Jessie (2019) Movie Script

Just like Gods, souls do exist, right?
Who told that God exists?
Mom said that.
Mom would have not died if God exists.
If souls exist at least mom's
soul would have been with us.
[music playing in car]
I don't like this song, please change it.
-What would you like to listen?
-Mother's song.
So you want to listen
to mother's song?
[tyres screeching]
[metal clunks]
[wind howling]
[music playing in car stereo]
Hey Abhi!
Shalu darling,
please apply the brakes.
I'm not stopping the car.
Shalu darling, just pull the brakes.
Actually the roads are rough,
added to that she is alone she is sexy...
Damn! I mean the road is steep.
Let's offer her a lift.
Hello, you cannot patronize someone
for lift, they need to ask for it.
You please munch your chips.
Shalini Please!
Don't you want to help a fellow woman?
Please stop the car.
[birds chirping]
Where has she gone!
Excuse me!
Oh, so Pretty!
This is Abhi.
Actually, we lost our way and
even our GPS is not working.
GPS: Head south then turn right.
Basically, we need to go to Victoria
house and it's not on the maps.
So if you know anything about it...
Why are you going to Victoria house?
We have a small project up there.
What project?
Sorry, we can't give you the details.
You may guide us if you know the route.
Without my permission,
you cannot and you shouldn't go there.
Are you the watchman of that house?
So, you guys are exorcists?
No! Ghost hunters.
We only practically prove the existence
of spirits in a particular place.
We have nothing to do with exorcism.
Like deliverance etc... No!
Why did you choose Victoria house itself?
-We have heard that the house is haunted.
-They are all just rumours.
We're going there to prove
just that if it's real or fake.
What do you think about that house?
-I wanted to sell it.
-Is that your house?
How can I sell it, if it's not mine?
You wanted to sell it since it's haunted?
Actually, I live in Germany.
After the death of the two sisters,
I've decided to sell it.
But I couldn't sell it due to the
rumours that it's being haunted.
But now since you guys are ghost hunters,
if you guys can prove that the house
is not haunted, I can sell it off easily.
If you prove that it's haunted then
I'll see what I can do about it.
So, it's a deal for me.
We heard that amongst the two sisters,
the younger one suffered from
some weird physical disorder?
Anyway let's move.
Oh my God!
It has deteriorated a lot in 5 years.
Guys get ready.
-Joe, where is the EMF?
-Oh! Sorry
-Do you remember how to operate it?
-Yeah! No!
Border line personality disorder.
Shut Up Mojo!
This is EMF it stands for Electro
Magnetic Force Meter.
If you observe any spikes in this it
indicates there is some field around.
-What Field?
-Mango Fields!
Field in the sense,
there is some energy around.
Joe! Since it's your first project,
remember one thing. Try to be confident.
Though there is fear inside of
you don't show it on your face.
Even if your legs are shivering
don't let it reach your eyes.
Even if I'm hungry I shouldn't show it.
-Orthorexia nervosa!
Obsessive craving for food!
Guys, it's time.
And Ms. Sameera,
-Whatever you see or hear...
please take notes of in this.
-Okay, yeah!
Guys get ready!
Hi! This is Shalini.
This is our 9th investigation.
Today is November 25th
Friday and the time is 6:30 pm.
We're standing right in front of the so
called most haunted house of Horsely Hills
We heard the rumors that whoever
entered this house never came out.
And today we're here to check out the
facts. Let's start with the swimming pool.
Let's go.
Why there is a chair in the swimming pool?
There could be someone slothful like
you as they might be lazy to swim.
[cicadas critter]
[camera beeps]
Ok baby, you're hot.
The whole pool is forsaken
but the chair is so clean.
[voice recorder beeps]
Hello! Is anyone here?
If anyone is up here please give us a sign.
[voice recorder beeps]
If anyone is up here
please give us a sign.
[voice recorder beeps]
[voice recorder beeps]
Is somebody with us right here?
Please give us a sign.
[voice recorder beeps]
Please give us a sign.
