Jewel (2022) Movie Script

So, right here on this very spot
is where most of the victims fell
as they were running away from the police.
Most of them were shot in the back.
You know, that tells you
the story of what really happened here.
Pow! Pow! Pow!Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!
To date...
not one single police officer
or their superiors
took responsibility for that.
Nobody has gone to jail.
No one has come forward to say,
"I am sorry for the 69 Black souls
that died here that day."
Hey! Hey, you fool!
Lives, not souls!
How many times must I tell you, stupid?
Oh, Mam' Zikode.
It's the same, lives, souls.
It's the same, man.
Lives end, souls continue.
Don't mind them. Focus on me.
They're just here to pray.
What are they praying for?
They're praying so that
this sort of thing does not repeat itself.
So they've been
praying like this since 1960?
No. No, no, of course not.
They just took after their predecessors,
and then they will carry over the task
of praying to the next generation.
Don't pay too much attention to them.
They're just a bunch of crazynyangas.
But I want to watch.
You don't see
this sort of thing every day.
The Vaal River is 1,120 kilometers long.
And it is fully developed economically.
And normally
during this time of day
you see the boats
going up and down, and parties...
But the price of petrol is very high now.
So this water is used domestically
and for industrial purposes.
This river is
the lifeblood of the Vaal Triangle.
All right, let's go to our next point.
And please keep your belongings very safe.
And if you don't trust anyone, trust me.
Let's go.
Madam, can I carry you?
Hey, missy.
Come on, we're going.
You don't want to get lost here.
Won't get lost here.
It's time to eat.
I will eat later, my child.
you haven't eaten.
I can't inject you on an empty stomach.
I'm not hungry.
If you won't eat, I won't either.
Oh no...
are you going to starve yourself?
If that's what
it will take to make you eat.
All right then, I will eat.
Sit up, Grandma.
Just a little.
I pray my ancestors protect you, my child.
I'm sure they have more
important things to worry about.
Don't act like our ancestors don't exist.
If they existed...
would they have allowed all of this?
You're just looking at the bad
and ignoring all the good they've done.
Like what?
Like you, my child?
I wish I was enough.
My child...
You're enough.
No, Grandma, don't say that.
Bring that here.
I will feed myself.
Doesn't look like it's enough.
Make it more.
No, I'm not making that mistake again.
You will go into shock again.
Do you want to finish your food
before your injection?
I would like you...
to finish your education.
Oh, Grandma.
Let me do the injection.
- Give it. I will inject myself.
- No, Grandma.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You sleep all right?
Oh, wonderful.
Well, you've obviously been here before.
The Vaal? Not really.
Well, which is it then?
I was almost born here.
My father was stationed here in the '60s,
and I was born just after in Cape Town.
So I missed out on all the action
that made this place famous.
Well, I'm not sure I'd put it like that.
Sorry. Bad joke, I know.
I imagine the people around here
find similar ways
to cope with their grief.
By telling bad jokes?
I would.
Oh! And how's that tour guide?
Is he really the best we can do?
He's bad.
He's bad.
He's a madman.
How do you cope?
Cope with what?
Well, with whatever.
Aren't we all coping with something?
Yeah, I always think that
people who visit memorials
to events that happened
years after they were even born,
well, they must be looking
for something to scratch that itch.
That would depend on
which side of the event you're on.
Yeah, I suppose.
Why are you here?
White guilt, what else?
Karma what?
That's the reason I'm here.
Taking photographs for travel brochures.
Travel brochures?
That's very exciting.
Whose cat did you kill in your past life?
I suppose we should get going.
We leave in 20 minutes.
Let's get something to eat.
Hunger and a hot head, not a good combo.
Yeah, you're telling me.
Just yesterday my head was spinning.
Made me see things.
What things?
I saw a man in the smoke.
There's plenty of those around here.
There's one sitting right in front of you.
Bit worse for wear but, uh, still...
Sorry, Sean, I bat for the other team.
I would never have guessed. I mean...
Well, it's fine by me.
I do hope they
have more surprises in today's tour.
I wouldn't hold my breath
to time immemorial.
Well, we are touring
the memorial of a massacre,
not the Grand Rapids.
Well, I want more bang-bang for my buck.
I hope you find
something, um, interesting.
Maybe I already have.
Oh, sorry.
Ah. You.
Uh, can I take your picture?
Go to the river.
I went to the river.
There's not much there.
She waits for you.
