Jeonde Raho Bhoot Ji (2024) Movie Script

Lakha, Lakha...
Where is Lakha?
Dear son is having a bath.
He is still having a bath? He has
been having a bath for last one hour.
A person can come back in so much time.
What are you doing inside?
I was singing in the bathroom.
My shirt got wet
with perspiration, girl.
You too go and sing.
Is bathroom the place to dance?
You can dance in the compound.
How much time did you take?
Of course it will take time.
Ask mother to put less
of red chili in food.
It seems I have got burnt from inside.
She will not stop.
Your uncle has become a doctor
and she will make sure
that we all get bleeding piles.
Fine. Tell uncle do not get
biscuits as gift but get box of ghee.
This is a limit.
Even you are supporting him.
Dear, let us go to Gurdwara.
What will I do by going to Gurdwara?
You may go.
Don't say this, dear.
You will be sinned.
If we offer prayers only then
we will achieve heaven after death.
Heaven after death.
You want heaven after death
and I wish to get heaven in this house.
You have never bought
1kg of sugar in house
and is talking of getting
heaven in the house, Chitragupt.
Do some hard work.
I am doing hard work. Do you
want me to throw fire from my mouth?
Do you know how much effort goes in
small time pilfering and making members?
Not this much effort
is put in while dancing.
Your son puts in a lot of hard work.
This is not called
hard work but cheating.
Cheating is also done by hard work.
A young intelligent person has said
that those people who
cheat can never do hard work.
And those who do hard
work can cheat anytime.
Remember this, Sardar ji. Listen to me.
With great hard work
you have built the ceiling.
Entire day you keep lifting grease.
Give grease to mother's knees.
Entire day she is
limping in the compound.
Enough. Why are you arguing?
Don't say like this, dear.
Come, drop me to Gurdwara.
Why are you forcing him?
He has never dropped
you then why will he go today?
He said an intelligent thing.
You go to Gurdwara. I will go to Daler.
Stop meeting him.
He has enough of ancestral property.
He gets enough rent.
It is enough for him but what about you.
Put in some hard work and do something.
You should not follow others.
I am not going to find
anything that is lost.
Father, father, get up.
The Sun is shining bright.
I don't have to make tea for Sun, dear.
Forget about tea for Sun.
Here is your tea.
I have heated it thrice since morning.
If you do not want to exercise
then at least do Kapal Bhatti.
It might be a little helpful.
My teacher says that those who
get up early in the morning live long.
Ask your madam to meet me.
I will explain her that the
cock gets up so early in the morning.
And is in the vessel in the evening.
Daler, Daler...
Come Lakha.
Have you come?
How could I go?
If it was possible I would
not go to toilet without you.
Then how could I go?
-Come on let's go.
-To toilet.
For small time pilfering.
To make members.
No, dear. my job was to gather
people and that I have done.
Now it is your job.
What if tomorrow your company runs away,
I will not be able to run.
You go alone.
Okay I will go.
You must be tired after sleeping.
You might become weak while standing.
Go and take rest. Go and sleep.
The name of this company is ARNODA
Now we have to work together.
First, I will give
you all my introduction.
My name is Lakhwinder Singh Dhillon.
Height, 6feet.
Fair and clear complexion.
As you can see.
What have we to do with that. We are
not going to send a marriage proposal.
You tell me why have
you gathered us here?
Good question.
Today I will teach
you ways to become rich.
If you want to become rich
then you will have to give me Rs 4500
Should we give you Rs 4500?
By doing this you will become rich.
Tell us how will we become rich?
What will you give us in Rs 4500?
Once again very good question.
This bag is called a kit.
This is company kit.
For Rs 4500 that you will give me,
there are 3 things in this
bag in exchange of that money.
One tooth paste,
one face wash, and one shampoo.
Company is giving you these
three things in exchange of Rs 4500.
That is it? Only this much in Rs 4500?
Or should I give complete
Patanjali for Rs 4500?
I mean understand what I am saying.
By giving me Rs 4500 you become
member of the company ARNODA. Okay.
Supposing this is you
and this is you, brother.
You see you have to make
one more member on your left
and one member on your right.
As many members as you make you will
get Rs 900 for every member you make.
When the number of
members would be in lakhs
then no one can stop you from
being a millionaire like Kalu ji.
Today Kalu ji has Audi car? Which car?
Audi car.
Look, even in summer
he is wearing a cool coat.
But it seems to be a woolen.
No, its base in cool.
It is cool like refrigerator.
He is trembling from inside.
If you become a member
you will become rich overnight...
a big round of applause.
Great Daler Singh,
you are amazing, brother.
The person standing next
to you may die of rashes.
Give me Rs 200 as well.
Rs 200? Are you out of your mind?
What will you do of so much money?
Prickly heat powder for Rs
150 and chain of my Audi has broken.
The cycle repair person asks for RS 50.
Come back, dear.
Baba ji, I did not go anywhere.
I am standing here, close to you.
Dear, in my young days
even I was standing like this.
But the villagers thrashed me so hard,
so hard that I am neither
capable to stand nor to sit.
Baba ji, I think there
is some misunderstanding.
I did not look at the girl.
But you are pointing towards the girl.
The girl whom you are staring
at is a nice girl of our village.
She is Purshottam Lal's daughter.
Her parents' expired
and brother became mad.
She teaches history in school.
Her salary is Rs 70,000 and has a house.
Thank you, Baba ji for giving
so much information without asking.
I do not support teasing
someone's sister or daughter.
Should we tease our won?
I think 100 times before
teasing my wife fearing
that my father-in-law would trouble me.
Say it clearly that
you will not stand with me.
You are talking about standing.
If these deeds continue
no one will let us sit with them.
Why do you want me to suffer losses?
If I get married to that
teacher I would be benefitted.
What benefit?
Her salary is Rs 70,000 and has a house.
I will get everything readymade.
-I suggest check 8-10 more
schools of the area. -Why?
Maybe you are lucky and
get readymade children as well.
-I will thrash you.
-Just even try to thrash me.
Just try to thrash me?
I don't want to get
hurt by thrashing you.
Do I look good thrashing my friend?
If I get settled,
I will get you thrashed from people.
I am there with you.
Just gather courage and take
the first step to set the girl a little.
Is she a television antenna
that I will turn and set a little?
No problem.
Leave it. I will handle alone.
Hello. How are you?
Absolutely fine. You tell me.
I am also fine.
Tell me what happened? Your family had
gone to see a groom for you yesterday.
-Has it been finalized?
-It is finalized.
The family liked the boy as well.
They had asked me to
meet him but father refused.
Why? What is the problem
in meeting at home?
The problem in meeting at home
is that neighbors might come to know
and if there it does not materialize,
they will spread rumors.
You know that people
blow up petty issues.
Father suggested that the
boy may come to school to meet.
He might come under any excuse.
This is right.
Remember one thing.
When the boy comes to meet you, call me.
Let me also see my
future brother-in-law.
Yes, tell me.
Madam, I had to get
admission done of a child.
In which class do you
want your child to be admitted?
In 7th std.
leave it, get him admitted in 6th std.
Make me meet the history
teacher of your school.
Why so?
Because history is not
taught well in the school
in which the child is studying.
I asked him yesterday that who
built Taj Maha? He replied that a mason.
How can the child who does not
know that who built Taj Mahal progress?
We have no problem if we
spend 5-7 lakhs more in this school.
But our child should know
that how much iron rods
were used in making Taj mahal?
