Jersey (2022) Movie Script

-I'd like to buy this book.
It'll cost you Rs. 500.
Found it?
-Do you want a bag for it?
-Excuse me.
-No, thanks.
-Do you have any copies of Jersey?
-Sorry, I just sold the last copy.
Let's go, we'll come by later.
No point now. We missed it because of you.
Excuse me, your receipt.
-Let's go.
-Thank you.
Even if I order it online,
it will take two days.
It will be too late by then.
But why are you in a hurry to read it?
-Why are you getting so pissed?
-I have to read--
Excuse me.
Hi, I guess you're looking for this book.
Excuse me, are you stalking us?
And then what?
-You're going to ask for our number?
-Tara, wait.
this is my father.
If his story reaches people,
I'll be more than happy.
-That's okay.
Hello, Ketan.
Congratulations, you're on a roll.
The book's sold out everywhere.
Thanks, Ketan.
All the news channels
are covering this story today.
That's amazing. Lovely.
-Okay, listen.
You'll get a call from
the Indian Cricket Board.
-Indian Cricket Board?
Before they call,
should I give you the good news?
Tell me.
They are having
a felicitation ceremony for Arjun.
Next Saturday, in Chandigarh.
All of you have to be there.
Wow, this is...
Of course, we'll be there.
Okay, see you soon.
I'll see you then. Yeah, yeah.
-But thank you, thank you.
Is Arjun really your dad?
Arjun! Arjun! Arjun!
106 half centuries.
52 hundreds, 9 double centuries.
And two triple centuries.
Best batsman of his time.
My dad,
Arjun Talwar.
And the girl who was
always there to cheer for him,
Come on, Arjun!
I love you!
You two are at it early in the morning!
One can't get a minute
of peace around here.
Darling, please,
I have an eight o'clock shift.
Remember what's on Wednesday?
It's just another Wednesday, Kittu.
Focus on the date, not the day, Papa.
13th November.
And it's also Kittu's birthday.
You know, Papa,
our coach made Mankirat
the captain of the school team.
Although I scored more runs than him.
-Yes, Papa.
He even has the Indian jersey.
So, our team also supports him.
He wears the jersey
at every match, to show off.
Papa, are you listening?
If I had that jersey, I would have
definitely been the captain, Papa.
Papa, are you listening?
What people wear doesn't matter.
Just focus on your game.
The best player in the team
may not be the captain.
A captain brings out the best
in every player and leads the team.
And your coach would know this
better than you.
Go on now,
you're getting late for practice.
Hurry up, you have to go
to school after practice!
We also have to stop at the sports' shop
and buy someone's birthday gift!
Are you really going to buy
the jersey for me, Papa?
You've given your word,
now it's a promise.
I even crossed my fingers.
Now you can't break your promise.
Not a chance!
Well played, boys.
Well played, Viru.
Go, Viru! Go! Come on! You can do this!
Stay in line, Suraj.
Now is your chance, just hit a four!
Isn't he amazing? He's my boyfriend.
Come on, Viru. Hit a six.
Hit it out of the stadium!
Madam, stop with this nonsense!
I'll have you thrown out of the ground.
And if you keep yelling like this,
I'll make sure
you're never allowed inside again!
Really? I won't be allowed inside?
I'll see you outside.
Come on, boys!
The coach blabbers too much.
Your boyfriend's balance is slightly off.
He's tilting more to the left.
He might lose his wicket
if a leg spinner bowls.
Bowl slowly.
Is that a leg spinner?
Come on, keep it up!
Yeah, come on!
You jinxed him.
He's out because of you.
Our movie plans are down the drain.
He'll be frowning all day now.
Don't you know how important balance is?
If you tilt so much to the left,
any leg spinner can get your wicket.
-Who's teaching you all this?
-I knew this.
Let's go.
Hey! What's the champion doing here?
Mr. Bali.
So, champion.
I've never really achieved anything, sir.
But whenever you call me champion,
I wonder what I've done to earn it.
Of course, you've earned it.
The Punjab Cricket Board hasn't seen
a stylish batsman like you ever.
-You belonged in Team India.
-Leave it, sir.
If anyone overhears us, they'll sue you.
Let them take me to court.
One triple century, two double centuries,
and 45 centuries in first-class cricket.
-92 half centuries--
-Leave it, sir.
Come on, let's go. Come on, sir.
How is Vidya?
She's good, sir.
She was always a good girl.
Hello, sir.
-Hello, Bindra. Has all the stuff arrived?
-It's all here, sir.
The key is with the guard.
Stash everything in the storeroom.
-Okay, sir.
-See you then.
The New Zealand team
is on their Indian tour.
Before the one-day series,
there's a charity match
between Punjab and New Zealand.
They have an incredible
left-arm pace bowler, Wheeler.
Do you remember that Railway's match?
They had a player...
Sameer Khatri, six feet tall.
Left-arm fast bowler.
You hit five sixes in his over.
Your conversations travel around the world
and finally land on this topic, sir.
Because no matter where you go,
cricket will be home to you.
I quit that life 10 years ago, sir.
No, you didn't quit. You just gave up.
Now listen to me.
There is a vacancy in the club
for the position of assistant coach.
That post is suitable for you.
I left that ground way behind, sir.
And I quit playing cricket 10 years ago.
I'm not coming back.
I know you better than you know yourself.
The Arjun I once knew who stood on
the other side of the boundary rope,
he was different.
Standing tall on that 22-yard pitch,
with a three-foot bat in his hand.
That was the last time I saw you happy.
I got selected.
Come on.
Congratulations, you've been selected.
Everything here works
on recommendations and money.
Everything changed overnight.
They called your selection
a printing mistake.
They have no conscience.
Have you lost your mind?
What have you done, child?
Come on.
You didn't get selected the last time,
nor this time.
Does that mean you'll break your arm?
What's wrong with you?
Look, dear, making your way
into the Indian Team is not easy.
I'm 26 years old, sir.
I have a family, a government job offer.
This is it for me.
I don't want to waste another year.
You cannot decide when to quit!
You were only 13 when I spotted you
playing cricket on the streets
and decided to coach you.
I put my job, my family,
everything at stake to support you.
You and I spared no effort
to see you in the Indian Team.
And look how hastily you decided to quit.
What do you mean by this?
-Leave it, sir.
Arjun! Arjun!
Dear, this moment won't come back.
Why do you look at these photographs
every day? Come on.
Because in these photos,
I see you smiling, Papa.
Papa, will we stop at the sports' shop?
Yay! Thank you!
Go have a look at the bats.
I'll buy your gift until then.
Okay, Papa.
Arjun, how's Kittu's practice
coming along?
He's doing great, sir.
Both father and son
coming straight from the ground?
The India jersey, sir...
Yes, we have it.
The original Indian jersey,
it's limited edition.
Selling out fast.
-How much does it cost?
-500 rupees.
Sir, Kittu's birthday is the day after.
I'm a little low on funds.
If you could lend me the jersey,
I'll make sure to pay you back
on the first day of next month.
Is that possible?
You see, dear, I pay
10,000 rupees as rent for this store.
5000 rupees as installment.
Salaries and maintenance cost
are an additional 20,000 rupees.
Now put yourself in my shoes.
Do you think it's possible?
You used to be an amazing player.
I really respect you.
That's why I can respectfully say no.
Did you buy my gift, Papa?
Kittu, dear, it's out of stock right now.
We'll get more in two days.
Your papa will get one for you then.
Here is your birthday gift from me.
-Thank you, sir.
-God bless you, dear.
Thank you, sir.
Spiderman! Spiderman!
Does whatever a spider can!
Spins a web any size
Catches thieves just like flies!
Kittu, you're getting late for school.
Turn off the TV!
Darling, turn off the gas, please.
Kittu, look here. Kittu.
-Get up.
Lunch box...
-Finish this, dear. Come on.
-Darling, lunch box...
Come here.
You must pray every day.
Run, quick. Finish your lunch. Bye!
Come on. Take this.
And your bottle.
-Thank you, Raju.
-Darling, I've kept 100 rupees
near the TV to pay the electricity bill.
We've missed the due date.
They will disconnect the electric supply
if we don't pay today.
I want to buy a birthday gift for Kittu.
How much?
Did you visit the lawyer?
I will today.
Are you really that busy?
All you do is watch cricket
on TV or smoke cigarettes.
You have nothing better to do.
Don't you want your job back?
Darling, the roof's been leaking
for a while now.
Please tell the owner
to get it fixed, please.
I want 500 rupees, Vidya.
I can't afford what he's asking for.
Sorry. I don't have the money.
I know there's money in your account.
