamma is the grandson
of Sidhus from Malikpur.
There are not as many buses in Punjab
as the number of cases against them.
And the police asks my father
before entering the village.
And, you, elder sister-in-law,
your son went abroad a year ago
and then someone like you got to
know about eyeliner and such things.
You have spent your entire life attending
your family weddings in my dresses.
And, you, fox.
I won't let Pamma get beaten.
I will carry a sixer in my waist-band.
Do you even have a waist?
Your trouser keeps falling
two inches below your waist.
He is faffing like a show-off.
-They don't see their faces.
-My quota is full.
-Even ants have wings now.
-You can come down when you are done.
Such a big shot!
"Jatts are trying to kill Mirza."
"The elder sister-in-law stops them."
"I have never spoilt my brother-in-law."
"Jatt, you have never been useful."
-Tick tick one.
-Just a minute.
-Tick tick two.
-Tick tick three.
-Come on, Jyot.
Tick tick four.
"Come, darling.
My eyes are waiting for you."
"Come, darling.
My eyes are waiting for you."
Jaggi, are you on my
side or on the girl's side?
The girls are in a good mood.
"Come, darling.
My eyes are waiting for you."
"My handsome lover,
my eyes are waiting for you."
"Come, darling.
My eyes are waiting for you."
Jyot, it's mom's call. I'll be right back.
"Come, my lover, for the sake of my love."
"Come, darling.
My eyes are waiting for you."
Hello. Monica, how are you?
I am fine, mom.
How are the wedding preprations going?
Mom, everything has been arranged.
I sent you the pictures
of my wedding dress too.
Yes, I saw. It's very beautiful.
Do you know that Jyot has
booked the salon for me too?
Now just tell me when you are coming.
When are Pamma's parents coming?
They are not coming, mom.
But we don't need them either.
Mom, do you know that Pamma
left his family for me?
Now... Pamma will stay
with us after the wedding.
Monica, how can you be so stupid?
A boy who is jobless also left his home?
What is his future? And what
is yours if you stay with him?
Mom, he loves me a lot.
Foolish girl, come back home!
No, mom. I can't leave Pamma and go.
Then die with him.
Monica, let's go out quickly.
We are having a lot of fun. come on.
No, Jyot. Pack your things.
We have to go home.
Home? Have you gone mad?
Your wedding is tomorrow.
Everything has been
arranged and now you are
saying you want to go home.
-Jyot, I can't get married.
Did you drink something?
Jyot, I am not joking.
Mom called.
We have to go home.
Monica, Pamma left is family, his
home, everything and came here for you.
Jyot, are you his friend or mine?
My being your friend doesn't mean
that I have to support all your mistakes.
Alright. Then stay here. I am leaving.
Monica. Monica.
Listen to me!
"The boy is not bad at heart."
"Save me, Lachhi."
"The boy is not bad at heart."
"Save me, Lachhi."
Jaggi, I have to talk
to you about something
very important. Come inside quickly.
Yes, I wanted to say
something too. I am coming.
"The boy is not bad at heart."
"Save me, Monica.
Pamma is not bad at heart."
"Pamma is not bad at heart."
Pamma... heart...
"Pamma is not bad at heart."
Yes, Jyot?
Jaggi, I want to talk to you
about something very important.
Yes, I wanted to talk to
you about something too.
No. Listen to me first.
Okay. You go first.
-Monica ran away.
Ran away?
Her mom called.
She asked her to come back home.
-What did you want to say?
I wanted to say...
What will we tell Pamma?
Monica! Where have you gone?
Monica, come back! Monica!
Why are you acting like a child?
-Here. Have two sips.
-I won't drink.
Drink it.
The brand will get mixed.
Will it get mixed for the first time?
Come on, my son, have two sips.
Drink it.
-I'll be back.
May I rest my head on your shoulder?
What for?
My friend's heart has been broken.
I need support too.
Go and support your friend
instead of seeking support.
And I am going to the jeep.
You guys can come when
you are done crying and wailing.
"I couldn't find anyone."
"I couldn't find anyone."
"The one who can bring
back those who are gone."
Here is your tea, Sir.
Jyot, tea.
Jaggi, what should I message her?
Should I message her that
she will regret leaving me?
Enough. Taunt her in English.
Should I translate this into English?
