Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver (2018) Movie Script

There is something in the water!
Pull it up, you lazy dogs! Come on!
Come on, pull it up!
Be careful.
What do we have here?
Hey, Captain, look at this!
Where are you coming from?
That old boat will definitely
pay us a fortune for you,
right, boys?
The land where Luke
the engine driver lived
was called Morrowland.
It was tiny.
It consisted mainly
of two mountain tops.
A tall one and a smaller one.
Of course, there were houses
in Morrowland, as well.
A normal one,
and one with a shop.
Furthermore, there was a little train
station at the foot of the mountain.
And high above, between the two peaks,
there was a castle.
Life was peaceful on the small
island of Morrowland
until one day...
Yes, and this is how
our story begins.
A package from the Wild 13.
Does a certain
Mrs. Grindtooth live here?
Mrs. what?
- Mrs. Whaat? That's me.
You are Mrs. Grindtooth?
- I am Mrs. Whaat.
Mrs. Grindtooth?
- Make way for His Majesty!
Could it be a subject
who doesn't pay taxes?
We'll never know what's inside
or to whom it belongs
if we don't open it.
Holy cow!
What is that, Your Majesty?
Indeed, what is it?
This might as well be
the prettiest parcel
I have seen in my entire life!
How mean!
If I find the guy who did this,
I'll give him a beating
he'll never forget.
Mrs. Whaat, I hereby order you
to take care of the contents
of this package.
I would love to, Your Highness!
- But what should we call it?
The child needs a name.
Is it a male
or a female subject?
Maybe we could...
I will check, Your Majesty.
A boy!
And what are we
going to call him?
I would call him Jim.
What do you think?
Jim? Yes?
I want it!
You can't do that,
this is the king.
Good day, Mrs. Whaat!
- Mr. Sleeve, a good day to you!
...and pull.
We're about to go in!
Into the tunnel.
Here you go, Jim...
The next time it rips,
you just button it up.
a button.
Jim Button.
That is a nice name.
Thank you, Mom.
Good day, Mrs. Whaat!
Good day, Mr. Sleeve!
What can I do for you on this
beautiful summer morning?
My dear, you were so friendly
to offer me help.
Oh, right. You wanted me to
mend and iron something for you.
Where is the piece?
A Sunday suit,
two silken frock-coats,
three belly bands,
four bow-ties,
and five pairs of woolen socks.
- Yes.
How charming.
Be a dear and bring this
into the storeroom.
But I have to help Luke.
Luke can wait
another two minutes.
And please be careful, okay?
Sure, Mr. Sleeve.
This boy.
If he spent some more time
reading and writing
and less time with engines...
He wouldn't be our Jim.
Right, Mr. Sleeve?
You have a point there.
Good day, Mrs. Whaat.
Good day, Mr. Sleeve.
The Wild 13...
Alright, Emma...
This will do you good.
Morning, Jim!
Can you hand me the bolt?
Right then, my girl.
I guess I needed that shower.
Why am I black and you,
Mrs. Whaat, Mr. Sleeve
and King Alfons are not?
That's how we were born, son.
Oil can...
It's just pretend, isn't it?
- That Mrs. Whaat is my mother.
Who knows, maybe
everything is pretend, Jim.
Maybe you and I
and Emma are not really here.
But the fact that Mrs. Whaat
loves you is not pretend.
Luke, where am I from?
Good morning.
- Luke, this is your King
Alfons the Quarter to 12th
- Oh, Your Highness.
I would like to have
a word with you, if possible.
Yes, right away.
I have a personal audience
with the king.
I better get going.
Yes, they are absolutely right!
My rear... Dear colleague.
Granting people
the right to vote
was a hefty blow
to us monarchs. Yes...
My audience.
I have to go.
Come in!
You wanted to see me,
Your Highness.
- My dear Luke.
Yes, indeed.
Please, kneel.
Forget about that, no time for
formalities. Please sit down.
Dear Luke.
Listen! I mean... Stop!
Morrowland may be tiny,
but it has the same problems
as every other place.
Pollution, traffic jams
and overpopulation.
And there is no way around it.
We just have to do it.
