Jeet (1996) Movie Script

Congratulations, Mr.Chowdhry!
Welcome, Govardhan.
You dealt with the minister very well.
You made him dance to your tune.
We got the license to manufacture
crackers all over India.
Now, under this prete,our explosives
and weapons,will be made.
Every night will be a night of
festivity for us.
This is a tiny lamp from my
glittering regime, Govardhan.
We have to yet celebrate
many colouul festivals!
After all, l am Alexander's son!
Now, we will roll, not in paltry
amounts but in millions!
lt's common sense.
One cannot see the stains that
appear on the back.
Did you read today's newspaper?
Why, Pitamber?
ls there good news? Yes.
Very good news.
That journalist, Baljeet Parmar,
is bent on unveiling...
...all of us with his pen.
He writes that Gajraj Chowdhry is
a messenger of death.
He is a traitor who sells illicit
arms and drugs.
A traitor?
Hey, l am a patriot; a farmer!
l also grow hashish and marijuana
along with rice and wheat...
... which l sell, and get foreign currency.
l am fixing wings of gold on
my Mother India!
l am a true patriot.
lt's common sense, Mr.Chowdhry.
Perhaps, you are unaware of the
might of a pen.
lf it victimises you, then it proves
to be mightier than a sword.
lf you say, then l'll fix
the swine right away!
Relax, Govardhan. Relax!
We should not dirty our hands for
such a trivial matter.
Help! He will kill me!
Did you see anything?
l went to fill a bucket...
... of water. And there was
a melee here.
l hid there, out of fear.
l did not see a thing, sir.
You didn't see a thing? No.
lnspector... l have seen him.
Why get into trouble? Someone
has to take the initiative.
So, you are ready to identify?
Despite knowing that they can
prove to be very dangerous?
l fear nobody. And you are
also with me.
Come to the police station tomorrow.
My dear, when you were a small child,
your mother...
You will testify against me?
Don't you know, whose rule exists
outside the police station?
Before identifying me, you will not
be able to recognise your own face!
Leave him!
Give us the ball. Do you want it?
Yes. Give us the ball.
What's wrong, dear? - Father!
Father. What's wrong, dear?
Father... he is down... Down, father.
He has come, father!
Enough, dear!
Please do not cry, dear.
l'm with you, am l not?
Please don't be frightened.
Don't be frightened at all.
Mr.Srinivas, that hoodlum has
not only made it difficult...
... for my Kajal to go out of the house...
... he has even entered the
courtyard of the house now.
Before anything untoward happens
to my little child,...
... l should act.
Don't worry, Mr.Siddhant.
l'll phone the police station.
They'll explain to the hoodlum.
Sir... l have brought him.
So, it's you?
You have been badly bitten by the love bug.
Do you see this? If this moves once,...
... then every inch of your hide will
scream in agony! Understand?
l know the character of people like
you very well.
You would, anyway, indulge in thefts,
plunder and riots.
Now, you even pursue girls
from respectable homes?!
l shall write your love letter!
What's your name? Karan.
Father's name?
Why are you so stunned, swine?
Father's name?!
l do not know. Mother's name?
l do not know.
lt's not at all surprising.
Even your mother wouldn't know...
... how many fathers, a man like
you must be having!
After all, you are a man with
a disgraceful pedigree!
You raise your hand on a policeman!
l had cash worth 150,OOO.
Good morning, Inspector. Yes?
This is a bail order. Whose is it?
lt is Karan's.
Name: Tulsibai.
Address: Brothel Number 57, Begumpura.
Profession: Prostitute.
Wow! What a respectable bail order!
l had thought, an eminent person
from the black market...
... would come to have him released.
But you have come!
This will be a new example in history,
where a prostitute...
... has mortgaged her brothel,
to have her lover released.
lt appears that love exists
only in brothels nowadays.
The world has filled its heart
with so much of hatred...
... that there remains no place
for any other thing.
We prostitutes took care of poor love.
Now, who is a criminal and
who is a gem,...
... how do we know?... Inspector!
Your gem will be coming here often.
How long will you keep
having him released?
Until l have the courage
to sell myself!
Really? You are quite audacious!
Do not get on the wrong side of me!
l shall completely stop the
flesh trade business you are into!
You do not know the strength
of this uniform.
You are very proud of your uniform,
aren't you?
Come to Begumpura.
And see how many such uniforms
you will find at dusk,...
... hanging on the nails of
our brothels!
Stop this gibberish! Or l'll
hang you also right here!
Goodness! Before being enrolled
in the police force,...
... were you a washerman
who used to hang clothes?
Swine! Sir!
l request you to kindly
complete the proceedings soon.
Constable! Sir?
Enter it in the register and let him go.
You will kill me!
Here, we feel the heat even under
the shade of a tree.
Let's go away from here forever.
Today, l'm convinced,
there's no difference...
... between the atrocity
and justice of a policeman!
Let's go, Karan.