Don't you have anything else?
You... will... regret... leaving... me.
-Not with an accent. In English.
You will regret leaving me.
You betrayer.
This seems difficult.
You will take two days to do this.
Search something easier on Google.
Write in Punjabi.
And it also sounds intimidating.
Shall I write this?
I don't care about you.
I won't return on your path.
Yes. I will send that.
-This will hit her straight on the heart.
Leave it, brother. We will see later.
Jaggi, mom is calling me.
Answer it.
Say, mom, I have left
that girl for my parents.
She will definitely kiss
your forehead on the phone.
I am telling you.
Answer it.
Hello, mom. Greetings.
Just hold on for a minute.
DC, call two labourers
and remove this wall. Hurry up.
-Yes. Right away.
-The wall?
Yes, sister. The brothers
got separated for no reason.
-They will drink together now.
-Why not?
The courtyard will be bigger too.
We have to get our son married.
Yes, son.
Mom, give me your blessings.
May God bless my son.
May God keep the union safe.
Mom, what's the need for such a union
that takes you away from your parents?
Oh, my Mirza son is talking such things.
Can parents ever go away from you?
Just bring our
daughter-in-law home quickly.
Mom, I have understood.
Parents can't be found again.
What are you saying, silly boy?
-Here, talk to your dad.
-Give it to me.
-Say it.
I was saying...
we can't find parents.
It's not like we were separated
in the fair twelve years ago.
We are here. We haven't gone anywhere.
You are always getting angry.
Don't talk to the kid like that.
-Make me talk to him.
-Talk to your Uncle.
Talk to your uncle.
Your Uncle has broken the wall out of joy.
Yes, Mirza of Bajwas. Listen to me,
I have made a license
and bought a gun with
great difficulty to
balance things with your dad.
And you have one upped me again.
Hurry up and bring the girl.
We will get you married with pomp
and pride. The entire village will watch.
Talk to your mom.
I will talk to them.
Yes, Pamma?
Hello, Aunt. It's Jaggi.
Aunt, I told Pamma
that I know the pain of
staying away from my parents.
I have even forgotten the
taste of mom's food.
Bring Pamma home.
Don't worry about food. I will feed you.
Make me talk to Pamma.
Your mom is so strange.
She doesn't even get emotional.
-Talk to her.
-Yes, mom.
-Yes, son.
-Mom, I was thinking...
Say it.
You do so much for me.
Can't I even do this much for you?
I won't bring any girl.
Pamma, listen to me.
I have made a hero out of you and
brought the relatives to their knees.
If you don't bring the girl, they
will say you couldn't control the girl.
Just be a man and bring the girl home.
Otherwise, you will see the worst of me.
I may be the daughter-in-law of Bajwa's,
but I am the daughter
of Sidhus from Malikpur.
I won't spare anyone.
-Okay, mom.
-Yes, love you too.
Why have you given us cold tea?
I have reached the conclusion.
It is not your fault.
The problem lies in your bloodlines.
We will find a girl.
Pamma, do you know her?
This is the one who used to sit
on the last bench in twelfth grade.
She was crazy.
She used to keep smiling at me.
She was laughing because
she was crazy in love with you.
-Call her.
-Are you sure?
I am calling.
It is ringing.
Hello, Sweety? This is Pamma.
Did you recognize me?
How could I not recognize you, Pamma?
You were my first crush.
Hello, Sweety, how are you? It's Jaggi.
I am fine, Jaggi. You tell me.
So how is your boyfriend?
I don't have a boyfriend yet.
Yes, what do you need a boyfriend for?
-What do you mean?
-Look, Sweety.
First, you will date him.
Then you'll chat on WhatsApp
for the next few weeks.
Then you'll start meeting
in the next couple of weeks.
Coffee, pizzas, movies, and hanky panky.
You do understand hanky panky?
-Yes, yes.
Then when you talk about marriage,
the boy will say my family doesn't agree.
What do you need a boyfriend for?
Just get married directly.
-Pamma's family has agreed too.
And all this coffee and pizza
can happen after marriage.
Sweety, do one thing.
Take out a little time,
and get a little married to Pamma.
Dogs! Scoundrels! I thought
you must have improved by now.
Stupid, rascals. If you call me again
I will break your face. Damn monkeys!
-Hang up the phone.
