Jhund (2022) Movie Script

Nandu, why are you smoking
in front of the hospital?
My wife is not well,
she's in there.
What happened?
Woman's illness.
Woman's illness!
The cost is...
- How much for the cigarette?
Ten bucks.
- Ten bucks!
How many more do you have
in your pocket?
One more.
You have money to die,
but no money to save your wife.
What nonsense?
Look, it says death, right here.
This sanitary pack gives you life.
Don't laugh.
This costs as much as two cigarettes
and can save your wife
from contracting diseases
that she can get while
she is menstruating.
You can save yourself
by quitting smoking, too.
It means you can save two
lives from this money.
Your life as well as your wife's.
Think and smile.
Smoking doesn't make you a hero.
You'll be a hero
if you give someone this.
'Choose life, not death.'
'Save yourself and
your loved ones.'
'T Series Films.'
Got drunk again?
You won't quit, will you?
Do you hear me?
Cat got your tongue now?
I can't take this anymore.
You hear me?
You are suddenly dumb, eh?
Day or night, you always
walk in a drunken stupor!
That's your job,
right, you worthless wuss?
What for? His woman is
slogging away for strangers.
I'll die working for others.
- Didn't I give you money yesterday?
In your dreams yeah?
You've killed the happiness
in this home.
What's this crap daily, you moron?
Just look at him.
Dear, he troubles me every day.
I slog all day in the bungalows
and he just drinks the whole day.
Who gives you money
for the booze?
Who else? Give me 10, 20, 100, 50!
I'll give him poison someday.
Let's bowl him out together!
Enough with your shenanigans!
I am not a god-damn magician!
Hold your horse.
Watch and fix it. Come!
What's up, boy!
You crazy son of a gun!
Hey gorgeous.
Go to hell.
'Mahatma Phule Market.'
Hey lady, is there
a Paranjape School nearby?
I don't know.
- How about a police station then?
Let's go.
- It's over there.
Go, go, go!
'The Horde'.
Am I not a human?
Don't talk crap.
I will shut up.
You carry on screaming!
Don't teach me stuff.
Teaching me, yeah?
- What did I say?
No way, I can have three daughters!
You definitely slept around
with someone else!
I did what? And had three daughters?
You sick animal!
Don't call me that.
I'll slam these three to death.
If only you were a little literate!
I'll slam them to their deaths!
- Move...
Let go. I said, let go!
Let's go, Rahat, quick.
Razia, where are you going?
- Nowhere.
Come home, don't create a scene!
Let's go home!
Come home. Come.
- Walk.
scene? I am creating a scene?
I am telling you.
- What?
Don't create a scene in public.
Let's go home!
- What scene!
You'll pay for this, I warn you!
Pay for this?
You've already ruined my life.
What else can you do?
What will you do?
Come home with me,
- I will not come.
I am telling you again!
Will you divorce me?
You won't even dare!
I divorce you. Here goes,
divorce, divorce, divorce!
Go to hell!
You moron, what's this bullst
out on the street?
She is my wife.
So what? Want to dance
with her right here?
Beat it or else I'll whop you.
There he goes!
Always ready for a fight!
Get going.
Let him go.
Get lost or I'll sock you one!
Cops are coming! Run!
Don, give me some.
Prem. It will take some time, bro.
- Hold on, I am going there.
Did you see this st?
Never mind that.
Look, fancy pants is looking at us.
Let it go. He must be a local.
What's this rich boy doing
in our slum?
What are you looking at?
- What?
Why are you staring at me?
- What?
Don't you know who I am?
- Let go.
I won't. What are you gonna do?
- Let go of my collar and back off.
You want a beating?
- You'll hit me, yeah?
Tell me, want to hit me or get hit?
- Back off.
I won't. What will you do?
What's up?
What's up?
You junkies! Trying to act smart?
You want me to sober you up?
He was staring at me. I thought he
was calling me. I came to say hello.
Keep quiet.
Get lost, right away.
- Let go of my hand.
Buzz off.
You too, skunk face! Full speed.
Hit me! Hit me! It's your day today.
- What happened?
Trying to be smart, huh?
You hit me!
- Hey!
He hit me.
What are you doing?
- He hit me.
Keep quiet!
He is beating me.
- Quiet!
Quiet! Keep quiet!
Why are you fighting with him?
- I don't know.
You don't know?
He messed with me.
- Hey! Wait!
Why did you start a fight with him?
Where do you live?
Around here. This is my territory.
Your territory?
Are you the king of the jungle?
Which college do you go to?
- No college and stuff for me.
You don't, yeah?
You two have some old rivalry
or something? Wait.
I don't even know him.
- You don't even know?
He jumped on me like a rabid dog!
- Hey.
Why did you start a fight with him?
- He was staring at me.
- Staring!
So anyone who stares at you
you'll beat him up?
Now I am staring at you. Look up!
I am staring at you.
You'll beat me up as well?
Never mind, Uncle.
Stop bugging me.
I will deal with you later.
- Go away! Go!
What is it?
- God knows.
What's your name?
What are you chewing?
- Hrithik?
You are chewing tobacco, yes?
- Scented betel nut.
It is tobacco!
You go to school?
Hey you!
What is it?
Look, he is doing? See.
(Indistinct chatter)
How's your health?
- Good.
Do you still go for a morning walk?
- I just can't find it.
It's at the right place, Arjun.
Which right place?
What's happening?
- Movie. Awesome.
We are looking for a bathroom.
- It's outside.
Go one by one.
- Yes.
'Adult Literacy Class.'
Greetings, sir!
- Greetings, sir!
Sorry. I got a little late today.
Next week, we will start
the class on time.
Where are Sada Bhau and his people?
Right over there.
- Hello! Have your food.
Sir, are you retiring?
Are you retiring?
Yeah. That's what they tell me.
Dear, you are a woman,
how can you divorce your husband?
It's not easy to survive
without a husband
with three daughters
in this day and age.
As a brother, I took
care of your mother until now.
I have tried to reason with her,
but she just doesn't get it.
I will not return home.
How to make you understand?
I just don't know.
Give me booze for 20 rupees.
- Give him the stuff.
Money first, my man.
Before you get zonked and die.
There you go.
Drink it up and get going.
Did you drink the whole bottle?
What are you doing, guys?
- Yes?
Will call you in a bit.
It's time to play
and you are still sitting here?
Lazy buggers!
On your mobiles and stuff. Go play!
Come on, hand them a ball.
- Go.
That's all right, carry on, play.
Take this.
- Fifty bucks. A hundred.
Is he leaving or not? Hey!
Last time, you paid less.
- Do it, for all times sake.
Look at this piece.
This is a good one.
It's broken.
So what? It'll sell all right.
Show him your piece.
Give me what you brought.
This one's solid! Brand new.
- All right, pay right for this one.
I got it yesterday. Brand new!
It's starting to rain.
- Fine.
I want to take any one.
- Pick it up.
Pack up! Pack up!
We'll seal the deal later.
- 17 cell phones.
St! This damned rain!
Mama, come quick.
No, my dear. Come.
Two minutes.
We are home.
Go. Go home.
Hey! Come on. Catch him.
You are kicking the ball alone.
Where are you going with it?
- Give it to me.
Bring 'beedi' from uncle.
- Bittu.
Give it to me.
- Hey! give it to me. Give me.
What are you doing?
Are you stoned?
Madam, may I get some money?
"If I get separated from you
then I will get lost."
"Because it's you. It's you.
You are my life."
'Friends Band Numero 1.'
Where are the guys?
The kids. Where are they?
Good riddance. Must be out busy
killing or getting killed.
They have turned this into
a booze parlour.
You want some stuff, yeah?
Hey Sajan!
He wants stuff.
- No.
No. No. No.
Give him stuff.
- No.
No, no.
I don't want Sajan... weed.
Have some.
- No. I don't want Sajan.
Never mind, thank you.
You didn't go?
- No, on my way.
And then I'll be back.
Any problem?
No problem. None at all.
"Feast, drink, to wash you clean,
we are here this wild horde."
"Living it king-size, don't give
a flying, this horde is chill!"
"Hard currency, no lose change."
