Jess & James (2015) Movie Script

I'm 23 years old.
My name is Gernimo
but people call me Jesse.
I hate my family.
I hate my brother.
I don't know What to do with my life.
Is this a trip or a dream?
- Do you work at a restaurant?
- Yeah.
My mom and I went there
yesterday and we saw you.
- It's him, Mom.
- Yeah, I remember, I remember.
It's me, it's me!
Bye. See ya.
It's me.
- Hey
- How are you?
- I hadn't seen you.
- Everything okay?
Do you want to go?
Do you have a place?
If you want,
we can go to the suburbs,
to some construction site.
They're not working today.
I'll find a place.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
Brenda, a trans friend of mine
who works as a prostitute at night
is the only one who knows my secret.
- Hi.
- Hi...
Oh, I didn't recognize you.
- How are you?
- What's up?
- Fine, and you?
- Fine. Come on in.
How are you?
- How is everything?
- Fine. Everything's fine.
- Is this okay?
- Yeah.
Do you have a cigarette...?
How long are you staying?
About an hour, that's all.
Because some people
are coming over later.
- Okay.
- Is that all right?
- Can you give me some cigarettes?
- Yeah, I have some.
Give me two.
I'm a little anxious.
And another one.
- Go on in, guys.
- Thanks.
I'm waiting for a friend.
I don't do that with just anyone.
I had never had such
an intense orgasm in my life.
Did you like it?
The smell of cigarettes is gross.
I'm sorry.
Let's go.
Wait. Is something wrong?
- Wait, did I do something wrong?
- Don't talk so much.
That's how I like it.
Are we going
to see each other again?
- Yeah, I don't know.
- What? "Yeah" or "I don't know"?
What's the matter with you?
You just met me.
Aren't you even going
to give me a kiss?
Did you just need
to get it out of your system?
Is that all?
Will you give me your number?
I don't have anything to do now.
If you want, I can skip work.
Do you want to do something?
We can get my mom's car
and take a ride.
You don't have to see me again
if you don't want to.
Gonzlez... 425.
Where have you been?
Come here.
Come here.
I got a call from the restaurant.
You haven't showed up there
for three days.
Where were you?
If you get AIDS, I'll kill you!
It's your fault dad left.
You have to do something
with your life!
Wait... Wait.
You can't ask me to do that.
It's crazy.
No, Gernimo. You're crazy.
- No, I'm not.
- You can't miss this opportunity.
How many more chances like this
do you think you're going to have?
None, I'm sure.
But I'm not interested in that life.
My dad will support you.
Don't you understand?
I know your dad will support me
and you too...
- He'll give you anything you want.
- He can't support me all my life!
You're missing a great opportunity.
Honey, when we're together,
I'll stay out of your business,
I swear. I swear.
I'll let you do
anything you want, seriously.
I think you have to take advantage
of this opportunity...
- You have to take responsibility...
- No, no, no. You know What? No...
- No What?
- I'm not interested!
I don't want to do that!
You're an idiot.
Do you actually prefer this dump?
- Yeah, I prefer this dump...
- You're an idiot.
To being in your fancy house
with your dad supporting us
and controlling me all my life.
I don't want that!
Look at the pathetic life
you're living now!
I love this pathetic life!
I prefer this
to a pathetic life with you!
I feel sick now. You're an idiot!
Wait... Come here!
You're an idiot! Let me go!
You're an idiot!
All I wanted to do was run away,
but I stayed there.
Stuck Where I was.
To accept Mimi and
her father's proposal
was to decide never
to be myself again.
You're touching yourself!
Who are you thinking about?
What are you thinking about?
Someone shoving it up your ass?
About how big it is?
And how many there are?
Stop it! Open up!
Get dressed and open up!
I'm coming!
- Hi.
- Hi. Who are you looking for?
Yeah, I'm looking for Jesse.
Yeah, yeah.
He's in the back
with his girlfriend.
- Okay.
- Do you want to come in?
No, it's okay, thanks.
Can I go see him?
- Yeah...
- Yeah? Can I go in?
- Go ahead.
- Okay, thanks.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Get down from there!
Come on!
Who are you looking for?
Someone's looking for you.
Can I talk to you for five minutes?
Can you wait?
Okay, I'll wait here.
Who is he?
No one, a friend.
From Where?
You don't know him.
We were friends a long time ago.
I don't know What he's doing here.
I'm going to go see What he wants.
What are you doing here?
- Are you stalking me or something?
- I came to see you.
What for?
To make you a proposal.
What is it?
I wanted to propose
that we go on a trip together.
What do you mean a trip?
Yeah, let's go on a trip together.
You and me? Where to?
I don't know.
Although it may sound hasty,
I decided to accept.
