Jersey Bred (2024) Movie Script

-I want it.
-Let's go again.
-Don't be a Scrooge, now.
-I'm telling you, all right?
-Don't start.
-Go ahead with you.
-Hey! Quattro!
-Get the fuck outta here.
-All right, quattro!
-You put a four.
-What are you talking about?
-Go ahead.
-One more.
Go ahead.
Hey, quit fucking around.
Vince, get behind the wheel.
-Dad, I can--
-Just do what I said.
-Do it again!
-Guys, let's get outta here.
-Shut up!
Vincent Napolitano, the New Mafia.
Back in the mid-nineties,
he was the first to cut all the illegal
gambling exposure in half
by doing away with
the phone pits in the States
and using wire rooms offshore.
From there, he was able to parlay that
into numerous gambling
entities in Costa Rica.
Paper head sites, gaming
and casino software,
fantasy sports, consulting,
and the list goes on and on.
-Seems way ahead of his time.
-He was, and he still is.
He anticipated the change
in the casino landscape
years before Trump did.
Now this real estate deal in Delray Beach?
$5.5 million initial investment,
an additional $10 million transfer.
I mean, clearly, this has gotta
be Reno "The Beak's" money.
The current street boss.
Is this who we're trying
to connect to Vincent?
Our forensic accountants already confirmed
that deal is all Vincent.
All legit.
He knows exactly how to season his money.
Okay, so if his legitimate businesses
continue to make money,
who's the focus here?
These two.
Anthony Carbone and Salvo.
Uncle Sal De Rosa,
who's being processed
as we speak right now.
There's a whole new clan.
Playing with a whole new set of old rules.
One thing about the Sicilians,
20 years, they'll be friends
with a non-Sicilian.
But if another Sicilian
shows up with a beef,
they take the side of the Sicilian.
Sal, we're almost out.
Listen to me, 'cause
I'm gonna be clear again.
The six sit on a chair
and we're gonna need to have
our backs when the time comes.
Now I know you got a hard-on
to get back at Vincent,
but I need you to be smart this time.
You hear me?
I could grow hair on my balls in here.
And I'm not coming back over a beef
going back to when you two were kids.
Rumor on the inside was the two
were planning on making a power move
and then reconstructing
the family once they got out.
Why wouldn't they all work together?
Well, that's just it.
You see, the night Gino was gunned down,
both Vincent and Anthony were there.
Now for whatever the reason,
Gino wanted Anthony to walk into the bar
with him and not Vincent,
which led to the
confrontation in Gino's death.
Anthony's arrest was deemed
an accidental shooting of
a young police officer.
"Agent Donald Conley
was accidentally shot?"
The only reason why
he didn't finish me off
is 'cause some old lady
walking around the block lost her shit.
She spooked both of us,
but he only served 10 years for that
because we never found the gun.
He was released in 2000
and it happened to be the same year
I was accepted into the bureau.
But by then, Vincent already
transitioned to online gambling.
But Anthony still held
a grudge against Vincent
for leaving him in the street that day.
The two were just about to go to war.
But luckily, I was able to nail
Anthony on a narcotics pinch,
a marijuana distribution in 2008.
Now they're out.
And that's why it's up to us
and our new OC unit to figure out
how to get this piece
of trash off the streets.
Congratulations, Vincent!
You're out of attorney review
and one step closer to
your dream come true.
It looks incredible.
My dad was talking to the board
and he feels that they would be open
to the expansion and redevelopment.
Really? Without any pushback?
If approved, no.
Not bad for a snowflake from New Jersey.
Wait, I thought it was a snowbird.
When you come down for a season,
you're a snowbird.
A snowflake is when you
come here and there.
Alright, we'll remedy that.
Really, thank you.
You can thank me when I come
up to see you in New Jersey.
See you soon.
Thank you.
Hey, can I get you something?
I'll have a chai latte.
Chai latte? Cappuccino to go.
Cappuccino to go.
-Come on, cous.
-You're partners with everybody.
-I said, no.
Please just something small.
Just give me something.
Yeah, a cappuccino, and hurry up.
I'll meet you outside.
We gotta get to the airport.
I'm glad you think he thinks he's funny.
He has his moments.
Your name?
Vincent and yours?
Your cappuccino.
Thank you.
You're working in finance.
You got a great job.
I mean, what are you?
You there two, or three years?
Okay, five.
I mean, you really don't like it?
Like it? I fucking hate it!
It's a corporate prison.
My little cousin.
I love you.
What the fuck, bro?
All them years, I was beating
my meat like it owes me a few Gs.
You couldn't bring me a few broads?
What? If I had known that
I would've brought the
whole day shift for you.
Look at you. You look quite good.
I'm halfway through a cycle of B balls.
I haven't done a single pushup yet.
You're a fucking degenerate.
Of course. Of course, you wouldn't.
Why would you?
Today, Governor Phil Murphy signed a law
that authorizes legal sports
betting in the Garden State.
A licensed casino or racetrack
may now accept wagers
at a sports wagering lounge.
The governor says this was
the right move for New Jersey
and it will strengthen the economy.
Rub it up in your ass,
this governor is gonna legalize weed next.
You wanna get high?
Head down the shore. I wanna grab a slice.
And how about we grab you a shower
with a new fit first?
-Why? I smell like C-block?
-And you smell like shit.
So what was that back
there with the coffee girl?
I saw that.
Yeah, what did you see?
You looking back at her
to see if she's looking back at you
to see you looking back at her?
You don't miss a beat.
She got a boyfriend? Girlfriend?
I don't think she's your type.
She's more like a hippie.
What? Smokes weed?
Smokes it, vapes it, bakes with it.
What are you, a priest?
There's one option.
I'll set you up.
Take a note.
Come here. Come on, I gotta go.
This is important. Okay?
That's for Jimmy.
Come here.
Everything's gonna be fine, okay?
See you.
-Is that Costa Rica?
-Isn't it beautiful?
-That's the beach?
-Yeah, that's the beach.
What does it look like?
Nice beaches.
Too far. Too far.
-No, go back.
-No, no, you're too young, kid.
When you get older,
you can come visit me there.
If I show you something,
promise you're not gonna tell my dad.
Talking to me is like talking to a priest.
See that?
That's what my dad paid me last weekend.
I worked two 12-hour shifts for him.
And that?
This, I made that last weekend
and I barely did a thing.
Check this out.
How many gamblers is that?
It's 33. All kids from my school.
How are you storing this?
What do you mean?
It's all right there on my phone.
No, listen, I'll download
you an encrypted app, okay?
You're gonna store all your
information in that app
and share it with your friends.
