Jeanne du Barry (2023) Movie Script

Jeanne Vaubernier was the illegitimate child
from a monk and a cook.
She was destined for a life
in the anonymity of the masses...
The plebs, the common people.
So she was a girl of low birth.
But aren't they willing to do anything?
Her mother, Anne,
raised her alone.
She was employed
with Mr. Dumousseaux...
A merciful and kind man.
Out of affection he took the child
under his care.
He quenched her thirst for knowledge...
And refined hair manners
by allowing her into his salon.
Thanks to Dumousseaux,
who took on the costs...
Jeanne went to the Sainte-Aure monastery.
No doubt he wanted to protect her...
For a life of fornication
that working-class girls often led.
Jeanne grew up.
Monastic life
became too oppressive for her.
But books broadened her horizons...
And soon she discovered
The disturbing influence of eroticism.
Satan's child.
I'll teach you read those books.
Lower your eyes.
Way out of the monastery,
Jeanne was no longer a child.
For fear that her husband
couldn't resist...
Chased Madame Dumousseaux
Jeanne and her mother gone...
For theft
which she had not committed.
But what good is innocence...
As others guilty desires
for you?
The two young women are going to Paris...
The capital of all hope
and all hazards.
How long is this going to take?
- No.
Jeanne, please...
Otherwise, you always do it.
It's my body.
- Maybe you should leave.
Go for a walk in the garden.
It's beautiful.
Shortly after...
Became Jeanne reader
for madame de La Garde...
A widow with two sons.
She introduced literature to Jeanne...
And soon Jeanne was competing
in sagacity with the flower of nobility.
- Rude. Jeanne?
After everything I've done for you,
Do you dive into bed with my sons?
Out, slut.
Shame, you should be ashamed.
Thanks to libertinism...
Jeanne discovered how to become a woman
and still remain free.
Years passed.
Jeanne learned to use her charms
to seduce ever richer lovers...
En soon earned her spurs
as courtisane.
And then here in a cloud of pink satin,
Under those black silk crepe...
a white corset...
of an angelic softness.
Du Barry.
- My dear, how are you?
- Monsieur du Barry.
Monsieur du Barry.
- Mademoiselle.
What a pleasure.
- The pleasure is mine.
How are you doing?
An angel from heaven.
Madame Labille told me about you
And she didn't lie.
Where were you all this time?
I've been waiting for you.
You're not afraid of anything.
I'm already making you laugh.
You don't believe me?
- No.
What can I do to convince you?
I can offer you a property.
- My mother deals with the contracts.
I have nothing against your mother,
But here...
my life is on the line.
Mine too.
- Then let's share our lives.
- Agreement.
Beautiful. I like that.
- Agreed.
Du Barry, despite all due respect
that I have for you...
I appreciate you, count.
As duke.
It's mutual.
I'm listening.
As you know...
we send women to the king.
- Yes.
Not one has ever caught his attention.
- But now...
must meet the King Jeanne.
Just as if it were accidental.
So you're betting on chance.
- Exactly, by chance.
He'll think
that he chose her himself.
There you have her already.
Where were you, baby?
I was waiting for you.
I helped Adolphe with his essay.
- I have people for that.
Some things you can't buy, Du Barry.
Du Barry?
- Yes.
Who's tonight?
- As always, writers, poets...
marshal de Richelieu...
Come, I need you.
There are also first-class courtesans,
mademoiselle Legrand and...
Countess de La Rena.
Couldn't resist?
- You have lovers too.
Yes, but they contribute to the costs
And not your mistresses.
That was not the deal.
You might be more discreet.
Richelieu wants to introduce you
to the king.
You're just talking about the king.
- You're free to go, aren't you?
I'll stay for your son.
Jeanne, my dear.
I love you.
Maybe not as you would like,
But still.
- This is not love.
- No? What is it then?
Say it, Mrs Weetal.
I may not know what love is,
but that this is not it.
Good evening.
- Good evening.
The apple of my eye.
Delicious wine.
Very tasty.
- Good evening, gentlemen.
Twelfth cake.
That's your favorite cake, right?
What's up?
There's something in my mouth.
Not to be funny,
But that's more often the case.
