Jerryy (2014) Movie Script

Look at him.
He is asleep.
When is he going to be responsible?
Hey, Jerry!
Your friend Eric is calling.
Oh shit! You keep going I will come.
Ok make it quick and come for breakfast.
Love you dude.
Yes Sunny my brother from another mother.
Where are you buddy? Its too late. Come fast.
I am coming man. Why are you shouting?
Ok see ya.
Bye dad. Bye mom.
No Jerry! Not without breakfast.
Mom, Im getting late. Please.
Shut up and take a seat first.
Have your breakfast and go wherever you want.
Thank you.
Pass this to your father.
Please take this dad.
Thank you.
Thuli, Plesae pass me that milk.
Dad no office?
I am taking rest today.
Youre enjoying your life, huh.
Mom, why do you always do this to me?
Simple Jerry. Youre our son and we love you so much. Thats why.
Very happy
Ok mom, I got to go. I am getting late.
Love you.
Bye mom. Bye dad.
Take care, Jerry.
Here he comes. Why are you so late?
Thanks bro.
Whats this man?
Hey Sunny why are you so low today?
What should I tell you?
Remember that girl from Thamel.
She is bothering me a lot.
Which one, the one with big eyes like an eagle?
Whats this Sunny?
I think you got stung by the eagle.
You idiots. Do not make fun of me.
Do you know what she said to me on the phone yesterday?
She demanded 15k for abortion
or else she would come to my home and tell it to my parents. Is that fair?
Such a nonsense.
What can you do mate?
You should have taken caution while you were in emotion.
Few days ago, you had bought different flavored condoms.
That condoms should not be worn on your head. Rather they should be worn somewhere else.
But I have not done it even once without a condoms.
Do you think I would do it without a condoms?
Who knows, May beJust kidding, mate.
I think its a different story.
Ok listen!
Once a man was walking in the jungle carrying an umbrella.
Suddenly, a tiger appeared.
That man turned the same umbrella in the direction of the tiger and made a thundering sound(sound of a gun)
That tiger immediately fell on the ground.
Now tell me how?
Just give it a try.
How can it be possible?
Guess, man.
Nonsense. RubbishHow can an umbrella fire a bullet?
Obviously, No.
Someone else must have fired.
Exactly, thats my point. Someone else fired.
Where do you find these kind of stories?
Experience man..Experience
But leave it dude.
This is life. Moreover, all the girls are alike.
Enjoy the music..
Ive got a feeling
That Tonights gonna be a good night
Hey Jerry! Listen
I really want a her back man.
Actually even I really want her back, man.
Cant even spare friends girlfriend.
Whats this guys?
This season there are hardly any chicks.
Hey, look there. So beautiful..
Lets go.
You guys go. Im feeling lazy
Hi girls!
This is Jerry and my friend Sunny.
Well , Hey I am Rose.Hi, I am Jasmine.HI, I am Lilly.
Wow! Guchha girls.
Guchha girls?
You mean like marbles that children play with.
No. No. I mean a bouquet of flowers.
Well, Sunny that was not funny.
Sorry Lilly , I was not trying to be silly.
Hi girls!
This is Jerry and this is Sunny.
Hi Guys! Shreya here.
Nice to meet you, Shreya.
By the way, what are your plans for tonight?
Nothing. Why?
Actually, I am throwing a party.
Would you like girls like to join?
Sure, why not?
These are for you.
Thank you.
See you at the party.
See ya.
Oh my God! Oh my God!
Lets pass it on.
He has to go to the washroom now.
Why are you getting irritated ?
Wherever he goes, he kills a lot of time.
Are you the one named Sunny?
Yes, Why?
If I ever see you tagging lewd photos on my sisters Facebook wall
I will hang you upside down and beat the crap out of you. Make sure he understands..
Shit! Are you alright? He hit you right on target.
Show me. Get up. Are you alright?
Hey, Your eye has turned bluish. What happened?
He tagged Asthas photo on Facebook wall and wrote nonsense.
And her brother came and hit like on his face.
Oh shit! Sunny,
I was the one who tagged that photo from your ID.
Such an Asshole. You always do annoying stuffs.
How do I know his brother would come and beat you?
Sorry buddy. I was just kidding.
Does my face look funny to you?
Such an Assholes
Dont worry the earth is round.
Eventually your turn will come someday.
Oh Really! Hes become a great scientist.
Is the earth really round?
Let it be, pal. Dont get angry.
Today Jerry will treat you with J.D.
Even Im looking at you, girl
I see you are looking at me too, girl
I am already on my way
I am coming to get you
I am already on my way
I am coming to get you
Tell me Tell meTell me
What do you think of me?
Tell meTell meTell me
What do you think of me?
I know today you came with someone else
I can notice you looking at me constantly
Why dont you step up?
When you know you like me
I know you have a crush on me
You dont need to act
I know what you are looking for
You dont need to think too much
I have already accepted you
You dont need to act
I know what you are looking for
You dont need to think too much
I have already accepted you
Tell me Tell meTell me
What do you think of me?