If you can't be good,
you gotta be good at it.
Use this.
-Wow. Thanks, Pizza Joe.
-You're the man.
-I know.
I'm actually trying to save up
for this mobile pizza oven.
Is this a wood-burning oven?
Or one of those coal ovens?
-It's all wood burning.
Well, you keep it up.
You'll get it eventually.
Hi, munchkin.
Can I get my phone back now, please?
Yeah, you can have your
phone when I get your password.
We're gonna start this again?
Why did you change your password?
-Why does this go on?
-I don't understand. What the fuck?
-You need to relax.
-No, I am relaxed.
Why did you change your password?
-I need my phone.
-No, I'm done!
I'm conducting business.
What are you hiding?
Are you hiding something?
-I'm not hiding anything.
-Then gimme your password.
You want Gianni to see what's going on?
Excuse me. Am I yelling?
I'm gonna yell now!
You don't want me to yell
then don't fucking accuse me of yelling!
How long have we been married?
How many kids do we have?
You know what? I'm not doing this.
-I'm over this.
-No, I am too. I'm done. You know what?
-You need to relax.
-I'm done!
-I'm done!
-It's your Puerto Rican paranoia going on.
No, your Italian, fucking
whatever the fuck.
-I'm over it. I'm over it.
-I'm not even loud!
-Bye! Bye!
-I swear to God!
I swear to God, Jimmy!
Always on that fucking phone, Joe.
Gianni, call your mother,
and your cousin's gonna be here
any minute. Come on, let's go.
How many boxes you got done, G?
It's the first pile.
I'm working on it, Dad.
You gonna answer that?
It's your dad, Joe.
Your mother's got my phone.
Answer it.
You guys are always fucking around.
How are you doing that?
-It's A and I.
-A and I?
Some new technology.
I'll teach you that one next time.
Look at this fucking crew.
Hey, hey, hey. How are you, man?
-Nice to see you.
-Good to see you, brother.
Good to see you.
Gianni, oh my God.
-How are you?
-You're a man.
-Damn near.
What's all the commotion?
Hey, look who's back.
Hey, good to see you.
Number one rule, make sure nobody steals.
We still got the best pizza in town.
Don't forget that.
-What are you doing here?
-How you doing? How you been?
I'm good, you?
Same shit, still DJing
at your cousin's club.
Yeah, you can't get rid
of this fucking cockroach.
I'm outta here.
G, show your cousin the ropes.
So what's up?
Rumor has it that the Jersey boys
looking to move outta NYC.
Maybe, came home to take a break.
-I'm thinking about it.
-Little career change?
You know?
I gotta watch where I stand
in front of Pizza Joe, my man.
Watch it, you little fuck.
550 Pounds!
I see you're still eating
like you got two assholes.
What are you? A prick?
It's all right.
I go back a long time with this kid.
-Don't get up.
I don't want you to hurt yourself.
I'm not gonna. You ain't worth it.
-It's good to see you, my man.
-Good, Joe.
-It's always good to see you, brother.
Good to see you.
And whose kid are you?
That's Little Vincent.
Last time I saw you
you were hiding in my car,
you didn't want to go home.
Oh, I remember you now.
You always hung out with my cousins.
They used to hang out with me, cous.
Hey, what team you got?
I got whoever covers.
You must be Jimmy's kid.
I'm Gianni.
Same Gianni that was
swimming around in his balls
when we were getting in trouble?
Yeah, I guess that's me.
Hey, G.
Can we get four slices warm to go?
Of course, man.
I used to work for your dad.
What a nut.
And paranoid.
He used to take me on
these long walk and talks
and we end up in a sticker of bushes.
I used to wake up with
fucking poison ivy and shit.
But he always used to say,
"A wise man once said nothing."
It's a shame what happened to him.
And he was a little fucked up.
It's a good thing for Vincent?
Hey, Ang, this is my brother Anthony.
This is the DJ I was telling you about.
He plays at Vincent's club.
-Are you any good?
-I do my thing.
Hey, fucking he's great.
He plays all the TikTok shit.
So, where are all the supreme cuisines at?
They ain't around.
They're setting up for my
sister's party on Sunday.
Frank, here are your pizzas.
Yeah. How much I owe you?
Nah, you're good.
Thanks. Thanks.
Well, it was good to see you boys.
Little G,
tell your pops you met your Uncle Anthony.
And I said hello.
Vincenzo, tell the big bad Eugene,
I'm looking for him.
Joe, enjoy your breakfast, your lunch,
and your fucking dinner.
Cheech, the door.
All right, buddy.
Go get your Nerf guns, your bullets.
I'll play with you in a little, all right?
Mom, why did Dad sleep in the
tree house last night?
I don't know, ask your father.
Dad slept in the tree house?
Fuck, Dad, you slept in
the tree house last night?
Go inside. Come on,
go get ready for the party.
Go get the chairs in the basement.
Get the pizza oven ready.
-Just go inside. Go!
-All right.
What'd he say?
He said to ask you.
And to get the pizza oven going
and grab a few chairs out of the basement.
He's going to the store to get ice
and do a few things before the party.
Well, I've been ready since 6:00 a.m.
The house is a mess, but I look good.
Are you gonna tell me what happened?
Gianni, we have a party.
I have a thousand things on my mind.
Not now, okay?
All right, Mom.
Hey, big shot.
Where's the girl?
Don't worry about her.
-Fucking shit.
-Uncle Sal!
Uncle Sal, welcome back!
25 years, three months,
and two fucking days.
-Uncle Sal, I--
-25 years,
three motherfucking months,
and two fucking days!
Uncle Sal, I got lost. I I don't know.
I used Google Maps
and then I had to use Waze
it took me to fucking--
Wait, what? What are you saying?
Weren't you just here
to pick up your brother?
Uncle Sal, I'm sorry.
Fucking kid.
I'm not even gonna ask.
Here's the old pass line
for while the weather is bad
and the wireless connection goes down.
No one uses this line.
If you need to call Pizza Joe on CR,
you just plug in this phone
right here and it's hardwired.
-That's it.
-That's it?
Done. That's it.
They can't even tap it anymore.
So who cares?
-You get me a phone?
-Yeah. Of course, I got you a phone.
These things put more
people in jail than guns.
How does it work?
Alright, so what you gotta
do is you, you hit the,
hit the side button
right here and you say,
"Call Joey."
Which Joe?
Joe Tenpenny? Joe Perelli?
Joe the plumber? Joe Colasimo?
Joe D and D? Joe the ice guy?
Joe Moxie? Joe Pasqualta lawyer?
