Jestes Bogiem (2012) Movie Script

Based on a true story.
Working together to a pact.
Hard cool hard on contact.
March 21, 2003
Spodek Hall
Working together to a pact.
Hard cool hard on contact.
One... Two... One... Two...
Before we officially start.
Please remember to keep your tickets.
During our break,
there will be a raffle.
What a fucking idiot?
- Who?
- Sot! Sot... fuck!
- Listen, Magik's missing.
- What do you mean missing?!
He's not here.
Where is Magik?
We won't go out there, understand.
What's wrong?
There was supposed to be
a big poster with Magik on it.
Conditions of our sponsors.
You're here to give a concert.
Here he is.
Five years earlier.
February 1998
I never heard of Magik.
I was into something else,
Scooter. Base Attack.
Classic stuff.
Wojtek, get up.
Time for school.
At home things were cool.
I did what I want.
My old man was only strict about
not being late to school.
Not bad for being
expelled three times.
I really couldn't complain.
I even got along with my grandma
with no problems.
I put sugar.
This is your new friend.
Introduce yourself.
Give me that.
You can have them back
at the end of the semester.
Where are you going?
I need to take a piss.
What are you smoking?
What are you listening to?
And you?
Check this out.
Dude I'm the voice dude!
It's 1996 and 50 years
down the tube.
And how we're here in the now.
It's Kaliber. At home
fuckin' record one.
Magik was simply magic.
When I was starting,
everyone knew him,
...and his squad Kaliber 44.
It was really something.
But I didn't want to
imitate him.
I wanted to do my own thing.
Eighty-three channels.
Look, even the Germans
are showing the game.
Son, what did you put on?
Are you crazy?
- Ernest.
- What? The games on.
Seb wait.
At home, things were awful.
Zero interest in me.
I felt that.
I was simply not accepted.
Hi Angela!
If someone could just tell me
if what I'm doing...
...will lead me somewhere.
If what I want to do makes sense.
And then stupid Sot said...
- Maybe you should ask Magik?
- Are you out of your mind?
I should call him, and say what.
Hey, what's up, I'm Rah, can you...
...tell me if my life makes sense?
- Yeah.
Magik won't tell you anything.
I heard that that wasn't him
in the music video.
Supposedly his minds frozen
on an acid trip.
You can have a normal
conversation with Magik. Ask him.
- Magik is magic.
- Bullshit. He's completely out of it.
What!? My cousins' friend
goes with Magik to a mechanic.
Yeah sure, when Magik deals with
electrical stuff.
Yeah right,
he's at home poverty-stricken.
Doin' a done deal for real
trouble street ain't no steal.
Doin' a done deal for real
trouble street ain't no steal.
Hi, sorry to bother you.
I'm Rah from Mikolowa.
Don't know if you remember...
...but once after a concert
you gave me a toy rat...
from an egg surprise.
Hello... to Piotrek?
Good morning.
Piotrek put that lower,
you have a guest.
The rule is a rod.
No lookin' by.
Hey bro your bed
it lies the one way.
Rap your dome rap
think your say.
Hey - hey- easy
lookin' high.
You have a cigarette?
Hey... it's cool.
Give me a light?
This is yours?
Does it mean something to you?
So put some more
expression in it.
Going home,
going on my own.
In this dark space.
So many thoughts
in one second race.
Not afraid of nothin'
and nothin' afraid - fuck it!
Fool at school. Stress.
Fear - fuckin' hell!
Scary times,
time to shout. Check it out.
Plus and minus
is some fucking judgment.
Time for my trial.
Is my time over?
Can anyone help
- my God- Doctor?
Who out there can tell me?
Is this my karma for my sins...
hundreds. Thousands. Millions.
Fuck knows how many there were.
What I would give
to once again live...
...problems day in day out.
Sitting about
and watching the box.
Give anythin' to stop thinkin'
get off my rocks.
Plus and minus
only this I see.
Plus and minus
only this I hear.
Plus and minus
only this my life.
Mind the gap
is the only rap!
Hey dude I'm the voice dude!
It's 1996 and 50 years
down the tube.
And how we're here in the Now.
It's Kaliber. At home
fuckin' record. One.
Slicin'your dome by two
a lightening gun.
And dude now you're a mess.
Your old man tried his best
but he's fucked like the rest.
Stand your ground!
He don't know
your heart or your sound.
Cuz it's sure this music
has no cure.
Cuz this music is a brick
in the thick of the wall
...between earth our ground,
...and somethin' more
to be found!
I'm speechless.
Holy shit!
You can do that in Polish.
That was Kaliber's last concert
as a group.
Mag, what the fuck
is your problem?
- You don't know?
- Guys relax.
I know, this is insane.
You know what, fuck off!
And you too!
Both of you fuck off.
Sorry do you have a cigarette?
Listen, do you recognize me?
Hold this.
Do I owe you something?
No, I'm talking about
something else.
Listen to this.
My tongue is perfection
helps me do you to a T.
Greetings, meetings
partly part of the...
Now my crossbones fly the mast.
