Jersey (2019) Movie Script

- Hi.
How are you?
- I'm good.
Do they have it?
- No.
Do you have any
more copies of Jersey?
I just sold the last copy.
I'm sorry.
Okay, we'll come back later.
What? This is your fault.
I wanted to make a
pre-order but you said no.
Now look what happened.
Even if we order it online,
we'll get it after two days.
I've been waiting
for it for so long.
The world won't end
if you don't read that book.
- Stop grumbling.
Excuse me. Hi.
I guess you are
looking for this book.
Did we ask for this?
What were you doing? Stalking us?
Just wait.
He's my dad.
I'll be more than happy
if you read about him.
Have a good day.
Your book is a huge success here.
And everything is sold out.
'Thanks. And every news
channel is covering it.'
'Also, BCCI will call you.'
'Yeah, I want to tell you
the good news before they call.'
'They are arranging for
Arjun's felicitation ceremony'
'in Hyderabad this Saturday.'
'All of you must come.'
We'll definitely come.
Thank you. Thanks a lot.
'Okay, then.
I'll see you soon here.'
Yeah. Bye.
- 'Bye.'
Is he really your father?
'2 triple centuries.'
'7 double centuries.'
'36 100s.'
'78 50s.'
'Best batsman of his time.
My dad. Arjun.'
'Sarah. Mom.'
- Arjun!
'Always crazy about my dad.'
I love you!
Oh God! Don't start
it early in the morning.
I need to get to
my 8 o' clock shift.
Please let me sleep in
peace at least for an hour...
Nani, please don't make noise.
Do you remember what this Friday is?
- I didn't mean that, dad.
The date.
- July 10th.
It's my Nani's birthday too.
Even though I've
more runs to my credit
Coach made Vishal the
captain of our school team.
- Yes, dad.
He has Indian jersey.
The whole team supports him.
He wears it for every
match and shows it off.
Dad, are you listening?
I'll definitely become
captain if I have that t-shirt.
Concentrate on the game.
Forget who's wearing
what and play the game well.
Captain is not the
best player of the team.
He's the one who leads
the team to play well.
Your Coach knows who
can do that job well. Got it?
Go. It's time for practice.
Hurry up. You need to finish
practice and get to school.
We need to stop at
the sports store on the way
and get a birthday gift.
Will you really buy a jersey?
If you keep your hand on my
head and say it it's like a promise.
I crossed my fingers too.
You can't break the promise now.
Nice shot!
Come on, Nandu!
He plays well, doesn't he?
My boyfriend.
Come on, Nandu!
Superb! One more four!
Hey! Stop shouting!
If you shout one more
time I won't let you
enter the ground from tomorrow.
Who is he to stop me?
He should be a watchman,
not a coach.
Your boyfriend's body
balance is not even.
He is tilting more to his right.
He'll get out with a leg spin.
Come on! You can do it!
Leg spinner?
You jinxed it.
You said it and the exact
same thing happened there.
It's over.
We won't be going to a movie today.
He'll be in a very bad mood.
There's no balance in your stance.
If you tilt more to you right
you will definitely
get out with a leg spin.
Who's telling you all this?
I know.
Let's go.
Hello, champion!
How are you?
- Sir!
I know I haven't done
anything worth mentioning
but every time you call me champion
it makes me feel that
I did something great.
There's no doubt about it.
You were the most stylish
batsman in our cricket club.
You were supposed to
be in the Indian Team...
Stop it, sir. If anyone
hears you they will beat us up.
Why would they beat us up?
You scored 1 triple century
and 3 double centuries
in 1st class cricket.
28 centuries, 65 half centuries...
Okay, let's go.
How is your wife?
She's good.
She's a good woman.
This is where you fell in love.
Hello, sir.
Did you bring everything?
- Yes, sir.
The watchman has the keys.
Ask him to keep the
goods in the storeroom.
Okay, sir.
New Zealand and India
tour is coming up.
Before the One Day
International with India
there's a charity match
with Hyderabad Club.
I'm making arrangements for that.
You hit 5 sixes in
Air India match, right?
Why do you always
come back to this topic?
No matter how many places
we go to we've to come back home.
This is the same.
But I vacated that
home 10 years ago, sir.
You didn't vacate it, Arjun.
You ran away.
Listen to me. The club
still needs an Assistant Coach.
You can happily do
what you are good at doing.
I quit cricket 10 years ago.
It didn't happen then.
I don't want to work as an
Assistant Coach in the same place.
Think about it. I know you.
You are a very different
Arjun on the ground.
The last time I saw
you with a brave face
you were on a 66 foot
pitch with a 3 foot bat.
You came too late.
If you had come before,
then your work would have been done.
No doubt. Definitely.
Congratulations, you are selected.
Thank you. Thank you so much, sir.
Thank you, sir.
- Yes!
All the best.
- Thank you so much.
Congratulations. I told you.
Only money can get you in.
Everything totally
changed overnight.
It was in the papers
that you were selected
but they are claiming
that it was a printing mistake.
Nobody has a conscience.
Hey! Have you lost your mind?
You weren't selected
just like last time.
Does that need such
a strong reaction?
What happened to you? God!
My boy! It's not so easy
to get a spot in Indian Team.
You'll have to deal
with many more obstacles.
I'm 26 years old, sir.
I have a family now.
I've a government job offer on hand.
Maybe this is my limit.
I don't want to waste another year.
What should I do if the
same thing happens next year too?
Then try again the year after that.
You don't say when you quit.
Please let me be, sir.
Arjun! Arjun!
Why do you stop here every day?
You are smiling in those photos,
dad. You look good.
So are we really going
to the sports shop now?
Go inside and check out the bats.
I'll buy your gift.
Okay dad!
- What's up, Arjun?
How is Nani's practice going on?
Are you coming back from the ground?
Indian jersey...
- Yes, I have original jerseys.
Limited edition.
They are on sale.
How much is it?
- 500 rupees.
Nani's birthday is coming
up in two days. It's for him.
I'm a little low on money now.
If you give it to me now,
I will pay by the end of the month.
Look, Arjun.
I pay 10,000 rupees a month as rent.
5,000 rupees for bank loan.
Then the workers'
salaries and maintenance
comes up to 20,000 rupees.
Put yourself in my place and see.
Can you do it?
You are a good player, Arjun.
I respect you.
Because of that respect
I can only no to you.
Dad, did you get the jersey?
Nani, your size is
not in stock right now.
It will arrive in two days.
Dad will bring it for you.
This poster is your
birthday gift from me.
Thank you.
- God bless you, son.
Let's go.
Here you go.
You come here.
Why do I have to remind
you every day to pray?
Come on.
Nani, hurry up.
- Go, go, go.
Come on, we are late.
- Bye.
Get in. Take your bag.
Bye, dad.
- Bye.
I kept 100 rupees beside
the TV for the electricity bill.
The due date is gone.
If we don't pay they will
cut the power this evening.
I need to buy a gift
for Nani's birthday.
How much?
- 500 rupees.
Did you go to the lawyer?
No, I'll go today.
What's keeping you busy?
You watch cricket on TV
all day and smoke cigarettes.
You have nothing else to do.
Do you have any plans
to start working again?
The roof has been leaking for days.
I've been telling you since a month
to talk to the owner
and get it fixed.
Sarah, I need 500 rupees.
You have a son who
wants expensive things
but you don't have
a wife who earns that much.
Sorry, I don't have money.
Why are you lying to me?
I know you have
money in your account.
Oh, you know?
But I won't give you. Okay?
Pay the electricity
bill without fail.
And meet the lawyer...
Hey, Rajesh.
Not today. I've a lot of work to do.
Give us the keys.
Go do your work and come back.
Come inside.
- Hi.
We had a fight this morning.
That's why I brought alcohol.
No alcohol, please.
She said she'll come
early this evening.
Will you have rum?
Hi, boss.
- Hi.
What took you so long?
Who's that guy who's wearing
shades inside the house?
Where did you find him?
He came from Amalapuram
to become a hero.
I met him today morning.
He got a small role in a bar scene
so I brought him
here to rehearse for it.
The poor fellow looks naive.
He is naive but he is super rich.
He sponsored the drinks for today.
Cheers, man!
- Cheers!
Will you play?
No, I've work.
We are six of us.
You'll get 500 if you win it.
- I want to play too.
That's the spirit.
Let's show these guys
what you are capable of.