Joe the Greek? Joe Vina?
Pizza Joe? Joey Dancer?
Joey the bartender? Joey Meatballs?
Joey Cognetta?
It's a smartphone.
Smart phone.
I'll come by this week.
This is the best part of the fucking job.
-Getting all the cash!
Damn, you know how much is here?
-Look at you marmalukes.
-What's up, Vin?
So, how are we going
with the software updates?
Can you guys handle the
transition to the wire rooms
and the paper head sites
for the consulting clients?
-All done.
-Okay, and the cryptocurrency?
You still having a problem
implementing those newer coins?
Bitcoin is solid.
We're working to resolve issues
with the other old coins.
-All right.
-Don't worry about it.
-We got it.
-Come a long way?
From writing things down on flash paper
and setting up phone pits.
Yeah, but we still got a
lot of cash betters, Vin.
A ton of them.
This is what I need for last week.
All right. Back it up.
You know, cous, how many times
do I have to tell you
not to buy these rubber bands?
They dry rot in six months.
You gotta buy these.
These are no good.
Get rid of them.
-It's all packed up.
And now we need another 30 for upstairs.
And there's the 30.
One step closer, Vin, one step closer.
750 more and this 2.5 goes down south.
Now, we got a problem.
Vin, no problems just solutions. Come on.
Cousin Anthony?
No. And he's not my fucking cousin.
-We need 10 million.
-For what?
The board is open to a
complete redevelopment.
We get that variance that
doubles the scale of the project,
and it triples what we can make.
How the fuck are we
supposed to come up with that?
Well, who do we know
has a shitload of money?
Come on, gambler.
-Chucky Levine.
-Chucky Levine.
We bring him in, right?
He's legit. We could trust him.
Or we go upstairs to the hard-ons
and we let them bend us over.
-Let's do it.
I'm checking your pockets by
the way, before he's leaving.
All right, guys. I'm making a video
for growing up Italian
on how I make my homemade pizza.
I'm gonna put fresh mozzarella all over.
I put a lot 'cause I really like cheese.
After that, I put oil,
and then a pinch of salt.
To top it off, you put
basil and then that's it.
You put it in the oven at 800 degrees
for about a minute and then it's done.
Rosa, a table without wine
is a poor table.
-How's the pizza, man?
-It's good pizza.
That's what it's about,
getting the family together.
To the family!
-Not the entire family, right?
I just drove up from Bloomfield Avenue
for Mrs. D's favorite.
Next time I go there, I gotta
bring a shotgun and a machete.
-Thank you, Anthony.
-How you doing?
Good, thank you. You wanna sit and eat?
I'm okay. I just wanted to stop by
and say hello to everybody.
How you doing?
Thanks for telling me about the party.
What's up, cous? Jimmy?
What's going on, Anthony?
You guys missed me yet?
I see you're still reproducing.
Anyway, think I can speak
to my partners for a minute?
We still are partners, right?
-Yeah, but not here.
Let's go to the basement.
Should I be looking for a
sheet of plastic down here?
Nobody whacks anybody anymore, Anthony.
You never whacked anybody before anyway.
Don't fucking go there,
Anthony, all right?
All right, not the time or the place.
Let's stick to the business at hand.
We'll get my scuttle, come on.
That's a third?
That's a third. That's a quarter.
A quarter, what the fuck?
We made Pizza Joe a partner.
550 Pounds?
Yeah, he's been busting his fucking ass.
He's been making all
the trips to Costa Rica.
-No, he earned it.
-I fucking earned it.
You earned it?
You'd be scraping nickels and dimes
if you gave it to your brother to hold.
Don't talk about Frankie like that.
-You know what he's been through.
-Hey, besides that,
we had a good thing going offshore, right?
You are the one who wanted to split it up.
You wanted to go out on your own.
You get one club, I get
the other, remember?
Then you want to split the book.
But before you can get anywhere with that,
you ended up getting caught
with a truck full of weed, right?
What the fuck are these?
That's called cash, Anthony.
You got a problem with that?
We swapped out as many as we could.
How the fuck am I supposed to spend it?
Was Franklin even president
when these were made?
Franklin was never president.
So you guys fucked me twice.
I got a surprise for you two.
An invitation from the big time.
What are you trying to do, Anthony?
You trying to stir the pot or something?
You think we settled here?
Yeah, we squared it.
We ironed it out here.
From what I'm hearing,
you should be ironing
things out with your wife.
Jimmy, take your money and get outta here.
Get the fuck outta here!
Fucking mutt.
You're both mutts.
This motherfucker.
Jimmy, no, we're not there.
He thinks it's the wild wild west.
We think new school.
He's thinking old school.
God forbid something happens to me.
I got five kids and I got a wife
who's about to divorce me
but that don't mean I don't love her.
Nothing's gonna happen to you.
I trust you, Vin.
You're the only one I trust.
You are the only one I trust.
Put this away.
Let's go back upstairs
and enjoy the party, okay?
-Welcome home.
-Thank you, Vincent.
All right, listen fellas,
I didn't come all the way from New York
to tell you how to run your family.
I came here to make sure
there's no misunderstanding.
Reno our deal, it doesn't change.
All clear.
You guys, I'm speaking on behalf
of our friends back in
my neck of the woods.
Their deal don't change either.
What are you guys flying two flags now?
That's our fucking business, Anthony.
-All right?
-Your fucking business?
You two should be
kissing my ass right now.
I see you came dressed for the occasion.
What would your father think?
-My father?
-What? Still, bother you?
You know how many nights I sat in my cell
and thought about you?
About how you left me
standing there in the street
while your father bled to death?
Why is he talking about my father?
Want to go, cous?
Sitting in your Maserati
and your million-dollar
condo, you big-shot fuck.
Take it easy, Anthony. Take it easy.
Get the fuck outta here, jerkoff.
Vincent, Jimmy, come back here.
-Come here.
-Sorry, Lou.
You three, enough.
-You're fucking outta line.
-Go fuck yourself.
You guys wanna stop now?
What's he doing here?
He's with me.
Sally, you told me they
had things ironed out.
It's a fucking embarrassment.
I think these three forgot
how it got started in this.
Anthony goes back to a third.
But you need to lay low.
The feds are gonna have
microscopes up all your asses.
Thank you, Reno.
You three need to work together.
Sally, we go back a long time
and we're here at your request.
I'm just looking to take
this road I chose till the end
and Anthony's got the same mentality.
And we're discussing
some business interests
with our extended family.
From what I understand,
things are a bit premature.
What's important to us
is that nothing disrupts
Vincent's operation
and any personal beefs
or issues are resolved.
