Jayeshbhai Jordaar (2022) Movie Script

While the world seeks to discover
life on Mars,
my family is stuck on this belly.
This is my Mudra. See how hard
she's praying.
No one prays as hard as she does.
I can guarantee that.
She has only one wish in life:
to give our family an heir.
This is Bapu-ji. There's only one
question on father's mind.
What is it?
The position of the child's feet
make it hard to say.
We'll check again in a few weeks.
And Ba has only one answer.
I'm sure it's a boy.
This time Mata-ji's blessings
are with us.
Like every time
we're here once again.
But this time, Mata-ji's blessings
are with us.
Ma, bless us with the light
of our family.
Say something, Ma.
If it shakes its head, it's a boy.
And if not...
chilled water.
A boy.
Ma has spoken!
Ma has spoken! She has spoken.
Mata-ji always blesses you.
Don't be offended, Pruthvishbhai,
but it's serious this time.
Her body has grown weak.
How come?
We feed her so well.
Hear me out.
She's had five miscarriages, right?
Six abortions.
So, her body is weaker.
I doubt she can get pregnant again.
It's my duty to inform you.
It's your decision now.
- Let's go, Jashoda.
- Come.
Take the prescription.
She must have these tablets
twice a day, after meals.
Hurry up!
Easy, Mudra. Go very carefully.
Be careful, or she might have
problems later.
Sleep on time,
eat a healthy diet.
We get it. Come now.
Stop fasting every second day.
- Praise to Mata-ji!
- Jai Ma...
I hear my heart go boom
like a firecracker
Shaking up the room
like a firecracker
Stars looking down are shining
on her, that firecracker
She's a firecracker
If you learn so much English,
you won't find a husband.
This is my 9-year-old daughter,
Siddhi is a lucky girl.
When she was in Mudra's womb,
father invited a Baba especially
from Rajasthan.
If a yellow laddoo falls,
it's a boy.
If a red laddoo falls then...
Siddhi was our firstborn.
A firstborn is forgiven
in our family.
After that, the family and the community
want only a boy.
- In other words...
- Praise to Lord Krishna!
And if she's carrying
a girl?
Praise to Mata-ji!
What's wrong?
Are you OK?
You didn't sleep a wink,
did you?
Sleep does not bless me.
My sister Preeti's husband
is Mudra's brother.
He gets drunk and beats
my sister.
In our childhood, it was decided Mudra
would marry into our family,
and my sister Preeti into theirs.
In our community we call this
'Saata Saadi.'
So the way you treat
our daughter,
ditto, is how we'll treat yours.
This 'Saata Saadi' is a kind
of security deposit,
from the smallest rift to divorce,
same to same happens here and there.
Preeti was beaten there.
So I must be the man here.
No Father!
Look at me!
I told you. Look at me.
I'll teach you!
- Bapu, stop hitting my mother!
- Scream louder.
Let her go!
What does your brother
think of himself?
Siddhi, move aside!
You're the worst!
Stop sucking our blood, Mudra.
He's overdoing it.
My child!
- Bapu, not the slipper.
- Stand straight. Straight!
That's enough.
Don't overdo it, son.
She's carrying our grandson.
Take the video and stop.
Bapu, please let go of my mother.
My child, enough!
Jayesh! I said stop.
Stop means stop!
- Calm down.
- Quiet!
Calm down.
What has he done?
Jayesh, what happened?
Come on out now.
Why's he silent?
Jayesh, what happened?
My child!
- I'm boiling with rage.
- Son, why did you hit her so hard?
Think about your unborn son Dhaval.
- Hardik.
- Dhaval.
I only hit her face.
The baby's OK.
Jayesh, send them her photo.
Calm down now.
- Praise to Lord Krishna!
- Bless you.
Look at you!
You overdid it today.
And you were great.
Especially that last 'aaah!'
We've been married
for nine years,
even by mistake
we haven't kissed once.
Shocking, isn't it?
Her only focus is to deliver
an heir,
while I wait patiently.
When do I get my first kiss?
Sorry, little one.
You endured another circus.
Rest now. When you go to sleep,
she'll sleep too.
Have faith.
You'll see, we'll have a boy.
Why? We could have a girl too.
But you'll get rid of her.
Why didn't you get rid of me?
Sweetie, when we go to the temple,
do we ask what offering we'll receive?
Laddoo or shiro?
We accept what we're given.
You're right, Jayeshbhai.
But try explaining that
to your dear parents.
They refused this offering.
They've never hugged me.
I'll tell them what you just said.
Stop, you little shrew!
Let go! I'm going to tell them.
I'll tell them!
- Rat!
- Papa Rat.
That's enough.
- What a handful!
- We're sleeping now.
Don't be born a sleepless owl
like your mother.
OK Sarla.
What's that illness called when
you can't sleep?
Ma has insomnia.
Did you get the phone for me or her?
For her.
OK, children, go to sleep now.
Let it go.
These are our ancestors.
They're like CCTV.