What do we have to do?
I didn't mention it?
Emma has to go.
But as a sign of our appreciation
of her many years of loyal service,
we will honor her
with this award.
The Morrowland Medal.
Emma has to go?
That's what I said.
It's either Emma or Jim.
But Jim is just a boy!
- Yes, but how much longer?
Maybe one day he will want
to marry and own a house and...
Where are we supposed
to put that, Luke?
Once the train station
and the train tracks are gone,
there will be enough space
that Jim can respite...
I mean, reside there.
Yes, but... - We will find
a quiet place for Emma,
a nice spot
in the junkyard and...
There she can enjoy the rest
of her life in peace and quiet.
After all, she is quite old.
And I mean,
my existence, or excellence...
I mean, my humble self...
Well, whatever. Luke?
He wants to throw her out,
like garbage.
He thinks just because he's king,
he can do as he pleases.
It's about time
we taught him a lesson.
What kind of lesson, Luke?
Do you know why
trains travel on tracks?
So they stay on course.
If we leave,
there'll be no more tracks.
Then Emma and I
decide where we go.
and nobody can tell us what
to do or just get rid of us.
Leave? Luke!
You don't mean that.
What am I supposed to do?
Resist royal orders?
That would be high treason.
There must be a way.
There has to be a way.
Maybe he is right, Emma.
Morrowland is just
too small for all of us.
No, old girl.
They will not separate us.
We are leaving.
You and I. The two of us.
And I'm coming, too!
No way.
- But I can help you.
We don't have enough room.
- I don't need much room.
Way too dangerous!
- I love danger!
Think about it, Jim.
Emma has to go
so there is more room for you.
If you leave, Emma might as well
stay here. It makes no sense!
But you
and Emma are my best friends.
And if you think I'll just
watch you leave Morrowland,
you've got
another thing coming.
Besides, if we're already
heading out into the world,
we might find out
where I'm from.
It could be dangerous.
Nobody knows
what awaits us out there.
Don't worry!
I'll watch out for you.
All right, girl.
Wait for me, Luke! I'm coming.
I thought
you changed your mind.
There was something
I needed to do first.
Did you say goodbye?
Jim Button, you are the finest
person I have ever met.
Come on board.
Well, dear Emma, let's go.
I'm not crying,
there is just some smoke
in my eyes, old girl.
Goodbye, Morrowland.
We'd better not look back.
I left with Luke and Emma.
Don't cry, don't worry.
Kisses, I love you, Jim.
Hang on!
Hang in there, Jim!
Lukas, help!
Come on, boy!
You can do it, hang on!
Hang on!
You're almost there, come here!
Get in!
Come on,
I'll fasten you to this.
Don't look back.
Hey, Luke, wake up!
Luke, wake up!
I think we might be in heaven.
This must be Mandala.
The legendary empire.
Come on, we'll go and
visit the emperor and ask him
if he has a use for
two genuine engine drivers
and an old tin can like Emma.
No offense, old girl.
First let's see
if we can fix you up a bit.
Did you find something?
It's a letter in a bottle.
Dear stranger.
Please bring
this letter to my father.
The... Something.
I was captured by..
... Another something.
"And sold to Mrs....
... Grindtooth!
Mrs. Grindtooth?
This place is called Dragon...
Dragon something.
"Please, Dad, save us.
Li Si.
That's really something.
- Li Si?
What's that?
A name, maybe.
Let's go there.
Look, the famous
hair counters of Mandala.
They take batches of 100 hairs
and tie them into bows.
And there are the ear cleaners.
They stand on their
customers' shoulders
and clean their ears
with tiny spoons.
Luke! Look at that!
Look at him!
And them! - Those are the famous
children and children's children
and children's children's children
of the Mandalese people.
Yet another whimsicality.
Princess Li Si.
She is the Princess of Mandala.
We have to go help her!
We have to see her father, Luke!
Her father is the emperor.
Come on!
And what might
the esteemed gentlemen be wishing?
We are two foreign engine drivers
and would like to talk to the emperor.
Please excuse me, I am no more worthy
than the lowest aphid,
but I'm afraid the emperor is very busy.
