Jet Trash (2016) Movie Script

Tell me a story.
MARLOWE: Well, once upon a time,
there were two baby bears.
MARLOWE: Now the King really
liked these bears. He did.
He treated them like princes.
MARLOWE: One day, the bears decided
that they wanted to be the King.
And steal all his honey.
That's a sad story, isn't it?
Now go to sleep.
Merry Christmas!
That's it.
No. No! Sol, Sol!
I bruise like a peach!
May I?
Just don't get
the paper wet, yeah?
I never do.
LEE: Seriously, I need
to tell you something.
LEE: You know, I've just
masturbated in the ocean.
LEE: And although you weren't
part of my inner visual framework
we did make eye contact at
least twice or three times
approaching climax.
I don't want this to
complicate our friendship.
Nah, happy to help. Yeah.
Fuck, I'm parched. I'm parched.
I might get some water
from the hut in a sec.
Sweet. While you're
there, pick up your shit, cos it
looks like a war zone.
Alright, alright.
Have you been to the
scrap yard recently?
It's just that Shay said that
some girl was looking for us.
Apparently she's from back home.
Here, I know what
you're thinking, mate, right.
Hey. I wouldn't get
worked up, alright.
If it's her, it
means he's found us.
LEE: Nah, we'd be dead
already if he found us.
Wait a minute, she'd
be like our very own honey trap.
Yeah, but if you
rule them out, the possibilities
get a lot fucking darker, Lee.
Are you hearing yourself?
You're smoking too
much of this, my friend.
You're starting to
sound fucking tweaked.
Right, look, I might be paranoid
but it doesn't mean I'm wrong.
Alright, yeah, yeah, yeah.
We'll go to Shay's now,
we'll find out who
he was talking about.
It was probably just some
bird who saw me bronzing, yeah.
And wants to get my
number, huh? Huh, huh?
Wouldn't be the first time.
SOL: So, what were you
thinking about in the ocean?
LEE: Just beneath the surface,
manga mermaids sucking me off.
Fucking hell.
LEE: Well, you gotta keep
things fresh, haven't you?
SOL: Did she look anything
like The Little Mermaid?
LEE: Yeah, she was a
point of reference.
SOL: Bit young, don't
you think though? No?
LEE: Yeah, but when you're
talking mythical creatures, man,
it's the wild fucking west.
But you're taking
me for a fool, boy
You don't know.
So you tell me to stay cool,
Haven't had you
around for a while
It's real shit right here
See, I can live, it's possible
That I can breathe
Hello, Pupul.
It's possible
SOL: Gonna show these kids how
to play cricket properly.
Hello, Sir Shay.
SHAY: Hey! Mr Lee! Come,
come, come, come.
Say hello
to Anil. He's missed you.
Anil in the house!
Hi, Lee.
Haha! That what you're
after? Is that what you want?
Here comes trouble. You love it.
What a view, huh?
LEE: Alright, Sir Shay?
Sit down.
LEE: He runs, he chucks it. He
hits the thing off the thing!
LEE: I don't know the
rules, but that excited me.
SOL: You alright? Long time, man.
Hey, brother.
Listen, Shay, I wanted to ask you you
said some girl was looking for us?
Yeah, you remember there was
the, it was a girl last week,
or something, you were
saying she was looking for us.
I didn't get to
meet her. My, my, my wife,
she saw a young girl looking
for a white man and a black man.
Fuck, man, did
you say anything to anyone?
No, I haven't said
anything to anyone, Sol.
No contact, as we agreed.
MARLOWE: D'you know
where the others went?
LEE: Hope our darlin'
landlord's not in.
SOL: The rent's cheap, it's a good spot.
He's getting into karma and shit.
LEE: Karma. He's an ex-Marine, Solly.
He's unhinged.
LEE: There's blood
on his hands, man.
SOL: It's a phase.
The heat, the drugs.
SOL: He's just a little
fuzzy round the edges.
LEE: The landlord hath returned.
Are you alright, Mikey boy?
You big, dangerous, Q-tip.
SOL: You still owe me for
last night, by the way.
Do I? Oh, didn't I?
Nah. It's two vodka
sodas, a shot of Henny
and three Kingfishers, bro.
LEE: Yeah... I thought
I was smashed, yeah.
