Jawanum Mullappoovum (2023) Movie Script

'After completing 15 years of service
in the Indian army at the borders,'
'Jawan (Soldier) is returning to
his home town.'
'He has visited his home town
many times before this.'
'But this time, as Jawan returns home
after ending his military service,'
'the Covid pandemic had
changed the whole world.'
'Changes happened in Jawan's native too,
a small village named Pazhamthottam.'
'The ones with online knowledge,
and the ones without it'
'struggled for survival.'
'But, Jawan was unaware
of these changes.'
'Jawan's wife, a school
teacher working hard'
'to shape up a determined
generation in our country.'
'Here begins their story.'
'Govt. Higher Secondary School
Good morning, ma'am.
Please come, sir.
Please sit.
Thank you.
Please ask Jayasree teacher
to come here with that kid.
- The teacher will be here soon, sir.
- Okay.
- Hi.
- Hello.
So, isn't he Jack?
Hello, son.
Please come, sir.
- Alright, ma'am.
- Okay.
Who bought you this phone, Jack dear?
So, you had sent a bad video
to your friends, right?
Where did you get it from?
Answer him, Jack.
I've brought you something you like.
- Here.
- Go ahead, take it.
Jayasree teacher told me that
you like chocolates.
Take it.
Have it.
Tell me now, son.
Where did you get that video from?
From my Papa's phone.
How did you get it from your Papa's phone?
I took it from his phone
without him noticing.
Why did you forward it to
Lachu mol and friends, then?
No point in blaming the kids, teacher.
The issue is with... elders.
As per what he says,
the issue is a bit serious.
We can't be sure how many people
would've received this video.
This could affect
the reputation of our school.
Hey! Don't worry about that, ma'am.
I'll talk to Lachu's father.
And... I'll get Jack's father
to the police station.
The use of mobile phones
is rapidly increasing among kids.
It would be good, if you can give them
a cyber awareness session.
And teacher,
- Jawan took up a new job, huh?
- Yeah.
Giri ettan is reluctant to
sit idle at home.
- That's why.
- It's good.
Okay, ma'am.
- Bye.
- Bye.
His suggestion was good, teacher.
I know someone who conducts
cyber awareness sessions.
- Shall we ask him?
- Okay, ma'am.
What happened?
It's okay.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Didn't I ask you to fix it
in the morning itself?
It was raining heavily, teacher.
When will you fix the internet, uncle?
I gotta watch the Korean band!
It'll be ready soon, dear.
The internet got problems in
several areas, teacher.
Got me scared!
What the hell is this?
Hussain Ikka's mixer grinder is faulty!
I too get scared every night!
Please make it fast.
I have a Google meet to attend.
Babu chetta, please make it fast.
If you want to make it fast,
climb this up.
Hello! How are you?
Are you hungry?
I'll give you food.
Don't fight like little children!
Mom! A cockroach!
Hurry up, mom!
Let the cockroach mind its business.
Kill it, mom!
Oh! As if you're seeing a cockroach
for the first time!
Not just cockroaches,
leeches and centipedes too are
inhabitants of
grandma and grandpa's closed room!
In your dad's words, all these creatures
are, the spirits of our ancestors.
- Mom!
- Yeah?
What is meant by 'ancestors'?
Nothing much.
Have your tea.
The music teacher will be here soon.
No snacks?
Here's your snack.
This is the routine snack!
I don't want it!
[Singing a classical song]
Babu chetta! Jawan is here.
He's not like the teacher.
He'll make a fuss about this.
So, make it fast.
[Song continues]
Both of you need more practice.
But I do practise, master.
No! That's not enough!
- Alright. Bye, then.
- Bye.
See you in the next class.
Hey, Jawan! What's up?
Looks like Jawan is angry!
Check if the internet is working now.
Let me check, James.
Tuna, Herring, Mackerel!
Teacher! Do you want any fish?
To hell with his...
Dad! The internet is back!
So, you won't need any food
anymore, right?
Giri ettaa. The tea is in the flask.
Please have it.
I have a Google meet
related to 'Kerala Day'.
Hello, Shamsu. Tell me.
The router was not working.
I am joining now.
Shamsu, my foot!
Both the mother and daughter
are addicted to the online world!
Dear, go and take a bath.
'As you all know,'
'It was on 1956 November 1,'
'Kerala was formed as a state.'
'Even ages before that,'
'Centuries ago,'
'We had become a society
united by our language,'
'Hearts, and souls'
'If we seek the roots of our language,'
'Long before 1956,'
Sorry, Giri ettaa!
'Yet, we must bow upon
the founders of our nation,'
'who attempted to form the states
based on the language spoken.'
'Located between'
'The western ghats and the ocean,'
'the blissfully scenic area filled with
lush greenery, our Malayalam land.'
'The moment when a baby utters
'Amma' the first time,'
'The moment when the parents fondly
address their children 'Mone', or 'Mole,'
'Ever since those moments of fondness,
we are Malayalees.'
[Google meet continues]
Mom, please give me hair oil.
You must apply oil in the morning only.
Don't wash your hair now.
Come on, mom!
Stop your tantrums, Diya!
Go take a bath!
Let me finish this meeting.
Where are you going, dad?
Aren't you going till this junction only?
Do you need to wear
this pressed shirt for that?
You just play on your computer!
I wear what I like!
I don't need your advice!
Your tummy won't be filled
if you feed up on internet, like mom!
- Go eat something. Okay?
- Okay.
I have told you multiple times,
not to bring jasmine flowers
to this home!
I won't be warning you again!
Mind it!
Jasmine, my foot!
Why does dad despise
jasmine flowers so much?
Please remove the jasmine flowers
from the bride's hair!
Jawan is allergic to jasmine!
[The Soldier and the Jasmine]
As a honour of sponsoring
today's booze party,
I have a special present to
our dear, Jawan Giri.
Yeah! Give it!
Here. Peeled garlic!
Oh! Is this the present?
