Jeene Do (1990) Movie Script

'There goes the
farmer of this country.'
'He keeps getting buried under
debts with each passing day.'
'Just the way the sun
doesn't set and...'
'the earth completes its rotation.'
'His debts don't get over till
the time he breathes his last.'
'People get submerged
in the soil after they die.'
'He gets submerged in the
soil as soon as he takes birth.'
'There's no one
who's not hit at him.'
'Sometimes it's man,
sometimes God...'
'and sometimes the rich.'
'God isn't his caretaker
but the merchant...'
'who aims to destroy the farmer.'
'The farmer keeps
moving and reaches...'
'to his point of destruction.'
'The cage is in the
hand of the moneylender.'
'And the hunger
of the bird in it...'
'forces it to raise its thumb.'
'The moneylender is aware
that in this thumb lies...'
'the farmer's house,
property and everything.'
'The moneylender mocks his
helplessness by showing him money.'
'The farmer accepts
this as his fate.'
'Seeing no hope he took his
destruction and after that...'
'People, see this drama that
has been happening now for ages.'
'While it's the thumb
that has erred...
it's the whole hand
that will bear the brunt.'
'The paper won't be torn,
but his hand shall be chopped.'
'He'll scream, yell and say...'
'Let me live.'
"Let me live."
"Let me live."
"Let me live."
"Let me live."
"Let me live."
"Let me live."
"Let me live."
You dare ask for Rs. 50 from me?
Take this! Take this!
That's enough, Thakur.
The whole village is
disturbed with his screams.
I have come with the village court.
May I know what his fault is?
This fool had taken
Rs. 500 from me as a loan.
He's come to ask
for Rs. 50 more now...
as his wife is expecting.
How could he dare to come
and ask for Rs. 50?
I'll beat him black and blue.
No Thakur, you won't do that.
The village court has come
here after some deliberation.
We won't go away from here
without getting the decision made.
As the village chief, I
ask you to call Gopi...
and show us the papers that
bear Nandu's thumb impression.
We want to ask Nandu something.
- Yes, Thakur.
Get Nandu's papers and
show it to the village chief.
Village head.
Is this your thumb
impression, Nandu?
Yes, Head.
Why didn't you get the amount
mentioned on the blank paper?
Do you know the
meaning of signing or...
putting a thumb impression
on a blank paper?
If Thakur strangulates you
and he writes on this paper...
that you have committed
suicide, no law can harm him.
Now tell us as the
decision is being...
taken in the presence of the court.
Are you willing to hand
over everything to Thakur?
I'm ready to give
everything to Thakur.
Chief, please free
me of this slavery.
Why did you tear that paper?
I don't subscribe to
this decision of yours.
I don't want anything he owns.
I want to keep him as
he is, a slave all lifelong.
I beg your pardon, Thakur.
The paper with Nandu's
thumb impression is torn.
The decision has been taken.
When even the
Government can't challenge...
the village council's decision.
What are we?
Come, Nandu.
Chief, I'll avenge the hands with...
which you have torn Nandu's papers.
I'll harm them in such a way...
that you won't even be
able to wipe off your tears.
Hardayal, you haven't seen
your second son till now.
Why see him whose birth
snatched away my happiness?
Father, feed me how
you're feeding brother Suraj.
Go and eat yourself.
Son, eat quickly as
you even have to study.
Not only has Suraj
scored the highest.
And made us proud...
but he has also brought
our village into the limelight.
I congratulate the Chief...
Mr. Hardayal on this occasion.
I request him to come on the dais.
Keep sitting.
Heartiest congratulations.
It's often witnessed.
That able students like Suraj...
are unable to get
a good education...
as their parents can't afford it.
They can't afford.
To send their children
to a good school.
I want to tell you all that.
Whether it's about a temple...
a public lodge.
Or a student like Suraj
wishing to study further...
I'm open to support
all these good deeds.
Mr. Hardayal, please come in.
The Chief of the farmers...
and a father to an able
son is visiting my house.
Welcome him.
Thakur! - Mr. Hardayal,
you're embarrassing me.
It doesn't suit you. Please get up.
Shankar, get a chair.
Thakur... Chair...
- So what? Please sit.
Shankar, get a glass
of juice for Mr. Hardayal.
Thakur, all that is not required.
Mr. Hardayal, there's no
need even to consume poison.
But if it's in fate,
then one has to.
What's your purpose of visiting me?
I need you to write the amount...
on the papers for me too...
Mr. Hardayal, Gopi writes
the amount on the paper and...
the person taking
the amount gives...
his thumb impression on it.
- I don't even touch the paper.
Tell me, what's your requirement?
I need Rs. 10,000...
as I wish to admit my
child in a big school.
I have got the registry
of the house and...
the papers of the land with me.
Get Rs. 10,000 for Mr. Hardayal.
Forgive me...
as it's a tradition that has been...
passed on from my ancestors.
I can't change it.
Even this money
has got a peculiar fate.
Somewhere a person is
eager to have it in his hand.
Somewhere it keeps
rolling in somebody's shoe.
That's more than enough.
I have done what I'd wished for.
You remember you'd
once told Nandu that...
a thumb impression on a
blank paper is highly risky.
Today, I'll get you to
meet your doomsday.
You have handed
over everything you...
owned to me on this blank paper.
I'll be the rightful owner
of everything you own now.
You'll have to do
everything I ask you to.
Henceforth, you're a bird in
the cage of the moneylender...
that can flap its
wings, but can't fly.
Chief, you may leave now.
And get on my track like a train.
Keep this box safely.
There's jaggery in it.
Have a little of it after your meal.
But don't have too much of
it as it could result in sores.
Come, I'll drop you to
your teacher... - No, Father.
I... I won't stay here.
Father, take me home.
I won't stay here.
Son, didn't you say
that Karma doesn't...
let you study there properly?
Nobody will bother
you over here. Come.
Father, I won't even
complain about Karma.
Please take me from here.
Son, I want you to
become a doctor...
or an engineer.
I want you to read all the
documents the moneylender gives us.
It was also your mother's
wish to see you educated.
If you won't stay here then...
My child. You need to get educated.
Why had you torn Nandu's papers?
Why? Why did you tear it off?
You'll now realise the
importance of putting the thumb...
impression on a blank paper.
- You'll realise it now!
We grind chillies and
bricks here together.
One kilogram of chillies is
easily converted to two kilograms.
Get used to it.
Or else you'll be punished
a hundred whips at once.
Take this!
Get up!
The farmers here toil...
and get the sugarcane juice for me.
I'm aware that it's difficult
for a man to pull it off alone.
Let me see if you can
pull it off all alone...
or somebody shall
come for your help.
Hardayal's son hurls stones at us...
and calls us thieves and thugs.
Son of a slave running around free?
Come on, start
working with your father.
I won't do any work for Thakur.
Would you make him
understand or should I?