-Joe! Anything on EMF?
[cicadas critter]
-Guys let's go inside.
-Yeah, let's go.
[door creaking]
[water bubbling]
[clock ticking]
I'll fix cameras everywhere.
-Mojo! Walky!
May be the rumors are true.
How can you say that?
Though the house is filled with
antiques and other expensive stuff,
no one broke inside from
the past three years.
the house is so clean and perfect.
Guys, definitely,
there is something here.
[walkie talkie blips]
-Come in, Shalini...
-Mojo, tell me.
Up here in a room candles are weirdly
arranged, something happened here.
Ah... Then let's go up and check.
No! we need to follow the procedure,
one by one, one room after the other.
Mojo come down.
[walkie talkie blips]
Who is there in this house?
Please give us a signal!
Those blooded shoes and these candles!
Something is happening here.
This should definitely be
the elder sister's room.
Did you live here?
Is this your room?
Something's here!
Someone's here!
[pressure pan whistles]
I know there is someone here,
can you please tell us what happened?
So far we've checked hall,
kitchen and bedroom.
I'm pretty sure there's
something else upstairs.
Let's check it out.
This is the room I was talking about.
[door creaking]
Why did they arrange
black and red candles here?
Something has happened here.
Who is up here?
Did you sketch all of those?
-Can you hear that?
Thank God!
We got a proper sign.
-Thank you so much.
-Sorry, Shalini.
It was me.
I accidentally touched the toy.
I'm so sorry!
-Sorry guys.
Come on Joe!
We can't be doing this.
So it's not the horse
that moved but it's a donkey.
It's been three hours since we came.
we know that there is something here,
but we are not able to... [door shuts]
[knocking door]
[knocking door]
[door opens]
[door creaking]
[cicadas critter]
There should be a teddy bear here, right?
Oh yeah!
Thank you so much for the response.
What exactly happened here?
Can you please...
[door shuts] Guys,
don't step forward.
-There is something around us.
-The door is closed.
-Oh my God!
-Turn on!
Someone is coming.
[sobbing] Just
calm down guys...
[door opens]
Shalini... Please do something.
Don't worry nothing will happen.
I'm right here.
Hey, light has come.
Hey footprints!
-Mojo! Capture those footprints.
-How come the footprints are here?
Oh my God!
[television noise]
Hey, I think the television
turned on. Let's go.
-Let's go...
-Let's go...
[television noise]
Shalini, please let's leave this place,
let's just leave.
We'll leave after learning
what happened here.
So far we have found many proofs in
this place, but we're trying... [chewing]
I eat chips when am scared.
You eat chips even
when you're not scared.
[deep breaths]
We're still... [chewing]
I'm just chewing the
left overs in my mouth.
-What! What happened?
-Mojo? What happened?
I've seen something.
What happened?
I saw something.
Do you have the bag?
Have I left it in the car?
Okay, let me go and check.
[birds chirping]
[car unlocks]
Haven't I told you to close the windows?
-Did we lose the car?
-We lost our bag.
It's just a bag.
It has my license, mobile,
house keys, everything!
I'm sorry!
How do you I know that you keep
the whole universe in your bag?
Let's go!
[car arriving]
Whose house is this?
Don't piss me off with your stupid jokes!
I'm serious about it, whose house is this?
Amy please stop, this is not funny.
That's the main door.
[key clunks]
Why is opening the lock of this house?
Why did we come here?
[metal screeching]
This is not our house.
[metal screeching]
[voice muted]
Madam! Take it.
-This is a temporary key.
-Thank you!
[door opens]
Go to your room and refresh,
I'll prepare breakfast in the meantime.
Where is my room?
Why are you doing this?
Please, Amy!
I can't take this anymore.
But this is not...
Go upstairs.
Just go up and refresh.
Please go.
It's been two days since I lodged
a complaint against our lost bag.
When I try to find out the status of it,
the cops are irritated.
I can't depend on them anymore.
Better I buy a new phone,
I need to talk to Rajeev about you.
I'm going shopping would you like to join?
