Je Suis Karl (2021) Movie Script

Okay. Are you ready?
Okay. So I do it then, yeah?
You look then I'll do the talking.
So we're sitting in the car and, er,
we are first arriving at the Czech border.
And I would like to introduce you to...
This is Yusuf.
And we first met Yusuf in Greece, Monday.
And now he's in Budapest.
And we want to bring him to Berlin,
or we are bringing him to Berlin.
The story, guys, is that
we met him randomly on the promenade.
We started talking
and he told us that he is a refugee.
Do you know this guy?
And he told us everything
he had been through.
Then we exchanged,
er, Facebook contact details,
and decided
to just stay in touch with each other.
And then he told us he was in Budapest
and he didn't know what to do next.
Yusuf? Hey!
- What are you doing here?
- Ah... Yeah. What are we doing here?
- We're here for you.
- We're here for you.
- How are you doing?
- Oh, my God.
It's so good to see you.
- Yusuf?
- Yeah?
It will be like this.
Can you breathe?
Yeah, yeah.
You will have to stay like this
for ten minutes maybe.
Okay, okay. Don't worry. Yeah.
Are you crazy? Take the nose off.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Passports please.
Fun nose.
- It's just the two of you?
- Yes.
Drive carefully.
There are people on the road.
- Got it.
- Safe journey.
- Thanks. Have a good day, yeah?
- Yeah.
Hey, Yusuf. You can show up.
You're in Germany now.
Come on!
We just
crossed the border!
We made it!
Oh, crazy! Oh, God!
Leave him alone.
Turn it off. Turn it off.
All good?
Thank you so much.
Thank you for everything.
Michel, be careful, a car behind you!
- Oh! You're missing out.
- No.
I don't want to know.
I hoped to get there this summer.
Just a little toke.
- Okay?
- Mmm-hmm. I'm fine.
Oh, it's heavy.
Ow. Fuck!
Mind your head.
- "Hello, darling Papa."
- Hello, darling Papa.
- Did you come by car?
- I'm thrilled to see you too.
- Yeah.
- Of course I came by car.
So have you been smoking?
It's sweat.
- Here. Want a smell of it?
- Ugh!
- Hey!
- Hey!
Are you moving in or out?
- In.
- Ah.
- You got that?
- Yeah.
They just got to sleep.
- Well done.
- Maxi.
- Hello.
- Hello, big girl. My dear.
- Hello, hello.
- So you had a good trip?
Yes, thanks.
- Did you cut your hair?
- No.
- What's up with her?
- Well, she wanted to stay longer.
Oh. Okay.
- Oh, Alex, weapons?
- They're not guns. They're arbalstes.
- Arbalte, there's no "s".
- Yes, but made of wood.
But, wait, what would you do
if that goes into an eye, you know?
No, how would that be bad?
No. Then it's me
who has to go to the doctor...
- I'll take full responsibility. Please.
- No!
Please, please, please.
Be nice.
Look, they're good for tickling with too.
And good for back scratching.
This is for me?
And please don't forget the wine, okay?
- Okay, I'll head out now, okay?
- Mmm-hmm.
Thank you.
Mmm-hmm. Hello.
- Ah, Mr Papke?
- Mmm?
- Mr Papke?
- No, erm, I can take it in.
Oh, perfect.
She's over 80
and orders everything online.
- Here.
- Hmm.
- I'll hand this to you.
- Yes.
- Bye.
- That's pretty heavy. Yes, bye-bye.
- Yeah, get him, get him.
- Papa, Papa.
- Hey! Hey!
- Attack!
Hold on!
Are you insane, you rat bags?
- Shut the door quickly.
- Don't ever shoot at people.
- Especially not your Papa!
- Stop, stop! Careful, careful!
I could have been killed by them.
Calm, calm. Calm down, you boys!
I told you so.
- Did you get the wine?
- No. I forgot it in the car.
- I'll go back down.
- Yeah.
I picked up a parcel for Mrs Papke.
In case she buzzes, it's here.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Mr Baier?
Let's just start, shall we?
Just let me know
if you need a break, okay?
You took the parcel in.
What did the courier look like?
The courier,
what did they look like?
Was it a woman?
A man?
He had a dark beard.
Mr Baier, please help us.
You're the only one who can.
The parcel was for our neighbour.
Mrs Papke.
Did you notice anything?
How tall was the courier?
What did he say?
Maxi, where were you?
I was with Pia.
I thought you were at home.
Oh, God.
Papa, what's happening?
Papa, where's Mama?
Where's Mama?
Where's Mama?
