Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life (2011) Movie Script

# I'm thinking about
the meaning of life #
# I'm thinking about
the meaning of life #
# thinking about
the meaning of life #
# how many chances
will I get #
# to hold you?
# what if tomorrow
is my next #
# to last
# then what would happen
if I never #
# told you
# that I love you?
# ba-ba-ba
ba ba ba ba ba #
# ba-ba-ba
ba ba ba ba ba #
# ba-ba-ba
ba ba ba ba ba ba #
# looking up to Heaven
through my telescope #
# I wonder if you're up there
looking down #
# if you hear me,
show me a sign, give me hope #
# let me know
you'll always be around #
# if I could travel
to the past #
# and see you again
# I'd gladly step
into a time machine #
# I wouldn't hold it back #
# I'd easily say
to you then #
# I love you
# ba-ba-ba
ba ba ba ba ba #
# ba-ba-ba
ba ba ba ba ba #
# ba-ba-ba
ba ba ba ba ba ba #
# I'm thinking about
the meaning of life #
# thinking about
the meaning of life #
# thinking about
the meaning of life #
# and love...
it's the first day
of Summer vacation,
And my sweat smells like
peanut butter.
I live on peanut butter
So my sweat smells
like peanut butter
Instead of B.O.,
which is fine.
I'd rather smell like a school
cafeteria than a school gym.
In two weeks, I turn 13,
Which is kind of a big deal
if you've ever been 12.
I'm pretty sure there's
a secret handshaking
You learn when you're a teen
like a seal of approval
Or a sign that says,
"congrats, you're in the club,
Even if you smell
like peanut butter. "
Knock yourself out, kid.
Everyone should have
a collection.
That's what my dad
always said.
My dad collected used furniture
and was always on the hunt
For a 13-cent stamp
issued in Hawaii in 1913.
There is only 13 in existence
so, you know,
Jackpot if you find one.
Even my best friend Lizzy
has a collection.
my best friend's a girl,
And, no, I don't have a crush
on her.
And when I say Lizzy collects,
I mean she steals.
I'm pretty sure one day
she'll get us arrested,
But for now she only takes
stuff that no one would miss,
Stuff like playing cards
and banana stickers.
Well, well, ahoy there,
Summer vacationers.
you're embarrassing me.
Really? Because
when I said it yesterday,
You thought
it was very funny
You did.
Alright, fine.
Well, I have your... my
magazine. Right, thank you.
You're reading
"teen fashion"?
And I have a package for you,
master fink.
Ah, wait a minute.
Now it says it's for your
But it's addressed to your mom,
and it's registered mail,
So that means it has
to be signed by...
An adult. Correct. So I'm sorry.
my mom's at work all day,
You know that,
And I don't think
she would mind if I signed it.
well, you are
as tall as some adults,
And you're almost 13.
You're being a pain.
okay. Fine then.
Sign right there.
The pen's in there.
And, you young lady,
I expect your chores to be done
By the time
I finish my route.
Yes, sir.
Right away, sir.
All right,
now make like bananas and split.
Wait, Lizzy, we have to pack
this up neatly
So my mom doesn't know
we opened it.
What the heck?
Lizzy, look at the date.
That's the day
your dad died.
I can't believe
it's been five years.
Oh! Ahem,
"scientists believe black holes
Might be the key
to time travel. "
You need to put this
in your file.
I already have it in my file.
I clipped it
on the week of his funeral.
there's a letter.
"from the law offices
of Liam Goffanine Esquire.
"dear Elaine, I know I wasn't
supposed to send this
"until Jeremy's birthday,
"but we're shutting down
our Manhattan branch.
"when you sent this to me
five years ago,
"I took great care to hide
the keys somewhere very clever,
"so clever that now
I can't find them.
I'm certain you and Jeremy
will figure out a new way to... "
Stop. "way to open it,
and when the time comes"...
Wait! Wait.
"I have nothing but fond
memories of Daniel
And I was honored to treasure
this for Jeremy,
"for all these years.
Best wishes to you both,
Liam Goffanine. "
"the meaning of life,
for Jeremy fink
To open
on his 13th birthday. "
I gotta go.
Tampering with mail
is a federal offense!
I'm too young
to go to on prison!
Hi, Elaine!
Bye, Elaine!
Oh, monkey.
you wanna know something?
Your dad
would have opened it, too.
He was very curious
about everything.
That's why he loved flea markets
and collecting so much.
You know,
he always used to come home
And find all
these special things,
And even if they were broken,
we would...
We would figure out a way to
give them a new life, you know?
Like that flower pot
over there?
It had a crack in it, so...
Umbrella stand.
Right. And see?
You know, our dear old
grandfather clock over there.
Sure, it's broken, but it's
still right twice a day.
Look at things a different way,
and the answers will come,
Like in "through
the looking glass," remember?
I stopped at
"Alice in wonderland. "
blasphemy, monkey,
and your mother a librarian!
That's why it's at the top of
our Summer reading list, honey,
Because it teaches you
to look at things
From a different perspective.
Your father
was so good at that.
He taught me how to think
that way,
And it made life
so much sweeter.
Like he always said,
"eat dessert first,"
And, boy,
did we eat dessert first.
I remember dad saying that.
You know what?
I remember the very day
that he found this, alright?
Now, most people might see this
as just a box
To put on a coffee table
and admire.
No, your father knew that
it was the most unique object
He had ever seen, somewhere to
put the most important thing
In the world,
the secret of life.
So what's in it?
I don't know.
It's a secret.
He was very secretive about it.
He wants you to find out.
Wanted me to find out.
Wait, so he did this because
he knew he was going to die?
No, monkey, we all die.
It's because he loves you.
Yeah, but he knew
he was going to die.
That fortune teller told him
on his...