In that case, lock the door
and stay inside.
[door creaking]
Where is it?
[doorbell rings]
Inspector Ramesh Narayana.
Haven't you lodged a complaint
for your stolen bag?
Yes! Please come in!
-Actually sir...
-Can I get some water, please?
Sure! Please have a seat.
Excuse me!
You are?
-You are?
I'm Ramesh Nara..
Your bag is found,
please take a look and confirm.
Ah... This is not my bag.
Have you thoroughly checked it?
Yeah! Did you see this?
This license is not mine.
This ID is not mine.
This is someone else's bag
you might have got confused.
Yeah, right!
One moment please!
Just one moment please.
Please check this out.
Oh! Thank you so much.
-So, this is your bag?
-Yeah, perfect.
Thank you so much.
-See you again!
-Thank you.
How long have you been living here?
It's been 3 years.
in case you need any help.
This is my card.
-Okay! I'll call if needed.
-Thank you, see you.
[cicadas critter]
[phone dial beeps]
Hello! Rajeev!
Who is this?
-It's me Jessie, I just want...
-Who Jessi?
[no audio]
You've lost it completely.
What happened?
Who are you shouting at?
I don't understand why
Rajeev is behaving so stupid.
What happened?
Sometimes people are more confusing
than puzzles.
Forget it.
[birds chirping]
[phone ringing]
Jessie I'm sorry... I'm extremely sorry.
What's wrong with you?
You made me forget the fact
that I was talking to a human.
Business tensions and moreover
I was heavily drunk that day.
-You scared the hell out of me Rajeev.
-I'm sorry.
I'm extremely sorry, Jessie.
Is everything alright now?
Yeah! Nothing to worry.
Hey! I forgot to mention we've got the
appointment of Dr. Kiran Kumar.
Oh, great!
Do you want me to book tickets
to Mumbai for you too?
Actually even you guys don't have to go,
he himself is coming here on some research
and we can meet him at the clinic.
Oh wow! What time we have to be there?
Jessie, I'll let you know.
-Okay! Thank you!
Baby, please!
I'm not a sneak thief to lie,
I'm a doctor.
Don't you believe in me?
Fine, I'll call you again. Alright? Bye.
Sorry! It's my daughter,
she's after me for not going home.
She is of your sister's age.
But my sister is not
of your daughter's age.
What! I mean I didn't get you!
She was born on November 25th 1987.
According to her date of birth, she
should be 25 years old but she is 16.
Come again.
After reaching 18 years of age she
started growing back for 3 years.
Mentally and physically.
From past 4 years her age neither
went up nor went down.
I watched a film.
The curious case of Benjamin Button!
In that film,
the hero is born as an old man,
after he ages back and dies as an infant.
I watched that film around 4 to 5 times.
You do one thing...
You better watch a film that I haven't
watched and then come up with a story.
Then I'll believe in you.
Okay! You may go now.
We have a habit of capturing and
saving almost every event in our lives.
These are the videos and pictures
of Amy's events in life.
Until all those memories turned into fears
we used to watch them every now and then.
Though we have so much
of advanced technology,
some problems have still remained
Do you mean to say that
Amy is going to remain a question?
No, not exactly!
Reports are absolutely normal,
in case if this question is cooked by you
then you must be having the answer too.
Of course, you have shown me
all these videos and pictures,
but you know these days animations and
Photoshop has become very handy.
Let's go, Amy.
[footsteps leaving]
[birds chirping]
This isn't something new to us, right?
We have seen many such doctors.
He's just another dim-wit.
I'm taking the responsibility
to find a right one.
Don't worry. Amy will be fine.
Go get some rest.
[cicadas critter]
-Coming sweetheart!
Why did you call me?
Did I call you?
You were shouting out my name
and you are asking me in return?
When did I call you?
I came down since you called me.
what is this in the middle of the night?
You called me down and you're
putting the blame on me?
Neither you called me nor did I.
Now go and sleep.
[footsteps leaving]
[chair rocking]
-What happened?
Someone's under the bed.
-I'm so scared.
