Jellyfish (2018) Movie Script

[seagulls cawing]
[tranquil music]
[tranquil music continues]
[children giggling]
[Marcus] Oi. What you doing?
[both giggling]
[Marcus] Oi!
[Marcus] Look at this.
[muffled giggling]
- [children laughing]
- [man #1] Fuck!
[Lucy] Marcus!
[upbeat music playing]
[no audible dialogue]
[upbeat music playing]
[Nicole] What was that?
You were all over the shop.
Yeah, the joke shop.
[students laughing]
[students] Whoo!
You wanna get up and say that
to my face, you little skank?
[students jeer, laugh]
[Adam] And that will do.
[Nicole] She started it, sir.
Do I look like I care
who started it?
[school bell rings]
[Adam] You may go.
Except Sarah.
Sarah, why are you here?
- I don't know, sir.
- [Adam] And neither do I.
I don't know why you bother
coming to my class.
Oh, I get it.
You were looking
for an easy ride.
A doss, right?
Performing Arts.
For when Media Studies seems
a bit too much like hard work.
Wrong. Wrong.
Because come hell or high water,
you will be going out
onto that Theatre Royal stage.
I don't care whether it's
to fart the national anthem.
By next lesson, I want an act.
All right?
Now get out of my classroom.
And close the door.
[Marcus] What time
d'you call this?
Sorry, all right?
[Sarah] I had to see a man
about a dog.
[Lucy] A dog?
- We're getting a dog?
- [Sarah] Oh, sure.
We're getting a few, actually.
They're gonna wee and poo
all over the house
and you're gonna have
to pick it up.
[Lucy] Ugh. So rank.
- Plop-plop!
- [Marcus] Yeah!
[all giggling]
[Marcus] Oh, my.
[Lucy] Give me your crayons.
[Marcus] Why are you drawing?
- [twins giggling]
- [switch clicking]
- [twins giggling]
- [Sarah groans]
[giggling continues]
- Ugh!
- [Lucy] They're hard.
They're what we've got.
- Well, we're not eating them!
- [Sarah] Hey.
All right. Here's the deal.
One, you eat your noodles
and you don't complain.
Two, I'm gonna go to work,
which I'm always
really late for.
Three, you lot behave yourselves
and get ready for bed,
and four...
I'm gonna bring you back
some crisps.
- Space Raiders!
- And chocolate.
Do we have a deal?
[arcade machines beeping]
[children laughing, screaming]
[spray hisses]
[buttons clicking]
[coins clink]
[Clive] Um. Excuse me.
Are you Sarah?
[Clive moaning]
[moaning continues]
- Thank you.
- That way out.
[Vince] Hey.
Everything okay?
Only, you...
you weren't on the floor.
Yeah. Sorry.
I was just taking out the bins.
Be really helpful
if you could do tomorrow.
Jamie's sick.
- [Sarah] Time?
- Two.
I can't. I can't do before five.
Well, I wouldn't ask
unless I was desperate.
Well, I really can't.
I'm sorry, Vince.
I can't do that time.
[Vince clicks tongue]
You know,
when I gave you this job,
it was with a view
to you going full-time.
And as it is,
you're hardly managing
the part-time hours
I'm giving you.
I mean, it just makes me think,
Sarah, that...
I dunno, that you've got
somewhere else
that's more important to you.
I want this
to be a priority for you.
The arcade.
It is.
I really love this job, Vince.
- [Vince] Yeah?
- Yeah.
I mean...
I'm just not feeling
that you want this job.
All right.
All right, fine. I'll do it.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- [Vince] You sure?
- Yeah.
[Vince] Thank you, Sarah.
It's much appreciated.
[in Urdu]
[Malik] Really?
[Malik chuckles]
[in Urdu]
[Malik] No, no, no.
They have a problem
with talking to me.
I didn't even say
anything wrong.
It's not like I swore
or anything, eh?
- [Malik chuckles]
- [soft thud]
Yeah, yeah.
So what else?
[in English]
And a fiver on there.
[coins clink]
- Give it me.
- Sure.
I'll give it to you.
[Malik chuckles]
[speaking Urdu]
- [door opens]
- [switch clicks]
[door closes]
[electricity humming]
- [microwave dings]
- [kettle switch clicks]
[inhales deeply]
[woman on TV]
It's not just Kiwi Doug
with his eyes on Sophie.
[male on TV] Aww.
[woman on TV] Best friend Rueben
is also trying his luck.
[woman #2] Yeah, another one.
[Reuben] We learn to put
your shoulders on...
[woman #1]
Okay, I got it, I got it.
I'll teach you all how to fall.
[Reuben mumbling]
[woman #1]
That would have worked.
[Reuben] Okay, let me get
your feet on your hips.
[man #1] Arms.
The girls, girls seem
to be drawn to my arms.
- [woman #1] Close the door.
- [man #1] Who knows?
- You and me.
- [woman] How are they doing it?
This is what happens
when you do leg exercises.
[woman #1] This is not working.
[man #1]
We're bringing you here.
[approaching footsteps]
- Hey! What you playing at?
- [Sarah] Come on.
Shoes. Let's go.
Jesus Christ.
[Sarah sighs]
Come on!
Mom, I'm sorry.
[Sarah] Work needs me
in early today.
Please, can you pick up Marcus
and Lucy from school?
[Karen] Mm.
[Sarah] Is that okay?
[Karen] Mm-hm.
- Promise you'll be there?
- [Karen] Yes!
Will you just close the door?
Okay. Thank you very much.
[Sarah] Mommy's picking you up
from school today.