Very refined.
- A mouthful.
The king has a nice face.
Are you still in the bath?
You told me to rest.
Yes, you're right.
Resting is important.
You'd keep me posted anyway
of your liaisons?
I'm talking to you.
Why do you always sit
With your nose in the books?
Do you rest like this? Toe, rest a bit.
Above all, keep calm.
You are and remain a stupid whore.
You're the only one
that I want to see in the morning.
I'll see the rest in the afternoon.
Beware, a good lie
is like a declaration of love.
Isn't it time to change your life?
- Where should I go?
And with whom?
I can't abandon his son.
Jean wants me to introduce you to the king.
Yes, he talks about it day and night.
Jeanne, what kind of life do you want?
A life full of curiosity...
in which we take time to live,
to drink, to eat, to write, to read.
People like me
never have time for anything.
My mother is a cook.
So either I lead a life like them...
or a life full of liaisons.
I'd rather have the latter.
Turn around.
The king.
For my brother sentenced to death.
'The definition of a...'
- liege. Point.
Sorry, 'lord.'
"And the lord."
His Majesty wishes to see Madame.
Very good.
Right away.
If it suits madame.
Give her an hour.
- I'm done.
How do you mean?
I'm done.
No, you can't go like that.
Change clothes, at least do your hair.
Anne, you say something.
- He's right, change your clothes.
Be as graceful as ever.
You can do it.
Don't be afraid.
- I'm not.
What is that?
This is common. No
one is allowed to see you.
When will you be back?
- Very quickly.
Have you had many partners?
- What is a lot?
More than one?
One at a time, yes.
Do you experience any discomfort
in the uterus?
What does he mean?
- If you have an itch.
Every day I lubricate my...
love cavity in with precious oils.
No burning sensation at the micturition?
When urinating.
I'm afraid I'll give you more thoroughness
must investigate.
- Of course.
Spreads your legs.
A little further.
Madame is worthy of the royal bed.
- Good.
I would give her a few days
should a venereal disease appear.
- Thanks, but we'll leave it at that.
And now?
Do you take a taste first?
Everyone says you do.
I now have to teach you some customs.
Do you always talk like that?
- Like what?
With that haughty attitude.
- This is Versailles, madame.
I can't speak to the king like that.
I don't think the king
you want to hear speak.
Well, teach me everything
on the mores of Versailles.
May I see how you tonight
want to bow to the king?
Arms higher.
Should I touch it first?
- Let him guide you.
Is he hard to satisfy?
- No, he's fiery.
You don't need a thousand tricks
to excite his senses.
Should I say something special?
Your impetuousness will speak for you.
The only thing you need to remember...
is that you never turn your back on the king.
When the king is before you
and you want to turn away...
do you need to do the following...
Is this a joke?
Absolutely not.
No one likes the king
turning your back...
Except the Dauphin.
- Yes.
What if I don't take those steps?
His Majesty will find you clumsy.
- He is very sensitive to charm.
Me too.
What's so funny, madame?
I laugh because you seem to be speaking
on a six-franc piece.
I am honored, Your Majesty.
May I?
My God.
Is this solid gold?
- Yes.
Is your name on every fork
and spoon engraved?
I think so.
So you are particularly interested in gold?
Look behind you.
The statue.
Is that also made of gold?
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
Sorry, but I can't.
What doesn't?
Those little steps backwards.
I'm sorry, I can't.
What is your zodiac sign?
- I don't know.
I don't believe in astrology,
Your Majesty.
So are you giving me permission?
For what?
- Not to take those steps.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
That's you.
As a child?
Please, can you loosen your hair?
Yes, your majesty.
Would you please get dressed?
I have to put on my dress.
Follow me.
Slightly forward.
Wait here.
It's time.
Your Majesty, your first doctor.
Your Majesty, the first visitors.
The royal family.
Your Majesty, the Grand Officers.
your toilet.
the wig makers.
Ladies and gentlemen,
The audience is over.
The royal family is allowed to leave.
The dauphin.
The same routine every day?
- Yes.
The same people saying the same things?
- Yes.
Eyes closed.
Open them.
Can I open it?
I would like to
that you stay here in Versailles.