Tell meTell meTell me
What do you think of me?
Even I have been thinking about you
You are thinking about me too
Im standing in front of you
Im waiting for a hint
Im standing in front of you
Im waiting for a hint
Tell me Tell meTell me
What do you think of me?
Tell meTell meTell me
What do you think of me?
Is it tough for you to leave the guy next to you?
You can leave discretely without being noticed
Or else you can come up to me without any hesitation
I will hold your hands in front of everyone and take you away
You trust me, trust me
I will make you happy.
So baby, You want to go for a ride.
Sure baby.
Actually, I want to know you more.
Alright, What do you want to know?
Everything about you.
What do you want to know?
Whats wrong with you?
NothingWhats wrong with you?
Shreya, you played a nice game. If you had to romance with him, Whyd you call me?
Yes, we like each other.
Are you serious?
Yes, Im serious.Why?
Hey Wait!Where is this coming from?
I am not serious.
What? What do you mean?
What do I mean?
I mean, I was just having fun.
I dont care about this love and stuffs.
Did you hear Shreya?
If your girl is not decent, thats not my problem.
Ewww.How disgusting?
If you put butter near a fire, it melts.
And I think you dont know me well.
My name is Jerry and I change girls in a hurry
A playboy.
This isn't over.
What a Jerk!
Sister, Wheres my bag? Sister
Jerry, why are you shouting?
And all these, What are you doing?
Its called packing mom.
Today, Eric, Sunny and I are going to Pokhara.
How did you plan this trip all of a sudden?
You told us you will send us on a vacation as soon as our exam is over.
Thats right, but is compulsory for you to go?
No if No but
A promise is a promise.
Jerry, You already know that you should not go to cold places right?
Mom, Were going to Pokhara. We are not going to Everest base camp. Dad, Please
Hey, Its Just Pokhara. Let him go.
If he doesnt have fun now, when will he?
But, listen Jerry! You must need Home Ministers Approval.
Thanks dad.
I dont need this sister. Please leave it.
Whats wrong with you? Shouldnt you forbid him?
Its okay. Let him go. It is just up to Pokhara.
Jerry, I have no issues with you going for a tour.
I want you to enjoy your life.
But I am a little worried about your health.
Mom, I know that you love me a lot.
But now I am a grown up and I can take care of myself.
You are the worlds best mom.
And you are the worlds best son.
Pokharas weather and girls are alike. We cannot trust them.
He knows much about the weather of Pokhara.
I dont know much about the weather but I definitely know girls. I am a master.
Jerry, shall we go in the bar?
Shall we?
Well, its damn good inside and its raining outside. Lets go in.
Lets go.
It is raining heavily.
Excuse me, Sir can I take your order please?
Sex by the bar
Sorry sir...
OooohhhI mean J.D. with a coke.
Hi, I am Jerry.
Hi, I am Susan.
So, May I offer you a drink?
No, thank you. Ive already had one.
Sir, Your order.
Thank you.
Youre welcome.
So, you're alone
No, I am with my boyfriend. Nathan!
Yes, darling.
Hi! How are you?
Such a bad timing.
He was probably just htting on me.
Who was that guy?
He was just hitting on me.
What happened bro?
Your bait just got away.
His fishing rod is Nepali, and shes a foreigner
How would it hook a fish?
Guys, I will be back.
Hey, be careful. This is Pokhara not Kathmandu.
So what?Do girls in Pokhara have tusks and tooth?
They dont, right.
Oh my God! JerryWhat a pleasant surprise?
When did you arrive?
Just yesterday buddy
Meet my friends, Arun..
Hi, I am Jerry
VanessaNice meeting you.
Hi, I am Vanessa. Nice to meet you.
Vanessa, I am telling you hes a good player. Better watch out.
Dont worry Puggy. If hes the player, I am the coach.
I guess we will have an interesting match then.
And they are NikhilHi!...
Nice meeting you.
Thats my best friend, Aakansha.
Plesae sit.
So, Jerry before you came here, we were talking about love. What is love to you?
Love is like a Chinese mobile, comes with no guarantee.
Its pretty attractive at firstbut the more we use it, the more it gets deteriorated, discoloured
It may work or even break into pieces. Anything can happen
Jerry, you will never change. And did you come alone?
No, I am with my friends. Hey, Sunny, Ericcome
So puggy.
Hows life with you?
Its cool. Guys, My fiend Puggy.
Hi!....And her friendsEveryone
Guys this is Sunny and Eric.
Nice to meet you guys.
So, how do you find Nepal?
I love it. Its so beautiful.
And what are you here for actually?
Im here for this volunteering program, with my friends.
Eric, Where do you find its engine?
Its engine is in here.
Did you have mentos this morning?
So you like adventure and stuffs?
Like paragliding and all
Yeah. Never tried it before but it looks so fun.