Really? Okay.
I don't want to give it.
Don't forget to pay the electricity bill,
and talk to the lawyer
about your suspension.
I'm sorry.
-How many beers did you get?
-Enough to bathe with.
-Are you sure?
-Don't worry at all.
I'm telling you, don't worry. We're here.
Come on.
Don't get drunk today.
Not today, Amrit. I'm busy.
It's fine.
You finish your work, we'll be here.
Somebody has to look after your house,
right? Come.
-Here is the beer.
Do we have any snacks?
Try to understand.
We fought again this morning.
That's why we've brought
this cure to your pain.
Please, no alcohol.
She's coming home early.
-Hold this...
-Drown your sorrows in rum.
I'm Ardas Maan.
I'm sure you've heard about me.
If not, you've surely heard my song.
Is this the place?
-Yes, this is the one.
Who is this Ardas? Where did you find him?
He's from Patiala.
We happened to meet him at a junction.
I said Mr. Daler is like family
and I'd introduce them.
-He's been auditioning.
-But he looks like a decent guy.
He might be,
but his wallet is more than decent!
We hit the jackpot today.
Today's party is on him.
Careful, don't break the beer bottles.
Keep it near the TV.
-What took you guys so long?
-Come on, come on.
Let's start the show, guys.
Everyone in?
Okay, then...
Come on, play a few games.
No, I'm busy.
Think about it. There's six of us.
If you win, you make a quick 500.
Don't finish all of them.
Listen, I'm in too.
That's more like it.
Let's show them who the real kings are.
If you win, I'll write off
what you owe me from last time.
Make place. Move.
I haven't even started playing
and you've already split the prize money.
-Shuffle and distribute.
-Here you go.
Wow, amazing.
I forgot to officially introduce you.
This is Ardas Maan,
a pop singer from Patiala.
Of course, we've heard your songs.
Of course. He's not some ordinary guy.
What's that hit song by Mr. Daler?
I remember God when I am scared
And people call me timid!
This guy was one of the four
chorus singers in the song.
Yes, we've heard your song.
Very good.
You guys recognized my voice
from the chorus?
-Come on.
-Let's play.
Arjun, this house looks
like a government quarter.
But what is with all these medals
and trophies?
-Are you an officer or a sportsman?
He used to be both.
Now he's a nobody.
What do you mean?
He quit cricket on his own,
and they fired him from the job.
Two years ago.
So, if you quit cricket,
they fire you from your job too?
No, Mr. Maan.
You must have seen
in the papers two years back.
15 people got suspended
from the food corporation department.
-Come on.
-On corruption charges.
His name also came up in the inquiry.
The case has been in the court
for two years now, and he's stuck at home.
-I see.
-They'll stay suspended until the verdict.
Here it comes.
Use this one.
Come on.
I get a 20 percent commission.
You can keep the 100.
Okay, fine. Here's your share.
How about another game?
Come on.
No, I don't have any money.
This is Doordarshan news,
good evening and welcome.
-In the headlines--
-Papa, when will you get the jersey?
Papa, I told all my friends that you're
gifting me a jersey on my birthday.
Papa, are you listening?
Papa, jersey.
Papa, jersey. Papa, jersey.
Hey! What's that on your cheek? Come here.
-What is it?
-Come here. Let me see.
Does this tickle?
How about here?
Or here?
Well, the Indian jersey...
I asked you about it in the morning.
Did you talk to the owner
about the roof leaking?
I'll do it tomorrow.
Vidya, Kittu has never
asked me for anything.
Did you meet the lawyer?
I'll go tomorrow.
You didn't pay
the electricity bill either?
-Wait. Wait.
-Leave it. Leave it!
How can you be so irresponsible?
Do you understand our situation?
Or not?
We haven't been able to pay
the rent for three months.
Kittu's school fee is due.
We are under so much debt
but none of that matters to you!
This family isn't my responsibility alone.
A man came in a white shirt,
he opened the meter and took the plug out.
That's why there's no light.
Let's light some candles.
Arjun, you're next.
-Where's Arjun?
-Sir, he's gone to the toilet.
Now? It's his turn to bat.
Is this some kind of a joke?
Not that way, you fool.
The bathroom's this way.
He's crazy, sir.
He'll do his business anywhere.
The colors of love overwhelm me now
I'm completely overwhelmed
I'm drenched from head to toe
I'm completely drenched
-There's no refuge--
-Your tricks won't work against me
Darling, someone's calling you.
-Arjun, the coach's calling you. Come out.
-One last kiss.
-Darling, please, go.
What I meant was...
I'll kiss you.
Without you--
Arjun, go.
Arjun! You're up next, man.
The coach has been screaming. Come on.
-The coach is going to kill us.
-Let's go.
Hurry up.
She raises the temperature so high,
he lets off the steam in the matches.
If we had a hot pancake like her,
she'd boost our performance as well.
Lower your voice. He's got a hot temper.
So what? As if he can lay a finger on us.
My love for you, girl Is all over the news
For you I put my reputation at stake
Let the curtains rise
I don't care who's watching
-No one lays eyes on you, no one
-Let him beat them.
He rarely does something for me,
leave him. Arjun, fight.
Just let him.
Why did you stop him?
What did you say? Say it again.
I didn't say anything, sir.
You said something, scoundrel.
Say it again.
He didn't say anything, sir.
Arjun, let's go.
Even if I die
I can't die without you
I thought you forgot.
-Evening, cafe?
This has become a routine with him, sir.
Being a good player isn't enough, sir.
One must follow the rules as well.
Before taking his side again,
you must ask him where he was.
I've seen talented people like you before.
But I haven't seen anyone being
successful without discipline.
If this happens again,
then this will be your last.
Go on!
-Come on, Arjun.
-Go on, Arjun.
Catch it.
Terrific shot, Arjun.
I just told him I've seen
talented people like him before.
I lied.
I haven't seen anybody like him.
He's different.
Dad, there's someone I love.
-Ballu, get ketchup.
I have to tell you something.
Tell me.
-Ballu, hurry up.
Darling, please!
This is serious,
and you're worried about the ketchup.
-What sorry?
I told dad about us.
Okay, good.
What do you mean? Is that all?
What? You told him everything!
Don't overact now.
Okay, sorry.
Please come home and talk to my dad once.
I don't know if I can
convince him for our marriage,
but if you talk to him,
he'll agree for sure.
Stuff this! Open the bottle
and drink the ketchup also!
Listen to me...
This samosa and ketchup are more important
to you than our marriage!
I'm going to say this once.
Even if the world is going to hell,
this samosa shouldn't turn cold.
-So let me eat first and then we'll talk--
No, no, no, no
I can't live without you
I want to live with you in my sight
You be the special one for me
For your presence in my life
I thank you a thousand times
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
Vidya, no.
This person in our family? No chance.
Dad, you don't know anything about him.
You don't even know him.
Give him a chance at least.
How will I explain this
to the family, Vidya?
Did you think about it?
And I'm not even bringing up the fact
that he's not from the same community.
What does he do?
A cricketer.
He doesn't even have a good job.
How much does he earn per month?
First ask him to go
and get a decent job, okay?
Dad, what is this?
I don't want Arjun to change for me!
Whatever he does, however he is,
I like...
-I love him for that, Dad!
-Listen to me--
No, no, dear. Leave it.
Don't get furious.
He's your dad... I mean, father. Right?
So, please keep calm.
And sir, arguing won't solve any problem.
So, you please keep calm as well.
You see, I am the only family Arjun has.
What did you see in him, Vidya?
After all, he's a local cricketer.
How far will that take him?
If he was talented, he'd be playing
for the national team by now.
Hey, you!
What's this guy saying?
You know nothing about cricket.
And you're commenting on Arjun's game.
If you utter another word,
I'll show you what I can do!
-What's this?
-Let's go, sir.
How dare he talk to me like that!
-Daring is in our blood!
-Come, sir.
-Let's go.
Thank you, sir.
-Arjun, please...
Dad, please...
Are you planning to leave me?
Once my practice gets over,
should we get married?
Without you, I don't matter
You're my Juliet, I am your Romeo
Whenever your name comes up
My heart skips a beat
Better and better...
You keep making my life better
For your presence in my life
I thank you a thousand times
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
You make every place look beautiful
You're the onset of spring for me
Your presence is
A blessing from God
Love needs no words
To be expressed
I'm devoted to you forever
For your presence in my life
I thank you a thousand times
When did you come home?
-How did you get hurt?
-It's nothing.
Oh, darling.
Listen, Vidya...
I am quitting cricket.
Darling, cricket is your life.
I have you, that's all I need.