They watch us all the time.
Power runs in our family's veins.
With this very spear,
my great-grandfather
conquered this village.
So, it became known
as 'Pravingadh'.
Since then our lineage has had
male heirs to preserve this power.
This is the first time an outsider
has dared to stand in the elections.
Taking advantage of the
33% female quota,
father has made Mudra
stand in his place.
She'll become the Village Chief,
and I'll become Chief Husband.
That way the power stays
in father's pocket.
First plea:
Kamalkant and his daughter Anokhi.
when Anokhi was returning home
from school yesterday,
Ramanbhai's son stopped her on the way.
He teased her,
grabbed her veil,
then started singing:
'Your fragrance
'Your breath...'
Did he repeat the word
'bit' twice?
'Bit by bit makes my mind
go blank.'
Sahib, you know that liquor store
in front of our school?
The boys get drunk and loaf about,
harassing us girls.
Many girls have even stopped
coming to school.
please ban alcohol.
It's soap that must be banned.
Did our female ancestors ever
have fragrant soap? No, right?
It is the law of nature.
A female's fragrance is meant
to attract a male.
If our village girls use fragrant soaps,
it's bound to excite our boys.
To protect their beauty
is our solemn duty.
From today our younger women
are forbidden from using soap.
See, child,
'your fragrance, your breath.'
We can't do much about breath.
So, we'll have to ban fragrance.
He's right.
It'll lead to progress.
Sit down.
You've learned so quickly.
Please stop! Or they'll all come
to race you.
One minute.
- Listen.
- Yes?
- Go inside. I'll join you.
- Where are you going?
Just go.
- You come too.
- No.
Don't share it with your secret society
of women.
'You're a beautiful angel,
life of the world.
'You're the prettiest,
the most youthful.'
That's what the soap ad says.
They'll run out of water soon.
- Hello. Sarla.
- Yes?
In India
what is the safest place
for women?
Look what I've found.
Fellow citizens, I'm in a village
in Haryana.
The name of the village has a sad
yet amazing story behind it.
This is the Village Chief,
Amar Tau-ji.
Tau-ji, our honour is at stake.
Your future bride is watching you
on TV.
Lift it higher for her sake,
if not ours.
Why has he taken on this Herculean
challenge at his age?
So that he can marry.
Like Amar Tau-ji, there are over 500
kind-hearted bachelors still waiting
to marry. How come?
Let's ask them.
Brothers, how many of you are
of marriageable age?
And how many are married?
Why not? What's the problem?
We cannot find a bride.
So how can we get married?
Why can't you find a bride?
I'm ashamed to say, but girls here
were killed off in the womb.
- Through gender determination tests.
- Ultrasound tests.
Firstly, I'd like to apologise to every
aggrieved woman in the country.
I implore you to consider my request.
Whatever caste you may be,
whatever religion,
whatever age,
if you face trouble of any kind,
come to our village.
You will have your say here.
No one will force you
to do anything.
You'll be happy and safe.
If you come here, our village
and our lives
will flourish again.
Years have passed
since we've enjoyed the sweet
nit-picking of mothers,
sisters, and wives.
What an amazing viewpoint, Tau-ji!
This is the first time I've met...
We shall welcome you
with open hearts
and extend our hospitality to you.
We are so excited,
that in anticipation
of your arrival, our village will now
be called 'Laadopur'.
Long live Laadopur!
Hear that, Bapu-ji?
They've realized the importance
of women
and named their village, 'Laadopur',
the village of daughters.
Mata-ji, make him see some sense.
Before your Village Chief leads you
to new horizons,
your former Village Chief has
a memorable gift for you.
On this auspicious occasion,
and to welcome our unborn grandson,
the village of Pravingadh
is now renamed 'Dhavalgiri.'
- Say after me, 'Dhavalgiri...'
- Long live!
- Goddess Ambe!
- Praise to!
- Say after me, 'Dhavalgiri...'
- Long live!
Long live Dhavalgiri!
I am Govinda,
you're Karishma
I am Dharmendra,
you're Hema Malini
Let's disco
Let's disco
Let's disco, desi disco
On the beat of the Kutchi drum
Congratulations! We won.
Your thumbprint.
Father has got his way again.
My Village Chief!
You'll leave your mark on the world.
You'll see.
You'll see.
- My child!
- Yes, Ba?
My sweet child.
Bless you.
Dhavalgiri's Chief Husband!
A famous doctor has come
to Rannubhai's village.
His TV can predict a child's gender.
We must leave now. Hurry.
If it's jinxed,
we'll get rid of the child.
Mudra can go back to her parents.
Let's go.
I don't want a battalion of women
in my house.
What's wrong?
What you doing?
What's wrong?
Let's see the doctor.
- The doctor has told me.
- What?
Praise to Mata-ji!
- When?
- That very day.
- You should leave me.
- We must run away.
Only a few months more.
Once she's born...
I don't want to give birth to her.
I couldn't fulfill my duty
to give you an heir. Leave me.
