Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001) Movie Script

you better have | a look at this, sir.
- Commercial flight. | - No. Too fast, sir.
- One of our own? | - Air Force has nothing scheduled.
We've got ourselves a bogie.
Orange Leader to Delta Group. | Anticipate visual contact...
Holy cow pie!.
Hi! Nice antiques.
Gotta blast!
Fusion mix stable, engine cycling | at one million gigajoules.
Cool! We didn't blow up.
Great! Jimmy, I think | they want us to pull over.
Nope. No time for that, Carl. | Stand by with the satellite.
Okay. What do I do again?.
you're the deployment system, Carl.
As soon as we clear the atmosphere, | you just throw it.
- Right. | - Prepare to leave the atmosphere!
Sorry about the toast, dear. | I had to make it in the oven.
- I can't find our toaster anywhere. | - Oh, looky!
Well, this oven toast | is brilliant, sugar booger.
And youryolks are | absolutely perfect too.
Oh, run away with me, my love.
We'll take my car. your transmission | needs a new compression cuff.
Whatever. Ooh, this is a good one. | Quack, quack.
Would you try calling Jimmy? | He's going to miss the bus again.
Jimmy! Breakfast! | Time to come down!
Down. down. down. down. down. quackk | Down. down. down. down. down. quackk
Up, up, up!
Engaging pulse rockets now!
- No! | - Now?
Is this supposed to happen?
Come on. thinkk. thinkk. thinkk!
Brain blast!
Give me your lunch!
Thanks, boy.
Don't try that at home.
Must engage stabilizers!
Now just a quick stop at my house.
I don't know, Jimmy. I gotta get to | school on time. Besides, you pro--
- Right. Gotcha. | - I didn't mean--
See you in homeroom!
Fasten your seat belt, Goddard. | It's gonna be a bumpy ride!
Well, what do you know. | The chimney fell off again.
That wasn't so bad, huh?
James Isaac Neutron!
I see you up there.
How many times have we told you | not to launch yourself off the roof?
Probably nine. | Exactly nine.
They say repetition is good | for a developing brain.
Then just what | do you thinkyou're doing?
I received a message from space but | it was garbled in the ionosphere...
so I had to launch a communications | toaster-- I mean satellite.
Well, message from space? Wow!
Don't encourage him, Hugh.
Jimmy, we've repeatedly told you | not to talk to strangers.
Mom, I'm on the verge of contact | with an advanced alien civilization.
I don't care how advanced | they say they are,Jimmy.
If your father and I haven't | met them, they're strangers, right?
Well, except for policemen. | They're there to help you.
Oh, you gotta admit | that is pretty neat!
But very unsafe, honey. | That's bad.
Deactivate pants!
Engage Gingivitis 2000.
Robo-Barber prototype, engage!
You rockk.
You go. girl.
- Oh. | - Sorry.
Bye, Goddard!
- Wait! I'm here! | - Good-bye, son! Have a good day!
Oh, Goddard! | Not on the porch!
Hey! Hey, wait!
Seems like the perfect opportunity | to try out the bubble gum mobile!
No,Jimmy, don't try it! | It's too soon.
Nonsense! All great inventions | need a test run.
All right!
- Right here! | - Look! Neutron's got another one.
Nice invention, "Nerdtron."
Too bad somebody already | invented the bus.
Hey, guys! | I've got it down this time.
Internal combustion | is such old science.
Bubble travel is the way | of the future!
I guess trees are, like, the brakes?
Oh, Carl.
Careful! Careful!
That's what I'm here for.
- What a day, huh? | - Look at the bright side, Carl:
The worst is behind us.
And my fossil-to-chromosome ratios | clearly demonstrate...
that female dinosaurs, | like this plesiosaurus...
were the stronger | and smarter of their species.
But, so, what else is new?
After class, I'll be happy | to demonstrate how boy dinosaurs...
got their butts kicked by | girl dinosaurs on a regular basis.
Excuse me, but the mandible crest | of Cindy's alleged plesiosaur...
is actually that | of a male megalosaur...
as defined by last week's | World Congress of Paleontologists.
Those findings were inconclusive, | and you know it, Neutron!
Miss Fowl, what is the standard | for research...
on these extra-credit reports?
Um, yes, well, um--
Let's move along | to show-and-tell now, shall we?
This is UltraLord!
this is the seventh week in a row | you've shown UltraLord in class.
Miss Fowl, this one is different.
This Purple Vengeance version with | power fists and nuclear knees...
is in rare, | never-been-seen condition...
making it highly collectible.
Never-been-seen, huh? Then how | do you know it's even in there?
Hey,Jimmy. | Wanna see a frog?
That looks great!
Thanks. What are you drawing?
