Jian guo da ye (2009) Movie Script

Director Chen, it appears
you will kiss and make up with the CPC.
You don't approve?
You don't know the CPC
like we do.
While you were making passes at them,
we fought them head on
in France.
l heard you intend to resign.
Even if you resign,
wait till after the capitulation
ceremony in Nanjing.
You helped defeat the Japanese.
The ceremony needs a
national hero like you.
lf l don't resign,
l'll be blamed for the civil war.
Welcome, Mr. Mao.
Welcome to Chongqing, Mr. Mao.
We've been fighting the enemy
for 8 years.
lt's my job
to fight till the end.
Now that we won,
are we stilling fighting?
l will not
fight my own kind.
General Malinovsky has agreed
to hand over the Northeast provinces.
No need to fight anymore?
lf we don't,
will the CPC hand over their turf?
Ladies and gentlemen.
Chairman Chiang and Mr.
Mao propose a toast.
To peace, cheers.
Chairman Chiang.
Hello, Chairman Chiang.
Hello, Mr. Mao.
l'm from the "'Central Daily''.
l notice you're both
wearing Mandarin suit.
On a special day like today,
is there a special meaning for that?
The Mandarin suit
is the official attire for all civil
servants of the Nationalist Government.
As the Chairman
of KMT,
it's my duty
to welcome Mr. Mao to Chongqing.
l'm wearing the Mandarin
suit out of respect.
Mr. Mao, is that your reason too?
The reason is simple.
Chairman Chiang and l are
both Dr. Sun's disciples.
Both the KMT and the
CPC have inherited
Dr. Sun's revolutionary legacy.
We share the same roots.
lt is only natural that
Dr. Sun's disciples should
wear the Mandarin suits.
Mr. Mao. Excuse me.
Pardon me, Mr. Mao.
To see you standing next to each other,
l can't help but feel excited.
l have another question for Mr. Mao.
ln the upcoming negotiation
ith regards to the issue of democracy,
will the Parties find common ground
or reach any consensus?
Definitely, if you look hard enough.
This reporter already noticed
we had something in common.
The North China division of the CPC
and the Shandong division
are infiltrating the Northeast.
Chen Yi's New Fourth Army
is active around
Shanghai and Hangzhou,
making it difficult for the Nationalist
Government to move the capital back to Nanjing.
Our troops are too far
away from these regions.
The Americans have landed in Qingdao.
They promised to send
planes and warships
to get our troops to the
Northeast, North China,
East China and south of Yangtze River.
General Du, l'm counting
on you in the Northeast.
Master Zhang, please give
us your honest opinion.
likes to keep things in the open.
We never hide our views
and respect those of our friends
and the China Democratic League.
Thank you.
l'll be honest with you, as a friend.
To form a democratic
coalition government,
peace and unity are the
only ways forward.
lf Mr. Chiang and Mr. Mao
can sit down and talk,
it would be wonderful.
A negotiation requires
concessions and compromises
in order to bring about peace.
Chairman Mao came to Chongqing.
That alone proves our sincerity.
The turf and army are minor details.
Rather than haggle over them,
why not unify all the parties?
At this moment,
the Nationalist Army is busy
in regions where we
have set up our regime
with strategic blockades
or explorative attacks.
The Eighth Route Army
and New Fourth Army
are thorns in Mr. Chiang's flesh.
Pardon me for saying this.
lf we didn't have a few
hundred thousand used guns,
Mr. Chiang would never
sit down and talk to us.
lf neither Party let go,
the war will go on.
You can forget about peace.
lf neither Party gives in,
negotiation will break down.
l appreciate
your mediation.
Very well.
For the sake of peace and democracy,
we'll make the first concession.
Among the 1 00 divisions of
the national defense army,
our request for 48 divisions
has been cut back to 20 divisions.
We're willing to give
up 8 liberated regions
in south of Yangtze River.
l hope that our concession
will set the consultative
meeting in motion
and help set up a coalition government.
l'm here on behalf of President Truman
and the United States government
to issue the following statement.
We have no intention to support
a "'Cream of Wheat'' Marxist
to take over China.
The present Nationalist Government
of China and Mr. Chiang Kai-shek
are faithful friends of the United States.
Our only concern is
whether the Yalta Conference and
the Sino-Russian
Friendship Alliance Treaty
will be honored and implemented
by the Chongqing government.
The United States is cognizant that
the Nationalist government of
China is a one-party government
and believes that peace, unity
and democratic reform in China
can be furthered if the
basis of this government
is broadened to include
other political elements in the country.
On behalf of the CPC, l wish to
issue the following statement.
We welcome President Truman's China
policy as per the declaration on the 1 5th
with regards to the cease fire
between the KMT, CPC
and other political parties
and to call upon a multi-party meeting
to implement reforms
to end the KMT's one-party dictatorship
and to ensure fair and
effective representation of all parties
to facilitate the democratic
unification of China.
President Truman's special envoy,
Marshall, is arriving soon
to mediate in the civil war.
Don't slight him.
Peace or war,
you should know better.
Stop when we want to stop.
Fight when we want to fight.
This is the only case.
Not until we say so.
The purpose of this Assembly
is to seek political
reforms towards democracy.
The basis of our negotiation
is to establish a multi-party
coalition government
to facilitate a peaceful unification.
there are over 30 seats in the Senate.
We have to give up 8 of them?
To give up 8 seats
is to oust 8 of our men
and hand them to someone else.
Who owns the world
now? lt's hardly KMT.
Central Club and the others
have secretly agreed
not to acknowledge the CPPCC
and refused to give up their
seats for the CDL and CPC.
There'll be trouble
if they keep this up.
Fellow students, teachers
and friends of Sichuan.
5 months ago, we gathered here
to celebrate a national victory.
That's outrageous. Lower your whip.
Mind your own business.
She's my girl.
You have no say.
Whoever feeds her,
owns her.
Hey. Stop it.
Are you alright, Miss?
Who fired that shot? Who was it?
Who was it? Who fired that shot?
No open fire in the city, Sir.
But they can beat people up?
l don't care who you work for.
Send a message for me.
Don't sneak around.
Stop this underhanded nonsense.
Extra: Mr. Chiang calls for a meeting.
Chiang has taken the gloves off.
He's calling the National
People's Congress without us.
lt's his one-man show.
The sooner we set the date for the NPC,
the sooner the US will
confirm their assistance.
We can't have the NPC
with the KMT alone.
We can forget the CPC.
For appearance, we still
have the other parties.
The CPC and the other parties
insisted on implementing the
resolution of the CPPCC in Chongqing.
What will you do?
Pacify Zhang Lan.
Coax and fight the CPC
at the same time.
When Mao runs out of troops,
we can stop coaxing.
4 days ago in Kunming, Mr. Li Gongpu
was murdered by secret
agents of the KMT.
What crime has he committed
to deserve such a fate?
He used his pen and he spoke up.
Everything he wrote and said
was precisely what any
Chinese with a conscience
should write and speak of.
What a shame.
The counter-revolutionaries' shame
is precisely Mr. Li's honor.
His blood will not be shed in vain.
Mr. Li gave up his life.
There's a price to be paid for his life.
Justice will prevail,
because truth will prevail.
We want democracy, not civil war.
Tell him l went out.
The Chairman is not here for real.
He sent me on an overseas expedition.
l came to say goodbye
to my sworn brother.
But he's not here.
Vice President, why the lantern?
lt's broad daylight.
l see only darkness.
l can't see without a lantern.
You must be kidding, Sir.
l'm not in the mood.
"'The Three Principles of the People''
is the cornerstone of our Party.
lf he's bent on having his way,
the days of our Party are numbered.
That's all l have to say.
Tell him to take care.
Zhangjiakou is the capital of the
Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Border Region,
it's also the only major
city under the CPC
that has an arsenal that's crucial to them.
But it'll be returned to the
Nationalist Government soon.
General, are you saying
the manufacturing and
military base of the CPC
doesn't exist any more?
l admire Mao for never giving up.
But talk is cheap
and you can't just work
your finger to the bone.
Power is everything.
According to you,
the Communist Party is
doomed to fail this time?
l didn't say that.
l'll make you a wager.
The CPC wins,
l'm willing to hold Mao's horsewhip.
20 years ago,
we surrendered our arms
for peace.
What happened? We got
a massacre in return,
not peace.
We learn from our mistakes.
For peace,
for our future and to eliminate war.
ln this war imposed
on us by our enemies,
we must retaliate.
Within 3 months of the
closing of this NPC,
our government
will put an end to this civil war.
We will annihilate the separatist
regime by force of arms
to bring forth a unified country
and bring peace to our nation.
Some say the evacuation from Yan'an
marks a major setback in
the Chinese Revolution.
lf this is a setback,
our party and this army
have survived countless setbacks.
You keep the land and lose
the people, you lose both.
You keep the people and lose
the land, you have both.
l'll trade Yan'an for the whole of China.
We came all this way
but we're still one step away from peace.