-Arjun Talwar?
No, no, no, no
I can't live without you
I want to live with you in my sight
You be the special one for me
For your presence in my life
I thank you a thousand times
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
Who comes first?
Me, or Kittu?
You make every place look beautiful
You're the onset of spring for me
Happy birthday...
Your presence is
A blessing from God
Love needs no words to be expressed
I'm devoted to you forever
For your presence in my life
I thank you a thousand times
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
Darling, please go meet the lawyer today.
-Everyone, be extra attentive today.
-Good morning, ma'am.
International delegates
are coming for this conference.
Make sure there are no mistakes.
We need to maintain
top class service standards.
-Good morning, sir.
-What time is it, Vidya?
Sorry, sir.
We had no electricity the entire night--
Enough of your excuses.
I'm not interested
in your personal problems.
And if you're having such a hard time,
then quit your job and sit at home.
-Sorry, sir.
-Get back to work, please!
Let it go, Vidya. We all know how he is.
-I told you to arrange for 50,000 rupees
and I guarantee you'd get your job back.
But this man loves his honesty too much.
It's been two years.
Sir, this poor man can't afford
a glass of buttermilk.
How would he arrange for 50,000?
But why should I pay
when it's not my fault?
The money isn't for me alone.
After paying off the audit guys,
inspector, chartered accountants, etc.,
I'm left with only a dime. Understood?
Even your colleagues have paid up
and gotten their jobs back.
But you've taken an oath of honesty.
Why don't you understand?
Do you?
Understood, sir.
That he lost his job
because he was suspected of taking a bribe
and unless he pays a bribe,
he won't get his job back.
They act as if they're rolling
in money despite being penniless.
Sir, my job?
Three Prime Ministers
were changed this year.
When their job isn't guaranteed,
who do you think you are?
Why should I do anything
for you without a reason?
Arjun, you asked for money...
Is it an emergency?
Tomorrow is Kittu's birthday.
He asked me for a jersey.
It costs 500.
By jersey, you mean that
cricket T-shirt, right?
You should have told me that.
I am here for you.
Come with me.
For 50 rupees
I'll get you a duplicate jersey.
Even Sachin Tendulkar won't be able
to tell if it's fake or real.
Let's go to Sector 22.
Get down. Get down!
What happened?
Never say that again.
His innocence
might not see the difference,
but I won't be able
to look him in the eye.
I have an idea!
It's a terrific idea.
Come on. I'll tell you on the way.
Come on.
Luck seems to be favoring you today.
We might get the money easily.
Bhalla... dahi bhalla.
How is it?
When I wanted to buy a lipstick,
you made a huge fuss.
But you never say no to these fools!
Where did you keep it?
It's not in the drawer.
Huh... cupboard.
I'm not your servant.
They have already borrowed 10,000.
God knows if we'll ever see it again.
And this scoundrel Amrit borrowed 4500.
He's shamelessly asking for 500 more
to make it a round figure!
He looks like a gambler and drunkard.
Let them hear. I'm not afraid of anyone.
When we feed buffaloes,
at least they give milk in return.
And this herd of bulls,
even if we feed them,
they give nothing in return.
Found it.
Hang up. I'll call later.
These people are so money-minded.
How could she say 4500?
I only borrowed 4000.
Now I got it.
She even counted the 500
she gave as my wedding gift!
Fatso. And she called me a scoundrel.
Problem solved.
You have your motorcycle.
Borrow some money against it.
Do you think he's never thought of that?
The motorcycle is already on loan.
Only the keys are with us,
the documents are with the bank.
We've been wandering
from pillar to post for 500 rupees.
Let's take out whatever we have.
Fatso, empty your pocket.
Come on.
10 rupees.
And you.
Go to hell.
10 more.
Here you go.
Keep this, we'll arrange for the rest.
What happened?
Where were you, Arjun?
I roamed the entire city looking for you.
There's a charity match
between Punjab Club and New Zealand.
Remember I told you?
Remember, I told you
the other day while having tea?
The Punjab team is short of a batsman.
So, I spoke with them.
-Spoke to them about what, sir?
-I tried so hard to convince them.
They agreed since it's a charity match,
or else it wouldn't be possible.
What are you saying, sir?
I don't understand.
You're playing, dear.
All the board members
are going to watch the match.
Once they watch your game,
your job as an assistant coach is fixed.
-You just have to do--
-I'm indebted to you for all your efforts.
-But listen to me--
Do you even realize the kind
of opportunity you're turning down?
All my life I was merely
an assistant coach,
but a talent like you
can be the head coach.
I understood everything, sir.
Just give me two minutes. Listen to me.
What's this drama now?
No drama.
Sir might have money. Ask him.
Have you lost your mind?
It doesn't feel right.
Ask for 600.
-Why 600?
-100 for us scoundrels.
Some players would play
charity matches for a 1000-rupee fee.
But you're the only one
who plays with passion.
1000 rupees is the match fee!
Sir, he said yes.
-He did?
-He'll play?
-He will.
-Is that a yes?
Listen. Go home and get your kit.
And meet me on the ground.
I'll go get changed as well.
We'll practice for two hours.
-Okay, fine.
Don't think too much.
-Let's go then.
-Okay, fine.
Get dressed and meet us.
We'll see you at the ground.
-Come on.
-Your negotiation never ends!
Let's just go.
We're right here.
We're here to invite ma'am
for my birthday tomorrow.
Wow! Is this your bat, Papa?
-Where's your mom?
-She is coming.
What happened?
-Come on.
-Papa, where are you going?
Papa, fast... Mom's coming.
Papa, fast... Mom's coming. Hurry up.
"The elephant needs
the most food in the jungle."
"It eats over 200 kilos
and drinks 90 liters of water daily."
Kittu, milk?
I'll come along too. Please, Papa.
I'll be late. Don't you have to sleep?
I sleep every day, Papa.
Let me come along too.
-I've never seen you bat--
Amrit and the others
are going to watch a movie.
So, I'm going too.
Even I want to watch the movie, Papa.
I'll come along too. Please.
He has a holiday tomorrow. Take him along.
Please, Papa. Please...
Please, Papa.
-Let's go.
Hey! Who's there? It's a thief!
You rascal!
Papa, what was he saying?
He was wishing me all the best.
Hop on quickly.
Come, Arjun.
Come on, dear.
Thank you, Mom!
Good morning, birthday boy.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
-How did you like your gift?
-It's very nice.
Go brush your teeth.
I'm making suji halwa for you.
After the match,
we'll get the jersey from the shop.
-Happy birthday!
-Thank you.
Darling, I've made lunch.
Please heat it before you have it.
Keep moving...
Jassi, wait, I'm coming.
-All the best.
-Thank you, sir.
Kittu, candy for you.
Thank you.
My friend is the best player
The sleeping lion roars
Have you guys lost your mind?
Stop it. Stop this nonsense!
This is only the beginning!
Welcome to the Mohali Cricket Stadium.
Seeing the excitement of the crowd,
the ambiance in the stadium seems
no less than an international match.
That's Motu, Lovely, and he's Puneet.
The New Zealand team captain,
-John Spearman is being welcomed.
-Yay, John Spearman!
-Now let's take you to the toss.
Well, you've won the toss.
What would you like to choose?
-Bat or bowl first?
-We're going to bat first.
So New Zealand has decided to bat first.
The funds from the tickets of
today's match will go to Hope Foundation.
Towards the education
of the underprivileged.
-Good luck, boys.
-Bravo, boys.
Seeing the enthusiasm of the audience,
the Punjab team seems to be entering
the ground with a lot of passion.
This could be a practice match
for the New Zealand team,
for their upcoming tournament.
But this is an opportunity for Punjab,
to give them a solid challenge
on their home ground.
Pace bowler Nihar Kochar
is opening for Punjab.
Here's the first ball
and Spearman has begun his innings,
with a beautiful cover drive.
Come on, Nihar. Don't worry. Be strong.
Good job, mate.
Second ball of the first over,
and that's a beautiful stroke.
They will get a boundary here.
It's okay, Nihar.
The score is 8 runs without any loss.
Amit Kumar's over...
And that's a beautiful stroke.
He's played a leg glance
to the deep square leg.
They will easily get two runs, but no.
Good throw, Papa!
And with that, it's the end of the over.
Beautiful timing. Terrific drive.
Amazing shot!
Catch it!
A partnership of 110 runs in 12 overs.
That's a late cut,
and they will get four more runs.
Let's send the band back.
I don't think we'll need them today.
We're already under a lot of debt.
-Get him out.
-Nihar Kochar with the ball...
And that's a good pull.
