Jeevan Ek Sanghursh (1990) Movie Script

Mother, all our belongings
was washed away in flood.
Now where will we live?
..when good days didn't last..
..then bad time will pass too.
Time passes anyhow.
This is the best thing about time.
Time keeps fleeting.
Time keeps fleeting.
lt says to us.. is a struggle.
Life is a struggle.
Life is a struggle.
Happy birthday, daughter Rani.
Happy birthday.
Hey, uncouth!
ls this the way to wish birthday?
Child, get ready to go to school.
Today is her birthday.
But there is nothing at home.
Mother, master..
..told to get drawing book.
How much does it cost? -50 paise.
Take one rupee.
Keep the rest properly.
lf l couldn't sell flowers even today..
..we'll be in trouble.
Bet on king!
Come on quickly.
Take ten times the money you bet.
Brother. l want these bangles.
Bet the money on the king.
Come on! Bet your money.
Win ten times the money you bet.
You want bangles. Come.
Win ten times the money you bet. -Come.
Don't push, Karan.
You stole my money.
No. -Show me your hand.
Turn it around. -Look.
Lower your head.
Oh brother!
Where did you hide the
money? -l didn't take it.
Come home.
l'll complain to mother
that you stole money.
Wait. l'll be here.
Hurry up! Bet your money.
This is one rupee. This is the king.
You're very sly.
Give me ten rupees. -Here.
Bet quickly! Find the king!
Take ten times the amount.
Hurry up! Bet your
money. -This is the king.
Give me hundred rupees.
Where is mother?
ln the temple.
Hey.. what are you doing here?
You had no money, right?
What is it? -95 rupees.
How did you get it?
Tell me! -Should l
say the truth? -Yes.
A man was gambling
with cards on the road.
He was paying ten times the money.
-l won hundred from one rupee.
You gambled?
Aren't you ashamed?
Mother, but you needed the money.
l don't want your filthy money.
Listen! lf you gamble again..
..then l'll burn your hands.
You said it was hundred rupees.
But you gave me 95 rupees.
Where are 5 rupees?
..don't make me furious.
Tell me, where is the money?
l bought bangles for Suman.
These bangles are dirty, child.
l'll buy good ones for you.
Take bangles. -Mother
said they're dirty.
This didn't break. lt
means it was good. Take it.
Oh, Mr. Roop.
l'll bring your rent.
You think of rent all the time, not me.
Do call me in sometimes.
lt's not so. Come in.
Your rent.
No. Do as l say.
Keep it.
..l'm a business..
..but l've a heart too.
l can't see your pathetic condition.
Never mind.
These days of hardship will pass too.
l can erase your
hardship in two minutes.
But you don't even look at me. -Roop.
You've the beauty.
But it's going in waste.
Look, l've a bigger room vacant.
lf you want..
Roop! Take your rent.
And get lost. Don't ever
talk nonsense with me.
ls it so?
You don't like nonsense.
Then l'll come to the point.
Deposit of this house is 10,000 rupees.
You've paid 5,000 and
promised to pay the rest.
ln a week, if l don't get my money..
..l'll take your 5,000..
..and throw you and your family
out on the street. Got it?
l give you 7 days to get the
money or l'll drive you out.
Hail Goddess Laxmi!
You fool! You steal. -l came
to get my mother's money.
Kid, your mother wants
money! Then send her here.
You stole!
No, mother.
l went to get your money back.
You stole the money! Why did you do it?
You're a thief. -Mother, don't hit him.
Leave him. -Don't hit
him. -What are you doing?
You shouldn't hit the kid like this.
He's not a kid, but demon.
He's born to ruin us.
Mother.. -Leave me.
You're dead for me.
Henceforth l've only
one son and one daughter.
Mother. Mother.
lnspector, take him away.
l've nothing to do with him.
He's not my son. Take him away.
Throw the luggage out!
Throw the box down.
Nothing should be in the house.
Look.. son stays here.
l want to meet him.
The visiting hour is 4
to 5. Come at that time.
But l'm going to Mumbai by 3 pm train.
lt's important to meet him.
l'm sorry.
Do me a favor.
This is my Mumbai address.
When he's to be released..
..write me a letter on this address.
You bother a lot. What's
the name of the boy?
Karan. -What?
Karan Kumar.
You didn't get our letter.
What letter?
Your son fled from here.
What? -Yes.
We informed the police. When
he's caught, we'll inform you.
What happened? He's injured. Help him.
Are you fine, son?
Are you hurt? -Where do you want to go?
l'll drop you. -l've
no place. l came today.
Take this money and eat something.
Listen. l'll eat with this money today.
What about tomorrow?
He's too sly! Keep him
in your garage, Chandu.
Vinod will like it. -Ok, Kashiram.
Come, son.
This is our garage. Vinod!
Karan, stay here. l'll be back.
Yes, madam. l'm Vinod.
l'm the owner of this garage.
Yes. You'll get a van.
Tell me the address. Ok..
Yes. l got it.
l got it. Yes.
Sure. Ok. She's mad.
Where is Karan? -ln his palace.
Karan. Karan.
This Karan and his mouth organ. Stop it!
Do you hear me? Stop it! Karan!
Take this van to Santacruz!
Ok, l'm coming.
Karan. This is the address.
You've to take the goods from
Santacruz and drop them at Bandra.
That's all. -You say it's
easy to handle me the work.
Take goods from Santacruz
and drop at Bandra.
Why don't you say first go to
Santacruz, find the address.
Ok, l agree you're going to
do a difficult task for me.
What are you saying? This is my duty.
Thank you very much.
What's going on, Shanta?
Brother Karan.
Take flower, brother. -Thank you.
How are you, uncle Kashiram?
..why do you smoke and cough all day?
What can l say?
First on smoking l used to cough.
Now if l don't smoke, l cough.
Shanta, explain to your
father. He coughs all day.
l'll go now.
Driver, what is this? When did
l phone the garage for phone?
You're coming so late.
That.. l've to take your belongings?
No. l like to talk to
any driver who stops by.
l do it every day. Ok?
What? -lt's obvious, my
things have to be taken.
Or else why would l talk to a driver.
Yes. That's fine. But where
are your things, madam?
The boys l called to take the things..
..were here, but now
they're not to be seen.
Never mind.
Driver, you can bring the
things. l'll pay you for it.
Madam, it's not possible.
l'm a driver, not a coolie right now.
Fine. Don't act smart. -Madam.
Where did you go? -We went
for meeting to decide the wage.
How much will you take? -20
rupees. -Ok, get the things.
First give 5 rupees
as advance. -Advance?
Small kids want advance?
l never saw a ladies purse where
things could be found easily.
Girls keep looking for
something in the purse.
l've not change. Give them the money.
l'll pay you later. -Are
you asking for loan? -What?
This is advance.
Bring the tings. Careful with
the lamps. -Madam, 15 rupees.
Yes.. -Here. Today is 20.
l won't swindle your money.
Here. -Sit.
Do you think l'll sit with a driver?
What will people say if they see?
You can sit in the back.
