Jessi's Girls (1975) Movie Script

- This looks like a good place.
Plenty of wood, fresh water nearby.
- The Lord has been generous to us, Seth.
- That he has, Jessica.
That he has.
Still a long way from Utah though.
- We'll do just fine, God will provide.
- Got so much life in you.
- And love, but I wanna clean up.
Let's get a fire going here Seth Hartwell,
we can't depend upon the
Lord for every thing.
- Fire's ready Jessica.
You're so beautiful.
- I wanna be beautiful for you, Seth.
Would you hand me the towel?
I love you, Seth.
I love you, too.
Come on.
Oh, Seth.
- Well, well Moose.
Look what we got here.
Hey brah, come on down
here by the big tree.
What do you want?
Like you were boy.
- Hey, this county's
been good to us, Frank.
First the bank, now this red
filly, plucked and ready.
- Yeah, we found her, too.
- Hold it, where's the
rest of the wagon train?
You ain't out here alone.
- We're on our way to Tucson.
What you pulling up there, red?
- Hot damn.
Ain't that something, Frank?
Yeah, you did real good.
- Yeah, tie him up.
- Seth.
Ain't it?
- 20, 40, 50, $55.
- Frank, we could sell the horses.
- I'm for splitting up
what we got right now.
- Frank Brock decides when
we split up, nobody else.
- Hey Brock, that bank was plenty loaded.
- Yeah, let's divvy up now.
That's what I say.
- We got a right Frank.
What about you, Slime?
- Well, I'm with you Frank.
- You got a nerve, Mormon.
Coming down here to this
country without any money.
55 lousy dollars.
- Please, we have nothing.
- Yeah, that's true.
I'm gonna to take the only thing
of value you got, Preacher.
- Spread it out, lady.
It were my turn
when that widow woman
died on the Moose, remember?
- Hold it.
Now, you guys cut cards
fair and square, you here?
After me that is.
Aw, wait a minute
Frank, that ain't fair.
She's lookin'
good, relax preacher lady.
Everyone who knows us have one good one.
Seth, please.
Do it Frank, do it.
Ride her.
Ride her cowboy, ride her.
Ride her, Frank.
Hot damn.
Ride her cowboy,
ride it now, ride it.
Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky.
Come on, pick a card.
- Lucky card.
Lucky card.
God bless it, six.
- Queen.
- King, look at that.
That makes you
high man, don't it Link?
- Who wants her, she's still bucking.
- Come on Link, you
cheating hog, get off her.
Come on, Red.
Turn it over, Red.
I'm gonna give you one
you're gonna remember.
Come on, Red.
I'm not gonna hurt ya.
Go away.
Give me my sense, oh Lord God.
You are all precious and kind.
Dammit, shut up, I'm losing it.
Please God, you
who maketh me to lie down...
Please God.
You who maketh me to lie down.
Stop that praying, dammit.
- It's time, we're moving.
- Oh Frank, come on,
give me a little time.
- I said we're moving.
Get the horses.
We gotta meet with Connor
and take care of that Twin City bank.
Are you still with us, Mormon?
You weren't much fun last night, Preacher.
Not like your squaw was.
- Please don't hurt him anymore.
Hell, gonna be as good as new next life.
Next time, bring some more
women to go around, Preacher.
It's a poor Mormon
that's only got one wife.
By Red.
Is there really a woman
under all that stuff?
I ain't been out here that long, have I?
All right, who are ya?
Who sent you here?
They tell you about my strike did they?
Well they lied.
I ain't done no good
since I come out here.
I'm alive, that's all.
Matter with your tongue?
You tetched?
You've been out here long?
Yeah, me too, but I'm alive.
I'm still alive.
Same tombstone, I'd be dead by now.
Stone dead.
No doubt about it.
You damn fool.
You got the hating pretty
powerful, ain't you?
I know the feeling.
Go ahead and eat.
It's all right.
I don't eat much anymore.
Come on, come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- It's been a long chase, Rachel.
- Son of a bitch.
- Well, if you'll change your shirt.
You're beginning to smell like me.
What are you wanting to know for, gal?
Now, varmints sometimes shoot back.
- They killed my husband.
They tried to kill me too.
- Animals.
- Easy now.
- I'll kill 'em.
Every last one of them.
- Now you make every shot count.
Learn to use the sun.