But it's very important!
- When does he have time?
My regrets. Our sovereign ruler
is always busy.
Now, please excuse me.
Holy buffer stop.
Perhaps I can be of assistance,
honorable strangers.
I'm down here!
And who are you, little guy?
- My name is Ping Pong.
I am the 32nd children's child
of Mr. Shu Fu Lu Pi Plu,
His Imperial Majesty's chief chef.
Forgive me, but I cannot help
hearing groans
from your honorable stomachs.
Well, that's because we are starving!
In that case,
I would be honored to serve you
the emperor's breakfast.
Doesn't the emperor want it himself?
- He only eats the bread of sorrow,
but we still prepare breakfast
in case he changes his imperial mind.
But today he didn't touch it again,
so allow me to serve it to you.
Wait here!
Maybe that little guy
can take us to the emperor?
But he is still a baby...
Forgive me, honorable strangers,
but I'm no baby anymore!
I am 368 days old
and already allowed to work
in the imperial kitchen.
And what do you have there?
- All the delicacies of Mandala.
Century eggs
on tender squirrel ear salad,
candied earthworms,
tree bark pudding
topped with horse hoof flakes.
Ping Pong, I'm sure it's all delicious,
but don't you have something...
- ... more simple?
- Of course!
Crunchy locust legs
with a spicy June bug,
crudites or boiled wasps' nests
with snake skin in oil and vinegar.
It's not bad at all.
Frog's eyeballs with ant dumplings
on caviar in slug slime.
A rare treat!
But don't you have anything like
buttered bread or cheese sandwiches?
Cheese? Yuck!
Forgive me for shuddering,
honorable strangers.
Is cheese not made from putrid milk?
Who would eat such a thing?
We would!
I'll see what I can do for you.
Wait a second. Why does the emperor
only eat the bread of sorrow?
Nobody may speak about it.
The emperor himself
has vowed to be silent
until his beloved Princess Li Si
is returned to him.
She was kidnapped, wasn't she?
Who did it?
- Pirates, they say.
Oops, it's the hour of the cricket.
All the children's children
get their bottles now.
Please allow me to feed myself.
Go, little friend.
Jim, we should...
Perhaps it has escaped
your honorable ears,
revered guests.
The emperor is busy. Now leave!
But we have come here to save
Princess Li Si. - Be gone, I say!
Hey, buster!
Did you not hear what the boy said?
Tell the emperor that Jim Button
and Luke the engine driver are here
with important news about his daughter.
Well, that's a different matter.
Would you be so kind
to release me from your honorable hands?
I shall be pleased
to open the gate for you.
Well, who do we have here?
The Captain
of the Imperial Palace Guards.
I am here on the highest order,
sent to fetch you.
I live to obey.
Well, I don't.
Follow me.
What do you think, Jim?
Should we follow him?
Well, since he asked us so nicely...
Your Highness, my young friend
and I think that we...
You are speaking to...
His Imperial Majesty's chief Mandarin...
...Pi Pa Po.
The emperor is presently indisposed.
We have time.
Tell him we have news
concerning his daughter.
Allow the humble question...
Where are you from?
As I already said, we are two...
Where are you from?
- And what do you want here?
Do you have a pass?
- Or identification?
Without identification,
how do we know you even exist?
I'll give you some proof that I exist
right away if you don't bring us to him!
You dare to insult an Imperial Mandarin?
Arrest them!
Seize them!
Come here, boy.
Lay them in chains!
You are found guilty of espionage
and sentenced to death.
We have the right
to appeal the sentence.
Indeed you do.
We are appealing the sentence!
I am also the Supreme Justice!
And my ruling is...
Appeal denied!
Off with their heads!
Majesty, they are extremely
dangerous spies. - Liar!
We're here to offer our services
as experienced engine drivers.
And to rescue the princess.
- Come on, Jim.
We don't even know where she is.
Hands off!
You are a traitor!
If I ever get my hands on you,
I will crush you like a worm!
Ping Pong, you really are the bravest
Mandalese children's child I know.
Your Highness, the pirates who kidnapped
the princess, what were they like?
Our honorable emperor
has taken a vow of silence.