-With the furnitures?
What will people say if they see?
Madam, there are only
two parts in the van.
You don't want to sit
either in front or back.
Sit on my head. -Shut up!
l'll sit in the back. -Mind the lamp.
Wow, madam!
l had seen statue of queen
Victoria in my childhood.
She too was sitting like you.
Driver, you talk too much. Drive. -Ok.
Driver, drive properly.
Hey, monkey! Take this banana.
Eat it. -ldiot!
ls the lamp safe?
l'll sit in the front.
My lamp!
Driver, l'll call the
landlord to get the furniture.
Listen. -Yes.
Where is that room?
There are many rooms in my house?
-Which room are you refering to?
The room you rented to
me on phone yesterday.
You didn't come yesterday so
l rented it to someone else.
Couldn't you wait for a day.
Madam, this is Mumbai.
Vacant rooms don't wait
for anyone. Got it? Bye.
He's very strange! -Landlords
are strange in Mumbai.
You lost the room. Now l've to go too.
Tell me, where should
l keep your things.
That's fine, but where will
l go with all these stuffs.
What's the problem?
There are big hotels in Mumbai.
Taj Mahal. Oberoi. Holiday lnn.
l'll take you anywhere.
-That's ok, but..
Never mind. -l got it?
You've short of money at the moment!
Listen, what's your name?
No. l mean..
..your name.
Karan. -Look, Karan.
l've a photographer friend.
He went to Pune. He'll
come tomorrow morning.
l can shift in his
house tomorrow morning.
But.. if you can find
a place for me tonight..
l'll be very grateful, you know.
lf it's a matter of one
night, it could be arranged.
But l don't know if you'd
like to stay there or not.
You're going to be such
a big model. -lt's fine.
l'll manage for a night.
Where is this place?
Place? You can see for yourself.
Come, madam. This is my house.
This? But this is a
bus? -lt's my house.
You think l'll stay in this bus.
l agree it's a bus.
But don't forget, you're helpless.
What will people say if
they see? -They won't see.
Nobody except me can
see you tonight. Come.
This is my abode and your shelter.
So you live in this bus?
Yes. l always live in a bus.
lf you want..
..l can be with you. -Shut up!
Where will l sleep?
Here. On this bed.
Bed? -Yes.
Seat of the bus is the bed!
Now where will you..
l mean, where is your bed?
Don't worry about me.
l'll manage in one corner.
You won't do this. You'll
sleep out of this bus. Out?
Strange! You're tell me to
get down from my own bus.
The ou want that in
this room.. in this bus..
..l should be here and you here..
Madam, it was a joke. You got serious.
My bedroom isn't here.
My bedroom is on first floor.
You can rest here.
l'll go and meet my friends.
l'll get late.
Liten. You ca go to
sleep. Don't wait for me.
Ah.. who are you?
We're Karan's friend.
This is Karan's gang.
Why are you here? What do you want?
We want to see you.
-We want to touch you.
You can't escape.
You can't escape.
Let the heart beat faster.
Let the heart beat faster.
Let eyes cast a spell.
There is joy all around.
You can't escape.
You can't escape.
Don't jinx my beauty.
Don't come close. l'm scared.
Don't jinx my beauty.
Don't come close. l'm scared.
Forget all your fears.
Lock eyes with me.
Let us fall in love.
Let us lose our senses.
We both are young and
so are the desires.
You can't escape.
You can't escape.
Do me a favor.
Don't harass me like this.
Do me a favor.
Don't harass me like this.
Why are you harassed?
You are my life.
Listen to my heart.
Come close to me.
You may refuse but your heart agrees.
You can't escape.
You can't escape.
Let the heart beat faster.
Let the eyes cast a spell.
There is joy all around.
You can't escape.
Get up, friend.
Hey.. -What happened?
What are you looking at? -A
girl was on this bed last night.
Where is the girl?
You were sleeping. But she
scolded me early morning.
l apologized and dropped
her where she wanted.
Listen. Did she pay my 20 rupees?
Forget that and get ready.
You've to go to Gurdeep
contractor in Dadar. -Dadar?
Child Shanti.
Take flowers and make a garland. -Ok.
Brother Karan. l'll be back, father.
Give flowers to Karan
first then start work.
Here. Your flower for today.
Thank you.
Shanta, when l was small.. mother too used to sell flowers.
l don't know where she's lost.
We're yours too, brother Karan.
Yes. Sure.
Father! Father!
Go and get the jeep.
This man should be hanged. He has..
Where is that jeep! That
jeep was proof of his crime.
Don't worry. We've lots
of proof against him.
Constable, he swallowed poison.
Who is that man?
Who is he? Find him.
l want this address.
l've to do something about him.
Brother, l think he was a by stander.
He saw the accident and.. -Mahesh.
You're still a kid.
He catch a driver like Vardhan.
Did you hear?
He's not a common man.
When the police came..
..our jeep had disappeared.
Entire jeep disappeared.
lf he was alone, where is our jeep?
Tell me.
l'll tell you.
Devraj Kamath's man.
Men of Devraj Kamath took our jeep.
Vinod. The day who came that day.. you've her address?
-Why do you want it?
For 3 reasons.
First, her scarf is here.
Second, l've to take
20 rupees and third..
Third? -l won't tell you.
Ok, l got it. l'll get the address.
Are you Karan?
You had stopped the
jeep with contrabands?
What if l say yes.. was me?
l'll say, someone wants to meet you.
l'll like to know his name.
You'll know when you meet him.
Fine. l've met you.
Tell me your name.
My name is Shibani.
Nice name.
Will you come with me to meet that man?
l liked your name.
Shibani. So l'll surely come.
Tell me, where do l've to go?
The owner of this house
knows how to live in luxury.
This is one of his many houses.
lt's a small abode.
Great. -Karan.
l'm happy to see you here.
l'm happy to know that.
But why are you happy?
You don't know because you've no idea.. useful you can be for me.
The jeep that you had stopped..
..belongs to my foe Ratan
Dholakiya. l'm Devraj Kamath.
l know your don't drink.
This is cold drink.
Thank you.
Mr. Kamath, what do you want from me?
l want that you should
work with me like them.
Why do you think l'll agree?
Because l know..
..everything about you.
The garage you work in.
How much you earn?
How much you've in your
pocket right now? Etcetera?
When they came to me
too, their conditions..
..were just like yours.
But today they've everything..
..that money can buy.
Do you want to spend
your life in that old bus.
l accept that you know
everything about me.
But you don't know one thing.
l'm happy with my condition and life.
Thanks for the offer
and this cold drink.
lt was good.
Thank you.
l'll walk you out. -lt's ok, Shibani.
l know the way out.
Sir. -Shibani.
Phone Ratan Dholakiya.
Hello. Ratan Dholakiya
speaking. Who are you?
Ratan Dholakiya, the man
who got your goon arrested..
..and robbed your van.. Karan. -l'll cut him into pieces.
Listen. l'll tell you
his address. -Hello.
Who are you?
Sir. l didn't get it.
Ratan Dholakiya will go after Karan..