Now it's Bro number one.
Tellin it straight even if it's late.
I'm a fan dan... I'm a
fan dan... I'm a fan dan...
- I don't know.
- Man, we can really blow things up.
Maybe, maybe not.
Your beats?
Nothing special,
but your flow is sick.
- Piotrek.
- Oh, Justyna.
I'm coming... Take it.
- Piotrek.
- Hold this.
- So...
- Do I always have to wait for you.
One second.
Two of us is not enough.
We need a third guy. Hold this.
Wait... Justyna!
There's this guy in Mikolowo.
Rahim, he's got a lot of power.
Most of the times
I'm mostly serious.
Most of the times
I'm mostly no pain.
Most of the times
I'm mostly opened like a book.
What's around me
never don't found me.
Using me mine
I am who I am.
I do what I do
rhyme the time music on time.
Don't have no passion
for fashion or dolls on cat walks.
I set my own scene
no crap all rap straight and lean.
Mine is just me,
my mine my me and all free.
Polish born and signed
and blessed and sealed.
I wanna be the one
one not to be a repeat.
If I'm to copy
it's to copy on paper.
Those who copy other's copy,
are just a zero...
That's my truth
in truth I hate it when someone's lying.
I'm ready to help,
but not at every yelp.
My say is my say
and I'm right on right...
...every time, every place
and every night.
- All right, who's next?
- Why are you knocking?
My tongue is perfection
helps me do you to a T.
Greetings, meetings
partly part of the M in C
Telling it straight even if it's late.
I'm a fan-dan of the fan-dans.
Amazingly crazy
words knotting words.
A never ending story
when Fokus functions.
Eeny meeny, miney, mo.
Catch a tiger by the toe.
If he hollers let him go.
But always reach your goal.
Hey this place is cool.
Hey look out for the tool.
Your ear's too near a fuckin' pie.
You're flying too high,
...losing your mind
and that ain't no lie.
Every bro hip hop
Who can bend it send it better than me?
Hey this place is my face
I'm the M in the C.
The bro with the flow
pheno surface Break King.
Hey this place is my face
I'm the M in the C.
The bro with the flow
pheno surface Break King.
A lot of learning, yearning
word to word on word that's art.
Dancing and lancing
where's the low where's the high?
And what does it give?
I don't care, that's my journey.
The lie of the land of learning.
A cascade of rhymes
times 2 Fokus times.
Ripping dipping your spinal spine.
Hip hop loop forward
a' la MC.
From RP, through 0.32
I spin, and suck it to you.
Welcome my new weapon
The tightest fit. Yo MC,
my pole-axe ain't lax.
Need nothin' else.
Your defence too soft.
Mine licks the lot.
Bro see my fist
I'm callin'you no stallin'.
Standin' and waitin'
if you've the heart and guts for breakin'.
Hey this place is my face
I'm the M in the C.
The bro with the flow
pheno surface Break king.
Hey this place is my face
I'm the M in the C.
The bro with the flow
pheno surface Break King.
Are you Rahim? We gotta talk.
All right, who do you have in mind.
Me, Magik, and you.
Hey! Pass the ball.
Call him bro.
I'm calling him.
Good morning, my name's
Sebastian Salbert, I'm with...
Fokus what's your name?
- Which fucker is it?
- Him.
Please open the door.
Hey, I don't want to fight you.
I broke my leg recently.
Which one?
Piotrek's not here.
Go away.
Hey... know Magik?
Of course,
we wouldn't be here if we didn't.
Sorry do you know
where he is?
Fuck if I know.
His old man's been looking
for him for 2 days.
All right,
but is there anyone who would know.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- That's for me.
You guys will come in?
All right. Tell him that
I didn't want to talk to you.
...tell him to call me.
That's for me.
No, dad's not home.
He'll be home in the evening.
Tell him that
I never let you guys in.
Hey, where are you going?
Hey Fokus?
So what's the plan?
Hey, Fokus and I
are looking everywhere for you.
Please... not today.
Call Justyna.
My say is my say
and I'm right on right.
Every time, every place
and every night.
Now we should add something.
From A-Z...
Magik, where are you going?
Tomorrow guys, all right...
Hey Magik!
A year from now I'm betting
we'll give a concert in Spodek.
- But how should we be called?
- Paktofonika.
What's that?
Pact next to the sound
speakers make.
Pact next to the sound
speakers make.
You made that up?
Piotrek go away.
Go away, or I'll call my dad.
Give me a break.
Piotrek, you're wet.
I'm sorry.
I hate you.
I also hate myself...
... you know...
I hate you.
- I welded them.
- Thanks.
Hell ya.
All right. This is how it goes.
There are times when life
my life brings brighter rhymes.
Myself all self,
all in all after all.
So say I say
no there's no better day
- Hi
- Hi
Sorry, am I bothering?
Not at all.
Keep going.
Maybe you'll do yours, huh?
I'm going for a smoke.
Hey, Fokus.
And if you see hundreds of girls
at a concert, what then?
When are we going to play
a concert bro?