And the little ones?
Hey, look at you.
Come over here. Come over here!
Here, come over here.
Hey, turn around.
Come on, babe. Come on.
This could be the start of something.
Here, look.
This could be the start of something.
Hey, what are you staring at?
You suddenly not in the mood anymore?
Come on.
Hey, don't walk away, come here.
Er, you're Maxi Baier, right?
Er, you're Maxi Baier? Right?
Could we have a quick chat?
Just a minute. Wait, Maxi. Wait!
Excuse me.
- Don't be scared.
- Leave me alone. Leave me alone.
I'm not one of... I'm not one of them.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I saw what happened there.
When you... When you go out there,
they'll recognise you.
Take my jacket, please. Quickly.
Take it.
Oh, man.
They think you're alone.
We could walk together for a while.
Only if you want to.
- It's okay.
- Okay.
Keep hold of the jacket.
And take care of yourself.
The hood.
Okay. I think they've left.
Thank you.
I'm Karl.
That's right.
I recognised you.
It's all a bit intense.
It's okay.
Would you like some coffee?
Want to talk about it?
You'd rather be alone?
Should I roll one?
Can I say something?
I've never been
in a situation...
Hmm... I don't want to...
We don't have to talk.
Okay, but I have a question.
Why are you here?
Why don't you go away for a while?
That's a good question.
Why would you want to go there?
I don't know.
You could come to Prague.
I'm driving there tomorrow.
Students from across Europe
are meeting there.
Are you a student?
Are you with a church, huh?
God, no. You think that?
- A little.
- No. We...
We talk about life
and, erm, about the future.
- And about all our futures.
- Hmm.
I know nobody in Prague.
There's me for a start.
And we must talk about
the things that scare us.
Face your fear.
I'm not afraid.
What are you doing?
I heard, uh... I heard a sound.
What did you hear?
I heard the children.
- They were playing cards.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Everything all right?
- Mmm-hmm.
How was school?
Are they for me?
Are they for Mama?
She would have loved them.
Beautiful colour.
- Papa.
- Hmm?
Let's go to Paris, shall we?
No, we can't do that.
Away from here.
If not Paris, somewhere else.
- We can't.
- Why can't we do that?
Mama and the kids are here.
In a graveyard. In a graveyard.
In a fucking graveyard!
You want to know who we are?
Where are we heading?
What unites us?
We are the change.
We are the new era. We are the new Europe!
We are your answer.
Because we are his children.
You are our silent parents,
and we are the storm of action.
We are declaring war on you.
We have kept quiet
for too long.
That's over now.
We show our faces.
You should see it, too.
We don't want you
to just follow us.
We just want you
to use to your common sense.
Stop interfering
with our future.
You will never forget us again.
Because we are many.
We are the new Europe.
Mmm-hmm. Hello.
- Ah, Mr Papke?
- Mmm?
- Mr Papke?
- No, erm, I can take it in.
Oh, perfect.
She's over 80
and orders everything online.
- Here.
- Hmm.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye.
...right now,
on the balcony of my apartment.
I just want to show you this wicked view.
Take a look at this.
I'm feeling so good about this.
I hope you think it's awesome.
But let's talk about my day for a second.
I met Mara Melly by chance.
She's the nicest girl.
She took me to Second Life.
It's a kind of second-hand store.
Yeah, I know, right?
Consumerism, blah, blah, blah, but...
What the fuck?
Cameras down. No pictures.
Got it? No photographs here.
Are we here too soon or...
Hello, Ms Baier.
Do you have any new information?
You need to be patient.
So that means you have nothing new?
It means you must be patient a bit longer.
Shall we begin?
If you recognise anything,
please put it in the crate.
Just take your time, yeah?
We need to register the items first.
You'll get them all back soon.
This scarf belongs to my wife.
Yeah, of course.
But that's the procedure I have to follow.
Excuse me, please.
Don't you touch me.
I know what you've been through
but there's no need for that.
You know fuck all.
It's okay. Come on,
I'll do it quickly, Maxi.
Please, Maxi,
don't make things worse than they are.
Worse than what?
Take it.
Can you get a grip?
Can you just control yourself.
Can I control myself?
They're only doing their job.
Oh, they're only doing their job?
Mama would've slapped her, Papa.
Why can't you see what's happening, hmm?
You're buying clothes for Mama.
You hear my brothers talking. But me?
Control from me? Papa! Me?
I didn't mean anything by it.
Ah, you actually carried a bomb
right into our apartment, Papa!
Mama is dead. She's dead, yeah?