At home, I have a jarful of this!
Anyway, y'all didn't forget my likings!
Really? Would we ever forget those?
Darling! Isn't your happiness ours too?
Well, I am asking you
because I don't know.
Why is he going for work here,
after toiling hard at the border?
Well, what do I do
by sitting idle at home, all alone?
My kid and wife would go to the school
in the morning itself.
Once they return, they dig into
the computer, online classes and phone.
Turn it off.
In this job,
I can be at the bank and meet people.
That's right.
Better not to get rusted,
sitting home idle.
Babu kutta! Pour the next drink.
- Here, have it!
- My glass! Here!
Take it.
- Here!
- He will give you, too!
- A bit more.
- Such a craver!
Hey, Giri.
Hey, Giri!
You're a gem!
Gem of a person!
The pleasure of
drinking this military quota,
no regular booze can give me that!
- That's right!
- Silence!
Achayan has something to say.
To make this booze party terrific,
let's have a rocking song from Giri!
Yay! That's the right thing!
Hey! Sing!
Stop! Stop! Wait a minute.
- Achayan...
- Yeah?
I can't sing just like that.
- I need to dedicate it to someone.
- Meditate? Where?
Not meditate, junior! Dedicate!
- Oh!
- That means...
To all the respectful drinkers out there,
who responsibly go to
the beverage outlets,
buy booze obediently,
and help our government in turn
and help our government in turn,
who don't disturb our
mothers and sisters,
we dedicate this booze party anthem
to them!
Yay! Awesome!
"Stop there, O lady Let me see you"
"Stop there, O lady Let me see you"
"I shall buy you a blue skirt
Come with me, girl"
"Come with me, girl"
"Tell me, tell me, O girl"
"Tell me what you saw in your dreams"
"Tell me, tell me, O girl"
"Tell me what you saw in your dreams"
"Sip the grape wine, O girl"
"The apple of my eye,
With lips blushed with kisses"
"The apple of my eye"
"Go on, go on, O girl"
"Eyes so alluring like a champa flower"
"Go on, go on, O girl"
"Eyes so alluring like a champa flower"
"The one with wandering eyes
Even while sleeping"
"The one with a bosom as enchanting
As a full moon"
"As enchanting as a full moon"
"Let's go swinging, O girl
I am here to play the tune, O dear"
"Let's go swinging, O girl
I am here to play the tune, O dear"
"Break the ice, O girl"
"Dance vigorously
like 'Tandava', O girl"
"Like 'Tandava', O girl"
What the...
Hey! Hey!
What's it, Giri ettaa?
- Hey, Junior.
- Yes?
Is there any trick...
to access a friend's Whatsapp messages?
That's troublesome, Giri ettaa.
Please get it done somehow!
Zucker bro is a friend of mine.
Let me try talking to him,
as it is for you!
- I see him online all the time.
- Okay?
I want to know what's his business
with another person.
Do this, Giri ettan.
Save the number of that person
on your phone.
I will get the rest done.
And, you'll owe me a treat, then.
Will do that.
So, done.
See you in the evening.
Okay. I'll get it done in the evening.
Keep a quarter of
booze ready for me.
She has no intentions to make tea
for her husband in the morning!
A teacher, it seems!
Yeah! No use to tell her this!
She's all tired from using the phone
till late midnight!
Hey, Jayasree!
Get up and come here once!
Do you really need to apply
this greasy oil every day?
Huh? Of course!
The grease oil of arrow-leaf
is a must in the army camp,
for the soldiers' nerve strength.
As if they've planted
arrow leaf all over India now,
to make grease oil for the soldiers!
Well, this house is so spacious.
Do you really have to do this
in the kitchen itself?
This is my house, my kitchen,
my body, my grease!
I'll do what I please!
To hell with his advise...
Keep it right there! I'll prepare and
serve you curry with that, one day!
When the Jawan's marriage proposal came,
what did you say?
That it was an act by dad's soul
to present this son-in-law?
Jayasree, who made the stern vow that
you will marry only a Jawan,
also being the daughter to
another brave Jawan,
I respect you, on behalf of our nation.
And now? His parents and ancestors
rest comfortably in the living room.
And you?
In this kitchen!
Happy now?
You deserve this, mom!
Suits you!
What's this for?
To boil the rice.
It's not a big deal to cook rice
with tap water!
You gotta use fresh water
fetched from the well!
Oxygen will be present
in that water only!
Always trying shortcuts!
Fetch me some water from the well, then!
Do you realize whom are you talking to?
How dare you talk about kitchen affairs
to a border guard?!
After the pandemic season,
he children's mental health has been
significantly affected.
Especially for the students
who are weak in studies.
To make the weak kids reach
the same level as other kids,
we will have to give them
online tuition as well.
Seems like some trouble.
Don't you yourself get into it!
Ma'am, Jayasree teacher
who has good sportsman spirit,
is the best choice for that.
Right. Jayasree can do it.
Though we have these many
teachers in this school,
we have only one
with sportsman spirit, huh?
Don't you think that it's an achievement
to make others do your work!
Those who turn even the crises into
opportunities become role models in life.
You can do wonders.
For the time being, let Jayasree teacher
handle the online class for weak students.
The Christmas celebration will follow!
We have the cyber awareness class
at 10:30 AM. Okay?
Good morning, all.
Good morning, ma'am.
Dear teachers, parents, and colleagues.
We commence the awareness class
about cyber security.
Actually, I wanted to include
students too in this class.
But, as I wanted the students to receive
this information through their parents,
I arranged this class here, today.
To conduct the class,
I cordially invite
Sajan Peter, the cyber expert.
- Well, good morning.
- Good morning.
Cyber bullying, blackmailing,
and stalking.
Mobile phones and
binary calculating systems,
which mean, these computers.
When these devices become
parts of our lives,
these words become familiar to all of us.
I am at the bank
You made your 5th cheque bounced
Was that you, Jawan?