Let's see what we have here.
Will we call it a hundred?
No, it was three fifty.
So, let's call it three fifty.
Alright. Three and fifty. Pow.
Don't spend it all in one place.
Seriously, man. You should hide
your stash somewhere a bit less
Yeah, I'll take
that into consideration, bro.
I'm gonna take a shower
before we head out, alright?
Let's see, white
crystals. Alright, my pretty.
Forgot my shampoo.
Are you kidding me?
It's alright!
No, it's not alright, Lee.
It is. 'Cos I'm broke.
What? And that was free?
Look, Solly, it's
an investment, alright?
I spent my last hundred on this,
but I'm guaranteed to make at
least, like, a grand back.
Yeah, well, I'm flushing it.
What? Fuck you
doing, flushing it?
- Don't be ridi...- could get into for this, Lee?
Yeah, but it's not your
business though, is it...
...don't stop
and think, do you?
This amount of drugs
could get us all put away.
Hey, woah, woah, woah. Look,
look, look. It's easier for you,
right, sleeping on a
bed full of money.
Fuck you, Lee.
I don't sleep a wink 'cos of
where that money came from.
Well, smoke more
charras then, mate.
It's one night's work, right.
I'm gonna make loads of money.
And then you can end this
lifestyle downgrade you have
from hanging around with me.
Think of it that way. Please?
Be careful, Lee.
Remember your deal with Shay.
You sell drugs, you get
served up by the fishermen.
Excuse me.
I'm searching for this guy.
Have you seen him?
Right then. Let the
Christmas bevvys begin, huh?
Little Christmas bevvy? Hmm?
This one's for you, Jesus.
Mind if I?
Yeah. Just don't get it wet.
I never get it wet.
What are you talking about?
MIKE: You're interrupting
my meditation.
My head hurts. I'm
gonna start again.
Where have you been, Mike?
Hana de Rama.
That dirty beach?
It's quiet there, Soldier.
Yeah, it is.
'Cos it stinks of fish.
I like the smell of fish.
LEE: Only you'd go to the one
skanky beach in Goa, Mike.
What do you even
do there? You can't swim.
I can swim, Soldier.
MIKE: Hana de Rama's a place of peace.
You wouldn't understand.
Listen, Mike. We're gonna
go get some food before we go...
...go to the party,
if you wanna come.
Yeah, I'll come.
I won't eat though. I'm fasting.
Mele Kalikimaka
is the thing to say
On a bright
Hawaiian Christmas day
That's the island
greeting that we send to you
From the land
where palm trees sway
Here we know that Christmas
will be green and bright
The sun to shine by
day and all the stars at night
Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii's way
to say Merry Christmas to you
Mele Kalikimaka iS
the thing to say
On a bright
Hawaiian Christmas day
LEE: I'm gonna get you to break
your rule tonight, as well, man.
What's that?
LEE: This bullshit rule
you have about not
having sex with
a woman over forty-five.
There's so many...
But, like, you
reach forty and I think that's...
There's so many beautiful women
on this beach that are like...
That's the limit.
Sixty, sixty-five.
Nah, nah.
Nah. Forty.
That's disgusting,
man. Absolutely disgusting.
Little fucker. Ha! Got ya.
You didn't have to do that.
Yeah, but, it's a
mosquito, Mike, you know.
It bites.
It's a soul.
What's that, Mike?
It's a knife.
What d'you need that for?
Spiritual men have enemies.
Yeah, you really showed
that pineapple there, buddy.
I mean, just cos he puts
on a kaftan and shaves his head
doesn't make him
a 'spiritual man'.
Yeah, but he hasn't always been
like that, to be fair, you know.
Yeah, but that proves my
point, you know what I mean.
Just cos he's in fucking
India doesn't make him better
than us. Phoney.
From the land
where palm trees sway
Come on, ladies.
Tonight, my friend, tonight,
I'm gonna reclaim my belt, huh.
Yeah, yeah.
I got me lucky flip
flops on. You got no chance.
SOL: You know, today's the first
day in months that I know
the date but I
have absolutely no idea
what day it is.
I think it's Thursday.
Yeah, well, it
feels like a Friday.
Every day feels
like a Friday, buddy.
Alright, bitches.
