Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage (2019) Movie Script

This is Ansan 2-1, 2464, go ahead.
-Currently passing 4-15, over.
Turn 2-1, 2813.
1-8, heading out.
You damn thief.
You son of a bitch.
I told you to come right out afterwards.
I'm sorry.
Get the tools.
What's the total?
Don't bullshit me. One, two...
Sorry about that.
Dipshit, I saw you stash more earlier.
I can't look away for even a second.
Every damn time, you petty little shit.
Keep us safe. Keep us safe.
Don't do that shit.
Don't do what?
Turn around.
Thanks to this, we've never been caught,
I'll beat you up if you ignore my calls.
Okay, fine.
Oh, yeah, Gi-Chul. Come here.
Eat a dick, douche.
Move the fuck out of the way.
Fucking cop.
Hello? Is Mr. Wong there?
-Who is this?
We water-skied together.
I'm Stephanie.
So what? Did you fuck him?
Why do you ask?
Did you?
You're not a call girl?
I'm that bastard's wife, bitch!
Listen, lady.
Even if you're his wife,
you can't ask if we fucked.
Listen to this slut.
Have some semblance of decency.
This is so stupid.
Okay, I got it.
If Mr. Wong comes back,
tell him I have Viagra ready,
so have him call me.
Having fun? You liked that?
Not gonna do that again!
Yo! You should've been an actress.
You are freaking good.
That was epic.
It's me. I'm sending you a number.
Get me the call log.
It's that dude who went dark
after taking my money.
The number is his wife's,
and she's going to call him now.
Text me his location. Good.
The prosecution has conducted
a search-and-seizure at Taesung Group,
and is searching for
the missing $780 million
which is thought to be used
as their slush fund.
Chairman Jung Yi-Hyang
is under investigation...
Our biggest corporation
steals like nobody's business.
The investigation
is a politically-charged move
to slander Taesung Group.
We have done nothing wrong...
$780 million?
Pay me only $78,000
and I'll get you out.
Come in, over here.
-These assholes.
-Hey, you!
They were hired to make damn doors,
but they just made damn knives.
-What are you saying...
-What the hell is your name, asshole?
Yo, Azim! You're back again?
You traffic weapons now?
You asshole!
Spit out your gum!
How dare you!
Come out.
If Internal Affairs sniff me,
I'm done for.
Got a new baby, eh?
-Another mouth to feed.
Eat some noodles, stay off the meth.
Later. Say no to drugs.
You got a job at a noodle shop,
but if you smoke pot instead,
-what does that make me?
-Words of the Lord.
-Be good, okay?
Such a sweet asshole.
Hey, Jo Pil-Ho!
God damn it.
Jo, John, Johnson, shrinking dick!
Where are you off to?
Go easy on my sacred family name.
-Whoops! Oh!
Honestly, at least
wait until the sun goes down.
Already pulling tricks
in broad daylight?
Go jerk someone else's johnson.
Why are you always on my case?
You got a motor mouth
for a fucktard with a micro johnson.
You've got a dirty mouth, you know that?
Does Internal Affairs
only promote dirty rugs nowadays?
-It's cool.
Pil-Ho, this won't be like last time
when you slithered away.
I'm going to search up your asshole
and send you to Chungsong Prison.
-Is that so?
Too bad I don't have GPS on my car.
I wouldn't know where to go.
Remember "Glass Bones" Gibs,
the fragile gangster?
He's been busy
since taking over Mr. Yeom's building.
It smelled fishy, so I looked into it,
and I found out
that someone sweet-talked him into it.
A civil servant just like you, a cop.
That cop even chipped in $300,000
to buy the building.
What should we do to the cop?
Lock him the fuck up.
Isn't that obvious?
It's not really advice,
but you really can't
maintain a poker face.
I'm off.
Stop messing around, dipshit.
How's the fucking food?
You'll have a stroke.
Come sit down.
Goddamn fuckers.
You got an appetite?
How can you eat right now?
Go ahead and eat.
It just got delivered.
My chopsticks are still dry.
As soon as your money cleared,
they started sniffing around.
Why is that Internal douche
so eager to eat you alive?
I shouldn't have taken your money.
What the hell?
Let's just wipe the slate clean.
You were going to quit anyway.
Sell the building
before IA gets any closer,
and go into the booze business.
With your network and my manpower,
we have it made.
Can you get a $200,000 loan?
We got to cover the bills.
You think money grows on trees?
Where the hell do I get $200,000, asshole?
Then what should we do?
If we can't pay up,
all our money will be gone.
Gone with the wind!
Do you understand that?
Hey. Do you model for Adidas or something?
How dare you glare at me?
What's with that bimbo?
Hey. Han Gi-Chul. Han Gi-Chul!
You got it all wrong.
I was with Sung-Jin.
-Give me the bag.
-No way.