On his 13th birthday,
yes, I know,
But that does not mean it
was true. But it happened.
She said he was going to die
when he was 40, and it happened.
Please, can... can we... let's not.
Let's just not.
Let's... let's put our heads
together and find a way
To figure out
where those keys are.
They're lost.
That's what the letter said.
Ah, lost.
That can mean so many things.
Like? Like they're just
waiting to be found.
At night,
when the city gets quiet,
I like to take my H.O.J.,
hour of Jeremy.
I usually spend it reading
about time travel
Or researching
scientific facts.
When I was young,
after my dad died,
H.O.J.S were for building
my time machine
And thinking
about the what-ifs,
Like the day my dad died.
What if...
What if that morning
my dad left for work,
He stopped to give me a kiss
while I was sleeping?
Or what if he had taken
Delancey instead of Broome?
He took a different route
to work every day.
What if he had called in sick?
And what about that woman?
What if she had left the coffee
shop 10 measly seconds later
Because the owner wanted
to talk about the weather?
What if her coffee had been
the perfect temperature?
Maybe she would have sat
in her car a moment longer
And enjoyed the first sips?
Just one moment.
It would make
all the difference.
"sorry I bailed.
Hope you're not grounded.
Come over tomorrow.
I have a plan.
Enjoy the jelly beans.
Lizzy. "
Hey, looks like we got
some new neighbors.
Who cares?
Get in here.
From easiest
to most difficult.
Plan "a"... freezer!
Plan "b"...
butter knife!
Ooh, I'm sorry.
Plan "c"... nuke it.
I don't think
we should nuke it.
Strike plan "c"!
Plan "d"...
Larry's locks and clocks.
Good idea.
And if that doesn't work,
plan "e"...
We go to the flea market
and find some keys.
I've never seen keys there.
Well, you haven't been there
in like five years.
So you wouldn't even know.
I used to go there
all the time with my dad.
I know.
I was there, too. Duh.
And there were keys.
You're gonna have to leave
the 2-block radius
Of our building someday,
Well, what's plan "f"?
Maybe we can just skippy
and go straight to "f".
Let's hope you'll never
have to know.
I've never seen anything
like it in all my years.
Well, do you have any keys
that might fit?
You don't have the keys?
that's a darn shame.
This here
is no ordinary box.
It has an internal
locking mechanism with pins
And... and tumblers.
And each hole needs
a different type of key,
And unfortunately,
there is a...
An internal latch that prevents
the box from being pried open.
See here?
There's a layer of metal
under the wood.
Now in order
to get through that,
You can't without destroying
what's inside.
Well, I guess plan "g"
is out.
There is a plan "g"?
That would not be
a good idea.
You don't wanna destroy
the meaning of life,
Now do you?
Off to the flea market
to find some keys.
We just have to keep
our eyes peeled.
Nothing to fear, fink.
Nothing at all.
Am I talking
to myself here?
I'm not proud of the fact
that I've never taken
Public transportation
without an adult, but...
But what?!
You live
in new freaking York!
I know, it's just that
everything I need
Is usually within
my walking distance-ish.
Well, not today!
Whoa, Lizzy, wait!
Look at all this stuff.
Most of it doesn't even seem
to have a purpose.
Please, half the stuff in your
house doesn't have a purpose.
Your dad used to say
One man's trash
is another man's treasure.
Whenever he said that,
you said,
"one man's trash
is another man's trash. "
Did I say that?
I must have been a pain
when I was younger.
Hey, Lizzy!
Eight of hearts.
Isn't this one of the ones
you were missing?
Well, yeah, it is,
thank you very much.
But now you've ruined it.
You know the rules.
I have to find it,
and I can't pay for it.
It's okay to pay for things
in a collection.
Not in mine.
You break it,
you buy it.
But how
could we break keys?
You kids have a way
of breaking everything.
Well, we have some locks,
And we just wanna see
if the keys fit...
If you want to try it,
you pay for it.
But couldn't we just...
Not even to just...
not even to just.
Run! Run!
Breaking and entering,
that's plan "f"?
Well, the keys are somewhere
in that lawyer's office.
It says so in the letter.
They could be under the carpet
or in a drawer or something.
Where's the flashlight?
It's illegal.
You'll get us arrested.
Do you wanna spend
the rest of your life
Searching through
an endless supply of keys
Or do you wanna go
to the source?
The law office
is all the way uptown.
What if my mom doesn't want me
going up there alone?
Then what?
I have to lie to her.
And then what if she finds out
that I lied?
And what if the other people
Have already moved into that
Are you gonna sit there
what-iffing all day
When you can actually go out
into the world
And find the answers?
Look, I've got a bus map,
gloves, and a screwdriver.
Now I just need
the dumb flashlight and candy.
The candy?
To bribe
the security guard. Duh.
And what if that doesn't work?
Then I'll have to use
my feminine wiles.
Your wha?
Feminine wiles.
You don't have those.
Yeah, I do.
You're just blind.
You'll see tomorrow
with the security guard
If it comes to that.
Yes! I will see you
in the morning.
And be sure to dress
for success.
I don't think
I can go today.
Is it bad?
Define "bad. "
How will my feminine wiles
work now?
Does your mom have
any, like, zit makeup?
How would I know?
Can I check?
Sure. Or we can just cancel
plan "f"?
Oh, hi.
I'm Samantha.
I'm Rick.
I'm Lizzy.
I'm a delinquent.
We just moved into
the building. Oh, cool.
Just so you know,
we've got a meeting
On the upper west side
with lawyers.
We don't normally
dress like this
Or carry briefcases.
Say nothing, please.
Hey, blueberry.
Can I borrow
some makeup?
Right under the sink.
Have a fun day.
Alright, well,
I have made a whole pile
Of peanut butter sandwiches,
And they are in the fridge
just waiting to be eaten.