..and Karan will lose his life.
lf he escapes, he'll
have only one option.
He'll join Ratan Dholakiya's foe..
..that's me.
Before that we've to see..
..if Karan surives or dies.
Brother, what happened? -Get out.
lnspector. What did l do?
l'll tell you.
Now tell me..
You're mistaken.
Come out.
Where did you bring me?
This isn't police
station. -l'll tell you.
For you this is a police station..
..court, jail..
..and gallows too. Got it?
You didn't understand?
Who are you?
Who am l?
Mahesh, he ask, who am l?
l the person..
..whose man got killed because of you.
You robbed my jeep.
He wants to know me. -Brother Ratan.
l gave you your man.
Now it's up to you. -You must
be tired catching this beast.
Go and drink liquor. Go. -Sure.
Tell me, son..
..on whose order did you do this?
Whom do you work for?
l work for no one.
Balwant, you heard.
He says he works for no one.
Tell the truth.
For whom do you work? -Nobody.
But l knew the old man..
..whom your jeep killed.
lf l helped the law..
-Enough! l got it?
You're the same, messiah of poor.
Good samartian.
ls this your story. Balwant.
Do such people live in these world too?
What should we do with him?
Nothing, brother. Just kill him.
Ok. l'll do that. But before you die..
..l've one last wish. Before dying.. should understand..
..what the world is. Look.
What's this? Law.
Look there.. poor..
Brother Karan!
Now in front of your eyes..
Brother! -This law
will molest that poor.
Then you'll understand this world.
When you'll understand..
..we'll throw you out of this world.
Will you just keep drinking liquor?
l got it, brother Ratan?
l'll show this drama too. -Scum!
Brother Karan!
Did you see such a drama before?
Scum! -He escaped, brother.
Where can he go?
Take care of the girl's corpse.
Phone the police..
..that a man named Karan..
..killed an inspector.
Our men will testify. He won't escape.
The truth is that l didn't kill him.
This is the truth.
The other truth is that Ratan..
..handed proof and
witnesses to the police..
..and it's enough to prove you murderer.
lt means l can't escape.
You can.
lf l want to save you.
There is a price for
everything in this world.
You're right Devraj Kamath.
l a ready to work for you.
But first get me out
of here. -Forget it..
..forget this murder and accussation.
Now to save you in court.. my responsibility.
Don't worry. Your work will be done.
You just need to spend some money.
He's the one who killed the inspector.
This is the case file.
-Wait here. l'll be back.
My Lord!
Hospital Register, doctor report..
..and nurses' testimonies prove..
..that the on night
inspector Gill was killed.. cient Mr. Karan Kumar
was sick and in hospital.
So this accusation of
murder on Mr. Karan.. baseless and false.
On the basis of
testimonies and witnesses..
..the court finds
Karan Kumar not guilty.
And sets him free.
What was the name? -Sulakshana Devi.
l saw her in this office a while ago.
She's the same, Mr. Sharma..
..who has a flower shop..
She comes every month
to deposit money. -Ok.
Listen. Come tomorrow.
l'll get her address.
Thank you.
Hi. Where did you disappear.
l was.. -Come, Kamath
is calling you. -Ok.
This is a hospital. -Yes.
This will cure all your worries. Come.
l didn't everything it. Why here?
Doctor Devraj Kamath is
the owner of this hospital.
So Mr. Kamath is a doctor.
On one hand he runs hospital
and on the other hand..
lsn't it strange? -Yes,
if you ponder on it.
But it's simple if you understand.
We've to bribe a man to take
undue advantage from him.
What if you want to
take undue advantage..
..from the entire society?
So this hospital is a bribe?
For the society? -There
are many more uses.
But first let's talk of your profit.
First let me tell you something.
The life l'm giving you.. like a palace.
You'll find every joy here.
But the doors of this palace..
..come inwards and not outwards.
lf you come in, you can't go out.
l understand.
Very good.
Take this. Your house key.
And your car. -lt's parked outside.
You can take as much money as you want.
You're working for me from tomorrow.
Mr. Kamath, l'll start work
from day after tomorrow.
Tomorrow l've an important work.
l wanted a bouquet for
a friend's birthday.
Select one of them. -This is fine.
80 rupees.
l think l've met you.
l've seen you before.
Do you remember?
Look carefully.
Maybe you'll remember.
l saw you in court.
But let me tell you something.
l was innocent.
..l don't have anything to do with it.
Your change.
l'll tell you something
you're connected to.
l like to read palms.
When you were giving me money..
..l saw the lines on your palms.
Your palm show that..'ve a daughter..
..and two sons.
l've one daughter and one son.
Do you want anything else?
No. Nothing.
Mother, l'm going to
college. l've to pay fees.
Ok. l'll give you money.
-l want to buy books too.
Suman, go inside.
l said go in.
What is the matter, mother?
Who was he?
He's a dangerous criminal.
l saw him in court in handcuffs.
Didn't you see.. he was staring you as if..
You forgot your money there.
And this.. bouquet..
Why didn't you tell them who you were?
..remember that day of my childhood..
..when mother had
said l've only one son.
Even today she said the same thing..
..that l've only one son.
So what could l've said.
Should l've said, not l'm there..
..your second son.
The one whom you saw
in handcuffs in court.
Do you think..
..she would've accepted me?
No. Never.
lt's different with Suman.
l tried to meet her? -Whom?
..try to meet me too.
Hello, Shibani.
Vinod, he's Shibani.
-Hello. -Hello.
Yes. -l wanted to talk to you.
Oh.. -Karan, l've to go
for some work. Bye. -Bye.
Doctor has sent a message.
Today Ratan Dholakiya's men..
..are bringing drugs worth 5 million.
So? What do l've to do?
This drug shouldn't reach
the drug market in the city.
Snatch it and throw it in the ocean..
..or burn. Do whatever you want.
Listen to me, Mahesh.
Forgive me.
Listen to me, brother. Mahesh.
Brother Ratan. Forgive me.
What are you doing, Mahesh?
Balwant is our old servant.
You raise hands on him.
lf an old servant makes such
mistake, you should kick him.
l beg of you. Forgive
me. lt won't happen again.
You're right. lt won't happen again.
You won't beg next time.
Because we'll cut your hands. -No!
Forgive me.
Brother, Karan is flying too
high. -We've to handle him.
Hello, miss Madhu Sen.
lt's good that l got to meet you.
You kept your scarf in
my bus intentionally.
lntentionally? What do you mean?
Meaning is clear, miss Madhu Sen?
You thought l'd come
to return your scarf.
And we'll get to meet again. Right?
Look, Mr..
- Your own Karan Kumar.
Yes. Mr. Karan Kumar.
l'm not interested in meeting you.
The way l forgot the scarf there..
..l want to forget that l met you once.
You can forget me.
But even if l want, l can't forget you.
l can never forget that..'ve to give me 20 rupees.
Oh.. your 20 rupees. Just a minute.
Do you've change for 100?
There is a big problem of
change these days, madam?
l want 20 rupees.
Fine. Wait.
l'll get the change on paying the bill.