What a shame to give it up.
Mao was right: without
guns in their hands,
Chiang will never negotiate with us.
The CDL served as mediator
between the KMT and CPC.
But Chiang is insatiable.
The CPC gave up their turf,
but they did not get
the peace they wanted.
Some guarantor l am.
Chiang wants a one-party NPC.
lf neither the CPC or CDL shows up,
we'll be handing the regime to him.
Don't be stupid.
We'll fall into his trap if we show up.
Our position is clear.
Only a coalition government is legal.
There'll be no NPC without peace
and no coalition government
without political consultancy.
You're saying...
We side with the CPC.
l, Zhang Lan,
will not attend Chiang's NPC.
Based on the experience
of the Northeast Bureau,
we implement land reforms
in the countryside.
The results are quite obvious.
Stay off the main road, take
the vicinity of the city,
give the land to the farmers.
We'll take over when those who
plough the land can own it.
The supplies unit got separated.
We have problems with food and clothes.
Mr. Chairman.
l need to write an editorial
for the Xinhua News Agency.
l need the rest of this candle for later.
But we're having a meeting.
Precisely, just keep talking.
You don't need to see anything.
Groping in the dark?
Let's get back to business.
Chiang threw caution to the
wind and declared war.
Bullets don't have eyes.
ln my opinion,
Enlai, Bishi and l
will form a front committee
and stay in Shanbei.
Shaoqi, you and Zhu De form
a Central Working Committee
and cross the Yellow
River into North China.
We'll work from both sides.
Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
Keep them separate.
We'll still have the other
when one is crushed.
Hurry. Get out.
Get rid of everyone inside.
Seal up this place.
That son of a bitch.
He had the audacity to
seize the CDL headquarters
and restrict our activities.
Li Jishen and He Xiangning
set up the Revolutionary Committee
of the KMT in Hong Kong.
Founding members such as
Feng Yuxiang and Cai Tingkai
have indicated their intention
to break away from Chiang.
The KMT is splitting up.
You should leave for
Hong Kong right away.
We'll re-open the CDL
headquarters in Hong Kong.
l'm all for it.
We must not miss this chance.
l hereby announce
the results of the first presidential
election of the Republic of China
with the following votes:
Chiang Kai-shek 2, 430 votes;
Ju Zheng 269 votes.
According to the constitution
of the ROC and electoral law,
l hereby announce
Mr. Chiang Kai-shek is elected
first President of the ROC.
Hu Zongnan wired. We lost Yan'an.
Chiang Kai-shek was elected
President in Nanjing.
Long live Mao Zedong in the valley.
Nothing to brag about.
Get rid of the 'long live'
in clause 23 of the slogan.
Let Chiang be the emperor.
l won't join his party.
Clause 5,
mere mention of the working
class is inappropriate.
We have insisted on a
coalition government.
lt's bad to sing a different tune.
l agree with the amendments.
Let's have a show of hands.
Go on air with this.
Xinhua Radio broadcasts
the CPC slogan for Labor Day on May 1 .
First, this year's Labor Day
is the day the Chinese
people head towards victory.
Second, this year's Labor Day
is the day the Chinese
people's enemy Chiang Kai-shek
meets his doom.
Fifth, all democratic
parties and organizations
should immediately call for the CPPCC
to discuss and elect delegates
to set up a coalition government.
The CPC made an excellent move.
You're the chess expert.
This time you must make up your mind.
lt's easier said than done.
lt'll depend on the CPC's next move.
l heard Li Zongren had
invited you to Nanjing.
Chiang wants you too.
Li Zongren.
Sun Ke.
Li Zongren.
lf the President is a litearati,
l don't mind if you
become Vice President.
But the President is already a soldier.
The Vice President should
not be another soldier.
People will say this is
a military government.
Normally, l won't insist if you say so.
But since the election,
more than my effort is at stake.
Not that l don't want to step down,
l simply can't.
Without support from the Party,
you won't be elected.
Why be a laughing stock?
Let the numbers speak for themselves.
Maybe l'll win.
Definitely not.
Sun Ke 1 , 295 votes.
Li Zongren 1 , 438 votes.
According to the constitution
of the ROC and electoral law,
l hereby announce, Mr. Li Zongren
is elected Vice President of the ROC.
do solemnly swear...
l haven't been to Beiping in years.
Commander-in-Chief of North China.
5 provinces and a few hundred
thousand people under your command.
You're the king.
Don't make fun of me.
Mr. Chiang has high regard for you.
lf the new CPPCC
can invite half the people on this list,
we're half way there.
You're right.
You better write to
General Feng personally.
l'll do that right now.
Mr. Chairman, time to eat.
Please join me, Enlai.
No, l must get back to Xibaipo.
Finish eating first.
Very well.
Mr. Chairman,
the cook is Xiao Yan's old lad.
He wants to see you.
Of course.
Thank you, sir.
His name is Guo Bencai.
He's from my hometown.
Hello, Mr. Chairman.
Mr. Kwok, you're a good cook.
lt's worth everything to cook for you.
Have a smoke.
Thank you, sir.
lt's your cigarette, l want to keep it.
Take this.
l can't.
Take it.
Sir, this is Liu Congwen, the mess
officer in the military zone.
Hello, sir.
Hello, Mr. Zhou.
Hello. Mr. Kwok.
Mr. Chairman, any special
requests for your meals?
We'll do the best we can.
l don't need much.
Make sure we put in chili.
l prepared for you already.
lt'd be perfect
if l can have stewed meat twice a month.
Big fish in Chengnanzhuang
In a bungaIow between 2 apricot trees near the
mountains in the northern part of the viIlage
Per your request,
field operation units
in Nanjing, Shanghai and
Hong Kong have been removed.
Zhang Lan is stuck in Shanghai.
Keep him under tabs.
Yes, sir.
Li Jishen is in Hong Kong.
He's not on our turf.
Just keep an eye on him.
Yes, sir.
As for Feng Yuxiang,
he's getting tight with the CPC.
He may defect.
lf necessary,
l'll tidy things up a bit.
These are prestigious men.
lf you're sloppy,
public opinion overseas
will backfire on us.
l understand.
Mao's location is confirmed?
Chengnanzhuang in Baoding.
He won't get away this time.
Remember, this is extremely important.
Confirm target, roger.
Lao Guo, where are
you going? This way.
Back to the kitchen. Chairman
Mao's food is on the stove.
He took some sleeping
pills and went to sleep.
Wake him up. Enemy planes
will be here soon.
Tiger, get a stretcher.
Wake up, sir. Enemy planes are coming.
They haven't dropped a bomb.
Then it'll be too late.
Let's go, sir.
Calm down.
Do that later.
Commander Nie.
Move Mr. Chairman to the bomb
shelter on the stretcher.
Yes, sir.
Even if they start bombing,
that doesn't mean they'll hit me.
l'm responsible for the Party.
l'm very lucky.
Still can't get through.
Keep trying.
Yes, sir.
Telegram, sir.
Massive bombings, casualties unknown.
The food was still on the stove
when the bombing started.
Lao Guo said you have
not eaten breakfast.
He ran back to the kitchen.
Telegram, Mr. Zhou.
Mr. Chairman,
we have very positive response
for the May 1 slogan.
The Parties have all signed their names.
What a surprise.
The situation is becoming clear.
The CDL and the Revolutionary
Committee are on our side.
Chiang is now completely isolated.
Everything will fall into place.
lt's time to call for a new CPPCC.
Jishen, Mao wrote you personally.
What's your concern?
Back in Fujian, we
agreed to oppose Chiang.
But they changed their minds.
Fujian was a few years ago.
That was Bo Gu, not Mao.
l'm not holding a grudge.
l don't need another fall.
Chiang toyed with us for decades.
No doubt the CPC has better credibility,
but what if...
We just set up a new Party.
As the Chairman of Revolutionary
Committee of the KMT,
l must do my best
for the future of the Party.
lssue a separate declaration
to oppose Chiang.
Reiterate our opposition
against one-party autocracy.
That'll be our response to the CPC.
Nowhere inside the Shanhai Pass
is a suitable venue for the
new consultative meeting,
except Harbin.
lt's far away,
but at least it's a big city.
Feng Yuxiang will be home this month.
He'll go directly to the Northeast.
Then let's settle for Harbin.
To build a new government
for the whole country
without a decent big city,
it's just not adequate.
Goods are scarce. Commodities
entered the black market.
Everyone is buying
and selling short.
The top brass in the military
and political circles
are behind these activities.
Those profiteers
defy government orders.
Mr. Weng can't hold the fort much longer.
What's your solution?
l don't want your complaints.
l want a solution.
As the financial center in the Far East,
Shanghai is the key.
lf we can stabilize the
market in Shanghai,
the rest of the country will fall in line.
l must go to Shanghai.
Master Chiang, on behalf of Shanghai,
we're hosting a banquet for
you at the Jinjiang Hotel.
l'll pick you up later.