Circle around when you can.
Try to get the other fella
facing a blazing sun.
You're gonna need every edge you can get.
All right.
Now you try it.
Now wait just a God damn...
You wait a minute, do you hear me?
Now just a damn minute.
- Oh hell.
- At it again, huh Claire.
Come on.
- Holy mackerel.
- This is Judy.
Judy is my equalizer.
Nice thing to have in a pinch.
But don't shoot at nothing
you're expecting to pick up afterwards.
Judy just leaves bits and pieces.
Kicks like hell.
Nothing like she kicks on the other end.
- Survival, first law of nature.
You gotta have the will, that's the thing.
Here, try that rabbit.
Good as deer meat
and a hell of a lot
better than rattlesnake.
Everything out here a man
could want for living.
Except no woman, that is.
Look here, honey.
There's five of them and
there's just one of you.
Now that's crazy.
You can't afford to hate that much.
- They'll pay with their lives.
Just like Seth did.
- You know since the war,
the world's full of hating people.
North, south, makes no difference.
White men, red men, all got a reason.
That's why I'm out here.
Too many amateurs running
around shooting guns.
People like you.
World ain't safe.
But you're getting better.
Wendle, get back in there.
Ooh hee, look at that baby.
I ain't going after you.
Who wants her?
What you been
sleeping in, sheep dip?
Frank, don't leave me.
- Come on, in there you.
Better get acquainted girls.
It's a long trip to
the territorial prison.
- This is your best horse.
- You're gonna be needing a good one.
Now remember, you camp away
from the regular trails,
and watch out for everybody.
Don't trust no one.
And make sure, before you shoot,
now you pack your shells and
clean your guns every night.
Don't bother going to sleep until you do.
You got that?
Well I don't know, you
look like a woman to me.
Maybe you'll fool somebody.
But you forget about playing fair,
there's no room for it.
You're gonna need every
advantage you can chisel.
Oh, hold on.
Might as well take Judy too.
Here, I hope you never have to use her.
Well let's see, I showed you
how to use that dynamite,
that's back here.
Now you be careful,
it's very tricky stuff.
I taught you everything I can, Jess.
Now it's up to you.
I think you're crazy,
but who ain't these days.
- Oh, God bless you, Rufe.
- Oh now, don't religion me, gal.
Damn, I got enough troubles.
And forget about them law men.
They're useless.
Judy is better than any law man.
- They're good looking all right, Clay,
but they're as mean as any I even hauled.
- Trouble with you, Shag,
is you think I'm into women.
- Hey, sheriff, I gotta pee.
Come on, give us a break.
Hey fellas.
I got something real nice for ya.
Something you'll like real well.
- Look, she's got her legs
hanging out like that.
- Hey, especially you, deputy.
You'd like what I got.
- Come on marshal, wouldn't
you like some of that?
- Sheriff, wish we'd hurry
up and get to prison.
Sure would be better than this.
- Well I ain't rotting in no jail cell.
- Yeah, well what are
you gonna do about it?
And what about you, can't you say nothing?
Ah, suit yourself
sweetie, it's a long ride.
All right, climb down.
- Damn, it's another woman.
Boy, the place is crawling with them.
Don't try it, marshal.
- Who cares, you got my vote, lady.
What are they
sending you girls up for?
- Nothing, not a damn thing.
Here I was, just trying
to make an honest dollar
and that sheriff...
Well, suit yourself.
I'm riding with this lady here.
- Jessica, Jessica Hartwell.
- You look more like a Jessi to me, hun.
Hey, that deputy is still alive.
- Not for long he ain't.
- Put it away.
I said put it away.
- He's just another badge
that's gonna come after us.
- Now let's get something straight here.
I can leave you here or
I can take you with me.
Now I can sure use the help,
but I ain't gonna stand
for no senseless killing.
- You're the boss, lady.
I'm riding with you.
- She'll come around.
She ain't got much choice.
For now anyway.
- Let's unhitch those horses.
- That depends.
If she was gonna rescue us,
what she even bring him along for?
- Yeah, all he's doing is slowing us down.
- Something sure smells to me.
First she shoots him,
then she plays nurse to him.
- There were five of them.
They didn't even give him a chance.
Just tied him up and slaughtered him.
Look at them.
- They won't do anything.
Not as long as I'm here.
- I don't get it.
