Jett Jackson: The Movie (2001) Movie Script

You're Late.
Excellent -- My Source
Equation Files
From The University.
Now I Can Finish My Work.
Yeah, Yeah, Just
Give Me My Money.
There's Your Payment.
Not That You'll Have Anywhere To
Spend It When
I Destroy The Earth.
Finders Keepers.
Get The Disk.
There's Five Of Us
Against One Girl.
No, No, You Don't
Where There's
Hawk, There's...
You Say That A Lot, Rat.
Get My Disk.
Shockwave Pod?
Shockwave Pod.
[ Alarm Sounding ]
Everybody Out!
It's Gonna Blow!
Come On!
Get Out! Get Out! Run!
Move, Come On.
Get Out The Door! Silverstone!
Run, Hawk.
I'll Take Care Of Krabb.
You Can Make It.
Just A Little Farther.
Come On, We're To The Door.
We're Almost Out!
Open The Door, Kragg!
Open The Door!
There's Nothing
You Can Do, Silverstone.
He's Sealed His Own Fate.
Get Out Of There! Come On!
You Ok?
And Cut. Oh, Great
Scene, You Two.
Fx...That Explosion
Was Beautiful.
Nice One, Jett.
See You Tomorrow.
All Right?
Am I Ok? Jett Jackson, Baby.
Man, You Look Tired.
I Didn't Say You Looked Bad.
I Said You Looked Tired.
Maybe A Little Grumpy.
'Morning, Boys.
'Morning, Mr. Dupree.
You Know, J.B.,
I Mean, I'm Sorry.
I Just-- My Life's
Been So Hectic Lately.
I Miss Out On A Few Of The
Simple Pleasures...Like Sleep.
I Worked This Morning,
Came Here For My First Class.
Now I Got To Go
Back To The Set,
Then Hurry Back Here
For My Last Class,
Before Going
To The Studio Again.
You Know...I Like
My Simple, Boring Life.
Hey, Guys.
Oh...Oh! Look At The Time.
I've, I've Got To Go.
Something Tells Me
I'm Being Set Up.
I Just...
Well, I Just Wanted...
Oh, Why Is This So Difficult?
Come On, Kay, It's Only Me.
It's Not Like You're Going To
Ask Me To The Prom Or Something.
[ Bell Ringing ]
Uh, I've Got To Get To Class.
The Rat Was Captured, But Dr.
Kragg's Men Managed To Escape.
What About
All Information
Leads Us To Believe
He Never Made It Out
After The Explosion.
All We Found Was This.
That Was In
Kragg's Lab?
I Believe, If We
Find Out What It Is,
We'll Find Out What
Happened To Dr. Kragg.
In The Meantime,
There's Other Work To Be Done.
Your Assignment.
Hope You Got Plenty
Of Mosquito Repellent.
We're Headed To The Amazon.
You Know What?
Count Me Out.
I Need A Break.
Hello? This Is Mission Omega
Matrix. There Are No Breaks.
I'm Serious.
I'm Not Just An Agent.
There's More To Me...
You Just Wouldn't Know It.
I Have No Family, No Friends.
This Is Not A Life.
This Is A 24-7 Job.
Check The Gate.
I Was Great.
You Were Good.
That's An Hour For Lunch.
Nice Scene, Jett. All Right.
You, Uh...
Lookin' For
Something, Jett?
Yeah, Yeah, I Put
My Soda On This Console
Right Before The Scene,
And Now It's Not There.
Mmm, Was It Red,
With Soda
And Sitting
On Top Of My
Electrics Board?
No, That Doesn't
Sound Like Mine.
Jett, Please...
If That Soda Had Spilled, Who
Knows What Could Have Happened.
Pff, It Won't Happen Again.
Look, I'd Love To Stay...
Chat It Out With You,
But I Got To Run To School.
Catch You Later.
[ Horn Honking ]
Jett, Babe, Pull Over.
I Got Some Exciting News.
Plunkett, I Didn't
Know You Were In Town.
I Don't Have Time To Chat.
I'm Going To Be
Late For School.
It Can't Wait.
The Studio Called.
They Want To Extend
Silverstone Three More Years.
They Need To Know
You're On Board.
Three Years?
I Don't Know, Plunkett. I'll
Need Time To Think About It.
What's To Think About?
This Is A Once-In-A-Lifetime
Just Sign On The Dotted Line
And It's Nothing
But Smooth Sailing Ahead.
[ Crashing ]
Ahh...Oh, Dang.
Hot, Hot. Very Hot!
Call Me If You Need A Witness.
Oh, Boy.
Of Course You're
Going To Do
The Show -- What's
To Think About?
I Don't Know, Between
Silverstone And School.
Late Nights, Early Mornings,
Lost Week Ends.
I Don't Even Know Who I Am.
Read Teen Weekly --
They Just Did
A Pretty In-Depth Piece On You.
Now Everybody Knows Who You Are.
That's Not
Me, Man.
That's Me,
The Star.
See What I Mean?
You Da Man.
See? That's Who You Are.
Like Tank Wilson Said,
"You Da Man."
Hey, Kay.
Right, I'm Silverstone.
I'm The Man, The Star.
But, Do You Hear The Name
Jett Mentioned Anywhere?
No, That's 'Cause
He's Gotten Lost.
Well, I'm Sure You'll Find Him.
Look, I Got To Get
To The Rental Shop
Before They Run Out
Of Black Tuxes,
And I Have To Wear One
Of Those Powder-Blue,
Puffy Shirt Thingies.
If It's Any
Consolation To You,
You Do Make
A Lot Of Sense.
I Don't Know
How You've Managed.
It's So Much Work
For One Person.
Thanks, Kay.
That Means A Lot.
You Were Going To Tell Me
Something This Morning
When The--
Bell Rang.
Yeah...Sure Hope
The Bell Rings Again.
Sorry, No More Bells Today.
All Right, Uh...Jett,
Are You Going To The Prom?
Ahhh! I Knew It.
I Knew You Were Going
To Ask Me To Go With You.
No, I Was Asking If You Were
Going To The Prom.
You Know, Going?
Oh...Uh, Yeah, Yeah, I'm Going.