Going on a trip with James
was the best thing I could do.
- Mom...
- What?
Can I borrow the car this weekend?
Get a job and then
you can ask to borrow the car!
Can't you let me borrow it once?
No! I can't let you borrow it!
I need it this weekend.
Besides, you have to get a job!
You can use it
when you're able to pay for it!
And don't spend too much
on the credit card!
Can't you let me borrow it once?
Come on.
No, I have to use it this weekend!
I have to go out.
It's very important.
Where are you going?
What do you care?
I'm going out with someone.
I'll tell you later.
Now go.
Hi, honey.
How are you?
Fine, and you?
Fine... Fantastic.
I have a new love.
- Really?
- Can you get me a glass of water?
Yeah, of course.
So Who's the lucky guy?
He's good-looking like you.
And young too.
He has two young boys.
This weekend they're staying
with their mother, so...
The car isn't working very well
and since he had to leave his own
and he knows a little
about engines,
he's going to have to change
the back tires.
Thank you, honey.
I don't have much money.
Do you think he'll pay
for everything?
If he likes you,
he'll take care of it.
You're so sweet.
The water tastes funny.
When I'm alone with him,
I feel like I'd dare to do anything,
to rob a bank, to die with him.
To die young and leave beautiful corpses.
It's great.
Let's hear it.
My family stopped talking
to my brother
because he ran away
with my babysitter.
I can't imagine
what they'd do to me
if they knew who I really was.
I looked for a place
to charge my cell phone,
but I only had messages from Mim
and from my mom,
telling me to come back home.
Let's do this:
Let's order an appetizer,
the main course,
dessert, a good Wine,
eat up and then you leave,
go to the car, turn it on...
wait there for ten minutes...
and then we'll leave.
No, I'm not going to do that.
- Why not?
- I'm just not.
Well, it's either this or eating
a hot dog on the corner. You choose.
I don't care.
Then I'm going to have a hot dog
on the corner.
- Hi, guys.
- How are you?
- Fine.
Do you know
What you're going to order?
- Not yet.
- Okay...
- Thank you.
- What would you like to drink?
- I want a Coke.
- Okay.
Do you have any cheap combos
for lunch?
Let me check.
I'll ask and let you know.
Okay, thanks.
Why do you want a cheap combo?
Let's make a big order.
- Order Whatever you want.
- Okay, do Whatever you want.
I asked the owner
and told him you're my friends.
So it's on the house.
Order Whatever you want.
If you stay in town, I can take
you guys on a ride, if you want.
I can show you guys around.
- Great.
- Fantastic.
I'm going to order a whole cow.
Good afternoon.
Hi, Dad.
I'm with two friends.
Can they stay?
Who are they?
Two guys I met at the coffee shop.
They went there,
I took their orders,
we hit it off,
I gave them a tour of the city
and they have nowhere to stay.
They're on a road trip,
so I told them they could stay here
for a few days.
So they're friends
and they want to stay here?
Yeah, they seem like good kids,
and since I'm going to be free
for a few days...
Okay, if they don't make
any trouble, no problem.
James. Nice to meet you.
- I'm going upstairs...
- James?
Where did you get that name from?
That's my name.
After James Bond?
- It was a joke.
- Yeah, but no.
Should I go upstairs?
Do you have a girlfriend?
No, no. I'm single.
Okay, go ahead.
- Go ahead.
- Okay, thanks.
Don't make any trouble, you guys.
Me? Dean. I like James Dean.
I like James Franco.
Especially in "Spider-Man
I, II and III."
I like De Niro.
No, when he did "Raging Bull."
- When he was younger.
- Yeah.
Are you guys coming to the show?
I don't know.
Do you want to go?
Yeah. Yeah,
I'd like to go to the show.
Okay, let's go.
- Are you going over there now?
- Yeah.
What are you guys doing?
Nothing, we're just lying around,
Why don't you leave this open?
It smells here.
Okay, don't touch it.
We're at 21000...
Yeah, we have to get
to the double gate.
Everyone okay?
I want to welcome all these
wonderful people from Villa Rica,
this town that people say
is practically endangered.
That's great, isn't it?
Anyway, today we're going to be
enjoying the finest music.
There are going to be
some great songs
that some of you
are going to dare to sing, right?
Someone with balls.
Come on, get up here!
Come here. Come here, kid.
Come here... Come here.
Come here. That's it.
Very good! They're going to sing!
They volunteered!
They want to sing
and liven up the place.
That was fun.
Thanks for that moment.
You're welcome.
- It was fun.
- Dad drank your drinks, but...
I'm going to order something now.
Oscar! Bring something over
for these kids.
Something strong!
Tomas always dared to be who he was.
That attracted me to him immediately.
