Jattu Engineer (2017) Movie Script

And the first award goes to...
J ugaad Chaudhary.
The next award goes to Rondhu.
After that it's Bateri.
Next award goes to Parade.
After that... Khota.
And now, even the sixth award goes to...
...a young man from this village.
Mr. Lallu.
Beat selling photo magazine
of theh year award.
This young man standing
before you is Mr. Lallu.
This picture conveys
the story of a village...
...which is making headlines all
over the world for its development.
Lallu Karein Kawalliya...
Rab Siddhiyan Pave!
That's all the Punjabi I know.
And I want to thank
our Headmaster, Mr. SSS...
...who made us capable of this.
But my gratitude isn't so small,
like these people...
...which will get over in few words.
All of you are repeatedly
taking one name.
Who is this SSS?
Well, in order to know who is SSS...
...it will take you
around 2 V: to 3 hours.
It's your choice.
We' re ready.
So, in order to embark on this
journey, which is SSS sir's story...
...you must first open that
photo magazine and take a look.
'This is my village Tatiyakar.'
'Sorry-sorry... Now it's Sunder Nagar.'
'Highly developed.'
'But three years ago,
the image here was something else.'
'This village wasn't
fit for human beings.'
'Yet...shameless people
like us lived here.'
'Anyone could come to this village...'
'...except for the Teacher.'
'And the dangerous
'Kaala-Kaccha Gang'...
'...would stop the teacher
from entering this village.'
Bravo... here's your reward.
'This is Raja Bhaiyya...'
'The school's principal.'
'Well, he was just a namesake peon.'
'Technically, he ruled the school.'
'There was no teacher,
but...the admissions were full.'
'No-no...you got it wrong.'
'The school was filled with cattle...'
'...and, the meats were
filled with children.'
You can keep all of it.
Inflation is on a rise.
And the oil that we
use is also very expensive.
Come on.
Poor guy has been badly beaten up.
'The series of incidents...'
'...of stopping the teacher...
...from entering the village didn't stop.'
'It continued religiously.'
'One would come...then run away.'
'Then the second one would
come...and he would also run away.'
'This way...they hunted
down 99 teachers.'
'Meaning...we were close to a century.'
'Then we received a letter...'
'...informing the arrival
of the 100 teacher.'
Here's your century.
HeadmastermShakti Singh Shishodhiya.
Well, we should
celebrate this 'Century'.
Full on.
What are you saying?
I'll treat all of you to first brew.
Tickle them.
Come on, tickle them.
Throw water on them.
We can't do anymore.
We won't do anymore.
We can't do anymore.
We can't do anymore.
What won't you do?
We beg you...we won't do it again.
Madam, which way is
the Village-Council office.
It's thaaaatmway!
Which one of you is the village head?
Who are you?
- Headmaster.
Hey, imbiciles...
what are you all staring at?
Haven't you ever seen
a headmaster before?
No, we haven't.
Okay, so take a look now.
And when you're done staring...
...ask him what he wants.
Take a seat, teacher. Take a seat.
Well, I wanted to
make an announcement.
From tomorrow,
all the children in the village...
...must come to the school to study.
One that...Raja Bhaiyya runs.
Which Raja Bhaiyya?
And you call yourself a headmaster.
You don't know Raja Bhaiyya.
Raja Bhaiyya is very
shameless around this place.
- I mean 'Prashid' (Famous).
I see...famous.
Honestly speaking, he's a peon.
But he's a makeshift guy.
He has spoiled all
the kids of our village.
And he gives him 'sari
fiat' at the end of the year.
Teacher, 'sari fiat' is that thing...
...that one gets when
you pass the class. - I see...
So who would want to go to school?
Who would want to study?
So, why didn't you... - Teacher!
Speak softly. Softly...
If I take injection...
...then, how will I become
the village head again?
Raja Bhaiyya has all the thunder vote.
Thunder vote.
I see...so that's the case.
Hey stupid.
Go and make the announcement...
...exactly like the headmaster said.
Where are they?
I don't see them.
There they are.
People of Tatiyakar.
Tomorrow, everyone must
send their kids to school.
Remember, dress them up nicely.
Announcing over the mike and speaker...
...without any wires or current,
but still, he's yelling aloud.
Don't send them in the
rags like you always do.
Come, teacher.
They are making the announcement.
Until them...let's have an
intro dance (introduction) as well.
Intro dance.
I mean to say... 'Parichay'
He will teach them.
Remember, send them to school only.
See that the kids don't come out of their homes...
...and go to the meats for a dip instead.
My name is Shakti Singh Shishodiya.
Shakti Singh Shishodiya!
Wow...that's nice.
Guys... intro dance yourselves.
My name is... wait just a minute.
I guess you've understood.
Padru Pant.
- Yes...
My name is Pant... Denchuram.
Go on...
My name...is..
Do you have a...
- I see...
My name is Pant Sher Singh.
And my same is...
Dhartipahad Singh.
I mean...my name is Pahad Singh Kana...
Smartest of all.
And this is my child.
Come, son...
Yeah... this is my child.
Mr. Headman...the dog's
face is on the other side.
What are you doing, son?
- Nothing, just taking a selfie.
What kind of a selfie is this?
It's called a pout.
It's in fashion these days.
What pout.
Take a look at him and you...
There's hardly a
difference between the two.
You two look like brothers.
Cows and buffaloes in the class.
I have five. - Classroom no.
5 has been allotted to you.
Allotted? - Who are you?
And what do you want?
I am the Headmaster,
and I want the entire school.
Sir, when did you arrive?
- Just now.
And what have you done to the school?
- I'll clean it up, sir.
Teacher...what are you doing in school?
One comes to teach in school,
what else?
'L'...T...T... - Stop bleating
like a goat and say something.
That's because he stammers.
By the time he finishes,
the school will get over.
I'll take a seat first.
Until you don't finish, I'll sit here.
Teacher...where will you...
teach the kids?
On your head.
You took so long to say this.
I came here to teach, what else?
So I will teach them here, in school.
But teacher,
there's Chamefi, Santa, Rana...
Kato, Bindo, Bantam...
Are they your daughters?
- Not daughters... mother.
Mother cow. - Cows?
We paid him for it...we
didn't illegally barge in here.
This is the limit.
Will we have to keep
our cattle at home now?
Didn't we have enough
garbage at our place already?
Let's go...
- Come on.
So you're the king of this school.
I used tojust sit here, sir.
And these people thought
I am the headmaster here.
I can make that out
from your appearance.
Sir, can I ask you something?
Where will you stay?
- The government quaners, where else.
'Raja...you're in big trouble now.'
Hey, Raja. Where are you?
Is this the government
quarters or the hen house?
Teacher, I'll clean
this place up in a minute.
