Joan of Arc (1999) Movie Script

Is anybody there?
I'm happy to see you...
...but to keep coming here twice,
three times a day...
I need to confess.
You confessed this morning.
I need to confess again.
What terrible sin
have you committed...
...that can't wait till tomorrow?
I saw a poor monk without shoes,
so I gave him some.
There's no sin in charity, Jeanne.
They weren't my shoes.
- Whose were they?
- My father's.
- I'm sure he'll forgive you.
- He already did.
I want Jesus to forgive me too.
If we asked forgiveness
all the time, we'd spend...
...our whole life in church.
Is that bad?
Well, no, but...
Are you happy at home?
Yes, very.
Your mother?
Everything's fine with her?
Yes, she's wonderful.
And your sister, Catherine?
Is she still your best friend?
My sister's just...
She's wonderful.
What about your other friends?
You don't like playing with them?
I play with them lots.
Everything sounds wonderful.
Yes, it is.
Then why are you here so often?
I feel safe here.
It's where I can talk to him.
Well, I try to talk to him.
But mostly he's the one
who does the talking.
Who is this...
He never says his name.
What does he...
...look like?
What does he say to you?
He says...
He says I must be good
and help everyone...
...and take care of myself.
Do you think he's coming
from the sky?
But wherever he's coming from,
I think you should listen to him.
Because it sounds like
he's giving you very good advice.
It's wonderful!
It's wonderful.
Are you all right?
Did they hurt you?
No, I'm fine. Really.
We looked for you.
The English are everywhere.
I was in the church.
I was talking to the priest.
Do you know what he said?
Tell me later.
Quick, hide in here!
- Where will you be?
- I'll be right here.
I promise.
That's what I call booty.
A woman with a sword.
Look at this.
Frenchmen are cowards,
they've left the women to fight.
If that's God's will,
then so be it.
Fine with me.
I love women.
Hold still, bitch. How can I do it
if you keep wriggling about?
Your turn now.
Preserve and bless the soul
of our dear departed.
Keep us safe from fear and sin. Amen.
Listen, Jeanne.
Your aunt and uncle are taking you
to their house for a couple of weeks.
Just to give us time
to rebuild things here.
You understand?
We give thanks for the food
you've given us.
Teach us to love this land and save it
from those who seek to destroy it.
So good night, then.
What will happen to her?
She'll be fine.
She'll grow up, find a good man,
make him some children. Don't worry.
She's been hurt, but she'll survive.
Tomorrow she'll be as right as rain.
You'll see.
I want to see a priest.
Why did she have to die?
Only God can answer that.
I know Jesus says to love
your enemies, but I can't.
I just want the English to burn
in Hell forever and ever!
I realize your anger, Jeanne,
but we must learn to forgive.
It's hard...
...but revenge will never
bring about peace.
What will? And what
will bring her back?
And why did she have to die
in the first place, instead of me?
Why didn't He take my life
instead of hers?
It was my fault! I was late!
She gave me her hiding place!
Why did He save me?
Calm down, Jeanne. Calm down.
I don't pretend to know God's will...
...but one thing I am sure.
The Lord always has a good reason.
Perhaps He chose you because
He needs you for some...
...higher calling.
As long as you answer that call,
your sister will not have died in vain.
I don't want to wait for His call.
Jeanne, be patient.
I want to be with Him always.
Soon you will be able
to take part in the Holy Mass.
When you eat of His flesh
and drink of His blood... will be at one with Him.
I want to be at one with Him now.
So what did he say?
We must bring her to church
whenever she wants.
Easy for him. He's not the one
that has to do the bringing.
Come on, this is important.
We mustn't let her out of our sight.
Don't worry. I will watch her
like my own shadow.
I want to be at one with You now.
A message for the dauphin of France.
A message!
Captain, a message for the dauphin.
I'll take it.
The dauphin!
Louis. Shouldn't you
be learning your lessons?
I don't want to.
I want to fight.
You will. But for now, you must
at least learn to wipe your nose.
A letter for His Majesty.
Again from this girl calling
herself the Maiden of Lorraine.
I can read for myself, you know.
She says she's been sent by God.
Charlatans. Pity there isn't
enough wood to burn them.
She'll be here tomorrow.
You can't see her. We don't even know
if she is from Lorraine.
What difference does it make?
If she's from Burgundy,
it might be a trap.
Look. Signed "X."
What sort of a name is X?
Must we assume a messenger of God
can't write her name?
Trmoille is correct.
She says she hears voices.
She may be a sorceress, a witch.
Regnault, you see witches everywhere.
She's just a peasant.
A peasant who cares about her king.
All she wants is to see me crowned
and permission to fight for me.
Not exactly. She wants you
to give her an army at your expense.
Since your mother stole
all the gold in the treasury...
...I don't see how you can afford it.
I can see her if I want to.
The English control half of France.
What have I got to lose?
The other half.
You mustn't see her, Your Majesty.
She may be an instrument of the Devil.
Well, I think you should.
Here's an amusing situation.
I'd love to know why
my mother-in-law thinks one thing...
...and my two most loyal
and trusted advisers...
...think precisely the opposite.
Because I care about you.
Come here.
Your happiness has always
been my first concern, Charles.
Ever since you were a boy.
I know you better
than your own mother.
You think so?
I know, for example, the sickness
that plagues your heart.
I know how painful it is for you
to have loved a father...
...without ever knowing
if he was really yours.
Do I know you enough?
What has that got to do
with this maiden?
Who better than a messenger from God
to give answers to your questions?
You think she was sent from God?
You're a fine judge of character.
It will take you five minutes
to know if she's a fake.
But if she's not...
...then she will give you
your answers...
...and place the crown on your head.
With respect to my lady, it will
take more than a peasant girl...
