Jatts in Golmaal (2013) Movie Script

Hurry up! - Don't worry. Nothing will happen to you.
Hurry up!
Don't worry. I'm here for you. - Uncle, dead.
I'm not dead. You're the one who is going to die!
Hurry up! Hurry up! - Hurry up! - Hurry up!
Move! Be quick.
Hey! Uncle!
I don't have jaundice! Why have you kept me under the sun!
Come back, uncle! I'm dead!
Oh damn, Titu is left behind. Reverse it fast.
They are back! They're back.
Move, hurry up.
Hey, you forgot his uncle!
Take his uncle with you!
Stop! Stop! You forgot the uncle!
Hey, easy!
Come quickly. Come.
Doctor! Doctor, what's it with patient?
A girl is born.
No! How is that possible!
I wonder why don't like having daughters.
What happened, uncle?
We've lost our honor, Raavi.
Your brother had a daughter. - A girl!
What have you done, Titu! - Brother...
Why didn't you die before doing such a deed? - Brother...
Brother! - Damn the brother! Our family's ruined.
And you are trying to reason it with me!
Damn you! - Brother, Shakuntala had a daughter.
Titu is in ward number two.
They didn't you say that earlier?
Let's go.
No! - He's not dead.
He is gonna be daed? - He has a hole in his heart.
Please talk in Punjabi...
...or we wouldn't be able to get him treated.
Because of a hole 60 percent of his heart is damaged.
It is a very serious condition.
Nephew, see, the coins that you swallowed in your childhood...
...have caused a hole in your heart.
Uncle, it's a heart not a pocket to have holes due to coins.
Brother, this is the punishment you got for selling drugs.
I still say, stop smuggling drugs.
Why take people's to curse? - What kind of a sister are you?
Your brother is on his deathbed and you are making him worry!
You should rather encourage him.
Say, "Brother, till you are on bed... "
"... I'll help a few trucks of opium cross the check post."
I am unable to do it, otherwise I would've become...
...an informant and get the police to seize everything.
Brother, heart isn't on right but it's on the left side.
I'll still say lead the life that you...
...are left with in an honest manner.
What can this poor illiterate boy do?
Should he start sweeping the floors of your cheap pilot school?
It's IELTS not pilot.
The one that you call cheap is the source of my honest living.
I don't strive on your illicit earnings.
When your mother was pregnant with her...
...I was tired of telling her not to...
...watch the movie 'Kranti' so often. - She didn't listen.
So this had to happen.
Uncle, tell me what's to be done about me?
What will I do! I'm educated only till the fifth grade!
You want me to operate on you?
My blood pressure rises because of such things that you say!
Let me tell you! - Hey! Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
We'll have to do a heart transplant.
What plant? - Then do it.
It's not lamination but the transplant of the heart.
I mean we'll have to put someone else's heart in him.
We have so many guys...
Remove from anyone of them and put in me.
The guys who are under your damn tutelage...
...all there reports are with me.
Half of them have a heart problem.
The other half has kidney failure. - Your uncle gets fits.
Get lost, uncle. You're never of any use.
And it's also a crime to remove a living persons heart.
Doctor, have you done law along with medicine?
No. - Then don't give us any legal advice.
Whether we get someone dead or alive...
...but you'll get a person to take the heart out from.
Uncle, from where will we find a person...
...who will agree to give me his heart?
So, should I switch it on?
Do it if you are in such a hurry.
Here you go then.
What is it now?
Kulwant! Sister-in-law!
Brother, look they are standing in a queue...
...as if they are standing to pay the electricity bill.
What's wrong with all of you?
Why is everyone trying to bring down the pillar?
Brother Samaran...
Go switch it off! Switch off the electricity current!
Right away, sir!
I'm dead! Oh God!
Don't touch her!
Aunt, why are you abusing me? It is his fault.
I won't work for you!
Get lost! I'll do the lights on my own.
Has your mother given birth to another son...
...that you want to put celebration lights inside the house!
Uncle, my passport is ready!
Damn, you and your passport.
Who knows whether you'll get the visa even!
But we all were to get a visa to go to heaven!
You stubbornness over going to Canada will...
...surely be the cause of our doom.
You just got your passport and you were about to kill your family.
I wonder what you've done if you would've got a visa!
Behave and get into farming, like us.
I don't understand what problem...
...do all of you have with me going to Canada.
We have problem with your stupid deeds.
I'm already talked about in the village.
Balli is 37 years old and is yet not married.
I haven't die of shame but today...
...you would've killed me with electric shock.
Uncle! - Damn you! What uncle!
Eldest Uncle! - Damn you! What uncle!
Daddy! - Damn you! What daddy!
You too say, "Damn you what mummy!"
Come on, you are my darling son, isn't it?
My son!
Mom, I want to go to Canada and do something.
It's the only dream that I have.
Why don't they let me go?
Son, if I could I would've taken you there.
But I don't know how to go there.
Mom... - Yes?
You just support me. I'll find a way to go to Canada.
My darling son. Your mom loves you.
You haven't paid any rent since 6 months.
I haven't done anything either in the past 6 months.
If you've waited for 6 months wait for another 2-4 months.
If I manage to get a visa even for one boy...
...then I'll even give you next year's rent in advance.
You cannot arrange for a proper fan...
...how will you arrange for a visa!
Brother, I can have an exhibition of fan on the roof.
Their blades will keep banging into each other.
But there is no electricity. What's the use putting a fan?
We might have power supply but you'll never have any shame.
If you don't pay us the rent of Rs. 20,000 within 10 days...
...then I'll throw your drums and harmonium out.
And you are the first travel agent we have seen...
...who also sells drums and harmonium.
I had told you it's earlier to get rid of ghosts than tenants.
I've seen people selling utensils to get a visa...
...but it's first time I am seeing selling his drums and instruments.
You stand here with a stick in your hand.
How about hitting someone with it sometimes?
Brother, you are getting angry with me as if...
...I'm responsible for your business not going well.
Your neighbor IELTS, takes Rs.10000 for Canada.
So why will people pay you 2 million?
Has she ever been able to get anyone a visa?
She cheats people by taking Rs. 10000...
...in the name of teaching them the right English. - IELTS.
People come for a visa of Canada...
...and end up paying her Rs. 10000 for nothing.
Why do you need to tell me that?
She gets 5-7 scapegoats everyday.
And you cannot manage to get even one.
Vakil Singh, the thing is if I don't arrange for Rs. 20000...
...within 10 days then consider our office closed forever.
How many scapegoats did you say does she catch everyday?
Coaching to go abroad.
This is right.
Schedule. - What is it?
Excuse me.
What do you want?
Well, I want to go to Canada.
Have you ever been anywhere earlier?
Yes, I've been to my aunt's place a number of times.
Does she stay out?
Out? She's out of the house all day long.
My uncle gets upset over this. My aunt doesn't stay at home.
I asked about the country.
Never mind. What's your education?
8th grade failed.
I'm sorry. You cannot go to Canada.
I don't want to go to Canada to be a tutor.
I want to be a taxi driver. So please...
Teach me as well.
Sister... - I'm younger than you!
Damn the sister!
This is a limit! I told you go cannot go to Canada.
Please leave.
Madam, at least try teaching me.
I'll manage to go to Canada on my own.
Excuse me, you are disturbing the class.
I've to teach other students as well.
All of them can go? - Yes.
Why? All of them are post graduates.
Post graduate.
But they look like humans to me.
He is coming, brother.
He is coming. - He is coming? Let him come.
I cannot go to Canada! As if Canada's her aunt's place!
Brother, did I just hear to you talk about Canada?
Do I stammer that I cannot say Canada?
No, say it. Go there as well.
But the lady you are after hasn't sent anyone anywhere.
All the people you see there selling snacks...
All the vendors on the street all of them wanna go to Canada.
Now they have stalls over here.
So? - Buddy, I send people to Canada.
You send people to Canada?
Or else do we sell peanuts?
How? - We'll have to sit and talk about it.
Come, let's sit down.
Listen to me. What are you doing?
We place the one who is going to Canada on our heads...
...and you are placing yourself on stairs.
Let's go sit in my office and talk.
Let's go. - He's more eager than I am.
2 million? Brother, don't you think that's a little too much?
You can give us 50-100 rupees less.
Still, 2 million?
Bro, we are sending you to Canada and not Royal Bhutan.
Your neighbor says that I'm not well educated...
...hence I cannot go there.
How will you send me there?
How did you get influenced by that crazy girl?
Who told you educated people are needed abroad?
They are well educated.
Have you ever seen a foreigner not talk in English? - No, not yet.
Even their children talk in English.
What they need are illiterate people. - Oh really? - Yes.
Do you see these musical instruments drums, etc.?
Yes. - Learn to play one of them.
I'll send you to Canada as a band member of a renowned singer.
That's going to be difficult. - I don't know how to play any of them.
They won't come to know whether...
...you are playing it in tune or out of tune.
They should hear the beats. - Just the sound?
By the way, I've noticed that you ask a lot of questions.
Even the Canada embassy won't ask you...
...as many questions as you have asked me. - Yes.
Don't waste any time. Arrange for 2 million rupees.
This is between the two of us. - Yes?
I'm requesting you. - You are my elder brother.
Yes, brother, I mane somehow mange 20000 to start with.
Why? - So that we start this office's work.
Why that?
No, I mean we will start the process...
...of sending you to Canada from this office.
Forget Rs. 20,000 now I'll arrange for 2 million rupees.
That's great!
Till what time is your office open?
You arrange for the money. Then we are open till 1:30am.
24 hours!
Bless you, brother! Bless you!
He is a very powerful person!
Brother, quickly arrange for the money...
...otherwise there will be no power left in me.
You want 2 million rupees?
Yes. With 2 million rupees I can go to Canada.
Yes. And our family can shift into a Sikh temple.
I'll return the 2 million after I go to Canada.
A person like you who won't even return a speck back...
...says that he will return 2 million rupees!
And from where do we give you 2 million rupees?
Take a loan. - "Take a loan!"
Is your aunt married to a millionaire...
...that someone will give us a loan of 2 million rupees.
Why are you dragging me into this? - I just gave an example.
As if he is going to take money from you.
Anyone will give us 2 million rupees...
...if we mortgage our land and jewelry.
I'll kill you if you eye the land.
Three families share a piece of land.