Raja bhaiyya,
with sweetmeat in his mouth.
The headmaster hit me.
Headmaster hit me.
Please quiet.
What is all this?
What have you all done to yourselves?
Go...and clean yourselves.
No, teacher.
- Shut up.
Go and clean up.
Now tell me your names.
Sir, greadnath.
My name is Khotta Sikka.
- Khotta Sikka?
Khota's my name while
Sikka's my surname.
And your father's name?
Chotta Si kka.
Haldu ramji.
Lallu Ram.
J ugaad Chaudhary.
Oh my, a girl amongst these boys.
I go where these boys go.
We call her 'Pehelwan' (Wrestler).
She might be a girl...
...but she does everything a boy can do.
And you?
- Raja Bhaiyya... Pardon me.
Tell me one thing.
Who sent you all here?
This bloody peon, he sent us here.
Sprinkle some water.
Pardon me, teacher...
I will never do such
a thing ever again.
Okay, promise me.
- Okay.
But friends, there's one thing.
We've seen many teachers in life,
but none like him.
He's feeding us milk.
Right...and with turmeric.
Okay-okay...will you
answer my questions? - Yes.
What is the system of this village?
There are garbage
and filth all around.
And I've heard that...
We've inherited this
filth and garbage.
And the fights...
It all began because of the telephone.
And since the mobile arrived...
...things got out of control.
His son keeps calling
my daughter every day.
Your daughter...keeps giving
missed calls to my son every day.
What about that?
Wait...you fools.
Since this phone arrived...
everything has been
happening ' right'!
What? What?
I mean everyone's been fighting.
Continue... bravo.
Tell me...what do the
villagers do all day?
They do nothing...
Except for making
the riverbed dirtier.
Tell me...
Didn't anyone try to clear
the dirty waterbed in the village?
Yes...they did.
Tarednath did.
I've never seen such lazy protesters.
You guys got beaten up really badly.
But...I've taken your revenge.
I threw the first stone...
...and also the last stone.
He threw the stones at them.
Why do you loot and plunder?
- Money, what else?
Stop this charade.
everyone just hits and scolds us.
No one loves us.
Just yesterday, my family beat
me up when my grandma passed away.
Jugaad, look after your grandma.
I'll go call my brother...
...and then, together we'll
take her to the crematorium.
They don't even let me die in peace.
What do you guys want to be?
Teacher, I want to be a businessman.
He's a bloody thug. Thug.
I want to be famous.
We want to do something Headmaster.
I want to be a farmer.
I'll quietly marry whichever
fool my parents tell me to marry.
I don't know.
Do you want to see
your village reformed?
Then first you must reform yourself.
Tomorrow morning, all of you...
...must touch your elder's feet,
and take their blessings.
Teacher, you can sentence
us to life imprisonment.
But we cannot tolerate this.
Touching their feet...
...is like touching a life wire.
If you want to reform,
then you must do it.
And yes...from tomorrow,
all the children must come to school.
That's your responsibility.
My friends...in a dilemma!
Bhura darling.
Father, turn around.
I want to tell you something.
- Tell me.
Tell me.
You stupid fool...
Do you want to kill me?
Wait, I'll show you.
Stop you bloody.
Just stop.
Bloody drama-queens.
You bloody witch, look behind.
Look behind.
Khottay, your...
Your mother saved me.
And your father too.
You're bleeding.
Mother was right...l should've
turned around and looked.
Oh, my...it's terrible.
Khottay's mother saw Taret's
father without any clothes.
Khottay's mother saw Taret's
father without any clothes.
I think they are having an affair.
Listen, come here.
Khottay's mother saw Taret's
father without any clothes.
But they were caught
red-handed philandering.
Oh, no...terrible.
Do you know?
Khottay's mother is having
an affair with Taret's father.
And not just that...
...they were caught
red-handed philandering.
Khottay's mothermbut that's me.
Curse you. . Jake that.
Oh, God...such a punishment
for speaking the truth.
But teacher, this isn't right.
- Okay...
Poor Khottay's mother got
humiliated all over the village.
And the other women spread rumors...
...that she's having an
affair with Taret's father.
What happened to you?
I've two pieces of evidence, teacher.
One on my phone and
the other on my cheeks.
Okay, you must do it again tomorrow
Khottay, your mother's gone for.
Headmaster, I am not coming
back to school tomorrow
No-no... no
- We won't.
Don't mind.
We'll get thrashed
here...and also back home.
We can't tolerate all that beatings.
It's a no.
Let's go...everyone.
we prefer the police station instead.
Good bye.
I see...l know what to do.
Feeling revolutionary.
30 rupees. 30 rupees.
Come, come...come and get some.
Bananas 40 rupees for a dozen.
Apples, 120 rupees a kilo.
Eat sir, eat some more.
Eat it... they are from Kashmir.
Take these too.
Here you go, sir.
You've to pay 736 rupees.
So...give me only 730 rupees.
Since you bought all my goods...
...I am sparing you 6 rupees. Okay?
Kalu Pehalwan never pays anyone.
He only takes.
But I've got to pay, sir.
You see, I've two young daughters.
Who will feed them?
And also pay rent to the contractor,
who I work for.
You know what,
send one of your daughter's.
This way...you can pay the contractor...
...and buy food for your other daughter.
Mind your language...sir.
Don't mock my poverty.
You must face the Lord too.
- The Lord, huh...
The Lord...
That settles the scores.
Now...pay me only 600 rupees.
I will pay the contractor.
Is this your father's cart, stupid?
You've been devouring
his fruits, stupid.
Now pay up, stupid.
- I won't.
You won't give me...
I know where's the money.
Will you pay up,
or should I beat you up, stupid?
Take whatever he owes you,
and give the rest back to this stupid.
Forgive me.
Forgive me, brother.
Forgive me. I won't do it again.
Go, buddy, I forgive you stupid.
You're an amazing guy.
Brother, you're an amazing guy.
You really made that
guy bite the dust.
I must admit...
I've become your fan.
Teacher, you're really amazing.
But where are you from?
What is your name?
I am visiting my aunt.
And my name is Sghaint Singh Siddhu.
Brother, can I ask you a question?
Where did you learn these moves?
I learned this from my
teachermShakti Singh Shishodhiya.
Huh...Shakti Singh Shishodhiya.
That grouch is our headmaster.
Since the time he got here...
...he's made our life hell.
- Exactly...
He gives us such difficult task.
I've completed all his tasks.
And whenever he gives you a task...
...I'll teach you how to do it.
- Yes.
I am floored!
Why are you carrying
those two gourds?
By the way,
whose son is Sukantsu?
What's the matter?
Do you want to make
him your son-in-law?
No matter what you say.