Maybe in future the child
wants to do iron rods business.
Yes, mam.
Go and call Pooja madam.
Yes, mam.
These are the achievements
our school children.
Our students always
stand first in racing.
Has any madam run away from school?
I mean even teachers should run.
If teachers are fit then
the school will be a hit. Isn't it?
-You are right.
-Come in, madam.
Yes come.
She is history teacher of our school.
Sit down.
Madam, his child
is a new admission here.
Take him for a school visit.
-Yes mam.
-Good bye.
-Good bye.
Yes, how old is your child?
Which child?
Child? I am still a child.
I am finding a mother for children.
The day I find her then
there would be children.
Two children ahead of children
and two behind children.
Children ahead and back.
Tell me how many total children.
I don't know. tell me for
whose admission have you come here?
That of one child among many.
But you just now said
that you aren't married.
If I have not got married then do you
think no one will have kids in the world.
-You are talking strange.
-Do not waste my time.
Tell me why have you come here?
Okay. I have come for
my brother's son's admission.
Okay, what does your brother do?
I have understood
why you have come here.
Please forgive me.
do not tell this to principal.
These teachers would vent
out all the anger of protest on me.
Listen to me. This is about love.
You know that love is blind
and mine one has become squint. Look...
Love? But yours is arranged marriage.
- What?
- Yes, Gurwinder told me everything.
That you are coming to meet her.
Talks about your marriage are going on.
So, didn't I recognize correctly,
Gurwinder's class is getting over
in some time. I will make you meet her.
She is my best friend
and a very beautiful girl.
Don't say jokes.
She cannot be prettier than you.
From the time I am in love
with you the sweetmeats are tasteless.
You are very jovial, brother-in-law.
Tell me when are you getting married?
Just say yes.
I would make lights hang on the
school and make it a marriage palace.
Gurwinder is here.
Let me introduce you to her.
Come, brother-in-law.
Do not feel shy. Come.
Brother-in-law is here.
Take care of him.
I am going. Bye.
Have you heard about ARNODA company?
-You haven't heard about ARNODA?
Once you become member of ARNODA,
then you will hear about
this company from everyone.
There are three products in
the kit that we provide in ARNODA.
The first product is shampoo.
Just like your hair
that is like a dog's tail.
They will become silky and valuable.
You must have heard
about Karamjit Anmol.
Earlier he was just Karamjit but after
using our shampoo he has become Anmol.
The entire world knows him.
Anyways, our second product is facewash.
One of the major problems is pimples.
I will give you an example.
There were so many acnes on a girl's
face that you could hang clothes on it.
Our face wash was so effective
that all acne got cleared.
Not even a black strand
of hair I seen on her face.
Our next product is
ARNODA company's toothpaste.
When you use that not only in your mouth
but all bacteria will be
removed from your neighborhood.
If that does not happen you can kill me.
Tell me what else can
ARNODA give you in Rs 4500?
I did not understand anything.
What is there to understand in this?
Give Rs 4500 and become
a member of ARNODA
and you will become rich overnight.
This school where you are teaching,
later you will talk about buying it.
For Rs 4500
If you do not have enough money
you can borrow from other teachers.
-I have it.
-You, have it?
Should I give you now?
Of course, I need it now.
Don't worry. You will benefit.
Leave it. I will count them.
It is less.
I am giving.
Okay, no problem.
Thank you. Tomorrow morning you will
get the form and kit of the company.
Thank you so much.
Did you meet my brother-in-law?
Did he make you his family member?
Forget about family member,
he made me a member of a company.
Come on, dear,
let go to Gurdwara to offer prayers.
Make this request
to father also sometimes,
he just sits and greases the tractors.
Have some shame. I am your father.
Shame is the jewelry of women and
men never wear jewelry. Remember this.
Again, you both have started.
Why do you keep fighting?
Do you know how many thefts
take place in the village?
So that villagers know that
four fighters stay in this house.
How could you give birth to this idiot?
I gave birth to a son
and not won a kitty alone.
You have equal share in this.
I had no idea that this
would be the result of our union.
Great. Put entire blame on me.
Oh God, I feel like hanging myself.
Where is the rope?
Hey, it is kept outside.
Okay, so I should take
risk of that old rope.
What if the rope breaks and I survive?
Come dear, drop me to Gurdwara.
Mother, why do you want to
hear no from me every day? You go.
Okay, I will go.
-Waheguru, grant them good thoughts.
Hello Grease company, where were we?
Pooja ji,
Pooja ji...
-Greetings, Pooja.
Here is our company t
kit for your friend.
Did you like my friend?
I do not know about your friend
but io really liked Gurwinder t friend.
Don t you think I am taking
the wrong decision to marry Gurwinder?
No, your decision is right.
No, Pooja. But our entire family
interest is more towards history.
You change your family
interest from history to English.
Because Gurwinder
teaches amazing English.
Gurwinder teaches English? Then
we will be divorced before marriage.
From the time my aunt
eloped with a foreigner
my father hates English so much
that he hasn watched an English movie.
They speak English in that.
He changed my mother name
from Angrej Kaur to Punjab Kaur.
What will we do of our father?
But if history teacher agrees then
no one can stop this
historic event to take place.
In the coming years
small children like history
books will be playing in our house.
One minute...Gurwinder... Gurwinder...
-Let me show you.
-Where has he gone?
I don know.
some time back he was here.
I think he must have left.
Strange. He did not even meet me.
Who does like this?
Shall I tell you something?
Dont marry him.
He is a flirt.
He was talking strange things with me.
-I wanted to meet Gurwinder.
I am Gurwinder. Tell me.
My name is Harbhajan Singh.
Your father must have told you about me.
That I would come to meet you in school.
If he has come to meet
you then what did he come for?
Rs. 4500
She is ready but you are complicating
things and want to be thrashed.
I am going to be thrashed.
Stupid, you have to go to Jallandhar
and you are having ticket of Pucho.
What does that mean?
I mean you have to go to toilet but you
are filling bucket of water for bath.
Brother, first tell
me where do I have to go?
To Pooja. Tell her that
I love you and not Gurwinder.
Understood. I will go and tell her.
But, will you support
me if anything goes wrong.
I will support you even
in the worst conditions.
I have full faith on my brother. You are
like a thermal plant that of Bhatinda.
Pick up the peg.
Greetings, Pooja. How are you?
Very well. Are you finding Gurwinder?
No, I was finding you.
I want to talk something
important with you.
Come, we will sit inside and talk.
No, try to understand.
Something need to be talked in private.
There is no rally
going on inside. Come in.
No, even walls have ears.
And when you are thrashed on
the ears there is no way to escape.
What happened, Pooja?
Are you asking me what has happened?
You had taken Rs 4500
as auspicious money.
We were thinking of
making you eat some sweet.
Shameless, cheat. Aren t you ashamed?
For what did you take Rs
4500 from Gurwinder? Tell me.
Are you talking about Gurwinder,
your friend?
She begged in front of me to
become member of our ARNODA company.
She asked me to make her rich
overnight as I am making other people.
She fell at my feet as
if...if there was someone else
there would be a case
of teasing, that bitch.
Bitch... I mean, sister, you?
Did I ask you to make me a member?
-Didnot she?
-Did I say it?
-Yes or no?
Look, do not act so smart.
Harbhajan had to come here and mee me.
Why did you come?
Sister, I was about to tell
you that I am a Harbhajan friend.
