Jo and Jo (2022) Movie Script

Everyone switch off the phones.
Nobody should track us.
I haven't fought before...
It's for the first time!
Just stand by me! I will handle!
-Give me that lighter!
When he comes, we won't have time
to waste... It must be a surgical strike!
I don't need anyone!
I will beat him up on my own!
-Make sure you do!
-Yah! I will!
He has arrived!
Go ask him!
What the! What's the matter?
You will ruin my sister's
life, eh?
I won't let you!
I will kill you!
"Namaste Keralam!"
The state enters the
fourth day of lockdown.
The first three days... Saturday, Sunday
and even on Monday that's a working day...
People showed full co-operation.
News continues...
Oi! Lillykutty!
-Where is my shirt?
She did not give yet? Just a minute!
I'll bring.
Ugh this girl! Won't
finish any job she does.
Ugh! Why won't she just
take them downstairs?
Gets on my nerves!
I am tired of climbing these damn stairs!
Lilly switches off the fan
Kiddo! Just wake up!
Do you even remember what
the electricity bill was, the last time?
It's a miracle Chachan didn't black out!
-I will slash your
arms if you switch it on!
-Nuh... ugh!
(COVID-19 News continues)
Ouch! What is with this
biting!? It hurts so bad!
This entire side is gone!
I am hungry!
I will make now.
One acre of skin is gone.. ugh!
Onion curry today also? No chicken curry?
Yeah right! Chicken! Go ask Chachan.
Oh! No need! He will tell off!
Mom! Dosa is not crisp enough.
Next one, make it crispier.
dosa batter sizzles upon the pan
Give me a minute.
-Not dosa! Fees!
It's time for the kid to pay fees...
The last time he went to
college was for admission..
He hasn't seen the place since...
Does it mean fees get slashed at least? No!
I was told I will be barred
if the fees is not paid...
Ah.. Baby here... Ah!
The body is swollen?
I will be there now. Bring him there.
Don't give him water. Yeah!
Ah! I will decide if it's
snake or centipede that bit him!
Almost there.... I started...
-Mama! I am leaving...
-Oh no.. Chachan left?
I had in mind to buy chilly powder...
Forgot to tell him!
-Will you tell him, kid?
-Just Whatsapp him..
If I hover around him telling
this, i will hear a mouthful!
-Want more dosa, son?
-What about tea?
Aey sweet baby!
Jomon mumbles
I'm your little puppy...
take me take me
My dear lover...
If you make up your mind...
we can cuddle up...
Heart goes jiggy jiggy ja...... Oh!
Y'all have the best of times, man!
Eat... shit... shit... eat...
Ugh! Go away... Go! Go!
Jomon peeing
Aey.. My sweet baby... My Jeera Soda!
I have told you a thousand times
to pee in the toilet... pee in the toilet!
How bad the stink is!
It is only because of that poor Veerappan
that I manage in front of my students...
-Get lost!
Today my aim was off... next time
it will be bang on.. I will cut it off!
If I call the police, you and
your kids will be done for...
Don't you know tuition is
prohibited during lockdown?
Go! Go inform the police.
-Will tell them!
-Ouch! Dog!
Ugh! Won't brush.. wont bathe... and
on top of that, pees in the front yard...
And then he become's mama's sweet
boy... Aarrghh! Can't do this anymore!
Lilly scraps coconut
Cut these beans and go.
Your son who won't touch a
dosa if it's not warm... is out there...
Go ask him.
He has class, right?
-Ah! What you just said
is politically incorrect.
Which means,
I too have class, just like him..
Just that it is not engineering...
Don't show gender
inequality at home, Lilly!
Get lost!
But then, there's one who makes
your life easy by watching TV...
Give some work to Annamma...
Ah! Best!
So making an old hag above 70, work, would
be your idea of political correctness!
Huh! So be it! My darling
daughter... run along!
Err... well.. apparently old
people, if they don't keep working...
They will become forgetful..
is what science says.
What use telling you, who played volleyball
all the time and failed pre-degree!
-Nu.. uh!
-It's science! Science!
Get's up, won't comb her hair...
walks around like a witch!
Ugh! Watches all those trash movies
and mugs up all them dialogues...
movie plays on TV
Run and come, dear son! Come!
-What a fight, eh?
-Yeah! Of course!
-After Jayan, it's him...
Girl! If you do marry, go for
someone like him... with a spine!
Instead, like your father...
You shouldn't go for weak wussies!
Why so, Grandma.. Chachan is super, right?
-Hmm... That's for your mother!
Oh no! It's 9!? Gotta go to class!
-Just cut these beans
for your daughter-in-law...
-As if! Huh! Daughter-in -law it seems!
an old song plays
Ugh! Enough already!
Come out! I have class!
Boy! Enough!
Will you just come out!
Open! Enough! Ugh!
Will you open or should I break it open?
continues banging on the door
You scoundrel! Just open the damn door!
-This witch! Won't allow to shit in peace!
Jomol sniffes Jomon out
-Haven't I told you not to use my face cream?
-Just move!
-Get lost!
scuffle ensues
Jomol shuts door
-You rascal jerk ass dog!
-Ah! Hee!
Jomol sighs
Today we are going through
an important topic in physics...
That is... quantum mechanics!
class continues...
Real romance is a thing of past...
instead of Whatsapp or Instagram...
When people could only meet
at the bus stops or at college...
When communication took place
through eyes alone... Those olden times...
If at all something had to be spoken,
the way letters were written...
Even though letters are mushy, isn't
it nice to open your heart and write?
And to hide these letters from
others... is such a thrill, right!?
Ravish is right!
There must be so many love stories....
that are unsaid and unknown...
Son, Jo!
Not up yet? Shouldn't we attend classes?
Not in the mood...
Man! It's Prajith sir's class...
He will cause trouble otherwise!
Son, George!
Bigger waves haven't sunken this sail!
I don't fear him!
Ah Whatever! I am attending!
Ohm's Law states... that the
current through a conductor...
class continues
phone chimes
Mr. Jo Palathara! What's cooking!?
phone chimes
-Sir has class!
No one knows if we will
live to see the end of Corona...
So many dumb asses
attending classes for no reason!
The system itself is flawed!
By the way, don't you have class?
It is Rajarajeshwari
birth anniversary today...
So entire Karnataka is on holiday.
Breaking Bad Lite!
Arrack, eh?
Oh! So if you Christians
make, it is wine....
When we Hindus make, it becomes arrack!
If the excise catches, all of this caste
and religion won't matter!
No one will catch if it's
made for one's own use...
Just make sure you
don't lift it and sell it off!
Leave all of that... How
is your mom doing now?
Has the Sugar reduced?
-Ah yes! She is taking medicines daily
Which means, there might
be many pills in stock, eh?
Ah... There must be enough for
around 35 days... what happened ?
So, a relative of mine has
finished the medicine for sugar...
What's to worry? We can find a way!
Er.. Thanks!
-Er... -I need one more help...
To dear Sir...
Dude! Not like that!
No wonder you were thrown out...
-Then you write!
Man! After all I am CBSE, right?
Ah! So you know neither
Malayalam nor English!
-I will write!
-Yes! Write!
-Hmm.. Res..pec...ted Sir!
-Hmm... mmm...
-I, Aby Mattathil Kakoor....
Not just me, you too!
What am I for? No way! Get lost!
My stache-less bro! Please!
Come! Social service?
-Please! Please!
Where to?
Undisclosed location
somewhere in... er... Thariyode...
So it's sugar love not sugar!
Trying to fool me! Get lost, you!
Don't flare up, Sundara!
Ever since lockdown, I
haven't even seen my baby...
My hands and legs are shivering...
-Not that!
You wouldn't understand
the pain of a lover...
I understand that pain quite well...
That means a sugar pill alone won't do...
-What else?
-Hmm.... Ah!
What if we call Jomon too?
Three to tango is unlucky!
Is that so? Then hold this!
What's this box for?
If somebody sees us
getting inside the house....
-We can say it's courier!
-Oh! Sundaran brilliance!
Buddy! We have been roaming
around so much... Are we there yet?
Soon... Soon!
-This one?
-Yes! This!
-This itself right?
-Yes, man! That's the house!
Should have called Jomon too...
Sure.. and roam around in search of toilet!
Tension makes his gut weak, right?
Heh! That's also right!
Nimmy baby!?
I am coming, ok?
Huh! Oh! I'll have to stand here, right?
How did you understand?
That's the norm, right?
I'll go?
And don't make a fool of
yourself in there, my dear Aby!
Dear God, make sure
something happens today!
-No! No! Just stay there!
-God! This man was here!?
Wear the mask! Wear the mask!
-Delta is out, it seems! Show your hands...
-Oh! That too has arrived!?
-Now the other hand...
-Who are you?
-Er.. Sir.. parcel... courier...
But no one has ordered anything from here!
Sir! One, Nimmy Mathews?
Ah! That's my daughter! Give it to me...
-No! Papa.. I mean...
sir! I need the OTP... OTP!
What is it, papa?
Go wear the mask, girl!
-Her guts! When Corona is out to kill!
-Or no need! Just tell me the OPT.
-Or no need, sir!
-I will manage!
-Ah! Ok!
-Thank you for your service!
Shall I leave?
Alright! Alright!
The witch never told
me, her father is there...
Bathed for no reason! Ugh!
Mr. and Mrs. Saarivaalan
and all other Guppies!
Let us lay lots of eggs and
make thousands of babies!?
Aby munches chips
Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!
Eh? Eh!? What the...
Sit there! That's a game!
Freaked me out!
Bro, 6 Golds.... 3 Center Fresh!
To smoke in peace... we
have to walk three kilometers...
Cigarettes by the riverside...
For that stink of smoke,
bubblegum by my side...
When the front door cracks open
at dawn... Mum, who waits, hostile...
Sniff a line and sneeze wide...
Before you get caught, just skive!
Nibble away on the stairs playing
PubG and swallow the night!
This friendship is wayward,
Like a lost hand at Rummy!
Kattappa.... Aaargh.....
You are the adamant
wind that broods around...
You get busy chatting
when the sun goes down...
When dad is around, dont slip away,
just dust it off and dance away...
"Thaare ragiri rigiri rire... thagirigi
reere thadhiri thidhiri thaare..."
Thaare ragiri rigiri theere...
Rowing, eh? Should I call the boatmen?
When I asked if you could
teach, you didn't budge...
I have good balance now...
-Will you take me to the road?
I will drive, just come along...
-Sure, so the police can catch
us! The fine is harsh nowadays!
Darling, just keep rowing
in here for the time being!
