Jin & Jun (2023) Movie Script

Shall we continue the lesson?
Your friends are waiting.
- Jun!
- Dear God
Where did your dream take you?
To Paris, sir.
What a coincidence.
While you're still in Paris,
can you tell us
what techniques were used
to build this Eiffel Tower?
Come on, Jun.
Come on, while you're still in Paris.
Definitely not with the help of a genie.
You're just waking up,
yet you try to pull a joke on me.
You want to be a stand-up comedian?
The salary is miserable, Jun.
Look at me, I'm a teacher now.
Especially a wannabe artist
with that quality of your drawings.
It won't bring food to your table.
If I find you sleeping again in my class,
I'll send you to the genies dumping area.
Are we clear?
Sure we are!
Yes, sir.
- Hey!
- Let's high five.
Life must be good when you're rich.
Come here. Stand up.
Listen, do not envy them, my friends.
Because we as subsidized students
got much cooler transportation.
Here it comes.
- The three doors Benz.
- Exactly, Fachri!
- Let's go.
- Come on.
Hang on.
I bet you're playing a slow motion
of her walking in your head.
You're right.
Why do you keep quiet like a snitch?
Say something to her, Jun!
I suddenly stuttered when I was near her.
At least you invite her
to the talent show.
- Right, Ri?
- Right, I agree.
Why should I invite her?
All students will come
to the talent show, right?
You'd better come out right now.
You're gay, right?
- My dear God, Jun!
- Dear Lord!
Wake up, Jun! It's a sin!
It's forbidden! Do you want
to be cursed and turned into stone?
- Do you? Like Malin Kundang!
- Right!
Why Malin Kundang?
He was literally turned into stone, Ri!
- The people...
- Be quiet.
Serves you right.
- Shut up.
- You!
- Sodom and Gomorrah
- Malin Kundang was petrified.
That's not
- Sodom and Gomorrah
- Malin Kundang
Hey, Sarah.
Hey, Jun. What's up?
What are you listening to?
You know, Indonesian Top 40 mostly.
Do you want to listen?
This is not Top 40 chart,
this is heavy metal stuff.
They are to me.
The underground Top 40.
So you like Indonesia's heavy metal bands?
Yes, pretty much.
It's cool, Sar.
My ride is coming.
I'll see you later?
Take care.
What is it?
Jun, kiss.
Not that.
I mean, can I have my AirPods back?
Blimey! That's embarrassing!
Take care.
- Hey, Junaidi!
- Hey!
Pharaoh is coming.
Do you think you have a chance
to get Sarah?
She's out of your league.
Know your place, Ape.
Are you jealous?
Am I jealous of you?
He said I'm jealous of him.
I only got 6.5 from copying your homework.
How come?
So do you want me to apologize to you?
You copied mine.
Hey, Junaidi.
I want to get high scores
in my report book,
so I can study abroad.
Here's the deal.
How about you and your loser friends
- pay me
- What they want?
Five million.
I don't have that much money.
"I don't have that much money."
Of course you don't.
Because you and your loser friends
can get into this school
through scholarship.
That means
we are the ones who pay your tuition.
- Get it?
- Your water.
- Your water.
- This?
- Thank you, I think?
- Wait.
Save it.
I don't need your gratitude.
If you can't help me get good grades,
your words mean nothing, Jun.
And if I can't?
And if you can't?
You'll be damned.
You're going to die.
Take that!
Get your asses back here!
Hey, watch it!
You should've run over him.
- Don't run!
- Jun!
Jun! Hey!
- What the
- Sorry, ma'am!
I just cleaned the floor!
Come here, Jun!
- Eat this!
- Damn! Hey!
Get him!
Stop! Come here!
But boss
Follow me!
Who's laughing now?
Lift him up.
- I'm not done with him.
- Get up.
End him, boss.
We're not on the same level.
You're no match to me.
You don't belong
in the same school with me.
- Come on.
- Tie him up.
If you managed to escape
from this old house,
tell us how many ghosts you saw.
Who is that?
What are you doing here?
Do you want to die?
Excuse me. Anybody here?
My goodness!
Good morning.
Good morning.
Answer me!
My God!
I seek refuge in Allah
from the outcast Shaitan.
In the Name of Allah
The verses you recite in fear
Unless you believe in it,
it will do nothing to me!
Can I eat you now?
I can smell you from here.
I haven't eaten for hundreds of years
and I want to eat
your young flesh and bones.
My dear God.
What's wrong with you?
This is what happened
when you sleep during the sunset,
you're going to have a nightmare.
It's fine. Let's have dinner.
Your dad is waiting.
I see improvements in your drawings, Jun.
Thank you, Mom.
Come on, son, let's eat.
I'm sorry if we have to be
vegetarians again today.
It's okay, darling.
It's food for the soul.
Even Ozzie Osbourne's food looks tastier.
What happened to your face, Jun?
I fell down.
How's your catering business? Good?
The new order was canceled
at the last minute.
The competition has becoming unhealthy.