Good use of legwork.
Drive... The fielder tried
but couldn't save the runs.
Keep them inside the boundary.
Bowl full length to them.
Let them come forward.
-Chaddha, throw.
On the stumps!
Come on.
With that, Spearman completes his century.
He's played a glorious innings.
Don't let them hit in the front.
Catch it, Viru.
Virender's taken the catch.
Punjab gets their first wicket of the day.
208 for 1. Next batsman, Theo Carter.
He's played that
on the front foot in the long-on,
and that's gone across the boundary.
New Zealand has put up a huge score
of 331 on the board in 50 overs.
The batting lineup is very good.
But try to give them a tough fight.
6,5 is the required run rate.
No worries, sir.
-Come on, guys, let's do it.
-Play well.
Sir, Arjun is a very good player.
Can we send him next?
Why don't you go next, sir?
Come on, lads. Focus.
Let's get the first wicket.
Amrit, let's get the drums out.
Be patient. Let the match begin.
And he's played that towards
the covers for four runs.
Beautiful shot.
He's pulled that towards the boundary.
Amrit, let's get the drums out.
Not yet, you will jinx them.
And straight into the fielder's hands.
Pratap will have to return
to the pavilion.
Sir, Arjun?
Don't start again, Mr. Bali.
Ravinder, you're next.
Come on, dear. Bravo.
-Nail it.
-Ravinder, good luck.
-All the best.
Next batsman is captain Ravinder.
Guys, closer.
He's played that on the offside
straight in the fielder's hands.
Catch it!
That's a terrific stroke
towards the covers.
They've got the momentum going.
Nice shot.
And with that shot,
Virender completes his half century.
Yay, Viru. Go for it!
135 for the loss of one wicket, Punjab.
Catch it.
In the air, there's a fielder under it.
And that was an easy catch.
Well done.
Disappointment on the captain's face
as he walks back.
Sir, can we send Arjun next?
Stop it, sir.
If you keep bothering me like this,
then I'll leave.
No, no, sir, please...
-Dheeraj, get ready.
-Yes, sir.
Come on, Dheeraj.
And Virender's clean bowled.
The ball hit the pad
and straight on the stumps.
Sir. Send him.
-Who, sir?
Arjun, sir?
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Arjun, pad up!
Come on, lads.
One more wicket, one more wicket.
Next batsman is Arjun Talwar, aged 36.
Ex-Ranji player.
He will be facing his first ball
from Wheeler who is on a hat trick.
The game seems to be
slipping from Punjab's hands.
They have no scope of winning.
Come on, fellas, teamwork here!
And that's gone for a boundary.
Beautiful stroke.
Yes, but it could also be beginner's luck.
Wheeler must have never imagined
that a local cricketer like Arjun
would open with
an experienced shot like this.
Scotty. Square up.
Next ball...
Outside the off stump, good footwork.
And it's a boundary.
Good shot, Papa!
One can tell from his strokes
that he is experienced.
-Very good.
-Hit the next ball...
Looks like things are heating up
between Wheeler and Arjun.
Wheeler's trying to disturb
Arjun's focus by sledging.
Come on, Patrick. Here we go.
We'll have to see
what Wheeler's game plan will be.
Can Arjun survive this?
Beautiful stroke, and the ball's
landed straight in the stands.
Lovely! Hit it, guys! Come on!
He's hit that over the boundary,
and Arjun completes his glorious century.
What an innings!
The player no one expected anything of,
has led Punjab to the verge of victory.
298 at the loss of 6 wickets.
Balraj Cheema's drive.
That's two runs and with that,
they complete a partnership of 50 runs.
Bravo, buddy. Well done.
How's that?
New Zealand gets another wicket.
Punjab's in trouble now.
Clean bowled!
Punjab's constantly losing wickets.
This is not a good sign for Punjab at all.
Gurkiran is on strike
and he's hit the ball straight
in the mid-on fielder's hands.
Nihar Kochar enters the crease
in the final moments of the match.
Punjab scored runs swiftly
but they are in a predicament again.
The audience has high hopes from Arjun.
Punjab needs 18 runs in 9 balls.
And he's pulled that away
in terrific style!
12 runs in 8 balls.
Taylor's next delivery.
And Arjun's hit that away
again for a terrific shot.
Come on, boys, wake up!
If he hits the next ball for a six,
then this will be
a historic win for Punjab.
And once again in the air.
Punjab club is the winner...
Oh, no! Just short! It's a four.
Now they only need 2 runs in 6 balls,
but tail-ender Nihar Kochar is on strike.
And he's facing Patrick,
the most dangerous bowler.
Come on, lads.
First ball of the last over.
Good pressure, lads.
It's okay. It's okay, Nihar.
Come on, boys.
-Nihar must get a run at any cost.
-What's he doing?
-Get Arjun on strike.
-He cannot even hit the ball.
Come on, Patrick.
Come on, boys, focus.
Two runs in four balls!
No! Stop!
How's that?
Appeal. But the umpire said not out.
That was a close call.
You're absolutely right.
The match can turn in any direction now.
No one can predict the winner.
Two runs required off three balls.
There's a fielder there.
-Run! Run!
-Throw it!
New Zealand has won the challenge.
The ambiance in the stadium
looks disappointing.
I must admit that Punjab spared no
efforts to give New Zealand a tough fight.
And the biggest contribution
was from the bat of Arjun Talwar,
who turned this match two-sided.
Well played, mate, good job.
That's correct.
Your papa's here.
Arjun's here.
Well done!
Bravo, tiger!
-You were awesome.
Too good.
What a game, dear!
Leave it.
Come on, I'll introduce you
to the committee members.
Come on.
-Well done, Arjun!
-Well done!
Hey, they might hand you a check,
but you ask for cash.
I'll take the trouble
of counting the money.
No need to take the trouble, dear.
The money's going to charity.
You won't get a penny.
This was a charity match.
Please stop joking, sir.
Stop pulling his leg.
What will I get from pulling his leg?
Come on.
Players' money, tickets, sponsorship money
will all go to Hope Foundation.
If it wasn't a charity match,
New Zealand would have never played.
But your game hasn't changed a bit.
The same technique,
same balance, same flow.
The same magic you had 10 years ago.
All the committee members
are talking about you.
The position of assistant coach
is definitely yours.
You were just brilliant today...
Where are you?
Come on, dear.
-Let's meet the committee members.
-Leave me, sir!
What are you punishing me for?
Don't you get it?
Cricket is over in my life.
I don't want cricket!
I don't want that position
of assistant coach!
It's been 10 years, sir.
People and situations change.
Now, I have a family, a wife.
Today's Kittu's birthday...
Leave it, sir.
-Listen to me.
Come on, Kittu!
Papa, kit.
Listen to me.
Papa, kit.
Papa, why didn't you ever tell me
you're such a good player?
That was an amazing square cut.
Papa... Papa, we missed the shop.
Papa, will you buy the jersey
from somewhere else?
Papa, say something.
Papa. Papa.
Papa, jersey.
Papa, jersey.
Papa, jersey. Papa, jersey.
You promised me you'd get the jersey.
Papa, jersey.
-Kittu! Shut up!
-Papa, jersey.
-Papa, jersey. Papa--
-Have you lost your mind?
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
Are you all right?
We're fine, yes.
Here you go.
-Your husband's coming?
-He's on the way.
Darling, you can at least try to help me.
-Which suit do you like?
-Wing suit.
I see, wing suit on... punch-punch.
And this is for you.
Punch-punch. Wing suit.
What happened to your cheek?
I got hit by a ball in the morning, Mom.
Did you have to play cricket even today?
See what's happened to your face
on your birthday.
It will get better.
Vidya's inside, Arjun.
Darling, were you looking for me?
Here. Take this.
Take everything and go sell it.
You're stealing from your own house,
from your wife?
Every day, I feel like
you can't stoop any lower than this,
but you prove me wrong every single time!
I save 2000 rupees
every month from my salary,
to pay 50,000 to the lawyer!
So you can get your job back!
This is why I'm strict.
First cricket, then job.
You can't run away from everything!
You have no interest in your life,
family or anything else.
When I look at you,
I feel like everything's my fault.
I can't even sleep at night.
Are you listening? Look at me!
At least talk...
You give up,
and you walk away.
Whenever there's a problem in life,
you just run away.
I am scared, darling.
One day you will see me as a problem
and run away from me too.
When mom asked, why didn't you tell her?
She would think I'm lying, Papa.
No one will believe me if I told them
that you hit me, Papa.
Go home, I'll be back soon.
Come soon, Papa.
What was that?
You've started to yell at me now?