"Can do a litre,
why bother with a quarter?"
"What's there to fear,
feels like a curfew"
"like when India's locked down?"
"Fate's a bitch, she has bitten us,
yet this horde is hotter than fire!"
"They see us all right,
yet they make us unseen, invisible."
"We were neither
alive nor do we die."
"For them, we'll be a wild horde."
"No one mourns the living dead."
"We have nothing,
so what do we lose?"
"Our slums are in gutters,
but filth dwells in your hearts."
"Sick of the gutter
and of public's twitter"
"this horde has risen
and is out on them streets."
Get down quick.
Right now, get out.
You scumbag, piece of st.
"They are st scared
and now give us a wide berth."
"For we are a horde.
A horde of lions!"
Sit down! Down. Now!
- Don't glare!
No! No! No!
- Hey!
Hey! Can't you understand?
He hit me, that four-eyes!
Tell me your name.
- Tell me your name.
Don what?
Don Masram.
What about you, Mowgli?
- Yes, sir?
Your name, you, moron!
- Angel!
You couldn't tell me first?
Whatever you wanna do,
tell me first.
Sure thing.
There you go. Go on, deal.
Give me 20 rupees.
Imran, give me a 'bidi'.
Eat, you bastard!
Your pop paid for this!
Bugger off, you piece of st.
Why are you hitting me?
- Get lost, you son of...
Imran, give me the 20 from before.
Give it to me.
No, this is your daily crap.
- Shut up, you drug addict.
Don't hit me, I am telling you.
Don't come from tomorrow.
Stop yapping, okay!
You wanna play football?
You play football
and I'll pay you.
How much?
You'll really pay?
- Yep.
Play a match amongst you guys.
Half an hour. I'll pay 500 bucks.
What's the guarantee?
What's the need for a guarantee?
Old man's gone bonkers.
You play and I pay.
- What's the old geezer saying?
Show me the money.
Look, don't cheat.
Otherwise, you know us.
Nope, I won't cheat.
Get going, you lowly beings!
Come on.
- Sachin.
Ankit. Gacchya. Come.
What's happening?
- Just do what I tell you.
Hey! A drug addict.
It's your father.
Look at his antics.
Hey! Give me the ball.
- Babu.
Give me the ball.
Give me. Give me the ball.
- Hey, 'beedi'.
Get rid of your fag, Imran.
- Give it to me.
Pass me the ball.
I stand here like a fool.
I will slap you.
Hey! Catch.
Hey! You! Give me the ball.
Sticking to the ball like
a lizard on a wall passes it!
Hey! Give me.
- Move him aside.
Someone get rid of this drunk junk.
Did you give a ball to these morons?
- Just play.
Like giving a computer
to a monkey.
Go there.
- Get the ball.
We'll get 500 for it. Hurry.
- Come on.
Throw away the fag! There you are.
Hey! Quit the 'beedi', you addict.
Will you?
- Look.
Move aside.
No water to wash with and
you want a damn soap, yeah?
Hey! Don't leave it.
What's this new crap?
Hey! You!
Hey, pee face!
- Watch where you are going.
Play right. Don't dare piss me off.
What's wrong? Just play.
Chatter when playing.
He made us run like dogs,
made us slog like st.
You asked for the money yet?
- Jerry is on it.
That's 500.
Tomorrow at 6.
You'll pay tomorrow too?
- Yes, I will.
Six sharp.
- Fine.
Come, Mom is calling you.
Got 500.
Crazy old nut! He actually paid up.
Don, there's my plate.
Don, how's the 'biryani'?
- Uncle.
You're not eating, drunk skunk?
My father has drunk his liver away.
Can't save anything
due to his medicines.
Savings are squat.
We need to do something big.
Babu, are you done?
Hold on, work in progress.
Come fast.
Low flow, takes time to empty.
Don't rush me.
Tap my shoulder.
Don't waste time.
Lazaree, come on.
There comes the ma'am.
You lucky bastard.
First thing in the morning.
His heart's pumping
and breath's gasping.
What are you doing?
- Oh st! I am scared!
What are you doing here?
- Hey you!
Give me your hand and pull me up.
- Hey!
What are you doing?
Get out of here!
You'll hit us with this stick?
Where's your AK-47?
You making fun of me?
- What?
Making fun of me?
- Hey! Go.
Move out. Move out.
This guy was in international
security before.
He is a terror.
Shall I come?
Stop being a pest and
get away from here.
Do you know who I am?
Beat it, man.
I will complain.
- Go away.
Get lost. Or we'll make you wear
a bomb jacket and blow you up.
Come on, move.
We don't care what you do.
Go. We can take
on three of you together.
We'll be here daily.
To visit our sister-in-law.
Bhavana ma'am.
Look, there she is.
Listen, Bhavana ma'am!
Run! She's looking at us.
None of your damn business.
Okay, remember that!
Drugs ruin the whole life.
- Throw this garbage there.
We do drugs with our own money.
And this scale of yours,
put it over there.
- Hey uncle, don't push me.
Don't 'uncle' me, son.
Get away from it.
Don't mess with my stuff.
- Let me set my cart there.
Keep two rocks over here
and two over there.
I'm not going to sell,
will bring them back.
Babu, come here. Hold the ball.
Where do I stick these?
- In here. Get one more from there.
Get a tin container.
Sachin, you are the goalie there.
And Vishakha, you are here.
No one can touch
the ball except for a goalie.
Vishakha, you can touch it.
Hey! Play. Take this.
This team hits there.
Don't let them have the ball.
Play with your own team.
Hey, you!
- Hey Sachin!
- Give it to me.
Get them to hit here.
This way here.
Pass it Jerry.
- Come on!
Take it there.
Run. Pass it to me!
Who did you pass the ball to?
- He told me, so I passed.
He asked, you passed
and he scored a goal on us!
Why did you score on him?
- They asked for it.
But he's not on your team!
He is from the other team.
This is one team, this is other.
This team is wearing shirts.
Take off your shirts.
Shirt. Yes, remove your shirt.
Let's have the ball.
Go play!
There. Hit it there.
Hey! Take this.
Give the ball fast.
- Give.
Aim it.
- Wow! Good shot.
No hand to the ball!
Remember your teams.
- You are the Captain.
Here you are. 500.
Tomorrow at 6.
You don't have money
for your children.
You have loads for social service!
Arjun, I have told you many times.
Manage your expenses.
You are more than an adult now.
That's right.
I am the only adult here.
You go ahead and spend your
life savings on random strangers.
Double or nothing.
What's the time?
Four o' clock, bro.
Where are you going, bro?
- Whereto?
Finish the game.
I'll be back.
Move it!
Move! Get out of here. Get rid
of this skunk! He can't play.
Hey! Come here.
- Shall I come?
Your kinky stuff!
- What kinky stuff!
- How are you playing?
I am playing the way I want to.
Hey! Leave.
Give me the ball.
Hey, you!
Hey! Play nicely.
Get this moron out of the way
or he'll get killed!
You in a hurry to be killed?
- What the hell did you say?
Why are you acting smart?
- Hey!
Hold it! Back off
What's wrong?
- He's being a jerk.
No fighting! Hey! Give me the ball.
- He is acting smart...
Give me ball.
I have been watching him.
- Just stay quiet!
They'll drive the old man mad.
Sir, he is acting smart for
no reason.
No fighting, please. Stop it.
It's okay.
It's over. Let it go.
I will deal with you later.
- Enough. Okay. Ready.
Ready. Start.
'Okay, bye.'
'What took you so long?'
'What could I do?
He wasn't leaving.'
'And kids?'
They went to play football.'
'They won't be back, yeah?'
'No. They won't come.
They went to play football.'
You are done.
Foul, foul.
Babu, what are you doing?
Come quickly to play!
I don't play with cans.
Let the old geezer bring the ball
and I'll play.
Come quick.
- Let me brush my teeth.
Could you not stay
for some more time?
Ticket prices will go up, Mom.
Arjun, you are too rude sometimes.
Leave after
your father's retirement program.
You could've booked a ticket
for days later...
I need to go.
Wait. Wait.
Where are you going? Go back.
We are here to meet Sir.
- Which Sir?