How's your new job?
It's alright.
Teacher had told me.
If you find any problems
with this job, tell me.
I'll get you another one.
What's her business with
this sub inspector?
My dear teacher, if you sleep
sitting in the front bench,
I feel it as a warning to me.
- Is that so?
- No!
I now doubt if I'm serving you
a bland, sugarless tea!
- Is that so?
- No!
Shall I tell you something, teacher?
It is easy to teach.
The difficult part is to study.
That's why you are sleeping.
So, from now on, none of you
should blame the students!
- Got it?
- Yeah.
Let's do something.
Shall we keep bullying,
hacking, stalking aside,
and get refreshed?
- Okay?
- Sure.
Teacher! Who's a good performer here?
- That...
- I like songs a lot.
Here! Teacher sings very well!
Jayasree teacher sings very well!
Come on!
- Come on!
- Please sing, teacher!
Please come.
"Though the jasmine of your front yard
Reigns with buds"
"Though it blooms alluringly"
"Though the jasmine of your front yard
Reigns with buds"
"Though it blooms alluringly"
"You don't notice it
Even when you see it"
"You never care to caress it"
"O' sunlight that seek other flowers"
"The jasmine stayed all along
Waiting for your arrival"
"Yet, why didn't you utter a word?"
"The whole town realized its fragrance
Even the nights realized it"
"Yet, you didn't realize it
Even when it's so close"
"The whole town realized its fragrance
Even the nights realized it"
"Yet, you didn't realize it
Even when it's so close"
"Though the jasmine of your front yard
Reigns with buds"
"Though it blooms alluringly"
"O single-vined jasmine flower,"
"Don't let your lovely face wilt"
"Don't let
The nectar of your smile wither"
"Don't let the teardrops spout
From your jet black eyes"
"Don't you get distressed,
Don't quiver in pain"
"To see the charming sunlight
To give a peck on the eyes"
"You stood at the small front yard
For long, without trembling"
"Didn't the sunlight that wanders here
Notice you yet?"
"Though the jasmine of your front yard
Reigns with buds"
"Though it blooms alluringly"
"O' naughty breeze
Come to the doorway"
"To gently caress
The fingertips of the floret"
"The vast blue sky Watched longingly"
"For the sorrows that hurt
The tender blossom's heart to melt"
"O' blissful lady flower,
As the dawn rises today"
"The sorrows will go away
Your good times will arrive"
"Your eyes will shine
A smile will bloom"
"The ray of sunlight will come to you"
"Though the jasmine of your front yard
Reigns with buds"
"Though it blooms alluringly"
"You don't notice it
even when you see it"
"You never care to caress it"
"You're the sunlight
That seek other flowers"
"The jasmine stayed all along
Waiting for your arrival"
"Yet, why didn't you utter a word?"
"The whole town realized its fragrance
Even the nights realized it"
"Yet, you didn't realize it
Even when it's so close"
"Though the jasmine of your front yard
Reigns with buds"
"Yet, you didn't realize it
Even when it's so close"
"Though the jasmine of your front yard
Reigns with buds"
"Though it blooms alluringly"
So you're wearing jasmine
to spite me, huh?
How many times should I tell you that
I am allergic to jasmine and nail polish?
Giri ettaa.
The smell of booze, garlic and grease oil
makes me nauseate.
But, you like them.
Do I ever complain?
Wearing jasmine once in a while,
and wearing nail polish,
these are my little joys.
To hell with her joy!
You, mom and daughter
always keep all the lights on!
Go turn it off!
[Indistinct ranting about jasmine]
- Are you going home?
- Yes.
I don't have to walk
all the way there, now!
A collection agent's job is
quite difficult, Giri!
You gotta see the teacher's
online status at night!
All of them have their green lights on,
and stay active online!
You are lucky, Giri.
You got a wife like Jayasree teacher.
Teacher is so close to
everyone around here!
I saw her being all chatty
to that sub inspector today.
He doesn't even pay heed,
when he sees me!
Oops! It's already late.
See you then, Giri.
You've poured enough
fuel on the fire, huh?
This is a bit too much!
Teacher is so close to
everyone around here!
I saw her being all chatty
to that sub inspector today.
He doesn't even pay heed,
when he sees me!
Why don't you understand
when I ask you not to play a lot in this?
I don't like small screens!
You use the tablet, mom!
Haven't I told you, Diya,
not to download
all these softwares in this?
Get up now. I gotta send an email.
Get up, I say!
Dad! You had promised to take me
to the academy for drama training!
Drama at midnight?
Go sleep, girl!
Principal ma'am is calling.
You answer the call.
Hello. Good morning, ma'am.
Good morning.
I read the Christmas program's script,
- It was amazing.
- Thank you, ma'am.
We need to record its audio track
as early as possible.
Sure, ma'am. Okay.
You know, right?
After the pandemic,
we don't have much funds left.
We will have to get the documentary's
editing done by the students itself.
Please coordinate
everything, Jayasree.
Okay, ma'am. We will see.
Okay then.
Take up all responsibilities!
Go learn some computer
programming first.
Instead, if you come to me
asking silly doubts as always,
I won't help you this time.
I'm telling you!
There are such useless teachers!
They don't know
how to use a laptop or a phone!
Bug off, you pickney!
Oh, no...
I'm late!
You don't have an off
on Sunday too?
I have a class for weak students.
That's why.
In this attire?
It's an online class, so this would do.
Bug off, brattie!
Oh, no...
Good morning, Miss.
Good morning, Megha.
Good morning, Miss.
Who's messaging her all the time?
I ought to find it out!
A coffer is commonly seen in our society.
Has anybody seen a coffer?
Has anybody heard about it?
Oh, no!
The power is gone!
Giri ettaa.
We always face power cuts here!
Dad! What about my drama training?
Both of you got out from your rooms
like a turtle peeking from its shell,
when the power went off, right?
Dear, don't you want to have some food?
I don't want anything to eat.