Thankless dog!
Veerappan barks
Not you!
movie plays on the laptop
Er... Er.. heh...
What's happening?
It's dirty!
For whom?
For me?
Or for you?
Ah! Hey!
Here... Keep this textbook...
Notes... This has the maximum...
This... A girl gave me
this... it's over now!
You! Aren't you done? Then, Go?
Oh! Ok... Study hard!
All of you got the books,
right? Y'all too leave then!
Same old rice for lunch... Then
comes lonely, boring afternoons...
Walk around swearing and cursing...
Big pile of laundry washing...
Front yard rummaging...
Boxes and jars scouring...
Scanty finds from piggy banks... just
make do with whatever you get and want...
So many fishes in the sea, some
though are prettier than others...
What a fate, as our faces
get bound in masks...
Day in and day out.. some
of them just blow up in smoke!
Damn this, hands gotta be
wiped every other minute...
Let's muddy the waters!
Level up, get muddy,
shout out, make a splash!
Trek up hills... gather around...
... and gossip!
Let's get high and dive
into the waves of the brook...
Get lost, fancy pants!
Don't you falter in even one step,
move your whole body and dance away!
Thaare ragiri rigiri theere...
thagiriri ruthee rigiri rigiri rare...
Instead of blabbering,
just decide on the kid's fees!
My dear Lilly! People come to the
shop only to buy arsenic album...
And that too once in a blue moon!
No one comes for poison
treatment these days...
How would they.. only if they
go out can the snakes bite them...
Coming 9th is Tintumol's marriage...
Due to Corona, we can invite
only 20 people, granny! That's why!
Understood! Can't come, right?
No that, granny! You are getting old...
It's ok, boy! It's ok!
Wishing all success!
Listen! You should give me
the money for our trip to Nimmy..
Will give! Just don't go
and break this news here..
Let me think...
Rest depends upon your conduct!
Ayyo! Mrs. Doubtfire!
Eh? Who is that?
-My aunt!
-Where from!?
Let's bow down to thee!
You cut the call
I don't even remember the last
time I had biriyani! Thankless jerk!
-Hi Granny! How are you?
-Ah You!?
I am fine!
Catch atleast a Tiger Panchax.... it would
be a shame otherwise!
It's touch competition, granny! Can't
find even one in the rivers anymore...
Global warming! Environmental pollution...
-Granny, where is Jomon?
He is your friend after all...
Entire nights are spent on phone...
Mornings are spent in
sleep... Call him loudly!
Hey boy!
Boy, Manoj Sundara....
Er... Yes...
Which world are you lost in?
-Why were you not responding when I called?
Well... You already know...
The only person who
calls me Manoj is you, Jo!
That's why the reaction
got delayed... hehe... eh....
Mr. Manoj Sundaran...
Yess??? What is it....
You are already so handsome..
Why then should I call you so?
That's why I call you Manoj... Any problem?
What problem! Call me whatever you like...
Ah.. Then let it go...
Look! My Moscow Gold
has borne children... Saw?
Ah.. I saw...
You will sell it right?
Ah... It's lockdown right? Let
it finish... we will set it right!
If you do, good for you....
-By the way...
How did you know this is about to finish?
Jo... when you wish for a
molehill, I wish for the mountains...
That's not how the saying goes, Manoj!?
-Is that so!?
Ah... Look.. He is calling.. go...
Don't mind all of that...
Dude.. Sundara....
Man! Coming!
Go... He will be sad otherwise...
-I'll go?
-Go go! Hmm!
Just come, yo!
Why are you screaming..
I am coming, right!?
Every time, he has to go to the back...
What were you doing there?
Some business deals!
Yes! Of dried fish!
-Here! hold this!
-Hehe! Come Come!
Is there some place we
could get live fishes for money?
Why, man?
Otherwise, we will be humiliated in front
of his granny... She is a bad ass thug!
Dude! Hold this!
Gonna kill?
What is it?
Here... Money for Guppy feed...
No! This is not needed, sis!
You wouldn't be
having... Keep it... Keep it!
Ok... I'll go!
Shall I come too? I am bored in here...
Why not! Come off!
Really? Eh!?
Give me a minute...
I will change and come...
-Don't go, ok?
-No no!
Grandma, I am just going with them, ok?
-Have you gone bonkers?
It's her... let her come.. poor sister!
How will we smoke then, you dumbo!
-Oh shit...
-Oh shit...
What now?
Good that you accepted the money...
We have enough to buy tomorrow... Good job!
Poor sis! She must be upset...
One day we should take sis too...
-As if! Sister!
When I don't call her sister
in spite of a three year gap...
Why would you call her sister
with just a year's difference?
'Girl' will do! No need to give
Jomol so much of respect...
Son, Jomon!
I began to see her a lot before I
met you two... From 1st grade...
Once when stood crying, she was
the one who took me to my class...
Only after that, did I meet you both...
There is time, right?
Gradually, I will call her differently...
-Stop with Jomol's story!
Did you check out the link I
sent you on Instagram yesterday?
-Which link?
-Feroze bro's video?
Which one, bucket chicken?
Yes man! Everyone made it
during the last lockdown
We alone did not!
That's fine! We will make...
If so, I will sponsor the chicken.
-But you should make!
I can make, but it's a hassle!
Chill! We will call Rafi
and Beljin to spice things up!
Then, its cool!
-Alright then!
-All Set!
Now, you go and buy 6 Gold...
Huh! No guts to even buy
cigarettes... here... hold this!
-Its not a lack of guts!
Then nothing!
Brother! 6 Gold, 3 Center Fresh!
One minute...
Just give! Got work!
-Kaala right?
Looks like all of this will
pierce people's eyes, bro!
Why don't you stand a
little away... Ah.. How many?
6 Gold
Here! Keep the balance.
Should we call Rafi and Beljin?
My dear chicken... after all we are humans!
-Need paan?
-Paan... No... Give Center Fresh...
Look, his uncle!
He will be caught now!
If he is caught, we are also done
for... The entire place will know...
Trap the fish... Trap the fish....
-Walk, walk, walk fast!
-Ok then!
Er.. Ugh...
Ayyo.. Uncle is here...
-Got Hans?
-Yes yes! Rate is too much...
Did I ask for the rate...
Just give two! It's for wife...
Don turn around... He will
get doubtful... Walk fast...
-He didnt get caught?
-Ugh! This mask's power...
Even the uncle can't
identify his own nephew!
If the old man had found out,
we would have to flee the town!
-He is a jerk!
-Why's that?
He would taken photos to humiliate us
in the family Whatsapp group!
Eh! That man?
Not just me, you guys too!
No way!
No kidding!
Aby hums a song...
Sundaran lights a cigarette
My stache would have caught fire!
Careful! Careful!
After 12th grade, is when me
and my girl decided to have fun...
and go to Bangalore...
-You listen to this... I will be back...
Why walk three
kilometers to kill the thrill!
Jomon! You come!
With plans of fun, after
12th grade, me and my girl...
got admission in a college in Bangalore...
A 1 BHK apartment in Koramangala...for rent
Nicely... living together...
I only remember getting
admission in the college...
Haven't seen the place ever since...
So what, it's all happening
through phone right?
This is not your Ludo game!
In spite of being in
the panchayat nearby...
I haven't seen her for 2 months!
Even going there didn't help!
What! When?
-Which when?
-When did you go to see?
Just stop, man!
Who went? When?
You have only this to say all the time!
Look! I got a few...
Come, let's begin work!
Come! Come! Let's begin!
Dude! Call me too when y'all go next time!
When you throw, throw far out!
Cast it there!
Why are these guys coming daily?
And they have all kinds of
things in hand... douchebags!
Look at them yanking fishes
out like there's no tomorrow!
Did you see his cycle? It
costs around 60000 rupees!
What use costing so much.
It does not even have a stand!
-Idiot fancy pants!
-Oh yeah! There is no stand!
Come on, man! Make it fast!
Leave it! Leave it! I will do it..
All this dog-show for
fishing in this canal!?
Careful! Careful!
I get tensed the moment I see him...
Why this tension?
We come to smoke cigarettes, right?
Not that! I just can't see him eye to eye!
His damn Boche mask!
Fancy pants!
Wind is towards that
side... So we will cast there!
-His bloody English!
-Is he ICSE?
-One Anabas will come now...
-Was that a bite?
He's coming!
Aa.. Trapped! Trapped! Trapped!
-Saw this! This is how you cast!
What are you sitting there for?
-Sundara! Flash it out on him!
-Are you nuts!?
-Let them see...
-Show them, Sundara!
Yes! Yes! Yes! It's a good catch!
Super! Super!
Saw the Anabas...
Must weigh around 250 gms...
Give! Give! I will remove it!
What is this, dude! Hahahaha!!!
These shitty kids! Hehehe!
Thats towards us! He
is trolling us!
(biting his teeth...)
Give me the cigarette!
-Give the cigarette!
-Let me take it out!
Give me the lighter!
Why are you riling up!?
-Can't you see how he is showing off?
-Let him do it! What's with you?
Dude! Get up leave...
Hehehe... What a shame!
I will be back!
Jomon's stomach gurgles
Er... ugh!!!
growling stomach of Jomon
Hold this!
I will be back!
-Man! Don't wash up there... Come down...
-Let me sit first!
Will sit here...
What a psycho he is!
He shits his pants the
moment he gets tensed!
My dear Aby!
You wait for people to
leave to bitch about them!
Man... Something has hooked on...
Must be a rock! No! I
think it's on his hook!
His hook! Yank it up then...
Pull... Pull! Let his hook break!
-Yay!!! Yay!!! We got it!
-It's a Snakehead!
Sundara! Is it snake? No! Its Snakehead!
Hehehehe! Oy Fancypants! Watch this!
Watch this! Hey! Watch!
Hey! Black and white! Look here!
Look, dude! We also got!
You army man! Check this out!
Yaay!!!! Yay!!!
Here! Fish fish! See this!
If you want to see.... Come! Come!
Come! Come! Come! Come!
You fancy pants! Douche! Look! Look!
You fancy pants!
I will live like a king!
In spite of nothing, I will rule!
Dice! Dice! Dice! Aaah!
Dice Dice Dice! Aah!
She has asked not to go
there when tuition is on..
Otherwise we could have met that Namitha...
It's better not to come...
Otherwise she will bash
y'all in front of them!
-Is that so?
The potential difference
is known as Volt, V.
Tuitions are not
allowed during this time...
If I tell the police, all
her airs will be blown off!
No! Don't do that! Let it be!
Boy, Jo! Take this home!