Yeah, I like people who are adventurous.
Have you tried it?
Yeah, I have tried many other things.
Guys, these are my villagers.
Villagers, huh(hahahhaha)
So who is coming first?
No! No! Foreigners are like god. Come.
Dont you guys know, We treat our guests as God.
Whoever he meets is god for him.
Goddess Vanessa(hahahha)
Guys, who all know swimming?
I dont know how to swim. You dont?
I am the school level champion. Really?
Even I dont know how to swim.
You dont?
I am so scared of water.
Guys, You must have watched Titanic. Its a great movie.
Theres a scene where the hero and heroine pose like this.
I wish I would find someone like her.
Vanessa, help him.
Jerry! Hey Jerry!
Vanessa, Help him. He doesnt know how to swim.
Okay, Okay.
Thanks for saving my life.
No problem. Are you Okay.
Yeah. I am Okay. Thank you so much.
Its Okay.
Jerry, Where have you been?
I searched you everywhere.
Hi! Hi! Good morning.
So Jerry what are your plans after Pokhara?
Plan! Did you forget how Jerry is?
I never make plans rather I go with the flow.
By the way, we are going to Mustang. Do you wanna come?
Mustang? Wow!
Not possible buddyIf mom knew
From when did J.B. Rana require moms permission to go to Mustang?
Shit! Guys, who expects a place like this in the middle of Pokhara?
Pokhara is a mysterious place guys.
Hey Jerry! Careful okay. I dont want you to fall again.
Firstly, Thank you so much for saving my life yesterday.
Its okay.
Actually, I was hoping.Can I come to your room tonight?
I mean, I dont really have a problem.
Whats your room number?
Its 307.
See you tonight.
Oh, hello!
Hi Vanessa! This is Aakansha.
Did you get the picture I send you?
Listen. The guy in your room right now, hes a fraud.
He knew swimming.
Hes such a liar Vanessa. Get him out of your room.
Such a disgusting guy.
OH my God!
Just throw him out of the room.
Get out!
What are you saying?
You were lying. You knew how to swim.
I dont.
Yes, you did.
Thats not me.
Get out! Get out!
Dont be angry. Come on!
Get out! Get out!
Ok! Ok! I am going.
I promise I didnt do anything
I swear in the name of my dog
Oh I mean God. I didnt do anything.
At least give me my clothes. Hey open the door.
Please! Please, give me my clothes. It wasnt me seriously.
Here take your stinking clothes and dont show me your face again.
Dont mess with me again, Jerry. This time you eluded in a boxer but next time you wont have any clothes on your body.
What does the girl think of herself?
How can she interfere in other peoples life?
Because of her, I had to walk in boxer shorts in the corridor today.She thinks I wont take any action.
She does not know J.B.Rana well.
Ill get back to her. Ill destroy her life.
Do you see this Chicken chilly? Do you see this?
Finish.I will finish her life like this.
Hello! Jerry. I have been calling you. Still sleeping?
What have you guys decided? We are going to Mustang today. Please decide fast. We are leaving in an hour.
Okay. Just give me five minutes. I will all back, Ok.
Okay, Hurry up.
Hey! Wake up.
Arent we suppose to go to Mustang?
Lets go to Mustang. They are calling. We are already late.
Why did you wake us so early?
I have to attend my cousins wedding. You know it.
Eric might go. Ask him.
Hey, Lets go to Mustang, will you?
My father is as angry as a bomb and if I went to Mustang he might explode.
Im fed up with your excuses.
Get lostdirty assholes.I am leaving.
Go, have fun.
What should I say to your parents?
What have you learnt from me till today?
Tell them I will be staying in Pokhara for one or two more weeks.
Puggy, does your friend know that Mustang is a very expensive placeOr else he might have to do the dishes.
Hey Puggy, does your friend know that J.B. Ranas pocket is always full? By the way, Where is Vanessa?
May be shes in Mugling eating rice.
Vanessa went to Kathmandu early morning.
Really! Why?
I dont know why?
Okay, you guys sit in the front. The road is rough.
You might injure your beauty bone.
This place is amazing, isnt it?
So beautifulJust wait and we will have loads of fun.
We will have a blast.
Whats this? No sooner do you find a decent good looking guy, you start hitting on him.
Puggy, Where did you find this species?
I have never seen such species in either a Zoo or Discovery Channel.
Watch Cartoon Network. You will see him everyday.
Enjoy your Thakali meal in Khasang.
Thank you.
Do you guys know something? This Village is haunted by ghosts, evil spirits and bad omen.
Oh Really!
Moreover, they haunt somebody wearing a red attire in particular. Guys I am telling you to avoid red.
I didnt know it. But Ive heard you hardly find two ghosts in a single village.
Dont talk funny or else you will be haunted.
Yummy! Thakali Food is Thakali Food. So delicious
Who said its Chinese?
What happened? I thought you told me you are not afraid of Ghosts. But apparently you do.