-Sweety turned out to be Aunt Sharno.
Hello, sister. It's crush not Krish.
Pamma, she was really crazy.
The girl was wise. She understood
your intentions at the right time.
There was a Sulekha...
No Simmi... Simmi or Timmi?
Call her.
-That Simmi?
-Yes, call her.
Yes, this is Jaggi, Simmi.
Tell me quickly,
what do you want to say, Jaggi?
You wanted to marry Pamma, right?
I did but now I am married to Nimma.
Hang up the phone quickly.
I just got married.
And I also have to cry now.
Call me when your list ends.
Pamma, your luck is bad.
That is true.
Pamma, this girl is not right for you.
Why isn't she right?
You said it yourself that
she will make my notes,
she will look after my parents.
And she will never deceive me.
What else do I need?
Now your brother has listened to you.
Are you happy now?
Jaggi... Brother Jaggi!
Listen to me.
I swear by our friendship,
I didn't deceive my friend.
I didn't know that you love Jyot, Jaggi.
Brother Jaggi!
You are again thinking
about the wedding clothes.
I will buy them for you.
Jyot, I will click it.
Let it be, Uncle. Tell me what
we should do about the DJ?
Boys need to decide that.
You can hire anyone you like.
Get a good DJ.
The sound should reach ten villages.
Rest assured, Aunt.
We will make people's ears bleed.
Call Mirza.
See where he has reached.
Until then I will check if I
need to invite someone else.
Let me check the cooks first.
No, no, brother. It's alright.
-Yes, mom?
-Yes. Where is my son Mirza?
We are coming, mom. We are on the way.
The way Mirza drove his horse,
convert the jeep into an aeroplane
and come quickly.
Just don't sleep under a tree on the way.
-Okay, mom.
The girl does have a wedding dress, right?
We have two wedding dresses, Aunt.
But Pamma doesn't have clothes.
I suggest that we should
postpone the reception for two days.
Don't make me slap you.
Postpone for two days.
Forget Pamma,
I have even got clothes for you.
We have told all the relatives.
We have called up all of your friends.
Act like men and come
straight to the palace.
I suggest let's have a drink.
No, I need to drive too.
You shouldn't drink.
His heart has been broken.
Poor Pamma.
Why is he poor?
His bike was bought in cash,
his land is on the road.
His household has twenty kg of milk daily.
Poor Pamma.
Not like that.
First, Tina left the poor guy
and now Monica broke his heart.
My heart could never get attached
until now because of him.
Why? Didn't you ever like a girl?
I do like her.
But when I am still smiling at girls,
Pamma already tells
them that he loves them.
I don't understand you boys.
How can you just say you
love someone just like that?
Love is a feeling, is it not?
Yes. Maybe.
I couldn't propose to anyone
because of this feeling.
So you haven't found a girl for
whom you have those feelings?
I have found the girl.
But I am scared that Pamma might
come between us before I propose to her.
-Yes, Pamma.
Oh, no. Pamma is about to jump.
Pamma, no!
Don't do this!
Jaggi, I am drunk. Let me do it.
Pamma, don't jump!
I am not jumping. I am peeing.
He made my trousers wet too.
Jaggi, someone who has a friend like you,
will he jump because of girls?
If this continues,
I feel I am the one who will have to jump.
Why? Don't you have me?
I will have to jump because of you.
What happened, brother? What have I done?
That's the thing.
You never know what you are doing.
You have neither tried
to understand anything.
Have you seen any girl with me
since past six years?
Tell me, brother, which girl do you like?
If I have to explain everything then
what kind of a friendship do we have?
Whoever I like,
you start liking the same girl.
Jaggi, which girl are you talking about?
Do you remember Twinkle
from eleventh grade?
I broke you guys up and
told her that you do coke.
And I broke you up with that Simmi too.
And I told Tina that Pamma
gets high on meth and pills.
Are you my enemy or friend?
You made your friend an addict for girls?
-You should have thought a little.
-Yes, like you think.
And what did you say to Monica?
Monica left on her own.
That's good. I didn't have to push it.
If you are so strong then show me.
-I will if I need to.
-Do it then.
Pamma! Jaggi! Have you gone mad?
What are you doing? Come down!
"Tell me, my friend,
why are you upset with me?"
"Forgive the mistakes that I have made."