What about you, Kana?
I never did trust no law man.
- You kill him.
I help.
- Yeah.
- Look I need your help.
I don't even know where to look for them.
You'll just end up killing me anyway.
Look, you.
- Well, ain't this cozy.
You boning up on the law, Jess?
- Get outta here.
- How about you, deputy.
How's it feel to be on
the other side of the gun?
Huh, huh?
Come on.
And why the hell should we ride with you?
- I told you, money.
You can have all of it.
I just wanna get my hands on them.
- You sure make it sound easy.
Look, what chance we
got against that gang?
- Besides, they could be anywhere by now.
Half way to the border.
I don't even know there was a robbery.
Big brown hat, mustache?
- I see him in Twin Cities.
He rob bank.
- See.
- Suppose they split the money up.
Hey lady, there's only four of us.
- She's right, this is crazy.
I'm for clearing outta here.
- I go.
I ride with you.
- You are crazy.
Both of ya.
You got less sense than I thought, Kana.
- I'm through fooling with you, marshal.
Save it Jess, he's out.
- All right, let's tie him up.
- You let Kana and I take care of him.
I'll make him talk.
- He'll talk.
- He ain't hurt.
He just wants a little romancing.
How's your side?
- I was lucky, your aim wasn't too good.
- You're young like my husband was.
We were good to each other, Seth and me.
- Not much.
- I never meant to hurt you.
You sure you wanna do this, lady?
- Clay.
- I'll be careful.
- You just wanna find out about Brock.
- That was before.
- Christ, you smell good.
- Are you sure there's
nothing you wanna tell me?
- You bitch.
- Maybe I should stop all together.
- You little tease.
All right.
It was Frank Brock, like you think it was.
He probably led out for Copper Creek.
He usually holes up there.
- Come on, coach me a little.
Do like you was doing before.
We got plans to make.
- Tell me about Copper Creek.
- You're not serious about
going after Frank Brock
after everything I've told ya.
Hell, bounty hunters
don't even go after him.
- There's not much to it.
Just a washed out ghost of
a town near the county line.
Couple of days ride.
- I gotta go.
- Hey.
I want him too.
- Then get in line, 'cause
I'm gonna be there first.
- Be careful.
You're traveling in bad company.
- I need 'em for what I got in mind.
- You ain't got a prayer, Jessica.
And now you've been bribing the marshal.
Come on Jess.
I gotta go.
- Damned if I can find him,
but he's around here somewhere.
- He ain't going nowhere.
Leave him for the buzzards.
I don't know.
- Come on, we're losing time.
Hey, who's that?
Let's find out.
- Howdy, am I glad to see you.
My dumb horse broke down on me.
Had to kill him.
Hey Kana, that you?
What you doing with them?
- Hey, you know, you look
kinda familiar to me too.
- I should.
Of course you've never
seen me with my clothes on.
- Oh.
Oh, you know, wait a minute.
Oh shit.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know you had a gang.
- Oh it hurts.
It hurts, Kana.
Me, friends, remember.
- I work in saloon in Twin Cities.
Him and Brock come in there.
- So you do know Brock.
Get on with it.
- She's real mad
and I'd talk if I was you.
- Oh no.
See, Brock, well he'd kill me.
Well you know that, Kana.
- She wouldn't kill me.
Nice sweet Mormon lady like her.
- Ow, shit.
Answers, you.
- That hurts, my arm.
The cabin.
About a mile and a half down the road.
Don't tell him I told you, please.
- One by the lake.
Near the orchard.
But please, don't tell Brock.
He'll kill me.
- Let's go.
Rachel, go
check out the cabin.
- Come on, come on.
Hold the horses, Kana.
All you Indians are
sure God damn stubborn.
You sure take a long time
to die too, don't ya?
Don't ya.
Hold it right there.
- Don't you shoot.
Where's Brock?
Where's the rest of them?
- Oh you're that pretty Mormon woman.
Hey lady, don't you shoot.
- All right then you, come on.
You make one move I'll blow your head off.
Drop it.
Hey Moose, what you got a
party here with the womans?
Drop it.
- This bitch there was gonna shoot me.
Were you two gonna shoot my friend Moose.
If anybody make a move, I'm
gonna blow some heads off.
Hey Moose, do you think we
can handle all three of them?
You'll die for this.
All of ya.