I'd rather stay out of it.
Give me time, Mom.
Pray for me.
I'm now designing
a graphic concept of logo and shirt
for an underground band.
If they like my design
and they can sell them,
I'll get a percentage of the profit.
That's wonderful, Jun!
I'd rather you focus with school.
I see your grades are going down.
Because I got bored in class.
I don't like their teaching method.
Rigid, normative.
It's so boring.
That's a favorite high school.
One of the best in our country.
A lot of its graduates
have become successful businessmen
and powerful people.
But don't get intimidated by that, Jun.
For me, since you were born,
you've been a wonderful person.
Don't forget.
Mr. Bondan!
Both of you, wait in another room.
Mr. Bondan!
Come out!
I'm going to count to three
and if you still won't come out,
I'm going to count to ten.
That's too long.
I don't have patient for this bullshit!
Mr. Bondan, your debt is due.
And don't forget, with the interest.
Then we'll leave you alone.
More or less, that's the point.
I'm sorry, sir, but right now,
I still don't have the money.
Sir, do you know these fists
have punched Mike Tyson's face?
You don't want it
- punching yours too.
- Joko.
Take it easy.
Take a deep breath.
So here it is, sir.
If you can't pay it,
We're going to take your bike.
That's what he said, sir.
I'm sorry, but I really
don't have the money right now.
My business is failing.
Not that relaxed.
Please forgive me, sir.
I don't care.
You have to pay right now,
with the interest, or else
Be a good boy.
Be obedient. Right.
Stay right there.
Hi, honey.
What the hell?
My God!
Why is it here?
- Help me, Mom!
- No one can hear you.
Where do you want to run?
Sorry. I'm just kidding.
You should've seen your face,
it was so funny.
Here. In case you're afraid of me.
How is it?
Do I look cute enough to you now?
My name is Jin.
and Jun.
Jin and Jun!
It's the perfect title
for a television show or a movie!
Who are you?
I'm a powerful genie from the Middle East!
But I lied.
How do you do? My name is
Actually, I still can't remember my name.
But since you were the person
who released me from that bottle,
I will be your humble servant.
My servant?
I will grant you whatever you wish for.
What kind of wishes?
Whatever comes to mind.
Are you my echo?
You've been repeating after me.
Like in the Aladdin story?
I know that one.
It should've been me.
But well,
he got more followers,
so he was chosen.
Are you sure you will make
all my wishes come true?
Tell me what you want, Jun.
What do you want, Jun?
My dad has been harassed
by those two debt collectors.
They even hit him once.
Can you make them disappear?
Your wish is my command.
Look, a girl is coming.
Are we going to make a move on her?
Come on.
Hey, behave yourself.
Respect all women.
Miss, excuse me.
How much do you cost?
Five? Five thousand?
Again. Please slap me again.
- Where are we?
- I don't know!
- Permission to eat them.
- What? Eat?
What just happened?
So which of the favors of your Lord
would you deny?
Jun, I just made two bullies disappear.
I don't hear you thanking me.
But not like that.
What's this?
Kungfu guidebook?
It's called comic book.
Permission. Can I borrow this, boss?
But don't lose it.
That's a collector's item.
Okay, boss.
This is a great technique, boss.
- Good morning, Jun.
- Good morning, Mom.
Good morning, ma'am.
Don't worry. They can't see me.
Good morning, Dad.
I can control who can see me.
What a sad breakfast!
You're welcome.
So you've been living
since the Majapahit era?
I was a palace servant.
But I was born way before that era.
After that Majapahit era,
did you ever get out of that bottle?
- I did.
- You did?
But not for long.
By that evil woman.
Do you have other power?
That's cool!
What is that sound, Jun?
Ice cream truck.
Ice cream?
It's a frozen snack.
You'll love it.
Do you want one?
Are you sure?
Do you like it?
It's tastier than human flesh.
But it's Jun's sketchbook.
Draw a six, one, and three.
- Six? How?
- Yes, six.
- Now draw a slanted one
- One.
- And then a three on it.
- Three
That's it?
- Put our names on it.
- Yes.
- What name?
- Thank you, ma'am.
What the hell?
How dare you two!
But that's art, Jun.
- Art.
- Art.
Even Picasso can get insecure.
- Yes? Take that.
- Insecure
I'm insecure.
Picasso, my ass!
It's art.
How's you with Sarah?
What is there?
What do you mean?
So you took their beatings for nothing?
I don't call it for nothing.
It needs process.
What process? Don't take your time.
Or I'll steal her from you.
- Do you want me to throw a drink at you?
- I'm wet then.
One o'clock.
One o'clock?
Are you blind?
Are you that desperate
to become my friend again?
You know what? Sarah is just like us.
- Yes, she's an outcast too.
- Right.
Hey, Jun. Tell me about yesterday.
I heard you were meditating
in a haunted house.
- I forgot to tell you.
- Junaidi!
Here comes the Dutch VOC.
- Where's my money?
- I thought your dad's rich.
