Jeziorak (2014) Movie Script

Radio Olsztyn news; today is the
second day of the search for policemen
from liawiec who disappeared
under mysterious circumstances.
Despite wide-ranging efforts of the
Police, the search remains fruitless.
Oh, fuck!
Drop the weapon or I'll shoot!
Three, Rosiak's been hit,
call an ambulance.
It's a swamp!
Can't go on!
Send squad cars to Makowo and Sqpy.
Maybe he'll turn up somewhere.
Two boats to patrol the west shore.
We could use a dog
but this damn swamp again!
That's all for now, over and out.
I think I got something.
Mark it and wait for the techs.
Rosiak will be fine;
they think he'll be released tomorrow.
That's good,
he's lucky it was just birdshot.
You hanging in there?
I'm all right.
Two policemen disappear and nobody
knows a thing. Hard to believe.
Tomorrow, they're sending someone
from Regional.
I also thought that maybe
you'd want some time off.
Let's talk about it
at the end of the month.
Fine, but I will assign someone to you.
Good morning, Detective Wojtek Marzec.
Good morning.
Commanderwolski assigned me to you.
Inspector lza Dereri.
- Susz District?
- Right.
Your cap.
What did you do there?
Drunken brawls, poachers,
sometimes a theft, you know.
You ever see a body?
This is not my first time.
For the record;
unidentified female victim,
age approximately 25 years,
slim build,
tattoo on the right arm in English,
Overall condition of the body suggests
that death took place 3-4 days ago.
However, the cause of death
was not drowning,
no water in the lungs,
the girl was strangled.
Bare hands?
A belt rather,
maybe a thick plastic bag.
But before the body was placed in
the boat, she was under the water.
From a few to a dozen
or so hours, without a doubt.
Her feet have numerous injuries.
Under the nails and skin
I found fragments of pine needles,
she may have been running
through the woods.
A naked girl in the forest?
Piercings in the labia and the tongue.
And this?
This gave me a bit of a problem.
My bet is a paralyser.
Are you taking notes?
Possible that priorto death
she had intercourse,
unfortunately, the water flushed
the semen from the vagina.
Too bad.
We'd have him, for sure.
Fine then, thanks.
The officers are talking
with the owner of the boat,
the guy hadn't used it for a few weeks.
The chain was busted, looks solid.
Well, check the missing person records
and if you don't get a hit,
send her photo to all the districts
in the province.
Make a note that she may
have been a pro.
Got it.
Also check for me who does
intimate piercing in the area.
And buy a notebook.
I know the job.
Inspector lza Dereri?
Vogt, Internal Affairs.
Do you have a second?
Here, have a seat in my office,
that open door.
Good morning.
I understand what you
must be going through.
OK guys, thanks a lot.
Did anything odd happen on the day
of your husband's disappearance?
Detective Kubisz is not my husband yet.
And no, nothing odd happened.
- And in the days prior?
- Also nothing.
Do you remember the
details of that day?
Typical Friday, I got home from work,
Maciekwas going on night shift.
Was Detective Kubisz good friends
with Sergeant Zieri?
We were co-workers but
we did not socialize other than that.
- Any common hobbies, trips together?
- Are you suggesting something?
Last question; can you guess why they
left their cell phones at the Station?
Waita minute.
This just came from Regional.
The girl's name was Tatiana Usieva
and she's from East Ukraine.
- You mean Usiyeva.
- Usiyeva.
Do we have anything more on her?
For a few years worked with Russian
call girl agencies, lately independent.
OK. Get her number.
By tomorrow.
Maybe we could go eat something?
Maybe some other time. Goodnight.
- Greetings!
- Hi.
- Usiyeva's phone number.
- Thanks.
About the moonshiner, the guys
just finished field interviews.
No locals bought booze from him and his
fingerprints are not in the database.
But, the guy has a very rare blood type.
AB Negative, that's like 1% of people.
I have it too, so what?
But there is also some special factor.
Anyway, according to our system,
that fellow has been dead
for more than 30 years.
You trying to tell me that
we got shot at by a ghost?
I'm just telling you
what the system spit out.
OK, in half an hour,
I want to have the linked case files.
In the summer of 1980,
in Jeziorak Lake, a child drowned.
Neither he, nor the
mother was identified.