I'm gonna have a quick like,
five minute chat with Marlowe.
To do with business proposals.
Hi, Lee!
LEE: Camomile with a
dollop of honey, Vix?
Just how you like it.
Thank you.
Shouldn't you be following
Marlowe around somewhere?
Actually, I was meaning to ask.
You couldn't get me like a
five minute meeting, could you?
Little business proposal
I wanna put his way.
LEE: And I know youse
two are close or...
You've only been
working here five minutes.
LEE: Yes, but I'll make you a
cuppa every day if you do.
Okay. I'll see what I can do.
Hey, you fancy reading
what the future holds for me?
It's bleak.
Yeah, but you haven't
even turned a card yet.
That's right.
Have you actually
got anything to say
or are you just
gonna eye fuck me?
Sorry, um, I've, look I...
I've been working in the
club a while now and I know how
everything works.
I'm hard working, I'm loyal.
I'm a man you can trust.
What's this gotta do with me?
I'd like to start selling gear
in your establishment,
Mr. Marlowe.
So, where to?
You can take us to Camberwell.
That's a bit
out of the way, innit?
Only for one of us.
'Cos you know the
club's losing money, don't ya?
Well, how can I help?
I'm getting a bit
hungry, actually.
Petrol station there. D'you
wanna pull up outside front,
I'll get something.
Thing is, you can't park
by the front, you have to...
Pull up at the front, Lee.
What are your aspirations, Lee?
Ambition's a dangerous thing.
RAY: Put the fucking cash in the bag, now!
Fucking now!
Fuck. Shit!
Come on.
Fucking move!
LEE: I can't fucking go to jail,
I can't fucking go to jail!
Park up!
What the fuck?!
And home sweet home.
What? What, you live here?
That was our mate
in the petrol station.
You fuckers. Oh, you
fucking fucking fuckers, man.
Jesus Christ, I thought
I was gonna have a fucking
heart attack.
Oh. You did brilliantly.
You consider
yourself one of the boys.
Hey, one more thing.
Yes, boss?
D'you wanna get married?
Insane is not taking an
opportunity that comes your way,
my brother.
Unless you got other
options on the table.
Look, bottom line is this:
She gets to get
out of some hell hole
and you get fifteen grand.
Then what happens
when she gets here?
She gonna work for the
club for 20p an hour?
It's not your problem, man.
At least she's not dodging
bullets on the bus home.
And Marlowe's
a stand up guy, so.
Is he now?
You've known
him all of five minutes.
Right, he's
always done okay by me.
Look, trust me, Solomon.
She'll be fine.
I promise you.
For fifteen grand, alright?
And all you've gotta do is say...
Oh, I'm so sorry.
It's fine. Take this.
So, why did you
decide to come to England?
Running away.
MINISTER: Do you, Sol,
take this woman, Adeze,
to be your
lawful wedded wife?
I do.
Now by the power
invested in me,
I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may kiss your bride.
LEE: My brother introduced me to Sol.
That's how I know him.
VIX: Who wears flip
flops to a wedding?
LEE: A man with lucky
flip flops, that's who.
London cold, man.
It just never ends.
It's just perpetual.
You know what, I'm gonna
save up me pennies
and move somewhere.
Hey, nothing is
stopping you, is there?
No. I mean, my
brother went all round India.
He said Goa is amazing.
These flip flops are his.
That's why they're
lucky flip flops. You know.
So, yeah. I love my
brother, man. He's everything.
How old is he?
He's a twin.
He's got the
smarts, looks, obviously.
He died last year.
I'm so sorry.
No, don't be.
Don't be. He taught
me to live for today.
Anything can happen
to you at any time. You know.
Do you feel that
you're living now?
I don't know.
Slow down.
MARLOWE: How could you
let her get like this?
Look at me!
Fifteen grand.
It's all there.
Now, fuck off.
Come on, man.
So, what's
gonna happen with her?
Say goodbye, love.
Goodbye, love.
Come on, mate.
Eh, Solomon.
Aren't you forgetting something?
Lee? Lee.
You alright, man?
Can you, can you stand?
You okay?
Fucking wandering
everywhere. Getting in the way.
Who the fuck
do they think they are?
Is it dead?
LEE: No, maybe, maybe
it's just stunned.
- Fuck, no.