If I was my younger self,
I would've made you
run 10 rounds of the ground.
I'm as old as your father,
but we smoke cigarettes together.
That means we're friends, right?
Don't take anything to heart.
Even I've forgotten everything.
You were right, sir.
I'm nothing outside this boundary.
Bravo. I always knew, Arjun,
that you were born to play cricket.
Let's go meet Hussain Sheikh tomorrow.
Even if the salary is less,
happiness is more important.
As soon as you become
the assistant coach--
Not a coach, sir! Player!
You heard it right, sir.
I want to play again.
And this time, I want to play
for the Indian Cricket Team.
I understand, dear--
I can't live
this suffocating life anymore, sir
Look, you're 36 years old now.
This is the age
to retire from professional cricket.
36 years flashed before my eyes, sir,
when I had to wander
from pillar to post for 500 rupees.
I realized what has become of me, sir.
I realized something today
that I didn't all these years.
I don't want to live like this.
You may have a strong motivation,
but you won't be able
to sustain physically.
In the past 10 years,
whoever believed that I would achieve
something or become something...
I've done nothing but shatter their hopes.
My friends'. I've just let you all down.
But this morning, after so many years,
I walked with my head held high
when after the match,
over there,
I saw my son.
No matter what you ask me to do,
I'll do it.
I won't bow down again.
I'll pick up
where I left off ten years ago.
It's a promise, sir.
This time, I'll play
only for the Indian Cricket Team.
Nothing less.
The coach is here.
Sit down. He's a player, not the coach.
He's just a player.
-How are you?
-All good?
Even Viru put up a good game
against New Zealand.
-You did well.
I am Amarnath Ratti.
Coach and selection committee member
from Delhi Cricket Board.
Punjab team, form a line.
Come on, we'll have to go to the nets.
Harman Makkar, right-handed batsman.
Jasdeep Singh, right-arm leg-spinner.
-Ravinder Singh, right-hand batsman.
Nihar Kochar, right-arm fast bowler.
Ajay Sehgal, right-arm fast bowler.
Oh, aren't you assistant coach Bali?
You turned out to be pretty young.
I expected you to be a middle-aged guy.
Arjun Talwar, right-hand batsman, sir.
Okay, boys. Over to the nets.
Come on, guys.
Pass me my spikes.
Easy. Easy.
No. Not you.
That's it for the day, boys.
See you tomorrow.
Come on. Let's go to the canteen.
Wait, I'm coming.
-Hi, Jasleen.
-Let's go.
My dear, I have a dream
I need to make it come true
My life, my beloved...
My dear, I have a dream
I need to make it come true
I am passionate and stubborn
I need to find my path
These winds...
Sir is busy today, come back tomorrow.
My dear, I have a dream
I need to make it come true
My dear, I have a dream
You're back? Coming everyday
won't make a difference, sir.
This is your age to play with the kids.
Not to play on the ground.
At least he's doing something with
his life. He's not a freeloader like you.
-Can't you just be quiet?
-Shut up!
My life, my beloved...
My dear, I have a dream
I need to make it come true
No, there's nothing to do about it.
They will handle everything.
-We don't need to care about all this.
-Okay, sir.
Hi, Arjun, what a surprise!
You've come at the right time. Come on.
No, sir, I'll wait here.
I had a word with Mr. Bali.
Come inside and we'll talk.
Punjab hasn't won the Ranji trophy
in the past 10 years.
-This time we have to double the effort.
-Yes, sir.
Sitting over there
is Mahesh Karmarkar,
coach of the Bombay team.
He helped the Bombay team
win for three consecutive years.
And that's the coach of the Delhi team.
Amarnath Ratti.
We've met, sir.
I see, you two have already met?
Come, let me do this formally.
you remember Arjun.
He was a Ranji player
until a few years ago.
Now he'll be joining us
as the assistant coach.
Not coach, sir, player.
I want to play again, sir.
wait outside.
Okay, sir.
Catch it.
Isn't he the same guy
who was here this morning?
Yes, sir. Arjun Talwar.
From 1979 to '85, he played
for the Punjab Ranji team,
and for the Duleep trophy
from the North Zone.
Highest batting average in the country.
He's an exceptional talent, sir.
Impeccable record in first-class matches.
Ratti, if he was really that talented,
we wouldn't be looking at him
on the screen, but playing in the team.
Don't waste my time.
Sir, even I didn't take him seriously
at first.
But you should watch the recording of
the recent charity match with New Zealand.
A-1 batsman.
And excellent technique.
No. Stop this nonsense.
Think about the future.
If we give youngsters a chance,
they can make a career out of it.
They'll get to play for India.
He's bloody 36 years old.
How long can he play?
Maximum one or two years.
What's the point of selecting him?
Hello, what's so funny?
I just remembered Rajesh Khanna's
dialogue from the film Anand.
-Life should be large, not long.
If it was up to you, you'd have
made them change that dialogue too.
You go.
Rudra, pass the ball. It's over there.
You're next. Pad up.
Come on, let's begin.
Arjun, we don't have all day. Come on.
Come on!
Let's see how he plays now.
Where's your other glove?
I don't know, sir. It was right here.
I don't know.
What do you mean?
Is this a joke?
Get out.
Who's next?
Watch this again...
"I don't know, sir. It was right here."
"I don't know, sir."
You should've seen his face!
There is a time for fun and games.
I don't have it.
If you cross my path again,
I will shove your bat up your ass. Get it?
Hey! Back off!
Break it off!
Back off!
If you don't stop misbehaving,
I will never let you two
set foot in the stadium again!
Get lost!
Come on.
Jasleen wrote this article.
She's a journalist.
Check it out.
The board was discussing this
at the committee meeting yesterday.
This time the committee is paying
special attention to the Ranji trophy.
Ratti and Mahesh have selected
35 probable players.
They will be trained for a month.
After that, a team of 15 players
will play for the Ranji trophy.
Don't get too happy.
They can eliminate you
at any time within this month.
You mean, I'm selected, sir?
Don't get too happy.
They can cut you off anytime.
Why don't you understand what I'm saying?
There's no need to be so happy.
Don't you get it?
Oscar Swahn. Shooting. Age 60.
Madonna Buder. Swimming. Age 55.
Ed Earle. Kayaking. Age 40.
In every sport,
there have always been people
who have broken the barriers
of age and succeeded.
Age is just a number, dear.
The soul of a player always remains
the same. No matter what.
If you want to play for the Indian Team,
then there's only one way.
At this Ranji trophy, you have to
turn heads with your explosive batting.
But before you start your journey,
I want that Arjun I knew 10 years ago.
No matter what you ask me to do,
I am ready to do it, sir.
Okay, fine. Come on.
Have you lost your mind?
You wrote an article about him?
So what? It's just an article. Leave it.
Leave it?
Did you think about my reputation at all?
-Viru, you're overreacting.
-Leave it.
Leave it.
Go and apologize first.
Go on.
What the...
Thank you.
-Why didn't you stop him?
-I didn't know he'd do that.
You knew he was coming close!
-What's done is done, let it go!
-I can't let it go!
What did you do?
You were the one who said
you wanted the Arjun I was 10 years ago.
I asked you to do something else.
And this is what you did?
Isn't this what you meant, sir?
4, 1, 2...
Come on. Arjun.
Should be in the line of the ball...
You need to focus on some instructions.
So boys, this one month training
has finally come to an end.
Tomorrow we'll be announcing the final 15.
Some may get selected, some might not.
But I want to congratulate all of you.
For doing a fantastic job.
All the best.
Thank you, sir.
Let's go.
Shall I serve dinner?
I'm not hungry. I'll eat something later.
Can I tell you something, Papa?
I told you that the coach
made Sukhi the captain.
Because he had the Indian jersey.
He's no longer the captain, Papa.
Wearing the jersey
doesn't make you the captain.
Does it, Papa?
I don't want that jersey anymore.
Mankirat had the jersey. Not Sukhi.
Sorry, Papa.
Hey, come here, dear.
Everything will be fine
between your mom and I.
It's not your fault.
The results will be announced
this evening.
Are you tense?
A bit, but not too much.
Don't worry, sir.
It doesn't matter
if I don't get selected this time.
Have faith.
If I had a son,
I wouldn't trust him
as much as I trust you.
I'm unable to handle
the stress like I could once.
I won't come in the evening.
You check the results and come home.
We'll have a blast.
Always remember, dear.
Whatever the result may be,
I will always be proud of you.
I've never seen a better batsman
than you in my entire career.
And that includes
the present Indian Cricket Team.
It's common around here.
Don't worry.
My name will definitely be on the list.
What about me?