Why do you need money
from poor people like us?
Then you know how my dad got rich.
The money came from poor people like you.
They received charity money from us.
- What do you want?
- Stand up.
Hey! He's my friend!
In this world,
there are only winners
and losers like you.
- Hey!
- Hey!
Mr. Jin!
So rest in peace.
It's hurt.
He can fight back! Jun!
- Watch out, Jun!
- You have got some balls.
- Boss!
- Jun!
- Get him!
- Get him, Jun!
- Jun!
- Hey!
- Watch out, Jun!
- It hurts.
Hey! Let's get out of here!
Hang on.
Are you saying a genie helped you
to defeat Rafi and the gang?
Are you saying you were possessed by him?
It's more like this.
Watch out.
And where is he now?
Right there.
Sitting next to you, reading a comic book.
- Where?
- I don't see him.
Mr. Jin, show yourself.
Let them see you.
No, thank you.
What the hell?
Irdan and Fachri are my friends.
My friends are your friends too.
I thought we're friends.
So I'm your friend now?
Of course you are.
Look, enough with master
and slave mentality.
I'm not your boss.
You've watched too much YouTube.
Where's the camera? You want to prank us?
- You can't, Jun!
- Camera. Candid.
- Mommy!
- Dear God! What?
- No kidding!
- Mommy!
He's not kidding! It's not a prank!
Why does he wear makeup
like the old-school band?
- That gossip show? Not that!
It's the band who sings about chords.
- The Purgatory?
- With that flashy makeup? Not that!
It's Kuburan Band!
Where is it? Where is your lips?
His meat is tasty for Tegal Satay.
Stop it! He was just kidding!
Enough, Mr. Jin.
Give his lips back.
He was just kidding.
And you, think before you open your mouth.
I have an idea.
How about we use his power
to improve our social status in school?
That's a stupid idea.
Are you an SJW?
You're just a social climber.
Don't you want to be popular in school?
How about you?
Rafi and the gang will stop bullying us.
They already slaughtered
Rafi and his gang.
And you, Ri,
why is it so important for you
to be loved by everybody?
Remember, Ri,
I don't care if they think
we're nerds or anything.
Who cares!
You should stop caring
about what they think of you!
Don't you want Diana
to be your girlfriend?
He's got a point.
What's wrong with you two?
We chose to be unpopular students.
This is what we want.
But it's for Sarah, Jun.
Don't you want Sarah to like you?
To fall in love with you?
Then you both get married.
You don't want that life?
- Of course I do.
- But sorry,
it won't happen unless
you become popular in school.
He's got a point, Jun.
We're basically invisible.
And with the incident today,
they're going to avoid us even more.
Like we're some kind of a gang.
Mr. Jin.
Here is my second wish.
What is that?
I want to be popular in school.
I want them to respect me, to worship me,
and then
To be loved by girls.
To have good grades too!
- Good idea.
- Good at basketball.
And one more thing,
I want Awkarin to follow me back.
I've been following
her social media for two years.
Why you two
Technically everything we just mentioned.
Are you sure, Jun?
- It's your fault.
- Why you
Why are you being so narcissistic?
It's not for you. What are you doing?
- Take a book.
- Hey, Jun.
Yes, Di?
I heard that yesterday
you single-handedly
defeated Rafi at the school cafeteria.
- That's cool.
- You're cool, Jun.
Thank you.
Tomorrow, I'm going to have
a Sweet 17 party.
Can you come?
I'm free tomorrow.
It's weekend too.
We're like three peas in a pod.
Don't forget your buddies.
They can come too.
Can I come with Sarah too?
By the way, should we pick up Sarah too?
No, her dad will drive her.
You lose.
What's wrong, Mr. Jin?
It's The Lizard Devil.
They put him inside a rice cooker
instead of a bottle.
Yes, after they struck him
with the Kamehameha.
- Right.
- I see.
That's a great move, Jun.
- Right, Mr. Jin.
- I'll try.
- What to try?
- Can I do that?
But Mr. Jin,
don't unleash your power here.
This house is still under renovation.
Please don't destroy it.
- But it's cool.
- What else can I recreate?
Tons of them, Mr. Jin.
Especially if you copy them
from PlayStation games.
- Yes!
- Some good moves from there.
- PS.
- Right.
That one?
- Wow!
- Awesome, it's PS5!
- Is that real?
- Let me check.
- PS
- Awesome.
Why you don't look excited?
I know that's a PS5,
but where's the television, Jun?
- He's right.
- He's right.
There you go.
Now, that excites me.
Come here, Mr. Jin.
Let me show him how you play it.
Take turns.
Why is there a video game?
Whose video game is that?
It's mine, ma'am.
My dad bought too many,
so I gave the extra one to Jun.
But I hope you don't get addicted
to video games.
Yes, ma'am.
My baby looks so handsome!
He's planning to ask a girl out tonight.
Stop it!
- Relax.
- Hey.
Jun, have you seen Ozzie Osbourne?