Do you?
Of course.
See you soon.
- Yes.
Excuse me.
Who are these people with the king?
The one with a belly next to the king...
is Choiseul, the Prime Minister.
He exudes malice.
Does he really want his sister
with the king get into bed?
No idea.
You know that.
The dauphin.
He's so handsome.
And all those women there?
The king's daughters.
Adlade, Sophie, Victoire...
and the one with the hunchback is Louise.
The king's darling.
Her nickname is 'The Last One'.
Bring me some bacon.
- Bacon.
- No, bacon.
I have rarely seen such ugly women.
Do we never see the Queen?
She is discreet.
Because she suffers from
her husband's infidelity.
Like all queens of France.
The king admires her discretion,
her humility, her gentleness.
The whole of France knows it.
He cheats on her in the palace
and in the Parc-aux-Cerfs.
The Queen cares more about her children,
the faith.
She shouldn't have any luxury...
Or people who...
bad handling of money.
Your hood, fast.
Sit back.
We can go better.
The Queen, Maria Leszczyska, died after
A quiet and unobtrusive reign of 43 years.
Now the way was clear for Jeanne.
But mourning and decency kept her out
Versailles in a secret apartment.
Sire, your daughters.
They know you're here.
The dress.
Bye, my daughters.
There is a disgraceful rumor
around in Versailles.
Father, they say you all nights
spends with a...
My dear daughters...
it wants to happen sometimes...
that your father sees a friend.
That's true.
But she's married...
and has a son.
- That man has no title.
She's not married at all
And that son isn't even hers.
She is ignorant.
- I disagree.
We are the risee of Versailles
Because of your debauchery.
Father, our mother just passed away.
We just ask for a little respect.
This interrogation is over.
- Father?
I can't tolerate...
that you make her your favorite
while we are in mourning.
Neither do we.
Sire, Choiseul has just
found out about Jeanne's origins.
He won't get a girl out of the gutter
to your entourage.
That young woman is my entourage.
Yes, Sire.
I want to be by her side...
when the sun rises...
and when he goes down.
That's all.
- Yes.
So you know what you have to do.
Yes, Sire.
To officially attend court
to be admitted...
Did Jeanne need a husband or title.
Jean du Barry agreed
with a marriage...
For a considerable sum of money.
Count du Barry...
take to your wife Jeanne Bernier...
- Vaubernier.
Jeanne Vaubernier, here for me.
- Yes.
Mademoiselle Jeanne Vaubernier,
take to your spouse...
Jean du Barry, here for me.
I now declare you husband and wife.
Adolphe, the rings.
No kiss from the bride?
And so Jeanne became Countess du Barry.
Grand canal, pet it canal...
Trianon, forest,
flower garden, French garden...
I'Orangerie and the palace,
600 water jets, 200,000 trees.
Who lives at the court?
Servants, officers,
Courtiers, royal family.
What time does His Majesty walk
Through the hall of mirrors to the chapel?
At 6 p.m.
- No.
That was the first time you saw him,
And he me.
I would say at a quarter to ten.
Well guessed.
Because mass is at 10 a.m.
- Precise.
The rest of the day...
11.00 a.m.: Council of Ministers,
13.00: lunch...
in his room...
with someone from his family or alone.
And he spends the afternoon
with hunting...
or an afternoon nap.
- Dinner is at 18:00.
Unless there is a performance in the opera.
And if the courtiers are invited
to brag...
they should only take small portions
After the taster has tasted...
of the king's 40 dishes.
- Yes.
Who eats standing and who eats sitting?
Dukes and Duchesses sit,
Graves and countesses stand.
You're progressing well.
- So they're watching me eat?
Even standing is a privilege
for a courtier.
We now take the three bows
of saying goodbye by.
This is the most important one.
You will be judged strictly
at the introduction.
I am the king.
Look at me.
Not in the eyes. Watch the King
especially never in his eyes.
What did I just say?
Lower your eyes.
- Or else?
Or else the court will
seeing that as arrogance.
Or as an invitation.
An invitation?
- Yes.
an invitation.
For what?
- An invitation to...
You get the idea.
- Yes.
- Intimacy.