- What's the matter with you?
- Don't you want to?
Don't you like me?
What do you want...?
I like you. Don't you see?
What's the matter with you?
Are you okay?
Are you going to have a drink?
Yeah, yeah, I will.
- I'll ask for it.
- Okay.
Come on, Oscar!
We're waiting for our drinks!
- I have to tell you something.
- What?
- Come back with us.
- Where...? I don't know...
Yeah, you can't stay here.
This place is so dull.
- It's like a cemetery.
- Okay, I have to think about it.
You're going
to have a good time there.
I'll think about it and we'll see.
- Tomorrow, 4 pm. at the square?
- Okay.
- Don't change your mind.
- Okay.
- We didn't make a toast.
- It's true, we didn't.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
How long have you guys
known each other?
Not long ago.
Yeah, but we know each other
very well. Right?
Yeah... Yeah.
We know each other well.
Have you always lived here?
Yeah, I was born here.
How boring!
Yeah, there's not much to do,
but we manage.
Don't you feel like leaving?
Sometimes I do,
but I can't leave my dad alone.
Why not?
Well, my mom left
and I'm all he has.
I don't know, it's complicated.
I don't know if I would do it.
You just have to take the risk.
Well, it's your life too, isn't it?
I mean, you could be
tied down to that...
or you could live your life
however you want.
Just sayin'.
It's not that it's wrong.
- Maybe it would be better for you.
- Yeah.
It's good that you're thinking
about your dad,
but you also have to think
about yourself,
about What you want...
about What you need.
That's it.
Now right.
How do you do it?
Let's see...
Your arm has to be firmer.
It's too loose.
Is that okay?
Wait, I wasn't ready.
Your left leg...
- What?
- It has to go back.
And there...
How do you do it?
Like this.
- It's not easy on this surface.
- No.
And then...
Open and close.
A weight on your foot.
One more time.
Your foot...
Come on... Your left leg.
- Yeah.
- Okay?
To think I used to change
your diapers.
And now you're a little man.
Who do you like more?
Him or me?
You or him?
I don't know.
I don't know.
It's a hard question to answer.
I have no idea.
I wish I could stay here, forever,
with them, in the end of the world.
- Good morning, right?
- Hi.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Don't you guys say good morning?
Sorry, we didn't want
to bother you.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Okay, good night.
- Good night.
- Toms. ..
- Yes?
- Stay here.
- What?
Stay here.
I want to talk to you.
- What's the matter.
- Stay here.
What are you going to do?
What do you mean?
You plan to keep living here
in this town, don't you?
Or don't you?
Yeah... Yeah, of course.
Okay, because to do that, you
have to maintain a certain image.
Be a little discreet.
For your own good...
and for mine as well.
Yeah, I know.
That's clear, right?
Okay, go upstairs.
I don't think he's going to come.
Let's wait a little longer.
Okay, I'll wait in the car then.
I thought he'd come with us.
Maybe he has nothing
to run away from.
Like the survivors of a shipwreck,
we're adrift.
It's beautiful to let yourself go.
I never let go of my fear
of the moment the trip would end.
You're an idiot, man.
What's the matter?
It was just a joke.
Are you going to get mad
over a joke?
You scared me, man.
Come on, don't be that way!
I have to go see my brother.
Okay, let's go.
Has it been a long time
since you last saw your brother?
Yeah, I haven't seen him
for several years.
He fell in love with my babysitter
and they moved in together,
when I was very little.
My parents don't talk to him
So I haven't seen him since then.
Get out.
- Wait, wait!
- It's okay, come on!
- Hello.
- Good afternoon.
Hello, good afternoon.
We're looking for a town
called "James Gray. "
No, you missed it.
It's far away from here.
Okay, thank you very much.
Sorry to bother you.
Come on in.
Thank you very much.
Are you hungry?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Don't you think it's weird
that she invited us in
Without saying anything
and offered us food?
I don't know. It's free food,
she likes us, the house is great...
Don't you think
there's something weird about it?
What's wrong with it?
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
- Eat.
- Yes.
- Aren't you going to eat?
- I already ate.
You were hungry, weren't you?
In this house,
the doors close by themselves.
Oh, I see.
In case you want to take a shower.
- Okay, thank you.
- Thank you.
Watch it...
You better not touch anything.
This is awesome.
Don't you think it's a little weird?
I think it's great.
We can sleep here.
The lady is a little weird too.
She's not weird, she's eccentric.
No, Jesse...
There's something wrong with her.
The lady's not here.
It's like she doesn't see us.
- Do you understand?
- What do you mean?
I don't know, she's somewhere else.
She's fine. She gave us food,
she has a great house
and we're staying here, period.
You have to learn to enjoy things.