You said you wont give!?
Your granny's doubts
should be put to rest..
-You take it home!
Ok then! See you tomorrow!
Ah! Tomorrow I will give you Ribbon fish.
Shark would have been better...
I will give you shark.
This is not the house.. There...
His house is ours too!
Are you done with the problem?
Potential energy of a charge Q...
...moved from a to...
-Get lost, boy!
-Get lost, girl!
class continues
Saw this!?
Aaha! Wow!
I was wondering what curry
to go with jackfruit stew...
So it's fish curry then!
-Give it here!
-Mama! Take it in, ok?
huh! Give it to me, kid!
It is an adult...
It will smell a lot...
All the rock salt will finish...
Do one thing... Remove it's skin...
No problem, Mama! I will wash with salt...
My wimpy husband loves fish curry a lot...
Oooh! Your mother does not
value your father at all... got it!?
You too!
Jomol hums a song...
What's in your hand?
Tomato and curd...
Is it for the fish curry?
Jomol continues singing...
gesturing it's for her face...
Hmmm... ugh!
keeps humming...
Hey, boy! Stach and beard will fall off!
That's not a problem! After all, why
do you need a stache and beard?
You look better without stache and beard...
Why did you guys not take me?
Take me too!
How long has it been,
since I got out of this house...
Er... That wont be right...
There are many people there...
That.. well... aren't you, Aby
and Manoj there... Then what?
No way!
You utter these big dialogues...
why can't you go alone?
Only if he accompanies, can you go!
Heard that? Just take me along!
Nuh! Not possible!
Granny! I told you right, he is
into some monkey business...
That's why he is not taking me out...
I got a Center Fresh
wrapper from your room...
So what! I can't eat it? Just get lost!
Pick it up!
But, it spilt over...
Then say sorry.
Er.. Sorry...
I wont say!
-What is this, girl?
-Isn't he the one who did this? Ugh!
phone chimes
Shall we start?
How was your day?
Gone to fishing... got varaal!
Went to the river to catch
fish.. Got Snakehead! That's all!
Oh you mean Snakehead!
Yeah! Yes! Snakehead!
You guys are so lucky to roam around the
village! I am stuck inside the four walls
Ow... dictionary will be needed...
Oh no... trapped!
Don't flee! I saw!
Hey girl! Hang out those clothes to dry...
I want to know, am I some
genie from the bottle...
You have been giving
me work from the morning..
In the previous birth, was
I bull and you my master?
Listen kid!
This genie you talk about...
I became one when I got married...
So, my dear bull... go hang the
clothes and only then go to study!
I cannot!
In that case
My princess come and cut this fish...
-I will hang the clothes... What say?
-This woman will not give peace...
By the way, those are Chachan's
clothes... hang them in shade...
Ok, my lord!
This woman... will break my
back with all this damn work... ugh!
Veerappa! It's special today!
Should have just joined a convent...
There is no peace...
Don't leave out anything...
My darling, go inside... I will hang them..
-No, Dad! I will do it!
-Just go! I will hang them... Give!
You should ask your wife
to put a leash on herself...
She cannot have peace
without making me work...
She smashes me here and
there like the old volleyball player...
I am tired of this, dad!
When you get time, you
should advice her... mmm?
Ah.. by the way, your clothes..
hang them in shade.. ok?
Otherwise, she will
pounce upon me for it...
Oh! Mom! Will have to
clean the fish if I go there...
Can't you paint the house, dad?
Let your marriage
happen, will paint then...
Oh! No need!
You painted your own room once... right?
Similarly just paint the entire house!
Ho Ho! No thanks! I
have got to mop my room...
Listen up! Clean up the kid's room too...
Ugh! Kid!
Huh! How convenient!
Sit there... have food... then watch TV!
My sweet Annamma! Can't you pray the
rosary so atleast this corona goes away?
Daughter! God hurts so he can heal!
Gods should be like this! He is the best!
Jomon hums a song
Are you mad?
Ah boy! yes!
Came here thinking I
will sweep this room...
But I heard you braying
and now my mood is off!
So you do one thing...
You sweep this on your own!
Ah! I will sweep!
I have done this a lot...
Does a few chores here and there....
And then gets cocky
about it! Just get lost!
Ok! Bye!
Yeah! Bye!
Shey! Lost the flow!
Jomon continues braying...
Jomon's phone rings
You coming?
Bucket chicken?
I am cominggg!
I am waiting!
Where is my mask?
Must be in the sit-out
upstairs... Go check!
This mom!
I am in front of the house only...
It's not here..
If you have guts, do it...
We will see!
Is it?
Nice sound...
Should buy a bike...
No no no...
Jomon hums a tune...
What's this!?
Dear Jo!
Inside me and around me, it's only you!
Where ever I turn, I see nothing but you...
Because, in this universe of love,
- Ewwww!!!!!
-There is nothing but you and me...
motorbike vrooms
Damn letter!
Jomon's gut gurgles..
Boys singing song...
Where were you, Jomon?
I am drained pulling out all
the feathers of this chicken
Then these boys came and told me
To pull out feathers easily it
needs to be soaked in hot water...
-It's so easy now...
-Here! More feathers...
What happened.. Why do you look upset?
Did Captain Marvel cuss you out, eh?
-He must have told something...
-Captain Marvel?
Who is that?
His 'play'-mate...
Ludo playmate!
-From Bangalore...
Ask him and he will say it's for
learning English pronounciation.
And is your pronounciation
getting any better?
My English pronounciation
is not that good... Will you...
Dude! Just buzz off! I am
already going crazy here!
mmm.... poor boy!
Boys continue singing...
Why do you look tensed?
Wanna take a dump?
Look, the compound is vast...
If you want a toilet,
there are two inside...
Don't you be scared... Just go!
Marinate... Marinate with the masala...
Starting to feel hungry...
-Put that cap...
-Look! Done!
Hey! Sundara!
It's Nimmy's birthday next week
She is turning 18...
This wretched Corona...
I was planning a surprise...
It's all ruined... Shit!
So you were waiting for her to
turn 18... eh? To give a surprise...
So you do have the fear of POCSO...
A little...
It's good...
-Take the water...
If I dont give a surprise...
What if she goes with someone who do?
Women also have desires...
And on top of that, this house arrest...
That's the fear...
It's true... Last week, near my house...
A married lady eloped.. with her lover...
Is it?
They are really frustrated you know?
Yes I know...
Don't say that... Divine love exists man...
The desires of flesh is not real love!
Haven't you heard?
No! I am CBSE!
Don't be tensed... We will come along...
-God almighty!
-Jesus! Please make sure it does not burn!
Cover this up with leaves and scraps...
I will wash this and be back...
Ah ok!
Put everything you can find... ok?
Bring it here...
This too... That's a lot!
-Light it!
pee and come...
Should I come?
No! It's to pee not to peking!
Light it, Jomon...
-Quick, man!
-Doing it, right!?
I will also do it...
The dry leaves are cold...
That's why it's not lighting up.
No, but it will get hot
when it lights up...
Shit... It burns!
I need some oil... will
go home and be back...
-Make sure the fire does not go out...
-Will do!
Ugh! uh!
What's with him!?
Spicy chilly rubbed somewhere...
Oh so spicy...
Let me check Amazon...
There must be some offer...
Inside me and around me, it's only you!
Where ever I turn, I see nothing but you!
Because, in this universe of love...
There's nothing but you and me!
-Did you see Kajol's reel?
-No... send the link...
-Its superb!
Sundaran seems to have liked...
But didn't he say he isnt interested?
Maybe since there is no offer!
Reply has come!
You shitheads!
Instead of sitting glued to the
phone, get up and put the fire out!
Oh shit!
-We are screwed!
-Dude! Put it out!
Put it out!
Axe some damn tree trunk...
Bring a bucket of water...
Bringing now...
Dude, Beljin, stop dancing and put it out!
Don't break it off, its Rambutan's tree...
Mom will find out!
Just find something and put this out!
Is there not even a bucket in this house?
Call the damn fire force.. someone!
Dude! They will arrest
us... put the fire out....
Make it fast... put it out!
Rubber has caught fire!
Aby! Just come, dude!
Shit! Coming!
-Dude! Go there...
-Drawing from the well... Just come!
Man! It refuses to fill...
It just won't stop!
Ugh! Phew!
My chappal was about to burn!
I can't breathe!
What the...
...just happened!
Oh shit! Its out! What do I do with this?
Drink it!
Y'all couldn't watch
over this for 10 minutes?
Sorry, man!
But it wasn't even 10 minutes...
This wouldn't be even cooked...
Heat! Heat!
-Oh My God!
It's gone!
Very well roasted!
Sanitize and get in!
There is an old person inside...
At least show that common sense!
Roams here and there
and comes with Corona!
Sanitize and go!
Senseless fellow!
Don't laugh!
It applies to y'all as well...
Sorry, sis!
You'll be able to write the
exam only if you are alive!
Ah... About that... All of
you have exam tomorrow...
So for us?
Yes! For y'all too!
-Yes! coming!
One side?
Don't fold! Just toss it!
Ah! That's ok!
Hmm? Don't you know he
doesn't like Sardine curry?
-You want? I will fry and bring.
Oh no need! I will
make do with all of this!
mobile chimes
mobile chimes again
You seem to be on phone
24/7. What's the deal?
Don't play psycho Shammi
sitting in the Shammi Chair...
You come out of your room only
when your mobile internet gets over right?
Look! This is father... That, granny...
Talk to them once in a while...
So you don't forget them...
-Get lost!
-You get lost, bugger!
-Your father's the bugger!
-Your father's the bugger!
Err... Ahemm...
Mama, you eat!
What a pity!
Mom! I am getting up
Chachan burps
Why are you mixing the flour..
-Is it Puttu tomorrow morning?
-Ah! Yes!
You! Is there some worker here to
pick up your plate? Pick it up and leave!
Will you pick it or should
I dump it over your head?
Mind your business
and get lost, woman!
What is your problem?
-Dad picked it up, why can't you?
-What's with you, piss off!
-Stop running your mouth and pick it up
-No way!
Will you stop?
-Who do you think you are?
-No need to fight midnight!
I will pick up the plate..
Should I pick up yours too?
No! I will do it!
Then, just sit there and eat.
Ugh! I so wish these would
join college.. There will be peace!
They be like snake and
mongoose all the time!
Human! Why did you take it off
the stove? It has not even cooked!
Has come to help!
Baby, did you buy my green tablet?
Oh, mom! It's in my
bag... will bring now...
By the way, it's been a while since
the doctor... Shall we go to the hospital?
