Jil (2015) Movie Script

South Mumbai.
Yes, sir.
Everything's under control, sir.
Sure, sir.
- Here, speak to them.
- Responding.
I had heard that
Mumbai is very crowded.
You must have heard
about Mafia Don Chota Nayak.
Sir, when I was a kid,
my mother used to..
..tell me stories of
Chota Nayak and tuck me in.
The Nayak that you heard tales about,
was arrested last night.
But he has challenged
that he will run away.
That's why you see all
these security arrangements.
Sir, if Nayak's said
he will run away..
The police succeeded after
25 years in apprehending Chota Nayak.
But he will try to put
an end to this celebration.
He isn't running away.
But one gets only
death if you catch me.
Who gave information
about me to the police?
Boss, Ranganathan has
been missing since your arrest.
Boss, we've news that
he's gone underground.
Boss, that fire officer
has been sending us notices.
If we have to spend according
to his safety rules..
..then we'll have
to spend 500-600 million.
What is this about a permission now?
Did you take the bank's
permission before taking a loan?
Do we take permission
before asking for a ransom?
My blood pressure's getting high.
- I will kill him. I will kill him.
- Boss..it's okay. Sit down.
Take a peg.
Bakka, where can I
find that fire officer?
- Boss.
- Yes.
- Tell him I am dead.
- It's all over.
What do you mean?
If you don't sign
on these papers today..
..then I'll cut off your thumb, and
put your impression with your blood.
I am not selling this
land under pressure.
Anyone who likes it can buy it,
or go home.
The common men will buy your flats.
And they don't know that
you didn't follow any safety rules.
You're putting their lives
at risk by giving them cheap homes.
Your building can collapse anytime.
This construction is impossible
as long as I am alive.
Now sign quietly.
He's got guts.
He's done.
Just like you can't endure
anyone breaking rules..
I can't endure losing millions.
I won't put my thumb impression.
Bless you..may you prosper.
Where did that that dimwit go?
Wake up.
Wake up.
Just a minute, sir.
I can show you where
you can find the other thumbs.
Come, sir. Careful.
Come quickly.
Sign here.
Sir, I'll come too.
Follow me.
The other one's here.
Run for your life.
How do I get down?
Sorry, sir. I just wanted to spit.
But I wasn't chewing any betel leaf.
If there's no emergency exit,
you can permanently exit from life.
- Yes, sir.
- Now do you understand?
Come, sir.
The third one's inside, sir.
Sir..sir, stay there.
Give me a minute.
"Thorn pricked me."
See, I told you he's here.
The sound's coming from here.
Come out. Come out.
- I can't sign.
- You're an illiterate.
Sir, just a minute.
Give me your thumb..put
your impression.
Here you go, sir.
You see..the boss will feel bad
if he finds out I brought you here.
I'll go get the doctor.
You fool, don't let go.
Otherwise I'll be confused
whether I'll go up or down.
I gave you many notices regarding
the safety of the building.
But now I won't give you
any notice before sending you up.
I understand, Fireman Kumar.
I completely understand.
The building looks
great from the top-floor.
But don't worry,
I will raze this building down.
And build a new one following
the rules and regulations.
At least let me go no.
No-no, don't let go.
Where is the paper?
I even forgot to sign
in all this tension.
Here you go. Hail Goddess.
Save me!
"Wassup-Wassupbaby what you doing?
"Watch out.
"The prince' set out on their rides."
"Curse the worldly ways."
"Millions of stars,
but they all hide in the day."
"We're the stars
that shine every day."
"Listen O thrashing waves.."
"..let us tell you..we're
faster than you."
"The winds are
proud..about your speed."
"But we're faster than the storms."
"Our feet are on the ground..
- Wassup."
- "..but our eyes is on the sky.
- Wassup."
- "Every eye bows..when they see us.
- Wassup."
- "Flowers are just overrated..
- Watchout"
"..it's the fragrance
what really matters."
"Bang-Bang. Bang-Bang."
"Watch out."
"Bang-Bang. Bang-Bang."
Jai, where are you? Come quickly,
aunty is making my life hell.
- Mom.
- Sit straight.
- Where is Jai?
- Papa, where is Jai.
Half an hour ago he said
he'll be here in 5 minutes.
It's been 3 hours now,
find out where he is.
- Aunty, has Jai arrived.
- That's all we needed.
Go sit there.
My child..useless boy,
we arranged a veneration for Jai.
And you're asking me where is Jai.
How would I know where he is?
You tell me where he is.
Don't open it yet,
keep it in the cupboard.
When did he arrive?
It's so congested,
I would've arrived earlier on foot.
Son, shall I get
you a refreshing drink?
- She will get furious if she hears.
- Yes.
'Sanskrit chants'
'Sanskrit chants'
'Sanskrit chants'
Wasn't the veneration nice?
- Now take the blessings.
- Take the blessings.
- Fire!
- What kind of a fireman is he?
Scared of fire.
He won't let anything happen to me.
A boy wrote a love-letter
to my girlfriend.
And I gave him a good whacking.
Actually he beat him up.
The girls these days
have their head up in the sky.
The suicide contest has begun.
Text now to win the bumper prize.
- A for arms.
- Do you think she will jump?
B for legs, and C for death.
Yes, sir. I am right here.
It's a suicide attempt.
The fire-brigade is on its way,
yes sir.