You want us to sell that for you?
Sunny, we are barely managing to make our ends meet...
...by working on leased land. All you can do is talk.
I don't understand who told this eighth grade failed boy...
...that Canada is a country.
- Mom, you're just standing Say something at least.
Son, from where will I get 2 million for you?
I'm wearing clothes given by my maternal family.
I know those paupers well. - I too know your family well.
Don't talk too much. - Shut up. Shut up.
You guys have started fighting with your own issues.
Enough. This is the reason I didn't get married.
Now I know all of you. All of you are the same.
Never mind. I'll manage to go to Canada on my own.
Satmat, did you see the situation of our family?
How your nephew is being stubborn over going to Canada?
And your brother is still not married.
No one is worried enough to find a girl for him.
A girl?
Brother Balli, you cannot get married at this age.
Why? Do I have osteoporosis?
No one in this village can bite me, I run so fast.
I was saying that my brother-in-law is getting married.
Bring him along.
There will be a lot of girls there.
Find a suitable girl and get him married.
Once he gets married, he'll forget about going to Canada.
Hello. Did you recognize me?
How can I forget you?
Yeah, right.
Sunny. - Oh.
Raavi. - Yeah, Raavi.
I thought you must be in Canada by now.
I wish!
I met an agent but he said it will...
...cost me 2 million to go there.
I don't have that kind of money.
Okay, listen...
Can we hold hands while talking? - Why?
My family is looking for a girl for me.
Hello. Hello!
Anywhere I go they feel that I'm...
...talking about going to Canada.
Give me your hand.
Have you no manners? I'm a girl!
Did I say you are a boy?
Anyway, no problem.
Can you get a visa? - Yes.
Can you take your family after you get married?
Please marry me. Please marry me. Take me abroad.
Please... - Let go of my hand. I don't even know you.
Hey, you just said that you can never forget me.
Please marry me. Please marry me.
Let go! - Please marry me. Please marry me.
Please marry me. Please marry me.
Can you get a visa?
Get lost!
Welcome, sir. Welcome.
Hello, brother. - Hello.
How are you? - I am good.
How come you are late? Mr. Kangh, is here since long.
Oh, sir, I'll be a moment.
can we talk to uncle Kangh talk about my ailing heart?
Have you lost your mind.
He'll straight away call off the marriage.
I say we keep his daughter into the picture in this wedding.
A lot of guests are here.
We'll sort out a suitable candidate during the wedding.
Here he is.
Hello, Mr. Kangh. - Hello, Mr. Maan.
You are late, Mr. Maan.
The invitation card too was late.
I seek your blessings, uncle. - Bless you, son.
Hello! - Hello, brother.
Daddy, I'll be right back.
So, uncle, how are you doing?
Health... I'm enjoying the wedding feast.
I know that looking at your paunch.
Mr. Kangh, I say...
...why don't you give some of my money on interest as well?
I'm unable to digest food well...
...perhaps interest will be easier.
Uncle, when someone runs away with the principle amount...
...you don't get interest, what you get are illnesses.
Uncle, talk about the important thing. - Yes.
Mr. Kangh, what have you thought about their wedding?
Mr. Maan, what is there to think about it?
Their alliance was fixed when they were small.
We'll get them married soon.
Then fix the date, what's the delay?
Son, go and get your sister.
Let's ask her what all exams she needs to give.
Mr. Kangh, earlier sons-in-law used to create a fuss.
Now education is what causes all the trouble.
No, there is no trouble.
Look, it's June. 2-3 months.
We'll fix the wedding on any date in September.
Fine. September is fine. September will suit us.
Right? - Yes. Yes. - Bro-in-law,
Dear, we were fixing your wedding date.
In September. Is it okay? - But I have exams in September.
It's okay. You can continue studying after marriage.
I'm not going to take away your books like a monkey.
Your wedding has been fixed? - Yes.
It's in 3 months.
You'll have to do something in 3 months.
Otherwise, I'll get married. - You are strange.
If you are dealing with a plot you get 4-6 months time...
...to get all the papers in order.
And you are giving me just 3 month's time to get married.
I gave you 3 years!
What can I do if you can't get set?
I am set with you. How much more set should I be?
My business will get set somehow. - Like hell it will get set.
You have changed 6 businesses in 3 years.
Look at what boys do nowadays...
Be grateful I'm not like them.
If I would've been like them then...
Then there wouldn't have been any problem.
Then there wouldn't have been any problem.
I supported you for 3 years.
Now at my wedding come from the bride's side...
...and not from the groom's side. - And serve fritters at the wedding.
Why do you say things that will give me a heart attack?
Get this straight till a client of mine...
...doesn't get a visa in his hands...
...you cannot apply the wedding henna in your hand.
Are the people at embassy going to apply henna to me?
It will be taken care of.
If you have the courage then come and talk to my father.
I'll talk to your father as well.
Your father doesn't hit anyone a lot, does he?
If I get married to that goon...
...then I'll get you thrashed by such goons. Get this straight.
I won't let you get married to someone else.
Even if I have to make the clarified butter cans disappear...
...at the time of your wedding.
You are come here to ask her hand in marriage?
But she is already bespoken.
Hey, a girl can be bespoken to 10 men...
...but a good father is the one who keeps thinking...
...till the last vows is taken...
...that if I can find a better man...
...then let me send my daughter with him.
Which film star's marriage proposal...
...have you dared to bring to our family?
He has come here from a great distance.
At least have a look at the boy.
Okay. - Just see the photo and then decide what to do.
Here's the photo. - Photo didn't get printed on it.
No, it's on the other side.
Isn't it you?
Who are you? - Jugnu. He used to study in my college.
That's a limit. I paid your daughter's college fees...
...and you ask me who I am.
Are you poor that you paid our girl's college fees?
No, I mean she used to get the money from home...
...I used to stand in the queue and deposit the fee for her.
Why should we let her education suffer?
Get this straight. She is already betrothed.
The boy your girl is about to marry...
...is stopped at every check post.
He is a smuggler. - Oh really?
And where are your sugar mills placed?
America, Canada.
Australia, New Zealand.
I provide visa for all countries.
How many have you sent abroad?
Well... One, two, three... None so far.
Keep counting. You can tell us tomorrow if you want.
No, I'm counting my clients.
I'm collecting their forms.
I'll get the visas together.
This is how we Jat handle things.
We first sow the seeds and then harvest all them together.
We'll lose our girl if we get her married to you!
The one you call a smuggler is worth millions.
Daddy, he too has a fixed deposit of 2 million.
Well, I was doing well so when I got 2 million...
...I deposited in the bank and made a fixed deposit.
Oh really?
Okay then do one thing. Show me 2 million rupees.
I told you I have made a fixed deposit of it.
If I withdraw the money I'll lose Rs. 20000.
Just a minute, father.
Here you it is. We will bear that loss 20k.
And you break to fixed depost.
Fine. I don't even remember in which bank it was.
I'll have to go and find the papers.
See you. Goodbye.
Get 2 million. - Okay.
Take this as well.
You should keep it. - Go.
Here. Count them. Rs. 20000.
You have given me 10 days, right?
I'm paying it within 7 days.
Great. They are real.
Where did you get the money from?
I agree that your shop is ill-omened...
...but God has given me good fate.
Count. There might be extra 200-400 in them.
Not needed. It must be Rs. 20000. What are you saying!
You are smart. You won't put extra money in it.
Thank God, brother. You at least managed to get Rs. 20000.
There's nothing great in it.
Earlier I had to just arrange for Rs. 20000.
Now I have to arrange for 2 million.
2 million! From where will you get that?
That's what I am thinking about.
2 million...
With your size you can make do with one kidney.
Let it be, brother. You don't pay me any salary.
And you want my kidney!
Oh, my God! You got married?
Yes. She is from Canada.
Now I will get a visa for free.
Jenny darling...
Greet everyone.
Hello, everyone. Love you all.
Hey! - You should have at least made her wear some clothes...
...before you got married to her.
Why? Isn't what she is wearing, clothes? - You call these clothes?
Our women wear more clothes while having a bath.
Shut up. - You are concerned about clothes.
He has made us lose our honor in our village.
Hey, what wrong have I done?
What is missing in her?
That's the problem. There is nothing missing in her.
That's why even at night the whole village is here to look at her!
Nowadays who has the time to meet someone's...
...newly wed daughter-in-law even during the day.
Keep quiet, uncle. - How can I?
Couldn't you have brought two? @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
At least I could have supported you.
You always bring your problem into everything.
That's the problem. You never let me do anything.
Otherwise I would've got married by now.
The more you stay away from a wild bull and a bachelor uncle...
...the better. - Fine. Fine. Let us go inside now.
She has to talk to her child in Canada.
Damn you! She has a child before marriage!
We wouldn't have to face such humiliation...
...if we would've done something and sent him abroad.
The whole village is watching us. What do we do with them?
What can we do? Collect money and send Sunny to Canada.
Don't worry about Jenny. I'll keep her.
I don't care what the villagers will say.
Sunny, I am here.
Sorry, your wife is a little late.
Your uncle doesn't have one and you have two!
Who is she, you scoundrel?
Before you I spoke... requested her.
She said her father won't allow her to come at night.
And she comes now at the wrong time.
Damn you. I got my father drunk and came here.
You don't value it. Get lost. He hasn't married anyone.
But she is my real wife!
Get lost! You keep me as your second option.
See you. Love you all.
Jenny. - Get lost!
What is this mess?
You brought two but not even one helped.
Look, if you don't send me to Canada...
...then I'll go to India Gate and find myself a foreigner.
Jasvir, what will we do with our land if we lose our honor?
Mortgage it and send him to Canada.
I'll earn in dollars and get the land back.
Trust me.
Then talk to the moneylender. - Yes.
Here you go, uncle. 2 million rupees.
Here you go.
Start counting.
Not needed. He must've counted them.
Titu, here are the documents of the land.
It's worth 6 million.
Please send us the interest of Rs.40000 every month.
We are a little wrong when it comes to money.
Don't worry. We have their documents.
And we trust them.
By the way, how is your heart? - Heart?
Their hearts are clean.
No, I meant health wise.
I didn't get you. - It's nothing.
You may leave.
Shall we? - Let's go.
See you. - Goodbye.
Okay, nephew. Now the expense of your medicines...