Your name's going to be on the list, okay?
Don't get stressed.
Guys, come, the list is here.
-Come on.
-Check the list.
Check my name.
Me too.
Thank God.
Thank God.
Viru, Vice Captain!
I am in.
Good job, Arjun.
-Thank you, sir.
Ravinder, I wish you
-and the entire team all the very best.
-Thank you, sir.
Hello, sir.
-All the best.
-Thank you.
This gear looks good.
Oh, man...
This is amazing. I can't believe this.
There's my corner.
-Ravinder, play well.
-Yes, Dad.
Viru, eat on time.
-All the best.
-Yeah, you too.
Take care.
-All the best.
-Take care of Viru.
-Hello, sir.
Vidya. Arjun... Kittu.
Come on.
Get in, everyone.
-See you, dear.
-Yes, sir.
Okay, has everyone come?
Bye, Papa. All the best.
-Bye, Papa. Bye.
Shall we?
Punjab's decision to bat first
has backfired today.
Even though Paddal Stadium is beautiful,
the pitch here is giving
a tough time to the batsmen.
Due to the weather,
the ball's getting an extra swing.
Well done, Rawat.
Punjab on 78 with the loss of two wickets.
Captain Ravinder is playing slow today.
Oh, just missed it.
Very good, Rawat.
-Guys, one more.
-It's okay, boys.
Come on, boys.
Good ball, Rawat. Very good.
Rawat is putting constant pressure
on Punjab's batsmen.
Another wicket down.
Himachal gets another wicket!
Punjab is now in trouble.
Next batsman from team Punjab,
Dheeraj Bhasin.
Arjun, get ready. You're going in next.
Arjun, listen.
Just stay on the crease, okay?
It doesn't matter
if you don't score a single run.
Just stay put on the crease.
Don't lose your wicket.
A change in Punjab's batting order.
It's okay, boys.
Arjun, try to defend. The ball's swinging.
Arjun Talwar is making a comeback this
season after a decade long sabbatical.
And it's not going to be easy.
In the recent match with New Zealand,
he played a glorious innings.
Arjun. Just survive Rawat's over.
Come on, Rawat, throw him a bouncer.
Stay in line, Rawat.
It's a new ball. Get him out, boy.
Experience matters,
but if your team isn't performing well
in the initial overs,
it puts the other batsmen
under tremendous pressure.
Catch it.
And a powerful stroke!
The ball is in the air!
-The fielder won't get to the ball.
-What a shot!
That's a beautiful six
over the long-on boundary.
In a four-day Ranji match,
who hits the first ball for a boundary?
In fact, in the 1985-86 Ranji series,
Arjun was the highest scorer.
And that's a beautiful pull shot.
The ball's in the air.
Heading towards the deep midwicket.
And that's a six.
It's okay. We'll get him.
Arjun has made this match
come alive again.
Would he hit this ball for a six again?
Another glorious shot from Arjun.
That's nicely driven,
the last ball of the over.
They will easily get two runs here.
-Careful, Harpal.
-But Arjun wants to keep the strike.
Come on, Arjun!
Well played, Arjun!
And that's a beautiful shot
played on the front foot.
With that Arjun completes his century!
What a batsman!
Well played, Arjun.
Last ball of the day
played on the front foot.
Fantastic shot.
But what's this?
Arjun is already heading
towards the pavilion.
He's not even looking at the ball!
And that's another six runs.
I've never seen a batsman with this level
of confidence in his technique.
A fantastic innings of 110 runs.
Arjun's innings will be etched
in the history of Paddal stadium.
Well played, Arjun.
Well played, Harpal.
-Well done.
-Thank you, sir.
Well played, Arjun.
-Thank you, sir.
-Good batting.
Do you think you played well?
This adventure of yours
put the team at risk.
Arjun, what did I tell you?
Sir, you told me not to lose my wicket.
Well played.
Thank you, sir.
There is no glow on my face
My heart won't stop beating
My blood's on fire
It's your will
Pain's just a feeling
For I've conquered the world
Come with me to a place
Where you suffocate
-A world littered with shattered desires
-Well done!
This is where we finally rest
Yet I feel lonely
Those who worship you
Tell them you're my beloved
Mom. Mom.
-Not now, Kittu. I'm getting late.
-Just read it.
Please, just read it. Just once. Please?
"Arjun Talwar,
the 36-year-old ex-Ranji player
made his re-entry
into this season of Ranji trophy.
With an exceptional
241 runs that helped Punjab
snatch a win against Himachal Pradesh."
With time, I learnt loyalty
You were put to the test
With time, I learnt loyalty
You were put to the test
Beloved, a refuge of your memories
You bothering me in my dreams
I know your love Was me alone, beloved
What is the reason I'm upset?
Come with me to a place
Where you suffocate
A world littered with shattered desires
This is where we finally rest
Yet I feel lonely
Those who worship you
Tell them you're my beloved
Arjun Talwar made the largest contribution
to Punjab's victory.
By scoring 185 runs...
We've now reached the league stage.
With time, I learnt loyalty
You were put to the test
With time, I learnt loyalty
You were put to the test
Hello, Hotel Mount View.
How may I help you?
Now that you have fallen in love
Don't leave me
This tradition has been going on forever
I'm drawing closer to the moment
When I want to store all the memories
We'll deal with whatever comes
I hope it's blessings all the way
We'll deal with whatever comes
I hope it's blessings all the way
Yeah, Sanjay. Any updates?
Karnataka is unstoppable this time.
They have an exceptional pace attack.
Sir, there's a player from Punjab.
You should take him into consideration.
What's his name?
Arjun Talwar. Right-hand batsman, Punjab.
-Ball. Ball.
-Get the ball.
Kittu, your papa's picture
was in the newspaper again.
Yes, I know. Keep fielding.
Punjab wins again,
let the celebrations begin!
Come with me to a place
Where you suffocate
A world littered with shattered desires
This is where we finally rest
-Yet I feel lonely
Those who worship you
Tell them you're my beloved
you need to work on your fitness first.
Come on. Take five laps of the ground.
Hitting boundaries isn't enough.
Singles are also important for the match.
How many did he say? Only five rounds.
Get lost.
Sorry for what I did.
Let's play for the team.
Good shot.
Sir, remember your client?
That cricketer...
Come on, Guri!
The Punjab team is going to the semifinal.
Keep quiet!
It's too early for celebrations.
This spoilsport never lets us celebrate.
Come on. Let me show you my new kit.
You're committing too early.
So wait for the ball
and then take your time.
Wasn't that a good ball?
I'll get changed. Let's go out somewhere.
What would you like, sir?
-Two cups of tea, please.
-Yes, sir.
Remember this place?
I remember everything.
I am sorry, Arjun.
I made a huge mistake.
I was angry and said things
that I didn't mean. I'm really sorry.
It's okay.
There won't be any problems
from now on, everything will be okay.
In fact, we'll be very happy.
Dad came home.
He said he'll give us 50,000 rupees.
You can give those 50,000 rupees
to the lawyer
and get your job.
I can't take this anymore.
I don't remember
the last time we were happy.
Did you take the money from your dad?
Why are you getting angry, darling?
I didn't take the money.
Dad offered,
but if you don't want it, it's okay.
We won't take money from him.
It's not about the money, Vidya.
You don't trust me anymore.
How dare you!
I left my family and everything else
behind to be with you.
So, don't you dare say that, Arjun.
Have I ever asked you for anything?
I wanted a simple life.
Kittu, you and I, just us.
I just want you back, that's it.
And honestly, I don't care
what's going on with your game.
No matter how hard you try,
you won't be able to achieve anything now.
You had your chance and it's over now.
When the entire world said
I was hopeless
and would never achieve anything,
I felt bad.
But after hearing the same thing from you,
I feel scared, maybe they were right.
I'll never achieve anything.
For the first time in my life,
I'm angry at you, Vidya.
Oh, that's hit hard. It's high in the air.
It's going, going, and gone.
And that's gonna be a massive,
massive sixer.
Throw! Throw!
And with that Arjun completes 300.
Such a class player.
Take a bow, young man.
Oh wait, some concern there
for the Punjab batsman.
Looks like Arjun's in trouble.
This could mean more trouble
for Punjab too.
Are you okay?
Mr. Bali.
And Arjun raises his bat
to celebrate his triple century.
Remarkable indeed.
Arjun, what an inspiring cricketer!
-Very well played, Arjun.
-Well played.
Well played, buddy.
Well done.
You were fantastic, champion.
I'm not feeling too well, sir.
-Shall we go to a hospital?
Come on.
No need to worry.
It could be due to excess strain.