I Was Thinking I Might Head Over
After I Finish Work
At The Studio, You Know...
How 'Bout You?
Yeah, But, You Know,
I'm Going By Myself. You?
Yeah, Yeah, By Myself.
Since You're Going By Yourself
And I'm Going By Myself,
Maybe We Could...Hang Out...
...When We're There --
By Ourselves.
Of Course, Ha, Ha...
Maybe Even Dance.
Well, Yeah.
After All, It,
Uh...It Is A Dance.
Yeah, Yeah, It Is
A Dance -- Ha, Ha...
Dude, You Must Be So Stoked.
Going On Your First
Date With Kayla.
Look, We're Just
Going To Go To
A Gym And Hang
Out...Maybe Dance.
Jett, It's The Prom.
It's A Date.
It's Not.
It's A Date.
I Don't Th--
Date. Date. Date.
All Right, Man,
It's A Date.
Yes! I Knew It Was
Just A Matter Of Time.
What Was A Matter
Of Time?
You And Kayla, Kayla And You.
Dude, It's Been
Obvious For Years.
No-- Ach!
Smoke Machine's Working.
No, No, We're
Just Friends Who--
Have Liked Each Other
For The Longest Time, Only...
Neither One Of You
Would Admit It, Until...Now.
Dude, It's The Prom.
It's Your First
Date With Kayla.
This, My Friend,
Is A Special Night.
Yeah, It Is.
Oh, They Grow Up So Fast.
You're Crazy,
You're Crazy.
It's Big.
What's Big?
Everything. The Studio Is
Throwing Everything At Us.
Money, Directing,
Another Pilot,
Two Movie Deals...
You're Not Happy.
I, I Don't Know.
Then, Let Me Tell You.
You Are Happy.
But The Studio Needs
An Answer By Tomorrow.
They Said,
If You Turn It Down,
Then They're Going To Have To
End The Series With
Something Really Big.
Wh-What Does
Big Mean?
Fill In The Blanks, Babe.
But You Have The Power
To Stop Them.
And You Can Do It Right Here
On The Set Of Silverstone.
We'll Gather The Cast And Crew
And Make The Announcement.
And Get This -- During A Live
Press Conference, Huh, Huh?
Plunkett, I Need
Some Time
To Think
On This.
Sure, Sure...
You Think About It.
[ Phone Ringing ]
Ok, Well, I Just
Talked To Jett.
He Wants To Think About It.
Will You Catch That Thing?
It's Going To Hit Me.
You Should
Have Knocked.
I Did.
You Didn't
You Should've
Taken The Hint.
Look, I Don't Know What You're
So Angry About -- You And I
Have It Pretty Good Here.
You've Got To Stop Wanting To
Some Place, Or Somebody, Else.
Fine -- Ignore Me,
But The Fact Is,
We've Got
A Stage Three Emergency.
We're On A Plane
In 10 Minutes.
What Part Of The Word "No"
Don't You Understand?
Get Out.
Nice! Ha, Ha.
Looks Like That's A Wrap
For Tonight. I'll See--
[ Whispering ]
Sorry, Guys...Apparently,
That Was No Good For Camera.
We're Going To
Have To Go Again.
Hey, John, Man...
It's My Prom.
We're All Late
For Something, Jett.
You Wanted To Be
An Actor, Right?
Let's Reset.
Ok, Resetting
The Number One's, Everyone.
[ ]
[ ]
I Love
This Song.
Mmm, Yeah, So Do I.
Aw...Sweetie, I'm Sorry
You Missed Your Prom.
Can I Buy You A Soda?
Was It Fun?
Ha, Ha, It's Fun When
I Dance, Not Chaperone.
But Your Friends Looked Like
They Enjoyed Themselves.
J.B. Won The Dance Contest.
And Kayla, Oh,
Kayla Looked Great.
She Always
Looks Great.
Man, I Really
Blew It.
Work Ran Late?
Hey, Plunkett Called And
Told Me That The Studio
Wants Silverstone
For Three More Years.
You Must Be Thrilled.
Ok, That's Not A Happy Yeah.
Mom, I Don't Think I Want
To Be Silverstone Any More.
If This Has
Something To Do With
Missing Your Prom...
There'll Be Others.
No, There Won't.
Not Like This.
This Was Really Important To Me.
It Was My Prom. It Was Kayla.
And I Missed It
Because Of The Show.
What More Am I Going To Miss
In The Next Three Years?
I Mean, What Have
I Missed Already?
It's Hard.
I Get How Lucky I Am.
I Understand How Much
Money I'm Making.
If You're Not Happy
Doing What You're Doing,
Then Knowing How Lucky You Are
And How Much Money You're
Making Doesn't Mean A Thing.
Thanks, Mom.
[ Sighing ]
I Guess I'll Sleep On It
And Make My Announcement
On Set Tomorrow.
You Know, I'm Kind Of
Glad No One's Here.
Go To The Prom --
Leave With Your Mother.
It's A Minor Deduction
In Cool Points.
Good Night.
Come On, Jett,
Sign The Contracts Now,
So I Can Show Them Off
At The Press Conference.
I Already
Told You -- No.
You're Going To
Sign Them, Right?
Listen, Plunkett,
I Got A Scene To Do.
We've Learned What This Is.
Dr. Kragg's Space/Time
Continuum Machine.
Nice Job. Looks
Almost Good As New.
If That's All,
I'll Be In My Quarters.
I'm Not Quite Sure What Phase
Of Adolescent Drama
You're Going Through,
But Whatever It Is,
I Need You To Set It Aside.
We're In
A Stage Three Emergency
So You Want Me To Save
The World...Again?
Forget It.
Hawk Can Do It.
We're Dealing With
Dr. Kragg, Silverstone.
No, We're Not.
I Destroyed Him.
There Is No Evidence
Of That, Silverstone.
I Need You To Take
This Seriously.
I Need You To Take This
Mission Seriously.
Kragg Is Dead
And So Is His Machine.
This Is A Stage Three
Emergency, Silverstone.
[ Circuitry Shorting ]
Jett! Watch Out!
Ohh...I Feel Like I
Got Hit By A Truck.
Close, My Friend.
You Were Thrown
Across The Room By
A Power Surge From
Dr. Kragg's Machine.
