Jitters (2010) Movie Script

So typically British...
Not a chance.
- My name is Markus.
- Gabriel.
Gabriel. Neat name.
Just a wild guess...
You're the cuddly one, right?
You know, the one girls can talk to
when someone's been mean to them.
They come to you when their boyfriend
has dumped them or something, right?
- Is it that obvious?
- Kind of.
- Isn't that right?
- Maybe.
- I mean, that's all right.
- Yeah.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Someone has to do it.
- Aren't you going to get dressed?
- No.
Come on. You have to show up
on the first day.
- This is OK.
- Yeah, this is all right.
- She's hot.
- The teacher?
You little weasel.
The chick who sat next to me.
- She's not exactly a 10.
- No, maybe not.
I just hope there are some pubs
in this place.
- Pubs?
- Yeah.
I doubt we'll get into any pubs.
I came prepared. I got some
ID from my brother, Aron.
But I'll have to do something
about your look. - My look?
- Is there something wrong with it?
- It's fine in the Icelandic sticks.
I'm not digging this.
Your hair is cool.
What's with this shirt?
This is just my shirt.
It's cool.
What are we supposed to do?
Just sit here?
- No, we'll just chill a little.
- OK
Check this out.
- This hairstyle is fucking great.
- Fuck off.
You've ruined my hair.
Admit it, I'm the man.
- OK, you're the man.
- I'm the man.
I'm going to get a drink.
Do you want something?
I'd like a coke.
You don't ask for a coke at an
English pub. What's wrong with you?
My mom will kill me
if I mess up this trip.
Save some of this.
I'm going to the bar.
Want a coke?
- Coke.
- Thank you.
- Cheers. A toast for the coke.
- For the coke.
What are you doing?
I'm trying to study.
Relax. You're taking this
too seriously.
I'm taking this too seriously?
How would you know? You've never
shown up. - Sure I have.
Mom will kill me if I mess this up.
That's not good. But we'll have
to have some fun tonight.
I have to finish this.
OK, we'll have an icecold beer
when you're done.
- I have to finish this.
- OK.
- Finish it then so we can go.
- Shut up then!
- Yes.
- Thank you.
Are you done soon?
You can't finish if you
don't have a pen.
- We ruled the dancefloor.
- I know.
Can you open this?
Did you check out
that Asian chick? - No.
- At the bar?
- No.
- Too bad for you.
- Yeah?
She was wearing
a crotch-high skirt.
Wait a second.
Let's make a deal.
If you guess who this is,
I can have your beer.
Why would I want to
give you my beer?
What are you doing?
Matthew MacConaughey,
Dazed and Confused.
You have to give me your beer.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Are you going to school
next year?
I don't think so,
although I want to go
to hairdressing school in London.
If that doesn't work out I'll
just get a job back home.
I could never leave school
and get a job. - Why not?
You know,
all the kids at school...
- All my friends...
- Of course.
What about your friends?
Aren't they in school?
Yeah... I don't know.
What are you going to do
when you get back home?
I'll probably try to find some work
until school starts.
Mom had found a job for me.
It's in an old folk's home, though.
- Washing old men?
- Yeah. Not a chance.
How are they?
Who? The old folk?
Your mom and dad.
They're all right.
They're divorced.
Dad is all right.
Mom can be a little difficult.
- Isn't everything all right?
- Yeah.
Well, aren't you going to
tell us about your trip?
It was fine. I got to know
a few Icelanders.
Wow! A few Icelanders...
Sounds great.
No, really. How was it?
Mom, we were just in school.
It was fine.
Well, dear.
It would be nice to hear
something about your trip.
I'm not in the mood.
Someone is feeling depressed.
Wasn't it fun?
Yes, it was just fine. I'm not
in the mood to talk about it.
Do you think you'll be
in the mood tomorrow?
- Hi.
- Hi, man.
- Are you home?
- Yes.
Nice. Great not hearing from you.
It was a little hard to be alone
with the girls all the time.
You're not going to be gone
for so long again.
- Yeah, I'm so damn irreplaceable.
- Have you started cursing?
- What happened in Manchester?
- Nothing. What do you mean?
Is it Gabriel?
Tell him about the party.
- What?
- The party?
We're having a party tomorrow
at Greta's. You have to be there.