The poor woman was placecj as a Jane
Doe in the psych unit at Swiecie,
later moved To Grna Grupa.
No photos. That's all.
The girl from the boat is in there too.
I have no idea
where they're getting this from.
What do you want?
Olsztyn sent Usiyeva's phone number.
I have to askthe network operator
for her billing report.
Anything else?
We have an interesting lead
in the moonshiner case.
But it will cost some.
How much?
A thousand?
We want a comparison
DNA test of the moonshiner
with what the system spit out.
From 30 years ago.
There is something left of the guy?
Some samples?
It was a child. Hopefully we won't need
to exhume the remains.
I'm afraid I won't be of much
helpto you.
This happened in the 80's
and I've only been here since '97.
Then I'd like to access the archives.
The patient was being treated
at the Grna Grupa ward.
Unfortunately, all the paperwork
was destroyed in the fire.
- In the fire?
- In 1980.
Many of our patients perished then.
Where could I find out more?
You see, Grna Grupa used to belong
to the Verbite missionaries.
One of them, fatherZaremba
ministered here not long ago,
maybe he would know more.
Thank you.
Sorry you had to go
to all this trouble.
Good bye.
Inspector lza Dereri,
district HQ in Hawiec, can we come in?
I'm sorry, who?
- Inspector lza Dereri.
- And Detective Marzec.
- Will you let us in, Father?
- Please.
We are investigating
the shooting of the policeman.
$wiecie hospital is the
only lead we have.
To the patient whose child drowned
in Jeziorak Lake in the summer of '80.
Professor Bednarski told us to come
here. Will you help us, Father?
That was...
a very tragic story.
The woman was admitted as a Jane Doe,
but the staff called her Wilhelmina.
She never spoke and it was never
determined who she was.
What was her name?
And then...
that horrible fire broke out.
What happened to her afterthat?
After the evacuation,
Wilhelmina disappeared.
How did she disappear?
Well nobody...
knows what happened to her.
Maybe she burned up?
But her remains were not identified.
And who from the staff
was closest to her?
I think you overestimate
my capacity to remember.
Hi grandma.
I called to ask
if you know anything yet.
No. We're still looking for them.
Take care,
everything will be all right.
You OK?
Anything from the phone company?
The base stations with which
her cell phone connected.
Give it here.
So, chronologically,
last is at the end;
Olsztyn, Gietrzwaid,
Ostrda, Hawiec, Siemiany.
After that, the signal is lost.
- She was driving in our direction.
- Yes Ma'am.
I'll take the top,
you check the bottom.
Got it.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Have you seen her before?
No, she was never here.
- Have you seen this woman?
- No, I haven't seen her.
I haven't either.
Good morning, excuse me.
Have you seen this woman?
Uh, did something happen to her?
Too bad, she's a pretty girl.
She ran with a bad crowd.
You know what?
Not far from here is this lodge.
It's closed now
but people say that they have,
you know, parties there and stuff.
- Which one do you have in mind?
- "Jeziorak". Maybe you could check there.
One more step and I'll brain you!
Put that down! Police.
Inspector lza Dereri. Drop it!
Jesus Christ! I thought it was some thief.
People are always sneaking around here.
And yourself?
MaZur. I am the caretaker. You do
know that this is private property?
I'm looking for this girl.
Have you seen her?
You sure?
- If you have something more, let me know.
- Boss...
I need a warrant for the caretaker and
a search order for Jeziorak" Lodge.
- On what grounds?
- The guy is lying, I can feel it.
- That's a bit weak, don't you think?
- The lodge belongs to Pawei Bqczak.
Cars, agencies...
This is speculation,
we have nothing on him.
I saw Mazur's face, either it's him
or he knows something.
- You'll have it tomorrow.
- Thanks.
You are under arrest in the murder
of Tatiana Usiyeva.
But, I did nothing.
You have the right to remain silent
everything you say may be used against you.
You have the right to an attorney.
You like the pictures?
I just want you to call
Mr. Bqczak, please.
We did. I'm sure he's on his way
with some sandwiches.
I have nothing to say.
Then I will say it for you;
you ordered a pretty
girls, had some fun,
- ...but that wasn't enough.
- I did not order anybody.
You probably wanted herto do something she
didn't want to do and you got pissed off.
What did you use? Your belt?