[Marcus] Why? Why aren't you?
[Sarah] Because work,
that's why. Stand up, please.
[Lucy] What about the bike?
I need the bike for work.
So, yes, for once
in your tiny little lives,
you're gonna have to walk.
Now, come on, look sharp
or you're gonna be late.
[school bell ringing]
Ooof, crack a window.
Smells like ghetto in here
all of a sudden.
- [Leroy] Ooh.
- Bitch, say what?
I said you smell like shit.
Got a problem with that?
No, no. See I can always shower,
but you're always gonna have
a face like a bulldog
shitting out a football.
- [students] Whoo.
- Yo.
Yo' watch yourself.
Yo? Yo' watch myself or what?
Or what?
You and your crew
gonna come merk me, yeah?
You're well street, you lot,
aren't ya?
- Fucking quality street.
- [students laugh]
Yo, Sarah Taylor.
Yo, Leroy.
Do you know any other words
other than "Yo," Leroy?
[Sam] Oh, leave it out, Sarah.
We were trying to practice
before you came in
- and started acting all hard.
- Practice?
But you're already perfect
at taking away people's will
to live with your stupid
fucking songs!
And no, no,
doesn't matter how many times
you play along with Jane,
she's not gonna go out with you.
She's too busy letting Dan
from Year 13
finger her down the Lido,
aren't ya?
[Jane] Fuck off, Sarah Taylor.
No-one even likes you.
What, like I give a fuck, Jane.
Like I give a fuck.
- You're all...
- And scene...
Yo, Sarah Taylor, outside. Now.
She started it.
Oh, did she?
How fascinating. Outside.
- But, sir...
- When I say out, you go out.
That's how
this little interaction works!
Outside, now!
[indistinct chatter]
[door opens]
[Sarah sighs]
She started it.
She was saying...
I let her have it.
You did.
You let them all have it.
Did you enjoy it?
So you do have a hobby.
[Adam] You made them laugh.
You almost made
some of them cry, too, but...
mostly, you made them laugh.
I am standing up.
Your act.
Stand-up, as in comedy.
Two minutes. No swear words.
I want you to go figure out
what comedy is.
- Oh. But, sir...
- [Adam] No buts.
[Adam] Pen?
Write these names down.
Bill Hicks.
Richard Pryor.
George Carlin.
Chris Rock.
Frankie Boyle.
- These guys are...
- All guys.
Joan Rivers, Victoria Wood,
Katherine Ryan.
You understand
what your homework is?
Is that Sarah for yes?
All right.
Off you go, then. Library.
[Adam] Right then,
you horrible lot!
[keyboard clacking]
[mouse clicks]
[audience applauding, cheering]
- Hello, Glasgow.
- [audience cheering]
[Frankie] Right, then.
How you doing, wee man?
Are you a weird-looking
straight guy
or a really weird-looking
gay guy?
[audience laughing]
I'd cum on your face
just to cover it up.
[audience laughing]
Depends how much you'd pay me.
How much would I pay you?
That was your fucking effort,
was it?
When your mom gave birth,
she shat you out
so she could leave
her pussy free
for fucking the doctors.
[Frankie] You with the tattoos
down there, man?
You look like the pad
I keep beside my phone.
[Sarah laughing]
[Frankie] You know what I mean?
You look like you only remember
your own name
because your mom's got it
tattooed on her lower back.
[Sarah giggles]
[Frankie] The Olympics,
I couldn't get tickets
for the synchronized swimming,
so instead, I watched a woman
drown through a kaleidoscope.
Some people say you should nevr
joke about rape.
I probably shouldn't have
laughed through that, should I?
Fucking hell.
[Frankie] Some people say you
should never joke about rape,
rape can never be funny.
To those people I say,
imagine Piers Morgan
being raped by Lion-O
from ThunderCats.
[Frankie] Those are just
what-ifs, they're not real.
It's been a pleasure
talking to you, Glasgow.
Take care of yourselves,
all the best.
[audience applauds, cheers]
[cell phone buzzing]
Oh, shit.
[bike rattling]
[Dudley] Sarah?
You're early today.
[Sarah] Yeah.
I'll be back in a minute.
You've just fired yourself.
No, I haven't.
No, I haven't, Vince.
I'm really sorry.
Well, sorry's not good enough,
is it?
I'm only a couple
of minutes late.
Please don't fire me.
Look. I know
it was short notice, Sarah,
but you did say
that you'd be here.
I'm really sorry.
I'm a couple of minutes late.
Well, look, I've, uh...
I've said my final word on it.
The conversation's over.
The conversation's over?
[Sarah] The conversation's
right over now, is it?
Fucking hell.
It's a fucking arcade.
What are you
Richard fucking Branson?
No. You, you are a fat,
horrible cunt!
And I'll have
that polo shirt back, please.
[Dudley] Sarah!
Go fuck yourself!
And you?
You can go fuck yourself
an' all.
Fuckin' wanker.
[TV presenter]
And our guests tonight
know the value of everything
and the cost of nothing...
...which is why we pay them
in Woolworths' vouchers.
[Sarah] Mom?
[TV presenter]
Joining me tonight
are four money savvy comedians.
A big round of applause
for Team A,
- Ava Vidal and Steve Bugeja.
- Mm?
[TV audience cheering]
[TV presenter] And Team B,
Grinne Maguire and Jeff Mirza.
Where are Marcus and Lucy?
- Mm?
- Mom, where are Marcus and Lucy?
I thought they was with you.
[door closes]
[ominous music]
[woman #1] Where is Sarah, then?
Does she have a phone number?
- Sarah's here.