Actually Harbhajan sent me
here to meet the girl in the school.
Your school is very close
but even if it was in Pakistan
I would have come
there to break the tap.
If there was no tap there I would have
hit my head on the tap and break it.
I am giving my head.
Fine. Did Harbhajan send you here?
Yes, sir.
Harbhajan is my name.
Iam are Harbhajan.
You have changed so much.
Your father has sent me here,
to go and check the girl.
The photo that your father had sent
had spectacles.
But you have changed completely.
My father expired 10 years ago.
I am sorry to hear that.
One minute, listen to me. One minute.
I am feeling dizzy.
Can I have some water?
Swear on your father if you thrash me.
Are you still standing here?
Leave my way.
You are asking me to leave your way,
I am ready to sacrifice my life for you.
I had come to tell you all the truth.
When your cheating was caught,
you are trying to be truthful.
Aren you ashamed, cheater?
You have cheated my friend of Rs 4500.
I did not cheat. For Rs 4500 I told your
friend how to become rich overnight.
People swear on my honesty and
you insulted me by calling me a cheat.
Do you know I have
dignity in the society?
Wait, you rascal.
By taking Rs 4500 from us,
you gave us shampoo and face wash.
We do not spend Rs 4500
on shampoos in a year.
There is no need to tell,
your face says it all.
What have to do with looks,
are we going to have a relationship.
Give me Rs 4500 back.
They are joking. Once things
slip from hand do not come back.
I am suggesting to make members
and earn money. It is very simple.
I spit on your scheme.
Why should you spit?
Use that spit to count notes by making
members and become rich. They are joking.
I request you. I had sold my
beloved anklets to give you Rs 4500.
That is what I am saying.
Work hard and earn money.
Get diamond anklet for your beloved.
Then she may hide wherever she wants to.
Listen to me. The millionaire
that you had left in the meeting,
I got the service of
this motorcycle done by him.
That is his ancestral work,
he does not leave it. So what?
We are not bothered if he
does not leave his ancestral work
but if you do not return our Rs 4500
then we will do better service than him.
-Lets go.
-Lets go.
Here, they help people whom I have set.
It is difficult to understand people.
Now will you take
Rs 4500 to leave my way?
No. Why should I take Rs 4500 from you?
I will return the money that
I took from your friend in the morning.
Get a side.
Why did they have to come at this time?
Madam failed you in the exam of love.
It was obvious. I had made preparation
of History, but paper was of English.
I dont understand what I should do.
What is to be done? You made one girl
a member. Make the second one as well.
If not the girl but
at least will get Rs 4500
No. I want to to make her family
member and not company member.
Once she becomes family member then
on school board the name
of our company will be displayed.
And all the students of the school
will carry bags of our company name.
And the name of the school
would ARNODA Public School.
To hell with you.
Just like police officers
you do not even spare family members.
Just remember that every
policeman is not a thief.
What was the need to
take Rs 4500 from the girl?
I did not force her to give me Rs 4500.
I explained the scheme
to her and she understood it.
And she gave me the money
thinking of becoming rich in future.
Just to make her millionaire,
you lost chance of becoming a husband.
I am scared that you would
explain the scheme to brother one day.
There is no harm in explaining
it to brother. The scheme is so good.
I will explain you.
Just give me Rs 4500 once...
Brother, you may take Rs 4500 from
me but do not explain the scheme to me.
Okay, I will not explain you the scheme
but tell me a scheme
to get out of this problem.
First, go and return
Rs 4500 to the girl.
Rs 4500?
Okay, I will have to return.
I will return.
Give me Rs 4500.
On loan.
Here is Rs 4500 of your friend. Happy?
Okay fine. But you should
not be seen here again.
What are you saying? In this
way I neither got love nor business.
What do you mean?
Love is selfish, Pooja.
I gave back Rs 4500 so that I can come
to school again and again to meet you.
What is your problem?
The problem is that earlier
I did not feel like entering the school
and now I don t feel
like going out of the school.
In childhood my teachers tried
hard to make me learn table of 2
but I could not learn.
After looking into your eyes
now you can listen from me table of 72.
Look, do not waste your time.
I have no interest in love.
No...I know everything.
At this point you are thinking
from mind and not from your heart.
It is a no from mind as well as heart.
Dont do this, Pooja.
Out of anger I might thrash
any of your master of your school.
Dont you understand? No means no.
One minute...
If it is a no from you,
then this is stubbornness of Jatt
that children may come or not in school
but I will come even
on Sunday to make you say yes.
Do you agree?
"Eyes have become used to you."
"I love you very much."
"If I get you, I do not want God."
"These are my blessings to God."
"I fell in love with
you and it has affected me."
"I am obsessed by you and only you."
"I accept, I accept.
You are here for me, I accept."
"I accept, I accept.
Dont go, separation is not accepted."
"The color of your love is such, dear."
"I do not like any other color."
"I am yearning for you being with me."
"I cannot find any other color."
"The matter was petty,
stop and understand."
"Just tell me that."
"I agree, I agree.
You are here for me, I agree."
"I accept, I accept."
"Dont go, separation is not accepted."
"Nowadays I talk with the breeze."
"Many times, I ask question to myself."
"I may not be in your thoughts."
"On behalf of you I
ask about my well-being."
"You will be mine; I will not lose you."
"You are my beloved."
"I agree, I agree.
You are here for me, I agree."
"I accept, I accept."
"Dont go, separation is not accepted."
Why do you trouble me?
I dont want to get involved in love.
Please try to understand me.
I am helpless.
What is the helplessness?
Tell me the reason.
There is no reason. Forgive me.
I will make sure you
tell me the reason today.
Or tell me if there
is something that I lack.
There is nothing lacking
in you but in me.
That is what I am asking.
What is it that is lacking?
What is the helplessness?
This is my helplessness. My brother.
My parents expired. If I get
married then who will look after him.
What happened to him?
Two years ago...
This doll of mine will marry a male
doll. The male doll will be handsome.
He will come to marry her.
We all will go. Okay. And dance as well.
Then I will get married.
My husband will come
to take me in a car.
No, he will come on a bullet.
What is my dear daughter looking at?
Grandmother, I am looking at my husband.
Stupid, you should not say like this.
Why shouldn't I say like this?
I am as tall as you.
I am big now. Get me married.
Get me married, grandmother.
We will get you married.
First you should get well completely.
I am fine. I really like the
boy who passes every day on bullet.
I don't know. get me married to him.
Get me married, grandmother.
Get me married, grandmother.
Purshottam Lal ji, I will
tell you a little about the family.
The girl's parents
expired in her childhood.
She is girl's grandmother.
She has brought up the girl.
She will do everything.
The family is very nice.
That is fine but so soon...
I am in a hurry.
I am old and a heart patient.
There is no guarantee of old age.
The girl does not have parents.
I want to get my granddaughter
married before I die.
Purshottam Lal ji,
after grandmother everything
will belong to your son.
You will not find such proposals easily.
Think about it. You will repent later.
That is fine, Mr. Agent
but let me ask my son for once.
Okay, ask him.
keep sitting.
Tell me, dear. should I accept
the marriage proposal for you or not?
You have to spend the entire
life with her. What do you think?
Father, whatever you feel is right.
I am happy if you are happy.
Very good, dear. this is the benefit
of mature and intelligent children.
Make arrangements
for the engagement, dear.
"Friends, my lover has come to meet me."
"My mother-in-law
son is beautiful than moon."
