Jesus (1999) Movie Script

In the name of Jesus Christ!
In the name of Jesus Christ!
Jesus! Jesus!
A dream?
I was dreaming
of your mother's bread...
still warm from the oven.
Keep dreaming
if you want to eat today.
Nothing to eat
and sleeping on stones.
I'm getting too old forthis.
We must find work.
Let me be the first
to welcome you, Governor Pilate.
You appear to be
the only one to welcome me.
Please make note of that,
I am the only one
to welcome you.
A conqueror doesn't expect
a warm welcome.
These people don't accept that
they've been conquered.
Well, they will.
Judea is the most troublesome
province in the empire.
So I've been told.
And who are you?
I am Livio, Roman citizen.
And why are you here?
Well, a kind man would say
I am Caesar's historian.
An unkind man would say
that I am Caesar's...
( laughs )
- Good morning, Mary.
- It's a beautiful morning.
Have Joseph
and your son returned?
I'm sure they must have
found carpentry work in Jerusalem.
God willing.
God willing.
Pontius Pilate!
Most honored citizen of Rome!
I, Herod Antipas,
Tetrarch of Galilee, welcome you.
( applauding )
I accept your welcome,
Herod Antipas.
And Caesar sends
his blessings on your land,
and his kingdom.
May I present my wife,
my stepdaughter, Salome,
and your fellow
Roman citizen, Livio.
We've met.
Please, come sit beside me.
I must say,
this city surprises me.
In what way, Governor?
The structures,
they are most impressive.
Built by my father,
Herod the Great,
beloved of his people.
They hated him.
A vicious man, I'm told.
How distasteful of you
to speak of my father this way.
As his son,
I am a hero to the people.
The butt of all of their jokes.
You misunderstand.
In Rome, we call yourfather's
way of ruling, "statesmanship."
Perhaps Pontius Pilate
would like to see
the grandest of all structures
in lsrael, the Temple,
built by my father,
a personal friend of Augustus,
as I am a personal
friend of Tiberius.
How strange.
I've never
heard him mention you.
I thank you
for your welcome.
And I will visit the Temple,
as you suggest.
Make sure you take your troops!
And show their insignia proudly!
whatdoes he mean,
"show their insignia"?
Well, I could tell you,
but it would spoil all the fun.
The High Priest of the Temple
is Caiaphas, appointed by Rome,
which puts him in
a very interesting position
on the one hand he has to appear
to be on the side of his own people,
but on the other hand
he owes his position to Rome...
a very narrow path to tread.
Welcome, Pontius Pilate.
I am Caiaphas,
High Priest of this Temple.
We come to wish you well,
as you undertake the post
of Governor of Judea.
I thank you, priest.
Allow me
to get right to the point.
Rome is displeased
with the number of legions
it has to keep in this barren land
in orderto maintain peace.
Your taxes don't begin
to pay back the costs.
You speak of the past.
This disorder erupts directly
from your corrupt religion,
which erupts directly
from this Temple.
That ends today.
My soldiers will be posted here
every minute of every day
from now on.
This order defiles the Temple!
Our religion forbids graven images
in the Temple!
Your soldiers are an abomination
to the Temple.
Even their flags break our laws.
We allow no graven images,
and your banners carrying
the carvings of Caesar,
these shields are symbols
of Roman dominion!
No building in Judea,
not even the Temple,
is exempt from the display
of these symbols.
What your religion forbids,
Rome demands!
We submit to yours words.
Here is my bare neck!
Let Rome cut it!
We will die before we allow
the Temple to be defiled.
an awful lot of blood
for your first day.
Are you sure
Rome would be happy...
if you were to murder
every priest in the Temple?
Mary, stop staring
at Jesus like that.
He will never finish that door.
We do love when the carpenters
arrive, don't we, Mary?
Because there is nothing worse
than a door that squeaks.
Is there anything else that squeaks?
There is one thing that's broken,
but it's beyond repair.
I can repair most things.
A broken heart?
you've embarrassed Mary.
And you've enchanted her.
She's a beautiful girl.
Woman. She's a woman, Jesus.
And she needs a husband.
Poverty, debt, hunger.
The Romans say
they bring us their world.
All they bring us is misery.
It's misery, Lazarus.
At leastthey let us worship.
The Temple still stands.
For now.
But the day may come when they
decide to destroy it too...
destroy us all.
But enough gloom.
Let's see if my son
has done any work
with your sisters
distracting him.
So, are we finished?
Yes, "we" are almost finished,
not that you had much to do with it.
I'm the aging supervisor.
It's my job
to sit back and watch.
Yes, well,
you do it very well.
Lazarus tells me that we will be
paid highly for these repairs.
Lazarus has never paid anyone
"highly" for anything.
I heard that snide remark
from my sister.
Joseph and Jesus
are our blood relatives.
Do you really think that I would
let them work without pay?
The truth, Lazarus?
You will pay them nothing!
Mary and l
have worked all day
to pay them
in food and wine at dinner.
And so,
they shall be paid-- highly.
No, no...
It is enough.
Don't be proud. You worked,
I pay my debts.
Thank you,
thank you so much.
Thank you again, Lazarus.
- Yes?
Mary's had an offer of marriage
from a boy here in Bethany.
I thought you'd like to know.
She loves you.
Surely you must know this.
Why do you treat her as if
her feelings mean nothing to you?
- Lazarus, of course they do.
- Then tell her!
Lazarus just told me.
It's not my idea.
You know that--
I wish that...
I wish you could understand.
I feel that-- I feel that l...
Have a safe journey, Jesus.
( knocking )
Open the door!
Get out of the way!
Where is your husband?
He's working in Judea.
He's in the hills hiding,
Like the other men,
to escape paying their taxes.
Right, you owe one third
of your income for two years.
You were deferred last year...
but no longer.
Take the goat.
Oh, please no!
We won't have milk!
The rest is due
when I come back
through this stinking village
next month.
If I had been here,
I would have thrown
that traitor out into the street.
no one could have done better.
A Jew,
working for the Romans!
He should be ashamed.
Come and eat.
Please, come and eat.
To think I've lived all this time,
and itonly gets worse.
When will there be an end
to the suffering of our people?
Are you asking me?
Are you telling me that I can
end the suffering?
When will he act?
He will know when it is time.
How will he know?
Joseph, stop talking like this.
Two days ago, we saw
a farmer leaving his house,
losing everything he's worked for.
We're not going to lose everything.
God will provide for us.
For him, too.
I know what Father wants.
- I know he thinks I should--
- He thinks...
you should do
what your heart tells you.
Come back inside, please.
Joseph! Joseph!
Come, come, Jesus! Come!
Father, are you all right?
What happened?
Yes, I'm here.
What is it?
I've loved you.
I've loved you... as my own. my...
Joseph, no!
( wailing )
Father, this is too heavy.
Now, when I am in the most need,
you take him from me?