Stella is dying to see you.
Shut up, Teddi.
Has she been OK?
Yeah, you know... I don't know.
I haven't been watching her.
She's probably fine.
What about you and Tara?
Have you quit fooling around?
You know how the chicks go after me.
You know how they dress.
- I don't have much of a choice.
- You're such a slut.
- Welcome back.
- Thanks.
- I've missed you so much.
- Likewise.
- You're here already?
- Yeah, what's up?
- How was the trip?
- It was fine.
- Did you score?
- Score?
Don't be so naive.
- What's this? How strong is it?
- 74 proof.
Not too much.
Relax, don't be such a pussy.
- And?
- And what?
- How was it? What happened?
- It was fine.
Nothing special happened.
You were away for three weeks
and nothing special happened?
We were just in school.
It was fine.
This mix is a little strong.
- Come to the bathroom.
- No.
Stop it!
- Have a drink.
- No, I don't want to.
Are you having your period?
No, I just don't want to.
Stop it.
Have some water.
- How have you been?
- It's been up and down.
- Did something happen?
- No, nothing like that.
What's this?
- What's going on?
- I missed you.
What are you doing, Teddi?
It's always something, you know.
Your period or something.
Are you retarded?
Tara, wait!
- What's the matter?
- She's been such a bitch tonight.
Gabriel, my dear!
How you've grown.
Mom, what do you think
you're doing?
What are you doing?
I don't want to talk to you.
- Can I have a word with you?
- Isn't this my home?
- Yes, but isn't this my party?
- I live here.
For once, I'm having a party.
Can you just leave me alone?
- Let's just get drunk.
- You know I don't drink.
I don't want to listen to this.
You're boring.
Why do you always have to act
like this? - I live here! Relax!
You're such a moron.
Didn't you just
say it yourself?
Yes, but I said it myself.
What were you thinking?
You've made a mess of everything.
I was just horny that night.
Anyway, I only fingered this girl.
That's all right then.
No... You have to call here
for me. She always hangs up on me.
I can't always clean up
your mess for you.
You can at least talk to Stella.
She talks to her many times a day.
Stella is furious with you.
- Is she?
- Yes.
- There's not a chance.
- You can at least try.
I can try,
but I can't promise anything.
It wasn't my fault. I was
so juiced that night.
- Juiced?
- I don't know...
Try to tell her that
my conscience is killing me.
- Did I wake you up?
- Kind of.
Where are you?
Wait a second.
I'm just home.
Tara slept over tonight.
What a crazy night.
Teddi is a moron. I know he's
your friend, but he's a moron.
Yeah, but don't you think that
Tara will take him back?
Not a chance.
Have you heard from him?
- A little. He's a complete mess.
- Serves him right.
I start work at the store
tomorrow. Come and see me.
OK, I'll drop by tomorrow.
I have to go. Grandma is
listening in.
- Have you heard from Tara?
- Yeah, she's asleep upstairs.
I can't live with this hag anymore.
I'm going to move.
Where will you move?
You see rent ads everywhere.
Can't I just rent something?
How will you pay the rent?
Do you have any money?
I'll just have to get
another extra job.
You know that anything's better
than living with my mom.
In this rathole.
It's a shame. There's always
some trouble with the old lady.
I know. Did you see her yesterday?
No, we just ran into her
when we were leaving.
She screamed at me in front
of everyone
and then she started
messing with Gabriel.
I can't stand her. There's
something wrong with her.
The register is self-explanatory.
Everything's quite simple,
the vegetables and all that.
You'll get the hang of this
in no time.
You'll usually be working with
Mitrovic. He can help you.
Does he speak Icelandic?
Yes, he speaks great Icelandic.
His nephew also works here sometimes.
His Icelandic is not that good.
Just ask Mitrovic or me.
You have my phone number.
Don't you want to try?
Let's start with some vegetables.
Carrots and...
It's afternoon and you're eating
Cocoa Puffs in your pyjamas?
Where does this damn
Cocoa Puffs come from?
Did you buy it?
- What's the matter, Gabriel?
- Nothing. Doesn't matter.
What doesn't matter?
There's something going on.
Spare me, mom.
Didn't you score in Manchester?
What? I was in English school.
