Jawline (2019) Movie Script

[ feet shuffling on grass ]
AUSTYN: Okay, let me see
what my face looks like on the camera.
[ clears throat ]
Okay. Yeah, that's good.
You really got it.
Tell me something funny so I can laugh.
KOBE: Uh...
I'll just look at you.
Go on, just take it.
[ camera shutter clicks ]
Nah, bro.
No, no, another one, another one.
Tell me when you're ready.
[ camera shutter clicks ]
No, that was bad.
[ Austyn laughs ]
[ camera shutter clicks ]
Oh, man, that sun.
Nah, nah, I don't like that one.
This is gonna take like 10 minutes.
AUSTYN: I kind of want to be
looking at my shadow, like...
You wanna just take one of me
like looking at my shadow?
[ camera shutter clicks ]
KOBE: There.
Let me see what that looks like.
I'll save that one, but now just get
a picture of me like right here.
All right, like, yeah.
[ camera shutter clicks ]
[ laughing ] No, bro, that's too close,
bro, that's too close.
[ camera shutter clicks ]
KOBE: Yeah, I think this one looks good.
Nah. Let's just not even get one.
Oh, man!
Ooh, I'll always have this crazy dream.
It don't It don't happen often,
but when it does happen, like,
I always end up running
from a girl that's like...
[ vehicle passing by ]
...possessed or something,
and then she always chases me,
this girl in my nightmares
all the time, no joke.
Like, one time I dreamed I was in,
like, our old school
running from this girl,
like, all the power went off,
and I was running,
and I shut myself in a classroom
and like you know that little
glass window in a door?
And she like punched it and was like
trying to get like through at me.
Oh, my God, it was scary.
Yo, what's up, guys?
I'm going live right now, on YouNow,
and you should come watch.
[ phone beeps ]
Oh! [ laughing ]
One more.
Please, Lord, give me the energy
to do this. Okay.
[ phone beeps ]
Yo, what's up, guys? I'm going live
right now, on YouNow, so come watch.
All right, I'm live right now.
[ computer beeps ]
Hopefully, this will be
a successful broadcast.
All right, guys, so ask me some questions.
What do y'all wanna know about me?
[ beeping continues ]
Is that Leanna or Leeahna?
She's talking about,
"I actually look good right now."
Nicole, you always look good, be quiet.
"I'm at an amusement park right now."
You're at an amusement park
and you're watching me?
Like, shouldn't you be like
riding rides or something?
I've never been to an amusement park.
I'm being serious, guys.
Like, I've been to, like,
a carnival and stuff.
But I've never been, like,
on a roller coaster or something.
[ computer beeps ]
Your birthday is in three days?
Oh, my gosh, dang.
How old will you be?
Um, I'm 16 years old, by the way.
My birthday is on Halloween.
Whoa, thank you for all them likes!
Thank you so much. Hey!
Guys, I don't know if y'all seen,
but I've been, like, postin', like,
kind of like poetry stuff on Twitter,
like, it's actually been pretty good.
Like, I think it's good,
like, oh, my gosh.
Guys, who wants to be guested
to get in the guest box right now?
Ooh! I might guest her.
She's like a fan of mine.
[ bell chimes ]
Hey, what's up?
[ computer beeps ]
Say something.
Don't just throw up signs.
Say something to me.
[ computer beeps ]
All right. Yep, it's laggin'.
My Internet's so terrible.
Yeah, I know I need
better WiFi, guys, sorry.
Guys, I'm actually gonna get off here now,
so thank y'all so much for watching,
of course, guys.
Don't let anybody's opinion stop you
from chasing your dreams, okay?
If you have a dream, you gotta
protect it and chase it, guys.
I love y'all so much.
My social media's in the bio.
Thank y'all so much for watching.
Like, it means a lot, thank y'all.
[ computer beeps ]
Mm, that was it.
Hey, guys, what's up?
How y'all doing?
Those are cool.
AUSTYN: Wanna see the socks
I'm wearing right now?
[ fan laughs ]
FAN: We're in a cabin in the woods.
You wanna see?
Dude, that looks dope.
[ laughing ]
Oh, no!
Oh, yeah?
It's got to shine, baby.
Time to go get dressed.
I got followers from broadcasting.
Every time I'd broadcast,
new people would come watch.
Then that's when people found me, and
I'm like, "Ooh, I like this camera phone."
Oh! Yo, that's so cold.
I'm constantly building up
my own fan base.
I wanna get big while doing
everything on my own.
Let me tell you something.
In this life, there's settlers
and there are adventurers.
All right? Hey, I'm an adventurer.
I'm not gonna settle
in this small little town I live in.
I gotta go explore the world.
I gotta see how big the world is.
[ bubbling sound effects on computer ]
Basically, you get known
on social media.
It kind of opens up
a lot more doors for you.
[ whooshing ]
NARRATOR: In this magical universe,
the Earth is where we stake our claim.
AUSTYN: I feel like that it'd be cool to
call myself famous coming from Kingsport.
'Cause there's nothing
special here, nothing.
NARRATOR: In this vast cosmic wonder,
the possibilities
of exploration are endless.
[ phones chiming, beeping ]
Can you post the fucking video, please?
BRYCE: Where?
MICHAEL: On Twitter.
Go get Bryce.
BOY: Bryce!
I need you to post that video right now.
BRYCE: Okay.
BOY: Post it on Twitter
in your fucking like Instagram story.
And can you send him
his Musical.ly password?
No company works on the weekend!
For the fifth time, Bryce,
Musical.ly is closed.
I said th You didn't tell that to me.
On Monday, we will have
the password to Musical.ly.
[ computer chimes ]
BOY: Now is Sunday.
Even though I have told it
to you 80 times.
Well, tell Can you tell Chris that?
[ computer beeps ]
[ keyboard clacking ]
[ pop music on computer ]
MICHAEL: There's no shortage of people
wanting to be famous on social media.
Every social media kid you can think of,
there's too many of them.
[ taps key, music stops ]
MICHAEL: Everyone's seen
that you can get famous from it
and make money and they're like,
"okay, let's jump on it."
But you cannot simply just make content,
you need a team
and people working for your goals.
Most kids starting out are not gonna know
the CEO of Instagram,
they're not gonna be able
to call up Marne, the COO,
and be like, "Hey, um, verify me."
Like, you can't do that.
That took me years
to get those connections
and be able to like literally go visit
Instagram office every day,
if I want to and stuff.
Like, no new kid is gonna be able to just
walk into the doors of Instagram,
one of the most prestigious
and secretive platforms.
Um, it doesn't work like that.
I literally can hit
"request to verify badge" right here,
type in the name and send,
and they're verified.
This is not something that everyone has.
I'm the only manager in all
of social media that has this portal.
BRYCE: Is Kay asleep?
Don't forget the Old Navy campaign,
that has to be done before we leave.
We have to shoot the Old Navy thing.
MICHAEL: No kid who's trying
to do it without a team
is going to be able to build a brand
while building themselves.
It's nearly impossible.
Bitch, sit down!
[ rap music plays on phone ]
It's posting.
There's your content.
MICHAEL: It's the clothes thing
that you picked.
"Mikey will be debating which
Old Navy outfit to wear before school,
"and at the end, he grabs his backpack,
"which expresses through
a quick nod/acknowledgment
"that he's excited
about his final outfit choice
for his first day."
[ boy laughs ]
MIKEY: Before I met Michael,
I had 15,000 followers on Instagram.
Now I have 300,000,
and it's been how long?
Like si...
MICHAEL: Not even six months, probably.
MICHAEL: There are a lot of managers
out there who just like
don't know what they're doing.
When I'm trying to sign a client,
I'm like, "Do you want a 40yearold
who hasn't been on social media ever,
or do you want someone who's your age?"
I live it every day.
"Mikey and Bryce, shave your head."
Yeah, go shave your head for this.
No, you should shave your head.
I'll shave you after this broadcast.
At a hundred a hundred K likes,
Mikey will shave his head.
MIKEY: Dude, I would never shave
my head for a hundred K likes.
MICHAEL: The nature
of this social media business is
making as much money
as quick as you can.
Because everything has
a expiration date and a time limit.
It's 20K now,
so you have to do something.
Dude, screw you. Like...
Do a handstand.
Let's test that out.
MICHAEL: My goal is to capture the ones
that I think are better than the rest,
take them, rebrand them, monopolize that,
so that everyone
who's not part of that vision
is taken out of the industry
so that it keeps quality control up
and more money in my pocket.
You're so red.
Oh, dude, that just hurt my brain.
Now we have 53,000 likes.
MICHAEL: It's like the gold rush.
Right now is like literally
the social media gold rush.
AUSTYN: Want in?
[ dog barks ]
Want in?
[ dog barks ]
All right, stay outside.
[ sighs ]
All right, let me look good.
I gotta look good for the camera.
[ computer pings ]
Yo, what's up, guys?
I'm live right now, on YouNow.
The name's below.
Come watch. Let's spread
some positivity and love, so come watch.
What else do you got to do?
Come watch. Name's below.
[ computer beeps ]
Noelle, what's up?