I almost forgot.
If you win you'll have to
forget the 100 rupees I owe you.
- Give him place. Sit down.
I didn't even start yet and
you are eyeing my prize.Sit down.
Cut it.
- Take it.
I don't drink alcohol, Arjun.
He said his friend is shooting a
bar scene so I'm practicing for it.
An actor needs dedication.
I'm sorry I didn't
introduce him to you.
He's Raju Babu, a movie actor.
Movie actor?
I thought his face looks familiar.
You remember the
movie we saw last week?
When the hero's friend dies,
he stands beside the coffin
and swears that he won't
rest until he kills the villains.
Who was in the coffin in that scene?
Our Raju Babu.
- Yes.
Did you see my face in the coffin?
And he says my face looks familiar.
Take a card.
Arjun, this house looks
like government quarters.
But it is filled
with cups and trophies.
Are you a sports person
or a government employee?
He was both at one
time but now he's neither.
What do you mean?
He quit cricket and
they fired him from the job.
How can they fire
you if you quit cricket?
No, Raju.
Do you remember two years ago
when there were complaints
about increased corruption
they did an investigation
and suspended 15 employees
from the Gowliguda FCI?
He was one of them.
The case is still in court.
Until the final verdict
comes out all the 15
employees are under suspension.
What about you, Raju?
Since when did you
want to become a hero?
When I was a little kid,
hero Nageshwar Rao
came to our village to
shoot for the movie Aaradhana.
Raju, you were talking
about Akkineni Nageshwar Rao's
movie this morning?
I thought you were referring
to Chiranjeevi's movie.
So you are from way back.
That's right. I got interested
in movies after I saw that shoot.
20% percent commission
or you'll forget yesterday's 100?
Yeah right.
Shall we play another game?
- I don't have money.
Give me the matchbox.
'The prime minister of
India Atal Bihari Vajpeyee...'
Dad, when will buy me the jersey?
Dad, I told my friends today
that you are buying
me a jersey for my birthday.
[indistinct news
playing on television]
Dad, jersey!
Dad, jersey! Dad, jersey!
What's that on your face?
Come here. Come to me.
Does it tickle here?
I said I'll buy it for you.
Indian jersey for his birthday...
I told you this morning.
I told you to talk to the owner.
Did you do that?
No, I'll talk to him tomorrow.
He never asked me
anything before, Sarah.
Did you go to the lawyer?
I'll go tomorrow.
Didn't you pay the electricity bill?
Why are you so irresponsible?
Don't you understand
what we are going through?
We haven't paid the
house rent in 3 months.
We are drowned in debts.
Next month we have
to pay Nani's school fee.
How can you be indifferent?
Dad! Some uncle came
and cut the power.
Let's light candles.
- Yes.
Arjun, you are next.
Where is Arjun?
- He went to the washroom.
He went to the washroom now?
He's the next batsman.
Do you think this is a joke?
Where are you going that side?
Washrooms are this way.
I'll bring him.
Arjun... Arjun...
It's your turn to bat.
Coach is angry. Come on.
He's calling you. Go.
One last kiss.
Now go. Go.
I said I want to kiss you.
It's your turn to bat.
Coach is angry. Come on.
Is It? Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
She's the reason he
plays so well every time.
Anyone can play well
with a warm-up like this.
Speak softly. He's a mad man.
What? Will he beat me up?
Arjun! Stop!
Arjun, no! Stop!
Stop! Let him go!
Hey, no! Stop!
Arjun! Arjun, let him go!
Hey! I said let him go!
Stop it! Let him go!
Will you kill him? He'll die!
Hey, wait!
Leave my hand!
Let him beat him up.
Don't stop him.
- We are getting late.
He doesn't do anything for me.
Let him do this.
Coach is calling him.
- Come back.
Come on.
We are getting late.
You ruined it. Get lost.
Meet me in the Cafe tonight.
He does this every time.
It's not enough to be a good player.
He needs to be disciplined.
You always defend him.
Ask him where he was.
I've seen many talented men like you
but I haven't seen anyone
who made it big without discipline.
I won't tolerate it if
you repeat this again. Go.
I said I've seen many talented
men like him, that's a lie.
I've never seen anybody
like him in my career.
He's different.
Dad, there's someone I love.
I need to tell you something.
- Yes, sir?
Bring me the sauce.
Pay attention.
I'm saying something very important.
Tell me.
I told my dad about us last night.
You told him?
What's that reaction?
What? You told him?
Don't overdo it. Now pay attention.
Please talk to dad once.
Or else, it will be
difficult for me to meet you.
What do I say at home every day?
I don't know if I can
convince him for our wedding.
If he sees you,
he'll definitely agree.
Drink it.
Open the bottle and drink all of it.
I've discussing an
important matter with you
and all you can
think of is the sauce.
Look at me.
- No.
Look at me.
- No.
Listen to me, Sarah.
Samosas are getting cold.
Get lost.
No, I can't take him into my home.
Dad, you don't even know him.
Just give him a chance.
Sarah, if my own daughter marries
a person from another religion
how can I face people?
Mr Paul, we are older ones.
If we think everything
through in a calm way
everything will fall in place.
We can't achieve
anything by being angry.
Arjun has no family,
but I'm there for him.
Ask him to convert.
No, dad. He will not.
- Okay...
No, I don't want Arjun
to change anything for me.
- I love him as he is.
No, dear.
Calm down. He's your father.
He just said it in his anger.
Why are you so mad about him?
He's a local cricketer after all.
Nothing more.
If he had any talent
he would've been selected
in the national team by now.
What did you say?
Do you have any sense?
What do you know about Arjun's game?
What is this?
- Sir, let's go.
How dare he!
What does he mean by that?
Sarah, where are you going? Wait!
- Leave it.
Are you going out of town?
I'll go take a shower.
Then we'll get married.
What's that wound? What happened?
I want to quit cricket, Sarah.
How can you quit cricket?
It's your life.
No, Sarah. I have you now.
That's enough for me.
Who is more important to you,
me or him?
Thank you.
Don't forget to go
to the lawyer today.
Getting lots of complaints nowadays.
What's happening with you all?
Good morning, sir!
What's your shift time?
8 o' clock, sir.
What's the time now?
- I'm sorry, sir.
There was no electricity
at home last night.
Deal with all your
personal problems at home.
If you can't solve them,
quit work and sit at home.
I don't want to listen to any of
those things here. - Okay, sir.
All of you, get back to your work.
Ignore it, Sarah.
You know how he is.
What's wrong? Another fight at home?
We don't shout or scream
at each other at home.
I shout, I feel bad, then I cry.
He wasn't like this
before our wedding, Laxmi.
Sometimes I feel responsible
for this change in him.
My folks were
pressurizing me at home
so I forced Arjun to marry me.
As soon as we got married
and settled down he quit cricket.
But later I realized
that he didn't just quit cricket
he stopped being the Arjun
that I fell in love with.
One, two, three...
There are 4 almonds in it.
You are very lucky.
I've been jobless for 2 years.
We constantly fight
at home about it.
I don't know any other work.
But if I get 4 almonds
in the almond milk worth
5 rupees I'm a very lucky man?
Yes, man. I got only 3.
- Yes.
I need some money.
I'll give them back in a month.
You've a lot of
expectations from me, man.
Do you know something?
I don't have money to
pay for this almond milk too.
You don't have money for it?
- No.
Then why did you
call me to drink it?
Don't be silly.
Just because the movie posters say
See it today, doesn't
mean you'll get free tickets.
You need to spend money to buy them.
It's the same.
Did you bring money?
No, sir.
- Then why did you come?
This girl joined work
as my new assistant.
My old assistant had
to take maternity leave.
I didn't make her pregnant.
I didn't even know
that she was married.
The reason I'm telling you this is
I met your friend when
that girl joined the job.
I told him to arrange 50,000 rupees
and I'll help him
to get his job back.
I've been telling him for two years.
But, he is a righteous man.
He doesn't want to do it.
Sir, he doesn't have money
even to buy almond milk...
I told you that I
did nothing wrong, sir.
I wasn't involved in it...
- Do you think that money is for me?
There won't be anything left for me.
I need to pay the policemen
auditor, food inspector
evidence room in-charge.
After paying all of them,
I'll hardly have 10,000 left.
Everybody that worked with you paid
the money and got their jobs back.
But I don't know why
you still don't get it.