I'm not interested in what you think,
or even what I think.
What simple people think matters.
And simple people up
and down this country...
...are already talking about her.
You know what simple people are like.
Always ready to believe
any old prophecy.
Like this one.
About a virgin from Lorraine...
...saving France.
And now...
...this girl comes along...
...from Lorraine...
...and suddenly there's a spark of hope
in their simple minds.
You shouldn't disappoint them, Charles.
If they believe in her...
...if she can put back
the fire in our army...
...then I believe in her too.
Stop it, Louis! Stop!
Louis, be quiet for once.
- She's coming, Your Majesty.
- All right. Calm yourself.
I urge you not to see this woman.
It reeks of a Burgundian trap.
My astrologers assure me that
the timing is propitious.
Leo with Virgo rising.
Have you never noticed
on the astrological chart...
...that the virgin is next to the lion?
Supposing she's an assassin?
My dear Trmoille,
I'm not even king yet.
Who would want to assassinate me?
She's arrived.
She's in the guards' room.
I suppose I shall have
to make a decision.
Why is life so complicated?
Sometimes I really wish
I could be someone else.
That's a good idea, sire.
What do you mean?
Let someone else pretend to be you.
And see if she can find me.
A brilliant idea.
If she's been sent by God,
she'll discover the trap.
If she's an assassin,
she'll kill the wrong man.
Please. Please!
We're going to play a little game.
Now, let us pretend
that my throne is empty.
Just pretend.
Who wants to be king?
Now there's a heartwarming sight.
Now, let us see.
Which one of you could possibly pass... the king of France?
Alenon, my noble duke,
my royal cousin... fine, so brave, so rich.
So very rich. So far-too-rich
to be the king of France.
Everyone knows I'm the poorest man
in my kingdom.
Gilles de Rais.
Marshal of France.
Formidable to men,
fascinating to women.
Feared by all.
You would be perfect
to sit on my throne.
So perfect that you
might like it too much...
...and therefore disturb
my fragile peace of mind.
La Hire.
My angry captain.
Bravest in France.
Scarred by a dozen wars but with
the heart and stomach for a dozen more.
You could pass for the king.
Bloody right, I could.
Except that no one with a tongue
like that could be king of France.
Well, it looks like it shall
have to be me after all.
Why not you?
Jean d'Aulon.
The only man who's poorer than I am,
therefore the only man I can trust.
Dignified, honorable, wise.
What more can we ask of a king?
- I'm not sure...
- You're not ready to die for your king?
- I am.
- Good.
Until then, feel free to live
like a king. Bring her up.
Sire, you know how bad I am
at this sort of game.
Pretend it's not a game.
Make way for the dauphin.
- Mother?
- Not now.
I have come to see the dauphin.
Who are you?
His most gracious Majesty,
Charles de Valois, Dauphin of France.
I can see you are a good man.
But you're not the dauphin.
I'm sorry to insist,
but I must see the dauphin.
We have no time to lose.
Where is he?
He's here.
Find him yourself.
Now you'll see who'll pass for a king.
There's no need to be afraid, sire.
I'm not the king.
I know you're not yet,
but you will be soon.
How did you know who I am?
- Her voices.
- "That's him," they said.
"The one in the corner
with the big nose. "
Back off!
My gentle dauphin.
Oh, my gentle dauphin.
I have a message...
...from the King of Heaven...
...for you.
You only.
Follow me.
Your Majesty, I plead...
My dear loyal Trmoille,
I know I can count on you...
As always, Majesty. ensure our privacy.
I need to talk to her alone.
He needs to talk to her alone.
I was about 10 years old.
It was a beautiful spring day. I was
taking a shortcut through the forest...
...when a strange wind...
...began to blow.
It was such a strange sound,
almost like words...
...calling me.
The second time...
...was many years later.
I was coming back from church
when suddenly...
...the same...
...violent wind.
...a shape...
...appeared... the middle of the sky.
The shape...
...of a man.
Everything was moving so fast.
So fast.
The wind, the clouds...
I couldn't move.
I couldn't breathe.
I was so frightened.
He was...
Then I knew that God had chosen me.
But I did not understand what He
wanted me to do. What was my mission?
What could I do to help my country?
But how? I was nothing.
I was just a poor girl.
I did not know anything
about making war or riding.
So I decided to wait...
...and not speak of it to anybody.
You did well. You did well.
I didn't wait long.
I was going to Mass... I do every day...
...when the same...
Everything was made clear.
God had given me a message.
A message to deliver.
What was the message?
He said...
...that I must save France
from her enemies...
...and bring her back
into the hands of God.
And He told me that I...
...will lead you
to the altar at Reims...
...where you will be crowned...
...the king...
...of France.
- Sire, are you...?
- Fine. I'm fine.
This is, in fact, Jean D'Aulon,
my loyal friend and finest archer.
Jean, I put her in your care.
Find her suitable lodgings
here in the castle...
...and guard her with your life.
Sire, I won't need lodging
if we're to march on Orlans.
Orlans has held out for six months.
A few days more won't make
much difference. Take some rest.
Put the bags here.
Please accept my apologies for me
pretending to be the, you know...
Could I have some water?
Yes, of course.
Would you get some water?
- Anything else?
- A priest.
Yes. I didn't confess today.
Raymond, a priest.
- Anything else?
- I shall also need a new warhorse...
...a sword, armour...
...and an artist to make
a banner for me.
Better today than tomorrow.
This might take a little time...
...but let me see what I can do.
I shall also need someone
who can read and write.
I studied at the University of Paris
until the English invaded.
- I thought you were an archer.
- Yes, I am.
I'm an archer who can read and write.
Who do you want to write to?
The king of England.
I want to give him the chance
to leave in peace...
...before I get to Orlans.