Very smart. lt's an excuse to stop me.
You're very naughty. -Can't
you be quiet for a minute?
Ok, l'll drink tea.
How many pots of tea do you want?
Not much.
Only two pots.
Only two pots.
You didn't ask for cement
and brick to put in tea.
l don't add cement or brick in tea.
l drink tea on camel like decent men.
Waiter, two pots of tea.
And a hot camel.. -Thank you.
Are you mad?
How can there be a camel in this hotel?
Today is Sunday.
Sunday.. -How can it be Sunday today?
Hotel doesn't move other
Sunday. But it's moving today.
The brakes of this hotel
have failed. So it's moving.
Brakes have failed.
lt's very bad.
We've to discuss this
problem in the next election.
What now?
My hands..
Where are my hands?
Did it fall down?
l found them.
l found them! l found them!
Tel me something.
Am l asleep or awake?
You're sleeping.
But your eyes are awake.
Oh God.
Don't say that.
Then what should l say?
Oh God!
Oh God! What has happened?
Eyes are awake, but the body is asleep.
This is intoxication.
This is intoxication.
Oh God.
Oh God! What has happened?
Eyes are awake, but the body is asleep.
This is intoxication.
This is intoxication.
Oh God.
ls this world crazy or we're.
Everything seems upside down.
Fish build nest on tree.
Birds swim in water.
Cars seem to float on road.
Let's run for it.
Oh God.
Buildings are covered in drape.
Carts are put in front of the horses.
Buildings are covered in drape.
Carts are put in front of the horses.
The path are walking while
we watch in amazement.
Oh God.
Oh God! What has happened?
Eyes are awake, but the body is asleep.
This is intoxication.
This is intoxication.
Oh God.
Houses of papes and clothes of stones..
Golden elephants are caught by ants.
ln the lane of glasses..
..cauliflowers grow on poles.
When a cat cries night falls.
Don't forget that.
Oh God.
Oh God! What has happened?
Eyes are awake, but the body is asleep.
This is intoxication.
This is intoxication.
Oh God.
Oh God.
Oh God.
Oh God.
Oh God.
Karan, wake up?
Why are you sleeping so lately! Wake up?
Wake up brother? -Why did you
coe so early in the morning?
l went to PN shrivastav
to ask for payment.
Last month when l gone, he
said come on 18th november.
Today on 18th November
he said come on December.
What? Today is 18 November.
Yes. Why?
- Today is Suman's birthday.
l was calling you for
long? Where were you?
You gone outside..
..and you're asking me where l was?
l went to temple.
Mom, l'm leaving.
Where are you going?
To college.
Today is your birthday..
..and even today you're going college.
Mom, on your daughter's birthday..'s not a national holiday.
l've to go college.
Never mind.
When you arrive from
college in the evening..
..l'll give you sweets? -Ok, mom. Bye.
Suman, l want to talk to you..
l don't want to talk to you.
Please go from here.
Today is your birthday. So l
came here? You don't know me.
Don't touch me!
Suman, atleast listen me.
What's your problem?
l'm asking, what's your problem?
l.. l was..
Look, if you want your
welfare, don't do this.. got it?
l can do anything..
How dare you misbehave with my sister!
Your sister.
Yeah, my sister.
You're the brother.
Yeah l'm m his brother. lf
you try to bother her again..
..l'll kill you.
Listen.. listen to me!
What are you saying?
lf you've guts then hit me.
l had guts my brother..
..but l'm tied down this time.
Tied down.. l'll untie
your hands. -Let him go.
What are you doing, Arjun?
Go from here.. this is a decent place.
Common, arjun.. hey stop.
Come, Arjun.. forget it.
Now say.
Do you want to live?
Then say that she's your sister.
Say she's your sister.
You're my sister.
Say with respect.
She's younger to me. -What?
Yes. -He looks like a mad man.
Ok, l'm leaving. Bye.
Under the shadow of disgrace..
..l live and die every day.
You can forget me, but..
..l always miss you.
l always miss you.
How long will heart endure this?
Life is a struggle.
Life is a struggle.
Come, Suman.
l stay here.
But this isn't my home.
lt's only my house..
Home is made by family members.
So come home. Now you
know where our home is?
l know.
l also know the difference
between me and my home.
Today was your birthday!
You like bangles.
l just brought bangles for you.
And you didn't listen to me!
Should l talk to mom?
Not now? Matters will get worst!
When? When will this
distance been covered?
When can you come home?
Life made us apart.
One day life will show
us the way! -Karan..
Vinod, she's my sister Suman
And he's vinod. l'm indebted to his dad.
lf not for them.. -lt's not like that.
This is all rubbish..
please don't listen to him.
lf you've done anything for my brother..
..then you did us a favor too.
She proved that she's your real sister.
Excuse me.
Karan really talks
about you alot? -What?
Hello.. -Karan?
Today at 9 O'clock at trade center..'ve to meet one person.
Who is he?
Shivani will tell you
everything. Now you come here.
Sorry Suman. l've to go for some work.
lt's ok. l'm getting late too.
Vinod, do you've car?
Yes. -Will you drop
Suman home? -Sure. Come.
Ok brother, l'll leave.
l'll come again.
Today you came so late?
Yeah, l got late?
Where were you all?
One is your brother..
He found a fantastic job!
He at night or during the day sometimes.
l don't know what he likes
about frisking people.
Mom, do you think..
lf brother Karan is found..
Why won't l think so?
Today l tell you one thing?
Whenever l remember karan..
..l want him to come back.
But then l get scared too..
When he left home..
..police had taken him.
l fear life might..
..take him on a wrong path.
l shouldn't find him in that form..
..where l've to..
..leave him once again?
Mom, l was just asking.
You're shedding tears for no reason.
l just cut the flower from the bouquet.
Hello, Mr. Karan? -Stop, hands up!
No, inspector.. stop.
lf you want the life of this women..
..then you won't ask me to stop.
l'm going?
Sulakshana Devi on 26th
December at 9.30 pm..
..what happened with you?
When l was going with my daughter..
..l heard the police siren.
Suddenly one man..
..came near me..
..and grabbing me, he
put his gun on my head.
Can you recognise the man
who pointed gun at you?
ls he present in the court right now?
He's standing in the witness box!
Are you sure?
How can l forget his face?
Thank you. Now you can go?
Your honor, court's permission
l want to call Suman Devi.
Permission granted.
Suman Devi.
On 26th December's night the
person who pointed at your mom..
..can you recognise him?
l'm asking you. Can
you recognise that man?
Yeah. l can recognize him!
Look at the person in
front in witness box..
..carefully. ls this the man?
Answer me, Suman Devi. ls he that man?
No. He's not that man.
Look carefully. lsn't he the
same man.. -l obejct, my Lord.
Public prosecutor is
forcing the witness.
Objection sustained.
Sumandevi, l ask you another question.
Tell me why is your statement
different from your mother's.
My mom made a mistake
in recognising him.
Because her eyes are very weak!
Suman? Why are you lying?
Order.. order.