FlyCycle modifications | for Goddard, second prototype.
Prototype, huh?
Oh, well, you know, | that looks good too.
- Thanks, Carl. | - Carl!
Would you please share with us | your show-and-tell?
Oh, okay.
This is my inhaler.
It provides fast-acting relief | of bronchial swelling...
due to asthma or allergies.
One touch of the button, and--
I can't see!
Thankyou, Carl.
All right, next we have--
yes, Nick.
you are a tad tardy again!
Oh, my. Am I?
It took me a while to copy my mom's | handwriting for this late note.
your show-and-tell, please.
How's it goin'? you know, | I don't really do show-and-tell.
Oh, oh, yes. | That's right.
Thankyou, Nick.
Did you drop this?
yes, well, I, um-- | My-- drop-- pencil.
We eagerly await | another one ofyour...
interesting show-and-tells.
As a matter of fact, | I brought my latest invention.
Behold the shrink ray!
What's the matter, Neutron-- | aren't you short enough already?
Funny, Cindy.
But this device is more suited | to shrink something...
as vast as space itself | like, say, your mouth.
Help me! Help me! | I'm so tiny!
Just like Jimmy's brain!
So much for the Nobel Prize!
- Children, that's enough! | - Better luck next time!
It worked this morning.
I like your useless | shrink ray,Jimmy.
It's probably just | a programming error.
Oh, my!
Back, back, leviathan!
Come on,Jimmy. Some of the | greatest inventors of all time...
Come on,Jimmy. Some of the | greatest inventors of all time...
started as complete, | hopeless failures too.
Well, thankyou, Carl. | I feel better, I think.
- I'm glad. | - That's good. Hey!
RetroLand Theme Park! | Check it out!
"Meet UltraLord live!"
Look! It's the state-of-the-art, | bone-warping gravity ride!
- I could hang out with UltraLord! | - And there's a petting zoo!
- Well, look at this! | - No! "Meet UltraLord live!"
Llamas and capybaras.
- Who cares? "Meet UltraLord live!" | - But I'm gonna touch a llama!
Guys, we have got to go | to the grand opening tonight.
But my folks won't let me | stay out after dark.
Well, it is a school night.
Pukin' Pluto, there's gotta be | something we can do.
It's the grand opening!
- Sneak out. | - What?
you heard me, dweebs. | Sneak out.
Well, yeah, | but my parents sorta told me--
Parents? What-- are you guys | gonna be kids forever?
What your parents don't know | won't hurt 'em, right?
But Nick, sneaking out | is so, so barbaric!
Whatever, Neutron. But there's | only one opening night...
and anybody who matters | is gonna be there.
What do you think,Jimmy?
Nick has a point. | There is only one opening night.
Think, think, think.
Well, according to the | NewvilleJournal ofMedicine...
monkeys are easily influenced | by positive reinforcement...
e.g., the giving of a banana.
And, since human and monkey DNA | only differ by two percent...
the same principle | should work on our parents.
My dad's allergic to bananas.
Oh, it's not the bananas, | it's the principle!
It's called psychology. All you | have to do is butter 'em up.
Give it a try. | I'll call you guys later.
We go to RetroLand tonight!
Look out!
Slow down!
I know!
Excuse me! | you through with that? Thanks!
A few oysters.
One lump of coal coming up!
- Thanks, Gus! | - Hi,Jimmy!
Excuse me!
Jimmy, is that you, dear?
yeah, Mom! | I'll be in in a second!
DNA match confirmed. | Welcome home.Jimmy.
Eliminate school smell.
Normal odor restored.
- Thank you, Vox. | - You're welcome.
Warning. Entry tube | closed for maintenance.
- Thank you, Vox. | - You're welcome.
Here, Goddard. | Here, boy!
Here, Goddard!
Hey, look what I brought ya-- | aluminum!
Do you want it? | Do you want it, huh?
Roll over!
Play dead!
Mental note: | Fix bug in obedience program.
Good boy!
Okay, Goddard, | let's check the experiments.
The invisible hamsters | are looking great.
I think.
Let's see how | the girl-eating plant is doing.
Nice choice...
as usual.
The latest burping soda formula.
A guaranteed | one burp per sip.
Excuse you.
There's still no reply | to our satellite message.
Jeez, it's been a whole day.
you'd think we would have heard from | an alien civilization by now, huh?
Oh, well. Come on, Goddard.
Say "ahh."
Add a little sand...
and in ya go!
I'mjust an old lump ofcoal
But I'm gonna be a diamond some day | Oh. yeah
Hi, Mom!
Jimmy, you scared | the bejeebers out of me!
Oh, sorry about | your bejeebers, Mom.
- Might I add how lovely you look? | - I'm covered in transmission fluid.