That doesn't mean you can't
get laid. - Not me.
What about you?
Aren't you scoring?
What about this guy you were
talking about? - What guy?
The one you were telling me about
before I went to Manchester.
You didn't want to
tell me who he was.
You know you're the only
man in my life.
You know you can trust me.
- I just told you.
- You know I'll find out.
Is he cute?
- Shut up. Who are you texting?
- No one.
Who is this guy?
Don't change the subject.
- I'm not. Who are you texting?
- No one.
- Give me that.
- Not a chance.
- You're being really dubious.
- Come on.
- How's Tara?
- Not so good. Poor girl.
- Hi, Gabriel.
- Hi.
- Are you smoking in here?
- No.
There's so much smoke
in the hallway.
Close the door, grandma.
You know it's just incense.
You're just nosy.
Turn it out. It gives
you such a headache.
She's such a pain in the ass.
She watches everything I do.
She's always breathing
down my neck.
She can relax.
I'm nothing like my mother.
Doesn't she just have
her reasons? - Maybe.
You've been so strange since you
came. Something bothering you?
Don't you start too.
There's nothing wrong.
- Not that I know of.
- That's what you say.
- Hi, dear.
- What's up?
Nice to see you.
Have a seat, Gabriel.
Mom, are you going to start again
with these family meetings?
Why don't you just give up?
There's always a reason for
having a family meeting.
Your father and I have noticed
certain changes in you
that cause certain suspicions.
What are you talking about?
I talked to your father and he
thought that it was right
to have a little chat with you.
Did you try some kind
of drugs in England?
No, I didn't try any drugs
in England.
I can take a drug test
if you don't believe me.
I'll pee in front of you
whenever you want.
- Well no, that's...
- Shut up.
You have to understand our worries.
The times have changed
and temptations are everywhere.
We have to believe the boy.
You wouldn't expect him
to be in that kind of trouble.
You never know.
This has been brought up,
anyway. How's school?
It's still summer vacation.
- But you did good this spring?
- Yes.
That's the most important thing.
Will you hunt reindeer this year?
Yes, we'll be in sector three,
but I applied for them all.
We were there last year,
but I prefer sector two.
Right now, I'd really like
to know where he is.
- Who?
- My dad.
Don't you know his name?
I know that his name is Haraldur
and that he is a complete loser.
She promised me that someday
she would tell me who he is.
Isn't it about time?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Fine.
We're on our way out.
We're looking at an apartment.
Are you going to
rent an apartment?
Just she.
I'm going to get going. I just
got a contract at a salon.
- My first day.
- OK.
Do you want to come by later?
I'll use you as a guinea pig.
Guinea pig! I'm not sure...
Of course you'll go, Gabriel.
Get a haircut.
Drop by later. You're cool.
See you later.
Who was that?
Just a friend.
I met him in Manchester.
- Isn't this a nice apartment?
- Very nice. Very cozy.
- Nice kids?
- Yeah. A little peculiar.
Don't be alarmed by the mess
in the hallway.
- You've met Hallur.
- Yeah, hi.
- Greta, right?
- Greta, yes.
- This is Freyja.
- Hi
- And Geiri.
- Hi.
Walk around. Your room
is right next to mine.
Don't you want to
take a look?
Good afternoon.
Are you going
to the party tonight?
Welcome. There's beer, punch
and vodka in the kitchen.
I can understand two or four hours,
but now she's just being spiteful.
You're such an idiot.
She's just hurt. Understandably.
But still, this
wasn't anything serious.
Nice haircut.
Answer one question...
Who threw up on you? I'll find
him and beat him up for you.
Get bent. Seriously.
- No, really. What is this?
- High lights.
- No shit. Why do you have this?
- I don't know.
Just a little change.
You have to get used to it.
A little change? He got a new
plumage. Like a bird.
Are you finished? - Just about.
I'll have another.
Hi, Tara, it's me.
Why didn't you come to the party?
You know, I can explain,
Greta understood me.
- I want everybody out!
- It's my home too.
Quiet! This isn't
a damn club!
Geiri is acting like an idiot.
Just come.
Do you want
to talk to Geiri? Bye!
You're just drunk and boring.
I can understand that you're mad
but now you're just spiteful.
Spiteful, that's a word.