You make me laugh.
May I show this feeling?
One never shows
one's feelings to the court.
Let's move on.
Imagine this
the drag of your dress is.
Step back to the door.
You walked on it.
Come forward.
I am the King of France.
The whole court is watching you.
Is there any news?
- No idea.
She'll come in a minute.
- The king is impatient.
- Beautiful women are always waiting for them.
Your Majesty, may I have your permission
to summon Countess du Barry?
Countess Jeanne du Barry.
What brutality.
What does she think?
- Shame.
Ladies and gentlemen, sit down for the gift
offered by His Majesty...
to Countess du Barry.
A gift?
My days and nights
know little rest and a lot of worries
I die of desire
My heart is on fire
I'm in love, but heaven sees
No happier lover
My God.
Thank you.
What is your name?
- Zamor.
How exotic.
- Thank you.
Don't be afraid.
You don't have to.
Welcome, Zamor.
- Thank you.
Make a bow to the king.
A reverence.
Look at that.
The shame.
Madame, your quarters.
This is your home.
I will introduce you:
hair, make-up, lackeys...
intendant, chambermaids.
Go ahead.
No, no.
What do you do now?
Supported by the king...
Jeanne Versailles explained her love
for simplicity and the arts op.
They benefited
artists and poets of.
She knew that the dauphin
was married off...
And that, somewhere in Austria...
An eleven-year-old named Marie-Antoinette,
waited to be introduced to him.
Luckily for her, Jeanne was
now first lady at court.
But for how long?
The king could choose another girl
in the Parc-aux-Cerfs...
And dismiss Jeanne
at the slightest misstep.
What a divine mystery.
Is something wrong, madame?
Only the stars interest you,
I like you so much when you're angry.
Mistake. You always like me.
That's true.
I love you, madame.
No, Your Majesty, you do not love me.
It turns you on that you don't know me.
- But I know you.
She is dressed like a man.
I hope you never forget
who your friend is.
I'm not the Queen.
- Not yet.
On her first official outing...
Jeanne appeared triumphantly
arm in arm with the king.
For the first time at the French court...
Broke a woman with the habit
of hoop skirt and powdered wigs...
And she dressed as a man.
You have reached the rank you pursued,
But still, I don't have confidence in it.
What if the king gets tired of you?
- Far from it.
Don't be so proud.
Pride can destroy you...
But Jeanne, the Parc-aux-Cerfs.
I know.
He's not going there anymore.
It still exists. That says it all.
- No, it means nothing.
The Pompadour had it built
to satisfy his lusts.
With you, he doesn't need that anymore?
Not like some others.
If you are so irresistible,
Then why doesn't he marry you?
Then we must have our marriage
The clergy never agree.
His great-grandfather
married his mistress.
Why can't he do the same?
I'm most worried about Zamor.
He only has me.
You need a home and assets.
Don't worry about that black one.
His name is Zamor.
Thank you.
Jeanne finally had a place of her own...
Where she could retreat
With her beloved king...
And no one prescribed the law to her.
This is so boring.
- Hold on.
You may enter.
Sit down.
Where did he come from?
Chandernagor. In Bengal.
Do blacks live there?
This black one comes from Africa,
but via India.
I think he did several times
And now he lives in France.
- I like her dress anyway.
It's striped.
Like a curtain.
He now lives in France.
I made it my page.
Come now, a page is white.
A page is of nobility.
Although you should not be of nobility
to stay at court.
- Nevertheless?
He is now my servant.
- Do you mean slave?
It is clear that nature gives them
destined for slavery.
In America, this black would
sugarcane harvesting.
Here he serves you tea and chocolate.
That's it.
That's all you should expect.
He's not even capable of it himself
more to expect.
Like all of God's creatures
he is capable of salvation.
Louise, are you going to take me now
Learn the catechism?
We don't look alike,
But he is my brother of faith.
And yours too.
And yours.
And yours.
- Totally agree.
She agrees.
A cookie?
- Louise...
Like us, he has a pink tongue.
I didn't see that.
Is it tasty?
You are right.
A little pink tongue.
I have to leave you.
My sisters.
Let's sing.
We continue with the score.
It's over.