The river waits for me?
- Woo!
- Thank you.
Hey. Stop.
Why? Don't you like pictures?
It's rude.
Oh. I'm sorry, it's just...
it's just photos.
The memorial is over there.
Okay, I'm not on display.
I didn't
come here for the memorial.
Well, sorry for you.
All the fun stuff is over there.
I think that you're more fun.
No, I'm not.
Can I ask you a favor?
Will you show me around?
Be my tour guide.
Oh, come on, I'm serious. Please.
You live here. You know the area.
You know all the interesting places.
That, um, tour guide
that we've got, he's just...
I would love it if you showed me around.
Are you serious?
I can pay you.
How much?
A hundred rand a day?
Let me think about it.
Oh, what's there to think about?
Uh, I have things to do.
Like what?
None of your business.
Here is my number.
Give me a call...
when you've given it some thought.
My name is Tyra Black.
From Cape Town.
Siya, from... here.
- How did you find me?
- It wasn't that hard.
You're very strange, eh?
I take my tours very seriously.
Look, Miss...
Miss Tyra, my grandmother's very sick.
I can't leave her alone for too long.
I'm sorry. I didn't know.
Call meTyra, just Tyra.
Can I give you a hand with this?
I'm figuring the sooner
we get your chores done,
the sooner we can get to my tour.
No, no, no, I didn't say
I was going to do your tour.
Yes, but you didn't say you weren't
going to do it either, did you?
Okay, this can't be too hard.
This is where
I saw you for the first time.
I thought it was on the street.
No, that's where we met,
not where I saw you.
Also, even that didn't
feel like the first time.
What do you mean?
Well, you know...
You feel so familiar.
It's as if I've known,
as if we knew each other before.
Are you sure that's not because
all you people think we look the same?
My father always used to say,
"If there is a mystery,
then the simplest answer is the answer."
Was he a teacher?
- Who?
- Your father.
A cop.
I can see why you come here.
- Why?
- The river.
Always flowing in one direction.
A bit like time, just moving ahead
taking you with it
to where you need to be.
- I have to go.
- Why?
- Oh. I didn't show you much.
- You will.
So you're hanging
around white people now?
Oh, please.
Where are you coming from?
I'm out of breath.
You know, I suspect...
you gave me a love potion.
Do you blame me?
Not at all.
I'd do the same thing.
You were seen at the river?
You have a white friend now?
Why? Are you jealous?
Of a white person?
No way.
I want to know what she wants.
I don't know either.
She said she wants me to be
her tour guide in Sharpeville.
But I'm not sure.
She seems to want something else.
These white people.
You know, they come here every year,
acting like they care about our tragedy
when they were
the cause of it to begin with.
Think things would have turned out
differently if the massacre didn't happen?
I don't know.
My grandma might still be alive.
Or maybe she'd have
died of old age anyway.
No, Siya.
Dying from old age is better
than being shot in the back.
I don't know.
Death is all the same.
Let's say you had to choose right now
how your grandma dies.
What would you choose?
- Tshepo, we can't talk about that.
- No, let's talk about it.
Grandma almost died once.
She overdosed on insulin
when I wasn't around.
Wow. I thought insulin only kills you
when you don't have enough.
But at that moment
I remember thinking to myself
maybe that's the best way for her to go.
Sleeping peacefully.
You see...
I would have preferred that
for my grandmother.
But instead...
we can't forget that
our people died horribly.
How are we supposed to forget
with Mam' Zikode and all her prophets
constantly reminding us?
Yeah, that old lady is crazy.
Apparently, she sees things.
Tell me...
What do you know about her?
Your white friend?
She lives in Cape Town,
she loves taking pictures,
and her father was a cop.
This is starting to make sense.
Her father was a cop that
shot Black people during apartheid.
Now she's shooting Black people
with her camera.
It's just shooting everywhere.
Tshepo, you pulled me away
because you wanted
to talk about the white woman?
it's not everyday someone you know
becomes the talk of the whole township.
- Who is talking about me?
- Everyone.
How do you think I knew?
You really want to talk about the woman?
I want to know about her.
You know what?
There something else
you want to talk about?
No, forget it.
Wow, Siya.
And I saw what it was.
It was a puff adder.
Puff adder!
I tell you, I saw that snake
and I just fucking froze.
I know how you feel.
But it's important to confront your fears.
Oh, I confronted my fears.
I confronted that snake and...
And it didn't bite me!