Got ya! Im not scared of ghost(sarcastically).hahhaha
I will kill you Jerry.
Guys, this is a famous festival of Mustang where they drink Yaks blood.
It is believed that Yaks blood is good for human health
And drawing blood from Yaks once a year is beneficial to Yaks too.
Girls, you stay behind ok.
Or else you might faint seeing the blood.
EwwIts disgusting.
So stud, Your turn now. Please go.
WhoaOh Jerry! Come on!
You can do this.
What happened? Are you pregnant?
One feels so dizzy during pregnancy, right? Wanna eat?
You know during pregnancy one craves for sour and spicy stuffs. Please have it. It is sour cream.
I told you JerryDont mess with me.
Lend me the guitar, please. Thanks man.
Boys and Girls! I am going to sing a very nice song to you.
You can become the butter of my rice.
You be my injection, Ill be your needle.
You be my Fanta, Ill be your dew.
You be my Plant, Ill be your seed.
Ill be a monkey, you be my banana.
Ill be a LAPSI, you be my seed.
Ill be milk, you be my Bourn Vita.
Ill be Ram, You be my Sita.
So, Wheres the applauds?
So beautiful
Thank you.
Wants to be a stud copying the original song.
Well, I am a stud and that too multitalented.
What? Are you challenging me?
Can you do everything I can do?
But not that T-Shirt removing gimmick, Please.
Its old school, mate. Ive got a new challenge for you.
Ive got many daredevil challenges. Are you ready?
Yes, why not?
Okay, you have a coin?
Does anyone have a coin?
WaitIve got one.
Ok, here we start. You must repeat everything I do.
Thats it. Whats the big deal?
Anyone can do it.
Loser! Can you do this?
Look, whos talking. You are the loser.
Aakansha, wait. Aakansha!
Are they dating?
No theyre just friends.
I think somebody didnt like my joke.
Seven years! I get surprised when I hear such amusing stories.
I mean, dont you guys get bored watching each others face continuously?
We have been watching our parents for 20-30 years.
Seven years is nowhere close to that.
Anyways, I must salute you guys.
But, How do people stay in a relationship for seven years?
How is this possible?
They do love each other.
Ugh! Theres a fly in the tea,
Well, we can only afford a fly in a 10 rupee cup of tea not a bike or a car.
Drink your non veg tea. It is very nutritious.
Even though you dont have a pretty face, but still you could talk nice.
Shit! I am scared.
Rishi, Lets go.
Lets go.
Wow! This is called a view.
What happened?
Ive been watching you from the very first day
I dont like your attitude. Stay away from Aakansha. Or else.
Or else What?
Or else What?
Did you get the answer?
Jerry! What happened?
Jerry! Stop.
Hey, what happened?
He hit me for no reason.
Why are you two fighting?
Ouch! Ouch!
Done! Done!
Aakansha, help him.
Hello! Hi Baby.
Oh so whats going on?
Say Hi to your boyfriend from my side.
Of course I miss you. Its nothing like that.
Ouch! Gently! Gently!
Jerry, You guys should not have fought.
What did I do?
Rishi is the one who initiated the fight. I was calm.
See whatever happened was not good.
Fighting wont help anyone. Jerry, now promise me you wont fight ever again.
I promise you.
Aakansha, you are a very nice person.
I irritated you so much. But you are still taking care of me.
Thank you so much.
Come on, Jerry. You dont need to thank me for anything.
I would have done the same even if I hadnt known you.
Its called humanity, Jerry.
Okay Jerry, now take some rest.
I am sorry Aakansha.
You were in lots of trouble because of me.
No problem Jerry. I must leave now.
If you need any further help, please call me.
Ok. Thank you.
We were talking about Muktinath, right?
Its AwesomeSo fascinating..
How long does it take to reach there?
It is said that there are 108 taps.
Guys! Wed better not eat anything before we go to Muktinath. Puggy, we will in a restaurant you mentioned earlier.
Eat your meal yourself.
I am also going to Muktinath.
You should have told me earlier.
Hey Puggy! Hows the tea? Is it tasty?
Puggy, Look there. Its so Beautiful.
It would be so fun if we could go to Muktinath on bike.
Its so nice, isnt it?
Is everyone here? Where is Jerry?
Where is that Jerk?
Hes not a jerk, hes Jerry.
Oh my Gosh!
Are you serious Jerry? Where did you get this bike?
Bye Puggy!
Bye Jerry! Bye Aakansha!
Thanks a lot Jerry. This is the most interesting moment of my life. I can never forget this.
And me?
May be.
Jerry, why do people take a bath here?
Because it is believed that whoever takes a bath in all the 108 taps becomes sinfree.
Whoa! You talk smart. You dont seem that smart.
How did you know all these?
Google, Baby Google
And do you think goggling will rinse all your sins?
Excuse me?
I mean, As far as I think Jerry, you have hurt a lot of people.
And might have committed a lot of sin as well.
Go, this is your chance. Take a bath in all the 108 taps.