And that's not the worst of it!
The worst part is the bonsai,
as they can't help
with how stupid you are!
Maxi, just drop it, yeah?
I won't drop it. I will not drop it!
Just drop it!
I won't ever be able to drop it, Papa!
- I'll never drop it, Papa! Not ever!
- Yes, you will drop it. Calm down.
Mama's coming!
There, Mama, ah...
Thank you.
Yeah, bye-bye.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Hi, may I ask you a few questions?
- What?
- May I ask you a few questions?
- Yes.
Hi, I'm Isabel from Prague,
and these are my followers. Hi.
- Hi.
- And what is your name?
- Maxi.
- Maxi.
- Where are you from, Maxi?
- Berlin.
Berlin, Germany, Deutschland.
So what do you expect from our academy?
- I don't know.
- Your first time?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
I'm sure you'll love it.
- Okay.
- Okay, see you.
Welcome to the summer academy.
It's for you. Welcome.
Today is a special day.
We will give away the free shirts.
For you!
And you!
And you!
- Guys, may I ask you about your gin?
- Yep.
Uh-huh. Wow, that's amazing.
Glass of gin? Try the new gin.
You have to. It's delicious.
Thank you!
Guys, cheers to Regeneration!
You're my hero!
She's great.
By the way, she's the youngest professor
at this university ever.
Wait until we have won.
Then you will really be cheering.
- Sieg heil!
- What?
Wait, silence!
Leave her, Ante. Leave her, Ante.
Er, what's your name?
- The fuck was that?
- Giulia.
- Giulia.
- Fuck you, Giulia.
Giulia, listen. And everybody, listen.
- How could you say such a thing?
- Shh.
"Sieg heil"?
No way!
Giulia, look at me. Giulia.
- That was yesterday. Get over it.
- Yeah!
- It was just a joke.
- Just a joke.
Okay. Not funny. Not funny.
Not funny!
- Not funny!
- Not funny! Yeah!
And Giulia, you can stay.
But think of what I'm saying here.
I'm sorry for that. Okay.
Go on!
Before we start,
I'd like you to join me in remembering
the victims of the Berlin terror attack.
Thank you.
The dead of Berlin
are the responsibility of our government.
- Fuck them!
- Fuck them.
They saw what's happening.
They didn't do shit. Fuck them.
They fucked it up.
Hold it.
- I swear to you...
- Go on.
...a secure home is possible.
It's possible!
It is possible, but first,
we have to get rid of those
responsible for these murderous policies.
- Yes!
- Definitely.
And we are almost there already.
So much has already been achieved.
In Sweden.
Yeah! Hello, Sweden!
In Poland.
In Italy!
In England, in Austria, in Croatia.
Yeah, believe me, guys!
We can protect the foundations of Europe
by occupying them!
By filling them with our life time,
by reviving Europe.
And that's why we're here,
in Prague! Yeah!
Let's initiate
a revolution of knowledge.
Let's be creative.
Let's be alive.
And let's be ready,
because we are the future.
By becoming economists, teachers, judges,
so that we will become
the parliament of the federal states.
Members of the European Parliament
as future economists, teachers, judges.
We will save Europe by being Europe, guys.
It's up to us!
We are the new Europe!
We are the new Europe!
Now that was nice, but I think
we can do it better. Let's take a picture.
Oh, now once again. Regeneration?
That was nice.
The summer academy is now open.
Give me one second. Thank you.
Give me one second.
- Hey.
- Hello.
I wasn't expecting this.
- Crazy.
- Yeah.
Wow. Shit, the mic.
- Can I help?
- Yeah, could you?
- When did you get here?
- Er, just now.
- Did you have a good journey?
- Yeah.
Know where you're staying?
I'll take care of it.
I just need to...
I'm so pleased.
Oh, my god, that was the best speech ever.
Thank you.
If you play by our rules,
you can stay and have a great summit.
Your reaction was cool.
I got bloody distracted.
This is Jitka, the smartest woman
in the Czech Republic.
- Oh, my God, in Europe, darling.
- Of course.
I'm Maxi from Berlin.
Oh, my god, I love your voice.
Thank you.
Yeah? No, of course not.
Ah, and this is Pankraz from Vienna.
He's a good friend.
- Maxi.
- Hi.
Oh. Hi, Maxi. A pleasure.
- Hello.
- Karl told me so much about you.
We're gonna shoot now.
So are you joining us?
- Yeah?
- Go ahead. I'll catch up.
Have you ever been
in front of a camera?
- I bet you look good on screen.
- No.
The perpetrators are everywhere.