Are there greater hoodlums in
this city than the police?
All of them are messengers of death!
ls this virility?
Seven policemen thrashed a lone man!
That too, after tying his hands and legs!
lf they were real men, then they should
have fought with my tiger...
... one by one. Then, l would see,
who was a real man!
l'm going. But it isn't my heart's fault.
lt cannot bear all this.
l have never seen anybody
so badly wounded.
Perhaps, my eyes are getting defective now.
l wish, l knew of their atrocities.
Then l would have laid my body on yours.
Hey! Why are you looking at me that way?
You will kill me!
What's wrong with you? This won't do.
Don't you have any work?
Because of that girl, you got beaten
by the police! Shame on you!
lt would have been better had
you murdered someone,...
... or indulged in plunder. It was the
question of our honour, too.
You didn't get anything.
You only broke a cheap glass.
Hey! We have no dearth of girls!
Begumpura is filled with damsels!
lf you are so much in love with her,
we'll make you happy.
We will bring her!
Move out of my way.
l say, move out of my way!
Why are you after me?
What harm have l done to you, huh?
Why don't you let me live in peace?
l don't want this feeling of
claustrophobia!... No!
You may be poweul... But
you are not a human being!
You are a beast!...
a merciless beast!
lf you can transgress
the limits of decency...
... and trample on somebody else's honour,...
... then today, even l shall
transgress the limits of fear...
... and confront your crudity!
Here! Give vent to your distasteful lust!
Dishonour me!
Kill me!
lnstead of living a disgusting life
every moment,...
... it is better that l die!
What are you looking at? Kill me!...
Kill me!!
Give vent to your distasteful lust!
Dishonour me! Kill me!
Swine, you spilled my drink and spoilt my mood!
Will you pay from your pocket now?
No! No bloodshed!
No! No bloodshed.
Come here.
What do you do here? l get food.
Where do you stay? On the road.
Father? l do not know.
Mother? l do not know.
Your name? Time Pass.
Everybody says that my name is
Time Pass...
... because l have been born to
pass other people's time.
Who's this half-ticket?
Our Time Pass. Where did you find him?
At the same place,
where we had lost our childhood.
Hey, come here!
Will you have dinner? Yes.
Bloody rogue! He looks just like me.
He has nobody.
Drink water and give me a kiss.
l won't why?
Your mouth smells.
Hey, shortie! Give me a kiss,
or l'll thrash you!
Hey, rhinoceros! Don't provoke me!
lf l am provoked, then l am dangerous,
Hey, you elf! You imp!
Bloody rogue!
Karanbhai, l don't want to go to school.
The master there may be very stern.
l don't like school!
Hey, hurry! Come up!
That girl looks great, doesn't she?
Look here.
The bus is very crowded!
Apply the brakes carefully.
The bus is very crowded.
What impertinence is this!
You are very fond of raising your hand!
Stand straight!
Amoral man! Leave me.
Take the bus to the police station.
Hey, what's happening? Catch him!
Put him behind bars!
He didn't do anything.
They were misbehaving.
Yes, they were! Arrest them!
He is absolutely innocent.
Whatever he did, was only to
save our honour.
Release him.
Hey, you? Why have you come from here?
Suppose, you'd have been hurt, then?
No problem. l came to see you.
Why are you so concerned about me?
Because l have no girlfriend.
Will you eend a hand of friendship with me?
Fool! Do you know the meaning of friendship?
Yes. Keep the one you call a friend,
deep inside your heart.
And no fighting. Okay?
First, take me out. Then,
l'll promise.
What did you say his name was?
Why does he indulge in
so much of violence?
Karanbhai says that this isn't a
city but a jungle.
Dangerous animals reside here.
lf we don't fight with them,
then won't they eat us?
What does he like?
Why do you always inquire about him?
Are you a police inspector.
Why doesn't Karan become good?
Karan is good.
lf he wasn't, then why would you
keep taking his name?
l want him to give up violence. ...
to completely reform.
Will he get reformed? Who knows?
lf someone tells him, then he may
get reformed. You tell him.
You are surprised to see me here,
aren't you?
Has the doctor stopped you?
From what?
From laughing. Laughing and smiling is not bad.
It's good for health.
Aren't you scared of me?
Your Time Pass is very naughty.
But l like him a lot.
He has become my friend.
Why are you like this?
For no apparent reason.
Meaning? l do not know.
Why did you follow me?
For how long are you with me? Why?
l cannot say such a long tale in
such a short time.
There's a correct way of saying
everything, Karan.
Look, l'm not sensible like you.
l do not know what to do and what not to do.
There was a strange thing that
would draw me to you.
And you would get scared.
But you didn't even think of
how maligned l would be.
Look, a person does not malign someone
whom he considers his own,...
... his friend.
Friendship means caring for other's joy,
Friendship is worship, not malignity.
Why do you fight so much?
It just happens.
Aren't you scared of this bloodshed?