You good?
I'm good.
Okay, Sally, when the time is right,
we'll circle back around
and sit with our friends.
-Fair enough.
-Are we good?
-I'm good.
-All right.
I'll see you later.
-Good seeing you.
-Vinny, take care.
That was some statement
bringing Val C. here.
Doesn't he run the
Sicilian faction in New York?
He runs everything in New York now.
He did three years in 2005.
I'll give you three guesses
who his cellmate was
and you could throw the first two out.
Uncle Sal.
Fuck him.
New York office says In the early 2000s,
Salvo Uncle Sal De Rosa
formed a tight relationship
with an old Sicilian clan
that has recently
regrouped and restructured.
Any other connections from the inside?
A few.
Apparently Anthony's pretty dialed in.
Babe, we are at the Meadowlands.
I will text you when
we are on our way home.
All right? Goodbye.
-How is it in there?
-There's some old girls.
There's some fat girls.
There's some old and fat girls.
I wouldn't fuck her with your dick
and this guy pushing.
Oh, my God! How are you?
When did you get out?
Dev? You still work here?
You look good.
I'm old and I know it, I look it.
Where's Frankie?
He's up in the office.
He never comes down anymore.
Almost forgot.
After this, we're down to 500.
Yeah, fucking bullshit, Joey.
You still owe me 750.
750 in your mother's ass.
750, come on. Seriously?
What's $250 amongst friends?
750, 500.
Not really gonna matter
because I got the lock of the year.
I met a trainer at Monmouth Park, buddy.
The best trainer at Monmouth Park.
I'm gonna fucking murder the game, bro.
You gimme a tip.
It's gonna be unbelievable.
I need to borrow two grand, please.
It's good to see you.
I'm gonna go look for him.
If you don't like where you're at
why don't you get the fuck outta here?
Where'd you find these girls?
At the fucking flea market.
-My fucking nose! My favorite nostril.
You put the lid under
the sink, up your nose.
The fuck--
Yo, bro.
-It's your fucking brother.
-What? Fuck!
Clean all this shit up!
You told me he's in the Poconos.
Get this fucking shit outta here!
We're coming!
All right, baby wipes.
-Thank you.
-Hey, give me one.
-Give me.
-Damn it!
I'm coming!
Joey, get the fucking door, you retard.
How you doing?
How you doing?
Get your degenerate ass outta here.
-All right, I can do that.
-You, scram.
What are you doing?
Why is the camera covered?
What the fuck do you mean what?
The place is half dead
because you cooped up here
and you belong on the floor.
You got a bloated hippo on stage.
Guys are better off at home
looking at their wives
and the only American I saw was Devon
and she should have been put
on the day shift before I went away.
I told Devon not to come at night, man.
Frankie, it doesn't matter.
You got the bouncers out
there wearing no-staff shirts.
The DJ is playing nothing but hip-hop.
And you got three black lights out
and all you can see is the
cellulite on the strippers.
And then you got the soap
operas on the television.
Put the game on!
Fuck, gimme the remote. Put the game on.
What the fuck? Nothing works.
You're a fucking mess.
What the fuck?
What the fuck is this?
-What is that?
-What the fuck is this?
This is fucked up.
I'm gonna find out who planted that there.
Is that for Friday night?
And you leave it on the desk exposed
and you got people in
here doing coke with you?
What the fuck's the matter with you?
Put it in the fucking safe.
I'm sorry, Ant.
I'm fucking sorry.
The dancers are gonna know
there's only one rooster
in this hen house.
Swap these out for me.
These aren't real? Are these real?
They're real. They're just old.
It'll take you a month to swap them out.
Just do 10 for now.
What the fuck is going on?
Look at the camera.
What's going on over there?
Oh, shit.
All right, let's go check it out.
I got this.
Let me take the lead on this. Come on!
Who wants to learn seat control?
Because Uncle Joey and his new
friend are coming on stage.
-Coming up.
-How you doing?
-Let's go.
-Spending a lot of money.
No. Let him up. Let him up.
-Rocky, stop being an asshole.
-Joey, hey!
Get the fuck outta here.
Look at this.
Well, what do we got over here?
You fucking snitch fuck.
What'd you call the Guinea pigs?
Alright, what's the problem?
Frankie, I told this fuck
to get off the stage twice.
Third time, he's gotta fucking go.
Brian, listen.
I'll tell you what really happened.
I'm trying to give these
girls the bag, all right?
-Because they want a long champ.
And let me be clear, I came
here today for two reasons.
To fight and fuck.
And I ain't fucking none of these hoes.
Sir, we need you to just take a step back
and just relax and just
time out right now, okay?
The Guinea pigs?
I oughta knock you the fuck out.
-Yeah, you fucking try.
-Come on!
Shut up! Hey!
-Get the fuck outta here!
-Hey! Hey!
He's my brother, motherfucker!
How you doing?
-What's up, brother?
-Good to see you, boy.
Relax, we did eight years together.
Watch the door. You two go hop on a dick.
What's up, coach?
-I knew I'd find you there.
Alright guys, I guess I'll see you later.
Hey, ladies.
Honey, wrap him up.
Take him to the VIP on me.
So all that stuff we talked about
when we were locked up, you still down?
A hundred percent.
I told you I got you, all right?
Now you told me you got me.
This shit's real.
This is the best single in this bitch.
I haven't dropped, motherfucker, okay?
That's gonna change our lives.
I know you got the connections.
I know you got the fucking money,
numbers, streams, analytics.
Dude, it's a different game.
That's a hit fucking record.
That ain't my record, that's a hit record.
-I got you, I got you.
-Your money, your connections,
-all that shit, alright?
-I got you.
Just make sure you do what
we talked about, all right?
I got you.
I'm serious, I do.
I do you a favor, you do me a favor.
One hand wash the other,
both hands wash the face.
Hard to stay, hard to go
So hard to know
Hard to breathe, hard to see
High time I go
Gentlemen, please welcome
Kim, Parisia, Mercedes,
Blue, Gianna, Lorraine,
and Chantel to the stage.
We're out of control
Close my eyes, calm it down
You wiggle like velvet into my skin
I never lose, I never win
-In the end
I wanna be in your life again
-Here, put your pin in.
What's your pin?
All right, so I called Pizza Joe
the other day as Tony Soprano.
I go, "Is this your Vinny's?"
Yeah, but we're about to close.
I don't care if you're about to close.
We got a very difficult
situation over here.
We're around the corner shooting a movie.
We got 25 cast members
and we need 25 pizza pies.
Half pepperoni, half plain.
Do you understand?
Well, we're about to close.