I don't know her!
I had nothing to do with this.
We'll see about that.
We'll see what CCTV shows.
There is no CCTV.
That's odd. I'm sure I saw cameras.
Off-season, we turn them off.
Besides, nothing happens there anyway.
That's not what I heard.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Good day.
Dubiecki. I am Mr. Mazur's attorney.
If you plan to continue this
questioning, please show some evidence.
The team is still working on that.
That means you have nothing.
And you told me that
your people are pros.
Isn't this enough for you?
That's your problem, not mine.
Until you have some sort of proof,
I believe my client's continued
presence here is unfounded.
The same applies to the lodge.
You are slandering the company
and risking a high settlement.
I advise you to call your people back
from there as soon as possible.
- I will do that.
- Excellent.
In that case, good day.
You got anything?
The cottages were clean, the lodge we
didn't finish but everything looked OK.
I don't think it's him.
Not him?
And that's why Bqczak
hired Dubiecki to defend a loser?
Bqczak is protecting his business,
that's logical.
So I will lean on Bqczak
and you take a look at MaZur.
- Now?
- No. In a week.
Good morning.
Inspector lza Dereri.
I did not expect you.
But I am glad to see you.
You probably know that a few days ago we
found the body of a young girl at the lake?
I read about it.
But I do not understand what this has
to do with my lodge and my employee.
I have reasons to believe that it does.
Counsellor Dubiecki thinks otherwise.
Can you tell me what you
were doing on Friday night?
Am I a suspect now?
No, this is not an interrogation;
you do not have to answer.
That night I spent at my friend's summer
house. We were getting ready for a hunt.
Will your friend confirm that?
Well, not just him, there
were several of us.
Any... names?
These are very busy people,
I do not wish to trouble them.
But, of course,
if there is a formal accusation,
my attorney will contact them.
Did you shoot anything?
No, I was just part
of the heaters' drive.
And I was responsible
for the beverages.
Thank you so much for
your valuable time.
If the Police stop harassing me,
I will refrain from filing a complaint.
Otherwise, I will be most unpleasant.
Associating my lodge with a murder
would mean the end for it.
You ought to go there.
With your husband.
Good bye.
Fine, we'll take care of it.
Detective Wycech, District HQ
in Hawiec, can I help you?
I'd like to report my
friend as missing.
When did this happen?
50 dead in psychiatric hospital fire...
Mr. Henryk Jakubczyk?
Iza Dereri, good morning.
Did you write the article
about the moonshine still?
Also about the girl from the boat.
Do you have something for me?
This is about another case.
The fire at the hospital in Grna
Grupa. You did a piece on it once.
Can you tell me something
that wasn't in the article?
- Would you care for anything?
- No, thank you.
That fire was a huge scandal for the
officials. A lot of people died.
After the investigation,
they were to issue a statement
but nobody has seen it to this day.
But it was an accident.
An ember from the flue duct.
That is what the government
commission determined.
Are you questioning that?
I only know that there were more fires
in the area then.
Barns, gazebos and such.
Of course, not as tragic.
People talked about a pyro...
That was rejected in the investigation.
I am not talking about a patient pyro
but about somebody from the outside.
When those fires were happening, people were
scared, but the Militia buried the case.
People said that maybe it was one
of them... Some big wig's kid.
You know what is interesting
about this?
After the hospital fire,
the arsons stopped.
As if that was his... opus magnum.
I told you what I know,
now it's your turn.
I did not come here to trade.
This isn't trade,
more like professional support.
You got any suspects
in the prostitute case?
How do you know that
she was a prostitute?
All right, here's the deal;
I will get you in touch with a man who
was at that fire and if that pans out,
you will throw something my way
in the prostitute case.
A gentlemen's agreement.
Hi, what's up?
DNA results came in at night.
Child from the lake
and the moonshiner are related.
Maybe even siblings.
But there is something else.
A second girl left Olsztyn
with Usiyeva. Alisa Horodko.
Not heard from since.
Two? From Olsztyn?
Bye now...
What now?
A second girl left Olsztyn with
Usiyeva. Also a working girl.
Has not returned to this day.
I think we have a double murder.
Did you see the body
or is this your instinct again?
There is a very high probability.
What do you want from me?
A team of divers to search
the lake nearthe lodge.