On Saturday.
You're fucking crazy?
- Which Saturday?
- This Saturday.
And now you're telling me.
You should've told me earlier.
But Gutek told me yesterday that
we could play, so I said yes.
What Gutek!?
Chill out.
It's going to be tight.
Mag, hurry up,
the bus is coming.
Don't ease drop,
because I hate that.
That's for me.
Pick up the phone.
Hey sunshine.
I can't come now because
we're playing at Mega.
Tell me at least what's going on.
- Come on, our bus is here!
- What did you say, Justyna?
Fokus come on!
Magik! Fuck!
I set the VCR to record,
so don't touch it.
What do you mean pregnant?
What do you think?
What does the word pregnant mean,
you idiot!?
And now, Paktofonika.
Don't trust no one.
Love just those who have me won.
The bread's still over my head.
The jar, the cigar over to the Tsar.
Any inch I'll take an inch.
I'll milk life like a Milke.
And know I know I am...
All the world's a stage
and nobody's lookin'.
Just watchin'
how to get their foot in.
I rather be open
lay it on the line.
They wanted to bury me.
Ha. Ha! Just kiddin'!
Business or hip hop,
in both situations. Occasions.
...opinions on the run
exotic like a hip hop pun.
Hey bro here's the truth,
nothing no one can avoid.
Son-of-a-bitch watch out
when you see me about.
There'll be boom. Boom.
Do you hear your doom?
M- A-G-I-K is making his way
shaking and scraping.
Not like a hurricane or storm.
...but against all rules
against the norm.
Movin' briskly,
...clappin' hands quickly,
My fossils from fishes.
M- A-G-I-K's a hit.
OK sons-of-bitches.
Sending news your way.
M- A-G-I-K's the name.
The verdict is out.
The sentence no doubt.
Buried alive
couldn't give a fuck.
All right sons-of-bitches!
What? Disrespect?
This is news for blues.
Have your faces the basis?
The sound of machines
back on track.
M- A-G-I-K.
Slowly up slowly...
...remindin' a style,
which only I represent.
1.2.3 and now
you... sons-of-bitches.
Lack of subjects or divisions
beyond revisions decisions.
One way or another
it's to my liking.
To be all your inspiration.
And for all those years,
here's the compensation.
Once again I'm quick, stocking up
points like a slot machine.
And why do I trust my super-ego?
No one knows why but I...
...have something you're missing.
Something out of this world.
Look for it in the flex of my words.
An open fine line
the voice and not choice.
M- A-G-I-K... Excalibur.
And news for you.
My fossils from fishes.
M- A-G-I-K's a hit.
OK sons-of-bitches.
Sending news your way.
My fossils from fishes.
Fuckin' shame.
M- A-G-I-K's the name.
Hey you guys got anything?
Don't look at me,
I'm empty.
Just enough for the bus.
No worries, it's all good.
We got cash, we got music.
Krzysztof Koza,
but you can call me Cossak.
With me things are short and sweet.
I got so into it...
You got access to a studio?
- What do you mean?
- What kind of access?
Don't know what I mean?
So that means that you don't?
Now you do.
Something concrete.
All right guys,
I don't do business in pubs.
Come with me, my rides outside.
- Where were you?!
- In the bathroom.
We're taking the bottles.
- Advance?
- No problem.
So how much in advance do you want?
One hundred?
All right, no point in beating
around the bush. Three hundred!
I told you we'd
come to an agreement!
OK, two hundred more, per head.
Like I said, my word is bond.
How many songs do you have?
All right. Here are my details
and studio address.
You've got two days. Next week-
Wednesday and Thursday.
You'll make it?
- Shit. Sorry.
- Shit man, what are you doing?
- Wait, I have tissues.
- Take them away. Pick up your leg.
Higher, higher.
What about the rest of the cash?
We'll settle everything when I get
the materials.
But, fuck...
Time's shrinking like a woolen sweater
washed in hot water. You follow?
You guys need a lift somewhere?
Yeah. Could you give me
a lift to Mikolowa?
Where is that? Sorry homey,
that's not on the way.
Fucking remember,
Thursday six o'clock!
Training and attaining
the gift of the gab.
One more time.
Hey, it's after five, and I set
my clock with the evening news.
Fuck, you were supposed
to spit rhymes, right?!
- I'm gonna have a smoke!
- Control yourself!
I spoke with those guys,
they'll wait if you cover the costs.
Can you hook up a dub sack?
You got any cash?
No. Just enough for my ticket.
And you?
Zero. We'll pay you back.
This is all I have.
All right, fuck, let's do this.
All right Justyna?
What's going on?
Let's go have a smoke.
How's it going? All good?
The beats are good?
That's good you're here...
- We've got three songs.
- And the fourth one?
I see that we didn't understand
each other!
And what's with MC Magnum?
- On sick leave?
- He had to step out.
- So, what now?
- Deep Shit!
Tell your friend that I plan to
visit him soon.
He better call me... quick.
My dad will go crazy.
So talk to your mom.
My mom will kill me.
- I'll talk to them. OK?