Okay. Got it. Also, if
you're planning to go out,
Just make sure you bring
a set of keys with you.
I'm staying in.
I'm not going out.
Oh? Really?
Oh, oh, oh!
Almost forgot.
Look what
one of the publishers
Brought to the library
the other day.
It's the new planet
you've been talking about,
The one with the blue ice
and the curly clouds.
Looks like Neptune.
Huh. Not if you look at it
like this.
I guess so, sort of.
Monkey, remember
in "the little prince"
When the little prince wanted
the man to draw him a sheep,
But the man wasn't very good
at drawing sheep,
So he Drew him a box,
and both of them knew
That the sheep
was inside the box.
It's what we believe
that's important.
Still looks
pretty neptunish.
Isn't it late?
Shouldn't you go?
Oh, my goodness.
You are right.
Alright, well...
A voil!
okay. Be good.
Don't do anything
I wouldn't do.
Bye, monkey.
Bye, blueberry!
Thanks for the makeup!
No more what-ifs.
Get on the bus.
Please make him stop.
Who? Garlic sandwich. Garlic
man. Definitely garlic!
the rest of the world
Doesn't live on peanut butter
sandwiches, you know.
Yeah, I know.
This is unbearable.
It's exactly why I do not do
public transportation.
Garlic. People.
Irritating people.
It's too much information.
I just looked
in someone's ear.
I do not want to know
this much information
About people I do not know.
Please get me out of here.
This is our stop.
Hey! Wait!
That was our stop!
Mister, that was our stop!
You have to press the yellow bar. What?
He said we had
to push the yellow bar.
I can't go on.
Pick up your bag
or somebody's gonna steal it.
You pick it up.
Great. We're lost.
It'll take us
forever to get back
To where we were supposed
to be,
And we'll have to find
another bus.
Then we won't have
exact change...
Shut up!
You're being overdramatic.
It's just two blocks.
Oh, my gosh,
oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh!
I haven't found a card
in two years.
One down, one to go,
and my collection is complete!
But if we had gotten off
at our stop,
There's no way in the world
we would have found this.
How many other eight of hearts
are wedged in sewer grates,
Waiting for people to miss
their stop
Or take a wrong turn?
And is it a wrong turn
if something so right happens?
What if you can map out
all the possibilities
And go back in time
to try them?
Would the number of
Be infinite or finite?
And why
is someone shaking me?
Earth to Jeremy.
Earth to Jeremy.
Oh, was I saying that
out loud?
You were having a what-if fest
of epic proportions.
because we missed our stop,
You found one
of the two playing cards
You're missing
for your collection.
I know.
It's awesome.
It's beyond awesome.
It's jaw-droppingly awesome.
Now, come on, let's go.
We got keys to find.
Pick that up.
Try to look like you belong.
It's a good thing you don't
have to scale up the building
And break in with
a glass cutter.
That was part of plan "f"
I didn't tell you about.
Excuse me.
Where do you think
you're going?
Um, well...
Our uncle works
on the 14th floor?
All visitors
must sign in.
write Tony castaway.
T- o-n-y c-a-s-t-a...
Yeah, you're good.
Thank you.
Jack here.
Why were you vandalizing
the office?
Well, we had passes
to go up there.
So this is all just
a big misunderstanding.
We have it all on video.
You destroyed
private property.
Add breaking and entering,
And you're working on
a pretty serious rap sheet.
There was no breaking,
and the door was unlocked.
So what's so bad
about entering?
Stop it.
Stop talking.
I asked you not to get me
arrested this Summer.
We're not getting
Are we?
And none of Tony and Tia crap.
Jeremy fink
and Elizabeth Muldoun,
M- u-I-d-o-u-n,
and we did everything you said,
The breaking, the entering,
the false identification.
My dad died,
and we needed some keys,
And I knew that plan "f"
would get the book thrown at us.
Just take us to juvenile hall.
I waive my rights to a lawyer.
Let's see what kind
of community service
We can find here. You mean
we're not going to juvie?
Not unless there is something
more you'd like to confess to.
That was it.
Really? You sure?
In order to pay back society
for your vandalism,
Breaking and entering,
and false I.D.,
You get to pick up trash
in central park,
Or you can work with
the NYPD mounted unit stables.
With horses?
With horse manure.
How are shoveling skills?
At best.
there's another option.
You two look like you qualify
as first-time offenders.
Helping a man named Mr. Oswald
make deliveries.
The job does involve
some heavy lifting,
And you two look like you've
never seen the inside of a gym.
We'll take it.
We have muscles.
Keep a log of your hours
in these and your observations.
Observations of what?
Community service is supposed
to make you learn something,
Come away a better person,
yadda, yadda, yadda.
Give me your addresses,
and Mr. Oswald
Will send his driver over
to pick you up.
if this guy has a driver,
Then why doesn't he just
hire people to help him?
You know, you got a real
fresh mouth on you, kid.
I'm about this close
to giving you the trash detail
And your buddy here,
the delivery kick, got it?
Yes, sir.
That's right...
yes, sir.
Now what do you say we give
your parents
A little ring-a-ding-ding
Did you get grounded?
I did. Good. You deserve it.
You ruined my Summer.
Lucky I'm still friends with you after
what you did. I have a permanent record now,
And I'll never get into
a good college, so super lucky.
You ratted us out!
I told the truth!
You caved like a baby!
I have my integrity!
Jeremy fink
and Elizabeth Muldoun?
Wait, wait, why is a limo
picking you up, dork?
Rich uncle.
Yeah, pretty much.
Like, he's a very powerful man
who doesn't take too kindly
To his nephew being called
a dork.
Rich uncle, huh?
Man, oh, man,
if I had known
Community service
was this good,
I would have gotten into some
serious trouble years ago.