I'm worthless.
If you don't want the baby,
you kill it.
Why ask the doctor?
Just fall over.
Mudra, we've murdered
six babies in the womb.
We should be punished.
I can't let this happen yet again.
I want this child.
Don't you see? Your duty isn't about
giving me an heir, but a kiss.
Hurry, my child.
We're getting late.
Let's go.
What is she doing?
She's gone mad, Ba.
She's capable of anything.
What's going on?
No, Bapu! No!
- Meherbaan.
- It's only a pair of scissors.
Want to chance it?
Why are you doing this?
We want this child.
This time you won't find a way out.
She will.
What did she say?
We know it's a girl.
Oh no!
Mudra, you're making
a terrible mistake.
Mata-ji is watching you.
She won't forgive you.
Let go of my son.
Repeat after me.
Long live the Women's battalion!
- Long live!
- Fine.
- Let go, grandpa.
- Let him go, or...
Let go, grandpa.
Sorry, grandpa.
Get me my phone!
Hurry! Open the gate. Quick.
Hello, hello. Dilbarbhai?
Remember the plan to run away?
The time has come.
My wife and my two daughters will be
with you very shortly. Just...
Thank you, brother, thank you.
- I'll get down on the way.
- What?
If we stay together, we'll get caught.
They're right behind us.
I'll stay here and act as a decoy.
What is it, Jayeshbhai?
I left the map at home.
I have a map right here.
Where to?
Oh yes!
Sher-e-Gujarat Dhaba.
It's 40 kms from here...
Found it.
Impressive, sweetie!
Head to Sher-e-Gujarat Dhaba.
Ask for Dilbar Singh.
He's my friend.
I'll join you tonight
and we'll continue together.
No questions now, Mudra.
- Where will we go?
- Laadopur.
You drive.
- But how?
- Why not?
You've taught me at night.
It's daytime now.
The car's the same.
And it's harder driving at night.
No one can see me at night.
A woman driving in daylight?
What'll people think?
Just drive. Don't bother about
what they think.
- Hurry, children!
- You're the captain now.
Look after your mother and sister.
Don't take any calls except for mine.
Trust no one.
Eat what we packed in the bag.
Keep heading south.
Praise to Mata-ji!
Move aside.
- My son, are you OK?
- Yes, Bapu.
- Are you OK?
- I'm OK.
I don't want...
I don't want her.
I don't want her.
This cursed woman will never
enter our house again, Bapu-ji.
She's jinxed.
She won't be allowed in.
- There's no point going after her.
- No! There is a point.
If she is not taught a lesson,
all our women will go astray.
Mudra had many chances, but couldn't
give us a single heir.
Now this jinxed woman wants
to give birth to a jinxed child.
She's had it.
She needs to be...
- banished...
- ...from our community.
You're right.
Let's do something, Bapu.
No point going after her
like headless chickens.
Let's think calmly.
We'll circulate her photo
in the neighbouring villages.
Inform the Commissioner.
Let the others catch her.
She'll be humiliated.
Great fun.
You're right.
He's right.
Call the Commissioner.
Let's go home.
We'll find her photo
in our wedding album.
You must have her photo
on your phone.
My phone keeps hanging.
Cheap goods. Useless!
Calm down.
My in-laws gifted it to me
at Diwali.
Everything they've given us
is useless.
Never mind.
The Commissioner, please.
Pruthvishbhai is calling
from Dhavalgiri.
Dhavalgiri? Back to Pravingadh?
Now it's a girl.
Praise to Mata-ji!
I've told you a hundred times
to keep your mouth shut.
The Commissioner.
Hail to Lord Krishna!
How are you?
Sher-e-Gujarat Dhaba
is 58 minutes away.
This map is draining the battery.
Now what?
No stress, Mudra. I'll memorise
the directions.
I hear my heart go boom
like a firecracker
- Who was that?
- Your father.
Why did you hang up?
Jayeshbhai told me
not to take any calls.
The battery's dead.
What now?
Not that one. Look under it.
It's under that file.
- That's the one.
- Hurry.
- Here.
- Let's see.
Look for a photo
of the bride's arrival.
Yes, uncle.
This one?
The bride must always be veiled.
Damn it! Will you ever shut up?
Must you vent your anger here?
Damn the photo!
Call her father, Jayesh.
Look at this!
Bapu, call the Commissioner back.
That conniving woman.
- It's a map!
- Oh, yes!
She's played a devious game.
'Sher-e-Gujarat Dhaba.'
Let's go.
Siddhi, what are you doing?
Stop that, Siddhi.
- Leave it alone.
- Chill, Mudra! Let the fresh air in.
Feel it and drive to glory!
Damn it!
- Bapu.
- Hold it in.
I'm bursting!
- What? Here?
- Go. And hurry up!
No, a proper toilet.
Keep India clean!
I'm Chief Husband after all.
Bravo! Only in the urinal.
Fill up the tank.
You empty yours.