I haven't seen him all day
and his food hasn't been touched.
I bet he's roaming around
the neighborhood.
You know, being an unneutered cat in heat.
He'll get excited!
Like us, in fact,
- we're all suddenly excited right now!
- Excited!
All right, it's almost 7 p.m.,
you have to leave now.
Yes, ma'am.
But remember, don't drink any alcohol.
And be home at
12 a.m.
- 12 a.m.?
- No.
11 p.m.
- Yes, Mom.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Okay.
Don't even think about it.
You have a dangerously short temper.
We should leave or we're going to be late.
- Come on, Mr. Jin.
- Come on.
Don't step on my dad's bag of cement.
How long
will your house be renovated, Jun?
It looks exactly a government project.
Whose bike is that?
It's mine, Mr. Jin.
My car!
Wait! He turned my bike into a car!
That's so cool!
- This is Raffi Ahmad's car!
- Okay, let me drive.
You don't have the license.
For what?
For being ugly!
Let's go, guys.
I love it.
Hang on.
- Are you planning to let people see you?
- Why not? It's okay once in a while.
We are friends, right?
You look cool, Mr. Jin!
Come in. We have all kinds of drinks.
What's this chick talking about?
She asked if you're cool or frozen, man.
Now you started
Let's take a selfie!
One o'clock.
Come on, you can do it!
Wish me luck.
Mr. Jin.
- Where do you think you're going?
- Jun!
Mr. Jin, leave them alone.
They need a little privacy.
What a party, right?
Is it a bit excessive?
If this is her Sweet 17 birthday party,
imagine her wedding party.
Remind me to not invite you
to my Sweet 17 birthday party.
No, I mean
I don't think I can afford
to have this kind of party anyway.
Please sit down.
This is great.
Mr. Jin!
What do you want to order?
- Ice cream.
- What?
Is this a circumcision party or something?
Let's start with something not too strong.
Let me order it for you.
Sir, can we have some fun, please?
Enough for now.
Let's dance!
You've already taken pictures
with Diana tonight.
I want to be
the new South Tangerang's Next Top Model.
Thank you, Mr. Jin.
Let's have a toast first.
This is so bitter!
I don't like it!
What happened between you and Diana?
It's up to you to believe it or not.
But we used to be best friends.
- Really?
- I swear to God, since kindergarten.
Then why aren't you now?
We happened to like the same boy.
And we were competing to get him.
And then
Maybe since then,
she thinks I like to steal boyfriend.
We stopped talking to each other
ever since.
Can you get me that bottle, Mr. Jin?
- What? Are you sure?
- Are you serious?
Hold him.
- Mr. Jin.
- Hey.
- Mr. Jin.
- Slow down, Mr. Jin.
- Mr. Jin.
- Mr. Jin.
- So much hatred since little?
- She hates me a lot.
And what's funny is,
the boy that we both like,
then transferred not long after.
I think
he didn't even know we existed.
I don't even remember
my friends from elementary school.
We've moved a lot
since I was still in kindergarten.
You know being the son
of a property lease expert.
I mean we've been kicked out a lot
by our landlords.
The house I'm living now
is the first house we own.
Finally, a song intended for human ears.
Shall we?
- What?
- Gajah Mada's favorite food
was not Maja fruit.
- Then?
- What was it then?
Instant pot chicken!
- What are you doing?
- Mr. Jin, wait.
- Let it go!
- Mr. Jin!
- Do you know who I am?
- What is it?
I'm a genie!
Mr. Jin!
Mr. Jin
Come on, let's see it!
What's going on over there?
Where were we?
You were
Can I ask you something?
Of course you can.
Do you
to be my girlfriend?
I'm not single anymore!
I'm still single!
I don't know what to yell about.
All I know is
I love you all!
Hey, kids.
Do you know what we should do?
- What, Mr. Jin?
- What, Mr. Jin?
- Let's fly!
- Let's fly!
- Do you want to fly, Jun?
- Let's fly!
- Yes?
- Let's fly!
- Let's fly!
- Do you want to fly, Jun?
- Fly?
- Fly?
- What?
- Let's fly!
- I will lift it.
- Let's fly!
- I will lift it.
- Let's fly!
Let's fly
- and away!
- And away!
- What?
- I'm afraid of height!
- This is so cool!
- Please enough!
I'm scared of heights!
- Come on, say bye!
- Please, Mr. Jin! I'm scared!
- Bye
- Bye!
- Hold me!
- Say bye to the people there!
- No!
- Look at the people on the ground!
I want to be a government officer!
They never look down!
- I'm afraid to fall down!
- Fachri, Mr. Jin, please enough!
- Enough!
- You coward!
- Enough!
- Look at it first!
We're already home.
We're home.
Sit down here.
Stop groping me!
No one want to do that.
- I said no groping.
- Done.
Do you want to come in?
No, I'm too tired.
Thank you.
I'm leaving.
Are we cool?
Of course we are!
Driving in this car, I'm definitely cool!
I forgot.
What the hell, Mr. Jin!