If I can work for him,
why can't you?
I won't.
- You won't?
I won't.
- You won't?
I won't.
- You won't?
I won't! I won't!
I can't deal with him any more.
Thakur, I'll do whatever
you want me to do.
You move.
Your father has
been doing it till date.
Let me see how you wouldn't do it.
It's next to impossible for you...
to get the work done by Karamveer.
Thakur, you'll die before
you see me work for you.
Silence! You unworthy person.
I'll get that wish fulfilled
right here and right now.
Make him the propeller!
Thakur, I have told
you several times...
that I have no relation with him...
He's just like some
other person for me.
Why do you force him to
work for me all the time?
Thakur, did you hear him?
I'm nobody to him.
Move away!
There's no relation between us.
What job did you want me to do?
If you ever again cheat
me into coming here...
I'll blow you to pieces.
I kept drudging for you all my life.
What calamity would occur
if I work for you even today!
Tell me, what am I supposed to do?
Kill your son if at all
you can do anything!
It's you who's
responsible for giving...
birth to a rebel like him.
Uncle, where's the soap?
- Over there.
Aunt, where's the oil?
It's kept on the wall.
Why are you in such a hurry?
Uncle, my father is about to come.
I have to bathe...
have food and leave from
here before he's back...
Is your father some
contagious disease...
that you have got to leave
the house before his arrival?
Uncle, you need to
think the other way round.
I'm the one who's like a
contagious disease for my father.
That's why I have got to leave
this house before he arrives.
But where do you intend to go?
He's got to go to the office.
- As the boss is very impressed...
and this bigwig is
afraid of reaching late.
Darn it!
I no longer can have
a bath in this house.
Aunt, at least give me some food.
You tell me one thing.
You don't work in this house.
What's your excuse for eating here?
Having been born in this house.
Tell me it's a lie.
Yes, tell me that you'd
bought me from the orphanage.
First, let me teach
him how to speak...
and then I'll reply to his question.
What madness is this, Hardayal?
If the price of fertiliser
has shot up then...
why are you venting its ire over me?
Darn it!
Karma! Listen! - Forget it, Uncle.
- Have the meal and then go.
It's a usual occurrence.
Nothing new.
Hardayal, what kind of hatred is it?
When you're here, he's not present.
When he's present, you
go away with some excuse.
He's the ominous
stain on this house.
So, you believe that...
it was due to the birth of
Karma that sister-in-law died?
I am not sure, Rehman.
I'm not sure if I
believe this or not.
But my eyes have
surely witnessed it.
That means Karma
is right when he says...
you never cared about him.
You didn't educate him.
Why do you only mention Karma?
Every child says
the same thing to...
his parents when he grows up.
He never says that my
parents tried to educate me...
but I couldn't study.
We all are illiterate
like Karma, Rehman.
We go to the temple
and ask for forgiveness...
and not punishment.
Then, why do you only see Karma?
I have another son, Suraj, too.
He knows of every
hardship I'm going through.
Even though he's far away.
Karma, who's so close by,
doesn't know that...
I am broken from inside.
How would he know?
People see each other
in the eyes and talk.
The scene here is
that father and son...
have not even looked at each other.
I'm not sure when God
shall make me see...
you both having a
meal on the same plate.
My actual name is inspector
Himmat Singh Himmatwala.
Due to the inflation
prevailing all...
over I have lost all my courage.
By chance.
But the uniform you have
worn is of a constable.
Thakur, that is to hide it
from the people. To conceal.
Just like you put a mosquito net...
and get under the covers and sleep.
The mosquitoes keep
revolving around the net to bite.
I sleep peacefully under the cot.
I roam around as constable
so that no one mistakes me...
for an Inspector
and tries to bribe me.
But... So, you don't take bribes?
Western doesn't take a purse.
I have got to ask you
for a lot of favours.
You have to take the bribe from me.
I never touch money.
I pick it up with this little clamp.
Your Gopi looks like a
manager of some bank to me.
What would be the result?
The tortoise won the race.
The tortoise won the race!
You talk strange!
Even if the rabbit ran in his sleep,
he could've won the race.
No, how can that be possible?
The rabbit had fallen asleep
mid-way. How can he win?
My dear crazy sister.
If you run with me on a bet.
- Yes.
And I get ahead of you...
Do you think I would
fall asleep mid-way?
Whatever! The tortoise had won.
My doll, the rabbit had won.
- The tortoise had won.
The rabbit had won!
- Oh, no!
What's the matter? - I forgot
to tie the sacred thread.
Give me your hand.
May my brother have a long life.
My dear sister, you
have worn red bangles.
I feel like placing you
in a palanquin like this.
Stop this nonsense. Money?
Would you credit?
- Only for a day.
Only for a day. I'll be right back.
It appears there's
a shower of kids...
in this colony instead of the rain.
Hey! If any of you make a noise,
then none of you'll get a toy.
I want a balloon.
- Yes.
Give me 50 paisa each...
What do you want?
- Doll.
- Give me 50 paisa.
I want the parrot.
- Parrot!
"The monsoon season
and the winds make a noise."
"The heart dances like the
peacock dances in forest."
This duty is very strange.
It doesn't get over by chance.
Idea! Let me make the watch
run two hours ahead of time.
The duty shall get over on its own.
Doing such smart works
doesn't cost anything after all.
The duty's over...
- Wow,Chanda!
You have collected 25-30 rupees
by selling toys worth 50 paisa.
And I have sold
all the toys as well.
Oh, no! It requires a lot of
patience to be in this colony.
Such a small colony
and so many children!
There's a secret behind
this, by God's grace.
That only I know.
As I have been in this
village for the last six months.
No, I mean I'm on duty,
by God's grace.
Secret! What secret?
I hope you won't reveal it
to anybody. - No.
Come behind the tree then.
- Hey!
Come, come...
Actually, there's a railway
track behind the village.
And a super-fast train
passes from there at 2:00 am...
making all the sounds.
The children sleep,
but the parents wake up.
That is, the family keeps sleeping.
The creators of the family wake up.
But how's that connected
to having these many kids?
There's a connection, sweetheart.
Sweetheart, you do one thing.
You come to the backyard at 2:00 am.
I'll show you.
What the parents do
after the train passes...
that results in all
your toys getting sold.
That is, you see...
- I have understood.
Don't say anything else.
Thank you.
People over here
understand very soon.
No, no...
You haven't yet understood.
But you'll very soon.
Raise your hands.
You don't have money, right?
Remove the shoes...
Come on, sit!
You have more money?
Show me that hand.
You have more money?
You're lying! You...
Do you have more or not?
Why don't you speak?
What! - You have again
taken away all my money.
Scum, useless, swine...
- No, no...
The word that you used
the day before yesterday.
That was nice. - Rogue!
- Not this one, I suppose.
- Yes! Mean.
Come here.
You continue learning
these words at home for me.