Maybe I should just drain it for you?
The girl's cell phone connected
with the base station in Siemiany.
There are tens of square kilometers
and a few thousand people in its range.
- I saw Mazurs face.
- And I saw DubieckPs.
I don't want to finish in Kisienice
because you have gut feelings.
If there were two,
how could a bum like that afford them?
Paid in fish?
Maybe he's covering for someone?
I thought Bqczak has an alibi.
Who reported the other girl as missing?
We don't know,
it was an anonymous caller.
You will use
normal missing person procedures.
And if you want more, do not come
to me empty handed, understood?
Empty handed...
Let's go for a ride.
lots of patients passed through there,
but she was a bit different.
Do you remember any details?
One time,
they were taking herto isolation
by my supply room
and I wondered if her stomach was
distended as a result of malnutrition;
but it was something else,
you know what I mean.
- Things like that happened there.
- Who could have been the father?
Maybe an attendant,
or one of the patients?
Just like that?
These people were very sick,
on strong medications,
the less impaired ones had needs.
All sorts came by the unit;
soldiers, boys from the area...
But Wilhelmina did not
leave the premises.
It had to be somebody from the inside.
There was this kid there.
Son of one of the female doctors.
I remembered him because
he was a bit weird.
Do you recall his name?
After so many years?
He was an altar boy,
or maybe he just assisted the chaplain.
Father Zaremba?
- Come on.
- Got him.
Fuck this!
- Greetings.
- Hi.
Shouldn't you be in church
now or something?
The duty officer will think
we have something going.
I wasted half the night on this.
Between '75 and '88
no doctor's name
matches that of any altar boy.
Maybe the kid had a
different last name.
I don't know, but
here is something interesting;
Pawei Bqczak was an altar boy.
I checked the history of the lodge. The
Property Commission gave it to the curia.
After that, it was sold.
Bacczak bought it from Medea Corp.
Which is partly owned by Karol Jurski.
The pharmacy owner?
Wait, there was a
Jurska at the hospital.
Elzbieta Jurska, I think that's it.
That's his mother.
Check if Bqczak and Jurski
are connected in any other way.
I'm going to go for a
drive in the country.
Drive safe.
This is not a coincidence, is it?
You did not tell me
everything last time, Father.
And what do you know?
We have DNA evidence
that Wilhelmina had another child.
Besides, I talked to a witness who maintains that
she could have gotten pregnant at the hospital.
It was detected... quite late.
Too late for a procedure.
That was the typical practice.
What happened to the child?
I found a family in the country
which agreed to take it in.
All I need is the name of that family.
If you'll allow me,
Sister Maria
and a nurse delivered at night
but two children were born.
A girl and a boy.
The boy was so weak that they felt
he had practically no chance
for survival but he did.
Sister Maria found him a new home
but I had no part in that anymore.
And the girl...
the girl wentto the Derefi family.
Which Derefi family?
In Siemiany, there was only one.
I am sorry that you are
finding out this way.
The sister's name.
Jodeika Emilia of the Sisters
of the Sacred Heart.
- Hi grandma.
- lza, Love.
Do you know anything yet?
You're probably tired, sit.
I'll make you something to eat.
Did Beatka call you?
I talked to hera few days ago.
Did you tell her?
I did not want to upset her.
She's got it hard too, so far away.
Italked to this priest.
His name is Zaremba.
He told me everything.
Men can't keep their traps shut.
Why didn't they tell me?
And what should they have told you?
They loved you like their own.
Why does everyone leave me?
- What did I do?
- Sh...
Sister Maria left us in May
after a long and full life.
Did Sister Maria leave any notes?
We do not keep such things.
We have no reason to.
FatherZaremba told me
that in the beginning of the '80s, Sister
Maria took care of a dying newborn.
The boy did not die, I would like to
learn what could have become of him?
Sister Maria was engaged
in helping others all her life but
this is the first I've
heard of any boy.
Are you certain you have
the right sister Maria?
Yes, beyond any doubt.
Then I am sorry,
I do not thinkl can be of any help.
Thank you sister.
I will leave my number.
If anything new should come up, I would
be very grateful if you call me.
- Thank you once again.
- Go with God.
Wycech here.
About an hour ago, I got a oall about a
hanging near that lodge past Bukowieo.