...will be taken care of easily.
Yes, of course. You want me to survive on medicines!
If we don't find someone quickly...
...then I'll take your heart, uncle.
Yes, you want to kill your uncle.
If you are so eager, tell your father-in-law.
He will give you his heart as dowry.
What wrong has he done to you?
People say that one's wife's siblings are lucky for him.
But my father-in-law is lucky for me.
He has always brought good news for me.
He is so nice then keep him with you.
And keep kissing him. - Oh God.
My blood pressure rises because of such things that you say.
Move aside, let me cool down.
I drained the water out yesterday. Oh God!
2 million rupees.
Offer them something sweet. Open a packet of biscuits.
But brother, the biscuits we have are salty.
Then put sugar on them.
We just need to have something sweet, right?
Jugnu, why don't you weigh them?
Weigh them or count them?
Only poor people like us count.
People like you weigh it in their hands...
...and tell how many notes there are in it.
Hence weigh them.
No, I even count rice grains before buying them. - Yes.
He commands me, "Boil 3000 grains of rice."
Ask him. - Forget it.
Tell us, how will you send him to Canada?
By putting him in a drum.
We need to send our boy and not wheat to Canada.
I mean by putting him in this drum.
You'll send him in this?
Brother, try to understand.
By teaching him how to play drums.
Teach him how to play drum.
We want him to settle him in Canada.
We don't want him to play drums for Chirstmas.
Uncle, he will send me a band member with a singer.
Right, brother. - Exactly.
You won't help him settle over there.
Brother, you can't get a flat in our locality for 2 million.
You want me to help him settle in Canada in 2 million?
Someone reason it with him. - Forget about that.
Tell me, which drum do I have to play.
Drum... Good point.
I'll prescribe it. You can buy the drum from the market.
Okay. - Okay? - Yes.
You are prescribing it?
Don't doctors give prescription to buy...
...a capsule from a particular chemist?
I'm prescribing a drum. Buy it from the market.
This is a limit, brother.
If we buy vegetables worth Rs. 20 then we get coriander free.
We gave you 2 million, can't you give us a drum for free?
Okay uncle, then see how generous Jugnu is. - Vakil... - Yes?
Get the drum. - Okay. - Give it to the boy. - Great.
Here you go, my boy. Enjoy.
Here. - Play the drum.
So uncle, are you happy now?
I'm happy, but keep this in mind...
The more you stay away from a wild bull...
...and a bachelor uncle the better.
We are poor people. This is our only wealth.
We shouldn't be deceived.
If you don't trust me then take your money back.
Am I forcing your boy to go?
Bless you, Jugnu.
May you always twinkle and make your light never harm you.
Let's go. - See you.
I've counted them.
You too can count them. 2 million in cash.
These notes look familiar.
You are great. You have seen the world.
You must've seen a 1000 rupees note earlier somewhere.
It's not a big deal.
I've seen this briefcase as well.
Well, do you think this company made...
...just one briefcase and then closed down?
Daddy, don't shy away from your promise.
Stick to your words.
Today I stood in a queue in a bank and...
...got the money with great difficulty.
And you are worried about the briefcase.
Today is Sunday. - Did I say today?
I stood in a queue in a bank and got the money.
But yesterday was 'Makar Sankranti' festival.
Do they wash the bank with milk on this festival?
I might have called its MD and got it open.
How does it concern you? You just count them.
Daddy, now you cannot refuse our match.
Do one thing, quickly fix our wedding date.
I've inform my relatives.
I've to update my status on Facebook as well.
What does "Well" mean?
Both father and son know the calendar by heart.
When which festival comes!
And when it came to fixing my wedding...
...date you are making excuses.
Brother, we need time to think.
No matter how much one loses control over their girl...
...but one needs to think twice before getting her married.
You can think eight times if you want.
I'll be coming here next month with the wedding procession.
They don't say that you didn't find a DJ.
You are something, Jugnu. - Something? You are being polite.
What you want to say is that I'm a rascal.
Thank you, Jugnu.
We should get married quickly before father finds out...
...that this money doesn't belong to you.
So what if he finds out?
What's important is that the boy is well set.
As soon as I get the first visa...
...there will be queue outside my office.
You are talking about queues?
It's very difficult to get a single visa.
"Your memories... " - Billu...
..."Haunt me."
Wonderful, sir. Wonderful. - Thank you.
Billu, brother, the thing is, depending on you...
...I've already said yes to someone.
Take 1.8 million.
I'll lose my image in the market if you refuse me.
Jugnu, they have become very strict.
Every since they have caught the terms of a few singers...
...it is getting difficult for even me to get a visa.
What will we do now?
Now you see what you want to do.
It's very difficult for me personally as well.
The show which was supposed to happen in Toronto...
...will now take place in Taran Taran.
My bad luck.
When I gave boards exams in 8th grade...
...it shifted to the 9th grade.
When I cleared the 9th grade, they discontinued it.
I got admission in a co-ed college...
...but from the year I joined it disintegrated.
And made separate college for girls and separate college for boys.
When I started making a house of my own...
...government stopped giving permits.
Cement at home got wasted. I couldn't make a house.
Brother Billu... - Yes? - Do you know a sage or a palmist?
I think I should show him my hand.
I think I could go for a cleansing ritual or something.
Why? - I think my destiny lies dormant.
It's okay. Don't worry.
I'll do something. I'll get you a visa.
Thank you very much, brother Billu.
Welcome. - Just do this for me.
Consider it done. - May your song be a hit.
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
See you, brother. Bye. - Okay. Thank you.
"Your memories haunt me."
How long will it take for him to go to Canada?
If they need money then we'll all help them arrange.
We will be eased.
Brothers, he has a drum worth 2 million around his neck.
He is bound to play it.
What is this commotion out here?
What's wrong? - Your boy plays the drum well.
Hence all the villagers are here. When is he leaving?
The more you stay away from a wild bull and a bachelor uncle...
...the better.
If you hear him play the drums for a few days...
...then will your ears get cancer?
Now let me see anyone put a loudspeaker in future!
Why are you getting angry, uncle. - We request him to play it softy.
Softy? Is he playing a flute? Get lost!
They have all gathered over here.
They want to stop me!
Shut up, Romeo!
Whether someone lives or dies you play your drums.
Balli, till when will we keep fighting with the villagers?
Yes, Balli. Call Jugnu ask him when will he get a visa.
Yes, Balli, call up Jugnu. - Yes, call up Jugnu.
Call him.
Hello, brother. It's me, Sunny.
Sunny, my brother, I'm stuck in traffic.
Can we talk later?
No, I just wanted to know the status of my visa.
Yes, I've spoken to a singer.
He said you 110% get a visa. - There is nothing to worry about.
The embassy will come to your place to give you the visa.
They will come home!
The people of the embassy have my residential address?
Then what? What address have you given on your passport?
Brother, don't worry I'll get you a visa somehow.
I've to send you to Canada. - Let's talk later.
There's a lot of traffic. Everyone's honking.
What? She loves someone else?
Shame on you!
She loves someone else and you didn't even come to know?
Look, Mr. Maan, I...
This is all due to the freedom he gave her.
Is this boy a fool to apply creams on his face...
...to prepare himself for the wedding?
What will he do about these creams now?
As soon as a girl grows up you should...
...check her ring-tone of her cell. - Which song does she play in it?
Look, I never called her.
That's why others call her. It keeps on ringing.
Well, it's not so.
Actually daddy's phone usually never has any balance in it.
I'm embarrassed to even mention it.
Nephew, you tell them what ring-tone she keeps.
Tell them!
Yes, I remember.
"My lover will pass through my house. Girls, make way for him."
I thought she is running the bulldozer for me.
But someone else was to pass through it.
Son, you should be careful about the things you say.
She said it to my face that you are...
...a smuggler and that guy is decent. - He is decent.
Does he keep flirting with girls?
Sir, if you get her married to a decent guy...
...she will live a life of poverty and misery.
What will be the use of being decent? - That's why I am here.
Why wait for 3 months?
You should get them married within...
...10-15 days and bring her here.
Sir, that's why I say why wait for so long.
Look, Mr. Maan, she is well educated.
Let us try to reason it with her before...
...her force her to marry him.
Let me try.
See you.
Nephew! - Yes?
While leaving he said he'll talk to her.
Uncle, tell me something, what's her stand against her father?
That you are a smuggler. - Okay.
And what if we give that tag to the other guy?
Then even my father-in-law can take a stand against the girl...
...and say that that boy is also bad.
You always talk about your father-in-law's benefit.
I don't even know who that other guy is.
You leave that to me!
The matter of handling the girl was left to you!
What are you staring at! Go find out about that guy!
Yes. He had come to me with 1.8 million rupees.
He said that I should help him get a visa for someone.
His name is Jugnu. - And did you give it to him?
No. Those guys are very strict.
Call him and say that you'll help him get the visa.
We'll handle the rest.
I swear by my talent, I never do anything wrong.
Shidha, album.
Have a look at this.
Have a look.
What's this?
They are the people we killed.
He is my aunt's son. He died of typhoid.
Why are you guys showing him the album!
Show them your guns!
Just a minute, brother. Just a minute.
Listen to me, singer. - Yes?
Do as you have been told.
Call him and say he will get the visa.
How will he get the visa? They are very strict these days.
You leave that on us.
You keep his 1.8 million rupees. We'll get him arrested.
Just let us know how the Canadian Embassy looks like.
Come, see if it's all right.
Yeah, it's okay...
Enough. Enough. Enough. That's it. Come down.
Okay. You guys leave. They are coming.
Have a look. This is how an embassy looks like, right?
0What's this? That's Nepal's flag.
We used the one we could get.
You say, "This place belonged to Nepalese."
"They have put their flag here."
These foreigners are real. You won't get caught.
Okay. Okay. - Have you told them what they have to do?
Do you know what you've to do? What you say man? - He said okay.
All of you leave now. - They'll be here any moment. Uncle! - Yes?
Let's leave quickly. Come on, everyone. Hurry up.
Come on, every one.
Don't forget to send it! - We will.
Don't forget it.
Come on. Come on. Hurry up.
Here they are.
Hello, brother. - How are you?
Hello. - How are you, brother? - Fine? - Son...
Greet them.
Hello. - Hi.
He is Billu Balloria.
You must have recognized me. - No, sir.