What are you doing here?
I'm sorry. I...
My goodness,
that's no way to greet a guest.
Where'd you get the cigarette?
From your friend.
She's been so nice.
We are not friends.
That's not how I see it.
Don't mind her mood.
She's gone through a lot.
Thanks. It's okay.
She doesn't want me here, so...
Thank you for the chat. And the smoke.
You'll come back.
- Bye.
- Bye!
You were gone for a long time.
I'm sorry, I lost track of time.
I was with Tshepo.
Did you take this lady's offer?
I heard she offered you a job
and you just left with Tshepo.
So she came to ask for her money back?
No, she said you didn't
want to leave me on my own.
So she decided
to come and keep me company.
I don't know what she wants from us.
What would she want here?
I like her.
She reminds me of someone I know.
And who is that?
Your old boss, Mrs. Leroux?
That fucking bitch.
So these women in Cato Manor,
who for decades have been dependent
on making this home beer for a living,
suddenly found themselves in trouble.
The apartheid government
banned the homemade beer.
And if you were caught, hey,
your house was trashed
or you were thrown into jail.
I'm telling you.
The only way you could sell it
was if you did it underground,
and even then there was trouble.
And to make matters worse,
that's when
the government actually decided
that they were
going to open proper taverns.
You know what proper means?
You no longer
sit on top of crates or box tins.
Do you know?
You sit like this, like white people,
and the beer comes in bottles.
You know, like the Europeans.
Then the men completely forgot
about the women and their homemade beers.
And that made the women very, very mad.
Yeah, that would make me mad too.
What happened next was even more dramatic.
The women got so mad
they started to protest.
They started barricading the streets
to make sure that their men
no longer patronized these taverns.
And, uh, then the men...
called the cops.
Aw. Typical.
The cops arrived
and right there
a full-on riot ensued.
I'm telling you, guns, batons, fire.
Pow! Pow!
Hmm? And in that event
a policeman died.
- Died?
- Died.
Well, hooray to the women, I say.
Yeah, that's the problem.
White people, you just say "hooray."
Hooray? People died there, chief.
People died, chief!
But, eight years later,
when the people were
protesting the Pass Laws,
the same cops were there!
And remember, they still had trauma
of their colleagues dying at that thing.
So what did they do?
- What do they do?
- What?
They opened fire.
Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!
So you're saying
the trouble happened
because the Apartheid police
were burying an eight-year grudge?
It was revenge, baba.
Sounds like bullshit to me.
What about that is bullshit?
The cops opened fire
because they were afraid.
Apartheid cops didn't need
a reason to fuck you up.
Being Black was
all the reason they needed.
You see, now there's a story
you could tell on your tours.
Yeah, but, you know, it wouldn't help
because it's an old boring story,
isn't it?
Well, that ship's already sailed.
Who's that?
That is my new tour guide.
She's better looking.
Ah, boss. Come on, man.
My grandmother said
I should come and apologize.
I thought as much.
I treated you badly. I'm sorry.
I'm okay. I'm fine.
- Do you want to join us?
- No.
I've accomplished my mission. I should go.
- Okay, let me walk with you.
- Mm-mm.
Oh, don't be silly.
Come to think of it, how did you find me?
I never told you where I was staying.
Oh, everyone knows this is
where all the touristslove to stay.
So how is your dying grandmother?
Yeah, she's okay.
How long has she had diabetes?
She told you.
Too long.
When are you leaving?
I might stay a bit longer
than I initially thought.
Why? Is there something wrong?
Hmm. My work's not finished.
All I've got are a few
boring photographs of the memorial.
Anyone can get that off Google.
I need something more.
What do you need all these pictures for?
It's not for me, it's for my...
Never mind.
Point is, I need some cool pictures.
I'm sure there are
such interesting places around here.
And things.
Point is just to look for the unusual and...
My word, look at you.
You're beautiful, like a jewel.
So, is that what you do? You sell places?
Sell places.
Yes, that's my job for now.
I try to make the best of it,
but this place...
Everyone, everything here
is just so familiar.
And not.
And someone still owes me a tour.
So, where do you want to start?
Maybe start with soaking up the nightlife.
You mean like camping?
No. Like partying.
I can dance for you.
- What?
- You heard me.
I'd rather you than some stranger.
I... Hmm. It'd look weird.
What's wrong with two women dancing?
I'll tell you what.
One dance.
And then we're done for the night.