Did you get it?
Yes, sir.
- What?
He lost his job because they
suspected him of taking bribes.
Now he has to give a
bribe to get his job back.
You've no money,
but have lots of attitude.
Sir, my job.
We've had three new
prime ministers this year.
If they can lose their posts,
you can lose your job too.
Man, why did you ask
me for money this morning?
Why do you need
money all of a sudden?
Tomorrow is Nani's birthday.
He asked me to buy a
jersey as a birthday gift.
It costs 500 rupees.
Okay, jersey is the t-shirt
that cricketers wear, right?
Idiot. You should use friends
like me for such things.
Come on, let's go to Koti.
Who needs 500 rupees?
We'll get a fantastic
jersey for 50 rupees.
An exact copy of the original.
Even Sachin Tendulkar can't
tell the difference. Let's go.
Get down. I said get down.
- But...
Never give me such
stupid ideas again.
He may not realize it,
but my heart knows what I gave him.
Okay, I've another idea. Let's go.
Let's go. I'll explain
it on the way. It's a good idea.
Come on, start.
Ask him.
Hurry up, guys. I've work.
I need some money.
I'll give it back in a month.
How much?
- 500 rupees.
Is that it?
Then why did you hesitate so much?
Nani's birthday.
Did I ask you the reason?
You worry too much.
I don't have that much cash.
Do one thing. Go home and
take from Paddu. I'll call her.
Paddu? There was a big
fight last time. It's okay.
She said those things
because she didn't know us.
Don't worry.
Go take it from her. I'll call her.
Let's do one thing.
I'll take it from you tomorrow.
I'm going to a camp tonight.
Take it day after tomorrow.
I'll be in the bank.
No need. Call her right now.
We'll take it from her.
Let's go.
- But...
Come to our sport after
you come back from the camp.
Let's go.
- Bye.
Should we ask Paddu again?
Who will dare to go inside
and ask Paddu for money?
Why is everyone looking at me?
I won't go.
Please, man.
Why are you trapping me?
I don't know why
they named her Paddu.
She literally keeps
account of everything.
Please, man.
Don't you remember what
a mess I made last time?
Same story. Anil went out
of town and we came here for...
Not every day is the same.
Think positive.
Okay. I'll ask her.
But you've to come with me.
Looks like it is your lucky day.
I think she'll give you
money without making a scene.
Do you think she'll
really give the money?
Yes. She might be counting it.
Is it nice?
Right. You don't have
money when I ask you.
But you always have money to give
it to your friends to eat and drink.
Where did you keep it?
I can't see it.
They owe us 10,000 rupees already.
Rajesh owes us 5,500.
Now he wants another 500?
Do they think this is a
bank to withdraw money any time?
A bank has fixed timings.
So what if they hear me?
Do you think I care?
I gave them a nice
scolding the other day
but they are here
again without shame.
But you don't want
me to say a single word.
Yes, I got the money.
Okay, I'll call you later.
Why did she say 5,500
when I owe them only 5,000?
Do you think she counted the
500 they gave me on my wedding day?
Okay, everyone remove
what they have.
- Give it to me.
You are all sorted
for tonight, my man.
You can buy a quarter bottle of rum
and half a pack of
cigarettes with this money.
Have a drink and
forget your worries.
Take it.
Oh my!
Where have you been?
I've been searching
for you since evening.
You are very lucky.
I told him that when I
counted the almonds this morning.
Come to the point.
Hyderabad Club versus New Zealand.
I told you about the
charity match, right?
I spoke about it yesterday
while having tea.
A batsman spot is vacant
in Hyderabad Club Team.
I spoke to them.
About what?
It was very difficult.
But they agreed since
it is a charity match.
Otherwise there was no chance.
I don't understand
what you are saying.
You are playing tomorrow.
All the board members
will see tomorrow's match.
Once they see you in action
they will definitely
make you the assistant coach.
After that you can happily
do what you like to do.
Sir, wait a minute.
I respect you a lot.
And thank you so much
for working so hard for me.
You mean you don't want to play?
Do you realize what
you are rejecting?
I don't want to go back there, sir.
Listen to me.
This is the right job for you.
I'm still an assistant
coach at this age.
But with your talent,
you can become the main coach.
I understood everything.
I'll talk to him.
Come with me.
- What...
What are you trying to do?
I've an idea. Mr Murthy
will surely have money. Ask him.
No, I can't do that.
It's okay.
It won't be worse than asking Paddu.
Ask him 600 rupees.
- Why 600?
100 bucks for us for
tagging along since morning.
Nobody has a bigger reason
than you to play tomorrow's match.
Others play such matches
for the 1,000 rupee match fee.
But nobody has real
interest in the game.
Mr Murthy, I convinced him.
You convinced him?
- Yes.
He agreed?
- Yes. He agreed.
You didn't agree when I spoke to you
but you listened to this idiot.
But it's okay.
- But sir...
Go home, take your
kit and come to the ground.
- I'll change and come.
We'll practice two hours.
Don't worry about it.
They won't telecast the
match on national television.
Just go and hit a square
cut and a cover drive.
We'll get 1,000 rupees.
500 for you and 500 for us.
Shall we go?
- Yes.
Come soon. We'll wait at the ground.
Hurry up. 500 for us, right?
- Let's go.
Mom and I are here.
We are inviting aunt
for my birthday tomorrow.
Wow! An SG bat! Is it yours, dad?
Where's mom?
- She's coming.
Where are you going?
Hurry up. Mom is coming.
Come on, hurry up.
Nani, will you drink Horlicks?
- No.
[cricket playing on television]
Let me come with you, dad, please.
No, I'll get very late.
You go to sleep.
Please, dad. Let me come.
I've never seen you bat.
Please, dad, please.
Sarah, I'm going
to a movie with Rajesh.
Movie? I want to come too.
Please, dad, please.
- Take him along.
He has a holiday tomorrow.
- Please, dad, please.
Please, dad, please, please, please.
Okay, come on.
- Yeah!
Who's that? You rascal!
What does rascal mean?
It means all the best.
There's a place where
your dad and I go often.
I'll take you there. Come on.
Yeah! Let's go!
Thank you, mom!
- Oh.
Good morning, birthday boy.
Happy birthday.
How's the toy?
Hey, listen. Brush your teeth.
Go and hurry up, okay?
I'll keep this there.
Happy birthday.
Thank you, dad!
After the match,
on our way back home
we'll stop at uncle's
shot to buy the jersey.
I made dal and curry.
Cook rice one hour before eating.
All the best!
Thank you, sir.
- Come on, Nani.
Hey... Stop it... Stop it...
Stop! Now dance!
Stop! Let's go. Let's go.
Some new player.
- Really?
Now stop.
Arjun, you haven't met him, right?
Nandu. No. 1 batsman in the club.
Arjun. Ex Ranji player.
I'm sure you heard about him.
I didn't.
Then remember it.
He might be the assistant
coach in our club very soon.
Oh. Is he playing?
Where were you hiding till now?
Were you sitting and waiting
for Gavaskar to retire?
By the way, you said he
might be the assistant coach.
I hope there's no
danger to your position.
If he focuses fully on the game your
position will be gone, not mine.
Stop it, guys.
I said stop it. Go to your seats.
Nani, go sit with them.
- Okay.
It's a big match for
Hyderabad Cricket Association.
Hey, John Spearman! Look!
So, Hyderabad versus
New Zealand at LB Stadium.
Let's head to the toss.
Shall we?
- Yes.
- That's tails.
You won the toss.
- I think we'd like to bat.
Good luck!
- Okay.
The atmosphere today at
the stadium is unbelievable.
John Spearman,
captain of the New Zealand presenting a cheque to
the chairman of Hope Foundation.
The money would
be going towards the
under privileged children
for their education.
Look at that!
Beautiful as they walk out.
Spearman and Andrew are opening
the batting for New Zealand.
They would like to use
this match to get used to
the conditions
of the sub-continent.
Almost like a practice match
for New Zealand this must be.
Hyderabad would like
to give a tough fight
this being their home ground.
John Spearman opening
the batting and
Nivas ready to bowl
the first ball now.
Watch it. Watch it.
- That's driven
handsomely to the off side.
First boundary coming
of the first ball.
New Zealand, on the mark.
Hyderabad giving away runs.
Oh, that's a bold shot again done
brilliantly, and that's a four.
Let's see if these
fireworks continue.