What's there to be scared about?
l mean, like the other day, because
l complained,...
l heard, the police thrashed you badly.
It must have pained a lot?
No. Why?
Because your face was in front of me then.
Let's leave?
Salutations!... No problem, madam.
This place runs because of Karan.
How can l take money from you?
He respects me a lot.
You think, they respect you?
Nobody respects you!
They fear you, Karan.
They consider you a hoodlum!
Listen to me, Kajal.
What do you want to say?
What do you want to prove?
That, you are very poweul?
But this strength isn't going
to last a lifetime.
This poweul hand cannot kill
100 people at one time.
But it can at least salute to people?
l want your strength to be
used for a good purpose.
l want to see you completely changed.
l abhor such a life that is
filled with crime.
Give up all this.
For me. For my happiness.
Promise me that you will
give up all this.
Promise me.
Remove your hand!
He will not!
Now, he'll remove!
Hey, give me a kiss!
What's this? Your face has totally changed.
Not only has his face changed,
his intentions too have changed.
He says that he will not work
with us from now.
Why? What's the matter, Karan?
lf it's regarding money...
No, it isn't, Mr.Chowdhry.
l am just not interested
in all these things.
l want to lead a respectable life.
l want to settle down.
This is even more joyous news.
Celebrate your marriage with great
splendour, settle down...
And listen. In life,
if you even need anything,...
... then come to me.
l don't need anything now.
l have got everything.
My blessings are with you.
lt's common sense.
lf players leave the field this way,
then how will the game go on?
lt's a bad day. At this rate, our
business will be in deep water.
Relax, Govardhan. Relax!
They are lowly worms from the drain.
When it rains, they assume that they've
bathed in the Holy Ganges!
Perhaps, they forget that they
have no place in society.
They have to return and
crawl in filth again.
Do you know that it's my birthday today?
l thought that when l seek God's blessings
... you too should be with me.
We'll come here again on your birthday.
When is your birthday?
l don't know.
Then consider it to be your birthday too,
Karan, new relationships give
birth to a new life.
Look, how everything has changed.
l want every step you take to be on
the path of honesty and truth.
l shall pray for you.
What's the matter?
l can't understand anything.
Everything appears so nice.
For me, you too...
Because you are my own.
l also love you. Don't leave me!
l will not be able to live.
l won't let you down.
l promise.
Take this. l don't need this now.
This is precisely what you need.
Hey, hero! Stop! Let me apply kohl
on you to ward off evil eyes.
Oh, you'll apply kohl on me? Here,
take this!
Are you already electrified,
hearing sister-in-law's name?
Don't blow off like a fuse,
after marriage.
You're going to meet sister-in-law!
At least give me a kiss.
These rogues keep harassing you
about sister. Shall l get a gun?
No. These hands have touched
such a great joy.
Why dirty them with gun powder?
There will be no storm in my life now.
l startled you, didn't l?
Had l known that you would flash
a smile of 1000 Watts,...
... on seeing me, then
l would have come long.
You've learnt to startle people.
Hey, you have frozen right at the door!
And l have crossed the
seven oceans for you.
Won't you call me in?
Father, look who's here?
Who, dear?
l'm at peace!
You've made me happy! But you
didn't inform us or phone us...
lf l had, then how would you be
at peace, embracing me?
Looking at you, l feel, Rama is
before me. Hasn't he come?
As usual, he had a meeting at
the last minute. He is coming...
... by the evening flight. But
l told him that l won't wait.
Once, gusty winds take the form
of spring, none can stop it.
l've heard a lot about Indian
Something hot, something cold?
l'll bring it in a jiffy. It's okay.
We have a lifetime.
You talk. l'll be back soon.
Okay, uncle.
Raju, sit.
Kajal, looking at your house,
l feel...
... that the work in my bungalow
too must be quite fantastic.
l have tried. Maybe, you will like it.
l will approve of everything you approve.
Just keep watching.
l have always seen you grow up,
only in photographs.
But l didn't know that you would
be so talkative, too.
And l have seen you become a nubile
girl, in my imagination.
But l knew...
- ... that you'd be so beautiful!
l will have to think ten times
before talking to you.
Not ten, but eleven.
What time is Rama's flight?
There's still time.
First, we'll shop for my bungalow,
as per Kajal's choice.
Then we'll eat at a restaurant of
Kajal's choice.
Then, see a Hindi film with songs &
dances aplenty... of Kajal's choice.
After that, we'll go to receive
dad,... right?
As per Kajal's choice.
But in the meantime, don't forget
to drop me to college.
l'm going to do that first,
as per Kajal... no, my choice.
Let's go.
Hey! Is a friend there?
No, nobody is there. It's time
for uncle's flight. Let's go.
Uncle is not to be seen.
How are you, buddy?
l longed to see you.
Siddhant, l have left everything
and come to you.
Our girl looks beautiful!
Do you remember, when you were
a child,...
... you'd keep running behind
Nowadays, she isn't running
behind buttelies.