Tell everyone on the
Special Commando Unit
to meet in my office in half an hour,
including you.
ln preparing for the new CPPCC,
the CPC is open for suggestions.
They don't intend to run the whole show.
They do things differently
from the Nanjing government.
What about Zhang Lan?
He's always for building
the state via CPPCC.
They already have a
well thought-out plan
to escort you and my mother up north.
Mao invited you and Li Jishen up north
to discuss re-opening the CPPCC.
When is Li Jishen leaving?
Don't know yet.
What's your answer?
l have decided
to stay put.
Let Shen Junru liaise with the
CPC on behalf of the CDL.
When are you leaving?
l'm too old and sick.
Besides, Chiang won't
let me go that easily.
How can you not show for
something this important?
l'm putting Shen Junru in charge.
l am Chinese.
ls that right, Father?
One stroke is missing.
lsn't this pretty, Uncle Mao?
Yes, but you can't eat everything.
Mr. Chairman, it's time for the meeting.
Let's go back.
Will you carry me, Uncle Mao?
Carry me, Father.
Will you carry me, Uncle Mao? Father
Liya, do you want me to carry you?
Let's go.
Any news, Enlai?
Chiang's economic reform is a deadlock.
Chiang Ching-kuo personally
flew to Shanghai.
But the Bund is entrenched
with powerful factions.
lt's a labyrinth within the KMT.
Chiang's son won't accomplish anything.
Liya, let's play piggyback.
Let's go.
No one should doubt the Government's
determination to implement
financial reforms.
ln face of a national crisis,
anyone who compromises
the nation's interest
is a traitor
and an enemy of the KMT.
l urge the elite of the business sector
and prominent individuals
of society to work with us
to restore financial order
and stabilize prices
in the shortest time possible
and do your best to save our country.
Mr. Chiang.
Will you be fair?
What about those offenders
who have influence?
How will you handle them?
My mission in Shanghai
is to hunt tigers, not squat mosquitoes.
Mr. Chiang, can you tell us
your concrete course of action?
Tigers are easy to hunt
but l'm afraid icebergs
are hard to remove.
You are...
Du Yuesheng.
Mr. Du, l'm all ears.
My son Weiping has been arrested.
lf he broke the law, l have no complaints,
but someone else in Shanghai
is hoarding supplies
and peddling them to the
black market for profits,
openly defying the law.
lf you choose to overlook this,
President Chiang will
be very disappointed.
Please point me in the
right direction, Mr. Du.
l will look into it.
Read it.
7 godowns along the Bund.
The godown on No. 36 Nanjing Road.
No. 1 7 Avenue Joffre.
1 2 godowns in the South
Market using the word '"Jia. ''
Mr. Chiang,
this is the real tiger.
Who is it?
Yangtze Company owned by the Kung's.
Wire Wei Lihuang, urge
him to pull back south.
With crack troops like these,
even if we lose the Northeast,
we can get it back easily.
President, we wired him several times
urging him to go south,
but he ignored us.
Get my plane ready,
l'll fly out to Shenyang.
The President.
What is it?
Feng Yuxiang is dead.
What happened to you?
You bragged about your abilities.
You bragged about Shanghai.
You bragged about the
Red Army. And now?
General Feng was burned to death.
This is all you can do.
Think it over. You won't get away.
You'll be executed if you lose a battle.
Now something went
wrong on your front.
Tell me what you should do. Speak up.
KMT secret agents did it?
According to the Russians,
General Feng was watching
a film in his cabin.
The film caught on fire
and ignited the cabin.
The film caught on fire? He's a general.
Why didn't he run?
What a bunch of morons.
A man is dead, the Russians
need to blame someone.
The ship was out at sea and abroad.
We didn't get all the facts.
General Feng became a soldier at 1 2.
50 years in the battlefield didn't kill him.
But our invitation
to send him abroad buried him at sea.
l feel so guilty.
General Feng may be dead
but he left behind a legacy
to build a new, independent China.
Enlai, wire our condolences
to Madame Feng
and invite her to the CPPCC.
Mr. Chairman, it has been suggested
that the CPPCC should act for the NPC
to elect the central government.
A general election is hard
to come by during the war.
We must consult all the
other Parties on this.
Let's not waste any time.
Form the coalition government
first, then call the NPC,
is that it?
They're still in a war.
They can't elect their delegates.
We should make allowances for that.
l'll get in touch with Shen Junru
and pass on your message.
Mr. Mao and Mr. Zhou invited
you up north again.
Search all the godowns,
buildings, apartments and villas
in Shanghai owned by Yangtze
Company and the Kung's.
Operation starts at 7 am
tomorrow morning, understand?
Mr. Chairman.
Voices within the US
government have indicated
they will support your
replacement of Mr. Chiang.
What do you think?
Whether they support me or Chiang,
it's a cheap trick to pit
Chinese against Chinese.
lf the US wishes to maintain diplomatic
relations with the future China,
ignoring the CPC
is unrealistic.
The second question.
lf Vice President Li
replaced President Chiang,
will things get better?
ln terms of warfare,
Bai Chongxi is quite capable.
ln terms of politics,
Li Zongren and Bai Chongxi
together are no match for Chiang.
You did not answer my question, sir.
What are you looking at?
That's over 1 ,000 km away.
More definite news won't
arrive until tomorrow.
lt's already 1 0:30 and yet no sign
of attack. Which division was it?
The 8th column.
You asked me 5 times already.
The Battle of Jinzhou is not
just over a city or a region.
lf we win, we can go on.
lf we lose, the situation gets complicated.
With regards to the draft
agenda of the CPPCC,
Zhang Lan and Shen Junru
made minor changes.
They know we're at war.
They're being very understanding.
Zhang Lan is sick.
We should postpone his trip up north.
We must invite him.
But we'll let him decide
when to come.
We'll wait.
Aunt, he has full authority
to seize everything owned
by the Yangtze Company.
He put out word all over
Shanghai looking for me.
Now l finally see him.
That ought to save him some trouble.
Have you gone mad, David?
Relax. He's the Liaison
Administrator, the prince.
l wouldn't dare shoot the prince.
This is very simple, cousin.
Shoot me and it's all over.
With the culprit dead, you'll
be famous in Shanghai.
We'll both get what we want.
lt's clearly written in the state papers.
You're needed for
questioning within 1 0 days
or you'll be severely punished.
7 days have gone by, you
decide what to do next.
Yangtze Company is our family estate.
l dare you to arrest my father.
Nonsense. lt's clearly your fault.
Leave your father out of this.
lf he and Ai-ling found out
about your monkey business,
they won't spare you.
This is how we do business in Shanghai.
But the arrival of a Liaison
Administrator changed all that.
Auntie, everyone does it. That's the rule.
Only a feudalistic dictator
would run a business without rules.
Who are you calling a dictator?
The government is fighting a war and
soldiers are dying on the front.
But the state treasury is empty and
we had to borrow from the Americans.
Currency has depreciated and
prices have skyrocketed.
People are running scared.
But inside your godowns,
you hoarded over 1 00
thousand tons of supplies
which you are unwilling to sell.
l'm a businessman, not a philanthropist.
The CPC is working on land reforms
and political consultation.
Even Cai Tingkai and Shen Junru
have left for the Northeast.
Mao is setting up his own government.
Madame, you've always
supported Father.
l bet you never expected
right here in Shanghai,
someone is undermining him,
destroying the foundation of this country.
Their fortune, apartments,
clothes, perfumes and
iceboxes are like a virus
residing on the mere
skeleton of this country.
They are the enemy,
Father's and the state's.
That's enough,
There are no enemies here, only family.
Let's talk about family today.
l'm not in the position to say anything.
He Yingqin is the Director
of National Defense.
Take pains to stay save.
Let Chiang talk to him.
You're a better marksman
than He Yingqin.
So what?
Chiang owns China now.
Even this gun has his
name engraved on it.
What can we do about it?
The CPC troops use this type of rifle too.
What matters is not the name on the rifle,
but the man who uses it.
Holding a rifle
beats holding an empty title of
Director of National Defense.
lf you're the President,
will the Americans back us up?
Stuart dropped a hint.
Then let's get rid of Chiang.
lt's still too early to say.
Never too early to take precautions.
lt's time we get started.
Ching-kuo, Madam is leaving
for the US tomorrow
to ask President Truman for help.
The situation in the Northeast
is deteriorating quickly.
We need help from the Americans.
l flew back from the Northeast
just to tell you,
at a time like this
we can't afford a fire in the backyard.
lf we don't punish the Kung's,
the economy in Shanghai is doomed.
l absolutely understand.
The corruption of the
KMT is in the bones.
lt's not just the problem of the Kung's.
Crackdown on corruption
is a major issue.
Timing and extent are crucial...
it's tough.
You lose the Party if you proceed.
You lose the country if you don't.
lt's tough.
Both the Party and the country
are on the brink of disaster.
The matter at hand
is to move the troops up North
to south of the Yangtze River
to ensure the safety there.
Going after the Kung's
is meaningless now.