Gosh, Mr. Jin
- Why did you turn it back?
- Ugly thing!
How I'm going to brag it
to my neighbors, Mr. Jin?
You're going to be safe with that thing.
Nobody wants to steal that old junk.
- I'm leaving.
- Take care, guys.
Bye, Jun.
- I'm leaving!
- Bye, Jun!
- Mr. Jin.
- What?
Thank you.
For what?
You helped me to be with Sarah.
I did nothing, Jun.
Sarah is now my girlfriend.
It's with your help, right?
No, I didn't do anything.
She already likes you in the first place.
I can't make someone who already
likes you to like you even more.
That's not my job, Jun.
That's the boss' stuff.
I can't open my eyes.
Let's go inside.
I can't see.
Gosh, you're so heavy, Mr. Jin.
What happened?
Do you know what time it is, Jun?
It's 2 a.m.
I'm sorry I was
You promised
you were going to be home by 11 p.m.
I know, but
I was
You didn't pick up your phone.
You didn't read my text message.
My phone is dead.
Where's Dad?
He's in the hospital.
He was attacked by those thugs.
He had three stitches on his face
and a broken arm.
But who did it?
Those two thugs came here again?
That's impossible!
Why are you asking about those two, Jun?
What did you do to them?
Mom, tell me who did this.
Their friends.
They came here looking for those two
and told us to pay up the debt
including the interest.
I don't know how much we owe them anymore.
They took everything, Jun,
including your dad's bike.
He tried to hold on to it,
but he was only one man.
They can't do that to us!
They should've...
You should've been here.
You should've helped your dad
and protect what we have left.
He wouldn't be in the hospital right now
if you were home by 11 p.m.
Are you blaming me for everything?
You should've known better
than to owe money from a loan shark.
You should've been prepared
when you decided to start a family.
You don't understand.
We're using the money to survive
and your school tuition.
But if you can't afford it,
why did you enroll me in that school?
I didn't ask for it anyway.
We only want the best for you.
The best for me or to satisfy your ego?
What do you mean, Jun?
I don't belong in that school.
Unless I have rich parents
who live in a mansion
and have luxury cars.
But I'm not, Mom.
I don't belong in that school.
I don't feel like I fit in there.
I'm so sorry
that you have to live like this.
Let alone a big house or luxury cars,
we don't even have money, Jun.
I'm so sorry.
Your dad's business
and my catering business are failing.
It forced us to lend money
from loan sharks.
But we need the money to survive.
In real life, we need money to survive.
That is just a slogan.
An empty one too.
You've been lying to me.
It's not what you think, Jun.
Or maybe all this time,
we were living in a fantasy world.
Thinking that living in poverty
would bring us happiness.
Jun! Junaidi!
Life's a bitch, Jun.
There's one thing you can always count on.
- Jun?
- Leave me alone.
Okay then, Jun.
Mr. Jin?
Mr. Jin?
I thought you wanted to be left alone.
Please don't go, Mr. Jin.
Well, Jun.
Are you ready for your third wish?
I wish
for my family to have no debts.
I want to be rich, Mr. Jin.
There it is.
That is the typical wish
and the most uncreative and boring wish
that all netizens and everybody else
ever wished for.
I don't care.
I just want
my family to be free from debt.
Free from financial problems.
I'm tired of all this.
I'm tired of living in this tiny house
that never completes its renovation.
This is a big wish, Jun.
Are you sure?
Hurry up!
Your wish is my command.
Well, Jun?
This must be your doing, Mr. Jin.
Of course
and God has nothing to do with it.
This is awesome.
I have a house like in the mafia movies.
Do you like it, Jun?
You're late.
Time to go to school. Let's go.
I haven't showered yet. See?
Here's the car key.
But I can't drive, Mr. Jin.
There. Now you can.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Come on. You can do it.
Drive safe.
Thank you, Mr. Jin!
You're welcome!
What's wrong, Jun?
I just feel like
it's too quiet.
Too quiet?
There are a lot of people here.
What do you mean too quiet?
I just feel like
something is missing, but
- They should be here.
- Who?
Is having me here with you not enough?
You're more than enough to me, I swear.
Hey, Jun, congratulations
for being the best student again.
You're awesome.
I don't remember being the best student.
You've always been the best student.
It's from Diana.
What did she say?
She asked me to tutor her
tomorrow after school.
Physics and math.
Is that okay with you?
That's up to you.
You have the right to decide.
I feel sorry for her actually.
Her grades are so bad.
She got 2.5.
I think I'd better help her.
She might really need my help.
Again, it's up to you.
My brain's fried.
Okay, let's take five.
How can you be so smart, Jun?
But this is a basic lesson.
You called this basic?
Maybe I'm just a moron.
That makes sense.
How dare you?
I'm joking.
You just need to study more.
Thank you for tutoring me
and for being so patient with me.
No problem.
How's your relationship with Sarah?
What do you mean?
We're fine.
But what?
What? No.
No, it's just like
I have something on my mind.