Just Relax, We'll Get You
Some Medical Attention.
No, No, I'm
All Right. I Just...
Here, Here.
Come On.
Hawk, I Need You In Here, Stat.
Sory About That, Nigel.
We Had That
Scene Nailed.
What Happened?
Something Went Wrong
With Cub-Man's Machine.
It Through Me Across The Room.
We're Going To Have To
Re-Do That Scene.
It's Not That Big A Deal, Guys.
I'm Sure Cubby Can Fix It.
Artemus...What Is
He Talking About?
He's Coming To.
Oh...What Happened?
I'm Not
Sure, But
You Were Standing
By That Machine,
Then There Were
Sparks And You
Were Flying
Across The Room.
I'm All Right.
I Believe I Know What Happened.
Someone, Who Shall
Remain Nameless,
Left Their Soda Can
On My Console...
And This Time
It Spilled,
Causing A Surge,
If You Will.
Who Are You?
Oh, Ho, You Gave Us
Quite A Scare There.
Don't Touch Me!
Your Space.
Artemus, Who Are All
These People, And What
Are They Doing At Mission
Omega Matrix Headquarters?
Jett, Are You
All Right?
Hey, Jett Bro.
It's Me, Cubby.
Cub-Man, Cub-Meister,
Chez Cub-A-Roni.
Uh, Listen, Dude,
You Whacked
Your Upstairs Mainframe
Pretty Hard -- You Should Park
Your Hard Drive Until
Someone Can Check You Out.
Do You Work
For Mission Omega Matrix?
Yeah, Kind Of.
I Design The Doo-Dads
And The Doo-Hinkeys
And The Whatcha-Ma-Call-It's
That You Use To
Save The World Every Week.
I.D. Number?
Who Is He?
Who Are These People?
This Is Some Sort Of Test,
Right, Artemus?
This Is A Test?
It's A Test.
Are You
All Right?
I'm Fine. I'm All Right.
I Don't Know About
The Rest Of These People.
I Was In Make-Up,
I Heard--
You Don't Wear Make-Up.
[ Laughing ]
Don't Wear Make-Up.
He's Just Joking With You.
Maybe The Cub-Man
Should Come Along.
Just To Make
Sure You--
[ John Mclean ]: Somebody Did
Call The Paramedics, Right?
What Have You Done With Mission
Omega Matrix Headquarters?
Jett, Baby.
It's About Time.
Everyone Is Waiting
For The Big Announcement.
Especially Me.
Are You Ready? Good.
All Right, Everyone.
Here He Is.
Just As I Promised.
I Give You, Jett Jackson.
[ Clamouring ]
Rumour Has It
That The Network Is
Offering You Another
Three Years Of Silverstone,
Not To Mention What Is Reported
To Be An Obscene
Amount Of Money.
We Need
More Than That, Jett.
In A Business
Where Cash Is King,
Are You Going To Take
Your Slice Of Royalty?
There Are Millions Of Fans That
Are Waiting For An Answer, Jett.
Go On. Tell 'Em, Jett.
Yes, Jett.
Tell Us.
Will There Be
Three More Years Of Silverstone.
Jett! Jett!
Please, Just A Couple
[ Clamouring ]
Jett, Sorry --
I Know I Promised
I'd Be Here,
I Had Car Trouble.
Want A Lift Out Of Here?
Jett, Don't Run!
Press Or No Press, Buckle Up.
Jett! Jett!
It Is Imperative That
We Be Patient With Him.
Wait A Minute, My Friend.
I've Called For Our Medical To Come And Take A Look At You.
What's With
The Improvising, Nigel?
That's Not Even Close
To What's In The Script.
Someone Call Cut.
John, Hey, John. Call Cut, Man.
Where's The Crew?
I Think He's Delusional.
I'm Not Delusional,
And He's Not Artemus,
He's Nigel Essex.
And You're Not Hawk,
You're Riley Grant.
I'm Not Silverstone --
I Don't Know What Kind Of Game
You Two Are
Playing Here, But I'm Gone.
There's No Hallway Here.
This Is A Sound Stage.
Where's The Lights?
Where's The Cameras?
Where Am I? Where Am I?
What Are You Doing?
There's Nothing To See Here.
Go On About Your Business.
Yeah, Yeah
Been Thinking
About You Baby
Hey, What's Up?
Just Yesterday You Told Me
You Loved That Song.
Yeah. After The Prom, Remember?
Uh, Yeah. Sure.
Look, Thanks For The Lift.
Pull Over, I Think
I'll Walk From Here.
Jett Jackson, You Are Not
Getting Out Of This Car.
It's Been A Big Day And...
You're Starting To Show It.
Maybe You Just Need
Something To Eat.
No Thanks, I'm Not Hungry.
And I Am Not
Taking No For An Answer.
Tonight, You Eat With Your Mom.
...I've Been Spinning
Like A Merry-Go-Round
Indications Of
A Storm
Touching Ground...
...But I Guess It Was
A Heartbreak From The North
Is He Going To Be Normal Again?
I Mean, As Normal
As Silverstone Gets?
Knock It Off, J.B.
You Knucklehead.
Sleep Well, My Young Friend.
Tomorrow, The World
Needs You Once Again.
Here We Are.
Why Are We Stopping?
You're Home.
Can We Go In?
Unless Your Father's
Changed The Locks You Can.
But I've Go To
Get Home And Do Some Work.
I Suppose You Forgot
We're Divorced?
You're Tired.
Go In And Get Some Sleep.
[ Knocking ]
No, It's The Milkman.
Where's Your Key?
I'm On The Phone.
We'll Talk Later.
Sorry, Mayor Beale.
Jett Was At The Door.
Of Course He's Got A Key.
Look, Can We Just
Get On With Business?
You're Running For Sheriff?
You Already Know That.
I'm On The Phone.
Mm-Hmm. Yeah, Uh-Huh.
Mayor Beale, We...
[ Door Opening ]
Ki-Yah, Yourself.
Now Help Me With These Bags.
So That's Him.
And That's Me.
Artemus, I'm Not Sure
What's Happening.
It's Kind Of Weird, But...
For The First Time
In My Life, I Have A Family.
