Jawan (2023) Movie Script

- Ma!
- Juju!
- Ma!
- Juju!
O Lord!
Disaster has struck our village!
Save us, O Lord!
Save us from this calamity, my Lord.
If You really exist,
You must save us.
You must show us that
You are not a mere idol.
My Lord!
- A messiah!
- A messiah!
Who am I?
When I grow up, I will find out
who you are.
This is my promise.
- Baby?
- No.
Shall we start the show?
Let the musical instruments come.
Here you go!
I'm in.
Isn't it getting late for her exams?
- What's wrong?
- Looks like an accident.
My exam's in 20 minutes.
One ticket for Chakala.
Twenty rupees change, please.
I don't have it.
- But...
- Next!
- Your first metro ride?
- Yeah.
Two for Chakala.
- But...
- Come.
Good to go, Chief.
Captain Abhijeet!
What's going on?
Our greetings to the metro!
- What happened?
- Look at this, sir.
Captain Abhijeet. Captain Abhijeet!
Your attention, please.
- Metro train no. 00381
- Down!
From Versova to Ghatkopar
has been hijacked.
Don't panic.
I'm a police officer.
- Let her go.
- Put your gun down!
Gun down or she dies.
What are you doing, old man?
Sit down.
Are you deaf?
Don't come forward, please!
Stop right there.
Stop, old man!
Old man?
Me? An old man?
You're the old man!
My dear passengers,
I am your new Captain.
At your service.
But if you try, like this old cop,
to play the hero
God, this cough!
the villain in me will wake up,
and when I become a villain,
no hero stands a chance.
Who do you love the most in this world?
My mother.
So sweet!
How old is your mummy?
Anyone here his mummy's age?
Fifty-five? Fifty-five? Nice.
So many mummys!
Imagine, the lady in the burqa
is your mummy!
Just imagine!
I extend my salaams to you, ladies.
May Allah grant you paradise!
Mr. Anil, if you care about
the lives of these 376 people,
then bring a man from the system
who has the power to negotiate with me.
Someone who is fun to talk to.
A woman has been shot
in the Mumbai metro.
The video of her merciless killing
has gone viral in India.
Force One Chief Narmada Rai
has been appointed to negotiate
with the hijackers.
Hello, Narmada-ji.
What a service!
Ten years and seven hostage negotiations
and you've won every time.
You know a lot about me,
tell me something about
your organization.
Narmada, I work for an organization
that's been made a fool of
again and again.
Does it have a name?
"Indian Citizens."
I mean nothing ever changes, madam.
Nothing changes.
I've given my vote to new people
I live in hope,
but nothing changes.
Not a damn thing.
So let them all go to hell!
I don't need anyone.
I'll do what needs doing.
And this hijack is the beginning.
All right! Calm down.
Tell me what you want.
I want Alia Bhatt!
But she's too young.
- Right?
- Yes.
- Sing me a song.
- What?!
All the shouting has killed my mood.
Go on.
Sing "the uneasy song."
A line or two.
Leaving me uneasy
-Don't go away
-Don't go away
Narmada, you know, this song is
five minutes and fourteen seconds long.
When it's over,
the Agriculture Minister
must be next to you.
I can't get him here in five minutes.
Yeah, he must be busy.
But remember, after the song ends,
with every passing minute,
a hostage will be
Leaving me uneasy
Don't go away
For my sake
Come back to me
Leaving me uneasy
Don't go away
For my sake
Come back to me
Turn it off!
Is this the time to listen to a song?
Sir, we must get there before it ends.
I'm checking the timing.
I'm a Cabinet Minister!
Who asked me to come here?
Was it you?
It was me.
Why did you call me here?
Sir, you can shout at me all you want,
but you can't shout online.
Only 14 seconds to go.
You want me to address
the hijacker as "sir"?
If need be, yes, sir.
Say anything that makes him angry,
and he could shoot someone.
And if that happens,
you may be struggling for votes
at the next elections.
Come back to me
I'm the Agriculture Minister,
Murli Das speaking.
Tell me. What can I do for you?
Drop the formality, Minister.
I want to play a fun quiz with you.
You have the chance to save them,
if your answers are right.
- Agree?
- Well, I'm not a well-read man.
Everything I've learnt,
is thanks to the people.
Don't worry!
The questions concern your department.
Okay, then.
What's your question?
That's it, sir.
Ring a bell?
I'm the Agriculture Minister,
you should talk to the Finance Minister.
Never mind.
In the meantime, play us another song
while I get him.
No, stay where you are!
In the past year, under your watch,
10,281 farmers have committed suicide.
Ten thousand, two hundred, and eighty-one!
What a pity!
You did not save those farmers,
nor can you save the lives
of these 376 hostages.
Sir, please! Give me another chance.
Okay. Done.
Say, a farmer wants to buy a tractor.
And a rich guy wants
to buy a Mercedes.
They ask the bank for a loan.
Who gets the loan
at a lower rate of interest?
Just release all 376 passengers!
The rate of interest for a Mercedes
will be higher
than the rate of interest for a tractor.
Wrong, Minister.
The rate of interest for a tractor is 13%
and for a Mercedes, it's eight percent.
That's the state of this place.
There must be another way
besides quizzing me.
Of course!
You have a pen?
Then get one.
Forty thousand crore,
ninety-seven lakh,
thirteen thousand,
five hundred and sixty-six rupees.
Sir, if you want a few crore rupees,
I'll talk to the boss.
How can we pay
40,000 crore rupees?
Oh, yeah.
An idea. Ask the private sector,
or a businessman.
Sir, we do bail out
businessmen in trouble.
But which businessman
will bail us out in return?
They will, sir.
They will.
You bail out businessmen,
time after time.
Surely, they can do the same for you.
In ten minutes, you'll get a call
from a very big businessman.
Make sure you answer it.
you have to make a call for me.
Will you?
I met Mr. Mukund Menon,
the District Collector,
a few days ago.
What a personality!
The Ayush Copper Factory
was my dream project.
Look, whoever you are
I'll provide jobs to 57,000 people,
1,00,000 will families benefit.
I'll build schools, colleges, hospitals.
This village will turn into a city.
But your husband doesn't get it.
Now I want you out.
He was young,
but had too much attitude.
If I sign,
it'll become the most
dangerous place on earth.
If your factory is built there,
the air and the water
will become poisonous.
Wasn't one Bhopal disaster enough?
My pills.
When I get angry, the doctor advised
I have this blue pill.
Give him the red pill.
And this is for anyone
who makes me angry.
Take it.
In five minutes,
it'll be all over.
No, Mukund.
Dissolve it.
Papa is not having it.
So you have it.
We needed Mr. Menon's signature,
but he refused to sign.
I'd let you go,
but you might file a case against me.
Go on.
Go on!
Know how this pill works?
Let me explain.
You'll feel a thousand needles
pricking every inch of your body.
Your lungs will puff up like balloons.
And your breath
If it works the way it should,
your ears and nose
will start bleeding.
They're bleeding!
You're my daughter now.