So are you two siblings?
Best friends?
Not girlfriend-boyfriend.
Sometimes not even friends.
Yeah, in the eyes of the law,
we're like accomplices.
But in real life,
we're like half-orphans.
You see, my mom's gone,
and so is his dad,
And we've lived next door
since we were babies.
It's nice
you have each other.
My mom died when I was 10.
I know how you feel.
My mom
didn't actually die.
She left, which is kind of
worse in some ways.
How can you say
that's worse?
At least you could see her again
if you wanted. You know what?
If you're gonna be
a jerk all day,
How about you
just not talk to me?
Right. Right.
No talking.
No talking.
Mind the boxes. Go ahead.
Ahead. Go, go.
Up the stairs. Come on.
Right here. Step.
Hold the railing, please.
Hold the railing.
Hold the railing.
Ah! Welcome!
Welcome! Welcome!
Come in! Come in! Come in!
Come in!
My little truants.
please, please, come in.
Now, you must be master Jeremy
and you must be miss...
Don't tell me.
Miss sissy, yes?
Oswald, pleasure.
you have
a lot of amazing stuff.
That doll
is kind of cool-ish.
Your house is like,
Ah, yes.
I'll be sorry to leave it.
But the warm climates
of key largo,
They... they... they agree better
with these old bones.
Except when it's humid
or it rains, whoo!
Now, uh,
down to business.
Ah, yes,
community service.
Now I need you to make
some deliveries for me.
Do you have a license
to drive?
Do you own a car?
Are you married?
No. Married?
Do you...
do you like books?
Do you like the smell
of them?
Do either of you even
enjoy reading?
Jeremy does, all the time,
even during Summer break.
His mom is a librarian,
so it's massively genetic.
I see.
Well, I might have a book
for you, Jeremy.
Um, and what do you like
to read, Jeremy?
Uh, mostly science fiction,
especially about time travel.
Well, then, you might not
appreciate this book.
It's about animals
in the... in the woods.
I like science fiction,
Have you ever read
Eckhart Tolle?
"the power of now"?
Okay, now.
Good luck.
why would we need luck?
This way. Follow me.
Follow me.
W- why do we need luck?!
You won't need
your backpack.
But I have something
very important inside.
You brought it with you?
Your computer
will be safe in the car.
Get on,
little doggies.
you're not coming with us?
I don't owe
a debt to society.
Oh, please, it was just
a big misunderstanding.
This is bullpuck.
And why did Oswald wrap it?
Maybe it's not a book.
Maybe it's a hollow book
with a treasure inside
Like the Hawaiian
13-cent stamp
Or some keys.
Reality calling.
Whatever it is,
it's probably illegal.
That's why he has minors
deliver it.
we have a delivery?
And I suppose
you'll be wanting a tip?
Well, I'm not tipping anyone
until I see who it's from.
Oswald who?
We don't know
his last name.
Wait, maybe
that is his last name.
Or could be a fake name.
you children are useless.
Do something.
Uh, ma'am?
Call 911.
Get off of me.
Are you okay,
Do you need anything?
A glass of water?
'cause if you are okay,
then we'll be going.
Where did you get that book? Whoa.
Uh, the... the Oswald guy.
He said it belonged to you.
That is not possible.
Oswald Oswald has been dead
for years!
Honestly, ma'am,
we don't know anything.
It spoiled my life.
Let's get the heck
out of dodge.
Wait, ma'am, uh,
what else happened?
Go on.
I was 16.
I had a crush on a boy.
And I knew he was going
to a party,
And I wanted to go,
But I knew I'd have to get
a fancy dress to wear.
I sold the book...
To... To...
I knew it, Jeremy.
Oswald set us up.
To buy a fancy dress
to go to the party.
Get the book.
Now... Open it.
Winnie the pooh?
The inside cover.
"to Mabel and Bitsy. "
It's signed by the author?
Bitsy was my best friend.
And if she wants
more apologies,
She can come here
and ask me for them,
Now get out.
And leave the book!
That's my pooh!
We almost died today.
Death by letter opener.
Well, it's kind of sad
when you think about it.
She dumped her best friend
for a guy.
I thought it was a dress.
Well, she needed her dress
to get the guy,
But who does that
to their best friend?
Hey, Rick!
Um, how's it going?
Thanks for asking.
Yeah, so maybe I can get
a ride in that limo sometime?
Oh, yeah, sure.
Maybe. I'll see.
Alright. Cool.
See you later.
I got to...
Oh. Oh.
He's nice.
Observation one...
There are two types of choices,
Choices that seem harmless
but can wind up
Leading to someone's
father dying,
Like buying a cup of coffee
at a certain moment,
And the other kind,
when you know the choice
Will lead to bad or good.
Observation two.
Like that woman today.
She knew she was risking
her best friendship
With bitsy for a dress.
Observation three...
some choices are forever.
Observation four...
Just because people aren't
in our lives anymore
Doesn't mean
they stop thinking about us,
And vice versa.
Goodnight, dad,
wherever you are.
I'm eating dessert first
when I can.
You sure she's coming?
I don't know.
She said she needed
a few extra minutes.
What happened?
Eyeliner accident.
What's eyeliner?
Makeup for your eyes?
Doesn't it make my eyes
look more dramatic?
I guess so.
Well, one of them.
Well, Samantha taught me how,
and Rick says it looks better.
They both think I should wear
my hair down more often, too.
When did they say this?
Last night.
I went and hung out
at their apartment.
why didn't you tell us
that she had no idea
We were gonna be there.
They had no idea.
She had no idea
they were coming!
And why did you say that the
book was about woodland animals?
The book was about
woodland animals...
Why did it take her 60 years
to get it back?
60 years... 60...