- No.
What is it?
Justyna, are you sleeping?
Good morning.
Afterwards, Walesa became leader of...
I'm sorry, Sebastian Salbert?
Nothing. I don't know what's up
with your mom, I had to...
...make something up. Get it.
I know where you are.
I'm calling you aren't I?
We have to finish up our chorus.
I got something.
Magik already knows.
Of course he knows,
or... listen, I gotta go.
That's good that
everything's fine with mom.
All right, bye.
Actually everything's OK
with my mom.
Good, you pass.
There's still a 1.5 difference.
Fix it.
A real work of art.
Could you tell me what you
were doing the whole semester?
I told you Magik,
nobody is following us.
Come on.
Are you crazy?
Careful with the equipment.
Where do you have
all those keys from?
Made copies.
Just don't touch anything.
Fucking tight place!
Be careful.
Magik, did you see this?
Do you know where
this was standing?
Over here... I'll remind myself.
- Fuck!
- Sorry.
Guys, everything has to be
left the way it was.
So let's get to work.
I brought my beats.
Cool, they'll come in handy.
Rahim, your verse.
There's always choosing
at times losing...
...and you can't have it all
minus the minuses.
What's that look...
I thought it was good.
All right, one more time.
Put it a little louder.
There's always choosing
at times losing...
Concentrate. We're not going to
be here all night.
I'm tired man.
One more time.
That sounds like you're saying
I don't give a damn.
You're snoring.
Good, one more time.
Mag, I'm sick of this.
Leave it the way it is. I'm dead.
Don't bullshit,
it's gotta be done right. Come on.
Where are the discs?
Thanks, I'll save it.
I've still got a
problem with the chorus.
Mag, wake up.
Oh shit, I had a fucked up dream.
- Someone's coming.
- Let's split.
Leave it. They already kicked me
out of here. You guys get out.
- So I'll stay with you.
- Don't piss me off, go to the hallway.
- Hey Rah, the glasses.
- What about them?
Take them.
Shit, you didn't feel that
you're standing on my foot.
I was?
Sorry, I didn't have a choice.
Come on.
Fuck, watch out.
I said wait.
I'll just take out the hard drive.
This is everything I have.
Fucking hell.
Sorry Mag.
Don't worry about it.
My old man will somehow...
Wait at the bus stop.
Alszer, come back here right now.
You hear me.
Can you tell me
what's the point of life for you.
What do you mean?
What's important for you?
What do you want most
out of life?
Fuck... now?
If I must ask,
I'm asking you now.
I don't know.
I would like things
to work out with my girlfriend.
Bought Nike's,
and most of all for you to...
...back off for a second. OK?
No problem.
What do you need friends for?
Everything you need
is on your hard drive.
Give me the materials.
- Fokus! Wait one second.
- Come on, I'm in a hurry.
Just don't say
the color doesn't match.
Bro, where are the discs?
I didn't give them to you?
- And the money?
- Later.
Fuck off!
Move you shitfaces
or I'll run you over.
Son-of-a-bitch. Let me go.
Fucking asshole.
Screw him,
we'll find a better record producer.
All right guys, I'm out.
Mag I know you're stressing,
but things will be good.
What stress?
I don't know, it's your stress?
What don't you know?
Chill out, I'm your friend.
Recognize that finally.
You don't have to keep pretending,
everyone will find out anyway.
Hey guys!
Come on, tell me what
will everyone find out.
That Justyna is pregnant,
for example.
How do you know?
You were listening in on me?
What's your problem?
You don't know?
Hey... cause I'm going.
Both of you leave me alone.
Get lost.
All right, whatever.
Now we're going to install
cable TV.
So, have you made a decision?
Of course,
you can give a second chance.
If someone realizes the consequences
and understands what he did.
We should of notified the
school-board. You're lucky.
I can transfer you to a class
with a different profile.
Will you make up everything?
I'm asking you something?
- Tight.
- Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
I'll come back later.
There's always choosing
at times losing...
...and you can't have it all
minus the minuses.
Rappin' hip hop and never stop... this hip hop world,
...this bro now is the go.
The only cause,
worthy without pause,
...faster than lightening.
In my world of values,
I came from nothing.
I chose freedom
and it chose me.
Number one bro to a T.
What's wrong? Get in.
I've got two more places to do.
This is the road.
Rapping up Hip hop.
Flooding problem after problem
with rhymes.
Busy as a bee
working 24/7 to three.
No worries for me.
Life is as light as can be.
I have my goal.
A postcard has its destination.
This is how I roam.
Not like Magellan going
around the earth we call home.
No pressure for change,
even though piss poverty's.
In close range.
There's always choosing
at times losing
and you can't have it all
minus the few minuses
and value your values,
giving to please pleasing to give.
Rapping hip hop
over the top non stop.
There's always choosing
at times losing...
...and you can't have it all
minus the few minuses.
Rapping hip hop
over the top non stop.
A: Protozoa's
B: Coelenterates
Or C: Oligochaeta
- Coelenterates.
- And that's the correct answer.
