Jawbone (2017) Movie Script

Here we go, then.
The undefeated Jimmy McCabe
from Union Street Boxing Club.
He's up against Brian Reigate.
He's won all five of his bouts so far.
McCabe well supported here.
Reigate tall and rangy,
and he won't be messed about with
on the inside, I don't suspect.
His problem will be keeping
young Jimmy McCabe away.
McCabe loves to come forward
and punch away with both hands.
And can't quite get there
in this opening session.
Both lads just 16 years of age.
And it's all over! An excellent win
there for Jimmy McCabe in round one.
And this young man really is
one to watch for the future.
Ticket number BA224,
proceed to window two.
Two windows for 20 people.
Closed the window...
You got 20 people here,
you just closed a window.
- Excuse me!
- Sorry, love.
They're trying to take my home off me.
Please, two minutes.
Can you tell Mr Frintham
Jimmy McCabe is here?
I need to speak to him. He knows who I am.
Okay, sir. If you just take a seat...
Yeah, please!
Don't mess me about, alright?
He's dealing with my case.
Tell him I'm here, please.
Mr Frintham is out of the office, sir.
What do you mean, out the office?
This is my fuckin' home!
This is my home!
- Alright? I grew up here.
- Sir...
- Why should I leave?
- Sir, I don't know the details of...
No, of course you don't.
But I'm telling you that.
Fuckin' left hand doesn't know
what the right hand's doing.
- I must ask you to leave, sir.
- What?
I will call the police, sir.
We do not tolerate aggression.
I'm not being aggressive.
Call the police...
Oh, go away. Please, just go away.
I'm alright. Please.
What? What do you want?
What do you want?
What are you looking at?
Don't stand staring at me.
I'm warning you. Don't act
like a fucking gangster with me.
Do you understand? Walk away.
Walk away.
Walk away!
Hello, sir. Would you like to come
through to a quiet room, please?
Everyone wants to be a gangster nowadays.
Yeah, alright.
Okay, so you took over the tenancy
of your mum's flat a year ago?
Yeah. I grew up there, all my life.
It says you've been offered alternative
accommodation on numerous occasions...
- I don't want an alternative.
- ..and you've refused it.
- That's my home.
- Legally,
they only have to offer you
three alternatives.
The whole estate is being demolished.
That can't be a very pleasant situation
to live in.
Look, I'm not leaving. It's my home.
I don't wanna move.
Mr McCabe, you have had several warnings.
They will evict you.
Forcibly, if they have to.
I'm trying to help you, Mr McCabe.
What are they doing here?
Are they here for me?
No, it's just a precaution.
- Stay here and let me sort this out.
- No, I'm leaving.
- Please, sit down.
- Just tell 'em not to touch me.
- Mr McCabe, please...
- Leave me alone. Leave me alone.
- Halt!
- Fuck off!
Stop fighting!
Just calm down!
You're under arrest.
Sign here, please, Mr McCabe.
The officer will show you out. Take care.
Thank you.
You've got more to prove
than anybody else.
Lovely. Give me three.
And again.
Pick your feet up, son.
You'll wake her up downstairs.
Come on, work. Last ten.
Right. Breathe up deep.
The Hoover's broke.
You alright?
Bill, do you mind if I train, please?
Look who's here.
Alright, Jimmy, lad?
You alright, Eddie?
- How are you? You alright?
- Yeah, I'm alright.
I thought I'd pop in for a train.
Is that alright?
Yeah, go on. Go and get changed.
Alright! Let's get back into this.
One, two. One, two.
Bill, thanks for letting me train.
I'm not interested, son.
I've heard it a million times.
If I find any booze in here...
- Bill, that weren't mine...
- I'm sorry. Are you talking to me?
If you've got anything to say that
might interest me, please go ahead.
Alright... Shut up and listen to me.
You listening?
I find one bottle of booze in here,
just one, then you're out.
I smell booze on your breath
just once in my gym,
then you're out. Do you understand?
You got anything to do with the other mob?