[ Banging ]
Cool! Can You
Show Me How To Do That?
You Said You Were Coming
By The Store After Work.
I Got A Ride With My Mom.
We Didn't
Go That Way.
What Way? It's Right
Across The Street.
Are You Sure This
Is A Regulation Hoop?
Write Your
Name Down.
I Want To Show You Something.
But You Said You Were Gonna--
You're Weird, Jackson.
Ok. Here It Is.
Nice Shot...
You Know, I May Be
The Only One In Town
Who's Glad
You Turned Down The Show.
I Didn't Want
To Go Another Three Years
Having My Best Friend
Only Half Time.
Thanks...And You
Came All The Way
Here Just To Tell Me That?
No -- I Came Here To Tell You
That Kayla Was
Kind Of Upset With You.
Kayla. The Girl
You Stood-Up At The Prom?
You Might Want
To Talk To Her Tomorrow.
Just Thought
You Might Like To Know.
I Think I Might Like
Being Jett Jackson.
Silverstone Set.
Must Have Dozed Off.
The Doors Are Jammed.
Hey, Somebody Open These Doors.
All Right, Cubster.
Way To Improve The Vortex Ball.
[ ]
It's Almost Like It's...Real.
[ Gong Clashing ]
Hey, Rye.
I Had The Strangest Dream That
You And Nigel Thought You Were
Really Hawk And Artemus
And Were Trying To
Convince Me That
I Was Really Silverstone.
And, Of Course, You're Not.
Can You Catch That Thing?
Put The Ball Down.
I Think You Should
Go Talk To Artemus.
[ Laughing ]
Got Me.
Yeah, I Got You.
So Anyway...Artemus,
I Mean....Nigel.
He's In The Lair.
Just Like Old Nigel.
Always Wanting To Rehearse.
Tell Him I'll Be
There In A Minute.
[ Whistling ]
Excuse, Me Did--
Excuse Me,
Did They Add A New Scene,
Because I Don't Remember
This Set In The Script.
Carry On.
This Is A Great Set.
We Do Not Mobilize Until
I Get A Full Assessment.
Go Out There Yourself
And Send Me Back A Full Report.
What's Going On?
Where's The Crew?
Where Is
Everybody, Nigel?
Silverstone, Sit Down.
All Right.
Enough Is Enough. Joke Is Over.
It's Not Funny Any More.
This Is No Joke,
Yesterday, You Were
Involved In An Accident
With The Space/Time
Continuum Machine.
You Seem To Have Lost
Your Memory And Found Another.
What Is This--
Calling Me Nigel
Shows That Loss.
I Am Artemus.
Second In Command
Of Mission Omega Matrix.
And You Are Our Top Agent.
[ Laughing ]
This Is Good. This Is Good.
It Is Imperative
That You Believe Me.
If You Don't, Then I'm Afraid
The World May Be Doomed.
I Think I Should Sit Down Now.
Dr. Kregg's
Space/Time Continuum Machine.
Although Partially Destroyed
During Your Mission,
I Had It Rebuilt.
Yeah. I Remember
That Scene. It Was Great.
If You Are Not Silverstone,
Who Do You Think You Are?
Jett Jackson.
You Are Not
Jett Jackson.
You Are Silverstone.
You've Been With Me
For Over 14 Years.
Right, That's The Back Story.
My Name Is Jett Jackson.
I Live In Wilsted With
My Great-Grandmother.
My Father's The Sheriff.
My Friends Are Jb And Kayla.
And I Can't Believe
I'm Defending Myself.
Hawk Was Right.
You're In No Condition
To Take On This Assignment.
Your Monitor.
I Think I May Have
Found Something.
After Kragg's Body Didn't Turn
Up In Our Forensic Search
Of The Explosion Site,
I Got Suspicious.
I Had Research Recover
Our Satellite Footage
From That Night.
Take A Look At This.
Zoom In.
Dr. Robert Deloria,
Assistant To Dr. Kragg.
Injured, But
Very Much Still Alive.
Fast Forward. Punch In.
The Same Dr. Robert Deloria.
Pronounced Dead At The Scene.
Dr. Kragg.
He's Still Alive.
Yes. Excellent
Work, Hawk.
Kragg Took On The Appearance Of
Deloria And Made His Escape.
Apparently He's Perfected
Molecular Transference.
But, So?
I Mean,
What Threat Can He Pose?
Some Whacked Out Scientist Who
Can Take The Shape Of Dead Guys.
Not Much Money In That, Right?
His Ability To Change Form Is
Only The Start
Of Our Molecular Nightmares.
Silverstone, If
You Are Up To It,
I Want You And Hawk
To Go To Chicago.
Oh, Uh, Yeah.
I'll Go To "Chicago."
Hey, "Artemus," I Know.
Why Not Take The "Mission
Omega Matrix Helicopter..."
From The Helipad...
On The Top?
Precisely. It's Waiting
For You On The Pad.
[ Jett ]: Uh, Guys, Uh...
I Was Actually Kidding
About The Chopper Thing.
This Is Impossible.
Chicago's Gone.
Impressive, Isn't It?
I Thought
You Were
Back At
Some Things
You Have To See For Yourself.
Where Is
Where Are The Buildings?
Where Are All The People?
Three Very Good
No Doubt Kragg's Handiwork.
Wait A Minute.
Kragg Has The Ability
To Rearrange Molecules.
Maybe He Could Make Chicago
Look Like Denver But...
Chicago's Just Gone.
You Two Must Go To New York.
There's Word That's
Where Kragg Will Strike Next.
Good Luck.
Silverstone, You Coming?
[ Sinister Laughter ]
I'll See You
In New York, Silverstone.
Hey, Jett.
That's Me.
Good Morning...Jett.
Where Are You Going?
You May Want To Try
The Other Direction.
I Mena, You Can Get There
The Way You're Going, But You'd
Have To Walk Around
The Entire Planet.
This Way, It Only
Takes 10 Minutes.
Well, Let's See.
On A Scale Of 1 To 10,
I Guess I'd
Have To Give You
About 11 In Popularity.
So, Everybody
Likes Me.
Why Do You Even Have To Ask?
Just Checking.
And What
About You?
Well, If You're An 11, I Guess
I'd Have To Be About A 13.
