Jeepers Creepers III (2017) Movie Script

Every 23rd year for 23
days it gets to
and the things it leaves behind
like the thing it left in Polk
County that
night the nightmare
on four wheels
was a hard song I
the Sergeant
slaughter house on wheels
has been listening to
whatever it is
I'm going to stuff.
I want to know what it's made of.
What the hell is at 8:00
on Anderson.
Straight up here.
So I
want to know from what
I'm trying to do and.
Oh my god
I don't believe.
Where would you be.
I mean you know
you hold it together
and you answer me
three officers and
and make them in jail.
And then you know when
he flew off with
neighbors. Your
name was Geringer.
His sisters were actually inside
went for a photograph of him still.
What was the last
piece you saw.
Don't touch that saber.
We threw everything we had
entertaining all
the fire manpower that we had to
And we just made a whole lot of
and flew over it so that they
wouldn't want
that truck
just to get out of here.
No no no no.
Reason is we're getting frequencies
where they take it down.
Wow. Jesus Christ couldn't leave it
there. Somebody did.
We got to get all my that.
You make it happen now.
Got it. Everybody out
there just
to come get me.
Can you tell me how the hell
you know any of this of
what happened here happened before.
Do they get tossed at church
and I couldn't wait to come back.
It was destroyed information
gladly given what it doesn't want to
that shlock.
That's one of the things quoted
which is why we get in the impound
inter-party don't like you
do plow
old shit can
have over as I
God just tell
me what the hell a truck like that
needs accounting for.
You know it is like bad thing.
That wasn't the only question
oh god.
I get it right now
cough cough
has it's
and I've seen the
like it could be.
Please respond.
That's all it takes one
or two of us to.
Captain are you a range
any day now.
We have a situation
with be able to rebuild
it so
hear that
it's coming back
like never
in the same place
for more than a day
you know
all we can do now is no
and follow the
is that much
but it's only now.
Reva's rose
they travel when it
Dave is
He died.
23 years
and it knows me
well I think
it hurts too much.
I'll just listen.
time's up.
It's coming back just like I said.
Why stop asking.
It doesn't matter if you
tell me why is coming
here and what body
think about it.
There's no more time.
Coming here and you can't be here
when it does
know it's coming.
I'm a part of it now.
How many times will tell you that
in your end it will
come back.
OK here wasn't enough.
Why didn't it take 23
hours at a time.
It always was going a time.
I can't keep telling you that.
If you want to save yourself
say Allison
or why don't you tell your
mom because I'm a part of the
support of me today.
Moreover sometimes you get to walk
up this hill is going to keep this
thing up
right where I'm standing.
When it comes
it'll kill anyone that's doing
go way more
well don't
talk to grandma.
I want to do it.
Taking the truck into town.
I mean hey
what's going on.
I was thinking maybe we still had
some credit
at home.
You called
we owe them more than we can.
how does grandma know.
I already told you we're not selling
Grandma selling
him would be big giving away my own
What a good mother I have to do.
Long legal way for
I can.
Something you don't want me here
You've got your teeth
you've got experience with.
You know the sniper team is more law
enforcement the
team the shopkeepers
farmers anyone who's looked this
the other
and live to tell about it
and want to do something about
these days.
They get the best deals
for county the county.
You've got questions about that too.
Now when I raised
my gun to that time
I couldn't pull the trigger
because I couldn't believe what the
hell I was looking at.
This thing rewrites all the rules
go going after it
scares the hell out of me
man is either scared
or he's a god damn lie
this is all Master
is no Vulcan.
She's after the show around
the rounds a minute
you test this thing.
is this thing test this
thing goes up a wall of fire.
All of the nothing from this
world or the next can get through
that without being torn to pieces.
She may not fly
but this is our crew.
gave us
he watched that thing fly down
and punched a hole in his own land.
He stood there
and watched it all
right out of his daddy's chest
and swallowed like
the eyes.
That was only 10 years old.
You're not losing your mind.
You just got lucky last night
I want to get some blood I got on my
You've seen nothing.
So you've got good on your hands
No matter what you do it's
going to state
when you walk away
or not.
Stay was stationed on
it's going to take them out there.
It's always a
delicate moment.