Your son is like my son.
Until the day I make him
a District Collector,
he'll be Kalee Gaikwad's responsibility.
- Sir!
- Yeah?
Your daughter called a few times
when you were on stage.
Why didn't you tell me?
What brings you here, Murad?
- Sir wants to talk to you.
- Sir?
Yes, sir?
Kalee's daughter, Alia,
is among the hostages.
Get it, madam?
No harm must come to her.
He's ready to pay.
Forty thousand crore?
Money means nothing to him.
His daughter does.
Sir, paying such a high ransom
sets a bad precedent.
Madam, most things are dependent
on Kalee's favors.
Do what you're told.
Ma'am, you want to know how
to transfer the money?
This is Digital India, Narmada-ji!
I've emailed an account number to you.
In the next 15 minutes,
if the bank confirms receipt,
this train goes to Chakala station.
If not,
then all the schools, malls,
and hospitals in a three-kilometer radius,
and every nearby lane will be
destroyed by the blast.
Then I'll haunt you forever.
Leaving you uneasy
Your time starts
Sir, the authorization.
Transferring, sir.
You're a cheat.
You used me to make my dad pay.
You're all thieves.
- Murderers.
- Right!
We're all thieves!
You know why?
A loan of 40,000 crore rupees
was waived
by the system overnight.
Your father's loan.
And for a measly 40,000,
know what the system did to her father?
Do you know?
Do you?!
Kalki, you'll be late.
Hope you're well prepared
for your exams?
Yes, Father. You'll see.
I'll come first in class.
Give that to me.
Father, post the application today,
and pay the fees tomorrow.
All right.
Hey, Kamble!
Must I come myself to collect
money from you?
Sir, the rains ruined
the harvest this year.
It didn't rain when it was supposed to,
and when it did,
the heavy downpour ruined my crops.
Give me ten days.
- I'll pay you back...
- Hey!
Stay away from me.
I'll come to the bank
and talk to the manager, sir.
Talk to the manager?
What do you think I am?
A lowly clerk?
- A clerk!
- Stop!
- A clerk!
- Mom! Stop!
- Father!
- Don't hit him.
Not in front of my daughter
Don't hit him.
Are you ashamed now?
No! Father!
Don't hit my father.
- Please!
- Sir. Sir!
- Are you ashamed now?
- Sir!
You can't repay the loan,
but that didn't shame you.
That didn't shame you?!
Take his tractor.
No, sir! Not the tractor.
- He wants to talk to the manager!
- We eat thanks to the tractor.
We'll die of hunger.
Pay and take the tractor back.
Let's go.
Quiet! Stop crying.
She has exams.
Don't cry.
It's my fault.
I should've repaid the bank.
For my sake. Smile.
Child, don't worry.
It is Your blessings
O God!
Are you ashamed now?
It's thanks to You the wind blows
- Father!
- You have bestowed many blessings on me
-Show us mercy now
Show us mercy now
Child, don't worry.
By the time you come home today,
I'll make sure all is well.
O God!
When will you repay the loan?
My husband's dead body is lying here.
Have some shame.
You've taken our tractor.
Now what do you want?
The tractor covered the loan.
Who'll pay the interest?
My husband is dead.
Should I sell myself?
And my daughter?
Your husband is dead.
So what use is your wedding necklace?
This is not the story of one Kalki.
From Kashmir to Kanyakumari,
it's the story of farmers.
To repay a small bank loan
of 40,000 rupees,
a poor farmer is forced
to commit suicide.
But that same bank,
managed to waive your father's loan
of 40,000 crore rupees.
Wiped out!
But that 40,000 crore rupees
belongs to this country,
to all these people.
So we're taking the money back.
Yes, Alia.
We're all
big thieves.
When you see your dad, tell him
you met a bigger thief than him.
And tell him
my name.
Captain, amount received.
No applause?
Aw! That was a shame, right?
My lady!
Take a deep breath in.
Breathe out slowly.
Now I deserve applause.
Go, go, go.
Cover both entry and exit.
Snipers ready, ma'am.
Mr. Senior Citizen,
you got what you wanted.
None of your men can escape now.
You'll soon be standing
in front of me,
then you can sing a song for me.
Sure, I will.
- Hold your fire!
- Copy, ma'am.
They're hostages. Get them all out.
Keep them in a safe area
till I get back.
Yes, ma'am.
Leaving me uneasy Don't go away
shall I sing you another song?
I know lots of songs.
Ma'am, they used the remotely
operated weaponized system.
But no one was hit.
Hi-tech distraction!
Shridhar, where are the hostages?
We must check them all.
Their families barged in.
Now we can't tell who is who.
There's chaos here.
We had to let them all go.
Aarav, did you freeze
the hijacker's account?
We tried, ma'am.
The money from that account
was transferred to several other accounts.
So? Freeze them all.
We can't, ma'am.
- What do you mean you can't...
- It's not just a few accounts.
The money has been transferred
to 7,00,000 accounts.
Who are these 7,00,000 people?
Did you also get a text message?
Someone has paid back our loan in full!
- Amma.
- What?
Our loan has been repaid.
See for yourself!
My debt has been cleared.
- Who did it?
- God!
The loans of 7,00,000 farmers
have been repaid by one man.
The police have no information about him.
But everyone wants to know
who is this Robin Hood?
Do you have anything to say?
- Brother-in-law, I
- Narmada.
If money was their only motive,
they could've kidnapped your daughter
and asked for a ransom.
Why this big show?
They wanted to make a clear statement.
A very loud statement.
- She's the one putting on a show.
- Manish!
My instinct says
that the hijacker isn't as old
as he appears.
We have just one clue. Those six girls.
We don't know where they are,
or who they are.
I don't believe the game is over.
They'll strike again.
Maybe twice as hard.
This is just the beginning.
We have a lot to do!
Good to go, girls?
- Ready, Chief!
- Ready, Chief!
Go on.
They're gonna come back stronger,
but trust me, sir, I will get them.
I trust you.
Next time I don't want to see them
on the news,
- but in jail.
- Sir.
Go, go.
Go, go, go!
Janvi, stop!
Why work so hard?
It's okay, brother-in-law.
You okay?
Papa, the hijacker has sent you a message.
My name
is Vikram Rathore.
Vikram Rathore.
I've made many documentaries
about jails,
but I've never seen or heard
of a jail like this one.
This jail has received
the United Nations Public Service
Award this year.
Let's welcome
the man who has transformed this prison.
Yes! The one and only
Warden Azad.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Actually, this jail is 150 years old.
It was a Maharaja's fort once.
The British turned it into a jail.
I've been working here
for the past 12 years.
I know every inch of this prison,
even better than my own home.
I regard every woman inmate here
as a sister or a mother.
I believe serving time
is not a punishment.
But an opportunity to repent
and to serve society.
The women here make prosthetic limbs
for handicapped children.
They've made one lakh uniforms
for government schools.
They run a modest radio station too.
Locked inside these four walls,
every moment
is spent improving the lives
of people on the outside.