When we walk home in the evening.
When we're waiting for the bus.
When we are jogging in the park.
Just like me.
Two Afghans.
I can still smell them.
I can still feel them.
It happens because nobody protects us.
And you could be me, and I could be you.
But we are not fair game.
Not slaves, not war trophies.
We are the daughters of Europe.
- Thank you, Jitka.
- That's it.
Thank you.
let's get ready for the next one.
Well done.
I'm so sorry what happened to you.
Oh, no.
No, I wasn't raped.
- And action.
- My name...
They wouldn't dare.
The sheer fact that
it happens all the time these days
is reason enough.
Well, in most cases,
the real victims aren't able to talk
about what happened to them.
I mean, would you?
That is completely different.
I have no idea.
So we give you a voice
without you having to speak.
That's how we give her a voice.
We do not forget
a single woman that was stabbed...
I don't know.
...insulted, displaced...
What happened to you?
...and dishonoured.
She survived the Berlin attack. be alone with it,
to carry it...
Oh, my God.
- It's okay.
- Poor thing.
Come here. Come here.
In every city, in every village,
because they are everywhere.
They come as so-called refugees,
and they are already murderers...
It's okay.
...and criminals on their arrival.
Like with me.
Father and son, in duet.
But I could be you, you could be me.
Nobody helps.
So we have to help ourselves.
We have to appreciate each other.
Each other.
We, the daughters of Europe,
united in pain, united in destiny.
We are not victims.
We are the people who live here.
What does it mean
to be a modern woman?
Nowadays, society expects us
to enter the ring
and boldly go
right to the top of the workforce,
becoming the boss.
The ultimate goal
is finding the perfect job,
being independent,
fighting for economic success.
- But motherhood is the greatest gift...
- Please can I take a picture?
...anyone can ever receive.
That little Italian bitch, man.
What a speech, man. What a speech.
You were quick. That was nice.
You were quick. The energy. I loved it.
Yeah, people were amazed.
- Fantastic.
- Yeah, my king of Berlin.
Hey, home ready.
I never thought that it'd work so well.
I swear.
Have you seen the video
of the girl from the terrace?
Who didn't? 50 Million views.
It's crazy.
Man, 50 million views,
but nobody seems to give a fuck.
Yeah. It's unbelievable.
Why doesn't Berlin go apeshit?
Nobody... Nobody is going berserk.
Where are the preppers?
Where are the balls,
the "Eier" of the German nation?
No, serious. I don't get it.
Obviously, 16 dead people aren't enough.
- Yeah.
- France must work, yeah?
- Are there new polls?
- Forty-three percent.
What does Odile say?
She's scared. She's scared.
- We must think bigger.
- Mmm.
He said the girl is here.
Which girl?
No, serious. The girl is here?
What are your plans?
Let's see.
She could be part of the solution.
A bit risky, I think.
We need the final straw.
I just don't know how yet.
I'm in.
Whatever it takes.
I know.
I mean it.
Is she going with you?
We'll see.
Don't fall in love with her.
You wanted to play me something.
Don't fall in love with her.
- Keep going.
- No, it's okay.
You sleep well?
- Do you want coffee?
- Yes, please.
Sit, please.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
And actually,
I've picked some clothes for you.
Right here.
- Thank you.
- All in the bag. You're welcome.
And there is also
a toothbrush in the bathroom.
So make yourself at home.
Salut. See you.
So all good?
Shouldn't you be at University?
Unfortunately, I have to head to Paris
and then Strasbourg for an event.
What kind of event?
The referendum.
Do you support the death penalty?
Not in principle, no.
But I do believe
in tougher sentences for certain crimes.
Like for pedophiles.
People who commit certain crimes
and can't then be rehabilitated.
Which is pretty understandable,
because they come from
a completely different background,
have different values,
and a different sense of what's right.
But I think you have to set boundaries
for these people, and, erm,
that's how it works.
It's not about the death penalty
or what it actually relates to.
Odile Duval, you know her, right?
She's asked me to support her.
Who exactly are you?
What do you mean?
Well, Odile Duval.
Yes, Maxi, I know. I know all the stories.
I know the headlines,
but I also know the truth.
And the truth, for instance,
is that Odile Duval
is the only French politician
who does anything to help young people.
But no one talks about that
because it doesn't fit with
the bad guy image they portray of her.
Just like the fact
that she read Jewish Studies.
And that she comes
from a stinking rich family,
takes the money and invests it
in great projects for young people.
And that's why, and it's not just that,
but to me Odile stands for something new.
Is she right-wing?