The archbishop and I have begun
negotiations with the Burgundians.
If we bring them to our side...
Negotiate, by all means,
but from a position of strength.
If the English take Orlans,
there'll be nothing left to negotiate.
My lady, it will be
the height of folly... let this child lead our army
in the king's name...
...without verifying her true motives.
My lord Trmoille is right.
We must be absolutely certain that
she's not an instrument of the devil.
How can anyone be absolutely
certain about anything?
Sometimes our intuitions
are our best counsellors.
We must listen to Mother Holy Church
before we listen to our intuitions.
She claims to be a virgin.
Well, that's something we can examine...
...and be absolutely certain about.
Let's find out.
What if she's not?
If she's not, I'll kill her myself.
There is no sign of corruption
or violation.
She is intact.
And what exactly was
this vision wearing?
I don't remember.
This vision, did it give you anything?
An object? A ring or a rosary...
...or anything by which we can
verify your claim?
He gave me good advice.
As a child, did you have
any sort of military experience?
Practice in the skills
of swordsmanship?
No. But I'm good with a stick.
Do you know what a Dijon culverin is?
It's an item of artillery.
How can you raise the siege of Orlans
if you're ignorant about artillery?
The road to Orlans is long.
And I have good captains with me.
I will learn fast, believe me.
We'd like to believe you...
...but we feel that if God wanted us to
believe you, He'd have sent a sign...
...with you.
So can you do something?
Show us something?
A sign to prove that you
are sent by God?
I did not come here to perform tricks.
You are all much cleverer than I am.
Me, I don't know "A" from "B."
But this much I do know:
That while the people of France
lie bleeding... sit around in your fine clothes
trying to deceive me...
...when you're only
deceiving yourselves.
You say you are men of God...
...yet you do not see His hand
in having guided me...
...through 500 leagues of enemy country
to bring you His help.
Is that not proof enough?
Do you still need more signs?
Give me an army.
Take me to Orlans...
...and there you'll see the sign
that I was sent to make.
- Dunois.
- What?
A big one. Straight at us.
What side?
Window side.
Wonderful news.
Finally, he is sending her to us.
Thanks be to God. We're saved.
It's wonderful.
Calm yourself, Xaintrailles.
Who has done what?
The dauphin.
He's sending us food...
...and an army led by Jeanne,
the Maiden from Lorraine.
Isn't it wonderful?
Yes. It's a miracle.
I can't believe they are
sending a woman.
I wonder what colour dress
she'll be wearing.
With a blue ribbon in her hair
to tie up Talbot.
Anyone know if she knows
how to ride a horse?
She knows.
Were you sent by Lord Dunois?
Yes, they were.
- Where are the English?
- Everywhere. The food?
It's coming. I rode on ahead.
I have a message for the captain
of the English army.
- He is Talbot.
- I know.
- Can you take me to him?
- He's on the other side of the river.
So why was I brought
to this side of the river?
Hey, my friend!
Good to see your damn face.
La Hire, don't swear.
Sorry. Let me introduce the king's
half-brother, the dogged Lord Dunois.
Then will you show me to
the other side of the river?
Fine! Go now if you want!
But not with me!
You may have a duty to God,
but I have a duty to my people.
They are starving.
I'm going to take the food
to the city.
If you can calm down and let me
accompany you to Orlans... will be my honour
to welcome you.
Jesus Christ.
The goddamn English will pay for this.
Yes, they will. And so will you
if you don't stop swearing.
I'm happy to welcome you
in my tavern. Come on in.
La Hire, Gilles,
let me show you something.
Tourelles are around here.
The river crosses there.
Calm down.
Don't blame them.
They've been hearing...
...about you for weeks.
- There's nothing to hear!
And why? Because
I haven't done anything.
Why haven't I done anything?
Because none of you will listen!
Why don't you join us?
We're discussing the campaign.
I'm sorry.
Talbot has spread his forces
between these forts up here.
But in the last few days some troops
have been deployed to this fort.
What's this pile here?
The Tourelles.
The English planned to attack...
...from there, but
we broke the bridge...
I did.
Which should keep them
quiet for a while.
Now, my hunch is, the attack...
...will come from St. Loup.
And what does Jeanne think?
I don't think. I leave that to God.
I'm nothing in all this.
I'm just the messenger.
The message?
We give the English a last chance
to go home in peace.
If they refuse?
If they refuse...
...we recross the river...
...and attack here... the Tourelles.
But the Tourelles
is virtually impregnable.
If we're on the other side of
the river attacking the Tourelles...
...what's to stop Talbot attacking
the city from the north?
God! Why, of course.
We'd forgotten about Him.
I feel a great sorrow for you.
You're laughing now, but by tomorrow
night some of you will be dead.
We can't just attack the Tourelles.
It's a very complicated matter.
What's so complicated about it?
All you have to do is what you're told.
What could be simpler than that?
I am the drum on which God
is beating out His message.
He's beating it so hard
it's bursting my ears!
You have to understand.
It's not easy, I mean, for our pride,
to suddenly be usurped by...
Well, with all due respect... a girl.
So that's it.
To you, I'm just...
...a girl.
Put yourself in my shoes for a moment.
How would you feel if you were me?
Knowing what I know...
...enormous gratitude.
One hell of a girl, huh?
I warned you.
I do love her when her fire
gets well and truly stoked.
Me too.
Hello, my friends!
Quite a journey.
But we made it.
Together again.
Let's have some fun.
Fine. I shall look like a man.
Stop it!
How dare you stop me
from doing God's will!
He didn't say to cut your hair!
How dare you tell me
what God tells me to do!
Whatever! But since He's not
going to cut it Himself... least let someone
cut it properly!
Raymond, bring the scissors.
Louis, fetch the mirror.