Exactly! And might I say | filth never looked so good?
yes, well, how was | show-and-tell today?
It was okay. But first, | happy birthday, Mom!
Jimmy, these are beautiful!
But, sweetie, | it's not my birthday.
Oh, it's not? | Then whatever will I do...
with these lovely pearls | and priceless earrings?
These can't be real!
Oh, but they can, and they are!
And all these fabulous gifts | and prizes could be yours...
if you know the correct answer | to this question:
Please may I go | to RetroLand tonight?
- No, it's a school night. | - Thankyou and might I say--
- Did you just say "no"? | - yes.
- yes! | - No.
- "No"? | - yes.
- yes! | -Jimmy--
But-But-- | all my friends are going...
and anybody who matters | is going to be there, Mom!
I matter, and your father matters, | and you matter.
But you're not going. | Maybe we can go next weekend.
Wait. There must be something else | in here to change your mind.
No,Jimmy, no! Look out! | Look out,Jimmy! No!
Jimmy, be careful!
Mom, get me out! | I'm starting to get a little--
I didn't do it!
Stop, drop and roll!
Okay,Jimmy. | That's the last straw.
We have told you time and time again | about playing with rockets.
But, Mom, it's technically | not a rocket.
It's more of | a jet-pack-type thing.
I don't care | what type thing it is.
you just climb those | stair-type things right now.
your father will have a few words | to say to you when he gets home.
- It's not a rocket. | - March!
The kingy loves his little orthgot. | yes, he does.
yes, he does. yes, he does.
yes, he does.
Sire. My king. It appears to be some | type of alien transmission device.
Tell me, when did it | become acceptable...
to approach my royal throne | unannounced?
- Oh, yes, of course, my king-- | - Space him!
Oh, wait!
Ooh! Oh, I missed it.
Can I-- Can I space another?
- Oh, please, brother? | - I said no, Ooblar.
Oh, please, oh, please.
I would love for that to stop.
Oh, please!
What have we here?
As the king's royal assistant...
I am the official checker | of the new things to be checked.
It's all right! It's all right. | I'll handle this.
What galaxy are you from?
- Ooblar. | - Where is your leader?
Ooblar, stop it. | It's toast.
Hello, Toast!
I greatly admire your ship!
Beginning transmission from Earth.
Greetings from planet Earth.
I'm Jimmy Neutron. | andyou're an alien life-form.
- Oh, what a bi g head. | - I welcome...
the exchange ofscientific kknowledge | and universal brotherhood.
This here is my dog. Goddard.
And this that you're lookking at | is my room. That's where I sleep.
And this is my mom and dad | right here-- mom. dad.
Freeze that i mage!
They look delicious!
The search is over!
Dad, all my friends will be there!
I know, son.
But if all your friends were named | Cliff, would you jump off them?
I don't thinkyou would. | you see,Jimmy--
Jimmy.Jim,Jim,Jimmy. | Jim,James. Son...
let me tell you | a little about rockets.
Oh, they're | big-people things, son.
And you just can't go around | playing with big-people...
fiery, flying things.
Because that's what rockets are. | Rockets are flying things.
Well, I hope | this talk has helped.
Oh, and by the way, Mom says | you're grounded. Sorry!
Oh! What good is it | to be a genius...
if you can't even | go out on a school night?
Goddard, options.
Apologize. | Yourparents loveyou.
Create a time capsule. | Escape to the future.
Oh. Take too long. Next.
Build Goddard a female poodle.
Goddard, this is serious!
Sneakk out.
That's it! Barbaric problems | call for barbaric solutions.
Phone, please.
Carl? It's me.
you get permission? | Me neither.
It turns out parents | don't understand psychology.
Tell Sheen to meet us | at RetroLand in one hour.
We're sneakin' out.
Hold it right there!
- Flurp! | - Takke that!
Jimmy's awfully quiet up there. | Do you think we were too tough?
Oh, I don't think so, dear, no.
- Maybe I should check on him. | - Oh, now, now.
I'm sure he's just reflecting | on the error of his ways...
dealing with it in a mature, | responsible manner.
"Mom says you're grounded." | Take that!
It's working now.
Okay, Goddard. | you know what to do.
Good boy!
See ya later, Goddard!
Mmm! Jimmy's a big boy now.
- Don't you worry. | - Oh, I suppose you're right.
yeah, sure. Look, I was a kid once. | I remember being grounded a week...
and not being allowed to go to | my best friend's bachelor party.
- What did you do? | - Actually, I snuck out.
you don't think that Jimmy--
Oh, no, no. Besides, | how's he gonna sneak out?
It's not like he can just | walk right out the front door.
That's true.
RetroLand, here I come.
Libby, you're breaking | my concentration.