She is making me run around her.
Govardhan, how are you?
Absolutely fine.
Mr.Chowdhry awaits you.
Go home with Kajal and uncle.
l'll meet brother and come.
Hey! Ramakanth! Brother!
You haven't changed at all.
You're exactly the way you were 25
years ago, when you married my sister.
You haven't changed either. Your face
still has the glow even today.
lt's even more apparent now.
It's common sense. You are here!
Certainly. By him returning as
a Non-Resident Indian,...
... our ill-gotten money has
returned through legal means.
And that too, tax free.
Therefore, l have wound my business
and come to India.
To open the country's biggest
shipping corporation.
Wow! What an idea!
Now our goods will come stacked
in ships, not boats.
lt's common sense. When there's a
crocodile in the sea,...
... the small fishes will move out
of the way on their own.
Come. Sit.
l have decided that the owner
of our...
... shipping corporation will
be Rajnath Sahay.
My nephew Raju.
You've made the right decision.
lt's common sense. The new generation
has to take over.
All of you have heard what was
in my heart.
Raju has one dream, which l
will soon fulfil.
410, 41 1, 412, 413...
... 414, 415, 416...
... 417, 418, 419...
Hey, sit properly! Why did you get down?
Okay, l'll sit.
What's wrong with your weight?
l drank water.
Are you angry?... Really?
Where were you yesterday?
Why didn't you come?
You're so angry because l didn't
come for one day?
Suppose, someone else marries me,
l'll slice him apart and slice
myself into pieces too!
But l will not let you be
apart from me.
Do you love me so much?
Yes, l love you very much!
lf l have acquired anything,
it is you, your love.
Do you understand?
lf l don't meet you, then
it pains a lot here.
Why does it hurt, huh?
Why does it hurt? Enough!
Don't say a thing.
Don't say a thing.
Remember, our wives had seen
some dreams for our children?
Come on, dad! Why are you beating
round the bush?
l have this crazy but only son.
My every effort to make him sensible,
proved futile.
There is only one way out.
lf l get Raju married to our Kajal.
Yes. In the name of friendship,...
... bestow the pride of this house
in your friend's home.
Buddy, you have said exactly
what l had in mind!
l think, these two friends are
cooking something.
lt's already cooked.
We've only got to eat it now.
Greetings, uncle! Greetings, dear.
Rama has made you his daughter.
Anyway, l'm uncle's daughter.
Right, uncle?
No. Today, he has also
decided to make you...
... his daughter-in-law.
Kajal is my daughter first,
then my daughter-in-law.
Where are you going, dear?
She is feeling shy.
These values of feeling coy,
having respect for elders...
... is what l had longed for.
With Kajal dear, an epitome of
dignity will enter my home.
Now, just make arrangements
for this marriage.
Kajal and me will find an auspicious
time with the help...
... of a computer, tomorrow itself.
lmplying, having an engagement and
marriage together.
l'll go and ask Kajal.
lt's a nice excuse to meet alone.
Have you forgotten your time?
l started you, didn't l?
We have to go and find the
auspicious time tomorrow.
Our marriage will be a thing
to remember.
An example set for lovers.
Hey! Are you crying, huh?
OOh, l understand You Indian
girls are amazing!
Be it, when you are leaving
your parents' home,...
... or be it during marriage.
Your beautiful eyes brim with tears.
Which drive away the sleep of others!
Hey! Is something else the matter, huh?
By the way, did you like this fool?
l'll change. After marriage,
l'll become a devoted Indian husband.
One doesn't cry in moments ofjoy.
Hey! l am taking one more
thing of yours.
Your dreams... which are mine now.
You are feeling very happy? Yes.
Now that you are here.
l cannot recognise you.
You have totally changed.
My entire world has changed.
Really? Yes.
l thought, l'll meet you
and tell you everything.
Thank you. At least, you
considered me worthy of this.
What brought about this magic?
l am in love, Tulsi.
Goodness! ... Love?
You wanted me to fall in love,
didn't you?
l have.
''So much glow on your face''
''So much love in your eyes''
''After meeting you, l felt''
''We've met for the first time today''
l wonder why l didn't fall
in love before.
l spent so much of time in vain.
l feel like bringing all of the
world's joys for my love.
l feel like staking everything
for her... even my life.
l can't bear it any longer!
Take her name just once.
She is very beautiful.
l got Kajal; l got everything.
l'll marry her.
l know, you'll dance a lot,
in the joy of my marriage.
You will dance, right?
Yes. l will dance.
l'll surely dance.
Tulsi, l'll leave...
Pray for my love.
These brothels have always been
maligned for pretentious love.
Today, someone has played
with our feelings.
Don't blame him.
He had placed a flower on my hand.
lt was my bad luck that when
l opened my fists,...
... flames erupted.
Don't cry, Tulsi.
Hey, if the tears of a courtesan
were to be effective,...
... then these brothels would
have got drowned long back.