"Forgive me, my friend."
"You shouldn't get upset. The rest
of the world can be angry with me."
"Forgive me, my friend."
"I will never find a friend like you."
"Forgive me, my friend."
"I will never find a friend like you."
"Forgive me, my friend."
"People might put money first. I don't."
"I can leave my girlfriend
but not you, my friend."
"People might put money first. I don't."
"I can leave my girlfriend
but not you, my friend."
"Just keep smiling, my friend."
"If you are quiet then
I feel like I will die."
"My friend, please
stay with me, my friend."
"I will accept all the
defeats if you are with me."
Okay, guys. I am done.
You can eat and come if you feel like it.
That was fun.
Hello. Can't you see?
Are you in such a hurry?
It's alright. Let it go.
Apologize and leave.
Does it look like I will apologize?
Oh! He has said some solid words.
It seems that we will have
to make him apologize.
Come on, son. Apologize.
Come on, apologize.
Come on, apologize!
Will you apologize or should I thrash you?
Sorry, mate.
Does anyone else need an apology?
What if I hadn't been there?
I knew you would come.
You wouldn't have been able to see me
getting punched more than once or twice.
I am sorry.
It was my fault.
I shouldn't have said
that about you to the girls.
No, it was my mistake too.
I have never thought about your likings.
You had to tell me yourself.
Never mind. But look,
even I beat up a guy for you today.
Come on. Let's get this
wedding mess sorted too.
Let's go.
Have you made peace?
If you hadn't come for another
five minutes, I would have left.
Get in now.
Jyot, first listen to me.
-No, Jyot, first listen to me.
-Jyot, listen to me first.
You listen to me.
Will you speak?
Get married to Pamma.
Have you taken an oath to
make a sacrifice every time?
Jyot, you are getting married to Jaggi.
And he likes you too.
Jyot, we won't listen to him.
You know the marriage mess
that is going on in his family.
Understand the situation.
You need a girl for your wedding.
Jaggi, I know I need
a girl for my wedding.
We will find a girl by the
time we reach the palace.
Jyot, you are getting married to Jaggi.
Jyot, marry Pamma.
-I said Jaggi, didn't I?
-May I say something?
-Yes. You tell him.
And you will have to do as Jyot says.
Jyot, say Jaggi's name.
Boys, if you were in Punjab,
first, I would have gotten
you thrashed by my dad's belt.
Then I would have made him
apply red chillies on your wounds.
And when smoke would have
come out of your ears and mouth,
then you would have called me your sister.
I am leaving. Come on your own.
It wasn't such a big deal.
She got a little too upset.
Jaggi, now we have two challenges.
Two challenges.
One, we need to find a girl for
your wedding. What's the other one?
Secondly, we have to reach for my wedding.
I am here, aren't I? Consider it done.
I am going to sit! I am dead!
Jaggi, stop someone. How far can we walk?
No one is stopping.
Should I let them run over me?
Stop this one.
Brother, can you drop us to Chandigarh?
No, I can only drop you till Zirakpur.
-That's fine.
-Climb through the back.
Come. He will drop us till Zirakpur.
Come, Jaggi.
Brother, lift?
Who would sit in their
truck like this otherwise?
That is true.
Brother, this alcohol seems expensive.
There is no need to act so friendly.
Why are you embarrassing us?
Firstly, Monica ran away
before the wedding.
On top of that, the hotel threw us out.
This Jyot ran away with the jeep and
your family has created a ruckus too.
We met him and he is insulting us now.
Be grateful that yours ran
away before the wedding.
Ask me how much it hurts when
she runs away from her honeymoon.
Brother, your pain seems greater.
Have a couple of sips.
Otherwise, you won't understand my pain.
It's great. Drink it.
May I be honest? Everything was fine.
We were drinking wine.
We had even ordered a candlelight dinner.
We had a little wine.
Then she told me that
your eyes are beautiful.
But his were more beautiful.
Her Aunt hurt her eyes and I was the one
who helped them in the hospital.
I waited two years to get married.
My trailer was parked, unused.
And Pamma's eyes are more beautiful.
Damn fool.
-Tina shouldn't have done that.
How do you know Tina?
-You just said her name.
-Candlelight dinner.
Is that right? I must have said it then.
But it is her fault, right?
Fault? This is a big fault.