Are you fighting unlicensed?
- No.
- You're not in touch with Joe?
No, I'm not, I swear.
- You're not?
- No. I promise you I'm not.
If I hear any talk of it
with my boys, any of my boys,
you're gone. Are we clear on that?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Great.
Thanks, Bill.
Now, give me a big sprint back. Big one!
Sprint back!
That's it, lads.
That's it. Come on.
Please, no.
No! No!
Alright, boys.
Let's get the feet moving.
Come on, shake it out, shake it out.
Shake it out.
Just move the body. Get it going.
Lovely, son. Don't jump about.
Ain't a race. Good boy.
That's it. Nice and easy.
Come on, son. Loosen up, loosen up.
Relax, relax.
Get your balance.
Feel comfortable. Right?
If you're boxing a fighter who sets
himself before he throws a punch,
you got one of two things you can do.
You beat him to the punch. Ping!
Then ping, ping, ping, ping!
Or as he sets himself, you move. Alright?
Just move it.
Come on. Move your head.
Follow me.
Good boys. That's it. Shake your arms out.
I wanna see how you move.
Mean it. Your eyes.
You're looking down there, down there.
Look at your man.
When you look in his eyes,
you can see all of him. Alright?
Move, move, move.
Done me. I'm on the ropes. Sweet.
Come in.
Little bit stiff.
Go on, go on. Move. That's it. Good boy.
What you stopped for? You on holiday?
You're moving. Good boy. You're moving,
you're moving, you're moving.
Alright, have a rest.
Come here.
Come here, son.
You alright? What's the matter?
You're a little bit under the weather.
Alright. Come here. Good boy.
Breathe. Breathe it up deep.
The Hoover's broke.
Come on, Torvill and Dean.
Put more spring into your spring.
- Good. Again.
- Sprint.
- Throw.
- Bang, bang!
- Good shot. Go again.
- Bang, bang!
Bang! Bang!
Bang, bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang!
You alright, Bill?
You might wanna use that.
Excuse me. Excuse me, mate.
Sorry to bother you.
Look, I'm not a beggar.
I've come out without my phone.
I've got a call to make.
Have you got a pound?
I'm not sure if I've got
anything on me, mate.
Just a pound. Anything you got.
I'm sorry to ask you, mate.
- There's a pound.
- I appreciate it, mate. Nice one.
Thanks, mate. Thank you.
Joe, it's Jimmy. Jimmy McCabe.
I'm well, Joe. I'm really well, thanks.
Erm, Joe, I wondered
if I could come and see you.
Yeah, is that alright? Thanks, Joe.
No, I'm around. I'm around.
I'm there tomorrow. I'm training, Joe.
So I can come and see you
straight after the gym if you want.
Yeah. Lovely. Thanks, Joe.
Okay. Bye. Bye.
Bang, bang!
Bang! Bang!
Good. Again.
Good. Slip, slip on the end.
Slip, slip. Good. Finish with that one.
Slip, slip. Good.
Two, four, one.
Jimmy. You still got your gumshield?
Let's have you. Bill wants you gloved up.
Come here.
Enjoy yourself.
Come on, get the jab going.
That's it.
Down to the body now.
That's it.
And again.
Come on, Jimmy. Get off them ropes.
Right, that's enough.
Leave him in.
You alright?
Let's finish the round, then.
Come out of there, Jimmy.
Thanks. Good man.
Give us your glove.
Bill, I'm alright.
I just got caught with a shot.
Bill, I can carry on. I just got caught.
Pull. Pull.
Go and have a nice hot shower. Go on.
Longshanks, come on.
Go straight into him.
Body shots. Plenty of 'em.
- Jimmy! Good to see you.
- You too, Joe.
Hey, what's all this, eh?
Come on, sit down.
- How was your workout?
- Yeah, good.
- You eaten yet?
- No, I'm alright, thanks.
Would you bring my friend here
a steak, please?
- Honestly, Joe, I'm alright.
- Excuse me.