My friend,
she's here with the white lady.
You need to get here.
Get here now!
Touch me, sthandwa sam
Hold me, lovie wam
Kiss me, sthandwa sam
Dance with me tonight
Feel our love on high
Let's dance into the sky...
Tshepo, wait.
Hey! Stop it.
Piss off with your bullshit!
Where are your people?
Why you making this
about your people and my people
when it's just the two of us here?
What, you're not man enough
for just you and me?
You are nothing to me.
So then why are you being all macho
in front of your girlfriend
and all these wonderful people?
These are my people.
That's where the rub sits, isn't it?
This is payback time for you.
So you're picking on me
so that you can have revenge
for what my people did to you.
Okay. I suppose,
if that's what satisfies you,
you can fucking go ahead.
Listen, Tshepo, listen. Wait.
We are just dancing.
Just having some fun.
This party is over.
- Siya. Siya!
- Hey. Hey.
You wanna dance?
Fuck off.
You fuck off.
It's enough.
No, no. I want to have
beautiful memories of you when I'm gone.
- You've got enough.
- One time. Just let me take...
Ah, ah, ah. Uh-uh.
Oh! I've had enough.
Did he hurt you?
Mm-mm. He wouldn't do that to me.
Have you given the offer some thought?
What offer, Grandma?
I told your grandmother
that you could be a model in Cape Town.
So that's what this is all about.
It doesn't matter.
What matters is what you say.
I can't go and leave you here.
Why not?
She told me there's more
opportunities there than here.
No, Grandma.
Okay, make me understand.
No, Grandma.
My child, I said make me understand.
Maybe we should
let Siya decide for herself.
Stay out of this.
Grandma, stop trying
to convince me to leave you.
I will never do that.
I never asked you to stay.
Give her time.
Yeah. That thing.
Hey, whitey.
What, you want to run?
Go ahead, run.
- You know what she wants, boy?
- What?
She wants to swim. Let's dunk her.
You want to swim, huh?
I see you have plans for my girl.
What, you wanna fuck her with this?
- Is this your dick? Huh?
- No!
I just wanted to help her.
I just wanted to help her.
Help her with what?
It doesn't matter.
She doesn't need my help, so we're done.
We're done.
Hey, brother.
What are we waiting for?
Why don't we
just do what we came here to do?
But you can see her.
- See what?
- She's just a whitey.
She is scared.
- You thinking straight?
- You know I don't hurt women, right?
I think you're losing it.
Just because I won't do anything
doesn't mean you shouldn't.
be all over her, my friend.
- Hi.
- Hey.
How are you doing?
I'm not great.
There we go. Come here.
Don't worry, you're safe now.
Ugh. What is that smell?
Good Lord...
am I in hell?
You're asking
too many questions, my child.
Just sit down and calm down.
I know you.
You were at the memorial.
You were praying.
More like cleansing.
How long have I been here?
Have a rest, please. Rest.
No. I must go.
Where? Where are you going, huh?
Where are my clothes?
- Where are my clothes?
- Do you even know who you are?
Yes, I know who I am.
Okay, relax. Relax.
Calm down. Calm down.
What the fuck?
Imagine you modeling.
Hmm. Being all serious.
She is crazy. She just wanted to use me.
That's how white people are.
All they do is use people.
Yeah, but I saw you.
You were rattled.
- Me?
- Yes.
Maybe a little.
You embarrassed me.
What I did was idiotic.
I'm an idiot.
Your idiot.
- Hmm?
- Hmm.
Your idiot.
Tshepo, get off.
Where did you get this bag?
Uh... The guys found it and sold it to me.
No, this is Tyra's bag.
Rubbish. There's lots of bags
like these around the township.
Tshepo, what did you do?
They're not gonna get away with it.
Fucking bastard and his goon,
I'm going to get them.
When I'm done with them,
they're going to rot in hell.
Mm-mm. It's pink.
Can't. It's too sweet.
It's not going to do you much good.
What are you talking about?
- Drink.
- I...
Where are my clothes?
Where are my clothes?
So, bonjour, everybody.
You are in the hands of
one of the best tour guides in this town.
What do you want, busybody?
So sorry.
I'm looking for the white woman.
Here are the white people.
We are with them.
No, the woman
who always has a camera. Tyra.
Ah. Miss Know-It-All.
She's the one who's been
telling people that my tours are boring.
I don't know.
The last time I saw her
they told me somebody from here
is showing her around.