So, You're The
Most Popular Kid
In School, And
We're Best Friends.
That's Cool.
Mr. Dupree, Hey.
Good Morning,
Good Morning.
Do I Know Him?
What? Oh, Ho,
I Get It.
Because We
Haven't Seen
Mr. Dupree Out
Of That Old
Droopy Suit He's
Been Wearing Since--
Are You Moving?
Nice Deflection --
We'll Get Back To
The Droopy Suit In A Minute --
Yes, I Am Moving.
New House. And I Thought
They Didn't Pay Teachers Well.
Not What They're Worth.
But I'm Not Moving Up.
I'm Moving Away.
You Can't Move Away.
We Need You Here.
I'm Afraid It's Out
Of My Hands, J.B.,
What With The Show Closing
And The Crew Moving On.
The School Will
Have To Make Cutbacks.
I've Been Offered
A New Position In Durham.
Wow, I'm Sorry To Hear That.
So Was I.
But As Far As Today
Is Concerned...
I Will Put On My Same
Old Droopy Suit,
And I Will Be At School
In Time For My First Class.
I Expect To See Both
Of You There Too.
Man, That's A Real Drag
About Mr. Dupree.
But There's No Need For You
To Feel Guilty.
About What?
Mr. Dupree And All
The Other People
Moving Out Of Wilsted
Because You're
Not Doing The Show Any More.
Ok, I Won't.
Jett, What Is It?
The Rat.
You Mean Maury, The Actor
Who Plays The Rat.
Dang! Why Did You
Have To Scare Me Like That For?
Deputy, I May Require
Your Assistance.
What Are You Doing?
Down, Down.
There's A Dangerous
Felon At That Cafe.
Yes, He Must Have
Escaped Prison,
Where He Was
Serving Time For Helping
To Mastermind
A Catastrophic Event That
Would've Ended Life
On This Planet.
Dang! Oh, You're
Just Kidding, Right?
You're Not Kidding.
Dang, Um, Ok, Yeah,
I'm Going To Call The Sheriff.
No Time.
No, No Time.
Cover Me. I'm Going In.
Uh, Uh, Jett,
Shouldn't That
Maybe Be Me
Doing That?
Oh, Dang.
It's Back
To The Cage For You, Rat.
Good Work, Deputy.
He's All Yours.
Well, Good Morning, Maury.
'Morning, Booker.
[ Laughing ]
This Is Amazing.
What Is?
This, This School,
This Many Kids.
Did You Know That There Were
Kids Right Here
In This Country Who Have Never
Gone To A School Like This?
Who Have Never Had--
Jett, What Are You
Talking About?
Just Enjoying My Life.
Well, Let's Enjoy It
Over By Our Lockers.
Class Is About To Start.
Jett, Your Locker's Over There.
Do You Need Me
To Show You Which One?
No, I Know Which One.
Well, Like I Said,
Not Everyone Is As Happy
About You Quitting
The Show As I Am.
It Seems To Be Jammed.
Maybe You Should Use
Your Combination.
Hey, What's That?
What's What?
I Don't See Anything.
What Are You
Talking About?
Good Morning, J.B.
Good Morning, Kayla.
Good Morning,
Did You Say Something, J.B.?
No, Actually That Was Jett.
Jett, Jett, No,
I Don't Know Any Jett.
Why Is She
Ignoring Me?
Call It A Wild Guess,
But It Could Be
Because You Stood Her Up
At The Prom.
And That Made
You Mad?
I'll Take That As A Yes.
Would It Help Saying I'm Sorry?
Why Not Say It? We'll See.
I'm Sorry.
Doesn't Help.
You Know What?
It's Not Your Fault.
It's My Fault.
I'm The One Who
Should Be Apologizing.
Look, Couldn't Admit It
For The Longest Time,
But I Liked You.
It's Just Stupid
Of Me To Assume
That You Felt The Same Way.
No, Not At All.
Hey, Superstar.
Too Hot For A Tv Show, Huh?
Let Me Go.
Or You're Going To
Do What, Exactly?
Let Him Go,
He Hasn't Done Anything To You.
You Know What? He Has.
He's Done It To Me And He's
Done It To The Whole Town.
My Parents Worked
On That Show, Man.
Now They Don't,
And It's
Because Of You.
My Friend, You Have No Idea
Who You're Dealing With.
I'm Going To Count
To Three, And You're
Going To Be
In A World Of Pain -- One--
I'm Shaking.
Quiver, Quiver.
[ Bell Ringing ]
We'll Finish This Later,
Huh, Big Man?
Maybe School Isn't Going To Be
As Much Fun As I Thought.
[ Speaking
Foreign Language ]
Well, It Looks Like
New York City's Still Here.
Hey, Chicago Is Called
The Windy City.
Maybe It Just Blew Away.
Let's Take
A Look Around.
Get It? It Blew Away.
It's The Windy, Windy City.
I Thought It Was Funny.
Everything Seems Normal.
Except That.
This Isn't Happening.
Welcome To New York.
Ok, It's Happening.
I Thought I'd Give You
A Little Present
In Return For That
Gift You Gave Me.
And What Gift Was That?
Not Only Did You Disrupt
My Work, You Left Me With...
Pretty, Isn't It?
You Know Miz Coretta,
My Great-Grandmother?
She Says That Beauty
Is Only Skin Deep,
But Goodness Is To The Bone.
I'm Sure You're
A Great Guy Inside.
I'm Not.
You Know, Doc,
You Could Make A Financial
Killing If You Took That
Cosmetic Cover-Up Thing
You Just Did To The Open Market.
I Know Some Actors Who Would--
You Know, This
Cosmetic Cover-Up
Thing Is Genetic Molecular
Trans-Dermal Regeneration.
It's Exactly Comments
Like That That Make Living
In This Dimension Unbearable,
Which Is Why I'm
Creating My Own Dimension,
One City At A Time,
Where I'm The Ruler,
And Everyone,
Everyone Answers To Me.
Someone Here Wasn't
Loved Enough As A Child.
Yeah, Safe
To Say.
In Exactly Two Minutes,
My New York City Will Become
Your New Home Town, A Place
Where You Just Can't Leave.
You Think
He's Bluffing?