I just need internet.
Heard her?
Kids are like carbon papers.
Girls learn from their mothers.
Don't you forget it.
I have a class, Giri ettaa!
Would there be power in that house?
Nisha miss...
I'm not able to unlock it!
Did you hear it, Giri ettaa?
Babukuttan's father passed away.
- Yeah, I got to know.
- Huh? Aren't you going there then?
I heard the news from others.
- He didn't invite me, right?
- For the funeral?
He... He's not just a friend to me.
Sheesh! What kind of a person he is!
[Indistinct conversations]
Here, take this.
Just a moment.
- Teacher...
- Yeah?
Please hold this.
I didn't see Giri visiting, teacher.
He went to Kannur to attend
a post-funeral ceremony.
It was all of a sudden here, right?
I had called Giri, teacher.
Giri asked me about my father
even last night!
It happened in the morning.
Shall we take leave, then?
What time is the cremation?
After 3 PM, they said.
Well, where is Giri?
Jawan was not invited,
so he didn't come, sir!
Stop it, girl!
So pitiful! Don't worry, it'll be alright.
How's the Christmas documentary going?
Better not to mention about it.
Driving me crazy!
- The online class troubles are coming up!
- Yeah, let it come.
Hey, Pathu.
Your husband is not just
a physical education teacher,
but a computer expert too.
Why should I worry, then?
Yeah, he's always glued to
the phone and the laptop!
She's jealous! See you then, Jayasree.
- See you.
- Bye! -Tata!
Your friend is so pretty
even at this age!
Yeah! She's with Mr. Giri, ain't she?!
What are you eating, dad?
I made some scrambled
flat-rice with jaggery.
It's not quite scrambled, though!
You're so good at
scrambling, anyway!
It's in the kitchen.
Go have it.
Your friend asked about me.
As he came close and opened
his mouth, it was such a stench!
He's boozing non-stop
even when his Gandhian father lay dead.
- Father is gone...
- Babukuttaa!
I would forgive you for not inviting me to
your father's funeral.
But, when my father died...
I had literally bathed you in booze!
You shouldn't have forgotten it!
- Huh?
- Who was it?
- Giri...
- Oh. Giri.
- Yeah, come on! Go.
- Dad...
- Giri ettaa.
- Yes?
Didn't I tell you about the drama academy
forming a children's talent bank?
Varadarajan master who gives her training
in school called me just now.
She is also selected!
He asked to reach Trivandrum tomorrow,
if interested.
How's it now? Huh?
The Academy got to know that
she is the daughter of a soldier,
who is also an actor!
That's why they considered her!
Let's go tomorrow, then!
Eww! This guy!
He will bite the dust today!
Let me drink first!
Hey, Giri. Why are you here this late?
- Don't have to sleep?
- Who? We?
Not us!
Don't the neighbours have to sleep?
What are you grinding
in your mixer grinder?
It's damn loud!
Our pharmaceutical company
has introduced a new item.
Niagara tablet.
As this tablet is a bit hard,
if you crush it in the mixer grinder
and have it with a glass of milk,
So, that's the matter!
- Shall I get you a few?
- For what?
I don't want it!
Me and my kid have to go to
Trivandrum tomorrow.
Dare I hear noises from here again,
I warn you, Hussain!
You want me to attach a silencer
to silence the mixer grinder now!
You'll come to me someday,
asking for this tablet, Giri!
Else, I'll make you come!
Even if it gets late, we will return.
Don't you sit glued to your phone
thinking that nobody is here!
- Got it?
- Right.
Hey, pickney!
Stop it, and get going!
Alright, come.
Let's go.
Why does he arrive at this time?
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, dear.
All the best!
Teacher called me and told me that
both of you are leaving.
It's Sunday,
so I thought not to skip the class.
- Let's start then, teacher.
- Please come inside. Just a moment...
[Singing a song]
Dear, go safe, okay?
Wear it.
- Bye!
- Okay.
- Bye!
- Bye!
- How much?
- Fifty rupees.
- Master...
- Yeah?
Isn't it already noon?
Noon? It's just 10. Why?
You said Giri and their daughter
have gone somewhere, right?
What's the music teacher
doing there, then?
Dear Mercy!
That is Jayasree teacher's house.
In the name of God, don't you look at it
with your sinful eyes!
Why is the music teacher so anxious?
Why is your camera turned off, Jack?
Nobody should turn off their cameras
until the classes are over. Got it?
Who's sitting behind you?
Parents shouldn't interfere
the classes. Please!
Uncle Garuda flew around and returned.
He told this to all the birds,
"We don't have to worry now."
"There's neither fire, nor humans
in Njavalkkadu."
"That day, the birds calmly
went out, seeking food"
The test paper for today's class
will be held tomorrow.
Everybody should score full marks. Okay?
Okay, Miss
Okay, then. Good night.
Good night.
Hey, dear.
Will you be returning tomorrow?
They didn't mention anything, mom.
I see.
Did you have food?
Yes, I had fried rice.
Did you brush your teeth after food?
Nothing will happen
if I don't brush for a day!
Oh! Where's dad?
Dad has gone out to get a room.
Okay, then.
Let me call him.
And Diya, when you sleep,
don't you disturb the ones
sleeping next to you!
I'm not a small kid, mom!
Oh! Such a big kid!
Alright then, dear.
Good night.
I got some more work to finish.
Good night mommy darling!
Sweet dreams!
Good night!
Are you done with your work?
Are you going to sleep now?
Hi Raji miss.
The class for weak students
just got over.
They have a test paper tomorrow.
The work for Christmas documentary
are also pending.
After doing all these,
I hardly get any time to sleep!
I gotta take bath, have food...
Okay then, miss.
Good night.
What was that music teacher
doing there till noon?
Yeah, let's see if she tells me!
She must be calling me to test
if I'm at home!
Such a 'Goodwill'!
- Hello?
- Hey, Jawan. It's me, S.I. Salamon.