What a bitch.
- Are. You having fun?
- Yeah, aren't you coming?
- I'm on my way.
- OK, see you then.
Wait a minute.
Hi, Gabriel.
- How's it going?
- Fine.
Come on in.
This is my brother, Aron.
Aron, this is Gabriel.
Is that the guy who was
with you in Manchester?
Yes, he kept me alive.
- Look at you. Are you stoned?
- No.
Me neither.
We just have some booze.
Would you like a beer? - Yes.
Let me know if you find some
pot or something.
This is my friend, Lara.
- Hi, Lara.
- Gabriel.
Have a seat.
- Everything OK?
- Yeah, great.
Have you known
Markus for long?
Yes and no.
I'm good friends with Aron.
- Do you have a girlfriend, Gabriel?
- No. Why?
Have a shot.
Open the register you cow!
Call the police.
- What's the number?
- 112. Hurry!
He took my necklace.
- Why don't we meet more often?
- I don't know.
- We should.
- No doubt.
- How are you?
- Fine. And you?
Just fine.
- What is this?
- Just taste it.
- Are you drunk? Have some.
- No, I'm done.
Go home, kids. There's nothing
happening here. Hurry!
Just take it easy tonight.
- Walk her to her door.
- Yes.
- Isn't everything all right?
- Do you know where Markus is?
- Hasn't he just left?
- I don't know.
He won't go far.
- Thanks for the help.
- No problem.
See you later.
I saw that it was
a friend of Nemjana.
Of course I'm sure,
try to get some information.
I don't want Stella
and her friends finding out
that we know these jerks.
Just find him.
What are you doing?
Come. Lie down.
You're not getting this,
are you? - What?
No way, Greta.
And I don't have any money.
I have the rent. I just didn't
know about this insurance fee.
You'll have to figure it out.
It was your decision.
I did it because you're
impossible to live with, mom.
Come on, Greta.
You're always having
some damn parties.
You're never home anyway.
No, because I can't stay
in this rathole with you.
- I'll be going then.
- Yes.
I'll call you.
- What's his name?
- I don't know.
Not that one. Haraldur.
Your father? Why, Greta?
He's a loser.
I don't care. I just
want to know his name.
Are you just going to knock
on his door,
smile and introduce yourself?
You promised me that I could
at least know his name.
Are you going to tell me then?
You're unbelievable.
Move over.
Are you satisfied now?
That's him.
His name is
Haraldur Simonarson.
Haraldur Simonarson?
When was this picture taken?
Sixteen years ago, of course.
At a festival.
She doesn't want to help me.
You know I'll end up
as a stripper.
- She's such a bitch.
- I know, she sucks.
She told me
my father's name.
Really? Then it's a piece of cake.
We'll just get him to pay.
What's wrong with you? I only
want to know who he is.
Let's google him.
- Hi.
- Hi. Where were you?
At the record store.
- And?
- There's nothing available.
Judda is googling my father.
Have you found something?
I need to know
his name first.
Haraldur, Haraldur Simonarson.
Do you know his last name?
Mom just told me.
- Really?
- Yes.
We need some money
for Greta.
Is he supposed
to get the money?
I don't know
what she's thinking.
What have you found?
This one was born in the 80s
so it can't be him.
This is some handball guy.
- Is this guy a complete nobody?
- Probably.
Would you recognise
a picture of him?
I've seen one photo of him
but it was an old one.
Could it be this one?
He does look a little
like you.
- I think it's him.
- Really?
Let me see. Yes!
He has a Facebook page.
I'll just send him
a message.
I made a Facebook page.
I found some photos online
of this girl and called her Mjoll.
I've added friends of Haraldur
and two have already accepted me.
Check this out. "Hi, Haraldur,
you look so familiar,
were you working
at Kaupthing bank
- four years ago? Mjoll."
- You're crazy.
Mom! What the hell are you doing?
You never tell me anything
so I just...
What's wrong with you?
What do you need to know?
Why you avoid your home
and why you avoid me.
Do you think it's all right
to look at my computer?
- What am I supposed to do?
- Get out now!
You don't order me about
in my own house.
- What's up?
- Just my mom.
She can't be worse than
grandmother. - Don't be too sure.
- About the other night...
- Yes.