May be some of your sins will get washed away. Go
You made him do that.
No, he went himself.
Hey, you need to pay me for it.
Please, just one click.
You set me up perfectly today, right?
Your sins were rinsed. Did I tell you to go?
The bike is there.
Just leave it. Lets walk.
Catch him! Hes the one.
Hi, Good morning.
Whats up with you? Youre clicking the button continuously.
Is it fun to click the cameras button?
Is this your passion or just a fashion?
Of course, this is my passion.
I was interested in Photography from my childhood.
You know Jerry I have applied to one of the finest college of Photography in Europe.
Last time I got rejected. But lets see.
Hopefully this time I will make it.
It is expensive but my mom is trying.
You always talk about your mom but what about your dad?
He is no more.
What do you mean?
He was a mountaineer. He was killed during heavy snow.
I was very young.
You know Jerry, I never got a chance to tell my day how much I loved him.
Life is too short. And there are lots of things to do.
So you, my friendstop chasing a girl like a loafer.
And find someone whom you love more than yourself.
No matter how much a jerk you may appear to others but youre a good guy deep down.
We meet a lot of people in our life.
But the most important person is the one who makes us relish the good part inside us, and for me she is the one.
I kept talking to myself looking at your picture
You may ask the wind about it
I lost myself in the open sky drawing your image in my mind
You may ask the earth about it
My heart keeps on murmuring
Let it murmur on your melody
It keeps on enjoying
Let it enjoy every bit of it
Is this love?
Is this love?
I kept on staring every time by plunging deep into your eyes
I kept losing thinking about you
Kept on flying across the distant village remembering you
You may ask my heart about it
My heart keeps on murmuring
Please let it murmur on your melody
It keeps on enjoying
Let it enjoy every bit of it
Is this love?
Is this love?
Is this love?
Is this love?
Is this love?
Is this love?
Is this love?
Why do you always take pictures of the sceneries only?
Find stories, search characters.
Only then your photography will be meaningful.
Okay, Now you will teach me about photography.
Its my prospective, whatever you want is upto you.
Give me the sprite.
Whats this?
Is this alcohol?
What else can it be?
Dont tell me youve never drunk before.
Till now?
Seriously, I will get you to drink.
It will be a new experience. Trust me, you will have fun.
Life time experience. HmmmmWhat say?
This is not a restaurant for sure.
Because this is a distillery.
When you get a wellspring, why do you ask for a tap? Come.
Hello! Hello! Anyone here?
Everyone must be asleep. Lets go.
Lets go.
Where should we go? Were already here.
Everybody seems to be asleep.
And there is no one here. What shall we do?
Just come.
Whoa! Tukchey Brandy
What no? Should we go home and drink milk.Come
No JerryPlease!
Just come.
Jerry, no
Now its time to get drunk.
Ready! Ready!
Here have it.
No, I cant drink like that.
Okay, just because you are a starter.
At once!
Awesome Brandy
Hey! Okay I will drink from it.
Hey!Slowly! Slowly!
I see your reality now.
It is so bitter, right?
Whos there?
Whos down there?
Whos there?
Another cat.
You just wait. Im coming.
Whats up love birds? What are you watching?
I have a question.
Why are the photographers so mean?
Huh! Why?
First they frame the person. After that they shoot them.
And then they hang them on the wall. Its so mean.
Ok, Now I have another question for you.
What is the easiest way to earn money for photographers?
Please dont make me listen to your nonsense.
No Seriously..Tell me
Ummmmdont know.
Sell the camera, Simple.
And then that was pathetic.
Hey girl! Dont you feel ashamed walking drunk in the middle of the night?
Uncle, what should we do? This is the age to do such fun.
Dont talk much. Just go immediately.
You know, Jerry
2+2=4. I know.
Just listen!
Just say!
Today I am really so happy. Thank you so much.
This is the best day of my life.
Hey, Whats up? Are you on a night duty?
What does that girl think of herself?
How can she interfere in someone elses life?
Look Aakansha, his reality. His friend Sunny uploaded it.
Ill get back to her, Ill destroy her life.
Aakansha! Actually this..
Just shut up, Jerry.
It was so fun, right? But now I am so tired.
Same here.
It was fun, huh.
Okay I will see ya after I freshen up.
Aakansha, Look... Whatever you saw in the video was me.
But I was a different person back then.
And now a different person.
The reason for this change is you.
Please, try to understand.
I am really sorry.
I am sorry. I am so sorry.
Did it assemble? It didnt right.
Jerry, do you think by apologizing, I can fix this plate?
I cant, can I? Our relationship is like this plate.
Your apologies cant undo everything.
Jerry, whatever happened between us,
I am trying to forget it as a nightmare.
And you also do the same.
And from now onwards you do not owe me an explanation?
Hi, Aakansha. Why are you sitting alone?
No reason.
Aakansha, I know whats going on between you and Jerry.