Madam, I am a gentle policeman.
Why don't you hold my hand?
I will save you.
Believe me..have some confidence.
I can feel the lack
of confidence in your voice.
What if I fall to my death?
You've been standing
there for 2 hours.
If you stay there any longer,
you will get tired and fall.
Have faith in me. Hold my hand.
Do you want to live or not?
I don't like to utter nonsense,
but go wash your hands.
But I never wash my hands.
We've received more
than 10,000 messages.
We never received such
a big response before.
But no one could give
the right answer yet.
Look, on the 18th floor.
Move back..what's going on here?
- What's the matter?
- She climbed up there to commit suicide.
But now she doesn't have
the courage to jump or to go back.
She has been standing
there for 3 hours.
Pull her inside from the window.
We have all tried. You can try too.
I don't think our
ladders are that long.
I'll go upstairs.
- Sonali, please don't move.
- Excuse me.
- Please come here.
- Sir..
Please go stand there.
What's wrong with you?
Thank you, son.
Why make this museum here?
Whenever sir goes to
deal with an emergency..
..he always brings back a memorabilia.
What happened to the
Narayan Construction case?
He stopped everything
after you warned him.
I see. I heard that yesterday's
emergency was quite romantic.
That girl didn't come
inside for 3 hours..
..even though lot of people tried.
And she instantly
held on to your hand.
Everyone's talking about this.
That girl climbed up
there to commit suicide.
People are looking for
romance in that incident.
Why aren't the people talking about..
..that girl who climbed
up there to commit suicide?
You should've worn that
dress which we bought at the sale.
Is that so?
- Hello.
- Hi, Sonali.
- Your picture's in today's paper.
- I see. How am I looking?
You should see the
one in Tomorrow Time's.
I am looking really nice in that one.
I'll see that later.
First let me tell you why I called.
No, first you see the picture,
and then I'll hear why you called me.
Stick this one too.
Daddy called you.
Daddy..let's go.
Here she comes she's humiliated us
all over the city.
Even kidnappers are better than you.
What? What are you staring at?
Will you devour me?
Here you go.
Here's your 200,000 rupees.
Now go away,
Divya, if you want
to do anything in life..
Otherwise you will become like her.
I thought you wanted a small sum.
What will you do with 200,000 rupees?
Come with me, I'll show you.
Why did you bring me to the hospital?
Loose motions?
- Is the doctor arrived?
- He's on his rounds.
Look, she's here. Look, she's here.
- When will he return?
- He'll be back soon.
Okay. Hi.
- Hello, sister.
- Don't look so worried.
I am here now,
everything will be fine.
So you risked your life for them.
I see..so you're here.
- Hello, doctor.
- Hello.
- How is your arm now?
- It pains if I press it.
- Then don't press it.
- Here you go, 200,000 rupees..cash.
Count it, is it all here?
What's this, doctor?
She risked her life
for these poor orphans.
The hospital won't go bankrupt
if it's short of few thousand rupees.
Tell me something,
what did she tell you?
- She's donating these 200,000 rupees.
- I am done for.
10 days ago she ran
over him with his car..
And she's coming after 10 days.
And only because one of
the staff members recognised her..
..and snatched her car.
She didn't give her anything
except for this wheel-chair.
- I won't sit in the front.
- Your wish.
I wish no one else comes under my car.
Are you stupid?
These girls can't be trusted.
Rather than being sad, I am
shocked that Ranganath betrayed me.
Because..I swear
I trusted him the most.
He would speak only when he needed.
Now I understand the
tranquillity behind his silence.
Criminals like us
only believe in weapons.
And not humans.
This was a mistake.
If a person dies in an accident,
they say it was destiny.
If a person dies of sickness,
people still say it was destiny.
But if a person dies by my hands..
..then they say that may
no one meet with the same fate.
Now my biggest desire is
to catch the one that betrayed me.
And you rascals wish to stay alive.
How will our wishes come true?
We really don't know where he is.
If I ask you something,
and get a reply in no..
..then I swear, I lose it.
I am asking you one last time.
Tell me where he is hiding.
Curse you..
Give his picture to the media.
He will come out seeing
his picture in the newspapers.
He isn't here either.
- Hey.
- What?
Is she crazy?
What are you staring at? Get lost.
I've see girls running
after guys who have a BMW.
She's the only one who's
running after a fireman.
I think she's really feisty.
Actually I don't
like to utter nonsense..
..but you saved my life yesterday.
So there's something I wanted to say.
You're welcome.
I remember..I remember now.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Sonali, you're asking for it.
How about a treat
for helping me yesterday?
Would you like to
have a coffee with me?
- Its one o'clock, I must go.
- Please, just one coffee.
- Please.
- No.
Actually even I am quite busy, but I
only asked because you saved my life.
Why do I have to placate you so much?
You maybe handsome,
but I am beautiful too.
College boys have
made tattoos of my name.
Go to hell.
He looks so ugly.
Come on,
dear..for the sake of my honour.
- Let's go for a coffee?
- Now I don't have time.
- But you wanted to.
- I'm not in the mood.
- Night?
- I am busy at night.
What do you do that
you stay busy at midnight?
My day starts at 9am from college.
And then 1pm at the canteen.
And computer classes at 3pm.
I come home before 5pm.
And then I chat on the internet.
And I've to study all night.
- What did she say?
- She's called me home tonight.