-What are you saying, Amy?
Who can be under the bed?
I don't know,
but someone's really under the bed,
Jessie, please check it out.
Who is under the bed?
If you're not coming out
I will call the cops.
I'm so scared, please check under
the bed once.
Jessie, someone's sitting
on the bed, I am so scared.
Jessie, please check it out.
Someone is sitting on the bed.
[door creaking]
-Yeah, Jessie tell me!
Something weird happened last night!
I can't believe if that
was a dream or not.
I don't understand.
-Jessie! Cut this apple for me.
-Is that Amy?
Yeah, she just woke up.
She must be hungry.
She hasn't eaten properly last night.
Fine don't think so much about the
last night's dream, okay?
Why have my princess woke up
so early today?
Let's go for fishing today.
Why fishing all of a sudden?
I want a teddy bear too.
So the princess is
giving orders now?
Okay, madam.
What else do you want?
[birds chirping]
"Her first words"
"are like the first drop of rain"
"That beautiful smile"
"is like sunshine on those tiny lips"
"Leaving the moment of hesitation"
"the feet took its first step and tumbled"
"When she started
running without stopping"
"I started running behind her requesting
not to run like that"
"Everything in this world is a magic"
"to the little one's eye"
"They don't care about
what is happening around,"
"Since they are so deeply
in love with each other"
"When those tiny palms"
"are calling the moon"
"The darknesss will get her"
"the gift in the form of moon light"
[birds chirping]
-Did I miss this?
-See! You forgot this.
You've lost the game.
I'm ready to lose indefinitely
for you to win.
I'll call you once the dinner is
ready just come down.
Amy! Dinner is ready.
Dinner is ready!
[paper rustling]
Will the princess take my instructions?
She will take only if the food is tasty.
Then you should stop sketching.
-Yes, what I decided is final.
That's my hobby.
I can't quit.
From this moment you're
changing your hobby.
We had a great day today,
now don't spoil that.
Why did you touch my sketchbook?
Because I'm your bloody sister
and I'm dealing with you.
What are these sketches? Huh?
Who will sketch such things?
That's my will and wish,
I'll do whatever I like to.
Day by day, you're increasingly
behaving like a mad girl.
Stop behaving like a kid!
Are you going to
return my sketchbook or not?
If I see you touching this book
one more time...
[door opens]
-Rajeev! Amy is missing.
-What are you saying?
How can Amy be missing?
Jessie! Hello!
[water rustling]
Jessie, say something.
What happened?
[water dripping]
[water rustling]
[door opens]
Amy look at me!
Look at me Amy...
Get up.
What happened, Jessie?
-Why are you crying?
What happened to Amy?
What happened, Jessie?
Take a look at Amy's bedroom once.
Come with me.
[door creaking]
[birds chirping]
I'm so scared.
She never behaved like this before.
Day by day she's turning psychic.
If she continues to
live in that room...
I'm worried that she might get
away from the human world.
Hi Amy! How are you?
Madam, earlier we used to worry
only about her physical condition.
Now added to that even her
mental condition is worsening,
What's happening to her?
Why is Amy sketching such things?
Does she feel like sketching such things
or is she seeing them?
Or is anyone telling her to
sketch such things?
We should figure that out first.
You guys don't have to
worry so much about it.
She should be normal with small treatment.
-Where will she be now?
-Come with me.
I need to talk to her alone,
you guys please wait outside.
-Okay, madam.
[door creaking]
[door knocking continously]
Mam what happened?
-Madam, Are you okay?
Jessie, bring some water.
Madam, are you okay?
What happened, madam?
You think she is just a kid,
but she is not.
I doubt if she is a human at all.
No! She shouldn't be here send
her away as earlier as possible.
My bag...!
-Mrs. Aradhya!
-Madam, we are not getting your point.
You don't need doctors right now,
please try to understand me.
Mrs. Aradhya!
Don't step out of your house tomorrow.
If you do so...
assume you've left everything for good.
-Rajeev, where are you going?
I can't leave her alone right now
under these conditions.