But Sukantsu is an amazing guy.
He made the strong
guy eat dirt yesterday.
You're right.
Stop asking about Sukantsu.
Look there, Rondhu is tying
the buffaloes tails together.
He's already troubled the villagers are lot.
Catch him.
Boys, come here...
That boy's at it again.
Come on...go catch him.
Catch him. Catch him.
Bloody rascal,
we'll teach you a lesson today.
No more Rondhu,
and no more Rondhu's wailing.
Catch him.
He must be here.
Catch him. Get him.
Don't spare that rascal.
Teacher, save me.
Save me...
Teacher, please don't interfere.
He's caused us lots of trouble.
We won't spare him today.
What's the point of thrashing him?
In fact, he should be rewarded...
"because he duped so many people.
What has he done to get rewarded?
He hasn't made us proud.
- He can make you all proud.
As a swimmer.
I will train him.
You saved him today,
but we won't spare him next time.
We won't.
Let's go.
We won't spare him.
Jump back in the pond.
I must teach you how to swim.
Jump in.
Hands like this... this...
Cut the water.
Cut the water.
I want to do something as well.
What do you want to do?
Teacher, it was my
parentsmwho named me Bateri.
I was the only girl
after four brothers.
With the name Bateri.
Have you ever heard any
boy with the name Batera? - No.
My parents passed away.
The sisters-in-law had complete
control over my brothers.
I am compelled to live
with my lunatic brother.
I have no one.
And I decided...it's a sin to be a girl.
I will live like
a boy and die like one.
Then...l will coach
you along with the boys.
With zest...and sharp mind...
"...we carry the entire country along."
With zest...and sharp mind...
"...we carry the entire country along."
With zest...and sharp mind...
"...we carry the entire country along."
"With pride...and head held high..."
"...all our efforts
will be for the country."
With zest...and sharp mind...
"...we carry the entire country along."
With zest...and sharp mind...
"...we carry the entire country along."
"No matter...what we do..."
"...we will make our country proud."
"No matter...what we do..."
"...we will make our country proud."
"We'll be brave..."
"We'll be like arrows."
"We'll be brave..."
"We'll be like arrows."
"And pierce the target."
With zest...and sharp mind...
"...we carry the entire country along."
With zest...and sharp mind...
"...we carry the entire country along."
"We will fight..."
"We will win..."
"We will win the
gold for our country."
"We will fight..."
"We will win..."
"We will win the
gold for our country."
"Our country's pride and honor..."
"...and it's reputation."
"Our country's pride and honor..."
"...and it's reputation..."
"We'll add to its glory."
With zest...and sharp mind...
"...we carry the entire country along."
With zest...and sharp mind...
"...we carry the entire country along."
"With pride...and head held high..."
"...all our efforts
will be for the country."
With zest...and sharp mind...
"...we carry the entire country along."
With zest...and sharp mind...
"...we carry the entire country along."
Listen to me, buddy.
Tell me.
You know...pigeons are so lucky.
They can fly anywhere.
I wish I was a pigeon as well.
Buddy...have you ever flapped
your arms like a pigeon?
Then do it,
brother, and someday you will fly too.
Really? - Really.
I am going to fly.
I am going to fly.
I am going to fly.
I am going to fly.
God makes so many mistakes. - How?
Look at these creepers,
they are so small.
And the pumpkin's so big.
Now, look at this tree.
And the berries are so small.
God is an embodiment of mistakes.
You're absolutely right.
- It's right.
The pumpkin should
be growing on this tree...
...and the berries on these creepers.
You' re absolutely right.
God is absolutely right.
You're so unpredictable,
always changing sides.
Listen to me.
A berry just fell on my nose. - So?
What if it had been a pumpkin instead?
Then it would've crushed your nose.
Sorry, God. Sorry. Continue...
Man-made rainbow.
Class, stand.
- Jai Hind.
Jai Hind.
first we must stop the villagers...
...from defecating out in the open.
Listen one, listen all...
The tender for the village's
land will be out today.
- Yes, teacher.
The village head takes
our lands on lease every year.
Why don't you do farm yourselves?
What do we do?
We stand to gain nothing from farming.
This time...you must
do farming yourselves.
Go and tell your respective father...
...that this time we'll
do farming ourselves.
If your father doesn't agree...
...then touch his feet
and take his blessings.
I, your village-head,
Dhartipahad Singh Kana.
And the smartest of the lot.
Don't forget about the things
your village head did for you.
Whenever you wanted,
for the sake of your love...
...your village head
kept getting pregnant here.
Whether it was a day or not,
come rain or storm...
...but your village head,
for the sake of your betterment...
...kept getting pregnant here.
I mean... present here.
And listen...this time,
I am taking your lands on lease again.
And for 5000 rupees per acre...
...which was just 3000
per acre last year.
Do you all agree?
- Not at all...
This time we won't give
you our lands on the lease.
You swine...we're getting
5000 for a barren land.
Why don't you quietly
give him the land?
Just listen to me,
fathermplease listen.
Listen village head, from today...
...we're going to plow our own fields.
And yes,
we'll take the profits as well.
This village head is plundering us.
Hey, we won't give
you our lands this time.
What are you trying to indicate?
I wish you would touch my feet...
...like the rest of the boys here.
Get lost...
Do you know, it's been a month
since you last washed your feet.
I won't take your lands on the lease.
But if you want me to take your lands,
then I have a condition.
Condition? - And the condition
is that I want everyone's lands...
...or else, I'll not take anyone's land.
My village head feeling
humiliated again.
I will fly.
'What do you think? We were happy?'
'This is what happened
when we went home.'
I see, that's why you used to touch my feet.
...so that you can provoke us at the council's
meeting and agree to your terms.
Leave me mother.
Today I will not spare you
Teacher, wait.
What happened?
That thing you did with us...
...let me tell you something about it
What happened?
Headmaster, we told the villagers everything.
And you're laughing at us.
No son, in order to gain something,
you must lose something.
Teacher, we don't want to disappear
from this world in the process.
No, son. One day you
will definitely be famous.
Feeling proud...for future.
What happened after that?
After that...we got our next task.
- What was the task?
We had to stop the villagers...
...from plowing the
fields for one month.
Madam, turn to the next page.
Father, you will have to
turn your son into a dead body...
...before you can plow this field.
Come on...
I said to drive the tractor.
Father, I'll give you another chance.
Think about it.
Do you love your
fields more or your son?
What are you doing?
- Father, I was just checking the air.
Air... I'll teach you.
Stop you fool, what are you doing?
You did the right thing, children.
what are you teaching these kids?
They were already so mischievous...
...and now you've turned
them into loafers.
Teacher, this isn't right.
I have only one son,
and you've spoilt him as well.
