Jessie and the Elf Boy (2022) Movie Script

Well I never set out to
create a brand
but that's what happens when
you provide a service
that really resonates
with people.
And it's been very humbling
seeing the way that this has
taken off.
For me, it all started with
the desire to help people
express themselves
because our style choices are
indeed a form of expression.
So we shouldn't be looking
out there to see
what we can pin on
we should be looking inside to
see what we can bring out.
And that's our philosophy
here at Valerie's Salons.
We help you to look inside.
Because we believe that...
inside everyone is beautiful.
Inside everyone is beautiful.
So this is me. And if I'm going
to tell this story properly
I probably need to start
a bit further back.
Eh... a bit further back.
Ah. Perfect.
You see, according to legend,
inside one particular forest
there lived, well...
an elf.
He didn't look like you
might expect.
No wings. No pointy ears.
But he had special abilities...
to nurture...
to create...
and to... eh... dance.
He may have been small
but it was his job
to take care of the
whole forest.
His name was Ghillie Dhu
and this is the story of how
he changed my life.
Is... is somebody there?
Nobody. There's nobody
Who's there?
Hello, I'm Ghillie Dhu.
Where are you?
- Here.
- Where?
- Here.
- I can't see you.
Are you a branch?
Ghillie Dhu, can you
help me?
I don't know how to
get home.
Where do you live?
Birchwood Cottage. It's at
the edge of the forest.
It's yellow with
white windows.
This way!
Thank you. Em...
Can I stay with you
a bit longer?
Don't you want
to go home?
I will but...
why can't I see you?
I'm not like you.
You sound just like a boy.
I want to see you.
You're not meant to.
Wait! Please!
Don't go!
How can I see all this
but not you?
Long ago we were
shielded from your eyes...
but it's possible to lift
the veil...
with this stone.
I want to see.
I'm sorry, I can help
with that.
You've got a lot of these
haven't you?
That's Grey.
She's a pony. She likes
- I've always wanted a pony.
- You can meet her if you like?
I think she likes me.
It's so cute. How do
you do it?
- I listen.
- Huh?
Am I allowed to see
what it is now?
- Not yet. Isn't finished.
- Uh, I really want to know.
When will it be ready?
- Maybe.
- Okay I think
I can wait till then.
I want to stay here!
Mum, please!
That's enough!
This stops now do you hear?
Grow up!
Huh? Go where?
Grey? What do you mean?
Stick 'em up!
Stop wasting
time and get on with it.
- You just going to watch?
- I have tennis elbow, remember?
'Course you do. Uh, I
need a wee.
- Why didn't y'go before we left?
- I did.
- I need one again.
- You and your bladder.
You and your elbow.
- What was that?
- Relax, I told you.
They're long gone.
Maybe it was bird
or something?
Whatever. Come on.
We've got enough.
Let's wrap this up.
- I don't like this place.
- What you on about?
- We just started.
- I'm serious. It feels like...
someone else is here.
Get a grip. There's nobody
else here.
You are away with the
What was that?
Stop swiping that thing about
you almost hit me!
Uh, what was that!
What's wrong with you?
Have you gone mad?
There's definitely
something there.
I'm telling you, Lara, there
was something there.
- There was not.
- I heard it!
- You did not!
- I did so!
Kev, just drop it. It was
your imagination, okay?
What was that?
What happened?
In the house! In the house!
In the house!
Where am I?
We help you
to look inside.
Because we believe that...
inside everyone is beautiful.
Inside everyone is beautiful.
Yeah, your hair is quite high
porosity I'd say.
Have you tried any high
protein products
or any natural oils, like
coconut or almond
or argan?
Oh, sorry, it's bit of a
tangle back here.
Come on. Outcha come!
Stupid brush again!
Stupid, stupid, stupid!
Why am I so nervous?
Sal, please tell me that I'm not
gonna totally mess this up?
Mess up what?
The hair, your job, your
future? So many options.
- Very funny.
- Oh, relax, you'll be fine.
- You think so?