Hey, I gotta choose a ring | that fits my personality.
yeah, here we go! | Here we go!
Tell me what it is you're | supposed to be doing again?
Tai Chi while drinking | Purple Flurp.
Tai Chi promotes wellness, | relaxes...
and rejuvenates the body, | whereas Purple Flurp...
being 98% sugar, | creates tension...
a temporary rush of energy | and mood swings.
I figure if I do them together...
I achieve perfect balance.
Wow. It's better than the poster!
Gentlemen, this will be a night | we shan't easily forget.
I don't know what "shan't" means, | but let's go!
Do you promise to use your powers | for good and not evil?
yes, UltraLord.
Now, counterpart, | take this UltraMask...
- I will! Give it to me! | - and lead the fight for justice!
Is this kid with anyone?
Go, Carl!
Wow! Now, that's what I call a ride!
Let's go!
This is way beyond awesome!
Just think: If you boneheaded dweebs | had listened to your parents...
you'd be home in bed, | instead of riding this monster.
Oh, man, this is great!
- I tell you, he's fine. | - Just a quick peek, Hugh.
There. Now, what'd I tell you?
- Jimmy, are you awake, dear? | - yes, Mother, I am awake.
Son, your mother and I just | wanted to say good night.
yes, and to tell you | that we love you.
Oh, honey, | I know you're upset.
We don't like to punish you. | you're such a special boy.
This says we should encourage Jimmy | without overindulging him.
Okay. What does it say | about rockets?
Is there someone in the kitchen?
Our kitchen? | I didn't hear anything.
Honey, did you leave | the green light on?
you're not Jimmy!
Hugh, are you all right?
Was that so cool?
- That was great. | - Mind-bending!
yeah! Hey, my pants | are almost dry.
Hey,Jimmy, I never thought | I'd say it, but here goes:
you know what? | That Nick is not such a bad guy.
Are you kidding? He's a genius!
- He's a genius! | - No offense,Jimmy.
None taken!
Actually, his insights on dealing | with parents are quite refreshing.
Wouldn't it be great if our folks | all disappeared for a while?
Oh, yeah. | Oh, hey, a shooting star!
Cool! you get to make a wish. Lucky.
What should I wish for?
I know what I'd wish for. | I'd wish for no more parents.
That way, we could do whatever | we wanted, whenever we wanted.
We'd be free! | We could have fun all the time!
Liftoffin five. four. | three. two--
We have liftoff!
Abort mission. | Abort mission!
Goddard, wake mode.
All right, come on, boy. | Race ya to the kitchen!
Beat ya!
Hey, Mom, did you get | any more Purple Flurp?
"Dear son/daughter--
We've gone to Florida | for an extended vacation.
Love.yourparents. "
yeah. My parents went | to Florida too.
That's weird.
From the look of it...
I'd say a lot of parents | are gone.
- Did they all go to Florida? | - Maybe they went to get juice.
I don't digest pulp well. | It makes me bloaty.
Goddard, scan | for adult life-forms.
Just as I thought. There are | no adults anywhere within radar.
They're gone. | The whole city!
No parents.
No parents!
Excuse me!
I'm letting out the cold!
I'm peeing in the shower!
Llama, llama, llama!
I'm walking up | the "down" escalator!
My clothes don't match. I'm out | in public and my clothes don't match
I'm still doin' it! | Go, go, go!
Welcome to the Candy Bar. Whoopee | cushion or non-whoopee cushion?
What'll it be, boys?
We'll have what he's throwing.
Excellent choice!
Hang on!
No skiing in the halls!
Don't make me get the protractor!
Morning, Goddard. | Oh, my head. What a night!
Oh, I'm stuffed now. | I-I couldn't have anoth--
Okay, one more.
I'm gonna have one more, | and then that'll be it.
What a battle. Are there | any survivors? Help me!
I remember my first time.
Shake it off, Neutron!
I gotta get home. Mom and Dad | might be back by now.
Come on, Goddard.
We interrupt this program | to bringyou this special report.
Hey. kknockk it off. Arnie!
Trouble in paradise.
That's what some kkids are saying | in the aftermath ofyesterday's...
"Mom and Dad are gone " | celebrations.
Here's Courtney Tyler.
What started as an awesome day | has become. likke. a real bummer.
- Help us! | - I don 't kknow how to makke lunch!
Somebody hold me!
I was playing | on the teeter-totter...
and the next thing I kknew | I was on the ground...
and my kknee hurt!
Reports oftummyaches. | "owies" and constipation...
have reached epidemic numbers | over the past few hours...
with little indication | ofslowing down.
And so we were gonna see who | could eat the most cotton candy...
and I won!
I want my mommy!
So. there you have it.
I want my mommy too!
Mom? Dad?