Not A Chance.
Get Out, Get Out Of New York.
Get Out, Get Out, Get Out!
Get Out Of New York.
This Way.
You Two May Have Escaped
My World For Now.
But I Will See You There.
Oh, No!
Oh, No!
I Got To Work On My Landings.
No Sound.
No Colour.
No Good.
Excuse Me, Uh, Hello, Sir.
Is Anyone Home In There?
Hello, Is Anyone There?
Anyone Home?
Excuse Me, Can You Hear Me?
Hello? Hello?
Hey, Fellowa, Small World.
Didn't I See You
In The Other One?
So This Is The Part
Where We Fight?
So I Guess It's Going To Be
Different Than On The Show.
Oh, Boy!
Where's My Stunt Double
When I Need Him?
Thank You.
I Did It. I Went In, I Fought
The Bad Guys And I Got Out.
Just Like Silverstone.
Because I Am Him.
Yeah, You Are.
Let's Go.
Hey, Hawk, Thanks
For Waiting For Me.
You're Thanking
Me For Something?
You Know, This
New You?
I May Like It After All.
My Word Child,
What's All
The Excitement
J.B., Kayla And I Are
Riding Our Bikes
To The Creek, And Best Of All,
We're Just Going To Hang Out.
Imagine That.
Yeah, I Do Have A Bike, Right?
You Mean The One You've
Had For Three Years?
Right, Forgot
About That?
Don't You Think You'd
Better Call The Studio
And See If You
Have To Work Today?
Oh, Call The Studio, Yeah.
Good News,
I'm Not Working Today.
You Going Somewhere, Kiddies?
Oh, Gee, Hope
We're Not Ruining
Your Day Or Anything Like That.
You Are.
I Suggest, For Your Own Safety,
That You And Your
Little Friends Run Along Home.
And What Is The
Famous Jett Jackson
Going To Do If We Don't, Huh?
"The Famous Jett Jackson."
Kind Of Has A Nice
Ring To It, Doesn't It?
J.B., Get My Jacket.
It's A Little
Warm For--
Get My Jacket.
Come On, Tank,
We're All Sorry
About Your Parents.
They Were Working Before
Jett Brought The Show Here.
I'm Sure They'll
Find Other Jobs.
Ooh, Now I'm Really Scared.
The Mighty Silverstone Jacket.
Kayla And J.B., Both Of You
Get Out Of Here.
No, We're
Not Leaving.
Tank, You're Being Really Dumb.
Isn't That Sweet?
The Guy Stands You Up At Prom,
And You Still Stick Up For Him.
[ Whimpering ]
Come On, Boys.
I Warned You.
This Is A Shockwave Pod.
It Emits An Energy Field
Of 5,000 Pounds
Of Thrust Per Square Inch.
If You Take
Another Step Forward,
I'll Be Forced To Activate It.
Ok, Dude, It's A Prop
From Your Show, Man.
Ok, You're Messed Up.
You're Messed Up.
Ok, This Is,
This Is Getting Pathetic.
I'll Put You Out Of Your Misery
Real Quick -- Everybody
Having A Good Time?
Yes, Sir.
Good. Nice Game Last Week, Tank.
Hope You Stay Healthy All Year.
Yes, Sir,
I Will, Sir.
Anything You Need To Say?
Then Why Don't You All
Go On About Your Business?
Yes, Sir.
Oh, Jett, The Show Called.
Said They Were
Expecting You Today.
Seems You Have
A Few More Scenes To Shoot?
Must Have Slipped Your Mind.
Throw Your Bike In The Back;
I'll Give You A Lift.
Tell Me What Was
Going On Out There?
It Was Nothing.
Tank And You Have Been Friends
For A Long Time.
Never Had A Problem Before.
Never Cost His Parents
A Job Before.
No One I Know
Could Have Pulled Off
What You've Done
In The Last Three Years.
No One.
If You Say You've Had Enough,
I Know You've Had Enough.
Say, "Thank You, Rat."
The Rat!
He Must Have Escaped Again.
Thanks, Maury.
Oh, No!
But He Looks So
Much Like A Rat.
Right, But He's Not.
See, He's An Actor,
Like Yourself.
And Right Now He's
An Actor Who Wants You
To Stay Away From Him, Ok?
Got It, Got It.
Good, All Right,
Let's Do Rehearsal.
[ Imitating
Gunshots ]
What's This For?
Did You Not Read
The Revisions?
The New Script.
What Script?
Just Take Mine.
Can You Say,
"Burn Out"?
And While Checking Out New York,
Kragg And His Flunkies
Appeared Out Of Thin Air.
Oh, I'm Sorry, Where Are We?
Page 41,
Scene 41.
All Right, Let's
Keep The Flow.
Back To Ones.
While Checking Out New York,
Kragg And His Flunkies
Appeared Out Of Thin Air.
"And She Means Out Of Thin Air."
[ Laughing ]
Oh, My Ribs.
Spling, Splung...
Ha, Ha, Ha,
I Thought
You Were Him.
The Director Needs You On Set
To Block A Fight Scene.
Jett's Working With
Some Stuntmen Right Now.
I Need To Call My Agent.
And While Checking
Out New York,
Kragg And
His Flunkies
Appeared Out
Of Thin Air.
She Means Out
Of Thin Air...
With The Help
Of This,
Some Sort Of
Molecular Key,
Opens The Doorway
Between Kragg's
Dimension And
This One.
Excellent, However,
One Thing Still Puzzles Me.
After Chicago, How Did
You Know New York
Was Next On Kragg's List?
You Told Us.
I Did Not.
Yes, You Did.
You Were There With Us. Hawk?
It Was You.
And Daring.
A Dangerous Combination.
That Must Have Been Kragg.
Remember He Has The Power To
Take On Anyone's Appearance.
If That's True,
Then You Could Still Be Him.
I Could, But I'm Not.
You Think He'd
Admit It If It Were True?
This Is Absurd.
I Am Me.
Hypnotto Made
A Doll To
Hypnotize Children --
What Was Its Name?
Plush Mr. Puddin'.
Hawk, Silverstone, We're
Wasting Valuable Time.
When Silverstone Was A Baby,
You Sang Him The Same
Song Every Day -- Sing It.