- Sure.
I know about these things.
You know, it would really help
to practise on some real hair.
Nobody touches the hair.
Especially you.
Oh, thanks for the vote of
Jessie, you'll be fine. How
bad can it be?
- Your boss is your mum.
- Yeah and my mum
has barely spoken to me
since my school days.
Plus she's not my boss.
She's my boss's boss.
You're still the only child of
the Valerie of
Valerie's Hair Salons. That's
gotta count for something.
Excuse me. I'm Jessie Macrae.
- I'm the...
- The new trainee.
You should've been here
15 minutes ago.
- Oh, I was told...
- You were told to be on time.
That means 15 minutes before
the time that you were told.
- I'm sorry, I didn't...
- Put your stuff in the back and
sort your face.
- Quickly!
- Where's the back?
Never mind. Wow.
Not a good start for you,
is it?
Stand here and don't move.
Alright people!
I shouldn't have to
remind anyone here
that we are entering our most
important season yet.
Madame Belle has agreed
to join our clientele,
as and when she visits
Scotland, and
we also welcome Mrs. Roland
and Susan Mandalay.
And don't listen to the
hearsay, she is still
very much in the modelling
Why do these people
come here?
Because they know that we
are the best.
They know that what we
offer here, is
unique and unrivalled.
And that is why nothing...
must lower the quality of
the service we provide.
Excellence is what we
strive for. Always.
Let's get to it.
you think you've got what it
takes to make it in this place?
We'll see.
What's that? Who's there?
Hello. I'm Ghillie Dhu.
Oh aye. That's good.
How's it going?
Not very well. I'm beginning
to think I may never find her.
- Find who?
- The girl.
Oh, you're looking for a
girl are you?
- Aren't we all.
- Are we?
Oh aye, that's our curse.
Don't worry. She's
out there.
You keep looking. You'll
find her.
You really think so?
for foster families?
Thank you very much.
- I'm sorry.
- Pardon me.
It's you! Tyler. Tyler Vim.
I was at your show.
Hey, nice one. Hope you
had a good night.
I would love a selfie
with you.
- Yeah, sure. I can spare a...
- But my boss hates it
when I'm late, so I've
got to go. I'm sorry!
Good afternoon,
Mrs. March.
May I take your coat. Tea?
Just the
usual please.
Orange and lotus flower.
Penelope! How
lovely to see you.
It's been a while. Can I get
you a cup of tea?
Camilla! Welcome.
Is the pressure okay for
you Miss Pom Pom?
How's that pressure for
you Miss Pom Pom?
Is the pressure okay for
you Miss Pom Pom?
Lovely, we'll see you
soon, Vanessa.
Have a wonderful
Or not. Toff.
So glad this day is over.
- Are those for the bank?
- What?
I could take them for you
if you like?
No. You need to finish
the floor.
And do it properly this time.
I'll be back to lock up.
- When?
- Long before you're done
by the looks of things.
Chop chop.
Or you could maybe help?
Alright people!
I shouldn't need to remind
anyone here that I am
the greatest person in
the whole world
and this place
is paradise.
And that is why
- Ah, what are you doing?
- I've found you.
I've finally found you!
You're... old.
Eh, I'm sorry, who are you
supposed to be?
Don't you remember?
It's me! Ghillie Dhu!
Sorry, please... wait here.
So, em, what is it you're
after today?
The usual please. I have an
interview this evening.
I would have called in advance
but today has been an
absolute wash out, you
know how it is.
I'm so glad I came here
before you closed.
- Such a relief.
- Yeah, such a relief.
Back in a sec.
- Hello?
- Amelia, thank goodness.
- It's Jessie.
- What do you want?
You need to come back
right now.
- Excuse me?
- We have a client.
A client!
I'm on my way.
Don't say or do anything,
okay? Jessie?
No no no!
Have you completely
lost your mind?
What have you done?
I like it.
It feels bold and exciting.
Yes, it's good.
And how nice to be
surprised for a change.
Amelia, thank you.