I just said I don't care
if you're about to close.
We need 25 pizza pies.
Can you do it or not?
But what if I just give you 12
of the pies plain and 12 pepperoni?
What are you stupid?
We got 25 people.
They all want their own pizza pie.
Half the slices gotta be plain.
The other half pepperoni,
do you understand?
-Amazing, man. He's amazing.
-Thank you, guys, thank you.
Alright. Serious time now,
I want you guys to take a look.
This is a screenplay I wrote
and let me know what you think.
"Yo Vinnie's Animated Series."
What is this a cartoon?
Yo Vinnie's, what is this a cartoon?
No, it's about pigeons.
What do you think it is?
-I don't sound like that.
-I don't sound like that.
-I don't sound like that.
-Yeah, you do.
-Come on.
-He sounds exactly like it.
-What are you talking about?
-Fuck you.
Big and Little Vincent
sit with a go-go dancer.
Go-go dancer says, "What
kind of car do you drive?"
Big Vincent, "I got an IROC with T Tops."
Go-go dancer says, "What's IROC stand for?
Italian retard out cruising?"
Rocky, "Retards? There's two of them."
Did you write this all
by yourself about us?
You wrote this all by yourself about us?
Going to the movie business now?
-Yeah, why not?
Cartoon business is a big business.
Vin, the golf outing is sold out.
We got two foursomes for every hole.
Samantha, you looking so fine.
What are we doing then?
I'm fucking married, Jimmy.
Shotgun starts scrambled format.
We got 52 girls confirmed.
That's without the bartenders.
Alright, just make sure you assign
the features to Chucky's group.
I'm working on something with him
and it's imperative he has a good time.
He's all set.
Alright, boys, we gotta We gotta go.
Finish your cash.
I'll look at this right later, all right?
-Later, Nic.
-Later, Jimmy.
Vin, it looks all good.
My lawyer's okay with the changes.
I'm gonna sign as soon
as I get back to Vegas.
Beautiful, you want
me to wire him the info?
Actually, send it directly to me
'cause I'm gonna transfer everything
from my blockchain network.
Ready to get out there
and play some cards?
That's what we came for, right?
Vincent, Sally heard about your game
and I thought it'd be a good
way to get him acclimated
to how things are nowadays.
I could use some excitement.
-Cash me in.
I'll hang back with the big shot.
Honey, can you gimme a seven and seven
and keep 'em coming every
five minutes, please?
Her name's Hailey.
Hailey, please.
Is that Chucky Levine over here?
Anthony, it's been a long time.
How's things?
Could be better, could be worse.
But you, I hear you're doing great.
Hey, why don't you come in the back?
Let's have a word.
Look, I'm gonna ask you a favor.
You're probably gonna
be an asshole about it.
Throw sarcasm my way.
But I'm gonna ask you anyway.
I'm listening.
Chucky's here, obviously
in the game tonight,
it's gonna go a while.
The stakes are higher than usual.
Sounds like to me you're
massaging Chucky's balls,
which leaves me wondering why.
What are you asking?
I'd appreciate it if you could
make an effort to have the night go--
You know that's a big ask.
And you know I'll go out there
and destroy your whole crew.
But I'll play nice for you.
Thank you.
Yo, cous.
I ain't so bad.
Sally, it's Owen's debt he wins the raise.
Sal, I know it looks like
monopoly money, but it's real.
You sure you want to do that?
So what do you do, Chucky?
I mine cryptocurrency.
What currency?
It's a new thing.
It's like electronic money.
Nevermind that.
I call.
Chucky, when I heard
how successful you became,
I couldn't help to think to myself,
how the fuck did this guy
become a professional gambler?
-Anthony, it's all good.
-Calm down.
When we were kids,
you would go corroded two
weeks into the season.
You guys remember.
You were taking 14 weeks to pay us off.
Come on. We were kids then, right?
-It was a long time ago.
-I'm relaxed.
I told you, you got my word,
but whatever you and I
got going on with Chucky,
what we got going on?
I'm all good with. I got beat.
Anthony, it's a poker game.
No disrespect, Reno. We're gonna go.
Come on. Understand?
I love you like a brother, Vin.
But after last night, for
reasons you already know,
I can't be involved with
anything Anthony's attached to.
-Anthony's not attached to it, trust me.
-Not yet. But we know Anthony.
I'm just gonna charter our plane
back to Vegas in the morning.
I'm not gonna make the golf out.
-Sorry, Vin.
that's the code for 2.5 million.
Have you lost your mind?
Since the three of us were knee-high,
Gino made sure we used
codes for everything.
So what are you saying?
The 2.5 is the cash injection
for the Florida thing?
If I had to guess, yeah.
And in the near future,
it's gonna be going down south.
They're not gonna fly it there.
Who's driving it?
Frankie knows the DJ at his club.
Crazy Angelo said he's keeping an eye out.
He just told me the manager
changed his schedule around.
And he said that Samantha
only changes the schedule
when Vincent goes to Florida.
And when's that?
Angelo's working on a score now.
He said he's gonna let me know
when I see him in a little while.
I'll let you know and
then we can figure it out.
All right.
Chucky backed outta
your Florida deal, why?
Why? You were there.
You saw the things Anthony was saying.
The way he was acting.
He made it like he was soundly involved.
Chucky was clear.
He did not want partners like that.
Stop. Do you hear the
hypocrisy in your voice?
You didn't come to me then
when you needed a partner
and when I asked myself why,
my guess, you didn't
want a partner like me
and those who come with me.
So don't come to me now.
You're not wrong.
But it isn't like that.
Vincent, the answer is no,
and let's leave it at that.
You're a big boy. You're smart.
You make a lot of money
for a lot of people.
I'm sure you'll figure it out.
I didn't mean to insult you.
For the record,
you're not the only one that
to keep your antennas up.
The message was made clear
when the Sicilians showed up.
I don't need to tell you
what kind of position that puts me in.
Yeah, well these two are
confused over what year it is,
and I don't need to tell you
sooner or later what
position that puts us in.
That may be the case.
But for now, we all need
to weather the storm.
You can't keep letting them get to you.
You're right. I respect
what you're saying.
I'll I'll figure it out.
You're coming to the golf outing tomorrow?
I'll be there.
Vincent, don't forget your
father gave that gun to Anthony.
Ask yourself why.
What the fuck?
No fucking way.
What the fuck you doing here?
Cous, it's fine, okay? I'm good.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
He's fucking 15.
-I'm 17.
-Okay, shut up.
Bro, relax. He's got the wheel.
He doesn't even have his license.
I've had my license.