- Like, his eyes are still open.
We need to go.
We need to go right now, man.
You know, you know what
they're like about cows, man.
...give me a
minute, man. I'm in agony here.
Seriously, Lee. Look, I
met this guy once who was on
a bus when it got hit by a
cow. The villagers chased him
and beat the living shit out
of him. We need to go, now.
Come on, Mike.
It was an accident!
Sol. It was an accident.
This isn't going anywhere.
The wheel's bust. Fuck!
Look, it's fine.
Look, we'll all get on mine.
We'll get yours in
the morning, let's go. Come on.
We just have to hope the locals
haven't found the cow by then.
It'd be a shame to get lynched,
it might spoil Christmas.
Ohm manhe padme hum.
We... we have to move it.
The bike?
Yeah, and the cow.
That's it, yeah. Just in,
yeah. In, in off the road.
Mike? Mike.
Listen, we have to go,
right. We have to... woah, woah!
For fuck's sake!
Sol, d'you see that?!
Come on, come on.
We gotta move the cow.
Stop messing around.
Come on, man. Let's go, come on.
Right, you ready?
Oh, this is some
bad karma shit, man.
SOL: Don't, don't start
with that shit, Lee.
No, I can't, I can't,
I can't fucking touch it.
It's dead, I can't touch it.
We gotta move it, man.
We can't leave it here.
Yeah, but we've already got
rid of the bike. So it doesn't
- We can't leave it here!
- matter, no one's gonna...
- Mike!
- Oh, shit.
Mike, you fucker!
He could be up a tree,
he could be in some holy temple
or some holy cave or just
disappeared up his own arse.
Nah, he will have
gone to the party, Lee.
Maybe he just
forgot about what happened.
Nah, fuck that.
You think the
girl's Vix, don't you?
That's why you crashed the bike.
No. The cow just came out of
nowhere, just smashed into me.
- Bollocks, Lee...
- You know...
I can read you like
a fucking book, alright.
Running away.
Fifteen grand.
I'm sorry.
Trust me, Solomon.
It's supply and demand.
Gimme a line.
Merry fucking Christmas!
It's Christmas time again
And as always,
it feels the same
Merry Christmas,
brother. Wish you were here.
She wouldn't screw him.
Not another one.
Kept screaming.
Look, let's waive that tonight.
I've got a little
favour I need to ask you.
You want me to
dump it in the lake?
'Fraid so. It's a crying shame.
I mean, where is it?
You pop that into your, satnav,
you'll be laughing, alright?
Hey, wh-what about-
Don't ask any questions, Lee.
Mike, you can't fucking swim!
What are you,
what are you doing here? Huh?
Mike, you alright?
Mike, you alright? Good?
Fucker can't swim.
Is he okay?
Think we need to
go to a hospital.
We can't put him on a bike.
Let's take him in my truck.
Thanks again, Shay. Thank you.
You should probably
get checked out too, man.
No, no, no. I'm fine.
Alright, can I talk
to you for a second, Lee?
You stay here.
Hey, what is she
doing here, man?
Come on, how's
that for a welcome, huh?
Mate, I'm serious.
Oh, maybe she
just came here to see me.
You know, is
that so hard to believe?
Look, just stay here
till I get back, alright?
Yeah, man, I will. No worries.
Good luck, Mike.
Feel better, man.
Cheers, Shay.
I just can't believe you came.
Needed to get away.
SOL: Mike, Mike! Chill,
relax, it's okay.
We're good,
you're safe, okay?
He killed a cow. He
killed a cow! You, you saw it!
Mike. Mike, chill!
It's all good, okay?
SHAY: I know the two
security guards.
They'll get him home safely.
Ohm manhe padme hum.
Ohm manhe padme hum.
Who is it?
Mike? Where's, where's Sol?
He left me at the hospital.
I want my Ganesh.
H-how are you
feeling man, are you okay?
W... Woah, woah, woah!
Ask me why I
want my stuff. Ask me.
Why do you
want your stuff, Mike?
To perform a resurrection
on the cow we hit. And on you.
You two enjoy yourselves.
I have to go.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
I don't fucking care.
I swear to fucking God, Mike.
Knife or no
knife, I'm gonna kill ya.
Mr. Lee?
Come on.
- No, no.