You've got a fine young
talent here.
The next Valerie perhaps.
What were you
You are a trainee. Do you
realise how your little
stunt could have ended? I
know what's going on here.
You think that just because
you're Valerie's daughter
you don't have to put in the
hard work like the rest of us.
Well I've got news for you,
I am the manager of this
salon and I do not tolerate
nepotism. It's a word,
look it up.
I know what it means. And
believe me
my mum hasn't helped me
at all.
Oh no, of course not.
Well you won't be getting any
special treatment from me
that's for sure. Step out of
line again
and you are finished.
Is that clear?
Yes. I won't do it again.
Oh yes you will.
- I promise I won't.
- No I'm telling you, you will.
- I want to see you do it again.
- But I thought you just...
Vera liked the style. And
since you're so keen to
show off your talent, here's
your chance to prove
it wasn't a fluke. I want to
see you do the style again
tomorrow, on one of the
staff before opening.
- But, I don't...
- And as you're so keen
for extra responsibility, here.
You can give this whole
place a thorough clean
this evening and lock up
once you're done.
And it had better be
See you at eight.
Where did you learn to
style like that?
You're so young.
Did you train?
How did you do that?
I listen.
Who are you?
You don't remember?
No. I'm sorry.
Is it because you
grew old?
I'm not that old okay.
Then why did you forget?
I don't know.
No, wait. Please don't go.
I have to recreate what you
did tomorrow and I have
no idea how. I really need
to learn that style.
Can you help me?
Okay, so I got a good look at
the style when it was finished,
so I know where we're headed.
But, I don't know
how you got there. So first
can you show me
how you prepared
the hair?
Are you okay?
It's just a training
mannequin, look.
Off to a great start.
What are we gonna
practise on now?
- Hey.
- Oh... eh...
- Hey.
- Are you alright?
Sal, I... eh...
this is Ghillie Dhu.
Ghillie, this is my
flatmate, Sal.
- What's going on?
- Are you not weirded out?
A little bit yeah.
- I met him at the salon.
- Did you?
He's helping me learn
a style.
Uh huh. Are you sure you're
okay? Ah! What was that?
Be careful! What is
wrong with you?
What's wrong with me?
You're the one acting weird.
That doesn't mean you
have to assault him.
- Assault who?
- Ghillie, you can come out now.
- She's not going to hurt you.
- Stop it!
- Who are you talking to?
- It's the stone.
The stone?
- It's...
- It's freaking me out
that's what it is. Tell me
what's going on!
Put this on.
And what's this supposed to...
Holy c...
So? What do you say?
I told you, Jessie. No one
touches the hair.
But, Sal, this is my chance.
It's not every day that you
meet a... you know...
Your hair is like
a rose bush.
Okay. Let's do this.
I want a refund.
- Olly.
- Yep.
Put out an ad for a new
Eh... okay.
And find a chair for our
new junior stylist.
- Really?
- Get her set up.
I'll email you her
client list later.
Righto. This way Jessie.
And that is pretty much it.
You've been here a while,
you know how things run.
So, eh...
what have you done
to offend Amelia?
I think it's my family
she has an issue with.
Must be hard. But also
pretty sweet, right?
What is she like
as a mum?
Eh... you know...
Uh oh. Amelia's sent
through your clients.
She is not making
your life easy.
Why, who are they?
Alright, brace yourself.
Here goes.
This is Victoria Rainey.
She's usually looking for a
shampoo, a style and a scandal.
She never stops talking and
is always one step away
from a panic attack.
Whatever you do
don't mention Brussels.
- What happens if you mention...
- Just don't.
Evangeline Cameron on the
other hand never says a word
so we have to assume she
only wants a trim and a tidy.
I think I've only ever seen
her blink twice.
She could be really low,
or really high, I don't know,
either way,
she has issues.
Then there's Pixie. That's
obviously not her real name
but it's all she's given us.
Apparently she works in
stand-up comedy, but in my
experience that's the only
joke she's ever told.
- You alright?