We want to meet Vijay sir.
- Wait.
We are here to meet your Big Daddy.
Let us through, Hakka noodle.
No. No.
- Vijay sir.
Let them through.
Move! Keep quiet.
- Move away.
I would've beaten him up.
- Look at the chick.
That is Sara.
Sister-in-law is with them.
Don't say anything now. Sir is here!
What sir, you didn't come there?
- Where?
We've been waiting
for you to play.
Yeah, I was a little busy.
I'll come over in the evening.
Stick to your word, alright?
- Sure.
Go away!
Alright, sir,
see you in the evening.
See you.
Alright, sir.
- Sir, I will see you.
As you wish, bro.
Mr. Borade.
- Yes.
What are you doing
with these guys?
I play football with them.
They are good.
You should not mix with such people.
They play well? Really?
They trespass our stadium.
Stalk girls and do drugs.
What can they play?
See, don't be
so judgmental about them.
I know what you are saying.
But they are not bad kids.
They can give
a tough fight to our team.
Tough fight?
If they can be civil for one even
minute, I will do whatever you say.
They are like a dog's tail
- Bhavana ma'am!
There you go.
Babu, can you steal and sell it?
- How much can you get for a dog?
Will you keep quiet?
Go, you go.
You go.
You are such a big don, no?
Go. Go.
Anybody home?
Will you open the door today?
- You taking us for a ride or what!
You said you'd come and you are
sitting here enjoying tea and all.
We have sitting on our
behinds all day, waiting on you!
You think we are dumb or what?
No, I won't be able to come today.
There's a small problem.
The thing is...
I don't have money
to give you, guys.
Are you pulling our leg?
You live in such a big house and you
don't have 500 rupees for us?
Look in the sugar jar.
- Check the sugar box too.
I looked already. Nothing there.
- Under the mattress then.
Mattress checked. Nothing.
Yeah right!
We have stupid written over us.
Checked all corners. Nothing.
- Do something, man!
No. No, I don't have money.
- Sir. Sir.
We'll play now. You pay later.
Consider it a loan on you.
Come there.
- No...
No, I don't do loans.
- What is this?
I don't do loans.
- Sir, no.
What is this?
- What about the money?
Sir, give us the ball.
I don't have money.
Never mind the money.
Just give us the ball.
We'll play and return.
I'll take it on my risk.
I'll bring it back.
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Come on.
I want our slum team
to play a goodwill 'good Bhavana'
match with my college team.
What's with this 'Bhavana'?
Oh that's nothing.
We just play a friendship match.
But I want that our slum team
to defeat the college team.
To beat them, we need to practice.
We should have goodwill
with Bhavana, yes.
Of course, you want to!
Goodwill with Bhavana!
Come, Babu. Very good.
One, two. One, two. One, two.
Stay in the square.
Don't touch the stick.
"Why do you curse
this empty starkness?"
Do it as fast as you can.
Vishakha. Wow! Very good.
"Make friends with life,
there's a way out of this darkness."
You have to cross it and go.
"Far away from the clouds."
Karthik, will you hit it?
Ready? Wow! Good.
"We all need to live."
"So find a reason to be alive."
"If not ashore
then find a twig at least."
"You are here."
Come on. Pass it, Don.
Come here. How can you go alone
and hit a goal?
Your team members are there,
pass it to them.
Hey, Babu. Come here.
- What is it?
Why do you put your
hands on the ball?
It just happens,
what's the big deal?
No, you can't do that.
It's a foul, if you touch it.
I'll tie your hands behind you.
- No need. I'll try not to touch.
Okay? Don't touch it.
- Okay.
Need more speed. Right till the end.
Who's the old geezer messing
with the kids?
I can't even begin to tell you.
Sir, can I say something?
- Go ahead.
First time in life
starters without booze!
Do you drink?
- Give it to me.
Sir, you drink?
I quit.
- Why so?
No fun anymore. It's bad for you.
Have some more, Sir.
- Damn tasty.
You were right.
- The 'chiwda' spoiled the fun.
Really is tasty.
- Onion makes it work.
Are you here to play football?
What were you doing?
- Working. Sorry, sir.
I was passing time, sir.
- As if.
Do your job properly.
Hand me that ball.
Get back to work.
- Okay, sir.
Please don't waste
your time and health.
Take care.
Take care.
- Call me when you reach, brother.
do you pray to God and all that?
Or just fly high on grass?
What's up, Hitler Bhai?
Contribution for our
Babasaheb's birth anniversary?
Should I?
Not much.
These bastards are flying too high.
Hold it.
That's all?
You want the whole thing yeah, son?
- He wants to give more.
He'll even pull his heart out.
- May I or you want to talk crap?
Happy? Nah, I don't need a receipt.
Give it to someone else.
Just have a talk with your guy.
He's got a big mouth.
Okay Hitler-bhai. Hail Bhim.
- Hail Bhim
He always makes excuses. Never pays.
- Why don't you contribute?
Whether it's Babasaheb's
or any other great person's
birth anniversary,
I don't believe in dancing
to loud music.
If you do something beneficial
for the slum, I'll contribute.
We'll do that too.
Contribute willingly.
I am sorry, but no...
Leave it. He won't.
Let's go.
Look, Mr. Borade.
It's better you don't bring this
filth inside the college campus.
Sir, nothing will happen that
spoils the college reputation.
Consider this my retirement gift
if you wish.
Look, you have bet 5000 rupees.
- I know.
Don't go back on your word.
You are known for that.
It won't be necessary this time.
Your horde of junkies
won't even last for ten minutes.
Forget about winning.
Not a horde, sir! Call it a Team.
Same difference. A horde... team.
Still a team of junkies, right?
You're far better than them,
but don't play casually.
Yes, sir.
More the goals, the better for us.
At least 10-0. How much?
Ten- Zero.
- 10-0.
What is it?
Let's go inside.
- Where?
Let's go inside.
- Our slum's match.
Who told you about a match?
They told us.
No no, back off.
Let us go.
- No, go back.
Don't touch here.
It's Sunday. College is closed.
Go back.
- Go back to your slum.
We will go anywhere,
that's none of your business
Don't come back.
Your horde... team is not here yet?
- No, they'll be here.
Scared, are they?
- No, surely they'll be here.
They'll be here.
- Sir.
The Slum team!
- There they are.
What's all this?
You'll play football in this getup?
College match for the first time.
- So what?
So we dressed up.
Man! We'll play okay, sir.
Who are they?
People from the slum,
they're with us.
Whoever scores a goal, gets a prize.
Sir, if you could get
the gate opened.
Which one?
That gate.
- What for?
There are some people from the slum.
- So?
Sir, we need cheerleaders
and the works too.
You want cheerleaders?
- Yes, sir.
Tell them to open it.
- Hey! You open it. Sir said okay.
Open it.
Don't see the sister-in-law
- Yeah, man. I am here just for her.
It's Sunday, stupid.
She is from a rich family.
Will get up late, won't she?
She'll be her, surely.
You are the captain.
- Yes.
Be a fair referee.
Come on, get ready. Come, sir.
Hey, Don. Sister-in-law is here!
Hot, isn't she?
Focus there! Don't look at the babe.
They'll score a goal.
Looks smashing!
Don's heart is pumping
and lungs are gasping!
Ready? Keeper ready?
- He's ready since he was a baby.
Kali, bend.
Stop him. Stop!
Oh my!
Why are you playing like a girl?
You are all there!
What can I do alone here?
What do you mean alone?
Your Pop will play defence or what?
Babu, what are you doing there?
Come here for defence.
He is dancing even
before the ball comes.
You just better go home.
You are catching fish or what?
Shall I go in your place?
Never mind. Block well now.
You came for your father's wedding,
dressed up like that?
Let Sachin stand instead.
You look like a bull, you pig.
Stop the goal or
I'll send you home.
Babu. Hey, Babu.
- Give me.
- Hey!
Pass me the ball.
- Pass.
Hey! Come on.
Why are you hitting it?
Come here.
What happened?
Tell him or I'll kill him.
The goal was wide open!
I just missed or
it was a clean goal.
Why did you hit the ball
into our goalpost?
I want to cuss you so much.