"Mother son."
"He has come to see my beauty today."
"Friends, my lover has come to meet me."
"Today is an auspicious day for us."
"Today is an auspicious day for us."
Don't break the engagement.
I beg of you.
She is a very nice girl.
You did not do the right
thin by keeping this secret.
I did not keep any secret.
You should have told
that your daughter is mad.
Her treatment is going on.
She will be fine.
We can think when she gets cured.
I cannot marry a mad girl.
Don't break the engagement.
She is a very nice girl.
She has no one else in this world.
You find another boy for your daughter.
I cannot get my son
married to a mad girl.
Let's go.
Don't break the engagement.
I beg of you.
Where did my husband go?
Why didn't he take me? He left me here.
Grandmother, get me married.
I don't know I want to get married.
Get me married. Why didn't he take me?
He left me, my husband.
Grandmother, get up.
Grandmother, get up. Let's go.
I want to get married.
I am left alone.
Grandmother died.
What happened after that?
After few days my parents
were passing by that mansion.
It was night time.
Drive slowly.
I am driving slowly.
What can I do? The speed isn't reducing.
-What has happened?
-What should I do?
-It is not stopping.
-What are you doing?
-I don't know what has happened to it.
Stop the scooter, what are you doing?
Very Sad.
They lost balance and
banged against the wall.
If it is about ghosts. Then a young
girl and her grandmother are dead there.
It can be their ghost.
Even I have come to know that
strange sounds can be heard from inside.
Of course. Is it a small thing that an
unmarried girl and an
old woman are dead inside.
Do you know the reason
behind their death?
-This girl's brother. Their son.
If he hadn't rejected the marriage
proposal, then they wouldn't have died.
And today their parents
wouldn't have died.
After that incident
he feels that every night
that girl's ghost is
calling him in the mansion.
That is why his condition is like this.
Pooja, you are educated.
You don't talk this way.
Someone should learn from you
how to turn diseases into superstitions.
Forget about ghosts.
Show him to a good doctor.
For last two years
we are going to a doctor,
but they cannot understand his problem.
If he cannot understand
then show him to another doctor.
You leave it. You will not understand.
Nothing can be done till
this witch goes out of our lives.
I am saying the truth.
There is ghost in the mansion.
Ghost...I got scared.
Pooja, which mansion and which ghost?
Should you be talking
like this being so modern?
I cannot understand anything.
It is not alone me who says this,
everyone in the neighboring
villages knows about it.
I don't know. I stay here.
I have not come from Bangladesh.
My village is 7kms away.
I have never heard anyone saying
that there is ghost in this mansion.
A fool must have spread
the rumor and you agreed to it.
It is not about someone saying
it but all this is going on with us.
Do you think whatever
I have told you is a lie?
Till that ghost is there in the mansion,
neither my brother will
be cured nor can I get married.
Only this is the matter.
I was thinking about what
kind of helplessness you have.
What if I make you believe
that there is no ghost?
-Will you be happy?
I agree to you that no one has
gone in that mansion for last two years.
If I go and show you?
Will you be happy then?
There is nothing as ghost and witch.
I wish what you are saying is true.
Shall I go and show?
After listening to everything
I am sure you will not get married.
You will die as a bachelor.
Why will I die as a bachelor?
Firstly, there is nothing as ghosts.
Even if there are they
will run away on seeing us
just as Swami Baldev jumped
off from Neela Peela ground.
I had heard of running away
with a girl after falling in love.
And you want the ghosts to run away.
Brother, the girl will run
with me only when the ghost runs away.
Come with me.
We will go quickly and come back.
Go quickly and come back.
I feel we will go and never come back.
It is a haunted mansion and
not a food stall that we
will return after eating food.
Agree to what I say and leave it.
How can I leave it?
I have promised your sister-in-law.
As if Amitabh Bachchan
has given a promise.
After taking money from so
many people you have turned away.
Now turn away from a promise.
Why are you scared?
When I encircle the ghost,
she will sit there.
You sit on top of her.
And then she will be gone
wondering what has happened.
Why are you troubling me?
I have never seen a movie of ghost.
And you ant me to meet a real ghost.
You have a huge body
and your name is Daler Singh
but you are scared of small things.
Forget about Daler Singh,
you can call me Daler Mehndi.
I will sit on a bachelor's bike for
a ride. But will not enter the mansion.
Okay fine.
Call up my mother and tell
her do not make a dough for me tonight.
-I am going to die
and then become a ghost.
And will trouble you.
And then keep saying
your friend is troubling you.
-When do we have to go?
People give sacrifice for ghost
and you made your friend
the target of sacrifice.
You are not a goat but a bear.
-Believe in your friend and come.
-I believe you but not the ghost.
The hungry ghost is not going
to see whether it is goat or bear.
She will eat everything.
I suggest we will come during the day.
Why to trouble the
sleep of ghost at night?
Rascal, you are worried about the sleep
of ghost, here my life is in trouble.
What kind of Daler you are?
Let me remove your fear today.
Come on...let's go.
Nothing will happen. Come on.
At this time the ghosts are drunk.
If we are caught she
will eat our leg piece.
I will make her eat my thigh but
will not the ghost look at my friend.
Don't talk too much. The gate is here.
Ring the bell.
Have I come to my aunt's
place that I will ring the bell?
We will have to open it.
Be careful. The ghost might
be sitting against the gate.
How can she sit here against the gate?
Is it day time that
she is drying her hair?
Come, I will open.
The ghost made the gate scream.
Just imagine what will happen of us.
Come inside.
I will make the ghost forget his witch.
Come. Don't be scared.
Look, there are cobwebs.
Obviously there would be cobwebs
in a closed mansion and not mangoes.
-Keep quiet and let's go.
-Believe me, we will come during the day.
We will get broom to remove the cobwebs.
Keep quiet and move.
Nothing will happen.
the swing is swinging.
I am sure the ghost must be
sitting on the swing some time back.
Along with swinging
she must be singing as well.
Come, sister-in-law, swing with me.
Come, let us go inside.
Did you hear the conch bells?
Yes, they must be dancing inside.
Come on, let's go.
Look, even the pigeons are flying.
Obviously there would be pigeons
in the closed mansion and not airplanes.
What are you talking? Come.
Daler, open the door.
Open the door.
Go away. I am not at home.
Don't talk to me like that.
Should I address you as son?
I will get a son only
when the wife comes.
I will get a wife
only when you come out.
Come out.
Come out my dear small elephant.
I came with you at night but not now.
Why are you scared?
What else should I do if not scared?
Didn't you her the
ghost meowing at night?
Meow? But the cat does meow.
The ghost makes a different sound.
Believe me it must be a cat.
I believe it was a cat but
what did you see that you ran so fast.
I did not see anything.
I saw you and ran.
That means neither you saw
anything nor did I see anything.
Open the door. Hurry up, open the door.
Believe me ghosts are there.
How should I believe
something that I haven't seen?
-Have you seen China?
But China is there.
Similarly, ghosts are there.
You better accept
that or you will believe
when the ghost tears open your body.
Even if the ghost tears me into pieces
I will surely go because
I am truly in love.
Open the door.
-Tell me. -Brother, come with
me to the mansion once again.
I am telling you that we should go back.
No. I have promised your sister-in-law
that I will make sure there is no ghost.
I think you have promised not to do
away with ghost but to kill your friend.
That is why you bring me here every day.
Why are you so scared?
Where is the ghost?