- Come out!
Get your hands off me.
- Vix, Vix!
- Come on!
Get your hands off me!
You have killed a cow.
You have killed a cow.
This is very serious.
Wait, wait, who? Who told you?
- Will you confess, huh?
- What?
This is very serious crime.
No, no, no,
no, no, no. I don't confess.
The village
people are very angry.
Where are we going?
You're going to prison. It's
not like your country, no TV.
I have heard in your
country, people do not work.
Government give them money.
Yeah, well,
some people sort of.
They give you
dole money but it's not much.
They expect you
to live on sixty pounds.
That's the equivalent
of five thousand rupees.
A year?
A week.
No, no, no, no, no,
no. In my country, I'm saying,
I'm very poor.
Are you married?
Yeah? You have children?
Three children.
Yeah? D'you have a picture?
Don't hurt me!
Don't hurt me, please!
Hey, Vix!
D'you want a lift home?
What are you doing?
What d'you think
of my new wheels?
Oh, come on. It's cold.
Please let me give you a lift?
Just wait.
At your service, Madame.
This is not
really your car, is it?
Nah, it's a mate's.
I just wanted to impress ya.
You didn't have to. I don't
care what car you drove, Lee.
No. Or what job you did,
or how much money you earned
or how many gadgets you had.
No. You care too
much about that stuff.
I see you now, pally
with Marlowe. It's funny.
You're caught up
with the things, Lee.
And people get so
caught up with the things,
they forget what's important.
Yeah, yeah.
Money, and all that.
- Hmm?
- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I have to say goodnight.
- Yeah, but-
- I have to go.
I've got it.
Vix? Vix!
He told me to dump the car, man.
Oh, what the fuck?
I'm sorry, mate.
I didn't know she was
in the back and...
...didn't know where else to
bring her. She's...
- Calm down.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just put her down. It's fine.
She okay?
LEE: I think she's
still breathing.
Hey, what the fuck is this?
How could he
fucking do this to me, man?
I told you that
sleazy fuck was trouble.
What the fuck is that?
I can't let this slide, Lee.
Listen, don't even think
about that now. Let's just...
I can't fucking
let this slide, Lee.
Well, let's just go
when we have a head start.
You can't go back there.
Sol, for fuck's sake.
SOL: Your brother would have never
let him get away with this.
Distract him. And I'll make sure
he never thinks
about running girls again.
Just bullshit him about the
car, get him into the corridor.
Then I'll teach him a lesson.
Oh, look who it is.
You alright, Marlowe?
Hop in.
Nah, I'll give it a miss.
Just get in the Jacuzzi, Lee.
MARLOWE: Ah, you're not
regretting it now, are you?
So d'you take care of that
little piece of business?
Yeah, all good. Just straight
to the bottom, you know.
Nobody saw you?
No, no, no. No,
I mean, there was no one there.
No one around.
Wait for it.
So someone could have seen ya?
No. No, uhm...
Just kidding.
Come on, let's dry off.
It's very important when
you get out to dry yourself off.
Cos you don't
wanna catch a cold.
- No. - You know?
- Yeah. Alright, man.
You're a terrible liar, Lee.
Oh, really?
He's coming with me.
MARLOWE: No. He owes me.
It's supply and demand.
I'm the middle man.
Guys wanna bang girls
and girls wanna stay in the UK.
That's it. Simple.
Don't you play
the martyr with me.
I'm not the one
who married a stranger
for a pound fucking note.
Why did you try
to fucking kill her?!
Do something, Lee!
Where am I?
It's okay.
How are you
feeling? Are you okay?
What happened?
It's okay, it's okay.
Look. Look, I'm really sorry.
Please just, just take
this. You have to disappear.
Please, look, I'm sorry.
We have to get the
hell out of here, Sol.
LEE: Hi, this is Lee's phone.
Leave a message.
I probably won't get
it, but leave it anyway.
I'm looking for a
guy who's about this tall.
YOUNG MAN: No. Thanks.
- Where is he?
- You alright?
Don't bullshit
me, Vix, alright.
Stop pretending that you're here for Lee.
Like you actually give a shit about him.
What do you know?
I know you
didn't travel half way
around the world for a reunion.
Now, if you've
fucked him over again, Vix.