I'm holding back due to the censor!
I'll send all your family away!
- Do you want to play?
Why did you kick the ball out?
- You!
Why are you all fighting here?
Catch it.
- Hey! Catch it.
What is happening today?
Good goal!
What did I do?
Why me? I did nothing. Stop!
It's him. It's him.
It's happening due to him.
They are hitting goals.
Good goal.
I tried, right?
Look at your horde.
Come on, guys!
- Come on!
Why are you whistling for no reason?
Is there treasure buried here?
It's a free kick.
Okay, kick away.
- Come on.
Line it up, boss.
Will he make a goal?
Nope! We are like a wall here.
No way he can make a goal.
Where's she?
You call this a goodwill match?
This is a sad will match.
Goal after goal.
What an ass you are?
You catching pigeons or something?
Hip, hip!
- Hurray!
Hip, hip!
- Hurray!
The score has to be 10-0.
How much?
We need 10-0.
- Yes.
Attack is the best
policy of defence.
Showing off your English?
I say, we must attack. The attack is
the best policy of defence.
So we break into their homes
and beat them?
That's what I was saying.
Angel and Jerry in.
Go on, you two.
Save the slum's image.
The rest can't do anything.
I am sending two black shirts.
If you do well, then I will
give you two black shirts.
There she is.
You are dead meat now.
Sister-in-law's going to kick ass.
We'll need to lose now, what say?
Like we were winning!
Now we only attack.
Hey! Jerry!
- Jerry!
Come on. Ankush.
Ali. Catch him.
What do you have buried there?
Don. Don.
- Ali, catch him.
Oh my!
Very nice.
- Don, nice!
Well done! Don, great job.
Come on.
- Well done, Don.
Well done, Don.
Oh my!
- Yogi!
Where did he go?
Where's our guy!
- Look there.
What is he doing?
What are you doing, Yogesh?
- He's the one who said attack.
What attack?
You told me to attack.
- He told me to attack.
Who told you?
- Babu.
Fool! You are a goalkeeper.
You'll be here or entering there?
You are just confusing me now.
Reduce the use of English.
Four shots. Tell me about it.
You are defending.
You have to save the goal.
You must not go there.
- There are 15 people out there.
Will your old man this post?
He wouldn't have
saved it anyway.
This has happened due to you,
you know?
You fool! Handling the ball!
- How many goals did they score?
It would have been a goal anyway.
Useless goalie! You can't
even stop a girl's kick.
Look how happy you are!
What are you doing?
- Did you see that?
How many goals did I say?
Didn't say I 10?
How many did you score? Five!
Only five goals in the first half
against these slum guys!
Let a girl score over him!
- Get here all of you.
Babu, do you know that
you are not playing well.
Shame on, you guys!
You should be crushing such people.
You should have already scored
10 goals in the first half.
These are not football players.
We are proper players.
Guys, what are you doing?
You came to play football
or attending a wedding?
Just look at you!
Wearing shades! Take it off, Babu.
Lose those boots.
Take it off.
Are these sports shoes?
I trained you so much.
They taunt you and mock
you all the time. Bloody slumdogs.
How will they play football?
You're proving them right.
This is what I feel bad about.
Because I know
you are better than this.
You have brought us shame.
I feel really sorry.
We can win it.
We can win easily.
In the second half.
We'll rock it.
- All of them are junkies.
Hip, hip!
- Hurray!
Come on.
Spread out. Spread out, Babu.
- Deva.
Take it.
- Come back.
- Jerry!
Get back! Back! Now!
Yes! Very good.
Great goal!
And now it begins!
I am alive again.
Get it here again.
Don! Give me, Don.
Don, leave it.
- Ankush.
Forward. Move it.
- Angel!
Give me.
- Angel.
Take it easy, my boy!
Pass it gently.
Don! Forward.
Don will win!
Hey! Give me.
- Oh no!
Aman, catch it. Good!
- Well done!
- Jerry, move ahead.
Try it.
We made a goal!
"I am dancing."
Well played.
- Paaji!
Jerry, come. Fast.
Oh! Well done.
There you are.
Use your brain.
Hey! Pass it to me.
- Take it behind.
- Babu!
- Take it.
Come on.
Take it.
Take it.
- Hit it in.
- Come on!
Jerry, try it.
- Yes!
Kinky business! Kinky business!
Kinky business! Kinky business!
Kinky business! Kinky business!
Kinky business! Kinky business!
Kinky business! Kinky business!
Come on, Jerry!
He is taking it alone!
What are you doing?
Stop him!
- Shoot.
Kick it!
Well done! Well played!
Now listen to me.
It's not over yet. Still, five
minutes to go. Come on, come on.
Come on.
- Sir.
This is wrong.
Yes! Ali!
Babu! There! In the defence.
In defence.
- Five minutes to go.
Angel. Angel.
Are you tired?
Five minutes left. One more goal!
One more goal!
- Take it.
Tackle him!
- Come back. Come back.
- Clear it.
Move ahead.
Take it out.
Don! Pass it.
We are here, we have no fear.
Take action. We got it. Leave it.
Down, down, down!
Imran, go.
- Don!
Hit the corner.
Let's go out and come back again.
Now what? What's next?
Now. Penalty.
- What?
- Means?
Slum team and college team get
to shoot five goals each.
And what if they
score four goals?
Then the slum team will lose.
- Yes.
Keeper, ready?
Striker, ready?
- You have to save this one.
Don't let it get saved.
Who want to bet?
10 to 1.
Betting real dough! Don't worry.
Check the angle and shoot.
Lost my money. Damn!
St. Johns, 1.
Gaddi Godam, 0.
What it this nonsense?
St Johns, 2.
Gaddi Godam, 0.
Paaji! You did well.
- Well done!
Come on.
Well done.
- Thank you, sir.
Hey! Paaji!
Now the goodwill shall increase.
Don't let them score a goal.
Bless my soul!
We got saved.
One more.
- Who is this?
St. Johns, 2.
Gaddi Godam, 1.
Come on, Paaji. Save it, please.
Paaji, save it. Paaji.
Keeper ready? Striker ready?
Come back. Go back.
Well played.
Get back!
Go back.
Go back. Okay.
Everybody, get back.
Jump up and show again.
Jerry! Well done, Jerry.
You can do it, man. You can.
- Come on do it.
Oh my Lord, Saviour.
Slumdogs for you.
Slumdogs win forever!
Loser! Lost it!
Aman, save the goal, bro!
St. Johns, 2. Gaddi Godam, 2.
We all are with you.
Babu, you go, you'll do it. Okay?
- I am shaking all over.
Don't worry. Listen to me.
I'll tell you something.
- I am telling you...
He is not at all a good player. You
must stop him. He shouldn't score.
One minute.
He must not score a goal.
- Yes, sir.
All the best!
- Yes, sir.
Can I do it, Sir?
- Babu, just do it.
Come on, Babu.
Keeper, ready? Striker, ready?
Kinky business!
Sir, he is Khelchand. Will you
let him join your team, sir?
Alright, come over, tomorrow.
This is my first time
inside such a huge house.
You are the first person
who wants to know me...
who wants to know about me.
That there is someone...
It's the first time someone asked me
about myself.
There is no one like that.
No one has ever asked, you know.
Like, how's it going?
Are you happy or sad?
I'll tell you since you asked me.
Normally if you ask any kid,
he might say...
I want to be a doctor
when I grow up.
Maybe fly a helicopter,
ditch it and die whatever, you know.
My deal was simple.
This is how it works in Nagpur. You
get jailed for murder, you come out,
and then your whole life is set.
That was my goal. One murder.
Go to jail. I am just a kid.
Juvenile jail
and I am out in 3-4 months.
I am not scared of anything,
I can beat up anyone.
That's how I roll.
But I felt good playing that match.
Hope you'll let me play again.
That's it. Hail Maharashtra.
My name is Asma.
I am in third grade.
I collect scrap metal with friends.
I am Rihanna, Asma's elder sister.
I work as a maid
in the big bungalows.
I also pick scrap metal and plastic.
Sir, my name is Imran Sheikh.
I live with my Mom.
My old man died when I was a kid.