What kind of parents take off | and leave their kid?
And they didn't even | say good-bye!
Son. your mother and Ijust | wanted to say good night.
Yes. and to tellyou | that we love you.
We only do what we do | because we love you.
Maybe we can all go to RetroLand | next weekkend. the three of us.
What about my fabulous dog. | Goddard?
Sure. your fabulous dog. | Goddard. too.
Well. good night. son.
Good night.Jimmy. Sweet dreams. | We'll see you in the morning.
Okay, so they said good ni ght.
" In the morning"? | Hey, wait a minute!
Play back the last part again, | audio only.
Good night.Jimmy. Sweet dreams. | We'll seeyou in the morning.
There! Why would she say that | if they weren't gonna be here?
Come on, Goddard. | We're goin' to the lab.
It's just as I thought.
The serifs and kerning | on this note...
don't match | Mom and Dad's handwriting.
This note's a fake!
What is it, boy?
The long-range space scanner-- | it detected something!
Filtering out background radiation, | and there it is!
Jumpin'Jupiter! The Earth's | been visited by aliens!
Okay, so me, you and a dog...
are gonna battle an alien | civilization, right, by ourselves?
But he's a good dog. | Aren't you, boy?
The last time | we tried this,Jim...
we couldn't even break free | of the atmosphere.
I know. But I recalculated | the thrust-to-fuel ratio...
and I've adjusted the engine | accordingly.
- I can fix that. | - Neutron!
- What is it? | - An angry mob!
In times of crises, intellectuals | are always the first to go!
Well, they don't look angry.
They look like | they're about to barf.
Let me go!
you are messing with powers | beyond your mortal comprehension.
Okay, Neutron.
UltraFreak here says you really know | what happened to all our parents.
Jimmy, how ya doin'?
I didn't say nothing about our | parents being abducted by aliens--
Where's my mom and dad?
Tell us where they are!
Goddard, star map 72, please.
Right about there.
Sensors picked up ion trails | indicating the departure route...
forwhatever alien intelligence | has abducted our parents.
They lead to the Orion star system | three million light-years away.
So we'll need to leave by Friday.
Okay, that gives us about two days | to collect the plutonium...
design and test our fusion engines | and build our fleet ofwarships.
We'll also need to bring snacks. | Any questions?
Are you sure about this, Neutron?
Well, the data seems | to support this hypothesis.
Never argue with the data.
Okay, Neutron, | here's the lowdown.
you get us to those | kidnapping alien scuzballs...
and I'll take it from there.
We're getting our parents back.
Okay, Ben, that's good. | Let it down slow.
Two more turns, Emma, | not too tight.
yup. Tape adhesion is | within operational limits.
Aw, what-- Cindy!
What did you do | to that intergalactic starship?
We thought that the deep recesses | of space could use a feminine touch.
- What do you think,Jimmy? | - yeah, it's okay, I guess.
They kinda ruined it though.
Hey,Jimmy! Do these fusion reactors | need fuel rods?
Sheen, it's not rocket science. | you just have to--
Actually, I guess | it is rocket science.
- No fuel rods, Sheen! | - Okay.
And for the final touch--
Good work, everybody.
We're ready | for intergalactic travel.
-Neutron, this is gonna work, right? | -yeah, what if it doesn't work?
It will work!
I'm 95% sure it will.
Ninety-five? yeah? | And the other five percent?
We blow up.
But just a little.
Look, a 95 is still an "A."
yeah, I can deal with that. | I never got a 95 in my life.
you heard the man. Stop suckin' your | thumbs, and let's light this candle!
Goddard, | initiate launch sequence.
Please makke sure | yourseat belts are fastened...
and rememberto kkeep hands and arms | inside the vehicles at all times.
Come on, everybody. | Get in formation.
Carl, you're too low.
Come on, you stupid butterfly! | Will you-- Whoa!
Go, counterparts, go!
Hang on. We're passing | through the stratosphere.
Now the mesosphere.
Entering ionosphere.
Now I know why | they all end in "fear"!
That's it, baby. | Engaging pulse rockets now!
Come on, come on.
Look, Goddard, | the wonders of the universe.
We're witnessing celestial events | no person, or dog, has ever seen.
It's incredible!
Beautiful, isn't it, Nick?
yeah, yeah. | Wake me when we get there.
Do you think we can | rotate ships after a while?
Hey, we'll switch!
Hey, this astronaut food | isn't too bad.
That's toothpaste, Carl.
Oh. Minty.
Hey, what's happening?
Meteor shower! | Evasive action!
I do so relish | these times of peril.
- That was close. | - Look out!
We gotta find shelter!
Asteroid bearing two-thirty-six | mark seven degrees.
Come on!