What have you done?
You spoiled them.
They were already spoiled.
In fact, I am reforming
them through education.
See that...he's blaming us instead.
They keep doing mischief all day.
They don't let us plow the field.
- They are right.
If you leave the land for a while...
it's nutritional value increases.
And when we sow the seeds
according to the weather...
...then, we'll have abundant crops.
Teacher, we know better than that.
Mr. Chaudhary, all your life
you used your farming techniques.
Why don't you try their
method for one season?
They have made a big plan.
But they cannot put it into
action until you don't support them.
I see...
- You don't believe them.
Then come in the school,
I'll explain you.
Come on, let's go take a look.
There's a huge treasure
in your village...
...which can change your lives.
Where's the treasure?
- In the dirty riverbed.
Teacher, are we going
to get that treasure today?
I meant...the treasure
is around your village.
Your entire village
is filled with treasure...
...you just need those
assessing eyes to see it.
Teacher...what treasure did you find?
The dirty riverbed or the cow-dung.
You' re absolutely right.
This is the model of your village.
And that's the dirty riverbed...
...which flows out of the city,
and comes to your village.
And all of you defecate
out in the open.
There's no electricity in the village.
Because you don't raise
your voice against it.
If you want...then you turn
this village into paradise.
How is that, teacher?
If you listen to me, then pretty soon...
...your village will
have its own electricity.
And with electricity, your
village will progress pretty quickly.
Not just that,
you can even sell that electricity.
You'll have concrete homes...
Concrete roads... hospitals.
A big school, English school.
And your very own market.
And you can also decide
the rate of your crops.
But I need the cooperation
of the entire village for this.
We're ready, teacher.
There are 604 buffaloes
in your village.
And 434 cows.
Not just that, 403 goats and sheep.
And 163 bulls.
So if we add up all these cattle...
...then, we get 372 quintals
of dung every day.
Oh my, so much dung.
What do we do with
so much dung? Eat it?
Don't eat it, let it ferment.
The 20 acres of land,
near the dirty riverbed.
We'll build a biogas plant on it.
First of all,
we'll build a toilet in every house.
And we'll connect the
sewerage to the dirty riverbed.
And we'll connect that
sewerage to the biogas plant.
With the dung and sewerage...
...we'll get around
5715 kilos of biogas.
Then we'll get electricity
from that biogas.
Everyone will get cooking gas.
And the wastage from the biogas...
...can be used as
fertilizer in the fields.
And when we put that
waste in the fields...
...then, we'll have abundant crops.
That's not all, it also saves water.
The saved water gets treated.
And when we use it in our fields...
...it will multiply
our crops by many folds.
The village's total land is 1478 acres...
...3 canals and 8 rivers.
And until now you've been growing
rice, wheat, cotton, etcetera.
But it's time to change our crops now.
From tomorrow we'll
sow herbs and spices...
...which has a very high
demand in the markets.
You will get high rates.
And our village will be
the first village in the country...
...to be self-reliant.
But in order to complete
this dream project...
...we'll need lots of money.
We'll take a loan from the bank...
...against all the lands in the village,
and pay it back gradually.
Teacher, do you think we're crazy.
We won't do that.
Your job is to teach,
so stick to that.
Stop giving advice.
Wait. . .wait. . . stay there.
Here, teacher. The papers to my land.
I will put my thumb-impression
wherever you want.
Bravo, father.
Chaudhary sir...
- Wait, teacher.
You fools, you don't even
remember the names of your children.
And this teacher even knows...
...the number of cattle in this
village and how much dung we get.
A man that can go this deep...
...can only think about my betterment.
You trust that stupid village head...
...so, let's trust this
honest teacher for a change.
We must trust the
teacher...for a better future.
What more can I want...
...other than that, my children
will have a comfortable future.
Let's go...and get our papers as well.
Isn't he the same Sucantsu...
who fleated that strongman.
- I mean defeat.
Hello, village head.
- Hello.
Sukantsu, how are you doing?
Village head,
I am here to give you a news.
In your ears... stupid.
What is the 'fuse' Sukantsu?
I mean...what's the 'news'?
There's a big treasure...
...in the dirty riverbed,
that flows near your village.
I even heard that headmaster
say the same thing.
Village head, that headmaster
has come here for the treasure.
What if he...gets to the treasure first?
Why don't we...get
to the treasure first?
Sukantsumhow potty
- What?
I mean...how is it possible?
What are you saying, village head?
You have so many boys.
You can get the treasure in a cinch.
So Sukantsu,
will you come along too? - No...
If I come along,
then the headmaster will find out...
...that I am on your side.
But, keep my share ready.
I'll collect it later from you.
Very nice.
Find it... go inside.
What are you doing?
Village head, what's the matter?
Jarda, shut your mouth.
I see...the treasure which
the headmaster told us about.
The headmaster fooled them again.
What? Stupid?
Lallu, I am going to talk
to everyone while singing.
"Why do you eat dung?"
"Why do you chew tobacco?"
"Speak softly...or someone might hear."
"Someone might hear you."
"Don't open your tap in the open..."
"...and go pee in the right place."
"When will your dream girl arrive?"
"It'll be nightfall when it arrives."
"Heave ho..."
"Heave ho..."
"Heave ho..."
"Is it here... stupid?"
Keep it here.
Who do they think they are?
Hey headmaster, come out.
Your time is up.
Pack your bags immediately,
and get lost.
Go away... now!
An illiterate Jatt...is
as good as a literate one.
And a literate Jatt...
is as good as God.
And if the Jatt is
a headmaster... - Then?
Like the village head's father!
Headmaster, stop.
I am going. Goodbye.
'And the very next morning,
we set out with the headmaster...'
'...to plow the village fields.
'The teacher...started
plowing the fields.'
Come on... pick up.
Plough harder... come on.
What's wrong with you now?
Come on...
Here it comes.
Drive faster.
Let me see the mirror.
Sit properly, or you will fall.
'The teacher even made useless
kids like us work in the fields.'
Like this... well done.
Go on.
- Amazing.
'And in the end...the crops sprouted.'
This is amazing, teacher.
Headmaster, this is amazing.
Without fertilizer,
and without pesticide.
And the best of all...
Saffron in Haryana. This is amazing.
These herb crops...com pletely
changed the face of our village.
For the first time...the old
farming techniques were put away.
Teacher...l hope we fetch
a good price for it.
If man shows courage,
God aides him too.
We have all worked hard.
And God won't disappoint us.
We will be rewarded for it.
Yes, teacher.
can I take a selfie with this miracle?
Of course.
Come on.
Feeling proud.
"I will fly."
"I will fly."
"I will fly."
What is this?
- Herbs and spices, sir.
Do you want me to bang my head on it?