If not, it's no fun.
- If not, it's no fun!
Karma, return all my money.
- Or else, I'll call the constable.
Shut up!
Alright! I'll come with you
wherever you go today.
Even I'll have all that
you'll have from my money.
Is it? You'll have what I'll have?
- Yes.
You'll drink that what I shall?
- Yes.
Swear on my father.
Here. It's all yours.
Tell me now, how
else do I serve you?
Look Karma, I am a girl.
I did drink at your insistence.
I beg of you.
Don't tell the villagers
that I have drunk.
But I'll tell everybody
that you got me drunk.
Shout. Shout a little more!
I'll go where my money shall go!
I'll eat that what you'll have!
I'll drink that what you'll drink!
Look, there's a little money left.
If you say I can get the
quarter of the bottle more.
Shut up!
I can't hear anything.
Karma, I won't spare you.
If I die.
- Quiet!
Stop this drama.
Come on, get down.
Get down!
- No, no...
What has happened to my legs?
Have I gone deaf and lame?
After a while you will go blind.
Then you can beg on the street.
You know where you're
sitting in a muck. Get up.
I invited trouble for myself.
Brother Hardayal,
did you get any news?
Would anyone come to
quote the price of the wheat?
For the past five days
We have been waiting...
for the inspector to come.
But he hasn't reached yet.
It looks like we have
committed some...
sin harvesting these crops.
I have come to know
that the inspector...
is somewhere here around the market.
Where else would he
go leaving the market?
These are the days for
him to make the most of it.
Where would he go
leaving these toys?
Hello, inspector.
- Hello, inspector.
Write 125.
Hello inspector.
- Number 35.
Write Rs. 126 and 50 paisa.
Yes, dear.
- This red flag?
It's the Thakur's.
What wheat! Does it belong
to Thakur? - Yes.
Write 182. Make it fast.
Inspector, what sin
have we committed that...
we don't get the right
price from the Government?
You're a farmer, and that's
your fault. - But...
They come and ask
for a higher price!
- Yes, Thakur.
Everybody's grain is here?
- Yes.
Send the half of it
to my warehouse after...
it gets weighed as the interest.
You don't worry, Thakur. All the
businessmen are present here.
Your interest shall be
the first to be taken care of.
Girdhar, what's the
wheat flour rate today?
Rs. 2.5 per kg.
- Rs. 2.5 per kg?
Then, what would be the
cost of one quantal of it?
Rs. 250.
A little while ago
the rate of this...
wheat was Rs. 150 per quantal.
From the market it
reached to the retailer...
and its price reached to Rs. 250.
The day we'll come to
know of the balance 100...
our days shall take an about-turn.
Hello, uncle.
- Hello.
Paper vendor, is the result out?
MSc results have been declared.
- MSc results?
Suraj's results have been
declared! Paper vendor!
Look at this, his backbone
is broken from here.
Now he will not be able to carry...
anything heavier than his shirt.
That's why I request you not
to let him lift anything heavy.
If not, he'll be
bed-ridden for good.
But doctor... - Meanwhile, I have
prescribed a few medicines.
You buy it from the market.
Here it is. - Goodbye, doctor.
- Goodbye.
Karma, did you hear
what the doctor said?
Yes, I have heard it all.
When it wasn't Suraj's results...
why did he have to run
after some other result?
You people handle him now.
Nobody listens to me in this house.
God, give Suraj the strength...
that he eradicates the
darkness of ages once and for all.
Rehman, see, Suraj has
done what he'd promised.
He's scored the highest. - His photo
is published in the newspaper.
Look... you'll be able to see
it without your spectacles.
It's him.
Khushi, look at Suraj's photo.
Brother, I'm unable to believe it.
It's Suraj's photo.
His name has become
well known, Rehmat.
I'll get the sweets distributed
in the whole village.
Come on, run!
You take too. Have the sweet.
Uncle! Uncle, take these sweets.
What are you
distributing sweets for?
Uncle, Suraj's picture has
been published in the newspaper.
He's passed it in first class.
Uncle, I spent all my money...
and got sweets as soon as I
got the news. - Congratulations.
Chanda, you didn't have one?
Look, it's the last one.
You have it.
Fool, swine, vagabond...
- Karma, you stop!
Suraj's picture has been
published in the paper.
Have the sweet, brother.
Have the sweet.
Brother, he's getting ecstatic
as if his son has earned a DC.
He'll get even that friend.
It's no small feat getting photo
published in the newspaper.
I'll scream in the whole village...
Nandu, Suraj's picture got
published in the newspaper.
He's scored the highest!
I have heard it, Nandu.
I have listened to it.
I have even got the
sweet distributed.
- Hardayal?
Thakur, I am thrilled today.
I am thrilled, Thakur.
I have forgotten the pain
you gave me for fifteen years.
I have forgotten that
due to one of your...
sacks I injured my spinal cord.
I'm thrilled. I have no enemy today.
Have this sweet, Thakur!
I'll do that too. But first,
give me the good news.
Thakur, I won't tell you.
I'll show the good
news today. Look here.
Look at my dear child. He's
standing tall in the newspaper.
Thakur, look at Suraj.
My Suraj! Have a look!
Respected Principal,
professors and my dear friends.
I'm not the one to be
credited for this success.
It is somebody else.
The one who's
standing in front of me.
The one whom I can see.
But you can't see.
And he's my father.
I am a poor farmer's son.
I am the son of such a poor man.
Whose hard-work and courage have...
placed me among you learned people.
I still remember the day when
the parents of other students...
came in big cars
to deposit their fees.
My father would come in a rickshaw.
In such a surreptitious manner...
as if he were avoiding people.
From knowing how
he was related to me.
Now, you decide...
What would a son do
for a father like him?
And what not?
I want him to wear shoes of gold...
as he had come here to get
me admitted with torn shoes.
I want to feed him
the best of food...
as he must've got my
fees paid to stay hungry.
I want him to sleep on a velvet
bed and massage his legs.
I want to serve him.
Suraj! Suraj!
I am... I am sorry.
I was lost in my world.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
It's been very long
since I met your father.
Even I'll come along with you to
the village. - Have you gone nuts?
You'd go to your in-law's
place before marriage?
So what? Besides father,
who else knows about me?
I have no objection.
Ask your parents.
The question of asking us arises...
only if we ever have refused
any of our daughter's demands.
Her choice is our choice. Why dear?
- Right.
Son, Suraj.
- Yes.
Send Sujata back before it
gets dark. - You don't worry.
I'll drop Sujata before it
gets dark. - Okay.
I'll leave as a father
must be waiting.
Okay. - Goodbye.
- Let's go.
"Languages, these languages..."
"Come, dear, let's play
the game of hide and seek."
"Languages, these languages..."
"I swear on God."
"Languages, these languages..."
"Damsel, are these your
eyes or the bullet of a gun."
"Languages, these languages..."