You want me to step out,
but you leave me alone.
How can you ask this of me?
Alone? I have never been
without him.
You can give him back to me.
You can do it now.
Give him back to me!
Give him to me!
I am in need!
I cannot walk
this road alone!
Raise him,
raise him up into my arms.
Let it be your will, Father.
I cannot do this alone!
Raise him.
Raise him!
It's all in the hands.
Mine are not as talented as his.
Jesus, he loved you.
I disappointed him.
He thought he disappointed you.
He knew you had
a Father in Heaven.
Joseph is my father.
Thirty-one years ago
I had to tell Joseph something
that just broke his heart.
An angel?
An... angel?
I am a religious man, Mary.
Don't blaspheme.
It is the truth, Joseph.
Out of all the places in the world...
all the women in the world,
God found you,
in this little village?
just an angel.
Just an angel...
I think he thought I was crazy.
He did not think you were crazy.
He used to tell me
that story all the time.
He thought he was crazy when
an angel appeared to him in his dream.
He loved you with all his heart.
And he loved you
as if you were his own.
I was his own.
Now it's time for you to go
and find the answers you need.
And leave you alone?
It is what your Father asks of you.
You've given me so much joy.
We heard about Joseph.
How was the journey?
It was long.
A loss to us all.
Yes, thank you, Martha.
Could I have a moment with Mary?
Certainly. Come, brother.
- Mary.
- Jesus.
There's something I must tell you.
You see, my father's death
has ended my life as I knew it.
And it's time now
that I find my way.
Where is your way?
I can't be with you.
- What have I done?
- My life is not my own.
What have I done
to turn you away?
It is not you.
- You love someone else.
- No, no.
I am not who you think I am.
I know who you are.
And I know you love me
as I love you.
Mary, listen to me.
You must live your life...
without me.
Whatever it is...
you have to do...
safe journey.
( Man shouting )
We stand here.
on the banks of the Jordan River
where the people of lsrael
once crossed so triumphantly
in their God driven
wanderings toward freedom!
( laughs )
Look at us today!
Our leaders are weak and sinful.
They fail to keep the spirit of
the Covenant
of the letter of the law.
The prophet lsaiah said,
"Wash yourselves...
make yourself clean...
remove the evil of your doings,
learn to do good."
Who will be baptized here today,
to show the world that he is cleansed?
Baptist, cleanse me.
Come. All who wish to
be baptized will be cleansed.
Forthe Baptism signifies
that your commitment
has already been made...
to hate injustice,
and fight the battle
of the righteous ones.
I baptize you with
water for repentance.
( laughing )
What's the matter, John?
Don't you recognize
your own relatives?
You are unrecognizable.
I am?
Look at yourself.
I'm a prophet,
crying out in the wilderness!
Yes, and properly dressed for it!
- Come, sit.
-Thank you.
Eat with us.
This man is my blood,
my family--Jesus, of Nazareth.
Thank you, John.
How long has it been?
Twenty years?
How are you?
What are
you doing now?
How are Joseph and Mary?
Joseph has recently died.
I'm sorry.
Mother is well.
I am a carpenter.
Joseph would be proud.
Actually, Joseph
wanted me to move on,
to serve my God,
as you are, John.
You are welcome here, Jesus.
Thank you.
Joseph was a good man.
He taught us both a lot.
Remember our first trip to Jerusalem?
Of course. Passover.
This is the Holy Temple,
and tomorrow we will go inside.
But tonight, tonight help me
make our camp, maybe there.
Look, isn't it beautiful?
Through those doors is the Sanctuary.
If you look closely maybe you'll
see the golden menorah.
At the back of the Sanctuary,
is the inner most chamber,
the Holy of Holies.
( praying )
Mary! We must go...
if we are to reach home
before dark tomorrow.
I can't find Jesus.
He's probably gone ahead with John.
So we're leaving now.
- Come, Mary.
- I'm coming. I'm coming.
Let's go, then.
- Mary!
- I'm coming, Joseph!
He's not there.
No one has seen him.
- John?
- He's asleep.
They haven't seen
Jesus since Jerusalem.
You said he was with them.
- Yes, I thought he was.
- Well, he's not.
Look here!
I'll start on the streets.
If you find him, wait here!
- "lf"?
- When! Jesus!
Excuse me,
did you see a little boy...?
The prophets tell us that this city
and this place
will be a light to all
the people of the earth,
because everyone
will keep the Torah.
The Messiah will
be the prince of peace.
The prophet lsaiah says,
"They shall beat their
swords into plowshares,
and their spears
into pruning tools.
Nation shall not lift
up sword against nation,
neither shall they
learn war anymore."
Your mother and I have been
looking for you for three days!
Three days!
Child, why have
you treated us like this?
Why were you searching for me?
Didn't you know I would be
in my Father's house?
Your Father's house, yes.
Did you see the men hanging
from the crosses on the way back?
Terrible memory.
The Romans got so bored
at crucifying men,
they started doing it upside down,
justto entertain themselves.
will you baptize me?
If you confess your sins...
and dedicate your life to God.
Of course.
Jesus of Nazareth, I baptize
you with water for repentance.
( thunderclap )
the Lamb of God.
The Spirit has
brought you to me.
Do you know why?
To be tested.
The Spirit has led you here
and has allowed you
to know what men feel
when they are being
tested by me.
But to do this you
must give up every privilege.
You must be like them
in every way,
as fragile, alone
and little as they are.
Give up your shield.
Abandon the protection
of the power that abides in you.
Empty yourself of your divinity.
Empty yourself of
the Father, Jesus.
Without the protection
of the Father?
You know it is necessary.
The Spirit tells you, not me.
Only in this way
can we challenge each other.
I am willing.
( screaming )
Welcome to life, Jesus.
You don't look so good, Jesus.
- Are you hungry?
- Yes.
Command these stones
to become loaves of bread.
You mean call upon
my Father's power?
You have the power to
command these stones, don't you?
I am only his Son.
But you have the power!
( laughs )
And if I use it in this
way I will fail his mission.
He has asked me to bring his
word to man,
not to crush them with his power.
I'm jus tasking for bread
to relieve your hunger, Jesus.
Men have hungers.
Feed your starving people, Jesus.
Man does not live by bread alone,
but by every word that
comes from the mouth of God.
You're missing the point, Jesus.
You have the power
to solve mankind's problems.
Feed these people.
Many are starving.
- You can feed them.
- I was sent to feed them the truth.
- They hunger for bread, Jesus.
- No, they die of hunger,
because of hearts of stone of
other men, not because God wills it.
And you can change all that.
And so they are to listen to you, hmm?
A peasant from Nazareth?
You and only you have
the truth... sent from God?
Others have spoken the truth.
And men have destroyed
all of them for a thousand years.
Butyou... you, they will
listen to, hmm? Why?
They will.
And just how
will you do that, Jesus?
How will you get them
to listen to you?