This market is for food grains,
not fodder.
Take it back.
Let's go...
Let's go to the fodder market.
Greeting sir.
What is this?
Even the cattle aren't eating it.
Then who's going to eat this?
You eat it, like the way you grew it.
Get lost...
stop wasting my day.
That bloody master has ruined us.
Mother cow rejecting herbs.
So who ate those herbs?
No one ate it.
But yes...the villagers
were on all time high.
You fool,
by the time you finish speaking...
...it will be harvesting season again.
Headmaster, come out.
Headmaster, where are the dreams...
...that you showed
these naive villagers?
This time...you made us grow dry hay.
Neither man or animal
are prepared to eat it.
I've been telling you...
...that this headmaster is 'broad'.
I mean, he's a fraud.
But you guys think, that...
...the village head is like a donkey,
that keeps braying.
Now let me tell you what happens next.
If you don't pay this installment...
...then the interest will keep growing.
When the interest keeps piling up,
you won't be able to repay your debts.
And if you fail to repay your debts...
...then, you'll lose this land
which you treat as your mother!
We're ruined.
This headmaster has ruined us!
Headmaster down-down!
Headmaster down-down!
Teacher, I thought that
by letting my children study...
...they have become successful.
Even a widow like me.
I used my entire savings,
jewelry and even borrowed money...
...and gave it to you.
And you...you betrayed us!
This widow curses you!
You will never dwell in peace.
Teacher...are you satisfied
now after ruining the entire village?
WhY are you quiet?
You don't have anything
to say, do you.
Standing there like a statue.
Let's go back to our homes, everyone.
Come on, let's go.
Walk faster... let's go.
Keep walking. Keep walking.
Bloody illiterates...come here.
What's left to say now?
You fools...who told you...
...to go sell the crops at the market?
Should we sell these
herbs from mouse-to-mouse?
Mouse to mouse.
I mean. . . house-to-house.
Buy some herbs.
2 for five rupees.
2 for five rupees.
First, tell me...who brought
this drama queen here?
Or did all of you follow him here?
Village head feeling humiliated again.
You don't have to take
the crops to the market.
The market will come
to you...to buy these crops.
Teacher, you're fooling this village.
Will the market swoop
down from the sky...
...to buy our crops?
Look who's here.
Hello, I am Jack Richards.
- Okay, welcome.
SSS, I am Fletcher.
- Okay.
I am Christina.
- Okay, welcome. Come.
Mr. Chaudhary, how much do you earn
from your one acre of land in a year.
If the harvest turns out to be good...
...we make around 15-20
thousand in a year.
But this time,
you've made 1.5-2.0 lacs per acre.
And these people are
here to buy your crops.
Will you sell your crops to them?
Teacher, forgive me!
I was wrong.
Teacher, bless you...
We let this village head provoke us.
Now, we'll do exactly as you say.
Glory to...
- Headmaster!
Glory to...
- Headmaster!
Glory to...
- Headmaster!
Lady, turn to the next page.
This wall...is from here to there.
Teacher, I've brought
workers from the station.
250 men work under him.
I had a word, they won't
leave until the work's not done.
I've sealed the deal.
Chaudhary sir, why do need workers.
Teacher, the gas plant...
It's such a huge village.
If everyone...works in shifts...
...then it won't take
long to build the gas plant.
What are you saying, teacher?
You've only seen the
village from outside.
You haven't been inside.
Let's go take a look.
- Come.
Now teacher, watch.
Wh...wh...where do I hit?
On the front...
- W...w...why?
You fool...the iron...
is cold again.
Teacher, this neighborhood
is filled with stammerers.
If they have to answer
the engineer's question...
...it will be nightfall
before they can do so.
This place is filled
with such hidden gems.
We have much more such
hidden gems, teacher.
Let me show you. - Come.
Chaudhary sir, what's back there?
It's the neighborhood of drug addicts.
They don't even open their
eyes...without taking drugs.
And you want to make them work.
I mean, even if some
engineer agrees to come here...
...he will commit suicide.
Now that I've taken the responsibility
of reforming the village...
...I'll reform them as well.
- I see...
What neighborhood is this, Mr.
This is a very dangerous neighborhood,
teacher. - What?
Yes, it's a very
dangerous neighborhood.
Hello, Basante...
- I will never agree.
I will plow my field
and sow seeds as well.
You can do anything you want.
What's wrong with him?
There's nothing wrong with him.
It's his ears.
This neighborhood is filled
with deaf people. - Huh?
Hey. . . come here.
What happened, sir?
Does this road lead to Sudhpur?
What... no, sir.
My in-laws gave me this ox, as dowry.
I don't know whether
they are stolen or not.
How dare you joke with the police?
No, honestly...
I am being honest...
Bloody witch, your father
gave me stolen ox in dowry.
Go ahead hit me,
but it's entirely your mother's fault.
She delayed the food.
Go away...and take
this stolen ox as well.
I'll show her.
Witch! I won't spare her today.
Old hag.
She has made my life hell.
I will show her today.
Look at her sitting there.
I was late today because of you...
...and your son beat me up.
I was cleaning the wheat.
I will pull her hair, rascal.
I had cleaned all the grains, but your
daughter-in-law ruined everything.
This is the best your husband can do.
Go find someone else
who can do better.
Hey...why aren't they awake yet?
This neighborhood is filled
with lazy and useless people.
Get up you fool!
You stupid...
Get up.
Get up.
Is it done?
- Yes.
When do we get electricity here?
We get electricity only for 5 minutes.
At 10 'clock.
So we can check whether our
bulbs are still working or not.
We need to give these sleepyheads...
...electric current for only 5 minutes.
You've been giving me
electric shocks all day long.
Why is your signal going up and down?
Is it 10 o'clock.
There will be electricity soon.
It's 10:10...
Brother, these lazybones are so lucky.
There's no electricity today.
Come on, let's go eat something.
- Yes.
Aunty, you can buy your stuff later.
Please cool some milk for all of us.
it's your first time to my shop.
You must eat something.
Mother, don't stir the milk too much...
...or you will make it child.
- You fool, what are you saying.
Aunty will have kids at this age.
Die, you dog. Think before you speak.
First, you said that I have
an affair with Taret's father.
Oh, God. Kill me.
What did I say wrong?
Yesterday the teacher
taught us...child means cold.
You fool, the teacher said chilled.
Oh, my...run!
I won't spare you today.
Stop you dog, I won't spare you today.
You think it's funny,
I won't spare you either.
Die you rascal,
I won't spare you today.
I saw Khottay's mother
ran away with someone.
Khottay's mother and Tarefs father
went inside and locked the door.
Tarefs father took Khottay's
mother inside and locked the door.
Do you know, Tarefs father
took Khottay's mother inside?