Then how can you leave me alone?
Trust me Jessie,
you'll be fine, okay?
Rajeev! Where are you?
Car broke down.
I'll be there in some time. Okay?
[electricity trips]
[clock ticking]
[Amy laughs]
[clock ticking]
Amy is that you?
[door shuts]
[electricity trips]
I'm here.
Amy, is that you?
[water boiling]
Jessie... Jessie...
[panting] [coughs]
What happened?
-You were unconscious near the pool.
Amy... Amy... She was in the pool...
-Amy was in black colour water.
-What? Amy in the pool?
Amy is sleeping... See.
No Rajeev,
I saw Amy in the swimming pool...
Stop it, Jessie.
Please, go to sleep.
You need some sleep.
No, Rajeev.
Please Jessie, try to understand.
Jessie... You are sleeping now.
We'll talk about this in the morning.
Good morning, Jessie.
How are you feeling?
I'm so scared of what I might
have to face next.
You can live anywhere in this world,
but you cannot live in a thin line
between truth and lie.
[vehicle arriving]
Inspector Ramesh Narayana!
Hello, good morning.
-Have you seen the news?
-About what, sir?
Yesterday Psychologist Aradhya came
to your house right?
Yes, she came.
-She died today morning.
In a car accident.
Very early in the morning.
Spot dead.
We've found this symbol on the car.
Have you seen this before?
-This is...
-No, sir...
We haven't seen this before.
If you have anything to say
you may please call.
Sure, sir.
Madam has my number with her.
And please be little careful.
-Okay, sir.
Good day.
[engine starts]
[vehicle leaving]
I think psychologist was right about Amy.
No, Rajeev!
Someone is doing this intentionally.
Who will hold grudge over a child?
She's is no way a kid,
what can make you understand this?
Please try to understand, Rajeev.
Jessie you only believe in the
world which you wanted to believe,
but there is another world which you
haven't seen and which you should see.
Can you get me some coffee, please?
Rajeev... Rajeev...
-In refrigerator...
-Jessie! What happened?
-Amy is in the refrigerator!
Why will Amy be in the
refrigerator Jessie? Huh? [sobbing]
What are you talking?
Calm down, let me check it out.
It's okay.
Look! Who is here?
[lady sobbing]
[door creaking]
Why are you crying, Amy?
Don't come near me.
You guys are scared of me,
thinking that I am a ghost.
No Amy.
-I don't want any of you.
You're my princess...
Why will I be scared of you?
Jessie come.
[door knocking]
Haven't I told you Rajeev that
I saw her in the refrigerator?
Shall I call a doctor?
We need an exorcist right now.
We need an exorcist.
Excuse me sir.
What do you want?
Her sister is possessed,
hope you can cast out the spirit.
How do you know that she is possessed?
She is suffering from
a physical abnormality
from a long time...
We are sacred...
She never behaved like this before.
Why do you call me and
scold me at the same time?
Why did you touch me sketch book?
Everything is because of you!
Sir, where are you going?
To your house, aren't you coming?
It's imported don't lose it.
[latch squeaking]
[door creaks open]
Rajeev! Make these arrangements.
Rajeev! On my go, ring this bell,
due to those sound frequencies...
all the negative energy
around this place will be diverted.
Ok sir.
Come sit here.
Rajeev! Make Amy sit down here.
Rajeev tie her down.
Rajeev, what are you doing?
Sir, what is he doing?
Why Rajeev is tying me down?
Sir! You should tie down Amy.
Rajeev! Untie me.
Stop it! Rajeev idiot!
Rajeev, you should tie Amy.
Untie me Rajeev.
Jessie! Look at me,
she is not the one who you think she is.
The body that you see is a lie.
She is not Amy.
Look at her carefully
Jessie, she is not Amy.
Did you see?
Did you see who it is?
Do you realize that this is not your body,
now look at the person whom you possessed.
Jessie! Learn what had happened to you.
Do you realize what happened to you?
This is not your body.
Leave it!
Leave this body Jessie.
Leave this body and soul.