Keep it up and we're done.
-Yeah? So we are.
Let go of me! Let go!
Don't call me.
I will fucking kill you!
Mina! Wait!
Jang Mina, don't go!
You got it all wrong! Mina, please!
Was she the high school girl
you mentioned?
Did it feel good to get your ass kicked
by a girl?
She's not like that.
Like hell she's not, moron.
-What's the total?
-So $59,000 combined, then?
Why all of a sudden? Is something up?
Bud, let's do one more job.
One big score.
It's a clean phone.
The alarm will be disabled at 3:00,
then go inside.
Dude, this isn't right.
You want to rob a police warehouse?
It's out of my league.
We could get at least ten years for this.
Are you scared?
I became a cop because cops scare me.
Don't worry, we won't get caught.
Get going.
I'll be back, boss.
Are you going on a trip, dickhead?
Green wire, green wire...
What's taking him so long?
Report your status.
2-1 turn, over.
You cut the green one, right?
-By the way, I'm colorblind, boss.
-Yeah, so?
I can't tell red and green apart.
So what?
-What did you say?
they were both brown,
so I cut them both.
Is he nuts?
We are so fucked!
Fucking hell!
What do I do with him?
Why is it so quiet?
Yo, Gi-Chul. Han Gi-Chul!
Buddy! Get the hell out!
What the hell?
What in the world...
-You're awake?
-Who the hell?
You are in a hospital.
I will get your guardian.
So, you came across a fire,
and it exploded?
And it happened to be a police warehouse?
Even a dog would laugh at you.
Don't believe me, then.
We got a body, asshole!
Internal Affairs are all over
your call logs!
I'm not interested in what happened.
But, Pil-Ho,
when you eat pasta
and you get sauce on yourself,
don't pretend it's something else.
Wipe off the sauce
and act like nothing happened.
Get your act together.
God damn it.
-The chief already went through it.
But I did hide this!
-Did you kill him?
-That guy.
-Listen to you.
-Enjoying yourself?
-Don't bark at me!
Damn it.
It all burned up, sir.
What should we do?
Stand up straight.
Submit a written apology,
you useless chumps.
Yes, it's me.
Did you verify that it's all gone?
Yes, it's confirmed.
Good work.
Oh. Sorry.
Am I disturbing you?
It's all burnt. Can you recover it?
Very nice.
New facility and everything.
We treat everyone so well,
but people still report us
for getting sick here.
Biting the hand that feeds them, no?
How much longer?
I'm a bit busy.
Two hours?
Two days?
Have you heard of
Chile's dictator, Pinochet?
He killed 3,000 people in a week
at a soccer field.
Divide that by seven days,
and you get 428.
428 people killed a day.
Incredible, isn't it?
414 researchers work here,
so he could've killed everyone here
in a day.
One day.
But it takes two days to recover a phone?
So this is what happens when a man burns.
Not a man, a body.
A body, right.
I've never seen a burnt body.
Fucking moron
had to get himself killed there.
Have some respect for the dead.
Right? Right?
Sorry, sir.
His airway is clear.
He died before the burn.
-Look over here.
Blunt force trauma.
His head was split open.
-Before the burn.
What's this?
How did fire cause this?
How should I know? That's your job.
Did you find Han's cell phone?
Didn't see it.
If his airway is clear,
he didn't suffocate?
We've got a murder?
What's this? What?
This is from today.
Wait! Stop!
Those sandals...
Shit. God damn it.
Shotgun to the head.
Hwang Jae-Man,
the owner of this warehouse.
He burned it down for the insurance money.
But he didn't know someone was inside.
He burned down his warehouse
for insurance money?
Yeah, most likely.
I'll take that.
Yes, sir?
-I got the scooter owner.
Text it to me.
Hwang's dead.
Things are getting complicated!
I just ran into a public place.
Please, come and get me.
Taesung Group got to Hwang!
Just think about it.
Hwang was found dead
a day after the fire.
They're trying to clean up
after themselves!
I'll come forward with evidence
and testify.
I got the detonator, too.
I'll stay right here, so call me, okay?
I'm so dead.
Oh, shit!
-What the hell?
-So embarrassing.
Could you pass it back?
What a piece of work.
This is awkward.
Can I get a beer?
Isn't there a part-time girl here?
She delivers on a scooter
with a bob haircut.
On a delivery?
Detective Jo Pil-Ho from Danwon district?
Who might you be?
Don't remember me?
Pardon me?
I am Song Ji-Won's dad.
Song Ji-Won?
Your forehead...
That scar.
Stop crying like a bitch.
I'm sorry.
-Hurry the hell up.
-Get me some water.
-Right away!
...a symbolic uniform to Song's father.
Song Ji-Won,
a victim of the Sewol Ferry Disaster,
dreamed of becoming a police officer,
bringing sorrow to those around her.