Mom works as a maid
and I do odd jobs.
I often hang out with Don. We've
been friends since we were kids.
My name is Kartik Ulkey.
I was in 6th grade before.
I'd play orchestra with my dad.
Yogesh would play the banjo
and Babu on the drums.
Sometimes there used to fights
at the orchestra.
This one time, cops came
and locked me in the bathroom.
We'd perform near the school,
and when the teacher
learned about it,
she asked me to get out
of the school.
We work in construction.
It's backbreaking, hard work.
You have to dig and carry stuff.
It makes me damn tired.
Booze does not make me work better.
It just numbs my body
and my senses.
We feel there's nothing good
about our lives.
Lots of people tell me
to quit boozing and bad habits.
I simply can't. Lots of
people have told me. I can't quit.
I've had lots of bad habits.
I even used to do crack.
I used to get high and sit at the
railway station. I'd feel so good.
I stopped going back home.
I started stealing,
robbing for drugs.
I stole rods, iron from trains
in the early hours of midnight.
I was so hooked to crack and all.
But not anymore. I don't do drugs.
I hate it if someone else does it.
No human should do drugs ever.
I know what I've been through.
I don't want anyone
to go through what I did.
I don't let anyone touch drugs. I
try to explain it to them, you know.
My name is Ankush Masram.
These guys call me Don.
My story is nothing special.
Whatever it is same as theirs.
Nothing special,
these are my friends.
It's all the same. That's it.
I lost my dad when I was a kid.
There was no one else
who could provide for us.
Except for Mom.
She's a nurse.
My Mom gave me some money
and I bought a banjo.
I always wanted a banjo.
I played a little.
Then I started
playing the flute too.
Slowly, people started knowing me
that I played well.
You massage better than you sing.
No, you will never understand.
It is an art.
I told you already to
book my flight in the morning.
Take it up, up!
Place it there for a while.
Hail Shivaji!
- Hail Shivaji!
Hail Bhim!
- Hail Bhim!
"Mess with us and we bury them
six feet under!"
"No holds barred, we kick hard."
"We don't just talk or bark back."
"If we lose it,
we roar high and loud."
"If they mess with us
or even so much as stare at us."
"We beat the crap out of them,
break some bones and jaws."
"This is how we roll. Curvy
and crooked, twisty and round."
"Curvy and crooked,
twisty and round."
"In this short life,
we've seen crazy stuff."
"Been there and done that is what we
say, so to hell with what come may."
"What do we need them
fancy big house for?"
"The streets here are our mansions."
"The pavements
are soft beds and pillows."
"And the vast sky makes up
for the roof."
"The world has beat
the crap out of us."
"They made sure
they scarred us forever."
"Guess what all their crap
has made our bones hard as steel."
"This is how we roll. Curved
and crooked, twisty and round."
"This is how we roll. curved
and crooked, twisty and round."
"We pick some pockets
at times win a lottery."
"At times they put us in jail
in some dark black cell."
"We don't really give a damn
as long as we get what we wish."
"What did the world offer us?
A big zero!"
"We'll beat them back, like a hero!"
"Bad times rule over us,
but we don't waste our tears."
"The heart is sure filled
with sorrow."
"We make sure we laugh
and don't care for tomorrow."
"This is how we roll. Curvy
and crooked, twisty and round."
"This is how we roll. Curvy
and crooked, twisty and round."
'There are four rules in management
which are very important.'
'You need to have
a strategic plan.'
'You need to be focused.'
'You need to be creative.'
'And number four.
You need to have a goal.'
Mr. Vijay is retiring today
and that makes me really sad.
He's always restless, full of new
ideas. Always kept us on our toes.
Some people get tired, exhausted,
but Mr. Vijay never gets tired.
I humbly request you, sir.
Please take it easy now just rest.
Go on a pilgrimage.
And spend quality time
with your grandchildren.
I cannot say much more.
Just that I am very sad today.
Now I request Mr. Vijay
to address the audience.
Until you mentioned it,
I never felt that I was retiring
I had actually forgotten about it.
So thank you.
Is that right? That the junk shop
guys have taken over the slum land?
- The junkyard people?
They have.
I checked with the corporation.
That strip of land is
reserved for sports activities.
If it is for sports you can see
it's now become a junk yard.
They've spread it but...
- What is it?
They are slowly
encroaching over all of it.
They will come.
- What?
We will see what to do.
- Sir.
Yogesh just died, fell off a train.
- What?
He was throwing down coal.
He fell to his death.
You are kidding, right?
- No, Jerry just called.
He said that it just happened.
I met him yesterday.
- Don't mess with us.
Yogesh! Yogesh!
Look, whatever you
are doing is illegal.
This is reserved land. For sports.
How come? I am here legally.
You have your shop here illegally.
Clean India campaign
just out of the blue!
It won't work. I won't look at it.
- Listen.
Here are the court papers. You
need to vacate this land.
The law is only for you
guys or what? Nothing for us?
You don't like it, do you?
That the kids are getting
rid of bad habits.
Don't bullshit me!
- Hey!
He won't understand this language.
Have to explain on his own.
Let's teach him a lesson.
Pick it up.
- Hey!
Remove all this thing right now.
I respect the law and stamp or
I would've taught you a lesson.
Come on, move this.
What will you do now,
you old geezer?
What's the big deal?
Let's move him over there.
Oh God! Careful guys, it's God.
If you people are scared,
I'll move Him.
He won't do anything to me.
- You keep quiet.
We are giving Him another flat.
They moved the shop,
house and everything.
For 17 years,
we've done business here.
Come on, pick it up.
- Carefully.
Careful! Very careful with God.
- Handle Him with care.
That's a sin. Careful.
- Slow and easy.
I will make my father wear this.
You are committing a very
big sin. Slowly. Remove it.
Remove it.
Why are you uprooting God's statue?
- Don, is it done?
Hold on, guys.
Getting crazy for football
'Gaddi Godam Stars.'
What is that?
- Sir, a plane.
Look, a plane.
Yes. Very nice!
Do you know how planes fly?
- No.
Imagine this is a plane
and these are the wings.
When it runs on land
at a high speed,
the air loops over the wings.
It creates a force, a lift
that flies the plane.
This also forms an important
principle of life.
This was science.
But this is how things work
in life.
Life means struggle
and struggle lives with life.
Every single day
means a new struggle.
Only struggling against all odds
can make us fly high.
- Listen to me, sir.
What were you saying, Babu?
- Let's play them again.
A serious one this time.
Not so soon.
How about Mominpura slum?
- The one on this side?
Yes. Them.
Let's play them.
Let's have a tournament.
It will be good.
Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Great idea.
- Let's have a tournament!
It's great if there's a match.
- Good plan.
'Khandelwal, what's going on?
You're taking me for a ride.'
'I don't know all that.
I need the money now.'
'Tell me where to come.'
- Yes, sir.
What do you wish to prove
by doing all this?
Sir, trust me this tournament
will be the medium for these kids
to express their talent.
Where's Khandelwal?
That's it?
That's all for now.
Rest we'll see later.
What is this?
You always play the broken record.
I will be spending some
time with these kids.
And I can see them change.
I can see the change coming.
Just because of football, these kids
are moving away from drugs,
hooliganism and violence.
There you are. What's up?
- Nothing just
Come. Come to the side.
- Where?
Come to the side.
I hear you,
but I can't believe it.
Sir, just trust me on this.
You won't regret this.
Give us the permission, please.
My responsibility.
Look here.
Say you are sorry.
- Keep your hands off.
You want to teach us, do you?
I said sorry, so let it go.
We were both at fault.
I'll give the permission.
Only because of you.
I don't want any complaints.
No, Sir. There'll be no complaints.
My guarantee. You won't regret it.
Hold my feet and apologise.
- I already said I am sorry.
I said I'm sorry.
If I lose it, you'll regret it.
What will I regret? What?
I'll pay for what?
Hey! Catch him.
Satya, get him!
You know nothing?
Where your son is what he does?
He never tells us.
- How come he doesn't tell you?
You know what he has done?
The police came to your place. Those
goons are also looking for you.
Stay away until
things cool down here.
Maharashtra is a huge state.
Enough for now.