But trust me. It was his past. And far as as I know Jerry, he has changed a lot. And I am confident that he like you.
Look Aakansha, sometimes we miss the important things in our life because of our anger.
As a consequence, we regret our whole life.
So I think, you should give Jerry a second chance.
And forgive him once.
Puggy, I understand what youre sayingIt was his past.
But Puggy, despite trying I am unable to convince myself.
I am in confusion too, Puggy. Even I dont know what I am doing. Whether am I right or wrong.
Hey Jerry, How are you?
I am fine dad.
And when are you returning from Pokhara?
Dad, Im not in Pokhara at this moment. I am in Mustang.
Mustang? Do you know if your mom finds out about this
How will she react?
Dont worry. I have already told her I will be staying in Pokhara for another 2-3 weeks.
And why are you sounding so dull? Are you all right?
Dad, Iam in love.
Really! Its a good news.
So whats the problem? First time falling in love is an amazing feeling.Go out and express your feelings.
Dad, Is mom your first love?
What do you think
Son, you guys are very very lucky.
You can express your feelings, love
It was a different story back then.Dont make a mistake.
Thats not the problem dad.
Theres a misunderstanding between me and Aakansha.
And I am trying very hard to sort out the differences between us. But she is not ready to believe me.
But I know she likes me as much as I do.
Are you sure?
100% dad
As far as I know, nobody can understand a woman 100%.
If they say they do, theyre lying.
We men, what we attempt and do is try to understand a woman throughout our life.
You go and express your feelings to her.
If she really loves you, she will come back.
Hey dad, there she is. I gotta go.
Have a good time. All the best.
Son, from Pokhara
That means you still dont know much about me yet, right?
No, I didnt mean that.
Why are you doing this to yourself, Aakansha?
I know its difficult for you too.
Dont you have any feelings for me?
If you dont then look into my eyes and say it.
First answer my question.
I dont think I should answer all your question, Jerry.
Aakansha, Lets sort it out. Please.
All right. Till the time you dont answer my question
I will be waiting outside your door.
Why only here Jerry?
Why dont you go outside the hotel and wait there?
Im really sorry Aakansha.
She is not what you think of.
Shes very different.
I think I am in love with her.
Hey, ask him how many times has she fallen in love?
And do you use protection while making love?
Are you my friends or foe?
I am trying to share my feelings with you.
Dont you wanna take life seriously ever?
Keep laughing, assholes.
Eric, This is not Jerry mate. Our Jerry was nothing like him.
What happened? Why are you taking tension?
Were meeting him after a long time. Lets go and talk to him.
Lets sort it out man. Lets sort it out.
Hey smile a bit. Were meeting after a long time.
Put a smile on your face, mate.
It was just a prank. Try and understand
If I knew, you would take it so seriously,
I would not have prankyou.
Hi Aakansha!
So how was your day mom?
Hectic as usual.
Thank you.
And tell me about your Mustang trip.
It was amazing mom. Cant describe it.
This trip changed me and my perception about my life.
Hello! Hi, Jerry
Just chatting with my mom.
Jerry said Hi..
Ok, I will call you later, bye.
And whos this Jerry?
He was with us during Mustang trip, mom.
He is really interesting.
And from when did my daughter find a person interesting in just two weeks?
Anyways, whats going on with your college?
This time I will get scholarship for sure.
They might have never seen such pictures till date.
Youve already wasted two years for this scholarship, Aakansha.
There are other colleges too.
Mom you know it is my dream to study in this college.
If I dont get scholarship this year, you have to help.
Dont want to waste another year.
And what about the expenses?
Including Fooding, Lodging and Tuition fee,
it will cost around 8 million Rupees.
I want to get you admitted to the college you said.
But 8 Million Rupee is a lot of money.
Aakansha, please find some cheaper colleges.
Mom, first thing, Its my dream to study in this college.
Secondly, I have applied for the scholarship considering our financial situation.
If in case I dont get this scholarship, Please sell the house that we have in Baluwatar.
Aakansha, if you want to sell the last souvenir of your father, then I have nothing to say.
Mom, I dont wanna do this either. But, in case if I dont get the scholarship, this is the last option.
I understand. I will give my best shot.
Thank you so much.
Today, I was going through Mustangs pictures.
And I missed you so much.
By the way, Whats going on with your college?
I dont know Jerry.
Last time when I applied to that college, they didnt like my pictures. They rejected it.
But, as you know, I have taken lots of snaps on Mustangs tour and they are really nice.
Hopefully, I will get accepted by the college.
Im in confusion.
What sort of confusion?
Leave it. Its nothing.
Tell me.
Well I do want you getting admitted to your college.
But what about us?
I understand you Jerry.
But there are lots of instances wherein we dont get what we desire.
We must have to sacrifice something for a better future,
isnt it?
Everything has a price to pay.
Thats true.
How was your trip to Pokhara Jerry?
It was so fun.
Obviously, it had to be. You went there with your friends.