Who is she?
'My day starts at 9am from college.'
Did he see me?
No dieting today.
Sonali, here comes the fire-brigade.
What was written in it?
I said you can come at 5pm, but
don't bring the fire-brigade along.
Look who's here.
That's him..that fireman.
I think he's the fire-starter.
- Hi, Jai.
- Hi, Sonali.
- Katrina, Kareena.
- Hi.
- Deepika and Priyanka.
- Hi.
- And that's Alia.
- Hi.
I stay in room no. 12,
why don't you come save me sometime.
Tea or coffee?
What do they mean?
- Tea or coffee?
- Oh..tea.
Bye, sir.
Why did these girls leave?
If you had ordered tea, then
I would have to give them a treat.
But you ordered tea,
and I won the bet.
And they had to leave.
- Bye, sir.
- Take care.
- Bye, sir.
- See you soon.
- Coffee and tea.
- With milk.
Normal tea.
Why are you following me
around with the fire-brigade?
So that whenever you try to commit
suicide again, I will get you down.
Hello, I am not a coward
to attempt suicide again.
- Yes, papa.
- Where are you?
Didn't I tell you, a boy's been
following me around since morning?
I am drinking coffee with him.
Enough joking around,
now tell me the truth.
What kind of a question is that?
You know I am always in
my cooking class at this time.
- Come home straightaway.
- Okay.
I'll call you if I am get late.
- Will you pick me up then, papa?
- Come home with your friend.
You duped your own father.
I did tell him the truth at first.
But he didn't believe me,
What could I do?
Drink your tea. It's getting cold.
How can I drink hot
tea in front of a hot girl?
Are you really a fireman?
Look into my eyes,
and you will see all the cards.
Let me tell you, I never
invited anyone over coffee before.
Excuse me.
- Hello.
- Jai, where are you?
Drowning in the mesmerising
eyes of a beautiful girl.
That's not your cup of tea,
now tell me where are you?
I am sitting on the commode.
I'll be there in 5 minutes.
Papa says when someone
spends time with me..
..he starts behaving like me.
Maybe he's right.
- Can I ask you something?
- Yes.
- Can't you stay a little longer?
- How much longer?
Just one more cup of tea and coffee.
- Yes? Trilok.
- Yes, ma'am.
One coffee and one tea.
Make it piping hot..
..and it should take
an hour to cool down.
Okay, ma'am.
"My beloved.."
"Will come marry
me with pomp and glory."
"My beloved.."
"My companion.."
"Will come marry
me with pomp and glory."
"I believe..he will take
me away in a palanquin."
"Your beloved.."
"Will marry you with pomp and glory."
"He will take you
away..in a palanquin."
Ranganath is hiding in Hyderabad.
I want him alive, get to work.
"Three months ago he
fled from police custody.."
Sir, your coffee.
"Tell me where your heart is.."
"..where I want it or not."
"According to our sources.."
Jau, you've changed a lot these days.
And now for the weather report.
I've put on weight, right?
Earlier you would smile
only once in two days.
These days you smile
after every two minutes.
What is the secret behind this smile?
These days I've changed
my brand of tea.
What happened to his love-story?
He waves his hand at her..
..and she waves her stick at him!
Even I've said a thousand times that..
..dousing fires is
not your cup of tea.
You get scared even of little flames.
I am doing this for my wife and kids.
Which is never possible?
- "Because it's you.."
- ..careful.
- "You're my life.."
- Give it to me.
Thank you, sir.
Sorry, sorry..I didn't see you.
Uncle, here's your ginger tea.
Thank you.
He just went out that gate.
We want him alive, come on.
Raju, you look there.
I thought I am doing a good deed.
But your intentions don't look good.
Do you know whose
path you're obstructing?
Do you know who's
obstructing your path?
Boss, someone's helping
Ranganath out here.
Ranganath. The bank account
details and password's in this.
Soon all the money
will be in the account.
Why are you sweating?
Are you hiding something from me?
Tell me.
Nayak's men are looking for you.
So why did you lie to me?
They won't spare me.
They will definitely kill me.
I helped you, but no one will help me.
They will crush me.
I am not scared of dying.
But I don't want to die
by the hands of that crazy Nayak.
Sir, his name is Bhola.
He was a 'most wanted' gangster.
These days he was involved
in money laundering.
We've information that there
was a mute-person living with him.
This is him.
We're inquiring about him.
He isn't mute,
he just speaks too less.
His name is Ranganath.
He used to be the best friend
of Mumbai's Don Chota Nayak.
Nayak was arrested because
of the information divulged by him.
Since Nayak escaped
from police custody..
..he has been evading Chota Nayak.
He could've have gone to
any part of the world to hide.
But what is he still doing in India.
Find out what he's doing in this city,
They always have a 90% sale.
- Mom, I want a hair-band.
- Look straight.
- Maybe he didn't notice.
- I see.
Pardon me.
- You guys go ahead, I'll join you.
- Okay.
What do you want to eat?
- I want seekh kabab with extra custard.
- Four..five..
I want stuffed bread
with extra butter..
- I don't like it.
- Ten..
I want a burger.
This one..this burger.
Do you know a girl's
been following us?
Don't turn around.
'Gang of Ladies.'
Their leader looked just
like her in the pictures.
I think that's her.
- Take a look.
- I'll see.
- Did you see?
- Which one?