I couldn't give a shit, honestly,
because "right" and "left"
now basically no longer exist for me.
And now they're endlessly changing too.
Something that was obviously left-wing
ten years ago
is suddenly now on the right.
And that says it all.
We have the right
to make our own meaning
and then other people can come along
and stick them in a pigeonhole.
For me, all that exists now
are joint projects,
and the referendum is one of those.
Am I then a fascist
because I want the terrorist found
and put in prison who killed your family?
So am I a fascist?
So can I come?
Yeah. Yeah.
- But hurry up.
- I'm ready.
Just give me a minute.
Get a move on.
- Nimble thoughts, nimble feet.
- Where did you hear that?
It's all mine.
Can you hold this?
It's by Odile.
She writes pretty pointedly...
but the world is shit and...
And it's getting shitter.
"My name is Odile Duval.
I'm 30 years old."
"I live in a country in ruins."
"I love my family."
"But my parents have left behind a world
in which I cannot breathe in,
speak in, laugh in,
love in, and therefore, live in."
One must be hard in order to reach people.
I mean, they came right into your home.
Holy shit! What?
Thank you.
That's great news. What?
Yeah, definitely.
Now, that's not reversible.
Er... Spread the news.
- You're that hungry?
- Get out now.
- So get out.
- Excellent.
Would you like a little roll?
- Mum!
- Come on.
- I want a doughnut!
- Me too!
- Steady.
- Steady.
They will get a signal.
Okay? Keep it calm.
All right.
That's crazy.
Do you smoke?
Have you ever?
If you'd like to.
My mother always used to say,
if you smoke, your nipples turn black.
She had so many lines like that.
She was good at it.
Could always say what's...
what's good and what's not.
That's the worst part for me,
that I have to lose all that.
I didn't even speak to her...
the last time I saw her.
I went into the apartment
and headed straight out.
When you share this,
people will understand
what's going on here.
- I'm looking for Maxi.
- Shit.
Do you know where she is?
Do you know something?
I would tell you, but...
Mr Baier.
Is this her place?
This is my number. You can call me.
God, poor thing.
I'm glad that you spoke to me.
Because you take my mind off things.
Favourite food?
If ever my papa cooks,
then it's, mmm,
spaghetti with butter and sugar.
with butter and sugar.
- It's delicious.
- What?
- Spaghetti with butter and sugar.
- I don't believe you.
Favourite colour?
Pale blue.
- Pale blue?
- Yes.
- Really?
- Mmm.
Have you ever been to Warsaw?
- Have I ever been to Warsaw?
- Yes. It's important.
No, I've never been to Warsaw.
Erm, how old are you?
I'm 25.
What matters most to you?
What... is the worst thing
in the world for you?
To die for no reason.
And the best?
With purpose.
I, erm...
I thought of something, which is that...
a young Libyan lived with,
erm, us for a while.
It was...
Er, about two years ago.
This will be distributed
in tomorrow's Les Nouvelles.
It says, "58%.
La jeunesse prend le relais."
"The youth takes over."
They're getting it.
- Finally, guys.
- Brilliant!
- It was worth it after all. Yes, yes.
- Yeah, but that's just the beginning.
We create something that is heard
all over Europe at the same time.
To start with, one of our own celebrities
would need to get shot.
Are you joking?
No, just... just imagine the headline.
"Young Patriot Murdered
in Cowardly Attack."
- Livestream?
- Right.
Hitting all channels. I need you here.
- Yeah.
- Yes, I know.
Everyone is informed.
So at the universities, at the military,
everyone at the key locations...
Hell yeah.
...starts simultaneously.
And it will happen in
Strasbourg and then...
So, but unfortunately,
no one will do us that favour.
And if no one does us that favour...
we shall have to do it by ourselves.
- That's... that's pure madness.
- Yeah, I agree.
- Guys...
- Didier.
We do this
for the future of this child too.
The idea is brilliant.
I mean, the idea is brilliant,
but who do you want to shoot?
Tell them.
You? Oh.
After my very emotional speech
in Strasbourg,
that will be the final straw.
- Okay.
- I'll shoot.
That's my girl.
I'm done.
So are we.
- I haven't got a...
- I'm on the pill.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
It's all so sad.
And I feel so happy.
I want to tell my story
in Strasbourg.
On stage?
So we'll do it together.
So we'll do it together.
This is me, Isabel.
And right now,
we are in the middle of Paris
at the concert of my favourite band ever,
The Command.
- What are you gonna do?
- I'm gonna get drunk.
Hey. Of course, man. Yeah.