Who knows? This kind of a girl
can say tomorrow Jaggi's
hair is more beautiful.
Who is Jaggi?
Who was Pamma?
Which Pamma?
Brother, you have the Canadian PR.
You have trailers parked.
You will find so many other girls.
-Right, Pamma?
-Yes. There are many girls.
And now we are drinking buddies.
Have two sips for friendship.
We have become buddies now.
-May I give you an advice?
This is scotch.
It should be sipped slowly.
You scoundrels have almost
finished the entire bottle.
Sat Sri Akal.
-Sat Sri Akal, Uncle.
Sat Sri Akal.
Well, here comes my maternal family.
Do you see that, brother? This
is what influential in-laws look like.
"The maternal family has come."
"I have been saying since so long,
the maternal family is here."
"I have been saying since so long,
the maternal family is here."
"I have been saying since so long,
the maternal family is here."
Where is our Mirza?
Dad, he must be on the way
with your daughter-in-law.
Then he is exactly
like his maternal family.
Where are my brothers?
He is guarding the land
that he has seized.
He said you go and attend the wedding.
I will come later. And I will give some
land to the boy as a
maternal wedding gift.
And, dad, what about the elder one?
His bail got cancelled.
I called the IG.
He has got some time off.
He will be here soon.
-Yes. One uncle should be here at least.
-He will come.
Goodbye, brother.
Look after yourself and your trailers.
There are so many girls out there.
Don't call Tina.
-Love you.
-Okay, bye.
Call Tina quickly.
-Hello, Tina. How are you?
-Put it on speaker.
I wanted to talk to you
about something important.
Jaggi, not now. I am very sad right now.
Hang up the phone. I need to
update my status on facebook.
Feeling sad.
First, listen to me. Who knows
you might feel happy afterwards?
Fine. Hurry up and tell me.
I told you about Pamma and needles, right?
Needles and pills.
I told you about
Pamma's needles and pills.
-It was a lie.
-Is that so?
I was also think that a guy who
eats one samosa with two cups of tea
how can he be addicted to two drugs?
May you rot in hell!
But I am married now.
But your husband's eyes
won't be like Pamma's eyes.
Be quiet.
My marriage is about to fall
apart because of his eyes.
If you break up with one then
you can start another relationship.
-Get married to Pamma.
Pamma and my marriage? Is that possible?
You are so innocent.
We have even arranged a reception today.
And you must have your wedding dress?
No. I took it on rent.
It's alright. We have two. Green and red.
Keep whichever one you like.
And hurry up. We are waiting for you.
I have sent you the location. Okay?
What do you think? Will she come?
if the NRI listens to what we said
to him then she will definitely come.
And we won't just rely on her alone.
Your brother will send the location
to another five to seven girls.
Who knows who might be in your destiny?
Jaggi, I respect you because
of this behaviour of yours.
Auto! Let's go.
Come, Monica. Have your food.
I made your favourite vegetables today.
No, mom. You don't know my choice.
I know everything.
But how can I let you make
the same mistakes that I did?
First marry a loser.
And then a divorce case.
Do you know how difficult life
is for a woman who is alone?
Yes, mom. I know.
That is why I came back.
So that you shouldn't feel that...
I too left you like dad.
"These paternal woman
will learn their lessons."
One day, my Pamma came to me.
He said Grandad. I said yes?
He said I like a girl.
I said then what are you waiting for?
Take her away.
That is fine but what happened after that?
What would have happened?
He took the jeep and went.
My Mirza alone on one side,
and the girl's fourteen-fifteen
brothers on the other side.
Fourteen-fifteen brothers?
Yes. The cousins must have been there too.
-They were thirteen-fourteen at least.
my lion brought the girl from there.
He didn't let any Tom, Dick
and Harry come near him.
Aunt, ask your lion where he is.
I hope he hasn't forgotten the way.
Be quiet. You are not the only one.
We are all waiting for
our daughter-in-law.
We want to see what she looks like.
-How much for that?
-Two hundred rupees.
Did you bring us in an
air conditioned auto?
-That's the amount.
-Give him the money.
I don't have any money.
I will bring some from inside.
Has anyone returned sober from inside?
-Give me the money.
-Do we look like drunks to you?
Jaggi, what are you both doing outside?
Uncle, I'll tell you later.
