Joan the Woman (1916) Movie Script

Based on the life of Joan of
Arc, the patriot who fought
with men, She was loved by
men and murdered by them.
For seventy years the French were
from defeat to defeat; Until,
in 1429, France was going to
become an English province.
To Charles VII, King of France, abandoned
by his most powerful nobles, his
cousin opposed Duke of Burgundy, whose
wealth and soldiers were with England.
Even Paris was in English hands;
Carlos, the weak king, reigned
in a court petty and indebted,
without honor or crown.
At that time, when the soul of
France died slowly, he lived in the
village of Domremy a simple peasant,
the daughter of Jacques d'Arc.
Her name was Juana, a robust
girl of the countryside
whose life was to work
at home or in the field.
She gave everything for France,
and her reward was martyrdom.
Joan of Arc has not died. She
never will die, and in war on
lands that She loved so much,
her spirit struggles today.
1916 An English trench
somewhere in France.
I wonder what weird guy would take this
sword to battle in those old days!
We want a volunteer to try the destruction
of the Enemy Trench No. 2 with this bomb.
I do not want an answer
until midnight. Think
about it, then the man who
goes will not return.
The time has come to atone for the
sin you committed against me.
IN THE PAS The petty Court of Carlos,
legitimate King of France.
Sir, the butcher denies more
partridges until he is paid.
THE DESER Why should not I defect when the King
himself prepares for flee France!
No sword drawn by
France will be thrown!
Fearing that people could defend their
king, England and Burgundy employed.
"La Araa" to pamper and amuse Carlos,
while his armies besieged Orleans.
I have come from afar to promise
my love, Lord, and my purse.
Sir, my castle in Chinon
awaits your Real Presence.
Eric Trent, looking for
cattle to the Duke of
Burgundy, makes a raid in
the village of Domremy.
Flee! The Burgundians are coming!
One of us must stay and
talk with them, so
the others can look for
hiding in the woods.
English, I beg you, in the
name of God, to turn back!
What are you going to do with me, English?
Return to the camp with the booty.
I will follow you later.
Now, English, will you go?
Go tell our men to come back.
Your daughter, Juana, is safe.
I hid it in the
attic and I defeated
them overwhelmingly.
When the daisies bloom.
I'll call this daisy like the sweetest girl
I know, and I I will ask if he loves me.
Loves Me!
Tell the English to leave,
or I'll say everyone
you have hidden from
a enemy of France.
Get ready, Joan, to save
France and the King.
What ails you, Juana; Go
do some of your work!
Knowing that his parents would
fail her mission, Juana
secretly prepares to obey the
order of their "voices".
Uncle Laxart, will you
face the anger of my
father... and you will
take me to the Governor?
My Lord Governor, I have
come to you because
it is God's desire that
send me to the King!
If you come from God, tell me
what answer I would give to this!
You have convinced me and I
will send you with the King.
Carlos, trapped in the golden web
of "La Araa", is idle in Chinon.
Sir, our soldiers desert to
the camp of the Burgundians,
because We can not dress
them or feed them.
I'm sorry, Lord, that my money
can not cover certain needs.
The King at last.
I bring you from the
Governor a peasant maid who
claims to have been sent by
God to lead the soldiers.
Try this peasant: If it's
so list, let's see if he
is able to recognize you
among the whole crowd!
You are the King!
Gentle Prince. I am Juana the
Maid, sent by God to lead
your army against the English
and the Crown of France.
So much the French feared the
English that Eric Trent marched
almost unopposed towards the strongest
fortress outside the walls of Orleans.
Sir, I see... I see...
Give me soldiers, Lord,
before I be too late
Englishmen Take the
fortress of Las Torres!
This is black magic, the girl
may have come from the Devil!
Interrogad this maid and discover
if it comes from Heaven or Hell!
Are you, Carlos, who proclaims
himself King of France?
Our merciful English
Sovereign, legitimate King of
France, generously offers you
peace, but you will resign
to claim the throne. Else, know that
your head will pay for such madness!
Take this answer to your master.
Tell him if each
sword in France was broken,
if every man in France
I was dead, there is still a God of Justice
that would liberate us of your yoke!
The English army is at
the gates of Orleans!
Men of France, will you
follow me in the battle?
If you do not follow me, will you
follow the Standard of France?
Will the Nobles of
France follow a peasant?
Joan of Arc, I name you Commander
of the Armies of France!
Joan of Arc, I will follow
you to Victory, or to Hell!
The Call of "The Spider"
El Pajarero - The Mad Monk.
Follow that witch, and
inform me of everything.
The Blessing of the Banner.
The Maid warns you to
abandon Orleans, or there
will be a war like He has
never met in France!
This is the answer for
your impertinent milkmaid!
I knew you needed me,
that's why I came!
The Call to Arms.
Madam, see what the response
of the English has been!
The Departure To Orleans.
The besieged city of Orleans.
At the doors, at the doors!
Help comes!
A strange maiden in armor rides
through the gates of Orleans!
Let the sheep in, so the
butcher's job will be easier!