Mother, sit down!
Suman devi.. do you deny that
you already know the accussed?
You met him secretly.
Because of your relation
with him, you're lying.
l object, my Lord. Public
prosecutor can't malign witness.
Do you want to ask more
question to the witness?
You can go!
Call Sulakshana again to witness stand.
Sulakshana, is it true that
your eyes are very weak?
My eyes are absolutely fine.
..can you tell me how
many fingers are this?
Why did you lie?
l handled your lie.
But why did you testify falsely?
Why did you try to save
him! -l'll tell you.
l tell you.
Whatever happened wasn't Suman's
fault, but maybe it was ours.
Maybe we not give Suman..
..what she wanted.
Look.. l found this from her cupboard.
How did you get these golden bracelets?
Tell me. Did you lie
in the court for this?
No, brother.
How did you get these golden bracelets?
You lied for this? What's
your relationship with him?
What's your relationship with him?
Mom, he's my brother and your son..
And he's your brother too.
He's my brother.
And your talking like this.
He's our Karan.
He's our Karan, mom!
Why are you crying now, mom. Listen.
You got your second son back.
Get up.. and hug him.
He's not my son.
What are you talking?
This isn't my son?
He's a criminal.
He's a goon.
He's a cheat.
l've one daughter..
..and only one son.
lf you say that l break laws..
..then l accept it. And if you say..
..l'm a criminal, l accept it.
lf you say l'm a cheat, l accept it.
lf you say that you've only
one son, l say its a lie..
..because you've 2 sons.
Today l'm telling this..
..tomorrow you'll say this.
You'll say that you've 2 sons.
lt will happen.
One day it will happen.
For that you..
..have to be born again.
Those whom l didn't
forget for a moment..
..l wanted them with all my heart.
l worshipped their memories.
But l lost them again.
But l lost them again.
Why won't l shed tears..
lt changes everything.
Everything has changed.
What has changed, Karan?
lf you mother knows that
you're on the path of crime..
..yet she accepts you..
..then she wouldn't be
a mother who remembered.
She didn't accept you.. it means..
..she hasn't changed.
She's your childhood mother.
You're right.
Today ..
..l'll tell her l won't
do anything to hurt her.
l leave all this.. -Then?
Then she has to agree
that she has 2 sons.
Khushram, what are you talking about?
l'm saying what you're hearing!
This is court's bailiff. Mr. Mehta.
And in his hands its court notice.
Your lease has expired
and within 1 week..'ve to leave this shop.
But you should have thought about..
Why should l think about
this. Why shouldn't l think ..
..that for this shop ..
..l'm getting 5 lakh rupees.
But 5 lakhs..
lt's very difficult
for me to arrange it?
Then l'll suggest you a solution?
Mr. Mehta please leave..
l don't understand if you explain.
lf your daughter Suman..
..comes to my home and explains..
..and does it often,
l'll understand. Got it?
l understood that l used
to think you were lowly..
..but you're worse.
lf you said a word more,
l'll break your teeth.
No.. l wouldn't say a word now..
..but l'll remove you from this shop.
You've 7 days. Start packing.
Come, Mr. Mehta.
Come, Karan. You've
come at the right time.
l've some important work with you?
l'm ready for any work! But
l've some work with you first.
Tell me.
l need 5 lakh rupees.
5 lakh rupees. Ok l'll give you. Now.
45, 48, 49 and this 50.
Counted it? -Yeah. lts 5 lakh rupees.
l already knew, but
you forced me to count.
Khushiram, l'm not good
man in payment matters..
..your shop payment has done -Yes.
Now payment for your words is remaining.
What do you mean?
What are you doing?
You had been misbehaved
with Sulakshana Devi..
..for that you've to clear accounts.
l didn't understand.
You were are calling Suman to explain.
She's like your daughter.
But l'm a bit elder than Suman..
..maybe l can explain to you better.
You shouldn't talk to
Sulakshana Devi like that.
Ram, Mohan, Kishan. Where
are you? Come and save me.
Don't shout, khushiram.
lt gives me headache.
Why don't l shoot you?
Then there will be silence.
But where should l shoot?
ln your mouth..
..from where you
uttered those bad words.
Or in your eyes..
..which ogled at a girl young
enough to be your daughter.
Or in head..
..which has a filthy mind?
What should l do?
Please forgive me..
You shouldn't be forgiven.
But l'm forgiving you!
Now listen.
You got the money for the shop.
l got it. -Now you'll do..
..what l say.
What are you doing?
Forgive this sinner, Sulakshana devi..
Forgive me.
l forgave you.
l forgave you, please get up. -No.
Until l don't apologize at your feet..
..l won't get peace.
-What are you doing?
Get up.. -No.
Please let me apologize!
-What's this trouble?
l forgave you! Get up!
Forgive me. -Get up.
Ok, l'm standing straight.
Mother, these the documents of the shop.
May your shop be filled with child..
l mean full of flowers.
He returned back shop's documents.
Why did Khushiram change suddenly?
l too got shocked first.
After asking him a lot, he said.. his property his
brother is a partner too.
And when his brother learnt
he's removing us from shop..
..he got very angry.
That's why Khushiram
returned the papers.
ln life who, when and why..
..can anyone do, we can't predict.
But one thing is for sure, mother..
..a brother should be like him.
Kamath, you said you've
some work with me?
What do l've to do?
Karan, you've to go to Holland!
You'll meet Sharma at the airport.
ln which hotel he's staying..
..he'll tell you everything.
And listen. Mahesh went
there for diamonds deal.
Once he get the diamonds..
..then anyhow they'll come to you.
Then take those diamonds and return.
Work is very difficult.
One who can pay 5 Lakh in a minute
will surely give a difficult task.
l don't know how l'll do it.
But your work will be
done. When do l've to go?
Miss Madhu Sen.
What are you doing here?
l should be surprised, not you.
Even people are like
you're traveling in plane.
See for yourself. Who says
lndia isn't making progress.
So you.. are going to Holland.
No. l'll jump from the plane half way.
Forgive me, madam. ls this any question?
When this plane is going to
Holland, l'll go there too.
Now you'll ask, why am l going
to Holland? -Why should l ask..
..when you didn't ask me..
why l'm going to Holland?
l'll ask you.
Last month l was selected Miss lndia.
And now l'm going to participate
in Miss Asia beauty contest.
Got it? -Great! You've reached so far.
Do you remember your state
when we met for the first time?
You had no place to stay.
Luckily you met me or else..
l didn't forget your favors.
Excuse me, madam.
Please sit and fasten your
seatbelt. There will be turbulence.
Listen, Mr. Karan.
l was a burden on you
once, l won't be again.
Hey.. what are you doing?
l'm trying to get up.
You just said, you won't
be a burden on me and now..
What happened?
l can't unbuckle this belt.
Please call the air hostess.
Madam, you're between me and the bell.
Only you can ring the
bell. -Oh.. what a trouble!
Why can't l unfasten this belt?
Are you making excuse?
What do you mean? What
do you think of yourself?
That's not important. You should think..
..because of these things,
l didn't get married.