Yes. - He has recognized you.
Brother, he will play drums behind him.
Will they mind if he plays in front?
Their stage is small. - He will fall if he stands in front.
Do you have to say something about everything?
Okay, I won't.
I smell fresh paint.
00Is this embassy new? - Yes, it's a new branch.
I, too, have come to this branch for the first time.
Give it to me.
Brother, here's your money. I've counted them.
Okay. Kiddo, take your passport and drum inside.
Okay. - Okay. Go. All the best.
You'll say that I talk a lot but why does he need to take...
...his drum inside the embassy?
Is that foreigner's son's first 'Lohri' festival?
Foreigners can sometimes be very stubborn.
Yes. - What if they ask "Where is your drum?"
You have to question everything?
Such a person talks even in his sleep.
I wonder why everyone gets hurt with what I say?
Yes? - Ask me whatever you want to.
It's too hot in India.
He says, why do you want to leave India and go to Canada.
Sir, it is my dream to go to Canada.
He says India hot, Canada cool. Cool.
Okay. - He says okay. - Okay? Okay.
Now let me go. I'm getting late.
He wants you to lie down over here. - What?
I don't do such things. - Don't you want a visa?
I want it. - He needs to do your health check-up. - Lie down.
Come on. - All riight.
What're you doing, man?
He's asking whether you've dyed your hair.
They ask such questions while giving visas?
Brother, it's not easy to go abroad.
Please sit back. - Show him your back. Back.
Come on let me check. - Yeah, let me go though.
My time is over. Okay?
He said okay. - Okay. Okay.
I hae to go. - He's asking...
Will you go to Canada in Go Air airlines...
...or Kingfisher airlines? - Please.
You might as well send me from Punjab's Roadways buses.
No. You people are fraud.
He wants to know whether the tractor you...
...have is of Ford company or Swaraj?
Swaraj, sir. - No fraud. No fraud.
No, you are wrong.
He says, you'll have to buy a Ford before you go to Canada.
Why a Ford? - Just say yes.
Yes, sir. I'll buy a tractor of Ford. - Will I get a visa?
Are you getting late? - Yes.
You will. - I will?
I got the visa! Got the Visa for Canada...
Here's his visa, brother.
Now passport is here and ready.
Mr. Balloria, even if I distribute your CDs for free...
...on the GT road, I can never return your favor.
No, it's not a favor.
Next time you can arrange for your own visa.
No problem, brother.
I've seen the embassy.
In future I'll just barge into the embassy.
I won't trouble you. - Okay. - Thank you very much. - It's okay.
Your haunting song is a hit. It will be great.
Thank you, brother.
Let me call and inform him.
Yes, brother.
Hello, Sunny?
Brace yourself and listen to me, my brother.
You've got the visa!
Listen, if anyone gets something by fluke...
...he starts jumping with joy.
You got a visa for Canada and you've turned mute.
You aren't saying anything.
Your flight for Canada leaves from Delhi day after tomorrow.
I got the visa!
Oh God help me! He first didn't say anything.
And when he spoke, he turned me deaf.
Here you go, son.
May no evil harm you. Take care, son.
Here you go. Here.
Bless you, son.
Here, you too apply some.
Stop it.
You have filled his face with it.
If his face doesn't match the photo on his passport...
...then they till pull him out of the airplane...
...like one pulls out a pajama.
Okay, come on. You will return from Delhi, right?
Your uncle can return from hell. What's hell?
He will come back.
But son, you try to return the money quickly.
Daddy, don't you worry.
I'll start working as soon as I reach Canada.
It's okay, son. Hurry up. You are getting late. - Come on.
Brother, did you give him the tickets?
Oh no. Good that you reminded me.
Son, here are you tickets from Chandigarh to Delhi.
Jugnu must be waiting for us at the airport...
...with my passport and the visa for Canada. - Let's go. - Let's go.
Brother, you come in the other car. - Okay. - Let's go. - Let's go.
The wedding is taking place next week?
You didn't even ask me!
"Didn't ask you!" - You know how eager the boy's family is.
You had promised Jugnu.
But what about the promise I had made?
You didn't know about the boy when you made your promise.
But now you know.
Let me see how you get me married to that boy.
Come out guys.
Stop playing the drums?
Why not play the durms.
Brother, it's our drum. We can play it or drag it.
What problem can you have? - He is practicing.
Check the vehicle.
I got it checked by a mechanic just yesterday.
I don't want to check the engine.
I want to check the things inside the car.
Do it.
Check it.
Sir, they are using a kitchen cylinder.
Don't you know, you aren't allowed cylinders in Chandigarh?
Why? Do they use dung cakes?
I'll tell you what they use. -Brother, why are you getting angry.
And we are still not in Chandigarh. - This is Jerakhpuri.
We will carry the cylinder on our shoulders in Chandigarh.
Then you don't know the police of Chandigarh.
I have heard that they don't even listen to their father.
And you blame Punjab police.
We still listen to our uncles.
I am an uncle. You don't listen to me.
First listen to uncle. Boys, park the cars in the corner.
Brother, please let us go.
We are getting late. I've to go to Canada.
In these cars? - No. On an airplane.
They hardly reach Chandigarh. They get caught up in the way.
Sir, their tractor doesn't have a number plate on it.
You are using a tractor without a number plate?
This is the first time we got it out of the fields.
What will we do by putting a number plate over there?
Show them to the cattle? - You talk a lot.
Why, can't I talk?
You are arguing with the police?
-Now I won't let you move from here.
Balli, you will get us into trouble.
You will make my boy miss his flight.
Sir, I apologize on his behalf.
Please let us go. We are getting late.
That's out of question.
Balli, he is acting stubborn.
Take an auto and go to the airport. I'll handle him.
Come on, Sunny. That's a good start.
You got stopped by the police before leaving.
You will yearn for such things in Canada.
Yes, you will get half a million but at 2% interest.
Yes. Of course.
Khushi, where are you going? Khushi, stop.
Daddy, Khushi ran away! She has ruined us.
Daddy, hurry up.
Where you wanna go? -Brother, please give me your phone.
Here you go.
Jugnu, where are you?
Yes? Khushi? Whose number is this?
Auto driver. I ran away from my house.
How cheap!
You romanced with me and ran away with an auto driver?
For you. Where are you?
I'm close to sector 53, near the telephone exchange.
Stay there. I'm coming there. - Okay.
Let's go.
Stop it here.
Oh, she is here.
What happened? Is everything alright?
Jugnu, daddy has fixed my wedding with Titu.
I ran away from home. - Come quickly. They are following me.
They are coming?
Sit down.
Where is Jugnu?
In the morning he called and said that he'll meet me here.
Call him.
Sunny must be waiting for me at the airport.
Am I important for you or your work is?
Work can happen any time.
You are the one who is important. - Hurry up.
What hurry up? Are we riding a Bajaj scooter or an eagle?
He's not answering.
Did he run away with the money?
No, he isn't that kind of a person.
Let's ask someone. He must have given it to someone.
It's a passport and not a glass of buttermilk...
...that he must've given someone.
Uncle, why are you fighting with me? - We came here on time.
You don't have the passport.
What do we do by coming on time? Greet everyone?
How will you go there? - Call him again. - Okay.
Bro, let me find the guy, then see what if do!
He'll die at my hand.
Get up, uncle.
Make fast.
Jugnu has come?
No Jugnu, our family members are here.
Run! - Why do we have to run?
We'll get abused. We've lost our visa! Come on.
Let's fo. ????????
What happened? - How does this damn thing work?
Forget it. Let's pick up our stuff.
The drum got stuck.
Lift the whole trolley. Lift it.
Pick it up from down.
Over there. Over there.
Come quickly or we'll miss the flight.
Brother, we aren't going, our son is.
We are here to send him off.
You cannot go inside without a ticket.
Let us go, brother. We don't cause a lot of trouble. - Yes.
Brother, you cannot go inside.
Call him up and ask him where he is.
Damn you!
We gave you 2 million rupees to hug the pillar?
Call him.
Daddy's calling. What do I tell him?
Tell him the flight is about to take off.
You'll call him later. It's very crowded in here.
You will have to go standing. - Okay.
Hello. - Sunny.
He's in the airplane.
It's about to take off.
Then let's pray.
Oh, God... - Have mercy.
Come on.
Just a minute. I've three missed calls from Sunny.
Let me call him back. - What's this?
You are with me but I'm getting calls from your number.
Khushi's number. - Oh, no. I forgot my phone at home.
My father must be calling you.
Quickly switch it off or else he will catch us.
We need a room. - For how long?
For as long as we live.
Why are you staring at me?
Now how will we go back to our village?
Uncle, why do you worry? I'll find him.
He will find him. He thinks he is Vasco da Gamma.
He has locked his shop.
You don't know his residential address.
Where will you find him? In crap?
I didn't know he would turn out to be such a big cheater.
Were you blind?
I knew it. What kind of an embassy...
...asks for a drum along with the passport?
They are already against noise pollution.
Sir, if you wish to safeguard anything precious...
...then deposit it in our locker.
We have to deposit the drum, it's worth 2 million.
You will do it? - What's this drum for?
We go to sing if someone gives birth to a boy.
You want us to sing for you?
He is adding insult to injury. He asks, "What's the drum for!"
Daddy's call. What do I tell him?
What will we tell him? He'll die if we tell him the truth.
Tell him that you're on your way to Canada.
Okay. I'll answer the call you make the sound of an airplane.
I cannot speak and you want me to...
...make the sound of an airplane.
Can you do it? - Yes?
What are you saying, sir?
You cannot get calls during flight.
Uncle, we got to learn something new today.
Damn you.
You spent 2 million just to learn...
...that you cannot get calls during a flight.
Answer it.
I won't be able to lie to him if he calls me.
Sunny, it's your mother.
Where have you reached?
Mom, I'm airborne.
Oh. Take care of yourself over there, son.
Listen, everyone used to call you useless over here.
This is your chance.
Prove that my son is capable of everything.
Okay, son?
Yes. Here, speak to your father.
Here you go.
Hello? Hello, Sunny?
It got disconnected. - Oh.
Sign here.
Here's your key to room number 203.
Hello. We needed a room.
No. New... I mean old, broken room will also do.
It's not a problem.
You didn't get me. You are newly-married?
Yes. Newly-married.