So these three filmmakers find | all these sticks in the trees...
shaped like stick people...
and the girl filmmaker | starts cryin'...
and her nose starts dripping, and | they don't have any tissue at all.
So then they start to hear...
really scary noises and voices | coming from outside.
So they leave the tent.
Don't leave the tent! | Don't leave the tent!
Oh, yeah, Carl, they leave the tent, | and they follow the voices...
when from out of the darkness | comes the--
That was so choice! | you should have seen your faces.
Did they really | leave the tent, Nick?
There's a red giant! | And that's a white dwarf!
you can relate, huh, Neutron?
Hey,Jimmy, | what's the matter?
In case you haven't noticed, I'm not | exactly the tallest guy around.
Shorty, squirt, small stuff, | shrimp-- gets to you after a while.
And next year, | there'll be dances.
Who wants to dance with a guy who looks | like he should still be in Gymboree?
I didn't think | we liked girls yet.
Oh, we don't. | No, not yet.
No. However, one day, Carl...
an influx of hormones | that we can't control...
will overpower | our better judgment...
and drive us to pursue | the female species against our will.
Stop talking like that,Jimmy! | you're gonna give me nightmares.
Listen, I wouldn't worry. Puberty | is light-years away foryou and me.
you know, we should've | never wished on that star and...
I, I miss my folks.
My mom used to tuck me | in bed every night...
before she was abducted by aliens.
Before my dad | was abducted by aliens...
he would always read me to sleep.
And before my mom | was "inducted" by aliens...
she would rub my tummy, | and she'd sing--
- What? | - Nothing!
Come on, you guys. | We gotta keep our heads.
We'll find 'em.
What is it, boy?
Sensor sweeps reveal many advanced | cities and ion energy signatures.
That's it!
We found it! | I repeat, we found it!
Nick, we'll contact you | as soon as we find the parents...
so you can kick | some alien buttocks!
Piece of cake.
Okay, scouting party, | follow me!
I'll be back, Nick!
Whoa, what is that?
They've evolved beyond the need | for mere conventional bodies.
They must be an advanced species | millions ofyears ahead of us.
Wow! When I sneeze, it looks like | an advanced species too.
Okay, they're this way.
Right this way, sire.
Ooblar, these humans look | so scrawny.
Hardly very appetizing. | Are you sure they're yummy?
I assure you, my slimy sovereign, | Poultra will be quite pleased.
Humans are mostly water, | with a crunchy bony center.
Think nuts and chews.
- There they are. | - What are they doing?
What are those goofy-looking | things on their heads?
It looks like some kind | of mind-control device.
Mom, Dad. Dad, it's me,Jimmy. | Over here.
Jim,Jim,Jim,Jimmys, | James,James,Jim.
Big fiery flyingJimmy. | Hi,Jimmy.
Some dream, huh? | Attackk ofthe Big Egg People.
- I think I've seen this one before. | - No, Dad.
you're wearing a mind-control | device. Take yours off. Hurry!
- Dad? | - Intruder alert! Intruder alert!
- Dad, no, no! No! | - Intruder alert!
your dad's like | a mind-controlled duck man.
Let's get outta here!
Come back! | Join us,Jimmy!
Well, well!
If it isn't the littlest | rescue party. How cute.
Hello, itty-bitty humans.
you let us go, | you big ball of phlegm!
That's no way to talk to the king! | He is the royal phlegm.
- Ooblar. | - Sorry, sire.
It's only fair to warn you that if | you don't release us in 24 hours...
an army of highly-trained | combat specialists...
is poised to destroy | your entire planet.
- Oh, really? | - Really.
Oh, my! Our entire planet! | Whatever shall we do?
Do you mean...
this army of highly-trained | combat specialists?
Hey, Nick!
Get your grubs off me, egghead!
Don't look so surprised. | We're an advanced alien race.
- What did you expect? | - What do you want with our parents?
It's not what I want. | It's what Poultra wants.
- Who's Poultra? | - Poultra is our god...
the mightiest, most | ferocious creature in all--
Oh, I get tired of answering this. | Roll tape.
Hello and welcome to ourspecial | edition of Poultra: God of Wrath.
Brought to you by Goom--
Commercials! I hate them.
Welcome backk.
If you're watching this. chances are | your friends and or relatives...
are about to be sacrificed | to the mighty Poultra.
Which is a great honor indeed.
And very painful.
And thisyear's human sacrifices | feature something very special--
actual humans!
And it's all thankks | to Jimmy Neutron.
Greetings from planet Earth!
I'm Jimmy Neutron. | andyou're an alien life-form.
I'm Jimmy Neutron. | andyou're an alien life-form.
Without the coordinates | you gave us...
we never would have found | your puny little planet.