I've been driving for months, Vin.
Have you both lost your fucking minds?
My cousins will kill me.
Your fucking father's gonna
throw me a beating, 100%.
Bro, if anything happens,
he stays in the car.
You don't move outta this car.
You understand?
-I got it.
-And you know exactly who to look out for.
-You understand?
-I got it.
Besides, we're not doing nothing wrong.
He's giving us a lift
to pick up some money.
What? It's cold.
Over here. Over here.
Right here. Here.
All right.
Can you gimme some fucking light?
I'm giving you fucking light.
Shut up and get the fucking lid off.
Pull! Pull the fucking thing!
Come on, get it out, get it out.
Is that Gianni?
No, no.
-I got it.
Come on, move.
What is that?
Oh, my God, it was such a great party.
We'll be back next year.
Don't fucking move.
-Gimme the fucking bag.
-You got it.
-Gimme the bag.
-Take it, it's yours.
-Gimme the bag.
-Take it.
-Don't fucking move.
-Take it.
-Take it and go.
-Don't fucking move. Go, go.
It's a fucking dude.
Must be a couple hundred thousand easy.
I fucking told you.
-Look at this.
-Which one you want?
or what the fuck is this?
-How do I look?
-Who's the fucking gay band
from back in the day
with the fucking Indian, the cop
and the construction worker?
The Village People.
-What's in here?
You got percs, got roxies.
You got Viagra. Here, that's for you.
I don't need this shit, but I'll take it.
Look at this.
Some nice, good old-fashioned blow.
All right, put that shit away.
Yo, cous, what's my cut out of this?
Don't worry about it. We'll talk about it.
Here's your cut.
Yeah, let's for your first time around.
-There you go.
Alright, I'm gonna count this.
I'm gonna
Yo, cous!
Chisel that pile in half before
you chop it up into thirds.
What the fuck are you doing here?
I just told you I'm here for my half.
I'm sorry, man.
I knew you would've never
done it if I told you.
I fucking knew it.
I should've never listened to you.
-I'm in for a third.
-A third of half.
-No fucking way!
-Wait, hang on.
-No, we did all the work.
-Get your fucking hand outta my face.
-I said relax and play your position.
-Or what, motherfucker?
-I get half!
And you guys get fucking half!
You understand?
Get the fuck off me!
You're fucking tough?
Are you fucking tough right now?
How tough are you?
-I'm sorry.
-You're a little fuck!
Get the fuck up. Get the fuck up.
Come here. You're a little fuck.
Get the fuck up.
Put my money in there.
Get the fucking shit.
Come on, Angelo, let's go.
Fuck with us.
You fuck, I'm gonna tell
your fucking father, you fuck.
And what the fuck is he doing here?
I don't know, ask this fucking idiot.
Where's my fucking pay? Here.
-Man, you said half.
-Whoa, nothing.
What the fuck are these?
Are these fucking fake?
Ask your cousin.
Angelo, let's go.
I'm sorry, man.
I need money.
Of course, you do. What do you need?
-400 for the pool guy.
-400 for the pool guy.
-600 for your son's school.
-600 for school.
150 for Sophia's cheerleading outfit.
-Let's not forget about cheerleading
-And I put almost $800
on my credit card for groceries.
-For groceries?
-For groceries.
Alright, so that's, here's two grand.
And anything else you
wanna give me For me?
Well, you know what? I had a good week.
-Excuse me?
-Here's another five grand.
No, Jimmy. I don't think so.
You want the five grand?
Fine, then give it to me first.
You wanna put another 800
on your credit card for groceries?
Give me. Give here.
Thank you.
You're such an asshole! I knew it!
Unbelievable, I swear to God.
It tastes like raspberry.
You're so stupid. Get outta here.
You're gonna make my
favorite tonight or what?
Slow your roll.
We are not there yet.
Looking good.
Don't you forget it.
Okay, everybody, listen up.
There's no driving next to the tee box.
Stay off the fairways
and stay on the path, okay?
And absolutely don't go
anywhere near the greens.
All right, get with your golfers,
and then we're gonna head out.
All right, any issues. Come look for me.
Chucky balked.
He told us to go scratch.
And there goes the dream.
Are we fucked now?
We just have to go back
to the original site plan,
which means we gotta get to Florida ASAP.
Is this where all the dicks hang out?
Two foursomes a hole,
eight times 18 a throw.
You got--
Yo, cous, two foursomes a hole.
Eight times 18 a throw. That's a buck 44.
At two and a quarter a
head, it's over 30 grand.
Tomorrow, we'll work on colors.
-You put your hands on my fucking kid!
-Hey, Jimmy!
-Jimmy, no!
-You better get your story straight!
-You motherfucker!
You better tell him what the fuck he said!
Gianni, did you tell him that?
Yeah, Anthony. I told him what happened.
-What the fuck's wrong with you?
-Fuck him!
-Fuck you, motherfucker!
If it was anybody else, you
know what the fuck I'd do!
-Get in the cart.
-If it was anybody!
-This ain't fucking over!
-You fucking cocksucker motherfucker!
-Get in the cart!
I'll fucking kill you! I'll kill you too!
-Get in the cart.
-This ain't over!
-This ain't over you cocksucker!
-Get in the cart. Come on!
-Get in the cart.
-Vincent! Vincent!
I'm gonna take him for a ride in the cart
and calm him down.
And then me and you need to talk.
Look, Vincent,
this thing with Anthony,
it's gotta be put to rest.
How? You saw what just happened.
He doesn't change.
I'm always doing damage control.
And when he was inside,
I did right by him.
Yeah, you did. You did.
So what I'm about to say stays here.
Maybe I shouldn't have put so much trust
and responsibility on him.
Probably not. He's set in his ways
and that's a liability.
Well, whatever the case,
it's not the way it's supposed to be.
Not something your father
would've put up with.
your father sealed
Anthony's fate, not you.
What do you mean?
By giving him the gun
that night, he spared you.
That's why Anthony is who he is today.
Now that being said, I got a proposal.
Uncle Sal, please.
Don't ask me something
you already know what
the answer's gonna be.
No disrespect,
but I don't trust anyone
outside my crew right now.
No question your strength lies
on loyalty in our numbers.
My strength lies in that I make money
for us and people like us.
I do this outta respect for Pop.
I have other ventures.
Yeah, so I've heard.
Hey, look, Vincent,
how you invest your
money is your business.
My business is gambling and
when it comes to gambling,
I'll hang my cot next to yours any day.
So you can take your laptops,
you can take your fucking wire rooms
and you can shove them up
your ass in Costa Rica.
I'm only looking to do what works for me.