Too bad Brock
ain't here, hey Moose.
And this time, we don't
even have to cut cards.
- Turn around fat man.
- She dead.
- Tie him up.
- God.
Kana, cut me loose will ya.
What the hell is this?
Oh God.
- Don't you speak the Lord's name.
- Lady, please don't shoot me.
I wish I had
time to do this right.
- Come on Jessi, you're just wasting time.
- Where is Brock, quick.
- He's in Cooper Creek with Link, honest.
Copper Creek's a ghost town.
- Well they're there
splitting the money up.
They're meeting up with some new guys
and after they pull the next job
we're gonna split the money, honest.
Honest to God.
Kana, Kana tell them not to
kill me, would you please.
Kill him.
- Kana.
Lady come on please, I'm sorry.
Thank you.
- Kill him.
I'm sorry.
You gonna let me go?
- Just like you did to Seth.
- It is time we go.
- It's getting dark, they could come back.
We'll stay the night.
How is he?
How do you think?
- I'll take a look at him.
- I'll take care of him.
- Kana, why don't you see if you can help.
- Apache.
Kana no help Apache.
I'll make it better.
Does that feel better?
Don't worry, I'll take care of everything.
- Claire.
The sun's up, let's go.
- Come on.
- Okay, okay.
What about him?
You can't just leave him here.
- Well we sure can't take him with us.
Brock's in Copper Creek
and I'm gonna have him.
- Yeah but by tomorrow,
he'll be strong enough to ride again.
What's one more lousy day?
- Leave him.
- Come on let's go.
We've wasted enough time.
- I'm staying.
What about the money?
Claire, I need you.
I need your help.
You're the only one I can depend on.
- He needs me.
Come on.
Come on.
- That's enough.
- She ain't coming.
You're wasting your time.
- We'll ride in alone then.
- Maybe you will, but I ain't.
- You ain't gonna live to count it.
- Claire.
- Don't Claire me.
You don't care about nothin' no more.
You been hating so long,
you forgot what lovin' was.
We're a bunch of animals.
All of us.
- I know how to love.
But it ain't love I'm feeling.
Not as long as any of
my husband's murderers
are still alive.
You coming?
Well, good luck then.
- Whoa, whoa.
God damn.
Hey Frank, wait 'til you see who's here,
your squaw done come home.
- I told you she'd catch up.
Good to see you, baby.
- You leave Kana behind.
I killed for you, Frank.
- Oh I know how it must have looked,
but you got it all wrong.
- You leave Kana to rot in prison.
- Ah you know better than that.
Come on upstairs, see if
I don't make it up to you.
- You told Kana you love her.
- I do, I do.
- Then say it.
Tell Kana.
- Okay kid.
Old Frank here, he
loves the hell outta ya.
- You swear.
- I swear.
- Oh Frank.
The Mormon lady?
- You know.
- She comes to kill you, today.
She comes to kill me?
- Go ahead, laugh.
I saw them.
The others are dead.
Slime, Moose, Baldry.
Believe me, they are all dead.
- She is not alone.
- You better tell me everything you know.
You fat squaw.
I'd take that Mormon bitch
in bed over you any day.
Get Rhet and Chaney
and the boys over here.
When this is over, I'll take care of you.
Spread out you guys
and don't nobody shoot until I say.
This Mormon bitch, can she really shoot?
- She will kill you.
- Why the hell not.
Look out.
- Link, over there.
- Jess.
Hey Jess.
Still beats whoring for a living.
No Frank, no.
- It's just you and me, lady.
Why don't we discuss this in the street?
You know, like Christian folk.
I don't know why you're so sore.
That man of yours was spineless anyway.
Took me and my boys to
make you feel like a woman.
Link, you okay?
You and me ought to team up, lady.
Come on.
One of us is gonna get hurt this way.
Let's talk it over.
- That was nice shooting.
You can put that away now.
- So it was you.
- That's right.
Thanks, lady.
- For making me a rich man.
With a little bonus.
For doing my job for me.
You're gonna make me a hero.
You know I can't leave any witnesses.
That gun's empty lady,
you can put it away.
- There's one barrel left,
that's more than enough.
- Well.
We're just gonna have
to find out, ain't we?
'Cause only one of us
is gonna leave here alive.
you make every shot count.
You're gonna need every
advantage you can get.
And make sure, before you shoot.