Why would l cry?
Don't l even know that the place
of -Kajal'(kohl) is inside the eyes?
And that of -Tulsi'(the Holy Basil tree)
is out of the house.
l am very happy.
Such a great joy has entered Karan's life.
lf it leaves on seeing my tears,
then these brothels will be defamed.
l am very happy.
Get a hold on yourself!
l would surely like to see Kajal
once before dying.
lt's said that until today,
only brothels have ruined homes.
Who is this decent girl who
has ruined a courtesan's world?
Saw, Kajal? Where else will
you find such a classic example...
... of friendship and decency?
ln today's world, you will not
find it anywhere.
Despite being so wealthy,
Rama did not forget the promise...
... which Raju's mother
had made to your mother.
l want to tell you something.
Listen to me patiently ...
with a cool head.
Sure! Tell me, dear.
l... l...
l love somebody else, father.
What are you saying, dear?
You hid such an important
thing from me?
You know very well that
l have promised Rama!
l too am bound by a promise.
A bond that will never break.
l can't understand a thing.
Who is he?
You know him. His name is Karan.
Who is Karan? You have seen him,
The same Karan who, someday,
had hovered over our heads like death.
Today, l have held his hand
and promised...
... to tread on the path of life.
Are you in your senses?
Do you even know what you're saying?
You... you love him?!...
You've gone crazy!
At least listen to me.
What do you want to say?
About his place in society?
He's a disgrace!
A wild beast who dishonours others!
A snake filled with venom!
A criminal!
He is no more a criminal.
He has quit his evil ways.
He has done all this for me...
for my love.
l have given him a new life.
lf you put flowers meant for
worship, in dirty water,...
... then it does not become
the Holy Ganges water!
lf dirty water flows in the Ganges,
it does become holy water!
Karan has turned into gold, after
burning in the flames of repentance.
The world's atrocities and hatred
had dropped him in darkness.
My love has brought him back
in the light.
No! This is impossible!
l won't let you leap into that fire!
You will not meet him after today!
l can do anything for him!
Anything? Yes!
How l should live, whom
l should love,...
... the right to make these decisions,
is solely mine!
l cannot live without Karan.
You wish to embrace death.
Leave him!
l will leave everything.
This home... this world
... this life...
But not Karan.
Yes! you.... You can do this.
Because you have become big now.
You don't need me at all now.
l have freed you from
all relationships!
After this unfortunate separation,...
... l give you every right
that will make Karan happy...
... the one who brought me disgrace!
And the right with which your
guru, your father, your...
CCheck his blood pressur
every 15 minutes.
Go to the ward.
We are lucky that we were
successful in saving him.
He will regain consciousness in a
while. You may go and meet him.
Forgive me.
l cannot live without you.
My life's greatest joy is you.
l am ready to do whatever you please.
lf you also get angry with me...
... then l'll never be able to
forgive myself. Never!
Father, forgive me. Forgive me!
Kajal dear, don't cry.
Everything will be all right.
Wow, you are a great relative!
Instead of making arrangements...
... for the wedding, you rest here!
No, this won't do.
Right, dad. This won't do, uncle.
Bless me.
Uncle, you have to dance
for my wedding.
Kajal, when should l fix the wedding?
You? Why have you come here?
love your daughter immensely.
l cannot live without her.
She also loves me a lot.
She will be very happy,
marrying me.
She'll be happy?
With you? With a criminal?
l'm no more a criminal.
l have quit everything.
Kajal has made me quit everything.
She has given me this new life.
Tell father how much you love me.
Go away.
What! l say, go away from here!
Don't ever come here again.
Don't harass me! After all
what relationship do we sha! re?
l don't know about that.
All l know, is that you love me.
Let go of me.
Don't forget that l'm going
to be a daughter-in-a law...
... of a respectable family.
l will be getting married.
To the boy whom my father has chosen.
Whom l have chosen...
With my own consent.
With your consent?
Then why did you enter my life?
Why did you change me?
Why did you make me like this?
Why did you show me
happiness and your love?
So that, today, you could say
that it was all lies!
And that, the truth is,
you wish to belong to someone else!
Kajal, l know that you love only me.
l cannot live without you!
l belong to someone else.
No! You belong to only me!
You cannot belong to
anybody else!
lf anyone comes between us,
then consider him dead!
These hands have only given up weapons.
Not forgotten to use them!
lf a wedding will be held
in this house,...
... then there will be no
wedding but a funeral!
And the first person to die,
will be the bridegroom!
There will be a heap of corpses!
The groom's retinue is here!
You killed him!
You killed my future husband!
lt's better that l die,
instead of facing such humiliation!
Kill me! l say, kill me!
It's better that l die!
You are going to begin a new life,
l want to always see you happy.
Don't ever let Raju...
Trust me, father.
My past will never be able to
touch my present and my future.
l'll abide by all the duties of a wife.
People lie that a father's
shoulders droop,..