Boy! Are you taking me to the
hospital to give Corona and kill me?
I will have this tablet
and coop up in here...
This is one advantage of Corona..
Usually, she'd lose sleep if she doesn't
see Sebastian doctor once a week...
Huh! Slept without the tablet?
This tablet makes me sleep so well...
Otherwise, my husband comes in my sleep...
And then he will say, come! come!
That's because he misses
you, right... Poor thing!
Miss! Pfft! He must be
goofing around there...
Heh! Alright then! I'll go!?
Ah! Don't go! Sit here!
Let me ask...
Why do you scold the kid so much?
Wasn't it you who carried him in your
arms all the time when he was little?
In childhood, he was a little lamb...
Now he is has become a buck! A damn buck!
-Come here!
Not just that...
-He has been goofing around lately...
-What goof up?
Love!? Let him love...
If not in this age, then when can he love?
Look, Annamma, don't you talk rubbish!
It's not like old times when you were 16
and left home holding hands with Granpa...
Have you heard that tune,"Ellolam thari... Ellolam thari..."
It's harassment... harassment...
Our kid is only 18..
Police will invade our house.
Paalathara Manor's
honour will go to the dogs!
We might be barred from the church...
Eh!? My God!
In that case, I will go to
Johnnykutty's house tomorrow itself!
Heh! Don't get scared....
Will you stand by me, Granny?
Now, where did you find this from?
Who is the girl?
Is she from our community?
Don't know...
I only got a letter...
From where?
-I was loitering in the frontyard...
-He is snooping around the gate..
When he came to know that I saw...
He sheepishly threw it away...
He must not have thought
that I will pick it up...
And then?
It's a love letter... Love letter!
What was written in it?
Dear Jo...
Inside me and around me, it's only you!
Where ever I turn, I see nothing but you!
Because, in this universe of love...
There is nothing but you and me!
Oh my Lord Saint George!
Huh! So it's to trap this girl...
that he used my face
cream and look handsome...
-Call that boy!
-Oh! Don't flip out!
We will find a way...
I have doubts on some girls...
For the time being, don't
behave like you know...
Why is that?
-If he comes to know that we know...
He will bring her home
tomorrow itself! Want that?
-No no!
So, just stand with me!
I will take care of the rest...
My dear lord! Now will he
actually bring some girl home?
car arrives
Veerappan barks
hit Tik-Tok wedding song plays
My Sweet Lady of Sorrows!
Human! Just go ask him!
Dreams can take a break!
Lily! Shibu is here...
-Yes, mom! Coming!
Mom! The time for second
dose has been increased..
84 days...
Don't worry, ASHA workers will call...
Here! Take the pension
money straight away...
There is no hurry, Shibu...
Let everyone get...
Ah! Shibu!
I came to tell you something
else... Good that you came...
...relative of ours in
Karingamthuruth, right sis?
Er.... Ah... Adakkaparambil George bro!
That... handicapped man?
There you go! That's the one... So...
This bro's son has come
on a leave from Canada...
They are thinking of getting
him married before he goes back!
I thought... Well.. Our Jomol is here...
-I had talked to Baby bro...
Let her study, is what he said!
Can I ask something...
In these times, what is
the use of girls studying...
Considering the social
circumstances at present,
We get to conduct the
wedding with 20 people,
And the rest of the money
can be given to the kid!
If Jomol is ok with this,
I will convince Baby bro!
There is no reason she
shouldn't be ok.. heh..
No way we are getting a
better chance than this to go to Canada!
-Just think, sis!
If it were you, wouldn't you go?
Do one thing...
You yourself talk to her...
Yes! I will talk.. will convince her too.
I will talk... Jomol...
Not there... Look!
Why is she standing up there?
Aah! You were there, eh!?
-Must be for chutney!
So, Heard all that I said, right?
Heh, you know about Canada, right?
cool climate... great scenery...
Do you know how many are ready to go?
You hit the jackpot, eh?
So, shall I tell them you are ok with this?
Bro, I am allergic to cool climate,
I tend to sneeze...
Oh... err... No!
It gets warm too there...
Haven't you seen the news?
It's not just that.. there
are some other issues too...
What issue?
Well, I had sent 3 or 4
applications for PSC...
You know about PSC
right? It will take time...
first let me write and
fail that...
-What dad said is correct...
We are of the same wavelength...
-What you said is correct...
Girls should study in this day and age...
Study and find a job...
-And should go to work too...
-Only then will it be of any use...
-I am trying, bro!
- You study... you will learn!
Granny! So then, don't forget the
second dose... Asha worker will call ...
-I am leaving!
-So be it!
Vaccinations for those
above 18 are out, it seems.
While you are poking at the phone 24/7,
find out if its available.
No chance for it... would
be a waste of time...
But Chacha... In spite of such
a nice alliance coming our way...
Will we ever find such a prospect?
I was also thinking the same!
We will sell the land..
The kid's matter is of priority...
Ah! You yourself talk to her.
She pounces upon
me if I go to talk to her...
Ah! Will see! You pour it...
Don't move the bottle.
Jomol enters humming a tune
Look, here she comes...
Ask... Just ask, human!
Yes, Mr. Daddy!?
-Need tea or something?
-Not now!
Then? Tell me!
I met Shibu...
I should marry then?
I enquired...
It's a good proposal.
For whom?
Me? or them?
Dad! I have already told
you that I want to study.
And I want a job here itself.
I don't want to go to Canada!
I cannot...
... deal with the cold there...
Who do you think you are?
Only this house is big!
Such a good proposal it was... What drama!
I don't want such a big set-up.
Ordinary people would do!
Like dad!
Ah! Best! Like Chachan!
If it was someone else in your position,
she would have married that boy by now!
What then? What did the State Volleyball
player achieve marrying at the age of 20?
It was only because I couldn't
achieve anything following that path...
That I married Chachan...
So what! Y'all happened, right?
Wow! Big deal!
Are we the Olympic medals you won?
Don't mess with me...
I have better things to do!
Bloody fatherhood! I told that Shibu
that we are of the same wavelength..
Don't show this shitty behaviour now!
I will see him separately...
Wants to get me married... Bugger!
I was hoping to go to Canada atleast
for her birthing...
She won't make it happen...
this thankless, wretched girl!
It was useless raising her...
Sweet Jesus, my fate is
to rot in here until death!
My dear Lillykutty, what
do you want right now?
- Go to Canada?
-Yes I want to go!
-I will take you...
-My foot, you will!
Except for the time you took me to
my home for my delivery...
... have you ever taken
me out of this house?
And now you say you will take me to
Canada... Just leave me alone, human!
This Canada... do you know where it is?
I am not that dumb...
Isn't it above America?
Instead of teaching me, go try to
marry off your sweet daughter, huh!
Hey you!
Go finish your lessons!
-Ah! Now pounce upon him!
-No one obeys!
What if this becomesInduchoodan's future plan?
- Get lost, jackass!
- Thank you!
Show that.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Dont get drunk as a skunk!
Want more?
You will become a great brewer!
Jomon! Knock it down, this divine nectar!
Try it! Its awesome!
Aby gulps
-How is it? Good?
-Yes good!
-Is the high kicking in?
-Just about kicking in!
Close your eyes. How does it feel now?
-Ugh! What is it?
So Jomol got a proposal from Canada.
Ah! Nice! Nice!
So now you can freeload to see Canada!
And then?
She said no to it...
So sad! Why?
She wants to study and
find a job here itself, it seems
That's great!
Jomol is the ambitious kind...
Even a Canadian couldn't
make her abandon her goals...
Ambition! My ass!
She has a lover!
Very good! It's good right?
-Not that good!
-Why's that?
How did you come to know?
I got a letter at the gate...
Letter? In this 2021 who is
playing "P.S. I Love You"!
Just get lost, man!
It's just a letter, right?
It could be just a one sided affair..
...or something that the tuition
students misplaced...
No way, man! It was addressed as "Dear Jo!"
Doesn't that mean it was for her?
She is always on the phone...
And now she has refused
this Canada proposal...
This is it!
I am sure!
Dear Jo! Ah!
-She is on phone full time!?
Then its confirmed!
We cannot just leave this!
Imagine how many girls
are being cheated like this!
How many news reports do we see?
Man! Why are you so tensed?
-If it's some depraved jerks like him,
-Came at me!
Just think!
Just tell me who it is!
We will take him down!
Someone placed the letter on the gate...
And fled on a green bike!
I couldn't see his face.
You saw the bike, right?
Tell me the number.
We will find him through Parivahan...
-I didn't see the number...
What about the letter?
That... That's missing!
Shite! You....
You are a buffoon... a buffoon!
This will ruin my peace!
Can't you just ask her directly?
Oh yeah... She will tell him!
If your 18 year old Nimmy's
folks ask her if she has a lover...
-Will she reveal your name?
Yes! She won't!
Then how will Jomol!
Jomon! We should find this out...
We should try to find some clue...
Like a detective,
Without anybody knowing,
you should follow her...
All her secrets should be leaked...
You are capable of it!
To save our Jomol...
You must do it!
You are capable!
Did you find that letter
you crumpled and threw away?
Not yet...
Which means she might have hid it!
When the hunt for a love story fails...
new sob stories get made...
Hard penance drills the head
into open "uruli" that gets fire fried!
-My God! Must find!
-Ah! Must find!
Sundara, aren't you the
one who wrote the love letter?
Who is it? Who is this?
What a suspense!
Sick sickness!
A never ending trouble!
Who is it? Who is this?
What a suspense!
Sick sickness!
A never ending trouble!
bike vrooms
Embers of fire in those eyes?
Is it raging inside?
In this war of treachery
I will surely trample you!
Glances have turned fishy...
Smiles have become sly!
Whoever is shooting these cupid
arrows, will be locked up soon!
In spite of sharp arrows coming my way,
I am not going to
accept defeat or back off!
Whoever sent this, I will trap you!
Until then, sleep is gone!
Just like that...
What is written with
just four drops of ink...
has invited a calamity!
As I wait... Oh lord... even if
hardships comes... Who cares?
Get lost!
This is what you have
thought up about me, eh?
Jomol is my friend's sister...
Er... Yes!
You should have never thought that way!
So bad!
Sorry, man!
We will smoke Lights! I will buy you!
Shouldn't have asked...
Who is it? Who is this?
What a suspense!
Sick sickness!
A never ending trouble!
Who is it? Who is this?
What a suspense!
Sick sickness!
Commit to the Lord whatever
you do, and your plans will succeed!
Jomon's phone chimes
Aey! Hi! Where are you?