I've just had one and they're delicious.
Bring him a medium-rare steak, alright?
- And anything to drink?
- No, I'm not drinking, thanks.
I'll have, erm...
I'll have a glass of water.
- Sure.
- Thanks.
So, you've come to borrow a razor, right?
I've come out with no money on me...
What, I can't buy you dinner? Please.
And how's William?
He's alright, yeah.
You know Bill. He's, erm...
He's Bill, in't he? He doesn't change.
Good man, Bill. Solid.
A good, good man.
Yeah. Yeah.
I don't think I've seen you
since your mum passed, Jimmy.
Lovely lady. How long ago was that?
It was a year ago, Joe.
- Thanks.
- So, what's happening with you?
To be honest, I'm looking for work.
I wondered if you had any.
What kind of work are you looking for?
I just need to get in front.
I'm looking to fight again.
If you're looking for a couple
of hundred quid, there are shows.
They call them unlicensed, but mainly
they're office boys fucking about.
I know... What if I want to make
a bit more, Joe?
Couple of grand. Just a one-off.
I don't care who they put me in with.
What kind of condition are you in,
Jimmy? Have you still got it?
Yeah. I feel good.
There is a show at the end of
next month, up North, friends of mine.
They've got this kid.
I won't lie to you, Jimmy.
He's a bit warm and he's a big lad.
How do you feel about
giving the weight away?
That's fine. Yeah, I'll take it, Joe.
I'll take it.
He's dangerous, this kid. He hurts people.
And that's what they pay the money for.
They wanna see him hurt people.
But they want somebody in with him
who can mix it up.
They want their money's worth.
So, yeah...
I think I can get you your money.
I'll tell them I've got an ex-ABA
champion who's looking for a fight.
you were one of the bravest kids
I ever saw.
The thing I don't know is
what kind of nick you're in now.
So if you take this, it's on your back.
Whatever happens up there,
you are on your own.
- Yeah, I know.
- And you're up for it?
Yeah, I'm up for it.
- Right. I'll make the phone call.
- Thanks, Joe.
Oh, look! Steak's here.
Lucky you don't have to make the weight.
Appreciate it. Thanks.
So how's that steak, eh?
It's lovely, Joe. Thanks.
You didn't have to do that.
You're on.
Two-and-a-half grand.
If there's a knockout, last one
left standing gets a 500 bonus.
So the worst that can happen,
you walk out with two-and-a-half grand,
and possibly three.
- Is it gloves, Joe?
- Yeah, course it is.
But you know the game, Jimmy.
Come on, it's unlicensed.
Can't promise you
the Marquess of Queensberry, son.
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking it's great.
I'll take it, Joe. Thanks.
You brave little fucker.
But you always were.
How old were you when you won the ABAs?
It was the juniors, Joe.
I won the Junior ABAs.
I was only 16.
I was there when you knocked out
Peter McCauley at the hall.
How old was you then? You was only a lad.
That was my first unlicensed, so I was 22.
He was a class fighter an' all,
McCauley, wasn't he?
He was past it by then, to be honest, Joe.
Don't do yourself down.
You showed your class that night.
You had bottle.
My God, did you have bottle.
Joe, can I ask you something, please?
I'm so sorry to do this.
- I, er...
- What is it?
Joe, is there any chance
I can get a little sub,
just to get me over to the fight?
How much do you need?
Anything you got, really.
Sorry to do this.
Two hundred sort you out?
Yeah, that's plenty, yeah. Thanks, Joe.
- I'll give you it out the fight purse.
- Course you will.
Thanks, Joe.
I may pop by the gym tomorrow, catch up
with Bill if I'm round that way.
Joe, I've, erm...
I've not told Bill about this.
You know what he's like with unlicensed.
- I'd rather keep this to ourselves.
- Say no more. Come here.
Be lucky up there, eh?
Thanks, Joe. Cheers.
Pick me a winner, eh?
Cheers, Joe.
Okay, everyone.
Welcome to the Saturday afternoon
Lambeth meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.