What are you doing?
Enjoying myself.
She's going to hear us.
Do you like me?
Do you like me?
Do you like me or not?
Do you like me or not?
No. I don't like you.
Rejecting him kept him by my side.
If I told him I loved him
and I was terrified of losing him,
he'd stop trying to love me.
Or that's What I feared.
Come on...
- Don't break the branch!
- No.
Come on.
- Higher?
- Higher.
Look, that one there.
You can get it, come on.
Be careful with the branches.
You're kind of lazy.
Well, it's just that...
it's hard for me to jump.
Let's see.
That one's big.
I can't believe it! Damn it!
Where can I charge my cell phone?
Over there.
Thank you.
I didn't know you believed in God.
Do you?
No, I don't.
But churches kind of turn me on.
Don't they turn you on?
They turn you on?
- Maybe?
- You turn me on.
You're look so relaxed.
What's the matter?
Tell me, did you get
a girl pregnant and leave her?
Where did you get that from?
I saw it in your cell phone.
This is over.
Both of you
pack your bags and leave.
Bye. Get out.
What happened?
What happened, man?
I don't have to explain
anything to you.
What's that about a pregnant girl?
Why should I tell you about that?
You don't care about me.
But I care about you.
That message isn't true.
It's not true.
Did you see anything last night?
I saw a kid.
A boy?
Take care of yourselves.
You too.
Thank you for everything.
Bye, thank you.
James decided to come with me
to the end.
Then, he had to return home.
He knew that some arguing
was waiting for him.
But they only had each other,
him and his mom.
I had my brother, although he
decided to left us behind.
I checked it on Google Maps
and it was around here.
- Let's ask anyway, just in case.
- Let's see...
Hello. We're looking
for Pedro and Monica's house.
I was told it's around here.
Yeah, I'm looking
for Monica and Pedro's house.
I was told it's around here.
Two down that way.
Okay, thank you.
Over there.
- Where? Over there?
- Yeah, two down that way.
Apparently they know them.
They all know
each other around here.
- Yeah, probably.
- It must be this one.
Come on!
Come on, go in!
Do I look okay?
- Presentable?
- You look fine.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Wait, wait, wait.
My brother's here.
Okay, go.
Good luck.
Everything's going to be fine.
The trip brought me back
to my origins,
to my circle, to my home.
Who is it?
- Hi! It's you!
- How are you?
- Hi!
- It's been so long.
- So long.
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah.
Who's he?
He's a friend.
Come over here!
- Come on in.
- Excuse me.
- Hi!
- How are you?
- Hi.
- Come on in.
- Thank you.
She'll help you.
Tina will help you.
There you go.
There you go!
Come on, start racing.
You kids must be starving!
Thank you very much.
- Mom! Mom!
- I'm coming! I'm coming!
Thank you.
- I'll go see What the kids want.
- Thank you.
You can't?
Come on, come on!
She's a good cook.
- It looks great.
- Yeah.
Is this kid eating
or is he refusing to eat as usual?
- Eat!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're eating.
Yeah, it's very good.
You guys were hungry, weren't you?
Yeah, she's a really good cook.
Very good.
Are you guys tired?
We've been moving around
quite a bit.
- Yeah.
- We've been to several places.
- It was great.
- Visiting new places.
Any girlfriends?
No, I'm single.
There are very pretty girls
in town.
If you want, later I'll take you
guys to an interesting place.
Okay. That would be great.
How long are you staying?
I have to leave today
because I have to return the car.
If you want, you can stay.
I have to leave.
Do Whatever you want.
It's your problem.
Yeah, I don't know.
Whatever you want.
Mom doesn't know I'm here.
I'm not going to tell her.
I'm sorry about...
about leaving you
when you were a kid.
It's no problem.
Don't worry about it.
I think you should talk to him.
Now's a good time,
don't you think?
Mom and dad want me
to marry this girl Who's pregnant,
who I don't even know,
and to form a family with her.
And I don't even know her. I never
slept with her. It's not my baby.
They never change.
I think they want me to do that
because James...
is not precisely my friend.
He's the guy I'm with.
And it has to do with that.
I can't even imagine
marrying a girl...
who I don't know. No...
That's Why I left.
You can trust me, okay?
I love you very much.
- Me too.
- Very much.
Come over here.
Take care of my brother
or I'll beat the crap out of you.
Do you want something to drink?
Come on!
Look, they want the ball!
The guys are here. Come on!
Come on, come on, come on!
Pass it to him. That's it!
Come on, kick the ball!
Kick it!
Here, Lautaro!
Come on!
I wonder how Toms is doing.
It's here.
Yeah, he told us
he'd be here an hour ago.
He'll come.
What's up, man?