They're mean.
Humiliated by the scandal,
left Louise Versailles...
Relinquished her title and her privileges
and became non.
But the king had a weakness
for his last.
Her departure took him by surprise
in a depression.
Sire, Countess du Barry.
- Good.
Would you like to come with me, please.
I have to be alone.
Is it Louise's fate
that worries you so much?
I have to work.
I salute you.
- Sorry?
You greet me?
I salute you.
Who was in his bed last night?
- Madame de Brche.
She is often in Versailles.
Her husband is a musician.
Does the king have other mistresses?
You are the king's favorite,
But he likes variety.
The charm of the unknown.
If I fall out of favor...
warn me immediately,
Then I leave.
You start the dark side
of the king.
You must remain dignified and brave.
And I am condemned to faithfulness?
Your behavior must be above suspicion
being exalted...
Because every misstep is amplified
and briefed by your enemies.
La Borde was right. Jeanne didn't have to
no need to worry.
She was still his favourite.
Despite the derision about her
striped dresses and men's clothing...
The ladies of the court imitated her
as eagerly as they blacked her out.
Behold. That...
is the Du Barry style.
Jeanne had four happy years
With the king...
Who slowly regained his zest for life.
Zamor grew up and thanks to Jeanne
a sensitive, learned young man.
But it was for Adolphe,
Now introduced to the court...
That Jeanne felt boundless love.
Worried about his future,
she arranged his marriage...
With a girl from the well-to-do bourgeoisie
with whom he had fallen in love.
Enough, Adolphe.
Better, but...
But another wedding took care of it
for upheaval.
The dauphin, heir to the throne...
Finally got married
the young Marie-Antoinette of Austria.
The arrival of the future queen...
Meticulously planned by Choiseul,
caused an uproar.
Jeanne's position was in jeopardy.
You need to see her skin.
- My God, white as milk...
Do you speak a little German?
But, I can teach you.
Maybe later?
Madame, the Dauphine is hungry.
When will it be served?
As soon as the king arrives.
Of course.
Thanks, Mercy.
His Majesty the King.
And Countess du Barry.
She's in white.
In white.
She has her hair loose.
How awful.
How dare they?
Where that girl is.
Who is that beauty?
- That's a street girl.
We have to get rid of that person.
We are counting on you to disown her.
I think I'm going off the table.
- Behold.
I can't see it.
Outrageous that the king wants that man
Proposals to the Dauphine.
That is unworthy of a Christian king.
Obviously, tonight we're
celebrating the end of that man.
Du Barry cherishes for no one
affection or hatred.
With such a character, one cannot rule.
- Behold.
This woman has something
the Pompadour missed.
She loves the thing.
- What thing?
The thing between our legs,
Dear lady.
My dear niece,
you have to use your influence...
for that horrible woman
to drive away from the court.
The more you ignore that human,
the more the kingdom will love you.
I hinted
what I think, but he's stubborn.
Maybe he'll listen to you.
He loves you so much.
- I love him too.
That person should not speak to you
As long as you haven't addressed her yet.
You know that, right?
In that case...
I declare myself her rival.
Thank you.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Adolphe is defeated in a duel.
It's serious.
A carriage is ready.
Jeanne came the death of Adolphe
not over...
That beloved son she hadn't given birth to.
Comfort and luxury
seemed tasteless and pointless to her now.
The only wealth left to her
at Versailles the love of the king was.
The Future Queen
still ignored her.
This weakened Jeanne's position
at court.
Let's start over.
Don't be chased away
by their bullying.
Well, your majesty.
I will do everything in my power
To bring the Dauphine to reason.
The Dauphine will address you tomorrow.
At 4 p.m.
In the games room.
It goes like this.
Let me give you a call.
A look, a word, a sign.
Then the Dauphine comes to me
and will say something to you in passing.
In passing.
Don't expect anything poignant.
The Dauphine prefers to...
- I understand.
That will be perfect.
I wish Adolphe was here.
He would have been so happy for me.
And now I ask one of you
to name a map.
Name a map, whatever.
Queen of Spades.
- Queen of Spades.
a map comes up.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it can't be anything but...
the queen of spades.
Thank you very much.