- I gotta tell you something.
- Yes, sir?
The Bangalore national bank
has an opening,
for security guards.
They're looking for ex-servicemen.
The pay-scale is much better than
your current one. Wanna try?
- Hello.
- Hello?
- Hello.
- Hello?
- Hello. Are you...
- Hello?
- Are you able to hear me?
- I'm unable to hear you.
Hello, Jawan?
- Hello.. Hello... Darn!
- Hello?
I see!
You both want to deport
me from here, huh?
Hey, Jayasree.
Please send the recorded script
for the Christmas program by tonight.
And, please download
all the necessary photos and songs.
Please try to send the file
by tonight itself, if possible.
I'll finish her online frenzy today!
The holy birth of Jesus is celebrated
as Christmas across the world.
Two thousand years back,
As the saviour of the world,
Jesus Christ took birth
in a manger at Jerusalem.
Realizing that the son of God has arrived,
God sent three wise men
from the east to...
Stay online
with your green lights on, okay?
Who are you flirting with,
in this midnight?
I was recording the audio
for the Christmas program, Giri ettaa!
I have more work to finish!
Her Christmas!
I'll return and show you!
Why was he there till noon? Huh?
- Who?
- The music teacher!
But he left by 10 AM itself.
You always lie these days!
I got to know that he left by noon only!
Giri ettaa, he left by 10 itself!
One guy wants to practice music
when the man of the house isn't around!
And another one wants to
send me to Bangalore!
You must go offline now!
Else, you will see who I really am!
Online junkie!
Did you think that
I'm a spineless man?
I have set up plans for everything!
Your computer, your phone,
I'll set them all on fire!
Got it, you?
I just want that filth to disappear
from the computer!
What's it, mom?
Diya darling...
The computer is not getting shut down.
Some random pages are getting opened.
Go to the search history,
and close those pages.
I'll hold the line.
It's not going away, dear.
Make a video call, then.
Let me see the screen.
Oh, it got closed now, dear.
You go to sleep now.
Check thoroughly, mom.
Else you may just turn the power off.
It's done. You go to sleep, dear.
Good night.
Good night.
Please send the audio file soon, Jayasree.
Sheesh! Lizard!
- Hello Babukuttaa.
- Hey, buddy.
Many people worked hard
for my father's funeral,
so I've been planning to host
a booze party for them.
It's gonna be tomorrow.
Huh? Tomorrow?
Yeah. By around 7 in the evening.
But I'm at Trivandrum!
Hey, Rameshan from Maliyekkal is calling.
He's going to Sabarimala tomorrow.
You must come, okay?
- But...
- You must.
Stay glued to your phone
the whole day, okay?
Hello, Pathu?
Is Shamsu around?
He's at the hospital.
Oh, no. What happened?
His father got a sudden chest pain.
What's the matter, Jayasree?
Anything urgent?
No. I will call him then.
Oh, no. He hasn't taken his phone with him.
No point in blaming the kids.
The issue is with... elders.
- Hello, sir?
- Had you called me, teacher?
I accidentally dialled your number.
Oh, I see. I thought you called me
for some emergency at this hour.
- Alright then, sir.
- Alright. Okay.
Can you please turn
that damn thing off, Ikka?
Let me grind it well!
'Nisha miss...'
'If you have money in your account,'
'Can you please send me 20,000 Rupees?'
'It's an emergency. That's why.'
Why does she need money
at this hour of the night?
What's the emergency, miss?
That, miss... My uncle is
undergoing a surgery.
I got some cash here.
But they need it via Gpay.
Don't worry! I thought it's something else
and called you.
I'll send you the money right away.
Okay, thank you miss.
We, the ones who use
mobile phones and internet,
could get ourselves into
cyber crimes any moment.
We don't even have to do anything wrong
for that to happen!
- What happened, teacher?
- Don't know, Babukuttaa.
Move aside, you. Move.
Don't y'all realize the true colours of
Jayasree teacher now?!
What's the matter, Ikka?
- Dear...
- No! Get in!
What happened, Giri?
I don't know.
- Dear...
- Mom...
Get in
Let go of my mom! Let go!
[Speech from the radio]
What happened, miss?
Hadn't you got Sajan sir's number,
the one who took cyber awareness class?
Can you please give me his number?
Why? What's this cyber issue
in the early morning itself?
Giri ettan's cousin has been asking for it
for the last few days.
Perhaps to have a session of him
in their school too.
I didn't save his number.
It's in my diary.
Wait a sec.
My uncle has been unwell for some days now.
I'm going to visit him.
Please adjust my classes, miss.
I've messaged the principal ma'am.
Why do your eyes and face
look so puffy, miss?
I finished the Christmas program's script
by midnight only
Shall I get going then, miss?
I'm a bit busy.
- Hello?
- Wow! So you're up?
Whose call are you expecting
so early in the morning?
I am expecting a call, Giri ettaa.
I will call you later, okay?
Who is calling her at odd hours
when I'm not around?
- Hello?
- Hello.
Sajan sir...
Jayasree teacher here.
From Pazhamthottam Govt. High School.
Jayasree teacher?
You had made me sing
in between your class, the other day.
Oh! I got it now!
What's the matter?
I got it, teacher. No problem.
We'll fix it, teacher.
But today...
I've already committed two classes today.
And I gotta go to Thrissur
after that.
Can we do it tomorrow?
Oh no, sir! Please!
Please come today itself.
Okay, no problem!
Even if it's late, I'll come today itself.
Okay, sir. Thank you so much.
[Background conversations]
Hello! Mom!
Yes, Diya. Where are you?
I got selected for the three-day workshop!
Wow! Kudos!
- Where's dad, then?
- He too will stay here.
We will return together.
Are you unwell, mom?
No! I was in the kitchen.
And dear, you went to
the toilet on time, right?
I went to the toilet, took bath,
did all my daily routine!
Very good.
Mom... We kids are going out
in the afternoon.