Leave her!
[bell dings]
[bell dings]
Rajeev don't stop.
[bell dings]
What the hell this is bullshit,
this doesn't make any sense at all.
It's Amy who is possessed right?
but then why was he
telling that Jessie is possessed?
Who met with the accident?
I mean whose hand was
that, that fell out of the car?
Who is the one that sat in front of Jessie
who looks like Jessie but not Jessie?
What happened to Amy?
Only Jessie can answer those questions.
Jessie! Thanks a lot,
but we need the complete story,
What happened after that?
What happened to Amy? Where did she go?
Something's on my back,
What happened?
[panting in pain]
What happened?
[panting in pain]
Nothing! Just some rashes, must be
due to the dust as this is old place.
What shall we do now, who will
give the rest of the information?
Hey, do you remember?
Jessie noted Rajeev's number in
a diary and kept it in a drawer.
You followed everything really well.
Hey! Rajeev's number.
[keypad beeps]
The number you have called has
been temporarily disconnected.
Hey cop number!
-Shall we call him?
-Why do we need to call the cop?
He appeared just for twice like
a cameo in a high budget film.
We don't have a choice right now.
[phone taps]
[phone ringer]
-Can I talk to Inspector Ramesh Narayana?
-Yeah, who is this? Hello!
[phone rings]
Hello! who is this?
-Inspector Ramesh Narayana?
-Yeah, who are you?
Sir we are a team of 4 ghost hunters,
we came to investigate in
Victoria house, we need your help.
Come again! Where are you talking from?
-Victoria house.
-Who asked you to walk into that place?
Don't you want to live?
-Just come out of there right away.
-But sir we are professionals.
Who gave you the permission to go there?
We informed in your
station yesterday evening.
Give your names!
Shalini, Abhi, Mojo and Joe.
But it's written Jyothi Lakshmi here?
Well, we call her Joe.
What do you want?
We need some information about this place,
but not on the phone,
if you can meet us here.
Can you handle that place?
Sir, this is our 9th investigation.
I'll be there in 10 minutes.
I need to pee!
Joe you can't go alone.
I'll accompany her. Come Joe.
Now what information do you need?
Sir, please you can't smoke here!
There are chances of getting false
images in the pictures due to that smoke.
[cicadas chirping]
Why only three of you are here?
Tell me.
Sir we have seen some
visuals in the television,
There are two sisters Jessie and Amy...
and Amy was possessed by something...
See? You have forgotten this.
Why did you touch my sketch book?
Because I am your bloody
sister and I am dealing with you.
After knowing total story about Jessie...
I need your word that
you'll leave this place.
Okay, sir.
We'll leave.
The very next day morning...
How are you feeling now?
What's your name?
-Where are you right now?
I'm in my house.
Do you recognize me?
-Can you recognize him?
Do you know them?
Who are you guys?
Where is Amrutha?
-Who is Amrutha?
-My sister!
Is she Amrutha?
Amrutha! Who are all these?
Your sister does not have any problem.
She will be absolutely fine.
You'll be fine.
I have an important case to
attend take care guys, bye.
What is happening here?
I can't understand anything.
It's better to tell her what had happened
Nice meeting you, thank you.
Thank you so much sir.
Where were you on Jan 24th morning?
Today is Jan 24th right?
Today is not Jan 24th...
but you need to know what
had happened on that day.
As a routine even that day,
I went to the Police Station.
but soon I realised that day was
not going to be like any other day...
-Good morning sir.
-...after sometime.
-Tell me man!
-Really sir, I didn't rob it I found it!
-Tell me man!
Cooking up stories eh?
-It's true sir, trust me.
-What truth?
Oh no! No, sir!
-Wait I'll get back to you again.
Oh no! Sir...
-Good morning sir!
-Good morning! Who is that?
He got caught while stealing a
bag but he is not admitting it.
Handover this bag at Victoria house.
Why don't you call the victim
to the station to take their bag?
Even their phones are in this bag,
moreover both of them are women.
Subbarao! What was the address?