The one that's sitting like a statue.
When I was counting my money,
I thought she will snatch it.
- I'll go and ask.
- What if she has a dagger?
Purse. Keep it here. Now go.
Look here.
Sorry for ignoring you.
If aunt finds out, I'll be in trouble.
See you in 30 minutes.
What will happen if she finds out?
She will beat me up. Honestly.
I told you take the
chain off take it off..
What are you doing?
Mom, don't hit me.
I'll wait outside.
- You should learn something from Jai.
- Yes, I will.
What did she say?
- She thought she's seen you before.
- Seen me?
She was saying you look
like a heroine from the TV series.
- Should I go meet her?
- No..she left.
Oh..here's your purse.
Order two plates of fritters.
Don't think I am stupid like mother.
You liked that hair-band, didn't you?
I'll buy it for you.
What is her name?
Sister-in-law is beautiful.
The bus is empty, let's go in that.
Not nice.
- Hi, I am Manisha Mungi, and..
- I am Rahul Munga.
And the weather has suddenly
turned very unpredictive today.
And what do you want to
do in such a romantic weather?
Call us and tell us.
I wish to walk on a deserted
street with my girlfriend..
..hold her hands, sing a
romantic song and get more romantic.
Could this be the song?
"The night's drenched..but
we're burning."
Sorry..the sound of thunder scared me.
"It's raining, but"
you're getting me wrong.
- Sonali.
- Ola.
Sonali, sorry.
Let's go.
Nice song, isn't it?
Hey..turn off the radio.
I don't want to talk to you.
- Good morning.
- Come on. You came at the right time.
Good morning, brother.
Will you have breakfast?
Give me some mint tea.
Who was that girl we met yesterday?
- Who was she?
- Don't talk about her.
Why? What happened?
Last night he tried
to..kiss me on the streets.
- You mean in the middle of the street..
- Like Emraan Hashmi.
Get up..I said get up.
- Go and eat in the hall.
- Go.. go, fast.
Do I have to tell you separately?
Go and eat in the hall.
Get up.
Doesn't even let me
eat breakfast in peace.
I wonder why I ever got married.
Didn't she say anything
when you did that?
I didn't know what to say.
- And I ran away.
- He looked like a gentleman.
How did he suddenly get so romantic?
It was raining..and
my desires were at peak.
You're crazy.
Romantic evening..monsoon..
Will you ever get such a
nice moment for your first kiss?
Why would she stay?
She won't see you
again because of this?
What should I do according to you?
You should've kissed him,
but you ran away instead.
You're so stupid.
Listen to me.
Come with me to the temple.
Will you come along?
Look into my eyes.
Go to the temple and apologise..
..and say that you will
never do such a thing again.
You will never act cheaply
with any girl again.
You should want Emraan Hashmi movies..
..and learn to be a little romantic.
Next time when he kisses you,
you must close your eyes.
I couldn't control myself.
I tried to kiss her on the streets.
- Why would she call me now?
- You're right.
Hello. What?
Come on boys, get ready.
Please stay back.
Please stay back.
Please cooperate. Please stay back.
- Someone might be still stuck in there.
- What?
The gas pipe can explode any moment.
It can be dangerous to go there.
We can't just stand here and watch.
Must take a chance.
Careful, Jai.
Someone go check whether he's alright.
Mister, get up. Get up.
Do you like getting in trouble?
- Jai's back.
- He was amazing.
Why are you always in a hurry to die?
- Coat.
- Anyway, don't talk..get some rest.
The shootout that took place here,
is it connected with the Mafia.
Is the victim connected
with the Mafia?
What are you doing here at this hour?
Are you feeling okay?
I did say sorry..please forgive me.
I couldn't sleep since that night.
"You dwell in my dawns, in my dusks."
"You dwell in every moment
of my days and nights."
"You dwell in my slumber,
and my dreams."
"You dwell in my thoughts,
and my memories."
"You dwell in my dawns, in my dusks."
"You dwell in every moment
of my days and nights."
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir. I am at the hospital.
Okay, sir. I'll call you once I check.
He died last night while
he was being brought here.
The shootout at the
hotel was because of him.
Make two more teams and
speed up the investigation.
We must find out his motive
behind coming to Hyderabad.
Okay, sir.
Hello. Yes, sir.
Sir, Gohra.
- What?
- Boss.
Ranganath is dead.
We were about to catch him
in the hotel, but a fire broke out.
And he died in the fire.
I told you it's not possible.
Last night Hotel Blue Star
was reduced to ashes in a incident.
According to our sources..
But we've found that
guy that was helping him.
- Who is he?
- Watch the news, and you will know.
He's saying something to him.
Does anyone recognise him?
- Gohra.
- Boss.
Don't come back until
you don't find him.
I thought I'll deal with
you once I finish my job.
But I never thought you'll be my job.
Brother, Gohra is calling.
- What?
- Boss, what do I do with him?
Switch to video-call.
And show him.
Who are you?
People say it's a
crime to hear my voice.
But you helped my enemy
and also hit my men.
Either you're crazy..or I am stupid.
It took me 30 years to make
that money through bloodshed..
..and that Ranganath
took all that away in a snap.
If it was 10 or 12 million, I
would've drowned my sorrows in liquor.
But he stole 100 billion from me.
He will rot in hell.
Tell me, won't I lose it?
If you tell me where
you've hidden my money.