Noelle, Noelle, yo, Noelle, Noe
Yo! All right, here, I got a freakin'...
I gotta fan you, too.
Oh, I'm already fanning you. Oh, actually,
I fanned you, I fanned you again.
I just wanna tell y'all guys, any time
you feel like you ain't worth anything,
or you just feel like no one cares
about you or you're not good enough,
let me tell you something,
you are good enough.
That's what makes us beautiful,
we're like one of a kind, we're different.
But a lot of us choose to like
be like everyone else,
but we should just, like, remember
that we're different from everyone else.
All right, let's get in the guest queue,
get in the guest queue,
let's talk right now.
[ cat meows ]
[ computer beeps ]
AUSTYN: Yo, what's up, Jessica?
[ insects chirruping ]
[ dog barks ]
[ dog barks in distance ]
Just got an email from YouNow.
Let's see that big checks
that's comin' in.
Oh. I earned $46 last month,
that's not bad.
Me and you
Mark direct deposit.
It's like fans pay real money
for the gifts.
And then when they pay for these gifts,
they can give you the gifts
that'll go across your screen or whatever.
So basically, when people spend points,
they get shoutouts and stuff.
They get shouts theirselves out.
Some people wanna get shouts,
so they spend money on your broadcast.
Like they say, the maximum you can
check out in a day is a thousand dollars.
I'd be so happy if I got
$1,000 in one day.
Oh, my gosh!
[ cat meowing ]
How do y'all let the dishes
get this high?
Yeah, stop trying to act
like you don't, dude.
I don't, I wash mine.
AUSTYN: Wait, can vegans eat cereal?
Like me, I believe I could eat
I could be vegan,
as long as I don't eat anything that like,
any type of food that harms a cow.
Milking a cow don't harm them, does it?
No. Nah.
I can eat some cereal.
DONAVAN: Austyn,
he's kind of soft at heart.
He don't like to admit that stuff,
but he really is,
like, he's a kid at heart.
I wanna see him succeed.
Like, I'd rather see
my brother succeed than myself.
I believe in my brother so much.
I'll always be there to push him.
Austyn's smart.
He's got that potential about him.
He's got that strive about him.
The life they've had has taught them
to be the way that they are.
I mean, their dad, I mean, he never
contributed anything to nothing
except for drugs and alcohol
and beating me and beating them.
That's it.
And it's been a struggle.
I just want them to succeed in life
and do something with their life
and their life not be miserable,
you know, like mine's been.
They're the only things that's kept me
going through the years
and why it's not miserable.
AUSTYN: Remember, when you're faced
with problems in life,
look at them from
a different perspective, you know,
'cause sometimes the problems are
just like a lesson that's learned in life.
And remember, life's not perfect.
You're gonna experience bad days
and good days.
You're gonna have days where you
just don't even try and live anymore,
but you got to remind yourself
this is a part of life.
But I love you guys so much.
Peace, te amo.
[ train whistle blowing ]
AUSTYN [ rapping ]:
Yo, yo, yo, yo, check this
Mom, she's struggling with the bills
Never really had the father figure
'Cause he's too busy popping pills
Yeah, really talkin' about this
really got me in my feels
I'm the master at Call of Duty,
I'm merc'ing up on them kills
Oh, shit!
CASHIER: Hey, what can I get for you?
AUSTYN: Um, I want a Big Pal,
cheese, plain, with extra cheese,
and a large fry with extra salt.
Thank you.
[ cashier speaks indistinctly ]
Thank you.
Whoa! It's cold.
AUSTYN: What's up there, yo, yo, yo?
JARA BROTHERS: Yo, yo, yo!
Told ya.
JOVANI: GoonSquad rollin' up.
JULIAN: I'm Julian.
JOVANI: I'm Jovani.
For the first question... GabrielX3g.
She said, "What's a goal
you really want to accomplish?"
I love this question.
If y'all don't know, me and Jovani
are all about goalsetting.
They're always spreading
positivity on social media.
Which is like kind of my goal,
to spread positivity on
Well, not really a goal,
'cause I do it anyways, but, like,
they're everything they do
is like positive.
Like every time they're talking
to a fan or something,
they're like always positive, so...
"You cannot change the world,
but you can change someone's world."
That's what you guys should do every day.
Like, we need more positivity
and just live life.
[ fans screaming ]
Like... that'd be nice to have that.
See, like all these people
like look up to them, it's so crazy.
[ screaming continues ]
[ screaming continues ]
Fame to me is really important.
When you become famous,
you have a lot of people
that look up to you.
And so when I can get famous,
so I can become really positive
and influence them,
and then they become positive
and they influence others.
My dream is not to get famous,
and then that's just it.
My goal is to get famous,
the money comes, and then I start
helping the world.
I'm trying to prove that, no matter
what your current situation is,
you can do what you want to in this life.
[ kitten meowing ]
Hey, Mimi.
DONAVAN: Hey, I feel refreshed. I...
I don't feel a hangover or anything.
I feel refreshed.
I need to get a job
and start getting money,
I need to save up for college.
[ Mimi meows ]
DONAVAN: I'm hungry, but I know when
my ass goes in there and looks for food,
there's not gonna be shit to eat.
You wanna know one thing I can say?
Ever since we was little,
like up until like eighth grade,
stuff started like getting better.
Like, less like...
Yeah, less poor.
Like we're still poor, but like less.
[ laughs softly ]
AUSTYN: Oh, my gosh, it's hot!
[ cat meows ]
[ water flowing ]
Here, dude, let me go in first.
Let's go down there.
DONAVAN: Dude, I don't think you should.
[ grunts ]
DONAVAN: Yep, how cold?
AUSTYN: Whoo! It's icecold, boy.
AUSTYN: Oh! Whoo! Oh!
DONAVAN: I'm scared to do it.
I don't think I could, uh...
AUSTYN: No! Oh! Oh! Oh, jeez.
DONAVAN: Holy fuck!
[ Austyn laughs ]
DONAVAN: Oh, fuck. Oh!
I'm tired of living here.
Like, I wanna go somewhere different
and meet new people and stuff like that,
have new friends.
And just, I don't know, get my own place.
I want like an apartment
or something like that.
It'd be nice.
I was thinking it'd be cool to go to LA.
DONAVAN: Yeah. I mean,
yeah, I'd like to go there, too.
I like Tennessee, don't get me wrong,
but I just hate this part of it.
Hopefully I can, like,
get out of Kingsport,
go somewhere nice.
AUSTYN: Man, look at how fat, man.
[ laughs ] Damn, look at
[ Donavan speaking indistinctly ]
AUSTYN: [ snickers ] Look at that,
look at this, man, that's a...
This will feed a family for a month.
[ laughs ] God.
DONAVAN: Only thing that scares me
is the cold water, that's it.
AUSTYN: I ain't scared
of the deep, like, dark green water.
Oh, God, I'm out of breath.
Thank you, Sophia Horton.
Thank you, Natreese.
I hope I said that right for the likes.
Thank you, Olivia. Dang, girls.
All right, stop giving me likes.
Now, y'all stop being so nice.
I can't have that.
I can't have that.
It's funny, a lot of people,
it's like, "You're happy all the time."
Like, no, a lot of times
I am happy a lot of times,
but sometimes even when I'm not happy,
I fake it because this is what
I fake it till I make it, you know.
Even when I'm not happy,
I'm gonna try to act happy
so like at least me acting happy,
maybe that will turn
my emotions into happiness,
because like when I'm having a bad day,
I hope that I'm so positive
that other people, they become positive.
So I'll just go look at them and stuff.
Like, yeah, like it's high school,
what are you gonna do?
You're there for four years of your life,
just get over it.
And half the people...
[ continues indistinctly ]
[ meows ]
AUSTYN: My life's not been easy.
I don't have a mom
who can pay my phone bill,
who can buy me a MacBook,
who can buy me clothes.
My mom can't do that.
And I want that money because,
you know, it kind of gives me
more opportunity to invest in myself.
People of this town,
they're not awake and...
they're not aware.
They're, they're so programmed to where,
go to school, get good grades.
If you get a A, you're smart.
If you get a F, you're stupid.
Then you get a job and you have a family,
and then you get old, you die.
They're fucking okay with that shit.
I wanna live something
different every day.
Like, I wanna move to LA because
that's like where dreams come true.
That's where dreams become reality.
Social media people go there to get big
in the social media industry,
collab with other people, that's where
all the entertainment is for me.
Like, my dreams can become reality.
[ fireworks whistling, popping ]
That's it.
MICHAEL: Okay, time to leave.
Time to go! [ laughs ]
Bryce is throwing things at me!
Gimme the ball.
[ chatting, laughter ]
[ ball bouncing ]
[ ball bouncing ]
MICHAEL: Bryce, Tyler, video time?
Where do you wanna film? Here?
BRYCE: Uh...
Yes. You're gonna do the damn video.
BRYCE: I don't have a camera,
my camera got stolen.
We're gonna find a camera.
It looks like there's a camera
right there on the counter.
[ Bryce groans ]
Is that yours?
BRYCE: No, it's not.
Is that Kay's?
BRYCE: I don't know whose that is.