Come out, ghost.
Jatt is standing here.
Come and face with me.
Come out,
if you had milk of mother. See.
Why are you calling the ghost?
The ghost must have drunk
milk of mother as well as cow.
If she comes out,
she will drink our blood.
I will make her drink lemonade.
Come out. Come out.
Where are you? Come out.
What do you think of yourself, ghost?
Come out.
Come out.
If she comes out she will
not let both of us go out.
How will she not let us go?
I am a brave Jatt.
You are brave but I am not.
Keep quiet.
I have heard that
ghost removes body parts.
Without arms and legs it
is still fine but not without head.
What nonsense are you talking?
Today either Jatt will die or kill.
Come out.
Come out, ghost. Today I will kill you.
Where are you?
She I already dead,
how can you kill her?
I am feeling tensed and scared.
If we stay back for some more time,
one family member from our
families is going to get reduced.
I have not come here to reduce family
member but to increase family member.
Don't worry. Something
or the other will happen today.
Either the ghost will get
out of this mansion or your fear.
If I get unconscious because of fear,
you will not be able to lift me.
Swear on me that you will
not leave my unconscious body here.
I have not come here to handle you,
but to find the ghost.
The ghost calls from behind.
At least let us stand back-to-back.
Neither will the ghost
see my back nor call.
Swear on me that you will not name
anyone Daler in your generations to come.
I will not keep.
Okay, let us stand back-to-back.
You think yourself to be Daler.
Now we are standing back-to-back.
Aren't you scared now?
Hey, why don't you speak?
Are you scared now?
You have become quiet as
if you have really seen a ghost.
You have become quiet as
if you have really seen a ghost.
-What happened? I am your father.
Here, drink tea.
I thought it was a ghost.
Ghost? Which ghost?
It was smaller than you.
Leave it.
You will not be able to understand.
These are deep thoughts
of love and ghost.
Sometimes sit alone and think father,
what have we not done for you?
-Here is the ghost?
-What do you mean?
I mean to say where is mother?
She has gone to Gurdwara.
Sit, mother,
I will take you to Gurdwara.
Thank God, my son is here today.
I thought your God would not send
any means. I thought of dropping you.
-Come and sit.
-God has sent you.
Okay, all this is done by God.
My parents had no hand in this.
What are you saying? Come on lets go.
You do not even spare God.
God is a great power. Otherwise
why would world believe in him?
Yes, everyone believes
but no one can see Him.
The ghost is better than Him.
At least it is seen.
God sees everyone but
only nice and honest souls.
Here it is.
Come dear,
you too bow your head offer prayers.
You bow head on my behalf, mother.
Waheguru, grant capability to my son.
Dont be late from tomorrow. Okay.
Now go to your classes.
Okay, madam.
One Minute
I saw the ghost.
Do you believe now?
My heart does not accept.
Has the ghost got Corona that
it does not come out of the mansion?
I think they are goons who
want to take over the mansion.
Look, why are you wasting your time?
Why dont you believe?
How can I believe?
Till I do not reach the depth
of the matter, I will not believe.
Listen, I am standing tall as
a mountain in front of your problems.
Your friend sings in front of
the ghost in the middle of the night.
Go and sing aside. I am getting late.
You are late as if you
are going to miss a bus.
Hail to Dhooni Baba.
Hail to Dhooni Baba.
Why dont you say? Hail to Dhooni Baba.
I dont know whether
the ghost will kill me or not
but you are surely going
to kill me with this ghostly smoke.
The ghost that has been in you last
night will come out with this smoke.
For last so many years you are still
with me, how will the ghost come out?
You go inside. The ghost will come out.
Sister-in-law, what happened to brother?
What to tell you, brother?
God knows with which
idiot he had gone at night
To see some super natural
power and it got within him.
He is that idiot with whom I had gone.
Didnot you find anyone else?
Friends come to mind in difficult times.
Does it look nice calling sisters-in-laws
in the middle of the night?
Nothing will happen to him.
make strong and delicious tea for me.
I shall make milk
and tea leaves for you.
Why have you come now?
To enquire about you.
Have you enquired? Okay. Go now.
I am not going to the mansion.
Do not you want me to get married?
You too call someone
sister-in-law in my house.
You can take my wife;
I will call her sister-in-law.
So, I should not call
anyone sister-in-law.
You can call me sister-in-law,
but go away from here.
Have you seen your beard, male cat.
I would feel ashamed
in calling you sister-in-law.
I have understood. You dont
want that I should get car and house.
You can take my car and house.
I will stay in Gurdwara.
But I will not go to mansion.
We do not have to go to
mansion but to police station.
Not ghosts but it is matter
of property in the mansion.
Somone wants to take control of that
property by spreading rumor of ghosts.
What will we say in the police station?
We will say that we are fond of filing
a report so that is why we have come
and this little one had never
seen a police station so he was keen.
Tell me would you like to
go to police station or mansion?
Police station is better than mansion.
Lets go.
Tell me.
We had come to file a complaint.
Will you write?
Of course we write
reports here and not songs.
Tell me what is the problem?
The problem is that of mansion.
Someone has illegally occupied it.
Your mansion has
been illegally occupied.
No, the mansion is not ours.
The mansion belongs to someone else.
If the mansion is not yours,
then why have you come here.
Get the owners.
They are very simple
people who are scared.
They have given us the responsibility.
They consider us as Bahubali.
What Bahubali?
They would have sacrificed us.
-She made us scream.
Yes, she is a female.
Have some shame.
You got scared of a woman.
Look at yourself.
You are so bulky and strong.
Is it only to go to Haridwar?
Rules help females so,
please you please help us.
-Yes, sir.
-Get the jeep ready.
Let give a chance.
Maybe we get a chance.
Just be careful. She is not a woman.
We think she is a witch.
Leave the jeep.
-Give me the handcuffs.
No, sir. She is a woman.
Why should she be put handcuffs?
Not for her but for you both.
You better catch her, she is a ghost.
Sir rarely catches alive people and
you are asking him to arrest a witch.
Sorry Sir...
Listen to me. My promotion
is stopped because of a paper.
It maybe that I have to
give that paper to you both.
Get lost. Idiots.
Nothing is left.
Nothing is left? bottle remains.
It is enough to set me.
You think about your
setting but not about mine.
I am thinking about
you but you are a fool.
Police will have no control
over the witch but a baba has.
Even you get an idea late.
Come on lets go.
Dont you come? Dont you come?
I will kill you right here.
Pull, pull...she is now in control.
Give me the bottle.
Put her in. Give me the bottle cap.
Hail to Baba Kadichdas.
Remove the slippers.
Not to you but to the
ghost standing between you.
Baba ji, ghost?
I catch more but there
is no place to keep her.
They keep roaming here.
How many times have I
told you to stay away from men?
Tell me. Why have you come here?
Baba ji, we want you to catch the ghost.
Or else do I catch Messiah?
I catch ghosts.
Tell me the name of ghost.
I do not know the name.
What have you come here for?
I may catch another witch and
then you would say she is not the one.
You will have to tell me the name.
I do not know the name.
If you do not know the name then
keep one now. I will still catch her.
All we know is that the ghost s a woman.
A woman ghost?
I can catch witch with left hand.
- And with right hand?
- With right hand I can catch jinn.
Baba ji, we know that
the ghost is in the mansion.
Enough! Enough!
Baba ji can know the address from
name but you told me the address here.
Baba ji, tell me what should we do?