Then I will spare your life.
Come on, tell me.
Bring the phone closer.
You're just wasting your time.
I've told you before,
I don't know that man.
Now stop wasting your time,
I know how to douse a fire..
..and how to start one.
Hey..I knew Ranganath for 25 years.
He would rather die and utter a word.
And yesterday when he was dying..
..I saw that he was
telling you something.
Tell me..what was he telling you.
I never pardoned anyone.
For the first time in my life..I
am talking about pardoning someone.
If I ask a question,
and the reply is no..
..then I swear. I lose my mind.
Don't provoke the fire inside
me by asking the same question.
Otherwise I might
just reduce you to ashes.
Gohra! He didn't
understand my language.
Use a different
language to explain him.
Salute to the scavengers
that attack from the front..
..and shame on the lions
that attack from the back.
When there's a fire in the city,
people think of me.
But when there's a fire in me..
..I only give them death.
But I shake hands
with death every day.
So don't try to scare me with death.
I don't know what he said.
I wouldn't have told
you even if I knew.
Next time..attack from the front.
- Aunty, lentil.
- Yes, lentil. Here, take some more.
Son, did you talk to that
girl who was furious with you?
The other night at 1am,
she called me at the back-lanes.
And she told...
Did you understand anything?
Say it clearly, son.
She called me in the back-lanes.
And then she told...
I understood that you two met.
And then she told...
That's what happened?
Did she sent the police?
Got you beaten up by goons,
what did she do?
I didn't understand.
She met you at night,
what happened after that.
- Let me explain you again.
- Yes.
- It was midnight.
- Yes.
She called me..at the back-lanes.
And then she told...
..and she was embarrassed.
He's trying to fool me.
- Did you understand?
- What part didn't you understand?
- Two nights ago..
- Yes.
- She met Jai..
- Yes.
And then she told...
- I will deal with you tonight.
- What's left to see now?
Listen Jai,
I didn't understand what you said.
- I told you so many times.
- Say it again.
- You want to hear it again?
- Yes.
- She met me..at 1am at night.
- Yes.
And then she told...
- That's what happened.
- What do you mean?
What's he saying? Wait.
Now tell me what happened.
She met me..at 1am at night and..
- Will you tell me..or do I stab you?
- I'll tell..I'll tell you, aunty.
Tell me.
First confirm with uncle
whether it's 1am or not.
She proposed to marry me and
expressed her desire to meet you two.
- Naughty boy.
- Naughty boy.
- Are your doubts cleared now?
- Yes.
Park the bike under the shade,
and you stand under the sun.
Hi. Where's Sonali?
Our son was so restless after
watching your daughter's picture..
..that we had to
come meet you in a hurry.
- Why did you come here?
- You called me.
Oh yes..wait outside,
I'll be free in 5 minutes.
- Come, son. Sit here.
- Okay.
He's a friend of my daughter's friend.
- Son, where do you work?
- Sound and..
Fire department.
Sorry, I thought you asked me.
Do you two want to talk?
I want to talk to him first.
- Do you two love each other?
- Yes.
I gave Sonali my personal number,
she could have messaged me.
She didn't have to call
me here and embarrass me.
I didn't know that you've come here.
I am shocked to see
you just like you are.
Give me some time,
I'll fix everything.
Please. I apologise
on behalf of Sonali.
- What is all this son?
- What's wrong, son.
- Can I talk to your daughter alone?
- Yes, come on.
- Are you crazy..
- Please..please, don't yell at me.
There was a feast cooking
at home in the morning..
..and I thought papa got promoted.
I just took a leg
piece..when they arrived.
Honestly, I was going to call you.
But it's a good thing you're here.
I feel so at ease.
Don't worry, I will handle everything.
Papa, I want to talk to you.
Please go somewhere private.
- No.
- Please, papa.
- No.
- Please.
Don't do this, dear.
- Sir. Can I talk to you in private?
- Yes, why not.
Its okay, uncle.
I know what you're going to say.
I'll explain daddy on the way.
- Let's go, mom.
- What did you tell your father?
Nothing, Don't worry. Sit.
- What is your name? It's Jai, right?
- Yes.
What is your opinion about love?
Love is a pious..
This is a relationship that ties
two hearts in a strong relationship.
Your daughter and
I love each other a lot.
Same food,
same movie our choice is the same.
As far as I recollect you
know her for last three months.
Isn't it?
- Yes.
- Yes, three months.
Do you know that her taste
changes every six months?
The thing that you just said about
same food, same cinema, same taste.
You cannot lead a life with this.
In three months she
will be bored of you.
Sometimes she wants
to become a dancer.
Sometimes she says she
wants to become an IAS officer.
What did you recently
wanted to become?
A social worker.
Did you hear? A social worker.
She has just opened
an NGO in her name.
If something good happens because
of change then change is good, sir.
Whatever you are saying
is only good to hear.
I am not saying that
you are not right for Sonali.
You will not be able to
understand her likes and dislikes.
Three months are
less to understand her.
For 20 years I have
fulfilled all her demands.
But you will not
be able to do this, son.
You love her that is why you fulfilled
all her demands for 20 years.
I also love Sonali a lot and
will fulfill her demands for 70 years.
"I will make you
and only you my bride."
"Otherwise I will die unmarried."
"I will make you
and only you my bride."
"Otherwise I will die unmarried."