That's probably Jules'.
BRYCE: Can we do something else? Like...
BRYCE: I was just on broadcast
for 35 minutes.
Okay, I'm sorry you had
to work for 45 minutes,
now you're gonna film a video.
BRYCE: Yeah, but I have a video
all ready to edit.
Great, powerful. That's the whole point
of Tyler coming here is we're
gonna film this video.
BRYCE: I have literally
no energy right now.
Like, can we go eat somewhere?
MICHAEL: No. There's groceries here.
I'm not feeling it.
MICHAEL: Okay, then you
should have ate before.
BRYCE: Like... What do you mean?
I woke up at like 11:45.
Remember, the whole point
of while they're here is this today,
like, can you not...?
BRYCE: Yeah.
Can you just be...?
BRYCE: I need to eat to get some energy.
Okay, go to the fucking kitchen.
BRYCE: There's nothing in there.
Yes, there is. We have
BRYCE: Go look.
MICHAEL: What would you like, a sandwich?
I need like a salad to like
MICHAEL: Great, we have a protein bar.
That's healthy.
Salad, I need a salad.
MICHAEL: Okay, great, we have
vegetables right here.
I bought salad mix.
All right, make a salad then.
MICHAEL: If you wanna waste
everyone's time who's here
my time, Liza's time, their time,
everyone's time,
the whole reason Tyler came
all the way over here do that.
I need you to actually
film and do that video, for real.
That's the whole point
of this whole thing.
That's why everyone's here
and that's why they stayed the night,
like that's the whole point.
Legit, bro?
AYO & TEO: I just want
a Rolly Rolly Rolly with a dab of ranch
I already got some designer
to hold up my pants
I just want some ice on my wrist
[ song muffled ]
So I look better when I dance
Have you lookin' at it,
put you in a trance, I just want a...
GPS: In 50 feet, turn left.
MICHAEL: Turn left? I never go left.
MIKEY: Oh, my God.
Well, we're gonna wreck again.
I can't believe you guys have to see this.
We threw a party.
We had several social media kids
over, as always.
[ clicks tongue ]
Then he proceeded to grab my face
and make out with me.
I moved to LA because I thought
that it would be a better place
for us to be to make more connections,
because other people do live here,
like everyone in social media
eventually moves here.
MIKEY: Oh, there's Wes right there.
MIKEY: Wes is right there.
MICHAEL: Wes! Wessie!
MIKEY: Yo, Wes!
MICHAEL: LA is the center
and the headquarter of social media.
If people in the middle of nowhere,
like Tennessee
or wherever, they don't necessarily have
like the opportunity
to walk down the street
and run into their friend Wes like we did,
who has 10 million followers.
GPS: Turn left.
[ horn blaring ]
What? Oh, I'm supposed
to be able to turn here, but...
GPS: Turn left.
This fucking traffic light.
Okay, well.
MIKEY: That's left on red.
I'm gonna go anyways.
[ horn honks ]
Why is everyone honking?
I'm not even doing anything.
I hate driving in LA so much.
People don't do that in Nashville.
They're like, "Come on, sweetie."
GPS: In 100 feet...
MICHAEL: Shopping on Rodeo,
everyone actually listens to me,
and then I give them my money.
It's like its own little world
out here of class.
Plus, I love shopping and luxury, so...
I do wanna go to Saint Laurent.
I also would like to go
to Gucci and to Cartier.
I gotta buy a new Chanel piece.
I never get a vacation,
so my vacation is going to Rodeo
to buy what I need to buy.
I like to buy people things
to let them know that they mean
something to me or whatever.
I don't know why, but...
So like I came here yesterday
and bought him that ring.
It's just like its own little world
of peace and happiness.
FAN: Oh, my God.
How are you? What's your name?
Phoenix, how are you?
Oh, my God.
MIKEY: Have a good day.
MICHAEL: Today's been so stressful.
I wanna go home, get a full massage.
Do you want a massage today?
MIKEY: Like sure.
MICHAEL: I can order pedicures
on the house, too, I think.
MIKEY: Also sure.
[ rustling ]
Yeah, here, I'm sorry, it's really
It's like stinky and stuff in here.
Sometimes, like, there'll...
Underneath this right here,
there'll be like a fungus that grows
and I'll have to pick it up.
AUSTYN: [ laughing ]
Eww, I didn't know that!
[ laughs ] Ah!
DONAVAN: And then, like,
this is from my exgirlfriend.
I found out she cheated on me.
So I punched that hole.
When you're growing up as a child,
you really, like, you're blind to stuff,
like you don't realize a lot of stuff
because, like, you're still growing.
So you really don't, like,
pay attention to it,
but, like, you still remember it
when you get older.
Like I remember like when my dad
would get mad at me
and all of the sudden,
he'd like pick up stuff
AUSTYN: A broom.
Yeah, a broom, ashtrays, shoes.
He would like just chuck that shit at us.
My mom would be at work
and I guess my dad didn't wanna watch us,
so he would leave us in a room all day,
and so my mama would come
to our window sometimes
and like give us food through our window.
Yeah. Everyone wants to like be
somebody in life.
Everyone wants to like make it
and like live comfortable.
And opportunity does come across you
some point in your life.
It's just like whether you're
smart enough to see it or take it.
[ phone chimes ]
Austyn, I feel like you need to like
get your fans some way
to like promote your stuff,
like get it more noticed
and more out there.
AUSTYN: It's hard getting famous.
It's a little bit hard, actually.
Yeah. Austyn's been doing
what he's been doing
for like four years.
AUSTYN: Three years.
Three years.
AUSTYN: I was broadcasting two years
on YouNow before I even got noticed, so...
I mean, Austyn, like, like,
he's like on the right track.
Like, he has good looks
and stuff like that,
and he's like kind of motivational,
and like that's like what people want.
[ bouncy synthetic music on computer ]
Yo, yo, yo!
GoonSquad rolling up again.
In Chicago, and as you guys may know,
the event was postponed...
But that doesn't stop us
from meeting you guys.
[ electronic music continues ]
[ music stops ]
AUSTYN: Put your feet up
right here on the side.
Now... Oh shit, oh shit.
Yo, what's up, guys?
I will be at the Johnson City Mall
this Thursday at 4 p. m.,
at the food court in the mall.
So be there, 4 p. m. Eastern time, baby.
Yo, what's up, guys?
I will be at the Johnson City...
Now I'm gonna upload on Instagram, too.
Yo, what's up, guys?
I will be at the Johnson City Mall...
[ message repeating, echoing ]
...this Thursday at 4 p. m.
at the food court in the mall.
So be there, 4 p. m. Eastern time, baby.
...at the food court in the mall.
Yo, what's up, guys?
I will be at the Johnson City Mall
this Thursday at 4 p. m...
FAN: You know that feeling
where you'd know
somebody's gonna
succeed in something?
That's him, that's Austyn.
He's more mature
and like more caring and sweet,
and like the boys and everybody else
are more like, yeah, really rude.
FAN 2: He's really helped me out
with all the insecurities and everything.
He values a woman for what she is.
There should be more guys like that.
AUSTYN: Hey, how you doing?
How you doing?
How Um, where
Do you live close to here?
No, I drove two hours.
Two hours?
I've been waiting for three hours.
AUSTYN: That is so long.
Where y'all...?
FAN: I've been waiting
for seven months to meet you.
Seven months? Ooh, that's super long.
You wanna get a picture together?
FAN: Yeah, but I'm like shaking.
Well, don't shake, it's all right.
[ shutter clicks ]
Dang! Oh!
FAN: Same over here.
Then I'm gonna have to leave.
Yo, we're gonna look at some makeup
'cause I... I don't know, like
I already spent like over $80 in there.
Really? Okay.
[ camera shutter clicks ]
FAN: This is amazing.
AUSTYN: I don't know.
[ indiscernible conversation, laughter ]
I would, like, pay for you
to get on one of those.
Oh, my God, please get on one of those.
Please, get on one of those.
Here you go.
Come on, Austyn.
Take it.
AUSTYN: No. No, we're
just gonna walk around.
Austyn Tester, take the money.
And go get your little thing.
FAN: Austyn,
whateveryourmiddlenameis, Tester.
[ camera shutters clicking ]
Thank you.
He's actually gonna do it.
[ indiscernible conversation ]
[ fans laughing ]
AUSTYN: I mean, this goes fast.
You'll never catch me.
I'm leaving y'all!
[ fans giggling ]
[ camera shutters clicking ]
[ Austyn imitates engine revving ]
[ giggling ] Just stay with him?
It's making some sounds on me.
FAN: He's just staring.
AUSTYN: Look how cute this is.
You know how much horsepower
this horse has?
[ fans giggling ]
FAN: That was actually really...
That was actually good,
that was a good one.
FAN 2: Austyn don't break
anything, either, please.
FAN 3: Do you want me to take
the picture for you?
FAN 4: Yeah, pose for
your photo shoot, Austyn.
FAN 5: Yeah.
[ indistinct chatter ]
AUSTYN: I'm so short.
All of you are like as tall as me.
She's 11 and she's like as tall as me.
FAN: Yeah.
FAN 2: You are short.