Zhang Lan is truly a saint of Sichuan.
He deserves it.
Without him at the CPPCC,
none of us Sichuanese
would dare to go.
The Northeast is too
cold for a man his age.
He probably can't make it.
lf anything happens to him...
What about Beiping?
Postpone the meeting till next year.
Move the venue to Beiping.
lt's possible.
The troops are tired
after taking Shenyang.
Fu Zuoyi commands 600,000 men.
Relying on 2 divisions in the
Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Border Region
to capture Beiping is impossible.
According to our intelligence
lately, Fu Zuoyi is
having second thoughts.
After the failed attempt on Shijiazhuang,
he seems willing to negotiate.
Send someone reliable to liaise with him.
lt'd be heavenly, if we can
liberate Beiping peacefully.
Fu's daughter Dongju is a Party member.
She's perfect for the job.
ln that case, l'll be the
dictator for a change.
Ask the Northeast Field Army to enter
the Shanhai Pass within 7 days.
Tell Lin Biao
this is an order and not a probe.
lt'll take a few days
to gather up the troops
and each column needs
time to adjust otherwise.
Moving inside the Pass
will be a problem.
The cadres don't want to make the move
and it'll take time for deployment.
The deadline on the 22nd is too tight.
Wire this back: Received order
dispatched on 1 8th at 1 8:00.
Will set out on the 22nd as instructed.
Details to follow. Signed, Lin, Luo & Liu.
You should think for yourself too.
You really want me
to hold the horsewhip for your Chairman?
Forget it, Father. lt was a joke.
A joke?
l personally told the American reporter.
lt's not a joke.
That's because you took it to heart.
Li Jishen is a founding member of the
Party who opposes Chiang openly.
Over these last few months,
Mao has repeatedly invited him up north.
He's been stalling him.
He's bewildered by
You come to see me
with a 18-year old newspaper.
How kind of you.
The quarrel between
you and the President
should stay within the Party.
Between you and the CPC,
don't forget you ordered the
execution of Cai Hesen.
What are you saying?
Return to Nanjing and
pick any job you want,
as long as you don't join the CPC.
A promotion for a promise?
You think l'll go?
Before l came, Vice President Li told me
he would like to liaise
with the CPC through you.
Any condition is negotiable,
including using the
Yangtze as a partition.
Use the Yangtze as a partition
and split up China?
Tell Li Zongren.
The infamy is more than he can handle.
Hello, Mr. President.
Commander Fu.
Our troops can pull back
to Tanggu and Zhangjiakou.
l can't guarantee we'll win.
But we're perfectly capable of defense.
With the big picture in mind.
l intend to move 600,000
men to Jiangnan.
l can be more flexible in
both defense and offense.
That's containing our
sovereignty to the southeast.
As the old capital, Beiping
has political significance.
Giving it up
is unfavorable to our
government internationally.
You're right. lnternational
scope is the situation.
What is it, Father?
Who's your commanding officer?
We agreed not to discuss that.
l wish to talk to them.
About what? The horsewhip?
What l'm telling you now
will determine the lives of millions.
l understand.
She's so hot.
l'm sorry, May-ling.
Both the House and the Congress
have refused your request
to make another speech.
But the Government will still
support the General as before
with the hope that the civil war does
not continue any longer in China.
President Truman and his administration
is concentrating on Europe.
But the East needs a revival too.
My friend.
China should have been
included in your plan.
Any loans and assistance
from the US now
should be spent on security
and constructive activities,
not war.
You got 400 million dollars
from the original loan.
That's still in existence.
We both know there's only a
few million dollars left.
And it's not enough to support
my husband's administration
and his life's work.
Mr. Secretary of State,
we need your additional assistance,
Madam, there's nothing more we can do.
New Year is coming up.
Make this announcement at month end.
About what?
lf they want me to resign, l'll resign.
You can't do that, Mr. President.
lt's not my choice.
But someone within our
Party wants me out.
You repeatedly rejected Mao
and Zhou's invitation.
You're too arrogant.
That's an overstatement, Madame Liao.
l'm tied up at home.
And l'm also busy with military affairs.
Preparations for the new CPPCC are
moving along and days are counting.
After decades, the KMT can't be absent.
You're still hesitant about going.
You expect Mao to fly to
Nanjing to invite Chiang?
We're definitely not inviting him.
He's a war criminal, a murderer.
We can't have a CPPCC
without the KMT.
Jishen, Chairman Mao said
he'd wait for you in Beiping.
Chief, some landlord's
compound up ahead.
The wall is too high for us to climb over.
Grenades won't blow it apart.
Please send for the artillery.
we have reached Beiping city.
2 pieces of good news, sir.
Li Jishen, Shen Yanbing
and Zhang Naiqi
left 4 days ago.
They boarded the Aldan and will
disembark at Dalian day after tomorrow.
And the other one?
Chiang Kai-shek resigned.
Mr. Ambassador.
As China's ally,
why is the US doing nothing
at a time like this?
God help those who help
themselves, my friend.
l think Chiang is giving
Li Zongren a hard time.
He knows Li wants to negotiate,
so he brought it up first.
He doesn't want Li to get the credit
and he wants to give us a hard time.
He already stepped down, but he
had to pull a stunt like this.
After this,
it would be tough for Li to talk to us.
The CDL and the other Parties
have yet to make a stand,
they're waiting to see.
ln my opinion,
deep down
they want us to talk.
Li Zongren wants peace, we want peace,
the other Parties want peace.
We'll do the Acting President a favor.
Let's give him a chance to talk,
but we decide how.
Victory bulletin...
War communique from Huaihai.
According to the wire,
550,000 enemies were killed
and Du Yuming was captured.
What about the New 5th and the 1 8th?
The 5 major divisions were wiped out.
Chiang is finished for good.
There'll be no more fighting
north of the Yangtze.
This is the last battle.
We stay united till tomorrow.
will come true.
This is the last battle.
We stay united till tomorrow.
"'lnternationale'' will come true.
-07:-08:19,074 -- -07:-08:24,899
Father, it's cold on the ground.
-07:-08:28,705 -- -07:-08:30,514
Sit down.
-07:-08:36,332 -- -07:-08:37,390
-07:-08:38,336 -- -07:-08:43,968
You did a good job in
Shanghai. l'm very pleased.
-07:-08:50,683 -- -07:-08:54,460
l made Chen Cheng Governor of Taiwan.
-07:-08:55,431 -- -07:-08:57,456
Do you know why?
-07:-08:59,422 -- -07:-07:03,085
Your route of retreat?
-07:-07:04,122 -- -07:-07:10,015
Yes, Du Yuming's men were wiped out.
-07:-07:10,031 -- -07:-07:13,706
l lost all the men who can fight.
-07:-07:13,715 -- -07:-07:18,436
We can't count on the 1 million
men we captured in Jiangnan.
-07:-07:18,444 -- -07:-07:21,368
They can barely hold their rifles.
-07:-07:22,454 -- -07:-07:28,029
The Yangtze is lost.
-07:-07:29,985 -- -07:-07:33,864
You intend to evacuate to Taiwan?
-07:-07:33,879 -- -07:-07:35,699
You're coming too.
-07:-07:41,640 -- -07:-07:46,282
You think Li Zongren won't get anywhere
-07:-07:46,292 -- -07:-07:48,260
with the CPC over the
peace negotiations?
-07:-07:48,269 -- -07:-07:50,203
lf we can't defeat them at war,
-07:-07:50,216 -- -07:-07:53,970
we won't beat them at
the conference table.
-07:-07:54,005 -- -07:-07:55,905
Li Zongren and Bai Chongxi thought
-07:-07:55,914 -- -07:-07:58,803
the CPC will settle for using
the Yangtze as a partition.
-07:-07:59,790 -- -07:-06:02,714
They don't know Mao Zedong.
-07:-06:02,725 -- -07:-06:05,523
Mao will never agree to
-07:-06:05,536 -- -07:-06:07,504
separate governments on
both sides of the Yangtze?
-07:-06:07,512 -- -07:-06:12,211
Would you accept if it were you?
-07:-06:14,188 -- -07:-06:17,021
That'd depend on the US and the USSR...
-07:-06:17,038 -- -07:-06:20,815
Don't make it so complicated. lt
doesn't matter what anyone thinks.
-07:-06:21,009 -- -07:-06:23,842
China was split into north
and south in the past
-07:-06:23,848 -- -07:-06:26,646
but not today.
-07:-06:26,659 -- -07:-06:28,684
Who would want to be blamed for it?
-07:-06:28,693 -- -07:-06:31,514
Definitely not me.
-07:-06:33,461 -- -07:-06:35,315
Mr. Zhang Lan.
-07:-06:35,331 -- -07:-06:37,162
Right now, in your opinion,
-07:-06:37,173 -- -07:-06:39,994
will the CPC accept the
Government's plea for peace?
-07:-06:40,185 -- -07:-06:42,096
-07:-06:42,113 -- -07:-06:43,967
Why is that?