"I will become a priestess
and will not come with you."
"I will tell everyone."
"I will not make you a groom."
"Even if I die unmarried."
"I will not make you a groom."
"Even if I die unmarried."
Chhotu, come.
- Ali, just answer the phone.
- Okay.
Hello, uncle.
Uncle is offering prayers
so you tell me why you called.
I will come and tell.
I am sitting in the
caf so come and pick me up.
You come here and I
will tell you everything.
Excuse me sir, the battery
of my phone has become dead.
So can I use your phone
to make an urgent call?
Yes, sure.
Let me sync his phone so that I can
come to know to whom he has made calls.
Okay, I will reach in 15 minutes.
Okay, thank you sir.
Thank you so much.
You are welcome.
- Who is speaking?
- We had talked a lot on the phone.
And you have forgotten so soon.
Actually people are
scared to talk to us.
And you dared to threaten us.
How did you even think
that I will spare you?
Where are you?
Brother, your tea.
Jai, any good news.
I told you...
You had told me that
you are not scared of death.
So now you got scared
seeing your loved ones dead.
When you get angry you
burn everything around you.
I have brought you to
Hyderabad to show you that..
..what happens when I get angry.
But you will return my money.
Ranganath had told you about my money.
Now, till you do not
tell me about that money..
..every person whom
you talk to will die.
Whether you know him or not.
Whether it is a child, old man,
and young man.everyone will die.
You saw the beginning of this game.
Two out of the three people whom
you talked half an hour ago are dead.
And the third one
is begging for his life.
Seal all the evidences.
What are you doing here?
You had called uncle
in the caf to meet you.
Sir, fire has broken in the caf.
Many people are still stuck inside.
- Hey.
- Leave me.
Uncle, uncle.
- The fire is huge.
- Leave me.
What type of fireman are you?
You are scared of fire.
If you get stuck in fire
then how will you save yourself?
If fire breaks out then
Jai is there to save me.
He will not let me get hurt.
He used to save people from
fire and today the same fire burnt hm.
Sir, bodies have still
not been identified.
We do not know whose
body belongs to whom.
Sit down, mother.
Mother, get up.
- Aunt.
- Brother.
I am feeling very scared, brother.
No problem. Talk to her.
Hear her words before her death.
I hope you remember that the person
will die with whomsoever you talk.
As it is you are in a morgue.
After talking to you
he is going to come here.
Hey, find him that side. Go.
Look, he is talking to someone.
Find out whom is he talking to.
Go quickly.
Whom were you talking to?
Tell me whom did you call?
Tell me, I am asking you. Speak.
Whom did you talk to?
Tell me who did you call?
Will you kill whomsoever I talk to?
All those with whom
you talked are dead.
You also talked to me just now.
Then why are you alive till now?
'Sanskrit chants'
You will kill the
one with whom I talk.
So come I will kill you.
Forgive me, spare me..
You talked to me.
You had said the person
with whom I talk will die.
Come on talk to me. Talk to me.
Come on.
Now I will talk to you.
My brother has come.
Now I will talk.
What will you do?
You were asking me again and again
as to whom I was talking on the phone.
Who is he?
So I was talking to this rasca
This rascal talked to me.
I played the same game
that you were playing with me.
If you have the courage, then
talk to me. I shall bury you here too.
For the first time I have
seen you stepping back, brother.
Why have I come to Hyderabad?
For money.
If I would have taken a step forward..
..then only one of
us would have been alive.
If he was dead then we would have
never come to know about the money.
If I was dead and we got the
money then what was the use of it.
He killed our younger brother.
you have just stayed few
days with him and you are so angry.
Just imagine I must be so
angry as he was my younger brother.
I swear once I get the money
then I shall kill him mercilessly.
Gather all the goons of this place.
I will tell the game.
- What happened here, sir?
- Whose dead bodies are these?
These dead bodies had connection
with the mafia of Mumbai.
We have received information that
Chhota Nayak is in Hyderabad right now.
The investigation of what
happened here has started.
We will tell you as
soon as we come to know.
You said it very easily that..
..a criminal like Nayak
is roaming in the city openly.
Now tell us that how
secure is the public.
If you are really bothered
about the security of public..
..then do not telecast this news.
But do not tell me
what and how to do things.
This is not your job.
- Get back, get back.
- Sir, sir.
- Sir, one last question.
- Get back. You get back..
Hey, Kalia just scratch my head.
My nails are very small.
Is this the way to stop the car?
Don't you have any sense?
What if my car tumbled?
We have received information
that Chhota Nayak is here.
..the he meets kind
people like you first.
Can you give us any
information about him?
I have got a lot of dandruff.
I do not give anything for free but
I would like to give you a suggestion.
The speed with which
you have followed me..
..it is better that you
return back with the same speed.
Because if Nayak comes to
know that you are out to arrest him..
..then you will not be spared.
He will make such
condition of yours that..
This is my free advice. Absolutely
free without any service tax.
That was the aim of the meeting.
Okay fine, brother.
Greetings, brother.
Tell me that why did
you call me urgently.
There is a small problem, brother.
If Nayak is quiet after
younger brother's death..
..then it means the
problem is not small.
Who is he?
He is fire officer of this place.
Just tell me again.
He is fire officer of this place.
Dead is he 6 feet tall?
Does he put black goggles?
And sometimes he wears plain shirt.