The police put together this event
to console her family.
The commissioner is arriving now!
Buddy, wrap it up.
Send two to the scene
and let's go to the funeral.
SEWOL FERRY DISASTER RESCUER LIS We got more kids' bodies.
There's no time for that.
Hey! Hey!
-It's a madhouse!
-The chief is looking for you!
What the hell are you doing?
Let me go inside!
For Christ's sake!
What's with you? God damn it!
Keep them back!
-Why are you so late?
-The reporters...
Look over here, please!
Mr. Song!
Mr. Song! Over here, sir!
Could you look over here?
Over here, sir!
Mr. Song!
Mr. Song!
The entire town is in funeral mode.
Some officers were going to the scene.
Shouldn't you go, too?
I'm too soft for that.
-Police! Inspection.
-What's that?
Open the door.
What do we do?
What else?
I'm a cop, too.
What is it?
Sir. What are you doing here?
Isn't it obvious? Holy cow.
Sorry about that.
I was... Sir, it's not that...
Wait. I was just going to clean up...
She brought my undies.
-Find him!
-Right away!
You should've called me.
What's going on?
The father who received
the uniform this morning...
-He left a will and disappeared.
We got a report that he was seen here.
If he kills himself, we're so fucked.
You're right.
Mr. Song! Don't do this!
-Let go!
-You can't do this!
You have to remain calm.
Go easy on him! Don't hurt him!
-Why can't I kill myself?
-Please, calm down.
Let's get you to the hospital first.
-Let's just talk.
-Grab him! Grab him!
-You have to go to the ER!
She didn't live 20 years.
She was 17.
Still a child.
-Let's just talk.
-Sir, we hear you.
We get how you feel,
but you can't do this to us.
Come on, go grab him.
Get him!
Sir, are you okay?
Escort him outside!
-Mr. Song, let's go.
-That's enough.
Pil-Ho, you okay?
-Get up, please.
-Get up. Let's see.
Let's see.
-Son of a bitch!
-Hey! Hey!
Daddy's back.
-Sorry about the mess.
-That's okay.
Please, come in.
No, my feet really stink.
It's okay. Please, come in.
Ji-Won, remember him?
He brought you the uniform.
I found it.
This is her. Jang Mina.
Best friends in grade school,
but she got into some trouble.
What kind of trouble?
She lived with her grandma,
but she became rebellious
after she passed away.
She got suspended from school, too.
And she stole the bike?
Yes, and Ji-Won's clothes,
shoes and backpack.
But you didn't report it?
She's not a terrible kid.
I thought she'd be a bad influence
on Ji-Won,
but she secretly threw birthday parties
for her in the basement.
Is Mina in trouble?
No, I need her for an investigation.
Wow! It's been a while.
You kept it well.
-What the heck? Why's this jump rope here?
-Sorry about that.
-That's for dieting.
Maybe because I run a chicken shop,
Ji-Won loved Korean food.
She'd eat two portions
and did jump rope to lose weight.
Should have cut down the portion...
She didn't look fat at all in the photo.
-She was pretty. Right here.
Do you know Mina's number?
No, I don't know.
No need to cover for her.
Well, I really don't know.
It's not much, but, please, share it
with the other officers.
This isn't necessary.
I feel uncomfortable now.
Too bad, though, my boys love pizza.
Thank you so much.
If you find Mina,
could you please ask her
to return Ji-Won's tracksuit at least?
She died in it when the ferry sank.
I wanted to burn it for her...
but Mina took it.
I'd like to send it to heaven.
Okay, goodbye.
People are quite simple.
They use the same passcode
for both phones and credit cards.
Unlock the phone
and use it to go on a shopping spree.
Game over.
Good job, motherfucker.
Is it good?
It's dope.
That's worth the scar
on my forehead.
-You'd better fucking enjoy it.
Okay, got it.
Let's see... What's this?
Oh. It's an unread text.
Got Mina's address?
Song Jin-Gyu?
She's not my chick.
How should I know?
Hey. Scour Jang Mina's Facebook,
texts, all social media info
and transfer them to your laptop. Do it.
Dang, who is she?
She's damn hot.
Good lord.
Enough, it's obscene.
Some African tribes believe
that when you take a photo,
it takes away your soul.
Take pictures of hands or something,
not the face.
You got no respect for the dead.
My apologies, sir.
I miss the good old days.
Guys nowadays lack common sense.
Mr. Kwon.
Yes, sir?
One misstep, and you are finished.
That feels good.
What the fuck, man?
What do you want?
I live upstairs.
There's a water leak.
-What leak?
-Go inside.
Let me see.
Song Jin-Gyu, where's Jang Mina?
The fire chief is dead,
and the detonator is gone, too.
With the witness gone, we've been ordered
to let Chairman Jung go.
What should I do?
You leave nothing to chance.