Give him two hundred rupees.
Look, Jaggi. I only have
the customary money.
Either you can give it
that guy or to Pamma.
Uncle, just give it to him.
We might get thrashed inside.
These Malikpuris have
already arrived so early.
Follow me.
This is just fifty one rupees.
-Uncle, what's this?
-Why are you embarrassing us?
Son, customary money is what it is.
Hello, auto! Have food inside for
one hundred and forty nine rupees.
Come on, kids. We are late.
Meet everyone, my lions.
I will go and have a drink. Okay?
-Uncle, drink carefully.
-Don't you worry.
Jaggi, I think we should have a drink too.
You are right.
Here comes my Mirza son.
-Here comes my Mirza son.
-Go on then.
-Come, my lion.
-Play the music.
-Wow! Bravo, my boy.
-Where is the girl?
Mom, I want to tell you something.
Aunt, she has gone to
get ready at the salon.
She is the daughter-in-law
of Bajwa's after all.
It's alright. The palace is
booked for us till twelve o'clock.
You have already come very late.
Go and wear your wedding dress.
It shouldn't happen that the girl
comes here and you are still not ready.
-Come. Let's get dressed first.
-Go and dress like a movie star.
-Come, dad.
"How can I leave you?
How can I break this relationship?"
"Who is my support other than you?"
"I am alive just by looking at you.
I don't eat or drink."
"I won't be able to survive without you."
"When you leave me and go.
You don't call me again."
"How do you get on without me?"
"You are my only lover."
"You are my only lover."
"I am alive just by looking at you."
"You are my only lover."
"You are my only lover."
"I am alive just by looking at you."
"You are my only lover."
"You are my only lover."
"I am alive just by looking at you."
Jaggi, I have decided.
I won't marry anyone except Monica.
It's not like
there is a line of girls outside.
The bride is here! Bravo!
"Raaya, Raaya, Raaya.
Go ahead and dance."
"The day for bhangra is here.
Go ahead and dance."
"The day for bhangra is here."
"Go ahead and dance."
"The day for bhangra is here."
-Tina, listen to me.
Jaggi called you by mistake.
I can't marry you.
I like someone else.
I am sorry.
What are you sorry about?
I came here to tell you
both the same thing.
I can't marry you either.
You could have just told us
that over the phone.
You be quiet.
Pamma, your eyes maybe
more beautiful than everyone else.
But he kept struggling with me in the
hospital when my Aunt hurt her eyes.
He is...
very sweet.
It is very difficult to find
such a loving husband.
You better hurry up.
Lest you lose such a loving husband.
-Yes, yes, I am leaving.
Bye, Pamma. Good luck.
Pamma, we threw rocks at her house.
She dropped a bomb on us.
"We will make a video of you dancing."
"The neighbours will die of jealousy."
Be careful. Don't fall.
"The neighbours will die of jealousy."
Sister, what's this?
What happened, son?
Mom, I was going to tell you.
Tell her now.
I know what you want to say.
That there is no Sahiba, right?
They were all false stories.
What is the poor boy's fault?
He has taken after his maternal family.
His false stories like
his Grandad and Uncles.
Pamma, tell us honestly.
What is really going on?
What will he tell you?
You still don't understand?
He was lying and fooling everyone.
Dad, should we ask the DJ
-to play a sad song?
-Be quiet.
Their daughter-in-law ran away
and you are making jokes.
You have got us insulted
in front of all the relatives and in-laws.
Listen, what are you all looking at?
Eat, drink and go home.
No daughter-in-law will come. Go.
Pilla, let's go.
Just a minute.
No one will leave.
Jatt is Mirza.
But he got confused about Sahiba.
But now Jatt is clear.
-Pamma, are you certain?
Okay. Let me handle it from here then.
Listen, we are going to get Sahiba.
No one will leave until then.
The way you are leaving together,
I think you will run away again.
Hey, that is why I am going with him.
Because when Mirza goes alone,
he never returns.
Yes. The boys are right.
Go, my lions.
I will see who stops you.
Your Uncle Jinder Singh is right here!
Yes. Our Uncle is with you till then.
This is the one, right?
Her phone is not reachable.
No problem. I found a rock.
Jaggi, don't do it!
Monica, what was that noise?
Mom, something must have fallen
at the neighbour's house.