By the way, Ive heard from your dad that youre in love, Right?
I am so happy for you Jerry.
And when are you going to introduce her to us?
Thats a surprise.
Id love to meet her.
How do I tell you?
I dont need to say anything to you.
Will you be my valentine?
Please! Please!
I dont know how to express.
I dont know how to sketch.
My feelings for you.
I dont know how to tell.
I dont know how to express.
I dont know how to sketch.
My feelings for you.
How do I tell you?
I feel shameful in front of you.
Jerry you look so decent today.
Its the magic of your love.
So, is this your Place?
Hi, Mom! This is Jerry.
Hi, Aunty!
Hello Jerry!
I have heard a lot about you.
Youre looking good.
Thank you.
Anyways, Well see you next time. Good night Jerry.
Aakansha come inside.
How do I tell you?
I feel shameful in front of you.
How do I express my feelings to you?
I get stunned when I see you.
I dont know how to tell.
I dont know how to express.
I dont know how to sketch.
My feelings for you.
I dont know how to tell.
I dont know how to express.
I dont know how to sketch.
My feelings for you.
I dont know how to tell.
I dont know how to express.
I dont know how to sketch.
My feelings for you.
I dont know how to tell.
I dont know how to express.
I dont know how to sketch.
My feelings for you.
I dont know how to tell.
I dont know how to express.
I dont know how to sketch.
My feelings for you.
Come early tomorrow, Okay.
We have to go the Embassy to drop my documents for the college.
Bye. Call me early morning tomorrow, Ok.
Nowadays, Im lost in my thoughts.
I forget little things.
Oh god! Help me.
Why is Aakanshas plan to study abroad bothering me so much?
I was never like this before.
Why cant I think of anything else?
God! Please help me.
Whats this, sir?
Wheres your helmet?
As Ive said I tend to forget little things.
Dont you care about your life?
Show me your License and bill book.
What happened sir? What happened to you?
A Biker with plate No Ba 40 Pa 4050 was speeding without helmet.
The rider fainted while we were looking for his license and billbook. Send an Ambulance urgently.
Ive been telling you from a long time that he is suffering from Asthma since childhood.
Dont send him to cold places.
Did you guys send him to a cold place?
No, he didnt go to any cold place, doctor. He returned from Pokhara, along with his friends, few days ago.
Not only Pokhara but he also went to Mustang.
When did he go to Mustang?
You didnt tell me about his Mustang trip.
And Jerry whats this?
Well get his reports in 2-3 days. Till then we will keep him under observation. Then we will discuss about it later.
Nurse, put on the oxygen mask.
Give it to me.
Mom, my phone.
Leave it Okay.
Please mom, Please!
Come on, Jerry.
Alright, you guys stay here. I will return once I'm done with a small meeting.
And dad, please bring me my iPad, Okay.
No, dont bring it. Not necessary. Not important.
Please Dad!
Why does an ill person need an iPad?
Mom, please give me the phone once.
Nope.No need
Please give it to me. Just one phone call, please.
Just one call only, Jerry.
Thank you. So sweet..
Jerry, where are you?
Hi, baby.
Aakansha! Listen , Im sorry. Please dont get angry.
Actually I have to go out of town.
I will return in 3-4 days. Sorry I didnt meet you today.
You could have told me earlier.
Ive waited for you the whole day.
I'm sorry Aakansha I will call you after I return.
You had to lie.
Mom, Ill get discharged tomorrow.
Why would I give her the unnecessary tension?
So whats going on with you?
Dont know Puggy, Cant understand a thing.
He was supposed to pick me up early in the morning.
But he disappeared foe the whole day and in the evening came up with a excuse that he has gone out of valley.
I dont understand a thing.
Let me call him. Hes become so careless.
Just leave it. He might be busy.
Or else why would he lie to me?
Whatever you say love. But I still suggest you to meet and talk to him in person.
I will. But?
How are you?
I am fine, doctor.
I have to ask you for a small favor. May I go out for an hour?
No, you cant.
You know how difficult is it for you?
I know everything about my health doctor.
Please doctor. Just for an hour, Please.
Okay! Just for one hour.
Promise. Thank you so much.
So Jerry, how was your trip?
Trip? Which trip?
Youve told me earlier that you went out of valley.
Oh! That trip. That was great. Anyways it was fun.
By the way, whats going on with your college?
Theyve received all the photographs Ive sent them.
They have contacted me and will reply soon.
Excuse me, I have to go to the restroom.
Doctor, What does his report suggest?
And how long shall we keep him in here?
Well, I have seen all of his reports.
Actually, he has a serious heart problem.
May be he has a swelling in his heart.
We call it Diluted Cardiomyopathy in medical terms.
If there is sudden imbalance in the electrical impulse for some reasons, the patient may die.
Thats why I have to inform you.
But you should not get worried immediately.
Theres a possibility that he may survive for 5-6 years provided he is given a proper medical treatment.
Well try our best.
Hello! Puggy.