Here he goes again. That's a six.
Wonderful! Really wonderful!
Here he goes again.
Bang out of the ground.
Hyderabad doesn't
look pleased at all.
They haven't got a
single breakthrough yet.
Listen, ask him to
cover up those drums.
We won't need them today.
New Zealanders have
been having a run party.
They are only dealing
with boundaries.
Andrew going in for the big hits.
And that's a boundary too
which brings up to 50 for Andrew.
What an innings this has been!
The coach is very happy.
That's it! Oh, yes!
That's brilliant timing!
He's the man.
Good throw, dad!
Come on!
Catch it!
- He hasn't timed that one.
Gone straight to Nandan Reddy.
For a second it looked
like he dropped it.
First wicket for Hyderabad.
New Zealand setting
a big total here.
That's a grand total
set by New Zealand
and more runs are
being added to the total.
Hit straight for a six.
Hyderabad has a huge
task at their hands.
They need to hit
332 to win the match.
Should I get the drums?
- Not yet. Wait.
Pitch is too bouncy.
They are hitting all boundaries.
So, boys.
At least give them a tough fight.
Don't go down so easily, okay?
We need 6.5 runs per over.
Nandu, do well.
Keep going. Keep going.
- Yes?
Arjun is a good player.
Shall we send him
in the first round?
Oh. Will you join in the next round?
Boys, get going. Get going.
And I want all the
boys to play well.
Okay now?
Huge responsibility
on the two opening batsman.
Nandan and Srikanth.
Hyderabad needs a good start.
They should make
the most of the field
restrictions in the first 15 overs.
First ball.
That crosses the boundary.
Good shot!
Good shot.
James Wheeler in attack.
Oh, that hits the pad.
New Zealand appeals
and up goes the finger.
Hyderabad loses its first
wicket quite early in the match.
- Yes?
Send Arjun for batting...
- Oh God!
Mr Murthy, don't start again.
- Captain!
Required run rate is rising
and the captain of Hyderabad
Ravinder comes in.
That's timed sweetly and
the ball goes to the boundary.
That's wonderful.
Ball is racing to the boundary.
50 partnership between
Nandan and Ravinder.
Nandan 2 runs away
from a half century.
That's hit to the leg
side and that's a boundary.
Nandan Reddy completes
a half century.
Sir, are you playing?
Then I'll go get all our guys.
Oh, that's a hard hit.
The fielder gets a finger on
it but the ball goes to the ground.
Should I play the drums now?
Wait. I'll tell you when to play.
Just wait.
Goes again.
Ball is in the air he should get it.
It's caught.
Hyderabad loses a second wicket and
captain Ravinder walks
back to the pavilion.
I told you.
Sir... Sir...
If another wicket falls...
If you trouble me like this,
I'll walk out of the ground.
Please. I can't take it.
New Zealand seems
to be in control here.
And that's bowled.
Can you believe that?
Hyderabad loses another wicket.
What bowling!
Sir! Send him.
Yes! Arjun, come on, pad up.
Wheeler has got two wickets
in the last two balls.
He's on a hatrick.
Let's see if he can do it.
Arjun is the new batsman at No.
5 for Hyderabad.
36 year old and ex Ranji player and
facing the hatrick delivery.
Can he save Hyderabad
from embarrassment?
Wheeler running to bowl.
Will he get another wicket?
Oh, that's a hit. What a stroke!
Denying a hatrick to Wheeler,
ball races to the boundary.
Good shot, dad!
That is as good as anything
from anybody at any time.
Not an easy ball to play.
But he actually middles it.
Come on, boys. - Can Wheeler
get a wicket this time?
Oh, he has hit it straight.
That's a good shot!
And the ball is racing
to the boundary.
Hit the next ball and show me, mate.
Come on, man. Send him back.
But Wheeler is an
experienced bowler.
It's not that easy to attack him.
I'm sure Wheeler is going
to answer back definitely
with his next ball.
Last ball of this
over goes to Wheeler.
Gone for a full toss and
that has been hit high in the air...
Bro! Now get the drums out.
Go ahead.
What a shot!
And again.
Well played.
It's going, going and gone.
Oh, what a performance
this is already
thanks to this man Arjun.
But it all depends on
these two players on the field.
Chakri hits another shot.
50 partnership for Arjun and
Chakri bringing hope to Hyderabad.
Oh, he smashes it again.
The ball races to the boundary.
And it's a four.
Hyderabad needs just
45 runs in 30 balls.
That's a four again.
Change of bowling.
He's going front foot
misses it and that's out.
Chakravarti walking
back to the pavilion.
New batsman for Hyderabad.
Come on, mate.
Come on, boys. Let's get another.
Bowled him. That's a nice strike.
The game now slipping
away from Hyderabad.
Oh, that's bowled again.
Hyderabad now in trouble.
8 wickets down. Vittal walks back.
Change of bowling.
Praveen, the new batsman.
Hit it in the air.
There's a man out there...
Catch it! Catch it!
- Will he be able to catch it?
And... Yes, he caught the ball.
Hyderabad loses its 9th wicket.
Now this game is getting
really interesting.
It's getting really close.
Hyderabad needs 18
runs from just 9 balls.
Arjun on strike.
That's front foot,
he hits it in the air
and the ball flies above the
fielder into the stands for a six.
Now just 12 runs
needed from 8 balls.
2 balls left of the over.
He goes again.
It goes high into the air.
Is it caught? No, that's a six.
Yes, come on!
Catch it! Come on, run!
It looks like this
man Arjun is going
to finish off this
match in this over.
Last ball of the over.
Here he goes again.
It's a massive hit.
Is it going to be a six?
Just short of the boundary,
it's a four.
Hyderabad just needs 2 runs.
This is nail biting.
Come on, boys. Nice and sharp, yeah.
Fielders closing in the circle.
First ball of the last over.
Trick shot.
Serve another one.
Just 2 runs needed from 4 balls.
Pressure building, third ball.
Now only 3 deliveries remain.
Hyderabad so close, yet so far.
We need to make 2 runs in 3 balls.
Try to do it. Don't panic.
Can he take a single and
give back the strike to Arjun?
Yes, he connects the ball this time.
No, no, no!
- Arjun says no!
Go, go, go back!
Sahil is going back. Will he be out?
And New Zealand misses
a chance to finish off the game.
No one seems happy.
A terrible misunderstanding
from Sahil.
Just 2 balls remaining.
He has connected the ball.
Are they going to go for a run?
- No, no!
The fielder picks it up.
The ball is thrown towards Arjun.
Is he going to make it?
- That's a run out!
Hyderabad cannot believe it.
New Zealand relieved.
They have won the match.
A brilliant over by Wheeler.
Such a close match for Hyderabad.
Yes, they almost won the match.
Hyderabad couldn't
have lost this match after
such an amazing innings by Arjun.
Yes, he came in when
there was no hope left.
He must be thinking
If only I got that single.
New Zealand team
appreciating his efforts.
Yes, this man deserves
all the applause.
Well done, Arjun.
He played so well.
Let's meet the committee members.
I think they will want
to give you a cheque.
Please ask for cash, even
if it's a bit difficult to count.
You won't have that trouble.
This is a charity match.
We won't get a single rupee.
No? - They will give
everything to charity.
Charity? - You are pulling
Rajesh's leg, right?
Why would I pull his leg?
The players' fees,
tickets, sponsorship
everything will
go to Hope Foundation.
It's a charity match.
Otherwise why would New
Zealand Team play with our club?
Let's go. There is no change in you.
Your technique, balance and flow
it's exactly the
same as 10 years ago.
All the committee members
are talking about you.
The assistant coach's
job is in your bag.
You played brilliantly, Arjun.
- Stop it, sir!
Why do you like to torture me?
Don't you get it? I don't
have place for cricket in my life.
I don't want cricket,
or this assistant coach's job.
The man before you
is not the cricketer Arjun.
I have a wife and a son...
Nani, let's go.
Dad, your kit! Dad, your kit!
Why didn't you tell me
before that you play so well?
Your square cuts were too good, dad.
Dad, we crossed uncle's shop.
Dad! Dad! We crossed it!
Dad! Will you buy the
jersey from somewhere else?
Answer me, dad. Answer me.
Dad, jersey.
Dad, jersey. Dad, jersey.
Have you gone mad?
- Dad, jersey. Dad...
Hi, Karthik.