FAN 3: You're much shorter
than I thought you were.
FAN 4: Oh, give me a kiss. [ giggling ]
FAN 5: Okay, one, two, three...
FAN: Time to go.
Will you come hang out with me tomorrow?
Maybe. Maybe tomorrow.
It depends what I'm doing.
Okay, well, here, will you text me?
Your friend has one or has my number.
[ huffs ]
What, do you want me to text you now?
AUSTYN: How do I spell your name?
Do you even know my name?
Yes, Michelle.
FAN: Probably not.
You can try to spell it first
and then I'll tell you.
I got you.
If he spelled my name wrong,
this is not gonna be okay.
Yes, good job!
Dude, I'm good.
FAN: Okay, squeeze in.
FAN 2: I'll just
No, come on.
Oh, really?
Are we getting a photo,
or what are we doing?
Yeah. Can I have a smoochy one?
[ camera shutter clicks ]
Oh, I got it.
FAN: I feel loved.
That was great.
FAN: I like my Internet friends
more than, like, my friends at school,
because my friends online,
they're a lot nicer to me.
I feel like my friends at school
don't like me very much.
They're just kind of rude to me.
FAN 2: Bullying is
a huge part of my school,
because they just think it's okay
to point out either your flaws
or something you like and just
try to tell you it's like wrong.
FAN 3: I'm dyslexic
and a lot of my friends,
they forget I have it and they always
make fun of me and everything
'cause I speak weird.
I just try my best to ignore it.
FAN 4: I used to be bullied a lot.
I got so sick and tired of it
and started crying and cutting myself.
FAN 5: I just remember that like
I have the Internet
and I have all the good things
on the Internet,
and that just kind of keeps me going.
FAN 6: Broadcasting,
it feels kind of weird,
but it also feels like you have a family.
I think it's really cool to be able
to relate to other people
and maybe that I'm relatable
to other people.
FAN 7: When someone notices me,
I feel really happy and excited
and just kind of glad that they noticed me
out of a bunch of people.
FAN 8: They're like those friends
that I've never had and I wish I had.
I feel like their joy is making us happy
and making us feel
like we mean something.
The fact that they're popular
and they act like that,
it's really incredible
how they're so nice to us.
Like, I feel like he's a friend,
but he doesn't know yet that we're...
we have a connection, I guess.
I just feel like they're like family
to me sometimes,
because, like, they always say, like,
"I'm there for you"
and "don't cut yourself."
So that I stopped doing that
because they told me to.
Both of our parents
were on narcotics growing up,
so my stage of what
she went through was early on.
I didn't have something like this
where I could like watch videos online
or anything like that.
Yo, LA!
[ fans cheering ]
Are you guys ready?
[ cheering continues ]
I wanna hear y'all scream!
[ fans screaming ]
[ music playing ]
Let's go!
FAN: Whoo!
Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!
[ excited chattering ]
We love you!
[ fans shouting ]
[ screaming, cheering ]
Mom, are you recording?
Did you take pictures?
FAN'S MOM: What, of you? Yes.
No, on that phone,
you hit that little white button.
You told me
Hit that white button.
Don't take it on your phone, no, don't.
[ excited chattering ]
Take a picture.
Oh my God.
[ excited chattering ]
[ shrieking ] What?
Did he really? What? No!
[ indiscernible conversation ]
[ horns honking ]
FAN: What? Hug again?
I gotta hug again.
All right, see you tomorrow.
FAN: I'm actually in cyber school
because of bullying.
And I never really talk to any guys
outside of sch
like, outside of like
where my hometown is.
So, like, I just watch them all the time
and it always makes me smile.
At first I didn't understand it.
I'm like, she's like, "Look at this,"
and I was like...
"Well, how did you meet them?"
She's like, and she explained it to me,
and we would sit and watch it together
and, you know, I'd get a kick out of it.
I think they're hysterical.
It's so different from having them
on your phone to seeing them in real life.
It just, it makes me so happy,
like, just knowing that they're
standing right next to me
means the world to me.
Even though it's through a screen,
I think it's okay that way.
[ crickets chirping ]
Daydream look in my eye...
Look how good I look.
I look freaking good right here, dude.
...that I like
when we go crashing...
I got 150.7 thousand heart.
We never go out of style
I know things get hard,
but, girl, you got it, girl
You got it, there you go
Can't you tell by how they lookin'
at you everywhere you go?
Wonderin' what's on your mind...
Dude, I was getting good,
like I was like 4,000, 2,000, 2,000...
I was doing good.
And then, fudge, I stopped.
That's what consistence That's what
happens when you stop being consistent.
You lose likes.
Ja... Fudgeja.
DONAVAN: Austyn,
what song you gonna do?
[ playing songs on phone ]
[ Austyn sighs ]
DONAVAN: That's a good song.
DRAKE: You need to get done,
done, done, done at work, come over
[ music stops ]
[ phone chimes ]
Got that messy sexy lake hair.
DRAKE: You need to...
AUSTYN: [ singing along ] Get done,
done, done, done at work, come over
Just need to slow the motion
[ mumbling lyrics ]
Ah, damn, I messed up.
You need to study it more.
[ laughter ]
It's like I'm taking a test!
What's a song that you do know
that you haven't posted yet?
But that's the point,
you're supposed to learn something.
No, but you can do that, but for now
just do a song that you know by heart.
All right, well, I've already
put in too much work on this.
[ singing along ] You need
to get done, done, done, done
At work, come over
AUSTYN: No, I gotta do better, like...
DONAVAN: I feel like you're kind of off.
AUSTYN: I just gotta
get to know the songs.
DRAKE: We just need to slow the motion,
don't give that away to no one
Long distance, I need you...
Now, I really Now, probably
the next one, I probably got it.
You need to get done, done, done, done
At work, come over
We just need to slow the motion...
[ Chloe speaking indistinctly ]
DONAVAN: [ whispering ] Shut up!
Give this away to no one...
All right, hopefully,
this is the masterpiece.
DONAVAN: Let's see it.
You need to get done, done, done, done
At work, come over
We just need to slow the motion
DONAVAN: Yeah, that one there.
It's like, whoosh...
DONAVAN: [ laughing ] Okay, fucking great.
[ girl laughing ]
All right, is that it?
A successful Musical.ly, bro.
DRAKE: Okay, you need
to get done, done, done, done
At work, come over
[ lipsyncing ]
We just need to slow the motion
Don't give that away to no one
DRAKE: I don't know what to do
When I get to see you
I just wanna call you "Boo"
If you were alone, I would talk to you
You just say you thought
it was the afternoon
Baby, now that I know that you're
gonna, gonna, gonna go, you stay over
AUSTYN: You work hard
at something you love,
every day, you're gonna get results.
Yo, but honestly, no, imagine
if I wrote y'all letters...
AUSTYN: I go live every single day,
if I make Musical.lys every single day,
if I post Instagram pictures every day,
being consistent, I'm guaranteed fame.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
All right, let's guest my girlfriend.
I have not guested them forever.
FAN: Hi.
Hey, uh, girlfriend.
FAN: Hi, um, boyfriend.
Oh, my gosh.
Kansy, how you doing?
He guested me!
GIRL: Who?
GIRL: For real?
GIRL: He guested you?
Gonna be here on Friday night!
He's adorable!
If she looks right!
[ girls giggling ]
You wearing any makeup right now?
I don't use makeup.
You don't use makeup?
You look freakin' so good.
Like, oh my even without
you wearing makeup, Nicole.
Wake up, he guested me, oh my God!
[ giggles ] He guested me,
I'm gonna die. Look!
Oh, my God, I'm so shaky.
Oh, my God, I love you so much.
You're amazing, you're beautiful,
you're smart, you're awesome,
you're creative, you're amazing, man.
[ sniffs ]
And... my worst days, like,
have been turned to my best days
because of y'all.
AUSTYN: I got an email
from the social media agency.
They, like, try to get people big.
I'm excited. You should have heard me
when I first got the email.
I was... whew! Yeah, it was awesome.
I can't believe this.
I'm talking to 'em
I'm talking to the guy tomorrow,
at 4 p. m. on the phone,
with my mom, and...
I hope everything goes well, like...
Hopefully it won't be like a scam.
It'll be cool.
Hopefully I can be on tour.
If I could be on tour soon
and everything works out
like it safe, everything is good...
I'm droppin' this video.
I will post this video.
This is before I'm famous.
This is...
It is 10:06 p.m.
I'm not famous right now.
Hopefully I'll be famous soon
and I'm just gonna tell you
this, guys, just...
Whatever you want in life, go get it.
[ distant siren wailing ]
AGENT: When I found Austyn,
I was on YouNow.
I was just like browsing through
the different broadcasters,
and I saw this one kid.
He had four people watching him,
but his energy that he had
was as if like...
there's 400 people watching him.
He had 2,000 followers, like nothing.
We have never actually went
and found an artist from like scratch.
You know, where it's like nothing,
and I picked them up and developed them
into being a great social media star.
But I think, with the right guidance,
like we can do that for him.
We usually begin
by putting them on the tour,
enabling them to be able to go
and interact with fans.