My name's Mary and I'm an alcoholic.
Hello, Mary.
I've asked Tommy to read the preamble.
My name's Tommy and I'm an alcoholic.
Hello, Tommy.
Alcoholics Anonymous
is a fellowship of men and women
who share their experience,
strength and hope with each other
that they may solve their common problems
and help others
to recover from alcoholism.
The only requirement for membership
is a desire to stop drinking.
There are no dues or fees
for AA membership.
We are self-supporting
through our own contributions.
AA is not allied with
any sect, denomination,
politics, organisation or institution,
does not wish to engage
in any controversy,
neither endorses nor opposes any causes.
Our primary purpose is to stay sober
and help other alcoholics
to achieve sobriety.
Thanks, Tommy.
Do we have any newcomers to the group?
This is not to embarrass you,
just so we can give you the same warm
welcome we received when we came in.
Hi. My name's Michael
and I am an alcoholic.
Hi, Michael.
Thank you.
This is only my second-ever meeting.
Do we have anyone else who's new?
Okay. Well, you're all
very welcome anyway.
The format of this meeting
is our guest speaker
will share his experience,
strength and hope with us
for around 20 minutes...
- Fuckin' hell! Fuckin' get off!
- Thieving little cunt!
- Who are ya?
- It's Jimmy, it's Jimmy McCabe, Bill.
Fuck! Fu...
Wanna cup of tea?
Fuckin' hell!
You take sugar?
No, thank you.
- Here you are.
- Cheers.
Come and sit your bum down here. Come on.
So what are you doing here, Jimmy?
Looking for a place to kip?
I lost my keys and I just thought...
I'm sorry, Bill. What are you doing here
at this time of night?
What are you, a policeman?
So how you doing? You, erm...
You sorting yourself out?
- Yeah, I'm alright, Bill.
- Still boozing?
No, I'm off it.
That's good news.
I was going through some paperwork
the other day and, er...
I found this old clipping
of when you won the juniors.
What was you, about 14?
I was 16.
- 16? 16 years of age?
- Yeah.
Here you are. You should read it.
Take it home with ya.
It's a lovely article.
But you was a lovely boy.
A buffoon at times.
But you was an 'appy boy, you know.
Always had this big smile.
And you was polite.
Well, you still are. Very polite.
A very, very polite boy you were.
I don't know what happened to you.
Is everything alright, Bill?
I got the big 'un, son.
They tell me I got
a few weeks to live, you know...
It's all been confirmed.
Well, it could be tomorrow,
it could be next week, you know...
I'm dying, son.
You being serious?
I don't know what to say.
Well, there's nothing
you can say. I mean, you know...
What does one say?
Who knows? Does Eddie know?
Well, of course Eddie knows.
But no one else.
I don't want my boys to know.
I mean, they'll know
when the time's right, but, er...
I just need to spend a bit of time
with my Carol, you know.
She'll let Eddie know if anything happens.
Right. I'm... I'm tired.
I ain't got time to fuck about here
so I'm gonna say something to you now
and I... I want you to hear me.
You listening?
I know you've been sleeping here
and so does Eddie.
No... It's not a problem.
I just want you to stay close to Eddie.
Now, this place is taken care of.
You know, erm... everything's kosher.
It's in good hands.
I mean, Eddie's a good man.
But I need you to keep your eye on him.
Maybe he can help you
with this training for this fight.
Did you think I wouldn't hear about it?
I'm alright, Bill.
I wanna go up there on me own.
- I'm alright with it.
- No, no, no, no...
I don't know what demons you're fighting.
And I don't know how much
they're paying you to go up North
to get your brains bashed in
by this kid. That's your business.
But I'd like to give you
a little bit of advice.
Now, you can take it or leave it,
that's down to you.
My advice is that when it's done,
when this fight is done and dusted,
just walk away.
Just walk.
You see, it's...
Sometimes you need to give in
to win, Jimmy.
You can't fight it forever, son.
Right, erm... I'm gonna go now.