- Oh.
I found them wandering around
on their own.
They looked a little lost.
- They're fine, thanks.
- Okay. Well, kids their age
really shouldn't be wandering
about by themselves.
Excuse me?
Uh, I mean, you know,
there are some people
around here who might...
There are some people
around here
who should mind
their own business.
I'm only trying to help.
Yeah, why don't you go try
somewhere else?
- [girl #1] Daddy!
- [man #1] Hey. How're you doing?
- Nice.
- [girl giggles]
Wait, wait, wait.
I'm sorry, all right?
You said Mommy
was picking us up,
and you made a deal.
Everyone went.
It was just us.
Come on.
You know how Mommy gets
when she's not feeling well.
[Sarah] I'm here now.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
[Marcus] Can we get some chips?
[Sarah] Yeah, sure.
[Lucy] Really?
Yeah, sure. Just give me a fiver
and I'll go grab 'em.
[calm music]
[upbeat music playing]
The moves are fine,
as far as they go.
Thing is, ladies and gentlemen,
anyone can learn a routine
and keep time.
But that's not
what we're about here.
For this routine
to mean anything,
for any of your acts
to mean anything,
they need to come
from somewhere deep inside you.
Don't just perform the routine.
Inhabit the routine.
Yeah, well, we actually worked
really hard on it.
You worked really hard on it,
did you?
And how many times
have you been through it?
Well, that's fine then.
It's not as though
you want to be a dancer.
It's not as though
you want to travel the world,
connecting with people, places,
and culture through your art.
Because if you did,
you would work at it.
[Adam] Now, next lesson,
I want you to bring me
your A game.
Show me that you want it.
And you'll need to find a name
for your crew.
Something dynamic.
Something that suggests
a bit of movement!
How about "The Bowel Movements"?
[all laughing]
Does anyone else hear a comedian
in the room?
[Adam] Okay, clear the floor,
clear the floor,
ladies and gentlemen.
I give you, all the way
from the Isle of Thanet,
Sarah Taylor!
[students clapping]
[Adam] Come on, Sarah, quick.
On the floor, on the floor,
on the floor.
Once again.
Give her a round of applause.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you, Sarah Taylor!
[students clapping]
This is the bit
where you say stuff.
The stuff we agreed
you'd work on.
Did you look up
any of those people I gave you?
[Adam] And who did you watch?
Oh, good!
Okay, so did you write
any material of your own?
[Adam] Nothing?
You haven't had time to write
so much as even a pun?
That's right. Soak it up, Sarah,
because this is exactly
what it will be like
at the Theatre Royal.
Three hundred people
staring at you,
and you,
staring at the floorboards.
You just couldn't care less,
could you?
Go on, Sarah.
Off you go.
You've clearly got nothing
to contribute here.
The fuck you looking at, eh?
Damn right I couldn't care less,
You want jokes, Mr. Hale? Do ya?
You want motherfucking jokes?
All right.
I'll give you some jokes.
How many drama teachers
does it take to change
a light bulb?
One to change the light bulb...
One to...
inhabit the light bulb.
[tranquil music]
Motherfucker wants jokes.
I'll give you fucking jokes.
[tranquil music]
[Marcus] What's so funny?
Come here!
Yeah, in a bit.
[seagulls cawing]
[Karen] Babies.
I'm sorry.
They want us out?
I don't know. I don't know.
They're saying
we're three months behind.
[Karen] Hmm.
But that can't be possible.
The housing goes straight
to them.
[Sarah] They must have made
a mistake.
You've been signing on,
haven't you?
Yeah. I think so. Yeah.
You think so?
You've been signing on,
haven't you?
That's all you have to do!
I said I'm sorry!
Fuck me. Fuck me!
Marcus, go watch TV with Lucy.
I don't want to.
Everything is fine,
I just need to talk to Mommy
for a bit.
It's okay. Go on.
It's all right.
[Karen] I'm sorry.
Stop saying
you're fucking sorry.
[Sarah] We had a deal.
All you have to do is sign on,
the rent gets paid,
and I... I look after the rest.
The agency's going to take us
to fucking court.
Well, is it... is it that bad?
What part of this
do you think isn't bad?
But don't... don't they say
that we can pay?
With what?
They want nine hundred
and fifty-seven pounds
and eighty-nine pence.
A fucking grand.
- I can get a job.
- [scoffs]
You can't drag your ass
out of bed
and down the job center
once a week,
and you think
you can go get a job?
They wouldn't employ you
as a fucking speed bump.
[Karen sobbing]
[sobbing continues]
[Karen] I'm sorry.
[Sarah] I told you
to stop saying sorry.
[Karen] But I am.
I've been so sorry.
[children playing]
[Lucy] Why are we stopping here?
[Sarah] I forgot something
at home, I'm gonna go get it.
I'll be here
for you later, okay?
[Marcus] Deal?
[Sarah] Promise.
I'm gonna be right here.
Now, go on.
Come on.
[Sarah] See you later.
Fucking thing.
- [school bell ringing]
- [children giggling, yelling]
[indistinct chattering]
[man on PA] Ticket number 43
to desk number 5, please.
[old woman sighs]
I don't know.
What's she doing? Hm.
[man on PA] Ticket number 44
to desk 12, please.
[clerk] How can I help?
My benefits have stopped.
Do you have any idea
why that might be?
I've been ill.
[clerk] Right. Well, let's see
what we can do
about that then, shall we?
- Name?
- Karen Taylor.
[keyboard clacking]
[clerk] Uh, first line
of address and postcode.
18 Gladstone Rise, CT90PQ.
[clerk] And date of birth?