Wait a minute.
Mitrovic, can you take
the register? - Yes.
- Don't you get it?
- Yes, I think so.
I just can't believe that I'm
the one who... - Gabriel.
There are so many things
that I want to tell you.
It's all right, really.
- Mitrovic asked me to the movies.
- Great.
Stella, come over here.
There you go.
I found him. No money,
but he gave me this.
- Let's notify the police.
- I'll do it.
I don't know how I'll
explain this to Stella.
Greta, he replied!
No, I've never worked
at a bank, fortunately.
I work as a massage therapist.
You're always welcome
if your back is troubling you.
Massage therapist?
I'm so going to get a massage.
- Thanks for tonight.
- You too.
- See you tomorrow.
- Yes.
Maybe we can do this
again sometime?
Grandmother is coming.
I don't want to meet her.
Stella, get out
of the car at once!
Would you mind.
He's just a friend.
A friend.
Quit it. You're embarrasing me.
Go away. That is,
if you understand Icelandic.
- Grandmother!
- I'm Russian but I've lived here
for five years
so I know the language.
Don't listen to her. As you can
hear she's just retarded.
Just go, I can't stand this.
You're such a bitch.
Shut up, leave me alone!
So you've come
to save the world?
What's going on?
What is she doing hanging around
with these damn foreigners?
Everyone knows what
this flirting leads to.
- He's just a really nice guy.
- Nice!
You're too young to know how
these Talibans can be.
I wasn't surprised when I heard
that Stella's mother had died.
When she went to Denmark
with this lowlife,
I begged her not to take
Stella with her.
She was only five years old.
But she took her with her.
I just don't know what to do.
She's so prejudiced.
She's ruining my life.
- Judith.
- Yes.
Walk this way.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How was it?
Are you sure this
is your father?
Am I sure?
He was just incredibly nice.
I can't believe he's such a loser.
How did he look?
Is he tall?
Kind of cute. Tall and dark-
haired. Just really nice.
We were just talking
at Tara's place last night.
- I nailed her.
- No!
She's going to give me
another chance. Very nice.
Do me and everybody else a favor.
Don't screw this up.
I'm not screwing anything up.
- Just a Coke.
- Same for me.
- What's new?
- Quite a lot.
Greta's father massaged me
and I have to say, he's cute.
You should get to know him.
Maybe you'll be Greta's stepmom.
Teddi! He's an old man.
How old are you supposed to be
when you get to be an old man?
Forty. They become old right
away when they reach forty.
I've heard that they become
smelly, pot-bellied
and crazy for young meat.
- Thats you, babe.
- You're disgusting.
Or they're jerking
off over anal sex on the net.
Watch your mouth.
- They know how to live the life.
- Shut up for once.
I like you better like this
than crying on my shoulder.
You're here already?
Your father and we decided
to have a little chat.
Have a seat. - I'm done
with this. I'm sixteen.
Don't think you're grown up
although you're sixteen.
We're here because nothing
has changed
since our last family meeting.
You're never home and we have no
idea what's going on in your life.
Mom, I'm just hanging out
with my friends.
You could have gotten a job
when you came back from England.
You know that I applied for jobs.
All the summer jobs were taken.
I'm still waiting for
a reply from the record store.
I know you could have gotten
that job at the old folks home.
I drew the line
at wiping old people's behinds.
Why are we the only ones talking?
Why do you drag them here?
We are all responsible for you,
although I seem to be the only one
who carries on a discussion
at these meetings.
In meetings, it's generally
the pushy ones who speak,
but I understand that
you haven't been home much
and I want to you know
that we are your family
and that you can talk to us
if something's wrong.
It can just be a little chat
now and then.
Then you could try to be home
when I'm home.
I'm not always out, you're just
not home at the same time.
It's just a coincidence,
I'm not trying to avoid you.
You are our only son and our
friendship is important to me.
You are my mother, you can
never be a close friend.
We can be close, of course,
but you know what I mean.
I'm just worried. I feel like
you're shutting us off.
Just trust me, mom.
Isn't this good for today?
I'll just take the old boy
with me to McDonalds.
Thanks for the coffee.
I'll drive him home later.
Dad, I can't stand these family
meetings. You have to do something.
Do you think I can do anything?