For such a tiny earthling, you've | been a very big help,Jimmy Neutron.
Guards, throw these minuscule vermin | into the dungeon...
until they're ofworthier size.
And oh, give Mr. Neutron | the presidential suite.
Ohh! Isn't this | a funny-wunny little toy!
Get it off me!
Take this infernal thing to the lab | and have it torn apart!
Oh, yes, | great saliva-armed one.
Hold it! Move along.
- Goddard! | - Move!
So, it was Neutron all along.
I mean, he got us into this.
Jimmy, didn't your parents ever | tell you not to talk to strangers?
That's rule number one.
Oh, come on, you guys! | Give him a break.
Jimmy didn't mean | to ruin our lives...
and get our parents eaten | by a giant space monster!
She's right. We must ask ourselves, | "What would UltraLord do??'
Let's think about that, Sheen.
Maybe sit on a shelf, | because he's a doll!
He's not a doll! He's an action | figure! There's a difference.
Come on, Nick, let Sheen talk. | Maybe he's onto something.
What would UltraLord do, Sheen?
Well, in episode 224...
he fried the Zeebot's brain with | his heat-seeking infra-thought.
It was cool!
Well, I'm convinced, folks.
That's pretty much the | stupidest thing I've ever heard!
No, this is the stupidest thing | you've ever heard!
- Oh, you're such a baby! | - Why don't you leave me alone?
you're picking on me | because you're insecure!
Jimmy, you there?
Look, don't listen to them. | They're just scared.
Are you okay?
yeah, I'm fine.
Don't be so hard on yourself. | We'll get out of this.
Okay, so you made a mistake.
Beating yourself up | isn't gonna fix anything.
you know, I was the smartest kid | in school until you came along.
And I admit you know more | about some things than I do.
But I know one thing | that you don't seem to get...
and that's that we're never | getting outta here without you.
So why don't you buck up, mister...
and put that big brain ofyours | back to work?
Nick can handle | the fighting stuff...
but first we have | to get out of this cell.
Why are you being so nice to me?
'Cause there's a bunch of kids | in here that need you...
and I do too.
I am never complaining | about my parents again.
We didn't even get | our one phone call.
That's it!
Libby, let me see your cell phone.
Okay, but I don't think | my service plan...
covers anything | outside our solar system.
- Who're you calling? | - A friend of mine.
All right, little Earth doggy.
Ooblar is going to take you apart | into tiny little pieces.
All right?
Hey! Give me that!
Fine! We'll use this one then.
Would you stop that! | Those are mine!
That's not funny. Stop it! | And give me my thing!
Come on, boy, pick up.
Oh, good! Good. | Perhaps we'll get somewhere.
Goddard, you're okay.
I miss you too, boy. | Listen, what's your situation?
Evil scientist, huh?
Okay, I've got an idea. | Put me on speaker, Goddard.
Danger! Danger!
You have initiated | self-destruct sequence alpha.
That's my bad. | Back in you go.
Self-destruct sequence | is now engaged.
No-no-no! I put it back in. | you understand me?
This unit willyield a 50-megaton | nuclear blast in ten seconds.
That's not good!
Please clear a 30-square mile area. | Thankkyou. And have a nice day.
Ten. nine--
No! Bad dog! Mother!
Is he gone, boy?
Great! Lock on to this signal | and get here as fast as you can.
Halt! | Who goes there?
Oh, the guard!
By order of the | most esteemed King Goobot...
it is my privilege and honor | to mercilessly exterminate you.
Think, think. | Goddard, play dead.
Good boy, Goddard, good boy!
Guess I'll make that bug a feature.
- Good dog, Goddard! | - Way to go!
- Come on! Let's get the others! | - Nice work,Jimmy.
Hey, Cindy, thanks.
If you ever tell anyone | I was nice to you...
you'll wind up | looking like that guy.
Let's go, Neutron! | It's egg-scrambling time.
- Wait for me, Nick! | - Come back!
Bring out the humans!
It's show time.
Everybody out.
Kick it!
- Look, you guys, a football game! | - I don't think so, Carl.
Goddard, binoscope mode!
What a lame halftime show.
They're making our parents | dance so lame.
No, my dad really dances like that.
The festival is starting.
Our parents-- they'll be eaten!
Nobody eats my parents | unless I say so! Come on!
Begin the incubation!
C'mon, Nick. | Show them what you're made of!
Hey, cool spear.
Oh, you really think so? | I guess so, because--
Mind if I try?
My hero!
Come on, everyone!
My hero?
Okay, we need another plan.
Probably a Nick-less one.
Poultra! Poultra!
Citizens ofyokus...
I, King Goobot V...
give you sacrifice!
That's a big chicken.
What do we do now?
Thinkk! Thinkk!
Brain Blast!