In the past eight years,
not a single woman released from this jail
has chosen to return to a life
of crime.
You have given us such a great award,
we'd like to thank you.
But in our own style.
Good to go, girls?
- Good to go, Chief!
- Good to go, Chief!
My heart is dancing
My heart is dancing
Let's dance
Be bold when you dance
Shake the ground beneath your feet
Dust clouds will float up
The sky will bow to the beat
A man must be feisty Ever strong
Keep thoughts alive
Be a man among men!
A man must be feisty Ever strong
Keep thoughts alive
Be a man among men!
Full of hope Burning heartbeat
Heart and soul as pure as the Ganges
Heart and soul as pure as the Ganges
Dancing bells ring out
Smoke rises beneath your feet
Keep dancing!
Keep moving!
Dancing bells ring out
There's no one to match me
We make the world go round
Rhythm in our every step
Spreading love is our talent
Why get tired?
Don't just look on
Why be shy?
Be a man among men!
Be feisty, be strong
Keep thoughts alive
Be a man among men!
Come alive Heed the heart
Be a man among men!
Be a man among men!
Dancing bells ring out
Smoke rises beneath your feet
Keep dancing!
Keep moving!
Dancing bells ring out
Kaveri, this is your fifth try
this year at matchmaking.
So I'll meet another girl today.
Say hi, say bye a minute later,
and then I'm gone.
Do what you always do,
I'll handle the rest.
Let's go.
The girl didn't show up?
This is the girl.
The girl's daughter.
She couldn't come,
so she sent her daughter.
If you two are done,
can our discussion begin?
We'll be spending our lives together,
so it's him and me
who must understand each other.
What's your name?
And you're looking for a husband
for your mummy?
I'm looking for a Papa.
And what can a Papa do that a Mummy can't?
Lots of things.
- Like?
- Like
I'm weak at math.
That's why my teacher whacks me.
So you need a Papa to teach you math?
I need a Papa to whack my teacher.
To whack your teacher?
- What else?
- I love horror movies.
But they scare me.
If I could hold Papa's hand tightly,
I could watch the whole movie.
And I'd like to ride on Papa's motorbike,
full speed.
Mummy has taught me everything.
But she's a bit strict.
I want a Papa who'll spoil me.
Are you getting me, buddy?
You've gone all senti!
May I ask you something?
Go on.
Is your hair this color?
Or is it dyed?
A hundred percent original!
Okay, sometimes I dye it.
I see. Do you exercise?
Push-ups on two fingers.
Show me!
- Yeah?
- Will you look after my mummy?
Of course.
- Now stop. Save your number for me.
- Thank you.
You can give me a missed call.
Why? I'll call when I want to talk to you.
Shall we take a selfie?
- For Mummy's approval.
- Okay.
- Pout.
- Pout?
Irani, anything?
No, ma'am.
Nothing solid.
There were so many people in that metro.
And no one knows anything?
They're all his fans, ma'am.
There's no point questioning them.
What about the cop?
No idea where he disappeared, ma'am.
He didn't report back.
- Hey, buddy!
- Where are you, buddy?
- I'm in jail.
- Me too.
In jail?
Holy Cross Convent.
- Listen in one subject
- You failed?
- No! I passed in one subject.
- Just one?
The principal is torturing me.
She wants to meet my parents.
Anyways, I've already given you
Papa's role,
so can you play the part from tomorrow.
Saturday, two o'clock. Don't be late.
- Suji.
- Mama!
- Do you know who I am?
- Yes.
- Narmada. Head of Force One.
- No.
I'm the warden at Belamvada
Women's Jail, madam sir.
What are you doing?
- Put your hand down.
- Yeah.
- Mama, it's him.
- Who?
The man you were looking for
to marry.
Suji, this is not cool.
But he's so cool.
I I'm very hot.
Don't mess it up, buddy!
Suji, come here.
Thank you, Narmada-ji.
I did my masters in Boston.
I was in a relationship.
One day I found out I was pregnant.
He said he'd only talk to his parents
if I had an abortion.
Instead of getting married,
I chose Suji.
As a mother, I wanted to give
Suji everything.
But a father
isn't just a relationship.
He must be trusted totally, you know?
He must make you believe
that even if the world turned against you,
he'd fight for you.
When Suji looks at you,
I see that trust in her eyes.
I broke my relationship
because of Suji.
If I have another relationship,
it'll be because of her too.
Never break her trust in you.
whatever you decide,
think about it carefully.
I'm just like Suji.
I never knew my father.
I haven't experienced the trust
you're talking about.
My mother died when I was a child.
That's why Kaveri-ji raised me.
You've told me so much about you and Suji,
I'd like to tell you something
about my life.
Like what?
What work I do.
Why I do it.
How I do it. And
- Everything
- Papa, Daddy, Pops.
I was wondering,
if Mama accepts you,
what should I call you?
Mama, you like him?
And you?
Love makes a heart
Love breaks a heart
Erase me or embrace me
I have chosen you
Dyed in your myriad of colors
I belong to you now
Love cannot be measured or hidden
I've left the world for you
I'm coming to you when I hear you call
Lost in you
The world is lost to me
I'm coming to you when I hear you call
Lost in you
The world is lost to me
I've left the world for you
We're one now
I am all yours
Lost in you
I've left the world for you
We're one now
I am all yours
Lost in you
Love makes a heart
Love breaks a heart
Make me laugh or cry
I have chosen you
The world says love's a lie
But it's a lie
That I whole-heartedly accept
I see the Lord's grace in you
I'm proud to call you mine
I'm coming to you when I hear you call
Lost in you
The world is lost to me
I'm coming to you when I hear you call
Lost in you
The world is lost to me
You're a lovely dream
A dream that knows no bounds
I'm in love with your words
Elegant as an Urdu book
You're a lovely dream
A dream that knows no bounds
I'm in love with your words
Elegant as an Urdu book
I've left the world for you
-Love makes the heart
-We're one now
-Love breaks the heart
-I'm all yours
Lost in you
Brothers and sisters,
from the day I was appointed
the Health Minister,
I made sure all the government
hospitals are world-class.
We now have modern beds!
The latest medical equipment!
All thanks to me!
World-class operating theaters!
The hospitals are fully equipped.
If someone shot me right now,
no need for a private hospital.
The government hospital nearby
can easily save me.
If you don't believe,
aim straight at my heart.
Shoot me!
Move! Clear the road.
Get an ambulance!
Why do you need two ambulances?
We'll be there in ten minutes.
Tell the doctors to get
the operating theater ready.
Go, go, go. Go fast!
Where's the Minister?
1 KM
Where are we going?
Who are you? What's going on?
Sister, where are you taking the Minister?
To a world-class hospital.
Like the ones he was praising to the sky.
He was lying!
- What is this?
- Wheelchair.
Come on! Hurry!
Hurry! He's hurt!
You call this dump a hospital?!
Was this hit by a Tsunami?!
- Hey...
- Move!
- But the operation...
- Move!
- The Minister's been shot...
- Stay here.
What's wrong with you?