A map, ma'am.
- Hartenaas.
A heart like mine.
Thanks, all.
It's time for our singing lessons.
The king.
Your Majesty, I...
The union between France and Austria
is at stake.
You have to admit.
Just one word.
Poor Mercy.
He tried so hard.
I think Mercy is right
and not you, Adlade.
What an idiot.
Madame de Dauphine
would like to invite Your Majesty...
for a performance
in which she plays a shepherdess.
A shepherdess.
Will Your Majesty honor us
with his presence?
May I ask why?
No sense.
No sense, of course.
No sense.
Well, your majesty...
my respect.
What are a lot of people today
in Versailles?
But... why?
She talked to you.
What animates her?
She runs.
She spoke to me.
She said something to me.
She spoke to me.
She spoke to me.
She's happy.
- Yes, she seems happy.
Nine words from the beautiful mouth
of a princess save Jeanne from disgrace.
The royal family deigned
finally acknowledge her.
The happiness of the lovers
could have lasted, But alas...
The stars that the king loved so much
observed, decided otherwise.
I think we should tell him.
- Good luck, Duke.
A third bloodletting is necessary.
They want a third bloodletting.
Yes, Sire.
Where is Jeanne?
- She's here.
- I'm thirsty.
No, I want Vichy water.
- Vichy water.
Thank you, Zamor.
He has smallpox.
Does the king know?
That would kill him.
You're in danger, madame.
Should he die,
the royal family will chase you away.
Get ready.
A simple relapse, that's all.
- At 64 years old, smallpox is severe.
We shouldn't tell him.
- Agree, it would weaken him.
Let us in.
Madame, smallpox is contagious.
I want to see my grandfather.
- It is my job to protect you.
This is grotesque.
- No.
It's Versailles.
Bring me a mirror.
Bring me a mirror.
Show me...
how I'm doing.
I would like to confess.
to prove that you repent,
you must renounce the scandal.
I'm afraid of hell, Jeanne.
I owe it to God
and to my people.
You have to withdraw.
You have to withdraw.
Light the candle.
Flicit, you can watch
Is the candle still burning?
Yes, it's still burning.
Thank you.
To the monastery.
That's all she deserves.
What a relief. Do you see her leave?
- Tidy is neat.
Jeanne, Jeanne.
She's coming back.
That man is coming back.
I want to say goodbye.
- No.
Get involved.
- Say something.
You have already said goodbye.
Let her in.
Yes, Sire.
I will accompany you.
I love you.
there you are.
I love you too, Jeanne.
My dear.
Thank you, Sire.
You have always been good to me.
Zamor, please.
It's going to be okay.
See you later.
- See you later.
I absolve you of all your sins.
The king has God
Asked for forgiveness...
for the insult and the scandal
that he did to his people.
When God heals him,
will he repent...
Supporting the faith
and give relief to his people.
Take care of her, La Borde.
Yes, Sire.
You are my friend, La Borde.
The king is dead.
The king is dead.
Long live the king.
- Long live the king.
I am committed to you.
Jeanne was convicted because she
for the church and the monarchy...
Sin incarnate was.
She was imprisoned in a monastery for a year.
Louis XVI released her...
Provided they never again
at Versailles.
Jeanne moved to Louveciennes
and lived there for 15 peaceful years.
The Revolution was the end
of privileges...
And a rearrangement of the maps.
The nobles stopped their vain quarrels
and in the face of adversity...
Offered Marie-Antoinette
Jeanne's friendship to.
In those turbulent times
everyone had to pick a side.
Zamor sided with the Republic
And, out of necessity or resentment...
He betrayed his former mistress.
That she was not of nobility,
didn't change that.
In the eyes of the citizens, Jeanne had
betrayed her origins long ago.
Louis XVI was beheaded
January 21, 1793.
Marie-Antoinette, on 16 October.
And Jeanne on December 8.
Her last words on the scaffold
would have been:
'Just a moment, Mr. Executioner.
I loved life too much
to have it taken away like that'...
Before she raised her eyes one last time
to heaven.
I had this movie
ever be able to make...
without the light
by my friend Herv Temime.
He was my mainstay.
This movie is for him.