Anyone else need to go?
- Fun peeing together, no?
- Sure.
Ghanshyambhai, can I borrow your phone?
Jayeshbhai, do I talk too much?
Being clever is a curse.
- Are you done?
- Yes.
The phone.
Number two.
Ghanshyambhai, see you outside.
I said I'll see you outside.
What are you doing?
- Didn't you come to pee?
- That came too.
- Are you done?
- Yes.
Get moving!
What a relief!
Move it.
Sister, namaste.
Give me your bag.
Come! Please come.
Are you crazy?
Shoo! That cat's a bad omen.
Check the phone. Go.
Never mind.
I'll talk to you later.
- You haven't had anything to eat.
- It's OK.
Tea? Coffee?
Park over there.
Make it quick!
Spread out.
Keep your eyes open.
Stop here, Bapu-ji.
That's it. That's it.
Find them. They must not escape.
They must be hiding.
Look everywhere.
Search the toilets.
Over there.
Check the kitchen.
Their car is still here. They must be
around here somewhere.
Bimal, search that locked room.
Mehuliya, look near the car.
A woman and her daughter were here.
Have you seen them?
The car owners?
Their car broke down.
They abandoned it here and left.
That way. They left ages ago.
Let's go!
Sir, have a seat. Tea? Coffee?
Have something.
Sir, sit down.
Hey, bring some tea.
Jayesh! Their phone is right here.
They must be nearby. Quick!
Yes, Bapu.
Sir, sir!
You rascal!
You set up shop in our area
and you dare lie to us?
I'll fix you, bloody outsider.
Where are they?
Pruthvishbhai, they're here.
Come quickly.
Look! Over there. Catch them!
Get them!
Come on!
Make way. Step aside.
Step back!
A black cat - a bad omen.
Oh God! We must break the jinx.
1, 2, 3.
4, 5.
We've taken 3 steps.
In our community, we take 10.
6, 7.
Take no chances.
Keep going.
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Where are they?
You can't go that way.
Why not?
Someone must cross the cat's path
and take on the jinx.
Damn it.
Must you act the hero?
I'm bound to be angry.
I'm Chief Husband after all.
Who'll go then?
Come on, hurry.
Are you going or not?
The jinx is broken. Now run!
Stop! Stop.
Nothing is beyond love.
Nothing is better than love.
Nothing is above love.
Drop us at Laadopur
in Haryana.
To Dharnipur, please.
Those who come to us
with hearts full of love.
We shall hug them tight,
that's our way.
With swag, we welcome all.
Where are you, child?
I was desperately trying to call you.
Bapu-ji, please don't tell anyone,
but I'm on my way to you.
Don't worry, child.
Come home soon.
I'll sort everything out.
Stay calm, sweetie.
Don't keep calling your father.
Right here.
Come on, fix her.
At last!
What did I do?
Why didn't you make them drink it
sooner? I could've hurt Mudra.
I kept insisting.
I had to force it down
my mother-in-law's throat.
- You're useless.
- What's going on?
Brother got me to spike the tea.
- Amazing, Jayeshbhai.
- Thanks, sweetie.
- Did you kill them?
- They're just unconscious.
- They'll come round soon enough.
- Quick, go!
I'm so grateful to you.
I should be grateful to you.
If you run away,
I can be rid of him.
I can't live with your brother anymore.
The drunkard checks my phone
every night
and notes down who I call
and for how long. Look!
He accuses me of cheating
on him and hits me.
Come morning he says sorry.
Take this. And sorry!
This is great fun. Go!
Does saying 'sorry' make it right?
- The car keys?
- Brother, here!
Enjoy! Go.
What'll happen to us now?
A daughter. Another daughter.
What happened?
She kicked!
Kick again for me, little one.
Go on, kick, please.
She must've fallen asleep.
Yes, but your father must be awake
by now.
You're my hero.
But now you must become
an action hero.
Jayeshbhai Jordaar!
Play us a song. You know the one.
'Live life to the full.'
You're always listening to that song.
Don't you get bored of it?
Listen to my song.
Sweetie, you know the song
in my heart.
You must live life to the full
My tomorrow may not come.
But yours will.
Let's just survive these 1200kms.
Mata-ji, be our guiding light.
I hear my heart go boom
like a firecracker
Life go boom like a firecracker
Up to the moon
like a firecracker
She's a firecracker,
she's a firecracker
O little one, my eyes long
to catch a glimpse of you
My hands long to rock your cradle
O little one,
you will never come to any harm.
I will protect you with my life
Butterflies of nervousness
flutter in my heart
Though you're not yet born
you're life itself to me
Everything I do from now
is for you alone
All paths now lead to you
How will I live up
to this responsibility?
It eludes me now but in time
I shall learn
How will I live up
to this responsibility?
It eludes me now but in time
I shall learn
O little one, my eyes long
to catch a glimpse of you
My hands long to rock your cradle
you will never come to any harm.
I will protect you with my life
Bapu! Bapu!