Get a few more doctors for the operation!
He's already been shot!
What's the point of this security now?!
The Minister's been kidnapped.
Kidnapped the Minister?
The Minister?
I'm glad you understood.
Zip your mouth
or I'll put a bullet in it.
Who are you?
Let's roll.
- I'm set.
- Good to go, Chief.
Namaskaar. Aadab. Sat Sri Akaal.
I am Vikram Rathore.
We've kidnapped the Health Minister
in broad daylight!
Can a government hospital
save the Minister's life,
or not?
Let's start the show!
The Health Minister's condition
is critical.
To save his life,
we must operate at once.
But we don't have
the right equipment.
Ask me what you want.
I'll talk to the system. Ask!
A general surgeon, no,
a cardio-surgeon is better.
A senior anesthetist,
theater staff,
ventilator support, masks, gloves.
We need everything.
And some cotton wool.
Is the board that says "hospital"
all you have?
- Ma'am!
- Ma'am!
Hello, Narmada-ji.
I've missed you.
How much this time?
I just want the truth
and nothing but the truth.
I don't get it.
Three years to the day,
in this very hospital,
the truth was replaced by false claims.
Mr. K George is the current
Health Secretary.
He used to head this hospital.
Tell him to admit the truth on TV.
And if he sugar-coats it,
then start threading a flower garland
for your dying Minister.
- Sir will talk to you.
- Sir?
George, tell them the truth.
If I do, I'll lose my job.
- If you don't, you'll lose your life.
- It's not just me.
Many are involved,
including the Health Minister.
He's my brother-in-law.
I'll look after him.
Tell them the truth.
Okay, sir.
The hospital hijacking
has taken a new turn.
The Health Secretary has called
a press conference.
I am K George, the Health Secretary.
Three years ago, on 27th February,
sixty children were admitted
into this hospital with encephalitis.
Doctor, this is the last cylinder.
That's right. Good.
Our stock of oxygen cylinders
will soon be over.
- Tell the Dean now.
- Doctor, one minute.
- Yes?
- Sir, they said the cylinders
would arrive this evening,
but nothing has come.
It's an emergency, sir.
Sixty children's lives are at stake.
There are many formalities
in these matters.
Let them be completed,
then you'll get the cylinders.
If you don't take immediate action,
I'll complain to your superiors.
I'll take it to the Health Minister.
Health Minister?
From cotton wool to cardiology equipment,
all hospital supplies are only sanctioned
when the Health Minister,
the Director of Medical Services,
the Purchase Department,
the Tender Committee,
and Deans like me
have our commission percentage fixed.
Without that, even a small phenyl bottle
does not enter a hospital.
Go, see the top man!
He enjoys the biggest commission.
Go as high as you want.
Come, hurry!
Calm down. Now pay attention.
These are Ambu bags.
They are used when there are
no oxygen cylinders.
Cover the children's mouths,
press down in rhythm.
If we don't use these bags
till we get the cylinders,
the children may die.
Come on, hurry!
Guru, please take charge.
- I'll get the cylinders now.
- I'm on it.
Every breath is a gamble
Innocents robbed of their lives
By greed
God's sky has split apart
Fly away, little birds
-This world is unworthy of you
Fly away, little birds
Your swing burns like a funeral pyre
Your protectors sentence you to death
God's sky is split apart
Fly away, little birds
The pediatrician on duty,
Dr. Eeram, was high on drugs.
Her blood test has proved it.
She was high on drugs.
Due to Dr. Eeram's negligence
57 children died.
It was not because of a shortage
of oxygen.
Hence the court gives a double life
sentence to Dr. Eeram.
It also advises the Medical Council
to suspend her medical license
for two years with immediate effect.
I didn't cause their death.
This Dr. Eeram
is a terrible stain on our medical system.
The true responsibility
for the death of the children
lies with me and the hospital management
and not with Dr. Eeram.
There! Put that pillow on his face!
And choke him to death.
I won't tell a soul. I promise.
Whenever this happens
in some department,
it's covered up as a scam
and hidden away.
But when this happens
in the medical world,
it isn't called a scam,
it's called
What do you want from me?
I've emailed you a list
of 234 government hospitals.
- Done.
- Yes, ma'am.
Make sure they have
their supplies in five hours.
They must lack nothing.
There isn't time to get it done.
The Minister had ten years to do it.
I'm giving you five extra hours.
So today, time is life,
or death.
Tick-tock tick-tock.
Our healthcare has been neglected
Vikram Rathore
has given five hours to fix this system.
We've waited years for our
healthcare to improve.
Vikram Rathore has given the system
five hours to fix things.
We can see that it can be done.
A job that takes ten years
can be done in five hours.
Now there's only one name
on everyone's lips.
Vikram Rathore!
We're witnessing
that five hours are enough
to do what can usually take
ten to twenty years.
The only thing required is
the intent of the system.
Your demands have been met.
Hospitals will not lack supplies now.
Or in the future.
That's good! Another request for you.
What do you want now?
After pulling off such a big scam,
I can hardly call for an Uber.
Isn't a chopper more fitting?
What do you say?
Girls, watch your six!
Where is he?
Where is he?
Good to go, Chief!
Down! Down!
Let's go, Chief. Let's go.
Ma'am, I have the DNA
results from his hair.
They don't belong to one man.
They belong to many people
of different age groups.
- So he wears a wig?
- Yes, ma'am.
Call the best forensic artist
in the department.
Use Vikram Rathore's image
as reference and make sketches
of him at 25, 35, 45.
I want to see him at different ages.
Yes, ma'am.
- See you tomorrow.
- Tomorrow's your wedding, ma'am.
Yes. If there's anything important,
don't hesitate to contact me.
- Is that an order, ma'am?
- Yes, it is.
Why were those people here?
Why did you call them here?
The elections are in two months.
Even if you pay them,
they'll do as they please.
They won't listen to us
because they hold the power.
We need that power in our hands.
You're joining a political party?
Guru-ji, that's it for today.
There was once a king like you.
He lost battle after battle.
So he roamed about hungry
and thirsty,
full of rage.
One day an old lady gave him rice
and hot dal.
He dipped his fingers into the bowl
with the hot dal.
He burnt his fingers.
The old woman told him,
"Eat slowly from the bowl's edge,
then you'll enjoy it."
A few days later the king
won back his kingdom.
Look after things
till I return from Russia,
Keep a cool head.
When the time is right,
we'll fix them all.
My sweet brother!
Lord Krishna, come to me
Come to me
Leafing through the beautiful pages
Of a Tamil dictionary
I came across the beautiful name
It's time for you to come close to me
I will welcome you home
With a lovely rangoli
I will watch you
As you swing in the cradle
When your lips break into a smile
That smile is enough for me
Krishna is around us
Looking so innocent
Krishna, come into the courtyard softly
Come into the courtyard softly, Krishna
What are you thinking?
Narmada, I want to tell you something.
I've thought about it,
even tried to tell you.
Why the suspense?
Just tell me what it is.