- Bye, daddy.
Why are you sitting here?
Please welcome the
guests and make them sit.
I already ate two chocolates.
Hey... What happened?
How did you get hurt?
I got hit by a ball this morning.
Did he have to play
cricket today as well?
My poor baby got
hurt on his birthday.
Sarah just went inside, Arjun.
Were you looking for me?
Take these also
and go sell them. Go.
Were you stealing from
your wife in your own home?
Every time I think that
you can't stoop any lower
you prove me wrong.
I've been strict with
money because I thought that
if I save 1,000 rupees
from my salary every month
we can pay the lawyer
and get your job back.
How can we live if you
keep quitting like this in life?
Every time I see you
being so disinterested in life
you make me think that
this is all my fault.
I can't sleep at nights.
I'm talking to you. Say something.
Did you see that?
You give up and you
walk away every single time.
You are doing the same
thing with your life too.
Every time you get hurt,
you run away.
I'm afraid that someday
you will find it difficult
to live with me and leave me.
When mom asked you how you got hurt
why didn't you tell
her that I hit you?
She will think that
I'm telling lies.
Nobody will believe that you hit me.
Okay, you go home.
Come soon, dad.
Kiran! Come on!
Come on, keep playing.
How dare you shout at me?
In the past I would've made
you run 10 rounds of the ground.
I'm your father's age.
But I smoke with you,
so that makes us friends.
Don't worry about it.
I already forgot about it.
You are right, sir.
I can't live outside this rope.
I knew it. I knew it.
You were born for this game.
We'll meet Mr Ramaraju tomorrow.
If you can get the assistant
coach's position it will be great.
The salary is less,
but you will love the job.
Not a coach, sir.
A player.
- You heard right.
I want to play again.
I want to play for the Indian Team.
Arjun, look...
- I don't want to die every day.
You are 36 years old now, Arjun.
That's the retiring
age in professional sports.
I found myself when I was
searching for 500 rupees
in the last 3 days.
I saw the past 36 years of my life.
I didn't understand
myself in all these years
but I finally found
myself in the last 3 days.
No, sir. I don't want this life.
Even though you have
the desire to play
you are physically
unfit to compete, Arjun.
I've been disappointing
every person who believed in me
and believed that
I'll achieve something
great in my life.
You, Sarah, my friends, everyone.
Do you know when I finally
walked with my head held high again?
This morning. When I came
out of the ground after the match.
When I saw my son there.
I will do anything you ask of me.
But I don't want
to bend my head again.
I'll start my life again
which stopped 10 years ago.
I'll do whatever it takes
to be in the Indian cricket team.
He's not the coach,
I think he's a player. Sit down.
How can he be a player?
Good stroke.
Did Coach come? What did he say?
He hasn't come yet.
- Am I late?
You played well yesterday.
I'm Ramappa Gouda.
Coach and selection committee member
from Karnataka Cricket Board.
Hyderabad Team, please fall in line.
Rajesh, right hand batsman.
- Hi.
Ravi, right arm off spin, sir.
- Hello.
Srikanth, opening batsman.
- All the best.
Madhav, right hand batsman, sir.
Ajith, bowler, sir.
- Very good.
Hey! You are the assistant
coach Murthy, right?
I thought Murthy is an older man.
You actually look very young.
Arjun, right hand batsman.
Oh. Okay.
Boys, on to the nets.
- Yes, sir.
Come on, bowl.
That's a good ball.
Good, next!
Next time play forward. Okay?
Hey, not you. Next.
Good. That's it for the day, boys.
See you tomorrow.
- Shall we go?
Everyone is busy, sir.
They asked you to come later.
Take it.
Why do you want to play
when you can teach others?
At least he's doing something.
What about you?
Shut up! Don't give him mad ideas.
- Yeah right.
I told you everyone is busy, sir.
Why do you want to come every day?
- You asked me the other day.
I don't want it.
Hi, Arjun. What a surprise!
You came at the right time. Come in.
It's okay, sir. I'll wait here.
Don't worry, Arjun.
Murthy explained everything.
Come in, let's talk.
We appointed two
new coaches this time.
You go through this list
once and give me suggestions.
This guy's batting
track record is good.
Hyderabad hasn't won
the Ranchi cup since 10 years.
This time we are
very serious about it.
The one sitting in
the corner seat is Atul.
Bombay Team Coach.
And he's the reason
Bombay Team has been
winning the Ranchi
cup for the past 3 years.
The one standing is Gouda.
Karnataka Team Coach.
I met him in the
ground the other day.
Oh. You already know him.
Let me do this formally.
- 74.
Do you remember Arjun?
Ex Ranchi player. Retired.
He's going to join as the Assistant
Coach in our supporting staff.
Sir, not as a coach, as a player.
I want to play again, sir.
Wait outside.
He's the one who came
in when we were in a meeting.
Yes, sir. His name is Arjun.
1979 to 85, he played for Ranchi,
Tulin and South Zone.
I underestimated him too.
But look at his records.
Impeccable records
in first class matches.
Highest batting
average in the country.
Amazing talent. Fantastic batsman.
And wonderful technique.
If he was really
as talented as you say
he would be in the team,
not on the screen.
So, don't waste my time.
Sir, he might've had
many reasons to quit.
Please see the recording
of the charity match
with New Zealand Team.
Gouda, please stop
this nonsense, really.
He is bloody 36 years old.
What will be the use
even if we select him?
But if we give that
place to a youngster
it will be a good opportunity
in the national team.
We need players who have long scope.
What's so funny?
Do you know actor Rajesh Khanna?
I remembered a dialogue
from his movie Anand.
Tell me.
Sir, life should be big, not long.
In fact, if you meet Rajesh Khanna
you'll argue with him too, right?
But trust me.
He is really fantastic.
Into the nets. Pad up.
Good ball, man. Good ball.
This guy is good.
You should watch his...
Can I borrow your gloves?
- Sorry, man.
Arjun, we don't have all day.
Come on.
Where's your glove?
- Swing the ball.
I can't find it, sir.
Do you think this is a joke?
Get out!
What is this?
Super, bro!
That's it.
One second.
I can't find it, sir.
That's it.
You should've seen his face...
If this had happened a week ago
I would've laughed along with you.
But now I don't have that much time.
If you mess with me again...
If you two misbehave again
you'll never step
into the stadium again.
Leave the room.
Let's go.
That girl Ramya. She's a journalist.
She wrote this article.
There was a long discussion about it
in the association
meeting yesterday.
About this?
They are very serious
about Ranchi trophy this year.
Atul and Gouda
selected 35 probables.
After two months of training camp
they will finalize
15 for the Ranchi team.
Don't be so happy.
They can eliminate
you whenever they want
during the two months' training.
Did they select me?
Why are you smiling?
I told you they can eliminate
you whenever they want.
I told you there's
no need to be so excited.
Fauja Singh. Running. Age 84.
Ed Earle. Kayaking.
Age 40.
Oscar Swahn. Shooting. Age 60.
There are many successful
people in every sport
who didn't let their
age be an obstacle.
Do you know how?
Age is just a number.
Deep inside they are always young.
I don't know where
this road will lead to.
But you are definitely
unfit to start the journey.
I want the Arjun of 10 years ago.
If you want to play
for the Indian you've to play well
for the Ranchi Trophy.
You should be seen by the selectors.
I'll do whatever you tell me.
Okay, let's go.
Have you gone mad?
Why did you write about him?
It's just an article. Leave it.
- I can't.
You humiliated me.
Go apologize to him.
Thank you.
What was that?
- I don't know.
Why didn't you stop him?
What did you do?
You said you want the
Arjun of 10 years ago.
Hey! Is this what I asked you to do?
Should I serve you dinner?
I'm not hungry. I'll eat later.
Dad, should I tell you something.
I told you that Coach
made Rahul the captain
because he has an
Indian jersey, right?
He's not the captain now.
He has been removed.
I thought he was made
captain because of his jersey.
But that's not true.
I asked you for a jersey,
but I don't want it now.
It doesn't help to become a captain.
You said Vishal had a jersey,
not Rahul.
Sorry, dad.
You didn't cause the
fight between mom and me.
So, boys. We finish the
two months' training with today.
It's time to announce the top 15.
But you've to wait one
more day to know the results.
Before the results,
I want to congratulate all you boys
for the fantastic job.
All the best!
Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
They'll announce the
results this evening.