BARBER: What's up, dude?
Not much.
BARBER: Are you gonna tour out in like
out West, like California or something?
BARBER: I'm proud of you, man.
I've been... cutting your hair
for a couple years now, just seeing
the progression, it's pretty exciting.
If you had the option,
would you move there?
AUSTYN: I'd like to be an actor,
so if I had to absolutely
move down there, I would.
Keep doing your thing, man.
I'm proud of you, bro.
AGENT: We have to be able
to get them prepped for the tour.
You have to adjust yourself
to fit in somewhat
in order to succeed
in the entertainment business,
because it's all aesthetics.
You have to be understanding of that,
because otherwise you won't succeed.
Yo, what's up, guys?
Ooh, my eyebrows look so good
but, dude, it hurts so bad
getting these done.
But they look good.
AGENT: These kids, they don't have
the right business mindset
to just get up and say,
"Okay, well, I'm gonna go
and meet with these fans in this city
at this date, at this time."
Somebody needs to come
and enable that for them,
which helps them excel their career
way further than they would be able to
if they were to do it by themselves.
[ camera shutter clicks ]
Yo, guys, I got some good news.
I'm going to Houston to meet
with my manager,
and it turns out that my manager
also manages Julian and Jovani.
But I'm super really stoked
to meet them and stuff.
I'm not gonna fanboy over them
or anything.
I've been following them
for a while, though.
They have like
sixhundredsomethousand followers,
but I'm super stoked to get with them,
and hopefully they teach me a lot.
[ funky music playing ]
I really wanna see you
You got my love, it's on
Been thinking 'bout you all day
Can't wait to get home
Open up the app, baby,
let's go live from your phone
Well, what are you, like,
wanting to know about tours?
Well, basically, uh,
how I can be a likable person.
JOVANI: Go to sleep early
on the days of the show,
because you'll wake up
tired and exhausted.
You get exhausted really quick on tour,
so like, especially if you fly a lot
and like travel a lot, it's like
I wouldn't mess with sleep, honestly.
Like I would get a lot of sleep.
Well, what advice would you give for me?
Like broadcasting, like, I know y'all
started out with less viewers.
Is it just like consistency?
JOVANI: Yeah, stay consistent, you know.
Make sure you're always giving back
to your followers.
And, like, be yourself.
The thing is, you have to find, like,
who yourself is, like who you wanna show.
Who yourself are.
AUSTYN: [ laughs ]
"Who yourself are"?
[ laughing ] Yeah.
"Who yourself is" don't make sense, bro.
AUSTYN: "Who yourself are"
don't make sense, either.
[ indiscernible conversation ]
Or, just "who yourself are."
Find who you are.
Find who you are.
Yeah, find who you are.
There you go.
There we go.
[ laughing ]
AUSTYN: Really, I feel like
you're successful,
uh, when you can go outside
and just have a fan come up to you,
like at the lights, and cry
and get a picture with you.
That's pretty successful.
What's up?
[ computer chimes ]
Hey, guys.
[ computer beeps ]
How's everyone's day been?
Comment below, terrible?
And if your day's been bad,
tell me why your day's bad.
I wanna know that.
'Cause... yeah.
Comment where you're from.
I wanna know where y'all are from.
From Mississippi, Dallas.
Indonesia? Wow.
That's crazy. That's super cool.
Um, Houston, oh.
Oh! I'm in the Houston area, too.
Houston's a big city.
I've only been here like a week
and a couple of days.
Um, wait, so where are you from?
Are you like...
Wow, that's so cool.
Oh, by the way, you look pretty,
so if someone hasn't told you that today,
thought I'd tell you, you look pretty.
Thank you.
Um, I wanna tell y'all
why I'm in Houston.
I'm in Houston to like...
came here, like, to pursue my dreams.
I just wanna let y'all know that.
I wouldn't be here in Houston right now
if I would have gave up
on like trying to broadcast and stuff,
when people call me "gay" and bad names
for like broadcasting.
You know what, if you're,
if you have your right mindset
and you have your heart set
on what you wanna do in life,
or where you wanna go,
you just have to go do it.
Don't let anybody stop you
from doing it, guys.
[ excited chattering ]
[ cheering, screaming ]
[ indistinct chatter ]
JULIAN: We all look funny, man.
JOVANI: I look like I was forced
to take a picture.
That's full of fashion.
AUSTYN: My picture's not on there.
Look, I see me on there.
You just gotta use your imagination.
I'm like... I'm right there.
[ fans cheering, stomping ]
Hey, you might wanna
rub that in a little bit more.
Oh, yeah? It is.
AUSTYN: It looks like foundation.
It is foundation?
Is it like a healthy foundation, too?
It smells good, don't it?
No, don't spray it on me.
No, I'm not spraying it on you.
Dude, I hate this nervous feeling.
[ fans cheering in distance ]
Oh, God.
Does this mean I'm about to go up?
Which... Is it already on?
Is it already on?
It's on.
So turn it on and you... there you go.
AUSTYN: All right.
[ fans cheering ]
Yo, what's up, LA?
[ cheering ]
How are you doing today?
I wanna tell y'all
these true facts about me.
You gotta see if these
are true or false, all right?
I'll start with you, all right?
Yesterday was my first day
ever flying on an airplane.
True or false?
It's true! Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
I'm actually super nervous and shaky
for this show, true or false?
[ Austyn laughs ]
AUSTYN: Okay, okay, yeah, it's true.
Oh, my God!
CONTESTANT: Don't be shaky.
I know, I'm so nervous.
All right, eh, who wants
to get in my Snapchat video?
[ fans cheering ]
Three, two, one...
Make some noise!
[ upbeat electronic music
playing over dialogue ]
Make some noise!
[ fans cheering ]
[ fans laughing, chatting indistinctly ]
Are you excited, San Diego?
Make some noise!
FAN: We love you!
[ cheering ]
[ lock clicks ]
AUSTYN: Oh! Ooh, that's dope.
Oh, my God.
What's up, YouTube?
You better subscribe.
[ muffled cheering ]
You've got to be yourself...
[ continuing indistinctly ]
Do what you love, do it...
[ fans cheering ]
No matter where I am in the world,
no matter where you are,
we can all still see the moon.
I gotta tell you what the stars look like
from all these different places.
If you was here and I could tell you
something, I'd be like...
just live for this moment
'cause this moment creates the future.
[ birds singing ]
Everyone has a opportunity
that comes to them in their life.
You just have to see it and,
you know, make the right decision
whether to take it or not,
and it came to Austyn and he made
the smart decision by taking it.
And I'm proud of him for that, honestly.
Like, it's wack living here.
It's the same stuff every day.
I'm wanting to move somewhere.
Like, I have so many things
that I want to do, but like...
all the things that I want to do in life,
it'll take years to like get done.
What up, Jacob?
JACOB: What's up, Austyn?
JACOB: My bad.
DONAVAN: No, you're straight.
BRYCE: Holy crap!
Tour starts literally this week.
There's gonna be an amazing
meetandgreet where we get to hug
and like take pictures with all of you.
And after that, we're gonna put on
a concert for you guys
and goof around on stage.
Also have musical talent,
unlike ourselves.
[ laughing ]
MIKEY: We can't wait to meet
all of you guys
so definitely get your tickets
so you can meet us. We are so excited.
Can't wait to see you guys
on DigiTour Good Times.
We'll see you there.
[ indistinct announcement over PA ]
Um... how the fuck are you doing that?
Doing what?
Like, I'm way too homosexual to eat
pizza out of a cardboard box in a airport.
You're way too homosexual?
Yeah, it's like I need a fork.
STEWARDESS: Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard.
Once you have located your seat,
we ask you that you please
step out of the aisle.
So, if you guys want to look
at this page with me really quick
while I talk through it with you.
What this meeting is about is more about
just getting you on page
with what's gonna happen in the show.
I have a feeling, because
all of you have been on tour before,
that we can get through this.
So take this, and one is for you.
Pass this to him.
So we're basically just gonna rehearse.
All you have to do is walk on stage,
say, "Hey, what's up?"
And then move to the side.
[ rap music on computer ]
All right, Portland!
We about to take this shit to the top!
[ laughs ]
Please welcome to the stage...
What's up?
All right, now I'm over here.
EMCEE: And, coming up next,
we got your boy Bryce!
Yo, what's cooking?
[ rap music continues ]
EMCEE: Yes! Good.
I want everybody to make some noise
right now for Tyler!
BRYCE: Whoo!
I'll give you a forewarning.
[ laughs ] So, when I host the show,
I kind of do this voice where I'm like...
[ bass voice ] "Yo, what's up?
This is Rob, I'm at DigiTour.
Everybody make some noise!"
[ normal voice ] You know?
So it's totally like opposite
of this person
that you're interviewing.
So sometimes people get a little like,
"What are you doing?"
Or like, "What's that?"
Or, "Who is that?"
Two, one...
[ fans cheering ]
Portland, Oregon,
make some noise right now!
[ cheering ]
[ hiphop music playing ]
This is DigiTour Good Times!
And the winning team is Mikey!
[ fans cheering ]
Portland, Oregon,
make some noise!
