Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond - Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton (2017) Movie Script

You start now when Andy steps in.
You mean me... I step in.
You are being Andy in this movie.
I know, but you talk
like I'm not standing here.
Like I'm a different person.
But on the other hand,
it might be nice to have been...
Yeah, but Ididn't know him.
I was practically like all other people.
What the hell am I doing here?
Nobody knows. Action!
Jim, it's been a pleasure...
I have some roses
for all the beautiful girls in the world.
I heard Milos had to force him to go
into makeup and hair.
He was passed out on the couch.
Do not mention Andy Kaufman to me.
I am not anAndy Kaufman fan.
I do not like Andy Kaufman.
As a director,
Jim Carrey's nowhere in sight.
You're dealing withTony Clifton.
Is that frustrating?
I need a director with backbone.
Sound check.
It's called a sound check, Tony.
We're gonna have to deal with him.
He mellows after lunch.
No filming.
You can't do filming around here.
I would like to see the real shark.
This shark is a phony shark.
I do creatures.
- Yes, I do.
- What do you do?
I do a yak.
No filming.
You take care of him.
He's pushing.
He's gonna ruin my reputation as an actor.
The eyes got a little buggy.
- They were buggy.
- Yeah.
He wants to be liked.
He wants to be liked by everybody.
He's his worstenemy.
Tell Jim we are doing Friday dinner.
I'm Batman.
Standing over there, when I first came in,
I really had this feeling that someone
else might be walking in also.
How does it feel
to be around your brother again?
Good to see you too, Daddy.
I'm very proud of you.
That reminds me of my dad.
You have to give me a chance
to make a movie.
In this movie,you have to...
At the end...
you have to be friends with him.
You know, that's what really happened.
And I think that Andy
had trouble early on,
which is very hard.
Jim had trouble later on...
and it kind of threw him for a loop,
and he got angry,
and he used that to express himself.
In many ways, there was a lot of anger
in everything he did.
he's afraid that if he gets healthy,
he won't have creativity, sometimes.
- Jim?
- Yep.
And I think sometimes he makes
a conscious decision
not to be
completely together.
Quick impression.
Jackie Kennedy.
Courtney comestoday, you know.
Please doForeign Man.
Do Latka!
You guys don't smoke.
What the hell are you doing smoking?
No... go away!
We don't want Tony to come back.
Should we trywalking him first,
or should we just carry him?
Does he ever get out of bed as Tony?
Whose trailer is that, by the way,
that we're paying for every day?
He's not been to work though.
Jim never comes to work.
Jim can act like me all he wants,
he never will be me.
No matter how much he tries.
Hey, Tony, what do you think
about that comedian Jim Carrey?
Always smiling all the time.
You can tell it's not real.
Feel free to do whatever you want.
You know, that's Andy Kaufman's
right-hand man.
You ever see all the wrestling stuff,
he's always the ref.
There were two Tony Cliftons,
there was Andy Kaufman and Bob Zmuda.
Is this Andy or you?
- That's Andy.
- No! That's Bob.
- This is a test.
- Okay, that's Bob.
Is it Bob? Is it?
Jesus, what a fucking nut.
Who are you with, Mr. Clifton?
That cannot be Jim Carrey.
If that is him, he is fucking amazing.
I hate him now!
He says somebody called the freaking
office. Somebody called his office.
Get that fucking camera off, too.
Mr. Clifton, you need to leave.
We're gonna need the tape
from your camera, please.
We need the tape.
No choice.
This is per Mr. Hefner.
What we need.
Is that my dad?
It is! Oh, jeez.
Holy moly.
I'm tripping.
Don't start any trouble
and there won't be any.
Elvis called, he wants his shit back.
He pushed me off...
After side suplex,
he will gently put you down.
I'm not really okay.
Turn that off.
Was Carrey spitting on him off-camera?
Was that like the...?
I think maybe I'll get a lawyer.
Apologize to me right now.
You're just poor white trash.
So... I guess...
I love you, man!
I like you a lot, but...
I don't love you.
We can make that play.
I can push him around in a wheelchair.