Jeanne, stop getting so angry
about everything. Calm down.
I am calm! It's God that's angry.
I need to send a letter. Now.
To you, Henry, king of England...
...and you, Duke of Bedford,
who call yourself regent of France...
...obey the King of Heaven
and abandon your siege.
Give back the keys to the towns you've
taken and go back home to your island.
To you, Lord Talbot, I beg you
as humbly as I can beg you... the lives of your soldiers,
do not bring about your own destruction.
Surrender to me, Jeanne the Maiden,
who is sent here by God.
If you do not leave,
we shall raise a battle cry... there has not been heard
in France for 1000 years.
Sire, message.
This is the third and last time
I will write.
If you are still here at noon,
you will hear from me... your great destruction.
Please give me your answer speedily.
Go fuck yourself!
What did they say?
They said they'll think about it.
But I don't think
they'll leave tomorrow.
I can't wait for tomorrow.
French blood is spilling.
Wake up!
They've started without me.
There's a battle to fight
and a war to be won.
Sound the retreat!
My banner. My banner!
My banner!
Open the gate!
What happened?
Who gave the order to attack?
God knows. It was a bad idea.
Where are the priests?
We didn't take them.
We wanted to make a surprise attack.
Dunois, you gave the order to attack?
Answer me!
- Can we discuss this later?
- Sooner is better.
You'll be killed!
Follow me!
I will give you victory!
Close it!
Close the drawbridge!
To the drawbridge!
To the drawbridge!
What's she doing?
To the drawbridge!
- The drawbridge is closed.
- Not for long!
Let's go!
That's mine!
It's a great victory, Jeanne.
Your victory.
We must pursue the English to Talbot's
camp, unless you have another idea.
First, we find the biggest army we can.
Then we return to Orlans.
- The bridge is down.
- The English are rebuilding it.
How do you know?
You have been with your counsel,
and I have been with mine.
Come on, come on! Hurry up.
Be careful with my baby.
That's the Tourelles.
The froggy whore's coming
to pay us a visit.
I'd better tell Glasdale.
Put the horses over there.
Fathers, please bless them.
- Please, bless them all.
- We will.
Let's plan this attack more carefully.
Good idea.
We've got visitors.
Do you hear me?
You, who call me a whore!
I feel pity for you,
for your soul...
...and for the souls of your men!
Yield! Yield now
to the King of Heaven!
Or go back to your island!
And you, go back to your pigsty!
Man the walls.
This morning...
...God gave us a great victory.
But it is nothing compared to what
He is ready to give us now.
I know you are all tired and hungry...
...but I swear to you...
...even if the English were hanging
from the clouds by their fingertips...
...we'd pull them down before nightfall.
...let all those who love me...
...follow me!
Follow me!
You were saying?
Come on!
- I go right.
- I go left!
Come on!
Get that fucking pot of oil now!
Come on!
Get that fucking thing moving!
Move that fucker faster! Go!
You're beautiful.
Let's see if you're powerful.
Do something!
Like what?
I don't care!
Too high.
- Get out of here!
- But the men!
You'll get killed! Get out of here!
Come on, fight!
Come on, fight!
Bring the culverin!
You'll get killed!
- Jeanne!
- Leave me alone!
Follow me! Come on! Come on!
Come on!
Let's go!
You just killed my woman!
Go to hell.
Call the physician! The physician!
Damn it!
Louis, find the physician.
We have to take out the arrow.
She'll bleed to death if we do it now.
There must be something
we can do for her.
- You can pray.
- Good idea.
I swear...
...that I will never swear again
in my life if You save her.
But I warn you, if You let her die...
...You're the biggest, god...
Don't swear.
He heard me!
Why aren't you fighting?
You've been badly wounded.
It's nothing.
It's an arrow.
And it's in deep.
Stay still till the physician arrives.
You'll have more luck
with this charm of mine.
It saved my life at Agincourt.
I'd rather die than use magic.
You will die if that arrow
stays in you much longer.
Well, at least this one
won't bother us anymore.
Let's go to the battle!
She's nuts!
You must stay calm. You must rest.
I'll rest.
But you have to...
...promise me...
...that you'll go back to the battle.
I promise.
Jesus Christ!
Quickly! Do something!
She's sleeping.
Come on back!
Why are you running away?
- Jeanne is alive.
- Good.
- We have to press on the attack.
- Sound the retreat.
- I promised we'd fight.
- I made no such promise!
Sound the retreat!
- No. That was her order.
- I'm fed up with taking her orders!
She swore she'd defeat
the English before nightfall.
Instead, she plays the fool,
gets herself nearly killed!
Look! Look at the mess we are in!
That's her mess, not mine!
We are worse off than
if she'd never come at all.
Now do as I say and sound the retreat!
Where are you going?
Hey, come back!
Come back and fight!
- What are you making?
- A message for the English.
What are the men saying?
She's a gift from God.
Some even call her a saint.
I'd follow her through hell.
Will you go that far
if she asks you to?
Of course I will.
I've been there before.
There's one thing I don't understand.
If she's been sent by God...
...why did He let her be wounded?
So maybe the good question is,
is she really sent by God?
Who knows?
God knows.
A woman with a sword.
You've hurt my feelings.
What happened to your precious angel?
I'll tell you what happened!
We sent the little bitch
back to Hell... she can go fuck with the Devil!
What are you gonna do now, Frenchies?
Why not come out and fight? Come on!
Bastards, wake up!
Or are you too busy praying... bring your little fucking witch
back from the dead?
Do you hear me?
I hear you!
I'm alive!
May God forgive your blasphemy.
For I never will.
I never will!
What are you doing? You need to rest.
We must wake up the soldiers. Now!
My fine soldiers, wake up.
My fine soldiers, wake up!
To arms! To arms!