And don't think chocolate milk can
keep us quiet. Although it is delicious.
You have my sincere apology
For not giving you enough
So you could do your job.
The story started
with my beloved grandfather,
Oswald Oswald II
Come on,
is this story for real?
I swear!
I swear on...
I swear on... on...
I... I...
I swear...
On this 1932
Starsky and hutch telescope!
Now that could be yours
if the price is right.
It's very rare, very valuable,
cast in gold,
And my grandfather grew up
with nothing.
When children came to him
With something of value
to pawn,
Well, grandpa's heart went out
to those little hearts.
He purchased their objects.
He had each one of those
young persons write out
The reason
they needed to sell.
with some research,
I made it my own personal duty
to return almost everything
To those
who are still alive.
The car is ready, sir,
as is your biplane.
Thank you.
Very good, James.
Jeremy? Sissy?
I'll leave you to your
own devices with this hint.
The woodland animal book
came with a form,
And this one...
Does too.
Good luck.
Simon Rudolph,
age 14.
"I need money to buy
a silver watch.
"all my friends have nice
But my mother's too busy
spending money on herself. "
"she has 20 of these lamps,
so she won't notice
"one missing because she doesn't
notice anything.
"dad says I need to learn
the value of money, but someday,
"I'll be
even richer than him,
And I'll have 50
silver watches. "
You better be coming
with us, James.
My job is to drive you.
I had
no idea child endangerment
Was part of your job
Again, I don't owe
a debt to society.
So you're gonna leave
us with them? What?
What's wrong with those guys?
They're not gonna hurt you.
You're not gonna hurt them,
Nice lamp.
Namaste. Simon.
Thank you.
You don't want it?
I have a lamp.
Works great.
So that means
I can keep this one, right?
Let's go.
Where's the watch?
Which one? The one that you bought
when you pawned your mother's lamp.
I gave it to a homeless man
after I made my first million.
You made a million dollars
and you live like this?
Oh, I made a million over
and over.
Then I gave it all away.
It's dirty.
Then how do you eat?
I didn't say I gave away
But I do believe
that all life's problems
Come from attachment.
What do you mean?
When I was young,
I thought it was all about
owning as much as possible,
I collected and amassed,
and I hoarded as much
As I could,
including money.
I made tons of it,
but all those things,
And all that dirty,
dirty cash...
Blinded me.
It made me miss
the point of...
Living life.
So getting rid of things
would you say
Is the meaning of life?
you're reaching.
And this is our out.
Let's go.
We'll just leave a note.
We'll write on the table
with our fingers.
He'll find it. Lizzy, this
could our plan "h," alright?
I don't know if we can open
the box, okay?
But it's possible that we can
learn the meaning of life
From other people,
how does that sound?
From this guy?
he's cuckoo-berry.
Look at this flower.
What do you see?
Big, purplish flowers.
Look at this picture.
What does it mean?
I don't know.
I guess it kind
of brightens the room?
It reminds me
to treasure every moment
Because they are fleeting.
A minute later,
and the Sky will be different.
It reminds me
of a beautiful day
Back when I used to go
So, a real question...
What do you think
a photo means to a flower?
So when you ask the meaning
of life,
There is no single answer
That will apply to everyone
or everything.
We all bring
our own perceptions
And experiences
to every situation.
Oh, oh, my God, is that...
is that a bug?
So wait, so you're saying
that the meaning of life
Or a sunset
is different for everyone?
And if you ask the meaning
of life,
You have to ask first,
why are we here?
I would love
to continue this conversation,
But right now, I have to shower
and call an exterminator.
Rain check.
Observation five...
I'm starting to think I don't
understand the grownups at all.
Observation six... or they
just don't understand me.
Observation seven...
probably the only person
On the planet who ever
understood me was my dad,
And now I have no clue what
he's trying to tell me at all.
How was your day?
Fine. Freakish.
Well, I made you
some black-eyed peas,
Huck Finn's favorite.
you're on an adventure.
An adventure's
supposed to be fun.
What's the point of trying
if he's not even here
To see what I'm doing?
He is here, baby.
I feel him all the time.
I feel him in the wind.
I feel him
in the sunshine on my face.
I feel him
in the starlight at night.
Whether or not you believe
that he is here
And that he's watching you,
everything you do is important.
Your father may have lived
each day as though
It were his last,
but that does not mean that we
Didn't have dreams that would
carry us far into our old age.
For instance, one of them,
we decided
We were gonna take you one night
into the desert
And watch a meteorite shower.
And then,
when you were a little older,
Maybe, like,
a few years from now,
We'll bring you to Paris,
And we could all wave our
baguettes madly on the sand
As the flyboats went by.
Vive la France!
And then the simplest
but maybe my favorite dream
Is that I would give
your babies...
If you ever have any...
A million kisses
as I held them in my arms.
Look, I know I may not get
to all of them,
But gosh darn it, I can't stop
dreaming these dreams
And trying
to make them come true
Just because daddy's
not here physically with us.
He wouldn't want that.
Don't tell me
what dad wants or wanted.
Okay, monkey, I'm sorry.
And please
do not call me that.
I am not
a little monkey anymore.
Right, Jeremy, I'm...
I'm sorry.
I'll respect that.
Thank you.
What the heck are you doing?
It's noon.
It's a Summer vacation.
I get to sleep in.
Don't you wanna find
the keys?
What's the point?
Excuse me?!
And what's that?
Are you sleeping
with your dad's box?
Get up.
I have plan "h".
I don't care,
I don't wanna do anything
Until I know why I'm here.
Well, I'm pretty sure
you won't figure that out
Lying in bed with
a box all day.
Besides, we're due at
Samantha and Rick's soon.
I don't wanna go over there.
Yeah, you do.
I told them about
the box and the keys...
You what?! I told them
about the box and...