No, of course.
Can you see those two over there?
We're gonna go talk to them.
- Guys, just for a second.
- Whoa!
...saying all the time, everything...
Maxi's going on stage on Saturday.
- What?
- Yeah.
What is it? I understood nothing.
- Oh, come on, tell me.
- That's amazing.
Come on. What is it?
Come on!
You are God, man!
Yeah, right.
- What a beauty. Hey!
- Oh, my God!
- Can I talk to you?
- Yes.
- I think it's amazing.
- What?
When the cool women are in front.
- The women who have to say something.
- Yes.
- You know what I mean. He just told me.
- Yes.
And the women
who are beautiful like you are.
Can I...
- I would like to... Can I kiss you?
- Yes.
- Please?
- Yes.
Thank you. I kissed her!
- I kissed her!
- Oh, my God!
- You kissed her!
- You what? No way. What?
I asked her. It was like this.
I said, "Can I kiss you?"
And she said, "Yes."
Can I kiss you again?
Oh, my God, she's beautiful!
before we let rip,
I want everyone to make our sign,
everyone make our sign.
Put your hands in the air!
We're going to war, cousins!
- To war!
- To war!
- To war!
- To war!
- To war!
- To war!
- To war!
- To war!
- To war!
- To war!
- To war!
- To war!
- To war!
- To war!
- To war!
- To war!
- To war!
- To war!
Do we want to be sheep?
Or do we want to be wolves?
Make me proud, my friend.
It's going to be awesome.
More comrades have taken up arms
than ever before.
Are you ready?
I already miss you.
I already miss him.
I miss you.
- I miss you already.
- You.
Let's attack. Let's attack, man.
I hope you all know
what I expect from you.
Je suis Karl.
Je suis Karl.
Je suis Karl.
- Je suis Karl.
- Je suis Karl.
- Je suis Karl.
- Je suis Karl.
- Je suis Karl.
- Je suis Karl.
- Je suis Karl.
- Je suis Karl.
- Je suis Karl.
- Je suis Karl.
Sieg heil.
Hello, Alex.
Come in.
- They were still so young...
- the bonsais.
I've seen all the news, Alex.
I... I wanted to come sooner, but...
Your new... Your new address
was really hard to come by.
You're impossible, also, to find.
I looked for you.
Yeah, I know.
The police came to see me.
Did they give you any problems?
Why did you try to find me?
You weren't on the Internet.
I looked up your... Your name, and...
I go by my middle name now.
Adam sounds less Arabic than Yusuf.
And your brother?
He's officially declared missing.
His boat never landed.
Did you know, Alex,
that the Icelandic fishermen
never learned to swim?
So that it would take less time to drown
if they capsized.
We are not... not Icelandic.
But we too cannot swim.
It's good to see you again.
Mmm. Yeah, it's good that you came.
Come here.
You look good.
- Thank you.
- Mmm.
Did you know...
Ins used to smoke.
- Secretly.
- Yeah?
She always used to bum off me.
For Ins.
So she can smoke again.
Where is Maxi staying?
I have no idea. Maybe France.
- With her grandma?
- No, not there.
I don't know.
She ran away.
She doesn't answer her phone
when I call either.
But I... think she's good.
She sometimes sends me photos. Here, look.
I think this one is France.
Here, look. It's sweet.
I used to take photos like that too,
when I was travelling.
Why don't you give me her number?
I'll call her.
Hello? Is that Maxi?
Yeah, this is Yusuf.
No, wait, hold on. Wait.
No, don't hang up please.
Are you well?
Where are you?
What are you doing there?
Good. Look after yourself.
Mmm. Ciao. Okay.
Er, Alex, do you still have your car?
Yeah, why is that?
- FOR!
So, Odile,
how do you feel right now?
Hmm, very good.
- Could you wait here?
- A bit nervous.
But it's gonna be fine.
- Yeah.
- Huge fan.
- I'm sorry, I just need a moment.
- Of course.
Please leave her alone.
Yeah, you can go stand here.
- Yup.
- Karl.
- Bonjour, Odile.
- a va?
a va.
This is Maxi.
- Pleasure.
- Pleasure.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
It's really brave of you
to be with us here today.
I can assure you that what you
went through touched me profoundly.
Thank you.
Sorry, I'm being dumb.
Do you speak English?
Can we drop formalities?
Are you all right, Maxi?
Are you feeling okay?
I'm really good. And you?
- Okay. A bit nervous.
- Me too, yeah.
Yeah. We're a perfect pair.
It's about to start, let's go.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- Great?
- Come with me.