I was thinking as we were alone
for the first time,
you'd say something romantic
to impress me.
But you're so serious.
Always so serious?
Answer it.
I'll be right back.
Janvi, I've told you
to never call me from jail!
Why are you angry, Chief?
You're on the most important
mission of your life,
so you might need our technical support!
Ma'am, I've been trying
to contact you.
I've sent you the photos on WhatsApp.
Please check.
Be careful.
- I'm going to tell Narmada everything.
- What's wrong?
No, no, Chief.
I've decided to tell her every...
Chief! Chief!
- Narmada, I was about to tell you.
- Chief?
Suji did nothing to harm you.
Why deceive her?
I never wanted to deceive you, or her.
One more step and I will shoot you.
Suji is my daughter too.
Suji is not negotiable.
- Let's go!
- Open the cell!
Go, go.
You've got it wrong.
Listen to me.
- Helana, did you find the location?
- On it.
- How much further?
- One kilometer.
How clever!
He demands a ransom,
we pay through her.
He runs with the money,
this madam pretends to chase him.
Hit her!
Let her go!
Leave her alone!
She knows nothing.
Are you upset?
You can't save him.
I'll kill him!
Who are you?!
Vikram Rathore.
You know my name.
Good evening, everyone.
No one would believe
that the world's top industrialists
and businessmen like you
could still have unfulfilled dreams.
But I will fulfill them.
You started your factories
in many countries.
Their governments gave you permission,
but had to shut the factories down.
Because of the protests.
The protesters claimed you caused
environmental damage.
They said an accident at a factory
would kill thousands
and future generations
could not live nearby.
So the protesters successfully
got your factories sealed.
But there's a country where
you'll have no such problem.
India has the best ecosystem
for our project.
You'll get all the raw materials
and cheap labor you need.
We can use as much water
and air as we need.
No one will question us.
Because we'll generate employment
for thousands.
Will your government accept this?
Yes. That's if we get to choose
the government.
How is it possible?
The elections are in two months.
We'll give the voters
10,000 rupees each.
If we get fifty percent of the votes,
the next government is ours.
I am investing 20 percent.
I need support for 80 percent.
I'll give.
Rest of the 80 percent
will be funded by me.
Let's talk.
This is mafia money.
If you mess with them,
they will mess with you in ways
you can't even imagine.
I'm a man of my word.
Let's make a deal.
It's a deal.
- Deal.
- Sir, emergency call.
How many times have I told you?
A businessman must control
his emotions and his anger.
He didn't listen.
What did he want to prove?
My dear boy.
If I set fire to the city to avenge him,
he still won't come back.
Because he was my brother,
I will set the city on fire.
Where is he?
The prime suspect is Azad.
He's the warden of this jail.
Six girls help Azad execute his plans.
They were seen at the crime scene
last night.
- Narmada!
- I clearly remember one of them.
Dr. Eeram.
In exchange for the Minister,
Azad's first demand was that
justice be served to her.
Helana, an ethical hacker.
A hacker helped Azad
to execute both his plans.
Kalki, a farmer's daughter.
What links these girls?
Barrack number three.
There are other convicts
in the barrack as well.
Maybe the three other girls
live in the same barrack.
Let's get them here.
Slap them around, they'll talk.
No matter what you do,
they won't talk.
What do you suggest, ma'am?
If they won't trust me,
who will they trust?
I'm Azad's wife.
Irani, how many men on duty tonight?
Our men have replaced the jail staff.
- No information can be leaked to him.
- Where's Suji?
- Suji.
- Mama!
What are you doing here?
Why are you in prison uniform?
Sorry. I'm on a police operation.
That's why.
Till I get home,
don't talk to anyone.
Whatever happens,
don't trust anyone.
Listen only to Uncle Irani.
Come out of the room only
when he says so.
Where's Papa?
This operation is about finding him.
I'll get him.
Hit me, Irani.
Ma'am I can't.
- Azad! Azad!
- Azad! Azad!
- Azad! Azad!
- Azad! Azad!
- Azad! Azad!
- Azad! Azad!
- Azad! Azad!
- Azad! Azad!
Azad! Azad!
I used to be an honest police officer.
I'm here because of him.
He's not the messiah you think he is!
He's a fraud.
He used me and my ten-year-old daughter.
He's a fraud.
He's a bloody criminal.
You have the a right to be angry.
But before you understand
who Azad is,
you must know
who Vikram Rathore is.
And who Aishwarya is.
Makkan Singh and Bunty Tidda
have started their bout.
Makkan Singh has hurled Bunty Tidda
like a spinning top.
Who dares to challenge this mountain?
One hand is up.
Our Vikram Rathore!
- Come on!
- What are you doing?
This boy's a hero!
Vikram Rathore.
No one has ever beaten
Makkan Singh.
Makkan Singh is out cold!
Now who'll challenge Vikram Rathore?
Whose hand went up?
Step forward.
- You'll lose.
- I lost to you ages ago.
O girl
You're unstoppable
You've cast a spell on my heart
Love's sparklers burst all around me
Since the day I met you
My beauty spreads all around
It wanders down your street
Keep your eyes fixed on me
Rob me of my heart when you please
O girl
You're unstoppable
You've cast a spell on my heart
Love's sparklers burst all around me
Since the day I met you
O stealer of hearts
Don't ignore me
Come closer
Drop your attitude Hold my hand
No one can match you
I'm the queen You are my king
We make an amazing couple
I will love you so deeply
You'll yearn for my love forever
Your eyes bewitch me
How can I think straight?
I may blunder in my excitement
We'll dance to celebrate love
As we wander, you, me You, me
Ten days ago, terrorists
kidnapped 40 truck drivers at the border.
All 40 are Indians.
A team was dispatched
to rescue them.
Of the 32 soldiers
The terrorists
have held six soldiers hostage.
I want those 40 drivers
and our six soldiers
brought home safely.
I can't send the regular team
on this mission,
so I've called in special ops.
It's not just about saving
our people,
it's also to reassure the billion Indians
who trust us.
The terrorists must think
they frighten us.
We'll show them the true meaning of fear.
Am I clear?
Roger that.
- Sir!
- Sir!
The gun isn't firing.
Easy. Sit here.
- You okay?
- Our guns aren't working.
My gun too.
- Mine too.
- What's going on, Captain?
Take their guns. Go, go, go.
- Yes, Captain.
- Mahajan
You'll be okay.
Stay safe.
Sorry, Captain.
We would now
like to present this medal
to the Agni Team and their captain,
Vikram Rathore.
We would now request
Captain Vikram Rathore to say a few words.
Today this medal weighs
so heavy on me.
Because I'm thinking of those
27 soldiers,
those 27 brothers,
who lost their lives in this operation.
We were surrounded by the enemy,
we were armed, but defenseless.
All the MI436 guns
had stopped working.
They died on us.
The same thing happened
to the unit sent there earlier.
According to the initial inquiry,
the guns came from the same company.
That's the reason our brave soldiers
needlessly lost their lives.
I would like to ask the High Command
to carry out a special inquiry
into our weapons supplier.