- Bapu!
- Yes?
Is this the man in the video?
Yes, that's him.
- Can we talk to him?
- I'll send him a message.
Yes, yes.
Well done, sweetie.
O mother!
Your cheeks are bright red.
Let me see.
Poor you!
Bapu-ji, I went inside
for only two minutes.
Then I saw you lying unconscious.
Mudra had tied brother Jayesh's wrists
with rope,
covered his head with a pillowcase
and dragged him away.
When I ran after them,
she told me not to, or else
brother Jayesh will be...
Take her photo. Send it to all the
village chiefs and local authorities.
Send it to everyone.
Announce a huge reward.
Send it to the Commissioner too.
Get up everyone.
Drinking water here
is now a sin.
I'm taking my daughter.
Go, get your things.
Take her home safely.
Yes, Sahib.
I used to think your daughter
would live a life of shame.
Now I think she won't live at all.
Is it OK to say I'm having
a little fun?
You just said it.
I was also having fun a few minutes ago.
Did I say a word?
- You said not to bottle things up.
- Think of your timing.
Don't jinx us by saying it out loud.
A message from Aunt Preeti.
Brother, a disaster!
Bapu has circulated Mudra's photo
and your car number.
He's informed the police
and offered a 500,000-rupee reward.
Lie low for a few days.
Be careful, brother.
Still having fun?
Where are you travelling from?
- Search all the cars.
- Yes, sir.
Where from?
What is it?
What the hell are you doing?
A daughter is no less
than a son.
Get rid of your delusions.
If we have daughters,
we have a future.
She's the light of the world.
We must protect her.
Save her, educate her.
Don't say 'Son, a selfie'.
Say 'Daughter, let's take a selfie'.
Without a daughter or mother,
life will cease to exist.
A son studies, he progresses alone.
A daughter studies,
the whole family progresses.
A daughter is the country's glory,
giving us our true identity.
Let's take a selfie.
We'll split the cash prize.
Get lost!
Is that the way to treat guests?
Don't worry, he's harmless.
There's a government campaign.
'Take a selfie with a daughter,
get a cash prize'.
Forgive me.
Go away!
Cash! I've taken the selfie.
He's a troubled man.
His mother brought him up
all on her own.
Her dying wish was for him
to have a daughter.
But when his wife gave birth
to five sons, he left her.
When she remarried,
her firstborn was a girl.
Then he knew the fault was in him.
Or he would still be trying
for a girl.
Never mind. Where are you from?
We're going to Amba-ji
on a pilgrimage.
Oh! Congratulations!
Is there somewhere we could stay
for the night?
You're at Bhikha Homestay.
Come, come with me.
Please sit.
My wife. She's from Bengal.
I just got married, two weeks ago.
She cost me 200,000-rupees.
My pockets are empty now.
And me?
Yes, you swine.
We have a language problem.
We talk through film dialogue.
Is that so?
In English, they say 'I love you'.
In Gujarati, they say...
'Prem karu chu.'
In Bengali, they say...
'Ami tomake bhalobhashi.'
Hear that?
Such a jackass!
Half the reward money is mine.
It must've been hard for his
Bengali wife to settle here.
She's settled well. Yummy food.
So much food for just us three.
Mudra is on top form today!
My tummy is about to burst.
Your family is on its way.
The extra food will come in handy.
Hey, hey! What are you doing?
Is anyone there?
Anyone there? Help!
Help us!
They'll separate us now,
won't they?
Give him his kiss.
Who knows when...
Little shrew!
'I am the power!'
Close your eyes.
You, too.
Turn around.
Why don't you come with us
to Laadopur?
Yes, sister. Come.
I've got him under my control.
I love you all!
- Let's go.
- Take care.
Get the car door!
Bapu, the tyres are flat.
Sweetie, hide!
Stay right here.
I'll explain everything.
Please stay calm.
- You rascal! You cheated me.
- Bapu-ji, hear me out.
And you're my blood?
How dare you!
My name is Siddhi.
This is my mother. Mudra.
And my father. Jayeshbhai.
Save my sister Disha.
She's in my mother's womb.
You conned me. Is this how
I raised you? Scoundrel.
You damn trickster!
We're stuck in Ujaas village.
Help us.
If you can't come,
make this post go viral. Please.
Just look what they're doing to us.
- What made you do it?
- Bapu-ji...
- Bapu-ji, no.
- Let go!
Sahib, my reward!
Give me my reward.
Control him! Shut him up.
You OK? Careful.
Stand still.
Leave us alone, Bapu-ji.
Snap out of her spell.
Cut him up if you want to,
but give me my reward first.
Shut up!
What have you turned my son into?
Just stop! Or I'll castrate myself.
Come to your senses!
- I'll do it.
- No!
The end of your lineage.
I'll be no use to the community.
Let's get him.
No, son. Stop!
No one move.
I want this baby.
She will be born.
If you dare touch her,
I won't spare myself.
My boy!
He is possessed by her.