- Ready?
- If you're ready.
Let's go.
My God, I'm freezing my tits off.
It's going to be fine, okay?
Just breathe, stay calm.
My name is Maxi.
I come from Berlin.
I lost almost all my family
in the bombing attack.
My mother, Ins...
and my two little brothers,
Hans and Franz,
we called them the bonsai, are dead.
We stand with you!
Nobody was there to protect us
and nobody can give me back my brothers.
The government let us all down.
They knew the risk existed.
And they were willing to take it.
- Yes, it's a scandal!
- It's a scandal!
I am broken with sadness, and I'm afraid.
Death to the rag heads!
Because the people behind this attack
have not been arrested
and haven't been convicted.
Quite the opposite, they lurk everywhere.
We're not safe anywhere
because no one is protecting us.
Because they refuse to secure
the borders of our country.
And because nobody knows why
and because nobody knows
which one of us will be next,
it's up to us
to take our fate in our hands!
You're a fucking genius.
We've been silent for so long.
Our resistance begins today.
Mothers, women, sisters,
daughters of Europe,
my name is Maxi and I want the guilty
to be punished for what they did to us.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you so much,
Maxi from Berlin,
who dared to come out of the shadows...
Maxi, that was so beautiful.
- ...and her status as a victim.
- Can I get a selfie?
- Of course.
- A status we are determined to end.
Hello, France!
Hello, hello, hello.
My name is Karl.
I'm from Germany
and I'm here to support
my friend Odile Duval.
They come to our home,
take advantage of our laws
and take over with their bombs!
We must put an end
to this sick racial mixing!
And the death penalty
will help get us there.
Yes, Karl!
Yes, Karl. Because the electorate
are responsible people
who know perfectly well
that we're focusing on the right people!
Good evening, Strasbourg! Good evening.
Good evening.
For! For! Good evening.
- For! For! For!
- For! For! For! For!
For! For! For! For!
Long live, France!
I would like particularly to thank Maxi.
Maxi, who had the courage
to come out here, onto this stage,
to share her grief.
So I would like, one last time,
a round of applause from you all for Maxi.
Where is it written
the influx of migrants into Europe
excludes a return ticket?
Who wants us to believe
that re-emigration is not possible?
So why do we hear all the time,
"Come in. Come in,"
but never, "Go back to your home"?
Sometimes it's good to share
our loaf of bread with the hungry. Yes?
But those who think
they can feed, in that way,
the people of a whole country,
are a threat to all its citizens!
Because there isn't enough for everybody!
For! For! For!
Odile! Odile! Odile!
For! For! For! For! For! For!
For! For! For! For!
Long live France!
Long live France!
Ten minutes to write the comments.
You can't have any more than that.
I'm very sorry.
This is a private gathering.
- Are you on the list?
- No.
I am the father of the young woman.
- The father of Maxi?
- Yes.
Ah. Okay.
One moment. Didier?
I'm going to let him through.
I'm the father of Maxi.
- Yes. Come with me.
- Yes.
- Come, come.
- Go ahead.
Er, I will see you in a second.
A little anecdote. Do continue.
- Pardon me. Yes?
- I'm sorry, Odile.
Er, you have a guest.
Maxi's father.
- Hello, Maxi.
- Papi.
What are you doing here?
- Are you all right?
- I'm good.
- I'm Alex.
- Hello, I'm Karl. Welcome.
Good evening. Odile Duval, enchante.
Welcome and, erm...
My condolences. Really.
Thank you.
I'm Didier, her assistant. A pleasure.
- Please come and join us.
- Take a seat, please.
- Sit down!
- Please, here.
Take a seat. Take a seat, please.
Have you dined
or would you like something to drink?
- Didier, a glass of champagne, please.
- Bonsoir.
- Good evening.
- It's a real honour, truly.
- You don't know the father of Maxi?
- Why are you here?
Are you really good?
And you? How are you?
What have you been doing all this time?
I've been at the flat.
A glass of champagne
for the gentleman.
Yes. Thank you.
When are you coming to Berlin?
How did you know where I was?
- From Yusuf.
- Ah.
I was standing next to him
when he called you.
You kept pushing me away.
Yeah, Yusuf and I are both here, Maxi.
- And where is he now, huh?
- Waiting in the car.
Excuse me.
Can I show you something quickly?
Take a look. I'll leave it here.
What is it?
Have a look.
250,000 clicks in ten minutes.
- It's online?
- Yeah.
- Two hundred and fifty thousand?
- Yeah.
Nobody was there to protect us
and nobody can give me back my brothers...