-I'll check.
It definitely must be Pamma.
There she is.
Monica, Pamma Jatt.
Loves you. Come down.
Wait. I am coming.
Pamma, you were getting
married today, right?
You ran away and came here?
You are saying that?
The girl who ran away
from her own wedding.
You could have at least told me, right?
That Pamma you are not
good-looking, Pamma, you are not nice.
You are a liar.
Or did you find someone better than me?
No, Pamma. There is nothing like that.
I didn't have the courage to face you.
You left your family for me.
And I left you for my family.
Hello. Don't say such emotional things.
Do you know how we hitched rides
on trucks and tempos to come back?
And we don't have much time.
Sit quickly. Let's go.
-No, Pamma, I can't come.
If I come with you now, you will
feel that when things got easy,
I came back to you.
Nothing has become easy.
Ask the man whose Uncle
is being held as ransom.
Pamma, I think now you
will have to convince her.
Do one thing, hold her hand.
She won't say anything. Hold her hand.
I am right here.
Get down on your knee.
Don't bend so much. Just one knee.
Now say, Monica...
A lot of girls came
into my life before you.
But I never felt bad
when any of them left me.
I don't know why... I always felt angry.
But when you left, I was very hurt.
And I felt very scared too.
That if you don't come
into my life again then...
Anyway, leave it.
I don't want to say anything else.
That's all I wanted to say.
Yes. Another thing.
I love you.
Mom, I love him.
I love you, Pamma.
You must have heard the
name of Jatts from Jandbali?
You might not have heard it.
It is a very small village.
-Hey, Jyot.
-What is it?
The keys are in the jeep.
Start it and leave.
Hello. What if someone had stolen it?
How could someone have stolen it?
This is a cop's house.
Jyot, we came to get the wedding dress.
Oh! Very nice.
Then who said yes? Preety or Sweety?
Preety or Sweety?
Who are they?
They are options.
This Pamma even proposed to me
after you ran away from there.
What? You proposed to Jyot?
Drop me home right now.
No, Monica. I did that for Jaggi.
No, Jaggi did it for you.
Then that is Jaggi's fault.
Alright. It was my fault.
Monica, we came here
to get the wedding dress.
Yes. Take it and leave.
It is my wedding.
Why are you requesting her?
I don't know why she has so much attitude.
Sorry, Jyot. Come on. Let's go. Please.
First ask him to apologize to me.
-Say sorry.
Jatts with shops.
Where are you guys?
Please, come.
Otherwise, Malikpuris will
stare your Uncle to death.
Let's go. Look.
My family has accepted me as Mirza.
Now your entry should be like Sahiba too.
And you. Stay back a little.
Things are already very confusing here.
They might unnecessarily
consider you as the bride.
I know.
Here. You will look even prettier.
They are here!
They are here? My Mirza son is here?
"The necklace in your neck."
"The necklace in your neck."
"Your cheeks are fair
and the necklace is black."
"You look lost in love."
"Your cheeks are fair
and the necklace is black."
"You look lost in love."
"It seems like a present of love"
"From your lover."
"This present makes you crazy"
"About Jatt."
"The necklace in your neck."
"Makes you crazy about Jatt."
"The necklace in your neck."
"Makes you crazy about Jatt."
"Your nose-pin."
"I wish you would get engaged to me."
"Your nose-pin."
"I wish you would get..."
Thank God, Pamma got married.
Why are you thanking God for that?
There are so many other Pammas in Mohali.
Now just propose to
the girl that you like.
Now Jatt has started feeling like Mirza.
Now the Sahiba who wants to
tell me she loves me will do it herself.
"Your nose-pin."
"I wish you would get engaged to me."
"Your nose-pin.
I wish you would get engaged to me."
"You are eighteen now.
Your youth is blooming."
"I will become your King."
"If you become my queen."
"The necklace in your neck."
"Makes you crazy about Jatt."
"The necklace in your neck."
"Makes you crazy about Jatt."
"Our son has become spolit
after studying in Chandigarh city."
"Parents say he has
become spolit because of you."
"He has a spark in his eye."
"His jeep is always around your city."
"He gathers all his friend."
"He shouts off the rooftops."
"Our son has become spolit
after studying in Chandigarh city."
"Parents say he has
become spolit because of you."
"Our son has become spolit."