Okay, everybody, listen up. | We don't have much time.
I've got to make it | to that control tower.
Cindy, Libby, keep the guards busy | until Sheen arrives with the ship.
Okay, I heard the ship part, | but was that, "Sheen, get the ship"?
- yeah. | - Ohh! Oh.
There's a transport ship | big enough to carry us out of here.
I need you to get it here | as fast as you can.
But I don't have a driver's license. | I have no hand-eye coordination.
Askyourself, | what would UltraLord do?
I accept this responsibility...
understanding the consequences | you've bestowed against me.
Poultra, din-dins. | yummy, yummy, foodie-woodie.
This is it, people. These | crummy aliens stole our parents.
It's time to show them | what we're made of.
We're tough, we're mean! Darn it, | we're carbon-based life-forms!
Now, who's gonna kick buttocks?
The "carbonated " life-forms!
What? What? What is this? | Stop those kids!
After 'em!
Cindy, Purple Flurp!
Dragon whips her tail.
Let's dance!
Come on, boy!
Carl, show-and-tell!
Come here, you!
I can't see!
you want some? | you want a piece of me?
I didn't think so!
Munchy, crunchy time. | There you go!
- Fetch, boy! | - Hey, hey, gimme that!
- Come back here! | - Everybody up.
Hey, nice party! | Gotta blast!
Okay, let's move out.
Guards, vaporize the Earth brats!
Hurry! Head to the exit!
- Hey, where's Sheen? | - I don't know.
Stop them!
All right, Sheen!
your ship awaits, Captain Jimmy!
Ooblar, protect--
Oh, pooh!
Everybody to the ship!
Poultra, quickly! | your dinner's getting away!
Okay, let's get outta here.
Come on!
We gotta do this quick! | Launch positions.
Core temperature optimal. | Engaging primary plasma coils.
- Jim, I thinkwe better leave now. | - Beginning countdown. Ten. Nine.
To the ships!
And could someone bring me a bucket?
We made it!
Jimmy, here they come!
Time to discipline | the naughty children. Open fire!
Okay, who wants fried chicken?
So, Neutron, | now it's just you and I.
All weapons on-line!
UltraLord is not afraid ofchickkens | He is not afraid
Okkay. he may be a little bit | afraid ofchickkens
This thing's too slow. | I can't outrun 'em!
- Incoming message. | - On screen.
You see.Jimmy. you can't win.
All ofyour friends | and family would be safe at home...
ifit wasn't for one | little problem-- you.
- Little? | - Nowyou all must die!
Little, huh? | I'll show you little.
Cindy, take over. | C'mon, boy.
What are you doing? | Is this one of those macho things?
We haven't field tested this feature | yet, but we have no choice, buddy.
Goddard, FlyCycle!
Would you look at this? I do believe | he's going to ram us, Ooblar.
Remind me to clean | the windshield later.
you steal my parents, | you threaten my dog.
Itsy-bitsy Jimmy Neutron!
He does look a bit small and silly, | doesn't he?
you attack my friends, | and you made fun of my size!
- Tiny, tiny. | - So, so tiny!
Well, I may be small, | but I've got a big brain!
- No! | - Not tiny!
Can't we call this whole thing a | mistake and go back to your plan...
rendezvous for "universal | brotherhood" and what not?
you've not seen the last of us...
Jimmy Neutron!
you look marvelous | sunny-side up, sire.
That's no yolk.
All right,Jimmy!
Orbiting around | Jimmy's big head.
Estimated time to ear, | seven minutes.
So I guess I can't | call you short anymore.
Don't worry. I'm sure there are | other insults you can come up with.
Let me tell you, | as soon as we get home...
we're going out dancing!
Dad? Daddy!
Hey, Neutron...
nice job.
I've got that foryou, dear.
Mom, Dad...
I should've listened to you when | you said don't talk to strangers.
See, I guess I thought I was smart | enough to do everything on my own...
that I didn't need you.
But I was wrong.
I love you guys.
We love you too,Jimmy.
Having a genius for a son | may not always be easy...
but it's always interesting.
you make us so proud.
you sure do.
Not every family gets to ride | in an alien spaceship...
hurtling at warp speeds, | millions of miles from home.
We thankyou for that.
Now you gotta admit, | that is pretty neat.
There you are, gentlemen.
There you are, gentlemen.
- It's okay, it's just breakfast. | - I knew that.
I don't remember buying | this brand of soda.
No, Mom--
Jimmy, it's just soda.
Mom, no!
Goodness! Excuse me!
Boy, it's a scorcher out there!
Thanks, honey.
At least it's coming out | of the attic, not the basement!
James Isaac Neutron--
Onward, Mr. Wiggles. | We reach the cafeteria by dawn!