My boy.
Don't do that. Don't do that.
The keys.
The keys.
But, Pruthvi...
The car keys!
Here, son.
Back off! Go.
Come, Siddhi.
What just happened?
What did I do?
Did you see Bapu-ji's face?
He'll go to any lengths now.
No more stopping on the way.
Straight to Laadopur.
Mudra's father. The traitor.
No, sweetie. Don't say that.
What's wrong? Are you OK?
Castrating yourself! Such thoughts
don't befit you. You're a man.
You must continue your lineage.
Mudra, why did we run away?
What was the point?
Is this baby not our lineage?
Is Siddhi not our lineage?
If they are not our heirs,
then I cannot give you or the community
the heir you want.
Didn't you hear that madman's story?
A child's gender depends on the man.
So what if I'm castrated?
Could I give you a son? No, right?
So, by your definition I'm not a 'man'.
Mudra, you leave me.
- What are you saying?
- You kept saying:
'I couldn't give you an heir,
so leave me.'
I can't give you an heir,
so you leave me.
- No.
- Why not?
Did you abandon me?
Are you done?
You give? She gives?
God gives us children.
You said that.
And Mudra, you told me children
come from a hospital.
When you two don't know,
why did you lie to me?
I love Sarla!
Bapu! Blood.
- Where to?
- Our hospital.
Back into the danger zone?
We can't risk going to any hospital.
Hold your mother tight, sweetie.
- Was that Jayesh?
- Yes.
Turn round!
Clear the way!
Where's he gone?
Damn traffic!
- Terrible road!
- This is a shortcut.
Go straight for two kilometres.
Sarla, please be considerate.
Our baby is inside her.
Sorry, I don't understand
what you're saying.
Siddhi-ji, I'm Amar.
The Village Chief of Laadopur.
I saw your video. I can see
you're all in danger.
Where are you?
Ujaas? Are you still there?
Tell me. Please.
Don't worry.
We'll come and rescue you
wherever you are.
- Anyone called Jayesh or Mudra here?
- Ask on the first floor.
She's had a miscarriage.
I could save only one of them.
Get out of here!
Jayesh. My son!
Don't come near Mudra.
You've turned her into
a baby-making machine.
Who do you think you are?
At least my daughter tried,
but your daughter, Preeti?
She's barren.
Pruthvi, let go!
What's this nonsense?
This is a hospital.
Get out!
Let him go.
Get up, Bapu.
The 'Saata' is defunct now.
Take him away.
Jayesh, come on. Get up.
Move aside.
Come on. Move away!
Start the car.
We'll fix them later.
You still have a daughter to fight for.
You still have a daughter to fight for.
My son, you haven't eaten all day.
This won't do. Come.
Eat something.
Be grateful to your parents
that you were born at all.
If you hadn't lived,
nor would I.
And if you weren't born,
I would have been thrown out.
Accept your responsibilities.
You must continue your lineage.
Uphold the honour of your ancestors.
Think of the community.
We have to face them every day.
I have to face myself too, Ba.
Eat up.
Your mother gave this to me.
She said you were selected
for a theatre competition.
But you were married off
before it had taken place.
the veil came in the way.
How long must we be martyrs, Ba?
Years of sacrifice have hardened you.
But I know it is not your fault.
You were never loved.
Your father and I have decided.
You'll ride the wedding horse again.
Swear on my life.
I pushed you too hard. Sorry.
Bapu-ji, you made them tremble.
Sad you didn't pass on
your acting talent.
Calling Preeti barren
was too much!
That line did the trick.
I had goosebumps.
- That good, eh?
- Absolutely!
All well?
Not long now.
Watch my family gasp when 50 wrestlers
take us away in two days.
Did you talk to Amar Tau?
They're on their way. They'll be here
before your wedding.
Her parents are just coming
to see me.
I'll play the groom for two days.
Do it well.
Meaning don't do it well.
Mata-ji has blessed our family.
All our daughters' firstborns are sons.
Or else you may send her back.
No problem.
What if the problem lies with me?
May I say something?
Yes, Preeti.
Don't marry him.
My brother is very hot-headed.
He'll beat you badly.
You'll regret marrying him forever.
Why regret?
It'll be his right. I might have done
something to deserve it.
She's well trained.
I'm a virgin.
Your son is lost
in my daughter's eyes.
- Mayurbhai...
- Congratulations.
Congratulations to you!
Time to celebrate.
How's your new bride?
She's a pure virgin.
What's this 'virgin' business?
Ask Sarla.
We would only lie to you,
wouldn't we?
Just one more night.
- Don't stress.
- Don't you either.
- I'm not stressed.
- You look it.
Since the day you talked about
running away,
something's been bothering me.
We'll get away but
what about them?
You know we women meet
in secret at night?
You must think we watch
movies together,
listen to songs
and unburden ourselves.
We do unburden ourselves,
but not in the way you think.
The saddest woman sits
in the centre of the circle.
No questions, no advice.