So, I'm going to help you.
There is but one way
to make them notice you, Jesus.
You must convince them
that you are sent by God.
Throw yourself down and he
will command his angels to catch you.
Then they will see that
you are someone to listen to.
They would listen then,
wouldn't they?
They would listen to
someone who could do that.
That's not my Father's will.
If he wanted me simply to test
his laws, nature's laws,
he would not have sent me.
Don't test God
for your own purposes.
Jesus of Nazareth,
Jesus of Jerusalem,
Jesus of Egypt, Jesus of Bethany,
Jesus of Bethlehem.
- Where else have you been, Jesus?
- Nowhere.
So, you cannot understand
the stakes!
Let me show you.
Power, Jesus, power!
Not second in command,
but number one.
You have never felt that power.
I have.
You've never been able to
until now.
Now you can be number one.
Do you know what
that means, Jesus?
Power is what every man wants
more than anything else
in the world.
They kill for it.
There is nothing more precious,
and it is yours to have.
Bow down to me, Jesus, just once.
In all of existence,
before and aftertime,
just once, Jesus.
It's a small price.
Consider the reward.
Away with you, Satan!
For it is written,
"Worship the Lord, your God,
and serve only Him."
I will not create a human kingdom
by becoming the most powerful,
but by being the poorest.
For I am the Lamb of God.
See you again, Jesus.
It's only just begun.
Do you think he's coming?
If he's been out there
all this time he hasn't survived.
If he hasn't survived,
he isn't who we thought he was.
Go home if that's
what you want.
Do you think he really is the one?
It's him!
Why do you call me this?
We were there, Rabbi,
when you were baptized.
And John the Baptist
called you the Lamb of God.
You are the Messiah.
Are you sure?
- Yes!
- No.
( laughing )
How did you find me?
John the Baptist told
us where your mother lives.
What do you want?
To be your followers.
Rabbi, where are you staying?
Come and see.
Oh, Jesus...!
How long have I been sleeping?
Two nights and one full day.
I was dreaming of this bed,
this house.
Joseph was here.
Those two young men
waiting for you...
what do they want?
( chuckles )
To be my followers.
Maybe I'm not ready, Mother.
In Bethlehem,
in that stable behind the inn,
kings came to bow down to you,
carrying precious gifts--
frankincense, myrrh, and gold.
Those men did not travel all that way,
following that star,
without the will of God guiding them.
What's this?
This is beautiful.
Did you make this?
It is a wedding present
for your cousin, Benjamin.
Little Benjamin is getting married?
Let's go!
And your followers?
We're going to a wedding.
- The Baptist said he is the one.
- That's not enough.
If you do not approve
of my son,
why do you follow him?
Our people are slaves to Rome.
Our freedom fighters are being killed
and this is how he spends his time?
- He is a man.
- Yes...
and I fear, nothing more.
We are fishermen.
Our brothers are working right now
on the Lake of Galilee.
We should be there
working with them.
What for?
To make money?
Life has gotto be
more than that.
We went looking for answers,
and we met him.
And you follow him?
- Should we?
- Yes.
I am so thirsty.
I shall fetch you wine.
What's the matter, Andrew?
You don't dance?
I'll dance...
when lsrael is free
and men are honest.
That will be
a very slow dance.
( laughing )
It will not come a tall
if we wait for you.
I thought when I found
John the Baptist that--
But he said
you were the one.
And you spend your time
drinking wine and dancing!
There is no wine left.
Andrew, I'm sorry
I have disappointed you.
- I was only--
There is no wine left.
Yes, Mother,
what concern is that to me?
Perhaps you could provide...?
My hour has not yet come.
It is time.
Jesus will help you
with the wine.
There is no wine left.
Just do exactly
what Jesus says.
Andrew needs to know.
The world needs to know.
Could you please fill those jugs
over there with water?
- With water?
- Yes, with water.
- Yes.
- Thank you.
Jesus, the jars are filled.
Draw some out and
take it to the bride groom.
Drink, Andrew.
The cup you desired is here.
He is the one, Andrew.
Have no fear
in following him.
Anyone who has two coats...
must share with those
who have none!
Anyone with food,
must do likewise!
Tax collector!
Collect no more taxes
than those prescribed for you!
Herod! Antipas!
Come out!
Herod Antipas!
Ruler of these people,
come out!
I have heard from the corners
of lsrael of you, John,
son of Zachariah.
And I've come
to hear your message.
You must repent,
Herod Antipas,
for the sins that you have
committed to your people!
I come in peace, John.
What "sins" do you speak of
You live in sin
with this woman, Herodias!
Hold your tongue, "prophet"!
You are married to his brother,
and yet you lay with him!
You're a liar!
He's a filthy liar!
I want to hear
your words, John,
but I cannot allow you
to insult my wife.
You are a sinner! Put away this woman!
Confess your sins!
Arrest this liar!
We're leaving.
- No...
- Salome!
You can turn your back on me,
Herod Antipas,
but not on God's judgement!
Beware, one who comes after me
will cleanse with fire!
We're back!
You go off
without saying anything,
leave me to do
all the fishing.
It's a good thing
James was here.
We've found him!
Now you return,
grinning like an idiot.
- Can't you feel it?
- All I feel is wet.
Can't you feel his presence?
Are you possessed?
What are you talking about, Andrew?
Look... there.
The Messiah!
Have you gone mad, too?
The quiet one is James.
The loud one
at the stern is Simon.
Have you been telling my brother
that you're the Messiah?
- Are you a rabbi?
- He's a carpenter.
Where are you from?
- Nazareth?
- Yes, Nazareth.
Can anything good
come from Nazareth?
( laughing )
Your boat is empty.
We've been working all night
while these two followed you around,
searching for...
Whatexactly was it
you were searching for?
If you took me out
I could fill your nets.
Climb aboard, "Messiah."
The "Messiah" is going
to fill our boat.
Where are the fish, "Messiah"?
Further out, where it's deep.
- Ha, that's original!
- Simon, he's the one.
I've seen him
change water into wine.
scoop up some lake water,
I could use a cup of wine.
Scoop up one for me, too.
Cast your nets here.
I'm only going to do this
so you won't waste your life
following this jackal.
What do you think, James?
Should we drag the net,
or just let it sink?
I don't know.
Ask the carpenter,
he knows everything about fish!
Pull it in.
Pull it in?
It's only been in the water--
Pull it in.
Of course.
James, pull it in.
Stop laughing and help us!
What kind of man are you,
that you can command
the fish in the water?
Come with me, Peter...
I'll make you a fisher of men.
My name is Simon.
Wait, wait, wait!
Is it all right if we drink
from your well?
- Yes.
You are from Nazareth, yes?
I saw you at the wedding
in Canaan.
They said you made
the wine from water.
Is that true?
Did you do that?
Yes, he did that.
He changed the water into wine.
- I saw it.
- I saw it.