Killed everyone off.
You'll be head prosecutor soon.
Let's do dinner soon.
The prosecution has revoked
Chairman Jung's arrest warrant,
and switched to a witness investigation.
The investigation of the missing
$780 million will likely remain unsolved.
Look at these ants trying to survive.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Ladies and gents...
Desperate struggle...
Mr. Chairman!
What's your stance on the outcome?
How do you feel now?
Have the charges been cleared?
Who will take ethical responsibility
for the missing $780 million?
One comment, please!
Ladies and gentlemen. Taesung Group
is Korea's number one corporation.
But our integrity was dragged
through the mud by the DA.
offers scholarships
to poor students every year.
How could I stand and say that Korea
is a constitutional and democratic nation?
As a father of Korea, I am deeply ashamed.
Mr. Chairman! Mr. Chairman!
Wow! Mr. Kwon,
you look good on television.
Wow! It exploded?
So you took care of him,
but there's another problem?
I am sorry, sir.
So this phone belonged to the dead guy
at the warehouse.
The video was sent from this?
-To whom?
-To two people, sir.
First one is Song Jin-Gyu,
a three-time convicted criminal.
-Her name is So-Hee.
-Go on.
She is Mina's minion.
-She will be with her.
The other one?
He's a cop.
What an idiot...
Mr. Kwon?
Yes, sir?
You are so fucked,
going to jail all by yourself.
What a load of shit.
Drop the friendship bullshit.
I am coming up now.
She is in Room 6008.
She's got guys there?
I don't know, I heard some TV noises.
Nothing, let's go.
Jang Mina! Hey!
It's open.
What is it?
-"Friendship" is your code?
"Drop the friendship bullshit"
is code for "a cop is here."
Of course not.
Yeah, right, fuckhead.
Stop it! You bitch!
Let go of me! Asshole!
Let go! What the heck!
You! You!
Stop, stop. Come with me.
-Remember me?
-Who are you?
It hurts!
-I said it hurts!
-Hey! Stop it!
What the hell!
-Stop it! Hey!
-Son of a bitch!
Let her go!
-Just run!
-No! Not without you!
Hey! Get off of me!
-God damn it!
-Asshole, let her go!
Shit! Hey!
What the fuck are you doing?
What's going on here?
Do something about them.
Get them off!
-I am calling the cops!
-Lady, I am a cop!
I am a cop!
-Can I leave now?
-Sure, thanks.
-Fucking traitor.
-Fuck that shit.
Let's keep it short and get it over with.
She is ill. Can you let her sit?
How so?
She is really ill!
-Where's the money?
-What money?
Once more,
where's the money?
It wasn't Gi-Chul's.
Where is my $59,000?
I don't know. How should I know?
-Are you okay?
You are a suspect.
Do you want to go to juvie?
For the last time,
where's the money?
-Not gonna talk?
-It's at home! I hid it there.
-You sure?
-It's there.
Get your stuff.
So, you are the dirty cop
Gi-Chul mentioned?
He said a cop forced him to do
all the dirty shit.
He said that?
I won't let this slide.
I am going to expose you!
Yeah? That's too bad.
There's no witness.
He is dead.
Han Gi-Chul is dead.
How did he die?
Who cares?
Nothing you can do about it.
I have a video.
-Give me my bag.
-What are you doing?
-Gi-Chul sent me a video.
-What video? Sit back down.
-I'll show you!
-God damn it!
-Mina, sit still.
-Stay put.
-I'll show you!
-Jesus fucking Christ!
Stay in your seat, bitch.
Did you think I wouldn't know your tricks?
Call some dude
and get the bag before I do?
I seriously have it!
Stay put!
Stay in your damn seat!
You're annoying as fuck!
You got a death wish or something?
Mina! Mina! Are you okay?
What's wrong?
-What the hell? What's with her?
-Open your eyes!
She is epileptic!
She has to lie down!
What a fucking hassle!
-Come on...
-Hey, unlock her with this.
Mina, open your eyes.
Snap out of it. Look at me.
-I don't believe this.
-Mina, hey...
How is she?
-Mina, let's just go.
-My phone.
Let's go.
Mina, let's just go. Mina!
-We have to go!
God damn it!
We are almost there. Hurry up.
Come on!
What is it?
What's wrong?
My belly, it hurts.
Probably from the impact earlier.
It hurts so much!
-Hold on, please.
Anyone here? Is there anyone here?
Help! I need help!
Hey, take a look at this photo.
You stated that you were alone.
But who's that beside you?
I was driving and saw a foreign laborer.
I felt bad and picked him up.
Yeah? Where did you pick him up
and drop him off?
How should I know?
Go to the employment center,
you'll find plenty there.
Don't be a smart-ass.
You killed Han Gi-Chul
and set that place on fire.
Stop being creative
and bring me evidence. Evidence, please.