Are you worried?
Are you?
- Just a little. Not very.
Don't worry even if I don't
get selected. We'll try again.
Are you telling
me to believe in you?
Even if I had a son,
I wouldn't have believed in him
more than I believe in you.
I'm not able to handle
stress like before.
I can't come today evening.
Come home after getting the results.
I'll bring rum. We'll enjoy it.
Remember one thing.
No matter what happens this evening
I'm always proud of you.
You are the best cricketer
I've seen in my career.
That includes present
Indian cricket team.
I'm telling you. My name
will be in the list. I know it.
He's so over confident.
Let's see the results.
Let me see it.
Calm down.
Let me see...
Okay, see you later. Bye.
Good job, Arjun.
Ravinder, I wish you and
your team all the very, very best.
Play well.
- Thank you so much, sir.
Sridhar, get in.
- Bye, dad.
Nandu, come on.
- See you, mom.
Come on, get inside.
Bye, dad.
- Bye.
Take care.
Okay, bye.
Bye, dad. Bye-bye.
Bye. Take care.
- Bye, dad.
Happy journey, dad. Bye.
Hyderabad shouldn't
have chosen to bat first.
Yes, the ball has
been swinging a lot here.
They are 78 for 3.
It is just start of the day.
They've already lost Nandan Reddy,
Raghu and Vijay.
Balaji is bowling
a brilliant spell here.
Just missed. That was close.
Good job.
- He's really making the ball taught
and the Hyderabad captain
Ravinder is struggling.
That is caught behind.
Appeal and the finger goes up.
He take another wicket and...
Captain of Hyderabad.
He's walking back to the pavilion.
Arjun, pad up.
You are going in next.
Okay, sir.
Arjun, just stay at the crease.
It's okay if you
don't make a single run
even after playing the whole day.
But you've to be there
till the very end of the day.
Yes, sir.
- All the best!
Hyderabad cannot afford
to lose anymore wickets.
Arjun, defend. Don't attack.
Srikanth is the next batsman.
Oh, looks like they are
sending a different player.
Come on.
Be careful with this bowler. Okay?
He by far has to
be the oldest player
in this Ranchi season 1996.
Let stump, Umpire.
All of 36 years.
Let's see if he can bring any
of his experience into this match.
Well, Arjun seems to be
checking the field placement here.
Ready to face his
first ball of the match.
Pitched up and it's in the air.
Will this be another wicket?
No, it beats the fielder
and that's a six.
Good job!
Unorthodox indeed!
I mean who hits a
six on the first ball
on day one of a 4 day Ranchi match?
Well, you know what,
Shashi, Arjun was also
one of the highest run scorers
in the 86-87 Ranchi season.
Ball in the air again.
Will this be a boundary? Yes!
It's out of the
boundary and it's a six!
Can he get a hatrick?
We'll have to wait and see.
Well, Balaji is certainly
not pleased with that one.
He wouldn't have seen that coming.
Arjun is scanning
the ground for any gap.
Yes, he goes for it again
hitting straight over the bowler
and this one goes farther
than the previous two shots.
What an amazing innings
he has been playing.
Good shot!
- Brilliant!
Second boundary of the over.
More runs. This is turning
out to be a good partnership
between Arjun and James Noyal.
And that shot brings his 50.
Hit again for a four.
That's another boundary.
Just 4 runs away from a century.
That's a single.
What an innings he's been playing!
And now just 3 runs
away from hitting a century.
Oh, he hit it again, the
fielder couldn't stop the ball and
the ball hits the boundary
and that brings a century for Arjun.
Keep going. Keep going, Arjun.
Hyderabad batsman
Arjun's batting has been
very entertaining even
for Tamil Nadu supporters.
What an innings it has been!
Absolutely unbelievable!
Good job, Arjun! Good job!
- Well played, Arjun!
Good job, Arjun! Superb!
Good job, James!
- Very good!
Well played.
- Congratulations!
Well played, Arjun.
- Good game, James.
Did you see his range of shots?
Are you thinking
that you played well?
You put the whole team at
risk with your batting adventure.
What did I tell you?
You said the wicket shouldn't
fall till the end of the day.
Well played.
Good shot, Arjun!
Mom! Mom! Mom! Dad's photo.
- You are getting late for school.
Read me what it says.
In an unexpected
result Hyderabad batsman
Arjun made Hyderabad win.
Thank you.
- Wait a minute.
Hyderabad Team defeated Andhra
Pradesh Team with 4 wickets.
Arjun scored 154 runs...
- Your dad!
We are in the lead now.
- Congrats, Mr Murthy!
And the actual
tournament starts now.
Well done, boys!
Hello, Hotel Taj!
How can I help you?
A player in your mind?
- Yeah,
I've a player in my mind.
His name is Yuvraj.
And he's from Punjab.
He made 3 centuries
against Tamil Nadu Team.
Oh. 3 centuries? That's good.
- He took 20 wickets also.
Hello, sir!
- Any updates?
Mumbai on top, as usual.
Also sir,
there's a player from Hyderabad
you should make note of.
- Arjun.
Right hand batsman
from Team Hyderabad.
Hey, catch the ball.
Nani! Your dad was
in the papers again today.
Okay, you go do fielding.
Ramya, please understand.
I can't do this.
Nandu, just one hour.
- Why don't you understand?
Even one hour is not possible. Okay?
It's really not your fault.
It is Nandu's fault.
But still,
stay close and fight with him.
Don't go away.
It's very difficult
to deal with such situations
if we don't have the support
of our dear ones, Ramya.
No matter how much
Sarah and I fought
she always supported me.
She took it upon herself
to care for the family.
If she hadn't believed in me
I wouldn't be playing
like this today.
Trust me.
He needs you more than ever.
I really like your game, Arjun.
Your every shot is so perfect.
Like... Straight from the text book.
If I practice,
maybe I can play like you.
The way you spoke to Ramya
that day that I can't do.
Arjun, I'm sorry for what I did.
Let's play for the team.
Your client Arjun's
photo is in the papers, sir.
Work on your fitness first.
You'll always hit fours and sixes?
No singles?
Every single is important.
Now run 5 runs of this ground.
Run. Come on, go.
Hyderabad is going to semi finals.
Yes! We'll win the cup this time!
Boys! Boys!
Boys! Hold it! Hold it! Hold it!
It's too early for celebration.
'He doesn't let us have
fun even for 5 minutes.'
I'll get changed. We'll go out.
What will you have, sir?
Two teas.
Do you remember this place?
I remember the table too.
I'm very sorry.
I did a mistake.
I said many hurtful things to you.
I'm very sorry.
It's okay.
We won't have any
problems in our life now.
Everything will be normal.
Not just normal, we'll be happy.
Dad came home.
He said he'll give us 50,000.
You go and pay the
lawyer immediately.
I'll resign right away.
I can't work there anymore.
Happily, let's just
go back to our normal life.
It's been so long since
we all had a good laugh at home.
Did you take money from your dad?
Please don't be angry with me.
I didn't take it.
Dad just said he'll give it to us.
We don't have to take it
if you don't want to. Just leave it.
It's okay.
No. It's not about money.
You don't believe in me, do you?
Don't you dare say that, Arjun!
Don't you dare say that!
I left my family and
came to live with you.
Don't you dare say that!
I don't want any of these things.
I just need a simple life.
You, me and Nani, that's it.
I just want you back, that's it.
I don't care about what's
going on in your game.
You can't do anything
now no matter how hard you try.
You had your chance
and it's over now.
I heard this many times, Sarah.
You can't do anything.
You can't do anything.
I felt very sad
every time I heard it.
But hearing it from
you is making me scared.
I'm scared that maybe
I won't be able to do anything.
I'm angry with you for
the first time in my life.
That's hit hard.
The ball is going, going and gone.
The ball has gone
out of the ground and...
Another six by Arjun!
What an innings this
is turning out to be!
The ball is going
to the boundary again.
A fielder is...
Oh, the fielder stopped it.
Hyderabad, very close
to winning the semi finals.
Another century for
Arjun in the tournament.
Hey! Congrats, man!
- Did he injure himself?
I think they should
call for the physio.
- Yeah, they are. Is he alright?
Oh no, he doesn't
look very alright to me.
Must be dehydration.
These weather conditions
can get really tough on you.
He refuses to get aid.
Well, he seems to be doing okay now.
And he lifts his
bat for his century.