We must know the truth
so that no soldier can ever
be cheated like this again.
Jai Hind.
Who supplied us the MI436 guns?
Kalee Gaikwad, sir.
Sir, you've been summoned.
Our guns malfunctioned in action.
Many soldiers died as a result.
So the guns failed!
Why didn't they use their fists?
Some soldiers are bound to die, right?
Yes, sir.
- Who is he?
- Vikram Rathore.
- Is he some prince?
- No, a soldier.
A soldier?
Let me see him.
You may leave.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Kalee,
because of your faulty guns,
twenty-seven soldiers have died.
What do you have to say about that?
It's my mistake.
I'm terribly sorry, sir.
Let me explain, sir.
Our company guns come
with a manual that's in the kit box.
It's written in a foreign language.
I know, Your Honor, but not everyone
can read it, or understand it.
Because it's in a foreign language.
To use the guns in action,
at least 30 days training is needed.
It's my fault, sir.
But my company will take care
of everything, Your Honor.
Whatever compensation you ask
for these soldiers
and their families
We will settle, sir.
I can call experts from my company,
at my expense,
to provide training for our soldiers.
To teach them how to use
these new age weapons.
It's a human error, not a machine error.
Right, Mr. Rathore? Deal?
Mr. Kalee, may I give you a demo
of what happened at the border that day?
According to the manual.
Go ahead.
Here, Mr. Kalee.
This is the same gun we used.
We first loaded it.
Then we unlocked the safety lever.
And then we took aim.
What's next, Mr. Kalee?
According to the manual?
Pull the trigger. It will shoot.
Let's see.
- Hey!
- Sir!
Vikram, is this a joke?
It's no joke, sir.
This gun is a joke.
Train as much you want,
these guns won't work.
This is what happened at the border.
We were surrounded by the enemy,
bullets were raining down on us,
we confronted them with these faulty guns.
The lives of 27 soldiers
were lost, Mr. Kalee.
I'm a soldier.
I can give my life not once,
but a thousand times.
But for my country.
Not for your deals,
or for your profits.
That's not why I would risk my life.
And you are right.
It's a human error.
Your your human error.
So, Kalee, no deal.
Keep all contracts
with Kalee Gaikwad's company on hold.
If he's found guilty,
his company will be permanently
Mummy's pet!
One day I'll eat you up
like a hot dog.
Whenever I see you,
it's like the first time.
- Kiss, kiss, kiss.
- First go bathe!
You bathe me today!
What you looking at?
She's my wife! Go!
I love you.
- You should've bathed.
- Later.
I'll check.
Stay here, Aishwarya.
Let them go.
You'll court martial me?
You'll start an inquiry against me?
- A dying fish always flaps about.
- Aishwarya
Just like him.
Take him away.
- Don't underestimate his wife.
- Yes, sir.
So you've come round?
This incriminating evidence
was found in your home.
Your husband used a satellite phone
to pass on sensitive information.
He earned this money
by selling defense secrets.
We have all the proof we need.
Your husband is a traitor.
But you are innocent.
You knew nothing about it.
That's the reason
I've prepared a statement.
Put your lovely signature on it,
then go free.
Or else you see those two cops?
If I step out for a quick tea,
who knows what they'd do to you.
You're sensible. Sign it. Come on.
Answer us!
A Mr. Vikram wants to see you.
Not Vikram.
My name is Kalee.
I studied in a corporation school,
in a small village near Ceekakulam.
I'm the fourth largest
weapon dealer in the world.
That's a big deal.
If anyone threatens my empire
Where's Vikram?
We've crossed the border, sir.
That day
the gun you pointed at me
should've fired.
If it had, I'd be dead.
The damn thing didn't work.
And I got away.
But my honor, my name
and reputation were ruined.
So what should I do now, Rathore?
Here's the magazine.
I've loaded it.
The safety lock has been released.
The gun is ready.
I have my sights on the target.
What should I do, Rathore?
Pull the trigger.
It will shoot.
Bye, Rathore!
Get out of my world!
I killed your husband.
But that hasn't satiated my anger.
That's why I came to see you.
You should know
that hanging
is a very interesting process.
One jerk, one snap.
- Let me explain.
- Sir.
First, they cover the head
with a black hood.
A noose is tied around the neck.
The hangman pulls the lever.
A trapdoor opens under the feet
with a sharp sound.
Your neck is snaps and you
Your eyes will pop out.
Your tongue will hang out of your mouth.
Like this
Try it.
Give my regards to Vikram.
Rest in peace.
She must've had a panic attack.
She didn't faint out of fear.
She's pregnant.
In that case, we can't proceed
with the hanging today.
According to Indian law,
if a convict is pregnant,
she cannot be hung
till the child is five years old.
Postponing the execution
until the child turns five.
You're pregnant.
You blossomed in a prison
You are a flower, a lion
I know
You will chase away the darkness
The one who blossomed in a prison
You are a flower, a lion
I know
You will chase away the darkness
Near ones and strangers
All cherish you in their hearts
All cherish you in their hearts
You are the bright sun
The star of courage
Young Krishna, the world awaits you
Young Krishna, the world is yours
Like the silvery moon
Like the glittering sun
Everyone rejoices
When they lay eyes on you
Near ones and strangers
All cherish you in their hearts
The one who blossomed in a prison
You are a flower, a lion
I know
You will chase away the darkness
If anyone comes in your way
If anyone comes in your way
Ride past them like a storm
Strike like a lightning bolt
Spread like a rain cloud
Young Krishna, you belong to us all
If you ever stumble
Your mother will steady your fall
You are courage itself
Near ones and strangers
All cherish you in their hearts
The one who blossomed in a prison
You are a flower, a lion
I know
You will chase away the darkness
- Azad.
- Ma.
Make me a promise.
Azad, your father is no longer
in this world.
But his strength and courage
will always be with you.
When you grow up,
you must prove to the world
that he was not a traitor,
but a patriot.
Promise me?
There are many mothers in this jail,
innocent like me.
When you grow up, help these women.
Make their lives better.
Will you do that for me?
You won't understand now,
but when you grow up, the warden,
Kaveri Amma,
will explain everything.
Your hand.
Kaveri was the warden back then.
She adopted Azad and educated him.
Then Azad returned to this jail
where Aishwarya once lived.
He was the new warden.
Azad saw his mother in us all.
He helped us like a son.
We six teamed up with Azad.
We did many good deeds.
The world knows about these deeds,
but no one knew we were behind them.
Where's Azad? I must see him.
Azad is in a safe place.
Where am I? Who are you?
When I saw you
you reminded me of the messiah
who lived in our village.
Vikram Rathore.
That's the name I found.
To solve the puzzle,
I contacted the IMA.
I was told about the Agni Regiment.
They said each member had
a tattoo on their wrist,
and that four of the six men
were still alive
I tracked all four.
I told them about
their missing friend.
I told them he was still alive.
Our messiah had lost his memory.
I remembered my promise,
and fulfilled it.
Who are you?
Who am I?