-07:-06:43,974 -- -07:-06:46,784
lf Chiang never gives up his
so-called constitution,
-07:-06:46,795 -- -07:-06:48,638
The CPC will not recognize it
-07:-06:48,646 -- -07:-06:50,739
and neither will the people.
-07:-06:50,747 -- -07:-06:53,580
You know Mao Zedong and
Zhou Enlai very well.
-07:-06:53,586 -- -07:-06:56,475
Are they local revolutionaries
-07:-06:56,493 -- -07:-05:00,179
or mere agents working for international
communist intelligence bureau?
-07:-05:00,186 -- -07:-05:03,189
What kind of question is that?
-07:-05:03,198 -- -07:-05:07,862
l want to know your view.
-07:-05:07,880 -- -07:-05:11,737
My view is that the CPC
catered for the people
-07:-05:11,746 -- -07:-05:14,590
which explains their achievements today.
-07:-05:15,564 -- -07:-05:17,395
-07:-05:17,406 -- -07:-05:19,385
Yes, achievements.
-07:-05:22,231 -- -07:-05:23,346
Dear Zuoyi.
-07:-05:23,363 -- -07:-05:26,218
You and l have come a long way.
-07:-05:26,231 -- -07:-05:29,086
Given the circumstances, you took
matters into your own hands.
-07:-05:29,099 -- -07:-05:32,887
There's nothing l can do about
that, but l have one request.
-07:-05:32,898 -- -07:-05:35,719
l will send planes to Beiping tomorrow
-07:-05:35,728 -- -07:-05:38,492
to airlift officers of the 1 3th
Army ranked Major or above
-07:-05:38,510 -- -07:-05:39,477
and essential weaponry.
-07:-05:40,486 -- -07:-05:43,387
On account of our long standing
friendship, please help me out.
-07:-05:44,323 -- -07:-05:46,177
Chiang Chung-cheng .
-07:-04:22,838 -- -07:-04:24,715
Beiping fell. Fu Zuoyi surrendered.
-07:-04:24,728 -- -07:-04:27,538
The CPC is moving in on
the Yangtze and Nanjing.
-07:-04:27,549 -- -07:-04:30,404
With regards to my plea for peace,
-07:-04:30,417 -- -07:-04:31,395
the CPC accepted it
-07:-04:31,405 -- -07:-04:35,250
but raised 8 very harsh conditions.
-07:-04:37,017 -- -07:-04:40,874
Madame, if you speak on
behalf of the Government,
-07:-04:40,883 -- -07:-04:43,829
Mao and Zhou may trust me.
-07:-04:47,770 -- -07:-04:50,477
As you know, Mr. Acting President,
-07:-04:50,495 -- -07:-04:55,432
l washed my hands in politics
since the onset of the civil war.
-07:-04:56,298 -- -07:-03:00,109
There are rumors in the newspapers
about me coming out of retirement.
-07:-03:00,126 -- -07:-03:02,082
The Trust had to issue a denial.
-07:-03:02,093 -- -07:-03:03,867
-07:-03:05,834 -- -07:-03:08,826
Dr. Sun founded the KMT.
-07:-03:08,836 -- -07:-03:13,466
You can't sit back and
-07:-03:13,479 -- -07:-03:14,616
watch it go to ruin.
-07:-03:33,739 -- -07:-03:38,403
Don't forget, you may be
the Acting President,
-07:-03:39,591 -- -07:-03:43,311
but Chiang Kai-shek is
still the Party Chairman.
-07:-03:57,654 -- -07:-02:02,466
Looks like the Acting President
is having a hard time.
-07:-02:02,480 -- -07:-02:06,371
Chiang stepped down in name only.
-07:-02:06,384 -- -07:-02:10,059
He still has control of everything.
-07:-02:10,068 -- -07:-02:12,172
Li Zongren does not
have enough authority.
-07:-02:12,188 -- -07:-02:15,032
He's only a puppet.
-07:-02:15,046 -- -07:-02:19,813
Nothing will come out of the negotiation.
-07:-02:19,824 -- -07:-02:22,668
No wonder you turned him down.
-07:-02:24,514 -- -07:-02:26,482
l don't want to go to Beiping
-07:-02:29,273 -- -07:-02:36,020
because Dr. Sun died
there. Too many memories.
-07:-02:41,849 -- -07:-02:44,807
Master Zhang, you're a
veteran of the United League
-07:-02:44,813 -- -07:-02:46,667
and Zhu De's mentor.
-07:-02:46,684 -- -07:-02:49,608
Zhou Enlai and Dong Biwu
have great respect for you.
-07:-02:49,619 -- -07:-02:52,361
The Acting President issued a
declaration for peace negotiation.
-07:-02:52,468 -- -07:-02:57,098
You're the most suitable
person to mediate.
-07:-02:58,032 -- -07:-01:00,978
lf the CPC brought up 8 conditions,
-07:-01:00,987 -- -07:-01:02,887
go ahead and talk to them.
-07:-01:05,908 -- -07:-01:07,808
lf Mao wants to talk,
-07:-01:07,817 -- -07:-01:10,524
he wouldn't raise these harsh conditions.
-07:-01:10,532 -- -07:-01:15,378
There should be room to
negotiate in a negotiation.
-07:-01:15,386 -- -07:-01:20,210
That's why the Acting President
sent me to haggle with them.
-07:-01:21,093 -- -07:-01:22,196
To mediate.
-07:-01:24,892 -- -07:-01:28,771
As you know, the Government
clamped down on the CDL.
-07:-01:28,787 -- -07:-01:30,857
lt is now an illegal organization.
-07:-01:32,586 -- -07:-01:35,475
l'm now in the same party
as the Communists.
-07:-01:35,492 -- -07:-01:38,472
Please don't be upset, sir.
-07:-01:38,485 -- -07:-01:40,316
Mr. Chiang issued that order,
-07:-01:40,327 -- -07:-01:42,283
not the Acting President.
-07:-01:42,294 -- -07:-01:45,183
l side with the revolutionary.
-07:-01:45,200 -- -07:-01:47,156
l won't haggle for the enemy.
-07:-01:47,167 -- -07:-01:48,907
-07:-01:48,922 -- -07:-01:50,037
See them out.
-07:-01:58,601 -- -07:00:04,221
A partitioned rule? China is not Korea.
-07:00:04,232 -- -07:00:06,336
The Yangtze is not the 38th Parallel.
-07:00:09,029 -- -07:00:10,144
Wire the General Front Committee.
-07:00:11,993 -- -07:00:14,951
Their war plan has been approved.
-07:00:14,957 -- -07:00:19,576
The central government advises to
move the plan up to end of April.
-07:00:21,519 -- -07:00:22,611
-07:00:26,325 -- -07:00:28,373
Hurry. Are you ok?
-07:01:31,710 -- -07:01:34,474
Don't push
-07:01:59,539 -- -07:02:02,372
Lin Biao is still so skinny.
-07:02:02,388 -- -07:02:04,344
Eating 1 million Nationalist soldiers
-07:02:04,354 -- -07:02:07,187
didn't even make him fat.
-07:02:13,928 -- -07:02:15,680
-07:02:15,693 -- -07:02:19,629
On behalf of the Secretariat of the
Central Politburo, l hereby announce
-07:02:19,645 -- -07:02:23,376
the commencement of
the second meeting
-07:02:23,387 -- -07:02:26,288
of the 7th CPC Central Committee.
-07:02:49,393 -- -07:02:52,248
What should we do about Zhang Lan?
-07:02:53,134 -- -07:02:55,136
He'd rather die than go to Taiwan.
-07:02:55,149 -- -07:02:57,037
He's trouble to us if he stays.
-07:03:06,622 -- -07:03:08,544
Give him what he wants.
-07:03:27,726 -- -07:03:28,761
-07:03:33,472 -- -07:03:36,225
Get rid of Zhang Lan.
-07:03:41,242 -- -07:03:46,032
He's a man of influence, sir.
-07:03:46,039 -- -07:03:48,803
The more reason to get rid of him.
-07:03:48,821 -- -07:03:50,709
l see.
-07:03:50,720 -- -07:03:53,655
Openly or privately?
-07:03:53,665 -- -07:03:56,486
How can you do this openly?
-07:03:56,495 -- -07:03:59,373
Like l said, don't let me see him alive.
-07:03:59,383 -- -07:04:01,305
And no body if he's dead.
-07:04:01,320 -- -07:04:03,140
Don't make a mess.
-07:04:04,131 -- -07:04:06,019
l understand.
-07:04:06,030 -- -07:04:07,088
Go on.
-07:04:08,889 -- -07:04:10,754
Take care.
-07:05:14,178 -- -07:05:15,042
-07:05:18,130 -- -07:05:19,859
Get out.
-07:05:28,548 -- -07:05:30,413
Are you Zhang Lan?
-07:05:31,349 -- -07:05:32,464
Who are you?
-07:05:35,359 -- -07:05:37,190
What do you want?