... once a daughter is born.
By acquiring a daughter like you,
l hold my head high with pride.
Go. Live happily and return,
distributing joys.
He's my friend.
... who waited for me for years.
Mike used to laugh at me, saying that
no girl would wait for years.
How do they know me?
It's true love.
lt will spread.
Kajal, she is my mother.
She left me when l was very young.
Even in broad daylight, this house
used to be plunged in darkness.
ln this darkness, a lonely,
frightened small boy...
... who couldn't bear this loneliness,
would scream...
... ''Mother... come back.
Come back, mother''
... in that darkness... a ray of
light would say,...
... ''Son, surely bring
Kajal to this house.''
''She will enter your life like a
spring of happiness.''
l started waiting, decorating my
empty heart with your picture.
This waiting bloomed into
Iove and insanity.
And today, you are in this house.
lt appears, as if my life has
found a meaning.
Happiness has returned to me
once again.
No... No.
Don't cry. l am with you.
We've spent so many years of our lives,
waiting for each other.
Now, we have to spend the remaining
years of our lives...
... in this long journey of love.
Henceforth, nobody will come between us.
Not even these tears.
Fantastic, brother! l have never
seen Raju so happy before.
You will be happier,
the day our Raju...
... will take our business to
the zenith of success.
But the day, Raju learns the
truth about our business...
No! ... then what will happen?
Nothing will happen, Rama. After all,
our blood flows in his veins.
He will never retreat from the path
we have chosen for him.
You are right, uncle... l startled you,
didn't l?
We were talking about you, son.
You have shouldered the responsibility
of your family.
Now, we hand over our business
also to you.
Don't worry. Raju does everything
in eremes.
lf he fell in love, he went to
the ereme.
And now, when l take care
of the business,...
... it will be exactly like
what l did in love.
Hey! Naughty boy!
Welcome, son.
Henceforth, you'll be making
decisions and ordering from here.
Come along, son.
Sit, son.
How do l look, son? This chair
and these factories...
... is not your ultimate goal.
But the first step towards progress...
... where a huge empire awaits you.
l shall work very hard and acquire
that empire very soon.
l will make it so poweul that
l'll win the world with it.
l only need your blessings.
Hello. It's me.
Hey, darling! Say something.
Say something. If you don't answer me,
then l'll say...
l startled you, didn't l? Hey,
why were you quiet?
For no reason. l love to hear
you say my name.
What were you doing, gentleman?
l was looking at you.
l was displaying my affection on you.
Shameless man!
lt's all because of your love.
How often have l told you, not to
apply red colour nail polish...
... when you're wearing an orange sari?
Wear a light brown shade.
Raju, how do you know all this?
It's all because of your love.
And your love...
l feel as though lightning
has struck my heart.
l explode and become one with you.
My heartbeats and my breath
wish to tell you something.
You don't say a thing.
Just go on listening.
Drowned in this insanity,
l want to love you so much that...
Then, go ahead. Here l am.
Raju, you? Here?
l started you, didn't l?
Kajal, this is all,
only because of your love.
Hey! l forgot my key inside.
l'll go and bring it.
Time Pass, come here.
How are you? What have you done to yourself?
Won't you ask about Karanbhai?
What do l ask?
Perhaps, life has snatched
away this right from me.
l startled you, didn't l?
What are you thinking about?
Have you lost something?
Nothing. Shall we go?
They'll be cursed for taking away the
lives of my innocent children.
They keep gun powder in their sheds!
You ruined my life. You'll be ruined
too, you amoral man!
They are traitors!
Down with Sahay!
Raj! Perhaps, you forget that you are
talking to your father!
Today, l am ashamed of calling
you my father.
You've begun to feel ashamed of
calling me a father?
Because l trade in illegal activities,
drugs, arms and death?
Because l am a traitor?
Yes, l am a traitor!
l am a traitor!
Now that the beans are spilt, listen!
Our world is an inescapable route
of wealth and death
Enter it once, and there is no return!
You have entered this world,
Mr.Rajnath Sahay!
How is Kajal now? Don't worry, Raj.
This often happens in such a state.
Meaning? She is going to be a mother.
Take care of her. l'll leave now.
You startled me.
Had you not fainted today,...
... l would not have learnt about
such an important matter.
Had l not fainted today,...
... then even l wouldn't have learnt
about such an important matter.
You have become a complete woman by
becoming a mother.
You have even started talking in riddles,
That's it.
This was the only thing lacking.
Watch, l won't let there be
any shortcomings.
l will give him everything that
l have.
Each of my expensive shirt...
What do you want to give?
This ill-gotten money?
l don't want this money...
... where the blood of innocents,
drops from every single penny!
l was unaware of this! Maybe!
But you are also responsible for
killing others.
And with you, even l have got
involved in this sin.
l lived under the roof of this place...
... where there's a corpse buried
below every brick!
l feel claustrophobic hearing the
screams of corpses.
After all, what's my fault?