This is the one.
Jesus of Nazareth.
He changed the water into wine!
man of Nazareth.
If you can do that,
can you heal my son?
Please, I beg of you.
This man is a fraud
and a false Messiah!
He is the chosen one!
He comes here
to steal your money!
Every week the same thing!
( angry clamor )
Quiet! Quiet!
Listen to the Master.
Do you believe I can help you?
( outcry )
Rise up and walk!
( weeping )
He's the Messiah.
- Did he really do that?
- You saw it!
Yes, I saw it,
but I don't believe it.
Believe it! Believe it!
- What's your name?
Come with us, Thomas.
Follow the Messiah.
I have given you
your wish.
He can speak
against you no more.
You fill your palace
with graven images,
and you forget your God!
Cut out his tongue
and feed it to the dogs!
Live by the Word of God!
Oh! Roman pig!
Open the door.
Caesar comes
to collect his taxes.
"Caesar" comes?
My, how the mighty have fallen.
- Your taxes are due.
- Have you no shame?
You, a Jew,
doing Rome's dirty work?
Your taxes are at work,
building and repairing roads,
And they are lining
your pockets!
Do you wish to pay,
or do you wish to have
these men take you away?
( laughing )
Zealots! They're coming!
Stop! Stop!
Who says this?
- Jesus of Nazareth!
- Oh, yes...
the latest "Messiah."
I've heard of you.
Will you save
your people, "Messiah"?
Spilling blood
won't save them.
Spilling enough
Roman blood will.
The stones of Israel
are covered with blood,
still we are enslaved.
You will change nothing
until you remove the blood
from your hands.
I am Barabbas.
Maybe you need
a bit of blood on you.
No! No!
Do you love me now,
This is what Rome does
to your people, every day.
Strike me again.
And when you have
exhausted yourself--
When I have exhausted myself
there will be
legions more to strike.
- Exactly! When does it stop?
- When we are free.
You will be free
when you learn to love.
Clever words.
Nothing more.
Don't fill my people with your
empty promises, "Messiah."
I'll be the one to
free the people of lsrael,
Jesus of Nazareth!
And I'll do it with a sword.
You cry over Roman blood?
Human life!
Romans are not human.
Your hate will only
harm you, friend.
Hate can be a useful weapon,
used correctly...
and I'm not your friend.
Is your lsrael free
now that these men are dead?
Then follow me.
I will show you
how to be free.
I am the way.
Tax collector!
What is your name?
Levi, son of Alphaeus.
Well, now your name
is now Matthew.
Do you wish to kill
this collector of Caesar's taxes?
Follow me, Matthew.
To your home.
Come Judas,
son of Simon lscariot.
Your fate is with me.
How did he know my name?
Follow him,
and find out.
( chattering )
This food...
it was bought
with stolen money.
I told him that!
Bless you.
Matthew, thank you
for your hospitality.
Rabbi, why do you do this?
Do what?
Eat with me...
a tax collector.
Don't you see
how they hate me?
And they are right.
I despise myself.
I steal from them...
from all of them.
Then stop.
Give back everything,
and come with me.
It's simple.
James, Peter,
you're not eating.
It's very good.
I'm trying to love him, Rabbi.
I really am.
Keep trying, Peter.
Keep trying.
( drums and cymbals )
Happy birthday, my King.
( cheering )
Wonderful, Salome!
A gift, worthy of a gift.
Give her
whatever she wants!
I hope it's me!
( laughing )
Whatever you want.
I pledge it
to you tonight, Salome.
( cheering )
Come now,
that's not fair, Salome.
Your mother's desires
are far too expensive.
( laughter )
Now, my dear,
it's just a dance.
You promised!
"Anything", you said!
Pay up, Herod Antipas!
I want the head
of John the Baptist.
But, my dear--
Will you not rid me
of this vermin?!
Bring me the head
of John the Baptist.
On a platter!
I forgive you.
I will live again
in the kingdom of heaven.
( drumming and clapping )
Andrew, friends, come.
( laughter )
( screaming and shouting )
Shame on you, adulteress!
All right, all right.
I've heard this Joseph of Nazareth,
has just entered the city.
"Jesus" of Nazareth.
Only moments ago.
Is this the one who claims
to be the Messiah?
He is one of the ones
who claims this, my lord.
Take the girl to him,
and ask this "Messiah"
to judge her.
Test him in front of the people.
Show him to be a charlatan,
and they will lose interest.
We have to expose these fakes.
They are dangerous men.
Bring her.
The kingdom of heaven
is like a treasure,
buried in a field.
And when you find this treasure--
( angry voices )
Stone the adulteress!
She's an adulteress!
This woman was caught in the act
of committing adultery.
In the law, Moses commands us
to stone such women.
What do you say, Teacher?
They are baiting him.
It's a trap.
I was told you preach
according to the law of Moses.
Do you have an answer,
Let anyone among you
who is without sin...
be the first to cast their stone.
( crowd murmurs )
There is no man here
who condemns you?
No one, my lord.
Neither do l.
Go your way.
And from now on,
do not sin again.
I want to see the Temple.
I'll tell you more tomorrow.
Do you want to come with us?
Does it matter?
I go where I want.
I'm free.
You're not free.
But you could be.
Why don't you come with us?
You treated her like...
Iike she was worth something.
So are you.
( chattering )
Change your coin
to temple currency!
Purest gold!
Pure gold!
I have the best price--
This is my Father's house!
My Father's house
is a house of prayer,
not a house of trade!
We pay tithes,
butthey care more
about Caesar than about God!
They have forgotten
the Word of God!
Do you say that we should not
pay taxes to Rome?
That's my money!
Who's image is on this coin?
Then give to Caesar
what is Caesar's,
and give to God
what is God's!
I will make this
the house of God again!
( yelling and protesting )
( cracking )
Get out!
Get out of here!
This is the renewal
of lsrael!
Take these things
out of here!
Take these things
out of here!
Stop making my Father's house
a mocked place!
Hear, hear, you ignoble guests
of the great and gracious Pilate!
Listen now to me,
and imagine the scene!
( laughter )
Behold, the great
Temple of Jerusalem!
The Temple is brimming
with Passover pilgrims!
The cries
of the money-changers!
"Change your money
Give your money!"
Shhh! Shhh!
And then suddenly,
a voice...
a voice
of righteous anger.
My Father's house
is not a house of trade!
( laughter )
The Temple is corrupt.
You have all forgotten
the Word of God.
Enter a priest.
It's Caiaphas!
How dare you accuse us!
You are nothing but
a carpenter from Nazareth!
We are the Temple elite.
We answer only to God.
And to Rome, in the person
of Pontius Pilate.
And then, a trap!
And then, a trap!
Do you say we should not
pay taxes to Rome?
To which the carpenter said,
"Who's face is on this coin?"
Give to Caesar
what belongs to Caesar,
and to God
what belongs to God!