- Yeah.
No sorry, just because you
said she was a comedian.
- That's funny.
- Uh huh.
- Shall I carry on?
- Yes please.
Just this morning I
thought I was gonna lose my job
and now I'm a junior stylist
with my own clients
and everything. It's like
a dream.
I don't know how to
thank you Ghillie.
I couldn't have done it
without you. Are you...
Do you have somewhere
to stay?
I normally sleep
in the park.
- Is that your home?
- No.
My home's in the forest,
- Which forest?
- What do you mean?
- What's its name?
- I don't know.
You don't know where
your home is?
Well, you're welcome to stay
in the living room for a while
if you like?
So, make yourself at home.
There's the couch and I've
got some spare bedding
or a sleeping bag or...
Em, those are my plants...
Or you could just do that.
It's not like me
to be nosy I like to keep out
of other people's business but I
can't help seeing what I'm
seeing and that garden of hers
is an eyesore, I mean
how hard is it to tidy it up
every now and again
and the really worrying thing,
and I know it's nothing
to do with me, but she seems
to have an awful lot of
male visitors. So I said to
her the other day, I said,
- Mother, we really need to...
- Mrs. Rainey.
- Yes, m'love.
- What is it you're looking for
- today?
- Oh, Amelia, yoohoo!
Could you give this youngster
a few tips about how I like my
- hair?
- Of course, Victoria.
What? What's wrong?
Nothing, I... Please,
take a seat, Victoria.
I will not. Tell me why you
made that noise?
I thought there was
something on your head.
- But it was my mistake.
- On my head?
What do you mean?
Are you sure? I can't feel
- What are you talking about?
- Brussels!
How is everything today,
Miss Cameron?
Are you perfectly happy with
the service you're receiving?
Because, you know, unless I
hear that you're completely
satisfied, I will have to
assume that your stylist
isn't quite up to standard.
Is there a problem?
Your hair is alive.
This isn't working. You're
getting in everybody's way.
It's like there's two of you
or something.
I don't know what it is but
something about your
presence makes people
What do you want me
to do?
You can move into the
back room.
You want me to serve customers
from a cupboard?
I want you to do as you
are told.
And if I hear a complaint
from any of your clients
I will have no choice but to
fire you.
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
Good. Get out.
Pixie! Welcome.
- Hi.
- Hi. Em...
Yeah, so, you will be in the
back room today.
I hope that's okay
with you?
Uh huh. Where's that?
Eh... well, it's in the back.
And if you're at all
for any reason, you be sure
to let me know.
- So how was everything?
- Great, thanks.
That new stylist is
I'll definitely be
combing hair again.
- Pardon?
- Combing hair again.
Do you get it?
It's a joke!
A few months ago I
kinda hit the 50 followers mark.
I knew it!
Are you insane? I will be
contacting Valerie about this
mark my words! And I'll be
posting about it.
Hashtag unprofessional!
Yeah I think this is
exactly what Valerie wants
to be doing more of. Giving
innovative young stylists
the chance to get creative
and be surprising.
And change the whole way
we style our own hair.
There's so much buzz about
her here in the United States.
And she's so young!
Jessie, I hope you don't mind.
I made your face.
Eh, okay.
Is that...
Is that me?
That's amazing.
I had no idea this is what
you were making.
Thanks Ghillie.
Do you remember now?
Remember what?
You have a new client.
Another celebrity.
Big surprise.
We'll have to cut one of your
others to make room.
Who do you want to lose?
Come on I don't have...
Good morning Amelia.
Valerie! I'm so sorry. I...
I thought you were... I didn't
know you were coming.
Well I prefer to keep my
visits unannounced.
Hi, you wanted to...
- Mum!
- Hello Jessie.
- What are you doing here?
- I've heard such good reports
about this branch I've
decided to move back up
to be more involved in its
Really? Wow...
Thats... That's...
That's great.
So we're gonna be
working together?
No, I'll mostly be working
with Amelia.
Ha... Of course.
- But...
- Yes?