Patrolman found something
that will interest you.
First he put a bag on his head
and then he cut the rope?
There isn't even a knife here.
The caller probably cut him down.
And then tore the bag.
But why would MaZur put it on at all?
Looks like an execution.
You think it's him'?
I'm sure Mazurwas not here alone.
Secure the scene.
If Mazurcould hang properly,
the case would be solved.
Suspected of murder, driven by remorse,
he went and hanged himself. But this?
- It means the guy was innocent.
- Not necessarily.
He could have had a partner
or been protecting someone.
What, like Bqczak?
You got a better idea?
Can you see them together?
- They're not even in the same league.
- Right, but there is something to it.
Fine, what about the birdshot?
Could have just been hunters.
We'll see what ballistics says.
- Who do you buy liquor from?
- Nobody.
What liquor?
Guy who shot at the pigs.
It was in the paper.
I don't know anything!
Jesus Christ, I know nothing!
Did you remember something?
I'll talk,
I'll tell you everything.
You should eat something.
Check please!
It's on me.
What's going on?
If you knew that what you were doing
could hurt someone you're close to,
would you keep doing it?
- And more precisely?
- Well, you know, on the job.
That's what we do.
No matter what?
Someone has to have principles, right?
OK, enough for today. And tomorrow
we start with the pharmacist.
Did you talk to Jurski?
Only his wife was there.
What do you have there?
Bqczak and Jurski were
in the Boy Scouts together.
Got expelled for indecent behaviour.
No details.
Well, well, altar boy,
scout, ganster...
our Bqczak likes organizations.
Let's go.
I understand.
Come on, let's go.
They found them.
Ziefi was driving, Kubisz tried to get
out but got stuck in the seatbelt...
About a 100m from here is a dead dear,
they probably hit it and went into a skid.
There are still skid marks.
- And what?
- It will be OK.
Get her out of here!
It doesn't look OK to me...
You don't have to sit here with me.
The lodge isn't far from there.
Do something for me.
Get everything ready for the funeral.
I can't do it.
You should rest.
Not now.
What about the baby?
I'll be OK.
Good timing.
I am taking over the Usiyeva case.
On what grounds?
A paralyser was found
in the guys' patrol car.
The spacing of the electrodes matches
the injuries on the prostitutes body.
And besides that, the two incidents
were so close, I don't have a choice.
You want to make murderers
out of them?
No, that's not what I said.
The inquiry will determine everything.
- You're going to let them do this?
- The decision is not up fordiscussion.
We want a look at everything
they were working on recently.
And I want the girl's case records.
Give him what he needs.
God bless, you came to see me
regarding sister Maria.
I was told that for many years
she sent different things
to an orphanage in Brodnica.
In Brodnica?
The home was once run by the Sisters,
I think there is only one.
Here we are,
years 80-83.
The children are around 12 years old.
- Are there any names?
- Yes, on the other side.
Wilhelm Bryl?
Which one is he?
This one.
Can you tell me more about him?
Just a moment.
Yes, from what I have here,
it appears that he was dropped
off at the convent gate
and a nun brought him to the center.
And where did he get his first
and last name?
I think the sister had him baptized.
And his last name was
given by the state.
- Do you know what became of him?
- No, unfortunately not.
After leaving the center,
we lost contact with him.
Thank you, you were very helpful.
Excuse me, is he in trouble?
I don't know yet.
Wilhelm Bryl. B-R-Y-L.
Check what we have on him.
School, army, any photos, everything.
I think it's him.
Jeziorno Kolonia. The old boat house,
the guy works and lives there.
All right.
Let's meet there in half an hour.
Come see this.
The lodge. Good view.
- What do we do?
- We wait.
Grandma, I can't now.
I can't, I'm still at work.
I've got to g0,
can you manage everything?
Yes Ma'am.
This is Marzec,
send a patrol and the techs.
- What happened, grandma?
- Your brother is here.
- Who?!
- Wilhelm.
- Where?
- In there.
I got it from some nun.
A few weeks ago.
The entire Police force
is looking for you.
- Not only them.
- Who else?
I didn't know them.
They wanted to kill me,
I was defending myself.
Tell me everything from the beginning.
That Friday, there was
a party I think, at the lodge.
At dawn, I saw two guys
dump something in the water.