You dont have to do anything.
Now only Baba will do
whatever needs to be done.
You just have to deposit
Rs 10,000 in Baba account.
Give account number to him.
Once he deposits money
I will catch hold of her hair.
The ghost will say bye-bye, bye-bye.
Hail to Baba Kadichdas.
Hail to Baba Kadichdas.
Hail to Baba Kadichdas.
Alakh Niranjan.
Alakh Niranjan.
There is sound of conch bells.
There is thief here.
Where are you? Why are you hiding?
I will take you with me today. Come out.
Come, come...
Why are you hiding?
She is a very stubborn ghost.
These two should not escape today.
Dont worry, dear.
Just wait and watch.
I will thrash the ghost
badly that it will not be able
to go anywhere.
Baba ji, how will you catch the ghost?
In this bottle.
I have kept the bottle clean and open.
Just wait and watch, I will catch
the ghost and lock it in the bottle.
She will flutter just
like a drunkard roams around.
Come out. Where are you hiding?
If you dont want to
come out then send your video.
I will have to thrash
you if you do not come out.
Come out.
I will have to speak the mantra.
Are you scaring me in cat voice?
Baba can kill cats and eating them.
Baba has got the offering.
Do you scare me with sound?
If you have the courage then
come in front of me and attack.
Do you think I got scared?
Till now I let you
do whatever you wish to.
Now if you have courage,
thrash and show me.
Now it will be fun.
The enemy is also strong.
Hey, are you scared?
We became safe.
No, not safe.
Be prepared. Next turn is ours.
Rascals, escape.
The ghost is thrashing hard.
One thing is clear.
There is neither any thief
nor matter of illegal occupancy.
You were right.
-The ghost is there.
-Now you agree.
Listen to me.
This is a school and not a bus stop
where you can come and
go according to your choice.
Parents of children do not
come as many times as you come.
I just came her to tell you
that do not think of me as
a useless lover who would fear ghosts.
I am not scared.
You want me to prove
myself again and again.
"I love you more than my life."
"Your lover is one in a million."
"Keep your lover safe,
the boy is like a diamond necklace."
"You rule my heart,
what are you talking about anklets."
"The boy will envelope you with gold,
what are you talking about anklets."
"The boy will envelope you with gold,
what are you talking about anklets."
"Everyone talks abouts
stars in the sky nowadays."
"Everyone talks abouts
stars in the sky nowadays."
"It is not easy to find a
lover who has connection with God."
"I have given you control of my life,
what are you talking of anklets."
"The boy will envelope you with gold,
what are you talking about anklets."
"The boy will envelope you with gold,
what are you talking about anklets."
"Because of good luck you
found a handsome Jatt like me."
"Because of good luck you
found a handsome Jatt like me."
"The kitchen waits for you,
the house is blooming with lights."
"Come and take control of everything,
what are you talking of anklets."
"The boy will envelope you with gold,
what are you talking about anklets."
"The boy will envelope you with gold,
what are you talking about anklets."
Just wait... wait...
Leave me.
I will make you Nagina Amrish Puri.
No, no.
Remove the moustaches.
Do you think yourself to be Amrit Mann?
You said you will be
able to catch the ghost.
You could not even
catch the devil flower.
Listen to me, brother.
Today I am not going to listen to you.
Today I am going to numb your
cheeks that too by slapping you hard.
Brother, my disciples
will be here any moment.
I have a lot of respect among them.
That is what I want to loot.
You said you would trap
the ghost in the bottle.
Your bottle was useless.
Give me Rs 10,000 back.
I gave that for making of Dera
banner so that it can be seen from far.
Really? Henceforth neither
banner nor the dera will be seen.
Give me Rs 10,000 or
I will remove your kidney.
Remove my kidney,
it is difficult to return Rs 10,000.
Shall I remove? Shall I?
-I will find a solution.
-You agree that I called the ghost.
I know how to call
them but not to trap them.
-You do not know how to trap them?
-No, no.
-Listen to me.
I will tell you a solution.
When the case goes out of hand, the
junior doctor runs to the senior doctor.
I will take you to
senior doctor, Sharma.
If Sharma comes then will
the ghost leave the mansion?
On Sharma ji arrival the
ghost will leave the mansion
just as the one with
piles leaves chilies.
Brother, consider this as Sharma ji hand.
Idiot, you had said that
you would take me to some Baba.
It seems as if you have
brought me to the book store.
These books are not for
selling but for studying.
Absolutely right.
I have read all these books.
The ones that I have
written are kept inside.
Why have you come?
We have come with a problem.
No one comes here without a problem.
Otherwise no one comes.
Tell me your problem.
Baba ji, the thing is that...
We can sit and talk as well.
These chairs belong to me.
Lord Ganesha...Lord Ganesha...
One thing more.
I have not done PHD in Tantric
subject to be called a Baba.
If you do feel any shame
then you can call me Dr. Sharma.
Okay fine.
Not okay fine but call me Dr. Sharma.
-Dr. Sharma.
Dr. the matter is that
there is a ghost in the mansion.
Is there a ghost in your mansion?
No, no...
Then the ghost is in your mansion?
No, we do not have mansion.
There is ghost in
someone else mansion.
Then do not keep an eye
on someone girl and mansion.
No. The mansion is of someone
else but the girlfriend is mine.
-I would suggest that.
Marry the girl soon.
Otherwise along with mansion the
girlfriend will also become a stranger.
That is why I have come to you.
I want to get married.
If you want to get married then go to
a priest who gets nuptial rounds done.
Have you come to me to
get the groom outfit on rent?
-Do want to get DJ booked from me?
Or you nee a horse for marriage.
-Dr. only if you say yes the
marriage will take place. -Yes.
Why? Am I the girl uncle?
Dr. you did not understand.
The girl whom I love
has kept a condition.
That only if the ghost leaves
the mansion, she will marry me.
-It is a matter of love.
It is about love.
Love is mine but rest is his.
Will you have tea?
-No, thanks.
Will you have water?
No, thanks.
What will you take to leave?
I have learnt this Tantric
knowledge to trap the ghost
and not to trouble a girl.
-Get out.
Get out means... get lost.
-Get out.
Go to hell.
Lord Ganesha...
You both went to Mr. Sharma.
Tell me what did he say?
Mr. Sharma got angry
when he heard about my love
as if I am having an
affair with his girlfriend.
it is not necessary
that all Baba do romance.
-Some are celibate as well.
If he was a celibate then would
have adorned those type of clothes.
He was wearing Safari suit
as if he was in security of CM.
He is an educated Baba.
He has done PHD on ghosts.
Your matter will not be solved there.
You need a baba like him
who boast about trapping
the ghost in bottle
and in return take bottle from you.
Do you think I am greedy for bottle?
You are not worth a peg.
Just out of respect he said so.
This is not right.
On one hand I help you
and on the other hand
listen to your taunts as well.
Get lost. Now you find a Vaishno Baba.
We want Vaishno Baba and not Vaishno
Dhaba that we will find on GT road.
You tell us the address of another Baba.
How can I say?
Most of the Baba are in jail.
I think being shameless let go to Mr.
Sharma again.
No, Sharma would not be of any help now.
We will send some other person
to Baba that will not talk about love.
We will narrate another
story to Baba to trap him
just as Sunny Deol pulled the pump.
This is manly talk.
But whom will we send to do this work.
Who is Daler amongst us?
Tell me when do we have to go?