[ muffled cheering ]
FAN: We love you!
[ emcee shouting indistinctly ]
[ indiscernible conversation ]
What makes me the happiest?
My bank account. That's all that counts.
But... like, success is important.
Um, but I like seeing the boys thrive,
and seeing them happy when their fans
are out there screaming
when they walk out of the bus
and their face lights up,
for them to smile, that's good.
[ screaming ]
[ shrieking ]
FAN: Tyler!
[ screaming, chattering ]
Okay, these girls out here...
when you think of them,
do you think they're the captain
of the cheerleading team,
do you think they're...
the richest girl in town? No.
[ fans laughing ]
A lot of people are looking
for a way to have support.
[ screaming ]
Take them out of the real world
and moving to a platform
that they can have
a separate world in.
Like the boys at school, they tease me,
like for my hair,
sometimes when I wear it down,
that's why it's always in a braid.
But when I come home,
I always, like, log on and go on YouTube
and watch one of their videos
and I always smile.
When I watch their videos,
I always laugh and everything,
and I forget about all the negative stuff,
so it's actually helped me a lot.
I think of them as like my family.
I live with my aunt and, um...
My mom's in jail and my dad wasn't around
and I don't see my brothers.
So, it was like I had... they were like
my brothers that I didn't really talk to.
AGENT: You guys aren't like mentioning
the tour, like what's going on.
If the guys aren't excited about the tour,
the fans are not going to be excited.
AGENT: You know, we just...
Totally. Forgive us.
As you know, we're at Playlist
and we're kind of like wrapped up here,
but yes, uh...
Rory's actually going like right now.
He's with them
AGENT: Yeah, I totally get it.
I've been to Playlist,
I know how crazy it is.
I also know like how fast it is
to grab someone's shoulder and be like,
"Dude, come on, let's post a Tweet."
Grab somebody, say, "Hey, come here,"
you push them against a white wall,
and you just have them read a script
and that's like, that's all we need.
That's what That's what
Rory's doing right now.
We're We will have those to you today.
Really, really quick, guys.
We have to get to a meetup.
I'm supposed to be quick, I'm so sorry.
I love you, okay?
Time to go. Three, two, one...
Come on.
Okay, I gotta go. I love you.
[ fan whimpering ]
MICHAEL: We have to get somewhere.
Walk this way.
Make a path for us.
[ noisy chatter echoing ]
We're going to the YouNow stage.
Just stay right behind us.
Ladies, please make some space.
Thank you. Come this way.
[ indiscernible shouting ]
Like, what?
Don't run, 'cause then little girls trip.
This way.
SECURITY: Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa!
Not all of you people can come in.
No, these are fans, bro, these are fans.
You gotta stop the fans.
They can't go... Guys.
You can't come in...
I need to see name tags.
MICHAEL: They're We're all creators.
We have a meetup
we have to go to right now.
These are our film crew.
They're all coming as well.
All right, really quick, guys.
We gotta move.
FAN: So we actually saved up for this.
It was around like 250 each.
We work a lot of hours,
about 40 hours a week.
This is like worth our money
because you get to talk to them,
have your oneonone with them.
It's pretty cool.
At first, I was screaming, crying.
Fan girl that gave them a hug
and wouldn't let go of them,
but then I learned to chill out.
You just don't look as insane.
[ pop music playing in background ]
Team Austyn, baby. Team Austyn!
I don't even care that, like,
that I'm not the main person at all.
I'll keep touring,
keep being on social media,
and I'll gain my own fan base
and eventually I'll be the spotlight.
FAN: Hey!
FAN 2: Austyn! Oh my God!
How you doing?
Let's get a picture.
[ camera shutter clicks ]
[ indistinct chatter ]
FAN: I love you!
[ keyboard clacking ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ insects buzzing ]
[ media playing indistinctly over phone ]
DONAVAN: It's like, every time I do
clean the house and something like that...
AUSTYN: Donavan never cleans the house.
DONAVAN: Austyn, shut the fuck up.
AUSTYN: You really don't.
No. I've cleaned this whole living room,
stuff like that,
done all the dishes.
All these dishes are Austyn's.
AUSTYN: Last year?
'Cause he's fucking lazy.
AUSTYN: So are you.
Lazy as shit.
AUSTYN: You're lazy, too.
DONAVAN: Austyn's gonna be
the type of person that, like...
he won't be able to know
what hard work is in life.
Like, I don't think he'll make it.
AUSTYN: Donavan, yes, I do.
DONAVAN: No, you don't.
AUSTYN: You work at
Texas Roadhouse and think...
DONAVAN: Okay, that shit is hard.
You're a pussy, dude.
AUSTYN: No, I do yard work, bro,
and you fucking carry dishes.
DONAVAN: That's not Oh my God.
AUSTYN: Carry dishes.
DONAVAN: All right, buddy,
whatever you say.
Austyn was kind of
living a lifestyle there
for a short period of time that I wanted,
like I wanted that for myself and for him.
Like, I wish I could have been with him
and did what he did,
but instead of staying here...
CANDY: I need it, Austyn.
AUSTYN: Why do you take it from him?
CANDY: Because he's helping me up here.
I've gotta go to work.
You act like your arm's broke.
AUSTYN: They are.
CANDY: I've gotta go to work.
AUSTYN: Then go. What, dude?
CANDY: You don't ever help
do anything, Austyn.
AUSTYN: Yes, I do!
CANDY: No, you don't.
AUSTYN: Don't even throw that at me.
Look, she didn't wanna be around,
so she went down there.
No, you don't help do anything.
You're lazy.
[ Austyn snickers ]
Go, kitty, get her!
[ cat meows ]
AUSTYN: I was living different
when I was on tour.
Going different places every week
and things bought for me,
new hotel, food every day,
and then boom,
back to Kingsport, where I'm poor.
I don't like it here. I hate Kingsport.
[ kitten meows ]
You're insecure, don't know what for
You're turning heads
when you walk through the door
Don't need makeup to cover up
Being the way that you are is enough
Everyone else in the room
can see it...
[ dishes clattering ]
[ phone chimes ]
[ Austyn yawns ]
[ sighs ]
AUSTYN: Man, bro, I don't do anything.
Do my damn school work and that's it.
DONAVAN: I don't do shit, either, bro.
AUSTYN: It sucks.
CANDY: He is going through something
right now, I don't know what.
But he's been talking a lot about anxiety.
You know, when he was on tour,
that manager was very hateful and rude
and disrespectful to Austyn.
Putting Austyn down, telling him
he didn't see him growing,
and started treating him different.
And then after that, Austyn just feels
like, you know, he's not going to succeed.
It's just he's lost confidence in himself,
and then with that comes
you lose motivation.
DONAVAN: Austyn is
overthinking stuff too much.
It's anxiety.
He's sensitive and like fragile.
But he's done it once already,
he can do it again.
AUSTYN: Twenty... I used to get
a hundred followers a day.
So now you get 20.
But the thing is like,
I'm going slow, but,
and I'm not gonna like use an excuse,
like it is kind of my fault, too.
'Cause I'm not broadcasting
every single day.
So if you stop doing that,
they're just gonna stop following you
'cause they don't wanna follow
someone who never posts.
I'm not going down the drain.
It's just, I'm growing slow, that's it.
I need better selfdiscipline.
I got a book in there
about selfdiscipline.
MICHAEL: Austyn has
23.2 thousand followers.
He has 10% engagement.
I would not even look at his account
if it wasn't over 10% engagement,
meaning he has 23,000 followers,
he should be getting 2,300 likes.
He has a Cminus rank on Instagram.
Hmm. I wouldn't touch him.
He's getting...
He's not losing, which is good.
But these numbers...
should be well above that.
At the point he's at, you would assume
that they would be above that.
He has 13,000 fans.
[ pop music playing ]
He gets 26 likes on 13,000.
That's not good at all.
Without someone telling him what he needs
to be doing, it is all wrong.
No little girl, which is
what Musical.ly is, and like...
[ pop music playing ]
...wants to watch him make
a Musical.ly with his leg.
[ pop music playing ]
And he loves his cats.
This one's better than this one.
This is...
[ pop music playing ]
I don't know if he like forgot
the words or something
and then just wanted to film
his cats running around.
Also, at 13,000 followers, if he was
under me, he'd be crowned already,
so he'd hit Discover page.
I got Mikey crowned at 8K. Um...
Mikey has 350K on here.
Yeah, we got a 211 in progress
Suspect is beautiful,
wanted for heart theft
My baby on the run,
hold up, why did I call her that?
She did me so wrong,
and I still feel like I want her back
What is up, guys? Mikey Barone here.
Today, I'm going to be talking about
five things that girls do that annoy me.
MICHAEL: Don't say "you guys"
'cause it eliminates your guy fans.
When you're talking about girls,
you said "you guys."
That alienates your guy fans.
This video's titled For Girls,
so you just left out all your guy fans.
So, I'd just say like,
"Some of you girls watching," like just...
Does that make sense to you?
What the fuck are you saying?
In the first part of your video...
I said "you guys."
Yeah. You said "you guys,"
referring to all your viewers as girls.