Wake up!
Wake up! We must fight the battle!
Wake up!
My fine soldiers, the battle has begun!
Wake up!
To arms!
Wake up! The time has come!
The battle has begun!
To arms!
My soldiers, we need this tower up!
We need it up now!
My soldiers, help me!
What's going on?
We're taking back the Tourelles.
Get ready!
Go wake up Glasdale.
- What are you doing?
- Sending a message to Glasdale.
With that?
But you've got it back to front.
Listen, I know what I'm doing.
So either lend a hand
or get back to bed.
I'm going to send a message
to Glasdale too.
My lord?
The French witch,
she's back from the dead.
Hurry up, men!
Shouldn't we take some time
to think about this?
Sooner is better than later.
To arms!
Good morning!
Good morning!
This one.
What is she playing at?
I don't know! The question is,
what is she doing now?
How can we plan if she
doesn't consult with us?
- Did we consult with her yesterday?
- You agreed to attack yesterday.
- But that doesn't count.
- Why?
Because I always agree
to attack. To arms!
Crazy bitch. She doesn't even
know how to use it.
Come on!
Come on! Go!
Oh, my God!
Fuck! Close the doors!
Close the doors!
Open the door!
Load the porcupine!
And pull!
Come on! Come on, hurry up!
Come on!
Never wait for miracles. Stay there.
French whore! Come and get me!
Come and get me! Come on!
What are you waiting for?
Find your archers and burn that door.
Right away!
Move it! Push!
Prepare the gate!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Kill her.
More archers!
More archers!
Help me!
We'll load this up as a battering ram!
Already done.
- What?
- Nothing.
Help me with these men, please.
As you command.
- What are you doing?
- Opening that door.
Isn't that what you want?
Get out of my fucking way!
Fill the cauldron!
Fucking French! What the fuck
do you know about me?
Reload. Reload!
Fill the fucking cauldron!
What are you waiting for?
More men! More men!
More men!
Pour the oil!
Pour the oil!
What are you doing, Jeanne?
I'm playing.
What are you doing to me, Jeanne?
What are you doing to me, Jeanne?
What are you doing to me, Jeanne?
Do you hear me?
Are you all right?
Do you hear me?
Calm down.
It's over.
We won.
- We won?
- Yes.
Fucking bitch.
My friend, my soldier, in my arms.
We won?
No, no, Jeanne.
So small a word will never do.
This is victory!
This is glory!
What's the matter?
What's the matter?
This is glory?
This blood...
This is not possible.
This is not possible.
This is not possible.
It is not possible.
You look disappointed.
Isn't this what you wanted?
Not like this.
For weeks you've been asking for this.
Now you have it.
What are you doing?
Nothing. I'm just taking his teeth.
But you can't just kill a man
for his teeth.
Why not? He has good teeth.
Because you can't!
What about all this?
That's different.
I mean, we were fighting for a cause.
Not me. He is my prisoner.
I can take his teeth if I want to.
No! You can't! Stop it!
No, here. Take this.
He's mine now.
Here, you. Go.
Bravo. What about the other
prisoners? Do we let them go too?
I don't know!
We must confess.
We must confess.
Please, we have to be confessed.
All of us.
I know this is not
normal custom, but...
Everything's gonna be fine.
He's gonna confess us.
Alenon brings bad news.
Thousands of English are forming up
on the far side of the river.
I think we should count
our men and get ready.
Let's go.
I'll go.
I have a message for King Henry!
It is a message from God!
Go home!
Go now, in peace!
If you do not go now,
you will be buried in this field!
I've seen enough blood!
But if you want more...
...I can't stop you!
I can only warn you
that it will be your blood...
...not ours!
I'm waiting for your answer.
Never wait for miracles.
Stand by to attack.
My Lord...
That's what I call
a goddamn bloody miracle.
She was on her horse alone...
...facing the whole English army,
and she drove them away.
Orlans is free.
We lost Orlans.
I want that girl.
I want that girl burned.
May I see the seamstress?
It's too tight.
- Don't you have something more regal?
- The English took the real one.
It's been muddy so long,
I forgot how good it looks clean.
Did you remember to clean
what's inside too?
I ask for a grandiose coronation,
and this is it?
This is going to be an utter fiasco!
I had three days. Your father's
coronation took three months.
We should call for a delay.
We can't hold up the ceremony.
The English might come back.
Let them. Let them see
who is the true king of France.
Damn English! We should be
doing this in Paris, in Notre Dame.
It's more prestigious
and twice as big.
It is the sacred place that matters,
not the size. Am I correct?
Yes, my lady.
True kings of France must be anointed
in Reims, with the holy oil of Clovis.
- Your Grace! There can be no anointing.
- What are you talking about?
The holy oil of Clovis, it's all gone!
But that's impossible.
It's a magic oil. Miraculous oil.
It can never be exhausted.
- Look for yourself.
- Problem?
I don't understand.
The oil of Clovis, it was
full the last time I saw it.
And when was that?
The coronation of King Charles VI.
Thirty years ago?
Does it surprise you it's gone?
But you don't understand.
It's no ordinary oil.
It's a miraculous oil.
It was brought
by a dove from Heaven... crown King Clovis
in this very cathedral.
What are you doing?
Performing a miracle.
With this sacred oil, blessed by
the hand of God the Father Almighty...
...we do anoint thee, Charles Valois... be sovereign lord and king
of this great kingdom of France...
...charging that ye shall defend
the faith of our Mother Holy Church... long as ye shall live.
Long live the king!
- Jeanne, are you all right?
- I'm fine.
Why are you staring at me?
Because you have an arrow in your leg.
So there is.
But that doesn't stop you
from climbing!
Go, climb! Go!
Take this arrow out.
Look out!
Be careful!
Jeanne, the men are exhausted.