-07:05:38,122 -- -07:05:42,013
Deputy Chief Yan Jinwen of
the Shanghai lnspectorate.
-07:05:43,935 -- -07:05:47,666
On behalf of the CPC, l will get you out.
-07:05:48,693 -- -07:05:52,481
Trust me.
-07:06:29,089 -- -07:06:30,021
Brother Yan.
-07:06:30,039 -- -07:06:31,904
Morning, you're on duty?
-07:06:32,782 -- -07:06:34,682
Security has been tightened lately.
-07:06:35,785 -- -07:06:37,571
Where are you going?
-07:06:38,538 -- -07:06:40,438
On lnspectorate business.
-07:06:40,447 -- -07:06:43,405
Mixing pleasure with business.
My father is in the car.
-07:06:47,344 -- -07:06:52,008
Go ahead, do what you have to.
-07:06:53,052 -- -07:06:54,883
No need, run along.
-07:06:56,803 -- -07:06:58,657
-07:06:58,856 -- -07:07:01,677
Let them through.
-07:07:19,768 -- -07:07:21,747
Where are you taking us?
-07:07:22,751 -- -07:07:23,763
Up north.
-07:07:32,306 -- -07:07:34,274
Enlai, where's the Chairman?
-07:07:34,282 -- -07:07:36,136
Went to get smokes.
-07:07:36,143 -- -07:07:40,989
Not a shop is open in two blocks.
-07:07:41,007 -- -07:07:44,693
Chengjun, you're the county
committee secretary.
-07:07:44,700 -- -07:07:45,689
This can't go on.
-07:07:45,841 -- -07:07:48,730
After entering the city, rumor has it
-07:07:48,739 -- -07:07:52,482
capitalists and businessmen
are exploiters
-07:07:52,499 -- -07:07:54,285
and we should punish them.
-07:07:54,465 -- -07:07:58,105
They're so scared no one
is open for business.
-07:07:59,156 -- -07:08:01,192
This is not a small matter.
-07:08:01,209 -- -07:08:04,895
Revolution is our forte
-07:08:04,912 -- -07:08:08,700
but not economics.
-07:08:08,711 -- -07:08:11,555
Can't even get smokes
without the merchants,
-07:08:11,570 -- -07:08:13,538
let alone market prosperity.
-07:08:13,555 -- -07:08:15,432
We need the capitalists back.
-07:08:15,445 -- -07:08:18,312
At this stage, we can't
eliminate them yet.
-07:08:19,225 -- -07:08:21,318
Production must be handled with care.
-07:08:21,326 -- -07:08:24,955
lf anything goes wrong,
-07:08:24,971 -- -07:08:27,860
it'll be worse than losing a battle.
-07:08:27,877 -- -07:08:29,799
We must know our limits.
-07:08:29,815 -- -07:08:32,704
We must learn from scratch.
-07:08:32,722 -- -07:08:35,555
The gist of political consultation
-07:08:35,561 -- -07:08:38,439
involves capitalists and
democracy activists.
-07:08:38,449 -- -07:08:40,360
We invite them to help run the country,
-07:08:40,377 -- -07:08:42,288
not to eliminate them.
-07:08:42,296 -- -07:08:46,255
We must be very clear on
this: if we destroy them
-07:08:46,267 -- -07:08:48,201
and we can't run production on our own,
-07:08:50,018 -- -07:08:52,976
factories will close down and
worker will lose their jobs.
-07:08:53,970 -- -07:08:56,621
We'll be smashing our own rice bowls.
-07:08:57,682 -- -07:09:02,540
We barely got our hands on
them, don't smash them.
-07:09:18,642 -- -07:09:23,329
Comrades, we ask two things of you.
-07:09:23,347 -- -07:09:26,293
Keep your backs straight and
your voices up, understand?
-07:09:26,304 -- -07:09:28,306
-07:10:18,246 -- -07:10:21,056
Chairman Mao.
-07:10:21,069 -- -07:10:23,867
General Fu, you flatter me.
-07:10:24,016 -- -07:10:28,715
l promised to hold your
horsewhip if l lose.
-07:10:29,575 -- -07:10:31,497
Today, l'll hold the door for you.
-07:10:31,505 -- -07:10:35,316
You did not lose. The loser is in Nanjing.
-07:10:37,323 -- -07:10:41,145
Don't hold the door for me.
-07:10:41,154 -- -07:10:43,964
Help me open the door for a new China.
-07:10:54,692 -- -07:10:56,614
-07:11:03,169 -- -07:11:04,340
-07:11:04,350 -- -07:11:08,059
l'm with the 28th Army.
-07:11:10,879 -- -07:11:13,825
l'm here with the Tashan troops
-07:11:13,836 -- -07:11:15,758
to join the dress parade.
-07:11:18,733 -- -07:11:20,564
On behalf of
-07:11:22,506 -- -07:11:29,162
soldiers of the Red Army, dead or alive,
-07:11:31,041 -- -07:11:35,853
l salute you, Chairman Mao.
-07:11:47,536 -- -07:11:53,190
-07:11:55,073 -- -07:11:59,942
-07:12:00,795 -- -07:12:04,788
-07:12:09,446 -- -07:12:19,174
Long live Chairman Mao.
-07:12:19,181 -- -07:12:22,890
Are these the 1 00,000 used guns
-07:12:22,897 -- -07:12:25,843
you mentioned in Chongqing
three years ago?
-07:12:25,854 -- -07:12:29,745
The CPC has come a long way.
-07:12:30,597 -- -07:12:34,590
Long live Chairman Mao.
-07:12:34,601 -- -07:12:39,311
Long live Commander Zhu.
-07:12:44,154 -- -07:12:48,011
Long live Chairman Mao.
-07:12:48,897 -- -07:12:53,584
Long live Commander Zhu.
-07:12:53,601 -- -07:12:57,469
Long live Chairman Mao.
-07:14:06,742 -- -07:14:11,372
Since they're crossing the
Yangtze River anyway,
-07:14:11,389 -- -07:14:13,300
what the hell is the point of negotiation?
-07:14:13,309 -- -07:14:16,278
To surrender before the fight begins?
l'm a soldier, l won't do it.
-07:14:16,295 -- -07:14:20,163
The CPC knew you're
different from Chiang.
-07:14:20,174 -- -07:14:22,074
Mao knows you enjoy being in the army.
-07:14:22,930 -- -07:14:26,923
He personally told me you might
continue to command the troops
-07:14:26,933 -- -07:14:28,821
up to as many as 400,000.
-07:14:28,834 -- -07:14:32,622
Nonsense. l'm already the
Minister of National Defense.
-07:14:35,497 -- -07:14:37,476
Zongren, we don't get along with Chiang.
-07:14:37,485 -- -07:14:40,147
That's our internal business.
-07:14:40,164 -- -07:14:42,212
lt's not up to the Communists
to jack us around.
-07:14:43,188 -- -07:14:46,055
What's the use of saying that now?
-07:14:48,027 -- -07:14:49,870
What are you suggesting then?
-07:14:51,771 -- -07:14:53,580
Let's wait for word from Xikou.
-07:15:40,804 -- -07:15:42,669
300,000 courageous PLA
-07:15:42,676 -- -07:15:46,487
crossed the Yangtze River on the 21 st.
-07:15:46,497 -- -07:15:49,352
The campaign started at
midnight on the 20th.
-07:15:51,260 -- -07:15:54,149
Didn't even hold the
defense line for one day.
-07:15:57,097 -- -07:15:59,042
He Yingqin is retreating.
-07:15:59,056 -- -07:16:00,944
They say to Guangzhou.
-07:16:01,830 -- -07:16:02,933
Shall we go with them?
-07:16:02,944 -- -07:16:06,653
l have to look after the
interests of the United States.
-07:16:07,553 -- -07:16:09,475
l should stay here in Nanjing.
-07:16:12,334 -- -07:16:15,360
l heard the Soviet embassy
-07:16:15,377 -- -07:16:18,210
had relocated to Guangzhou
with the Government.
-07:16:40,321 -- -07:16:43,063
Morning, Madam. Morning
-07:16:43,077 -- -07:16:46,103
The sound of gunfire went on
all night. lt finally stopped.
-07:16:46,120 -- -07:16:49,772
Madam, you didn't sleep well.
-07:16:49,778 -- -07:16:51,700
l'll go for a walk.
-07:19:02,484 -- -07:19:07,160
Have you decided to leave?
-07:19:08,063 -- -07:19:09,121
-07:19:20,563 -- -07:19:22,485
Hello, Chairman Mao.
-07:19:22,493 -- -07:19:23,539
Hello, Chairman Mao.
-07:19:26,372 -- -07:19:28,181
Hello. Jishen.
-07:19:29,252 -- -07:19:33,063
Mr. Zhou. This way, please.
-07:19:33,985 -- -07:19:36,818
Chairman, Zhang Lan is here.
-07:19:41,772 -- -07:19:44,650
Mr. Mao, you flatter me.