You guys do what works for you.
Okay, don't need to proceed.
I just got my answer.
I didn't have to ask.
Just know I came to talk
to you without Anthony.
Just us.
Come on, Uncle Sal.
Come on, man.
I'm done. It's time.
Give them the green light.
I'll take care of the
information you gave me.
We're gonna bury him.
I did eight fucking years
with this guy, all right?
Three of them, he was my cellmate.
He's the real deal.
We do this shit. We're in.
You understand?
-I'm not gonna let you down.
-Yeah, you're fucking right
you're not, bro.
There's no fucking backing
down from this shit, bro.
I got this.
Hey, Reno!
Reno! Reno! Reno!
Please, Reno! Come on!
They just whacked Reno "The Beak."
All bets are off on this one.
This is a declaration of war.
You all right, Vin?
Yeah, yeah, just up all night.
This thing's got me backwards.
Reno knew it was gonna happen.
He warned me.
And you know they're not stopping there.
Rumor has it he had some
fucking wannabe rap dude.
He calls himself Jerzee with a Z.
I don't know, I think he
did some time with him.
We knew those two were mentally limited.
So what's next?
Put this with the rest.
We're a hundred percent
ready to make the shift.
Let me get down there. Gimme two days max.
By then, we'll be ready to convert.
Well, we knew we were doing it.
We're just doing it at warp speed now.
You're on a plane to CR tonight.
And fellas, keep your eyes open.
Hey, Dad.
Hey, Son.
I fixed your necklace for you.
I want you to have it.
But Dad, you've worn this forever.
I know, but it'll protect you.
Now you can wear it
and never take it off like I never did.
I love you, Son.
I love you too, Dad.
Last time I saw an ass like
that it had a tail on it.
I'm working on it. You still down with me?
Still down, you did good.
Don't forget who threw the monkey wrench
into the Florida deal
and we still got two
goals left on the table.
I'm gonna handle the next.
We just gotta worry about getting
550 Pounds on our side.
What side?
If you take care of business,
you won't have a choice.
Uncle Sal, it's done.
Don't make me regret bringing you in.
Look at me.
We've been talking about this
since the first time I came out.
Yeah, yeah.
I don't think it's a good idea.
You need to do it.
You need to be the one.
You're the only one I can trust.
We're blood.
Is everything okay?
Okay. Daddy, I'll tell him.
Tell me what?
I'm here. I'm here. I'm in the bathroom.
No, no. Nobody fucking saw me.
I came in through the back.
Your deal, it's dead.
The site's been shut down.
How? We broke ground.
The subcontractors have been paid.
I'm sorry, Vincent.
Listen, man, I don't
I don't think I can do this.
What? Was it something with the town?
No, he said something with the lender.
Yo, I'm taking a shit! Leave me alone!
Okay, all right, all right.
All right, okay, I gotta go. Okay, bye.
550 Pounds!
Sal, what's this all about?
We're gonna be more hands-on.
Your other partners, more hands-off.
Nobody said nothing to me.
Yeah, well. It's our turn now, Joe.
You fellows had a nice run,
but all good ones come to an end, Joe.
He said he's trying to
get to the bottom of it.
Find out exactly what happened.
I think I know what happened.
I know we were supposed
to drive down together
at the end of the week, but I
think you need to go back now.
Like today.
-I'm sure my daddy could call somebody--
-No, you need to leave.
Trust me.
He's got a gun!
He's got a gun!
No, please!
Are you okay? Are you okay?
-Call the police!
-Come on, we gotta go. We gotta go.
What do you mean there was a commotion?
All right.
Just came here to tell you,
man to man, face to face.
Things upstairs are gonna change,
but things downstairs with
you, they stay the same.
Come on.
Jimmy! Jimmy!
My god, baby!
-Dad! Dad! What happened?
-I don't know!
-Dad! Dad!
-Somebody shot him!
Hurry up, please! Hurry up!
-Don't die. Don't die!
You can't leave me!
Jimmy, Jimmy, where the fuck are you?
Come on, it's three times already.
Come on, call me back.
Joe, can we have a word with you?
Fuck off, go!
Well, we thought you might like to know
there was just an attempt
on Vincent and Jimmy's life.
Look, before they get to you next,
we thought you'd be smart
enough to talk to us.
Nah, you want to talk to me?
You know the fucking drill.
Talk to my lawyer.
It's only gonna get worse.
Be a friend to yourself. Use this.
Use this to keep in touch with yourself.
Get lost.
Nothing's gonna happen to you.
I trust you, Vin.
You're the only one I trust.
God forbid something happens to me.
Look out after Nicole
and the kids, please.
The car's here. Come on.
What did you wanna tell me?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that all this happened.
That you had to see all this. That
-It's not who I am.
-Don't apologize.
I'm glad I was here.
Am I gonna see you again?
You still want to?
It's here.
Who's the idiot?
We got friends in New York.
You called the Sicilians?
You left me no choice.
It was that or I could have
went to the train station,
picked up two or three Mexicans,
and started a new fruit.
Uncle Sal, things got a little sloppy.
A little sloppy?
Look, I know Frankie's your brother
and he means well, but he's got issues.
Many of them. So why would you
get a drug addict involved?
Because he is my brother
and I can trust him.
Anthony, listen, you got all eyes on you,
all fingers pointing to me.
And on top of that,
you got Jay-Z or Jerzee,
whatever the fuck knows all your business.
He would talk to anybody
with an ear in prison.
What? You think he's not talking?
I'll handle those guys.
Yeah, you will, with his help.
You made a mess, Anthony.
Fuck you. What mess?
This is about money.
This is about taking out The Beak
and taking over New Jersey!
This wasn't about Vincent or Jimmy.
They stole from me.
Not money, Vincent stole my life!
-Are you done?
-I'm done when they're fucking dead!
Get the fuck outta here.
What do we got over here?
Viva Las Vegas!
How did it go?
Cheech here, all right?
Pulled up, back of the bike.
Gomorrah style, pop, pop! Go!
-Get the gun from him.
-Give him the gun, bro.
You gotta get the serials, the 42.
What the fuck, bro?!
this is the app.
This is your code, 2, 4, 6, 8.
Yeah, it's me.
I'm sure he told you how to use the phone.
I won't communicate any other way.
Yeah, whatever.
Will you shut the fuck up?
Now I wanna make things
clear and keep it simple.
I don't care who's right or wrong.
We let it go. All of it, now.
And you can have what you were asking for,
but I don't want any part of it.
I'm not gonna lie to you.
It took some convincing
to get Pizza Joe on board.