Ah... Give us me smother.
Here's your keys.
Don't forget to lock up.
Fix that window.
You're early.
- Eddie.
- Don't say anything.
So when's your fight?
It's just over two weeks.
- I could do with someone up there.
- No, no, no.
Don't start with that.
I don't have time for this, Jimmy.
This gym doesn't run itself.
These kids just don't turn up
and everything's magically in its place.
It takes graft. It takes somebody
coming in day in, day out.
- The last thing I need...
- Hold on.
No, no, no, no, you hold on cos I don't
have a minute to hold on to. Okay?
If you wanna go up there and fight
unlicensed, that's your prerogative.
That's your choice to go and get
smashed to bits if you want to.
But I promised Bill.
I gave him my word that I was gonna
get you ready for this fight
and I'm gonna honour that.
But I am not going up there with you.
I don't wanna see it.
Now, I've got a gym to run
and I need to be here.
Just like he's been here for us.
So why don't you get yourself wrapped up
and we'll get back into this ring
and do some work, okay?
- Alright, fine.
- Let's get it done, yeah?
- So, left, right, right to the body?
- Yes.
Bang! Bang!
Hands up. Get your hands back up.
Bang! Bang!
And again.
Bang! Bang!
- Hands up.
- Alright, mate.
Come back out and get your hands up.
Give me two minutes.
- Bang!
- Keep your hands up, Jimmy.
Get him working, Daz.
Keep going.
- Can I get some water?
- Look, you've only just started.
You'll get it at the end of the round.
Come on, concentrate.
Bang! Bang!
- That's it.
- Left hook.
- Bang! Bang, bang!
- Jab.
Bang, bang!
Good. Again.
Bang, bang!
Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang!
Bang, bang!
- Let it flow, Jimmy.
- Bang, bang!
Bang! Bang!
Nice, Jimmy. That's it.
Bang! Bang!
Go on, go on, go on.
Go on, son.
Six, five, four, three,
two, one.
Good lad. Good lad, well done.
Youse two are late. Hurry up, get changed.
Put your money in the box
as well this time.
Get up in the air!
That's it. Keep those knees up.
High knees!
Double time! Come on, give me
high knees double time! Show me!
Get those knees up, man!
It's not Weight Watchers!
Go, go, go, go, go, go!
Get it going!
That's it. You want to look like
you're running away from the cops!
Come on, Ginger! Get those knees up!
Right. Look up.
You heard anything?
Bill, how is he?
You only got a couple of days left.
Why don't you deal with the job in hand?
I'm asking about Bill, that's all.
And I'm asking you to box. Alright?
Come on, use your feet, Jimmy.
Use your feet.
It's like target practice out there.
Move forward. Move your feet!
Stop! Stop!
But I'm just getting fucking going, Eddie.
Tommy, do me a favour, will you?
Take three large steps backwards.
One, two, three. Thank you.
Jimmy. Do me a favour, son, will you?
Take three large steps forward.
One, two, three.
How hard is that?
- Don't patronise me, Eddie.
- What do you mean, patronise you?
It's not a fucking windy walk.
You're here to work, son.
I'm telling you,
if you don't put it in this ring,
when you get up there,
that wee lad's gonna empty you.
He's gonna empty you, son.
You're gonna get hurt.
Or maybe that's what you want.
- To get hurt. Is that it?
- Fuck off. Fuck off.
Big bad Jimmy McCabe, always in pain.
Is that it?
The only one fuckin' hurtin'.
Maybe you're running away, big lad.
Alright, Eddie, whatever.
Away you go, Jimmy.
I don't have time for this now.
- I don't have time either.
- Do you not?
It really breaks my heart
to see what you've become.
- What have I become?
- I'll tell you what you've become, son.
Boring. You've become boring.
Just another boring drunk
who had it in the palm of his hand
- and pissed it up against the wall.
- Fuck off, Eddie! Alright?
Don't fucking push me cos you don't
know what's fucking going on in here!
You're fucking boring!