Nothing. You wanted to
see me?
I, eh, yes... You have
a new client.
Oh. Who is it?
So... I wanted to have a
completely fresh start
but it needed to be the
absolute best, you know.
I can't just go to anyone.
Then out of the blue
everyone starts raving about
this new stylist at Valerie's.
And who does it turn out
to be?
The girl I met
on the street.
So I thought that's it.
She's the one.
Oh, wow. Ow...
Alright! Straight in there.
Quite a grip you've got.
Yeah, sorry, I can be
much more gentle.
No, no, no, you just do
what you need to do.
So yeah I em...
I never really forgot that
meeting and eh...
and I was just wondering if,
you know, maybe
you remembered it too?
What is that?
Feels weird.
Yeah, it's a...
special product.
Sorry, you were saying?
No. It's fine.
I didn't really expect you
to remember.
It's not like I thought about
it that much really.
But I did wonder if I'd ever
see you again.
Ow! Oh, wow. You do not
mess around!
Yeah, sorry, I don't know
what's got into me today.
No, no, no, don't apologise.
You just... just go for it.
I really think there
is potential to expand here
and as you've already shown
recruitment is absolutely key.
We need to investigate that
further so I will need
access to your accounts so
I can drill down from
- top level reports.
- No.
- I beg your pardon?
- You don't need to.
I can get you that
No, I will need full access
to all that data myself.
Amelia? You okay?
Yes, sorry, it's just...
it's so surreal.
You, Valerie. Here
in my office.
Amelia, if we could just
stay focussed.
Yes, of course. And I just
realised I didn't offer you
anything to drink. Can I get
you a tea? A coffee?
No, but I will need you to
get rid of all these plants.
Oh yes, sorry about the
they are in need of a bit of
TLC but
don't worry I'll get them
perked up.
No plants. I want them gone
now. Do you understand?
- Sweet.
- You like it?
Oh yeah. You have a gift.
- No, not really.
- Oh, come on.
You're amazing.
I knew it from the
moment we met.
What was that?
Oh, nothing, but you know
you should probably go
because it's closing time.
Okay, but, I was going to
ask, would you like to...
Ooh, got some stuff that I
need to be sorting out.
Well, nice to see you.
Wait! Can I take you out
for dinner sometime?
Dinner. Yeah.
Dinner sounds great.
When's good for you?
Friday. Friday is great. You
really need to go now.
I'll see you then. Bye!
- What has got into you?
- I don't like him.
- He has a bad smell.
- What?
He smells great. In fact I'm
pretty sure that was Moss.
- What is going on in here?
- I was just doing some sorting.
- Who were you talking to?
- Eh, myself.
You may think this is
some sort of joke
but I know you're hiding
and sooner or later I'll
find out what it is.
- Then we'll see who's laughing.
- Wait!
- Is my... Valerie still here.
- No, she left half an hour ago.
Did she say where
she was staying?
- You don't know?
- No.
I only found out
she moved up.
Well, as it happens, yes,
she gave me her address.
But that's classified
I couldn't possibly share it
with other employees.
That would be a breach of
Terribly sorry.
I'm aware this is
but I need you to shed
some light on a few
potentially sensitive anomalies
in the accounts.
I think first we should
talk about Jessie.
- What about her?
- Ever since she first
started I've been sensing
something strange about
the way she works. I'm not
sure what it is exactly but
- she's hiding something.
- And you're not?
- Excuse me?
- Amelia.
I have asked you to
meet me here
to have an open and
frank discussion.
Now, I need you to be very
honest with me.
Have you or have you not
been defrauding the salon?
I don't know what you're
talking about.
Fine. Then explain these
Well... I...
First, you explain why your
daughter is being so secretive.
- That is totally unrelated.
- Is it? Is it really?
Because I think I see exactly
what's going on here.
- Amelia, calm down.
- No, I will not!
This is what I knew would
happen from the moment
I hired her. It's nepotism,
that's what it is.
- This is nothing to do with...
- No, I won't stand for it!