The police took
him. I came back to tell you.
We went back to your hut.
The police arrested him.
I'm telling you the truth.
- Well, I don't believe it.
- Hey...
- I'm fine.
- Mate, fuck off. Mind yourbusiness, yeah.
- Listen...
- Bruv, who you pushing, man?
Cool, yeah. Alright, alright.
Your friend is an animal!
Wait a minute. Did you hit her?
- No?
- No, no, no. No, no. He didn't hit me.
Are you okay?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Do you believe me now?
She said you got
taken away by the police.
Yeah, yeah.
Someone grassed
that I was selling drugs.
I didn't have it on me
when they picked me up.
Should have seen
them though, man.
I ended up having to give them
everything I made last night.
Fucking everything.
I thought you were
looking after Mike?
SOL: Well, after we took
him to the hospital,
he scared pretty much
everyone there.
We put him in
a room to calm down.
And you just left him there?
Shay said that he knew the two
security guards and they were
gonna get him home safely.
Well he seemed pretty riled when
he held a knife to my throat.
Here, come on, man.
You okay?
You okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
You alright?
Yeah, I'm good.
I'll tell you one thing. I'm gonna
sleep for about fifteen hours.
Come on, babe.
What the fuck?
He's fucking lost his mind.
I mean he's clearly
still pissed about the cow.
Fucking menace.
Oh no, no, no, no. No, no.
My money's gone.
Oh fuck.
I'm not missing much.
Guess that's one
of the only perks
of having fuck all to take.
That was everything.
I'm fucked.
No, come on,
mate. You're not fucked.
We're alive, aren't we?
Fucking stereo's fucked.
Stupid fucking lunatic.
LEE: Man, we will work something out.
We'll think of something.
Trust me, Solomon.
Tell me you didn't.
Tell me how you
paid off those cops.
I already told you
how I paid off the cops.
And I know every fucking
lie in your playbook, Lee.
Tell me how
you paid off those cops.
Sol! Hang on now a
minute, woah, woah, woah, woah.
I think we should just
take a nice deep breath
before we start
pointing the finger.
...truth, Lee. Alright?
Nice cup of tea before we-
...Fucking truth, Lee.
Tell me the fucking truth, Lee!
How fucking dare
you say that to me!
Look me in the eye and tell me
how you paid off the cops, Lee!
What was I supposed to do,
- Fucking hell, Lee!
- Alright? I didn't have a dime. They weren't fucking around. They were talking about prison!
You lost me everything,
Lee! I've got nothing left!
You lost me everything!
You know what
the worst thing is?
If you had just
been honest with me,
if you had just told me the
truth, I wouldn't have minded.
But this, Lee, this? What
the fuck is wrong with you?!
What was it, like, eight
hundred quid or something?
I will get every penny
back to you, I swear to God.
You owe me so much
more than money, Lee.
The only reason I came here
was to get away from the shit
that you put me in.
But you had to follow and
bring all of your shit with you.
Everywhere that you go, Lee,
everything that you touch turns
to shit. And I'm sick of it.
Your brother was
right about you.
You're nothing but bad news.
Here-Shay's two
friends at the hospital,
what did they look like?
What did they look like?
Fuck off, Lee.
No, no, no, no, no. Did one of
them have a big Stetson hat on?
- Sol, just please, please answer.
- Yes, fuck's sake.
And the other
fella had all red shit
on his teeth, like
that pan shit? Yeah?
It's Shay.
Shay cleaned us out.
Sol! Will you just-
Hey, hey. Where are you going?
Wait here, we'll be back.
Right, you stay here.
Just get my money back.
I will.
I'm not saving you this time.
Hi, Lee.
Mr. Lee, how good
to see you. Happy Christmas.
Yeah, not really, mate.
I got arrested by fake police.
Took quite the hiding and
had to give them lots of money.
They looked quite like
these two boys, actually.
Hmm. Come on,
Mr Lee. Don't joke a joker.
Yeah, whatever. Listen,
I need the money back, Shay.
I mean, come on,
it was a fucking cow.
I'm not kidding
around here, Shay.
Would you just get the
fucking money, please?
Please, please, please. Mr Lee.
Mr Lee, please stop shouting.
Then maybe the real police'd
like to hear about this.
Yeah? Yeah, boys?