Please follow me, my friends,
and all will be revealed.
Princess Li Si
disappeared without a trace.
But then we found this note
in a bottle in Yellow River.
Don't cry, Mr. Emperor.
Even our wisest men couldn't conjure
the missing words again.
Wait a minute.
Apparently she wrote several letters.
It's the same handwriting.
Look, if you put the letters on top
of each other, the text is complete.
" was kidnapped by the Wild 13
and sold to Mrs. Grindtooth,
along with many other boys and girls.
We are being held in Dragon City.
The Wild 13 tried to sell me
to Mrs. Grindtooth as well.
But who could this Mrs. Grindtooth be?
And where can we find this Dragon City?
Have the emperor's Scholarly Flowers
assemble in the Great Throne Room.
Assembled before you
are the wisest men in the land.
All the wisdom of our libraries
is stored in their minds.
Ask them whatever you want.
Well, first, where is Dragon City?
And second, how do you get there?
No mortal human being
knows the answer to these questions.
Well, that's a good start.
We assume that the location in question
lies behind
the Red-and-White-Striped Mountains.
That is where the Yellow River
emerges from a deep cave.
Nobody knows its source.
Royal Geographer,
the map!
After passing the Western Gate,
you arrive at the
Forest of a Thousand Wonders.
Behind it lie
the Red-and-White-Striped Mountains,
the Crown of the World.
They are insurmountable.
Here, a bit to the East,
is the Valley of Dusk.
It is haunted by eerie voices.
Beyond the valley
lies a wilderness that some people
call the "Mirror Desert."
In any case, or in every case,
or in whatever case,
it is called "The End of the World."
So where is Dragon City?
It should be...
It should be
beyond the end of the world, yes.
Jim, old boy,
do you really want to do this?
But someone has to save the princess.
Deserts, mountains, dragons...
It's not going to be a piece of cake.
You know that, right?
If that's not a job for two
engine drivers, then what is?
Well, then it is decided.
Hold this.
Look, the Forest of a Thousand Wonders.
Those must be
the Red-and-White-Striped Mountains.
The Crown of the World.
And the only way through it
is the Valley of Dusk.
I think we need to head further south.
You see?
One day you will be a real explorer.
But I really want to be
an engine driver, like you.
An engine driver
only follows the tracks to places
that explorers have already discovered.
Do you remember
what the Scholarly Flowers told us?
That the valley is full of eerie voices.
Seems quiet to me.
Seems quiet to me...
What is that?
What is that?
- Don't worry. It's just an echo.
It's just an echo. Don't worry...
What is that... What is that...
Seems quiet to me...
Don't worry...
Emma, you need to go fast now.
Faster than the wind!
Emma, psst. Quiet!
Emergency lever -
Use only if in grave danger!
Sorry, old girl.
Jim, hold on tight!
Go, Emma!
- Come on, girl!
You can do it! Keep going!
Come on, Emma!
- Emma, go!
You can do it!
Yes! You got us out, Emma!
We made it! Luke, we made it!
Emma did it, not us.
Didn't you, my dear?
Are you all right? Emma?
Oh, Emma.
My poor Emma.
Her piston is broken.
Can't we fix it?
Only from the inside,
but if we drain the boiler
we will never get away from here.
Is there really nothing we can do?
Well, there is something.
But it's dangerous. Somebody would
have to go into the boiler.
Someone who is rather small?
Someone who is really small.
No, no. That was a stupid idea.
We will find another way.
But there is no other way.
That guy is just waiting for us
to give up.
But we won't give up!
Tell me what to do.
There's a screw at the bottom.
It needs to be loosened.
Three turns are enough,
then I can install the piston
from underneath.
good luck.
Go away!
Come on, go away!
Jim, did you find the screw?
Jim, get out of there.
Jim, don't do this to me!
Emma, help him! Help him!
Jim, get out of there!
I got it!
- You did it!
I got it!
- You did it! Are you all right?
You did it!
Everything okay?
- Yes! Yes!
There you are,
you little troublemaker! Good!
Come here.
Oh, my God, you did it!
You are back!
- Yes.
Luke, look.