"Oh, God! I'll die of joy!"
"Oh, dear darling,
Oh, dear darling."
"Oh, dear darling,
Oh, dear darling."
"Oh, dear darling,
Oh, dear darling."
"This makeup of yours
are all but signs of danger."
"Oh dear darling.
Oh, dear darling."
"Oh dear darling.
Oh, dear darling."
"Oh dear darling.
Oh, dear darling."
"You have a clean heart from
out but naughty from within."
"Naughty from within."
"All naughty!"
"Is it!
- Yes."
"Earrings, those earrings!"
"Earrings, those earrings!"
"Earrings, those earrings!"
"A wife will do but
with 15 sisters-in-law."
"Earrings, those earrings!"
"Earrings, those earrings!"
"Earrings, those earrings!"
"You'll be rebuked if you play
naughty with sisters-in-law."
"You'll be rebuked."
"The abuses!"
"Oh, wanton!"
"The balls.
Oh, balls..."
"The balls.
Oh, balls..."
"The balls.
Oh, balls..."
"You can get me to do
anything but not the roti."
"I can't make the roti."
"The balls.
Oh, balls..."
"The balls.
Oh, balls..."
"Make the roti, or
I'll beat you with the stick."
"I'll hit you with the stick..."
"Yes, the stick."
"Beat the stick, oh, girl!"
- Hardayal!
- Father!
Uncle Rehman, what
happened to father?
Son, actually...
- Rehman!
Son, you take care of him.
I'll get some water.
- Father!
Karma, at least you tell me
what happened to my father!
He has a spinal cord injury.
- Make him shut up.
The doctor had said
that he shouldn't...
carry anything heavy at all.
- It's just that.
How did he break his backbone?
- It was an accident.
What accident?
- He was carrying weight...
Whose weight?
- I can't answer every question.
Ask him.
- Nothing.
Nothing as such.
- What's the matter? - Nothing, Son.
Son, have your meal.
No, Father.
Son, you shouldn't
leave the food this way.
Then the issue isn't that big...
- Father, I told you.
I won't eat till you tell me.
What happened and why?
Whose weights did you carry, Father?
Why are you hiding all this from me?
Am I nobody to this family?
Son, if you're
nobody to this family...
then even this house
belongs to no one.
Then why don't you let me know?
Whom did you work for?
Look Father, if you
don't let me know then...
I won't even drink water here.
This began because
of me, I'll end it.
When I have told you that you
have no relation with this family...
then who're you to
interfere in our matters?
All right, then I should
let brother Suraj know...
about it stepping out of the house.
That this house isn't only
12 feet above the ground...
but it's even 24 feet inside it.
Karma, come to your senses!
Do you know who you're talking to?
I have been trying to know
this for the past 15 years.
For 15 years.
- Look Karma...
don't make me believe that
I'm a father to only one son.
Father, let him speak.
He has the same right in
this house as much we have.
Karma, speak up,
nobody will stop you.
Fifteen years back.
Father bonded himself
to Thakur for Rs. 10000...
which he borrowed for your studies.
Ask him whether it's the truth.
Ask him whether I'm lying!
- Yes, he's lying.
He's telling the truth, Father.
- I know what he's saying is true.
Because whenever
I tried to know as...
to where's the money coming from...
you always evaded the question.
You kept evading.
I came to know today.
That you laboured
at Thakur's place...
for my studies.
You lifted his weight!
This waist of yours!
Father, you broke this
waist with a load of my books.
I have broken your waist, Father.
My studies are responsible for it.
Bad luck stepped in my
house the day you were born.
The first proof I got
of it was your mother...
your mother died
giving birth to you.
I'd no idea that my
loyal wife would...
betray me by giving you to me.
You mean, I am my mother's murderer?
You mean to say I killed her.
Father, a child doesn't know
where it's going to be born.
The baby doesn't know
anything about its mother!
How can that baby
be a murderer, Father?
If this is a fact, then why
keep it between just us?
I'll let the whole world
know about this reality.
Listen, people of this village!
My father hates me...
because I am my mother's murderer.
He didn't educate me...
as my mother died
after delivering me.
How can a child be
its mother's murderer?
You mean, cheap, useless fellow...
You defame your father?
I won't spare you.
Get inside. You swine,
you defame your father!
Don't you feel ashamed?
How could you push father?
Come on! Get out of here.
Who? Suraj?
Dear, you got our
village famous by...
your photographs getting published.
Tell me, what brings you here?
Mr. Thakur, the blank paper...
on which you'd taken my father's...
thumb impression brings me here.
I'd like you to quote
your amount on it.
I want to settle all your account.
Look Suraj. You're
an educated person.
You very well know the
value of this blank paper.
Every person has his
way of getting things done.
He has a style of his own.
That what you're asking
me to do right now.
I can never do it.
Mr. Thakur, you'll have to
do what I'm asking you to.
I'll clear your loan
when I get a job.
I need to know the amount for that.
Give my recommendation.
To the school committee for him.
Mr. Thakur, please keep sitting.
I didn't come here
begging for a job.
I request you to
mention the amount...
for the blank paper on which...
You have my father's
thumb impression.
If not, then I'll have to
resort to other means.
Then I'd surely like to
see those ways of yours.
The grains that you
have been taking...
from the innocent farmers.
Please take a look at that too...
This is the government
weight of 5 kg.
This one's yours which weighs 6 kg.
And you have marked it 5 kg.
I do things at my will.
The same way gets more
respect outside in the market.
Do you have any
idea as to why it's so?
It's because the market
runs on my name.
If I get to your level and
hit your ways with the law...
fittingly you'll be left with
no option but to give in.
What if I publicise
this black marketing...
in the city's newspaper?
What if I get the same
newspaper office set ablaze?
That means you can close
every door that leads to law?
I can even have you killed.
Mr. Thakur, don't
ever dare to do that.
I have come here to
tell you about two things.
The first thing is if you
do any such thing then...
and the second thing is that.
The second bullet
shall hit your head.
Wait, nobody is required
to search for anything.
I have not come here
to quarrel with Mr. Thakur.
I have said what I'd to.
The ball is in your court.
You're an educated beggar.
So you're asking for
alms in a dramatized way.
- Yes, sir.
Write one and a half lakh rupees...
on the blank paper of Hardayal...
and show it to his son.
- Okay, sir.
Take the papers.
All right, Mr. Thakur.
Your loan clearance shall
start when I get the job.
My father wouldn't come to
your palace to work from now on.
- Yes, sir.
I have realised now that
the son of a farmer should...
only know to plough the field.
Yes, sir? - Suraj will go
to the city to find a job.
I fear a car may run over him.
It's possible that my men
couldn't write the same story...
that I have written with
this whip on your son.
Go and make him read.
Thakur, at least tell me what
fault has my son committed?
Did I give you the money
for your son's education so...
that he returns to
lecture and threaten me?