He's not happy with me, but he's in.
He's going to Costa Rica.
He's gonna get everything ready
and he'll be on the first
plane back and we'll meet.
Anthony said it's at the bar.
You know the one.
I straightened everything
out with my Sicilian friend.
The place will be clear.
You just tell him
I want that thing that
belonged to my father.
It's part of the deal.
Yeah, I'll tell him.
That's not how it works, Joe.
If Vincent has given up his interest,
then all I gotta do is give
you Anthony and Uncle Sal.
Joe, everyone's hands are dirty in this.
You want to end up like Reno and Jimmy?
Because they ain't gonna stop.
I really don't want to hop the fence.
But if I gotta answer
to those two scumbags,
I might as well look out for
what's in my best interest.
I'll go down to Costa Rica.
I'll set everything up.
Once Vincent hands everything
over, you guys step in.
We want the entire operation, okay?
All the players from the hierarchy
of New York guys behind the curtain
and the runners you guys
still have on the street.
We wired your cross.
Make sure you wear it
when you meet with them.
How long are you gonna
need in Costa Rica, Joe?
A couple days.
What are you looking at, Joe?
We just saved your life.
We saved it!
Hey guys, I'm backing everything up.
Got them heading on a plane back.
Make sure you back up all the gambling
sites just in case, I don't trust them.
Once you confirm with us
that everything is a hundred
percent, you come back.
I still can't believe this.
Look, it's all gonna work out.
You know those two, man,
it's not worth it.
Jimmy's gone. My little cousin's
headed in the wrong direction.
We just gotta let it go.
You're right. I get it.
This is all I know.
If it saves your life,
Vincent, I'm there for you.
I know you are, brother.
We're family
and I know you'd never do
anything to jeopardize that.
Well, that was interesting.
Sharp as Vincent is,
I don't think he's gonna see this coming.
They're on their way.
Remember, the phone lights up.
You light them up.
And don't hit the fat one.
Put your mask down.
He can't see you.
You'll be working with him.
He should have called by now.
How's it feel to actually
walk through that door?
Where's Joe?
Air traffic, he was
circling for 45 minutes.
Just landed. He'll be here.
Something ain't right.
First three and last
three letters are dead.
It's what's in the middle that matters.
I suggest you memorize it.
Never, that's never contact
Joe outside the encrypted app.
This is the front end.
It's where they see the
line and place the bets.
This is the back end.
It's where you see the player's name,
the history of his wins and his losses.
The PPH has been incorporated
into the call center.
-Paper Head.
Joe will explain it.
And if we have to move the line?
You won't, it's automated.
Joe's got it down to a science.
Just play with it. It's all repetition.
Try one more time.
Oh, here he is.
-Hello? Are you there?
-Joe, we're here.
You're there. Where are you?
-I think they know.
-Where's your location?
-I think they know.
-Joe, the location!
211 Market Street,
off of Ferry Street, Newark.
We got the tower. We're close.
Go to the door in the back.
211 Market, back door.
We gotta go back door! Let's go!
Any questions?
You know, pencil or paper.
All on computers, it's all the same.
I'll be running this just as good as you,
if not better.
Having second thoughts?
With the way I plan?
I don't have second thoughts.
You're successful in
everything you're doing.
Don't you think it's
best to focus on that?
You were always a leader but not a boss.
It's a big fucking difference.
-Uncle Sal.
-What's that, Vincent?
I saw you coming 25 years ago.
Yeah, you did?
Is there a point being made?
With you, nah.
I saw you coming
bare-faced my entire life.
Vincent, let it go.
Should I let Jimmy go?
Fucking answer me, I asked a question.
It comes with the territory.
Better him than you, right?
Anthony, go for a ride.
So how does it feel?
You don't rob, don't steal.
You don't bust no heads, nothing.
Just off in your own little world.
Half a made mobster.
Feels better than being a washed-up one.
Good night, Vincent.
You having second thoughts now?
I bet you didn't see that one coming.
Shoot this fucking guy!
Fuck you, Anthony!
Go! Go! Go!
What the fuck?
He fucked us.
He fucked us.
You know why your father gave me that gun?
Because he knew you didn't
have the balls to use it.
You think I'm afraid to die?
Gimme that fucking pistol.
I'll do it myself.
Vin, just say the word
and I'll drop the fucking guy right now.
Uncle Sal, give me your
word that this is done.
It ends here, and you can walk,
both our problems are solved.
You were always a smart one, Vincent.
Gianni, come on.
Come on, let's get outta here. Come on.
Let's get outta here! Come on!
I know what you're feeling.
I lost my father when I was your age.
I'm not gonna tell you it gets easier.
It doesn't.
It's just something you have to live with
and so is the decision you made.
You're a man now, Gianni.
Be strong for your mother,
your brothers, and your sisters.
They need you.
What's done is done. Let it go.
I'm headed down to Florida
to see through this dream
me and your father had.
And it's gonna get passed on to you.
He was more than my cousin.
He was my best friend.
He loved you guys more than anything.
He's up there looking down on all of us.
It's Vinny. Hello?
What's up, boss?
Not much, brother.
You know what they say, right?
Being a sacrificial lamb has its perks.
No doubt. No doubt.
Did you thank our friend?
And he thanked you as well.
And it's rough on the streets of America
-Hello? Are you there?
Joe, we're here.
You're there. Where are you?
-I think they know
-Joe, the location!
211 Market Street,
off of Perry Street, Newark.
Go to the door in the back.
The door in the back!
211 Market, back door.
We gotta go back door! Let's go!
This is la cosa nostra
We don't play games, I told ya
Have one hand on your holster
And Little Vincent, how's
it going with the new venture?
Pretty good. Everything is good.
So we created our own
No help from the system
So we created our own
You know, if you need me,
I'm always here for you.
I love you, brother. Goodbye.
Paid off cops and made men
But if you double cross us
We'll call up the hitman
And the money was made in America
Close your eyes.
I must really trust you.
You see it?
This is la cosa nostra
-You better shut your boca
We don't play games, I told ya
Have one hand on your holster
This is la cosa nostra
You better shut your boca
Watch where your nose is broken
We sleep with one eye open
Attorney General Robert Kennedy
paints a grim picture of
the rise of lawlessness
under the cosa nostra or mafia.
This he describes as the government
of organized gambling,
narcotics peddling,
extortion, racketeering,
and controlling of certain trade unions.
He says the income runs into billions.
This is la cosa nostra
You better shut your boca
We don't play games, I told ya
Have one hand on your holster
This is la cosa nostra
You better shut your boca
Watch where your nose is broken
We sleep with one eye open