In other words Rocco wanted trophies
for the Gaza Strip either
to see him
again catch
up on Sunday School
when he
came down with him for the
rabbit in a trap for 0
4. So what you just got to leave
it on
the track.
You to see lots of them were
you know up a garden.
I didn't say you should trap them.
Am I doing living here about the
He trusts them because he likes
them. He's sick.
I mean we like to trap
and kill things for fun huh.
Psycho maybe
even though he is right.
And you take care of this before you
By which I mean let it go
it's the pain.
Don't leave it in the trash.
It's cool.
It's a rabbit.
Mom you know smaller brains are
ten times bigger than yours.
You let it out
and bite you.
A wild animal.
Idiot. It's kill
or be killed.
Just let it go
and stop trapping them OK.
get back here.
It's all about the long jungle
what's his name on
that ticket. Hi.
That's OK.
I'm on my way.
How are you.
Yes. Shut up.
Hooke's how you get your mom.
But neither one of them are brave
enough to
do anything about it.
Q What would be the hope would you
get in the way.
Do you like any
because I don't really care about
how is that
somebody just dish it out here.
Well I would
think see
crusting cow shit.
What do you think.
Oh hell no.
No way what will get that license
beating you
be eating you.
No fucking way.
No way. That story is bullshit.
No I mean I heard it really happened
to real people disappeared
20 years ago
and it's just a story.
What a story.
The guy who drove one of the people
in a scary ass old truck
with that license plate.
Jeepers creepers.
Oh well another song
the guy said or something.
Like it's homemade.
At least one idiot every Halloween
makes a license
plate that says that think
it just drove me.
Trachsel look fresh.
Then somebody could be in the
Of course it's warm dipshit sitting
out in the sun.
Dump don't get out here.
I wouldn't
Let's say we beat it in case they
come back.
Anybody in there
day oh
fuck is wrong with you man.
I was just fucking don't.
What's this thing on the front
what thing
thing I'm peeing on
the cowcatcher it
put it up on a train back in the old
and put it on a truck.
This thing is made up of so many
It's like a friggin Frankenstein
And I say we get the hell out of
We break
the windows first.
Yes we do.
We've got to kill Frankensteins
there on the windshield.
Kiss my ass you want we all
You think trying to kill
me lick my fucking ear.
Maybe try to kill things more stupid
post can't be real.
Those flies are you
hey you
are going to be driving us to see us
go to the valley.
So 10 bales of alfalfa
no grandma today.
That's it.
You're not on love this.
You want to talk to my dad
you want me to
I should put her on my list.
You know why is the grandma right.
I couldn't get along with her step
So instead of kicking him out for
or so to live
with a crazy
you really blamed me.
I mean look at it.
I was what he wants in their right
mind wants to shut the fuck up
so I'm going to
go to Carleton's and see to
what happens.
Minorities loaded up
and get it out there now wait for
Twenty she she said
more than anything in the world
and right now it's got nothing
to because they're broke.
You think we're ever going to see
the money that they always
States not even some of the checks.
And how do you know that
big the post office.
How do you think.
Make your point that
you can do better.
That's my point.
Get your
get what you want to
look here's what we know if I can
pull it out you want
me to point out to someone
who has no stories out
of the game.
All right look at me.
Do what
you want to do do
you want to try it out.
All right.
OK all three you ready.
Holding steady.
All three of them pool like a soda.
Did you guys really
Oh oh
oh oh
oh oh
oh oh
Don't leave me. I'm not going to
We just have to keep
with what we try to regain.
Come on.
So this is the famous rocket.
You understand what I'm saying don't
do when you say
my case
got it here whatever.
Just say
a guy like me
there and I had a cat
like the cat
in her boyfriend's shoes.
Every chance I got
what happened to the boyfriend
she married him
I got rid of the cat.
And I created this.
And when I get nervous I start
talking too much.
So your grandmother
thank you for the.
David please just go
you wouldn't want to come.
I mean I've got to get the rest of
this stuff up to Bernardus
you ever been up there.
It's really something.
I mean all these.
If you want I love to
know what you were doing
why jailed you for as though
you don't. You don't want to see
what was going
Come on Galen you are there
a lot of you only get it out the
station one.
Is there a role where
you reinforce this thing
first hand I met Caleb
23 years ago.
The worst night of her life
her son Kitty
and dead.
Darla keyway disappeared
on her way to the prom.