The perp is dead and left a will,
so why are you up my ass?
-I got a witness.
We found him hiding in a motel room.
-Please, take this off.
Tiny johnson Pil-Ho, you son of a bitch.
-Put him away.
-Let go of me! What did that fuck say?
-What the fuck did you say to them?
-Hey! Stay back!
Come here! What did you tell them?
Fuck off!
-What the fuck did you say?
-Hey! Hey! Settle down!
-You know jack shit!
-Come on!
Hey, hey, hey!
Allow me to interrupt.
That Johnson Pil-Ho
is Detective Jo Pil-Ho?
Detective Jo, we are here
about the warehouse fire case.
The fire even took out
the complex next door.
Not a single gust of wind.
Weird, isn't it?
You got a will.
Oh, that the owner
was going after the insurance money?
You are a detective, and you believe that?
Listen, what was in the complex next door?
How should I know?
Twelve boxes of evidence
against Taesung Group,
400,000 illegal bond accounts
they used as a slush fund.
You getting this?
They were key evidence against Taesung.
But some motherfuckers torched them all.
Then I got an anonymous tip
from the fire chief on the scene.
He claimed he and Taesung
started the fire.
According to him, there was
someone else in the warehouse.
Who was this mysterious man?
Han Gi-Chul.
Son of a bitch!
What the fuck?
It gets interesting.
The outgoing bandwidth on Han's phone
could only be video.
He sent a video before his demise.
To two people no less,
and I tracked down one.
It belonged to a burner phone
which was bought by a Johnson, who is...
It's you, Johnson Pil-Ho!
We will come back to that.
But why were you there?
To steal something?
Or are you on Taesung's payroll, too?
What's the matter?
You look pale.
He really can't maintain a poker face.
What are you doing?
Gi-Chul sent me a video.
May I smoke?
You are right. I did buy a burner, yes.
Hear that, Internal Affairs Kim Min-Jae?
This prosecutor says
I didn't torch the place or kill Han.
Are you recording this? Huh?
Sorry about that.
You know too well
that it's tough being a homicide cop.
I was at the warehouse.
Han went inside and it just exploded.
I was frightened and just drove away,
and my phone started ringing.
Maybe it was a video.
I just threw it out
and got the hell out. That's all.
Shit, did I toss it
while driving or after?
Who knew that was such a crucial video?
Shit. I am so sorry.
Drive? Fuck that.
You woke up in a hospital.
Are you fucking with us?
I did?
I had a concussion.
Wait your turn!
You're not a complete idiot.
Mr. Johnson, listen up.
They got enough shit on you
to put you away for a decade.
If you quit the force,
I can clean up this shit,
and you can live as a civilian.
Get me that video.
Damn it.
Mina's address...
Damn it! Locked!
Sir, I only lent her my ID.
The phone is Mina's.
Shit, I can still feel the Taser
down my spine.
Huh? That's it? Damn it.
What is it?
Isn't this Jang Mina's place?
So what?
I am her homeroom teacher.
-We had an appointment.
-I see.
-You should come inside.
Come in.
The house is a bit messy.
I am actually a cop.
She's in a bit of trouble.
But that shouldn't surprise you.
I'm all done here,
but you could stick around.
What's this?
May I see your phone? Mina's?
Her teacher, huh?
Who are you?
You son of a bitch!
Where is she?
Wait, time out.
I think you misunderstood.
I am a cop, you asshole!
I'll remember your face!
Are you Jang Mina?
An adult asked you a question.
Who are you?
What the hell do you want?
have no manners.
Please, don't kill me.
Sorry, you being alive is a nuisance.
What the fuck?
Jesus, what the fuck?
Wait, come on.
Oh, my God,
what are you doing in my garden?
Why are you rolling around in there
like boars?
Lady! Call the cops!
Oh, my God, look at my lettuce!
I'll pay for it! Just call the cops!
Hey, where are you going?
You have to pay me for the damages!
Damn it. Get in!
It's dangerous. Just get in!
-Who was he?
-I don't know.
Don't lie to me.
I almost died saving you.
I really don't know!
Why were you at my place?
You still managed to grab
the money bag? Jesus.
Hey. Were you aiming the pot at me?
I wasn't aiming at you!
You really were!
You wanted to keep the bag!
You tased me yesterday.
You are wanted for theft,
fraud and murder.
Shit. You are so dead.
-You're bleeding.
-You're bleeding!
Don't touch me.
Damn it.
Hey. What did you do
with the rest of my money?
-I spent it.
-You spent it?
You spent $30,000? A high schooler?
We have stuff to buy.
There's no end in sight. Shit.
Who the fuck was that?
Oh, yeah, the phone...
It was on the floor. Did you get it?
I got it. Why?
Thank God. Almost got ass-fucked.
Han really messed me up.