Tell me Piotrek,
how do you see this?
What do you mean?
How do you two
plan to make a living?
Single bowl.
Do you have a 3/4 inch?
Stainless steel.
You'll be satisfied.
Come on.
That's him, for sure.
Yeah... in a hardware store.
This should fit.
I also need a set of gaskets.
Piotrek give this gentlemen
a set of gaskets.
15 zloty.
Put it away.
- Thank you, goodbye.
- Thank you, goodbye.
Are you going to say something?
Must you behave like this?
Excuse me sir, can I help you?
Thank you, have a nice day.
Think about it,
who'd be observing you?
How should I fucking know?
I know what you're thinking.
How can you think you know...
...what I'm thinking.
Fuck this shit.
It's driving me crazy.
At least they don't own
a funeral home.
Mag, let's get back to work.
Bro, I've got a renovation,
I'm moving, I'm doing a...
...pre-marriage course.
Either way,
where would you want to record?
I've got it all figured out.
I wouldn't bug you if I didn't.
- Gustav Zazycki.
- Fokus Smok.
I know,
I've been looking for you guys.
One second.
Here you go.
Here you go.
One more thing...
The name of my new company.
Basically, I was thinking...
- Collus...
- Records.
Maybe we could
meet somewhere and talk?
Are you going to Mikolowa?
Generally, I'm not a fan
of such music.
But this...
When I heard this, I said...
...'this type of
hip hop is different. '
- That's tight, where did you get this?
- I bought it in Empik.
What an asshole.
This guy didn't pay us.
- Piece of shit.
- I understand.
If you decide to record with me...
Can I have an autograph?
I would immediately
take care of you. No questions asked.
You have to do things
a little different now.
My friends opening a skate shop,
and is organizing a party to...
...promote it. I could talk to him.
- Could you stop here?
- Here?
Your welcome, it was on the way.
Close it gently.
- And if you need anything...
- Cool.
Let me know.
Mom please turn that off.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Didn't I tell you.
Don't smoke here,
I sleep here.
You could make out
the corners with... from eggs.
I'll bring an ashtray.
Didn't I ask you
to knock first?
Or maybe sponge.
Works and looks better.
Tight, you bought it?
Listen, we wanted to...
No. Don't even think about it.
But listen...
No way bro,
I want peace and quiet here.
Son, a friend came.
Oh, Magik, what's up.
I'm Sot,
wanna hear a beat box.
- Tight.
- Really?
Damn it Sot!
Get the fuck out of here...
...with that bike!
Our producer and sponsor.
So gentlemen...
...what do we need?
A studio microphone AKG 3000.
ICET used that type.
AKG 3000, no problem.
And a noise gate.
It could come in handy?
Noise gate.
And a music video
for each chosen song.
I Piotr...
...take you Justyna
to be my wedded wife.
I Piotr, take you Justyna
to be my wedded wife... love and to cherish. love and to cherish.
Till death do us part.
Till death do us part.
So help me God.
So help me God.
In the name of the Trinity,
and Holy Saints.
Be firm with him,
and don't let him work late.
Remember that dreams and happiness
in life isn't always the same.
- This is from all of us.
- For something proper.
Choose whatever model you like...
or color.
- Maybe I'll hold it, you might lose it.
- Mom...
Danusia, we're filming, Krzysiu,
and Grazynka.
- Not me.
- You must, Grazynka.
I'm sorry. Good morning.
All the best,
and whatever you may wish for.
Got you a little something.
Siemens 300 free minutes, call anytime.
My number's saved under Gustav.
Thank you and call me, goodbye.
Come on everybody.
Everyone together.
Where are you now?
I'm within a stones throw away.
- What are you doing?
- Go home.
No problem man, anytime.
- Anytime, no problem.
- Serious?
Of course.
I got friends
in a Regional TV station.
I can make you guys
an unbelievable music video.
We still need the noise gate.
Can't do much without it.
Sorry, but everyone needs a mobile.
When can you organize
a concert in Spodek.
All right, just...
So how much do you want
for the whole material.
A million bucks.
How much could you pay us?
Depends when you'd finish.
Very fast.
Jesus Christ, where are you going to
fit all of this.
Maybe, we can agree to
a percentage.
No way.
Wait, what kind of percentage?
I don't want to hear about
any fucking percentage.
- But I do.
- Nobody's forcing you to listen.
Shut up.
- Gustav, what kind of percentage?
- We'll figure something out.
I understand.
I got a baby on the way,
you understand?
I understand bro
and that's why we also want to... this in such a way...
- All right, let me see.
What is this?
Per person?
This includes the advance.
Guys, if I add this up...
...I could buy a car.
At a junkyard.
Please, be realistic.
Don't demand the unthinkable.
Nobody will pay you this much.
I can't. As much as I
would want to, I can't.
Try to understand me.
This way we'll never...
...get to Europe. Impossible.
Can you turn here...
All right. I agree.
I'm not doing this for the money.
Things are going to be good.
The first albums released,
I pay you and we keep going.
What's wrong?