What's that?
Can I ask you something?
At your Sweet 17 birthday party,
I came with...
- Sarah!
- Jun
Sarah, listen to me!
- Sarah, listen to me!
- Save it!
- Sarah
- What?
She suddenly kissed me and
And you liked it.
You looked like you enjoyed it.
My mind
You went blank?
Or that's just an excuse?
It's obvious that she likes you.
And that fake tutor thing?
Sarah, I don't like her
and I'm not cheating on you.
You're a jerk, Jun.
It's just a misunderstanding, Sarah.
Can you please
leave me alone for a minute?
I just want you to know that the world
is bigger than your phone screen.
You need to do more than
just press those buttons, Jun.
It's a touch screen.
My point is
if you really like someone,
love someone, it's meaningless
if you haven't done this one thing.
Ask me, "What's the one thing, Mr. Jin?"
What's the one thing, Mr. Jin?
It's all meaningless if you never
sacrifice for them.
Love is sacrifice.
Love, my ass.
What do you know about love?
I know enough, Jun.
Until I couldn't feel or find love.
Poor me.
Divide it equally.
So everybody gets their share.
What I mean equally is,
of course, 75% to me.
Right, and then?
Where's mom?
Hold on. What?
Where's mom?
What are you talking about, Jun?
Just go to school.
You don't want to be late.
If you're late, you'll get bad grades.
And the school would then have
an excuse to extort me for donation.
Okay then. Jun is coming.
Let's go, guys.
Yes, sir?
Are you okay?
I'm okay, but
I'm a bit confused.
Confused about what?
Look at this.
Okay, let's go to the counseling room.
But why?
Just follow me, okay?
Let's go.
I think it's natural.
It's natural for Jun
as a teenager, a youngster.
It is indeed the time
for him to search his identity,
looking for recognition
for who's he truly is.
It's all about preference, Jun.
- Preference?
- Right.
Your preference.
Whether you're going to follow
your intuition, your urge, your instinct,
or you're going to follow
what has been decreed.
It's social norms, religion,
customs, culture
Norms? Religion?
So listen, Jun.
When I was your age, I was confused too.
But long story short,
only you can decide your own orientation.
That's it, Jun.
Sexuality, right?
Only you can decide.
It's your decision.
You're right about the part
where I'm confused, but
it's nothing about my sexual orientation.
What about this drawing?
Before we go too far, sir,
I'm not confused about that.
- Okay.
- But this.
Yes, you're confused about your feelings
for who is this?
This Fachri and Irdan, right?
- Is that what you meant?
- God have mercy.
Sir, it's not what you think.
I'm confused as to where they are now.
As long as I remember,
Fachri and Irdan are my buddies.
Where are they?
They should've been here, sir.
But I haven't seen them.
You know who I'm talking about, right?
Sir, I don't know who these two kids are.
Hang on.
There's no student
called Fachri or Irdan in this school.
That's impossible, sir.
Mr. Syahrul is supposed to know them.
Maybe we're dealing with a different case.
I see.
But usually, boys your age,
a teenager like you,
no longer have
imaginary friends or invisible friends.
It would be a very rare case in your age
Sir, they're not my imaginary friends.
They drew that.
I get it, sir.
Or maybe it's a case of
No, sir. It's not that.
My mom talked to them all the time
when they were at my house.
If you don't believe me, call her.
Hey, Jun.
- Wake up, Jun.
- What?
Your mom has passed away,
three years ago.
This is your personal data.
Let's see, your enrollment
Your mom has passed away.
You no longer have a mom, Jun.
- Yes, Jun?
- Where's mom?
What's wrong with you, Jun?
Where's mom?
Jun, you already knew that.
Your mom is dead, Jun.
Have you seen Fachri and Irdan?
Guys, have you seen Fachri and Irdan?
I don't know them.
Hey, Diana.
Have you seen Fachri and Irdan?
They came with me to your Sweet 17 party.
Fachri and Irdan!
You really don't remember them?
We took some pictures together.
Show me your phone.
Mr. Jin!
What's up, Jun?
Where's my mom, Fachri, and Irdan?
Who are they?
Answer me!
Take it easy, my schizophrenic boy.
I'm not schizophrenic,
I'm not imagining them.
Are you sure?
That your mom and your friends
really exist?
Are you sure?
That I'm not your imagination either, Jun?
We're living in your head, Jun.
Where's the television, Jun?
Where's the television?
You created us.
Hey, Jun.
Why is there a video game?
Whose is it? Ma'am, it's
It's mine, ma'am.
My dad bought too many
I put the extra one here,
so he can play it in his room.
You created us, Jun.
That's art, Jun.
This is art, Jun.
- Even Picasso can get insecure.
- Picasso, my ass!
Going somewhere, Jun?
What are you going to do?
Why are you afraid
of what I'm doing there?
I will tell you what is really happening.
Easy there.
Where's my mom, Fachri, and Irdan?
They're gone, Jun.
They've disappeared.
But they were here before, right?