It is not my fault.
Or yours.
The fault lies with our doorstep,...
... where, even when flowers were laid,
they became thorns.
l didn't do anything, Kajal. Nothing!
You have deprived me of a reason for living!
You have ruined my child's life even
before it could be born.
You used to make me laugh so much.
And now, you have made me cry so much...
... that our love has got drowned in
the flood of these tears.
Will l give such a world to the little
one growing in my womb?
Where he will grow up to be a traitorous monster?
And l... l will be the unfortunate
mother of that traitor!
One day, l'll see a bullet ridden
body of my child...
... being piled on a heap of corpses!
lf the outcome in the world of crime...
... is such a horrifying death,...
... then what's the use of giving him a life?
No. l do not want this child.
l don't want this child. l don't want it!
l don't want it!!
No, Kajal! No!! Stop it!
Stop it! l don't want it! No!!
No, Kajal! Stop it!
l'll leave this world! l'll leave everything!
l will not give that world to my child
which my father gave me.
ln his world, will be your dreams.
ln his world, will be my dreams.
Which both of us had seen together.
l promise, Kajal. l promise!
Our child will not be born in
this world of crime.
Our child will not open its eyes in
this world of crime.
He won't!
You are amazing, Ramakanth!
lt has been 4 months since Raju left
home and you tell me today?
lt's common sense, Mr. Chowdhry.
Our goods worth millions are held
in the middle of the sea...
... because we don't have Raju's signature.
lf we don't bring it out soon,...
... then it won't be long before
gold turns to dust!
lf this happens, then our business
will be doomed. Right, Pitamber?
Where does he stay?
At his father-in-law's house?
No. In a shanty.
He has rented a house there.
What? Our heir lives in an ordinary shanty?
Elders have said that marriage
should be only among equals.
This is where you erred. What do l do?
He doesn't even want to talk to me.
No problem. l shall talk to him.
Ask Raju to meet me.
l think, you are quite angry with me.
Look, son. To gain something in life,
you have to lose something.
And in today's world, things like
scruples, principles, honesty...
... make a man weak.
You are sensible.
You have a small house.
A good wife, whom you love a lot.
l too used to love my wife a lot.
lt's her death anniversary today.
When my wife died,...
... she was carrying my heir in her womb.
lf he were alive,...
... then he would have been as old as you,
You know that my wife died in a car accident.
But you do not know that
l made the accident happen.
She had started becoming a hindrance
to my business.
l don't want that accident to happen
again tomorrow.
lf you say a word more,...
... then l shall peorm your
Iast rites in this very urn!
Gajraj Chowdhry! Listen intently!
My family and me, bear no relation
with your world.
lt's common sense.
When someone your own turns against you,
... then he could prove to be dangerous
to all of us, tomorrow.
Do you want to see this empire,
built after years of hard work...
... being reduced to a heap of debris?
No! Don't kill me! No!
l won't be treacherous to Mr.Chowdhry again!
Don't kill me!
Don't shoot! Let go of my brother!
Let go, or l'll kill you! No!
l say, leave him!
Leave him!
Kajal, l'm leaving. Don't go. l'm coming.
Just a minute, please.
Wow! Beautiful!
Hey! What are you doing?
It's -Karvachauth' today.
Hey! What are you doing?
Come on! After all, l am a
devoted husband of yours!
We do not follow such customs.
You Indian women are strange.
You make a man, a God!
For a woman, her husband is God. Right?
Hey! Won't you please your God?
Won't you? ... Fine! l'll do the needful.
What? Blessings alone will not suffice.
l'll bring it now!
l'll be back in a jiffy!
You won't be able to forget this poor man!
What... what have you come to do?
Why? Whom do you want to kill?
Answer! Whom do you want to kill?
No.... No!
Don't do anything like this!
Don't do anything like this!!
Who's it?
You'll kill me!
After so many months? l got tired,
waiting for you.
Perhaps, l remained alive only to see you.
Even if l die in your arms,
it will not matter.
Hey! Why are you looking at me that way?
ls the work done?
You have taken a price.
So, you won't kill him?
Fine! If you don't kill him,
then someone else will.
Karan, he is dead! No! Leave me!
l'll kill everybody.
lf anyone looks at Kajal's life,
then assume, he is dead!
He didn't do a nice thing. Karan didn't
do a nice thing!
My weapon killed my own man?
He didn't do a nice thing.
Does he think that by rebelling
against me,...
... he will be able save Raju's life?
No! He will surely die.
And whoever comes between Raju and
his death,... kill him too!
Raju, shall we take this?
Keep this.
What's wrong?
l raise the toast today in the name
of the scoundrel...
... who, despite me repeatedly
asking him not to,has left me.
Hey, what are you doing?
What do you want? Death?!
Do you want death?
l killed all your dogs
but they couldn't harm Raju.
He is alive.
No weapon of yours can kill him!
Henceforth, l'll be behind you like death,
with every breath you take.