And the advance?
From where?
Give me some slack.
Magda's going to say me I'm crazy.
Here, this is all I have.
Come on.
I don't have more, honest.
- Take it
- Give me a break.
I knew it'll be like this.
Where is the problem?
Mag! Take the Panasonic,
it's wicked. This one.
- Wait.
- Justyna, what's wrong?
Sing him something.
Piotrek, I don't look good.
Sunshine, sing something.
Give me a break.
All right, I'll rhyme something.
Are you listening Justyna?
I'm thinking,
if this wasn't make-believe.
What if all the world
wasn't what it seems.
What if Magik was the deal.
What if fishes had a say.
And cactuses grew
from your hand one day.
I'm thinking,
if this wasn't make-believe.
What if the world
wasn't what it seems.
What if Magik was tied... The Big Tit In The Sky.
What if fishes had a say.
And cactuses grew
from your hand one day.
If the ideal would walk the land.
What if white was black
and black was white.
What if hot summer days
came when you like.
What if the same names
always tasted right.
Every cliff had a stone
brilliant like a crystal.
And all jokes,
were just jokes.
Different strokes for different folks.
What if Fokus' big head
was smaller instead.
What if crows didn't crow.
What if goats didn't goat.
Dogs didn't bite
and cats weren't so light.
What if mosquitoes
weren't such a fuckin' pain.
And discofucks
would disco with their own fucks.
It's good Gustav.
Just a little more.
Just a little more.
So when will you finish?
Gustav did we agree to piece-work?
No... exactly,
so why are you disorg...
Messing with our shit.
Fokus, reset it.
Stop talking with him because
we'll never get connected.
Give me the phone.
Gustav, relax. We're finishing up.
Oh shit, we're getting connected.
Hey guys.
Maybe we'd at least
make a few corrections.
I wouldn't touch it.
No man, we might go overboard.
I understand.
You hear me?
I can't.
Wait. Pass the ball!
Jesus Christ!
What do you remember
from your childhood?
Like what? My mom not
picking me up from pre-school.
What does that
have to do with anything?
I'm trying to help.
And Justyna?
How are things?
You have to change your job.
What do you think about Empik?
By the music stand.
Man, if that would come through...
You sit and answer
the phone from 8am to 2pm.
Or from 2pm to 8pm.
What do you think?
It's all right.
I'm cool with whatever.
I'll see what I can do.
What do you mean, you'll see?
So why are you troubling me?
What's your problem?
If you'd have sold the album,
you'd be full of cash.
Yes or no?
Philips cake.
Happy Birthday to you!
Are you calling me?
Piotrek don't let him
play with this.
I thought I locked it.
Could you give me some cash for
a beer, when we finish playing?
- Supposedly, you're playing for beer.
- Very funny.
- You know how to make promises.
- All right. How much do you need?
I'll arrange such a gig,
that you'll be thanking me.
Thank you very much,
but I have to get going.
But Mr. Gustav,
you won't even try some cake?
No, no, thank you.
I really must.
- So can you give me a ride?
- All right, come on.
Are you going somewhere?
I'll be in the car.
The first priority... appetite for authority
The only thing
my me can bring.
Signed and sealed
like an MP's immunity.
Feeder of souls which
never have enough. Fuckin' too bad.
It's more than
a personal plus.
And what is now mine
is now not tops of the tops.
I see the tops and over tops,
...the very top of the tops
of the tops.
A shimmering mastery
is the master of me.
Ambition rendition
respect and to be.
Sacrifice after sacrifice
the one penalty.
My priority H-I-P H-O-P,
N- O-N S-T-O-P.
This is the road.
Rapping up Hip hop.
Flooding problem after problem
with rhymes.
Busy as a bee
working 24/7 to three.
No worries for me.
Life is as light as can be.
I have my goal.
A postcard and its destination.
This is how I roam.
Not like Magellan
around the earth we call home.
No pressure for change,
even though piss poverty's... close range.
There's always choosing
at times losing
...and you can't have it all
minus the few minuses.
...and value your values,
giving to please pleasing to give.
Rapping hip hop
over the top non stop.
There's always choosing
at times losing.
And you can't have it all
minus the few minuses
and value your values,
giving to please pleasing to give.
Rapping hip hop over the top non stop.
Maybe you'd go for a walk with me.
Then I'd tell you
everything like during confession.
Open the door!
Open the door, man. Come on!
Go pee outside, honey.
Oh, Justyna. What's wrong?
Go pee outside, honey.
- What?
- Telephone.
Magik, give me a break.
Do you know what time it is?
Tomorrow, OK... tomorrow...
Magik, hey.
I'll kill myself.
I swear, I'll kill myself.
Oh, Grandma look.
That's me, there.
Seriously, I was there.
Everyone saw.
My grandma died.
Get up Piotrek, you have a guest.
Punch him,
maybe he'll pull himself together.
Hey bro.
Clean up around here.
39 zloty for a sink.
Might as well close down my shop.
Justyna it's for you.
Oh sorry, Philip called you.
What's up.
The usual. Nothing.