That Was A Long Time Ago.
Sing It.
Very Well.
The Itsy-Bitsy Spider
Went Up The Water Spout
Down Came The Rain
And Washed The Spider Out
Out Came The Sun
And Dried Up All The Rain
And The Itsy-Bitsy Spider
Went Up The Spout Again
Let Go. What Are You Doing?
Artemus, Ask
Her A Question.
On Your Birthday,
I Gave You A Plant.
What Did You
Name It?
I Call It
Many Things.
I Didn't Give You A Plant.
You Don't Water
The Ones You Have.
[ Kragg's Voice ]: You
Found Out My Little Secret.
Well, It Won't Do You Any Good.
No, There Will Be Another Day,
My Young Friend.
He Came For This.
It Must Be
Of Some Threat To Him.
We Need To Regroup.
What Are You Looking At Me For?
[ Door Opening ]
Nice Moon.
Back Home...
On Warm Summer Nights...
I'll Just Sit On The Porch.
There'll Be A Warm Breeze
Blowing From The West.
And I Look Up In The Sky...
And There Will Be The Biggest
Moon Looking Back At Me.
You're Not Silverstone, Are You?
I Don't Know.
Nice Moon.
Back Home...
Sometimes On
Warm Summer Nights...
I Sit On My Rooftop
And Dream About
What It Would Be Like
To Be Somewhere Else.
To Just Be A Kid.
To Have A Family.
I Know You Know.
Child, I Was
The First Person
My Great-Grandson Saw
When He Came Into This World.
He Looked Right In My Eyes...
And I Looked Into His.
I Will Never
Not Know Jett Jackson.
I'm Not Sure Why You're Here,
But I Know There's A Reason.
And As Long As
You're Here, You're Family.
Thanks For
Your Help, Jb.
A Good Friend.
So Are You...And, Jett,
No Matter How Dumb
An Idea This Turns Out To Be,
I Think It's Incredibly Cool.
Jett, Jb.
Hey, Booker. You Need Some Help?
No, Jb, I Think
I Can Handle It. Thanks.
[ Jb ]: There She Is.
You Want Me To Wait
Till Booker Leaves?
No. It's Now Or Never.
Jb Called And
Said You Wanted To See Me?
You Were Wrong Yesterday
When You Said That You Were
Foolish To Think
That Just Because You Liked Me,
That I Felt
The Same Way About You.
Jett, You Don't Have To--
Yes, I Do.
I Do Like You.
You Do?
Yeah -- And
I Can't Begin To Tell You
How Sorry I Am
For Not Making It To The Prom.
Well, There'll Be Other Dances.
I Don't Want To Wait.
[ ]
Can I Have This Dance?
Here And Now.
Yeah, Yeah
Been Thinking 'Bout
You, Baby
Just Sitting Away
Watching The Days Go By
Been Thinking
'Bout You, Baby
Just Sitting Away
Watching The Days Go By
Have You Ever Felt
The Breeze Hit You Hard
Like The Wind...
[ Knocking ]
It's Open.
Hi, Mom.
I Just Wanted To Come By And See
My Baby On His Last Day Of Work.
So, It's Only Been Three Years,
But It Probably Feels Like
You've Been Silverstone Forever.
You Have No Idea.
Any Regrets?
No Regrets.
I've Got My Family.
I've Got My Friends.
And I've Got
A Whole Town That Hates Me.
What More Could A Kid Ask For?
I've Got A Surprise For You.
[ Applause And Cheering ]
We're Going To Miss You, Jett.
[ Whistling ]
You're The Best, Jett Jackson.
I Don't Know
What Got Into Me, Man.
My Parents Straightened Me Out.
I'm Sorry.
You Still The Man, Jett.
You Still The Man.
You Back To Normal Now?
I Guess Not.
His Name Is Maury.
He's An Actor Too.
There's Something I Forgot
To Ask You Last Night.
Something I Want You
To Think About.
If You're Here, Where's Jett?
We Need To Talk.
Excuse Us. Thanks.
The Network Called
With Some Changes.
Since This Is The Last Show,
They Want To Make It One Your
Audience Will Always Remember.
All I'm Going To Say Is...
It's Big.
The Writers Are Still
Working On The Ending.
"Interior. Artemus' Lair."
"The Next Morning."
"The Doors Open
And Silverstone Enters."
"He Looks Around
And Sees No One."
"He Makes His Way
Into Artemus' Main Chamber."
"A Single Red Rose Sits
In A Vase On The Table."
"Lying Next To It
Is Kragg's Dimension Key."
"Silverstone Freezes
As He Sees A Note"
"Laying Under
The Dimension Key."
"He Picks Up
The Note And Reads."
I Have Hawk And Artemus."
"You Have The Key."
"You Know The Way."
[ Silverstone ]: "Silverstone
Slams A Fist Into His Palm."
"Silverstone Picks Up
The Dimension Key."
You Want Me, Kragg?
"You Got Me."
No. This Is A Trap.
Oh, Man.
Silverstone's Going To Go.
But I Wouldn't Go.
But Jett...
Jett Would.
I Have To Go Back.
Something Wrong?
Jett's In Trouble.
And You're Going To Help Him?
I Want To.
I Just Don't Want To Leave.
I Have Everything Here.
Friends, Family.
You Also Have
All Of That In Your World.
Friends And Family
Are Where You Make Them.
You Just Have
To Open Your Eyes
And Look Around
At What Is Already There.
I'm Going To Miss You.
I'm Going To
Miss You Too, Child.
Now, Go And Find Jett.
Bring Him Back To Us.
Be Safe.
Looking Good.
You, Too.
Do You Have Any Idea
What's Going On In Your World?
Kragg's Alive.
He's Stealing Cities, Putting
Them In His Own Dimension.
Hawk And Artemus
Are Held Hostage,
And You Are About
To Walk Into A Trap.
I Read The Script.
All Except The Ending.
I'm Going To Write That Myself.
I'm Going Alone.
No. No Way.
I'm Not
Going Back Now.
Not After I've
Come This Far.
You've Been Incredible.
I Was Lost,
But I'm Not Lost Any More.
What I Was Looking For,
I Had Right Here All The Time.