Then why?
Because nothing comes free in life, Jun.
Everything needs to give something
to get something.
Everything needs sacrifice.
And I have to take the payment
for every wish you made
which is
those who you love the most.
You wanted to make
those debt collectors disappear?
I took your cat, Ozzie Osbourne, from you.
You wanted to be popular, famous,
and loved by everybody?
I took Irdan and Fachri from you.
You wanted to be rich?
I took your mom.
But I did that smoothly, right?
I took them all very slowly
within 2 times 24 hours.
Same with your human rule.
- Bring them back right now.
- Are you making another wish?
- No, I'm ordering you!
- I'm so sorry, Jun.
I don't take orders, I just do wishes.
And I might take your dad or Sarah
after you've made your fourth wish.
I thought you were my friend, Mr. Jin.
It has been an honor to be your friend.
You're a very caring person
and very thoughtful.
You're so full of love, but I'm a genie.
That's my job.
But I thought you told me,
you were not born a genie.
And I know there is still good in you.
I kind of hope that you would
bring out the good in me.
I thought your kindness
would then infect me until it finally
reminded me of the human I used to be.
But looking back at everything
that you've wished for, Jun.
You're not different than
any other humans.
You made your wishes all about you.
Fine, I admit I was wrong for doing that.
But please, Mr. Jin,
bring my mom and my friends back.
Sorry, I can't do that, Jun.
Bring my mom and my friends back
or I'll open this bottle.
I'm going to command the genie
inside this bottle to fight you.
You don't know
who's trapped inside that bottle, Jun.
- Jun.
- Two.
It's empty.
Hey, you!
Mr. Jin?
You've trapped so many souls.
Jun, run
- Mr. Jin
- Jun, run!
Mr. Jin?
Mr. Jin!
Mr. Jin
Mr. Jin, please wake up.
Mr. Jin! Mr. Jin, please wake up.
Soon, he'll be gone.
Disappear from both worlds.
And what about my mom and my friends?
He's taking that secret to his grave.
And he's the only one who can
bring them back to your world.
If he dies,
then all the souls he has collected
will die with him.
Granny, you're the one
who trapped them
in those bottles, aren't you?
Who are you anyway?
No ordinary man can find this place.
I don't know.
But I know you have
supernatural superpower.
And maybe you can save him from dying?
There is one way to bring him back.
That is by transferring your soul
into his body.
That means
you must die
in order he can live.
How about this? Well?
Okay, Granny.
If that means
Mr. Jin is going to live
and can bring my mom and my friends back,
I'm fine with it.
There's no guarantee
he'd bring them back, Junaidi.
What choice do I have, Granny?
This is the only thing I can do, Granny.
Hold his right hand.
This is a magic song.
Granny have a spell.
Through thought, through thought.
Swish, swoosh, whiff! The wind is gone!
Granny Dago.
He gave up his life for you.
Isn't that what you want?
The thing you've been longing to feel.
He gave himself up for love.
For his mom and his friends.
And his love for you.
He didn't want you to die.
And I guess
you don't want him to die either.
Love is
What are you doing? Hey!
I'm warning you.
If you give half your soul to him,
you're bound for life with him.
Meaning when he dies,
you're going to die with him.
Are you Mr. Junaidi?
Did you just save my life?
Aren't we friends?
How about my mom and
I'm sorry, Jun.
Mormo stole their souls from me.
And then?
And then we're going to hunt him down.
Do you want to know a secret?
Genies might have supernatural powers,
but naturally,
humans are more powerful than genies.
Let's go.
There's a genie
that needs to be put in a bottle.
Here, your additional order.
Dul, stop playing with fire.
Are you trying to burn my stall?
I wouldn't do that, El.
This is called healing.
Healing, my ass!
This is a ritual to summon a genie.
Put it out.
No. You're a typical Indonesian,
a superstitious one.
See? A genie is here.
He's not a genie.
He just came back from the theater.
Do you know where people gather
at this hour?
Go to the PRJ then.
What is that?
Party Room for Genie!
- I'm going to eat you!
- What is that?
That's a real genie.
Buddy, please.
I know a place packed with people.
I'm not out of my mind
Just a little bit different
My mind, your mind
Where are you taking us, Mr. Jin?
Buy some ice cream!
Find Mormo, silly!
- Do you know where he is?
- I have no idea!
Help me
Rescue me from my own nightmare
Mormo loves places crowded places.
Places packed with people, Jun.
He likes that.
Because he has to take at least 300 souls
to increase his power.
He's going to take them?
Are you kidding me?
It's the source of our power, Jun.
We feed on your souls.
Mormo is well known for being a savage.
And then they all die?
Some of them will.
And some of them
are trapped in the afterlife.
What about my mom, Fachri, and Irdan?
As long as he hasn't gotten 300 souls,
there's still hope in rescuing them, Jun.
Mormo also loves to take the soul
and eat the flesh of young people.
I think I know where he is.
Stop! Everybody, stop!
What the hell are you doing?