Good to hear, same with me.
So, your mom will
bring him tomorrow?
I'd do it myself...
...but I have a concert.
And this time it's for money.
That's good.
You'll have something
for Christmas for Philip.
For sure.
Still got lots of time.
Maybe you'll drop by?
The concert.
There's going to be a big party.
Reni Jusis is performing
after us.
I don't know.
So you'll come by?
All volunteers please come
to sector 3.
In the meantime.
Guricha Orchestra from Bytom.
Gentlemen, I asked you to take
these pipes before someone trips!
So what's going on girls, scared?
Here are your badges,
you'll be going on after...
...the Orchestra. 5 songs,
20 minutes and no encores.
Mr. Sobanski will introduce you.
For now, stay here.
Have a good concert.
What do they play?
How should I know?
Cotton candy, for energy?
- Where's the toilet?
- Red door.
Sorry, where's the toilet?
Left, right, straight,
and it'll be on your left.
Could you sign something for me?
All right, but what?
I don't know.
Maybe you could
give me something?
What can I give you?
I don't have anything...
4.50 and cigarettes.
Maybe you could give me a hug?
It doesn't get any better.
The future's a closed letter.
And more than it seems.
The Everest of my dreams.
It doesn't get any better.
The future's a closed letter.
And more than it seems.
The Everest of my dreams.
It doesn't get any better
the future's a closed letter.
And more than it seems.
The Everest of my dreams.
Hip Hop, Hip Hop.
Fucking tight, huh...
Get in!
Guys look what happened
with my headphones.
Your old man will fix them.
They ripped off my headphones.
Just the cables left.
Give me a cig.
Fucking hell, my only headphones.
Shit Rahim.
Sot, cash.
1... 2... 3... Fokus.
Oh no. You won't get
cash in hand from me.
What Gustav?
You'll spend it in a second.
Are you fucking with me or what?
I know what I'm doing.
Hey Gustav.
Please, Gustav.
So what will it be?
I'd never beg
anyone like this. You hear me?
I thought that at least
you understand me.
Justyna loves them. Can I?
Without this I can't do anything.
Fine, but you can forget
about any new songs.
OK, how much?
60 zloty.
60 zloty?
OK. But until Christmas,
don't ask me for anything.
- OK?
- OK.
And this.
98.99 please.
- Excuse me, how much?
- 98.99.
Here you go.
Excuse me.
Did you pay for this sir?
Oh my god, I forgot. Sorry.
- Please come with me...
- Excuse me.
You didn't pay for this?
I forgot about it.
Here are the keys,
go to the car. I'll deal with this.
What car? This is theft.
Not theft, simply an accident.
I'll go back and pay for it.
Go, before I lose my patients.
- I'm sorry Gustav.
- Keys.
Shit Gustav,
I never stole anything.
All right,
it's water under the bridge.
- You want some?
- No, thanks.
On second thought.
Give me some.
Fucking asshole.
What the fuck!
What's wrong?
Gustav, do you see this?
The same guy with chips.
Fuck, there were never
that many.
Relax man, he's just out of paper.
Where are the groceries?
Oh shit!
After Reni Jusis' concert at M 1.
6 people were taken to the hospital...
...and 14 received medical attention.
Damages amounted to...
...a couple thousand zloty.
- Hey Justyna, listen...
- Sh...
You'll for sure believe me.
We were at the supermarket and...
I'm filing for a divorce, Piotrek.
I'm filing for a divorce.
Shit, Justyna?
Lt'll be better like that.
What the fuck...
what are you saying?
How? Lt'll be better for whom?
For everyone.
God's my name.
Wrong number.
God's my name
see my fame.
Hear these words quiver.
Hear these words shiver.
Hell street it's neat.
I'm never beat
H- I-P H-O-P
for ever never stop.
Fucked up
the lot.
This bro's DNA has the plot.
What do you think?
Shit, Bro.
This time you've gone way overboard.
Fuck no!
Can you tell me
what you mean by I'm a god?
Do you know what it
means to say I'm an elephant?
That's not the same.
No radio will play that.
Things will start smelling bad,
and stores also won't take it.
Imagine if we would play
that at concerts.
We worked so long on this...
You want to fuck it up now?
The CD's wrapped up bro.
If you wouldn't keep changing,
Gustav would've made copies by now.
Let's put it as a single.
Fuck no.
All my life I'm doing things I hate.
Finally, something I like...
...comes up and I'm not allowed?
This is mine, and fuck off!
Either the song is on the CD,
or there won't be a CD.
I'm an artist,
and this means something to me.
Seb, A Mr. Gustav...
One... two... one... two...
I'm a one fucked up schizo
disordered bits of.
Give me some air on air.
Great... too bad it's so late.
Give it.
What's up with the guys
from the music video.
Thursday 10am. OK?
Just be careful.
Jesus Christ!
...but you said I could
count on some cash before Christmas.
I'll come by when
I pick up all the copies.
One... two... one... two...
I'm a one fucked up schizo
disordered bits of.
Give me some air on air.