You live your life under a fucking arch
with a load of kids!
Don't take it out on me!
You're fucking boring!
Now, fuck off!
Can you fuck off now?
- I've got training to do here.
- Piss off!
You've been stinking
this place up for weeks.
- Fuck off!
- Close that door behind you.
- I fucking will!
- Go on, fuck off!
Right, nothing to see here.
Everybody back to work.
Get me a fighter in here
that wants to train, now!
- Youse two, back on the pads.
- Come on.
I'm really sorry youse had to see that.
That was disgraceful behaviour.
And I apologise for my language.
But I tell you something now!
This is the Union Street Boxing Club.
It's not a pub.
And that is not
how you go about your life!
Do you understand me?
Now, get back to work.
Touch gloves.
He's gone, Jimmy.
Come here. Come here.
It's alright.
It's alright.
- Happy?
- Thank you.
Jab. One-two.
Backhand. Backhand hook.
Backhand. Three shots.
Right, Jimmy.
You happy?
Jimmy, keep warm, son.
I'm sorry, Eddie,
for what I said to you at the club.
I'm really sorry.
I didn't mean it, Eddie.
I swear I didn't mean it.
I need you to know that, alright?
I didn't mean it.
I just say these things sometimes. I get
really angry and I spit things out.
Afterwards I don't even know
why I've said it, you know?
You change lives, you... and Bill.
You know, you're just under that arch,
day in, day out.
You change lives and I can't even
change me own fucking life.
So take no notice of me. Eddie.
I didn't mean it, alright?
Thanks for being here.
I love you, man. Thanks for being here.
- You're on.
- Yeah.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
- You ready?
- Yeah. Let's go.
Ladies and gentlemen,
boxing fans at ringside,
we are ready to go
with our main event of the evening!
Ten rounds of boxing,
three minutes each round.
Introducing firstly, in the red corner,
wearing all-black shorts,
from South London,
please welcome Jimmy McCabe!
And his opponent in the blue corner,
wearing blue shorts and white trim.
He enters the ring,
no losses, unbeaten!
He is your very own homeboy. Give it up!
Damian Luke!
Boxers, step forward!
You got ten rounds of boxing maximum.
Protect yourself at all times.
Obey my commands at all times.
There's the line. Stay upstairs.
- Do you agree?
- Yeah.
Do you agree? Good.
Touch gloves.
Step back.
Look across that ring.
That wee lad's a fuckin' bully
and he's surrounded by bullies as well.
Now, what I want you to do
is go across that ring and break
his fuckin' heart. Do you hear me?
Good lad.
Seconds out. Round one.
Come on, Jimmy!
Jimmy! Hands up, Jimmy!
Protect yourself, Jimmy.
Get your hands up!
Fuckin' bell.
Stop boxing! Stop boxing!
Stop boxing!
Get the fucker to sit down.
Sit the fuck down.
- Now, breathe, breathe, breathe.
- He's strong, Eddie.
- I know he's strong.
- He's strong.
He can't keep that pace up forever.
You're still here, lad.
Listen to me. Start fuckin' boxing him,
alright? Stop fighting him, okay?
You're walking into him.
Be fuckin' clever from now on.
Right? Use your training and fuckin'
box him from now on, do you hear me?
You ready? You ready?
Box him, Jimmy!
Come on, Jimmy, work!
Move it! Move it!
Go on, in you go! In you go!
Lovely! Lovely, Jimmy!
Get off those ropes!
Jimmy, get off the ropes!
- Jimmy!
- Six!
- Jimmy, get up!
- Seven!
- Eight!
- Get up, son!
You okay?
You sure you're okay? You okay, yeah? Box!
Tie him up, Jimmy!
Let him go!
Stop boxing!
Step back! Back in your corner!
You're alright. Sit down, sit down.
Do you know you've been knocked down?
Do you know you've been knocked down?
- Mm...
- You understand me?
- I'm alright, Eddie.
- Okay.
What the fuck are you doing
out there, man? What are you doing?