Long time no see?
Anything serious?
Scene is bad! Jomol has a love affair...
Jomon's phone chimes again
Wow! That's a good news!
Good news... uh!
You wouldn't understand...
This is not your Bengaluru!
Only family would understand!
Malayalam letter... English exam!
-Boy! What is it!?
I.. need my charger...
... yours!
-But your's is C type, right?
Charger of the power bank is broken.
Haven't I told you not to take my stuff?
Here's your charger! Go!
Jomol's phone rings
Who is this? At midnight?
Ah! That's my lover!
Everyday he calls at this hour!
You got a problem?
That's why you refused Canada!
Yes! That's correct!
Stop meddling in my business and leave!
Buzz off!
Take a paper and write this verse.
It's for the covenant prayer...
Sister will scold!
I have already told her..
Don't worry!
Granny, Shouldn't covenant
prayer be written by yourself?
As if... Jesus has no other job!
Write, kids!
I will tell you!
Lord of the world!
By the message of the angels...
We, who have learned the news about the
human avatar of Jesus Messiah, your son...
... by virtue of suffering
and crucifixion...
Oh shit!
Hmm... Wrote?
Listen, how do i write by "virtue" of?
-The v of vessel.
But how do you spell vessel?
What is happening... Girl!
-Has Granny gone nuts... Taking tuition?
-Just get inside!
-Mom, go!
By the way of Jesus Messiah...
We pray... Amen!
Everyone is done writing?
Ah yes! It's done!
Then, give!
Children! This prayer is
for the fulfilment of an intention, ok!?
Give! Give!
Hmm! Enough with the writing!
Look! God will bless you all!
-Ah! Now study! Study!
-Ok Granny!
-Got it?
Let me see!
Lord of the ... the...
Ugh! My dear Grandma.. Didn't I tell you
these kids can't write Malayalam?
Just read it properly! I am
sure you will find something!
Not this!
Not this either!
Er.. I guess one somewhat fits!
Hmm! I told you!
Stay right here!
I will go and catch the person! Heh!
He is done for!
Whose handwriting is this?
This is not mine, sister!
Not mine!
Not mine!!!
Not mine, sister!
This is not mine!
Ah! This is mine, sister!
Am I in trouble?
I had copied a bit...
Dude! This is not done!
This Aby plays for self goals...
Get lost! I dont hit self goal!
What's up, guys! Not coming?
No! You go!
Sit and poke at the phone!
Not on the phone.. Football
is played on the ground!
-Rafi! Come quick!
-Don't take the banana for sister's baby!
Ha! Messi is here!
Manu come here!
Panda is with us!
Ah! Then, Rafi, come here!
So, team is set! Let's play!
Team is set! You can play in the next one!
Should have thought
while playing a self goal!
Amina mina.. ey..ey... ikka ikka oh oh!!!
Amina mina ikka ikka! It's time for Africa!
What! Weren't selected to the team?
Let them warm up!
Otherwise my energy will be wasted!
Gimme a cigarette!
Just one more left!
Then hide it in the
pocket! Rafi shouldn't see!
After the game, we will cut off!
What's the update? Found the guy?
You must have imagined it!
No dude! She told me... she has a lover...
She looked me in the eye and told me!
Oh my God!
If we had her phone, we could
have found out who the guy is!
Hmm... To get the phone...
A little... sophisticated way is there...
What way? Don't fear.. just tell!
It's a little complicated!
We will hack her Whatsapp!
You know?
Heh! Then, what do you
think I studied in EC for a year?
Have you done it before?
Many times.. for many people!
-But I am ethical!
-Oh! Good boy!
One banana is enough
for me to hack a phone!
The British is yet to
witness Pazhassi's games!
Ha! What are you waiting for? Let's hack!
We've got to find out!
Crack it and hand it to her!
Yes! Let's do it!
Don't hit it! Don't hit it!
Boys playing
Look! Police!
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Run! Jomon!
Catch him! Stop there! Stop! Stop!
Stop there! Stop! Stop!
Sir! Don't catch us! Don't catch!
Dude! Not there! Here!
Please sir! We came to see, not play!
-Stop Stop!
-Sir, that's my house!
Ha! It's nearby? Wanna
take you home in Jeep?
Sir! There's mask!
What's inked on your chest?
Mommy and Daddy, sir!
Daddy Mommy! Move here!
-Got out to roam, right?
-Nothing like that, sir! Shall we go, sir?
Hey! Hey! Do you have any
responsibility towards this society?
-Yes Sir!
-Do you?
When Corona is killing people around the
you scoundrels with
your... goddamn football!
Know what we should
do... Give y'all the knee!
Do you know how long it's been since we
health officials went home and had food?
-Getting bored it seems!
-Sir, it was unintentional
This is the first time
we got out of the house!
I too got out of the
house for the first time...
It was unintentional for me too...
Just shut up! Or you will hear a mouthful!
Who is this?
-Hey! Hey!
Come here!
Mm.. Me?
-You! Yes! Come here!
-Coming sir!
Just get here!
Yes sir!
What is it, Sir?
Where were you gone to?
-Sister's baby has.. a little...
Got out to buy banana
for sister's baby, Sir!
Don't you dare to go out from now on!
No Sir! Will never go out!
Ah! Go go!
Get lost, without staring!
-Right sir! Ok!
My banana!
Ah! Go! Out of here!
Do one thing! Pay 5000!
Oh no Sir! We got out without
thinking! This won't happen again!
It's the first time!
Huh! If you stand there and whine!
From now on, no games here! Got it!?
If I see anyone here again,
y'all will find out who I really am!
Understood!? Now buzz off!
Thank you sir!
Ha! You are here!
Got this from Aby's home...
Keep it there.. We will steam it tomorrow!
It's been a while since
banana fritters... Can't you make?
No oil, kid!
Lavish is not an option like before!
Oil that was 150 rupees before is 200 now!
If we go to Chachan saying oil is
over, we will hear a mouthful from him!
The oil from Jackfruit fry is there!
I took that and fried fish!
I crave it, Mama!
How long has it been
since you made fritters!
Mom! You don't love me anymore!
-Ah yes!
-You love her only!
-I know!
Ah! Must be because I
am not the planned child!
My dear kid! Will you please leave!
-I will make and give!
Ugh! Should have just gone and joined
some convent! Would have had some peace!
Don't say that, sweet Lily!
So banana fritters! Ok!
By the way, that place you
mentioned... there's no peace there!
Sundaran: What's the update?
Jomon: Waiting!
-Here! Eat!
-Thank you!
-I don't get?
-My dear! Can't you take from this and eat?
Brother and sister is
always out to settle scores!
Here! Have!
-You have sugar!
Bug off!
Jomon's phone chimes
Jomol's phone chimes
Why did you delete the
message you sent? Huh?
Uh... was a mistake!
Something's amiss these days!
Right, Granny?
Everyone has!
Hi sister!
Long time, no see! Come on in!
Come in! This is our house!
Manoj! Get in!
Hai! Banana fritters!
-Took one!
Come and sit!
Have some banana fritters
Take and eat!
It's hot frittes! Just made! Take and eat!
No need, Sister! Will get acne!
As if! Nothing will happen
with one fritter! You eat!
What's the new with Prem Nazir!?
Oh! It's all fight and frenzy! Since
there is nothing else, I am watching this!
But it is awesome!
-Dude! Dude! Go get it!
-Eh! Ah! Ah!
Hey! Move aside! Damn YouTube!
-Give! Give! Give!
-Take it! Take it
Blows air
Saw! Saw my fritters brilliance!?
Ha! Because of the oil,
the pattern can be seen!
Sundara! Good job!
Is this your hacking?
Pro hacking!
-You just want the job done, right?
-Yes! That's all!
You shut up! Get lost!
Whatsapp Web is his hacking!
Now we...
...will wait!
Jomon! Put the phone back there!?
Put it back!
Er... uh... ah! ok!
If it wasn't for me, this
would have flopped!
-Got it?
Will get!
-Who is that?
Usually, girls chat at night...
even my ninny baby is like that!
Just stop talking!
Dude! Come on!
It's night! I am bored!
-Night it seems!
-I will leave?
Thank you!
Going! Jomon! Get up!
-What for?
-To hug you!
-Dude! Back off!
-Why? Don't want?
All the best!
Ah! Sister is gone!
I am also going, man!
What a stink!
Like I entered a pig sty!
Haven't I told you to not enter my room?
Why do you take my stuff? Just go!
Phew! Would have been caught now!
That conked washing machine...
Can't you tell dad to repair it?
Instead what's the use
working like this to death!?
Don't blabber! I am
suffering... not you, right?
Drown those clothes
in water and go inside.
It's not just you working around here...
-Did you take Grandma's blouse and skirt?
-Ha! Will take!
-Only one more?
Then, hide it in the pocket. Rafi shouldn't
see! We'll cut off after the game!
Don't tell! Don't tell! Please,
please, please, please!
-Oh no!
-What ?
-Did you see your son's real colour?
-He goes out everyday to drag this in!
Oh no!
Where is the shirt?
Sweet Mary! What am I seeing! There's
no one in my family with this bad habit!
Instead of standing here
and whining, go and ask him!
Yes I will go! Today I will
take his case! You just watch!
This is why he went out
every evening...
...with the fishing hook! I will
straighten him out today!
Take the broom!
Boy! Jomon!
-You! Come here!
-Mom! He is trying to run!
Don't beat me up!
Since when did you start smoking cigarette?
-Don't you know you will get cancer?
-I know! Don't beat me!
Your fishing! If you dare get out of this
house from now on, I will break your legs
Where are your running off to?
Leave me! Aaargh!!!
Lilly! Don't kill him!
Move away! Move!
-Stand there! Look at him running!
-Dear Mother Mary!
I say stop there! I will kill you!
His damn cigarette smoking!
-Stop there, you punk!
I will never come back here!
Don't let go! Beat him!
Oh shit!
Dude! What?
Scaring me right in the morning!
Smoking, sniffed out!
When mom came to beat, I fled!
Now what?
-I will tell your name!
-Shit! No way!
Your mom will call my mom!
You tell Sundaran's name!
That wouldn't cause trouble...
Now what will we do?
I have no idea.
-I don't know to write Malayalam!
You were checking my
handwriting, right? Understood!
Man! What is this!?
How much thrashing did you take?
Daughter! Pick up your
phone and call the kid!
He must not have
eaten anything for lunch...
-You go, Mom! I will call!
-Hmm! Call ok?
Man! It's Jomol! Hold this!
Ah! Hello sister!