The woman is and always
has been a control freak.
It's best to do as she says
to avoid serious trouble.
You don't go there with
your mother. Poor Bjoggi...
You can still back me up.
That's right.
I could do more.
- Do you want to drive?
- I'm only sixteen.
It's OK to try
a little circle here.
I'm taking chemistry.
Who needs to learn chemistry?
- Didn't you choose this course?
- Yeah, but you know... Chemistry.
But science is your main course.
Then you have to do chemistry.
I'm very pleased with my classes.
There's such a big gap
between classes on Mondays.
Just allow someone to fill the gap.
Then everything will be all right.
You know about my Facebook page.
I've been chatting with Haraldur
and things are heating up.
Are you kidding? I'll kill you
if you cross the line.
I think she's just
about to.
I invited him
on a date on Wednesday.
- Are you kidding me?
- No.
This is getting interesting!
You've messed with him
far too much.
Just stand him up
and stop contacting him.
I want to sit
at the next table.
- Why don't you just talk to him?
- Me?
- Come on!
- Not a chance.
What is he going to say to him?
And this ignorant friend of mine
is a really bad liar.
Can we just stop talking
about this? - Sure.
- I'll just go.
- We're with you.
I think he's coming.
There's someone coming.
- It's him!
- Is this him?
Nice! He's a hottie.
I can't back out now,
can I? - No.
Just go and talk to him.
- Excuse me, remember me?
- Yes, how are you?
Can I have a seat?
I'm expecting someone.
Yes, about that...
That's kind of me.
Are you Mjoll?
Kind of.
But she doesn't exist.
Wait! I have to talk to you.
It's about your daughter, Greta.
She's my flatmate and she's
having some money problems.
Her mother can't help her
so we thought about asking the man
who has never had anything to do
with his daughter for help.
Do you think this is
the best way to find people?
- Is something wrong with you?
- Is something wrong with you?
You don't know anything about this.
Don't you think I have my reasons?
Could be, but Greta doesn't know
anything about your reasons.
- What happened?
- He just freaked out and left.
Go after him. Go!
Maybe she'll hit him.
Isn't she supposed to know anything
about these reasons of yours?
You're the one who spit her out
into the world. - I spit her out?
I was dead drunk and vaguely
remember meeting this woman.
Then she called three months
later and said she was pregnant.
I don't even remember
sleeping with her.
So that's it then?
No, when I offered to take a blood
test she didn't want to speak to me.
If she doesn't want to speak to me
I can't be the father, right?
Are you ready for a DNA test now?
What about Greta?
Come on!
What happened?
- He didn't say shit.
- You should have hit him.
Just let it go. I don't want
to ask my mother about this guy.
Maybe we should just relax.
I agree that we should
take a break from this.
If you want to do something later
we'll do it.
I've been applying
for more shifts here.
You'll have to be
free on Thursday.
I'm having a party before
the dance. You have to be there.
Is he waiting outside
in the car?
You're not going anywhere.
- This is my life.
- Stella!
- Tara!
- Hi!
- Who was this faggot?
- Just a guy I know.
- Who?
- Steini.
- Have you been seeing him?
- No.
- Then why did he say hi like that?
- Like that?
- Yes.
- I just know him.
This wasn't like that.
It was a real faggoty hi.
What's wrong with you?
Stop it.
- This is not a strong mix.
- Yes it is.
How is this dress?
Can I go in this?
- I look fat.
- You don't look fat.
- Yes I do. See this?
- No, you look great.
See these hips. Do you think
I'll get through the door?
We already talked about this.
- You haven't said anything.
- You look really great.
Just don't get too drunk.
- I'm never too drunk.
- No, never...
- If you drank, you'd understand.
- Yes, I don't understand.
I always have more fun than you
when we go out.
I'm always just fine.
I'd have more fun
if I weren't so fat.
Where are you?
Aren't you going to reply?
What are you drinking?
Some disgusting mix from Teddi.
It's like drinking pure alcohol.
He's just trying
to get you drunk.
Is it disgusting?
I don't want to be sober. It's
disgusting to be sober at a dance.
- Kiss me.
- Kiss you?
- I know you want me.
- Do I?
Don't be like this.
I don't kiss people
out of the blue.
- Don't tell me you're romantic.