This is unfair treatment of
staff. It's discrimination.
I know you and your daughter
are up to something
and I'm going to prove it.
I quit!
She quit?
- Did she say why?
- Well, I think...
I think she felt it was the
right time to move on.
Wow. So who's going to be
taking over?
Well, I'll be stepping in
for the time being
Olly will continue as
senior stylist and
he suggested that you
join him in the role.
Me? Senior stylist?
- I'm too young.
- Jessie,
you clearly have talent
and vision.
The rest can be learned
on the job.
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
So I'd be working
with you?
- To begin with, yes.
- That would be amazing.
So you accept?
Okay, let's do it!
Excellent. Right,
well, I'll em...
I'll sort out the formalities
and update the staff
and we can meet tomorrow
and plan further.
Oh, you can go now.
Where did you get
that necklace?
I don't remember.
Well, I'd like you to
stop wearing it.
- Why?
- Just stop wearing it, thanks.
I wish I didn't have to but
she just doesn't like it
for some reason. Once I'm
a few days into my new job
I'll explain everything to her.
As soon as the time is right.
I promise. Okay?
Also, I have my date
with Tyler tonight
and I was kinda hoping
to get my hair done
by the best stylist
in the world.
Ghillie, I would really like
your help. Please?
You're done?
Are you kidding? I can't
go out like this.
Ghillie, I don't have time
for messing around.
Thanks for nothing.
I'll do it myself.
He's here.
- Hey.
- Hi. Two seconds
I'm nearly ready. You can
come in if you like?
Ghillie, what are you doing?
You can't just slam the door in
someone's face. Do you
know how rude that is?
Let me open it.
Sorry about that. Em,
I can actually come just now.
Ghillie! I'm serious.
Let him in.
Really do apologise...
Must definitely
get this fixed!
Ah, good. Right.
Eh, shall we?
Don't worry, Ghillie. We're
gonna have a wild night.
First, you can help me
test all my lights.
And then, we can repair
some inner tubes.
Well, I think inner tubes are
really fun.
We've barely
spoken in like three years
and now we're going to be
working together. It's crazy.
It's like everything I've ever
dreamed of is happening
all at once and I didn't...
Sorry. I'm talking too much.
No. Please, carry on.
It's great.
I feel like I'm getting to know
the real Jessie Macrae
with all her secrets
and quirks.
- Quirks?
- Yeah.
You know, like the way you just
go for it when you're styling.
Or that thing with the boxes.
Or tonight, with the door.
I see. I'm sorry.
- I'm not normally like that.
- No, no, no, don't apologise.
It's good. It's unique.
It's you.
Yeah, but it's not really
though is it.
Yes it is. You're quirky.
And I like it.
Don't worry. I'll get you
another one.
What's wrong with you, mate?
Watch where you're...
Ah! What was that?
There's something under
the table, it just bit me.
Can you see it?
No, please don't!
- You're ruining everything!
- What?
No, not you, it's me.
It's my fault.
I'm sorry. Just
give me a sec.
What is wrong with you, you're
acting like a total maniac!
Did you hear that? I said
I'm really angry!
You can't just go around
assaulting people.
But it's him. I told you,
he has a bad smell.
No, he smells great! You're
the one that smells bad.
Now I'm going to have to go
back in there and make amends
for your mess, and you're gonna
go home and have a serious
- think about your behaviour.
- But, you don't understand...
No, that's it! I don't want to
talk about it any more.
Go home!
Can you believe
that waiter?
Must've been on something.
I think he put
some in my drink an' all,
'cos I feel really weird.
Whoa, there! You okay?
I am now.
Well, thanks Tyler.
It's been really nice.
Goodnight, Tyler.
So, eh, I'll see you
tomorrow night?
I can't do tomorrow.
- Next week?
- Yeah. Maybe.
- What d'you mean, maybe?
- Well, I have to check.
I'm busy with work.
You're busy with work?
D'you know how many girls
would kill to be where you are
right now? But I'm not
asking them.