You're up.
Come on, Jeremy.
Samantha says if you wanna
know where the keys are,
You have to go
to the source.
You have to ask your dad.
What are you talking about?
We're having a sance.
She's got Ouija board
and everything.
No. I'm done listening to you
and your stupid ideas.
You always get me in trouble.
You're like a bad luck charm.
come on,
she's had it worked
When she asked
her dead grandma something.
Jeremy, what do you have
to lose?
My integrity!
What's that even mean?!
Let us all hold hands
and close our eyes.
You are gathered here today
to call upon the spirit o...
What's your dad's name?
Daniel fink.
Daniel fink.
Mr. Fink, if you can hear
the sound of my voice,
Please send us a sign.
Thank you.
We shall take that as a sign
of your presence
And your willingness
to speak.
Why does it smell
like peanut butter?
I don't know.
Just keep going.
Let us all put our first
two fingers on the pointer.
great spirit of Daniel fink,
We call upon you
to answer our plea.
Where are the keys
you left for Jeremy?
My bad.
Be serious, Rick.
are you feeling anything?
I feel like an idiot.
You must concentrate.
I have way better things
to do.
What's more important
than contacting your dad?
your stupid time machine?
hold up,
you're building a time machine.
I cannot believe
you just said that out loud!
Is it a big secret?
Everyone knows you've
been building it for years!
It's not like I've worked
on it recently!
time machine?!
That's the dorkiest thing
I've ever heard.
Shut up, Rick!
Jeremy, wait!
Don't be mad!
Come back here,
Go back to your new
Jeremy, I'm sorry!
I was only trying to help!
Go away!
You've done enough!
I don't want you to tell
anyone about me
Or my dad ever again!
Are... are you destroying
the time machine?
Jeremy, stop it right now!
What do you care?
You don't even believe
in it anymore!
Do you think you're
the only one
That has to struggle
to get out of bed?
Do you think people
don't just wish
They could go back in time
and change things?
Yeah, your dad died.
But he loved you,
you big dumb jerk!
My mom didn't love me enough
to stay!
Did you ever think
about that?
So how we doing today?
Is it safe to assume you two
are now silent partners?
We're not partners.
Just silent.
Jeremy's not talking
'cause he's having
A "existential" crisis.
Oh, big word.
Big whoop.
And he gets cranky when he
leaves the boring two blocks
Around his apartment.
What's the problem,
A lot of things
that I don't want to get into.
Like what?
Like I don't know
why I'm here.
How's that make you feel?
I don't know.
Like I'm lost in outer space
and there's no gravity
And nothing to hold onto.
Well, maybe today's assignment
Will help bring you back
to planet earth.
"this telescope belonged
to my grandfather.
"looking through it
was his favorite thing to do.
"he left it to me
when he died.
"I need the money
to buy a track uniform,
"and my parents
can't afford it.
"I need to run track in order
to get a scholarship
"to get into M.I.T.
"someday I want to be
a scientist
"and help answer some
of the questions in the world.
I'm almost certain my
grandfather would understand. "
The telescope belongs
to Dr. Grady.
He's an astrophysicist at
the museum of natural history.
I remember that place.
We went there
on a school trip.
I fell asleep during
the movie thingy.
Yeah, you were snoring
like an elephant. Chop-chop.
Find the scientist's entrance,
and you'll find the answers.
Excuse me?
Uh, excuse me?
Do... do you know where
the scientists' entrance is?
That way.
Okay. Okay.
Thank you.
Excuse me!
Do you know where
the scientists' entrance is?
Thank you.
James, why do you have
to do this to us?
Jeremy and Lizzy?
Dr. Grady.
Pleased to meet you.
You'll have to forgive
my impatience,
But we scientists
are a very curious bunch.
Wait, how did you know
it was us?
Oh, that nice gentleman
over there pointed you out.
I see endangering children's
no longer part of the job.
I can't take the suspense
another moment.
Tell me!
What do you have?
How in the world
did you find it?!
This guy named Oswald.
Old Ozzy is still alive?
Oswald is his grandson.
Oh, well...
well, that's a relief.
For a second, I thought
he built a time machine.
Do you know how?
Jeremy's been trying
for five years.
I told you
to stop telling people!
What? He's a scientist.
Maybe he could help.
Well, between us, I do think it
would be theoretically possible
To go back in time.
As to traveling
to the future,
Now that would be
incredibly difficult.
Well, maybe you would understand
better if I show you.
One way to travel to the past
is to look at the stars.
The light that comes from stars
has traveled from very far away.
Never thought of it
as looking into the past.
Yes, you're seeing light as it
appeared 100 years ago,
Not as it looks today.
It might not even exist
Wrapping my mind around
Just made me think
of 20 more questions.
I thought it was a headache,
But it might be questions.
Oh, now you see
why I love science!
When I was young
and I pawned the telescope,
I thought I'd know
all the answers by now.
I didn't realize that
for every answer I learn,
Twenty more questions pop up
in its place.
it is a headache.
Please, go on.
So it's very important
that we not destroy
What makes us curious.
We encourage it.
We... we... we delight in it.
We... we... we keep asking
and wondering
And trying to understand,
but when we stop wondering,
We stop asking questions,
And then there's no point
being here.
There's no point?
Someday when you two are old
and married...
We're not getting married.
At least not to each other.
Well, regardless.
I hope you're still asking
questions when you're my age.
Questions are the key
to everything.
are you sure you don't
wanna put it back together?
Dr. Grady was talking
like it's possible-ish?
It's going to the trash.
You helping or watching?
I need to go
to Coney island.
To go to where the star
first gave its light
All those years ago.
Talk English.
When my dad turned 13,
That fortune teller told him
his Destiny.
I need to go to the place
where it all started.
Maybe there's a clue there
or something.