- I'm not saying that.
Stop it.
You're making me embarrased.
Do you want to go
to the room?
No, I don't want to
go into the room.
Don't you want to ask me out?
Isn't that how it works?
- Do you want me to ask you out?
- No. Just leave me alone.
I think you have
to take her home. - Yes.
She's not handling this.
We're going to the dance.
No problem, I'll do it.
- Isn't everything OK?
- Yeah, it's OK.
She's not going to the dance.
Aren't you feeling well?
- Are you taking her home?
- Yes, I'll do it.
See you.
- Can't we get going as well?
- Yeah, soon.
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
Don't you want this
to dry your dress?
Let's just go to your place.
Hello, no she went
with Mitrovic.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
There's a foreigner who works here.
I need to know where he lives.
Do you mean Soric?
You know who I mean.
The one Stella's been with.
- You mean Mitrovic.
- Yes, find out where he lives.
I don't have his address here
but I can find out.
Yes, please.
I'm in a hurry.
- What took you so long?
- I just got held up.
- Where were you?
- On my way.
We're getting laid!
- How many have you drunk?
- None.
- Are you sober?
- Yes.
You're such a dork.
- They're not testing.
- I know.
I'll just go be a minute.
- Aren't you coming with me?
- I'll be there in a second.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- Why don't you answer your phone?
- I don't know.
You can at least text me.
- We can at least talk.
- I'm just not interested.
- You're not interested?
- No.
- What do you mean?
- You know what I mean.
I just don't want to talk to you.
- Are you kidding?
- No, I'm not kidding.
Open up, Stella!
I know you're up there!
Open up!
Leave me alone.
I'm spending the night with him.
Stop this nonsense!
Get dressed and come out!
Leave me alone!
Go away!
Come with me at once!
- Do as I say!
- Leave me alone!
I'll leave you alone
when you're home.
How do you think I feel?
You're such a brat!
- How is it upstairs?
- Fun, we're going to dance.
Do you know where Gabriel is?
He's talking to some guy.
At least have the guts
to talk to me. - Leave me alone!
Just go if you don't
want to talk to me.
What's going on?
Is something wrong with you?
Gabriel is gay!
- Hello.
- Gabriel, where are you?
I don't want to talk
to you, Teddi.
He was just joking, Gabriel.
You're not gay?
I don't want to talk
about this, Teddi.
Teddi, I said that I don't
want to talk to you.
You have to come, Gabriel.
She doesn't make a sound.
What are you talking about?
I went to get her
and she just lost all control.
Get her? Where?
To Mitrovic?
I didn't want her there.
Can't you come now, Gabriel?
She doesn't answer me.
I've tried and tried.
Are you insane?
Can you come now?
She doesn't answer.
She doesn't make a sound.
Open up, Stella. Let's talk.
Thank god you're here.
Stella, can you hear me?
Call an ambulance!
Call an ambulance!
Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust.
Give mercy and grace to the living,
pardon and rest to the dead.
May the Lord have mercy
on your soul and grant you peace.
May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May He lift up His countenance
and grant you peace.
In the name of the Father, amen.
I'll be right back.
- Gabriel, I just wanted to say...
- You don't have to say anything.
I know.
I just wanted to ask you if
you know where Stella's cross is?
If someone knows
where it is...
Mitrovic, I just wanted
to say that I...
I hope this is not a bad time
but I wanted to talk to you.
Who is this?
My name is Greta.
Yes, I met your friend
the other day.
I know. Sorry about that.
It's just me this time.
I wanted to talk about this.
I would like for us to meet
and talk things over.
Of course I can meet you.
I wish I could take you with me.
He would run to the hills
if he saw me.
Now I'm so stressed
I could throw up.
It's just some guy.
He's not God almighty.
Are you sure I don't look fat
in these pants? See.
- Greta?
- Hi.
- Sorry I'm late.
- That's alright.
- This is so absurd.
- Yes, rather uncomfortable.
I don't know what I'm doing.
Wasn't this about
some insurance money?
No, that came from my friend.
I just wanted to see you.
Just finish this so I don't have
to think about it anymore.
This is probably good for
the both of us. - I think so.
It's no fun feeling
like half a person.
You look rather whole to me.