I think I'm slowly going crazy.
Just what we needed.
Emma is dried up.
That's impossible.
She was full when I was down there.
Yes, but we traveled a long way,
and the water evaporates
in no time in this heat.
And there is Mrs. Whaat!
When will you come back?
I'm right here! I'm sorry!
I know I shouldn't have run away...
Jim, this must be a mirage.
Let me go!
Mrs. Whaat! I'm right here!
- An optical illusion!
If you go out there now,
you will never return!
But I just saw her.
It's a figment of your imagination, Jim.
I'm so thirsty.
Me too.
Jim! Stop!
- Stop!
I don't think that's a mirage!
Run, Luke, run!
Wait, Jim, wait!
I don't want to harm you!
It's a trick! Don't listen to him!
Please don't run away!
He just wants to catch us and eat us.
I'm not so sure about that.
Take a closer look at him.
I'm so terribly lonely,
I need some company.
Everything's okay. Please come closer.
You see? Fear doesn't help.
And running away
only makes things worse.
I don't know
how to thank you
for not running away from me.
Oh, please excuse my bad manners.
My name is Tur Tur.
My first name is Tur,
and my last name, too... Tur.
So what are you?
- Are you some kind of mirage?
I am a mock giant.
See, if you step away from me now,
you are looking smaller
and smaller, right?
Well, with me, it's just
the other way around,
I look bigger and bigger.
But I'm babbling,
you must be tired
from your long trip, right?
Please follow me.
It would be a big honor
to invite you to my humble oasis.
We can't leave Emma behind.
She has no water left.
Oh, no worries.
There is plenty of water in my oasis.
Come on. We will pick up Emma later.
- Come on.
Thank you for the meal, Mr. Tur Tur.
But now I'm excited to hear your story.
Have you always been a mock giant?
I was born like this, Mr. Jim.
As a child,
nobody wanted to play with me.
My parents were the only ones
who weren't afraid of me.
They were wonderful parents, you know.
When they died,
I decided to look for a place
where nobody was afraid of me.
But wherever I went,
it was always the same.
That's why I live in the desert now.
I was longing so very much
to talk to somebody
one more time before I die,
and you made this wish come true.
You are the first people
since my parents who weren't afraid.
Whenever I get lonely,
I shall think of you.
Of your friends Jim and Luke.
Does that mean... I... We are friends?
Oh, yeah, of course.
Of course.
How can I thank you?
You could show us
the way to Dragon City.
Well, Dragon City
is the capitol of Sorrowland.
That must be it, Luke!
The mailman somehow mistook
Sorrowland for Morrowland.
That's why he brought me
to you back then. - Yes.
Another name for Sorrowland
is Land of a Thousand Volcanoes.
There is only one way
that leads there...
Through the Black Rock Region.
A hundred miles of black,
freezing nothing.
Would you show us the way?
We're going in there?
It's the only way.
I don't see one.
That's the secret of the black rocks.
They are so black,
they swallow all light.
One misstep, and you freeze.
To the left and to the right,
there are huge abysses.
You'd better not stray from the path.
At the highest point,
you will pass a stone arch,
the Mouth of Death, through which
the wind moans and whispers.
Please don't forget me.
How could we?
Thanks, Mr. Tur Tur!
Let's get going, my girl.
We should turn on Emma's lamps.
Already done.
How are we supposed
to steer through this blackness?
Let's leave that to Emma.
She's gone through many dark tunnels.
She will find a way.
What was that?
Jim, we have a bigger problem.
We are almost out of coal.
How long will it last?
One more hour, maybe two.
What's wrong now?
Emma lost sight of the path.
Keep going, Emma! You can do it!
This is it.
But if we stand here any longer,
we will freeze to death.
Jim! Emma is done.
We have to go outside!
Maybe we can help Emma!
That would be suicide, Jim.
It's just too cold.
We have to do something!
I bet the sun is out
right now in Morrowland.
And Mrs. Whaat is baking a cake.
Hey, Luke, do you remember the smell?
Almonds and honey and marzipan...
I love marzipan.
She always puts it on the windowsill
to cool...
She puts it there on purpose.