What you smiling
at you fucking prick?
Shh. And maybe the
real police would like to hear
about you selling
drugs on the beaches.
I like you, Mr Lee. You're
my friend. You entertain me.
And I don't want to find you
washing up in a net
with the other Jet Trash.
D'you remember
what you did to me earlier?
You held a knife to my throat.
Do you remember that? Huh? Huh?
Want some advice
from an old soldier?
Don't spend your life running.
Maybe it's time to move on.
Find an ashram that'll
take us in or something.
Do what you want, man.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means as soon as
I'm packed, Lee, I'm gone.
Wherever you're not.
Sol. Sol, I thought
we were in this together?
I thought we were brothers?
Me and you are
not brothers, Lee.
In your own
twisted little world,
you're trying to be your
brother. And I'm done. I'm done.
I'm so, so sorry.
Sol! Sol!
Fuck. Get off me. Get off me!
MARLOWE: You remember when I brought
you into this country, Vix?
Good little earner, you were. Do
anything for fifty quid.
Now you should never
have got close to Lee.
That's very unprofessional.
As was all that
business with Adeze.
Now you should have told
her what she was getting into.
Naughty Vix.
The best thing
I ever did, weren't it?
Knocking you up. Meant
you couldn't just run away.
All I ever wanted to do
was make a little money.
Go on, back to mummy.
What's going to happen to them?
Make sure those two stay there.
What do you mean? You
said you'd let us go.
And there's me thinking
I wasn't gonna see your
lovely faces again, boys.
Oh, this is nice. Innit?
You're very quiet.
Nothing to say?
Even you, Lee?
Put them in the back.
I've got it from here,
boys. This is personal business.
Stop there. Turn around.
On your knees.
You never forget
the smell of burnt flesh.
It sticks in
the back of your throat.
...little bit out of
hand, that's all, man, please.
- It haunts ya.
- Please.
I'm so sorry, brother.
- Fuck.
- Mike-
Why did you just slash him?
Why didn't you fucking kill him?
It's a soul.
Come on.
Come on, get on,
get on, get on.
Get her to shut up!
I swear to Christ.
Hold on to me.
Hold on.
Get out of the car.
He took my little
girl because of you.
Yeah, well, you did
what you needed to do then.
- Come on, Vix.
- Look, we need to go to Shay's.
Please, no trouble!
Please just listen
to me, I'll make this right.
Is there anywhere I
can clean her up, please?
Come and sit down.
Tell me, what
happened? What do you need?
Boys, we're in India.
Every day dozens of
people come to me
asking for
hundreds of dollars. Every day.
Where did the others go?
The English ones. Do you know?
Take me there.
He's gonna kill us, Shay.
Look, we got nobody
else to go to, Shay.
Thanks, Shay.
Thank you, mate.
Sorry, sir. But we are
closed for business today.
Give me my son back.
Now you've got
something that I want.
Let him go, Marlowe.
These two people have got
nothing to do with this.
It's a
horrible business. Horrible.
Please release my son.
Then throw me your gun.
Do it.
Now is not the time to
negotiate, you'll understand.
There's a good boy.
Let him go now, mate.
Release him now,
Marlowe. Come on.
I think we know how
this plays out, lads, don't we?
Just take the gun
away from his head!
Why are you
always running to his rescue?
He's the one that
fucks everything up.
You can't fix it,
Solomon. Not this time.
You're the one pointing a
gun at a seven year old boy.
You coward!
I'm no liar! I don't run.
You think I can run from this?
When you do something,
you stand up like a man.
You take your punishment.
You fucked up everybody's
life. Do you not know that?
See you soon, brother.
You can't joke a joker.
Alright, mate!
Bloody tourists.
Baby, you stay in the car, okay?
You don't go anywhere.
Get out of the car.
After all the trouble you've
caused me, I've earned this.
You don't have to do this.
You don't have to run off.
Alright. It's
madness. And I wanted to say,
I've been trying to say that...
Maybe in the next life.
What you did back there, your
brother would have been proud.
This is home.
SOL: So, what, you're
just gonna stay here?
Good luck, Mike.
Merry Christmas.
I'm keeping your deposit.
Is it still Christmas?
I think it's
Boxing Day, actually.
How much have we got in the bag?