Greetings. Have a seat.
I wanted to meet Mr. Sharma.
You can meet.
Make me meet him.
Should I hug and meet you?
I am Mr. Sharma.
You are the great personality!
I have seen you many times on TV.
I have never been on TV.
Stop flattering me.
tell me what is your problem?
I want you to remove a ghost.
Of course I remove ghost,
or else do I remove stones.
Tell me, how has the ghost harmed you?
You are talking about harming.
The ghost itself is very spoilt.
It ate my three children.
It did not even think about their age.
One of my children was 1 year old,
second was 2 years
and third was 3 years old.
Since how long have you been married.
It has been one year.
Disciple, I think either
your calculation is wrong
or you are saying something wrong.
How can you have three
children in one year?
Mr. Sharma, you are wrong here.
I just had one child.
My wife brought two children in dowry.
My wife ran away fearing the ghost.
And filed a case against me for dowry.
Mr. Sharma, I may return
the things she got in dowry.
But how shall I return the children
she brought in dowry which ghost ate.
She filed a case against me.
Disciple, I am not able to understand
that shall I save
you from ghost or case?
You seem to make my PHD useless.
You save me from the ghost.
The lawyer will save me from the case.
Tell me where is the ghost?
In the mansion.
Ghost in the mansion.
This is the same case.
Fools, why dont you understand?
How many times have I told
you that I do not solve love cases?
Get lost.
Mr. Sharma...
Will you go or shall I throw you out?
What do you think of yourself, lovers?
Your friend has not come yet.
Did he go alone to throw out the ghost?
He is a coward and would
not go alone to graze the animals.
Ghost is not possible.
Have some shame.
I am trying to get you married
and you are talking bad about me.
I did not talk bad about you but
was telling him your qualities, brother.
Here comes my brother, after winning.
I am proud of my brother.
There is no need to be proud of me.
Even Mr. Sharma threw me out.
Really? Even he did not listen to you?
Am I a DC that he will listen to me?
Now all you can do is to have patience.
Why should you be patient?
When I am here why
should you have patience?
On a Friday all of my
female disciples come here.
You marry the one of your choice.
Rest we will handle.
To set the female disciples,
50 Baba like you have become upset.
I truly love Pooja.
What will I tell her?
I feel like thrashing you.
Have some shame, Baba.
Why? Is not Baba a man?
Do you do work like that of humans?
Stop talking nonsense
and tell us a solution.
Look, only one person had
the solution and he is not agreeing.
If he agrees then
it is very easy for him.
he just has to speak
four mantras from the red book
and the ghost would run away screaming.
If he speaks the mantras
then will the ghost really run away?
Not only the ghost but
her mother will also run away.
Just kidnap Mr. Sharma once.
Why Mr. Sharma,
we will get the red book.
Will you steal now?
Not me but the three of us.
One minute,
I dont feel he must
be having the red book.
Otherwise, he would have colored it red.
I do not whether the book is red or not
but if we are caught the police will
thrash us hard and make our butt red.
Why would they make our butt red. We are
not going to steal something valuable.
Right. We just have
to steal the red book.
Book means knowledge.
-There is no stealing of knowledge.
Right. Such people have
ghosts as their guards.
Come on quickly steal the book.
Lakha, I am feeling very scared.
I have never done stealing before.
We are doing stealing and not
any murder. Keep standing quietly.
I found the book. I found it.
The red book.
Is this the red book?
It is the red book but because
of darkness it looks black.
Come on, let go.
Let go.
Now we have the book in our
hand that would make the ghost escape.
Now make an advertisement
in the entire area
that if there is ghost
in someone or in a house.
They should contact us.
We will make it escape in few minutes.
We have to catch
the ghost and not a bus.
What are you all talking?
Are we going to catch
the ghost and play Dandiya.
Find the mantra that
will make the ghost escape.
You Dont worry.
We have the book with us
that will make the ghost escape.
There are all recipes in this.
Whether to make the ghost
escape or catch the ghost.
Find out the Mantra.
Chant this mantra 21 times.
Ud gud chha ja. [CHANTS]
Mere paas aa jaa. [CHANTS]
Ud gud chha ja. [CHANTS]
Mere paas aa jaa. [CHANTS]
Ud gud chha ja. [CHANTS]
Mere paas aa jaa. [CHANTS]
Ud gud chha ja. [CHANTS]
Mere paas aa jaa. [CHANTS]
Ud gud chha ja. [CHANTS]
Mere paas aa jaa. [CHANTS]
-Ud gud chha ja. [CHANTS]
This mantra is to call the ghost.
Keep quiet.
Oh no!
What should we do now?
Dont be scared.
You have just read the mantra 5-7 times.
The ghost must not
have worn sandal by now.
Find the right mantra.
This seems to be right.
Gather Cloves,
black raisins, black pepper, alum,
salt in cloth and put
it on the place of piles.
Because seeing the ghost
the first thing you get is piles.
Do not find solutions
for venereal disease.
Find solution to the
problem that you have got.
Find the mantra.
I am finding that.
Or else do you think I have
to read this and open a clinic?
I found it.
To make the ghost run away,
firstly make a picture of the ghost.
Big eyes, pointed nose, rosy lips.
Before dying she must
have resembled Neeru Bajwa.
Here is the picture and
now the ghost will run away.
The property dealer thought that paper
would not be stamped
and will not go to Pakistan.
Forget about Pakistan, I will
not let Tara cross an inch of land.
If I do what I want to.
How dare you steal the book?
We were coming to return it.
You should have kept it.
You should have returned
after catching the ghost.
Just by stealing the
left over of the sweetmeat
maker a person does
not learn to make sweetmeat.
Give the book back to me.
If you dare to think
about doing this act again
then I would catch the
ghost and make it follow you
the one you are trying to catch.
How could you think
of catching the ghost?
What happened, dear?
I am not able to sleep.
Are you worried about some kind of work?
Dont worry. I will pray to Waheguru.
All your work will be done.
Go to sleep, dear. Go to sleep.
Listen, people from
Dera are standing out.
Give them half a sack of grains.
Of course.
Give grains to these useless people.
We have the habit of serving
food to useless people.
The world biggest useless
person is sitting in our home.
This useless person is
going to make you sit in cars.
When? After we die?
Dear, everyone of your age have settled.
And you have upset your family.
Dont shout at my son.
Here, have the offering, dear.
Today is no moon day. I have prayed
to God to fulfill all your wishes.
Make my mother a self-fulfilling mother.
Pick up the phone.
It is ringing since long.
Both my fathers are ringing.
What did you say?
Hello is fine but God knows
what miracle happened over night.
Mr. Sharma is ready to help us.
I have called you and Pooja
I complete the work that I undertake.
You make preparations for
putting mehndi on your hands.
What do you mean?
I mean to say that Mr.
Sharma agreed to help us.
Let's go and meet him.
How did he agree?
Elderly say that if a person
does not agree in a straight way
then quietly fall at his feet.
Thank you so much
for agreeing to help us.
After thinking a lot, I have reached
a conclusion that I should help you.
You should.
You keep quiet, Mr.
I am helping you for the
sake of this girl and her family.
And not for your love.
Do for whatever reason
but please help us.
We must visit the
ghost and not your aunt.
That you take few bananas
in the bag and visit her.
This is matter of ghosts.
It is not that easy.
That is why we have come to you.
If it was easy then by now I would have
caught many and made a museum of them.
Tell us that when do you wish to go.