Solace is found in each other's
Yesterday when we were laughing
together in the car,
I thought of them then.
They were always there
for me.
How can we abandon them
and settle in Laadopur?
We greatly admire
what you have done.
If you don't mind,
may I say something?
We all endure so much in silence.
We cry, we suffer.
But this made the elders
dominate us more.
Society only keeps count
of our good and bad deeds.
No one keeps count
of love.
Why doesn't anyone think
of a kiss?
You might think a kiss is nothing.
But what is a kiss?
A kiss is a way of expressing
one's love.
Our childhoods were so full
of joy.
Everyone kissed us.
And we kissed them back.
We felt loved.
What changed us?
Society conditioned us
to make money, make a name
for ourselves,
to look after a home and children.
That's all very well,
If we weren't so conditioned,
what would we still have?
A kiss.
I was raised to believe:
'You're a man
'Men don't fear.
Grab whatever you want.'
But this doesn't work
when it comes to a kiss.
How can I just grab a kiss?
She must want to kiss me too.
If I stay here,
society will always come
in the way of my kiss.
I've had enough.
I'm leaving.
But just consider this.
Today they've locked away
the soap,
tomorrow it could be you
who is locked away.
They'll only let you out
when they want an heir.
Till then remain locked in.
Sorry if I offended.
Stop crying.
Look at me.
Stop that crying.
Tomorrow you're getting married.
I don't want to see any of these
faces at the wedding.
That goes for you too.
Let's go, Jashoda.
Nine in the morning.
The Laadopur men are on their way.
I'll call and let them know.
We'll be there on time.
No need to stress.
I'm calling them.
What is it?
Nothing. You should rest.
All is well.
Don't worry. They're coming.
There's no need to worry.
I'm in touch with Siddhi.
What are you doing here?
Just chatting, Bapu-ji.
Asking if he's OK.
- Where are you taking me?
- Get in there!
Bapu-ji, why are you locking the door?
Bapu-ji! Open the door.
Will somebody open the door?
Get the priest, quick.
The warrior girl,
Our brothers from Laadopur!
Greetings to all you ladies!
Greetings to all the ladies!
Our brothers from Laadopur...
Greetings to all the ladies!
Where's your focus?
You breaking a wedding?
Or getting wed?
What am I doing, Tau?
We're here to break
the wedding. Sorry.
We're sorry, Siddhi-ji.
Fine! Now all eyes on me.
On this auspicious occasion,
when Lord Indra descends
on His horse,
the sound of our fervour will lure Him
to stop at Pravingadh's gates.
He will ask: 'For whom does
the wedding band play?'
He shall bear witness
to our Jayeshbhai riding
to his wedding.
Courtesy of our Sargam band!
Hit it!
Hit it!
Adorn the palanquin
Behind the groom's garland.
Hide your face
Keep your feelings hidden
in your heart
We're not coming.
Why not?
The hospital called. My baby sister
is on her way.
Ma's health is very weak.
I must go to her.
Tell Bapu. Hurry.
But how do I...
- Drive fast.
- Hurry, brother.
Hello, hello.
Best wishes to Pruthvishbhai!
A big day for Jayeshbhai!
Paint your hands with henna.
Adorn the palanquin
Paint your hands with henna.
Adorn the palanquin
Dance your hearts away!
Louder! Let me feel the beat.
Just sing it!
Praise to Mata-ji!
Come, you've been summoned
by the call of Mother
Come, you've been summoned
by the call of Mother
May Mata-ji bless Jayeshbhai's
new beginning in life.
That is our heartfelt wish.
She has gone into labour.
I kept my word. I rode the wedding
horse for your sake.
Now I'll do what I must.
I take it you'll bless me.
The breeze sings praise of Thee
Praise to Mata-ji
Say it with love.
Praise to Mata-ji!
Everybody! Praise to Mata-ji!
Praise to Mata-ji!
When the song plays
and the beat resounds
How adorable he looks!
No, Bapu-ji. Let go!
Doesn't play tough,
Dons a childlike innocence
Jayesh! No!
He's never beaten up.
Nor does he flex his muscles
And yet everyone proclaims
Again, again and again
Our brother packs a punch!
He's impressive!
Our brother packs a punch!
Our brother packs a punch!
Get the car out!
Our brother packs a punch!
He's Jordaar!
- Jayeshbhai.
- Amar Tau.
Sweetie, all OK?
They won't let me inside.
I've seen a childbirth on YouTube.
- Sweetie, handle things outside.
- We'll guard the entrance. Go to her.
Mudra! Doctor!
Her pressure is dropping.
No pressure, Mudra.
No pressure at all.
Push, Mudra. Push harder.
Push. You're Jordaar!
Push! Yes.
You must push harder, Mudra.
What's happening here?
She's happening here.
Praise to Mata-ji!
Have you seen their muscles?
They've come from Laadopur,
If anyone tries acting smart,
they'll be beaten black and blue.
Siddhi-ji, sorry.