That he teaches a
moneylender his craft?
I spared him this time.
He won't escape the next time.
Thakur, if my son has done
something wrong unknowingly...
then do forgive him.
You tell me, what
am I supposed to do?
Hardayal, I give you
one more chance.
Save your son if you can.
Send him abroad to repay my loan.
I'll arrange for
everything that is required.
Bear in mind that he'll
die if he stays here.
Only death awaits him here!
Father, I can be set for
life even if I stay here.
But it's hard to believe that
you're asking me to leave.
You didn't wish to let me go
anywhere just a few days ago...
and today, you're
asking me to go away?
Is it that you don't
want to be a father...
having only one
son after Karma left?
Stop blabbering!
Wasn't it you that
agreed to pay off...
one and a half lakh to Sher Bahadur?
And what if you do get a job?
What would you do?
Earn Rs. 500. - 1000 that
wouldn't suffice to run a house?
What would happen
to Sher Bahadur's loan?
Father, tell me...
Did anybody threaten you?
Yes, Thakur had summoned me today.
He was asking how
you would you repay...
his loan of one and a half lakh.
He wanted to know the
instalment... Rs. 10000? Rs. 20000?
How would you repay
the amount and when?
In three months,
six months or a year.
You tell me, what should I tell him?
You don't want to go
anywhere then, don't.
I'll take care of Thakur's money.
You do what you wish to
but remember one thing.
That I won't ask you to
do anything from now on.
If it's about going
by what you say...
then why mention Canada?
You ask me for my life,
and I shall give it, Father.
Are you Mr. Suraj Prakash?
Is this your bag?
- Yes, sir.
The information that
we'd received is such...
that we have to call
you to the security room.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
But could you please open the bag?
Sir, this stuff
doesn't belong to me.
I have no idea about it, sir.
But you have the keys to the bag.
I have the keys to the bag.
This is my bag.
Even the clothes are mine.
But... Brown sugar... - I don't
know anything about brown sugar.
You're under arrest.
If there's a hailstorm,
we all will starve.
We all would get ruined.
I'll relish you and your chicken...
- Thakur!
What is it? - The canal's water
is flowing above the danger mark.
If the bank on our side breaks,
there shall be a flood.
The whole palace shall
get inundated with water.
Go. Break the bank
at the village's end.
But Thakur, if that's done
then the whole village...
will float away.
All the crops will be destroyed...
That's what I want.
The water shouldn't
flow from under my feet.
I don't care if it wipes
off the entire village.
"Let us live."
"Let us live."
"Let us live."
"Let us live."
"Our destiny strikes us."
"This sky is our enemy."
"Our destiny strikes us."
"This sky is our enemy."
"Either the famine
or the flood occurred."
"Either the famine
or the flood occurred."
"Sometimes there's no
water and at times only water."
"This is the story of us farmers."
"Flames in the chest
and tears in the eyes."
"This is the story of us farmers."
Village Chief!
Have this roti.
You must be hungry.
I'm giving this roti
with my own hands today.
Tomorrow, you'd come begging
for the same on your own.
What are you thinking?
Just that it's you who produces it.
Correct. Totally correct.
But you produce
this roti for me.
And it's up to me now
if I wish you to have it.
Or throw it to this dog.
"Let us live."
"Let us live."
"Let us live."
"Let us live."
"Let us live."
"Let us live."
"Let us live."
I seek an answer to my
question, Lord Shankar.
How can the farmer
that toils in the field...
and feeds millions of people...
be someone's enemy?
If you think there's any
friend of a farmer that...
stands with him right
from sowing the seed to...
the grains reaching the market,
let me know his name.
Tell me his name.
You can't tell me, right?
You created farmers after
creating the various breeds of dogs.
You're our biggest enemy.
Sometimes the crops
don't get water at all...
and at times, the very
same water destroys it all.
Despite your tyranny.
We don't run away
abandoning our land.
That's because our soil
is our mother. Mother.
Exactly the way people
call you God and not a stone.
Where would we go.
If you keep looking on...
while we are tortured and starving?
Do you have any answer
to these questions?
If you're God and not
a statue then answer!
Do you have an answer?
Brother Birju, the flood
this time has caused havoc.
Have you ever witnessed
such Diwali in any homes?
Not even a single lamp is burning.
The lamps are burning
at Thakur's palace.
I won't let you go.
I'll clasp you in my arms this time.
Shera! Gama!
Shera! - Yes, master.
- Yes, master.
Where's the blacksmith's daughter?
Who had come here for work?
Master, it's Diwali today.
She's been given an off today.
Swine, why give her a day off?
- Go back home now.
Brother Karma has
gone to the city to get...
a big doll for me.
- Is it?
I'll hide here.
- Okay.
I'll scare him while
he passes the way.
I'll leave then.
Thakur, please save me.
They have got me here forcefully.
Leave her.
And get out from here.
Open the door, I say!
Gopi, you'd counted the all
the stuff I suppose. - Yes.
This one too?
- Yes. - Sher Bahadur!
Thakur Sher Bahadur!
I have come here
after setting a fire...
the pyre of the innocent girl...
you killed in your palace.
I have sworn that...
I'll destroy you. You swine!
Get hold of him.
I won't be at peace
if he dies instantly.
I'll kill him in a sacrificing way.
I'll kill him while he
suffers like a sacrificial goat.
The whole region shall
shiver, hearing his screams.
Leave him.
Don't be surprised.
I'm not thinking
about you right now...
but your father's broken back.
Hardayal, listen to me carefully.
Your son has tried to kill me today.
I'll put you to severe disgrace
in the village court tomorrow.
You'll either repay
the loan of one and...
a half lakh by
tomorrow or be ready...
to take a load of 40 quantal.
On your shoulders.
I'll put you to such
extreme suffering that...
you'll have no other
option but to kill your son.
Thakur! Thakur!
The whole village knows about the...
punishment that your
father is to get tomorrow.
You just let them know
that to what extent...
is your father at fault.
- You useless, why are you quiet?
Why didn't you die? Why? I'll...
- What's the matter?
Why didn't you die?
Rehman, I proclaim in
front of the whole village...
that Hardayal isn't a father
of two sons but only one.
Uncle, please stop it!
- Enough, Uncle Rehman!
He's said what he had to.
And you knew that this
was to happen one day.
Yes, it was to happen. Get lost.
- Stop it now!
Uncle, I am going with Karma.
Now don't ask me what
relation I have with him.
Let's go.
I want to speak to my son in Canada.
- This side.
I want to make a call to
Canada and speak to my son.
What's the number?
He lives in Canada.
- What's the number?
His name is Suraj, and he's my son.
- But what's the number?
Can't you make me speak
to my son in Canada?
'He lives in Canada.'
'He lives in Canada.'
Karma, would you listen
to me if I say something?
Today, I'll do all
that you ask me to.