Well, what a man! What an innings!
Well played, Arjun!
Hey, champion!
Well played.
I don't feel good, sir.
Shall we go to the hospital?
I don't think there's
anything to be worried about.
It may be because
of too much strain.
It will be good to
get a TMT and 2D Echo.
Doctor, we've the Ranji
finals match in Mumbai next week.
Is it okay for him to play?
First get these tests done.
How can you say that, sir?
There's no need to worry, dear.
That's what the doctor said.
The selectors are coming
to the match next week.
This match is very
important to Arjun.
Otherwise all his efforts
till date will go waste.
He's lying on the bed without
knowing what his condition is.
How can you talk
about next week's match?
Sarah, please.
Please let me talk.
The doctor prescribed
some tests, right?
We've to wait till the
month end to get my salary
to get those tests done.
What is he doing leaving
me and Nani at home?
Why are you still giving
him false hope, sir?
I think it's time for you to decide.
Do you want me and Nani
or do you want cricket?
If you want cricket,
we won't be in your life anymore.
You decide.
Hi, Arjun.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Does your family
always smile like this?
Dad, there are paint
brushes in the cupboard.
Will you get them for me?
I can't reach them.
Come on.
I gave Sachin's poster to Raju.
None of my friends had
their dads' photo in the papers.
I have this photo.
So I gave Sachin's poster to Raju.
Dad, won't you play cricket again?
You tell me. Should I play or not?
Play, dad. You play very well.
You look like a hero.
Sarah madam! Sarah madam!
Nani went outside to play.
I can't live like this, Sarah.
I just can't.
I'm not doing it to spite you.
Do you know something?
If anyone lends me money
they don't ask it back.
Do you know why?
Not because they like me.
Because they are convinced
that I can't pay them back.
The people I know and
the people who know me
gave up hopes on me long back.
Once upon a time I
was a good cricket player.
Now I'm a loser.
It's not their fault
that they think that.
Because I was like that.
In this big world, the only
one who didn't judge me till date
is my son.
He doesn't care whether
his dad is working or not
earning or not,
whether he's successful or not.
I'm his dad. That's it.
He never asked me anything
till today, Sarah.
I don't know why
he asked me to buy him a jersey.
But I couldn't buy him that.
Do you know what my fear is?
If I stay like this, maybe
he'll view me like others one day.
He told me earlier
that I look a hero to him
when I play cricket.
I can't bear it if he
thinks any less of me, Sarah.
Let me go, Sarah.
I'm not angry with you.
Should I tell you
whom I'm angry with?
The Arjun who sits
on the sofa every day and
watches cricket
without doing any work.
The Arjun who couldn't
fulfill Nani's small wish.
The Arjun who makes
you cry in the kitchen.
I'm not angry with you, Sarah.
Not at all.
You'll be tired tomorrow if
you travel all night in the train.
Morning 5 am flight.
I booked a hotel
with the travel desk.
Please stay the night with
me without thinking anything.
Who is more important to you?
Me or Nani?
Don't lie to me.
RANJI FINAL - 1996-97
Welcome to the Wankhede
Stadium, Mumbai.
This is day one of
the Ranji finals between
Mumbai and Hyderabad.
This is the match both the teams
have been waiting for. - My dad!
And this is the decider...
- Look, our Arjun!
It's a full house and
first ever day and night
Ranji match in the history
of Ranji Tournament.
Home ground for Mumbai
and Mumbai won the toss
and elected to bat.
This is a crucial toss to win, and
the wicket will get tougher
as the match progresses.
First ball,
and Mumbai gets off the mark.
That is driven. The ball
races to the boundary. It's a four.
Straight down the ground.
Another four.
Hyderabad cannot believe it.
Easy runs, goes into the crowd.
Oh, bowled him.
Finally a wicket for Hyderabad.
Spectacular innings by the batsman.
It's Day 2 and Mumbai
is boasting a massive score.
That's another six.
- Wonderful!
Good shot!
- More runs for Mumbai.
That's a massive score.
All the best!
- Let's do it.
Three slips and a gully.
Shammi bowling the first ball.
What a bouncer!
Oh! He didn't know where it went!
That is bowled.
Bowled again.
He just knows what he's doing.
Shammi gets another wicket.
Hyderabad Team total 45
for 4 at the end of the Day 2.
Day 3 of the Ranji finals.
And Hyderabad needs a savior.
Will Arjun come to their rescue?
No, it's not him.
Shammi knocks over Arjun.
Mumbai is celebrating.
Walking back to the pavilion
the danger man Arjun departs.
Another wicket for Hyderabad
and they are falling down
like a house of cards.
Bowled him.
- Takes the catch.
- The finger goes up.
That's a catch in the wind.
Catch it.
Clicked away for a four.
Runs are pouring for Mumbai.
Pulled away for another boundary.
Mumbai in a comfortable
lead and on the verge of
winning the match
and the Ranji Tournament.
What's with your useless fielding?
That's more than enough
for your useless bowling.
No matter what we say now or
how hard we play it's all in vain.
We saw how those guys are playing.
There's no chance that
we can win the match.
All our hard work for the
past 6 months is all in vain?
It's a great achievement
for us to reach here.
47 overs and 352 is the target, sir.
Required run rate is 7.47.
Even if the match is a draw,
as per the innings rule
Mumbai's first innings
score is more, so they will win.
If we want to win the match,
we've to chase this target.
Last day the pitch was
very unpredictable, sir.
352 in 47 overs is very hard.
Change in plans for Hyderabad.
Arjun who bats for
Hyderabad on fourth round
is now opening
alongside Nandan Reddy
in the second innings.
Mumbai has a lead of 351 runs and
boy, they must be happy.
So close to winning the
Ranji Tournament here in Mumbai.
They must be celebrating.
Wonderful really, Mumbai.
You know, they started celebrating.
Hyderabad has to
do something magical
if they want to win this match.
And 351 runs in just
47 overs on a Day 4 pitch
seems just beyond possible.
Arjun at the batting
end and Shammi all ready
to bowl the first ball
of the second innings.
Oh, that's a deadly bouncer.
Shammi attacking with the ball.
Shammi trying to play it dirty.
Trying to distract the batsman.
Does the batsman have
a reply to that one?
Oh, pulled perfectly.
What a terrific shot!
That's a 50 partnership
for Arjun and Nandan Reddy.
Oh, great shot!
They need those singles.
Good running between the wickets.
And good understanding
between the batsmen as well.
That is played to the off side.
A call for the second.
More running between the wickets.
And Arjun gets to his half century.
This man is making
his intentions quite clear.
What a crucial innings!
Doesn't dad lift his
bat when he completes 50 runs?
No, he lifts it only
when he makes a century.
Will Hyderabad have a chance here?
230 runs required out of 210 balls.
Oh, front foot, and misses the ball.
The keeper doesn't
miss the opportunity.
The finger goes up
and Nandan Reddy departs.
Hyderabad looking to keep
up with the required run rate.
Another four.
The ball goes high in the air.
A fielder coming in, and it's taken.
James throws his wicket away.
Oh, Ravinder completely
misses that one.
That is hit hard.
The ball is traveling
over the boundary.
This man Arjun hits
all around the park.
Come on, man.
Come on, we need a wicket.
Arvind Chopra is ready to bowl.
How will Arjun get to his century?
That is an unbelievable hit.
Will this go all the way?
There's a fielder coming under it.
He doesn't reach it. That's a six.
Arjun hits yet another a century!
- What an innings!
I think Hyderabad needed that boost.
Well played, Arjun!
Clearly my man of the tournament.
The question is,
does Hyderabad have a chance here?
Hyderabad is doing
the right thing here.
Taking runs between the wickets
not leaving any
opportunity to do so.
More running between the wickets.
The ball races to the boundary.
Well driven.
Hit straight for a six.
Just a little touch of the bat.
Shammi blocking the way
but Arjun manages to
reach the crease in time.
That is the most I've seen him run.
He usually deals in boundaries.
Today is another story.
He knows the importance
of singles at this moment.
Every run counts and every
run takes him closer to the target.
That's lifted in the air
and an easy catch for Shammi.
That's bowled.
Another wicket.
That is quick. Mumbai
appeals and the finger goes up.
Hyderabad loses its sixth wicket.
It's 285 for 6.
67 required of 36 balls.
New batsman Anil at the crease.
Will they take another single?