I won't crucify him for that!
( laughter )
Livio! Livio!
Oh, bravo.
Bravo, citizen!
Ah, the Jews...
such a...
such a strange people.
What is it about them
that craves these messiahs?
What does the word mean, anyway?
"The anointed."
The king from the line
of David promised by God.
Oppressed people need
to believe in a deliverer.
Well, they'll just have to be
content with "governor" for now.
"King" is a little showy,
don't you think, Livio?
Not for you,
Your Majesty.
I love they way
you kiss up to me, Livio.
It's so...justified.
He needs food and water.
He's been sitting up there
for five hours.
I offered it to him an hour ago.
He waved me away.
You rushed up like a wild camel.
He's still mourning John the Baptist.
You don't go rushing
up to him like that.
Just because I'm a fisherman,
that doesn't make me stupid, Judas.
-You said it, not me.
-Why don't you both shut up!
You shut up! I'm tired of you
bossing everyone around!
And I'm tired of you
acting like a bully.
Stop it!
What do you think they want?
For you to speak.
Do you think I have
anything to say?
Sitdown everybody.
Sitdown, please.
Come along, sit.
Jesus will speak to you.
Blessed are the poor,
for they will inherit
the kingdom of heaven.
I'd like to inherit
something right now!
( laughter )
The rich and the powerful
think they own the world.
And actually, they do.
But what can they buy
with all that money?
( laughter )
Wealth does not buy life.
It does not buy a good heart.
And it cannot buy
the kingdom of God.
You can have it no matter
how poor you are.
Very poor!
( laughter )
If you hunger and thirst
for righteousness
you will be satisfied.
But how?
What do you want
from your God?
Yes-- then show mercy.
Then show love.
A new house!
( laughter )
No taxes!
( laughter )
Remember the prophets?
They were persecuted,
but they didn't lose faith.
Meet it with love.
And follow the law of Moses!
The law?
Don't worry so much
about what you eat and drink.
What comes out of your mouth
is more important.
This is what can really
harm you for eternity.
Blessed is the womb that bore you
and the breast that nursed you.
Blessed rather are those who hear
the Word of God and obey it.
You are his mother?
Yes, I am Jesus' mother.
I'm sorry for the pain
he caused you today.
Well, he didn't mean to.
But he did.
Men always do.
Are you one of his followers?
I'm a prostitute.
I do not judge.
I have been judged too,
in my life.
He scares me.
Pretty funny, huh?
A prostitute afraid of a man.
That is because...
in him there is something
greater than any man.
Would you like
to walk with me?
- What does he want?
- I don't know.
He told me to gather
his closest followers, and wait.
Wait for what?
Why don't you have
a little patience, Simon?
Peter. My name is Peter.
He called me Peter.
"Peter, Peter, Peter."
I love you all.
Most of you have been
with me from the beginning.
But now the crowds have grown
too large for me alone.
I need men to share my power
to minister to those in need.
And so,
I am going to pick twelve
who will have the authority
to proclaim my message.
( murmuring )
( murmuring )
and brother James.
Sons of thunder.
( low grumbling )
The tax collector?
James, son of Alphaeus.
I give you authority
over unclean spirits.
Cure the sick.
Cast out demons.
Take nothing with you...
as you meet people.
No bread,
no bag,
no money.
Your mission begins in this world,
and is fulfilled in the next.
You are my apostles.
Go to the other side | and wait for me
I need to rest for a while.
Please go home.
Just for one night.
I need to get some rest.
( distant thunder )
We're sinking!
( shouting )
I can't swim.
In this storm,
it doesn't matter!
Are we going over?
Why don't you ask
our great captain?
I'm bailing!
I'm bailing!
It's a ghost!
Don't be afraid!
if it is you, command me
to come to you on the water.
- No, don't go, Simon!
- I want to go.
( thunderclap )
Save me!
Save me!
Lord, save me.
Save me.
You of little faith!
you are the Son of God.
When he speaks,
multitudes come.
Let's not exaggerate.
Five thousand, at least.
They say he fed them all
with one basket of fish.
Do you mock me?
It is said that he is a relative
of John the Baptist.
The Baptist?
Whom you killed.
Didn't the Baptist say
that he would live again?
Weren't those his last words?
And what if it's him...
come back to destroy me?
Just raise your hand,
and crush him.
Have mercy on me!
My daughter's tormented
by a demon!
Have mercy on my daughter!
Send the Canaanite away.
She has no place here.
Please, have mercy!
You are not a Jew.
I was sent only to the lost sheep
of the house of lsrael.
Jesus, have mercy!
Have mercy, Lord.
Please help me.
It is not fair to take children's food
and throw it to the dogs.
Yet even the dogs eat the crumbs
that fall from their master's table.
great is your faith.
Your daughter is healed.
Go and find her.
Bless you,
Jesus of Nazareth!
our God is for the Gentiles?
I saw a dying girl.
Would you rather
I let her die?
This woman has taught me...
that my message
is for the Gentiles as well.
If I can learn,
so can you.
Son, this is a new friend
of mine...
Mary Magdalene.
She wishes to join us.
I know Mary.
I am a prostitute, Jesus.
You were...
a long time ago.
Your father
would be so proud.
Which one?
There's 30 pieces
of silver in there,
and plenty more
where that came from,
if we put our minds to it.
Give it back.
( laughter )
I can't give it back.
It came
from many different people.
Then give it away to the poor.
After what it took
for me to get it?
Didn't you hear
what I just said?
Give it to the poor.
Help us!
Please, help us!
Help me!
We're starving!
A gift
from the Messiah!
- Jesus!
- Yes.
Jesus, do you remember me?
I am Zerah. We met in Bethany.
Yes, of course,
I remember you.
Lazarus is dying!
Mary and Martha
have sent me to find you.
They beg of you.
Come quickly!
Thank you, Zerah.
Thank you for the message.
You can ride behind me.
We will be there before the sun sets.
You go ahead.
But, Lord,
he is gravely ill!
You go ahead.
You're not going to come?
You're going to help?
I'll come
when the time is right.
They said...
you were their friend!
Lord, you have spoken
of Lazarus many times.
If you need
to go to him, you must.
He heals strangers,
but does nothing for his friends.
It smells so good.
My father...
taught me how to get
the best wood from a tree like this.
Were you a good carpenter?
It's a good thing
I started preaching.
See, Joseph used to say
that only his hands were educated.
That wasn't true.
He was the wisest man
I've known.
Wise and generous.
He would give his last crust
of bread to a stranger.
Even to a Gentile?
You question me too, Mary?
No. Never.
I would never question you.
But you question yourself.
I just don't understand how you
could believe in someone like me.
God forgives you, Mary.
If I were a man I would be
your most loyal disciple.
Those who speak for me
are my disciples.
Lazarus was a good man, Mary.
- Yes, he was.
- It's a great loss.
Your brother will rise again.
Resurrection day?