Get a TM and 2D Echo test done.
Doctor, the Ranji trophy finals
are next week, in Mumbai.
Will he be able to play?
Get the tests done first.
-How could you even ask that, sir?
There's nothing to worry, dear.
The doctor just said so.
Actually, the selectors are coming.
It's crucial for Arjun to play that match.
all his efforts will be in vain.
He's lying on a hospital bed, sir.
He's unaware of his own condition.
And you're worried about him
playing a match next week?
In this condition?
-Please let me talk.
The doctor suggested
some medical tests, right?
I have to wait until the end of the month
for my salary to pay for those.
What is he trying to achieve
leaving Kittu and me at home?
What is he doing?
And you're supporting
his impractical dream, sir!
Look, Arjun, it's time for you to decide.
What do you want in life?
And if you choose cricket,
then we won't stay with you.
So you decide.
I cried as well as laughed
I did not tell anyone
I portrayed the tears in my eyes
As raindrops
I have not forgotten anything
Thank God I was not left to wander
All these nights when the world slept,
You did not sleep
I did not lose hope
Nothing is over
And now on blank paper
I keep writing victory
My dear, I have a dream
I need to make it come true
My dear, I have a dream
I need to make it come true
My dear, I have a dream
I need to make it come true
-Hi, Arjun.
-Hey, Viru.
What a lovely photo!
Is your family always smiling like this?
I am neither moving on Nor I have stopped
Even today it is not over
I have written That I have to win hearts
I'm aware of my aim It's my lover
I have no regrets My mind is settled too
I have not lost hope Nothing is shattered
I talk and write letters to the moon
My dear, I have a dream
I need to make it come true
My dear, I have a dream
I need to make it come true
My dear, I have a dream
I need to make it come true
The paintbrushes are kept in the cupboard.
I can't reach it.
Could you please get them for me?
Come on.
Papa, I gave Sachin's poster to Harpal.
You know, in our class,
nobody's father's picture
has ever been published in the newspaper.
I have this.
So, I gave the Sachin poster to Harpal.
Papa, will you never play cricket again?
You tell me, dear. What do you think?
Should I play or not?
Play, Papa. Play your heart out.
Whenever you play cricket,
you look like a hero to me.
Kittu has gone out to play cricket.
I cannot live like this, Vidya.
I can't do it.
You think I'm doing this
because I'm angry with you.
You know,
whenever I borrow money from someone,
they never ask me to return it.
Not because they like me.
Because they know
I can never return their money.
Not a single person trusts me anymore.
Once a brilliant cricket player,
and now, a loser.
In the whole world... the only person
who never judged me
is my son.
He doesn't care
whether his father works or not,
whether he earns or not,
or if he's even successful.
I am his father and that's enough for him.
He's never asked me for anything.
I don't know why
he asked me for a jersey this time
and I couldn't get him that either.
Do you know what my greatest fear is?
If I stay like this,
even he will start to see me
like the rest of the world does.
Today, he said...
"Play, Papa.
Play your heart out."
"Whenever you play cricket,
you look like a hero to me."
I won't let him think any less of me,
Let me go, Vidya.
I am not angry at you, Vidya.
I'm angry at that Arjun
who sits all day and watches TV.
Who can't fulfill
even a single wish of Kittu's.
Who leaves you crying in the kitchen.
I am angry at that Arjun, Vidya.
I am not angry at you.
Let me go, Vidya.
Let me go.
An overnight train journey will be tiring.
These are...
tickets to the flight
at five in the morning.
I booked them from my hotel's travel desk.
It's been a while
since we sat together
and spoke to each other.
Let's go back to how we were
once upon a time, please.
First, tell me...
Kittu, or I?
And don't lie.
Welcome to the 1996-97
Ranji tournament finals.
It's Punjab versus Karnataka.
Brought to you live
from the Wankhede Stadium.
Mom, it's papa.
Look! Papa is on TV.
Gowda will be set
against the best batsman,
definitely the man of the series for me.
Arjun Talwar.
Come on, boys! Come on, Rudra!
The first delivery of the finals.
And that's put away nicely.
It will go all the way to the boundary.
Karnataka's off the mark in style.
Beautiful drive.
That's a great start for Karnataka.
-Wonderful strike.
What a sixer.
It's gone high and handsome.
50 runs on the board
for the opening partnership.
He won't stop.
Rajesh is just one run away
from his century.
Well struck. And it will go all the way.
What a way to bring up his century.
230 for no loss,
Punjab looking for a wicket.
No, that's hammered away.
End of day one.
Karnataka is looking solid.
And that's a magnificent six!
340 for 2.
Guri, man!
That's a huge sixer.
-Declare, sir.
-And the skipper has decided to declare.
Well played, boys.
Karnataka posted 454 runs
in their first innings.
Can Punjab fight back?
-All the best, boys.
Three slips and a gully.
The pressure is on early on.
Here comes Suresh Gowda.
What a bouncer!
Harpal didn't know where the ball went.
Right on the head.
That's going to hurt badly.
Gowda with the next ball.
And a big blow for Punjab.
Harpal has to go for a duck.
This is why Gowda is
the most dangerous bowler.
Edged and gone. That was terrific.
It was Harpal first,
and now it's the captain.
Excellent start for Karnataka.
Here's the next delivery. Bowled him.
Virender dismissed cheaply.
Three batsmen back
in the pavilion already.
How was that?
Big appeal. And he's gone.
Wickets tumbling down constantly.
And what a disappointing day for Punjab.
It's 45 for 4.
Punjab not in its best form yesterday.
The glimmer of hope
and in comes Arjun Talwar.
The batsman who has been a blessing
in disguise for Punjab this season.
And I am sure Karnataka would've
devised a strategy
for the best batsman of the series.
-You're the man, Gowda.
-Here we go.
Gowda with the first ball of the day.
Bowled him.
Arjun Talwar has to go for a duck.
It's unbelievable what we've
just witnessed here at the Wankhede.
A massive wicket for Karnataka.
Don't lose your wicket.
The man at the top of his game,
blown away in a matter of seconds.
What a day for Karnataka.
Absolutely magnificent.
Seems like a pretty brutal blow to Punjab.
Hey, turn off the TV.
He's gone. Nagraja's got his man.
Got him.
Brilliant catch by the skipper.
It's shocking that Punjab is all out.
Could this be a possible end?
Catch it.
There's a fielder down there.
It's a catch by Raunak Seth.
No celebration at all.
I guess they are aware.
It's only a matter of time
before Karnataka is declared
champions of this Ranji tournament.
Chaddha, what do you think you were doing?
You can't even take a simple catch.
I did pretty well
on your pathetic bowling.
-Stop blaming me.
-Stop your blame game!
They just outplayed us!
Do we have any chance of winning?
So, six months of hard work
gone down the drain?
We should be proud we made it this far.
That's not it.
All our hard work is in vain.
Getting this far is not an achievement.
47 overs and 352 is the target, sir.
Required run rate is 7,47.
Even if the match is a draw,
then according to the inning's rule,
Karnataka's first innings score
is higher than us.
If we want to win,
we have to score those runs.
The pitch is unpredictable
on the last day, sir.
352 in 47 overs?
It's impossible, sir.
A new strategy by Punjab.
Everyone's excited. Even the selectors.
Let's see what happens.
352 runs in 47 overs.
The target would rattle anyone's nerves.
We've seen the behavior of the pitch
which has always gone against the batsman.
That's a bouncer right away.
Good bowl, well done.
Boys, come on!
Here is the next delivery.
And this would be shattering for Punjab
who have placed all their hopes on Arjun.
Another bouncer.
Want me to bowl slow?
Seems like there's some tension there
between the players.
This could be a wicket.
All eyes on Arjun.
Can he survive this delivery?
Pulled away in style.
Catch it!
That's a brilliant reply from Arjun.
Totally deceived by the flight.
And Virender will have to go.
Pushed towards the leg side
for a quick single.
I must say, every run is important here.
-Only one, come on.
-Single to keep the strike.
Punjab at 185 for 1.
Stop what you're doing. Arjun is on 98.
Can he bring up his 100?
That's a powerful hit
and it's a century for Arjun.
-What a shot!
-Bravo, Arjun.
They are definitely placed better,
but does Punjab still have a chance?
Looks like Punjab is still fighting
their way back into the game.
Driven for two runs there.
He's got a good rhythm.
-Catch it!
-The ball is in the air.
And it's a nice catch by the skipper.
Just when we thought
Punjab is in the driving seat,
they have lost another wicket.
216 for 2.
-Arjun pushes it on the off side.
Look at that.