No, they don't.
Arjun doesn't seem pleased.
He wants to have a word with Anil.
- Anil! Run rate is increasing.
Just keep running.
Singles are very important to us.
That is hit between the fielders.
Shammi blocking the way.
Arjun falls,
but manages to reach the crease.
Oh, this is getting heated.
Nasty tactics by Mumbai.
An umpire intervenes just in time.
This is not done.
Shammi shouldn't have done this.
Bowled him. Another wicket.
Hyderabad cannot
afford to lose a wicket
at this stage of the game.
Anil walking back at 289 for 7.
The required run rate is rocketing.
Will that be another wicket?
It's given.
Shammi causing mayhem.
He is on a hatrick.
Hyderabad losing the plot here.
289 for 8.
Hyderabad needs some big h hits.
- Second boundary of the over.
Another one.
Hitting the fielder on the off side.
Shammi again in
the way and this time
Arjun gets the better of him.
More runs here.
The ball goes into the crowd.
Will that be another wicket?
Yes! Safe hands.
Hyderabad throwing away
another wicket. 305 for 9.
They require 12 runs per over.
Mumbai just one wicket away
from winning the Ranji trophy.
Wajid Khan.
The last batsman at the crease.
There must be immense
pressure on the young man.
That's a good ball.
Taking the batsman by surprise.
Another dud ball.
Can he get a single?
Punch to the bowler.
They run, they don't run.
Oh, back in the crease just in time.
The last over was a maiden over.
Arjun is at the crease.
Shammi going to bowl
the last second over.
That is hit above the square leg.
No man at hand.
That goes to the boundary.
Let's see what Arjun
can do in this crucial over.
Will he turn the game around?
Come on, boys! Come on!
That finds the gap between
the point and the gully.
Another boundary.
24 runs now required of 9 balls.
Comes down the crease
and hits straight.
Miraj trying to reach
it but doesn't. That's a six.
More runs. 18 of the over already.
- Yes!
Arjun would want
to take a single here.
Fielders closing in.
Will he get a run?
No! Exactly what the
Mumbai wants him to do.
And Hyderabad disappointed.
What will they do now?
Don't worry. 6 balls, 14 runs.
It's okay, Wajid.
We are playing the finals, Wajid.
Go and strike!
Come on, guys! Come on! Come on!
14 runs required in the last over.
Wajid on strike.
Will he take a single
and get Arjun back on strike?
Oh, that was close.
He misses the first ball.
No chance for a run.
It's 14 runs of 5 balls now.
He misses it again.
Mumbai successful in
not giving them a single.
What will Hyderabad do now?
14 runs required of 4 balls now.
It's high time they get a
single or they are losing the match.
Abhay ready to ball.
The tension is building.
This is the third
ball of the last over.
And Hyderabad needs a single.
Will they get it?
Oh, he misses it again,
but they are running.
Will it be an out? Keeper throws it.
It misses the wicket.
Abhay throws it back. It strikes.
What's that?
- It's an appeal here.
Is Hyderabad losing its last wicket?
Umpire says not out.
- Come on, Arjun!
Hyderabad now needs
13 runs of the last 3 balls.
Will this man finish
it off for Hyderabad?
This needs to be a big shot.
This needs to be a boundary.
Abhay bowling the
fourth ball of the over.
Will Arjun do it for Hyderabad?
Square cut. Beats the cover
and races to the boundary.
And that's a four.
Come on, Arjun!
- Hyderabad still has a chance here.
9 runs required of the last 2 balls.
- Yes!
Is Hyderabad going to snatch
this match away from Mumbai?
Mumbai cannot believe it.
Are they going to
lose this tournament?
They don't seem very happy.
Will this man hit another biggie?
They need a six for sure.
Fifth ball of the over.
What is going to happen?
Oh, he hits it hard.
The ball is going.
Will it land in the crowd?
Yes, it does.
What a shot! Unbelievable!
Yeah, sixer!
- 'This man is on fire!'
'Good for Hyderabad.
What an innings!'
'Abhay completely
clueless about Arjun.'
Yes! Yes!
Hyderabad now requires
only 3 runs of the last ball.
The team knows that Arjun
can finish it off for them.
Just one more boundary
is all he needs to hit.
Will he do it again?
Mumbai setting the field now.
They don't want to
give another boundary.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on Arjun!
Throw the ball! Throw it!
Come on, Arjun! Run! Run!
Hurry up, throw the ball!
Come on, come on, come on!
Run, Arjun! Run!
Come on, Arjun!
How's that?
Will he lift the finger?
And he said no.
- Hyderabad wins the match.
Can you believe it?
What an innings this has been!
Arjun makes the win single handedly.
Well, Ranji 96-97
is taken by Hyderabad.
I'll go and find out.
I think it's this way.
One second.
Sarah! How are you?
Hey! Hey!
- Hi!
Thanks for coming.
- How are you, dear?
Coach sir!
Hello, uncle!
Why did you grow
a beard like your dad?
You went there to study for 2 years,
but stayed back.
Then you took your mom too.
Don't you want any of us?
I'll finish the project
by the end of this year, uncle.
Then I'll come back
to Hyderabad office.
Hey, Nani!
How are you?
- How are you?
Hi, Sarah.
- Hi.
Hello. How are you?
- We think about Arjun every day.
Thank you.
- Excuse me.
I need to speak
to you for 2 minutes.
We have a meeting.
You can speak to him after that.
It's okay, uncle. Go ahead.
I'll talk to him and join you.
Come with me.
After reading the book about Arjun
I thought you don't know the truth.
As a doctor, I'm not
supposed to talk to everyone.
I found out you were coming today,
so I came to meet you.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
No matter how great a man is
no matter how many
great things he achieves
someone has to write
about him to make him
a part of history.
We couldn't recognize the
greatness of one of our own men.
Ramya wrote a book
about that great man
and made him known to all of us.
I'd like to thank her on
behalf of our cricket association.
We are all so obsessed with success.
Our eyes are always focused
on successful people.
Not just with cricket,
but in every aspect of life.
We always want to
know more about people
who are very successful.
But not everyone achieves success.
Only one out of 100 finds it.
Arjun's story is not about
that one man out of
100 who finds success.
It is about those
99 men who kept trying.
After reading this book,
I tried to find out
what happened after that match,
like many of you did.
I have the privilege to
access the old BCCI documents.
This is the list of players
who were selected for Indian team
for the England Tour
after 1996 Ranji finals.
You know, Arjun got selected
for Indian team for England.
I'd like to call Arjun's
son to come on to the stage please.
We have something from the
BCCI to present to the family.
This is for you.
'Will you really buy a jersey?'
'If you keep your hand on my
head and say it it's like a promise.'
'I crossed my fingers too.'
'You can't break the promise now.'
Thank you.
This is the birthday gift
I had asked my dad 23 years ago
when I was just 7 years old.
My dad's determination
was so great that
I got the gift I wanted
even after so many years.
After the Ranji
final match in Mumbai
my dad was admitted in the hospital.
He died of heart
failure after two days.
And the doctors said that he has
a heart disease called Arrhythmia.
I just found out that
my dad knew about it
10 years before he died.
In fact, when he was 26
that was the reason
why my dad quit cricket.
You have a heart condition
called Arrhythmia.
Your heartbeat is irregular.
So your heart might stop
with increased physical stress.
You don't have to worry.
Just quit cricket.
You won't have any
problem if you don't take
physical stress and come
for regular checkups. Okay?
Okay, doctor.
Leave me alone, sir, please.
I want to quit cricket, Sarah.
Now I have you.
That's enough for me.
Dad, won't you play cricket again?
You tell me. Should I play or not?
You play very well.
You look like a hero.
I'm telling you this because
we all think that
my dad died trying.
That's wrong.
My dad kept trying even
when he knew he would die.
That is my father!
Dad, give me the camera.
How many snaps will
we take with just two of us?
There's not a single
one with all three of us.
We have the photos
from Shailu's weddings.
But he wasn't born yet.
But he was there, right?
Dad, hold the camera like
this and click. We three will come.
Dad, do as I say, please.
- That's not how you click photos.
We three will be there in it.
- If we want all of us in it...
Please, dad. Do as I say.
- Nani, stop whining, please.
Please, dad. Do as I say.
- Wait a minute.
Yes, right there.
- Dad, a little to the right.
Right here.
- Wait.
A little to the left.