I am the resurrection and the life.
Those who believe in me will live.
Do you believe this?
I know who you are, now.
If you had been here,
Lazarus would not have died.
Where have you laid him?
Lazarus has died...
so you may believe!
take the stone away.
It has been four days.
Take the stone away!
I thank you
for having heard me.
Lazarus, come out!
He mocks us with a "show."
Trust Jesus, Martha.
Someone should stop this.
It's a cruel joke!
( screams )
It's a miracle.
Unbind him.
God be praised!
( pounding )
Silence! Silence!
Raised from the dead?!
I was there, Caiaphas.
I saw my friend Lazarus
come out of the tomb.
I smelled the rotting flesh,
but he walked out
of the tomb alive!
A dead dog thrown in the cave
just before it was closed.
I marched
with the funeral procession!
I watched the body
being put into the tomb,
and the door shut and sealed.
Examine the evidence...
Jesus and Lazarus
are old friends.
The sister is in love with Jesus,
by your own account.
- True.
- So, think!
Who better to concoct
this story with?
Lazarus pretends to be dead.
He spends a few nights
in the cave.
The High Priest is right.
All it takes is one
"raising from the dead" story
to make this Jesus a legend.
And suddenly,
he is "the Messiah."
There are reports
of another raising, a child.
There are always reports.
That's how
these false prophets live...
on "reports"!
is their lifeblood!
No one...
no one can defeat death.
You know nothing at all.
How can a gentle man
who teaches the laws of Moses
and keeps our traditions
be a danger?
A man who loves our people,
and gives them the courage
to live a hard life.
Word is spreading
among the population
that the Messiah has arrived.
They will rise up
against Rome!
And the Romans
will crush the revolt!
( uproar )
Only this time, they will
crush us along with it!
We are the peacekeepers,
and if no peace is kept,
Rome will destroy the Temple,
along with the nation.
Pilate has made that clear.
You will die!
And along with you, the blood
of Abraham, Moses, and Elijah.
We cannot allow this
because of one false "Messiah"!
Judas lscariot,
do you know us?
You were with Barabbas.
Barabbas has been arrested.
The Zealots have been driven
into the mountains.
But your rabbi
could rally them once again.
There is an army waiting.
This triumphant entry
into Jerusalem--
On a donkey in torn robes,
it's brilliant!
It makes Herod and Pilate look like
the asses they actually are.
When will Jesus call
for revolution?
Soon. Soon.
We'll be watching
for the right moment, Judas.
- Praise Jesus!
- Praise Jesus!
This man must be arrested.
In the middle of this
ridiculous festival...
No, no!
Block, then thrust, Giannario!
Whoever heard of a festival
to celebrate that your own god
didn't destroy you.
-These Jews are mad.
-These Jews are dangerous!
I can't arrest
their current hero
while there are thousands
of them in town.
I'd have a riot on my hands.
Think, Livio!
Then do it at night.
Find someone to betray him.
Get him alone, I don't care.
But if you don't stop him,
he's going to bring Rome
down on us all.
He must be stopped--
I thought you were a better
politician than this, Livio.
Paolo, teach him
to counter that attack!
If there is another rebellion
in this miserable place,
Rome will throw both of us
to the lions!
I could kill this "Messiah"
and there will be another
right behind him.
- Or...
- Or?
We could see to it
that he becomes
a problem for some
of his own people,
and they could solve
the problem for us.
Bravo, Giannario!
Master, may I speak with you?
Lord, there will never
be a better time
to strike against
Roman power in Jerusalem.
There is an army
of Zealots waiting.
The city is full
of pilgrims for Passover.
They believe in you.
Rise up, ask them to attack
the palace, they will.
Sheer numbers will overwhelm
the Roman guard,
and once we are in charge,
Rome will leave us alone.
Now is the time.
Surely it is your destiny.
In two days...
it will be Passover.
In two days,
I will be killed.
Please, God!
Not now!
No, my Lord!
No, it cannot be.
Lord, the Zealots
will join with your followers.
Thousands at your command!
Freedom, not just
from the Romans,
but from all tyranny.
The tyranny of sin, Judas.
That is my battle,
not the Romans.
Then you are betraying
your people, not saving them.
You are the one man
who has the power,
and yet you refuse?
That's betrayal!
I'm not here to lead
a violent revolution, Judas!
You may have no choice.
God forbid it, Lord!
It must happen, Peter.
No, Lord.
I will not let it happen!
- None of us will!
- It is God's will, Peter.
No, Lord, it cannot be.
You must prevent this!
I cannot allow myself
to prevent it.
I must do as my Father
has commanded.
No, Lord, you cannot die.
Your mission is only beginning!
- Peter--
- You cannot let this happen!
I will fight
with all my strength.
Get away from me.
It's why I was born.
To die?
To prove God's love.
How is that love?
I have to give everything.
Nothing held back...
so they will know.
It's too much to pay
for an animal to be sacrificed.
Then go away,
ignorant Galilean.
I have every right
to worship in the Temple.
A sacrifice is required.
Buy or go away!
You control this only because
you lick the boots of Rome!
You fool!
( woman screams )
The Romans have spilled
the blood of our brothers,
and in the grounds
of the Holy Temple!
And do you know why
this happened?
Yes, because Rome
rules this city,
and now the Temple.
They appointed you,
and now they own you, Caiaphas.
It happened
because of Jesus of Nazareth!
Because of the Romans!
These men who attacked the priests
were from Galilee, Nazareth.
They would never have had
the strength or the will,
except for this Jesus.
He makes the people think
they can overthrow Rome.
Have you forgotten
what he did at the Temple?
Kicking over the tables!
These Galileans are following his lead!
The speeches
inflame the people.
He has followers,
armed and ready
to attack the Romans at any minute!
Is that what you want?
I want you gone
from this council!
You blame everyone but yourself.
I will not stand by
and watch you destroy us.
I am withdrawing until you
come to your senses and resign.
As I told you before...
if we let this man continue,
the people will say
the Messiah is here,
so they will rise up
against Rome again.
And the Romans
will crush the revolt.
It is better for you
to have one man die
for the good of the people
than to have
the whole nation destroyed.
Jesus of Nazareth...
must die.
There are rumors
in the streets, priest!
Don't be coy with me!
This man, Jesus,
rides an ass into town,
and is welcomed like a king!
Herod wants to kill him,
but does nothing,
and you promise me you
can keep peace in the Temple,
but I had to use swords!
- Rome will not be silent forever!
- These false messiahs--
Don't speak to me of messiahs!
I don't care about your religion,
I care about peace!
Peace, yes.
I too, care about peace--
Well then,
get control of this man!
I fear my power is...
So you want me to do
your dirty work for you?
I have no choice.
I cannot endanger lsrael
for one man.
Bring him to me.
I will eliminate him.
( clapping )
Quick, quick!
Come on!
This is too dangerous.