Okay. I'm game.
I think this is something
that I need to do on my own.
You're out of your gourd.
I'm coming with you.
No, really.
I mean it.
You gotta respect
the man.
Is that you?
Oh, no, you don't.
There's nothing to worry about,
fink, and if there is,
I brought this,
just in case.
Hey, Jeremy.
Because people will think
There's something wrong
with you.
there is
something wrong with me,
Jeremy fink!
You should know that
by now!
Where you going?!
Jeremy fink's sweat smells
like peanut butter!
Can I see that for a second?
Let's find the old lady.
If she's still alive.
I just wanna see
if I feel anything.
welcome to
Madame Zaleski House of Palm.
Who would like reading today?
No... ch-ch-ch-ch.
Don't tell me.
I think you are here...
With, um, burning question
of young love.
Shh. Wait, wait.
Don't speak. Don't speak.
You are here today
Question about lost pet.
Dog, cat?
You are siblings
who were separated at birth.
I apologize, I believe
we have the wrong place.
No! Nonsense!
No one comes into Madame Zaleski
House of Palm by mistake!
Bigger forces
have brought you here!
Well, we came looking
for the real Madame Zaleski.
Madame Zaleski?
What makes you think
I am not real? Touch.
Very real.
Uh, well, for one thing,
you're too young.
Oh, meow.
Madame Zaleski like you.
You I give reading half price.
You, you pay full.
Look, is there
another Madame Zaleski
That was here
around 30 years ago?
Mmm. Yes.
My great aunt.
She taught me
everything I know.
A shame
what they did to her.
Kick her off boardwalk
after all those years.
And may we ask why?
For nothing!
They say she tell everyone
same thing.
What did she tell them?
They claim she told
all the women
That they would grow long
fingernails and have good shoes
And all men that they would not
live to see 40th birthday.
If she did this...
if she did this, is gift.
Make people live life more full.
This is blessing, no?
What? She told this
to everybody?
Does that mean yes?
listen, do you guys
want a reading or what
Because I got a nail appointment
in 20 minutes and I have to go.
that clears up
a lot.
Guess it wasn't his Destiny
to die young.
It was just an accident.
Or a coincidence.
Same thing.
Is it?
I don't know.
I feel like I don't know
anything right now.
Well, even if we don't
find the keys,
At least we learned...
Yeah, I guess that's
what my dad wanted.
Hey, Lizzy?
I'm sorry about the thing
I said.
Or I'm sorry for what
I didn't say
Is what I mean.
I've been so busy missing
my dad,
I never stopped to think
about how hard it must be
For you
when your mom left.
I thought it was temporary
and that she'd be back
And everything would be okay.
And then you'd have
your mom again.
I really
never thought about
How hard
it must be for you.
Thank you, Jeremy.
And I'm sorry, too,
About telling anyone
about your dad
Or the time machine.
I was just trying
to help.
Sissy, wake up!
Now, since today will sadly
be our last day together...
Thank you.
In two days, I'll be sailing
to the Florida keys.
So as a reward for
a job well done,
I'd like you to choose
something from my shelves,
And if you wish...
doll, please.
Alright, help yourself.
is there anything you'd like?
Do you by Chance have
any stamps?
Stamps, uh...
I have stamps.
Ha ha!
I meant old stamps.
Oh, what... what kind of stamps
are you looking for?
A 13-cent Hawaiian
issued in 1913.
It's pretty rare.
I don't believe so.
Letter opener?
Nah, I'm good.
Then may I make
a suggestion?
Uh, sissy said
that you aren't fond
Of traveling outside the two
blocks of your general area?
I'm getting better.
He is, as long
as someone's with him.
His palms don't sweat
Well, that's commendable,
'cause turning 13
is a big deal,
And there's a whole world
out there
Ready for you to conquer.
That's why I suggest
you take this.
That could come in handy.
Whoa! What's in it?
Flotsam and jetsam,
papers, photos, pencils, keys.
I... Mary?!
Will you dump this junk
out of here?!
I... I mean no, thank you,
Flotsam and jetsam.
It's great. I love it.
Skip it.
Very well.
It has been a great pleasure
meeting the both of you.
Thank you Mr. Oswald.
This has been one
of the greatest summers.
Definitely made
my top ten.
Oh, my gosh,
it works!
Two down, two to go.
Thank you, Oswald.
It fits.
One more...
And then...
The meaning of life.
maybe we missed one.
No, I was really careful.
I gotta go to bed.
Wait, but we have
to retry all of them.
It's 2:00 A.M. And I would
rather stick a fork in my eye.
But, hey, happy birthday
You're two hours
into being a teenager.
Actually, I did the math,
and it's the end
Of my 13th year
on the planet so...
Goodnight, fink.
H- hey, mom?
Did you find
the rest of the keys?
Three of them.
Come here.
in "the giving tree,"
When the tree gave the boy
all of her apples and branches?
Sure, I think we only
read it to you
About 100 million times.
Remember at the end
When the tree gave
the boy all that she had
Until she was nothing
but a stump?
That always bothered me.
But the tree loved
the boy very much.
Remember the last line? "and
the tree was... " happy, yes.
Daddy used to say
that you were the giving tree,
That you would do
anything for us.
He said that about me?
And sometimes
I want you to be that.
And sometimes I don't.
I think I understand.
Thank you, monkey.
I mean Jeremy.
You can call me monkey.
Well, then, happy 13th birthday,
Thanks, mom.
Yeah, he got it!
He got it!
Oh boy, I remember when
I turned 13.
I was all, hey,
where's the secret handshake?
You know it?
Oh, Jeremy, there is none.
You just gotta sink or swim
your way through it.
And just when you figure out
teendom, bang!
You're 20,
and right there,
That's a whole nother set
of mysteries to unlock.