All right one more time.
One more time!
Shit, it's out of focus.
One more time,
we're out of focus.
One more time, OK?
Guys, what's wrong?
Practice being in focus.
We'll be back.
Guys, I need to borrow
some cash.
Now, before Christmas?
Sorry Mag,
I've got nothing.
I have to thank you guys...
...for finding me then.
It was fucking tight.
For PFK.
For a concert in Spodek.
- So maybe also for getting a Fryderyk.
- Pass it already.
Close the door, quickly.
I can't do this anymore.
Hey, you have to record a solo album.
You know?
Alone, you'd do it immediately.
Magik's Magic... huh?
- Nonsense
- All right, do as you wish.
- Listen to me.
- Do it your own way.
Gustav, wait.
Everything's fucked.
I don't know man.
What about we start
after New Year's.
I don't have any new songs.
So what.
- We'll take something from poetry.
- What?
So much stuff that hasn't been used.
They're jewels.
Asnyk... hmm.
Fuck, Gustav,
you can't use other people's rhymes.
Yes you can.
I checked, there's no problem.
- Listen to me.
- Hip hop version of...
A funeral Rhapsody in Memory
of General Bem. Imagine.
You know what,
if I would worry about such things...
You can give it to someone
as a gift.
Merry Christmas.
Jesus Christ, what are you doing?
I could've killed you,
you idiot.
Get out of my sight.
- You were supposed to pay me.
- I don't have any.
But you promised.
You didn't get enough?
What do you think?
They give me all of this
for a nice smile.
Gustav, you fucking promised.
I want to buy Philip a present.
30 zloty.
I don't know if
I'll make it to Ustron.
Oh shit.
But you'll sign it?
Have a good one.
All the best.
Hope things somehow
work out for you, Piotrek.
Oh no,
the Christmas tree disappeared.
Come, let's see the first star
from the kitchen.
I want you to know that...
Tell me what you wish me...
For you to be happy.
I also wish you happiness.
I have to go.
Give people a break
during the holidays.
Where are you calling
at this hour?
Turn off the lights.
All right.
Good night.
Good night.
A year and a half...
No one around.
Only hip hop sounds
from up on nine...
...between you and mine.
You and me.
One on one with a CD.
No one will give me
what this gives me.
Testing the ground.
See what's loose.
Don't need no fuckin' shoes.
Like in "Whispering Koontz".
Hearing voices - bro Robinson Crusoe.
Worse than purple shoes on.
A square peg
in a round hole.
Millions and all...
Spread over the globe
sown like seeds.
Outside scattered like reeds.
All you out there
what's the scene?
What does this all mean?
Your enemies can't go clean.
No way
everything in numbers.
Its numbers one by one.
A door to a room
a planet to the stars.
Ladies and Gents...
There are those well on the nose.
That keep to keep each other.
Until they both realize
their little brained size.
Makes you wanna throw
when you know.
Fuck what a life
on shat street pigeoned.
Well do it mine
and follow your own.
Just my shadow
and no one and me.
One year later
The award will be presented by someone
who sympathizes with this category...
Reni Jusis.
My hands are shaking.
And the Fryderyk...
...goes to Paktofonika.
We got it.
What can I say.
The only thing that...
...comes to mind is what
Jerzy Dobrowolski would say...
"Unfortunately, this is not
why we're here, but it's very nice".
Why isn't anything written on it?
I wanted to show my Aunt.
That's no problem, they said
they'll send us a label.
You screwed it up.
I don't give a damn,
but I don't want Philip thinking...
...we found it at a junkyard.
All right, we're settled.
And Magik's cash?
With Magik I've got
separate calculations.
What do you mean separate?
Simple. He was taking cash.
What are you talking about?
- Everything's written down.
- What's written down?!
Here is March... 100... Magik.
- Maybe Magik owes you cash.
- Who do you take me for? Huh?
Do you think I was cheating him?
Fuck that shit!
Let go!
In 2003 Paktofonika performed
its last concert without Magik.
With this concert Rahim and Fokus
dissolved the group.
Workin' together to a pact
hard cool hard on contact.
I'm one fucked up schizo
disordered bits of.
Give me some air on air.
This fact is a fact.
Say it's a pussy pinky
I'll fuck your lights sweetly.
God's my name see my fame.
Hear these words - quiver.
Hear these words- shiver.
Hell street it's neat.
I'm never beat.
H- I-P H-O-P, never can't stop me.
Fucked up, fucked the lot.
This bro's DNA has the plot.
Wait up Fokus, Rah...
All those bitches will go gaga.
When my assets become their asset.
Artist inside artist
little by little and wise.
Honest to the bone
see through to my eyes.
And know what my pain is?
Their minds are fucked fruit jellies.
Rattled and rolled
the good who know where hell is.
God's my name.
See my fame, see it.
God's your name - just the same.
Just imagine - be my fame, be it.
I am God.
I'm sorry, I had to step out.
Keep fighting and don't give up!
Please. Magik.
For Magik.
Piotr Luszcz "Magik" (1978-2000)