It's not locked.
I think entering is easier than exiting.
Are you making a funny movie reference?
What the
- Jun.
- Oh, no.
What's happening?
Come here!
Don't go that way.
You're right.
It's too dangerous.
- This is my uncle.
- Hi!
Sarah, what's wrong with them?
What happened?
That's Mormo's doing.
What do we have to do?
We fight with water.
Because it's a powerful element
and a powerful antidote.
It just needs a little spell.
Where do we get the water?
From here.
- Is it enough?
- Yes.
That's it?
- Can I take the water now?
- Sure, go ahead.
Hold this for me.
Form a line, please.
Don't push.
It's done, Mr. Jin. What's next?
You sip the water.
And then?
Spit it out.
You just love spitting on me, don't you?
Not only genie,
but human hates to be spitted on too.
But that's the scenario, Jun.
Because the spell needs to be mixed
with human saliva.
Go ahead.
Are you still angry with me?
Not now, Jun.
After we get out of here alive.
Okay, kids, we need to split up.
Gosh, Mr. Jin.
That's a recipe for disaster!
In horror movies,
right after they split up,
one group always gets slaughtered.
- Let's not do that.
- You've watched too many horror movies.
He's right, Jun.
If we rescue one of them,
all the others would be dead.
That's exactly what I had in mind.
I'll take upstairs.
The rest is up to you.
Take care, Jun.
Come on. Let's go.
How long have you been studying
in this school?
What's wrong with you?
I'm the one who came up with the idea,
I'm the one who is left behind?
You're not dead yet?
You're one tough clown, are you?
Hey, Bagong.
Come with me.
Work for me.
We're going to build a New Empire.
In this world!
In this century!
Thank you, but no thank you.
what are you going to do now?
We don't share the same beliefs.
Do you think?
We might have become fire creatures.
But you chose to become one that destroys.
You're full of vengeance and hatred.
But Jun
He has the power to burn the fire in me
and give light to others.
Mr. Jin!
Where did you get your power?
From someone who's willing
to sacrifice himself for love.
The one that you don't have.
And you never will.
- Jun!
- Jun!
How stupid you are,
binding yourself with him.
We should pour water on him.
But how? It has to have our saliva in it.
With those balloons.
Throw them to him, Sarah.
Any last words?
His head gets inside a rice cooker.
Open it, Jun!
Sarah, wake up.
Sarah, we didn't get a chance to make up,
please don't die now.
Hey, Sarah.
Hey, Di.
Let's not talk about it.
Let's just leave it as mystery.
I don't know why,
but I miss you.
I miss our childhood.
I miss you too, Di.
And I'm sorry
for still trying to steal the boys
you like since elementary school.
I don't think he remembers
we went to the same school.
They're waving at me.
No, it's me.
- It's me.
- You're invisible.
I forgot.
I'm still thinking about my mom.
I can bring her back.
Irdan and Fachri too.
But it's going to cost me
my existence in genie's world.
They might even hunt me down too.
But I don't care.
I still have you as my friend.
But you'll be poor again, Jun.
Are you okay with that?
I don't mind, Mr. Jin.
I should've been more grateful
for what I had anyway.
And stop thinking
about those things I don't have.
Why are there police officers
in our school?
Is this a police academy?
And I thought this is a state school.
- Welcome.
- Miss.
- Yes?
- I have this
Are you Jun?
Please follow me.
This is your table.
Thank you.
Sorry, who are you?
I have come to help you.
Are you the one who sent this?
You are in danger, Jun.
All the people closest to you
are in danger.
We are all in big danger.
What do you mean?
Whatever you have done
has consequences to lives in other worlds.
Not only this world.
What have I done?
You have woken up
something that should not be messed
by humans at all.
Do you mean Mr. Jin?
You have absolutely no idea
what you have done, Jun?
Then what?
Please let me know what I did.
What really happened?
Do I have to keep touching it?
Can I let it go?
And because you have freed
To anyone that has freed me
from that bottle
That bottle
And I have made
Gosh, it's difficult.
Then now I will serve you!
Genie using selection cutting.
That's why he silenced me,
you're such a New Order genie!
Okay, Mr. Jin.
Life of a genie is so cozy.
Wait! But it's not applicable
to Eiffel Tower in Malang, okay?
I still can't think about it.
No brainer indeed.
Eat that.
And cut.
- Hey, you
- Gosh!
Sorry. See you later, sir.
- We can go home now?
- Yes.
Come back tomorrow.
I forgot.
- Is that a match gun?
- Excuse me.
- Hello?
- A match gun?
Have you ever seen a genie?
What? He is never too.
What is it called?
Okay then.
It's canceled, right?
- Cut.
- Canceled.
- What?
- Jump.
Down to earth.
It's for Jun?
Why is Jun moving?
Why do you keep moving, Jun?
Only you can decide your own orientation.
- That's right.
- Crazy man.
- Oriental
- Orientation
- Orientation.
- Orientation.
Hurry up!
Too far, come closer.