9th of January, 1982.
[sighs, chuckles]
I'm really sorry, there seems
to be a problem with my system.
Could you just wait here for me
for one second?
[retreating footsteps]
[indistinct chattering]
[team leader] Ms. Taylor?
Would you like to come with me?
Are you aware of the seriousness
of what you've tried to do?
False representation
to claim benefit
carries a maximum penalty
of five years in prison.
Well, it's not false,
because she is my mom.
She just...
she can't come in today.
Right, well, I can see here
that your mom's council tax
and housing has been stopped,
based on her failure to attend
her scheduled JSA appointments.
Yeah, I know.
Why do you think I'm here?
We need them started up again,
Well, I can't discuss this
with you,
I need to speak to your mom.
I can't open an appeal
or an investigation
without the named account holder
being present.
[team leader] You'll have
to get her down here yourself.
She's not well.
[team leader] She's not well?
What do you mean?
Right, well, I think the best
thing for me to do today
is do a referral
to the Social Services.
She's fine.
We just need our housing.
I can see you've had
a spell in care in the past,
and that your mother...
She is fine, really.
She's just really tired.
But if she cannot fulfill
her duty of care to you, Sarah,
then I need to make
social services aware.
I know you've had
some involvement
with them in the past,
but that doesn't mean to say
that anybody's going anywhere.
We just want our benefits.
[team leader]
It's important for you to know
that I'm here to help.
I know all about your help.
I'm just trying
to do what's best
given the circumstances.
Yeah, well, you know what?
Fuck your circumstances,
all right.
If you really wanted to help me,
then you'd give us the money
to stop them kicking us out
of our fucking house
instead of sitting there
with a face
like a retard in a coma.
What the fuck you looking at?
Yeah, you and me both.
[somber music]
- [Karen humming]
- [lively music playing on radio]
[Karen] Oh! Just in time.
[Karen pants]
Is it Christmas?
It's just nice to make things
look nice sometimes, isn't it?
Aren't we only supposed
to use them at Christmas...
I think we can use them
whenever we want, can't we?
'Cause it's our house.
[Karen] Right. Sarah, do you
want to give me your plate?
Mm. It smells all right, this.
And there you are.
Just enough for you.
So, how was everybody's day?
Fine. Great.
You know, I was so excited
about you all coming home,
I could barely wait.
- Barely, eh?
- Yeah.
This looks lovely.
You don't like it, do you?
No, it's good.
Isn't it, Lucy?
[utensils clatter]
Mom, it's fine.
- [Sarah] It's great. Really.
- [sobs]
I can't do anything right.
I can't do
a fucking thing right!
[Sarah] Mom.
[Karen groans]
- [Sarah] Mom, stop it.
- [Karen groans]
Do your breathing. Come on.
I can't. I can't.
I'm fucking useless.
I'm a fucking speed bump!
[Sarah] Mom.
- [Karen groans]
- [Sarah] Jesus.
Mommy's just really tired
after all that cooking.
Aren't you? Come on.
Come on.
Everything's fine.
Just carry on, please.
All right? Carry on.
Come on.
Come on, Mom.
[machines whirring]
[arcade machine beeping]
Need a hand with anything?
Suit yourself.
[women giggling]
[indistinct chatter]
[ominous music]
[toilet flushes]
Can I have a go?
Keep it.
[electronic music]
[upbeat music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Sarah] Who's gonna buy the lady
a drink, then?
Sarah fucking Taylor?
[Daryl] Lady?
I wouldn't piss in your mouth
if you were dying of thirst.
Save that for your bum chums,
do ya?
You best fuck off.
D'you have a pen?
[Sarah] No, you'd need a cock
to do that, wouldn't ya?
[Martin] What are you writing?
You look thirsty.
A bourbon, and...
What's the occasion then?
I made a sale.
What did you sell?
[Martin] A sumptuous
two-bed property.
Sea view.
Ex-local authority.
Recently renovated
by yours truly.
Fuck if I could get in.
So you're an Estate Agent then?
I am a developer,
thank you very much.
Plenty of work round here
for you lot, then.
[Martin] Yeah,
you're telling me.
And I can see the future.
This place is gonna be
the next Brighton.
You know the DFLs, yeah?
You know 'em?
The Down From Londons?
And Arlington House?
The Shard of Margate.
This is gonna be Shoreditch
by the fucking sea.
And they're turning this place
into a gold mine.
And I'm buying up
the ground floor.
Keep the change, yeah?
To the future, then.
[Martin] Oh, yes.
- To the future.
- [glasses clink]
[upbeat music playing]
Have you got somewhere else
we can go?
You should've seen this place
before I got my hands on it.
Probably a fucking crack den.
Smelt like one.
It is nice though, huh?
I specced the fit out myself.
Sold for three-twenty.
Guess how much it cost me.
Don't know.
I don't know.
Come on, guess.
- I don't know.
- [both chuckle]
That's how much.
It's fucking ludicrous.
I mean, with the winnings
from this one,
I'm going to buy a couple more.
Then strip, renovate, repeat.
That is how we do.
- [glass clinks]
- Cheers.
[slides glass on table]
I'm so hot for you, babe.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Hot for me, are you?
- Yeah.
Things I want to do to you?
You're gonna think you've won
the pleasure lottery in heaven.
[both chuckle]
Okay, we'll see about that.
Let's just fuck.
Or let's not.
Ah, come on.
Come on, what's wrong?
Come on.
The thing is...
I'm not old enough
to win the pleasure lottery.
I'm not even old enough
to play the National Lottery.