Yes, I was supposed to do that,
but now I can't find her.
So you're the one
taking food from my table? Huh?
Are you a tour guide?
Are you a Sharpeville-ologist?
- Are you accredited?
- No...
What do you know about this place? Huh?
You know what?
Go. Go, get out of here!
Go before I slap you
and they accuse me of GDV.
So, as I was saying, by George,
we're going to continue our thing...
What are you doing up?
What do you want?
You're too weak to be here.
I've got to get back.
Please, you have to help me get back.
People want to go forward and you...
you want to go back?
Oh, Mama, where else do I go?
Where were you before you came here?
I just remember falling into the river.
Thank you for saving me, Mam' Zikode.
No, no, no, I didn't save you.
The river coughed you out.
I'm not surprised.
Most of the men in my life
did the same thing.
Are you praying?
Huh? No. Um...
Just getting supper.
Grandma. Oh my God.
Grandma, see why I can't leave you?
I just took a nap.
I knew you'd come wake me up.
You took too long though.
I'm sorry, Grandma.
I was busy looking for Tyra.
I fear something bad
may have happened to her.
What makes you say that?
I can't find her.
Go and look for her.
How, Grandma?
Or maybe she left.
No, I went to check
at the lodge she's staying at
and she didn't check out.
Go and look for her or else I will.
No, Grandma,
you are in no state to do that.
Why don't you ask Tshepo to send
his boys to go and search for her?
I suspect
he's behind Tyra's disappearance.
What makes you say that?
He did something.
You know what, my child?
If I ever went missing,
I would want you
to search until you found me.
Grandma, I don't even know
if she's still alive or not.
Deep down, what do you feel?
Go and look for her.
So, my girl,
I am a prophet.
A prophet.
Yes, I heal people with prayer and water.
Well, painkillers would've done the trick.
I would've been out of here in no time.
Maybe the pain you have is not the type
that can be fixed by painkillers.
Yeah, that's putting it mildly.
The young girl, is she your daughter?
So, you knew she was coming, right?
I wasn't sure.
Don't lie!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I know that you're afraid.
- Brother?
- Yes?
What did you find there?
There is a book
with the names of all the cops
that were involved in our discrimination.
Guess whose name is there?
My father's first post
was here in Sharpeville.
It was 20 years ago.
And they did bad things. Really bad.
The massacre.
He always gloated about it.
He never once felt any remorse.
So what's the plan?
I need to tell Siya.
Let's do this.
Let's do this, brother.
So he masked his pain with
a lie, so he can be able to live with it.
To help him sleep.
Sleep? He screamed in his sleep.
Screamed all the time with nightmares.
And then the nightmare killed him.
It was a month ago. That's when I knew.
You didn't come here to take pictures.
Nothing made sense until I saw her.
Saw who?
How did you find me?
The river.
You know how crazy that sounds, right?
Mam' Zikode saved me.
No, I told you I didn't save you.
The river coughed you out
because you don't belong here.
And she's a bit messed up too.
It looks like I'm going
to need more fish today. So...
let me go.
Hey, Siya!
Oh, Grandmother.
I am looking for Siya.
I can't find her.
Do you know where she might be?
She went to the river.
What's wrong?
What is she doing at the river?
She went to fix what you messed up.
Tell me, Grandmother...
what did I do?
What you always do.
The good thing is...
what goes around comes around, my boy.
The truth always comes out at the end.
So you think...
I should be arrested
for injuring one white person?
Yet not even one white person was punished
for the merciless deaths of our people.
Does that seem fair to you?
Tell that to the police
when they arrest you.
You know, Grandma, the truth is...
I need someone with strength.
Someone like myself and Muzi
and not a sickly person like you.
It's because of people like you
that we will never
overcome this dark cloud.
People like me?
Am I the one who killed our people?
Who killed them like goats?
Am I the one who is
denying our people justice?
These people come here every day
to gloat.
To show us we agreed to remain fools,
to be violated by them.
The white lady you care about so much
is exactly like them.
There's something else
I discovered about your white lady.
It's clear she is the worst of them all.
I hope she and her family burn in hell.
I hear your pain.
The thing about pain...
is that it's taken away by one thing.
It's taken away by death.
- No, brother. Wait...
- Hey!
Tshepo, my brother.
- Tshepo, what did you do?
- Do you want to go to jail?
You want to go to jail?
Man up, for goodness sake.
You need to go.