Brother, this is the only hotel you...
...could find for your honeymoon?
Anyway, what name should I write?
Any nice one.
Surjit Singh?
Very good.
He's talking about honeymoon. As if we could go home.
Sign here.
Okay, I will.
Here you go. Go to room number 204.
Thank you so much.
Just a minute. I'll call up Sunny. - No, Jugnu.
You won't switch your phone on until our court marriage.
No. Sunny must be abusing me.
Let him. How badly will he abuse you?
First let us do the court marriage and be safe...
...then we'll buy him new tickets and send him to Canada.
You are great.
"We'll buy him new tickets and send him."
We still haven't registered our wedding...
...and you've already started spending my money.
Sukhiya, I don't think Jugnu ever can find us here.
But brother, till when will we hide?
Till he doesn't get arrested for providing fake visa.
Come on. - Let's go.
We need a room.
For how many days, sir?
We'll let you know after we read tomorrows newspaper.
What do you mean? - I mean for 4-5 days.
Okay. Okay.
What is your name, sir? - You don't know my name?
My name is Billu Ballori. I am so famous.
Here you go. - Write your name and sign.
Here you go. Room number 205.
Take care of yourself over there, son.
Listen, everyone used to call you useless over here.
This is your chance.
Prove that my son is capable of everything.
Brother, you are drinking from my glass.
Sorry, brother.
One more bottle.
Boil two eggs for me. - You've brought your own eggs?
I don't lay them, hen does. Go!
Brother, you drink a lot. You seem to be from a good family.
Myself Gulli.
Gulli, insurance agent.
Looking at the amount you drink you'll get 10% discount.
Brother, I'm already done for.
If I don't give 2 million back to my family...
...then I'll have to hang myself.
Wrong. What will you gain by it?
Only a dead body.
If you die after getting insured then...
...your family will get the money.
If they get the money your family will...
...perform your last rites happily.
"They'll say he was useless when alive... "
"... When he died he brought 2 million." - Applause.
If I die after getting insured then I'll get 2 million.
Yes, you will.
But you cannot commit suicide.
Road accident. Road!
Give me Rs. 14000, premium of the insurance policy.
Brother, I don't have Rs. 14000.
You don't have Rs. 14000? - No.
Then you should die of shame.
You wasted my time. - Brother!
Brother, please get me insured.
You'll get the money after I die. - After you die?
Will you send the money from Western Union from up there?
No. After you give 2 million to my family...
...tell them that you had paid the premium amount.
My family members are very nave.
They won't keep your money.
You just give it to me. Get me insured.
Get me insured.
Whether or not you get insured you will surely tear my shirt.
Let go of me.
Ill-mannered boy.
Earlier insurance agents used to force people.
Now people force insurance agents.
Don't applaud. No!
No! No!
You look like a sad person to me.
Otherwise I wouldn't have agreed to it.
Show me your teeth.
Stop it! Control!
See you tomorrow, for your medical check-up.
Applaud now.
Come on.
This is his medical report.
Be careful, Gulli. Don't get me into trouble.
Have I ever got you into trouble?
And I pay him more than the insurance company.
Here's Rs.1000. Count it.
You want me to count a 1000 rupee note?
I don't need to count the currency you give me.
I need to check whether there are real or fake.
Let's go. Come on.
Can I die now or there's still some paper work to be done?
All the paperwork is complete.
Now you can find a nice truck and get yourself killed.
Leave the rest to Gulli. - Okay, brother. - Keep one thing in mind.
Yes? - The truck shouldn't be overloaded.
Otherwise it will skit off the road.
Okay, brother.
My brother from another mother!
I got it push started it with great difficulty.
You stopped it!
Just a minute, brother.
What "Just a minute?"
Its installments never seem to end.
You want to come under it and want the police to thrash me.
At least listen to me, brother.
Why should I listen to you? Why?
What was so important that you needed to stop a truck...
...to make someone listen to you?
Stay away!
Make him push it. Get going.
Let's go. - Make him push it. - Come on.
Let's go.
Push the truck. - Yes.
We have just gone over each other... - Come on. Get in.
It won't take us long to get over you.
Let me tell you. Push it. Push it. Behave. - Yes. Yes.
Yeah, come alng tag.
You idiot!
Sunny, you?
What are you doing here?
I came to die.
Have you lost your mind?
Get in. We'll go home and talk.
Come on.
This 2 million will help release our mortgaged land.
That's why I wanted to die.
But Sunny, this isn't the right way to make money.
And what's the guarantee that you'll...
...surely get the insurance money?
It's all because of you. - Because of me?
Yes. If you would've agreed to marry me...
...then would've gotten married, taken a visa and left.
I wouldn't get into this mess.
Sunny, don't be dishearten. I'm here for you.
We'll find a solution.
You have 2 million to loan it to me?
I stay away from my family. How can I have 2 million with me?
That day I wanted your heart, you didn't give it to me.
Today I am asking for 2 million, you aren't giving it to me.
What do you have to give me?
You are so nave.
Then take pity on me and give me your heart.
Sunny, I have an idea.
00000I can help you arrange 2 million rupees.
In this city there is a drug dealer called Titu.
He supplies drug to college students.
If you become a police informer and help them...
...catch his goods then police will...
...give 20% of its price to you.
Note down Titu's number.
Call him up, pretend to be a new drug dealer and find out...
...when and where is the new consignment coming.
Sunny, what are you thinking about?
Note down the number. - Yes.
You have to call the police. - Yes.
Note it down.
Uncle, we have to call on this number and inform the police.
Then we will get a reward.
If one's intentions are good then God doesn't create...
...obstacles on his way, He rather helps him go smoothly.
Quickly dial the number. - Yes.
Wedding gifts? That too without informing us?
Didn't you say that we can take the girl whenever we want?
Yet we have brought wedding gifts.
Please call Khushi.
They'll exchange rings.
We don't exchange rings at night.
Why? Do the girl's fingers go to sleep at night?
Whatever you might think.
We won't exchange rings at night. That's it.
Not a problem. We've brought anklets as well.
If not a ring ceremony, let's have an anklet ceremony.
Who is it?
Hello? - Hello, inspector.
I wanted to share some information with you.
That's why I keep calling you.
In this city there is a drug dealer called Titu.
His stuff comes to Chandigarh every day.
You should arrest him.
Who are you? - I'm Sunny.
I'll get 20% of its value as reward, right?
Where are you calling from? - From Hotel Kammo.
Tell him your room number as well. - 203.
Stay there. We're coming there to give you your 20%.
Even before get seize the stuff?
Who knows when the stuff will arrive?
We can't make you wait, can we?
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
Uncle, the police is coming here to give us the 20%...
...even before they seize the stuff.
Strange. - This is the first time I'm hearing that...
...police is coming to give something.
I've always heard about them taking something.
Anyway, Sunny, no matter how much I abuse you verbally...
...but deep inside I was sure that you can't be unworthy.
You got us into this mess and now you will get us out of it.
Bend down.
Stop it.
Hey, what kind of a method of torturing is this?
They are biting us like black dogs.
You got me into this mess. You did it. You did it.
Please forgive us, Mr. Titu.
We unknowingly made a mistake.
We've been tied since morning. Please untie us.
I'm a heart patient.
Brother. Please forgive us, brother.
Someone instigated me against you.
What will we do with the reward, brother?
True. We once won Laxmi Bumper lottery...
...but we didn't even go to collect it.
What have we got to do with Titu Bumper? - Yes.
Brother, I was about to commit suicide.
A girl saved me and said, "What will you gain by dying?"
"Trap Titu, you'll get a reward."
Heard him? Heard him?
He has a very clean heart.
Untie them.
Kiddo, first tell me why did you want to die.
What do we say? - Shut up. Let him speak.
I wanted to die in an accident, take the insurance money...
...of 2 million and send it to my family.
Why? - Because our land...
Shut up. Let him speak.
Am I at a preaching session? He doesn't let me speak.
Speak. You talk first.
All I wanted to say was...
The more you stay away from a wild bull and a bachelor uncle...
...the better. - First hang him upset down. - Get him!
Brother, I'm just suggesting. Why are you getting angry?
We are already very sad.
Our land is mortgaged for 2 million rupees.
We need to release it. - Hey...
What can you do for us if we give you 2 million rupees?
We'll thank you all our lives.
We don't want someone to pray for us for 2 million rupees.
We'll give you 2 million and take your heart. - Take his heart?
What will be left with him if you take his heart?
As if he was about to start a yoga camp.
He was anyway going to die.
But what do you want to do with his heart?
We might fry it and eat it. How does it concern you?
We've to remove his heart and place it in his body.
Why? - You ask too many questions.
Is your wife happy with you?
The ones outside are very happy with me.
I don't know about her.
But she must be happy wherever she is.
Because I'm not married. I had told you.
What? - What?
The more you stay away from a wild bull and a bachelor uncle...
Shut up or I'll shoot you.
Quickly answer in yes or no.
You anyway have to die.
Let me give my heart.
We'll at least be able to save our land.
What are you saying?
I've heard about exchange of hearts a number of times.
But to give a heart and take land?
I'm hearing about it for the first time.
Let it be.
Uncle, with what face will we go back to our village?
Fine. Then I'll give my heart.
But you just said that you are a heart patient.
Don't do us a favor that will last only a few months.
Uncle... I've got everyone into this trouble.
I'll be the one who will get them out.
Brother, take it out.
Well done.
Boys, note down the address of his village.
We'll get his medical check up done in the morning.
I did his medical checkup just yesterday for insurance purposes.
We can take out his heart.
Fine then.
Get his signature.
He his giving his heart to us for 2 million rupees.
Here you go, son. Sign the form.
Okay, the deal is fixed.
Why are you congratulating me? Have you fixed a marriage?
And don't forget...
The more you stay away from a wild bull and a bachelor uncle...
The better it is for my health.
So, come tomorrow and take 2 million rupees.
And remember, I know where you stay...
...just in case you think of running away.
I'll take out your whole family's heart.
Let's go, uncle.
Oh yes, don't burden your heart.
For now it belongs to me.
See you.
Uncle, now our land is safe.
What's the use of a candle if there is no wick?
Son, what will we do of the land if you won't be with us?
I'd come to drop you to the airport.
I didn't come with you to see all this.
I wonder why God is acting like an enemy.