Listen to me, Sir. Hey move.
This is a slum tournament, right?
Slums are not just here in Nagpur.
They are all over India.
He is right, sir.
So many people will come!
So what? Don't worry.
They won't sleep at your place.
He's always full
of such stupid questions.
Not international.
Let's make it national.
What is this, sir?
- But where to do it?
Let me check.
What's international?
It means foreign teams come to play.
What is foreign?
Foreign means people
from outside India.
What's India?
- Sir, listen to this.
Sir, look what he is saying.
Listen to this, Sir.
What does it mean by India?
Listen. India means
our Gaddi Godam slum.
'National Slum
Football Competition-2018.'
Hey! Come here.
I have taken an advance
on the provident fund.
Get out of here. Quick!
Where's Don? Where's your friend?
Haryana, Kerala, Assam
- Punjab too.
'Haryana Queen.'
Where the hell is your Don?
- I don't know, Sir. I swear!
11 mattresses over there?
Take some upstairs, in another room.
You placed the mattresses
in the other room?
11 there and four
in the second room.
Four won't be enough.
One team has 11 people,
so we need 11 in each room.
Who's doing the pillows?
- I wasn't the in-charge of it.
I am not the in-charge of pillows.
Ankush, listen to me.
Wherever you are, go to
the police station and surrender.
Sir, the police will beat me up bad.
Listen, Ankush.
Just do as I say. Got it?
We have to fill
up the drums tomorrow.
We have to do it.
You are acting smart?
- Sir!
You think you are a big don, yeah?
We have been looking
for you so long!
Sir, but I surrendered!
- You did us a big favour, yeah?
Yes? You think you are a don?
Sit straight.
- Sit straight.
You want to be a hero.
Please don't beat me, sir.
A fugitive tag and being banned from
Nagpur for three months is nothing.
He deserved to go
in for a long time.
It's all because of that jerk.
It happened because of no one else.
You just couldn't change yourself.
You blame others.
Had you apologised,
it wouldn't have killed you.
It is not mandatory
to win every single time.
Now go and repent your actions.
And next time you
do something like this,
remember you have to deal with me.
'Tumsar Police Station.'
Report each and every week
without fail.
- Or else there'll be a warrant.
And I won't take
any of your crap here.
Yes, sir.
- What?
Or we kick your behind.
Sign here.
Don Masram.
'This is indeed great for
our country. Give it up, everyone.'
'People, give it up!'
'Our Gaddi Godam, Nagpur's name
has to be right up there.'
'Do you play like this
with alcohol too?'
'This is amazing. Right?'
'Give it to me a little.
Just see how much it comes.'
'I'll also start now.
- Well said...'
Heads. He wins.
'So guys, the referee has...'
"In their eyes,
you are worthless junk."
"You though have a fire
in your belly, you're no skunk!"
Man! A very good goal.
"Start the fire, burn away the
shackles of prestige and privilege."
"Kick that ball
and launch a missile."
"Kick hard! Kick the ball!"
"No. No. No. Don't stop."
"Don't stop."
"No. No. No."
"Kick hard! Kick the ball!"
"No. No. No. Don't stop."
"No. No. No. Don't stop."
What are you doing?
Is that where you piss?
Foul for what?
- You pulled his t-shirt.
Get him some water.
Hey! Leave.
We don't have a damn goalkeeper!
Can I do it?
Can you do it?
"Kick away to glory,
fly the flags high."
"You do it."
"Anyone dares to be in the way,
Blast through!"
"You do it."
"Cause of what you are, they
think how could you dare to dream!"
"They don't know about fate,
she has given you a gift."
"No one has the skills to beat you!"
"Show there is
no one better than you."
"Kick hard! Kick the ball!"
"No. No. No. Don't stop."
After the game, they swear, spit,
tease girls, make a big mess.
They create a lot
of mess near the gate.
No, I...
I'll have a chat with them. This
is a friendly football tournament.
We understand,
we are under pressure too.
Something happens tomorrow,
all this crowd...
We respect you and are holding back
only because of you.
No, we will try, sir.
Sir, thank you.
It's not foul.
- You wait.
Go on.
Pass it back.
Don't you know whom
you are fighting with?
I had told you, right?
We will come to your house
and beat you.
Hey! What's happening?
Listen. Listen to me. Look.
I request you. I beg you...
It's a friendly tournament.
I request you, I beg you...
Treat everyone nicely.
I beg you and request you.
Please don't fight.
This is not right.
Stop all this nonsense.
It's beyond your control.
The whole college is now a slum.
This is exactly why I was saying no.
Two more days, please.
I'll make it right.
You can't. Not possible.
'This is all a big scam.'
'I know this man.'
'He is a big fraud.
He just thinks about making money.'
'Slum football?
How is that even possible?'
'They are bringing a bad
name to football.'
'And you are giving free publicity.'
Hey, Imran! Look here.
Sir is here.
Hold this.
- Sir is here.
What happened today
will not happen again.
We will handle it.
Henceforth, no one will
dare trash anything.
Don't worry.
We will make it right, Sir.
No worries.
"This is it,
time to enforce dreams."
"Play like you are
their worst dream."
"They think of you low,
time to put on your show!
"Bare feet will also make them bow!"
"So come on!
You were so long a slave!"
"Change that history
your new path to pave!"
"They swore at you forever, listen."
"They now clap for you
and won't stop ever!"
"You get it, right?"
"Not a simple fight. It's not easy,
you must try with all your might."
"You can do it.
You've got your heart all right!"
"Hard work takes you to
the last station."
"It'll make
the world take a lesson!"
"Animals live too. It's time
to be alive and be a legend."
"Kick away to glory,
fly flags high."
"Anyone dares to be in the way
blast through."
Well played, what's your name?
- Bobby.
Nice. Well played.
Uncle, don't you get it? Just leave.
Kindly leave.
Well played. Your name?
- Raju.
Well played, Raju.
Your name?
- Badal.
Badal, you played well.
This is a good experience for us.
This is the first time we are here.
Such a good experience.
Thanks to Mr. Vijay.
I like playing football.
This big tournament.
I liked playing here.
I like this tournament
and hope they organise it again.
Slum youth is playing here
in such a way
like it's a big
international tournament.
Did you ever think that this
would happen at such a scale?
I don't know.
I felt that I should do this.
It would be good for these kids.
I thought if they play football,
it can lead to something better.
And the rest is as you see it.
It just happened.
Never imagined it like this.
Raza, they say you are married.
That's right.
I have three daughters too.
'What does your husband do?
- He is a businessman.'
'He supports you on this?
- Yes, he sure does.'
'Do you want your daughters
to play as well?'
'Yes, for sure. I want them
to become something in life.'
It has been a wonderful tournament.
Teams participated
from all over India.
Honestly, I did not think
it was possible.
But Mr. Borade has done
a great job here.
The real winner is... Mr. Vijay.
I place an order long time ago.
- It's coming.
When? Next year?
Buzz off.
- What are you staring at? Buzz off
Just two minutes
- Get it, man.
Hurry, man. Quick.
Trying to associate with
homeless soccer association too.
You have no idea of
what you have achieved here.
I had ventured overseas
for opportunities
and you created them here.
Are you quitting the course?
Not going back?
No, Dad. Not going back.
Tea is good.
Look at him laying so peacefully.
I told you so many times.
Carry on now, die.
Hey, Karthik.
Come here.
Yes, sir?
What are you doing here?
- I came as I was missing everyone.
No, you shouldn't be breaking
the rules. You can't be here.
You are banned from here.
Just leave.
And don't come back until your
expulsion period is over.
- Yes.
We have an invitation
from Homeless Soccer.
World Slum Football.
It's a big achievement.
But we have to manage
the travel expenses.
Just can't find it.
(Indistinct chatter)
- Of course. He plays very well.
His name is Khelchand.
Of course, he plays well.
Will you play?
Confirm his name.
Whose phone is this?
Raju, you have been selected
for Homeless World Cup. Badal too.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, I have been
selected for World Cup.
Yeah, right.
Sir, it's the truth. We are caught
watching the film without a ticket.
I swear on Goddess Durga.
I don't want to get married.
- Every girl says that.