Ah! Manoj! Is he there?
He... is not with me...
What happened? Is there any problem?
Don't lie, Manoj!
I know he is with you!
Tell that wretched monster to
leave this city and go somewhere!
Bugger wants to hack, it seems!
If he dares to step inside
this house, I will break his leg!
See this! Did you listen to her
arrogance!? I want to avenge this!
Other than spouting revenge,
have you found out the guy?
You have been repeating this
"green bike" shit for so long now!
Aah! If we get the bike,
we can hack the site of RTO!
You shut up! Hacking it seems!
Then what's a better solution? You tell!
Pfft! Dude! Tell!
Wait! I'll tell!
Which beggar is this?
One minute!
Hello, baby!?
I remember!
I will come! I will surely reach!
Which bikes have green colour?
There's CBR...
Which one's CBR?
Dude! The one that's driven crouched...
Crouched driving was
definitely not the one!
If I see once more, I can identify.
-Should we go to the showroom?
-Should we go to the showroom?
Don't scream like this!
Showroom... I am not sure if it
will be there during this Corona!
Let's... er...
-I am in the soup!
It's Nimmy's birthday tomorrow!
I have to go tonight to gift her something!
You should come along with me...
Ah! You go and give it to her father!
He is like a cheetah on Discovery channel!
Her dad and mom have Covid
and are at Cornage center...
There's only an old grandma there
We just go there... give
the gift and come back!
Hmm... Not us! Only you.... will go, you'll
give the gift, you will come back!
That won't work! You
both promised to come...
Dude! Mind is already fried here...
To hell with your gift and libido, eh!?
Man! I have always stood
by you when you get randy!
When you were in the 10th grade...
Wasn't I who hid your porn pen drive!?
Not just that, when we
were in the 12th grade...
I used to accompany him in
the evenings to meet Farsha!
And now, I am randy it seems!
My dear Aby! Quiet down!
Your mom will hear!
Anyway, you don't have
any use going home...
You should come! Sundaran will come!
Please just come!
-If we go in three, it will be a flop!
-That's not a problem...
I don't have a proper outfit...
I'll give.
-I don't have pants!
-I'll give you too!
Just come!
Alright then! We'll go!
Thanks, man!
-What is it?
Turn the lights off! Off!
It's light does not go off...
Then, stop the vehicle!
Ugh! Hmpf!
You guys wait a little away...
Turn the engine off, push it and go, ok?
I'll be back!
Ugh! Called from behind!
-What do you want?
-All the best!
Get lost!
-Will he get greedy and get us in trouble?
-No clue!
Who is it?
Pick it up!
Pick it!
Kid! Where are you? Hello!
I am here at Sundaran's house.
Ah! Listen! There is no problem here...
You come here! Don't be afraid!
I am not afraid! We are making grilled
chicken here... Will be a little late...
Is it? Whatever it is, make it quick!
He is at his friend's place it seems!
Mother, he is making grilled chicken
there... This roasted chicken, right?
The poor boy was terrorized
and chased away by her...
Boys during his age
tend to get mischievous...
Does that mean you get
to thrash him with broom?
What if he resorted to self-harm?
Haven't you smoked your father's beedi?
Yeah! Once!
Once, during Christmas!
During this... midnight carol...
Heh... Hee....
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you!
Hmm... Thought you wouldn't come!
Dude! Is he mad?
Love itself is such madness, Jomon!
You threatened to break up, if I don't
make it... so how would I not come?
You are the love of my life!
May I come in?
Get in!
Close it!
Granny slept?
Yeah! Put her to sleep...
-Just come.
Jomol's lover...
would have come to my home at
nights to show such madness, right?
No chance...
Your home, where you are
up until 4 am poking at your phone...
...will never even
see a thief let alone a lover!
Ugh! Push!
Sundara... will anybody see...
We are waiting at a distance
so nobody can see us, right?
Dude! Call quietly!
Huh! Ugh!
-Look! Green bike!
Ah! See! See!
You said CBR right?
You said CBR!
Dude! This is the bike I saw...
-Are you sure?
-Yeah! Come!
Shouldn't we find who it is?
-Dude! Just come!
-Bro, do we really have to?
Just come!
Urgh... Uh... Huh!
-No dog right?
-There's no one! Come!
Erhm... Ugh!
Come quick...
-Is this is the bike?
2016-17 model it is...
-This is the one, right?
Dude, what?
Mmm..... erhm....
-Gotta go!
-What, are you tensed?
Tell me the problem!
-Want to shit?
My God! In the middle
of this... come on, man!
What do I do? When I get tensed...
Don't whine!
Can you do it in the bush?
I am scared of the dark...
-Ugh! Your...
-Bro... It just happened...
There might be toilet somewhere
at the back... Go there...
You also come...
-Jeez.... Kill me! Now come!
Thank you!
After marriage, this land is ours, eh?
Oh! So you are eyeing that and all?
But when did I speak about marriage?
I can't see anything here...
-Man! There's one there...
-Is it?
-Go in...
-Not coming?
Why just me, let's call
everyone in this house... Just go!
Bro! There is no light.
Put light and wake everyone up? Just go!
Sit under the light of this mobile..
There is no charge...
Make do with the charge available... Just go!
Er... Uh...
Dude! Go!
-So then, let's cut the cake?
Happy Birthday to you!
Oh! Charge is gone...
Aargh! Ugh!
Happy Birthday to you...
Who is that!?
Who is that! Who is that!
Eh! Huh!
Oh shit! Thief! Thief!
People! Thief! Thief!
Run and come... see.. thief! thef!
There is some problem
there... you leave... leave!
Uh! Eh! panting
-Just give me one kiss.. please
-Just go... Nothing, granny!
Alright then! Let me leave!
-Sundara... Let's flee!
-But Jo... Jomon!
Dude! Don't stress about Jomon! Just drive!
We will be thrashed
by the people!
-I can't see...
-Your damn hair! Go!
-Go! Go! Go! Go!
Don't go! Stop! Stop! Jomon! Jomon!
Jump in! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Dude! Step on it!
Sundara! What happened there?
Don't even ask! Some shit happened!
sniffing What's that smell?
Jomon! You didn't wash?
Ugh! Jomon!
Your shitting ruined all my plans...
Didn't I tell you that day itself that
three cooks will spoil the broth!?
Here! Have some tea.
Show me your leg...
Ugh... Ouch!
Does it hurt?
Swelling has reduced.
When you walk at night,
shouldn't you be careful!?
Do one thing.. Go to grandma..
She will apply analgesic oil on it...
Er... That's not mine...
Su.. Sundaran's it is!
I ran fearing you will thrash me!
I knew it already...
No wonder, he is sitting
at home failing his exams...
Listen! Stop being friends with him...
Smoking and drinking... God
knows what more he is up to!
He is a punk!
Son, do one thing! Go! Go
to Granny and apply oil...
Careful! Put it down...
I am going inside.
-How is the curry, Dad?
-It's a little too spicy.
Didn't I tell you then that my
son wouldn't do such things...
His friend right? That Sundaran!
He smokes too much, it seems...
Let him come this side once
more! To corrupt my son...
Everyone provoked me...
She is the sole reason, I beat my son!
Whatever shit he does,
keep defending him...
You! I have been watching
you for a while now...
Why are you at my kid's
throat whenever you see him?
Just like you, he was
also conceived inside me.
Whatever he does, I will know, understood?
Don't try to defame
him all the time, got it?
Yeah right! Go search son's room..
You will find drugs and booze!
You will know whatever he says, it seems!
Carry him on the shoulders
all the time, both of you...
No wonder boys these
days are turning spoilt brats!
Uh! Careful...
She happens to be in form today, eh!?
Form! Huh! None of you know
her true nature.. That's why!
Girl! Just out of curiosity,
You think everyone in
this house are troublemakers?
Who do you think you are?
You! In what faith are you going
to marry your daughter off?
In two days, the groom
will send her back here...
And he will ask, is this how
you have raised her!
Find an answer to tell him then...
At my 16th age, you began this training
program to make me the "good-wife"!
Cannot talk loudly!
Cannot talk to men!
Should make food! Make it well!
Do the dishes... and what not!
How come the son was not trained like this?
Don't you want to see good
husbands in this country?
-Don't you dare...
-Shut up!
I want to tell you both one thing...
I am not going to marry.
I will live as I wish.. with
whomever I want! Got it?
This has been going on for too long now!
Do you have anything to say?
Aey! Nothing!
Should I have told something?
Don't tell a word. Swallow
the banana and just sit there!
What a spoilt brat..
This father has made her!
-She talks back all the time...
-Ah yes!
-Why did I birth her?
-Did I ask you to birth me?
I have seen yours and
your father's 18th year!
When you are caught for smoking...
Ratting out your friend
Is not a good habit!
From now on, if I hear
that you smoked cigarette,
You will see my real colour!
In the morning, he goes
blah blah, blabbity blah!
In the noon too, blah blu blee!
Evening has blah blu, blabbity
blah... little devil.. just sleep off, aww!
-Sshh!!! Quiet! The devil will wake up!
We are in trouble! Complete mess!
Ah! Woke him up!
One minute.
pacifies the baby
Sister! Baby is hungry it seems...
Here, take him...
No. Did not get. Tried hacking Whatsapp...
You scream and come to buy a shirt?
Dude! Not that!
Apparently, a thief was
lurking near Nimmy's house!
Ah... Eh!?
Isn't that us?
They think it's a thief!
Police have arrived!
You are not picking up my calls!
Where is your damn phone?
Kept it on silent for the
baby to go to sleep...
Since nothing is missing,
police might just leave, right?
Why are keeping mum?
Did you steal something?
I didn't steal anything.. but...
You Ninja!
You want my Jomol, eh?
I will not allow!
If you dare come to see my
Jo with this again...
Tell me!
He showed me a green colour
bike saying that's Jomol's lover's!
Under a special circumstance,
I had to blow a tyre out!
Doomed! We are doomed!
Police will come soon to arrest us!
My God! My hands and legs are turning weak!
-Talk softly!
-Get lost!
Dear lord, what will I do?
Don't leave!
Get off of me!
Did you check Instagram and Signal?
Private chats are more
prevalent in those, these days.
-Are you free?
-Working... I'll call...
-Oh you are back!
When are you going out?
Will start from here soon!
I am bored of sitting here...
-It's been so long since I saw you...
-But, what will you tell at home?
Will tell some lie...
-What will you tell?
-That I am going to a friend's house...
I will start in the morning. Before dark...
Not satisfied with Whatsapp, that
you are now checking my phone? Put it back!