I know, but so is the enemy.
Paris is ours.
Jeanne, we're not enough.
So bring up the reinforcements.
Reinforcements? Where?
Right behind us.
Dunois with another 10,000 men.
- Jeanne, look behind you!
- Never look behind. Only ahead!
Do you know how to count?
Of course I do! So, bring them up!
Jeanne, that is not
10,000 reinforcements!
That is 100 very loyal
but very tired soldiers!
But where's Dunois? And where
are the men the king promised me?
He never sent them!
Don't you understand?
He doesn't want this war anymore.
He has his crown now.
That's all he ever wanted.
But my voices, they promised me.
To hell with your voices!
It's time to face facts!
We have nothing to do here!
None of us.
Not even you.
You don't believe in me anymore?
Jeanne, of course
we still believe in you.
If it were up to me, I'd chase
every Englishman into the ocean.
But it's not up to us anymore.
It's up to the king.
You should go home, Jeanne.
We cannot possibly afford to pay
for the size of army she's demanding.
The girl is crazy.
Orlans was a miracle.
But we can't wait for a miracle
when we build a future for France!
Paris was a disaster.
God wasn't with her then.
If God deserts her,
what do you think we should do?
Why did you betray me?
All I needed was a few hundred men.
- Why did you take the army you gave me?
- Gave you?
I wouldn't put it that way.
How would you put it?
We are, of course, enormously
grateful for your past efforts...
...but now your task is done.
Now is the time for negotiation.
Peace will only be got
at the end of a lance.
Why are you so bloodthirsty?
Do you enjoy it?
Diplomacy is far more civilized...
...far safer and far cheaper.
I have letters here from towns under
siege, where people are starving...
...begging God on their knees
to help them.
I'm here to answer their prayers.
And you want to stop me?
France does not belong
to you, Charles.
She belongs to God.
If only she would just go home.
What am I supposed to do now?
What do your voices say?
They haven't spoken to me in weeks.
Not since the coronation.
No signs. Nothing.
Maybe their silence is a sign.
Maybe a sign to go home.
It's not time yet.
My mission isn't over yet.
There's still so much I have to do.
How do you know that these...
...these voices aren't
just really you?
Well, they are me.
That's how God speaks to me.
Even you could hear them
if you listened hard enough.
You make it sound so simple.
So even you don't
believe in me anymore.
Jeanne, I believe in you
more than anyone.
I just wish I could... you.
There is one thing you can do
to help me.
Tell me.
Tell the king to give back
the army that he gave me.
We have to stop her, Your Majesty.
If she raises an army
and attacks the Burgundians...
...months of negotiations
will have been in vain.
Jeanne has done so much for us.
I assure you, the maid has
no greater admirer than myself.
But whatever we feel...
...we cannot allow her to conduct
her own private war.
For the sake of the kingdom,
you must stop her going to Compigne.
I can't stop her.
Well, if you don't, I'm sure the
Burgundians would be happy to oblige.
If they capture her at Compigne...
No one can blame us.
But it could sound like we betrayed her.
- No, never.
- Good heavens, no!
Don't worry, Charles.
If God is still with her,
she will be victorious.
But her army's so much smaller.
Then her faith will have to be bigger.
- Open this gate immediately.
- I can't risk the safety of my town.
Take my banner!
My Lord.
My Lord.
I can't believe it.
Your romantic vision of death with
all that grass growing everywhere.
I must admit you have
a big imagination.
But maybe not big enough.
Death is much more...
After a few months,
it gets more interesting.
Then after a year,
it finally becomes...
Who are you?
You don't like my face?
Maybe you'd prefer this one.
Too young, maybe.
How about this one?
Better, no?
But incomplete.
Get thee behind me, Satan.
Who are you to even think you can know
the difference between good and evil?
Are you God?
I'm just a messenger.
He needs me.
How can you imagine that God,
the creator of Heaven and Earth...
...the source of all life...
...could possibly need you?
I don't know.
You don't think He can
deliver His own messages?
What do you want from me?
Nothing. I'm here to set you free.
I said smile. You have visitors.
The Duke of Burgundy.
So here's the famous Jeanne...
...saviour of Orlans,
terror of the English.
My king will pay any ransom you ask.
Your king? Yes, of course.
What will he pay me with?
Cows? Chickens?
I prefer gold, and
the English have plenty.
I wonder how much they'll pay
to have the witch of Orlans.
The English are arrogant, they can't
accept being defeated by a peasant girl.
It has to have been the Devil's work.
God defeated the English.
And God who allowed you to be caught?
I don't believe in God.
I don't believe in the Devil either.
That's why I'm never disappointed.
Sell her.
To pay Jeanne's ransom.
All the captains gave what they could,
as well as citizens of Orlans.
That's very generous of you.
How much?
Ten thousand gold crowns.
Ten thousand?
That's a lot.
Your Grace, I place you in charge
of this delicate negotiation.
Get yourself ready. You're leaving.
Who are you?
Pierre Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais.
As you were captured in my diocese,
it's my duty to conduct the trial.
What trial?
Your trial, Jeanne,
on a charge of heresy.
But my king...
Didn't he pay my ransom?
The English care more about you
than the French.
The English?
They paid your ransom.
Tomorrow you'll be transferred
to their castle at Rouen.
Our Christian king, Henry VI,
king of England and France...
...places this girl in our hands,
accused of heretical deeds... be tried in a matter of faith.
Take the Holy Gospels...
...and swear to tell the truth
regarding anything you may be asked.
I don't know what you'll ask me. You
may ask things I won't want to answer.
You will tell the truth
about everything.
I will willingly tell the truth
about all earthly things.
But as to my revelations,
I've told no one except my king...
...Charles Vll, the one
and only king of France.