Did he... kill Gi-Chul?
Hold on.
If what the prosecutor said is true...
-then this is incredible.
-Did he die because of me?
Don't shout at me, you damn thief.
-Give me the phone.
-No way.
Hand it over.
Come on. Fucking hell...
Get off! Don't put your hands on me.
Give it to me.
-It's locked. Unlock it.
You said he sent you a video.
Is that why he died?
Earlier... Forget it.
Listen, you did not see the video.
Unlock this,
and I'll forget about the money you stole.
Unlock it now.
-Don't feel like it?
-Uncuff me first.
What's with the constant deals?
For a kid, you're a real pain in the ass.
Come with me somewhere,
then I'll unlock my phone.
We've got to do it now. It's a goner.
Who is the dad?
He's a douchebag.
But we need to inform her parents,
at least.
Why are you pretending to be an adult?
Just sign it.
Stupid kids.
Here. Hand it over.
2-5-8-6? I thought I tried that.
Mr. Prosecutor, this video
will be a tidal wave if it leaks.
Keep your promise to clean up my shit.
Detective Jo,
did you cause problems in Ansan today?
-We received a report.
We're looking for a juvie named Jang Mina.
Do you know anything about her?
Why her?
She's a key witness.
If you get a hold of her,
I could get you a promotion
on top of everything.
I'm with her now.
Then bring her to me. Be discreet.
Check it.
Her uncle?
-More like her pimp.
-Must be nice. You must make a mint.
-Fuck you.
I'll give $100 back.
Let me have a go with her.
I told Mina
I'd do the abortion in exchange,
but she didn't bite.
I'm dying to get a feel of her.
She even brought you in. Disappointed.
Fine, fine. Jesus! I'll pay $100 more!
But I get her all night.
You promised, tonight's the night.
-Hey. I'm police, get out. Leave.
-It's police! Police!
Why did you send them away?
What's going on?
What are you doing?
Just one bite.
Go on.
Not too salty?
-Thank you.
-It's okay, eat.
Is it any good?
Why didn't you make them
something healthier?
They like it. Is it not good?
-Yeah, give her something to change into.
Take that tracksuit off.
-Isn't it obvious?
That belongs to your friend Ji-Won.
How do you know Ji-Won?
She and I go way back.
Her dad just wants the tracksuit back.
Even as her best friend,
you can't wear a dead kid's stuff.
Give it to her.
-This is cute.
No way.
What are you doing?
-Pick it up.
-I don't want to.
I won't. This is mine, she gave it to me!
You can't tell me to change!
-Fuck! What are you looking at?
God damn...
So scary.
But even so,
you shouldn't swear during a meal, no?
Did you see that movie The Throne?
"Wipe your ears."
-Pretend you didn't hear that.
Drop it. What are we doing
with these kids?
Eat, it's okay.
Move aside.
-What are you doing here?
-What's this, baby?
Don't be so happy. It's not for you.
-Feed her something healthy.
-Of course.
Nothing pork, get genuine Korean beef.
-Keep an eye on her.
Her, her.
She's screaming for help.
What? What is it?
Why are you looking at me?
Got something to say?
Did you always have that scar?
What if I did?
Haven't we met before?
Are you coming on to me?
You must be fucking kidding me, kiddo.
Please give that tracksuit back
to her dad.
Imagine what he's going through.
He wanted to burn it for her.
I know how you feel.
Losing your friend, and puberty to boot.
Everyone goes through the same thing.
And your wrist...
I went through it all,
drinking, biking and shit.
-What do you know?
What the hell would you know?
We were doing so well!
You're an ass for pretending to know shit!
You're the ass! Christ!
You got an attitude problem.
I wonder what you'll be when you grow up.
-Attack on Titan.
I'll be the titan from that series.
Smash the president's house,
and kill everyone there.
Do you take drugs?
Fuckface, shine it nicely.
What are you doing?
You fucking idiots stealing that bike?
What are you doing?
Stop that. Hey. Hey.
You gotta cut the ignition,
you fucking newbies!
What the fuck is going on?
-What the fuck did she say?
-Let's go.
You really are a cop.
I'm a goddamn loyal servant
of the general public.
Can I have that?
Fine, keep it. Jesus.
What is it? Don't want to go?
There's nothing to it.
Just tell them what you know
about the video.
Let's go to Ji-Won's chicken shop.
I'll return the jacket, so let's go there.
Don't wanna go alone?
Buy me chicken.
The last time I had it was with Ji-Won.
Is it any good?
So good.
Why do we have to meet up here?
Hello? I'm here.
What the hell?
Mr. Prosecutor?
Oh, no.
Get your hands off of me.
Hey, there. So, you're Jang Mina.
Let's go.
Here we go.
We're not bad guys.
Hey, Jo Pil-Ho.
-See? I knew he had a hunch.