Box him, Jimmy. Box him, do you hear me?
- Am I cut?
- Yes, you're fuckin' cut.
But listen to me. Stop this fuckin' about!
Keep it fuckin' simple, lad.
Look at me. I want you to box him.
Stay away from those fuckin' hands
of his and box him. Alright?
- Yeah.
- Stay away from him.
Move. Move, alright?
- Ready, corners?
- Ready.
Jimmy, focus.
Round three! Box!
Come on, Jimmy, work!
Come on!
That's it!
That's it, work him!
Stay focused, Jimmy.
Get off them ropes.
Hey! Order!
Oi, oi, oi! Hey! Hey!
What the fuck? Get him out!
- Get off!
- What are you doing?
Get off! What the fuck are you doing?
Keep your fucking eye on things!
You need to watch your man!
He's a fuckin' animal!
Get in your corner! Organise your fighter!
This kid's getting desperate.
He's a bully and you're still here.
Swab. Quick.
He's trying everything he can
to fuck you up.
You just stay tight, alright?
- He just reopened the old cut. Alright?
- Yeah.
Breathe. Breathe!
Come on. Get it up! That's it. Lovely.
Water. Give him some water.
Look at him. He's punctured.
He's punctured, alright?
Now, stay away from him.
I want you rocking and rolling, Jimmy.
Ten seconds!
- Gumshield.
- I want you to move your head.
Give him a fucking hard target to hit.
You hear me?
And start ripping 'em into the body.
Seconds out!
That's it! Good man!
Go on, Jimmy! That's it, work him!
That's it, lovely!
Go on!
Go on! Double up, Jimmy!
Come on!
Get off the ropes!
Come on, man! Get out of there!
Jimmy, get out of there!
Get a stool. Get a stool.
Look at me, Jimmy.
Look at me, son. Are you okay?
You're still here. You're still here.
Swab. Quick, quick.
You need to keep concentrating, son.
You're scrapping with him. Breathe.
I want you to do it
with fucking purpose. Breathe.
Breathe deep. The Hoover's broke.
Good lad.
Give him some water.
Listen to me.
You're taking punishment
you don't need to be taking.
- Do you want this?
- Yeah.
- Then fucking change. Understand?
- Yeah.
Let these punches go, son.
- Let it go.
- Yeah.
- Go on!
- Come on!
Luke is out!
His legacy lives on
in the countless youngsters
that he gave purpose
and direction to in life
down at his beloved
Union Street Amateur Boxing Club.
Let's pray now for those who mourn,
especially for Bill's wife Carol,
brother Tony,
his daughter and grandchildren.
Let's pray.
Father, please comfort us in our pain
and make us deeply aware
of the shortness and uncertainty of life.
Grant us the wisdom and the grace
to use the time left to each of us
on this earth correctly.
Help us to turn from our own wrongdoing
and give us the strength
to find the comfort of your love.
- Amen.
- Amen.
We're now gonna pay our respects to Bill
and we're gonna do that by observing
one of boxing's great traditions.
The ten-bell salute.
The only requirement
for membership is a desire to stop drinking.
There are no dues or fees
for AA membership.
We are self-supporting
through our own contributions.
AA is not allied
with any sect, denomination,
politics, organisation or institution,
does not wish to engage
in any controversy,
neither endorses nor opposes any causes.
Our primary purpose is to stay sober
and help other alcoholics
to achieve sobriety.
- Thanks, Kristina.
- Thanks, Kristina.
Do we have any newcomers to the group?
This isn't to embarrass you,
just to give you the same warm welcome
we received when we came in.
My name's Jimmy, I'm an alcoholic.
Hello, Jimmy.
It's my second meeting.
I've not had a drink in a while
but I know I'm gonna drink again.
And I know I'm gonna drink again
and I can't stop.
And it's killing me.
And I can't fight it, you know?
And I'm a fighter but I can't fight this.
And I think I might need help.
So that's why I'm here.
- Thanks.
- Welcome.