And As For You...
You Belong In Wilsted.
Those People...
Those People Love You, Jett.
They Love You.
Go Home.
But, Kragg.
I'll Handle
You Need To Get Back And Destroy
The Time-Continuum Machine.
Kragg Gets This World,
It's Only A Matter Of Time
Before He Comes For Yours.
You Know How To Use That Thing?
Right. You Read The Script.
Say Hello To Nana For Me.
I'm Home.
Goodbye, Silverstone.
What Are
You Doing?
I Was Just Tring To--
Just Trying
To Trash
My Space/Time
Continuum Machine.
Cubby, I'll Explain Later.
You're Just Going
To Have To Trust Me.
Dude. Jett-Man.
Normally, I Would
Be Right Behind You
Venting Your Rage
On An Inanimate Object.
But This Baby Still
Has To Play In Two More Shots.
Although I Can't Really
Blame You After Reading How
The Network Plans
To Say Adios To Silverstone.
What Are They
Going To Do To Him?
Kill Him Off.
Kragg's Going To Do
The Dirty Deed Himself.
It Starts On Page 51.
Here, Hold This.
I'll Read It To You.
"Realizing Kragg Needs
An Enormous Source "
"Of Energy To
Power His Operations,"
"Silverstone Knew
It Could Only Be One Place:"
"The Solaropolis Power Plant."
[ Sighing ]
New York.
London And Hong Kong.
Just To Mention A Few.
You're Insane.
But There's Such
A Fine Line Between Genius...
And Insanity.
And Someone Here Seems
To Have Crossed That Line.
Oh. That Hurt.
And, I Imagine,
So Did That.
Now, If You'll Excuse Me...
I Have Cities To Steal.
Could It Be?
Is It?
Yes. Yes!
It's Paris.
Don't You Ever Use A Door?
No, I Like To Drop In Whenever
I'm In The Neighbourhood.
Stay Back. We're In Some
Sort Of Electric Force Field.
Check Mate.
Game Over. I Win.
All I Have To Do Is Push This
Little Button And Your Molecules
Will Be Scattered
In So Many Places
It'll Take 15 Years Just
To Put Together A Toenail.
Say Bye-Bye, Silverstone.
There's Two Of Them.
Do You Have
Any Idea How I'm Supposed
To Turn
This Thing Off?
Oh, I Don't Know. Why Not
Try The Button That Says "Off"?
You Find Kragg.
You Didn't Destroy
The Machine?
You Wouldn't Be Asking Me That
If I Did, Now Would You?
Now Lets
Find Us A Kragg.
But We're Going To Talk About
You Not Listening To Me Later.
You'd Only Be
Talking To Yourself.
Last Time I Saw Kragg
He Went This Way.
Come On.
Any Luck?
Nothing Here.
Nothing Here.
Oh, My.
One Of Them's Kragg.
Which One?
It Seems We Have A Problem.
[ Miz Coretta ]:
He Looked Right In My Eyes,
And I Looked Into His.
I Will Never
Not Know Jett Jackson.
Problem Solved.
Really, Guys.
How Did You Know
Who Was Kragg And Who Wasn't?
You All Looked The Same To Me.
He Wasn't Nearly As
Good Looking As Us.
And His Posture...
It Was Awful.
And His Head Wasn't As Swollen.
We Just Knew
He Wasn't Us.
Congratulations Are In Order.
Every City Is
Back To Its Normal Size
And Back To
Its Proper Location.
The World Is Safe Once Again.
Good Work,
I Think It's Time.
Thank You, Artemus.
Thank You, Hawk.
Good Luck.
I Missed You.
Yes, I...
I Missed You, Too.
There's Work To Be Done.
But I Thought
You Said The World Was Safe.
For The
Time Being.
You Know, After You Go Through,
I Have To Destroy It.
And What's Up With Hugging Hawk?
She's Nice --
We Sat On
The Roof Together,
That's All.
My Roof.
You Sat On My Roof. I Didn't
Sit On Any Roof With Kayla.
Kayla? You Hung Out With Kayla?
We Didn't Really Hang Out.
But I Did
Give Her
That Dance
You Owed Her.
You Danced With Kayla?
But The Prom Was--
It Wasn't At School.
It Was At Jb's Store.
I'm Ruined.
No, Man.
We Had A Really Great Time.
It's A Good Thing,
Especially After
I Got The Show Cancelled.
Oh, Man. I Don't Think
I Want To Go Back.
Any Chance Artemus
Needs Another Full-Time Agent.
But Seriously...
What You Have Here...
What You Do Here...
It's Pretty Cool.
Hey, You Got It
Pretty Good, Too.
I Know.
It's Like I Was
Blaming Everyone Else
For Not Seeing
Who I Really Was,
When It Was Me Who
Was Afraid To Look.
Being Here Has
Really Opened My Eyes.
I'm Jett. And I'm Silverstone.
I Don't Need
To Choose Between The Two.
No, You Don't.
So, I'll Be Seeing You, Jett.
And Me, You. Every Time
We Look In The Mirror.
Hi, Jett.
[ Applause And Cheering ]
Just On The Set.
Out Here, I'm Nigel.
[ Laughing ]
Good To See You, Nigel.
Good To See You.
Yes. I Can See That.
Hey, Rat.
He's Still Whacked.
Let Me Through.
Excuse Me,
Pardon Me.
Good To See You, Man.
Welcome Home,
Nana, You Won't Believe
What Happened To Me. I...
I Know, Child.
I Know.
Jett. I've Been
Looking All Over For You.
Everybody's Waiting
To Hear Your Statement.
The Press Is All Over Me
To Explain Your Decision...
All Right, Plunkett.
Break It Up, Break It Up.
I Don't Want Anyone Changing My
Son's Mind. What's Done Is Done.
No. No It's Not. Excuse Me.
Excuse Me, Everyone. Excuse Me.
Listen Up, Everyone.
I Want To Thank You All
For Coming Out.
I Have Something To Say.
Being Silverstone
Makes My Life Crazy...
It Makes It Confusing...
It Makes It Tiring.
And I Wouldn't
Have It Any Other Way.
So, For As Long As You Want Me,
You Got Silverstone.
[ Applause And Cheering ]