We also used to say that.
Ma, let me play for some more time.
- You've played enough already.
If she wants to play, let her play.
Starve yourselves,
but let her play
Let her do what she wants.
That's all.
Hello, Jagdish.
This is Vijay Borade.
You have been selected
for World Cup football.
Sir, that girl was not
from this village.
It was from a village close by.
Address, please.
"We all must live,
find a reason to be alive."
"We all must live,
find a reason to be alive."
"If you cannot find hard shores,
at least a straw of grass."
"Why curse this empty starkness?"
"Make friends with life.
There's a way out of this darkness."
- Yes.
- Yes.
Uncle! Some people are here to
meet your daughter from Nagpur.
He says
why do we send her so far away?
She went away recently,
was no use for us.
Tell him that but...
She plays football very well.
And that's why she has
been invited from overseas.
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
It will be very
good for her future.
Ask them
if they have all the documents.
(Regional language)
Here. Give it to him
for her passport.
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
She is very good at football.
- It will be good for her.
(Regional language)
Keep this money and arrange
for Monika's passport.
Don't you dare step
inside the house.
I just need some documents.
You've brought shame to the family.
What do you expect now?
Just hand me those documents
and I'll be on my way.
Get going now. Understand?
We need a passport.
We don't have any documents.
We heard you issue a passport.
Yes, but for passport
we need documents.
Do something, please.
You need documents for passport.
There's a whole list,
ask someone outside.
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
Who's going overseas?
My daughter here.
Get all documents first.
- Please make them for us, Sir.
I cannot make your documents here.
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
You need a certificate for that.
We don't have no papers.
You can't do anything
without the documents.
For example, where do you live?
India? Pakistan?
We are from right here.
You know that.
I know it, but they don't.
So what do we do?
Do one thing.
You get a domicile certificate.
School leaving
or whatever you have.
Show it to the government.
Then it's done.
Could you make a
list of what we need?
I will arrange it for you.
Have your lunch by then.
The thing is the government doesn't
care if you are actually alive.
They need proof.
A living being has no value.
Certificate for both living
as well as dead.
Please let me just speak with her.
Why now? There's nothing to say.
Razia, you said divorce, but
we can't be divorced just like that.
Okay, don't talk to me
if you don't want to.
You wanted some documents, right?
Here they are.
Could've put on something formal!
You could've worn
something formal.
What's wrong with this here?
You have a tie on,
that should be enough.
What did you say it was?
- Homeless soccer. Slum soccer.
- Sir, football.
All right, football.
So kids from slums
will play there?
Yes, Sir. From all over the world.
If there's an invitation,
they should pay, right?
They won't send an empty invite.
The invitation
itself is a big thing.
- All right.
They will pay for some expenses.
We have to manage travel.
Never heard of this Homeless
Soccer and all. First time.
This is an invitation.
- I heard for the first time.
That's the invitation and profiles
of the team players.
All from slums? All of them?
- They will represent India, Sir.
You also going? Foreign tour?
Excuse me, I'll wait outside.
Alright, let's see how it goes,
when we get to it.
I won't beg in front of anyone.
I will not plead for money.
How do we get all this money?
We need to ask for it.
We have to raise the funds.
You can't do it all
with your own money.
I'll take care of that.
I cannot accept it
that the kids have to pay
for their travel expenses.
'District Primary School.'
How many years did she study here?
Two days, Sir.
Two whole days yes?
Try and find her name.
What was the name?
Monika Maniklal Gedam.
What do you need
the certificate for?
She plays well. That's why.
What does she play?
- Football.
Is it? Very impressive.
Found a Jiva Manik Gedam.
- Who is that?
That's the elder son.
- Find the girl's name.
No, found only Jiva.
Her name cannot be found.
I am giving a certificate anyway
on my risk.
Just don't tell anyone. I am
giving it just for your daughter.
Sir, sign here.
Best of luck. Play well.
- Yes.
Look at this.
You idiot, give me your hand!
You are an international
player now.
Selected for an international team!
And you keep it a secret!
Congratulations, buddy.
- Yes.
You mortgaged our land?
I was in the process
of raising money.
Website too.
It is just a matter of time.
We don't have that much time.
I am doing what I can.
You do what you do.
I will be back.
Raza Amjad Bagwan.
These are her originals
and photocopies.
That should do.
'Village Council, Pangdi.'
What about her?
You need a domicile certificate?
It's not that easy.
You need a letter from a gazetted
or well-known person.
Only then you may get it.
I have never been so
disturbed in my life.
Is Mr. Vijay at home?
I want to meet Mr. Vijay.
- Have a seat.
Sir, I am Mahesh Bhosale.
You've been doing
a great thing for the kids.
I would like to contribute...
Please, we are not asking for help.
We shall manage somehow.
Please don't do that.
Sir, I have a small shop
in our slum.
I have seen
what these kids did before.
Something good is happening now.
Please don't refuse.
Ankush, I saw in the newspaper.
Good stuff.
See you.
Identity letter? For that
I need to know who you are.
Which village?
We are from Pada.
- Pada!
Yes, we are from nearby village
of Pada.
Never seen you there.
We keep travelling for work.
We have seen you.
You've seen me, have you?
You know me?
Who needs a letter?
My daughter's.
- Right?
So I need to know you.
That's how it works.
But we know you, Sir.
Hey, listen.
You know him?
- No.
Have you seen the girl someplace?
- No. Never.
He doesn't know you
I don't.
That's the whole point
I need to know you.
We came here cause they told us
it's done here.
I'll tell you what...
Come day after tomorrow.
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
(Regional language)
I think it's my turn.
I will go.
Your name?
- Don... Ankush Masram.
Sit, please. A photo first.
Applying first time?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Class 5.
Check your father's name.
Mother's name spelling.
Smile a little.
Keep it here.
Keep your right hand.
Thumb. Keep both your thumbs.
The documents will be verified.
Go to the NC counter, okay?
Go straight and take a left.
Your process is complete.
Thank you.
That's 7300.
Your wife also bought
grocery worth 700.
When? After I become like you?
- Just this one time, please.
You come here asking
so many times.
You just...
Damn! You again!
Found someone who
can recommend you?
Him! He knows me.
You know him?
Sure, I do he lives in Pada.
He needs an identity
recommendation. What do you say?
What for?
For her.
- I have to send her overseas.
No shady business, right?
- No.
Please! It's for my daughter.
No shady business.
You know me?
- Sure? Sure?
Give it to him.
Should I? for you.
I don't know them at all.
I know her.
- Bring it.
Tell me your name.
- Monica.
- Gedam.
I am giving it, okay?
Because you said so.
Stand here.
Greetings, sir!
I'll take care of
Razia's travel expense.
Thank you.
Sir, my passport hasn't arrived yet.
My friends applied after me.
They received it already.
Everything is okay. Just haven't
received the police clearance yet.
So, I need to go to
the police station?
Hey! Wait. Wait.
What are you doing here?
- Needed some help, please.
Stabbed someone again?
- No, nothing like that.
What do you want?
Police verification for a passport.
- Yes.
What's your name?
- Ankush Masram.
Find his file, will you?
But your name's Don, right?
- That's what people call me.
Two names, yeah?
That's a clear fraud.
How many passports do you have?
- This is the first one.
You have some cases against you too.
- Let it go, Sir.
Let it go? For a passport?
You want to stab
someone overseas too?
Please, Sir.
What please? What do you mean?
Leave from here.
What are you staring at?
Go away.
He is staring at me.
Come, let's go.
You take this
football team overseas.
What if they murder someone there?
Sir, please come in.
Hey, get some tea and stuff.
So Mr. Vijay, please stay out
of it. Let the court decide.
Can you not help, please?
The departure date is very close.
I can't do anything.
Sir, please sit.
This way?
This is the invitation letter
for the World Cup.
- The invitation.
And on this side...
Also newspaper cuttings
and information.
My lord.
If we give passports to people
with criminal background,
send them overseas,
they will malign
the name of our country.
To encourage them
is to encourage crimes.
Respected Mr. Borade.
He wants to take this horde
to a foreign country.
My suggestion is
along with Ankush... Don,
this entire team... horde's
passports should be cancelled.