Tell me, what do I
have to do for you?
Kill your father.
Before sunrise tomorrow.
What are you saying?
Karma, I am telling you the truth.
He'll become useless for
the remainder of his life...
if he has to lift Thakur's
goods tomorrow.
You kill him now and then, Karma.
Why not kill him once for me?
You're concerned about him, right?
But how do you expect me to
forget the day when father said...
that I am my mother's murderer?
The day my brother hit me
and threw me out of the house?
Karma, why do you forget that...
the one that hit you
was your brother?
The one that hurled harsh
words at you was your father?
If every son starts
becoming a rebel like you.
Because of some quarrel...
then wouldn't all parents have at...
least one thug in their midst?
That is for sure.
I didn't even see my parents.
My maternal uncle raised me.
I met you. Saw your father.
I thought I'd serve your father.
I'd lull you to sleep
by singing lullabies.
Karma, you have ruined it all.
You have ruined it all.
Hardayal, according to this paper...
You have taken a loan of one and...
a half lakh rupees from
Thakur Sher Bahadur Singh.
This paper with the
thumb impression shall...
be handed over to you if
you get the same cleared.
If you can't then the
village court and the police...
won't be able to
do anything legally.
Can you repay that
amount right away?
Hardayal, your silence.
Is all the answer I seek.
Thakur, you have the
permission from the village court...
to retrieve your money
from him the way you wish.
- Yes, master.
Get the oxen freed from the cart.
- Yes, master.
Shera! Shankar!
Shankar, take Hardayal away.
Put the load of the cart with.
40 quantal on his shoulders.
No! Don't oppress for God's sake!
Hardayal's back is fractured.
You can get me to
do anything you wish.
But for God sake, spare him.
I beg of you!
Thakur, we didn't let
him lift the smallest load.
Stop this tyranny for God's sake.
Stop this hue and cry.
Gama, take him away
and tie him to the cart.
His waist would break!
He'll take to bed for a lifetime.
Stop him! Do something at least!
Father, you move away from there.
Why did you come here?
Why did you lift my load?
Let my waist break.
Let me die. Go away from here!
Go away from here!
Father, this ox of yours
is an absolute illiterate.
He won't understand
anything even if he's beaten up.
You just let me know.
As to what he is supposed to do.
Don't do anything!
Nobody can do anything!
Father, stop crying.
Everything would be fine.
Karma, a woman is always free in...
the slavery of a courageous man.
The strength with
which you have lifted...
the load for your father today...
will let me sleep with all
the doors open henceforth.
Let's go, Father.
Where are you taking him?
I haven't even got the
interest of my amount yet.
You remember you'd told me once...
that it was next to impossible.
To get you to work for me?
What do you have to say today?
I'll get you sacrificed.
Through your father.
Take the cart to the flour mill.
You all get to one side.
Remove your shirt.
I am asking you to remove the shirt.
Let the cliff go down.
"Oh, cruel people,
you all remember this."
"The God witnesses
everything, don't forget."
"One day, it will surely
bring the change."
"The silence of us dumb people."
"This is the story of us farmers."
It's night. They are letting me go.
Before dawn tomorrow...
I have to get to work.
Forgive me, son.
What are you saying?
I... I...
I didn't look after you much.
I didn't educate you like Suraj.
Today I accept my mistake.
Just once...
Just once, say that
You have forgiven me.
Please don't think like that.
For mother's sake, please get
those thoughts out of your mind.
On your birth...
when your mother died...
I thought...
you are unfortunate.
today I realise, not you but...
your mother was unfortunate.
My son.
"I have spent all night,
admiring the moon."
"I have spent all night,
admiring the moon."
"I lost my slumber, as
you dwell in my eyes."
"The break of dawn,
kindles passion."
"These enchanting eyes."
"Don't worry, as this
separation won't last long."
"Eyes are locked with you."
"Eyes are locked with you."
"There are many
promises on our lips."
"There are many
promises on our lips."
"Let's fulfil the promises of love."
"O beloved, don't
break any promise."
"Eyes are locked with you."
"Eyes are locked with you."
"Eyes are locked with you."
"You come with a
breath of new life."
"When you go away, I lose my life."
"I will die if you abandon me."
"Eyes are locked with you."
"Eyes are locked with you."
"Eyes are locked with you."
Today is your hearing. We will
get you out of this mess soon.
Every. Thank you.
Sujata, you?
Where do you stay in the city?
I looked for you everywhere.
I asked everyone around.
What is the matter?
I wanted to ask Suraj's whereabouts.
Do you get any message
or letters from him?
What are you saying? That's
what I wanted to ask you.
Like us, even you don't
know anything about Suraj.
I had a ray of hope when I saw you.
You have shattered my hopes.
So nobody knows where Suraj is?
Where is Karma and his father?
Come. I will take you there.
For 1.5 Lakh rupees...
Karma and his father
are in Thakur's custody.
Because of this money,
Suraj had to leave the house.
Yes, daughter.
I understood.
They have shared their sorrow.
But they have treated
me like an outsider.
Right, uncle Rehmat?
Listen, dear. Listen.
I have come to free my uncle.
And hereafter, Karma
won't come for work. Got it?
Count it. It's 1.5 Lakh rupees.
Thakur will take the money.
What's for us?
What do you want?
Something which
satiates the mind and body.
We want that only.
- Leave me.
Leave my daughter. Leave her!
I say leave her.
- Leave me!
Leave her.
- Help!
Beat him, son.
Hey, leave me!
Look son, it seems
like your father...
has enmity with someone.
My daughter got saved today.
But what if she gets in
some other trouble tomorrow?
I request you to take your
father to another place.
I think his life too is in danger.
Karma! - Leave me!
- I say, leave me!
What are you doing?
- Suraj!
I won't spare those scums! Leave me!
Come to your senses! - Suraj!
- I'll kill Thakur! Suraj, leave me!
- Let go of me!
Leave me, Suraj!
Move away!
- Why?
Don't I have a right on this gun?
Karma, you have the right!
But one has to plan
ahead with a calm mind.
I can claim that there's
not a single bullet in it.
Think over now.
What if your passion and
my intelligence get united?
Will anyone be able to defeat us?
No. Nobody can defeat us.
There's one more
thing besides these two.
The blessings of the elders.
Karma, the snake considers
a rat's burrow as its home.
I don't understand whether
we should close the hole...
or do away with the snake,
with money lending.
Usually sons keep this
near the father's corpse.
But if the two of you aren't
able to put an end to...
the snake-like money
lending business...
and the farmers' problems...
then I'll think of
both of you as dead.
Don't panic, Thakur.
You can't die of this gun...
as it had fake bullets in it.
Have you and your father
opened a drama troupe...
after escaping my custody?
Tell me clearly as to
what you want to say.
Our final rites have already
been performed, Thakur.
Father desires that
your money lending...
business meets its end before you.