Victoria house sir.
Did you say it's two females?
Yes, sir.
Give me that FIR once?
Two days ago...
two women died in a road accident.
-They belong to the same house right?
-One moment sir!
This is the accident file.
-What happened sir?
-Two days ago, that means...
on Jan 24th morning 6 am,
two sisters named Jessie and
Amy died in a car accident,
And on the same day at 8:30 am...
The names of those who lodged a
complaint for their lost bag,
were Jessie and Amy too.
If they died in a car accident,
how can they lodge a
police complaint for their bag?
I didn't notice it sir.
It's written that, a person
called Rajeev collected their bodies.
-Who is that Rajeev?
-Rajeev is their family friend sir.
Do they have any relatives living along
with them in that house or in this town?
No sir!
Give me that bag.
Whose bag is this?
That bag belongs to the deceased
we found it at the accident spot,
We couldn't hand it over while recovery.
When I went to give the bag,
I was shocked seeing twins.
Then when I gave your
bag, you said it was not yours.
But those ID cards belonged to you.
After a moment when I gave
you the bag o fthe deceased
That belonged to the
deceased you said it was yours.
My doubts grew stronger.
Before leaving when I was
asking you some details.
Your sister was signaled me.
That's why I gave my visiting card.
After handing over the bag,
I went back and called Rajeev
and asked him if there was
anyone else living in that house,
along with the two sisters?
He told me something interesting then.
He said that no one else lived with
them, but even after their death
he had received phone calls from
that house, in the name of Jessie.
I asked him to let me know if
he received any more calls.
He called me back after sometime.
Yes Rajeev, tell me.
Sir, I got a call again.
But it's not Jessie this time...
A girl name Amrutha has called...
Sir, I am very confused.
My sister Sruthi brought me here.
She is calling me Amy
and herself as Jessie.
Though am hale and healthy all this time,
she is worried that I
have some abnormality.
I don't even know anyone
around this place to seek help.
When did you first identify
your sister's weird behavior?
Three days before,
I mean on Jan 24th when
we came to this house.
Where were you coming from
before the day you came to this house?
We were coming from Hyderabad.
Did you observe any sudden
physical change in your sister?
I mean you know
something like stumbling over
or some sudden jerk.
Nothing like that.
When she was driving
though the road was so empty
suddenly car got drifted.
For a moment she behaved
like she has blacked out.
Where did that happen exactly?
I need time and location.
We passed a car that met with an accident
on the highway near Horsley Hills,
few moments after crossing
that car this was happened.
It should be around 6 am.
When did you receive the
first call in the name of Jessie?
-Last night sir.
-What was she saying?
She was talking about
taking Amy to a hospital.
If Jessie and Amy were alive,
do you have any plan to
take them to any hospital?
Yes, sir.
Amy was suffering from a weird problem.
We planned to take her
to a expert in Mumbai.
Your sister is possessed.
And that's none other than Jessie.
On Jan 24th at 6 am in the morning,
Jessie and Amy died on
the spot in an accident.
You guys crossed that
accident site at the same time.
And right at that moment Jessie
possessed your sister
[tyres screech]
Hey! Sruthi!
What happened? Are you okay?
But the problem here is Jessie is
assuming that she is still alive.
She thinks you are her younger sister Amy.
Sir! So you're saying that my friend...
Jessie's soul possessed
her sister Sruthi's body.
Then Jessie is thinking
that she is still alive.
And she is seeing Amy in this girl.
Exactly! A soul is in a hallucination.
So she doesn't know
that she is a soul herself?
Yes! Jessie's soul is in a hallucination.
And since this is Jessie's
house, she brought you here.
And since Rajeev is her only
best friend she called him for you.
And you don't appear to her
like you do to the rest of us...
You appear like her sister Amy to her.
Now what is the solution to this sir?
I was a
parapsychologist before I became a cop.
That's why I was able to
sort out what had happened.
But there is someone else who
can sort out a solution for this.
Oh! It's time for your
sister will be back from jogging.
Let's meet tomorrow.