I'll have ice cream!
No! No way! Don't!
You'll get throat infection
if you have ice cream in the sun!
Whatever I ask, you always say 'No', 'No'!
Do you know the meaning of 'NO', teacher?
- What's it?
- My tutor told us this,
'NO' means 'Next Opportunity'.
Got it, you good-for-nothing teacher?!
- Hello, sir?
- Hey teacher.
Hadn't you called me?
The power went off
in between my class here.
Please make it quick, sir. Please.
Yeah, I'm leaving from here now.
I'll call you once I reach near your house.
Okay, sir.
Hey, you've arrived?
Everything's set.
When will Giri ettan come?
He has started from there.
Actually, he is coming all the way here
only for our party.
He'll go back day after tomorrow again,
to bring his daughter.
- Okay! - But there's another problem.
- What?
How will we go to the 'Kettunira' ceremony
after opening the bottle?
Hey, idiot!
Rameshan is going to Sabarimala
tomorrow morning, right?
Oops, I forgot!
Good that you didn't forget this!
Let's do it this way.
Let's pay him a visit before they arrive.
Yeah, he'll know that we visited him.
Let me finish this, then.
We'll go after that.
Hello! I'll get down soon.
[Lord Ayyappa's prayers]
[Prayers continue]
Hey, Babukuttaa.
- Hello?
- Where have you reached?
Such a heavy rain!
Everything's set here.
- I'll be there soon!
- Okay!
- Make it fast!
- Sure!
Okay! Okay!
- Hey, Giri ettaa!
- Have you started already?
It was such a trouble to reach here!
What's this?
- You got us scared!
- Brandy...
- What's this? Milk?
- Yeah! Milk!
My dear Giri ettaa! Don't we have to
respect our ancestors first?
He was a Gandhian, right?
So, milk for him!
- Right, Babu?
- Stop it, Junior!
Huh? Why aren't you drinking?
Whatever we drink,
the joy of drinking military quota booze,
it's a class apart!
- That's right!
- Correct!
Giri! You got any 'quota' at home?
It's raining cats and dogs, Hussain!
Why trouble him unnecessarily?
Be contented with what we have!
Yeah, I'm contented, then!
Well, where's our John master?
That woman... What was her name?
Yeah! She has locked him up!
He's under house arrest now.
- Achayan is lucky in that matter.
- Why?
He isn't married, right?
That's a good decision, Achayan!
- My boy!
- Yeah!
That's why we're able to party here!
Yeah! That's right!
Anyway, cheers!
I'm at the waiting shed
you told me about.
I'm not able to find your house.
Let me get a torch and come there, sir.
Sir! Sajan sir!
Here! Here!
A rain out of nowhere!
Please come inside, sir.
Shall I keep the helmet there?
Your flash light is on.
Interesting, teacher! A retro home!
Where's your family?
My daughter has got
a drama workshop at Trivandrum.
They'll be back tonight.
I'm drenched in rain!
I've got a pair of clothes in my bag.
Can I change?
Sure! Facilities are a bit less here, sir!
- No worries!
- Over there.
- That room.
- Okay.
My phone was almost out of battery.
- I've kept it for charging.
- Okay.
This is the computer.
Perhaps because I was driving in the rain,
I feel all shivery!
Shall I get you tea, then?
You seem quite nervous, teacher!
Just because your computer got locked,
you don't have to stress out so much!
We are making a documentary
as part of the Christmas celebrations.
I recorded its voice script,
and was downloading a few related photos.
That's when... this...
Please sit, teacher.
Please... sit.
Looks like,
you didn't eat anything since morning.
In my mind,
I don't have such an image of
Jayasree teacher.
The teacher...
who sang in the class and
filled everybody's hearts with joy?
They asked to pay the penalty
via international credit card.
Did you try paying them?
I don't have any such cards.
When you see some people,
at the first sight itself,
we get greatly motivated.
When I saw you, teacher,
I had such a feeling.
But, looking at your present mood,
it seems like you neither had food,
nor took a bath, too!
And the rain made it worse!
Your neck and face are all wet now.
Please, sir.
I'm not even able to talk properly.
Please fix it soon.
Have a look, teacher.
This isn't even responding.
Looks like quite some work
needs to be done!
Are you gonna sit here like this
till then?
Please go change your clothes, teacher.
It's alright, sir.
Please fix it soon!
Don't you worry about the computer.
I'm here to fix it, right?
We might need to reboot it.
Minimum two hours.
Are you gonna sit here like a wet chicken
all the while?
Go freshen up.
Go ahead, teacher!
I'll fix it by that time.
Jayasree is not picking up the phone.
It sounded like she's tensed.
She didn't even ask anything about
your dad being unwell.
She'll call back if there's
anything urgent.
Serve dinner.
Hey, Giri.
I don't feel a punch, drinking this!
Just tell me where have you kept it
at home. I'll go get it!
Don't you go! I'll go get it.
Hey, Babukuttaa.
He's not happy with this booze.
I'll be back in a moment.
- He's nuts!
- Bug off, you!
This is my dad's booze party!
We gotta rock it!
- Right, Achayan?
- Correct!
Let me sing a Hindi song, then.
- Come on, do it!
- He will sing!
['Lag Ja Gale' from 'Woh Kaun Thi']
Wow! Marvellous!
Superb, Achayan!
- Awesome! Nailed it!
- But I didn't mean this one!
- Remember the song Giri sang the other day?
- Which one?
"Jinga jinga jingale Jinga jinga jingale"
"Jinga jinga jingale Jinga jinga jingale"
"Stop there, O lady,
Let me see you"
"I shall buy you a blue skirt
Come with me, girl"
"Come with me, girl"
This is what the real Jayasree teacher is!
Perhaps, the saree was
even invented for you to wear!
Am I right?
Is the computer fixed, Sajan sir?
Did you try logging in, teacher?
Your user ID and password are hacked.
It'll take some time to recover them.