You'll alienate the guy I'm just saying,
they're gonna feel not acknowledged.
You could just be like,
"Some of you girls watching"
You girls? [ mumbling ]
I'm just throwing it out there
for future reference.
I know you're not gonna listen
to what I say, 'cause...
you hate that, but...
You're a hundred percent right,
I'm still gonna call 'em "you guys."
Like what? That makes no sense.
MICHAEL: Okay, just continue.
Yeah. What? Why would I call
I mean, you want me to say "you girls"?
Like what?
MICHAEL: Like, "Some of you people
watching," like...
You don't have to refer to everyone
as "you guys,"
'cause that's too general
and it's the 21st century.
[ softly ] See?
MIKEY: Oh, well.
So I can't film this video.
That's not true, film the video.
MIKEY: That was so pointless,
holy fuck.
Just like freaked out on me
for alienating my girl fans.
I didn't freak out on you!
MIKEY: Sorry I alienated my girl fans.
Come back here.
Like, my apologies.
Come here.
I called them "you guys," like what?
I was giving you one statement of
feedback and you are way overreacting.
Wha... Dawg, you're still talking
about it, it's been five minutes.
'Cause you're walking downstairs.
Finish the video.
Because I don't care
about the video anymore
if it's such a big fucking deal,
like what?
It's not that big of a deal.
MICHAEL: I gave you one tip of feedback.
We can discuss this later
when there's not cameras filming us.
Why would I discuss this later?
MICHAEL: 'Cause you're clearly
freaking the fuck out.
I can't believe
They do this a lot. This happens.
This tends to happen in this household.
How am I Okay, I got it.
I'm freaking out about it.
Just come sit down.
You were the one that started
freaking out on me.
MICHAEL: Go film the video.
Now I'm not in the mood.
[ laughing ] You just put me in such
a bad mood for no reason.
MICHAEL: Okay, cool, then like, just
grow up and film the video, it's your job.
Just come on. It's like, look
Mine took five minutes, and that's it.
But I don't understand.
[ whispering ] Just go film the video.
You put me in a bad mood,
so why would I go film a shitty video?
That's what social media is,
you have to put a smile on your face
and act like you're happy.
Like what?
I have to post this video.
You can't always be in the mood
to film a video.
You gotta Just gotta
put on a fake smile.
I do that all the time.
It's your job. This is your job.
This is what you do for a living.
You can't just decide
not to go to work...
[ camera shutter clicks ]
...just 'cause you don't wanna do it.
[ camera shutter clicks ]
You feel me?
[ Mikey grunts ]
[ phone ringing ]
[ Julian snickers ]
JOVANI: He better answer.
JULIAN: What's up, dude?
[ brothers laughing ]
Oh, my...
You been working out?
Uh, no, bro, I haven't worked out
lately, but I'm about to work out today.
I'm gonna get my back shredded, dude.
JULIAN: How is everything else going?
Bro, social media ain't paying off
for me like it is y'all.
Are you gonna be doing any like
meetandgreets soon?
JULIAN: Do you have like
any plans on like traveling
or meeting any of your supporters
or anything?
Um, nah.
Maybe I'll get on a tour someday.
Bro, I was looking at old tour photos
and I'm like, "Damn, I miss them."
JULIAN: Damn, well, don't remind me
about Poms, now.
Bro, you need to broadcast more,
you need to start working more,
start posting more videos,
and start reaching out to people.
Yeah, I gotta go, bro.
Peace, bro, love ya.
JULIAN: [ laughing ] No, we'll be quiet,
I promise. Oh, my God.
JULIAN: For Austyn, what his plan was,
to get a lot of exposure from tour,
you know,
but I don't think that really worked out.
Since it didn't really work out,
he would be going off social media
for a week.
He would stop posting things,
and, like, when you stop posting,
it makes things even harder now
to come back.
Austyn was promised a lot of things
after the tour,
and, you know, that's just the thing
about, like, this business, like,
a lot of people will tell you things
that's gonna happen,
and, like, sometimes it doesn't work out.
This is the contract of my life.
Dang, this says "confidential"
on the bottom.
It says "other expenses."
"Client will reimburse manager
"for all expenditures
"manager incurs on client's behalf
or in connection with client's career
or the performance of manager services
under this agreement."
I just like, I don't know how to educate
myself about a contract.
Like, really, I...
Like, how do you know
Like, what do I do, look up on YouTube?
How do you know when you got
a bad contract and someone's
gonna screw you over?
'Cause I don't know if my manager's bad,
but, like, I'm a little bit skeptical
about him, you know?
He picked me up, I don't know where,
took me out of school.
I'm homeschooling now,
and basically put me on tour.
I don't wanna go back to school.
Like, what's it gonna look like?
This kid went on tour and everything,
what's he doing coming back to school?
Like, it just don't look right.
Like, why am I going back to school
after I went on tour and everything.
Plus, I hate people there.
Like, I hate it.
You know, before I got on tour,
everyone, like...
Oh, so many people used to think
I was gay,
but now when I go on tour and everything,
then that's when a lot of people like...
love me, like, I get a lot of hot girls
and stuff that try to text me now.
I'll be honest with y'all guys,
didn't really feel like broadcasting,
but... [ clicks tongue ]
I missed y'all, so...
[ computer beeps ]
[ sighs ]
All right, guys, get in the guest queue
if you wanna get guested.
[ computer chimes ]
ASHLEY: Hey, Austyn.
Yo, what's Yo, Ashley, I followed you
on Instagram, by the way.
ASHLEY: I know. Finally.
All right, so, Ashley,
what did you do today, like...?
[ computer beeps ]
All right, talk to me.
ASHLEY: Would you come back?
You need to come back to me soon.
All right, get me a plane ticket,
I'm out there.
[ fan's voice faltering ]
AUSTYN: All right, you're lagging on me,
Julian's Emily.
I have to I have to drop you, okay?
This is the sad moment.
Ohh! Like, I'm gonna be honest with y'all.
When it's like a good broadcast
and everything, feelgood energy,
I broadcast longer than an hour, but...
I'm not feeling that today.
I'm not feeling the energy.
I'm falling off YouNow.
I've only not broadcast for three days,
yo, like, I get it.
[ computer chimes ]
Thank you, Alexasaurus, for them bars.
But anyways, guys, remember,
if you got a dream, you gotta chase it.
Don't let anyone's opinions affect you.
I love you so much.
Thank you for watching.
Be yourself, love yourself.
[ computer chimes ]
Damn, that was such
a terrible broadcast.
It was so terrible.
I'm falling off YouNow, I really am.
Like, I'm losing viewers every day.
If you guys were with us for the past
year or two, you'd know that Bryce and I
already had a collab channel together,
but we basically had to delete it
because our exmanager made us delete it
because of "certain circumstances."
We're not gonna say the reasons.
Ultimately, that's not happened.
Like it just didn't.
Um, they thought that I was like keeping
money from them during tour,
and then Mikey ran and told Bryce
all kinds of stuff that wasn't true
in his ear
and just created all kinds of animosity
and they tried to ruin my name.
They threatened to kill
my 70yearold grandmother and my mother,
and like Bryce getting into her face
and just like,
anyone who can get into
a 70yearold woman's face
and be like, "I will fucking kill you,"
and say those words to anyone
who is an elder to them is disgusting.
Like, disgusting.
And at that point, I was like, hmm,
that's psychotic,
and like really, really bad,
and Bryce's mom is sitting
two feet away and did not intervene.
She wanted to say, "Bryce has ADD."
ADD does not make you go
to a 70yearold woman
and be like, "I'm gonna fuckin' kill you."
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Okay, change your pose.
Goals. Music is only focus
for you, right? Or
JJ: Pierre.
Okay. So... you wanna do acting,
you wanna do music,
or you both wanna do acting, too, right?
Yeah, I just, I mean,
I can't sing, so... [ laughs ]
MICHAEL: Everything happens
for a reason, I've always believed that.
And I think that, like I said,
had this not have happened,
I would have probably never realized
that, like, I was wasting time.
Incoming text message.
"That damage should be included
in the law suits."
Want to reply?
[ computer beeps ]
MICHAEL: Absolutely.
DASHBOARD: Your reply says "absolutely."
Ready to send it?
[ computer beeps ]
[ bell chimes ]
DASHBOARD: Your message was sent.
I would be more hurt if it was like
a different situation,
but now I'm like vengeful,
and like pissed.
You're trying to ruin my brand
that I've worked hard to build? No.
How about I sue you
for $5 million instead?
So that's what I'm doing.
[ electronic piano playing ]
PIERRE: Sitting here all alone
Watching the snow fall...
MICHAEL: Because Mikey and Bryce
do not have a specific talent,
it makes them far more replaceable because
what are they following you for? Looks?
Okay, that fades.
I realized that I'm gonna seek
talent more, real talent.
Music, art, whatever that may be.
You don't want to sound
just like Justin Bieber.
JJ: You don't, yeah.
don't get too stuck in that head space
of trying to copy exactly what JB did
'cause you're JJ Hannon,
not Justin Bieber.
[ electronic keyboard playing ]
I can't believe...