Did you see them clearly?
But, for sure,
they weren't the ones I killed.
What did they dump?
I waited a while
and went out to check.
They did not know the lake because
there, right there, is a little hill.
She was about 2 meters underwater.
That girl.
I didn't want to throw her back
in so I put her in the second boat
and pushed her out on the lake.
And two days later
you showed up at the still.
After all that, I started
hanging around the lodge
and that's when I saw those
two hanging that guy.
Well, I scared them off,
but it was too late.
You know the rest.
Can you make it without a doctor?
Then don't you go anywhere.
What should I do with those bodies?
I don't think they are
in any hurry anymore.
Please accept my condolences.
I heard about the accusations.
I'm not buying it.
If you are ready,
I will gladly help out.
- What do you have for me?
- But first tell me if my contact paid off.
The death of the prostitute and the
hanging of MaZur are tied together.
Someone hired thugs
to stage his suicide.
Oh, but who?
I can't tell you anything more.
Besides, I was taken off the case.
If you give me something,
then maybe I can find out more.
I heard the Police have
an arrangement with Bqczak.
- What arrangement?
- Oh, security work, little stuff.
If uniforms are on duty at some place,
others stay away, you know?
- How do you know about this?
- Well...
But most of Bqczaks business
is in Olsztyn, not here.
And where did Wolski come from?
He was a department chief there.
A buddy from Olsztyn was talking
to one of your guys
just after he got dismissed from the
force. I think you should talk to him.
I found this on the barge at Bryl's.
Do you have something to tell me?
You better take care of this quickly.
Be quick, I'm really busy.
You still think that ll/laciek and
Radek killed that prostitute?
Listen, I really don't
have time for this.
- It doesn't make sense.
- That's what the evidence points to.
And did the guys also hang Mazur?
And how can we be sure
that there is a connection?
A little logic is enough.
The prosecutorwants proof,
not logic. Are you trying to offend me?
I heard that Bqczak has
an arrangement with the Firm.
Were they delivering those girls?
The question is to whom?
If you do not have hard evidence, give
it a rest. The brass won't like it.
I'll find you proof.
Just give me something.
- Wait for the investigation.
- Please.
Zien's and that girl's mobiles
last connected with the same number.
After that, it did not call.
- How are the kids taking it?
- Like kids.
They don't know that soon
we will be thrown out on the street.
Is it that bad?
How do I pay for it all?
The mortgage, bills...
And they will probably revoke
his pension because of all this.
I wouldn't get anything anyway.
I have to askthis;
Did Radek do any side jobs?
- Sometimes he would go somewhere on weekends.
- Where?
I don't know, it varied.
He did security at events in resorts.
Nothing big.
Iza, it wasn't a fortune.
- Who did he go with?
- Listen, you're not on the job, right?
Didn't Maciektell you?
Didn't he go himself?
On Tuesday, that guy from
IA was here. Vogel.
- Vogt.
- Same thing.
I told him to fuck off.
Radek didn't tell me anything.
If you don't want them to frame the guys
for murder, you have to tell me something.
But tell you what?
I don't know anything.
- Don't you miss the Firm?
- Ancient history. Nothing to talk about.
For me there is.
My guy is being framed for murder
and can't defend himself.
I heard something.
I am looking forties between Bqczak
and the Police. Who's in on it?
What's it to you?
You want to end up like me?
I won't let up.
Bqczak got big when Wolski became the chief
of the automobile section. He got results.
But it turned out that it was Bqczak
getting rid of the competition.
And then it went big time. Smuggling,
agencies. I heard he is a developer now?
And how do you know that Wolski
has anything to do with this?
- Their drunk fests were legend at HQ.
- And what'? Nobody reacted?
Wolski registered him as an informer.
These were operational activities
and like I said; he got results.
- And that's when the side jobs started?
- Yes.
And who took part in them?
Depends, some were happy for
the extra cash, others couldn't say no.
But nobody bragged about it. Sugar?
No, thanks.
Did you take part in such events?
- Before I fell from grace.
- Who was there from BqczaKs side?
His old crew. Cub or Scout,
they called each other like that.
Boy Scouts?
Oh, it's nice to see you.
Good morning.
- Do you recognize this photo, Father?
- How did you get it?
From sister Maria, it's a long story.