And he rides on his bike.
Hey, now no one can save us.
- Hey Naari.
- Sir.. greetings.
- We want information about a person.
- Okay.
I do not want information
about his bike.
- Okay.
- Not even of his shirt.
Okay sir.
- Nor of his black goggles.
- Okay.
- I want to know what his weakness is.
- Sir.
- Take help of as many men as you want.
- Okay.
- Spend as much money as you want.
- Okay.
Just remember that if I do not get
any information till tomorrow morning.
Then send your dead
body along with your men.
Mother, save me.
What should I do now?
If I do not give the information..
..then I will have to send
my dead body through my men.
And if I give information then that
Jai will send my dead body to Nayak.
Let's first go and make body.
How will the body be made, boss?
You just pay the money
but do not go to gym.
You even do not go for jogging.
So much dandruff.
Will he let you go
once he gets the money?
Even if he spares me
but I will not spare him.
You very well know
that he is a big goon.
They will get scared of me.
I will give them sleepless nights.
Mother, save me from dandruff.
What happened, brother?
That fire officer came in my dreams.
I am suggesting you to give Nayak the
information about that fire officer.
And then let Nayak handle him. We
will not have any burden on our head.
And our work that has
halted will start again.
- Do you think all this will happen?
- It will surely happen.
Be careful brother.
The collar belt can create a problem.
- Kaalia.
- Yes brother.
Where is the bedroom?
It is towards south.
That is why I have
brought this compass.
You must not be aware what this does.
It tells the right
direction to people like us.
Don't display your common sense.
First find the bedroom.
Here we come into the bedroom.
But why is fridge kept here.
What is this? Kitchen in bedroom.
You had found the
direction of the bedroom.
I think this does not have cell.
Stupid, this is not a compass
but an old watch which is not working.
- Okay.
- Keep it.
Let's eat something now
that we have come in the kitchen.
- What will you eat brother?
- Idiot.
Why did you switch off the light,
- Wait.
- Or I have become blind.
- Come out of that.
- Help me, brother.
- I will help you to come out.
- Brother.
I think I will have to cut.
Do you remember brother that in
childhood we used to play this game?
Once due to the blindfold the
vessel had got stuck on your head.
And I had hit you hard, brother.
Do you remember?
Why are you taking revenge now?
Where are you, brother?
I do not know anything.
That man with the dog like
belt around his neck brought me here.
So that we can give
information about you to Nayak.
If you want to beat then beat that man
with the dog like belt around his neck.
Don't hit me. I have become
a goon for the studies of children.
- No sir.
- Idiot.
Brother, how easily
you removed the vessel?
It was you brother,
I thought he has come.
You were telling him
to beat me mercilessly.
I was saying that to
get rid of that fire officer.
Brother, he has come.
Brother, brother.
Where has he gone?
Brother, where are you brother?
I am hiding in the cupboard.
Where is that rascal?
Tell me.
Tell me what is going on outside?
He is sitting on the chair angrily.
Mother why are you scaring me?
You are inside the cupboard
and the officer is outside.
What if he opens the cupboard?
Oh my God. Why don't you do anything?
Do you think I have some
magic with which I can rescue you?
He is sitting near the cupboard.
Oh God what if he sees me?
Instead of that belt around
the neck there will be a chopper.
I am dead.
He has seen you.
- Mother, father.
- Keep quiet. Are you a kid?
Brother, he is coming he has come.
I have still not got married.
Have some patience.
What will happen by keeping patience?
You will die easily.
You have scared me a lot.
- Brother.
- Save me.
Thank God I am saved.
Hey Kaalia, why are you laughing?
I was laughing thinking
about the condition..
..he would have made
yours if he had seen you.
Stupid, at this time
you are thinking of jokes.
Oh God, why is he
coming towards this side?
I think I will need some magic.
Where are you Kaalia?
- I am inside the fridge, brother?
- In the fridge?
Fresh things are kept in the
fridge and not stale things like you.
Brother, that fire officer has directly
come into the kitchen from that room.
Thank God he has gone.
Hey Kaalia.
What is the situation outside?
All calamities..
..are going to fall on you now.
- He is coming towards the fridge.
- Brother..
He has come to know that
you are sitting inside the fridge.
What will happen of me, brother?
Last rites.
I am perspiring in the fridge.
That man with the dog like
belt around his neck brought me here.
So that we can give
information about you to Nayak.
If you want to beat then beat that man
with the dog like belt around his neck.
So, you have come brother.
I was just checking whether the
cooling of the fridge is proper or not.
Have something cool to drink?
You are making me
drink something cool?
Who is there?
Kaalia, we are scared to death
in order to get his information.
Where is Jai, son?
Aunty, he has said
that he will call you.
- Ask him not to forget.
- Okay aunty.
You know the address
so take them carefully.
Where are you nowadays?
You do not go to fire station also.
And you aren't even
picking up my phone.
Do you know I was
so worried about you?
You go now and I
will talk to you later.
Look I have not even
brought money today.
Come on, make me have coffee.
Sonali, Sonali I don't
want to talk to anyone.
..then do their friends
stop talking to people.
Okay fine.
You hot me in anger
so I did not feel bad.
I love you.
I missed you so much.
Her name is Sonali.
She is your strength as well weakness.
Once she is in your custody
then he will also come running.
And not only password but
he will tell anything for her.
- Is Sonali at home?