All they found was a red pickup
and nobody
came and finally believed what
happened to Kitty.
She asked if she could join the
That was the beginning for me
like last night
was the beginning for you.
So well for
$20000 of course
I would think like her with her.
What are they giving out.
I don't know.
know that you can get past
Keep your eyes on the sky.
there's not a trailer.
You're wondering whether having a
good ones
and friends what's going on.
Guns for what
I do with myself.
I'm like
OK what about those guys out of the
Oh they think
they know this thing.
They got a name for it.
We're not ready. What are you hiding
from now.
Came down I
came down
or jumped on
what you
what are we talking about.
Mrs. Brandon
I've been calling you
what was the matter.
I said
what are you're going to say
if it's not it will be
just tell me one thing.
Did you bring something back.
invalided 23 years ago.
the night before
the sky
agent took him home
that he
wishes to
stay in the barn
the horses
he much
he must touch that
and that was why he was so angry.
He wanted it
whatever it
may be.
I want
how it came to be
you see anything.
There's not some stuff on both
Can you reach one that fit your own.
That's harsh.
You can come up
with was one the go to vacate the
This is why I want to get
a seat which is just not touching
that piece of glass.
You can't go there holding hands
with Draka just like you do.
What do you think this is if it
isn't a war
one that absolutely won't stop
until that damn thing.
This animal
this thing gets away
and you know
we can be
toned down all
the time
what's the secret
to what this thing
is the secret
of it killed
to the body
and you want to be
like what.
What did you ever get.
Give me
a chance.
I think some of that too probably
why are we just
passed out. When you have been
through me
and you
I to be of a hurry here we are not
getting here
in the open zone.
You try to split into
we can trust that's
I was doing.
What you see
it just looks like a door handle
Should I try that one.
I don't know. That's something.
Maybe the.
See all these doors
Get behind
Put your hands on them.
No way.
route got you of mind
to spend saucing stand
down. You don't tell me
to stand down.
You know
not like us
you know when this
clip we are going to be over
30 Rock
to 9
million we copying
or putting rubber to the road
maybe 15 minutes away no
lights no sirens
this thing hits the line.
Going to take it by surprise.
You ready to come in from the
You can see if you can find a road
that gets you in front of.
The point
is to stay alive.
What's what your old man would you
I'm ready to get the hell
out of here. Don't come back until
you've done it
for your just ok.
I just saw you roll around on the
ground like you were
having your brains break.
I could drive Danny
but I
got over my
I got no idea.
Sheriffs up and Kissel's so they
couldn't get a man
down here.
But he's really scared.
He's in some kind of shock.
He's not snapping out.
He made a run go
on to
let her go when she's out there
with that thing somewhere else.
I let her out.
I left her sit down.
Stop. Stop talking.
All I know is that the truck looks
like it's been
rolled and I've got
about what I saw
you know with was
so much bigger
on my shoulder.
you're still sharpshooting
your sweet
come you big bastard.
Oh I
see from
my kid.
But you live in a nice.
my own house
and others
take this
you come from your specialty
and your whole US-Saudi
you can get both
split up
whatever you think you can do
you can
to go
it's got to answer now.
right here
every 23rd spring
for 23 days it gets
That's what we know.
And the terrible things it leaves in
its wake.
Missing fathers
and mothers
daughters and sons
we know that to
a creature which shapes our minds
and changes the course of our lives
what are you doing here.
You're picking me up here.
I did miss
taking you up here so I can say
You don't catch on the way
you talk. OK.
I'm out of the house
and sunshine
with your boyfriend.
She's gone. No.
You really believe that
another 23 years I think
will still be around here.
Find out
b b
b b.
Don't worry about it.
We've been letting you go.
Last time we made it to state I
don't think Armageddon
will keep us from going that again.
Got them live in Boulder
Mustain today.
And I miss you.
You want that
you can be
ah is
at the end of those 23 days
in an open field by a broken down
school bus
it once again ran out of time
at the tip of a homemade harp.
The most you know this already.
I record these words
as a test and in
this 23rd spring is a call to
We will not fail
and we will not fear.
My name is
Tricia Jenner
and this time when it comes
I will destroy the thing that killed
my brother.
Get me your son a match.
This subtitle is created by A.I
Radman Corporate