Because of what things? -lf we
get married, l'll get children.
l've to let them play in my lap.
l don't like this at all.
lf l knew you were
coming in this flight..
..l would've taken another flight.
Relax. Our plane will land
at Holland airport in a while.
All the problems will be solved.
You think l should sit here till then.
Look, madam.. oh God.
lf you move like this..
..then my bones will crack.
Shut up.
Please pay attention.
Our plane will reach
Amsterdam, Holland's capital.
Thank God.
Whatever has to happen, will happen.
Hello. -Hello, Mr. Karan.
Welcome to Holland.
Mahesh Dholakia is staying
at the Hilton Hotel.
The diamond deal is at the Leather shop.
Thank you.
Here are your diamonds.
Thank you.
My diamonds.
A girl ran that side with
your wallet. -Thank you.
Miss Madhu Sen, how
do you like your crown?
The world called be beautiful so now..
..the world seems beautiful to me.
Miss Madhu Sen..
..will you face any problem at
customs because of your crown?
Diamonds of these crown
are fake, not real.
And even lndian custom
officials would know that.
l don't think l'll have any
problems. -One last question.
Would you like to work in movies?
Madam.. you?
The world is such a small place.
We meet somewhere or the other.
Why don't you say you follow me?
You could even sing that.
You follow me around.
You steal my heart.
l heard.. came for beauty
contest. Were you driven out?
Asian society selected
me Miss Asia. Got it?
You're Miss Asia? What are you saying?
Was the function in a blind school?
No. lf you've eyes..
..see this..
What am l seeing?
Now you go on your
way. l've to shopping.
Madam, l'll shop too..
..if you return my 20 rupees.
You're still harping about 20 rupees.
Disgusting! Look at me,
l'm beauty queen today.
Miss Asia.
And you? The same old driver.
Madam. My 20 rupees.
l am a beautiful moon.
People say, l'm a lightening.
l am a beautiful moon.
People say, l'm a lightening.
People say, l'm a lightening.
You might be ligtening, l don't care.
Give me my 20 rupees.
My 20 rupees.
Give me my 20 rupees.
Don't lose control.
Don't lose control.
Return my money. Don't delay.
l don't remember. -Have mercy on me.
Why should l? -Then pay my money.
Pay my money.
More is nothing in front of my beauty.
Look at me and forget everything.
Give me my 20 rupees.
My 20 rupees.
Give me my 20 rupees.
This world looks so beautiful today.
This world looks so beautiful today.
There is nothing without money.
Don't be so greedy.
Make my payment.
Make my payment.
Forget it. -l'm lost for words.
Now don't tease me.
l don't know what you want.
Give me my 20 rupees.
Give me my 20 rupees.
My 20 rupees.
Give me my 20 rupees.
l don't care if you're ligtening.
Give me my 20 rupees.
My 20 rupees.
Give me my 20 rupees.
20. -l'll just give
you. -Thank you.
My crown. -Hello, madam.
Yes. Driver.
Return my bag.
Strange! lt's not time to do good deeds.
l'm helping you, but you're scolding me.
Please check the crown
of your blind school.
Thank God.
When are you going to lndia?
Shut up.
Bye. -Miss Asia.
Come, madam. lndia is waiting for you.
lt must be. But why
are you waiting for me?
lf someone sees me with Miss Asia..
..then l'll get respect too.
Let me take your bag. -No.
Look, l'm ready to help
you.. -Congrats. -Thank you.
Can l take your
photograph? -Just a minute
What kind of a press
photographer you're.
Her crown should be
on her head too. Right?
Good idea. -Here.. crown
on head. No. -Please.
Thank you, madam.
That's more like it. Just a second.
Excuse me.
Madam, congratulations. -Thank
you. -You got custom clearance.
Come. -Bye.
When did this start?
-l've to search your bag.
Sure. But don't talk formally.
Give me the bag. Follow me.
This was for time pass in the plane.
Can l ask what you're
looking for? l might help you.
We've report that
you've illegal diamonds.
Diamonds? With me?
Stop acting. l know you well.
You've come after me in this world.
Where did you hide the
money? -l didn't take it.
This is a strange frisking.
We don't like when we can't
find what we're looking for.
At least you hugged me.
Look at this hat too. lt's not here.
And this head too. Diamonds
can be hidden in hair too.
Hi. Will you look there?
ln the meantime, l'll remove
real diamonds from your crown..
..and place the fake ones.
Hi. lt's good that you're back.
Or else l was about to leave.
You? You!
Yes, me. Me.
How dare you enter my house like this!
Strange! One day you'll
come to my house for ever..
..l couldn't come to your
house for a little while.
lnsolent! How did you get in?
Do you want to know why l came?
To steal?
l'm a thief.
l hid the diamonds in your crown..
..l came to get them back.
l knew you'd be doing
something like that.
But l'll leave this work.
That day l'll tell you
how much l love you.
And l want to marry you.
l.. will marry you?
You'll surely marry me, Miss Asia.
Or else you'll be single all your life.
Get lost. Many are ready to marry me.
lf you look at anyone..
..l'll kill both of you.
l'll be back.
Good bye, Miss Asia.
Karan. Karan.
l get furious hearing
his name. -Brother..
..he'll give our
diamonds to Devraj Kamath.
Yes. When Karan will give
diamonds to Devraj Kamath..
..Devraj Kamath will have a smirk.
My diamonds..
By stealing these diamonds
you humiliated Ratan Dholakia.
You should get reward for this.
But before that, you've to do my work.
Gold is arriving at docks tomorrow.
lt won't reach the market.
Leave that to me.
Sir, there was a letter
for you in the letter box.
Arjun, l gave you file this morning..
What are you reading?
Anonymous letter for me. Hear..
..because Apollo ship.. worth millions will
be smuggled through the docks.
lf you seize this gold,
to celebrate your success..
..l'll buy and eat sweets myself.
Someone must've played a prank.
Open the crates.
Mother, look.
Your son's photograph is
published in the newspaper.
Brother Arjun has become very famous.
On day you'll be famous too.
Because in newspaper.. of criminals are published too.
Mother, you.. this..
Why do you say such
things to hurt my heart?
Who has hurt whose heart?.. should..
..think about it when alone.
We are helpless to live like this.
We got separated from the one we loved.
We weaved dreams of love.
But they were shattered like mirrors.
Pain flows through the vein.
Life is a struggle.
Life is a struggle.
Life is a struggle.
Life is a struggle.
This custom officer Arjun..
He has troubled us in the past too.
Brother, l've found everything.
l've thought of a scheme for next time.
This custom officer has a sister.
When our next consignment
arrvies, we'll kidnap his sister.
And if he wants his sister's life..
Fine. -lt's a nice
thought, but not perfect.
Why don't we abduct her legally..
..for ever. -Meaning?
Just think. lf you get married.. that girl..
..then that office will be
helpless for all his life.
And what can be done legally..
..for that we don't
need to break the law.
Do you appreciate my ideas! -l do.
But why will they let
me marry that girl?
What are you saying?