-07:19:44,662 -- -07:19:47,438
Not at all.
-07:19:48,416 -- -07:19:50,338
Master Zhang, how are you? Mr. Zhou.
-07:19:50,346 -- -07:19:51,381
Welcome, please come this way.
-07:19:51,392 -- -07:19:52,393
Hello, Master Zhang.
-07:20:10,470 -- -07:20:14,270
Calling the CPPCC to establish
a new people's Government,
-07:20:14,281 -- -07:20:18,172
l recommend you both
for Vice Presidents.
-07:20:18,189 -- -07:20:22,046
l'd like to hear your opinion.
-07:20:22,058 -- -07:20:23,980
l'll go along with your arrangement.
-07:20:26,791 -- -07:20:27,837
You have something to say?
-07:20:33,599 -- -07:20:37,308
ls this your idea?
-07:20:38,437 -- -07:20:41,179
The Central Committee's idea.
-07:20:46,070 -- -07:20:48,834
l killed members of your party.
-07:21:01,355 -- -07:21:03,266
That was then, this is now.
-07:21:04,264 -- -07:21:06,220
All roads lead to Rome.
-07:21:06,233 -- -07:21:10,988
We can't change history.
-07:21:11,120 -- -07:21:13,918
Nobody's perfect.
-07:21:14,778 -- -07:21:17,690
A personal matter, no matter how
important, is a minor issue.
-07:21:17,706 -- -07:21:22,643
A state matter, no matter how trivial,
is a major issue, For the new state,
-07:21:22,650 -- -07:21:26,359
be our Vice President on behalf
of the Revolutionary Committee.
-07:21:27,259 -- -07:21:30,171
This is a state matter.
-07:21:30,187 -- -07:21:33,202
Forget the past.
-07:21:33,212 -- -07:21:36,921
The CPC is willing to work
with you to lead this country.
-07:21:36,927 -- -07:21:39,862
Let's help each other, as
we're in the same boat now.
-07:21:39,875 -- -07:21:42,662
Together, we'll make history.
-07:21:46,528 -- -07:21:49,508
As you wish.
-07:21:49,524 -- -07:21:54,200
l'll do my best for China.
-07:22:05,798 -- -07:22:08,653
We strongly urge our comrades in China
-07:22:08,678 -- -07:22:11,579
to set up their own government soon.
-07:22:12,538 -- -07:22:15,439
The USSR will, at the
earliest time possible,
-07:22:15,456 -- -07:22:18,232
set up diplomatic relations
with the new regime.
-07:22:24,107 -- -07:22:26,018
That's wonderful.
-07:22:28,725 -- -07:22:34,482
The frantic bombing of Shanghai
by the KMT is causing chaos.
-07:22:34,495 -- -07:22:37,475
l'm worried about Madam Sun's safety.
-07:22:38,345 -- -07:22:41,314
She's our most faithful friend
when we were in dire straits.
-07:22:42,205 -- -07:22:44,992
The new CPPCC is about to commence.
-07:22:45,009 -- -07:22:49,002
lt won't be complete without her.
-07:22:49,012 -- -07:22:50,877
Men like us
-07:22:50,884 -- -07:22:52,806
won't know how to talk to her.
-07:22:52,824 -- -07:22:56,612
Send a female comrade
to escort her here.
-07:22:57,567 -- -07:23:01,515
Enlai, we'll burden
Yingchao with the task.
-07:23:01,532 -- -07:23:04,251
Good idea.
-07:23:04,259 -- -07:23:07,160
Madam Zhou to escort Madam Sun.
-07:23:08,138 -- -07:23:12,040
l'll tell her right away.
-07:23:17,796 -- -07:23:19,752
To form a coalition
government without you
-07:23:19,764 -- -07:23:21,618
is something the Party
will never agree to.
-07:23:21,627 -- -07:23:26,348
Neither would the rest of the country.
-07:23:26,360 -- -07:23:28,408
l'm only the vanguard.
-07:23:28,425 -- -07:23:31,280
lf l failed to convince
you, Enlai would be next
-07:23:31,295 -- -07:23:35,948
and then Chairman Mao himself.
-07:23:35,961 -- -07:23:38,987
lf we all failed to convince you,
-07:23:38,995 -- -07:23:41,657
we'd put this on the
agenda of the CPPCC,
-07:23:41,674 -- -07:23:44,643
vote on it and send a delegation.
-07:23:47,569 -- -07:23:49,378
You Communists
-07:23:49,393 -- -07:23:52,373
won't stop until you get what you want.
-07:23:52,389 -- -07:23:56,177
What do you think of this house?
-07:23:56,191 -- -07:24:00,013
Not bad, spacious and bright.
-07:24:00,022 -- -07:24:03,890
Mayor Chen Yi said he'd giving it to you
-07:24:03,901 -- -07:24:06,643
as a permanent site for the youth center
-07:24:06,656 -- -07:24:07,759
of your China Welfare Fund.
-07:24:07,770 -- -07:24:09,681
The children can play in here every day.
-07:24:09,690 -- -07:24:11,521
That's wonderful.
-07:24:46,097 -- -07:24:47,098
Madam Sun.
-07:24:47,115 -- -07:24:50,972
Times have changed, Zedong.
You mustn't do that.
-07:24:50,984 -- -07:24:53,828
Only for Madam Sun.
-07:24:54,710 -- -07:24:57,622
Thanks for the invitation
and Yingchao's company.
-07:24:59,491 -- -07:25:01,539
Now the Party can work
with all delegates
-07:25:01,546 -- -07:25:04,231
to build a new state,
-07:25:04,243 -- -07:25:07,087
l must thank your help and support.
-07:25:07,105 -- -07:25:09,130
You have been a great help to
the country and its people
-07:25:09,140 -- -07:25:11,096
and a benefactor of our Party.
-07:25:14,987 -- -07:25:16,705
Fellow delegates,
-07:25:16,907 -- -07:25:20,673
the yellow flag pole in the center of
figure No. 1 represents the Yellow River.
-07:25:20,680 -- -07:25:24,468
lt stands out. Those in favor,
please raise your hands.
-07:25:28,265 -- -07:25:31,291
Good. lt's unilateral.
-07:25:31,299 -- -07:25:32,277
l object.
-07:25:33,210 -- -07:25:34,142
From an artistic perspective,
-07:25:34,160 -- -07:25:37,015
No. 32 is much better.
-07:25:37,031 -- -07:25:38,942
Mr. Tian is an artist
-07:25:38,951 -- -07:25:41,658
who's partial to the 5 stars.
-07:25:43,733 -- -07:25:45,587
The person who submitted this design
-07:25:45,595 -- -07:25:47,483
is an ordinary clerk from Shanghai.
-07:25:47,592 -- -07:25:51,403
lt was disqualified in the first round,
but l want to bring it up again.
-07:25:52,402 -- -07:25:54,267
Because this design
-07:25:55,216 -- -07:25:56,274
is full of emotions.
-07:25:58,979 -- -07:26:01,971
l object to the version of the 4
stars representing the 4 classes.
-07:26:01,984 -- -07:26:06,671
l prefer the Yellow River pattern.
-07:26:06,679 -- -07:26:08,590
Simple and sharp.
-07:26:08,599 -- -07:26:10,567
How many in favor of the 5-star flag?
-07:26:18,287 -- -07:26:21,222
Delegate Xu Beihong suggests
-07:26:21,235 -- -07:26:24,090
we use "'March of the Volunteers''
as the national anthem.
-07:26:24,105 -- -07:26:25,970
Let's hear your comments.
-07:26:27,878 -- -07:26:32,588
The melody is good, but we
need to change the lyrics.
-07:26:32,602 -- -07:26:35,514
This is a new China.
-07:26:35,531 -- -07:26:39,365
The original lyrics are outdated.
-07:26:39,371 -- -07:26:42,238
Mr. Tian Han, you're the lyricist.
-07:26:42,251 -- -07:26:44,207
What's your opinion?
-07:26:44,220 -- -07:26:46,973
l should refrain from commenting.
l'll listen to the others.
-07:26:46,985 -- -07:26:50,807
l agree we should change the lyrics.
-07:26:50,815 -- -07:26:51,941
We can't sing it every day,
-07:26:51,958 -- -07:26:53,755
especially this line:
-07:26:53,763 -- -07:26:55,799
'"As the Chinese nation faces
its greatest peril. ''
-07:26:55,808 -- -07:26:57,548
lt won't work.
-07:26:57,555 -- -07:27:00,399
l disagree, "'La Marseillaise'' of France
-07:27:00,407 -- -07:27:04,355
is tragic but has been
handed down till now.
-07:27:04,363 -- -07:27:06,274
That's France, not China.
-07:27:06,283 -- -07:27:10,083
The lyrics of the song remind us
-07:27:11,064 -- -07:27:14,955
not to forget the past. l agree.
-07:27:14,962 -- -07:27:18,739
New China needs a new
song for its new outlook.