Yes Jerry. Whats the matter?
Aakansha is not answering my phone.
Why Jerry? Youre still not satisfied.
Why should Aakansha answer your phone?
To get hurt even more.
Actually its a different story, Puggy. In spite of my will, I am unable to convey something to Aakansha.
Meet me once, Please.
Why? You are still not done with your drama.
Please Puggy! Youre my childhood friend.
If you dont understand me, who else will?
Please meet me once.
Alright, Where shall we meet?
Sumeru Hospital
Jerry, Is everything alright?
First, you come hereI will tell you everything.
Okay, I will be there.
This is life Puggy, comes with no guarantee.
I hadnt even thought something like this would happen to me in this age.
I miss you guys.I miss my family.
I miss AakanshaI miss my life.
Jerry, Why didnt you tell this to Aakansha?
I dont want Aakansha to see me in this condition.
I know her pretty well. She cant handle it.
Promise me, Puggy. You wont tell any of this to Aakansha.
I promise.
What happened Aakansha?
Pugg, I have started doubting my own decisions.
I dont understand whats going on.
Is it my fault or Jerrys?
Either am I more sensitive or is he irresponsible?
Puggy, is Jerry the right guy for me?
Whats going on Puggy? Why is Jerry acting so weird?
Excuse me! I have to go the restroom.
I promise you Jerry Aakansha will never know about it.
Bye! Take care.
Thank you.
Jerry, whats your problem?
Problem? I dont have any.
Jerry, you have changed.
Youre not the same guy anymore.
Its nothing like that Aakansha. I am busy.
My situation is different now.
Then why are you doing this drama Jerry?
What do you mean?
What do I mean?
You dont receive my calls.
You dont reply my texts.
You suddenly disappear in the middle of our date.
If you love someone else, plese tell me Jerry.
Do not torture me like this.
All you girls have the same problem.
What do you need, a boyfriend or a bodyguard?
I have my own personal life. I have my own family.
Who cares about my life?
You can judge me all you want.
Youre sick Jerry.
I want to give my entire life to you
I want to spend the rest of my life with you
I had dreamt a lot of things for us
Many have eluded in tears
My life is nomore intact
Can I buy days of my life?
My life is on a lease.
Can I buy days of my life?
My life is on a lease.
My dreams have been shattered
I want to give my entire life to you
I want to spend the rest of my life with you
Mom, If Ive ever hurt you either knowingly or unknowingly, then please forgive me.
Dont say that son. We had no complaints with you.
If we have any complains, its against God.
Why did he send you to us for such a short time?
Mom, I am feeling very uneasy today.
I want to sleep in your lap.
Puggy, youve got a callPuggy, your phone..
Puggy, youve got a call.
Hi, Aakansha!
You might be surprised watching this video.
Whatever Im gonna tell you, I cant tell you in person.
Aakansha, do you whats the best thing I like about you?
Your Photography. Your ambitious nature.
I was an aimless person.
But you taught me to be serious and carry an ambition in my life.
Thank you so much for that. I may not be in this world when you watch this video.
All the moments I spent with you; the times I spent, were the best moments of my life, Aakansha.
Thank you so much.
If Ive done any mistakes either knowingly or unknowingly, then please forgive me.
And always remember one thing that I love you so much.
I love you.
Puggy, whats this?
How can you hide this to me?
Im sorry, Aakansha. I had promised, Jerry.
Puggy, Wheres is Jerry?
I want to give my entire life to you
I want to spend the rest of my life with you
I had so many expectations in my heart.
Many had been repressed in fear
All I had desired in my life
Is no more in my fate
Can I buy days of my life?
My lifes on a lease.
Can I buy days of my life?
My lifes on a lease.
My dreams have been shattered.
Why didnt you tell me everything?
Didnt you have any faith in me or us?
I couldnt dare to meet you in this condition.
Aakansha, promise me! You will fulfill your dreams.
Even if Im not in this world, I will be happy for you.
Promise me.
I am sorry Jerry. Because of me you are in this situation.
Why are you saying sorry?
Its not your fault.
Its the fault in our stars.
This is life.
It is very unpredicatable.
Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
Excuse me, Are you the artist?
I really love your work.
Youre really very talented.
Thank you so much.
Do you ever thought about may be studying abroad?
Ive applied it once but I got rejected.
Oh, Im sorry to hear.
Have you thought about the Brooks institute of photography?
Actually, thats the college Ive applied for.
Oh Really! Well I think you should apply again.
And I think youll have a better chance this time for sure.
You think so.
My name is Chris Albert. Im the Dean of humanities at the Brooks institute.
And we are always looking for talented students.
So, let me know when you apply again.
And I will make your application gets the attention it deserves.
And I really love the way that every photograph seem to tell a story.
Thank you so much.
Youre welcome.
And Congratulations.
Bye! Good luck to you.
Why do you always take pictures of the sceneries only?
Find stories, search characters and then your photography will be meaningful.