I'm asking you.
Let go, you're hurting me.
Come on. Don't
ruin the night.
- Let go!
- Don't you know who I am?
What are you?
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
I don't understand.
She's changed.
Everything's so different
from how it was before.
What am I supposed to do?
Ah, women, eh. What's any
of us supposed to do?
They're a mystery.
Life moves on and
people change.
At the end of the day it
comes down to a choice.
You choose each other...
or you don't.
All you can do is remind
her what it was like at the
Show her you still love her.
Then let her choose.
Ghillie! What have
you done?
Mum'll freak out if she
sees this. We have to
clean this up now!
Oh no.
Jessie, what's going on?
It's okay, I can explain.
This is gonna sound crazy
but just hear me out.
This wasn't me, but I
know who it was.
- I should've told you before.
- Told me what?
I'm not who people
think I am.
I'm not the one who's been
coming up with the crazy styles.
- It was all him.
- Who?
He's a boy. Only he's not.
I don't know what he is.
He's invisible.
You can only see him
when you're wearing this.
Is this some
kind of sick joke?
A joke?
No, it's not a joke.
So are you trying
to dig up the past
to get back at me?
No, I'm telling
the truth!
This is totally unacceptable
behaviour from an employee
at Valerie's. Not least a
senior stylist!
Oh would you just forget
about the stupid job!
Can't you just be my mum,
just for a minute?
I get that your parents left
you to fend for yourself
but it doesn't mean you need
to do the same to me.
I wanted you to achieve some-
thing by yourself and you have.
Oh, that's all that matters
to you, isn't it? Success.
Touring the country promoting
your oh-so-special business
telling the world that
inside everyone is beautiful
which is a total lie by the way,
because you are certainly not.
Well, of course it's a lie!
- Oh, grow up Jessie.
- What?
It's a slogan.
A marketing tool.
What you really think that
I believe that inside
everyone is beautiful,
well, of course not!
Most people are ugly and
twisted inside,
especially my customers,
but they are
desperate to be told
that they are not.
And they will pay
handsomely for it.
So that's what I do.
It's called business.
I don't get it. If you don't
even believe in your own
company then why are you
giving your life to it?
What are you getting
out of all this?
It's a game, Jessie.
You learn the rules
sometimes you bend
them a little but
you have to keep playing
if you want to win.
- That's how it works.
- What are you winning?
Money? Fame? Is that it?
Is that all you care about?
Don't answer it, please
don't answer it.
I have to, Jessie,
it's my board.
Mum, please don't!
No, no. You can't fire me.
This is my company.
What you really
think that I believe that inside
everyone is beautiful,
well, of course not!
Most people are ugly
and twisted inside
especially my customers,
but they are desperate
to be told that they are not.
And they will pay
handsomely for it.
What. How is that possible?
There's no one else here.
Well, it's from your account.
- What?
- You did this.
How? You've been with
me the whole time!
This was your plan all along.
You wanted to ruin me.
No, that's not true. Mum,
the video's got nothing...
You are not my daughter.
Please leave me alone.
I don't want to see
you anymore.
Hey, you're back early.
D'you find Ghillie?
I did what you said.
I tried to remind her of how
it was at the beginning
and she told me to
leave her alone.
- Oh well, that's a shame.
- I don't know what to do next.
She's so sad and
I think it's my fault.
I can't help you anymore,
I need to stop listening
to you. You're not real.
- I am real!
- No, you're not!
How can you be real? I've
never even seen you!
You're just a voice in my head.
I want you to get out!
That's it. I know
what to do.
Thank you, Beard Man,
Mum, I'm so sorry.
I never meant for it
to happen.
Can't we start again?
What are you doing here?
Ghillie, what do you want?
You can't just come back
like nothing's happened.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to hurt you.
I just wanted it to be like
it was in the beginning.
I know. I know you didn't
mean for things
to turn out the way
they did.
I'm sorry too. I said some
really horrible things.
What's going on? It's the
middle of the night.
Is that the necklace?