Isn't it just one half who needs
to know where he came from?
I guess.
This has been such a weird day
without Stella around.
It's so strange
not to be able to call her.
And just go and see her.
I call her every day just
to get hear her answer message.
Remember when she
first came to class?
I thought she was
some kind of satanist.
Did you know that
she liked me?
Yes, she always did.
- I never realised anything.
- Gabriel, it wasn't your call.
What about this Markus?
What happened in Manchester?
There's not much to say.
One night we just kissed.
We were both drunk
and then everything changed.
Such as?
For the first time, I felt these
jitters that everyone talks about
but at the same time I didn't
want to believe that I was gay.
I kind of wished
that it wasn't true.
This is great. Really.
Then what?
Then I saw him with
some girl at a party.
- Is he bi or what?
- I don't know.
- Can you talk to me, Gabriel?
- I'm coming.
- How are you?
- Fine. Where's mom?
At some meeting.
- Who's with you?
- Greta.
- Is everything all right?
- Yes.
I want to have a little
chat with you, Gabriel.
- How is your social life?
- What?
Gabriel, do you think you
could be homosexual? - What?
What do you mean?
There's nothing wrong with it.
I haven't mentioned it to your mom.
I just looked at your computer...
I thought it was my computer,
but then I saw...
It's OK, Gabriel.
If you're ready
to talk about it, I'll...
- What were you thinking?
- I don't know.
- Why were you with her?
- I was just drunk and stupid.
I just wasn't sure
about this.
- You're the first guy I've kissed.
- I didn't know.
- You're also my first.
- I know.
- What happens next?
- I don't know.
I haven't got laid for so long
I feel like I'm in eighth grade.
Like sixth grade for you,
eighth grade for me.
Yeah, right. Dream on.
What's with the frown? Haven't
got laid for a long time?
No, not for a really long time.
- How are you anyway?
- Everything's such a mess.
- Why?
- I met Markus today.
- Are you two okay?
- Okay and not okay...
I don't know.
We're not not OK, anyway.
- It's good that you talked?
- Yes.
What a smell.
I'm going. Judith, tell Hallur
to do the dishes and clean up.
I'm freaking out,
this is so disgusting.
- Hi.
- Hi.
If you don't have the money
tomorrow I'll throw you out.
Geiri, easy on the
throwing people out.
I'll have it tomorrow.
I don't know about you but
I'm really hot for Geiri.
The hottest guy.
How are you going to
figure this out?
I took extra shifts
and got paid in advance
- so I'll have the money tomorrow.
- OK, great.
Which reminds me... I'm going out
to meet Haraldur again.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
- See you.
- Bye.
Good luck.
- Let's get drunk.
- Yes, that's sensible.
No, really. I have beer
and some vodka shots.
It's not like you have something
better to do.
- You're joking right?
- No.
Do I really have to undress?
Yes, one shot
and then undress.
Yes! A king.
An ace!
That's not an ace, Gabriel.
That's a four.
That's a four.
I win,
you have to take a shot.
Take off your shirt.
Gabriel, you lost.
Not a chance.
- You lost.
- I didn't lose.
- Off with the shirt.
- No.
- You take off your shirt.
- Take this off.
I'm not taking off
my shirt!
- What time is it?
- You'll be late for school.
- This thing last night...
- Don't think about it.
- Sorry, but I don't know...
- Let's forget about it.
Since it happened, I've just been
interested in... this thing.
I was wondering if we...
can maybe and get
to know each other better.
I must admit that I would
really like that.
Thank god for the weekend.
This week was really hard.
- Do you have any plans, Gabriel?
- Maybe catch a movie.
Isn't there a new Icelandic movie
that's supposed to be good?
Yeah, we were thinking
about seeing that one.
Who are you going with?
Who's coming now?
It's for me.
Typical. We've just sat down
for dinner when someone...
- How are you?
- Fine. And you?
Just fine. But...
I can't do this now.
You're not bailing out on me now.
We decided.
- Are you sure?
- Yes. Trust me.
Maybe we should go
to the movies. - What film?
I don't know. Pass the sauce.
This is so dry.
Maybe it's a little overdone.
I didn't want it bleeding.
But you don't want
to chew on leather either.
Mom, Bjoggi... This is
my friend, Markus.