So happy birthday,
Can we do presents now?
Open mine first.
It's the best.
Slow it down, Lizzy.
Elaine first.
How did you know?
You've only been telling me
for 100 years.
But this one.
A certain Dr. Grady
had it delivered.
Now open mine.
It's the ignition key
to your time machine, duh?
And you didn't tell me?
you threw it away!
And when your mom saw you
took apart the time machine,
She made me get it
out of the garbage.
I got grounded,
and I dumpster dived for you.
I love you.
I love you too,
It's okay, you can go
somewhere else to open it.
Wait up!
dear Jeremy,
I wanna tell you some things
I've learned
Since I met that fortune teller
on my 13th birthday.
Of course, it's my hope
that I'm with you
When you turn 13,
but just in case,
I'm writing it down.
From my 13th birthday
I grew up with a deadline
over my head.
If I only had 40 years,
How many more times
would I see a sunset
Or play in the waves
at the beach?
How many more times
would I hug my son at night?
I made sure to be
fully in the moment,
To pay attention,
because that's all life is,
a string of moments
That you knot together
and carry with you.
Hopefully, most of those
moments are wonderful,
But they can't all be.
The trick is to recognize
an important one
When it happens
and to hold on tight to it.
Inside this box is a record
Of what gave meaning
to my life.
I hope it inspires you
to do the same.
Rocks? What?
"rock number one...
The boardwalk
at Coney island, age 13."
"rock number two...
the first flea market
"my parents took me to,
age 14.
"rock three... outside the dance
where I met your mom.
"rock four...
high school graduation.
"rock five...
The cemetery
at my father's funeral. "
None of these rocks
have numbers on them.
I guess it doesn't matter
As long as you remember
the moment.
It's the last one
I'm missing.
"expect the unexpected. "
But I only had ten cards in my
collection when your dad died.
I know.
Well, how did he...
I don't know.
I gotta go.
Where are you going?!
Wait! Where are you going?!
What about me?!
Lizzy, you've always been there
for me and you always will,
But I think this is something
that I need to do on my own.
Rock six...
Outside the hospital
where you were born.
Rock seven...
The first day you said "dad"
and all the other moments
You made me laugh
and filled my life with Joy.
I spent a lot of my life
thinking it was death
That gave meaning to life,
but I was wrong.
Life and how we choose
to live it
Is what gives meaning
to life.
Life is all about
the Journey,
And I hope this is one
you'll never forget.
I hope Lizzy is still
your best friend
And that she's as feisty
as ever.
Take care of each other
and hug your mother for me.
More than anything,
I hope the string of moments
That make up your life delight
you and fill you with wonder.
Every moment is waiting
for you, Jeremy,
Starting with this moment.
And this one.
And this one.
They're all yours
to celebrate.
They're all yours.
I love you, Jeremy,
and I am so proud of you.
Hello, Mr. Oswald?
Mr. Oswald?
H- hello?
Mr. Oswald?
what a surprise.
what are you doing here?
Is Oswald home?
Oswald, no.
Oswald is in Florida.
The keys, remember?
Now I'll never know.
Never know what?
Who set
this whole thing up.
If Oswald knew
about all of it.
If Oswald and my dad
knew each other
Or if this was just
some weird coincidence?
Well, maybe I can help you. Okay.
Well, I have a few
technical questions for you.
How long has Oswald
had the keys?
Since your dad died.
How did my dad and Oswald
know each other?
They met at a flea market
about six years ago.
Oswald sold your dad
the box.
The missing key to the box
was the key in my time machine.
It was?
What do you know
about that?
I know that Oswald gave
that key to your mom
When you started building
the time machine.
Since my dad's funeral.
They've been planning this
for a long time.
everyone has.
So the security guard?
And the police officer?
It's amazing what people
will do for a good cause.
Even Larry the locksmith
was in on it.
Your dad wanted you to have
an incredible 13th birthday,
So we were all here
to make sure it happened.
Oh, everyone did this
for my dad.
Everyone did this for you.
Lizzy's playing card.
Your dad signed every card
in the deck
To make sure
he got the right one.
How did he know which one
was the right one?
Lizzy's dad
did some snooping.
Of course
Lizzys dad was in on it.
Everybody was.
Operation Jeremy fink
and the meaning of life.
We had code words
and secret handshakes.
It was fun.
Wait, so how did the card
get inside the box?
Oh, please, Jeremy,
you left your bag in my car
So many times.
That reminds me.
Oswald wanted me
to mail this to you, but...
So it's goodbye again.
Where are you going?
Me? Off to the next job.
Thank you, Jeremy.
You're thanking me?
For what?
For letting me see the world
through your eyes.
You got a pretty
amazing life ahead of you.
# come sing me a song
# and I will do anything
you ask me to #
# oh, yeah
# oh, yeah
# come give us a smile
# a million eyes shining down
won't see you frown #
# oh, yeah
# oh, yeah
# your love's got a hold
on me #
# and there's nothing
I can be #
# without your love
# without your love
# without your love
# without your love
# come sell us a dream
# I'd buy it now
and feel so proud #
# oh, yeah
# oh, yeah...
# we're on a Journey #
# better take the long way
# there's so much here
to explore #
# waiting to discover
# all the secrets
to uncover #
# everything that you're
searching for #
# looking for the meaning
# looking for the meaning
# looking for the meaning
of life #
# looking for the meaning
# looking for the meaning
# looking for the meaning
of life #
# life is such a mystery
# we have to find
our own way #
# our own special path
# we can wander
this whole world #
# leaving no Stone unturned
# the answer's within
your grasp #
# looking for the meaning
# looking for the meaning
# looking for the meaning
of life #
# looking for the meaning
# looking for the meaning
# looking for the meaning
of life #
The end