-07:27:18,755 -- -07:27:21,656
Why use a song from an old movie?
-07:27:23,536 -- -07:27:24,582
What about you, Mr. Li?
-07:27:31,217 -- -07:27:35,017
"'March of the Volunteers''
was written for the war.
-07:27:35,182 -- -07:27:39,869
l sang it before. lt's inspirational
and gets my blood boiling.
-07:27:40,847 -- -07:27:43,736
''Let our flesh and blood
become our new Great Wall''.
-07:27:44,764 -- -07:27:47,540
We must remember history.
-07:27:47,548 -- -07:27:50,324
No need to change the lyrics.
-07:27:50,342 -- -07:27:51,434
Well said.
-07:27:52,416 -- -07:27:57,183
Agree. l have a good
sense for danger too.
-07:27:57,197 -- -07:28:00,109
The Chairman wishes to
keep the original lyrics.
-07:28:03,025 -- -07:28:06,677
What about you? You
kept raising your hand.
-07:28:07,643 -- -07:28:09,736
They took the words out of
my mouth. l have no comment.
-07:28:12,559 -- -07:28:14,379
Let me say just one thing.
-07:28:17,254 -- -07:28:23,090
To be vigilant in peace time is
what a mature nation should do.
-07:28:23,101 -- -07:28:26,867
We'll let Mr. Tian Han decide.
-07:28:28,842 -- -07:28:30,776
Then let's keep the lyrics.
-06:-32:56,462 -- -06:-32:58,316
Chairman Mao, fellow delegates.
-06:-32:58,413 -- -06:-31:00,176
Are you ready?
-06:-31:03,083 -- -06:-31:05,028
Look over here, ready.
-06:-31:09,002 -- -06:-31:11,800
This is a women's delegation.
-06:-31:13,807 -- -06:-31:18,449
Chairman, everyone is talking about
the pattern on the national flag.
-06:-31:18,458 -- -06:-31:20,437
What do you think?
-06:-31:20,447 -- -06:-31:23,314
l like the Yellow River.
-06:-31:23,320 -- -06:-31:24,321
l disagree.
-06:-31:29,182 -- -06:-31:32,026
Can you fix the negative? Yes.
-06:-31:32,036 -- -06:-31:33,037
Take out the person next to me.
-06:-31:33,977 -- -06:-31:35,786
There are over 1 0 people next to you.
-06:-31:35,793 -- -06:-31:37,727
l mean the man who jammed in.
-06:-31:39,685 -- -06:-31:42,506
Alright. Thank you.
-06:-31:42,519 -- -06:-31:45,534
What's your reason?
-06:-31:45,546 -- -06:-31:50,119
Chairman, adding a pole to the middle
-06:-31:50,130 -- -06:-31:52,075
gives the impression of
splitting up the country.
-06:-31:52,090 -- -06:-31:54,081
ls that the right interpretation?
-06:-31:54,089 -- -06:-31:57,889
Can't be that serious. Most
people prefer this one.
-06:-31:58,778 -- -06:-30:01,781
Gong Peng, what do you think?
-06:-30:03,602 -- -06:-30:06,480
We like No. 32.
-06:-30:06,494 -- -06:-30:08,564
Placing five stars in the left corner
-06:-30:08,579 -- -06:-30:10,331
with four small stars surrounding
-06:-30:10,347 -- -06:-30:13,396
and their tips pointing at the
big star. lt looks pretty.
-06:-30:14,306 -- -06:-30:18,151
Chairman, the big star in the
middle represents the Party
-06:-30:18,169 -- -06:-30:20,899
while the small ones
represent the 4 classes.
-06:-30:20,908 -- -06:-30:21,886
The symbolism is correct.
-06:-30:21,898 -- -06:-30:26,710
Looking at this flag makes
one feel enthusiastic.
-06:-30:26,721 -- -06:-30:27,756
-06:-30:27,769 -- -06:-30:30,567
l feel excited when l look at the flag.
-06:-30:31,536 -- -06:-30:34,460
Madam Sun likes this design too.
-06:-30:34,476 -- -06:-30:37,365
You have been abroad, your
opinion should count.
-06:-30:37,378 -- -06:-30:39,164
Please tell us what you think.
-06:-30:40,261 -- -06:-30:43,992
The five stars design is a good
representation of China's situation.
-06:-30:44,008 -- -06:-30:45,999
Under the leadership of the CPC,
-06:-30:46,007 -- -06:-30:49,716
all the classes are united
to build a new China.
-06:-30:49,726 -- -06:-30:52,798
The color is sharp, solemn and grand.
-06:-30:52,810 -- -06:-30:57,520
The truth is, China is united. Well said.
-06:-30:58,432 -- -06:-29:03,256
We're united now and we'll
always be in the future.
-06:-29:04,159 -- -06:-29:06,207
ls the air raid on Beiping feasible?
-06:-29:07,109 -- -06:-29:09,987
The Chairman wants feedback
from the Air Force.
-06:-29:16,679 -- -06:-29:18,533
The flying radius is too big.
-06:-29:20,619 -- -06:-29:23,429
The planes must re-tank somewhere
-06:-29:25,405 -- -06:-29:28,158
or they won't make it back.
-06:-29:28,172 -- -06:-29:30,163
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has
liaised with the Americans in Korea.
-06:-29:30,171 -- -06:-29:32,036
You can rest assured.
-06:-29:37,848 -- -06:-29:40,760
But the CPC has its air force now.
-06:-29:40,770 -- -06:-29:43,523
The Chairman only wants to know
-06:-29:43,537 -- -06:-29:47,371
if the air raid is feasible. That's all.
-06:-29:54,299 -- -06:-28:00,829
Despite the difficulties, as
long as he issues the order,
-06:-28:00,843 -- -06:-28:02,777
we'll get it done.
-06:-28:16,362 -- -06:-28:19,172
Fellow delegates,
-06:-28:19,187 -- -06:-28:23,112
the CPPCC that the whole
country is looking forward to
-06:-28:23,127 -- -06:-28:24,901
will now commence.
-06:-28:29,651 -- -06:-28:32,631
The new CPPCC
-06:-28:32,650 -- -06:-28:35,608
will commence on a
brand new foundation.
-06:-28:35,619 -- -06:-28:38,486
lt represents the Chinese people
-06:-28:39,434 -- -06:-28:45,043
and has the people's faith and support.
-06:-28:45,055 -- -06:-28:48,980
Therefore, the CPPCC
hereby announces
-06:-28:48,995 -- -06:-28:52,863
its right to call this meeting.
-06:-28:58,508 -- -06:-27:01,341
Fellow delegates,
-06:-27:01,352 -- -06:-27:05,243
we have a consensus
-06:-27:05,253 -- -06:-27:07,164
that our work here
-06:-27:07,175 -- -06:-27:10,110
will go down in history.
-06:-27:10,125 -- -06:-27:13,936
lt proves that China, which accounts
for 1/4 of the world's population,
-06:-27:13,950 -- -06:-27:16,828
is finally on her feet.
-06:-27:26,471 -- -06:-27:32,159
The destiny of China is in
the hands of her people.
-06:-27:32,169 -- -06:-27:35,946
China will rise like the sun in the east.
-06:-27:35,955 -- -06:-27:39,925
lts radiance will illuminate the land
-06:-27:39,943 -- -06:-27:44,744
and cleanse the filth and mire left
behind by the reactionary government.
-06:-27:44,757 -- -06:-27:49,512
Heal the wounds of war
and build a brand new
-06:-27:49,523 -- -06:-27:55,155
and powerful People's Republic of China.
-06:-27:55,163 -- -06:-27:57,165
Long live the People's Republic of China.
-06:-27:57,181 -- -06:-27:59,081
Long live the Coalition Government.
-06:-27:59,094 -- -06:-26:01,107
Long live the unity of the people.
-06:-25:53,462 -- -06:-25:55,475
According to Commander Zhou,
-06:-25:55,489 -- -06:-25:57,320
the planes are in Class A status.
-06:-25:57,334 -- -06:-24:00,132
They're ready to bombard
Beiping any time.
-06:-24:02,091 -- -06:-24:06,903
But the US has turned down our
request to refuel in Pusan.
-06:-24:10,806 -- -06:-24:12,626
What does that mean?
-06:-24:12,642 -- -06:-24:17,477
They can't come back after takeoff.
-06:-24:28,151 -- -06:-24:32,827
What time is Mao's founding ceremony?
-06:-24:33,772 -- -06:-24:36,582
3pm at Tiananmen Square.
-06:-23:01,754 -- -06:-23:16,158
lt's fate. The KMT is
ruined with our own hands.
-06:-23:20,012 -- -06:-23:21,934
Cancel the mission.
-06:-23:24,653 -- -06:-23:25,756
Yes, sir.
-06:-22:14,746 -- -06:-22:20,446
The People's Republic of China and
-06:-22:21,462 -- -06:-22:25,239
the Central People's Government
-06:-22:25,392 -- -06:-22:29,203
have been established today.