You're amazing. Bravo.
Your daughter is amazing.
...have not been arrested
and haven't been convicted.
Quite the opposite, they lurk everywhere.
We've been silent for so long.
Our resistance begins today.
My name is Maxi and I want the guilty
to be punished for what they did to us.
I can't believe it.
Yeah, 250,000 views in ten minutes.
Do you realise how many
that is per minute?
Think how many there's going to be,
yeah, in an hour.
Hope tomorrow we're gonna wake up
and there's gonna be ten million views.
I can't...
Bravo. Bravo.
Eric, could you come with me, please?
What are you saying?
Do you actually believe
the shit you're saying?
- Can't you see that they're using you?
- Papa.
- Using Mama?
- Papa, you don't understand.
I don't understand, yeah?
What don't I understand?
What don't I understand? Tell me.
I'm afraid.
Since Mama died I've been afraid.
The first time in my life I'm afraid.
To our movement.
To victory.
Do you know that Mama was a secret smoker?
Papa, everyone knew.
You know what she used to say.
Break one rule every day,
otherwise the day hasn't been lived.
Not lived, yeah.
And that's why you ate the snails then?
Karl, can I have your autograph, please?
I loved your speech. It was very powerful.
Thank you so much.
- Merci.
- Have a good night.
- You too. Thanks.
- Karl.
- I'm ready.
- Mmm-hmm.
Are we going?
We need to get going.
Yeah, one second.
Yeah, it's time. Okay?
- Now.
- Okay.
...because I wouldn't be here
without you.
Good evening, my name is Karl.
If I'm here in Strasbourg,
it's for the purpose of defending Europe.
Beautiful Europe, strong, varied,
bursting with health.
Our Europe, which has been contaminated,
pillaged and violated.
It is time for every democrat
to take a position.
Do you want to take the future
into your own hands?
Do you care about
having a strong continent?
The future, is it in your heart?
So go, vote "yes".
Go! Move! Move!
Let's go! Let's go, now!
Karl, stay with me.
Help me! Papa, come!
Stay with me. Look at me. Look at me.
- Stay with me. No.
- Don't move him.
- It's awful. Who did this?
- No.
Oh, no.
Karl. This is horrible.
There's blood everywhere.
Odile, go in the light.
Look at the camera.
Say something, Odile. Say something.
We came... We came here to...
to this restaurant to...
to enjoy a quiet night.
We were just eating
with Maxi and Alex Baier,
the people in Berlin,
they lost their whole family.
Call the police!
Call the police!
He is dead.
Karl... Karl is dead and...
And we are here without protection.
Where is the government when we need it?
Where is the police?
There's no one here to protect us!
No one helps us. We are all Karl!
Je suis Karl!
Je suis Karl!
It's all going to be okay, Maxi.
We don't want
to be afraid any more.
These killings have to stop right now!
I am going to gather all of our citizens.
I am making an appeal
to all of our citizens.
Let's go to the town halls
and let's not leave
until we have some answers.
We are ready!
We're ready!
Now is the time.
Join us.
It's easy to brush off one person,
but together, together we will prevail.
Together we will prevail!
Together we will prevail!
And anyone who resists, anyone who opposes
the will of the people, from today...
Je suis Karl.
...he will be considered from today
an accessory to the murder of Karl!
- Because he is nothing less!
- Je suis Karl!
Je suis Karl.
Tonight we make a stand for liberty!
For Karl!
With Karl! Je suis Karl!
Je suis Karl!
Don't come this way. Hurry up.
Come, run. This way, this way.
Get out of here!
Shoot her! Shoot!
Kill him! Shoot him!
Je suis Karl!
Get out!
Je suis Karl!
Je suis Karl!
We are witnessing
a turning point
whose outcome is as yet unknown.
Following a night of violence,
a morning of horror begins.
Similar images reach us
from all corners of Europe,
which leads us to believe
that this was a coordinated plan.
The news coming in from Milan and Warsaw
tells a story of dead and injured.
The position of NATO forces
is as yet unclear.
Je suis Karl!
- Papa, what is this?
- It's a power grab.
We are the people!
The right goes!
I have to get to Yusuf.
Papa, I'm coming with you.
- What?
- I'm coming with you.
Come. Keep going.
Maxi, come. Keep going.
Maxi, come.
Come now!
Come, come.
Alex. Alex.
Now, come.
We are about to cordon off the area.
You must go home.
I repeat.
The police
is going to cordon off the area.
It is
a safety perimeter.
We have to keep going.
Go home.
We have to get out of the city.