You must take the oath.
Not even a king would refuse to take
an oath in a matter of faith.
I will tell you all
that I'm allowed to tell you.
But as for the rest...
...even if you threaten to cut off
my head, I won't tell you.
Begin with your name, assuming
you're allowed to tell us that much.
My name is Jeanne.
My little cross was taken from me.
May I have it back?
Show us a little more cooperation first.
Where were you born?
In a village called Domrmy.
How old are you?
Nineteen. Or thereabouts.
Were you baptized?
Recite Our Lord's Prayer.
Not unless you hear my confession.
Listen to me very carefully.
We are all men of faith...
...and we shall earnestly strive for
the salvation of your body and soul.
We do this in the name
of our Church...
...who opens her arms
to those who return to her.
We cannot help you unless you submit
to our judgement and authority.
Take heed of this
charitable admonition...
...for if you persist
in refusing our help...
...we shall have no choice but to
abandon you to the secular powers.
I think you know the punishment
that would await you.
...will you please recite
Our Lord's Prayer?
Not unless you hear my confession.
You aren't helping yourself by
refusing to submit to our judgement.
You, who claim to be my judges... be careful!
For you too will be judged.
Take the prisoner away!
Clear the room!
Clear the room! Clear the room!
In future, we should conduct our
inquiries away from public pressure.
Let the English burn her.
Why must it involve us?
Because it's our clear duty to root
out heresy wherever we find it.
Father Vincente.
You're the most venerable here.
What do you think?
I think this trial is a masquerade.
I won't be part of it anymore.
I'm willing to be her judge,
but not her executioner.
That's what I'm trying to ensure.
The verdict comes at the end
of a trial, Cauchon...
...not at the beginning.
I am going back to Rome... give my report to
our Holy Father, the Pope.
This is ridiculous. Now I'm the one
who's on trial and being judged.
Arrest him.
What are you doing?
This is an ecclesiastical court!
This is English territory.
I have the right to do anything.
Is that clear?
Our Father, who art in Heaven,
hallowed be Thy name.
Give us this day our daily bread.
Forgive us our trespasses.
Forgive us. Forgive and not...
Forgive us, then forgive them.
Forgive them, then forgive us.
Forgive them.
Why did you yell out there?
What are you doing?
You can't stay here. Go away!
Why? Are you waiting
for someone else?
My visions.
Your visions?
They're going to visit you in here?
Yes. That's what I pray for.
I want to see that. Mind if I stay
on the side? I won't bother you.
No! No! You can't!
Or else they won't come.
- Why won't they?
- Because I have to be alone.
They won't come anyway.
What do you mean?
Why would they?
Because I've been faithful to God, and
I've followed everything He's said.
- I've done everything He's ever asked.
- God asked you to do something?
Yes. Lots of things.
You mean God said,
"I need you, Jeanne"?
But He sent me signs.
Signs. What signs?
The wind. The wind.
And the clouds. Ringing.
Ringing cloud?
The dance. The dance.
The dance.
The dance.
The dance.
The sword.
The sword lying in the field.
That was a sign.
No, that was a sword in a field.
No. That was a sign.
No. That was a sword in a field.
It can't just get there by itself.
It can't. A sword just
doesn't get there by itself.
True. Every event has an infinite
number of causes, so why pick one?
There are many ways a sword
might get to a field.
Seems a perfectly valid explanation,
but how about this one?
There are other possibilities.
Or even faster.
And that's without counting
the inexplicable.
From an infinite number of
possibilities, you had to pick this.
You didn't see what was, Jeanne.
You saw what you wanted to see.
This voice that you say
appears to you... it an angel or a saint,
or does it come from God?
I won't tell you any more about that.
I'm more afraid...
...of displeasing Him
than not answering you.
You're afraid of displeasing God
by telling the truth?
Did God forbid you
to tell the truth?
My revelations were for
the king of France, not for you.
When you first saw your king,
was there an angel over his head?
If there was, I did not see it.
Why did your king believe in you
without any proof?
Go and ask him yourself.
When you were taken prisoner,
did you have a horse?
Yes. A half-steed. Black.
- And who gave you that horse?
- My king.
How many did he give you?
Five steeds and a few hackneys.
As much as for a lord.
What an honour.
Did he give you other wealth
apart from those horses?
What about all those dresses you were
given? Silk dresses, weren't they?
Yes. Yes, I was given a few.
But I never had time to wear them.
Still, pretty wealthy for a peasant
girl, wouldn't you say?
You look pretty wealthy for a servant
of God, wouldn't you say?
You launched an attack on Paris,
didn't you?
I tried to.
You ordered Paris to surrender
in the name of the King of Heaven?
No, I said, "Surrender in the name
of the king of France. "
That is not what is written
in the evidence.
Look for yourself.
I can't read.
Yes, I forgot.
God sent us an illiterate peasant
to carry out an important mission.
Do you think God
made the right decision?
To take an ignorant girl to save
the kingdom of France?
I leave that answer to God.
Calm down, I beg you.
How can I, when I'm the
laughingstock of the court?
This girl has a way with people,
but we're making progress every day.
As long as she's alive, our armies
refuse to fight. Understand?
They need proof God's on their side!
It's not for us to burn her.
That's your prerogative.
You must find her guilty!
We can't do that unless
she admits to blasphemy.
What are you waiting for?
You've got a castle full of racks!
Torture her!
You'll never get anything
out of her that way.
And besides... must realize that several
of my colleagues are scared.
Scared? Of a girl?
Scared to make a mistake.
Suppose she's right.
Suppose she has been sent by God.
Whose side are you on?
I'm on the side
of Holy Mother Church.
You have a sword?
Quite a few.
Didn't you also carry a banner?
Which do you prefer?
Your banner or your sword?