She knows how much you like to nibble.
Do you think she hasn't noticed?
I'll never be able to nibble
on a piece of that again.
I'm sorry, my friend.
Luke! Look!
Emma, you have to help me now.
When I say, "Go!"
you just whistle
as loud as you can, okay?
On your marks, get set, go!
The steam is turning into snow!
- It works! More!
Keep whistling!
The snow makes the path visible.
Jim, you are a genius!
The Mouth of Death.
One more yard and we would have crashed.
Let's get out of here.
Just a little more, then it's downhill.
Come on, Emma!
- Yes!
- Yes! We made it!
Yes! We did it!
It's getting warmer.
- Yes.
Come on, let's get out of here!
This must be
the Land of a Thousand Volcanoes.
Looks like it.
Take cover, get in there!
Emma, take care!
Who dares disturb the peace of a dragon?
Don't move, Jim!
- Run away as long as you can
or I will eat you alive...
I am the most gruesome, terrible,
bloodthirsty dragon
that ever existed!
Hello? I said
I am the most gruesome, terrible...
Yes, I got it.
You're not afraid of me?
Should we be?
Oh, what a disgrace!
What shame!
Not even humans think I'm a real dragon,
what an unlucky day!
Who says you are not a real dragon?
The true-bred dragons
won't let me enter Dragon City anymore,
only because my mother was a hippo,
and I am a half-dragon.
A hippo?
Well, my father was pretty shortsighted.
The true dragons say
a half-dragon is good for nothing.
Sometimes I think they are right.
I can't even set my own volcano on fire!
Let's see!
Engine drivers are experts
when it comes to fire.
Sure, why not.
But if this is a trick...
I will... I... Never mind.
The oven is over there.
I am Nepomuk, by the way.
It's nice here, Nepomuk. Very nice.
How nice of you to say that.
- But where's your bed?
I prefer sleeping
on my precious coal bed.
Then I don't have
to get dirty every morning.
Humans wash themselves,
we do the opposite, you see?
I hope you know what you're doing.
Oh, that doesn't sound too good.
I see the problem.
- Problem?
The vent is blocked.
- The vent?
Bring me some tools.
What was that noise?
Does it have to be so rough?
Don't break anything.
Did you fix it?
Now it's fixed.
Your vent was blocked.
And your chimney was clogged up.
- What was wrong with it?
Who had a defect? Oh!
My volcano is smoking again!
Thank you so much!
You worked so hard.
Do you have a wish? Anything?
Maybe some lava?
- I'm sure that would be very nice.
But for now we would be happy
with some coal for Emma.
Feel free, I have enough.
Nepomuk, we need to get to Dragon City.
Can you tell us how to get there?
Do I look like a traitor?
I mustn't tell you about
the secret entrance, it's impossible!
Us dragons must stick together!
The question in itself is insulting.
I mean, on the other hand...
You helped me.
Yes, and the dragons in Sorrowland
are very mean to half-dragons.
Deal, I will do it!
You are quite persuasive!
Well, it wasn't easy.
I'm a tough nut to crack.
So, did you see
the tall volcano out there?
Inside it is the city of the dragons!
It's huge!
The dragons have been living there
since the rest of the world
has become too dangerous for them.
And how do you enter the city?
There is only one entrance,
and it is guarded day and night.
The dragons won't let anybody in
that doesn't look like a true dragon.
And what does a true dragon look like?
Well, a true dragon has to spit fire
and look unlike any other animal.
It has to be terrifying
and gruesome, like so...
All right, wait for it.
Or like this.
Stop! You're scaring me!
- I'm about to pee my pants.
Emma also spits smoke and fire,
but she will never be
as terrifying as you, Nepomuk.
Really? Honestly?
Unless we dress her up.
Oh, yes, I love dressing up!
There we go.
Oh, wow!
Well, I'd better get out of here
before the true-bred dragons see me.
Good luck!
Hey, Nepomuk!
- Yes?
You're the scariest, most ghastly
half-dragon I've ever met in my life!
Really? Thank you!
My lovely dragon girl,
from now on, we are in your hands.
Non-true-bred dragons who try to enter
will be punished by death!