Do not be scared, I bring you
the best help that any city
can have or captain, the
help of the King of Heaven!
Juana asks the
English to Render.
This general with petticoats offers us to
flee France, to not fall under his sword!
Milkmaid from France, leave here, or you
will be captured and burned by witch!
AT DAWN Certain jealous French
captains, disobeying Juana's orders,
they attacked and were
defeated by the English.
Somewhere French
blood is spilling!
The French are defeated
in the stockade!
THE BATTLE OF THE TOWERS Juana gathers her
men to attack the fortress, which during.
Months has unleashed terror
and death among the French.
In the name of God! Ahead!
Long live Juana,
savior of Orleans!
You would become Queen, for
people to kneel before you!
War Booty.
If something happens to the prisoner,
Eric Trent, you will answer to me!
IN RHEIMS The traitor
Bishop Cauchon seeks
destruction of his King
to further his interests.
The King is here for his coronation.
When England knows
that we have failed in
keeping the crown of Carlos,
You will lose your bishopric
and I will lose my head!
Do not drink, Lord,
the wine is poisoned!
Only your condition as Bishop
it protects you... stay
away from my presence and
never go back to France!
After many victories, Juana took
her King to the coronation.
Long live the king!
It is our real desire to reward you.
Maid, ask what you want!
Two things I would like
to request, Lord: That
the peasants of my town
remain forever free
taxes... and freedom for the
English prisoner, Eric Trent.
My Jane, your father calls you, your mother
cries for you, why do not you come back?
I can not go back with them. There
is little time... and much to do!
By order of the King, the
prisoner, Eric Trent, is free!
Warrior Maiden, why have
you saved my life twice?
If I thought you saved me because
you love me... no power,
no Divine Not Diabolical, it
would take you away from me!
English, there is only room in each heart
for a love... and mine It's for France!
English, our roads must break away.
I'm going to
Compigne to fight... go
your way and forget me!
The Pressure of the Web.
In Orleans, I saw people
kiss their dress... and
the soldiers whispered
that would make her Queen!
The Maid is a witch,
Lord, a witch!
In the Duke of Burgundy's
shop, before Compigne.
Our opportunity has
arrived; The Witch, with a
handful of knights, He rides
secretly to Compigne.
You can avenge yourself
by capturing her, We know
where the Witch rides. Go
with your men and bring it!
Order me any other mission, but do
not order me to capture the Maid!
You've become a coward, Eric Trent.
I order you, in the
name of your King English,
capture Juana La Criada!
Have not you seen the Black Rider?
Not long ago, Gaspard, not long ago!
The Ashes of Love.
For the service rendered
to the King capturing this
witch, I I name, from
today, Count of Diermont!
You cheated on me!
Rejoice, my Lord! The Devil has been
deceived, and the Witch captured!
Go and pray for your soul!
The fire, the fire!
The Gratitude of the Kings.
For God's sake, give me money
to rescue Juana the Maid!
Think, Lord: Rescue a
witch, who wanted to
proclaim herself queen and
govern in your place!
I will do it or I will
not call you Rey again!
THE AUCTION A captive warrior, be King,
Duke o Landlord, is held by a ransom.
But Juana the Maid was sold
to the highest bidder.
I bring English gold to
rescue Juana the Witch!
All this is useless, Gentlemen,
for my King will rescue me!
With England looking for its
destruction, and Cauchon
wanting revenge, Juana is brought
to trial for witchcraft.
She spells, and people fall
spellbound and love her!
Do you think that, for those "voices"
what do you say, are you in God's grace?
If I am not in God's grace, you can
take me. If I am, you can leave me.
without a lawyer, was
so disconcerted to his
tormentors that Cauchon,
finding it impossible to
catch her, resorted to
the tricks more despicable
to advance the end.
We do not want to hurt you, Joanna, but
you must sign this paper to be free!
In this paper you declare
that you have sin against
the Holy Church, have you
lied about concerning.
Saints and Voices, and that you
promise to dress again as a woman!
The Last Movement of the Game.
Tonight, you will put the worst ruffian of
your guard in the Juana la Maid's cell.
In the morning this mop will have
returned to his masculine attire.
We can declare it Heretic with
recidivism and will be burned!
You are a priest, and
you should look for the
salvation of this girl
instead of his death!
The Night Watch.
The horses are waiting at the prison door.
Hurry up and follow me!
I was wrong to deny what I know that is
true, but I signed for fear of the bonfire!
How you have returned to
your attire masculine I
declare to you, Juana,
recidivist heretic, so.
You will be driven to the public
square at dawn and... burned!
The Witch has relapsed, it will be burned
at dawn, the Witch has re-committed!
The Long Night.
Oh Lord my God... why
have you abandoned me!
Lord, you know that they are
going to burn Juana the Maid!
Forgive me, forgive me, I did
not know what I was doing!
Executioner, fulfill your duty!
My voices were from God,
they have not cheated me!
God, forgive us, we
have burned a Saint!
Report: Enemy Trench No.
2, destroyed.