Why are you getting restless?
However busy we may be,
fixing a computer needs its own time.
Please sit.
Please sit!
Oh, no!
The power is gone!
Don't worry! Let it come when it's time!
Teaching was one of my
favourite professions, teacher.
When I starting looking for a bride,
I wanted to marry a teacher.
But, man proposes, and God disposes!
You too must've had such wishes, right?
One with wide eyes, long hair,
one who talks well, sings well,
such a bride was what I wished for.
You too must've had such expectations
about your husband-to-be, right?
See! It's true!
A person's identity
is the clothes they wear. Right?
For example,
When I saw you the first time,
You were wearing a pleated saree.
When I see you like that,
Just wow!
But, I know
why you've worn the saree lazily now.
To disinterest me, right?
No matter however you wear this saree,
I will never get bored of that sight!
This is a complicated case.
How much more time will it take?
Didn't I tell you?
Your user ID and password have been reset.
We can't do anything through Windows now.
Yeah! LaySoft. It's a recovery software.
Using that, we can recover your computer
and retrieve your old files.
But, it will take some time.
And, you shouldn't get
pop-ups of porn videos anymore, right?
But, teacher...
Things aren't quite the way you told me!
Suppose a thief,
decides to break into your home
and steal things,
what would he do?
He'd first observe your home
and its premises.
Then he'd block all the ways
to escape from the house,
including windows, doors,
and get hold of the women of the house,
and the ornaments they wear.
Google too is like a thief, teacher.
From the moment you create an email ID,
the gender, age,
the things they search on Google,
it would store all these data!
Then, as per each user's likings,
it will feed you with content
and advertisements little by little.
Do you understand what I said?
That means, teacher...
The ad pop-ups you get are related to
the contents you searched before.
What nonsense are you saying?
I am a teacher.
I don't do anything
which goes against my ethics.
Cool, teacher.
Ethics don't apply in this matter.
It's just a physical need.
Just physical.
Or, it could be someone else
who did it.
Perhaps your husband,
or it could even be a search by mistake.
I don't like small screen!
You use the tablet, mom!
Are you trying to create
a cyber criminal out of the blue?
Oh, no!
It's not a virus that got into
your computer.
It's a malware attack.
That means,
an issue faced by computers
which often play porn videos.
Well, that really doesn't matter.
It's midnight, it's raining and cold,
your husband, or anybody else
is not with you.
Besides, you're hardly 35-36 years old.
So, whether it's you or anybody else,
it's not at all a crime
to watch such videos.
I mean, it's quite natural.
Shut up!
Tell me.
What are you trying to say?
[Ayyappa prayers]
Why did you close the door? Move aside!
- Let me open the door!
- Teacher, please!
Don't we have to fix the computer?
I came all the way here, in the rain,
for that, right?
I know what's on your mind now.
Scream out and gather people, right?
But you won't make any noise.
If you scream,
I will have to tell everyone that,
you invited me over,
when your husband wasn't around.
Well, your problem is the computer, right?
We have to fix this. That's all, right?
I can. And I will!
Is it a crime to admire and worship beauty?
I adore you, teacher.
I respect you.
I love you.
Why are you scared of me, then?
I am really disturbed now.
These moments with you,
that's enough to cheer me up.
But, you don't seem to understand!
Who is this?
I've seen her somewhere!
Mini ma'am!
Though lost in election,
an ex-member too is a member!
Let me shift the pee-ground!
If I go this way,
I can reach the front door.
She'll be still playing in the phone!
Let me go via the back door.
That's the right way!
[Singing teacher's song from the class]
How's it? Did I sing it right?
You had sung it. Remember?
You sang it beautifully!
Just wow! Teacher...
God must've touched your forehead
and blessed you!
That's why you became an artist!
A talented singer!
Look at me, I don't have any talents!
Teacher, when I listen to this music,
The image that comes to my mind is,
you with this saree pleated,
and your face shining with
full of romance and love.
I know very well, teacher,
that you dance very well.
Just two steps for me?
The way a peacock dances
when it sees the clouds?
Like that.
One who could sing and dance...
- Oops...
- Careful!
A lovable wife who could sing and dance,
that was my dream.
Please dance once,
for me to have a cherishable memory...
It's my request.
[Humming a song]
Isn't it simple?
One, two, three, five, six, easy, shake!
Where's this song coming from,
at midnight?
Please, teacher! You can do it, see!
One, two, three, five, six, seven,
One, two, three. Come on! Easy!
Come on! It's easy, teacher. See!
One, two, three, five, six, seven
It's easy, teacher. Try it.
Look. One, two, three,
five, six, seven. Easy!
Where's she going, all dressed up
at this hour?
Then, shake shake. Okay?
Come on, teacher! That's more like it!
One, two, three, four, five, six
Yes, step. Easy, easy. Come on!
Five, six, seven...
Stop it, you!
You want me to wear a saree
for your relaxation, huh?
You want me to dance, huh?
You want me to sing a lullaby
to put you to sleep too, huh?
Answer me!
What were you saying the other day?
'If you encounter a cyber attack
on your computer or phone,'
'I will be there to support you!'
Support, my foot!
I understood your problem!
I... I am a wife.
A mother.
A teacher, who educates lots of children.
A decent man, who shows the right path
to students as well as teachers,
that's what I thought about you.
I called you here at this odd hour,
all because of that trust.
When I asked you for your help
out of my helplessness,
you want me to make you happy, huh?
- Teacher...
- Shush!
Don't you utter a word!
When a kid makes a mistake, a teacher would
always give him a chance to correct it.
And would listen to what he has to say.
That's the responsibility of a teacher.
I listened to all this while,
only because of that.
Which means...
That I'm not dancing to your tunes
Do you understand?
- Hey!
- Quiet, teacher! Somebody's outside!
Open the door!
Open the door, I said!
Who's here at this hour?
Move aside!
- Quiet, please!
- Move!
- Move!
- Teacher...