We will not hit anyone.
We have sworn not to.
- What?
- Yes.
This is childish, uncle.
Your muscles are why I called you here.
One minute.
Brother, we will not resort
to violence.
Forget about Jayeshbhai remarrying,
let them come with us.
Crush them!
Siddhi-ji, sorry.
The Laadopur men must be
beating up my family right now.
Push Disha out. Then we'll live
happily in Laadopur.
Take a deep breath.
- A deep breath.
- Breath, Mudra.
- Mudra, don't sleep.
- No sleeping, Mudra.
Open your eyes, Mudra.
Don't sleep.
Down there.
Brothers, down there.
Hold it. All together!
We'll advance together.
All together!
Open your eyes.
Don't let her sleep.
Keep her awake.
She must stay awake.
Mudra, soap.
Smell the soap. Smell it.
- Doctor!
- Excellent!
Keep pushing.
That's great, Mudra.
- Push harder, Mudra.
- Harder.
Hold on tight!
Just stop! Or else...
Or else, what?
All of us women will go
and live in Laadopur.
Take them all home.
- Jashoda!
- Please.
Say 'please!'
Say it with love.
What are you waiting for?
Sort out your women
and send them home.
Let's go!
Say after me: 'Women's battalion...
'Long live!'
We've taken an oath not to hit anyone
or let anyone else hit.
She's bleeding badly.
- Stay calm.
- I'm going to die.
You'll be fine.
I'm dying.
Mudra, you'll be OK.
I haven't had my kiss yet.
Well done, Mudra!
Congratulations, Jayeshbhai.
Congratulations on your
baby girl!
Jayeshbhai, this was our last duty.
This is it.
All the village women are coming
to Laadopur with you.
We want to express love
through a kiss.
But what will become of them?
What? You said staying here...
I was wrong.
Running away is not the answer.
My first kiss
has changed my mind.
If we all leave then Pravingadh
will become another Laadopur.
No, Jayeshbhai.
We would not wish that
on our worst enemy.
You are lucky.
You don't see what you have.
Please understand.
Our menfolk are what they are.
It is not their fault.
They've imbibed whatever they've seen,
heard or learned.
But people can change.
Take our Mudra.
See how she's changed.
My mother has changed.
Father has changed.
No, not you. I mean Mudra's father
has changed.
You're right, Jayeshbhai.
But if we do kiss them,
will they kiss us back?
Sister, there's a kiss hidden
in everyone.
Take it from me, it's only
a matter of time.
If anyone plays the tough guy,
or gets violent, call me...
No, no.
I think a little peck
will make things right.
One of us is coming to Laadopur
for sure.
A real-life action hero.
His daughter's video
'Jayeshbhai Jordaar' has gone viral.
Meet the father who held a knife
to himself
so his daughter would be born.
Men like him are changing
the perception of masculinity.
Look after your baby.
Bapu, why don't you?
How can I?
Just for two minutes.
Be quiet!
Be quiet, please!
Look after her.
My bread is burning.
A dew drop has awoken
from slumber
It stretches itself with joy
My dreams are alive now
Who knows how the seasons changed
Who knows how happiness
smuggled itself in
In the depth of my heart
In the depth of my heart
A fresh breeze is blowing
In the depth of my heart
In the depth of my heart
A fresh breeze is blowing
Flow on, O blissful life
I won't say keep kissing.
A few pecks a day
will go a long way.
Those who were afraid
of dreaming
Now fly around with ease
A thousand chains were unchained
Who knows how happiness
smuggled in
In the depth of my heart
In the depth of my heart
A fresh breeze is blowing
Flow on, O blissful life
Praise to Mata-ji!
When my Disha was born,
I had a burning desire to dance.
But I didn't.
Then I thought to myself,
why hold back?
So to celebrate my Disha's arrival,
and with my Mudra's blessings,
I'll dance to my Siddhi's
favourite song.
A Jordaar Presentation.
I hear my heart go boom
like a firecracker
Her eyes are like a detonator
They all say she's a firecracker
You're a firecracker,
she's a firecracker
Your attitude's so cute
A sure heartbreaker
Desi rappers rap about you
She's a firecracker,
she's a firecracker
I follow you like a GPS tracker
Pleasing her takes forever
She never forgives
She sure scares me
She's full on, so carefree
She follows her heart
Floating in the sky
Your bright red scarf
Your bright red scarf
Your bright red scarf
Blowing in the wind
Your bright red scarf
Your bright red scarf
Your bright red scarf
Never says sorry
Has 940 whims
I swear
Her tantrums are matchless
Many traits
Has my baby
Who taught her?
Even God does not know
Floating in the sky
Your bright red scarf
Your bright red scarf
Your bright red scarf
Blowing in the wind
Your bright red scarf
Your bright red scarf
Your bright red scarf
You're a firecracker
She's a firecracker
You're a firecracker,
she's a firecracker
You're a firecracker
She's a firecracker
You're a firecracker,
she's a firecracker