So you will roam the city
with whoever you want, eh, you slut!
-What did you call me?
-Shut your mouth, you dog!
-I won't shut my mouth, you bitch!
I will call again! I won't shut my mouth!
You have become an oversexed
horny ass, you bitch! Ugh!
-You! Today I will...
-Get off of me! Get off of me!
What did you call me? Huh!?
I will kill you!
Don't bite! Don't bite! Don't bite!
You will call me a slut,
huh! Today I am gonna...
Sweet Mother Mary! What
are these crazy kids up to?
Move away... I said move!
Boy! What is this? My God!
Now why are you
picking up such a fight?
What is with you both? What is the problem?
The two will start just like
that! What is with you, girl?
Your daughter.. she has not
one or two.. but four or five lovers...
-Yes, you dog! Why do you care?
-Get lost!
Just stop! What is this!
She is roaming the city with many men!
-I will go! So what!
Don't you dare think you and
your fucker can get away with this...
Go and do.. If you have the
guts, go and do what you can do!
-What is this!
-I will show you!
Tell me what it is and go!
Who is it?
He told you, right! Go ask him!
-You will go only after telling me.
-Leave me alone, woman!
Tell me who it is! Open the door!
Look at her making trouble
and then shutting the door on us!
I will break open the door!
Let Chachan come!
We will decide about you!
She causes trouble and
then shuts the door on us!
Open the door!
I am telling you, open the door!
Police dog squad arrives
The dog squad has come here!
So, the bike?
It belongs to the man
there.. He is in Dubai.
He called up some big shots since
he was pissed about his flat tyre....
... so the police can come...
They say it's an expensive bike.
If the police comes there,
Just tell them that you came to steal!
Hmm! I shall call ok?
Hmm! Ok!
The dog has come.
Then the police will come
here too... tracking our smell!
I will not go home...
Why's that?
I should be arrested only from here...
My mom won't bear if I
am arrested by the police...
Don't cry like this, Aby!
We will find a way.
We will leave the city!
Where to?
I have an aunty in
Adimali... We will go there.
Is it Mrs. Doubtfire you
talked about that day?
Ah yes! That's the one!
Shouldn't we call Jomon?
You call him up and ask him to pack
his clothes quickly and come here...
Found the guy!
Who? The lover?
-Who is it?
-Darth Vader!
Eh! A white man?
No, it's his Insta ID!
Crap! Life's in the ruins here but
all you can think of is the damn lover!
This douche has made sure we cannot
even go out in the public anymore!
No! She will elope with
him today... She told me!
-Eh! She said that?
Ugh! Just stop you both! The damn lover!
You can talk! She is my sister! If
it was your sister, you wouldn't...
Ah! Yes! I will speak...
We have to flee the city
today, no matter what..
Before that, this has to be resolved.
Then we can just go
somewhere and live in peace!
Check who it is, Aby!
-What's the name?
-Darth Vader!
Is this him? With the mask on?
Uh... Yes that's him!
Not an ordinary guy!
He is an influencer!
These are the kind of guys who
ruin the lives of poor girls. Give!
Not even a face of his is shown...
The same hook!
The same hand!
The same tattoo!
-Dude! This is him!
Fancy pants!
He kept the letter at your home
only because he lives in this vicinity....
Look! Look! The green bike!
This is him! Fancy pants!
I want to beat him up!
I wanna do it right now!
Just calm down, Jomon!
You can say all that!
If I can come with you in the dead of
the night..
If you have at least a little love
towards me... you should come with me,
Or else I will go alone and beat him!
I will not allow anyone to ruin my family.
-I will kill him!
-Stop there, Jomon!
We will definitely beat him up today!
We will go to his spot and beat him up!
Before the police comes, we will beat
him up, pack our bags and flee this place!
Here! Come!
Like a bomb exploding deep
in my heart... Boom! Boom!
Like a fort trembling out of
fear Boom! Boom! Pa Ram!
You guys stay here. I will
buy cigarettes and come.
Bro! Need 6 Golds!
-Don't need Center Fresh?
Take one of these...
Things are getting out of hands, mama!
Calm down, man!
Some extra tobacco!
Is this enough?
Some more... Keep it!
Will give money later!
I smoke cigarette! Do you
have any problem with it?
But, who are you?
I am Sundaran's son! Your relative!
Manoj Sundaran! Ok?
Hehehe! You are that loser's son!?
Your money, your lungs! You smoke, drink
or die, do whatever you want! Who cares!
Boys! Come!
Dear God! Can't you
just kill this new-gen!?
That old man has been eyeing me
for too long... What if we beat him up?
Yeah! First the fancy pants! Then this man!
If you shout standing there, I will scream
a mouthful! Will you just leave, Mom?
Not mom! This is me!
Aey! Sweetheart is crying?
So tears do form in your eyes?
Will you just leave?
Kid! Instead of standing in attention and
crying like your mother.. come! Let's sit!
Decorations have increased!
How long has it been, since I got in here!
Do you even know the things he did to me?
What do you think his age is?
Is he tender coconut? No!
Has he turned ripe.. ? No!
He is sort of a rubbermeat right now!
In this age he will not just
say this, but he will go beyond!
If your plan is it to defend him, you
don't have to put up this drama here!
Do you know the things Mom
said, ganging up with him?
You are no less either.. what
do you used to tell to Mom?
What did I say?
You tease her all the time saying
she is a failed volleball player!
The poor lady rues that although all
her time in school was spent on this...
... she never found success!
On top of that you mock her about it...
Dad! Now don't play the Pope!
None of that is the issue here!
The issue! Ah yes! Tell me about the issue.
Why did you create this World War?
Dad! Jomon has an affair!
When he realized he is going to get caught,
he dumped it on my head and escaped!
He is not a rubbermeat
like you think, he is a randy cock!
What are you trying to prove?
That you are innocent?
Dear! Jomol!
When kids get mischievous,
There are these Lalu Alex and Ranji
Panicker type fathers support them...
I am not that great a father, as them!
All your fights until now.. I
have seen them as a joke..
But today's!
Resolve it amongst yourselves... huh?
Otherwise I will interfere!
That doesn't mean I will
do Kung-Fu like Bruce Lee!
Let me go downstairs
Your mom is upset about your door-shut!
Will the cops test his poop in
the toilet and come to get Jomon?
Such a case has been proven in America!
Just shut up!
Everybody switch off your phones.
Nobody should track us.
I have never fought before...
Just stand by me! I will handle!
Give me that lighter!
What is it?
Sundaran retches
-Eww! What the hell!
Yuck! What is this!
What happened!
Tell me!
Eww! It's the tobacco!
Ate random shit and now this...
Move away from here! Sit there!
-Ugh! I am sick!
Sick, eh! Should have thought
while chewing that shit just to man up!
-Take me to the hospital!
Was in the forefront to beat him up!
continues retching
-Eww! Go sit in some corner!
Ate that damn paan!
If you have tension or wanna
go to the toilet, do it right now!
There won't be time if he arrives.
It must be a surgical strike!
He is anyway gone! It's only us!
Call me when he comes, Aby!
I don't wanna go anywhere!
I dont need anybody! I
will beat him up on my own!
Hmm! Just make sure you do!
bike approaching
fancy pants removes helmet
He is here!
Green bike only!
Go ask!
What's up!?
-You Darth Vader!?
-Yeah! You follow me, eh?
-Yes! Aargh!!!
What the! What's happening?
-I will not spare you!
-Move! Get off of me!
Catch him!
-Beat him!
-Leave me! Leave me!
You will ruin my sister's
life, right? I will kill you!
Are you guys crazy!?
Is there no one to leash these
hooligans? People! Help! Move away!
-Leave him!
Jomon! I caught him! Jomon!
Get off of me!
You fancy pants!
Leave me!
Don't beat me! Don't beat me!
Hit his face!
Get away! Get away! Why are you beating me?
You want to take my
sister out, eh? You pig!
Ah! You are Ancy's brother, right?
-Get lost!
-Er.. Ma.. Manju's brother you are?
Jomol! Which Jomol?
So you have other women too?
That Palathara Baby's daughter, Jomol?
Ah! She is my sister's friend!
She.. heh.. she asked about me?
Why did you keep a letter at
the gate, I saw your green bike, douchebag!
Me! Get lost man! Am I jobless or what!
Why did you guys beat me up?
What do you have so much
to talk to your sister's friend?
I saw your chat!
You! You dimwit! When you
read, you should read properly!
She had asked a few
doubts about fish farming...
And then when my sister's phone conked,
she had used my phone for a while...
Got it, you fools!?
After the damn online class, she has talked
to some others as well! Is that my fault?
Er.. well... that... I...
What! Bloody fool! What!
The only thing she did ask was
if I will take both of them out...
I agreed too!
We made a blunder... we acted in haste!
Bro, don't tell my sister!
You broke my casting
rod worth 10000 rupees!
You better buy me a new one!
I will come to you home and beat you up!
Bro dont beat him up!
You will take Jomol and flee, haa!!!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Dont beat him up, Sundara!
It's the wrong guy!
scuffle continues
I told everything, why are
y'all still beating me up!?
Don't kill me!
-Leave him, please!
Police! Police! Sundara!
Run! Police is coming!
You! Get lost!
Yes! Let the police come!
Run! Police!
You not coming?
Come quick!
Run quick!
Finish this and go!
I will come next week!
Will be back from Adimali!
Where are my flats?
It's with me! Come quick!
Why are you guys running?
Why did we stop! What's the matter?
Jomon! It's only because of
you that all of this happened!
No use talking about it!
Get inside the house,
pack our bags and leave!
We have to abscond for a week!
But the police never saw
us! Before that, we ran right, then what!?
Yeah right! Yesterday when you went to
shit, this fool went and blew out the tyre!
The police and their dogs have all arrived!
They will reach now to arrest us!
You are the reason for everything!
You provoked me saying such scary shit!
You were the one who
put us all in trouble!
People online groom girls and rape
them.. you incited me crazy!
Mom had told me I shouldn't
be friends with you! Mom is right!
-Stop there!
I am the reason for everything! Enough?
Isn't that what I said! You
are the reason for everything!
I am suffering only
because hung out with you!
How did I ruin you? Tell me!
I came with you only because
y'all wanted to smoke cigarette!
I haven't forced you into smoking!
I have come with you
everywhere for all your needs!
Like the dog in Boban and Molly!
Have y'all done anything for my needs?
I came only because your were hurting!
We got in that house only
because you said it's the green bike!
Everything was done because you told us to!
Let the police come! I will
tell that I did all of this alone!