You're Ratan Dholakia's brother.
For the world, l'm a big builder.
l'll take decent people along.
You'll surely get married.
Look, for our daughter..
..we don't want money..
..nor palaces.
We just want a family..
..where she'll get love and respect..
..and affection. -Done.
What were you saying? Respect.. and affection. lt's done.
You'll find the three items.
Say something. -Sulakshana..
..actually he's a very
simple man. But rest assured.
We know you for years. -Yes.
lf you say..
He isn't saying
anything. You don't know..
..l'll be very happy if
this alliance takes place.
After that..'ll know what kind of people we're.
Alliance should be
formed just once. Right?
But if we can see the boy once..
Just me, it's the same thing.
Ok, you can see him.
His height, body, face cut..
When he goes out in car..
..people look at him
from afar and call him..
..Jeetendra. Ask him.
Sharma, is the boy educated? -Yes.
l'm illiterate.
But l've edcuated him. He
talks in English fluently.
Sorry. Good morning.
Thank you. Good night.
Even Englishman can't stand
in front of him. l'll send him.
You can satisfy yourself, but..
..l want this wedding
to take place soon.
But we want to see the boy once.
l wanted to ask something. -Go ahead.
You're brother Karan's old friend.
Didn't you explain to him?
What? -Whatever he's doing in life..
..he shouldn't do it. -l
tried to explain him often.
So you think, he'll never give this up?
Suman, life of crime is such a thread.. which if a man
gets entangled once..
..he can't come out of it.
But we should be hopeful
that one day he'll reform.
Listen. Why do you stop me here?
Because my house is in the next lane.
So can't l come there?
You'll come.
Bjut first let me talk to
brother Arjun and mother.
Or else it will be enough
for them to oppose you..
..that you're brother Karan's friend.
l understand.
Tell your mother when
you get the apt time.
Ok. Can l go now?
Bye. -Bye.
How are you, mother? -You're back.
Yes. Tell me something.
Why do mother asks rhetorical questions?
Don't talk too much. Sit here. -Fine.
Can l tell you something..
..which you don't know?
l too wanted to say something..
..that you don't know.
But you're mother. You go first.
l've found a very good..
..alliance for your marriage.
The boy came today.
l liked him very much.
Where are you these day?
You're not to be seen.
Congrats, Karan.
For what?
You don't know. Suman
is getting married.
Suman is marrying? Whom?
Arjun. -Yes, mother.
Call Mr. Shukla in?
Ok. Please sit. -Yes.
Come, Mr. Shukla.
Greetings. -Greetings.
Greetings. Come.
Why are you here?
l came to save my sister. -Meaning?
l know Mahesh Dholakia very well.
He isn't worthy of marrying
a decent girl. -What rubbish!
He's a respectable man of the city.
His elder brother is a big businessman.
l know better than you about
Ratan Dholakiya's business.
You don't even know that our
sister doesn't want to marry him.
You don't even know that.
Oh.. this is an auspicious moment.
l don't want to argue with you.
Get lost with your craziness.
lt'll be better for you.
l'll take my sister along.
You can't go in.
l'll go in.
Stop it.
Stop.. -Brother.
Why did you come here?
-Which brother can stop..
..himself on hearing that his
sister is getting sacrificed?
Aren't you ashamed to talk like this?
l'm ashamed to think that my own..
..are ready to hand my sister
to these demons. -Sulakshana.
Who is he? He's talking to us so rudely.
Maybe he doesn't know us.
Nobody here knows you better
than us, Ratan Dholakiya.
This wedding can take
place only after my death.
We can't tolerate this insult.
Those people are insulted..
..who have respect.
Go away. Out!
Let's go. -Brother.
Did you see? You call
yourself Suman's brother.
Because of you her
marriage party returned.
She's saved from ruination.
The man who Suman chose
as her life partner.. with me.
Come, Vinod.
Who is he? -Suman knows him.
Suman will get married now..
..and with him.
Do you think..
..Suman will go against
my wish. -Why not?
You didn't even ask my wish.
But.. you didn't tell me..
Now you..
For him.. -For whom?
He's my brother.
My brother.. who thinks
of me and my wish.
Come, Vinod.
Come, Suman.
Priest, start the
preparation. -Ok, come.
Stop, mother.
You drove me out of your life.
But Suman is your only daughter.
ls she's marrying the
boy of her choice..
..then don't deny
your blessings for her.
Stop. This will be
the right thing to do.
Now bless her..
Come, Suman. Take mother
and brother Arjun's blessing.
Be happy.
This is your unlucky brother's blessing.
Brother Karan, l'm
starting a new life today.
This is given by you.
And if l ask something else..
..will you give me?
Try asking for my life. -Promise me..
..that in life whatever
wrong you're doing..'ll leave from tomorrow.
You've asked for such a
small gift on your wedding.
Why tomorrow? l quit everything today.
Are you happy now?
Brother Karan.
..l told you many times not
to disturb me during operation.
You've made up your mind.
Yes. -Mr. Kamath.. has brought me to the juncture..
..where our ways part.
l'm going.
These keys are of your bungalow and car.
l'm returning whatever you gave me.
But l'll remember your favors.
He'll remember my favors..
..but he forgot the life l
gave him is like a palace..
..where the doors.. inwards not outwards.
Vijay Kumar, solve his problem.
Shoot him.
You? -Yes.
l promised you that
the day l quit crimes..
..l'll tell you how much l love
you and l want to marry you.
So l came to fulfill my wish, Miss Asia.
You're saying as if l'm after you..
..and you promised me in helplessness.
Forget all these.
The good thing is that l've come.
What do you think of yourself and me?
You think, your words
have cast a spell on me.
You think l act to be angry,
but my heart loves you.
You think one day you'll come
home, l'll open the door..'ll say will you
marry me? l'll say, why not.
Do you think this? -Yes.
Then listen to me, hero.
You're right.
l'll marry you.
Are you deaf because of joy?
Not deaf? l've gone mad.
l've found..
l've found her.
She is a fairy.
She is like flowers and moonlight.
There is no one like her.
l've found..
A crazy youth. God of love.
He's my sky l've his earth.
l'm restless without him.
l've found her. -l've found him.
Her tresses are dark like nights.
Her arms are like circle of aroma.
Her tresses are dark like nights.
Her arms are like circle of aroma.
When l got you, desires were aroused.
My heart skipped a beat. -l found her..
l found him.
There is restlessness in breath.
The eyes wait impatiently.
There is restlessness in breath.
The eyes wait impatiently.
lt's not your fault. You're oblivious.
You've lost your heart
in love. -l've found him..
A crazy youth. God of love.
He's my sky l've his earth.
l'm restless without him.
l've found her.
She is a fairy.
She is like flowers and moonlight.
Mr. Karan Kumar.
l picked that mechanic from the street..
..and gave him car, bungalow..
..and you saw what he
did with me. -Doctor!
Devraj Kamath!
l can pull the trigger.
But you've helped me once in life.
So l spare you.
Now listen.
Henceforth we're even.
lf l come next time..