Tomorrow night at 1.
I suggest why to trouble someone's
sister or daughter at night.
Let us go at 4 in the morning.
Oh God.
We do not have to go for religious
procession but to control the ghost.
Their shift is mostly from
12 to 3 at night, Mr. Ghatotkach.
Before catching the ghost
we need to see its characteristics.
Her characteristics were homely kind.
Not at all homely.
Just think that if she was homely then
would there be cobwebs in her house.
Fools, not these characteristics.
Ghosts are of two kinds.
One is of the kind
who has not been liberated.
And second of revenge nature.
The one whose wish
has not been fulfilled.
You have so many Tantras and Mantra.
Recite some of them and
invite her to your office.
Talk to her face to
face and ask what she wants.
She is a ghost and not my beloved
that whenever I feel
I do a video call to her.
I will need a body for this work.
I will make the ghost enter
that body and I can-do
question and answer with it.
Can anyone take the risk?
Leave it. Forget about body
I do not place in my pocket as well.
You might trap the
ghost and it gets stuck.
Just as glasses are stuck.
He is my friend and helps
me in my difficult times.
He has too much space.
So much so that even ghosts
together can dance in his belly.
No dear. I have not kept
open space for ghosts to dance.
What if she is happy inside?
How is that possible?
Is there an orchestra in your stomach?
Don't worry, Mr. Sharma is there.
He will help the ghost
come out of your stomach
just as the string
is pulled out from Pyjama.
Great Mirza, you are only
taking decisions on my behalf.
None of us are ready, Mr. Sharma.
What if you trap the ghost in your body?
Will your father read the mantras?
I did not think about this.
I am the one who is left.
Tell me what I should do.
Tomorrow night at 1
we will enter the mansion.
After chanting the mantras,
I will make that ghost enter your body.
During this time,
I will ask the wish of the ghost.
Keep one thing in mind.
Before the mantras get over
the water that I will
give you have to sprinkle
that water on the ghost.
So that the ghost gets liberation.
I don't think we will
achieve anything by doing this.
Then do you think everything
will happen by not doing anything.
But what if something happens to you?
You love me so much?
Darling, it has been long
since something has happened to me.
Stop joking.
I have already lost my parents.
Now I don't want to lose you.
You want to be mine?
Now that we have to get married
the ghost has to be
evacuated from the mansion.
-No ifs and buts.
All ghosts together would
try to get ghost out of Lakha.
Now he is doing the right thing.
Look how the ghost vanishes now.
Just watch that the
ghost might vanish him.
He is doing everything
in breaks outside.
What will he do when he goes inside?
He is an expert and is
finding out the real problem.
Just ask whether he
knows anything or not.
He might land me in trouble.
Not you but he will
land the ghost in trouble.
Do they have hands reverse?
No, their feet.
Keep quiet.
I am worried about my hands and feet.
Ask him not to finish the mantras here.
Keep few for inside as well.
-Don't worry about that.
He has many such mantras.
Don't worry. The ghost
will have no option but to escape
and give answers to Mr.
Sharma's questions.
Just wait and watch.
Not me but he will ask questions. Daler.
Mr. Sharma,
I have never questioned my wife,
how can I question someone else's wife?
The ghost might get angry
if I ask her something wrong.
If the ghost gets angry,
I will control her with my mantras.
Mr. Sharma,
do rehearsal here once or twice,
a person might forget at that moment.
Hold this. I feel like to slap you.
Leaders can forget to loot,
police can forget to thrash,
the moon can forget to rise,
a soldier can forget to fight,
but I can never forget my mantras.
Come with me.
I will not spare someone
who does not listen to me.
He is true to his promise.
Before sprinkling
the pious water
that I will give you for the liberation
of the ghost you
have to recite a mantra.
The sur is of Betal,
the mantra is of Mahipal.
I say the mantra and liberate the ghost.
Liberate the ghost.
Mr. Sharma, if you had told us earlier,
we would have learnt it.
And the last moment
you have told us to do this.
Keep quiet. I will speak.
Baba ji, you start your procedure.
Follow me.
Make my seat with
that trunk and blanket.
Girl, enter the body of this man.
Baba ji, take the name.
she might enter the wrong man.
Don't worry.
The ghost understands
the signals of Mr. Sharma.
Come out
What do you think of yourself?
I am standing here. Come. Let us fight.
Come out.
We have tried to fight
with her but she scared us.
I think we should leave
this work on Mr. Sharma.
Keep quiet.
Are you scared?
I thought why to raise hand on a girl.
But I think you will
make me commit this sin.
Do you think yourself to
be a big goon by scaring this fool?
Come out now. Come on.
Make him quiet.
He will increase the BP of the ghost.
Come out.
Where are you? Why don't you come out?
Why don't you...
I would get married.
I will wear bangles.
I will look so beautiful.
Grandmother, get me married.
I will look so beautiful in wedding.
Yes, I will get married.
I will get married.
I will get married.
Mehndi will be put on my hands.
Oh God.
Parandi... yes, red parandi.
I will get married.
Mr. Sharma, she is here. Do kanyadaan.
We will do kanyadaan.
Don't stop him from reciting mantras.
You go and talk to her.
I will get married.
Get me married. Get me married.
How are you? Are you fine.
Did you face any problem while coming?
Before she puts us in
trouble ask her the main thing.
How is your work going on?
Work? Does she run a stall or business?
Ask her what she wants.
What do you want?
I am saying it again and again.
Get me married.
Get me married.
But tell me with which
ghost is your setting done.
With whom do you want to get married?
We have come to liberate you.
Tell us why are you doing all this?
I wanted to marry Vikram.
Vikram's family did
not let us get married.
That is why I will never let any
marriage take place in Vikram's house.
Vikram is mine, Vikram is mine...
Because of Vikram, there is Betal.
Why did you hit me? I am your friend.
Sprinkle water.
Mantra... what was the mantra?
Mantra, tantra...
Mahipal... make the ghost escape.
So, now you are in your senses.
We are true disciples of Mr. Sharma.
Mr. Sharma, his lady's sangeet is done.
Mr. Sharma,
your mantra has become useless.
Leave me.
Make the ghost run away...
Brother... leave me...
The sur is of Betal,
the mantra is of Mahipal.
I say the mantra and liberate the ghost.
I say the mantra and liberate the ghost.
Calm down.
I say the tantra and mantra
and make the ghost run from this house.
Calm down ghost.
Calm down, ghost.
Calm down.
Calm, calm...
Calm down, ghost.
Calm down.
Calm down, ghost.
Lets go.
Mr. Sharma, the ghost is here.
The ghost has been liberated
and is at the feet of the God.
Thank God.
Thank God.
Lord, keep the innocent and the misguided at your feet.
After the soul got peace, there was a huge change in Lakha.
The company might have gone, but he paid everyone their money.
Everyone got their money, and Pooja's brother got a new life.
But the biggest change was that even an atheist started to believe in God.
Thank you, God, for blessings on my son.
Leave all this and
let us go to Gurdwara.
Thank you, God, for blessings on my son.
Dear, just because you have started
coming to Gurdwara my coming
here has become successful.
Among all the conversation
I forgot to tell you one thing.
What, dear?
Your son chosen a
daughter-in-law for you.
She has agreed for marriage.
Really? I had no faith on
you that you would convince the girl.
-I had convinced the girl the second day
but the ghost took
time to get convinced.
It is a long story.
I will tell you on the way. Come.