Is that you here, Father?
- Indeed.
- And these boys?
Yes, this is Pawei Bqczak,
a real hellion that boy was.
His mother insisted he be an altar boy,
that it would change him but...
And this one?
That's Dr. Jurskefs son.
The boys were friends.
And this altar boy I do not recall.
He was with me a very short time.
Thank you.
And, is this picture connected to...
- I think sister Maria thought so.
- And you?
Good bye.
My wife is studying in Szczytno",
the second guy says;
And mine is doing it
in Legionowo"
and the third guy says
And I'm doing mine myself!"
Expelled on...
Written warning...
One had a hood.
But the other guy, this might be him.
Yes, this is him for sure.
Again, again! Concentrate!
And pass, pass, pass! That's it!
Class dismissed, hit the showers!
Mr. Karpowicz.
Iza Dereri, District Police.
Can we talk a moment?
What about?
What were you doing Friday night
on October 12th?
Friday night, I was probably sleeping.
What do people do at night?
Depends. Some people party
until dawn by the lake.
Excuse me,
I don't know what you mean.
Are you sure that you were sleeping?
Do you have any witnesses?
But, what is this exactly?
Am I under arrest?
Should you be?
Listen I will not answer
any questions, OK? Goodbye.
I'll be seeing you.
Rosiak has to go backto the hospital,
he's got an infection.
How is the moonshiner case?
We're working on it.
But I heard you got
an address, a photo.
We missed him.
The neighbours
also haven't seen him in a long time.
Probably hiding.
Did you file for a warrant?
- I'll get right on it.
- No need.
- You've done enough, time for some rest.
- But Boss.
you will take over her cases.
I can't protect you anymore.
My kids won't be born in prison.
So what now?
They will issue a warrant for you.
And the guys will be framed for murder.
And Mazur?
Wolski will add him to yoursheet.
Are you going to arrest me?
There's nothing here.
So what do we do?
We'll go around in circles.
This might be it.
Take the float.
- What happened?
- Nothing, go to sleep.
Start a tap on that dormant number.
I'm going to try to flush him out.
Slow down a bit.
- Give me a kiss.
- Bye.
Go upstairs.
He'll be at the lodge soon,
I will go around the other side.
So, you get anything?
Can't get closer.
It's these damn dogs.
All right, this is a waste of time.
Hold on, there's something.
He hung up.
- We won't locate him.
- Fuck!
They're leaving.
I'm getting out of here.
Got it.
Where the fuck is he?
He said he'll be here,
so he'll be here.
Here he is.
What the fuck is going on here?
You tell me.
What do we do with her?
Let me think.
You know where Danielewicz had the
farm? That's where we'll take her.
But why take her there?
Let's bury her here. Why go there?
In a month,
foxes will dig her up.
And then some fucking mushroom
collector will find her arm.
- What will you do then?
- Well, what then?
We'll throw her in the silo
and cover her with lye.
There will be no trace.
Follow me.
One more thing, when I give you
the signal, you stop, OK?
I see some smoke over the forest.
It has to be the next exit past you.
I'll check it out.
I want to report a fire.
Second exit past Bukowiec
by the run-down shops.
Good evening. What do we have?
The car belongs to Karol Jurski.
So one of them is probably him.
The other one is probably Pawei
Bacczak. We're checking the third.
And the fourth?
A woman.
The body was in the trunk.
It's probably that missing prostitute.
Looks like the boys were trying
to get rid of the body.
What caused the fire?
I don't know, we're still checking.
Well, looks like this case is over.
Bqczak was on our list
from the beginning.
Let Vogt know.
What's she doing here?
Tell herto go home.
Good morning.
My client deposited this with me in the
event something should happen to him.
What is it?
He wanted this to reach you.
Here you are.
Thank you.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
You are under arrest for shooting
a policeman on duty.
You have the right to remain silent.
You also have the right to an attorney.
I won't offer you any.
When you return
I will recommend you for a decoration.
For meritorious service.
What brings you here?
I wanted to know
if you will stand by the guys.
Maybe we can drop it
down to complicity.
It's V0gt's case.
But I will see what can be done.
Do you believe that they were
working for Bqczak?
Can't deny the facts.
The second girl did not have to die.
I don't know
what you are talking about.
You do know.
He's all yours.