[Martin sighs]
[Martin chuckles]
Actually, you know what? I...
I don't even care, but...
Just get out.
All right. I'll get out.
- [Martin] All right. Now.
- Mm-hm.
I might head on down
back to the club, actually.
Yeah. Fucking go for it.
[Sarah] See if anyone remembers
the guy in a cheap suit
plying a 15-year old
with drinks all night.
You know, grinding her
up and down on the dance floor.
Hands all over her ass
and her tits.
I'm not asking for much.
What's in that money-fold
should do.
Are you...
Are you trying to blackmail me?
You little cunt.
That's just how we do,
I'm afraid.
You know, the police,
they won't help you.
[Martin] We didn't
even fuckin'...
There's nothing in there.
All right?
Well, I don't mean the police.
I think it's your lovely wife
who'd be most interested
in what you've been
up to tonight.
[Sarah] I don't think she'd be
very happy to find out
that you're into girls
who haven't even finished
their GCSEs.
[blows air]
[Sarah] It may even
make her think twice
about having you
round her daughter.
Shut up!
I think it's in that pocket.
- [Martin] Fucking take it.
- Okay.
Get out.
Get out.
- Get the fuck out!
- [thuds]
Get out!
You fucking cunt!
[Karen] Okay. Oh.
You look... you look A-okay.
Let's see.
Oh, you've gone
and spilt something there.
Hold on.
There you go.
Why didn't you wake me up?
Oh, you looked like
you could do with a lie-in.
[Sarah] I need to get them ready
for school.
No, my darling.
Look, they're all ready to go.
You cleaned?
Um, I'm sorry about last night.
I was just, you know...
I really wanted
to do something nice
and then it, I just got all,
you know...
It's okay.
You're my angel, you know that?
[Karen] I'd be nothing
without you. We all would be.
Oh, by the way, uh, this came.
We should open it really,
shouldn't we?
Guess so. Pass it here.
- [paper rips]
- Sarah!
[Karen laughs]
Oh, my god, what is that?
Problem solved.
[Karen] What? How?
From work. I got an advance.
Oh my god. How, how, how...
How much is that?
Two hundred and eighty.
[giggles, shrieks]
Come here!
What did you say to them?
This and that.
It should be enough
to put them off, you know,
while we find the rest, but...
Ah, that's amazing, Sarah.
Oi, you two, come
and give your sister a hug.
We're gonna be all right,
aren't we?
We're always all right,
as long as we stick together.
As long as we stay together.
[Karen] You know
what we should do?
We should celebrate.
We need to have a party.
- Well, we need to get to school.
- [gasps]
- Shall we go to Dreamland?
- [twins gasp]
- Shall we go to Dreamland?
- Mom.
Dreamland, Dreamland, Dreamland!
Dreamland, Dreamland, Dreamland!
Mom, have you seen the prices
on that place?
Oh, well, we ain't been
since it's reopened.
Oh, come on.
Couple of rides.
For the kids.
Please, Sarah.
- [Lucy] Please, Sarah.
- [Marcus] Please.
- Please, Sarah.
- [twins] Please!
- Oh, Sarah.
- [Lucy] Please!
Sarah, please.
- [Karen] Please, Sarah. Please.
- [twins] Sarah, please.
- [Karen] We love you, Sarah.
- [twins] Please. Please.
One family ticket, please.
There's no family tickets.
The prices are there.
[Karen] Well, it says
it's free to enter.
Yeah, it's free to get in,
but you need tokens
or wristbands for the rides.
[Karen] Well, then,
we'll have just one adult
and three children, please.
Mom, we could just get
a few tokens.
Come on, Sarah,
just give her the money.
She's waiting.
[Karen] Here you are.
[Karen squeals, giggles]
Lovely. Right, come on then.
Oi, you two.
- Come on, Sarah.
- [Lucy] Come on, Sarah!
[Karen] Yeah, come on, Sarah.
[Karen] Wow!
It's massive!
Right, so what d'you want
to go on first, then?
- [Marcus] Helter-skelter!
- [Lucy] Big wheel!
You know what?
I think Sarah should decide.
What do you wanna go on,
Uh, I dunno.
How about the...
- dodgems?
- [both gasp]
[upbeat music]
[Karen] Are you okay, baby?
Are you okay?
Ride 'em, cowboy, ride 'em.
[tranquil music]
Right, who's hungry?
- Who wants chips?
- [twins] Me, me, me!
Uh, Mom, I...
I'll get you some chips, yeah?
[Karen] Come on, you two.
[Adam] Sarah?
I know you're there,
I can hear the music.
Why aren't you in school?
I'm gonna have to take this
to the Head.
Uh, yeah. We have to go now.
School called.
I don't wanna.
[Sarah] Uh, get up, please.
We need to go to school
right now,
- they just called.
- Right, listen.
If we go on all the rides now,
then that's nothing
to look forward to
the next time
we come back, is it?
Oh, looks like they don't want
to come back again.
We do! We do!
Well, pick your chips up
and come on.
Thank you.
Don't worry about it, babe.
Listen, what you gonna do
about the rent?
[Sarah] Uh, I'll give it
to the agency after school.
Thing is, you can't be
skippin' off work.
Not after they, you know,
given you that big advance.
Um, I'll do it tomorrow, then.
Why don't you let me do it?
'Cause I'm out and about now.
Mom, I...
No, listen. I know.
I know that I've been
a bit up and down lately.
But today's a really good day,
and I just... I just want to be
of some help.
Come on.
Let me be more than
a speed bump.
All right.
[Karen] Good girl.
Come here, you.
I love ya.