Where did these fools come from?
He will tell us where the swine is!
Where is he?
What harm have we done,
that you come to break things here?
l'll break your hands and legs
right away,you dog!
You are very fortunate, that even when you
raised your hand on me...
... it was under my roof!
lf you had misbehaved so, in the market,...
... then this eunuch would have put
an end to your shallow manhood!
What was missing in this group,
was you.
The one whom you love, considers
himself to be very smart.
He killed 12 people in the open market!
He will be caught, and you'll come
to have him released too.
But this time, bring four
men with you.
To lift his corpse!
Don't be vain about your
strength and do something...
... which you will regret later.
Don't consider it to be my
advice but a suggestion.
Because, even a hundred dogs together
can't compete with a tiger!
Take away the swines!
Now what? There... on the terrace.
There's nobody. You unnecessarily
got scared and scared me too.
No, Raju. Somebody was there
a while back.
l'm very scared.
There's a lot of danger here.
For you, for me and...
... for him, too.
Let's leave the city and go
somewhere else.
Leave the city.
Then this country.
And then, this world.
Kajal, even the ground gives way...
... to the ones who escape,
fearing danger.
And if there is indeed any danger,...
... then l shall make this house
as my front.
For you.
For me.
For our child that is going to be born.
l didn't ask for this war.
l never even turned to look at them.
They began this war.
But now, l will finish it.
Why so many bullets? Do you plan
to blow off the whole city?
l was looking out for you. There's a
Iot of danger to your life.
Where can l, an unfortunate one,
hide you where you can be safe?
The police had come.
They arrested your friends.
The inspector is searching
for you like a mad dog.
He was saying that you had
openly killed many people.
He has threatened to kill you.
This is Gajraj's ploy.
He wants to kill those innocents
by having me out of the way.
Why do you tread on the path
where there is impending death?
l shall stop death right there, so
that nobody can touch their lives!
You are true, and so am l.
ln love, the truth cries.
But l won't cry today.
l won't even stop you.
Today, Tulsi will pray for your
victory in this war.
Go. May God protect you.
Hey, go there!
Finish off the swine!
Kill him!
What... what's happened to you, Raju?
Get up. Talk to me!
Come, to your senses, Raju!
Nothing will happen to your Raju.
As long as l am alive, nobody can
separate the two of you.
Forgive me.
l should be seeking forgiveness.
l reached there late.
Or Gajraj's men wouldn't have been
able to even touch Raju.
How wrong l was!
Hitherto, l kept thinking that you
wanted to kill my husband.
But today, l've realised that you
always put your life in danger...
... and saved my husband.
l kept thinking you to be an enemy.
When you were actually,
a messiah for me.
l admit, l have been very
unjust to you.
But at that time,
l was at such a juncture...
... where l had to chose between
father's life and your love.
lt was my duty to save father's life.
l fulfilled it accordingly.
And our relationship ended.
Forget about whatever we shared.
lt was the past.
Today, l have realised why l am alive.
l startled you, didn't l?
Thank God, you have come to your senses.
Thank you, friend.
Today, because of you,...
... Kajal is with me. Come.
What's this? A wound?
l think, you are used to getting hurt.
But if a wound does not get healed,
it becomes sore.
Mr. Chowdhry! Everything is ruined!
What happened!
Your nephew Raju has put all of
us in deep water!
The swine burnt all the goods
in the docks!
They are very fond of playing
with fire, aren't they?
Now watch! l'll light their
funeral pyres...
... with the same fire that they started!
No. Forgive Raju.
After all, he is our child.
And l apologise for any folly
that he has committed.
ln Gajraj Chowdhry's book of principles,...
... the punishment for such a folly,
is death!
Only death!
Fate, luck... they don't exist.
lt's a game of chess and all of us
are mere pawns.
The Lord above is an incredible player!
With a single gesture of His,
relationships are made.
And break, after they are made.
And we get scattered away.
There is only one thing that keeps all of us together.
And that is love. Only love.
Friend, if there was no love in
this world,...
... then there would be nothing.
l have learnt today,
why you kept saving me.
Since the day, l tied a -Mangalsutra'
around her neck,...
... she has abided by it.
By being a wife. Only an Indian woman
can do this.
Kajal, l respect Karan's and your past.
ln this small world, you have
a very magnanimous heart.
Only God can do all this.
ln this world of stones,
it is very easy to become a God.
But very difficult to become
a human being.
You are a good human being,
lf we have a son, we will
christen him Karan.
Hey, why are you crying?
So what if fate is our enemy?
We are each other's friends.
We will take care of each other.
You forgot that it is your
birthday today.
Kajal, today is not a day to
cry but to laugh.
Hey, teardrop! Don't make my Kajal cry.
lf you do want to enter this house,
then bring joy with you, or...
Nothing will happen to you. Nothing!
l will not let anything happen to you!
Follow those scoundrels!
Champa, Paru come here!
Karan is with us even today.