..l'll not talk. Got it?
What is the matter?
Don't you trust me?
Do you think l'm cheat and corrupt?
Sit, Arjun.
Many people of custom
attended your sister's wedding.
Then the news spread to
superiors about your brother.
We got this order from superior..
..that you shouldn't be given any task..
..where you can help
your brother in any way.
lt means..
..l've to pay for my brother's crimes.
l'm sorry, Arjun.
But.. l can't do anything about it.
l understand, sir. Thank you.
Tomorrow we'll go to mother, Madhu.
l'll tell her, mother.. your son has
returned after ablution.
l've left the crime
the you hated so much.
lve changed the life
that you deemed wrong.
Today you can say with pride
that you've two sons, not one.
You can say..
Madhu, this..
She's mother. Mother, l
was going to come to you.
To tell.. -What can you tell me?
l've come to tell you..
..that the part on
which your shadow falls..
..will give us only
humiliation and sorrow.
You've ruined yourself.
Aren't you satisfied?
What did we do to harm you..
..that even in our life..'re spreading venom.
What did l do?
What did l do now?
Because of your deeds.. Arjun's job is in danger.
His promotion was stopped..
..and he has been demoted.
Look.. look at this paper.
This is all because of you.
Don't try to meet us again.
Why did this happen with me?
Whenever l've any hope, it shatters.
Karan, can l tell you something?
A anger that was in your mother's eyes..
..can't be without love. -But now..
What should l do now? -Karan.
Karan, l want to talk to you
about something important.
Go on.. she's Madhu. -You can
say anything in front of her.
They're planning to kill you. -l know.
Will you help me?
l want to know when do Devraj Kamath's..
..consignments arrive.
Mr. Kamath.
Here.. all alone like this..
-l know, Shivani. Come.
Devraj Kamath is here? How dare
he. How many men are with him?
Nobody is with me.
Only Shivani is here. -Did you
come to rub salts on my wounds?
No, Ratan Dholakiya.
l too am inflicted by the
same sorrow that you've.
Karan is giving me sorrow.
How did he inflict you?
After all he's your men.
He was my mne, but now he's my enemy..
Karan's brother is that
custom officer. -l know.
They both can ruin us.
You and me.. -So what do you want
Why do you scream? l came here..
..for friendship with good intentions.
Friendship? Not with you.
He wants friendship. Never.
l can befriend a snake, not you.
l won't mind you.
Because this isn't the time
for mutual enmity. -Brother.
He came to our house.
He's right too.
lf we unite..
Are you mad?
We're competitors. How can we unite?
We can make our business one.
Because we can face this
trouble staying united.
That.. what's his name..
custom officer Arjun.
What should we do about him?
We'll get him killed.
Kill him.
You've spoken my mind. Shake hands.
Yes. -lf you want to seize
Devraj Kamath's contraband..
..then come to railways
yard in one hour.
Come quickly.
Yes, it's a matter for few days.
Hello. Karan, this is Shibani.
Hello. -Karan.
Your brother's life is in danger.
Hello. -Hello, Karan. This is Shibani.
He must be hiding nearby.
Go there and find him.
l love you.. so do you..
l love you.. so do you..
..then why are we apart.
lf we had to stay afar..
..why did we meet again?
Why did we meet again?
Shattered heart says..
Life is a struggle.
Life is a struggle.
Life is a struggle.
Life is a struggle.
He got saved.
We had surrounded him.
Yet he escaped. -He was saved.
There is a difference.
And this difference proves..
..that Arjun gets information..
..from Karan. -That's true.
But the question is who
gives information to Karan.
We'll find out.
Let's find out who meets Karan.
For that we've to keep
an eye on his house.
24 hours. Round the clock.
The traitor will be in the open.
Karan. Diary.. -Shibani!
l'll take you to hospital.
Nothing will happen to you.
-Kamath and Dholakia.. both..
Arjun, how are you now?
l'm fine.
Where is Karan?
Why do you ask about him?
Because of him, this happened.
No, mother.
He saved my life.
We were getting him wrong, mother.
Brother Arjun is right, mother.
Did you ever think when
you were losing your shop..
..who helped you?
Yes, he was Karan.
And somehow Vinod found out.
Or else brother Karan never
showed that he did us a favor.
Now l can understand..
..that in the past few days..
..the one who helped me..
..who was that person.
He's not our enemy.
He's not bad, mother.
l'm his enemy.
l'm bad.
You don't know a mother's heart.
And how have l controlled my heart?
Only l know that.
And.. you're saying..
You're saying,, l.. -Mother.
Greetings, mother.
You didn't accept the marriage proposal.
But now l came as your family doctor.
l'll treat the entire family now.
This diary is enough to
send Ratan Dholakiya..
..and Devraj Kamath to jail.
l'll give this diary
to commissioner today.
-Karan? -Yes.
We know that Shibani gave you a diary.
But maybe you don't know
that your entire family.. in my custody.
So think before taking any steps.
Who was it?
Devraj Kamath. -What happened?
Whatever has happened..
A lot is going to happen next.
l apologize to you
for the inconvenience.
You should understand
that l'm not your enemy.
l don't care about your existence.
You're like a bait for me.. trap that fish.
l like this bait very much. -Scoudrel!
What are you doing?
He's husband. He'll feel bad.
Just untie me once, Devraj.
Don't talk rubbish.
Your hands were untied for
years. But what could you do?
l've arranged for
such a reception that..
..only his corpse will reach here.
Hey.. he's Damodar.
Our man's parcel arrived because
Karan's corpse. -Never mind.
Search the hospital. Find him.
Come, Dholakia.
Your son has harassed us a lot.
Never mind. Never mind.
Mr. Karan Kumar.
Mr. Karan Kumar. Wherever you're..
..come to doctor Devraj Kamath.
His mother is in operation theatre.
l gave him the message.
Now he'll understand that
if he acts smart, you'll die.
Talk to me if you've guts.
l've no guts. -Leave me.
Mahesh, what are you doing?
Take him in. -You scum!
l'll kill you! -Great! Both
son and son-in-law are furious.
Now they should be
thrashed. Come on, start.
Mother! -Karan..
-Stop, Karan.
You thought you won the game.
But you forgot, l've a Ace.
You're lucky. Very few sons can..
..see their mothers at dying moments.
Good bye.
Karan. -Mother.
Mother.. -Yes. -l've
wandered for years.
l got astray.
But now..
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
l forgive you.
l'm your son? -Yes, son.
You're my son.
Say it again, mother.
l was craving to hear this.
You're my son. l've not one..
..but two sons.
That's all..
Now l've no sorrow.
No sorrow, mother.
Everything is fine.
Brother Arjun.
Karan.. -Brother..
Look, mother has forgiven me. -Yes.
Yes, Vinod.
Mother has forgiven me.
Never mind, Madhu.
Nothing will happen to me.
l won't die.
Now..'s time to live.
Yes, mother.
Cauliflowers grows on poles
on the street of glass.
When a cat cries night befalls.
Don't forget that..
Oh God..
Oh God, what has happened? Eyes..