We'll get those farmers
who've become your victims...
freed from your clutches.
The intention is not bad.
But you'll need many
weapons for this purpose.
The only gun you have
won't solve the purpose.
Thakur, we won't even
keep this gun with us.
We'll give this gun.
To you with real bullets.
Thakur, if you think that...
we pose a threat to your
lucrative money lending business...
you can sue the
same gun to kill us...
and rid yourself of the threat...
Your next opportunity
will be in your next birth.
Did you hear?
There's a threat to
Thakur Sher Bahadur's...
business from these two buffoons.
Should I let you know
of what threat I have?
Your gun has only two bullets.
But my pistol has six.
This is the only risk my
business has from you.
Thank you for shaking
hands with the weapons.
Thakur, look at this carefully.
It's this axe that you
chop off our hands with.
One day you'll die because of it.
'A major portion of the country.
Is affected with famine this year.'
'A famine of this
magnitude has occurred...'
'after 40 years in this country.'
'The death toll has risen.
From 80 to 155.'
'Due to this famine...'
I am doing fine, sir.
After a long gap.
Such famine has occurred
by the grace of God.
Yes, yes.
Sir, a truck for your
region has already reached.
This truck!
It will reach its
destination very soon.
'These grains shall
be distributed to...'
'people through the local leaders.'
Thakur, this is not required now.
There's no question
of saying no Leader.
You have brought
the government grains.
You'll surely take get the price.
Here is your one lakh rupees.
Thakur, I forgot to
mention one thing.
The price of grains
has soared to the...
sky in the markets of Rajasthan.
If you give your grains...
a government label and
take it to Rajasthan market...
I think you would
earn a lot of money.
You have to turn the cash
into gold, to bring them here.
But why the government
label on my grains?
Thakur, try to understand.
There are check posts all over.
There's checking
going on at every border.
You can take your grains
to Rajasthan's markets...
easily with the help of
the government label.
Close! Come on!
- Gopi!
- Yes, Thakur.
Have loaded the sacks of grain
on the truck? - Yes.
You have got the government label
put on it, I believe. - Yes.
Why are these sacks lying here?
Master, what would happen
to the home expense...
if we sell that off as well.
Stupid! Buffoon! Useless!
The price of grain has
increased five times in Rajasthan.
And you bother about home? Load it.
Sheru! Gama! Load it
on the truck and move.
Make it fast. - One truck
would be of the government grains.
The other four of
Thakur Sher Bahadur's.
After the grains get
converted to gold.
Then I'll get a glass made of gold.
I'll put wine in it...
and consume the whole
of the village at one go.
Get the truck towards
the village. Move!
Farmers, the grains that
have reached your homes...
has been supplied by the Government.
Who says that this
is government grain?
I say that the
Government provides this.
What proof do you have?
The proof is these
government sacks...
and the government label on them...
with our village name mentioned.
I'm not talking about those
proofs that you have made yourself.
I want concrete proof.
Very nice, Thakur. Very nice.
We knew that you'd say that.
Don't panic, Thakur.
The solid proof
shall speak for itself.
As we have come fully
prepared with the evidence.
If you think we'll be
defeated if you die...
discard that false
notion immediately.
Because even your death
won't allow Thakur to win.
So, don't try hard
to show your loyalty.
Or else I'll burn you alive.
Do you understand? - No!
Keep that fire away from me.
That was government grain.
I took it to the market
on the order of Thakur.
No. Forgive me. Spare me!
We have now got to see
if this is the same grain...
for which the farmer
keeps toiling all his life.
If You have got even a
little self-respect then...
you won't let anybody
touch your grains.
Shoot them.
Thakur, don't fire! Don't fire!
If not we both shall
get into trouble.
Thakur, I can handle
a couple of murders.
If you kill these many people,
nobody can save you.
The case shall get
published in the newspapers.
The ministers and chief
ministers would read it.
There would be an
uproar in the parliament.
We both shall end up in jail.
Listen to me. Let them go.
And if all this happens,
we'd both be hung.
You very well know
how much I fear death.
I came to your house and
picked up a bundle of Rs. 5000.
But I can't face death.
You can save me.
What are you people looking at?
Take those grains.
Government grains.
Nobody has any objection.
Take it away.
Thakur, you prepare to leave.
I am coming. You go first.
Thakur was to get a
good thrashing today.
Those fools think they
have won the battle...
after taking away all my grains?
The villagers won't side with them.
The villagers won't
rebel against me.
As, I still have their
papers with me!
They shall shout aloud...
'Long live, Thakur Sher Bahadur!'
'Long live, Thakur Sher Bahadur!'
Thakur Sher Bahadur...
- Be doomed!
Thakur Sher Bahadur, be doomed.
Thakur Sher Bahadur, be doomed.
Thakur Sher Bahadur, be doomed.
Thakur Sher Bahadur, be doomed.
Thakur Sher Bahadur, be doomed.
Thakur Sher Bahadur, be doomed.
Thakur Sher Bahadur, be doomed.
- Be doomed!
Thakur! Thakur,
everything is finished!
Thakur, did you see what's
happening in your village?
Have the villagers
become this daring?
I'll kill those swines one by one.
- You should.
But what a pity!
Such a bigwig Thakur of
this area and in this condition?
Thakur, I'm saying, you haven't
even committed a big crime.
Then why are they
burning your effigy? By God!
They aren't burning
me, but themselves.
This time the Diwali lamps.
Won't burn with oil but their blood.
Let it be. I am with you, by God!
But you're becoming a bull
day by day having a good diet.
They have made a
very weak effigy of yours.
Should I fill some hay
in that effigy if you say?
Stop talking crap!
Even my warehouse is empty...
in addition to that
government grain.
And you're joking!
Get lost from here!
I am going. Oh, my!
I am going.
If the bird in the cage.
Dreams of flying high in the sky...
that doesn't mean the
cage too flies away with it.
I'll spoil the celebrations
of these thankless fools.
I'll set it ablaze.
"In every city, on every
road and in every lane."
"It's the reign of the goons."
"In every city, on every
road and in every lane."
"It's the reign of the goons."
"We did loot the thugs today."
"It felt nice. We enjoyed it."
"It felt nice. We enjoyed it."
"In every city, on every
road and in every lane."
"It's the reign of the goons."
"We did loot the thugs today."
"It felt nice. We enjoyed it."
"It felt nice. We enjoyed it."
"The atrocities kept
happening on us."
"We just kept crying."
"We have woken up today."
"We were sleeping till date."
"The atrocities kept
happening on us."
"We just kept crying."
"We have woken up today."
"We were sleeping till date."
"We have changed the old customs."
"We did loot the thugs today."
"It felt nice. We enjoyed it."
"It felt nice. We enjoyed it."
"The decision was made today."
"The rule of people
got established."
"Each one of us."
"Has become a king today."
"The decision was made today."
"The rule of people
got established."