Who is it?
what a nice pair of shiny eyes!
What a voice!
And what a beautiful stench!
I like you.
Say, where do you live?
My shift is almost over,
let's go for a walk later.
What do you think?
Are you shy?
You're not very talkative.
Do you think you're better than me?
Get out of here, you rude lizard!
What a shame.
Such a pretty thing.
Old Street
I don't see any children,
not even dragon children.
That's probably
why they call it Sorrowland.
There it is!
Old Street!
Mrs. Grindtooth. Knock three times.
Visitors not welcome.
What are you waiting for? Say...
How much is six times eight?
Six times eight. That is...
And now you,
number seven!
Come on!
Six times eight!
Say it!
Hurry up!
Princess Li Si! That's her!
Who is whispering?
Did I tell you to stop?
Number seven!
Now I know!
You dumb child!
Number eight!
Come to the blackboard and give us
the correct answer!
Come on!
We're waiting!
Six times eight is 48!
And if I tell you
that it is 40?
Then it would still be 48.
You think you are so smart, don't you?
Have you already forgotten
what you learned?
Tell me,
who are the supreme lords of creation?
The dragons?
Do you really believe that?
Of course!
Then you are wrong!
The supreme lords of creation
are cockroaches.
They can survive
disasters and wildfires.
And they will survive dragons, too.
No matter what you say!
Don't be fresh!
I've had enough of your arrogance!
You need to be punished!
- Who is that?
Who is that?
How dare you?
Who are you?
I'm Jim Button,
and I'm here to free Princess Li Si
and all these other children as well!
- Did you hear that?
Do you think you human children
are something better?
You think you can replace us,
hunt us, destroy us.
But us dragons are much smarter
and stronger than you!
Where do you come from, son?
And who are your parents?
I don't know.
When I was a baby, I was sent in a box
to a Mrs. Grindtooth.
I am Mrs. Grindtooth!
I bought you for a large sum
from the Wild 13!
But I never received my merchandise!
That means I was kidnapped.
Where did I come from?
Who am I?
And where is my family?
You are nobody!
You are mine!
Watch out!
Just wait!
Where are you?
You won't get far!
Hurry up, you can do it! Faster!
Hurry up! Quick!
Look, son,
this is where your journey ends.
Li Si, here! Come!
Hurry up!
What are you doing?
Back to your seats!
I can't believe this!
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
You wait...
- ... and see!
Do you think you can escape?
What did he say?
Jim, we need to tie her up
before she wakes up again.
Here! Our chains!
Good idea.
Here, take this!
Those bottles
with the messages to your father...
Where did you throw them?
Into the Yellow River behind the school.
Well, if the message in the bottle
made it to Mandala,
I reckon we can too.
And what do we do with Mrs. Grindtooth?
If we leave her here,
she'll raise the alarm.
Don't worry,
I'm sure the old trout
would like to see the world.
Come on!
Hold on!
Emma! Come on, Emma!
Careful! Get down!
Everything alright up there?
You look just like me.
Where are you from?
From the Land of Lions and Elephants.
So how did Mrs. Grindtooth catch you?
I was swimming in the ocean
when a huge pirate ship came by.
I had hardly seen it
when they already threw
a net over my head.
I was fishing in my canoe
when the pirates caught me.
Yes, those scary pirates!
Hang on, it's about to get rough!
Looks like we made it!
Next stop, Mandala!
- Yes!
Li Si!
Li Si! Li Si...
Li Si!
My little Li Si!
My Li Si is back.
Li Si!
His Majesty speaks again! Hooray!
He speaks again!
Ping Pong. What happened to you?
His Majesty has made me
his Chief Mandarin.
Dad, Jim saved us.
Tell me, how can I show my gratitude?
Let him marry me!
Aren't you a little young to marry?
They can decide for themselves later.
- Excellent idea!
Well, alright.
Would you like to play with my dolls?
Yes, of course.
I have over a thousand,
and I'll introduce you to each one!
Dear children.
Happiness has returned to our hearts.
I am sure you want to see
your families
who are missing you.
The children
are allowed to use the imperial fleet.
Bring everyone back
to their home country.