They were holding hands.
They got married and settled down.
This is terrible.
How dare you...
They hit me again,
I was only speaking the truth.
You fools, do you know...
...a headless ghost lives here.
- Huh...
They teach a good lesson
to all the addicts first.
And if someone still doesn't learn...
...then, they devour him.
You don't believe me.
- No!
If you open that gate...suddenly.
And if shoes fall over your head,
then will you believe it?
We will.
Then open it.
Come on, we have a
'Kabbaddi' match tomorrow
Go get them... bravo.
His leg...get his leg.
Oh, no...they are going to malign us.
Bravo... bravo...
Oh, no...another one down.
You... get lost.
Do something.
Come on...
Pull your stomach in...
Leave me...leave me...
Come on, come on.
Let him go.
Let him go.
Curse you...
They defeated us...
For the last 20 years,
this Tatiyakar village...
...has never defeated my boys.
Look at them...look at our boys.
If anyone can defeat any of my boys...
...then, this turban is his.
Isn't there a man in Tatiyakar.
Do you only s or eat as well?
Bateri, I am going...
...but, I don't think these
arrogant people will let me play.
So be ready.
What do you want to say, SSS?
- Not say, I want to show them...
...that the men of Tatiyakar
couldn't shatter their pride.
But this woman will definitely do it.
You will...
Your coach is Shakti Singh Shishodiya.
You definitely can.
Is someone coming or not?
Coach, I don't think this
boy is from Tatiyakar village.
Take a good look and tell me.
No-no...he's not from Tatiyakar village.
I see...then you can't play.
Wait...I'll send someone
from this village.
From this village. Doesn't matter.
Call him, we'll deal with him.
The people of Tatiyakar
accept your challenge.
And coming up next...sorry,
coming to face your challenge...
Bate ra.
So that's the man
from Tatiyakar village.
Four of my boys are
enough to deal with her.
Come on.
See everyone.
If you make a girl capable...
...then, they can exceed boys as well.
Will you make your girls self-reliant?
She saved the honor of our village.
- Yes, she did.
She did.
- It was fun.
Doesn't matter,
let it continue up and down.
Teacher...l won this, thanks
to all the favors you did to me.
Call it your student's
love...or blessings.
It depends on you.
You have many other talents, dear.
Everyone says that sons
make their parents proud.
But I believe...that daughter
are given good values, good education...
...then she can make
even her country proud.
Like you did.
Keep progressing...
touch the sky, dear.
Hello, teacher...
- Hello.
Teacher, we all want
to help you in your efforts.
You see...l feel bored sitting at home.
We thought there's such a big
project being built in our village...
...so, we must help our teacher.
Yes, you can all work here.
But will you do it wholeheartedly?
- Of course, teacher.
Just tell us what to do.
Instead of defecating out in the open...
...build toilets in your home.
Do not defecate in the open.
And join the sewerage
pipes with the dirty riverbed.
But teacher,
we're used to going out in the open.
Chaudhary sir, you just gave us
your word...and now you're turning back.
Teacher, I was just joking.
Of course, we will comply.
You must finish this work in 1-2 days.
After that,
we'll completely cover the riverbed.
It's a curse to the
entire village's beauty.
It also stinks.
And Taret will explain
you the rest of the plan.
What do I do...to drive
this man out of here.
Simple. - Rascal,
you think it's simple.
But only his name gives me piles.
I mean...it makes me mad.
- I seemmad.
Who does the land belong to?
- The council.
And the village head...
- Is me.
Did they take your permission?
Wonderful Zarda, wonderful.
What a suggestion.
Here you go,
this packet of tobacco, sift.
I mean gift.
Come you fools,
we must take possession.
Teacher, we understand your plan.
And we'll start work from today.
Good bye.
Hey, stop everything.
Stop this work right now.
Stop now.
I am the village's head.
And you cannot continue
this work without my pant mission.
I meant...without my permission.
Headman, this involves
the progress of our village.
It's in the interest
of the entire village.
We'll make you regret
if you interfere.
Chaudhary, just because you
made some money selling your crops...
...your attitude has completely changed.
Headman, mind your manners.
- Mind my manners, huh?
Okay, I will.
Respected Chaudhary sir.
The work you're doing
on this land is illegal.
Please stop this work and
vacate this land as soon as possible.
Thank you.
We won't vacate this
land...or stop work.
You must stop this work.
Break everything.
You will have to pay
for this slap, teacher.
Yes, you will.
I'll call the VDO right away.
This is your thumb impression.
- This isn't my thumb impression.
I never put my thumb impression on it.
Did I do this?
This headmaster is lying. - Fine, then
put your thumb impression on this now.
We'll find out whose
thumb impression this is.
Fine, I'll do it.
You guys put your impression too.
Yes, go on...put your impression.
And we'll separate
silk from the water.
I mean...milk from the water.
Check. . . check it out.
Yes. . . check it.
Take a look.
This isn't your thumb
impression. - Yes...
I was... - Wait.
But this is your thumb impression,
which you just put on this.
This is everyone's thumb impression.
Master Jaat has many
tricks up his sleeves...
...and also clap with one hand.
this wasn't the right thing to do.
It wasn't.
You cheated me.
Headman. Headman.
This headmaster made you once again.
- Made me what?
Fool...and, in front of everyone.
Headmaster, I will deal with you.
I will deal with you.
What can he do?
Get lost.
'Okay headman,
Gulabo will deal with you.'
There's one thing, guys.
That pervert village head...
...has fallen head
over heels for Gulabo.
But one he thinks is a beautiful girl...
...is actually Sukantsu.
Hey...first of all...let's
teach him a good lesson...
...which he will never forget.
And before that rascal finds
out that we've made a fake ID...
...why don't we make
the end of his story.
Go on.
Gulabo writes...l find
you very beautiful.
What else has Gulabo written?
She writes...l love your stone eye.
Write to her...l can pluck
my other eye out for you...
...and put in a stone eye.
N o.
- Why?
Let's call the village head
to the fields in the morning.
It'll be easier to thrash him.
Gulabds message.
Meet me at the well
in sugarcane fields, at 5 am
What else has she written?
She writes...come along,
don't bring the mustache guy along.
I hate his mustache.
You fool, shave off your mustache.
I mean cut it off.
My Gulabo doesn't like your mustache.
I am coming, Gulabo.
At 5 am.
My...my knife...
I mean my wife...
I'll make you my wife's mistress.
Gulabds veil.
What a muscle...
I mean fragrance.
Here I come, Gulabo.
I can die for you.
I mean after eating Sugarcane.
Well, he's done for.
Now let's all go home.
No...there's still one thing left to do.
Gossip aunt,
the fourth pillar of the village.