We should not be
in Jerusalem.
I will die with him...
if this is what he wants.
This is my body.
Drink from it...
all of you,
for this is my blood...
of the covenant,
which is poured out for many...
for the forgiveness of sins.
Do this in remembrance of me.
One of you will betray me.
- No, no!
- Not l, Lord, never!
Not l, Lord!
Nor l, Lord.
Nor l, Lord!
Do what you have to do...
do it quickly.
Where is he going?
My kingdom is coming.
After three days,
I will rise again.
I am told you have something
to say to me.
I know where he is.
I can deliver him to you.
And the price?
You think I'm a beggar?
A thief?
Then why do you come to me?
Aren't you one of his followers?
I am one of his disciples.
He chose me himself.
Then why do you betray him?
He's not the man
I thought he was.
You want to pay me, eh?
Thirty pieces of silver.
Lord, where are we going?
We should have stayed
in the room.
What if we are seen up here?
You know they want to kill you!
Not now.
if all of your followers
become deserters,
I want you to know
I will never desert you.
Peter, tonight, before the dawn,
you will betray me three times.
Even if I must die with you,
I will never betray you.
Sit here while I go
over there and pray.
John, Andrew, Peter,
James, come with me.
- Master, I will never--
- Not now, Peter.
I am deeply grieved.
What I face now would be
difficult for any man...
and I must face it as a man,
to fulfill my pledge.
Wait here,
and stay awake with me,
while I go
overthere and pray.
Yes, Lord.
Yes, Lord.
My Father, if it is possible,
let this pass from me.
Yet, not what I want,
but what you want.
He is out
at the Mount of Olives,
in a garden
called Gethsemane.
I followed him there
with his men.
I'll take you there.
How many are there?
How will we know
which one he is?
The one I kiss is Jesus.
My Father...
if this cannot pass
unless I drink all of it,
then your will be done.
But if there is another way...
I am so afraid I cannot
endure this, my Father.
The final act begins, Jesus.
There will be no reprieve
handed down from your Father.
He's willing for you
to go through this,
every painful step of the way.
If it is his will.
His will?
His will for you
is to be flogged,
spit on, humiliated,
dragged through the streets,
laughed at,
tried, convicted
and crucified.
You've seen crucifixion,
but you've never felt it.
You've never felt the pain
of nails through your hands,
of nails through your feet.
It's agony.
It's hours in agony.
The weight of your own body
crushes your lungs,
and you'll suffocate,
And you will endure this alone.
Look at them over there.
They can't even stay awake.
And they'll run,
as soon as Judas shows up.
You know I'm right...
and it's all in vain, Jesus.
No, no...
not in vain.
Through me God will reveal
his love for mankind.
That unseen, heartless,
watch-your-children-starve God?
Not in vain.
Oh, yes...
in vain.
Let me show you--
the future.
Crusades, in your name.
"Jesus Christ" they shout,
when they kill.
In the name of Jesus Christ!
In the name of Jesus Christ!
Killing for Christ
will be a big business
through the centuries,
Christ Jesus.
And this is what
you're dying for.
This is what your agony
will give them.
another reason to kill
and torture each other.
Don't you think they have
enough reasons already...
It's so easy.
th It is so easy Jesus,
just ask him
to come get you.
The world at war!
Who knows?
That guy doesn't like the pimple
on the nose of that guy--
but you can stop it.
You can stop it.
Come down off that cross
they have waiting for you.
Why die in agony
when you can take control?
Make the earth a paradise!
End poverty! End hunger!
End war!
You can do it!
It's within your power, right now.
- No, I cannot.
- Oh, yes, you can.
It is not God's will.
It is not God's will
to end a war?
What kind
of a God is that?
One who loves mankind so much
that he gives them
freedom of choice.
He hasn't created them
so that he can be their dictator.
He gives them the choice
of doing good or evil.
And this is what they choose.
I forgive you.
I don't want
your forgiveness.
Look, here comes
Judas and his mob.
Jesus, you don't even
have to bow down to me.
I'm not even asking you that.
Just call to your Father,
and ask him to deliver you.
Tell him you don't want this.
He won't make you go through this,
you know he won't.
Just wave your hand,
and you'll be home... safe.
Do it-- now.
You know
what I showed you was true.
You are going to die in vain.
You don't know the plan. I do.
I've seen it. Nothing changes.
They don't have the capacity
to love like you want them to.
This will never happen.
Just lift your hands,
Jesus, and wave this all away.
Go home, Jesus.
Go home to your Father... now.
Don't die in vain.
Don't die alone.
I am not alone.
I'm with my Father.
- You will die in vain, Jesus.
- No!
I am in the hearts of man.
I will die
for the everlasting kindness
of the human heart
created by the Father,
so that men will make his image
shine once again,
And those who will want to,
will find in me the strength
to love until the end!
do what you are here to do.
Betrayed with a kiss.
(jeers and shouting )
You-- I know you.
You were with him!
He was with
the great "Messiah."
You're a fool!
You are the fool!
You followed him around
like a dog!
I never saw that man before!
I don't know
what you're talking about!
He claims to be the Messiah.
His disciples claim
he raised a man from the dead.
- lmpossible!
- Not when you are the Son of God.
- Is that who you claim to be?
- Is this a trial?
It is our duty, Seth, to protect
the Temple from false prophets.
Your duty, brother Jared,
is of no concern here.
You fear him because
the people listen to him,
because he asks us
to become better Jews.
Who do you say you are?
Be careful what you say.
Do you claim to be
the Son of God?
It is you who says it.
He admits it!
You cannot deny it!
This man was with
Jesus of Nazareth!
You're a liar.
( laughing )
You false prophet!
Take him to Pilate!
I swear, I don't know
what they are talking about!
( rooster crows )
I can't.
I can't watch them hurt him.
If you believe in my son.
you will stand by him, with me.
Caiaphas, what are you doing
coming here at this hour?
We bring you
Jesus of Nazareth.
So this is the one who makes
a mockery of Herod Antipas,
and causes my High Priest
to tremble.
Jesus of Nazareth,
I am Pontius Pilate,
Governor of Judea.
I know who you are.
Well, what accusation
do you bring against this man?
punishable by death.
Blasphemy against what?
Your god?
- Yes, my lord.
- This is not a crime against Rome.
But he also proclaims
himself as king.
He denies
Rome's power in this land.
Oh, Caiaphas,
stop wasting my time.
Take him and judge him
according to your law!
This crime, my lord,
demands a death sentence.
And only you can give
this punishment.
Leave him with me.
Jesus of Nazareth.
You have an interesting face.
Are you
the King of the Jews, Jesus?
Do you ask this on your own,
or did others tell you about me?
I'm not a Jew!
Your own nation and chief priests
have handed you over to me.
My kingdom
is not of this world.
If it were, my followers
would be fighting.
Oh, so you are a king?
I was born
to testify to the truth.