What are you doing? Move!
Where are going at midnight,
all dressed up?
Is there anybody here?
Well... It felt like
you were talking to someone.
Whose bike is it, Jayasree?
A pair of shoes is also there!
Who's it?
Who's inside?
Why do you look tensed?
Huh? Worried about our daughter?
She's quite happy and active
at the rehearsal camp.
She'll become a good actress.
Huh? Well...
You too are no less!
Come here, you!
Why are you here?
To wash your clothes?
Tell me! You here to wash your clothes?
Sir... I came here to resolve
the computer's issue.
Oh, solve? At this hour of the night?
But this is not a computer
for you to 'solve'!
I'll show you the computer. Come.
- Listen to me, sir...
- Come!
- Sir...
- Well...
What's your name?
- Sajan...
- Tell me your name!
Sajan! Sajan!
- Huh?
- Sajan!
- It hurts, sir!
- Sajan!
Such a nice name!
You're shaking so much, buddy!
Do you always feel so shaky
when you go to solve computer issues?
Didn't I tell you somebody's here?
See? He's the one.
He was looking for the computer.
Look how shaky he is!
He should first stand still if he has to
solve the computer's issue, right?
Go make him a cup of hot tea.
Go, Jayasree.
Go, I said!
Shall we solve the issue then, Sajan sir?
- N... no, sir...
- Come.
Let's do it! Sit!
Don't you want to see
my wife dancing in a saree?
Well, I heard you saying
something of that sort.
You wanna hear her singing?
Control+ Alt+Delete
So, don't you want anything?
Saree... Song... Dance...
No, sir.
Anyway, it's written on your face,
that you're all set, Sajan sir!
I made a mistake, sir...
I've rebooted the computer.
It'll be alright now.
Is that so?
A mistake?
Please fix it soon then, sir.
Yes. Sir...
It's fixed now.
It's okay now.
Check if the issue is fixed.
Please believe me.
When several porn video sites got
popped up,
teacher got scared.
When she tried to close them in a hurry,
the computer faced a malware attack.
It's okay now.
Hackers are behind this attack.
- Oh! Hacker?
- Yeah.
How do you know him, Jayasree?
He was the one who took
cyber awareness class in school.
Oh, I see!
You're quite something, Sajan sir!
Cyber awareness on one side.
On the other side,
cyber flirting and teasing!
Call the sub inspector sir.
Please don't, sir...
Call him, Jayasree!
Please don't call him. I will leave.
Please don't call the police!
Are you scared of the police, Sajan sir?
Is that so?
Let the public know the real face of
the cyber awareness teacher!
Call him, Jayasree.
Teacher, please!
Please don't call him!
The sub inspector is not really needed
to teach him manners!
You're quite handsome, Sajan sir!
Sir... Please...
No, Giri ettaa.
Let him go.
What did you say?
Let him go?
you want me to let him go?
My wife is a naive soul.
That's why...
she mistook you as a decent guy.
Then, let's not involve the police.
Let him go.
Right, Jayasree?
The poor guy might have
another awareness class to take!
It'll be a disgrace to you
if the police comes.
I came tonight because teacher invited me.
It's perfectly fixed now!
Teacher... Teacher...
My laptop! The computer is fixed!
Please give me my laptop!
I'll go! Please, teacher!
I wanted to say...
Don't say anything!
Do you know when a woman fails in life?
When her partner doesn't understand her.
When he tries to find faults
in whatever she does.
You too turned out to be such a person.
Someone who's not capable to
understand my problems,
or solace me!
'A few days later...'
What did I tell you?
You can find ways to both prosper
and be ruined, in this.
Got it?
Go get your book and study, then.
Giri ettaa.
Do you still suspect me?
The newspaper boy, fisherman,
milkman, cable guy,
is it my fault that they're all behind you?
'This is not just the story of
a Jawan and a teacher.'
'It is a glimpse of an online mishap,
which the society fails to realize.'
'In India, from 2018 till 2022,'
'more than 44 lakhs of
cyber cases have been reported.'
'Every minute,'
'a cyber crime, and a cyber attack
against women take place.'
'Several people become victims of
cyber crimes, and commit suicide.'
'our life and death are on our fingertips.'
'Progress with caution, fearlessly.'
'To the ones who surrendered their lives
in just a click,'
'to the promising citizens of tomorrow,'
'we present before you
'Jawanum Mullappoovum', with love.'
"From the moment I touched you,
O' touch-me-not"
"I adorned you on the front yard
of my soul and kept longing for you"
"Fetched the water from
the shower of my desires to water you,"
"Fetched the ashes of
my burning heart to nurture you"
"When our timid blushing eyes meet"
"Tender love blooms within us gently"
"From the moment I touched you,
O' touch-me-not"
"I adorned you on the front yard of
my soul and kept longing for you"
"Below bird-beaked mango tree..."
"Let's turn as a jolly wind."
"Let's give a kiss without the lips
getting dry."
"Let me whisper stories near
the ear whole night."
"On the corner of the
collyrium drawn eye..."
"I'll keep you as a treasure."
"I'll give unforgettable
beautiful dreams"
"You can listen to the music of the
grass on the field"
"Soul is filled with honey."
"The limits are getting melted."
"Rain disappears with the
appearance of rainbow."
"From the moment I touched you,
O' touch-me-not"
"I adorned you on the front yard
of my soul and kept longing for you"
"My heart is filled with joy."
"Spring is here again."
"Black clouds have cleared and
bright sky has come up."
"With early sunrays, birds chirping
sound can be heard."
"Always inside my heart..."
"You are a blooming jasmine."
"I'll always stand by you
as a cool shade."
"Without blinking my eyes I'll
protect you as a treasure."
"My inside is filled with utmost feelings."
"Memories are fresh in that."
"You are always the
first sight for my eyes."
"From the moment I touched you,
O' touch-me-not"
"I adorned you on the front yard
of my soul and kept longing for you"