Looks like Gowda
deliberately came in his way.
Exchange of looks there.
Nasty tactics by Gowda.
This time drives it on the mid off region.
His running has been excellent.
Taking his team step by step to victory.
-Show some effort.
-These are very crucial overs.
That's a good shot by Ravinder.
Well, Arjun is focused
on the massive target
and wants to do everything he can
to chase it.
Well, it's very hot
and humid here in Mumbai,
surely tiring the batsman.
But the spirits are still high.
Well, more than the target,
it's the massive pressure.
The mental pressure he's under.
He's got a tough job to do for Punjab.
Edged. Beautifully bowled by Ashok Gowda.
What a catch!
Well bowled...
Throw, Surya, throw.
And he's bowled him.
Punjab just cannot afford to lose
a wicket at this point of time.
How was that?
Punjab crumbling
and losing their ninth wicket.
Don't lose your wicket. Come on.
Rudra, be careful.
Next delivery.
Arjun hits it on the offside.
But look at that.
Coming in the middle of his way.
Giving that look of aggression.
36 in 12 balls.
And that's gone long, long, and forever.
We should be down there
cheering for them! Let's go!
What a sixer!
-That's driven beautifully.
-Catch it...
-And it makes it to the boundary.
-Come on, Kumar.
Bravo. Very good.
9 wickets down, 14 needed of 7.
Last ball of the over.
Karnataka is trying every possible thing
to stop this single.
Arjun wants this run to be on strike.
Tremendous pressure at the moment.
Arjun tries, but wait...
-What is happening here, yes, no!
Oh, they cannot take that run
which was very important for them.
This is going down to the wire.
Once again the odds are
in favor of Karnataka.
Rudra feeling the heat at the moment.
What a nail-biting final! 14 needed off 6.
Tension building up.
Last over will be bowled by Surya Narayan.
-Here we go.
-Last wicket.
Oh, my, my,
it's gone straight to the keeper.
Rudra, what are you doing?
Just get a single and get Arjun on strike.
Come on, boy.
Second delivery of the final over.
Oh! And he misses it.
What's happening?
He could've lost his wicket.
Keep it tight!
The only person who can
match up to this pace attack
is standing at the other end.
He has to take that single.
Come on, boys. On your toes.
Four balls remaining in the game.
Arjun is already out of the crease.
He is running at the danger end!
Will it hits the stumps?
Oh, my God, what's happening?
Goosebumps everywhere.
13 required off 3 now.
Keep it tight, Surya.
That's a sizzler from his bat.
It's definitely placed for a four.
Well played!
Nine runs in two balls.
Massive shot into the sky.
What a master class batsman he is!
That one's for the selectors to watch.
Great shot.
Punjab is one stroke away.
3 runs in one ball.
Catch it!
Come on. Come on.
Bowler end!
Run, Arjun!
How was that?
Hello, sir.
I'll go find out.
-Congratulations, ma'am.
-Thank you.
It was a really good book. Very nice.
Congratulations, Jasleen.
-Thank you. Just a minute.
-How are you?
-How are you, Jasleen?
-Long time.
How are you, Ketan?
-Absolutely fine. How are you?
-I'm fine.
-How is your project--
Mr. Bali.
How are you, dear?
I am fine, sir.
You look like your father with this beard.
You went away for two years,
but now you show no signs of returning.
You even took your mom along.
Don't you ever miss us?
Of course, I do, sir.
We're going to come back
once my project is over.
Bless you, dear.
-This way.
-How are you?
-All good. How are you?
Great. So good to see you.
How are you, Kittu? All good?
-Absolutely, sir, how are you guys?
-Come, dear.
-Yes, sir.
-How are you?
Hello, Ketan.
-Hi, sir.
-Mr. Mahesh, Mr. Ratti.
I must say, Arjun has been
an inspiration for all of us.
It's good to see you both.
-Likewise, sir, thank you.
Thank you.
we feel so proud that we got a chance
to play alongside Arjun.
Thank you.
-Excuse me, dear.
-Yes, sir.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Let this meeting get over first.
Then you can talk to him.
-Okay, dear?
-It will just take two minutes.
Maybe you should...
Sir, you guys get seated, I'll be back.
-Okay, fine.
When I read the book on Arjun,
I realized
you don't know the entire truth, dear.
As a doctor,
I'm not supposed to talk to everyone.
But when I heard you were coming,
I thought it was my duty
to tell you this personally.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
No matter how great one is
or how much one has achieved,
we all remember their life stories
only when someone pens them down.
Often, we don't see what
had been in front of us all along.
Just as the story of Arjun Talwar
was hidden from us for so long.
And thanks to the author
of the book Jersey,
Jasleen Shergill, who recognized
the worth of this story.
The Indian Cricket Board
would like to thank her
for bringing out the story
of this 36 year old cricketer,
who decided to make a comeback
and made Punjab win after 10 whole years.
We always prefer hearing
stories of successful people.
Not just in cricket, but also in life.
But not everyone finds success.
Maybe one out of 100.
Arjun's story is not
one such success story.
It's about those 99 people who failed
and yet had the spirit to keep trying.
After reading the book,
even I wanted to know what happened
in Arjun's story after that match.
I had the privilege to access
some old official documents.
And I would like to
share with you and the author
of this book Jasleen Shergill
that there was a list of players selected
for Team India to go for the England tour.
Arjun Talwar was selected
for the Indian Cricket Team.
I would like to call Arjun's son
Ketan Talwar on the stage, please.
We have something from the Indian
Cricket Board to present to the family.
Go on.
Go on, dear.
That's for you.
As the heart remembers its old promises
I got what I wanted
I admit the journey was long
Are you really going to
buy the jersey for me, Papa?
You've given your word,
now it's a promise.
I've even crossed my fingers.
Now you can't break your promise.
Not a chance!
My happiness lies with you
You're my world
The world that is beautiful
I dwell in your sparkling eyes
-I dwell in your mischievous talks
I dwell in your difficult nights
I'm your shadow
This Indian jersey...
25 years ago, a seven-year-old
had asked his papa for this.
As a birthday gift.
Imagine the strength of his sincerity
with which he wanted to give me this.
Even after all these years,
it finally came to me.
After the Ranji finals against Karnataka,
papa was admitted to the hospital.
And two days later,
he had a heart failure and he passed away.
The doctors said he had
a heart condition called arrhythmia.
I just found out a little while ago
that papa knew about his condition
10 years before he died.
In fact, this was the reason
why he left cricket at the age of 26.
You have a heart condition
called arrhythmia.
Your heartbeat is irregular.
If your body is physically stressed,
there's a chance of heart failure.
And you could even lose your life.
Don't stress. Just quit playing cricket.
So, running and other
physical activities won't be possible.
Keep getting regular checkups
and everything will be fine.
-Leave it, sir.
Listen, Vidya!
I'm quitting cricket.
Darling, cricket is your life.
I have you.
That's all I need.
Papa, are you never going to play cricket?
You tell me, son.
What do you think?
Should I play or not?
Play, Papa, play your heart out.
Whenever you play cricket,
you look like a hero to me.
I'm sharing this with you
because we all feel
that my father lost his life while trying.
But the truth is,
knowing that he could lose his life,
he never stopped trying.
And that is Arjun Talwar.
My father.
Dreams lying in the desert
Like a dead leaf
Is the leaf in a sea or on a journey?
Challenges the winds, faces the storms
Flies in its own pace and says
I am alone, but I will fight
Come on.
Will you keep clicking our pictures?
You pose for a picture too.
We don't have a single
good photo together.
There's no one here.
Papa, let's turn the camera around
and try to take a picture.
-That won't happen, son.
-Let's try, Papa.
-Wait, let me think.
-Let's try.
Papa, right... A little to the left...
No, no, no, no
I can't live without you
I want to live with you in my sight
You be the special one for me
For your presence in my life
I thank you a thousand times
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
Without you, I don't matter
You're my Juliet, I am your Romeo
Whenever your name comes up
My heart skips a beat
Better and better...
You keep making my life better
For your presence in my life
I thank you a thousand times
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
You make every place look beautiful
You're the onset of spring for me
Your presence is
A blessing from God
Love needs no words to be expressed
I'm devoted to you forever
For your presence in my life
I thank you a thousand times
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
You make every place look beautiful
You're the onset of spring for me
Your presence is
A blessing from God
Love needs no words to be expressed
I'm devoted to you forever
For your presence in my life
I thank you a thousand times
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn
No, no, no, no
I can't live without you
I want to live with you in my sight
You be the special one for me
For your presence in my life
I thank you a thousand times
Beloved, I miss you
Hearing the wheel turn