Jarda...you always made sweet tea.
Why did you put salt today?
Friends, aunty...
Do you know...the village head is dead.
What are you saying?
- Yes...l saw his dead body.
Gulabo killed the village head.
Oh, my...Gulabo you
killed the village head.
Curse you, Gumbo.
Curse you, Gumbo.
Curse you, Gumbo.
Listen...it's terrible
that the village head is dead.
But the people at
the back were saying...
...that the village head was bad,
he was evil, useless.
It's good riddance.
Beat him...
Chaudhary sir, I apologize.
My son made a mistake.
If next time someone dies
at the village-head's home...
...then I'll come and mourn alone.
Curse you, Gumbo'.!
Curse you, Gumbo'.!
Curse you, Gumbo'.!
I will not spare them.
Curse you, Gumbo'.!
Curse you, Gumbo'.!
Ghost! Ghost!
Curse you, Gumbo'.!
He's from the Kala Kaccha Gang.
He's taking Gulabds name.
He must be his lover.
He killed the village head.
Before getting drenched
in the colors of Holi...
...let's first color
the entire village.
Listen one, listen all.
Without water,
humans will cease to exist.
If we keep wasting water...
...then pretty soon, there
will be a third world war for water.
- Huh!
What are you doing?
- I am going to fly.
Do have any clue about
the amount of water...
...wasted in India
on the festival of Holi?
How much?
Calculate it yourself,
based on the population of India.
Wow...you told how vast India is.
But do you know the number
of liquor factories in India...
...and how much water
they waste to make liquor.
Let it be.
Tell me...how much water is wasted...
...in all the leather factories
in India to wash the animal skin.
You never raised
a voice against them.
Madammcelebrating Holi
only encourages brotherhood.
Feeling of equality,
and we all live as one.
And listen...we must
celebrate Holi tomorrow
And we're going to
celebrate it very grandly.
"My water gun of Holi..."
"My water gun of Holi..."
"My water gun of Holi..."
"My water gun of Holi..."
"My water gun of
Holimcolors everyone."
"My water gun of
love...colors everyone."
"The color then..."
"The color then... makes
everyone intoxicated."
"My water gun of
Holimcolors everyone."
"My water gun of
love...colors everyone."
"O, beloved...the spring has arrived."
"O, beloved...the spring has arrived."
"Let the colors fly in the air..."
"...get drenched in the
colors and enjoy the sight."
"Let the colors fly in the air..."
"...get drenched in the
colors and enjoy the sight."
"My water gun of
Holimcolors everyone."
"My water gun of
love...colors everyone."
"The color then..."
"The color then... makes
everyone intoxicated."
"My water gun of
Holimcolors everyone."
"My water gun of
love...colors everyone."
"My water gun of Holi..."
"My water gun of Holi..."
"O beloved...let's play Holi."
"O beloved...let's play Holi."
"Let's have a blast."
"Take everyone for a spin."
"Let's laugh and play."
"Let's have a blast."
"Take everyone for a spin."
"Make everyone happy."
"My water gun of
Holimcolors everyone."
"My water gun of
love...colors everyone."
"Let the colors fly in the air..."
"Let the colors fly in the air..."
"...get drenched in the
colors and enjoy the sight."
"My water gun of
Holimcolors everyone."
"My water gun of
love...colors everyone."
Sher Singh still
defecates out in the open.
Let's teach him a lesson.
Sher Singh, what happened?
I am wondering whether
I pooped or not?
Sher Singh, you did poop...
- I did.
But a headless ghost lives here.
He devoured your shit.
And if you keep shitting
out in the open...
...then he will devour you too.
Will you ever shit
out in the open again?
Never...l will never
shit out in the open again.
Feeling happy-happy.
Put once.
Push it.
Put that in...
Look, they are laying
the underground wires.
How many days will it take to get ready?
Now all this depends on them.
Those who are laying the wires.
It'll be amazing.
The village will progress.
Yes, very nice.
The wires have been laid.
Mr. Sharma, you look worried.
What's wrong?
Don't ask.
Just one pipe has
pushed us to the edge.
It's been three days...
The pipe is zigzag.
And laying a wire across it without
the help of a machine is impossible.
It will take around 7
days for the machine to arrive.
Until then we must stop work.
We'll have to wait for seven days.
You'll keep work closed for
seven days, for such a small job.
Teacher, this is not
as easy as tutoring kids.
Do you think tutoring kids is easy?
When we tutor kids...
...that's when someone becomes
a doctor or an engineer like you.
Oh, is that what you think.
Go ahead, try. Do it yourself.
Come on, try.
Teacher, we'll get humiliated.
Don't lock horns with them.
How can you forget?
An illiterate Jatt...is
as good as a literate one.
And a literate Jatt...is as good as God.
And if the Jatt is
a headmaster... Then?
You keep forgetting.
Like the father of science!
Its just a small pipe.
We'll be right back, Mr. Sharma.
Listen... bring that wire.
Hurry up.
- You did the right thing.
Hurry up...come on.
Did you get the wire?
Bring it here.
He'll cross the wire using a mouse.
Give me that hammer, Mr. Sharma.
It's going.
That's Jattu Engineering...
...and all other engineering
is useless compared to it.
'And this way, the underground wire
was laid across the entire village...'
'...and biogas plant was ready.'
'And we arrived at the
biogas plant with the teacher.'
Children, let's test.
'And this way,
thanks to the biogas plant...'
'...we had electricity and
cooking gas in our village.'
Here you go,
villagers...take care of your plant.
Not ours,
teacher...all this belongs to you.
It's just my name.
No, uncle...this is not in your name.
This is registered in the names of
Taret, Jugaad and Khota and other boys.
you turned our useless boys into gems.
No-no-no...l only fulfilled
my duty as a teacher.
Teacher, you accomplished
what no one could even think of.
You turned this filthy
village into a beautiful place.
Now we have our own
cooking gas and electricity.
And you can sell the extra electricity
and cooking gas in the city...
...and use the profits
to maintain the biogas plant.
And if there are abundant
cooking gas and electricity left...
...then you can share whatever
profits you get from it.
So...you've fixed a livelihood
for the entire village, teacher.
Glory to the headmaster!
Glory to the headmaster!
Do you know...today
is Rondhu's competition.
Let's go.
Yes, let's go.
- Let's go.
You're all welcome to the...
...8th Asian games swimming
competition in India...
'I've been selected
for the Asian Games.'
'Great son, bravo.'
'I am proud of you.'
'And always keep this pride intact.'
And representing India is Rulduram.
Can Rulduram get the gold medal...
...for India for swimming?
This is going to be interesting to watch.
We're waiting for the whitle.
As soon as the whistle is sounded,
everyone's try to win the title..