MICHAEL: I'm a businessman.
I don't necessarily care
about talent management.
I just happen to be the CEO
of a company that does,
and I'm good at it.
Find me the most creative shot
with that one, 'cause that's a new design.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
I like that shirt.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Three, two...
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Welcome to our sevenminute
guided body scan meditation
with gratitude.
We can foster conditions so that gratitude
will arise by itself,
and starting by feeling into your feet,
saying, "Thank you, feet..."
AUSTYN: Yo, I thought I'd let y'all know,
like, an update, what's happened.
Basically, my manager, he unsigned me,
screwed me over, didn't pay me.
My next moves are, I'm gonna try
to get on another tour,
because that helps out.
I need to get big on social media, guys,
so I can change this world.
[ kittens meowing ]
I think it's retarded how his exmanager
just kind of kicked him off
and not like give him his money.
That was kind of bullshit, if you ask me.
That is pretty shitty of him,
to like promise him all this stuff.
And then promise him
money that he worked for
and like... I don't know.
And then he don't wanna pay him.
So like he pretty much used him.
I thought about exposing him at POMSCON.
I don't know, I'd try making like
something like against him hard.
Like tweet at him and like call him out.
But, like, I don't know.
[ cat purring ]
[ kittens meowing ]
It was the left shoe again, right?
Why does it say "dress"?
Oh, it says "dress shoe."
CLERK: 'Cause it's a dress shoe.
AUSTYN: I didn't read "shoe."
Doesn't the pants get hung like this?
CLERK: It's for men's denim.
Just men's denim.
Like, but men, other pants, go normal.
All right, cool.
Oh, my God.
I can't believe we actually
just spoke to Austyn.
I'm freaking out.
Oh, my God.
I can't believe he actually works here.
I didn't think he actually did.
I saw him tweet something about it.
He was like, "Yeah, I work..."
He was like, "Yeah, I'm working now."
I was like, "You're working?"
[ giggling ]
I'm working now?
I was like, "I'm gonna work there.
I'm gonna work there."
[ fans speaking indistinctly ]
FAN 1: Let's go talk to him.
FAN 2: No, I don't know what I would...
SWIMMER: Hey, can you
Can one of y'all put this up there?
This bracelet?
What the fuck is this, the Titanic?
[ swimmers laughing ]
[ swimmers shouting ]
[ motorboat revving ]
SWIMMER: Austyn, what's the situation
with like school now, dude?
My manager cancelled my home school,
just like canceled all my credits,
so now, like,
I have no high school credits.
SWIMMER: So like what's the plan, though?
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna try to get signed
into a school, I'm gonna try,
but I really don't know that
My mom was talking to schools
and they're just talking about how
they won't accept me right now.
[ laughter ]
SWIMMER: Oh, my God, cold spot!
Cold spot, I don't like that!
SWIMMER 2: I think there's
an alligator in here.
DONAVAN: All right, let's go. Hurry.
Austyn... [ continues indistinctly ]
CANDY: Hey, Austyn.
Don't get an attitude.
AUSTYN: I'm not.
CANDY: Pick her back up.
CANDY: I don't like her walking
around the counter.
CHLOE: Okay.
CANDY: Chloe, I'm not playing.
Do something with the cat.
CHLOE: Where's Austyn?
CANDY: In here.
CANDY: I had a conference call
with Todd Matthew.
Matthew called me back.
Matthew said that you gotta be
at DB Monday morning,
enroll you there.
AUSTYN: I'm going to South.
CANDY: Todd and Miss Hicks
denied you at South.
I haven't even tried there yet.
Your exact words to me
in the kitchen was,
you was gonna apply yourself
and do good this year.
Yeah, but then I thought I was
gonna go to South.
CANDY: No, this is before South
even come about.
Well, point is, if I don't go to South,
then I'm just gonna fail again.
The point is that you can try
and pass anywhere.
You're just being selfish
and you're wanting things your way.
Life don't revolve around you
and what you want.
You done this to you,
starting in ninth grade.
The only reason you're getting to be a
junior is the state law that they passed.
[ Austyn sighs ]
That's it.
And even with you being a junior,
you have to retake the, I think he said,
math, something algebra 9, algebra 10,
and something about your English,
and everything else,
and recover those credits.
Nobody's to blame but you for this.
And you're too far behind
for them to even take you.
There's credit recovery.
Austyn... I'm gonna bite my tongue
at this moment.
I ain't gonna say no more.
I don't see why we don't just
go up to South.
Because you are 23 credits away to even
earn your way into being a junior.
By law, technically, the only way
you're getting to go to being a junior
is the law "No Student Left Behind."
Because you flunked ninth grade,
you didn't get the credits you needed
to go into the tenth grade.
They put you in tenth grade,
you still, you done the online thing,
you done your touring.
I wanna go to South.
CANDY: Well, we all want things
in life, we don't get them.
With your grades and the way
that you are right now...
But like I said, you got
all day Monday to figure it out.
[ phone chimes ]
The night sky.
[ dog barking in distance ]
That I take...
[ murmuring words ]
"The night sky catches my eye,
While leaving me wondering why,
For every moment that I take,
I shall learn from every mistake."
I'd say...
Walking through a cold field...
Allows my love with Earth to build.
"The night sky catches my eye,
While leaving me wondering why,
"A hard day is a lesson learned,
Without struggles there's nothing earned.
"Gazing at the city lights,
While thankful for these beautiful sights,
"Our love for our home has crashed,
Leaving this Earth trashed,
For no one sees what's real,
They only believe what they feel."
[ kitten meows ]
[ yawning ]
[ bed creaking ]
AUSTYN: Kobe, damn, scoot over.
Bro, look how much room you have on you.
DONAVAN: You know what?
[ phone rings ]
AUSTYN: Yo, what's up?
JULIAN: Boy, I'm out here grinding.
Bro, I see that, bro. That's dope
that y'all are out there doing that, bro.
AUSTYN: I respect your flow,
man, that's dope.
My flow?
Hey, hey, don't go LA on me, though,
don't go LA on me.
JULIAN: Boy, I asked
You're going LA on me. I asked you,
"Have you seen my vlogs?"
and you're playing Minecraft
and you still haven't watched...
[ Austyn laughs ]
AUSTYN: Bro, you been
producing music lately?
We're working on a studio downstairs.
AUSTYN: Dude, that is dope.
Bro, just think, you're out there like
doing big things, collabin',
I'm working a job,
I'm freakin' goin' back to school.
Like I said, we got ya.
Well, I'm gonna be out here grinding
and hopefully the hard work pays off, man.
JULIAN: Yeah, it will.
All right, bye, bro.
[ phone beeps ]
Look at all these kitties.
Oh, look at little Mimi!
Dude, you gotta scoot over, dude.
Dude, I'm on the edge.
[ Kobe laughs ]
[ kitten meows ]
AUSTYN: Dude, why do mosquitoes
freakin' hate me? Aah.
I'm outside, guys, right now.
I dressed so nice today, guys.
Like my buttonup.
I got some nice khakis on.
Oh, I gotta tell you how work's
been going so far.
I haven't been that active lately
'cause I have had work too,
so like usually when I get done working,
I don't feel like broadcasting,
and all that, but it's been
pretty cool lately.
I work at a place called Plato's Closet.
If you don't know, Kingsport, Tennessee.
Come there and shop sometime,
give you that employee discount.
Nah, I ain't givin' none of y'all
no discount,
unless it's your birthday or something.
But, guys, I am going to get off here,
but I thought I'd tell you something
before I get off here.
Your boy's gotta talk to you.
Um, guys, if you got a dream,
you gotta go chase it, all right?
Don't let anyone's opinions stop you
from doing what you wanna do
or stop you from being happy,
and let me tell you something.
Don't let your fears
make decisions for you.
Like, yo, like, if you've got a fear
of leaving the house,
freaking bein' around people,
whatever your fear is,
don't let it stop you, all right?
You got to control your own fears,
and a fear will always be a fear
till you face it headon, all right, guys?
You're amazing, you're beautiful,
you're smart, you got this.
And whatever situation you're in,
you'll get through it,
because remember,
storms don't last forever,
so whatever you're going through,
it's not gonna last forever.
I love you guys. Peace.
DONAVAN: Austyn's not gonna
have a problem at all.
It's a little bump in the road, yeah,
but he'll get back on his feet soon.
I know he will.
He'll find some other way to make it.
MICHAEL: Influencers in social media
always come and go.
And the businesses stay the same.
Finding someone who looks cute
on Instagram
and gaining them
a million followers is so easy to do.
But what happens when they're 30?
Because when they're not cute
and those little girls are no longer 13
and they don't care, it's game over,
there's no longevity behind it.
Once they're gone, I'll find someone else
to manage their career
and take those profits as well.
Talent is always replaceable.
That's the nature of the business.
DRIVER: Good morning, sweetheart.
AUSTYN: Good morning.
DRIVER: You ready for this?
All right!
[ "Austyn's Beat"
by Rutger van Woudenberg playing ]
Never let me go
Look at me right now
Look at me
right now
Never let me go
let me go
Look at me right now
Look at me
right now
Never let me go
let me go