Not God, the one who got me trapped...
...with this goon is my enemy.
Who? - Raavi.
Uncle, go back to the hotel.
Let me settle old scores before I die.
What harm had I done to you?
All I had said that I wanted to marry you.
You would've got rid of me on your own.
We did you get me trapped by that goon?
What are you saying? I didn't get you.
You gave me Titu's number saying that its police's number.
I called him up.
Have you lost your mind?
I had told you that it's Titu's number.
You had said its Titu's?
What did tell Titu?
What I was supposed to tell to the police.
I've sold my heart to him.
What have you done, Sunny!
I gave you Titu's number so that you can get...
...all the information about the drugs from him.
And you sold your heart to him!
I thought you are trapping me on purpose.
Why would I trap you, Sunny?
I like you as much as you like me.
The only difference is that you said it...
...and I couldn't say it.
Yes, Sunny. I couldn't say it because I am Titu's sister.
And he will never accept our relationship.
Why do you worry? - Come, let's run away and get married.
No, Sunny.
What do you fear? My death?
Do you love me?
Just say yes.
I will take it this time as...
...that you really loved and it's me.
You don't know my brother and my uncle.
Even if they agree to get us married...
...they still won't let us be together.
Your brother and your uncle don't know me.
When it's a matter of heart, he considers everyone in a ditch.
You are acting brave.
Not brave...
Very brave.
Brother... Excuse me, brother.
Did you see this gentleman's dead body?
Am I the lord of death that I have seen his death body?
Gulli, why are you getting yourself humiliated?
Brother, you had said that we won't get the insurance money...
...till you don't have a look at Sunny's dead body.
You will get the insurance money only after we find Sunny's body.
You shouldn't act stubborn.
Sometimes dogs snack over dead bodies.
You'll have to pay the money trusting my reputation.
Forget your reputation.
We will first have a look at the dead body.
Fine, then. Both of you freshen up and come every day.
We'll hunt for the dead body.
How are you, Billu?
Bill... Bill...
He got scared.
Hello? Who is it?
Yes, 204. - Sorry.
I'm sorry.
Sorry. - Sure.
Sorry. - Sorry.
Sunny, it's your father.
Hello, Balli? It's Jasvir.
You have settled down in Delhi or what?
When will you return?
Brother, there is a dung cake exhibition in Delhi.
I stayed back to see it.
Dung cake exhibition?
Brother, like we villagers are crazy about cylinders.
They are crazy about dung cakes.
City cities, funny lifestyles.
Now they are saying that a calf exhibition next week.
Okay. Forget it.
Tell me something, Sunny's photo is switched off.
Did he call you?
Hey, is your phone switched off?
Battery is dead. I'll charge it.
It must be switched off just like that. - Don't worry, brother.
When Sunny calls me from Canada...
...I'll ask him to talk to you.
Fine. - Okay, I'll hang up.
Till when will we keep lying?
Uncle, just for some more time.
Let us take money from Titu and pay off the loan.
Sunny, I say we should say no to Titu.
Don't you want your land back, uncle?
Give me your phone.
Titu, it's me, Sunny.
Yes, tell me, Sunny. - Brother, you had said that I should...
...come today and take the money.
Oh yes, hold on.
Uncle, it's Sunny, he wants to know about the money.
Did you speak to uncle Kangh about the money?
I had told him to take the money back...
...from the one we have loaned it to as we need it urgently.
Keep him on hold.
Sunny, hold on. - Yes.
Hello, Mr. Kangh?
Just a minute. Talk to Titu.
Hello, it's Titu. - Hello, son.
Uncle, did you arrange for the money?
Yes, son. I spoke to Jasvir.
Hold on.
Call Jasvir.
Sunny's phone is switched off since last night.
It's ringing. - Let's see.
It's Mr. Kangh.
Yes, Mr. Kangh? - Jasvir, what's the status of my money?
I called my son in Canada last night.
His phone is switched off.
I'll call him again. Hold on.
Brother, try calling Sunny. - Okay.
Hello, Sunny. It's Jasvir.
Hello, daddy. - Hi.
Son, can you somehow borrow and arrange for 2 million rupees?
The middleman wants it back.
Okay, daddy. I'll try.
I think it will be done. Hold on a minute.
Hello, Titu?
Now you'll have to arrange for the money quickly.
Just a minute.
Uncle, we'll have to arrange for the money quickly.
Listen, you'll have to arrange for the money quickly.
Hold on.
Sunny, you'll have to arrange for the money quickly.
Okay, daddy. It will be done soon.
Okay, Mr. Kangh. It will be done soon.
It will happen soon, son.
Okay, Sunny. -It will be done soon.
There is no rain or cloud in the sky then...
...what is the reason for this shower?
The clouds have give way to the moon.
Shut up.
Dear, the more you stay away from a wild...
...bull and a bachelor uncle, the better.
Wait, I'll teach you a lesson right away! - Stay right here!
Who will teach me a lesson?
Listen! Couldn't you find any worse hotel than this?
There must be more but this was the cheapest.
There is crazy man outside who is teasing me.
Which imp has a death wish that he is teasing my new wife?
It's different is she is old!
Who wishes to die!
Look over here!
Damn you, Jugnu!
Hey! Sunny! Jugnu!
Sir, as you were drunk you must've...
...mistaken someone else for him. After what you have done to Jugnu...
...he cannot even go to a Sikh temple to seek shelter.
How can Jugnu be here?
Sir, Jugnu! Run!
Stop! Cheating! This is cheating!
Rascal, I'm a heart patient. I'm a heart patient!
Hello, sir. - Yes.
The more you stay away from a wild bull and a bachelor uncle...
The better. - Yes.
But how does he know that?
Hold this. - Hey!
Sunny! Sunny! He's running away!
He's running away! He's running away!
Listen to me! Hold on for a second.
Hold on for a second! Listen to me!
We've been listening only to you until now.
That's why he got trapped.
At least...
You deceived us and you don't even want...
...uncle to raise his hand on you?
You don't even want him to raise his hand on you?
I'm telling you. I didn't deceive you.
I got the...
I got the visa for you.
I just couldn't give you your passport.
At least listen to me. Let go of my neck.
Only then will I be able to speak. - Speak.
Look at this.
Look at the Canada's visa on your passport, brother.
I can leave my wife alone but never a passport.
You leave her alone that's why she keeps showering at people.
Anyway, it's of no use now.
Because of you he sold his heart...
...to someone for 2 million rupees.
What is this new business that you've started?
With someone's heart...
I just wanted ...
...to get his land freed.
And I needed money to get my land back.
No, man. That's not possible.
Someone has to die because of me?
I'll never let that happen.
Hold this. Hold your passport. You have Canada's visa on it.
Quietly leave for Canada.
Hey, the one whom I've sold my heart too is a renowned goon.
If I leave he won't spare my family.
What is that renowned goon's name?
Titu. - Well...
He is indeed a renowned goon.
You know him?
I mean I've heard a lot about him.
But I've never met him.
Brother, have you taken the money from him?
No yet. - Then it's not a deal.
If we haven't taken the money then consider the deal cancelled.
That's great. Go and just tell him...
..."Brother, I don't feel like giving my heart." That's it.
Can't part with your heart, huh?
Look over here.
Why so?
No, what I was saying is that he isn't worth a penny...
...and you are buying his heart for 2 million!
Have you lost your mind?
He'll forcefully take my heart!
You think this is the right time to humiliate him?!
Who is he? - He is also my nephew. Jugnu.
If you want you can take his heart.
Uncle, have you lost it? You want me dead?
Brother, my girlfriend has left me.
My heart is away broken. - Even if you take it out...
...all you will get is bits and pieces of it.
Do stubborn hearts ever break?
That's their problem.
They will fix it. - Hey! Who wants his heart!
I want a healthy heart.
His heart.
Brother, we are here to talk about it.
Can we find a solution such that...
...you get a heart and we manage to save his life as well?
How is that? - I've an idea.
Let's kill a dog. - Hey!
Why are you behaving like a dog?
Why are you giving such bad ideas?
Now you want my nephew to have a dog's heart?
No. Brother, what I meant was...
...let's kill a dog and kidnap his owner.
Whose idea was it to bring him her?
This was our only option left.
We made a mistake. Please forgive us.
Why? Don't you want to save his life?
Right, you have saved his life!
Forget the nephew, you will even the uncle killed!
You are great, Jugnu, you bring darkness to the place you go!
What darkness! As if I have busted the transformer.
You are so bad that forget a transformer...
...you can bust the Thermal plant in Bhatinda!
From the time you have come into our life...
...you have killed it with darkness!
What light and darkness are you guys talking about!
Did I tell you to sell his heart to him for 2 million!
Then what? Would he have bought teeth for 2 million?
Such cavity filled teeth wouldn't even sell for 20 bucks!
You might be able to sell Jazzy B's teeth for that much! - Hey!
You are not standing at a station.
Brother, we are here just to tell you that...
...we still haven't taken any money from you.
Why don't you take someone else's heart for 2 million? Simple.
Hey! You think there are a lot of hearts here?
Well, haven't you heard the song...
..."Two hearts are uniting stealthily."
Shut up! Stealthily, yeah right!
You have stealthily brought us here to die!
Listen to me, Jugnu.
If you flying too high that we'll ground you forever.
And Sunny, now you'll have to give your heart.
You have done a contract with us.
You will get the money today, okay?
Come on, get going now.
What are you staring at? Leave!
Let's go! - Great defense attorney!
He was here to defend us.
Watch out.
Tell my father-in-law to arrange for the money today itself.
I had told him.
He said that the one to whom money has been given...
...his son will send the money from Canada.
What will we do if we don't get the money today?
Brother, I need this money.
Scoundrel, you wear hand-me-downs!
What will you do with 1.8 million rupees? - I want to build a house.
Quietly live in a rented house.
Otherwise, you'll lose that as well. - But brother...
...what do you want to do with these 1.8 million rupees?
Do you see these people? - Yes.
If you take the 1.8 million, you think can escape them?
Nephew, you take the money.
Here, take it.
Now you cannot say that you didn't get the money.
Listen, be ready.
We'll take your heart out in a day or two.
The three of you can count it.
Its 1.8 million rupees.
1.8 million? Didn't we fix the deal for 20 million?
We decided 10% TDS.
TDS? - Tax.