India's eyes are on
Ruduram who's moving forward.
Can Rulduram win?
Come on.
He's far behind in the competition.
I think India's dreams will get shattered.
Move your feet. . .fast.
Bravo, son.
Or maybe India will create history.
China is constantly in the lead.
Japan is following right behind him.
He isn't going to win.
Well, at least he participated.
Rulduram is still behind.
Rulduram is still struggling.
China...Japan are
constantly in the lead.
He'll come first...but from behind.
I think so too.
India is slipping from 5th
to 6th to 7th position.
Teacher, your student
will swim as fast as a cheetah.
Son, this battle
isn't fought on ground...
...it's fought in the water.
And you should swim like a shark,
who's the king of the water...
...and learn to sniff
your target like him.
Rulduram has been constantly
breaking India's hopes.
If India wants to do something...
If they want to perform a miracle,
then Rulduram must do something.
Rulduram is still lagging behind.
India's hopes are shattering.
The audience are
also losing interest.
The audience were showing a zest...
...that Rulduram can
not achieve this feat.
That's one round complete.
The competition is heading towards
the last round of the competition.
Can India win the gold medal?
I see vague chances of that happening.
But what's this, Rulduram is slowly...
Come on. Come on, Rhondu.
India's chances of winning the
gold medal seems alive again.
Rulduram is pacing ahead
of all his contesteants.
Heading towards the finishing line.
Tough competition between India,
China and Japan.
He's coming ahead...he's coming.
All three countries are heading
towards the finishing like.
And touching the finishing line...
...at position number one is...
First, second or third?
Don't know...only time will tell.
Rulduram from India.
And the new Asian
Record Winner is Rhondu.
Yes, Rhondu. You've done it.
Third is China...
...and second is Japan.
And this one...to India.
Rhondu won a gold
medal in the Asian Games...
...and you guys are sulking.
What happened? What's wrong?
Teacher, we have another
friend...who we didn't tell you about.
I think he left without telling us.
Yes...l didn't even ask
him where his aunt lived.
How will I find him now?
What was his name?
- Sukantsu Siddhu.
Sukantsu Siddhu?
- Yes...
Actually, teacher,
we would've left you long ago.
But it was Sukantsu,
who sent us back to you.
Teacher, even Sukantsu Singh is
responsible for what we are today.
I am really scared, teacher.
I hope Sukantsu is alright.
I see...you're talking
about that Sukantsu.
He's my old student.
I'll call him right away.
Come out Sukantsu.
He isn't coming.
I'll send him out.
Sukantsu, we were so worried.
Since you left, nothing seemed right.
I was always here,
but you couldn't recognize me.
Teacher...you did so much
for useless guys like us.
No...you're my fondest children.
And you changed so much.
Stop. Stop. Stop.
Listen carefully.
The CM's coming over to
our village day after tomorrow
And he's got two agendas.
First, he'll honor Rhondu.
And second,
he'll inaugurate the biogas plant.
Now I would like to request the
teacher to inaugurate the Bio-Gas Plant.
Where's the headmaster?
I haven't seen the
headmaster since morning.
Go take a look, and see where he is.
- I'll send someone.
I would like to request the
respected CM to say a few words.
Ladies and Gentlemen, and the elders.
I am extremely happy to see that...
the first village to have...
...its own electricity
and cooking gas is in my state.
Concrete houses and concrete roads.
The headmaster is not in his room.
And we have English
medium school also.
Where is the teacher?
And not just that,
this is the only village in the world...
...that produces their own
cooking gas and electricity...
...and sells to the city.
But this is not the only
achievement of this village.
This village has become
the hub of herbs and spices.
The farmers here are flourishing.
A talented boy from this village...
...has accomplished a
feat which no one could.
This is Rhondu Ram's achievement.
Yes, Rhondu Ram didn't
just secure first place...
...for swimming in the
Asian Games for India.
But he also broke the
20-year-old Asian record.
Now I would like to request
Rhondu Ram to come on stage...
...and accept 5 lacs and honor from
the recognition from the government.
Where is my coach?
Where is the headmaster?
Where is my coach?
Please, come.
Sir, CM sir...l want
to make an announcement.
Headmaster sir,
wherever you are please come on stage.
Announce it now.
Mr. Headmaster, wherever you are,
please hear my voice and come on stage!
Come immediately.
Take this recognition, son.
Your headmaster will come later.
- No, I cannot accept this without him.
Headmaster sir, please come on stage.
Who is the headmaster here?
Call him.
Sir, I've been wondering
the same thing...
...who is the headmaster here?
Because we haven't sent any
headmaster here for many years.
And whoever did,
he quit his job and ran away.
So which headmaster
are they talking about?
Sir, I am talking about my
headmaster Shakti Singh Shishodhiya.
Yes, son,
even I am talking about your village.
We haven't appointed any headmaster
here for the last three years.
You didn't appoint anyone.
Then this gas plant,
the hub for herbs, this Rhondu...
...who made all this?
Was the headmaster a ghost...
...who appeared from thin
air and then disappeared.
He was a ghost...
...who always fleated me.
I mean defeated me.
He made a fool out of me.
What is all this mess?
Did you find out?
Hello, the villagers
are absolutely right.
A man who has developed many
villages in the last 13 years...
...and we've never found him.
Headmaster sir will
never come back! - No.
Then go away!
Go away...all those who are responsible
for the teacher's disappearance.
I don't want any cheque.
I don't want any award.
Go away!
Go away!
Go away from here!
I don't want it.
I don't want it.
Why doesn't he show himself?
Don't know, we've been trying
to find answers to the same questions.
'Wow, headmaster...'
'...with this model,
you will be famous.'
'I don't want to be famous,
son...l want you to be famous.'
'Why, teacher?'
'Once you become famous, the
world doesn't let you live in peace.'
'They don't let you do anything.'
'You have more criticizers
than supporters.'
'One more thing.'
'I've sent a file to
change this village's name.'
'Teacher, what name did you suggest?'
'MSG..Maha Sunder Gaon
(Very beautiful Village)'
The teacher will...never come back.
They are right, Rhondu.
No, we don't have a picture.
We've made many sketches
according to people's memory...
...but they never match with each other.
Lallu may have his picture.
What a story, through pictures.
We can make a photo album with this.
It's a hit... what a nice
and natural photography.
But which one is the headmaster?
What are you doing?
I am taking a selfie.
No...not at all.
You don't know how
to take a good picture.
Give that to me.
Although we have everything today.
But we don't have our headmaster.
Guys...if someone can take us to him...
...we're prepared to
reward him handsomely.
And...teacher, if you...
If you're hearing us,
then please come back.
Please come...and meet us secretly.
Nothing feels right without you.
Shall I tell you...where he is?