Does Jessie believe in gods and souls?
No, she doesn't believe in such things.
She used to say they are all bullshit.
Which means our job
became much more complicated.
In order to save Sruthi from Jessie.
We need to follow three steps.
First we need to make Jessie
believe that souls do exist.
When she believes that souls exist,
then we should make her
believe that she is a soul herself.
That's when am going to drive out
Jessie's soul from Sruthi's body.
So we need make a soul
believe that souls do exist?
If we have to bring
her out of that illusion.
We need to create another illusion
and in order to do that,
first we need to let her meet
the doctor she wants to meet.
But we should arrange that doctor.
And he should create
hopelessness in Jessie.
Let's go Amy.
They just started.
I can't believe this sir.
This is first time I am
seeing a case like this.
In the process of creating illusions,
first of all,
-we should disturb Jessie mentally.
So, we have to make her believe
that there is a ghost under Amy's bed.
we arrange sketches on the wall.
After meeting Amy,
psychologist should act
like she is shaking with fear.
And following Amy's fatal warning,
we need to show proofs of the
psychologist dying in an accident.
Same day in the night,
the swimming pool water needs
to be changed into black color.
And finally,
we should make Jessie believe that
Amy has turned into a ghost completely.
[door knocks]
We need an exorcist.
So that's what happened.
All of you can leave now?
Sir, it's unbelievable,
Just a moment Sir.
So this is the story behind this house,
Our 9th investigation is successful
with best proofs ever.
Where is Sameera?
Sameera! Sameera!
-Who is Sameera?
-Sameera is the owner of this house.
-She was sitting next to you.
-Beside me?
No one was sitting next
to me other than this girl.
What are you saying!
She was with us all this time and
she was sitting next to you right here.
Guys we must leave immediately. Come on.
[door creaks open]
Isn't this the Sameera
you were talking about.
Yes, sir!
They are Jessie and Amy!
No sir! She is Sameera.
She is Jessie.
Just like Gods, souls do exist right?
-Who said Gods exist?
-Mom said that.
[tires screeching]
[music mutes voice]
Haven't I told you to close the windows?
Did we lose our car?
We lost our bag.
[music mutes voice]
[music mutes voice]
She was the one with us all this time.
Guys we have to leave immediately.
But sir there is
nothing to be scared in this.
No one harmed Jessie
she died in an accident.
In that case why will she harm anyone?
Moreover she was with us all this
time and she didn't trouble us.
Shalini you heard the rumors that...
...all those who entered
this house never came out,
Those are not rumors
they are facts
And among all those...
...who went missing 80% are women.
80% women?
That means Jessie is still
in a kind of hallucination.
And she is seeing Amy in all those
women who entered this house!
Shalini I think we should leave!
-This is our best paranormal investigation
-Are you crazy?
You'll die here, don't you understand that?
But sir we are
professionals we can handle this.
Damn your professionalism!
All this time you had a spook
around you and you couldn't notice that.
What professionalism are you talking about?
Shalini our investigation
is done, we should leave.
But Abhi!
[wood clanks heavily]
[glass shatters]
Mojo wait!
Abhi! Ah!
She won't leave you.
Run before it is too late.
[device bursts]
Come on! Run!
Come on let's leave.
[metal objects clanking]
Abhi! Where are Shalini and Joe?
Joe, Shalini come in!
Joe and Shalini come in!
It's happening as I expected.
Sir! I'm going inside.
No! Abhi, stop!
Going inside that house is nothing but doom.
Let's go.
It's not opening.
It should be locked from the inside.
[pistol fire]
[indistinct humming]
[finger snapping]
[door creaks]
What are you doing Joe?
[electricity creaks]
Shalini! Shalini!
[door closes]
Oh God!
Abhi please help.
Abhi please open the door, please help.
I'm not going to leave this place, damn you!
[metal clanks]
Jessie! Come on leave them it's over!
[clock ticks]
[door creaks open]
Please help!
Sir, where are these two?
-Oh no!
[torchlight thuds]
[door closes]
[door creaks open]