Tax? Why deduct tax for this?
Son, we need to deduct the tax.
God will think highly of you.
As you have paid you Income Tax returns.
Come on. Go now. - Come on.
You got the money. - Yes.
Now everyone will be happy.
Yes, as if you have hit a jackpot.
Uncle, forget about that.
You quickly take this money to the village. - Have you lost your mind?
Come, let's go to the police station.
Police station? Do you want to give the money to a cop?
Go to a bank in the morning and make a fixed deposit.
Is this my provident fund that I'll make a fixed deposit of it?
Things have gone too far. - Let's go to the police station and...
...register a complaint against Titu.
Wonderful. What brains you have!
I thought you are the only one who is crazy.
This Japanese Jat is crazier than you.
They will even kill you as well.
They will ask what contract have you made with Titu?
We'll say that we aren't well educated.
We sold our life in a drunken stupor.
Even a donkey on the road knows that...
...it shouldn't get in the way of a drunk.
Are you worse that a donkey? - Then tell us what we do next.
What else can we do?
He has a visa. All we need is a ticket.
Let's quietly send him to Canada.
Sunny, I'd pledged that I won't go for a honeymoon...
...till I don't send you to Canada.
You go to Canada and we'll go to...
Bless you, son.
The way I have saved your heart...
...you too should keep my heart in your mind.
While driving a taxi in Canada...
...if you come across a single Canadian...
...girl give my love to her.
And tell her, "Balli awaits you in Punjab."
Why does he await her, uncle?
Spend 2 million and we'll send you as well.
The trouble we got into because of you forget Canada...
...I won't go to someone's funeral if you tell me to.
I'll send you to a funeral?
The chances of your funeral taking place are high. - Hear him talk!
True! You want to go for a honeymoon...
...and you want to send your uncle to heaven.
Not a problem. If I die, I'll possess you.
Brother, you better pass on his message to a single girl.
Bye, uncle.
Bye, brother.
Brother, can you switch off the air conditioner?
Your passport, please.
Did you apply for a visa on your own?
No, through an agent. He is standing outside.
Which one of you is Jugnu?
I am. - Come with us.
Thank you so much.
Saw that? - They have come to take me from inside.
And you cannot show me any respect.
I sometimes feel like respecting you...
...but my conscious doesn't allow me to.
I too want to go inside. - Sorry, you cannot go inside.
Why? Do I look like a criminal to you?
You respect him. I am that boy's uncle. - His uncle!
As if this is a wedding introduction ceremony happening inside...
...and you will miss out on a blanket. You are acting very funny!
But I cannot leave you alone with my wife.
You are a risky person. - Why?
Is she a sweet dish that I'll eat her up?
No, I'll go with you. - No, there is nothing to worry about.
My heart is pure from inside.
Brother, can we please do something and take him inside?
Fine, but leave this bag outside.
Give the bag to her. - Yes.
So? - Thank you.
They have come to take me inside.
While I'm making a request for you.
This is what is called reputation.
Trust me. I don't know how we got this fake visa.
I swear by Vidya Balan.
You will know when you get sentenced 7 years imprisonment.
I haven't been married for 7 days.
And you want to keep me in prison for 7 years.
My wife will wither.
You have ruined our family and you...
...are concerned about your wife!
Sir, sorry. I and my uncle are innocent.
It's his mistake.
Sir, I'm telling you...
...I swear on uncle, I've never seen a real visa.
A singer got it done for me. Monkey gave us a fake visa.
What do I know about it?
Even if they would've stamped a tattoo...
...on a passport and told me that it's...
...visa then I would've believed it. - I've never seen a visa.
You've got a tattoo stamped with our 2 million rupees.
Our villagers will humiliate to death.
They will say "You mortgaged your land...
...for 2 million for this tattoo."
I hate you so much!
As soon as you get out of here, I'll thrash you and...
...I'll crush all the glowworms in my village as well.
They have come to take them.
Take them away.
What did you think?
That we will let you loose after giving you money?
We had our men following you.
You made them go to Delhi.
Now see where we take you!
They are waiting for you outside.
It cost us two hundred thousand to get your released.
It turned out to be 2 million after all.
Nephew, his heart will cost us 1.8 million only.
But there is one thing. I think I am losing my sight.
Shall I take his eyes for two hundred thousand?
What are you guys up to?
You are counting parts as if he is not...
...a human being but a car engine.
Is there no humanity left in you?
Hey! - Hey, let him off.
Just a minute, brother.
Jugnu, you physical... - Yes, brother.
Not even a mosquito that causes dengue is as dangerous as you!
Why are you insulting the mosquito?
Let's go!
Get them! - Come on!
Hurry up!
Let's go. Hurry up.
Raavi. Raavi... - What's wrong?
Titu has kidnapped Sunny.
What? - Yes...
You want me to take his heart out right away? - Yes!
But he is still alive!
What did we give him 2 million for?
You are strange! - In the contract which we got Sunny to sign...
...it is clearly written that we'll take...
...his heart out only after he dies.
Scoundrel, you cheated us!
Let go of me!
Uncle, lift a flask. Let's take his heart.
I say we should drill a hole in his heart with a drill machine.
No. - He too should know how it hurts.
Listen to me at least! I'm...
You've made us lose 2 million rupees who knows when he will die!
What if my nephew dies before he does? - Uncle!
What will I do with the heart...
He is forcing me to abuse! - Take his heart out right away!
This isn't as easy as taking water out of a well.
We'll have to operate in a hospital and take his heart out.
If we take him alive the hospital will know...
...that we've taken the heart of someone who is alive.
We'll all get arrested.
You are again teaching us law?
Tell us what we need to do now.
Wait and watch. - 75 kilos.
And here is my watch.
Now tell us. Now tell us.
It is clear that you won't take out the heart from a living person.
No, I can't.
Okay then, you'll find Sunny dead by tomorrow.
We'll kill him? - We will.
We should at least kill one person in life.
We'll later have a bath with soap.
Soaps don't wash out sins, uncle.
Let's do one thing.
We'll fail the brake of a jeep and send him for some work.
He will die on his own.
What if he doesn't die? - Then we have the trucks, uncle.
Sounds good.
Listen up, doctor. - Yes?
Get going now.
Okay. - Wait. Wait. Wait. Give me my watch back.
Go! Go!
Get lost! - Go!
What's up?
I came here to meet you.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
We have something important to do. - Go to sleep.
I'll see you in the morning. Okay? - Yes. - Let's go.
Sunny! - Raavi, what are you doing over here?
Sunny, run away from here. My brother is planning to kill you.
Titu has terrorized our lives to such an extend...
...that I'm hearing death threats even in my dreams.
That too from a girl.
Wake up, Jugnu.
This isn't a dream. - That girl is standing before us.
I'm Titu's sister.
Brother called a doctor home.
They will get him killed in a road accident tomorrow...
...and take his heart out.
And you are here to save him? - Yes.
I don't understand you guys.
Brother wants to kill him and his sister wants to save him.
I suggest, get Titu's heart treated later.
First all of you get your brains treated.
Your thoughts don't match.
Raavi, seek uncle's blessings.
Should I bless her with my knees? - My hands are tied.
Titu's sister... - Hey!
I mean why did she have to come here?
I don't understand what's happening.
We are... - I just can't think straight.
Hey girl, what are you staring at?
Untie me. - Yes, untie him but not us.
Now tell me from where should we escape?
It's not so easy.
Brother's goons are guarding both the gates.
Then get us a shovel. We will dig our way out.
Ask him has he ever even dug a hole to play marbles?
He wants to dig a tunnel.
The more you stay away from a wild bull and a bachelor uncle...
...the better. - As much as you have troubled us I feel...
...like digging your grave here! - Even if I die digging.
The whole city will dig my grave.
Leaving my young wife I'm with this troublesome old man.
Why are you calling me old?
Have I forgotten my walking stick at your place?
You forgot your walking stick... - You can fight later!
Titu will kill me tomorrow morning.
Tell me what I should do.
Listen... Titu will kill you for real.
But what if we fake your death before Titu kills you?
What do you mean?
I mean...
Raavi, leave the keys in any of your cars tonight.
Why did you die, Sunny? Your uncle Balli is crying for you.
Sunny, you are so cruel! - You are bad!
You shouldn't have left us behind!
What's this, nephew? - Uncle, how did they come outside?
Look at him!
Uncle, he is already dead!
I agree you were not respected but you shouldn't have left us.
Titu, give us a car.
We want to take his dead body to our village.
Hey, you cannot take him anywhere.
We'll have to take him.
If we don't his face to his family...
...then how will we face his family?
What is this, uncle?
Why are you getting angry with me? Did I kill him?
Listen, everyone. You won't take him anywhere.
Why can't we take him?
Do you want his skin hanging on your wall?
Let them go. Who are they?
Madam, he is my nephew whom last night you...
I mean he had come to meet Titu for some work.
But now he is of no use.
We'll have to take him to his village.
Brother, let them take him. Why are you stopping them?
Yes, let them take him. - Uncle! - Let us take him!
Help us lift him! - Uncle!
Help us lift him! Help us lift him! Help us lift him!
Brother, let me... - Come on, help us.
What do we tell our neighbors as to why are we stopping them?
Let's take him.
All are neighbors are surrounding them.
We'll stop them outside.
They have taken the jeep of which we have tampered the brakes.
Let's go. - Let's go.
Uncle, it's Raavi, Sunny's friend.
Sunny is in trouble.
He didn't go to Canada.
Save him, uncle.
Yes, speaking. - Drive slowly!
Drive fast. I am driving to save the life not to go to hell.
What's wrong with you?
You sometimes want him to drive slowly and sometimes fast.
Uncle, Titu is following us! - Drive fast!
It won't go any faster.
And there is a lot of weight.
Why did not you pick here? - Now we might as well...
What happened now?
Jeep's brake is not working!
Oh God!
Is this the only jeep left for you to pick?
Does it belong to my uncle?
Or did my father-in-law give it to me as dowry?
Uncle, let's jump off the jeep.
I've never jumped from any stationary thing...
...and you want me to jump off a moving vehicle? - Somehow stop it.
Should I beg the jeep to stop?
What do you mean.
Thye do not even curse.?
So we might as well stop.
Last time it was different.
That time we missed.
How many times I have told you its always this way.
Don't abuse me!