Let them arrest me! I will go to jail!
I don't have to see anybody then!
Dude! Let's stop!
Let's stop fighting!
Everyone go home and pack your bags!
In half an hour, we have to leave
the town! Jomon! Come! Jomon!
Sundara! Don't get emotional like this!
By the way, Sundara! Who is
this Boban and Molly? Friends?
Come on, Sundara! Huh!
Jomon spoke out of pain! Right!?
Leave it! Forgive him!
Aren't you the elder one?
Go quick and get your bag!
We don't have time to waste!
Don't go through there!
Go through the back..
Just go!
How many hours does
it take to Adimali?
Might take around 2 to 2.5 hours.
How will we go?
Will catch a lorry.
Will there be Wi-Fi?
veerappan barking
Why did you come here, huh?
My dear brother, Jomon! Come here!
Let me see you properly!
Mom! Look, you darling son! Mix a
glass of Horlicks and bring!
He's here after getting thrashed!
Who told you I am in love with Tutu?
That's the name of the fancy pants!
-Speak up!
Speak loudly!
You are chatting with him 24/7, right?
And then you ask if he will take you out...
When I see this, what else should I think?
I am your brother right?
Heh! And that's why you called me a slut!
Do you even know what slut means?
When I asked you to teach me on
this scooter, you got so cocky, right?
So I called a friend of mine.. she
said she will come with her brother...
How can chatting for that
become such an issue for y'all?
Don't you chat with girls 24/7?
Those are all my friends...
Mom knows! I don't hide anything!
If you talk... friends!
When I talk... lover!
What's the logic in it?
Do I need permission
from y'all to do everything?
Mom can also answer, got it?
-Mom's not speaking!
-Keep quiet!
She is going to make tea...
Son, didn't you hear her
fighting with them.. Go there!
Mama! It's some silly
issue! Jomol will finish it!
You sit there telling this!
Y'all can drink alcohol, smoke cigarette...
If I do something, it's wrong, eh?
Who do you think y'all are?
Like you, I too have friends..
Only they are there if I need help!
Also! If I feel like loving
someone, I will definitely do it!
But, my dear Manoj!
I expected atleast you to have some sense!
You turned out to be
a bigger fool that them!
Will anyone go and beat
someone upon his demand?
Er... well.. that..
When he said you got a love letter....
And then, it's him who said you
are going to elope tomorrow...
When I heard that... all of a sudden...
-Love letter for me?
-It came for him!
-Ah! Now come at me!
It didn't come for me!
-Then? It came for me?
Who told you it came for me?
You are the one who struts
in front of my tuition kids, right?
What strutting!?
Didn't it come when you were
snooping around near the gate?
Doesn't it mean it's for you?
And then, they also
said it has come for you!
Who said that?
Aby points to Sundaran!
My dear sister... with his weird behaviour,
who can feel like giving him a love letter?
No! That's why we misunderstood!
-Right? Tell her, dude!
Because of your goof ups, I am
now unable to go out without shame!
Y'all happy now?
Enough now! It's been so
long with your interrogation!
People around will also hear!
Come and have tea!
No! We are leaving!
Just go!
Sundara! Don't go! Come here!
Come here!
Where are you going to in such hurry?
I have to be at Adimali...
-I am in a little...
-Do you smoke cigarette?
Don't you know cigarette causes cancer?
I know!
Do not repeat this, hear me?
I stopped!
Yeah! Stop it!
-Do you smoke cigarette?
Ah! Then, good for you!
You don't want tea?
Now! If I hear again that you three are
smoking cigarette, I will thrash up y'all!
Haven't even hatched out from the egg,
and they are already smoking cigarettes!
It's not horlicks!
Who hacked my Whatsapp?
It's not hacking and all!
It's just Whatsapp Web!
He does not hacking
and all.. It's just a lie!
Due to a special circumstance,
when Jomon asked... Dude, speak up!
From here on, if I hear that any of you
interfere in my business unnecessarily...
Only this problem is
solved! Police will arrive now!
You should come in 10 minutes...
-Shall I keep the tea glass here?
-Yeah keep it there!
Just come!
Now we have to take
the blows from police... bro, I am tired...
-Leave that!
But just think what trouble
this one love letter has caused!
Who must have kept it there?
Will it be his mom's some past lover?
Buzz off! Poor mom!
But whoever did it.. let his
head explode, dear God!
phone rings
Hey! Baby is calling!
-Pick it up!
Are you dead? How long have I been trying!
Don't worry! We are
fleeing.. just in 10 minutes!
Huh! You idiot! That's why I was calling!
That dog was sniffing around the toilet...
And then?
Then what! If the thief comes again, the
police asked to inform them.. and left!
Apparently the thief did it purposefully
so that they can't trace the smell...
Oh! Is it? Alright, baby! I will call!
sigh of relief
His poop story became useful only now!
Call him up quick! Otherwise he will...
Or else shall we go and tell?
He hasn't even come out of
the womb! Before that, he wants to...
-Move away, you!
-Dad! Dad!
-Dad listen to me...
-Shut up or I will kick you!
I will talk to Lilly! Just listen to me!
-Who is this man?
She said it's nothing right?
Get lost, you! I am
definitely going to ask!
Isn't he going to Jomon's house?
Man! Come!
Let's go back! Please!
I don't have to fear anyone! It's
my daughter's matter! I have to ask!
Aaha! Kamal Hassan is
out to romance in a t-shirt!
-Today I will!
I never thought you will behave
so badly towards my daughter!
-Hear me?
-Saji! What is it?
-What did I do, uncle?
-Uncle? Not uncle, jungle!
My kid is just 15 years old! You
want to romance her itself, eh?
If I file a case... you will
be inside the jail forever...
Saji! What happened?
You will not see the outside
world, understood? Lovesick!
Saji! What is the matter?
We will sit inside and talk...
Huh! Sit inside it seems!
What will we talk sitting inside?
No need! I will talk standing here itself!
Let people also come to
know your son's true colours!
My kid who comes to tuition here... she was
forced by your boy, right!? this bugger...
... to have an affair!
My kid is not even 15
years old! You know that'?
Father! This man is lying! I
haven't even spoken to this girl!
Spoken! What a lie this boy is telling!
Check this out! Look!
Who is this?
My daughter drew it!
She drew his ugly face and look
what my daughter has written...
My love, it seems! To
hell with her "my love!"
What can I do if she drew
it... I didn't ask her to draw!
Didn't I tell you I haven't
even spoken to her..
Don't talk nonsense!
-Look here! Don't talk!
Tell me Saji!
You! Give me that phone!
You haven't spoken eh?
I will show you!
Open the lock and give!
If you haven't talked to her,
look! who is this that you talked to?
Speak! Just speak!
Look! The love sign! To a 15 year old!
Captain Marvel!
Now you don't have anything to say? Huh!?
My dear father, she messaged me saying
she studies for engineering in Bangalore
I don't love you and
all! This is all a lie!
Mom! Don't you know everything!
Tell them! Don't just stand there!
Aren't you seeing this man is
just blabbering all this nonsense!
Aah! So you are now re-routing this eh?
I will beat you up so bad...
Saji! If you dare touch my
kid again, this will turn sour!
You calm down! We will find a solution.
You come here!
-Are you that... what was that...
-Er... Captain Marvel!
Ah! That thing!?
Did you tell him that you
are studying in Bangalore?
Why did you lie?
Don't fear! Tell me!
That.. If I tell him who I was, I
was afraid he wouldn't talk to me...
-Do you like him?
-No way! She doesn't like him!
Let her speak, Saji!
You speak, kid! Come on!
Tell them it's a no!
A little bit!
So are you the one
who kept that love letter?
Oh! That's not a love letter! It is
the poem of a man named Rumi!
That day when Jo gave a book to
Navitha sister, I saw a letter inside it...
This was given to me by a
girl... there's nothing now...
But I had checked the handwriting...
That, well, sister.. I
write with both hands...
Eh! You write with both hands!
My dear Saji! From what I can make
out, the problem lies with your kid...
If you call the police,
only you will be trapped!
Since my son is an idiot,
your daughter is safe!
Also, the blow you gave him...
I have been meaning
to give him one myself!
Ah! Take your wife and kids and go home...
And, Saji... with this,
everything should stop! Go!
You come home! Great
way to raise children...
-Indu.. Dear... Come here!
-Sit in front of the TV 24/7...
So that the kids can write
with both hands and legs!
Such a shame!
Did your father beat you?
Ah! But when you go home,
you might get one or two!
If it was my daughter also, I will give!
Go get ready for one or two!
By the way...
Don't stop tuition, ok!?
Ah! I will come!
This assembly is dispersed!
Lillykutty! Get me one black coffee!
-What you waiting for? Go home!
- Uncle! We are leaving!
Jomon! Bye!
Ah go!
-Listen! Wear your masks and go!
Kiddo! What is this Captain Marvel?
That is a woman just like Superman!
Aaha! This girl is also super!
Didn't you say you wouldn't
become like Lalu Alex and Ranji Panicker!?
At this rate, I might even
become Suresh Gopi!
Listen! The police are not
gonna come! Everthing's safe!
Quickly go back in with
your bag, ok!? Bye!!!
The olden times when I
wore dress with broken button,
The smart girl who came into my
heart.. who are you!? Who are you!?
On the floor baby.. hit it hard baby...
Rock the party, baby!
-Want this?
-No need!
No problem, boy! I will apply it for you...
Don't you have many
fans! Captain Marvel and all!
Did I scratch that?
Blood's coming!
No problem! It will heal in some time!
Jomon! Look here!
It's been 10 - 18 years...
... since we started living
together under one roof...
We see each other daily...
If you have anything to ask...
Can't you just look to my face and ask?
Instead, was there any use bothering
some random guy ...
... and getting thrashed by him for it?
The ruckus you caused around
here for getting a letter... huh!
Captain Marvel! Hmm!
By the way, Jomon!
Am I not supposed to love a person!
What is the problem if I do love someone?
No pro...blem...
No problem?
Then, I'll tell you something!
It's a secret!
I like someone!
I have a lover!
Don't tell anyone! Heh!
I knew it! It would be that kid!
My dear Aby! Don't just lie like that!
I know you haven't even looked at her...
Captain Marvel! Indu! Hehe!
Nice! Smart girl she is!
Now I will have my eyes on her!
How will I go home now?
What happened... Haven't all
the problems been resolved?
Not that! That uncle begger might have gone
home and told that I smoke cigarettes!
My mom will kill me!
Tell something!
Let's go! Trip! To Adimali?
Come! Let's call him and go!