Right, come on, you.
Off to school.
Better eat them chips up.
[Sarah] Can we just hurry up?
...efforts to lose the card
at about the middle of the deck.
You should find that it always
makes its way straight back...
to the top.
That's good Tommy, really great.
And The Matrix called.
Keanu Reeves wants
his coat back.
All right.
[Adam] Emma!
Uh, one second, Emma.
Now I'm here.
Dress rehearsal.
Oh, wrong.
If you were here
for the dress rehearsal,
you'd have been here
at nine o'clock
like everyone else.
[Adam] Instead of which
you show up at midday.
And you're out of the showcase.
But I did what you asked.
I made a routine.
[Adam] This isn't
about your routine.
This is about showing
some respect.
Come on, Mr. Hale.
I've got some material here.
I think it's really
gonna interest you.
You show up three hours late,
disrupt your classmates'
last rehearsal
before they get out
on that Theatre Royal stage,
and you still expect to go on?
You've shown quite clearly
where your priorities lie.
Do you think Frankie Boyle
tits about
at a theme park all day
before getting out on that stage
and killing it like that?
No, because he's a craftsman.
He channels his anger,
his frustration,
his vulnerability,
and works them into his comedy.
Work, Sarah.
But you're not a worker,
are you?
I know more about work
than Derren Brown-finger
up there.
Call this fucking work?
Titting around on stage
with this bunch
of no-talent fuck buckets.
Telling them
that they could go far
if they just wished hard enough.
You think your stupid showcase
is gonna send us
around the world?
It's a joke.
This is Margate for fuck's sake.
The only person
this shit matters to, is you.
And you're old,
and you're stuck here.
All you have is us,
and it is fuckin' tragic.
Is something wrong, Sarah?
Everything's just fuckin' fine.
Um, Emma.
All of you. Five minutes.
[loud thudding]
Fuck it.
[foreboding music]
Think you're Simon
fucking Cowell?
Fucking wanker.
[Marcus] Sarah?
[Lucy] Sarah.
[indistinct chatter]
[bike clanking]
For fuck's sake.
Well, come on, then. Let's go.
[Marcus] Aren't we stopping?
[woman on TV]
There were obviously things
that were going to take place.
[man #1 on TV]
So how many of these posters
have you mailed out?
[man #2] Ooh, we've... you know,
we haven't mailed them out.
[Karen laughs]
Are you all right, kids?
How was your day?
[Karen] You wanna see
the bunch of jokers
they've got on this show.
[Sarah] Whose van
is that outside?
Oh, that's ours. I got it today.
This bloke was practically
giving it away.
It's cool, innit?
We got a van?
Yeah. We got a van, in't we?
[Karen] Now we can go away
wherever we want.
You know? Like a proper family.
Please tell me
you paid the rent.
Ah, lighten up.
Jesus Christ.
[Karen] Stop being
such a Buzz Killington.
You bought a fucking van!
I bought it for us.
You haven't even got
a license anymore.
I still remember how to drive.
I'm gonna drive youse all
to school, innit?
It's only got two seats.
It doesn't matter.
It's got a big boot.
What, big enough for us
to move into
when they repossess our house?
Why have you gotta do this?
Why do you have
to spoil everything?
Can't you see how happy
the babies are?
It's so fucking typical of you.
Where did it come from?
You need to take it back,
Mom, please.
Why are you such a drag?
Ever since you were born,
you been a fucking drag.
You been fucking stopping me
doing what I wanna do.
Fucking no wonder I'm depressed.
All right, then, Mom.
Just go upstairs, will ya?
Fucking telling me what to do?
Are you?
You fucking telling me
what to do?
Just go upstairs.
- [Karen] Are you the boss?
- Go upstairs, Mom.
You're in charge, are you?
You in charge?
Are you the boss? Hm?
Are you the big fucking boss?
Marcus, Lucy, go upstairs.
[Karen] Oh, yeah.
Go on, babies. Go on.
Go on upstairs. Sarah says so.
Fucking she's
in charge now, yeah.
Are you the big fucking boss?
Fuck you!
Fuck you! Fuck all of youse.
I'm fucking off out of here,
you little bunch of cunts.
[door slams]
[engine stars]
[car pulls away]
[Marcus] Where's Mommy gone?
[Sarah] She'll be back
when she's calmed down.
That's not what she said.
Well, sometimes Mommy says
things she doesn't mean.
But I want Mommy back.
You're stuck with me, okay?
But I want Mommy.
Well, she's fucked off, okay?
So you're stuck with me,
and I'm stuck with you.
Now go to fucking sleep.
[doorbell rings]
[knocking on door]
[woman #1] Ms. Taylor?
Are you in there?
We need to talk to you.
Can you open the door, please?
We're only here to help you.
[in soft voice]
[Sarah] Get down there.
- What's happening?
- [Sarah] Just be quiet.
[woman #1] It's important
we speak to you.
We understand
you're not very well.
If you're in there,
open the door.
[water running]
[electricity powers down]
[Sarah] It's a big day
for you today.
Well, I was thinking.
'Cause you're all big,
and grown up, and all of that,
that maybe today, you get
to walk home by yourself.
I don't want to.
Marcus, you've got to start
growing up.
Well, I don't want to!
You'll be fine, okay?
You've got each other.
[Sarah] Come on.
Get up, please.
Get up now!
Come on, hurry up.
[keys jangle]
[Sarah] Right, I'll see you
at home later.
[arcade machine beeping]
[knocks on door]
What do you want?
I want my job back.
I'm ready to go full-time.
What you said to me
the other day?