- Who are you?
Jai has sent me.
Sonali, someone has come to meet you.
He had given information
about your arrival..
..and had said that
he would come to meet you.
- Okay sir.
- Okay.
Hey, we have not come here with
marriage procession and wait for him.
Find him.
And tell him that there is no corner
of the world where he can hide from us.
"By saying hello,
hello you move around me."
"By saying hello,
hello you move around me."
"She is a crazy girl and
looks at me with sharp eyes."
"And on seeing me she says Hi."
"By saying hello,
hello you move around me."
"By saying hello,
hello you move around me."
"I have become crazy and just
like butterfly hovers around you."
"By saying hello,
hello you move around me."
Whose house is this?
It belongs to an old friend of mine.
So, what next.
You first go and get fresh.
Who can come at this time?
Sonali, Sonali.
Hey, I am changing my dress.
- Who had come just now?
- How do I know?
- What do you mean?
- He did not say anything.
What do you mean he did
not say anything? Sonali.
Why are you taking so much tension?
He did not say anything.
He gave this and went away.
He did not say anything.
He gave this and went away.
I saw that he was
saying something to you.
Tell me what he told you.
Good luck.
Everyone is asking me
that what he had told me.
No one is asking that what he gave me.
Who was asking? What had he given?
You wait here and I
will be back in two hours.
Don't take so much tension.
Leave aside kiss he
has not even touched me.
I don't know what he remembered that
he left me alone in the guest house.
Where are you?
Come on drive fast.
Now I will show him.
Now I will show him.
Drag her in.
I am just coming dear.
Till you come your
beloved will not survive.
She has bled a lot.
Don't do anything to her.
I know where the money is.
I have the account
number and the password.
I can't hear you properly.
There seems to be network problem.
Let her go. Please.
The rascal is begging.
All the money is with me.
Take the money and leave my Sonali.
Okay, okay give me account
number and password.
I will leave your girlfriend.
I had said that I will
not ask for my money from you.
I had said that I will
not ask for my money from you.
You will give the
money to me yourself.
Where is Sonali?
Till I do not get the
account number and password..
..you will not be able to meet her.
I am the boss. If you delay
then Sonali will be killed.
I mean she will be dead.
Just think it over.
Oh no, he saved Chhota Nayak.
Nothing should happen to Sonali.
I want money.
You can meet the patient.
Because of you the last
chance to arrest Nayak got wasted.
He is not going to do like this.
Sir, she should not die. Sir,..
Let her die.
- Sir.
- What happened?
This account shows zero balance.
What nonsense are you talking?
Check it again.
Sir, one hour ago the entire money has
been transferred in Sonali's account.
Sonali.. Sonali means.
- I think she will not survive, sir.
- No.
Sonali can never die.
Her life is worth crores.
If anyone says that this girl
will die then I will kill that person.
Pump life into her body.
She survived.
- She survived.
- Rain.
Sir, water is splashed at
a place where fire has broken out.
The fire has not broken out
then why is he splashing water.
I do not have any enmity with you.
Just tell me where the girl is.
I will just tell you, lover.
Hey, old man what happened?
That fire officer is
beating everyone mercilessly.
All the ways to escape are closed.
How will I run from here?
Tell me, why did you call me?
You had asked me to
tell you if I find Nayak.
- Yes sir.
- I have found Nayak.
- Where is he?
- He is here.
Come and arrest him quickly.
Tell me the address, sir.
Sonali, look I have come.
Sonali, Sonali.is anybody there?
I have a lot of pain.
Take me from here.
- Doctor, please.
- You don't worry.
I have 7000/- in that.
I will get your money back.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Inspector, are you coming
or shall I sent Nayak there.
Naari sir, we are in the bus.
We are about to reach.
Why are you coming by bus?
The jeep broke down so that is why.
The vehicle of the government
breaks down at the time of need.
Keep a watch on Nayak
till we reach there.
My eyesight is weak so how
can I keep a watch on him. Come soon.
Sir, I cannot understand
what you want to do.
We can reach there
soon and arrest Nayak.
This will again happen
as it happened earlier.
If we give Jai one hour's time..
..then he will neither let him
escape nor let him fulfill his aim.
Naari has called twice in 10 minutes.
He is in a bad condition due to fear.
That means Jai is already there.
Hail to Lord Shiva.
Hail to Lord Shiva.
We are in a sharing auto, sir.
What are you doing in a sharing auto?
There is no bus for this route.
Sir, you had said that
if we speed up to arrest Nayak..
..then he will get angry.
Now you are asking us to come soon.
I am about to die and you are joking.
I think my end is near.
Whosoever is born has to die one day.
After death a person
gets another birth.
Now I believe that
this is absolutely true.
Remember God and be ready for death.
In the next birth I will
not believe the inspector.
'Sanskrit chants'
I had told you 1 hour.
1000 crore.
- Speak slowly.
- You gave away all.
That was not our money.
I think you are stupid and senseless.
What would have happened..
..if you would have saved
some money for wedding shopping?
I have enough money for your shopping.
How much do you have?
Will you be able
to buy gold Sari for me?
Tell me. Will you buy for me?
"You are the only one
in my mornings and evenings."
"You are there in every
moment of my day and night."
"You are the only one
in my sleep and dreams."
"You are the only one
in my thoughts and memoris."
"You are there in every
moment of my day and night."