What is the truth?
Everyone wants to know
the truth, Jesus.
Do you know the truth?
If I could find a man
who knew the truth
I would take him to Rome,
and escape this burnt
crust of a country.
It's within my power.
I didn't think so.
Too much to ask.
Bring him.
I find no case
against this man.
This man
is perverting our nation,
forbidding us from paying
taxes to your emperor,
and saying that he himself
is the Messiah, the king!
He stirs up people
by teaching throughout all Judea,
from Galilee where he began,
even to this holy city.
He is from Galilee?
Oh, well--
that comes under
Herod's jurisdiction.
I can't rule on a crime
from Herod's people.
And you're lucky,
my friend.
Herod just happens to be
in Jerusalem for Passover.
Go tell him the "truth."
Take him to Herod.
But, my lord--
Stop worrying, Caiaphas.
It's a game, just a game.
We have to have
some fun occasionally.
Jesus of Nazareth.
This is Jesus of Nazareth.
I've been wanting to meet you
for a long time.
Livio, look, we are visited
by Jesus of Nazareth.
Behold, the "Messiah."
I've heard all kinds
of wonderful things about you.
Livio tells me you can
raise men from the dead.
Not even John the Baptist
ever raised a man from the dead.
Livio, quiet.
This is no ordinary criminal
standing here.
This is a man of God.
I apologize for this Roman's behavior.
You're a man of God,
are you not?
Yes, well...
I heard wonderful things,
healing the sick and such.
I made a mistake
with the Baptist.
I never meant
to have him killed.
This man is dangerous
to the entire country.
He encourages rebellion
against Rome.
See, that's just a lie,
isn't it, Jesus?
I never heard
anything like that.
He calls himself
the King of the Jews.
Quiet, Livio.
You will be King of the Jews.
Is that true?
Do you crown yourself "king"?
See... see, that disturbs me,
because I have the idea
that I should be king of lsrael,
not a dirty, uneducated
prophet from Nazareth.
( laughter )
Oh, but, but I am willing
to overlook all that,
if you just show me a sign.
Everyone is talking about
you curing blind men and lepers.
Lepers! Ugh!
Oh, yes, darling...
he is a--
supposedly he touches them,
and they are cured.
He touches the unclean?
Get him out of here,
and don't touch him.
I'm only asking
for a small sign.
It doesn't have to be
a big healing,
it's just that this knee
is causing me a lot of--
Don't touch him!
Is that it, Jesus?
Are you really going
to stand there like a statue?
He won't even speak to me.
Silence can be
a politician's best weapon.
Kings must talk!
Talking is a requirement,
didn't you know that?
There's never been
a mute king.
Behold the Mute King
of the Jews!
- Behold the King!
- And get him out of here.
Your Majesty! Your Majesty,
do not let this charlatan escape!
Exactly, a charlatan.
What do you care?
Even false prophets
can have power.
Let Rome handle it.
Take him to Pilate.
Take him to Pilate!
Well, what a surprise.
Jesus is back.
You mean to tell me
that Herod did nothing?
As you predicted.
Do you not hear the many
accusations they make against you?
claiming to be God...
Do you answer any
of these charges?
And now, we will let
"the people" speak.
You brought me this man,
as one who was
perverting the people.
I have examined him
in your presence,
and have found him not to be guilty
of any of your charges.
He's guilty, Pilate.
He's guilty!
He's guilty!
A custom at Passover.
As is the custom at Passover,
I as representative of Rome,
release to you a prisoner.
I give you Jesus of Nazareth.
No! No!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Just give us justice, Pilate!
Not Jesus!
Have you forgotten--
Don't you want me to release
the King of the Jews?
Release him!
Yes! Yes!
Release Jesus!
No! No!
Release Barabbas!
Give us Barabbas!
Barabbas! Barabbas!
Barabbas! Barabbas!
Do you hear
what they want, Jesus?
They'd rather have
a murderer than you.
Bring me, Barabbas.
And flog this one.
Come on,
let's get out of here.
I'm not going to stand by
and watch a Jew beaten by Romans.
Release Barabbas.
Hail, the King of the Jews!
Barabbas! Barabbas! Barabbas!
I release Barabbas!
( cheering )
Without a sword
you raised an army.
You could have taken the city.
I fought them, you wouldn't!
So the sword will live
to fight another day, "Messiah"!
( cheering )
Watch this.
I've thought of the final blow.
I am innocent
of this man's blood.
See to it yourselves.
Crucify him.
Make way. No pushing!
Stand aside!
This is not what I wanted.
It's not what I wanted!
Do you think
this is what I wanted?
You sold him
to the Romans.
So that the people
would rise up!
For money!
I was willing
to die for him.
He was the revolution.
But he refused.
I had to make it happen!
I thought he would find his anger
under the Roman whip.
I thought the people
would follow him and rise up!
But he is allowing
himself to die.
The people
have turned against him.
- You killed him!
- And you...
you abandoned him!
I would have died for him.
(screaming )
No! Jesus!
Jesus, I'm here.
Ohh-- Father, forgive them...
for they know not what they do!
We know exactly
what we're doing, "Messiah."
They've given him
a place to stand.
So he will die slower.
( thunder rumbling )
My God!
Why have you forsaken me?!
into your hands
I commend my spirit.
They've stolen his body!
The stone was rolled away.
They've taken his body!
Who's taken his body?
Peter, John, no!
It's not safe!
He is risen!
No, the body is stolen!
He said, "Afterthree days,
I will rise again."
He's alive!
Mary, he's alive!
He said he would rise
after three days. He's alive!
We must tell the others.
Come on!
why are you weeping?
If you carried my Lord away...
tell me where you laid him.
you must let me go now.
I haven't yet ascended
to my Father.
Now go to the others
and tell them I'm alive.
Mary, will you go
and tell them for me?
I don't understand...
How could you see him?
He's dead!
I've seen him.
Is it true, Mary?
it's true.
I've seen him.
I talked to him.
This is ridiculous.
We saw him crucified!
We buried him ourselves!
How could he be alive?
- How could Lazarus be alive?
- How could blind men see?
I'm sorry...
but I don't believe that death
is conquered that easily.
There are too many
other possibilities.
He is the Son of God.
Jesus himself said
there would be false prophets.
We have to be careful.
This could be a trick!
Thomas, you must believe.
I want to, Mary.
Believe me, I want to!
But my mind won't let me.
I will have to see for myself.
I saw him.
Are you sure it was him?
Did you see the wounds in his wrists?
She can't be sure.
Something else
is going on here.
Unless I see
the mark of the nails--
no, unless I put my finger
in the mark of the nails,
I will not believe.
Peace be with you.
put your finger here.
My Lord, and my God!
Yes, you believe
because you have seen me.
Blessed are those
who believe without seeing.
Now, go...
into all the world,
and preach what you have heard.
Preach the good news.
I am with you...
Until the end of the world.