That's all.
I do not agree with
the prosecution at all.
Mr. Vijay is doing
a great thing here.
Your honour, I...
Your honour, I would like to
say something on behalf of my team
if you agree.
Okay, sure.
- Okay, thank you.
Respected ma'am.
These kids are not social evil.
They are our own.
We have boycotted them
for ages together.
No one is a criminal
at birth, surely.
And no one ventures
into crime willingly.
Why would someone like to commit a
crime and find himself behind bars?
I have spent some time
with these young people.
They are good kids.
They play football.
This girl here. She's from Haryana.
She lives in a slum
and has played football
and has represented her state.
This is Khelchand.
He is a security guard,
but he plays magical football.
She is Razia.
She has steeled herself into
a shield for her three daughters.
How can we deny
these people their talent?
Who makes their selection?
Where does this happen?
This selection process?
Mumbai? Sports Academy?
Mumbai, Sports Academy
is not the entire India.
Schools, colleges, universities.
There's an India beyond their walls
and it's vast.
We simply cannot ignore that.
Some of these kids can hunt
an animal with a stone.
Hand them a cricket ball
and they can become
fastest bowlers ever.
You say that
these kids get into fights.
They rob, they run.
Yes, they run! They run very fast!
Get them to run at the Olympics.
A gold medal is assured!
They are running away
from the unfairness of life.
The unfairness of life.
He is Satya.
He was charged with
breaking a pipe, water pipe.
The pipe used to send
water to the cities.
He has been blamed for
breaking that pipe.
His slum had no water for four days.
Is that a crime now?
Trying to find water?
The way I understand this is...
These kids are simply fighting.
to stay alive, for life.
And is life a crime?
I agree that they may not know
right from wrong.
At home when children
do something wrong,
we scold them, punish them a little.
You surely do not evict them
from your home.
If you decide to
brand them criminals
and shut them behind bars,
you will not simply deny
them their future.
Because they are.
Because they are our future,
all of them are our future.
Tiny little countries
England, Germany.
They take away all medals
in Olympics.
I simply cannot accept that such.
a vast country like ours
lacks talent, no way.
No matter how talented
these kids are.
They can never find you,
find justice.
Because of this huge wall, you have
created between you and them.
To jump over this wall
and reach you is almost impossible.
It is up to you to break this wall,
so that you can reach them.
We need to fight against
this wall together.
Respected Court!
You say that this is a wild horde.
This is the horde.
But I say this is
our National Football Team.
And this boy Ankush
is a very talented player
who in this World Cup
Shall proudly represent India!
I urge that he be given
this one chance.
Just this one.
You will come again, right?
- Don't worry.
Wow! Don.
Come here.
Look, you...
Don't lose heart, alright?
Keep training.
We shall go next year again.
Hey! Bye, everyone.
Bye, everyone.
Take care of sir.
Eat well.
- Make our country proud.
You carry on. I'll walk.
Where are you going?
Just going to kill that
Constable Waghmare.
Waghmare... I'll knock him out.
What wicket? Knock out?
- You guys go.
Come on.
No one's getting anyone's wicket.
You gone crazy or what?
Don't be stupid. Let's go.
Go, guys.
Let's meet at jail tomorrow.
Let's go together.
You want Waghmare
let's do him together.
Let's drink some
and then we'll get him.
You guys eat yet?
Don, there you go.
I am going to kill him.
Look, things are getting better
I want to get better!
Why won't they let me?
I got this one chance and they
want to snatch it away from me!
Sambe ruined my life.
And now this constable.
Murder tonight, that's it.
Don't be stupid, bro.
- Murder it is.
Imran, the bus would be
half way to Mumbai, right?
Half way to Mumbai already.
Everyone's on the bus except me.
Let it be.
This is the last
and final sports award this year.
And now on this joyous occasion,
I request the Honourable
Chief Minister
to felicitate
Mr. Vijay Borade and his team.
He has got together
a talented football team.
from slums all over India.
This team will represent India at
the World Homeless
Soccer tournament.
- Yes.
Ankush Mishram.
- Not Mishram, Masram.
Yes. Your passport's here.
Don, I am tired.
How much will you make us run?
Let's wait a little.
Is Ankush here?
- No, he's not home.
His passport's here.
- Give me. I'll give it to him.
I can't hand it over to you.
Babu, come fast.
Come here. Book a ticket.
Babu, ticket window, go!
How are you, brother?
What are you staring at?
- Look down.
Who the hell do you think you are?
- Please let it go, bro.
You think you are too smart?
You want to kill me?
Forehead on my feet and say sorry.
Don't hit me.
Rub your nose.
Please let me go. I said I am sorry.
Sorry? Are you doing me a favour?
I apologised, right?
Please let me go.
I said I am sorry.
Don't do it. Just stay quiet.
Why are you hitting back?
Say sorry. Don't make it worse.
Let it be.
Just say sorry.
- Don't do all this here, please.
Want to hit me?
- Just say sorry!
Okay sorry, but let him go, please.
Please let us go.
- Hey!
What's happening here?
Excuse me.
I need to talk to Ankush.
May I?
Come. Come.
There it is. There...
Come, everyone.
Are you Mr. Vijay?
- Yes, ma'am.
Good morning, sir.
We are happy to inform you
that you have been
upgraded to Spice Max.
So let me help you all
with your check-in.
Okay. Thank you.
Thank you.
- This is the passport of my...
Give it to me.
These are the passports and tickets.
- Thank you, ma'am.
And your boarding passes.
Arjun Dada, I am here.
Where are they?
- He says they are coming out?
Call him once.
Where's Jerry and everyone?
- Inside I guess.
Look at that, all made of glass.
Suresh, take the bag.
This place is so good.
I'll be waiting for you.
Bhavana ma'am, he's already high...
His plane is flying...
Sir, ticket.
He'll be back.
He hasn't gone forever.
What's in the bag?
- No, there's nothing.
Stand in line.
Can't break the line, mate.
Don made it finally.
What's that?
- Its a mobile phone, sir.
Take it out.
Your wallet.
Drop it in the tray.
Stop. Belt. Shoes too.
In the tray. Shoes in the tray.
Hands up.
What's in there?
Out with it.
Where are you taking the cutter?
Nowhere... I forgot it was there.
Chuck it away.
- Throw it away.
It's okay. It's done.
Come on.
It's fine.
Okay. Enough.
"Make way for us,
we'll fall a 1000 times."
"But we shall rise again,
will run, will sprint."
"We'll break through, thick and thin
Stop us if you dare."
"These walls that you've built.
Our spirit shall make them break."
"You say horde, our slum team
is set on one team we bet."
"Your uneven walls of shame,
have holes all the same."
"You treat us like crap,
you just don't get it, mate."
"You set fire to us,
but we are made of hard metal."
"It's our day now our lotus
has risen out of this mud."
"No longer a horde,
we are now a team!"
"In their eyes,
you are worthless junk."
"You though have a fire
in your belly, you're no skunk!"
"Start the fire."
"Burn away the
shackles of prestige and privilege."
"Kick that ball
and launch a missile."
"Kick it. Kick it."
"Kick it. No. No. No."
"Don't stop. Don't stop."
"Don't stop. No. No. No."
"Kick it. Kick it."
"No. No. No."
"Don't stop. Don't stop."
"No. No. No."
"We have to fulfil our dreams.
We will play as everyone's death."
"We shall change
their petty thinking."
"Show them the anger
of torn slippers."
"Come on, now you are
going to change history."
"All the people who cursed you
are clapping for you now."
"It's not so easy
to walk that path."
"What you're thinking is
not for ordinary people."
"There is enough
strength in your heart."
"You will reach your destiny."
"Do something that will
teach the world a lesson."
"Even animals live their life."
"It's time for you
to be a legend."
"Do something and raise your flag.
- Raise your flag."
"Remove all the obstacles
that come in your way."
"People think since you are poor
that what is your status?"
"They don't know that even
destiny has given you a gift."
"Defeat them. Defeat them."
"No one has the strength
that you have got."
"Show it that even you
are not less than anyone."
"Kick hard! Kick the ball!
No. No. Don't stop."