You really are a fucking
Korean prosecutor!
I sure am, a bona fide prosecutor.
I got a Taesung scholarship.
Why did you tell him that?
It's been hard putting on an act
on Taesung's behalf.
You look good.
Detective Jo, this is a duplicate phone.
Where's the burner phone from that night?
How the fuck should I know?
Let's see...
Let me ask you again.
Han sent this to two people.
-Where's the original video?
-I don't know, asshole.
-Put his hand here.
-Let go of me!
You should just answer when I ask nicely.
Detective Jo, for the last time...
This is the bimbo's, and this is yours.
Where's your real phone?
Fuck you, asshole.
You're something.
Let's go up.
I'll close the warehouse case
as a simple accident,
so settle things with the media.
Yo, Jo Pil-Ho...
Good job.
Study hard, or you'll become like him.
You need to live, go to college,
field trips and dates, too.
Just tell me where you hid the video
or you'll die like Song Jin-Gyu.
You didn't know?
His silence got him killed.
Don't look at me like that.
I didn't kill him.
Go fuck yourself.
Stop it, motherfucker.
Why are you threatening a kid?
-Let her go, and we can talk.
-This is scary.
Hold on tight.
-If I fall, I'm taking you all with me.
-Yes, boss!
Detective Jo, if you keep lying,
my arm gets weak.
I got it! I fucking got it!
Just stop it, asshole!
I have it. I have the original video.
-Somewhere safe.
I'll FedEx it, so let her go.
Damn it! Office cabinet!
I hid it at the station.
You can never find it.
I'll bring it right over.
So, let the kid go, and we can talk.
There's no other copy, motherfucker!
-Go fuck myself? Fuck myself?
-Stop it.
-I should?
-Stop it, you fucking asshole!
God damn!
Go home. You can go home.
It's all right.
Right, your phone. Where's my wallet?
How much is it?
Here's some extra.
Buy yourself a nice phone with this, okay?
We'll take you to the station,
so hand the video over.
-Keep your promise.
-I got it, asshole.
Get the car ready.
What? Got something to say?
It's okay, tell me.
Petty fucks.
Some adults you are...
You damn fools call yourselves adults.
Tell So-Hee I'm sorry.
Holy shit. Is she fucking nuts?
Toss him, too.
Toss him!
Let go! Hey!
I have the video, you hear me?
You won't be safe if you kill me!
Internal Affairs saw me making a deal
with the prosecutor!
-They heard everything about the video!
-Hey! Hey! Move aside!
Hey! If Internal Affairs finds it,
you're all fucked!
Why are you complicating shit?
Just pay me, and I'll hand it over.
You're all loaded, right?
-Put him in the car.
-Yes, sir.
God damn it.
You should cut down
on the late-night snacks.
Up a few sizes, huh?
I have too many dinner appointments.
Hey! Jo Pil-Ho!
A former Marine, huh? I was, too.
Not going to salute me?
-So gullible.
My family's exempted.
I thought he was a hard-ass.
I like you, Detective Jo.
Heard of the saying,
"Law is just to only 10,000"?
All men fight to be included
in that figure.
I heard you like money.
That's $78,000. Why?
Your video is worth $780 million,
divide that by 10,000.
The video.
How much is this worth?
I heard the girl was dirty.
She's a scum of society,
just a clit for the johns.
Her life is worth 78 cents.
These cockroaches are ruining our society.
Compared to her, this is generous.
Detective Jo, see you again.
You could be our obedient mole.
You're here thanks to her.
Keep that in mind.
There's a civilian diver
called Mo Hong-Jin
who pulled Ji-Won out of Sewol.
His muscles were torn and spine fractured.
The country stopped paying his bills.
But a few days ago...
...someone sent him $30,000 in my name.
To help with hospital bills.
I never sent any.
Mina probably sent that.
She even saved my life once.
-Jo Pil-Ho!
Don't make it a big deal.
Go get that treated.
What a lovely fucking day.
-Thank you.
Use this.
I called about Ji-Won's dad being here.
Thank you.
What the hell?
What is it? Don't want to go?
There's nothing to it.
Just tell them what you know
about the video.
Buy me chicken.
The last time I had it was with Ji-Won.
Yo, Ji-Won. How have you been?
It's me, Mina.
Did you have your birthday party today?
I dialed you as soon as I woke up.
I'm so crazy, right?
I even went to Bupyeong
to buy a dress for you.
No joke, it's so lit.
But I don't know how to send it to you.
Your dad is well.
So, have a great time
with others over there.
Send my regards to Hee-Jin and Mi-Ji.
Sung-Woo and Jin-Sung, as well.
Oh, and the homeroom teacher, too.
I missed you, so I walked around
in your shoes and backpack.
I thought I smelled you,
as if you were following me.
I looked back, but you weren't there.
l cried like a bitch.