You have to go back to Cape Town.
You are not safe here.
Come with me.
You know I can't.
We'll take your granny with us.
I don't see that happening.
Sharpeville is all my grandmother knows.
My grandfather...
her husband,
he was also killed in the massacre.
Our lives revolve around insulin,
going to the hospital,
and my grandfather's grave.
Doesn't sound like much of a life.
Like your life is perfect?
Maybe it's not what is in one's life,
but who's in it.
You can't leave me alone, can you?
Neither can you, Siya...
leave me alone.
Evil spirits are hovering.
Evil spirits are hovering, Father.
You're the one who knows it all,
Jehovah my Lord.
Before you came,
everything was clear in my life.
It wasn't much, but at least it was clear.
Now nothing makes sense.
I'm sorry.
Hey, Siya!
Tshepo. We have to go.
No. Fuck that. I'm done running.
Man, Tshepo...
- Let's talk.
- What bullshit is this?
- Piss off.
- Whoa, whoa, wait.
What are you doing here?
Tshepo, please let this go.
Let it go?
I'm not going back. I'm going
to finish this rubbish once and for all.
Please, Tshepo. Tshepo.
What happened between
you and Tyra doesn't matter anymore.
Tyra will forget everything.
She'll forget it.
Everything will go back to normal.
Do you know white people?
You hurt her a little bit,
she tells the whole world.
But when they hurt us...
It's a whole fucking different story.
I'm telling you she won't speak.
I'm telling you.
Tyra, tell him you won't tell.
Run, Siya. You go.
Once he kills me, he's going to kill you.
No. No one is killing anyone.
This is what you wanted, isn't it?
You came for revenge, well, here it is.
Open your eyes.
Her father...
was one of the cops
that killed our people.
Is that true?
What did you come here for?
I don't know.I don't know.
- Siya, I don't know.
- Am I your penance?
Maybe. Maybe you are. Maybe not.
All I know is that I love you,
and I've loved you
long before I saw the river.
Love! Bullshit!
Bullshit! She's here
to finish what her father started.
Or pay for it, right?
Yeah. You're right.
You'll pay for it. Definitely pay for it.
Tshepo, I am begging you.
You're definitely going to pay for it.
- I am begging you, Tshepo!
- Hold her!
Tshepo, you are hurting her!
Let her go!
We are fighting against
neither flesh nor blood.
We exalt you, Lord!
What the...
We praise you, Father!
Enter Holy Spirit!Enter Holy Spirit!
Tshepo, what did you do to her?
What did you do to her?
Yeah. Yeah.
Our people can
finally rest in peace.
And heal as
the spirit of Satan lurks, my God.
Where did you get that?
It's your granny's.
She doesn't need it anymore.
Tshepo, what did you do to my grandmother?
What did you do to my grandmother?
You killed my grandmother!
Leave me alone!
Hey! Ha!
Remove the devil's work!
Let me go.
Get away from me.
I'm sorry, my love.
I'm sorry, okay?
Tyra was mine.
What you did...
you took away my past and my future.
- You forced my hand.
- No.
Your actions have cursed us.
I knowyou've always wanted to do this.
Now you will live
your whole life on the run.
Siya, Siya, Siya, Siya. Siya.
Siya. Siya!
Tshepo. What will we do with Siya?
You know she will tell people.
I know.
So, are you letting her go?
I don't know, my brother.
I'm tired of Siya.
I'm tired of this place.
I am just tired.
So, what are we going to do?
We will run away.
We will run away.
Until when?
Yes, my girl.
Tyra is now one...
with the river and with time.
I want the river to spit her out.
Let it release her again.
The river coughed her out because...
her spirit was wandering aimlessly,
unable to pass...
because she lost something very important...
on the day of the massacre.
She found what she had lost
when she found you.
Her spirit is no longer roaming.
She isn't on the run anymore.
Running from what?
She wasn't running from anything.
She ran in order to free herself
from the body that you once lived in.
In order to protect you.
Was I there?
We were all there.
Even Tshepo?
Tshepo will be killed
by a dream, my child.
An excruciating dream...
but like I said before,
Tyra is now one with the river and time.
Don't cry.
Don't cry, my child.
She will come back and find you.
Touch me, sthandwa sam
Hold me, lovie wam
Kiss me, sthandwa sam
Dance with me tonight
Feel our love on high
Let's dance into the sky
Dance with me tonight
Feel our love on high
Let's dance into the sky