Is Ghillie back?
- I'm here!
- Ghillie! We missed you!
I thought you were gone forever.
What brought you back?
I had an idea.
To put things right.
- Sounds great!
- What do you mean?
If your mother sees me
she'll understand.
She'll stop being angry
at you
she just needs to wear
the necklace.
- Hey, that could work.
- I already tried that
and she totally lost it.
She doesn't want
anything to do with
the necklace.
Then we put it on her
when she's not looking.
- Yeah!
- Ghillie, I know you're just
trying to help but some
things just can't be fixed.
She doesn't want anything
to do with me.
- We have to try.
- Jessie, he's right.
You can't just give up on her.
Isn't it at least worth a shot?
Me and Ghillie
will help.
Thanks, Sal.
But I don't think...
I can provide bikes if you
need transportation.
You can have the duck egg
blue Amsterdam cruiser
and me and Ghillie will use
the tandem. Except
the back seat will need adjusted
and the tyres need air and
actually the brakes are dodgy
so never mind the tandem.
Okay, the only issue is I don't
know where my mum is staying.
There's only one
person that does
so that's gonna be our
first challenge.
Why, who is it?
Amelia, I really need my mum's
address. It's important.
- No.
- Amelia, please!
Don't you ever
come here again.
Not the friendliest, is she?
- It's my fault.
- It's not your fault, Ghillie.
- I frightened her at night.
- You didn't frighten...
Wait, at night? When did
you see her night?
When I was making
the shelter?
- In the salon?
- Yes.
What was she doing in
the salon at night?
She was putting a little
black ball in the corner.
- Oh no she didn't.
- I don't believe it.
- Proper psycho.
- Why would she do that?
- Was it my fault?
- Wait.
I've got an idea.
Do you want me to
call the police?
Sure. Go ahead.
Or we will.
- Excuse me?
- We know it was you.
- What?
- We know it was you that
planted the camera and posted
the video under a false identity
we have every reason to
report you now, but
we won't, if you tell us
my mum's address.
- Also we don't have all day.
- Let's just report her.
Alright! It's 22 Rowan Road
West Greenway.
Thank you.
Say sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry!
Nice one, Ghillie.
Let's go.
It looks like nobody's in.
Maybe we should come
back another time?
No way. We've
come this far.
You're not chickening
out now.
Don't be a Jessy, Jessie.
We'll be right behind you.
I don't think she's here.
Maybe it's the wrong house.
Looks totally empty.
Oi! Can I help you?
Do you know when we might
be able to catch Valerie?
- My friend here's her...
- Colleague. Work colleague.
Oh, colleague, eh?
Didn't you hear?
Her daughter pulled some
sort of crazy stunt.
Posted a video on the
Internet of her
bad-mouthing her
own company.
She's moved to the States
or somewhere.
So you can clear off!
Jessie, I'm sorry.
Thank you, Sal.
Thank you, Ghillie.
Thank you for trying.
Thank you.
It's you.
You're real.
I missed you Ghillie.
I've found you.
I've been away too long.
The forest needs me.
I wish I could stay.
I just got you back.
I'll always remember you.
Thank you, Ghillie.
We had a plan
we'd pack our bags
and run away
We said goodbye
to yesterday
Oh, didn't you say
But we weren't lost
Oh, no more tear drops
on the map
We'll find our way there's
no turning back
But you didn't really
mean that
And now here we are
Still just counting on
the same dumb star
Wondering where the hell
the wild things are
No we never meant
to go this far
No oh oh
So tell me we're
nearly home
- Mum.
- I'm probably the last person
you want to see right now but
I just need to say two things.
Firstly, I'm sorry.
I let the hurt of my past
push us apart
and I hope you can find it
in your heart to forgive me.
And secondly...
a mutual friend sends
his regards.
Would you like to
come in?
And that is the
story of how Ghillie Dhu
brought my mum
back to me.
We haven't seen him since
but we know he's
out there somewhere
and one day
we'll meet again.
That was beautiful.