Look ahead! There are donkeys in front of us!
May the... Back off!
Couldn't you find anything other than donkeys to make you stop?
Now should I have chosen something special to hit?
Get out. Titu's men our following us.
Oh God.
Here it is - The jeep is here.
Corpse is here. Go look.
Hurry up. Move, move.
Hop on! - Let's go.
Jugnu... - Yes?
Let's hurry up. The might set Sunny on fire.
Don't worry. The wood these days is very wet. - Let's go!
May the soul rest in peace!
May the soul rest in peace!
Who have you brought with you? @@@@@@@@@@@@@
What is this, you scoundrels?
Brother, you were with us.
Don't worry. We'll give this and get another one.
Do you think this is something that you shopped for...
...which you can return and get another one?
Doctor, use her heart.
How can we use her heart?
She died yesterday in this hospital due to heart failure.
Doctor, has anyone ever survived in your hospital?
It's okay, nephew.
We'll find a nice hospital and get your heart changed.
No way, uncle! - When I was small...
...you told me that you'll send me to a good school...
...and you instead sent me to a public school.
Tell me what should we do about me? - We don't have a heart!
Why don't we have it? We won't let go of the dead body.
Come on, let's go find a dead body. - Let's go.
Jugnu, they have placed Sunny on the pyre.
It's obvious as they have brought him to a cremation ground...
...they will place him on a pyre, they won't place...
...him on a throne after getting him here.
If they light it then we'll have to blow off the fire.
Let's hurry up.
You left us! Where have you gone?
Aunt Durgi left her nephews alone to cry.
Her name is Bhano.
Her family used to call her that.
He is right.
But this is her in-law's village. You should respect them.
You will have to call her Bhano.
Aunt Bhano left her nephews alone to cry.
Aunt Sunny, are you alright?
Get me out of here quickly.
Where do we take you?
What will we tell the villagers, where is the dead body?
Put clarified butter in the woods. - No, priest.
Don't put clarified butter.
Aunt suffered from high cholesterol.
What difference does it make?
Add sugar! Aunt loved sugar!
I have never seen them.
I never saw them at home.
We used to stay at her mother's maternal home.
This is where our aunt used to stay.
Aren't you villagers mourning her death?
Enough now. Come here, boy.
What do we do now? The torch is also here.
Uncle, where has the torch reached?
It has started, don't you feel it?
Hey, Ghost! Aunt has turned a ghost!
Ruh, run, ruan..
Aunt has become a ghost. Run, run..,
Guys, keep the body. What are you up to, man?
Let's go!
Sir, Jugunu's undel is here.
Let's go! Come on, nephew! We've to get the body.
This way. Come, come.
Why don't you run, damn you! Are you tryng to get us killed?
Uncle, that's the brother's vehicle.
Village folk, today it's a matter of live and death!
Come on!
Brother, let's go.
Be careful.
Uncle, run! We are being attacked! - Escape! Escape.
Uncle, we have to save Sunny's life. - We don't have to fight.
We won't spare the one who touched our child.
There is my brother.
Girl, you said he keeps 5-6 goons with him.
He has at least 100 behind him.
Hey, I am left behind!
Villagers, don't run away. We'll hit each and everyone today.
Let's go!
Hold on, you coward!
Jasvir, that's Titu. - Yes.
Brother, we have to pay him.
Let's run away. - Let's go.
Where are you going? - We'll be right back. - You wait here.
Where are you going? - He is our child.
My son.
Come, let's go, Raavi. Let's find him.
Nephew, why are we being attacked from both sides?
Uncle, have anything happened properly in your presence?
Find Sunny. - I will. I will.
Find Sunny!
Find Sunny, where is he?
Where is Sunny? - What do I know? You should know.
He was with you. - Watch out.
Where is Sunny, uncle? - I'm not the one who lost him.
Then find Sunny.
Find Sunny. Quickly find Sunny!
Brother, he is not to be found.
I'm getting the smell.
I'm sure they must have the dead body here.
Let's go. - Wait. Can't you see them fighting?
What does the fight concern you?
Whether I live or die you are concerned about yourself.
Hello, have you seen Sunny?
Hold on, I will ask him/
Sir, have you seen the body of a boy?
You call my kid a body!
Did you bring us here to get insulted?
Got you to check, sir.
Hey, he is the guye! Pick him, uncle!
Not me! Pick him up!
Fools! Let's run away from here!
Let's go! Let's go!
Brother! - Balli, where is Sunny?
He was with us. Dressed in new, white shroud.
That was Sunny? - Then what!
Hey! - Hit him!
Where did he come here from?
Don't hit me! Don't hit me! I don't know anything!
Why are you fighting? Say sorry.
Oh my God. What are you guys doing over here?
They have kidnapped Sunny!
Let's go. - Please do something.
Let's go. - Let's go. Come on.
This is a good place.
Doctor, take his heart out.
How can I take his heart out over here?
You are scared in the hospital. You can't do it over here.
Do we take you to the moon now? - Get this straight.
If anyone makes a fuss today then I will kill everyone here.
Sir, they will kill us. Let's do what he says.
It's of no use.
Fine, if you want to take his heart...
...out then give him this injection.
Get him, boys!
Where have you injected him?!
Even they know where one should apply an injection.
Open it!
Done! Take him to the bench! To the bench!
Hurry up! Take him!
Come on!
Brother, a lot of people have gathered outside. - Oh really?
Do one thing. Cover yourself with a shroud and run around.
Go! Hurry up!
Are you alright, uncle?
I've seen you somewhere.
Uncle! Uncle!
Uncle! - Where's Sunny? - Uncle! - Where's Sunny?
Oh God! My uncle has lost it! He has lost it!
Uncle! Uncle!
Open the lock.
Titu, we don't have the equipments needed for an operation.
What else do you need?
You guys wait here. Watch where is the...
Sunny, listen to me! Stop running.
Here you go. Hurry up. Hurry up.
Arrange it quickly.
Nephew... - Yes?
I needed to tell you something very important.
Yes, tell me.
"Who stole my kite?"
Uncle, let them work!
Someone catch him! Don't let him run!
Sunny! - Sunny!
Sunny! - Listen to me! Stop! - Hello! Listen to me! Stop!
All the family members wait here!
He is getting scared of you and running away.
He thinks you might thrash him for losing the 2 million rupees.
Wait here.
Nephew, drive slowly or you will get a ticket.
Who had hit uncle on his head?
Sunny! - Listen to me! Sunny! - Sunny!
Listen to me! Why are you running.
Titu! Titu! Should I start cooking the greens?
Don't cook any greens, uncle. Cook some lentils.
Let us operate!
Do it. Do it. Let me know when the child is born.
Sunny is inside.
Uncle, they are looking for Sunny outside.
I'll tell them that he is inside.
Sunny is inside! Sunny is inside!
Shut up!
I'll teach you a lesson! - Uncle...
I'll teach you a lesson!
Please move aside, uncle.
Uncle! I'll shoot you.
Uncle! Uncle, you...
Catch him! Catch him!
Hey! - Hey!
Stop! Stop!
Everyone stop over here. - Yes.
What chilies have you applied to him?
He just isn't ready to stop!
Green ones!
One doesn't get such a speed with the green ones.
Then it must be red. - Oh God.
I want to say something very important.
You won't talk about taking out his heart.
The one who has to remove the heart must be doing so.
I don't know about the heart but...
...you've been making us round across the city.
What have you done...
What have you done to our Sunny?
Film star Dharamendra's son?
Not Dharamendra's son. Jasvir's son.
His son? - His son. Try touching his son...
Sunny! Sunny!
He is the one whom you should hit! Why are you hitting me?
For the mess you've put us in...
...even if I have to hit you by mistake...
...I will surely hit you.
Saw what Titu can do!
Be grateful I ran away with your daughter...
...otherwise you would have to beg her to run away with someone.
"Go girl, run away! Go girl, run away!"
Brother, please don't hit Sunny!
Raavi... - Brother! - Move aside!
Hit him!
Mr. Kangh, he give us a fake visa...
...and you give him your daughter?
I didn't give him a fake visa!
We got him that visa!
It's okay if you gave him a fake visa.
But you shot at us! I've got married!
Have you lost it, uncle?
Sunny, spare my brother's life! Spare his life!
Sunny, spare his life!
Balli, he is alive!
You wanted insurance claim for someone who is alive.
Let's take him away! - Yes. - Listen to me!
At least listen to me, sir! He must be his twin!
To fulfill my dream...
...I gave you sleepless night.
While trying to fulfill my dream...
...I never thought what will happen to all of you.
Please forgive me.
Son, if someone who has strayed comes home in the evening...
Then we should think that he didn't...
...get a rickshaw to come home.
Get lost!
Forget it.
I say, we still haven't lost everything.
Sunny, should we consider that you've come to your senses?
Uncle, I'll go to Canada for sure.
But this time I won't mortgage my land.
I'll manage it by working hard for it.
Hear that. And you said that he has come back to his senses.
Forget about him get any sense.
You can take it in writing that he'll never change.
But I want to tell you something very seriously...
The more you stay away from a wild bull and a bachelor uncle...
If my family doesn't listen to me...
...how will any else listen to me?
I was about to make a very big mistake, son.
Even if you tread barefoot but you are at least honest.
Son, forgive us at least now.
Should I forgive him? - Yes.
I forgave him.
And here you go.
Uncle, I wanted to give you an advice.
Yes? - Instead of having such a son...
...you should've given birth to another daughter. - Why?
No matter how useless a brother-in-law is...
...his sisters-in-law always pamper him.
And he wants to kill his brother-in-law.
You are right, sister.
Now I'll stop all my illicit businesses.
God gave me a hole in my heart but I didn't change.
Today God has broken my heart.
Henceforth we don't sell drugs and ruin our future.
Otherwise, we'll suffer like this.
You are right, brother.
I want to introduce you to someone.
Brother, I wanted to tell you earlier...
I want to settle down with him.
You like him so much in such a short span?
Our happiness lies in your happiness.
We wanted to take your heart.
But now we are giving you a piece of our heart.
Are you happy now, Raavi? - She is smiling.
I just got a call from the hospital. An old man just died.
Has anyone ever survived in your hospital?
The heart of the old man who died is absolutely fine.
And his relatives are ready to give his heart as well.
Uncle, we end all our fights right over here.