When I grow up, I'll find out
who you are.
I promise.
I was told that you
I could never have imagined
one day you would
Father, all that I've ever done
Everything was
for your sake.
They called you a traitor.
Today, the whole country
considers you a hero.
My dad is a hero.
Why won't he talk?
He understands everything.
But remembers nothing.
Everything sounds like a story to him.
His muscle memory allows
his reflexes work.
Driving, swimming, firing, shooting.
He can do it all except for
remembering his past.
Enough! You sending me
to compete in the Olympics?
They said you're my son.
I get that.
But I have no feelings, you know.
What should a father feel for his son?
I don't know. I'm sorry.
when it comes to your fight,
we'll stand by you like shields.
Like soldiers.
We could even die for you.
We're ready.
always be there for you.
My son.
Okay. You can cry but
don't kiss, please.
Boss, let's go home.
The ceremony's started.
The team will handle this consignment.
No, Murad.
My paymasters will think
I've gone weak because of brother's death.
They won't trust me.
Let's finish the job.
Yes, sir.
Sir, Mr. D.
We've received your money.
The next call you'll get
is from the new system's leader.
IPS madam! Get up.
They've called you for the interrogation.
- Me?
- No.
- Azad! Azad!
- Azad! Azad!
- Azad! Azad!
- Azad! Azad!
Sir, they've called Narmada
for the investigation.
Let's go. What are you waiting for?
- The interrogation room.
- Yes, sir.
I want to tell you a story.
Once upon a time, in a village,
there lived a soldier.
His name was Vikram Rathore.
And his wife's name was Aishwarya.
Story sounds familiar?
Irani, what are you doing?
Look at this.
I overheard everything.
What do you think?
I was working only for you?
I work for Kalee too.
Let me go!
Hello, sir.
Hi, Narmada. Thank you so much.
I knew you could do the job.
Irani, shall we recommend madam
for a bravery medal?
She must be on duty to be martyred, no?
So martyr her.
She deserves a medal.
Sir, what about the others?
Be sure all my brother's wounds
are inflicted on the bodies
of these girls.
Before they die, they must tell you
where Azad is hiding.
What about Suji, sir?
Revenge should be complete.
Irani, don't you dare!
- Hello, sweetie.
- Hi.
- Where are we going?
- To Papa.
All good.
- Let's go.
- Yes, Captain.
It's been an honor working with you.
- Ramaiya Vastavaiya
- What's that?
Ramaiya Vastavaiya
I gave my heart to you
Ramaiya Vastavaiya...
Is she my child too?
Ramaiya Vastavaiya
- Azad! Azad!
- Azad! Azad!
You cannot escape, Azad.
My men have infiltrated this jail.
My men!
Maybe your men are here,
but this jail
belongs to my women.
Collect all their phones.
Sorry, Chief.
Eeram, help me.
I'm in terrible pain, Eeram.
Move. Get back.
Be brave, Lakshmi.
Chhotu, hold your breath.
The poisonous gas from Kalee's factory
wiped out many families.
Mine too.
We can't let her go, Chief.
When we started
- there were six of us.
- Yeah.
Nothing can stop us,
we'll keep going.
Even without Lakshmi.
I'll take Lakshmi's place.
All the money Kalee needs
to back his election candidates
is in these containers.
If they get the money on time,
the election results will be
as Kalee desires.
Then the whole system
will dance to his tune.
So we'll seize the containers. Go on.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Father and I will do the job together.
What about us?
My younger brother
was like a son to me.
Did Irani call?
No, sir.
Tell Father he won't be coming
with us, Helana.
Uncle, Chief has asked you to wait here.
We'll handle it.
If we need you, we'll call.
But we won't be needing you.
Okay, uncle?
Juju, she called you "uncle"!
Shit! No wait! No!
- Eeram, come in.
- Okay, Chief.
Faster, faster.
No, Chief. No, Chief.
Father, what are you...
What the
- All good, my son? You managed well.
- Father
What the...
- Go, we old folk can handle them.
- Father, I won't leave you
Your mission is more important. Go!
Turn right!
Sir, Azad has been caught.
My son.
Your mission is more important.
- Good to go.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Sir.
- What?
The TV news
- Is it live?
- Yes, sir.
You all know me as Vikram Rathore.
Hey, guys!
It's Vikram Rathore again!
He's live!
The Belamvada Women's Jail
is under my control.
The lives of its 6000 inmates
are in my hands.
I'll be back at ten o'clock
to announce my demand.
By then I hope an ace negotiator
is called.
He's been in our custody all night.
How can he show up on TV
at 6:00 a.m.?
Are you a duplicate?
Later. Later.
How can you be in two places?
It was Simba on TV.
This is Mufasa.
What samosa?
The man you saw on TV
is the lion's son.
And he's the lion.
I killed you with my own hands.
Yes, but he wasn't in the mood
to die that day.
Shut up!
Not one or two, I fired five bullets.
He's the same Vikram Rathore.
He's lost his memory.
That's the reason
you're still alive, Kalee.
I get it!
I get it!
Give me my pills.
You're gone.
The red pill.
For you.
Open your mouth.
Stop pretending, Rathore!
Don't you know who I am?
Who am I?
Who am I?
Who am I?
Santa Claus!
Santa Claus! Ho! Ho! Ho!
I have a gift for everybody.
To negotiate with Vikram Rathore,
the authorities have sent
Special Task Officer Madhavan Nayak.
Mr. Nayak's arriving.
Madhavan Nayak?
Or Vikram Rathore?
Who'll be the stronger?
For News Aaj, Sonam reporting
from Belamvada jail.
- Sir, walkie.
- Sir!
- What?
- Nayak sir... Walkie...
Not Nayak, the good citizen
I'm Khalnayak, the villain
- SPT.
- Sir.
Alif, sir.
- Alif?
- Yes, sir.
My wife is a Malayali.
Today is an important day for Malayalis.
I told my wife I'd be home
in time for lunch.
I give you an hour.
How many men do you want?
- At least twenty-five, sir.
- Twenty-five?
Fifteen men will do, sir.
Take a hundred men, a hundred.
Catch that damn old man.
Shoot him in the head.
Okay, sir.
The old man will not be on TV again.
We'll be on TV
with their dead bodies.
Nayak took immediate action
and sent 100 commandos
storming into the jail.
It seems he does not believe
in negotiation, but action.
Hands up!
Hands up!
I told you to call the press.
Let them show their dead bodies.
I'm joining my wife for Onam lunch.
Hands down.
Where are your pants?
Where are the girls?
Call them.
It's not one man and six women,
it's one man and 6000 women, sir.
It's an army!
- Vikram said something else.
- What?
Stay ten feet away from the walls.
He's been the warden for 12 years,
and has planted landmines along
the boundary walls, sir.
He said our men risk
being blown to bits.
He's a good man.
He didn't lie just to scare us.
Pull back.
Brother Vikram, any more demands?
I've emailed you a copy
of an executive order.
I need an Indian citizen's
signature on it.
Sure! I'm an Indian citizen.