[clears throat]
It's that attitude,
isn't it, Sarah?
- I mean, I just don't...
- Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Vince.
Please. I need this job.
It won't happen again,
I promise.
Please, Vince.
All right, you start work now.
You work from noon to close
every day.
How much?
Christ. Same rate as before.
But I'm working full-time now.
[Dudley] Hello, stranger.
I thought you'd quit.
Well, you know,
couldn't keep away.
Mmm, do you... do you suppose
you've got a break coming up?
You know.
Vince is on the floor.
Five minutes?
I told you,
Vince is on the floor.
[Sarah] Just play the machines
a bit. He'll be gone soon.
Look, I... I've got to get home.
- I've got to get back.
- I can't.
Just wait a minute, would ya?
[Dudley] I've missed you.
Fine, uh, it...
[clears throat]
[Dudley] Forty quid?
Come on.
[both gasp]
I can't believe you, Sarah!
On my business premises!
I'm gonna have
to call in the police.
- I'm...
- Oh, please don't, Vince.
It's soliciting!
On my business premises!
Any idea what they can do to me?
[Sarah] Please, Vince, don't.
You've left me no option!
But I had to do it, Vince!
I had to do it.
I'm the only one
bringing in any money.
I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
I did not mean
to cause you any trouble.
You've got to believe me.
I did not mean
to cause you any trouble.
Yep, you're in a corner.
But I'm sorry, you are
in an even bigger corner now.
God, please don't, Vince.
Surely, there must be something
that I can do for you.
To make you forget,
I don't know.
[female dispatcher]
1-0-1 Police.
Please hold a moment.
Hello. 1-0-1 Police.
- How can I direct your call?
- Come here.
[female dispatcher] Hello?
Are you there?
Can you talk?
How can I help...
It's no big deal, really.
[sighs deeply]
All right.
[lock clicks]
[Vince] Um...
Well, um...
Do you or do, do I?
[belt buckle clinking]
[Vince sighs]
Come on.
[Vince pants]
That's nice.
Mm, yeah.
Ooh. That's... that's nice.
- What are you doing?
- [Vince] Come on.
- What are you doing?
- [loud thud]
Come on then, Sarah.
[Sarah] Vince! No!
[Sarah] Stop it!
[Vince] I'm not going
to be long.
[Sarah] What are you doing?
Get off me!
- Now, I'm not going to do much.
- [Sarah] Stop it!
Quiet, quiet, quiet.
[both grunt]
[Vince moaning]
[Sarah] Stop it!
[arcade machines trilling]
[trilling continues]
[traffic noise]
[door opens]
[bowls clattering]
[switch clicking]
[somber music]
[Marcus] Sarah.
[door opens]
[Karen] All right, baby.
[approaching footsteps]
[Karen] I'm sorry about before.
I know I probably said
some things that were like...
It's like when I remember it,
it's like it wasn't me
that said it, but...
but then I know that it was.
But I'm gonna get better.
In fact, I've started. Look.
I took the van back,
and the bloke gave me
a hundred quid.
[Sarah] A hundred quid
won't do it.
[Karen] Well, it's a start,
though, innit?
We'll find the rest,
if we're smart.
- What, with your job.
- [Sarah] I lost my job.
[Karen] Well, we'll sell
some stuff, then.
We haven't got any stuff.
[Karen] Of course we have.
Got the couch.
Got the microwave.
Mm? Got the babies.
They're a matching pair.
- [Sarah] Mom, stop it.
- [Karen chuckles]
[Karen] Ah, I can get a job.
[Sarah] Mom.
[Karen] Look, I know
what you're going to say.
I know exactly
what you're going to say.
I'll even get a job
as a speed bump if I have to.
Stack shelves, fry fish.
You can get another job, too.
Or you could do a course, maybe.
I could do a course.
And then, we can have the house
exactly as we want it.
We can even have some treats,
what, with the money
you earn on the side.
Then we'll go back to Dreamland.
What did you just say?
We can go back to Dreamland
and go on all the rides.
Once we've got back up
on our feet.
No, about what I earn
on the side.
Oh, you know, well,
anything extra
that you can get your hands on.
You knew.
You fucking knew.
I know... I don't know anything.
- That money, the extra.
- [Karen] What...
No, I don't know anything.
You know what my head's like.
- Things just fall out.
- [Sarah] No.
You knew, and you didn't
say anything, did ya?
You didn't stop it!
[Karen] Stop what?
You said you earned it,
through work.
Am I supposed to question ya?
- You're my fucking mother!
- [Karen] Yeah, well, what?
Am I... Am I just supposed
to let you all starve, is it?
Just 'cause I hear
some people talk?
Fuck 'em.
They've been talking about me
since forever.
I don't fucking care.
I don't care, yeah?
They don't know us.
They don't know us,
we're family.
They don't understand.
You have to do
what you have to do
- for your family.
- No.
No, I do what I have to do.
If we were a family,
then you'd be a proper mother,
and I wouldn't
have had to go to...
Baby, please.
I'm not your fucking baby!
I don't know why you're
fucking blaming me for this.
I'm sorry, all right? I'm...
I'm sorry that I'm sick.
Not everything
is about you, Mom.
What about Marcus and Lucy?
What about me?
What about you?
You're, you're our lifeline,
you are.
You know...
for once in my life,
I found something
I really liked doing.
Something that wasn't
the council.
Or the fucking electric meter.
Something that wasn't about you.
Mm. Well, what was it?
It's at school.
At school? That's great.
Our showcase was tonight.
Mr. Hale wanted...
He said I had potential.
Got me to do stand-up.