"Each one of us."
"Has become a king today."
"We have worn the
crown on our head."
"We did loot the thugs today."
"It felt nice. We enjoyed it."
"It felt nice. We enjoyed it."
"In every city, on every
road and in every lane."
"It's the reign of the goons."
"We did loot the thugs today."
"It felt nice. We enjoyed it."
"It felt nice. We enjoyed it."
"It felt nice. We enjoyed it."
"It felt nice. We enjoyed it."
Fire! Fire!
- Help!
We don't want an excuse.
Thakur set the village on fire.
You have to register
the complaint against him.
You are after that modest man.
Like dogs chasing a cat.
Try to understand.
I'm helpless. I can't
register your complaint.
Mr. Himmat Singh, this is
the Air Force's new plan.
You, please go
through it thoroughly.
By God! Thakur is gone.
Sharma, get this ancestral palace...
of mine decorated like a bride.
New look to the walls.
New sofas and new curtains.
Replace this old carpet
with a beautiful new one.
No, Thakur!
Spending so much on others'
palace isn't a logical thing.
By God! It's sheer stupidity.
Other's palace? What
rubbish are you talking?
Sharma, go out.
- Yes, sir.
What's it?
- I'm not talking rubbish.
Come this side. Come, come.
Come on.
Come out, come out...
Confidential matter.
That's why I had to get it secretly.
See this map.
Now pay attention to
your region. By God!
Actually, the Government
of India has got...
this land sanctioned to Air Force.
The Air Force is now about
to make an airfield in this area.
They shall practice
blasting a bomb every day.
It's confidential news.
And do you have any idea
about the compensation?
Twenty-year old rate.
How much would it be? Rs. 5.27.
Yes. And you can't stay back here.
It's a government issue.
That means.
I'll have to vacate this
palace at an old rate.
Would the ancestors'
property go at a peanut price?
The other confidential
news I have got is that they...
decided to turn this
palace into their head office.
No, this can never happen.
I wouldn't let it
happen at any cost.
Himmat Singh.
Sort this matter right
here at this stage.
I can do it but...
By God! I mean...
A little money.
Thakur, you can buy
a farmer with money.
You can buy a house.
You can buy the police.
But the Air Force of India?
You can't buy it.
Very soon, this news shall be
out in the newspapers as well.
It'd be better to auction this
palace in the present rate...
than to take the 20-year-old rate.
The one that buys it
shall suffer the loss.
We'll be safe. By God!
Think over. Think over.
Eight lakh.
- Eight and a half lakh.
Nine lakh.
- Ten lakh.
Come on! Higher! Speak up!
Such a huge palace isn't
available even at 15 lakh.
Come on!
- Eleven lakh.
Twelve lakh.
- Fifteen lakh.
Sixteen lakh.
Twenty-five lakh.
Twenty-five lakh.
Twenty-five lakh!
Twenty-five lakh, once.
Twenty-five lakh, twice.
Twenty-five lakh, thrice.
Let's go.
I am thrilled to meet you.
We'll keep meeting now often.
Thakur, I'm afraid
that our first meeting...
would turn into our last meeting.
- No, there's no such thing.
If you didn't have the time,
I would come to meet.
Please count it.
It's Twenty-five lakh.
- Congratulations.
- Let's go.
Wait, Thakur.
Please take your palace's
actual price and then go.
What do you mean?
Today you have handed
over everything you own to us.
This palace is lying as a
25 paisa coin in my feet.
The fare to the city
is Rs. 1.25, from here.
I give this one rupee as alms.
And be careful as
the briefcase with...
fake currencies can fell off.
How dare you two...
- Thakur!
Himmat Singh, get a hold on both
of them. They have cheated me.
Snatch that stamp paper
as I'd like to set it ablaze.
Shut up, you fool
and get out from here!
You'll be shocked to know.
That I am a CBI officer.
What do you think? That
I'm a dog of your mansion.
Thakur, I too am a son of a farmer.
I kept obeying you so
that one day I could see...
your destruction with my own eyes.
Thakur, I'd reached
up to your collar already.
But before that Suraj reached to me.
Suraj gave me the idea
of your mansions auction.
Thakur, there's no such
thing as Air Force base.
That was for you to...
I guess you have understood.
He understands, for sure.
Villagers, as per this stamp paper.
You can enter this mansion...
and get those papers with
your thumb impressions set afire.
Thakur, I'll take your leave.
By the way, I can arrest
you on bribing charges.
But the farmers
want you to see the...
death of your business for yourself.
Thakur, just see there are
no tears in your eyes today.
And I don't even have a
handkerchief to wipe it off.
We both are so loyal.
To each other. By God!
All the best.
I swear on my name
Thakur Sher Bahadur...
that I'll destroy you.
I'll destroy that place
where my palace...
was auctioned off for a paltry sum.
I'll turn barren by
dispersing salt all through it.
Forget about the crops.
Not a single blade of
grass will grow here.
Thakur, go back with
your tractors of salt.
We give you the last chance to live.
You can't kill a mother
whose children are alive.
I haven't seen the
mother that gave me birth.
But I swear of dire consequences...
if you try to mix
salt in the soil...
which is our mother, and
make it barren. You swine!
I won't let my money
lending business die so easily.
What are you watching?
Start dispersing the salt.
Come on!
Thakur, today you'll become the ox.
Lift it and make it run.
Or else I'll get you
hanged upside down.
Today, you will do the same work...
you made us do all
these years, Thakur!
Grind the chillies!
Thakur, this is the balance...
with which you used to
loot the farmers' grains.
Come on, lift it!
Father, hit him.
How could you let the
tormentor of farmers...
the one that made your
life worse than hell...
go free, Father?
Hit him.
How can you let someone planning...
to make our mother soil
barren go unhurt, father?
How can you forgive him, Father?
I'm telling you. Kill him.
Kill him, Father!
Father, kill him!
Father, kill him!
Father, kill him!
- Yes!
Kill him!
- He's made our life a hell.
Kill him, Father!
- Kill him, Father!
Look, Thakur.
Look at my hand properly.
We farmers in this country.
Are divided like these fingers.
The day we'll become one.
Will mark the end
of people like you.
"Fire in the chest
and tears in the eyes."
"This is the story of us farmers."
"Fire in the chest
and tears in the eyes."
"This is the story of us farmers."
"The imprisonment that
is worse than the death."
"Every prisoner of
it should get free."
"He too has a right to live.
Let him live too."
"The decision was made today."
"The rule of people
got established."
"Each one of us."
"Has become a King today."
"The decision was made today."
"The rule of people
got established."
"Each one of us."
"Has become a King today."
"We have worn the
crown on our head."
"We did loot the thugs today."
"It felt nice. We enjoyed it."
"It felt nice. We enjoyed it."
"In every city, on every
road and in every lane."
"It's the reign of the goons."
"We did loot the thugs today."