Aadhar card, PAN, Voter ID,
I have the lot.
No, no. Not a citizen like you!
The honorable Head of State!
The hijacker is demanding
the Head of State's signature.
This is not a good sign
for our democracy.
What do you think, brother?
Will the government agree?
No way.
But I have something precious,
- so they'll agree.
- Meaning?
You know that thing?
It's broad, longish
Words can't describe it.
I'll send two samples.
Look at them, then show them
to the world on TV.
Sniper! Anyone steps out,
shoot on sight.
- Copy, sir.
- Got it?
Sir, should I?
- Bomb squad!
- Careful, boys.
Now let's try to open it.
What's inside?
Father and I will do the job together.
What about us?
Seize the government trucks.
They contain machines
that determine the fate
of 140 crore Indians.
Let the girls ride at the back.
Okay, sir.
Well? Is it boy or a girl?
- A gun.
- A gun.
There's no money in this truck.
Nothing of any value.
We know.
You have what we want.
What's inside?
Sir, voting machines.
They've taken the voting machines.
If the elections are delayed,
the economy and democracy
will be endangered.
Nine lakh voting machines
have disappeared.
They say 9,00,000 machines!
It must be ten times that.
Why can't they make new voting machines?
By the time new machines are ready
your son will be old enough to vote.
They're demanding we close 53 factories
in exchange for the voting machines.
Forty thousand cases are pending
against these factories.
They've caused the death
of 40 lakh people.
What shall we do?
Refuse his demands.
- Sir, it's terrorism.
- Exactly.
Their acts aren't terrorism,
but ours are.
The surrounding areas have been
badly polluted by these factories.
Accidents and deaths are commonplace.
All rules have been flouted.
If we don't want another disaster
like the Bhopal tragedy,
we must close factories.
You want me to agree to his demands?
Yes, sir. His means are wrong,
but his demands are right.
Whenever anyone is blackmailed,
unreasonable demands are made.
But it's the first time
someone is forcing us
to do the right thing.
It's a wake-up call.
Wait a minute! Wait!
This is the list of people
who'll seal the factories.
The government has closed
many factories around the country.
Kalee, you couldn't save
your 13 factories.
Now how will you open new factories
as per your promise.
Yeah, this is a minor setback.
- I'll bounce back. Don't worry.
- We're not worried.
You need to worry.
'Cause whatever you've heard of me,
it's true, Kalee!
Don't tell him, Vikram.
How do we get inside the jail?
Tell me.
Send the voting machines out.
They're on their way, Mr. Madhavan.
Before that,
I have one final demand.
Another demand?
I address this demand
not to the system,
but straight to the people.
- To you all.
- Sir!
I am not Vikram Rathore.
So who am I? I don't know.
Am I a promise made to my mother?
Or an incomplete intent?
Did I do wrong or right?
Don't know.
My father was branded a traitor.
My aim has always been to clear his name.
I've worn many faces to seek the truth.
Am I good? Or bad?
A blessing?
Or a curse?
Ask yourself.
Because I am
Here's my last and most important demand.
Just one.
I'm talking about your habits.
You have this habit
of questioning everything.
When you buy your groceries,
you question what you buy.
Is this flour pure?
Are there stones in the rice?
Does this soap lather well?
If you buy a motorbike,
you ask about the mileage.
Is the after-sales service good?
Even when you buy a simple pen
you fuss over nothing.
You question each and every thing
all the time!
Except for one thing.
When you chose your government.
Five hours!
You ask so many questions about
a mosquito coil that lasts five hours.
Does it give off too much smoke?
Or smell bad?
Will it kill mosquitoes?
But when you choose a government
for five years,
you ask no questions.
You ask nothing at all.
And that's why
my demand is that you question
your choice.
Don't vote because of your fears,
or what they pay you,
or on the basis of caste,
religion or community.
Question the people
who seek your vote.
Ask what they'll do for us
in the next five years.
What about my children's education?
How will they help me get a job?
If I fall sick, what happens to my family?
How will they advance our country
in the next five years?
before you vote.
The finger that you use to vote,
point it at them and ask questions.
If you did that,
our health system would improve.
To help poor farmers,
you won't need a Vikram Rathore
or an Azad.
Because your vote will be enough.
You have power at your fingertips.
Know who'll gain freedom
if you fulfill my demand?
All of you.
Freedom from poverty.
Freedom from injustice.
Freedom from corruption.
Trust in your finger.
Make use of it.
That's all.
Jai Hind!
What a man!
Mr. Madhavan,
I'm sending you all the
voting machines.
Every ten minutes,
a container will reach you.
And, Mr. Madhavan
- Happy Onam!
- Happy Onam!
Iskra, have you tracked
my father's location?
- Azad.
- Uncle.
Forgive me, Azad.
- Uncle!
- Uncle!
Santa has come for you!
And he has a gift for you.
Girls! Guns down.
You killed my brother.
You killed my brother.
Give it.
Answer me!
Where's my money?
Where is it?
Where's my money?
You take my money and give it away!
What did you think was gonna happen?
Don't you feel any pain?
- And you?
- Yes, it hurts.
Now you'll hurt.
Kalee, no.
Does it hurt?
- It will!
- Father!
Father! Tell me!
Where's my money, Father?
Hey, Kalee!
Talk to me, Father.
Talk to me, Father.
Tell me something.
I know sons who don't know
their fathers.
But a father who doesn't know
his son. How's that possible?
You don't know how I killed
your father, right?
I'll show how.
Just for you.
Once more.
Kalee, no.
Kalee, please! Kalee!
Everything started here.
It's come full circle.
Let's count.
two, three.
Now I get it.
When my company's gun
doesn't work on time
I know how it feels.
It's not working, Kalee!
He's not destined to die at your hands.
Let's see what his destiny is.
Before you touch my son,
deal with his father.
My son.
Now you can kiss me.
My son.
What a scene!
I'm moved!
Shoot them before they sing
an emotional song.
Finish them off.
- Gun, my son.
- Father.
Bahubali, put me down!
Father, what now?
Tackle him for a minute.
- Okay.
- I'll think of an idea.
Your idea?
The process of hanging
is very interesting.
One jerk, one snap.
Tie the noose tightly round the neck.
Your eyes will pop out.
Your tongue will hang out
Don't go crazy in your lust for revenge.
Let's make a deal.
Let's make a deal, Rathore.
Kalee, no!
No deal.
Let's make a deal, Rathore.
Good to go, girls?
Girls, no!
Rathore, let's make a deal.
Girls, wait!
Let's make a deal, Rathore.
Rathore, let's make a...
Don't worry.
Now you'll sleep well.
I love you.
Love you, Vikram.
We backed you all along!
And what the hell did you do?!
How long, Mr. Nayak?!
Answer me!
I'm on it
Yes, coming, coming.
Good to see you, sir.
Your next mission.
Swiss bank.
You go.
The factory guys have received the money.
Enough rest.
We must get back to work.
Work! Come.
All work and no joy
will make Handsome a dull boy.