Honorable friends,
you have to come right away!
What happened?
- The dragon...
The Scholarly Flowers
believe it is dying.
She is dying. Have you heard?
Mrs. Grindtooth is dying.
Look, Luke.
Thank you.
Thank you for what?
For defeating me
without killing me.
Nobody who is evil
is very happy, you must know.
Us dragons are only evil
until somebody comes and defeats us.
This happens once every 1,000 years,
and then something wonderful begins...
But you're not going to die, are you?
Oh, please, don't die!
Don't worry.
I will transform
into a Golden Dragon of Wisdom
with knowledge of all mysteries
and secrets.
I will fall into a deep sleep.
Nobody shall touch me during that time.
One year later,
I will wake up.
Then I will be reborn.
Oh, Mrs. Grindtooth,
could you please answer one question
before you sleep? Please!
I am so tired.
But maybe one last question...
Ask her, Jim. You earned it.
Mrs. Grindtooth,
could you please tell me
how Luke and Emma and I
could all live together in Morrowland?
But Jim, you always wanted to know
where you are from.
Now is your chance.
Please answer this one question.
Set sail at sunset.
On the second day of your journey home,
at noon,
at 321 degrees Western longitude
and 123 degrees Northern latitude,
you will come across a floating island.
But hurry up
or it will pass
and you will never find it again.
Please forgive me.
The waters of the Golden River
have quenched my fire.
I'm so awfully...
Mrs. Whaat! Mrs. Whaat!
Oh, Jim,
I hear your voice so often in my dreams.
And now I even hear you when I'm awake.
It's me, Mrs. Whaat! Jim!
Mrs. Whaat! We're back!
Mrs. Whaat, it's me, Jim!
King Alfons, Mr. Sleeve! They're back!
An invasion!
An attack!
All hands on deck!
Every duty
needs to do its citizen for Morrowland!
You Highness! The Emperor of Mandala
is here for an official visit!
Official visit?
Oh, yes. My crown
and my raptor... I mean, scepter!
Come here.
You are back, how wonderful!
Make way for His Royal Highness!
Luke, Jim, Emma!
Can you ever forgive me?
But of course, Your Highness!
I forgive you.
And so do Jim and Emma.
Goodness gracious!
What kind of territorial growth is that?
A floating island!
The Golden Dragon of Wisdom
told us where to find it.
Oh, yes, of course, yes.
Your Majesty,
allow me to extend your kingdom
by this island.
Dear Luke, your wish is hereby granted.
So I will call myself King of Morrowland
and New-Morrowland in the future.
- Cheers!
Majesty, the Emperor of Mandala
and his daughter, Princess Li Si.
- Emperor of Mandala.
It's beautiful here, King Alfons.
Please call me Alfy.
May I invite you and your charming
cup of tea for a daughter?
No, I mean...
For a piece of castle in my cake!
That would be wonderful!
Follow me.
Bang, bang. -Bang, bang.
- Yes! Bang, bang.
The emperor returned home,
but Li Si stayed a bit in Morrowland
with King Alfons.
Of course, it got a bit tight,
but nobody seemed to mind.
The little princess
loved Morrowland immensely.
Four weeks went by in an instant,
and then it was time to say goodbye.
Come back for a visit soon!
- See you soon!
Yes, see you soon! Farewell!
Don't be sad, buddy.
This ship will come back here
on a regular basis now.
do me a favor and check on Emma, okay?
Are you okay, Emma?
Luke, look at that!
It's a little Emma!
Another whimsicality.
Don't worry, she doesn't bite.
Soon, she will be as big as Emma.
Then she will need an engine driver.
Do you have a name for her?
Yes, I like that.
M, for Molly.
Will we ever go
on an adventure like that again?
Someday, I'm sure.
- Yes, Luke?
Why didn't you ask Mrs. Grindtooth
what you really wanted to know?
I already know the answer.
You guys are my real family.
And Morrowland is my home.
And so, happiness and peace
returned to Morrowland,
our small island with two mountains.
And Jim and Luke agreed
that they soon would go on another trip
into the unknown.
There were so many mysteries
that they still wanted to explore.