I was 40 times more fond of my banner.
Why? Did it have some
particular value or power?
It's just, a sword is a weapon.
And so I prefer my banner.
To avoid killing anyone.
So if you'd not been carrying your
banner, you'd have killed more people?
No. Of course not.
I never killed anyone.
Then perhaps the temptation to kill
would have been stronger...
...too strong perhaps.
No. I warned the English
to go back home.
I begged them not to force us to fight.
We have witnesses who can confirm you
were not always carrying your banner.
Yes, perhaps.
Sometimes you carried
just your sword?
Yes. I don't know.
Did you use the sword?
Yes, I used it to...
I held it up...
You held up your sword
and flourished it about like this!
I don't remember.
You were in the battlefield
with your sword...
...waving it about...
...charging against
the enemy, screaming...
...fighting for life...
...and you expect us to believe
that in all this excitement... never killed anyone?
No. I never killed anyone.
I can't believe you can lie.
I'm not lying.
Leave me alone!
I can't remember.
I never killed anyone.
Let me help your memory.
I don't want to hear!
I didn't kill that man!
Leave me alone!
Stop. Stop. I can't remember.
The battles were confusing! I was only
defending myself as best as I could.
There was dust and smoke and noise.
I was being attacked on all sides.
So maybe, perhaps, I fought back.
But it was only to defend myself.
So your memory's coming back?
- Yes.
- Good.
Now, tell me why God let all those
battles happen in the first place.
He's so powerful.
He's the creator of Heaven and Earth.
He could easily have stopped
all that blood and misery.
Why didn't He...
Is He the one who spread
blood and misery?
- Is He?
- But He could have stopped it.
What did He get? Pleasure?
Pleasure from watching us killing
each other in His name?
- In His name?
- Yes. In His name.
We fought and killed in His name,
the King of Heaven!
Let all those who love me, follow me!
"Let all who love me, follow me!"
Where does God get mentioned?
Come on, Jeanne.
Be honest.
You fought for yourself. In your name.
I was defending myself
as best as I could.
Everyone has the right to defend
themselves, don't they?
They do! Should I have
let myself get killed?
No. You did fine.
I'd even say well done.
In fact, the ones you killed
probably deserved it, don't you think?
I never thought killing
would bring about peace.
I agree.
Peace will only be got
at the end of a lance.
I don't agree. Why do you
keep changing your mind?
Why are you doing this to me?
You get pleasure from hurting me?
Pleasure. That's a difficult
word to define.
When does the pain end
and the pleasure begin?
When did your pleasure begin,
with that...
...sword in your hand?
I never took pleasure... hurting anyone.
Set me free. Set me free.
You will be, Jeanne.
You will be.
Jeanne, my very dear friend
in Christ...
...we, your judges, desirous of
reaching a true and lawful verdict...
...submitted a transcript of your trial
to the University of Paris.
After careful consideration,
the scholars have concluded with us...
...that you have committed
many grievous sins.
I ask you to listen carefully
to their opinion... detailed in these articles.
"Article 1:
You said that by God's command you have
continually worn men's clothes...
...and you have also
worn your hair short...
...with nothing to distinguish you
from the soldiers.
As to this article,
the scholars have declared... "
Don't abandon me. Please.
Where are You?
Where are You? Please.
Is this what You want?
Is this what You want?
Do You want me to... burn...
...being confessed?
Finally, article 12.
"You have said you won't
submit yourself... the judgement of the church
militant, but only to God. "
The scholars say that you
have no comprehension...
...of the Church's authority...
...that you've perniciously erred
in the faith of God...
...that you're a child of superstition,
a wanderer from the faith... invoker of demons,
an idolater and a heretic.
We once again admonish,
beg and exalt you... cast out and recant
your erroneous beliefs... signing this recantation.
If the Church...
...wants me to say...
...that my visions are evil...
...then I do not believe
in this Church.
Perform your office!
Jeanne, I beg of you, sign.
Don't you understand?
I'm trying to save you.
I want to be confessed.
Sign this and I will
confess you myself.
And may I go to Mass?
As often as you like.
Now, for the love of God, sign.
Sign, Jeanne, and you'll be
free of your chains.
Free of the fire.
Thank you.
You know what you just signed?
You just signed away His existence.
I didn't mean to.
For you...
...He's a lie.
An illusion.
No, no. He told me
that I would be confessed.
In the end it was you
who abandoned Him.
May I have that back, please?
You have nothing to regret.
Give it back to me!
Give it back!
Take her away!
Silence her!
She has recanted.
And we accept her repentance...
...for the Church never closes
her arms to those who return to it.
Now she's your martyr, not ours.
Please! Please!
If you want to get dressed,
try these for size.
My lord bishop!
Come to see for yourself.
Well, take a look.
You see? Dressed as a man again.
Her repentance didn't
last very long, did it?
The Bishop of Senlis was passing by and
was on hand to witness her relapse.
And by what miracle did these
clothes get here?
Not a miracle, my dear Cauchon.
An evil spell.
This girl is a witch, and tomorrow
she will burn for it.
Have the stake prepared
in the marketplace.
Jeanne, I don't understand.
Why did you do it?
And you.
Why did you lie?
You promised I'd be confessed.
It was the only way to have you
saved from the fire.
It's not my body I want to save.
It's my soul.
I ask only one thing:
...hear my confession.
I can't, Jeanne.
I can't hear your confession.
I'm very sorry.
You want to confess?
I'm listening.
I've committed sins, my Lord.
So many sins.
I saw... many signs.
Many signs.
The ones I wanted to see.
I fought...
...out of revenge...
...and despair.
I was all the things...
...that people believe...
...they are allowed to be...
...when they're fighting for...
...a cause.
For a cause.
I was...
...and stubborn.
You think you are ready now?