What, like...
What, like comedy?
[Karen] I'm sorry.
Oh, my god, I'm sorry!
I'm sorry, it's just...
I don't mean it like...
Sorry, you just took me
by surprise, that's all.
Fucking hell! Comedy? You?
What have you got
to tell jokes about?
Oh, fucking hell.
Hey, no, no, no. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry,
I'm not laughing at ya.
Well, actually, I suppose
that would be quite
a good thing, wouldn't it?
Me laughing at ya?
Why are you like this?
[Karen] Sarah, come on,
lighten up.
I thought you were meant
to be a comedian.
Hey, hey, hey, come on, come on.
[Karen] Oi,
where you off to, Peter Kay?
To tell some fucking jokes!
[Karen] Peter, Peter Kay.
[Karen laughing]
[Sarah] Fucking thing!
[ominous music]
[distant singing]
[ominous music]
You all right, Margate?
[audience] Yeah.
Enjoy that bit
of a singsong, did ya?
[audience] Yeah.
Margate, Margate, Margate.
Bloke the other day told me
that Margate's gonna be
the new Brighton.
Shoreditch by the fucking sea.
[audience giggling]
DFLs they call 'em.
You know, "Down from London."
You can spot them,
because they've still got
all their teeth.
Give it a few years, Margate,
give it a few years,
and they'll be necking the cider
outside the Magistrates' Court,
and yelling at the traffic
just like the rest of us.
[audience laughing]
But it's changing,
isn't it, Margate?
It's changing.
I mean, we've got
the Turner Contemporary.
That's lovely, isn't it?
I mean it's hard to believe
that Tina Turner had time to do
all of them paintings.
[audience groans, chuckles]
Oh, come on, Margate.
I thought of all the jokes
in my routine,
that one was simply the best.
[audience laughing]
[Sarah sighs]
[Sarah] So welcome
to our little showcase.
Mr. Hale put it all together
by himself, didn't ya?
You know what,
I think we should give Mr. Hale
a big round of applause.
Give it up
for Mr. Hale, everyone!
[cheering, applauding]
Yeah! Yeah.
He has been on at us all year.
Trying to make us work hard,
so we don't look foolish
on this Theatre Royal stage.
And he turns up in that jacket?
[audience laughing]
Thing about drama teachers
is that they really...
[Daryl] Slag!
Quiet in the cheap seats.
Well, they're all cheap in here,
aren't they, Margate?
[Daryl] You're cheap,
you fucking slag!
Bring the house lights up.
Who threw that?
[Adam] I said who threw that?
Come on, Sarah.
[Daryl] That's for you
to fuck off and not come back!
[audience groaning]
I'm not surprised
you're throwing money away.
You could afford to lose
a few pounds, you fat cunt.
[audience laughing, applauding]
[Sarah] Now look at his face.
Look at his face, Margate.
You always looked like that?
Or did the wind change
when your mom caught you
banging your sister?
[audience laughing, applauding]
And thanks for the quid,
that'll come in proper useful
for the leccy meter.
Yeah, that's right,
that's right.
My family is poor.
We're so poor, the food bank
took one look at us
and denied us credit.
[audience laughing]
[Sarah] Got to laugh,
haven't you?
It's all right, you can.
I mean, I don't consider
my life chaos.
It's just... it's just
emotionally action-packed.
I mean, take my mom,
for example.
Please take her.
Genuinely. Please take her.
She is mad, she is.
You would not believe
some of the stuff
that she comes out with.
She is crackers.
She is out of control!
No, as in she's actually
mentally ill.
Mm. Laughing one minute,
crying the next.
Can't eat without getting food
all over her face.
It's like...
it's like she's my third child.
Which, at 15 years old,
I guess is actually pretty
normal for Margate, isn't it?
So I've had to step up.
You know, earn the extra cash.
I had a job down at the arcades.
On the seafront.
And, you know, I... I earned
a little extra on the side.
I mean, we've all done it,
haven't we?
Don't lie, we've all done it.
Can't afford
to feed your family,
so you've gotta give hand jobs
to old men down the back alley.
[Sarah] No? Just me then.
But you know what?
It worked, so...
Well, until my boss caught me
the other day,
you know,
red-handed and all that.
He hauled me into his office.
He said I was
in very, very big trouble.
And I thought
he was gonna fire me.
Seriously. I was so scared.
But he decided
to rape me instead.
[audience murmuring]
They say rape
can never be funny, but I...
Now, I guess I can't stay
in Margate any longer, can I?
I'll let myself out.
[mic thuds]
[rapid retreating footsteps]
[audience murmuring]
[man coughing]
[somber music]
[train approaching]
[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
[somber music]
[somber music continues]
[cell phone buzzing]
[buzzing continues]
[Adam] You gonna answer that?
[calm music]
[calm music continues]
[soft ballad playing]
Meet me in the darkest place
I know it's safe, love
Meet me in the deepest ocean
Help me breathe
I know you will
Because we're invincible
A different universe
Don't let go, love
I see you
When the children smile
So don't let go, love
I know that
I will see you again
Because we're invincible
Because we're invincible
I fall down deep
But see your eyes
Keep me from losing myself
I fall down deep
But see your eyes
Keep me from losing myself
Darling, would you be
My home?
My home
Darling, would you be
My home?
My home
Darling, would you be
My home?
My home
Darling, would you be
My home?
My home
Darling, would you be
My home?
My home
Darling, would you be
My home?
My home
Darling, would you be
My home?
Meet me in the darkest place
I know it's safe, love
Meet me in the deepest ocean
Help me breathe
I know you will