I really miss you.
If you don't recognize me, you're so dead.
Love Mina, who loves Ji-Won,
who loves Mina.
I thought you hated pork bone soup.
It's not like you.
Yang Hee-Sook!
I love you.
Going somewhere far?
What the...
Please, come here.
Please, come one by one.
He's got braces.
Can I go now?
Damn. Why is this so complicated?
Let's just get on with it.
Buddy... stop fondling my hairy ass!
I got a metal pin in my ass.
Got hurt while taking down gangsters.
Don't believe me?
Bring him up quietly.
Sorry, didn't know about the event today.
Give me the phone and leave.
I got something to tell the chairman.
About the slush fund.
It's juicy intel from HQ.
I'll give it to him and stay for a chat.
We're in the same boat now.
Wow! Was this place always so majestic?
It'll take two hours. Wait here.
Sure, have fun.
What the fuck is that?
Is that expensive?
Can I try it?
You guys beat me up so badly
that my body aches everywhere.
Damn, hurts so much.
How do you turn it on?
Why are you staring at me?
No big deal, I just wanna try it out.
"Astronaut Experience"? What is this?
Do I become an astronaut?
Oh, shit.
Yo, where's the washroom?
I got a sudden urge to shit.
This thing is an intestine massager.
Good to see you.
Good to meet you.
What the fuck do you want?
Shitface, why haven't you
called me recently?
Is our love all gone?
Don't want to catch me?
Hearing your voice
makes me want to puke.
Listen to what I tell you.
It's important.
You know about the video
sent to me by Han.
If this leaks, Korea will go apeshit.
I'm here to make a deal
with Taesung right now.
You feeling this?
Where are you?
Taesung HQ, 15th floor.
Ticktock, baby.
If you're late, I'm off to the Philippines
with my money.
Turn the car around! Now!
We'll begin the event with a promo video.
Let's welcome
Chairman Jung Yi-Hyang to the stage!
Good afternoon.
I'm Hope Foundation's
Chief Director, Jung Yi-Hyang.
There's a camera in the wall.
Sorry, it's our job to see everything.
To meet you here,
I did my hair, put on cologne,
and rode a 5,000cc car.
Aren't you jealous?
You never had the video, right?
Dip him and toss him after the event.
-People are watching. Be careful.
-Yes, boss.
Let go.
Let go! Let go of me!
Let go!
Does it fire?
How about a go?
...he lost everything he owned.
What do I do?
I looked after my siblings,
and studied extremely hard...
I'm here
thanks to my teachers' generosity.
Take this, asshole!
Fucking asshole!
You son of a bitch!
Fucker! Come on!
Come at me.
So what? Come at me, asshole!
Come at me!
Do your best, fucker!
Come on, motherfucker!
Can't catch me, can you?
Come on!
Let go! You son of...
What's the point of my story?
May I help you?
Well, I'm looking for someone.
It does fire.
...will start here.
You are Korea's future and hope.
Smile as you wake up, and push forward.
Taesung is always with you.
Taesung will support you
with everything we've got.
That's why...
-Has he gone absolutely nuts?
Is this a skit?
Did he miss the cue?
Get him off the stage.
-You can't be up there.
Get off the stage.
Jo Pil-Ho! What the fuck?
Jo Pil-Ho, freeze!
Pil-Ho, drop the gun.
Listen carefully.
No life is ever worth 78 cents
in this world.
Got that?
I won't hurt you. It's okay.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't scare you.
I promised to buy you chicken.
But these fuckers...
With Chairman Jung's murder,
Taesung's case
has taken an unexpected turn.
According to a witness testimony,
Chairman Jung ordered
the theft and destruction
of any evidence against him,
and Lead Prosecutor Nam Sung-Sik
had deep ties to the organization.
Meanwhile, Detective Jo Pil-Ho,
who murdered Chairman Jung,
was said to have been fueled
by simple revenge
and is expected to receive
severe punishment
for abusing his authority
as an officer of the law.
I knew he'd fuck up big time.
Look at his eyes.
I shouldn't have gotten in bed with him.
Korean cops are all dirty.
Fucking asshole.
What's up?
-Get out.
I won't take your money, so just leave.
Are you nuts? I'm not even finished.
You run your mouth
without knowing the facts.
I'll cut your tongues off
and grind them up.
What are you looking at?
You look like an anchovy head.
And you look like an overcooked swine.
You'd taste good in the pork bone soup.
Fucking shit.
Get the fuck out of here.
Where are you? Is the class over?
Come over as soon as you get this.
I made your favorite, soy sauce crab.
Is the class over?
Come over as soon as you get this.
I made your favorite, soy sauce crab.
Hey. Hey. Wait a minute.
Sit back down!
Hey! Are you well?
Let me go! I gotta talk to her!
Missy! Be well! Live well up there!